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The Suicide Squad

James Gunn

In 2016 the hype surrounding SUICIDE SQUAD was massive. The film, which boasted A-listers Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto, served as a beacon of hope that the DC Expanded Universe would finally be able to stand toe-to-toe with the mighty AVENGERS. Unfortunately, like the much-maligned JUSTICE LEAGUE, SUICIDE SQUAD was a muddled mess. Rarely entertaining and consistently disappointing, it was a guaranteed bullseye that somehow missed the mark. Flash forward five years, and ZACH SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAUGE found a way to turn garbage into gold, and James Gunn attempted to revitalize THE SUICIDE SQUAD. His film, which isn’t a reboot and not exactly a seqel, introduced a bevy of new characters while inviting Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman back into the fold.

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“For my money, it was Cena who absolutely stole the show. ”

With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Gunn took a ragtag group of misfit heroes and threw them together, set their shenanigans to a slick soundtrack, and delivered an unforgettable, visually dazzling adventure. With THE SUICIDE SQUAD, Gunn takes a ragtag group of misfit villains, tosses them together, sets their shenanigans to a slick soundtrack, and has delivered a violently dizzying adventure. Make no mistake, THE SUICIDE SQUAD is not your typical superhero saga. Within the first ten minutes, bullets have maimed, helicopter blades have chopped, and heads have exploded. Unlike the largely bloodless mayhem that unfolds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this SQUAD boasts Tarantino-like levels of violence that is unleashed with hilarious gratuity. If your family is looking for the PG-13 thrills of THOR, you certainly ain’t going to find it here. The story centers around the squad and its attempt to stop a merciless dictatorship from unleashing an otherworldly weapon upon the planet. Led by Bloodsport (Idris Elba) and Colonel Rick Flag (Kinnaman), not-so-illustrious villains like Captain Boomerang (Jai Courntey), TDK (Nathan Fillion), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian), and my personal favorite Weasel (Sean Gunn) attempt to work together to save all of humanity. Other powerhouses like Harley Quinn (Robbie), Ratcatcher 2 (Cleo Cazo), and the deranged Peacemaker (the perfectly cast and never better John Cena) must cast their egos aside in order to achieve a greater good. The most refreshing aspect of THE SUICIDE SQUAD is its sheer unpredictability. From the earliest moments, it becomes wickedly apparent that no one is safe. Star-caliber and name recognition will not save you from getting your face blown off. In a genre that tends to follow the same established patterns, Gunn’s anarchistic approach allowed the film to follow its own path and dole out a number of shockingly brutal exits. The cast seems to have embraced the madness, appearing far more comfortable and cohesive than the 2016 unit. Elba, Kinnaman, Dastmalchian, and Cazo are standouts, effectively allowing the audience to buy into these baddies and letting them emerge as heroes. For my money, it was Cena who absolutely stole the show. His Peacemaker is easily the most deplorable of the lot, a psychopath who will gleefully massacre anyone who stands in the way of him succeeding in his given mission. Attacking the role with such overzealous enthusiasm that he actually showed up to press junkets in full costume, his character projects the worst aspects of what a certain population of humanity with terrifying sincerity. I can’t imagine anyone else in the role, and with the prospect of a Peacemaker series suddenly on the horizon, I’m excited to see where he (and quite honestly, the rest of the squad) can go from here. THE SUICIDE SQUAD- B (Now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max)

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Computers & the Web by Nancy Roberts

A Blonde and Blockchain Sooner or later, I had to dive in and try to understand what a blockchain is, what it’s good for, and what ways, if any, it might be useful to me, A Blonde. One of its most commonly recognized iterations is, of course, cryptocurrency. But we’ll have to back up from there to try to find out what it’s all about. In a way, a blockchain is the opposite of “fake news.” By that I mean the many, many ways there are today to make us “see” things with our own eyes that aren’t there. Images can be manipulated with such skill that it’s sometimes hard to be positive if it’s not original. Video, voices, social media posts, not to mention the content contained therein database managed by multiple participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology itself, can all be adjusted and fly around with such speed that you’ll swear you witnessed (DLT). ( A blockchain is a specific type of database. It differs from a typical database in the way something yourself, only to discover that you it stores information: blockchains store data in blocks that are then chained together. (most likely) didn’t, and that it wasn’t “real.” New York State Arms Collectors Association, Inc. As new data comes in it is A blockchain is, ostensibly, the opposite. TM entered into a fresh block. Once It’s a system the multiple redundancy the block is filled with data it is of which makes it “unalterable,” thus chained to the previous block, “unhackable.” th & th which makes the data chained Definitions: together in chronological order. A blockchain is essentially a digital Different types of information ledger of transactions that is duplicated –Empire Expo Center– can be store on a blockchain and distributed across the entire network but the most common use so Saturday 9am-5pm • Sunday 9am-3pm of computer systems on the blockchain. far has been as a ledger for Each block in the chain contains a number transactions. No single person of transactions, and every time a new or group has control – rather all transaction occurs on the blockchain, a Admission: $8.00/person • Senior Citizens $6.00 users collectively retain control. record of that transaction is added to every Children under 12 FREE (must be accompanied by adult) Decentralized blockchains are participant’s ledger. The decentralized immutable which means that the data entered is irreversible. (investopedia. Now com) Celebrati ng A blockchain 75 YEARS! is a distributed system that HOURS consists of Wed & Thurs 4pm-8pm a network of Fri-Sun 11am-8pm ORDER ONLINE! 315-343-2671 OR 315-343-1247 computers connected over the Internet which collectively performs the bookkeeping. In blockchain, one c B i ik n e ledger is distributed r Sce ! Welcoms e v i e r ! and maintained across the network. Every computer in the network validates the D transactions, but no one has control over the network, unlike multiple users working in a Serving Fresh Seafood, Hamburgers, Hotdogs & ALL Your Summertime Favorites! ICE CREAM TOO! centralized server. ( Blockchain technology came to our attention with the appearance of | www. RudysHot .com ENJOY OUR CURBSIDE TAKEOUT “cryptocurrrency.” This is simply not-money. It is a value that can be transferred from 78 County Route 89 Oswego, NY • 315-343-2671 one entity to the next in exchange for goods and services. When restaurants and | Located One Quarter Mile West of SUNY Oswego |

SYRACUSE GUN SHOW September 18 19




“It’s not a stretch to imagine that Boards of Elections will surely be looking into ways by which the technology can be used to validate election results, and ensure that living, registered, legal voters are those casting the votes and that the results are secure.”

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other brick and mortar places began accepting bitcoins rather than cash or credit card, it seemed like the era of crypto was truly upon us. While that hasn’t necessarily fully materialized, it is still a common use of the blockchain. Other uses are being experimented with: loyalty rewards, supply chain management, digital ID, copyright and royalty protection, even the bane of everyone’s 2020 election: voter ID; property transfer, tax payments, medical records, weapons tracking, wills and inheritance, and – “bigly” – managing the IoT (Internet of Things). Regarding that last one, as an example, consider you’re renting a smart car to drive you around an unfamiliar city – you can validate the vehicle’s performance using blockchain information. You can call for one, pay for it, use it, and return it, probably without any other human interface, if it’s connected to the IoT using blockchain. Given the noise surrounding the 2020 election and voter ID as well as the security of elections, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Boards of Elections will surely be looking into ways by which the technology can be used to validate election results, and ensure that living, registered, legal voters are those casting the votes and that the results are secure. Part of the problem with blockchain, of course, is that it’s not a simple to understand concept, though it seems like it when you read the definitions.  But given that today, one of the greatest risks we all face is data breaches, whether it’s someone activating your computer’s camera while you work, hacking into a credit card’s transactions at a store, identity theft or home title fraud, simply understanding that it is a means by which these risks can be minimized or even eliminated, should make us take an interest.  Blockchain, as noted above, is simply data – yours and others – stored and managed in such a way that, until and unless someone finds a way around it, it will be as safe as possible from unwarranted access or alteration.  And now, with my brain properly worked out, Blonde out.

“Blockchains store data in blocks that are then chained together.”



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Blockchain technology came to our attention with “cryptocurrency”

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Golf by craig sigl

A Feel for Your Golf Game Let’s get down and dirty about the word “feel” and how I apply it to golf the “Without Practice” way so you can shave some strokes effortlessly this weekend. You know deep down if not at the top of your head, that when you feel good, you will perform or act your best in anything right? Most of us struggle with our feelings because we just let them occur based on whatever is happening in our lives at the time. For instance, if you just get news that you got a raise at work, you are going to have a great feeling for some time after correct? This is a great time to get out on the course as


your bio-computer (brain) is now in the optimum conditon for performance. Nobody denies this and yet we go out on the course and choose to say and do things that destroy our optimum performance potential. I am becoming more and more convinced the longer I play this game that how we “feel” during our round determines the variation from our average score more than anything else. What I mean by feel is our STATE. STATE is physiology plus internal representation. It’s short for “state of being.” So what if we can do things to affect our state just the same as receiving the news that we got a raise at work? We can! Recently, I shot my best round of my life at 1 under par. As I teach people to really dig into how they “felt” when they played a great round, I took notes and after the round really went over the things I was thinking, how my body was responding, what did I eat, what were my eyes seeing, etc. You need this information to help build your optimal state in the future! Once built, you can rebuild it any time since you now have the blueprint or instructions. WE NEED to pay far more attention to when we play well than when we don’t! Many golfers completely dissect their rounds afterward replaying their bad shots over and over in their minds trying to figure out what went wrong. This only serves to implant suggestions in our subconscious mind that that is how we play. Not good for future rounds.

“Many golfers completely dissect their rounds afterward replaying their bad shots over and over in their minds trying to figure out what went wrong.”

-Wel come Ba ck Stud ents -

Open for inside seating at the bar and dining room. HOURS: Wed-Sat 4:30-9pm

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show a big smile when you sink that long putt! Take mental, if not paper and pen, notes on anything worth remembering when you do anything that puts you into that “feel good” state. Create an anchor that you do every time you hit a shot exactly the way you planned it just like the ringing buzzer that Pavlov’s dogs were trained to salivate to. When you have bad shots, immediately analyze it afterward, see what you can learn from it and then FORGET IT! It will do you no good whatsoever to hold onto it. You know that your swing is different from day to day as all the pros also complain about. So what benefit can be gained from going over bad shots that could be gone the next day without even trying? Save the analyzing for the range if you do have time to practice. If not, then just keep pounding your subconscious with images of you accomplishing the little things you had trouble with until your next round. If you don’t have time to practice your swing, then “practice” getting yourself into that state or feeling of power and confidence instead of daydreaming during boring or mundance tasks you work on through your day. That is the “Without Practice” way. Greens and fairways!

Remember: “as a man thinketh, so shall he become” and other quotes like that? It all stems from the concept of the duality of our mind; the subconscious and the conscious functions. Once we get this, we can do a lot toward the mental side of our game to reach our scoring potential. I used to take advice from the magazines that say you have to keep track of your Greens in regulation, how many putts you had, how many sand saves etc. and then “identify” my weaknesses. Forgettaboutit! Again, this is not good since putting the focus on the negatives only gives them power and the repetition of thinking about them starts to solidify in your subconscious. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a positive or negative thought, it just accepts that which it is most convinced of by repetitive thought or action. And besides, I don’t need a scorecard to remind me of my weaknesses on a given round. I know what they are after every round and I can usually pin it down to something I did or didn’t do prior to hitting the ball. What you need to start doing right now, next round, is really zero in on the things that go well. Make little celebrations in your mind (be humble with your partners) when you hit a great shot. Turn on the positive emotions and

“When you have bad shots, immediately analyze it afterward, see what you can learn from it and then FORGET IT!”




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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

Luigi’s Restaurant There are some sure fire ways to tell if you are going to have a great meal at a restaurant. Here is what I look for: amazing food at great prices, time tested recipes, and awesome staff that care about every dish and every customer. I am here to tell you that Luigi’s Restaurant checks all three! Luigi’s is one of Syracuse’s absolute gems and considering that they have been owned and operated by the family since 1954, it’s safe to say that I am not alone in this sentiment! Whether you are looking to dine in, take out, or even for catering, Luigi’s has you covered! Come check them out, where they have been since 1954, at 1524 Valley Drive in Syracuse. They are open daily for all of your dining needs including takeout and grubhub! Give them a call at 315-492-9997. Luigi’s truly has something on the menu that everyone will absolutely love! Their wide variety of offerings include gluten free options and even vegetarian choices. When you go to Luigi’s (or pick it up or have it delivered) be sure to start with one of their many scrumptious appetizer options! All of their appetizers are perfect for sharing around the table, which is, in my opinion, one of the absolute best ways to start a great dinner conversation. Whether you start with a plate of clams casino, a fried calamari,


or even a garlic pizza, Luigi’s appetizers are a perfect way to start any meal! At Luigi’s you will always find an awesome selection of pasta dishes, including my favorites Cavatelli with Broccoli or Chicken Cacciatore with Mushrooms and Peppers. If you love authentic Italian pasta dishes you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Housemade Lasagna, Three Layers Filled with Meatballs or Sausage, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmesan, and Romano Cheese with Homemade Sauce! Every bite is pure heaven in your mouth! I also highly recommend the House Special – an exceptional dish of Seafood Pasta Linguini with Shrimp, Clams and Scallops, served in a white based Clam Sauce, Alfredo Sauce or a red based clam sauce. On Saturday and Sunday you won’t want to miss the Prime Rib with Fried or Broiled Shrimp or Scallops! If you are looking for fantastic pizza and wings, Luigi’s

“Luigi’s truly has something on the menu that everyone will absolutely love! Their wide variety of offerings include gluten free options and even vegetarian choices.” is definitely a great choice! If you are looking for something extra special be sure to order the Luigi’s Supreme, loaded up with all of your favorite toppings! Kyle and I headed out to Luigi’s on a warm Saturday evening. We had gone exploring with our daughter and our dog for the day so we decided it would be best to get Luigi’s to go! We were looking forward to an exceptionally great dinner and we were not disappointed! We had a hard time making selections off of the menu because we know that every single thing is positively scrumptious! We finally made our selections, placed our order and drove over just in time for everything to be fresh out of the oven! The entire trip home all of our mouths watered as the delightful smells of amazing food took over the vehicle. Once we got home we could barely wait to start eating! We quickly noticed that we had much more food than we needed due to the super generous portion sizes that Luigi’s is famous for! We started with the combo appetizer,

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a huge dish filled with fried delight including mushrooms, onion rings, chicken tenders and cheese sticks. Magnolia loves vegetables so it was no surprise that she loved the zucchini! We also enjoyed the fresh Italian bread and butter coupled with the Sautéed Greens, Luigi’s extra special recipe of their Italian Greens – they were perfectly tender with just enough spice. Since we were home and no one was going to judge, we decided to share our entrees so we started with a dish that is a combination of some of our favorite Italian entrees, Chicken Parmigiana layered with Eggplant and Ricotta. This dish was a perfect combination of the three amazing ingredients, perfectly combined and topped with sauce and mozzarella, the side of ziti with marinara made this dish exceptional. I am told that this particular entree is a traditional family recipe. I can attest that it definitely is one of the best Italian dishes I have ever ordered! We also split the Italian Combo Platter, with generous helpings of Baked Ziti, Manicotti, Lasagna, Stuffed Shells and Ravioli. This dish is basically all of the best parts of Italian cuisine all served on one dish! We all had super full bellies and lots of leftovers to enjoy later! At Luigi’s you can always expect only the best cuisines because they only use the highest quality ingredients in their dishes! For more information be sure to check out their website at www.luigisofsyracuse. com, call to place your take out order, or better yet, stop by today!


“We all had super full bellies and lots of leftovers to enjoy later!”

Old School Italian Dining

Open 67 years

Same O



“One of Syracuse’s Best Kept Secrets Since 1954”


Italian Specialties Fresh Fish Everyday! Prime Rib Saturday and Hand Cut Ribeye Steaks Takeout and Catering Offers Leave us your office fax number. We’ll send you a weekly lunch menu every Monday.

LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Tues-Thurs 11am-8:30pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-8:30pm • Dining Room OPEN 3pm-close

Chicken Parmigiana with Eggplant, Italian Combo Platter

1524 Valley Drive • Syracuse 13207 315-492-9997 •

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guides the reader into his rarified world, painting a picture of the vessels, the offices, the language and the focus on the sea and those who sail it. by Nancy Roberts His hero, Joe, girlfriend Dalia and best buddy Ken fly all over the world with alarming speed. Whether Dan Brown invented the here today, halfway across by Vince DeOrchis the world the next style of chasing down a mystery What I did not know about pilot fish: they are a Pilot fish scavenge around sharks or not I don’t know, but carnivorous species of fish that, because of their readers familiar with Brown tendency to follow ships around, were thought in can expect a story that is ancient times to actually lead ships to their intended centered in New York, then Seoul, South Korea, back to Savannah, Georgia, and then destination. They have a habit of scavenging around into the middle of the Panama Canal, each with the change of a chapter, and will know sharks, smaller ones even serving as a shark’s the pace and will enjoy the writer’s intimate knowledge of his many locations as his “toothpick,” grabbing small bits of food from between characters dine at a cozy the shark’s teeth. And their tendency to shift color, Italian restaurant in one with distinct banding, have inspired shark-protecting chapter, and watch the decals for surfboards. work of the port captain of None of this, and all of this Balboa, Panama the next.  is germane to the thriller, The The basic plot is Pilot Fish, by Vince DeOrchis. daring and complex in In his book, a malign power, its execution: what if the headed by a short, chubby mechanism for attaching a and egotistical dictator, is bent small sub to the bottom of upon teaching the United an-ocean going ship, thus States a lesson – and has hired effectively cloaking it as an ultra-high tech engineers independent vessel, were to create the ideal delivery perfected, allowing the mechanism. Everyone expects sub to hitch a ride until such time as it was ready to detach, and perhaps deliver drugs, hell to be rained down upon or arms, without detection, to a port on the other side of the world – or worse, drop a us from the sky – DeOrchis Author, Vince DeOrchis payload of nuclear bombs, programmed to detonate close to the shore of a target city, imagines it coming from the state and nation? How would it work? What would be involved in orchestrating such a depths. movement, and, if the possibility were discovered, how would you go about locating And with good reason. DeOrchis, like his lead character, Joe Barrett, was a maritime lawyer, based in New York City. His intimate knowledge of the sea, marine vessels, and maritime law introduce the reader to a world few of us would ever experience. In fact, my one negative comment about the speeding jet ski of a book turned into its greatest kudos: when I began reading, I had no idea what was what and who was who, because the terrain was so unfamiliar. It was, in fact, akin to the first time you scuba dive: you’re in a world where even your sense of up and down is slightly distorted, sounds are muffled, your visual field is limited and your movements are slowed. But he quickly and expertly

The Write Stuff

The Pilot Fish

“He quickly and expertly guides the reader into his rarified world, painting a picture of the vessels, the offices, the language and the focus on the sea and those who sail it.”

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Panama Canal


it – and could you reach it in time to save its intended target? Joe Barrett is the requisite hero for the story: smart, quick, decent and dedicated – but with a hint of humor and just a bit of self-effacing humility. His girlfriend is sharp as a whip, caring, and capable. And his best friend, a disgraced ship captain with a heart of gold and in-depth and even creative knowledge of ships and the sea. Together they form the team that has a very brief window of opportunity to halt a plot that involves major trading companies, high levels of multiple governments, and uncounted numbers of those at risk if they don’t succeed. It’s a fast, compelling, and fun to read book. And bonus: I learned quite a bit along the way.




“Readers can expect a story that is centered in New York, then Seoul, South Korea, back to Savannah, Georgia, and then into the middle of the Panama Canal.”

& ty r a P r u o y ll a r Fo Catering needs!


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Exercise & Fitness by Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak

Why Work with a Personal Trainer There are so many reasons why you should work with a fitness professional. Whether you are eighteen or eighty-six, in great shape or just starting out, a qualified personal trainer can be one of the best investments you make. You may think that there’s nothing in the gym that you can’t do on your own. You may assume that if you have a question, you can just ask the guy at the front desk. Maybe one of your fellow gym patrons can show you the ropes? Well, you’ve got it all wrong! Yes, hiring a personal trainer has a price, but if you are truly committed to the process, it’s worth every penny. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen over the years on the wrong workout programs for their goals. It’s common sense. If you want to get results and make your workouts a success, you need to do the right exercises and more importantly, do them correctly! Personal trainers are experts in the field of health and fitness and they are your go to when you are looking for assistance with your exercise regimen. Not only will a personal trainer design a customized program specific for your goals, he or she will also show you things to do in the gym that are “outside the box.” Here are a few reasons why a personal trainer is a great investment:

precise number of reps and sets of an exercise to perform, and the most efficient ways (durations and intensities) to do cardio. They will also show you how to properly cool down and stretch after each workout to help improve flexibility, decrease your muscle stiffness, and to alleviate soreness after workouts.

Break Through Plateaus

Do you work hard at the gym but feel like you’ve had the same physique forever? If you’ve been doing the same workout for years and are looking for better results, a personal trainer is your perfect solution. He or she will revamp your workout routine and get you back on track to reach your fitness goals.

Learn To Do It On Your Own

I can speak on behave of most personal trainers when I say we want to believe that you will need us forever. However, the truth is, if you ultimately want to learn all the facets of designing your own routines so you don’t have to depend on one of us for the rest of your life, a few months of sessions may be all you need. Every good

“Champions trainer Steve Grosso reviews a workout session with his client Mark Field.”

Lose Weight

The number one reason people hire a personal trainer is to lose weight. About seventy four percent of adults in the United States are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That includes nearly forty three percent who are obese, meaning they have a body mass index (BMI) (a measurement of body fatness based on weight and height) of thirty or higher.


There are many reasons why people hire a personal trainer, but one of the biggest is to have someone help keep them motivated. It’s easy for life to get in the way! Having someone to keep you inspired when you are having trouble staying committed makes all the difference in the world.

Individualized Program

A personal trainer has a plan to help you get the best results in the least amount of time. No matter what your goals are, your trainer will show you the proper way to warm up, the correct amount of weight and intensity to use for each exercise, the

Tracey Perkins says working with a personal trainer helps her stay accountable and more determined than ever to achieve her goals

PAGE 13 • September 2021



personal trainer will teach you the basics of building and modifying a fitness program to achieve maximum results.

Workout Safely

Most of us tend to ignore some of the subtle signals our body provides. We either push through the pain or give up before we’ve started. A personal trainer watches your form, monitors your vitals, and can provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths. They will also monitor your progress along the way so they can adjust things when necessary.

You Will Show Up

Purchasing sessions with a personal trainer is a big deal. For many, there is a significant amount of hesitation and even a bit of last-minute anxiety. Just remember, you will be less likely to skip out on a workout if you have a scheduled appointment.

Focus on Your Unique Health Concerns

“Over 30 lbs. down, Beth Lockhart works with a personal trainer to help improve her diet and reach new fitness goals.”

Fifty percent of personal trainer’s clients have health related disorders due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, or obesity. Others suffer from chronic low-back pain, need rehabilitation from an injury, or are seeking pre/postnatal training. A a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the fitness professional will not only choose a workout that is best for all or any of these; they National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International will also adjust your diet to help reduce or even get you off some of the medications you Sports Science Association. are taking. He or she can also work closely with your physician, physical therapist, or other health Come see our newly renovated pool and locker rooms! care providers to plan a safe, efficient program that will speed NEW TO CHAMPIONS FITNESS WELCOMING NEW PATIENTS your recovery and allow you to reach your goals faster.

In Conclusion

Working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, and most successful ways to reach your fitness goals. They are not just dothis-and-do-that people. They are your personal confidant when it comes to your fitness and general health. They will motivate you when they notice you are losing interest, inspire you when you forget why you started, and encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle. How do I know what all of the benefits of working with a personal trainer are? Well, because I am one, and I’ve seen a lot of life-changing transformations over the years. With the right personal trainer, you can find the exercise program that works best for you and enjoy the experience of developing a lifestyle that places a high priority on your health and wellness. Good luck to you! I have been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making

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Business of Interest by Nancy Roberts

Festa Italiana When I heard from organizer Ginnie Lostumbo that Festa Italiana would be returning this year for a weekend of food, games, music, friends, more food, heritage, popular beverage and – yes, more great food – I had to admit wanting to stand up and cheer. Syracuse has a happy history of sharing its many cultural roots with festivals of all kinds – Greek, Scottish, Irish, Polish, Middle Eastern, and certainly Italian. Relatively “new” in the scheme of things, Italian immigrants began to come to Syracuse (a natural, given its name) in the 1880s, eventually comprising almost 15% of the population, and quickly earning a deserved reputation for hard work, close-knit families, and cuisine that is popular with just about everyone. Originally launched in 1996 as a fund-raiser with an aim of building an Italian Community Center, organizers (spear-headed by Ginnie Lostumbo and Linda DeFrancisco) decided to dedicate the festival’s earnings to community charities, and have shared with many organizations, including Clear Path for Veterans, Assumption Food Pantry, the Rescue Mission, and the United Way, among others. Approached by the city to make the festival a downtown event, it soon became one of the “go-to” events of the year for many, many Syracusans. A main attraction of the Festival has become its Heritage Display in the Atrium Commons. Visitors are invited to send old

“In addition to the photo display, the Heritage Display will share pasta making, wine tasting, how to make Limoncello, and Italian Bingo.”


family photos to share with the public, letting visitors see the many regions, faces, and stories of the families who brought a little Italy along with them when they left their homeland to make a new life. Scanned photos can be shared with Make sure to include your name, the names of those pictured, and the region of Italy where they’re from. In addition to the photo display, the Heritage Display will share pasta making, wine tasting, how to make Heritage Display in the Atrium Commons Limoncello, and Italian Bingo (you’ve got to know your numbers in Italiano!). Another popular event is the Bocce Tournament, which begins at 9am on Saturday, featuring men’s, women’s and mixed teams – with prizes in each event. On Friday, September 17th at 5:30 pm is the Bocce Challenge, a contest between the Bocce Judges and the Special Olympic Bocce Team playing for bragging rights and your applause. On Friday, September 17th at 12:30 pm is the annual Charity Meatball Eating Contest in which fearless local celebrities


PAGE 15 • September 2021


down as many meatballs as they can – with one hand only – within sixty seconds. Cash prizes are awarded to the local charities of the winners’ choice. Going on from roughly noon to closing will be musical entertainment of all kinds, but Ginnie stressed that this year, the music will be popular local bands, 22 of them in all. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and that includes entertainers. The Festa is all about the community, and organizers wanted to support the rich local network of great music – from country to rock, R’n’B and oldies to Suonatores ambulanti (strolling musicians playing accordion and mandolin, Italian style). With so much talent, there’s sure to be music on the main or second stage at almost any time of the day or night that will have you on your feet. You may want to make it a point to be at the festival on Friday at 9 pm, when Prime Time Horns will play a tribute to Jimmy Cavallo. While there won’t be a children’s tent this year, Jeff the Magic Man will be delighting the children at 2:30 and 3:30 on Saturday with his balloon art and tricks to treat kids of all ages.


On Sunday the Bishop will be celebrating an open air Mass in Montgomery & East Washington Sts., Italian; the Speech Family Candy Downtown Syracuse Shoppe will share its sweet story; 11am -11pm and the Festa will be honoring Friday, Sept. 17 15 of its foundational vendors, Saturday, Sept. 18 11am -11pm entertainers, and others who have Sunday, Sept. 19 12pm -7pm made the festival such a beloved event who are remembered with fondness and appreciation. And of course – would it be a festival without them? – your favorite vendors will be on hand to fill your day with your favorite Italian dishes, desserts, pizzas, and Italian themed treats of all kinds. New to the vendor list this year will be Thanos Import Market, a specialty shop with a Mediterranean flavor, serving small charcuterie trays and “Thanos” sandwiches. And make sure to stop by the Cheese Filled Company, and try out their cheese-stuffed Pepperoni stick! There’s so much more – but as this article is being written, the organizers are busy adding fun to the lineup, so visit the website: for the latest lineup of music, food, entertainment, heritage, and more. You won’t want to miss a thing!

SEPTEMBER 17th,18th & 19th

FRI., SEPT. 17TH, 11AM-11PM • SAT., SEPT. 18TH, 11AM-11PM • SUN., SEPT.19TH , 12PM-7PM Corner of Montgomery & Washington St. • In front of City Hall, Downtown Syracuse








HERITAGE AT THE ATRIUM Displays, Old Photos, Bingo, Demonstrations


• Avicolli’s Restaurant • Biscotti Café & Pastry Shop • Brancato’s Catering • Charlie’s “It’s a Utica Thing" • • Cheese Filled Company • Festa Sausage & Pizza by Twin Trees • MaMa B’s & MaMa C’s • Pascarella’s Bakery & Catering • • Razzle Dazzle Italian Ice • Thanos Import Market • Tony’s Family Restaurant • Villa Pizze Fritte •

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 12:30 PM Charity Meatball Eating Contest 5:30 PM Bocce Challenge The Bocce Judges vs Special Olympian Bocce Team


9 AM Bocce Tournament 11 AM-8 PM Italian Heritage Display – The Atrium


NOON 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 6-8 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM


11 AM Open Air Mass (all are welcome) 12 NOON-6 PM Italian Heritage Display – The Atrium

Just Joe (SS) Howie Bartolo (SS) Stroke (MS) The Stangers (SS) Mere Mortals (MS) Paulo & Felice Dirt Road Ruckus (SS) Prime Time Horns (MS)



12:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:00 PM 3-5 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM

Just Joe (SS) Jeff the Magic Man (SS) Dunes & the Del Tunes (MS) Paulo & Felice Jeff the Magic Man (SS) JD & Rollin South (SS) Infinity (MS) Bad Husband's Club (SS) Hard Promises (MS) Custom Taylor Band (SS) Atlas (MS)



11:00 AM 12:30 PM 1-3 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM

Open Air Mass (MS) Mark Macri (SS) Paulo & Felice Menage A Soul (MS) Dangerous Type Band (SS) Diana Jacobs Band (MS) Letizia (SS)


SPONSORED BY: Adirondack Bank, Bonadio Group, Blue Moon, Camping World, City of Syracuse, Copa Di vino, CR Fletcher, DeFrancisco & Falgiatano LLP, Dominick Falcone Agency, Farone & Son Funeral Home, Gasparini Sales, Inc. Gianelli Sausage, Howard Hanna, John & Rockette Brunetti, LaBatt, Onondaga Beverage, Peroni, Solvay Bank, Table Hopping, Thomas J. Pirro Funeral Home, Valet Park of America, Westcott Florist SPECIAL THANKS TO : City of Syracuse – Mayor Ben Walsh, Special Events Division-Britney Farmer, Electrical, Police & Fire Departments, NYS Office Bldg. – Facilities Management, Syracuse Opera, Laura Hand, Jim Battaglia, Donna Pascarella, TLC-First Aid Tent, Rotondo Warehouse, Web Design-Roger Anthos, Julian Corsello, Frank Riciardiello, Speach Family Candy


PAGE 16 • September 2021 •



Sports Take by Mike Lindsley

2021 Syracuse Football Preview with

247Sports’ Stephen Bailey ML: How good can it get in 2021 for Syracuse football? And how bad? SB: Best-case scenario requires durability at the offensive line and quarterback positions. Sean Tucker and Taj Harris lead a group of capable playmakers. With time and space to operate, Dino Babers’ veer-and-shoot scheme could get back on track. I expect Tony White’s 3-3-5 scheme to take a step forward in the front six with some lumps taken by a young secondary. Altogether, eight or nine wins in the regular season seems like the realistic ceiling. Another year of injuries in the trenches and under center, though, could leave the Orange trending toward double-digit losses for a second straight campaign. ML: Player who didn’t play last year who they need the most this? SB: Mississippi State transfer Garrett Shrader will provide valuable depth at quarterback as well as athleticism that could lend itself to separate packages. Another transfer, safety Jason Simmons Jr. (New Mexico State), is a candidate to make an immediate impact. As far as a potential breakout returner, keep an eye on wide receiver Damian Alford. He’s at the front of a deep competition to grab the third starting spot alongside Harris and Anthony Queeley. ML: Biggest hole on the team? SB: It has to be the offensive line until that group performs better. This year’s group is older and healthier going into fall camp, thanks to the return of Airon Servais and eligibility of Florida transfer Chris Bleich. But SU’s expected 2021 transfer addition, Willie Tyler, decommitted just before he was about to enroll this summer. And, frankly, most of the guys coming back have been overmatched in their careers thus far. ML: Do you believe in QB Tommy Devito? SB: I believe that Syracuse can win with DeVito. He’s been put through the wringer these last two seasons, and it’s undoubtedly affected the former Elite 11 finalist and

composite four-star recruit. If SU’s front five can improve, DeVito has the arm to provide the Orange with the explosive plays that Babers envisioned when he arrived in Central New York six years ago. Without protection, though, the Orange may be forced to turn to Shrader, at least situationally. Look for SU to try to establish its ground game early this year in an effort to provide DeVito with time in the pocket. ML: Is Dino Babers on the hot seat if this season is a disaster? SB: A disaster? 2-10? It’s hard to say, ‘No.’ 3-20 over two years, despite some brutal circumstances, is a hole that no coach may be able to dig out of at Syracuse going up against the ACC. If that were to happen, I’d think Babers would have pressure to provide immediate results in 2022. Even a 5-7 year this fall, though, shows growth and gives the staff a chance to get the train back on the tracks. ML: Projected record? SB: 4-8 I was stuck between four and five wins. The early season schedule is favorable, but nine games before a bye is a recipe for disaster considering the Orange’s lack of depth and history of injuries at key positions. I truly believe the season will go as the offensive line does. So if those guys stay healthy and show growth, a return to bowl eligibility is realistic. But it’s hard to expect that given recent history. ML: Thanks Stephen, keep up the good work. SB: Thanks, Mike. Mike Lindsley has been in sports media for 20 years. Download and subscribe to the ML Sports Platter Podcast on Apple, Google and Spotify and follow Mike on Twitter @ MikeLSports.

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SU Coach, Dino Babers


PAGE 17 • September 2021


My experience in co-dependency support groups tells me that it’s a lot, and not always good, to expect children to adapt to discomfort and further to be encouraged to “sacrifice” to “address” “social problems.” Such naïve, altruistic, well-intended children risk being bullied or worse by less “public service” minded members of their local communities. Compelling children to connect discomfort to some distant good can result in the kind of personal martyrdom that leads to other self-negating and selfby debra Merryweather destructive behaviors. There are books written about this stuff. COVID 19 has involved individual and shared trauma. Ignoring the painful and helpless aspects of traumatic events creates more trauma. Part of why some traumatic situations continue to occur is because people are made to feel uncomfortable talking about personal discomfort. I don’t like masks. I’ve been chided for saying I don’t like masks. I continue to wear masks when I’m required to wear a mask as well as when it might be advisable to wear a mask. In either case, I am not going to say I like wearing the mask. August is back to school season for many people. In August 2021, we are still surfing Mask wearing is inconvenient and sometimes uncomfortable. the waves of COVID 19. Should children wear masks? Should adults wear masks? Should Why not just tell it like it is? children who are or aren’t vaccinated show up or not show up for in-person classroom Data suggests that wearing face masks, together with more frequent hand washing, learning? The discussions vary depending on where students live, how old students are, has led to a decrease in influenza and the common cold. That is good information for and what sort of school students attend. How people think about all of this is rooted in children to have. The CDC website states that common coronaviruses cause symptoms their own preconceived notions about health and education. Our preconceived notions like the common cold. Sars-COV-2 is now the coronavirus commonly causing problems reflect our individual states of mind based on our individual memory and understanding in our shared world. And, COVID 19 has certainly been more than inconvenient for of how we learned what we learned. Knowledge builds on knowledge. many people. Being restrained and/or intubated traumatizes people in ways that This much is fact: few of us have lived through anything exactly like the COVID until seemingly recently, weren’t well known or discussed. Importantly, but often still 19 pandemic. We may have lived through worse personal health crises; many of us unacknowledged, impaired respiration and circulation impair brain function which have. Nonetheless, the shared nature of COVID 19 and the COVID related social and in turn impairs a recovering person’s ability to actively seek new activities that might economic shutdown is unique. improve oxygen intake and physical, cognitive, and emotional comfort and well-being. We’re all learning as we go. Our How will the neurons wire and fire in children trying to sit still and learn new leaders are learning as they go. The people who went before us learned information while breathing through face masks? I don’t know. I do hope that all of us get to get up and stretch and walk and breathe deeply. It all helps. as they went. In these environs, September is back to school season. I wonder how very young children are being wired cognitively and adapting emotionally while covering their own faces with masks amid masked adult faces. I know children will understand that there are faces behind the masks. In child psychology, the term “object permanence” describes a child’s early and eventual understanding that objects and people continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard. Everyone who has ever played a game of “peek-a-boo” with a very young child, can see for themselves how this works. Still masking one’s face masks one’s personal affect. How will children perceive the emotional signals inherent in facial expressions that are now hidden by medical masks? An August 18 NY Times Op-Ed piece research psychologist Judith Danovitch dismisses such concerns, suggesting that looking into someone’s eyes is a better way to read someone else’s state of mind, and that mask wearing might help children learn. I’m quoting the article: “for older children, mask wearing is a way to teach more sophisticated ethical concepts like duty and sacrifice. By age 7, for example, children believe that it feels good to make sacrifices on behalf of others in need. Stressing that the discomfort and inconvenience of mask wearing are forms of generosity and public service might motivate children to address other social problems in their lives, like bullying.”

My Mind To Yours

School’s Always in Session

In Memory of

Rick Fresina

Founder of Table Hopping Newspaper Feb. 16, 1947-Sept.10, 1998

With all our love,


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Brew Time by Kristin Merritt

A Local Ode to Hops Humulus lupulus, Common Hops, and Hops. These are all one in the same and all refer to the plant by which gives beer it’s flavor, bitterness, aroma and provides preservative qualities. The plant is part of the hemp family Cannabaceae and grows natively in Europe, western Asia and North America, growing best in full sun with moderate amounts of rain. It is a perennial, which means that it comes back to life every spring, with a life span of up to 20 years, and it is dioecious, meaning that there are separate male and female plants. Hops climb upwards, much like Morning Glory or Clematis, and have twining vines, also known as bines, which climb by their bristly shoots growing in a helix rather than traditional vines that use tendrils or suckers. The plants can climb to heights of 15 to 20 feet and the fragrant flower cones or “fruits” are harvested in late August through early September and usually dried. There are several different varieties of hops, with as many as 170 different types grown around the globe, and many more being developed, bred and cultivated each year. According to a 2018 survey conducted by The Brewers Association, the top 10 varieties of hops used in brewing beer are as follows: 1. Cascade, 2. Centennial, 3. Citra, 4. Mosaic, 5. Simcoe, 6. Chinook, 7. Amarillo, 8. CTZ (Columbus, Tomahawk, & Zeus), 9. Crystal, and 10. El Dorado. During the preceding 6 years, Cascade and Centennial had also taken the top two spots, respectively. Here in the greater CNY area, the vast majority of hops that are grown include Cascade, Centennial and Chinook, but other varieties grow well too. Alta Vista Farm, in Cherry Valley, NY grows the aforementioned three, but also cultivate Cluster, Columbus, Fuggle, Northern Brewer, Nugget and Willamette hops in addition. Each variety of hop can be broken down chemically with each having their own unique percentage levels of alpha acids, beta acids, and cohumulones (alpha acid analogs in hop resin), along with total oil numbers (ml/gram), and of course with each displaying their own natural aromas. It’s these varying compounds and individual make-up that guide brewers in the specific types of hops they add into their brewing process and recipes. Hops have a long history of being grown here in Central New York. According to the


William G. Pomeroy Foundation, the first hops field was planted in Madison County in 1808 by James D. Coolidge and by 1859, NYS became the primary producer and supplier in the United States, providing approximately 87% of all hops grown. By 1880, 21 million pounds of hops were harvested in New York State per year. Unfortunately, the trend was not to continue as a fungus called Blue Mold took hold in the 1880s, and decimated crops across the state. By 1909, NYS lost it’s hops crown to California and Oregon and most of the hop farms in the area were converted into dairy farms. Today, hop farms continue to grow across the state, thanks in part to former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s creation of a farm brewery licensing program in 2012, that promotes the use of locally grown and produced ingredients. The legislation is tiered, meaning that over a course of years, the percentage of locally sourced ingredients that goes into creating beers, ciders, etc., increases and in order to maintain the farm brewery license, each particular brewery has to meet those standards.

“Hops climb upwards, much like Morning Glory or Clematis, and have twining vines, also known as bines.”

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Madison County’s Hop Festival. Held every year in September, the weekend long celebration commemorates the past, present and future of the hops industry in both Madison County and throughout NYS. This year, the event will take place on Friday and Saturday, September 17th & 18th. On Friday at 6pm there is a 4-course paired beer dinner located at the Foothills Hops Farm Brewery in Munnsville, NY and catered by HipStir Café. During the dinner, the “Hop King” of 2021 will be recognized – this year’s honoree being Chad Meigs, owner of the Bineyard in Cazenovia. Tickets are $75 each and must be purchased by Sept. 9th. On Saturday, from 10am to 5:30pm, the main festival takes place on the Madison County Historical Society grounds in Oneida. Guest speakers, hop farmers, beer clubs,

Hops have a long history of being grown here in Central New York

PAGE 19 • September 2021



home brewing demonstrations, hop exhibits on hop history and culture, vendors selling hop-related merchandise, several food trucks, live music provided by Guy Young and The Rockers and raffles will be available for your enjoyment, along with craft beer

“This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Madison County’s Hop Festival.”

Today, hop farms continue to grow across the state sampling from 2pm to 5pm, with over 30 craft breweries expected to attend. While there is no admission fee for the festival itself, tickets for the beer sampling are $30 in advance and $35 at the door, and of course you must be 21+ to participate. Proceeds from ticket sales go to a good cause, benefitting Madison County Historical Society’s educational programming. **It is important to note that ANYONE attending this year’s Hop Festival will need





to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19 to security upon admittance via the original or a copy of your vaccination card. This includes the dinner and the sampling session.** Tickets to all events can be purchased online at and at Kraig’s Kegs or at the Madison County Historical Society in Oneida, NY. More information and a full itinerary of the event is also available on the same website and Facebook page. Hope to see you there, Cheers!!

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Beauty & Fashion by brandpoint

Why Choosing Clean, Traceable Beauty Products is Essential The products you put on your body matter as much as the ones you put in your body. That’s why so many cosmetic labels now include buzzwords like “clean,” “natural” or “organic.” Unless you’re a clean beauty connoisseur, it’s hard to know why terms like “clean” or “traceable” are important when choosing the best brands and products for you. That’s why some companies are taking steps to spell out what these terms mean for their products. Artistry™, the skincare and makeup brand sold by Amway, shares why clean beauty is essential and what to look for when choosing products. What does clean mean when it comes to beauty products? “Clean” can mean different things for different products. Are certain ingredients clean? What about certain manufacturing practices? For beauty, clean generally means that a product is safe and has a transparent ingredient label. “Traceable” means that the company can trace the ingredients back

to the source. That’s important because the bloodstream can absorb skincare products and cosmetics, leading to potentially dangerous health risks. Products applied to your skin should be beneficial for you and for the world around you.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support during these trying times!

– OPEN – 7 Days A Week until Midnight OUTLAW WEEKEND -OCTOBER 1 & 2at Fulton Speedway





SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PHOENIX & SCHROEPPEL BUSINESSES! • Cam’s Pizzeria • Bombadils Tavern • Basil Thai Restaurant • The Gingersnap Gift Shop & Cake Bakery • CJ’s Deli • Duskee’s Sports Bar & Grill • R.F.H.’s Hide-A-Way Restaurant • • Li’s Garden • Monirae’s Restaurant • 916 Restaurant • Tasswood Bakery • Our Family To Yours Café • • Lock 1 Distillery • MaryAnne’s Countrytime Café •


OPENS AT 8AM OPEN until Midnight 7 Days a Week! • 10PM - 12AM CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY


Press Operator, Die Cutter, Gluers, Maintenance Tech, Machine Tech 2900 McLane Dr, Baldwinsville • 315-671-8650

228 HUNTLEY ROAD Off Route 57A (Off Rt 481) PHOENIX, NY • 315.695.2245

PAGE 21 • September 2021


Ingredients to put on the ‘No’ list. When searching for clean makeup and skincare, a good place to start is choosing items that match your goals and your skincare standards. One strategy companies use is to develop a ‘No’ list to help identify unnecessary and harmful ingredients versus those that are safe, effective, compliant with regulations and reviewed by a toxicologist. Trusted brands will be detailed and transparent about their ingredients. If you have to look too hard to find the information, you might want to think twice before using it. Ingredients to put on the ‘Yes’ list. Clean beauty products avoid toxic and dangerous ingredients. They also prioritize the best ingredients, both naturally derived and synthetic, to create safe, effective formulas. Just like the definition of “clean,” that can mean different things for different brands. For some it means using powerful botanicals rich in plant nutrients. It’s also a good idea to think about where your products are coming from and how they’re made. That traceability is one of the best assurances you can get for clean and safe beauty products. Registered for your peace of mind. Clean beauty standards can still be up for interpretation – so let the buyer beware. It’s always a good idea to seek out third-party validation for brand statements and claims. If you want to ensure that these products are not tested on animals, you’ll want them to be registered with To qualify for registration, products must meet specific criteria assessed by a team from The Vegan Society that double-checks for any potential inclusion of animal ingredients. Setting clean beauty goals. Look for brands that evolve with the beauty industry and continuously monitor the latest science, regulations and public concerns about The Gritty Sisters Soapery, a smart clean choice clean beauty. Some

“That’s important because the bloodstream can absorb skincare products and cosmetics, leading to potentially dangerous health risks.”


product makers are working to improve product formulations and further increase environmental stewardship, including expanding the number of traceable ingredients. Spurred by the goal to improve products for consumers while being conscious of environmental impact, the Artistry team created detailed Artistry Clean Guidelines for future product launches. The guidelines call for vegan formulas, pure and safe ingredients, traceability for key botanical ingredients and better manufacturing processes, among other requirements. “We’re setting ambitious goals to improve our product formulations and further increase our environmental stewardship,” said Marisa Grossnickle, brand manager for Amway North America. “We will continuously monitor the latest science, regulations and public concerns to ensure we are delivering pure, safe and effective products to you.” Are you ready to make better beauty choices? Start looking at the labels and get ready to swap out your products for cleaner options. For a clean, as well as beautiful and fun product, visit

Fine Dining


Romantic Evening WITH US!


2290 W. GENESEE TPK (RT. 5) • CAMILLUS, NY 315.672.3166 •

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Preventive Medicine by Dr. Barry

Change Your Health Destiny I have two interesting things for you this month...both can be very helpful regarding your health and both are widely available and both are free! How often does a doctor say that! I am always on the outlook for tools and techniques that can improve your health and you need look no further than your smartphone. First up is an app for those of you who want to try intermittent fasting and need a little motivation or advice. The app is called Zero...its produced by Dr. Peter Atia who has made healthgevity his lifelong mission. This guy has done every conceivable experiment on himself in regards to exercise, diet, supplements etc. and has produced this app to help with what he (and most people in the health improvement arena) thinks is an effective and important strategy to Checking insulin levels improve your health.




He is a big insulin guy as well. As I have written previously, keeping your insulin low is important to keep your inflammation low and intermittent fasting is one way to do that. Most of us eat from the time we get up until we tuck ourselves in at night and that’s a lot of work for your pancreas. If you can limit the time frame in which you eat to 8 hours or less that can help lower your overall insulin and improve your health. Of course, the most restrictive time frame besides completely fasting is a 2 hour window. This is the one meal a day model which studies have shown is very healthy and results in very low insulin and inflammatory markers but most of us don’t have the fortitude for that. My suggestion is to skip breakfast...(don’t break fast) and eat between noon and 8 pm. Work your way towards that and use the Zero app to keep yourself honest and answer questions like taking supplements when you are fasting etc. There is a premium version of the app but you can get plenty of milage with the free version. Peter Atia is all over podcast and Youtube so you can see for yourself the guy behind the app. Also for more on intermittent fasting and insulin etc., I refer you to the great Dr. Jason Fung who you can youtube. (Did I just use a noun as a verb? ) While you are at it, ask your doctor to check your fasting insulin level. It’s very simple...

4000 State Rt.11 Onondaga Nation via Nedrow, NY

We are currently closed, but please see our social media and website for future upcoming events.

4000 State RT. 11, Nedrow NY • 315.498.6813

Apps can help with resolve and motivation

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association techniques he later championed. I am not talking about stage hypnosis. I am talking about one on one sessions with a trained practitioner to see if you can work on a particular problem. That’s what I have always recommended to my patients having trouble with making progress on a particular health problem. We have several well established hypnosis practices in the Central New York area. Now, however, as apparently everything will be, it’s available on the smartphone. Why not give one of the many apps a try and see what happens. I have personally seen the effects of hypnosis and the literature is full of support for this modality. If the app helps but not enough, then perhaps, seek out an in person experience with a qualified professional. Take control of your health. Take control of your behavior. Change your health destiny. Until next month...get well...stay well. J T BARRY MD

“If you can limit the time frame in which you eat to 8 hours or less that can help lower your overall insulin and improve your health.” the lower your fasting insulin the overall healthier you are. And visa versa. It’s a cheap, simple, independent test of your health and you should ask for it. Your doctor has been trained to check your glucose but your insulin level will reveal your metabolic status years and years before you would otherwise be considered a diabetic. Don’t take my word for it, ask Drs. Gundry, Mercola, Attia, Saladino, Knobbe, Gregor, etc...these doctors may have very different opinions on the best diet to improve your health but they universally believe that a low insulin level is desirable. Now the second app is really a series of apps and again it’s oriented towards trying to help you with your resolve and motivation. You don’t lose weight because you should, or could you lose weight when you must. As Tony Robbins says you meet your musts. I could, I should, I think...those are not change words...I must, I will, ...those are change words. But the apps are not about changing words, they are about changing your focus and attention. These apps, which are also free at the app stores, work via hypnosis. You can get hypnosis apps for weight loss, for drinking issues, to improve sleep etc. Before you start fumfering around that you can’t be hypnotized, let’s look at how well you are doing with your bad habits on your own. Most of us need help changing habits. You can join a group, zoom, or journal, but what’s really important is changing your motivation and outlook and that’s where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation with heightened and focused attention. It was first made popular by a German physician named Franz Mesmer who invoked the concept of animal magnetism. Later, a British physician named James Braid coined the term hypnosis from the Greek god of sleep hypnos. None less than Sigmund Frued took it up but later abandoned its use in favor of free





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us on facebook 5108 Velasko Road • Syracuse, NY • 315-436-FITT(3488)

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Streaming Flicks by MILLER byBRIAN debra Merryweather

The White Lotus Whether it’s an annual vacation spot or fanciful dream destination that you’ll never quite get to, Hawaii is a veritable paradise. The ocean sparkles, the palm trees sway, and the corral beckons you to explore the depths of the sea. It appears to be, for all intents and purposes, a playground for the privileged. Money may not buy love, but it can get you an ocean view, plenty of seafood, and all the booze you can drink. In Mike White’s brilliant HBO MAX series THE WHITE LOTUS, it is also a place where darkness lurks in the most unexpected places. Within the opening minutes of WHITE LOTUS, we know that someone in the show is going to die. There’s nothing coy or mysterious about the undeniable fact that at some point, a character is going to croak. The identity of the cadaver isn’t made clear, and the circumstances surrounding their demise will not be revealed until later on, but this is just one of the instantly ingenious aspects of the series. Whereas this setup would be the focal point for most productions, by the time the truth finally comes to light, so many other shocking moments have occurred that you may have forgotten what the end result was bound to be. At its core, WHITE LOTUS is a character driven comedy that not only savagely satirizes privilege and everything it stands for, but makes deep and introspective observations along the way. It explores a week in the life of a collection of (mostly) deplorable guests at a swanky Hawaiian resort and the staff that is forced to endure their every whim. The twisted tale is the brainchild of writer, producer, and director White, whose career has featured independent gems (CHUCK AND BUCK), mainstream smashes (SCHOOL OF ROCK) and endearing reality show appearances (he and his father were charming on THE AMAZING RACE and White came shockingly close to winning SURVIVOR.) He is also no stranger to HBO, where his beloved ENLIGHTMENT still maintains a cult following with fans bemoaning the fact that it only lasted two seasons. While his resume is spectacular, THE WHITE LOTUS instantly emerges as his best work to date. Everything about the production shimmers and shines, resulting in a feast for the eyes

that undercuts the savagery that lurks around every corner. It is visually sumptuous, with dazzling beauty on display in every single scene. Hypnotic sunsets serve as a direct contrast to roiling sea, and the resort itself is magnificent yet inexplicably discomforting. Adding to the deeply unsettling feeling that permeates the production, is the truly unique score that only seems to intensify as the series progresses. Perhaps more than any other aspect of the production, there is one subtle component that sets WHITE LOTUS apart from its contemporaries. While the extras in the background casually go about their business, eating and

“I simply cannot say enough about each and every performance from the leads.”

drinking and drifting their way through paradise, the central figures of WHITE LOTUS consistently find their lives in turmoil. They are, for the most part, horrible in their own unique way and it’s fairly apparent that very few of them will find any type of redemption in the six episode run. Despite their wealth and stature, they are all shockingly unhappy, whether they realize it or not. I could gleefully dig deep into an exploration of the depraved souls that are laid bare throughout the series, but unraveling their sordid affairs is what makes WHITE LOTUS so great. I simply cannot say enough about each and every performance from the leads. Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney, and Steve Zahn take White’s searing script and bring it to unforeseen heights. They all, in their own unique way, deliver the performances of their careers. I do not envy Emmy voters who will somehow have to choose who receives nominations to when the time comes. I suppose, in all actuality, it is the other potential nominees that should be pitied. If they weren’t lucky enough to find themselves as a member of this cast, they are likely going to find themselves waiting for a call that will never come on nomination day. THE WHITE LOTUS- A (Now streaming on HBO Max)

They are all shockinging unhappy, whether they realize it or not

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Tales from the Vine by steven lay

by Cassandra Harrington

There Are A Lot of Ways to Get a Wine to Market and It Doesn’t Involve Making the Wine I notice numerous ads appearing in wine industry newsletters that advertise bulk wines for sale and often wondered why there is this classification of wine for sale and who buys such wine. I see ads for a lot of California bulk wines as well as some of these wine sales from Oregon, Washington, and from East Coast wineries and vineyards. And with some frequency it is not unusual to see ads for wines sales coming from many international wine regions. Bulk wine is another facet of the wine industry that is not understood by the casual wine consumer, but it is a major contributor to the growth of the wine industry. What is bulk wine and grapes? This wine comes from surplus production at a winery that has not yet made it into the bottle and labeled. There is also a segment of the market where wineries and vineyards produce wine only for the bulk market. There are also brands that have no winery and rely on the bulk market to create their brand. Bulk grapes, like wine, come from a winery’s vineyard or an independent vineyard. These grapes are sold by the ton at time of harvest; often a year in advance. Bulk wine is of a known quality that is tasted by a buyer prior to the purchase. Brokers that sell wines without a home never take possession of the wine, but still have licensing requirement from the Tax and Trade Bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Point being, bulk wine is a high-quality wine that has a pedigree – it has a known producer, known quality, historic characteristics and is easily sampled/ tasted by the buyer. With year over year growth in U.S. 2016 wine sales of 2.8%, it would be easy to assume that all the wine produced would have a market based upon demand. Even with changes in the wine market worldwide, the market for bulk wine and grapes continue growing and the reasons for the growth are complex and numerous. So, the question that begs clarification/amplification is: What happens to surplus wine and grapes? Surplus wine can basically be bought by anyone. There are many wine labels on the market that come from surplus wines or even bulk grapes. For example, someone could buy the wine, have it delivered to a winery, work their blending magic on that wine, do the bottling and ship to a distributor. Now you want to know how this bulk wine impacts you as a consumer. Let’s assume


you go to a restaurant or a friend’s home and you experience a wine you absolutely love, you go home and try to find the winery that produced the wine so you can buy it online or maybe you want to schedule a visit. To your surprise, you cannot find the winery. The wine you are excited about may have come from an accomplished winemaker Bulk wine vineyard who bought bulk wines from which he blended/ bottled/labeled that new favorite wine you just discovered. The bulk wine was most likely sold by a “bulk wine” broker, of which there are many. Many around the globe, only a few in each country. The largest global surplus wine and grape broker is The Ciatti Company in Northern California. They have been selling these wine and grapes around the world for 46 years. “In an average day, we initiate or receive approximately 4,000 conversations about selling or buying bulk wines,” says Steve Dorfman-Partner at Ciatti.“ Mostly the bulk market is a business-to-business transaction that ranges from extremely large wineries with global brands, to start-up companies with a vision for a new brand.” Home winemakers are not the target market for bulk brokers. For example, some of their wine transactions are for more than 10,000 gallons. This type of wine business is different than the custom crush sector of the wine business. Such wines come from a winery that, generally, has produced a fermented product that may or may not be a varietal wine. Custom crush is mostly a process of acquiring grapes, crushing, fermenting and bottling wine to a specific specification by a specific customer. The surplus wine and grape business is the soft underbelly of the wine business. This business is large and doesn’t just apply to a winery with surplus juice. There are wineries and vineyards that exist only for the exclusive production of bulk wine. Simply, there are vineyards (as well as wineries) that only cater to a market that expects to buy bulk wine from which they label as their own brand. In the case of bulk grapes, some wineries and wine brands forecast their needs for grapes for their planned production for the next vintage. In the winter months, bulk grape brokers are busy selling next year’s harvest and/or beyond from vineyard production. Some bulk grape buyers can even specify grapes by clone; then bulk brokers try to match sellers and buyers. What is the process of acquiring bulk wines? Remember, this type of wine is basically a finished product. · Phone call or e-mail starts the process. The buyer has a defined style of wine

“As a rule of thumb, there is generally no such thing as a good or bad wine, only wines looking for a fit.”

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needed for a specific label or for blending, or a varietal style. Some bulk wines may be acquired to test a new wine product concept being contemplated by a winery or private label. · Then define the requirements relative to ABV, acidity, tannins, color, and aromas. Based on these specifics a bulk broker can select specific bulk wines to have sample wines shipped overnight for buyer analysis/tasting. Maybe there are requirements relative to a very specific source of the fruit/AVA. · Customer/buyer tastings of the initial sample might result in other options being sourced and new samples provided. · Eventually it comes down to pricing. Bulk wine and grapes are still a function of market condition. “Market conditions are a function of availability, quality, prestige of the initial producer, trends in customer preferences, and demand,” says Dorfman. “Nothing about the bulk wine business is a constant.” · After price is negotiated by the seller and customer, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed outlining terms, condition of the wine or fruit, shipping requirements and terms. Now, the deal is done. For their efforts, most bulk wine companies work on an established commission schedule; generally established by country of origin. The commission is generally between 2 and 4% based on the country of origin. As noted previously, it would be wrong to assume surpluses (grapes or wine) are a result of over-production. It is entirely plausible that wineries or vineyards plan for excesses that can be sold to fund a small/limited private production or testing new wine ideas. Wineries that own their own vineyards often plan excess production for reasons of economies of scale for certain grapes they need for established in-house labels. And there are wineries and vineyards (not producing wine under their own label)

“The surplus wine and grape business is the soft underbelly of the wine business.”


that exist only to supply the negociant market, private label producers and wineries needing additional wines for their brands. Some of the largest wineries buy bulk wine because they did not produce enough for expanded production or had issues with current supplies. The purchase of bulk wines seems to offer new and established winemakers a low risk option. An example is Cameron Hughes Wines which started with an initial small bulk purchase, then their growth accelerated in the following few years. As a rule of thumb, there is generally no such thing as a good or bad wine, only wines looking for a fit. “At Ciatti we know that there is always going to be an application for all bulk varietals or bulk blends. Every winemaker experiences issues in the production of their wines that can be solved with an available bulk wine,” said Dorfman. With 55% of their business being domestic and 45% international there seems to be a home for quality bulk wine someplace in the world. On occasion, there can be times when bulk wine doesn’t sell someplace in the world. For those rare occasions, bulk wine can find a place as food grade vinegar or distilled into brandy. Wine is not as simple as crushing grapes, turning juice to wine, putting wine in a bottle with a cork and delivering that wine to a retailer. The iterations and nuances in the wine industry are complex and convoluted and highly controlled. Fortunately for the consumer we only see the industry when we drive through the vineyards of wine country.

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Stay safe and healthy from our family at


September 4

September 1

London McDaniels and DogMagone w/s/g Kid Roscoe • 8pm

Bosco’s at The Fair, Syracuse

Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

13 Curves at Bosco’s at The Fair

September 11

September 17

September 22

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse

September 11

September 17

September 23

Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

September 17

September 24

Papamojo • 10am-12pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Lakeside Vista, Marietta

September 17

Howie Bartolo • 4:30pm

September 24

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Ryan Quinn • 8pm

September 1-11

September 4

Anthony Joseph ‘Swingtet’ • 7:30pm

Marriott Downtown, Syracuse

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

September 11

Salt City Summerfest

Soulfly • 6pm

McCrobie Civic Center, Oswego

September 2

September 5

Abbott’s Village Tavern, Marcellus

Chevy Court, New York State Fairgrounds

Annual Madison County Craft Festival, Madison County Historial Society

September 3

September 5

September 11

Boscos Restaurant, Great NYS Fair

Chevy Court, New York State Fairgrounds

Annual Madison County Craft Festival, Madison County Historial Society


Dirtroad Ruckus Trio • 7:30-11pm

Jesse McCartney • 2pm

Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow • 8pm

September 3

September 5

Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

Mystyk Groove Machine Band

Mystyk Groove Machine Band

Mark Barnes • 12:30-2:30pm

September 11

Scattered Fleurys • 3-5pm

September 3

September 6

Annual Madison County Craft Festival, Madison County Historial Society

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Chevy Park, New York State Fairgrounds

September 11

Hardy • 8pm

September 3

Keith James • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

September 3

Uncle Kracker • 2pm Chevy Court, Great NYS Fair

September 3

Blues Traveler • 7pm

Cheap Trick • 6pm

September 6

Resurrection: A Journey Tribute • 7pm Chevy Court, New York State Fairgrounds

September 8

Vagabonds at Party In The Square • 4:30-9pm Clinton Square, Syracuse

Chevy Court, Great NYS Fair

September 9

September 3

Sharkey’s Bar and Grill, Liverpool

Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate) • 7-10pm Wildflowers Armory, Syracuse

September 4

Queensryche • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Dangerous Type

September 10 KennaDee

Asil’s Pub, Fairmount

September 10

Issac French • 8pm

September 4

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Sharkey’s Bar and Grill, Liverpool

Foghat • 8pm

Theory of a Deadman • 8pm

September 10

September 4

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Thousand Islands Winery, Alexandria Bay

The Blind Owl Band • 8pm

Bradshaw Blues • 1:30-5:30pm

September 10

September 4

The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Under The Paige • 6-9:30pm

Steve Laureti • 8pm

September 10

September 4

Sharkey’s Bar and Grill, Liverpool

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Papa Muse • 6-11:30pm

Soulfly • 6pm

September 10

The Gilded Club, Syracuse


Chad Bradshaw • 7-10pm McCarthy’s Pub, Cazenovia

September 11

An Evening with Straight No Chaser • 8pm

Squeeze • 8pm

Mystyk Groove Machine Band

Just Joe • 12pm

September 17 Stroke • 5pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17

The Strangers • 6:30pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17

Mere Mortals • 7pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17

Paulo & Felice • 6-8pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

September 17

September 11

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Dirt Road Ruckus • 8:30pm

Through Fire • 8pm

Masters of Illusion • 8pm

Chad Bradshaw • 6-9pm

Tim Ripper Owens, Held Hostage, Crazy Neighbours Sharkey’s, Liverpool

September 24

Steve Laureti • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

September 25

Sabastian Bach • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

September 25 KennaDee

Grace Tyler Estate Winery, Constantia

September 25

Gary Johnson • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

September 26

Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

September 17

George Thorogood and The Destoyers • 8pm

September 12

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 26

Organ Transplant • 8pm

Kevin Keating • 10am-12:30pm Annual Madison County Craft Festival, Madison County Historial Society

Prime Time Horns • 9pm

September 17

Mere Mortals • 7pm

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Jonas Brothers • 7pm St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

September 12

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Double Chase • 1-4pm

September 17

September 30

Annual Madison County Craft Festival, Madison County Historial Society

Kevin Alexander • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Angry Mark’s, Hastings


September 15

September 17

September 30

Foo Fighters • 7:30pm

The High Kings • 8pm

St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

The Oncenter Carrier Theater, Syracuse

The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse

October 1

September 15

September 18

Travis Rocco • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Motionless in White • 7pm The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse

September 16

Steel Panther • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

September 16

Thomas Rhett • 7:30pm St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

Caveman • 8pm

Petty Fest VIII • 8pm

September 18

October 2

Lakeside Vista, Marietta

St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

Chad Bradshaw • 6-9pm

September 18 Hairball • 8pm

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Zac Brown Band • 7pm

October 2 Styx • 8pm

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

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October 2


The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse


Rusko • 8pm

October 5

Slipknot’s Knotfest Roadshow 2021 • 5:30pm St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

City Market 2nd Sunday of each month Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

September 4, 5, 11, 12

October 8

2021 Sock Out Cancer® Benefit Concert • 8pm The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

October 8

Carbonaro Lies On Stage • 8pm

Pumpkin Chuckin’ at Varick Winery • 10am-6pm

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Chris Stapleton: All American Road Show • 7pm

Varick Winery & Vineyard, Romulus

The Uncle Louie Variety Show With Jimmy Della Valle • 8-11pm

St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater at Lakeview

2021 Super Lawn Sales

October 7

October 8

Mystyk Groove Machine Band Western Ranch Motor Inn, Syracuse

October 9

Little River Band • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

October 9

Jagged Edge and 112 • 8pm The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

October 15

Ludacris • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

October 16

Trace Adkins • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

October 17

Lil Durk & Toosii: Live in Concert • 8pm

September 4, 5, 6, 17 Sylvan Beach

September 4, 11, 18, 25 Cars - Coffee & Views! • 6am

Heritage Hill Brewhouse, Jamesville

September 5

October 8

The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

October 9

Ron White • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

October 9 & 10

Fall Fiber Arts Festival

Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast • 7:30am-12pm

Little York Lake Pavilion, Preble

Whitford Airport, Weedsport

Alton Brown Live: Beyond the Eats • 7:30pm

September 10

Ballpark Beer Fest • 5-8pm MBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

September 11

Community Vigil in Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives • 6:30pm

October 20

The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

October 22

The Clairvoyants • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

October 23

Bridgehouse Brats, Henley Park

Masquerade 2021 • 8pm

September 11 & 12

del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

57th Annual Madison County Craft Festival • 10am-5pm Madison County Historial Society

October 31

Inaugural Witches’ Ball of CNY • 7pm

The Oncenter Convention Center, Syracuse

September 11

October 17

The Wescott Theatre, Syracuse


September 14

September 8-29

The Marshall Tucker Band • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

Rushed - The Movie • 8pm

October 21

FOCL Presents Susan Orlean • 7:30pm

Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

Old Dominion • 8pm

October 22

Old Dominion • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

October 23

Mystyk Groove Machine Band Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

October 24

Ronny Milsap • 8pm Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona

October 29

Stone Temple Pilots • 8pm del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

November 10 Daughtry

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

September 17

Madison County Hop Fest • 6pm Foothill Hops Farm Brewery, Munnsville

September 18

Taste of B’Ville • 12pm-10pm Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville

September 18

Canine Carnival • 10am-3pm Jamesville Beach Park, Jamesville

September 18

Louis CK • 7:30pm The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

October 1

November 20

6th Annual Ain’t It Grand Fall Fundraiser • 6pm

Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

October 3

Mystyk Groove Machine Band

December 31

Mystyk Groove Machine Band Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

Redhouse, Syracuse

ArtRageous Bike Ride Fundraiser

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Almost Heaven: The Songs of John Denver

Lehigh Valley vs. Syracuse Mets • 7:05pm

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

October 13-31 Eureka Day

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse

December 3

Jr. Stars: On Stage Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Auburn

December 3-19 Sister Act

Redhouse, Syracuse

December 4

Vic DiBitetto –”The Italian Hurricane” • 8-11pm The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

October 7

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse


Syracuse Crunch Home Opener • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

September 3

September 1-4

Les Moynes Athletics Le Moyne College Men’s Soccer vs Caldwell University • 4-6pm LeMoyne College, Syracuse

September 3

Syracuse University Men’s Soccer vs Georgetown • 7-9pm Syracuse University, Syracuse

September 6

Syracuse University Men’s Soccer vs Niagara • 7-9pm Syracuse University, Syracuse

September 7-12

Buffalo vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:05pm @ Buffalo

September 9

Syracuse University Women’s Soccer vs Cornell University • 7-9pm Syracuse University, Syracuse

September 11

Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. Syracuse Orange Football • 2:00pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

September 14-19

Worcester vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:35pm MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

September 18

Atonement Lutheran Church, Syracuse

October 12-16

October 23


Carrier Dome, Syracuse

The Guys • 8pm


@ Lehigh Valley

September 9-11

December 7-12

The Oncenter, Syracuse

September 1-5

Albany Great Danes vs. Syracuse Orange Football • 12:00pm

Merry-Go-Round Theatre, Auburn

ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse

John Crist: Fresh Cuts Comedy Tour • 7pm


September 22-26

Scraton vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:35pm @ Scraton

September 24

Liberty Flames vs. Syracuse Orange Football • 8:00pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

September 29, 30

Buffalo vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:35pm MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

October 1-3

Buffalo vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:35pm MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

October 9

“Picking Up the Pieces” Reimaging the World • 10am-6pm Marriott Syracuse Downtown, Syracuse

Thru September 11 Salt City Summerfest

Cazenovia Artisan Gallery, Cazenovia

September 26

Penny Rug Workshop • 1-3pm Madison County Historial, Oneida

Thru September 29

Nave Law Party in the Square Clinton Square, Syracuse

Thru October 1

Familiar Reimagined Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse

Thru October 9

Four CNY Artists, “In Person” Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn

Thru October 9

Intention and Perception Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn

Thru October 9

All Things Being Blue Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn

Thru October 31

Living in Limbo: Portraits from the Border by Bill McLaughli ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse

Thru November 1 Beyond the Blue

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru November 19

Each One, Inspired: Haudenosaunee Art Across the Homelands Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

Thru November 19 Collection Highlights: 5,500 Years of Art

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

Thru November 19

Ivan Forde: Local_Edge_Margin (Syracuse) Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

Thru November 19

Richard Koppe: American Painting and the New Bauhaus Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

November 20

The 16th Annual Open House and Raku Day Clayscapes, Syracuse

Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs. Syracuse Orange Football • 11:59pm

Thru January 30

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Deadline is september 22nd for the october issue

Mutual Affection: The Victoria Schonfeld Collection

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Chuck Schiele: How did you get into music in the first place? John Kelsey: I think much like all guitarists of my generation. We were highly influenced and inspired by the music of the era. We had the privilege of becoming aware of the brilliance of the best bands, writers, performing and recording artists of a remarkable time in American music. by Chuck Schiele CS: I’ve never heard anyone say it quite this way – but your damn right. Privilege is a good word. JK: Every genre was represented to me: Rock n Roll, Soul, Blues, Folk, Country, and Classical, and were readily available. I sort of ricocheted off of that in the mid-1960s and never looked back. I took guitar lessons from a brilliant player/teacher/friend starting on May 10, 1965. I’ve never given it up since. It’s as much a part of me as anything. CS: Please share with us how you characterize your music. JK: Eclectic. I love almost everything. That’s why I perform with a wide variety of local artists. I want to play almost anything. CS: What do you love most about being a guitar player? JK: I love lending my “voice” as a sideman or as a solo performer. It takes me back to One can often find John Kelsey playing guitar with Isreal Hagan and Stroke. Or, one playing in my room sitting on the edge of the bed. After I would practice a lesson, I would can find him playing his own solo gigs. But with John Kelsey the more you find when it linger in the moment and take what I had just studied and noodled around with it. I didn’t comes to his musical endeavors, his passion for music, the joy... and the truth he seems understand it then, but that was the start of my development as an improvisational player. to find in music. I got into a band called Target in the early 80s and that‘s where I learned how to be an I’m just me. So the hell what. ensemble player. I learned where the groove was and how to dovetail in or to drive it. But, if you ask me what a real, authentic, real-deal, no excuses musician looks like – look CS: Tell us about your current projects. to John Kelsey. He walks the walk, meaning he’s done the work first, before talking the talk. JK: I’ve worked as guitarist with the Syracuse iconic band, Isreal Hagan and Stroke for He plays from a Truth. He plays in a way that’s soul-soul invested. There is too much depth the last ten years. Isreal is a very cool writer and performer, and clearly one of the best and dimension in his approach to art that renders him a little beyond the simple job title of front men I’ve ever worked with. He still has a remarkable quality voice and a multi-octive “guitar ace.” range. I learned a lot about the Soul genre from my time with those guys. Bill Barry is a With a great history embedded in Central New York music – representing Syracuse, solid keyboard player and vocal arranger. He’s the kind of player who provides the glue Utica, Mohawk Valley – Kelsey’s resume basically includes playing with just about every that holds any band together. I love to sing, but I’m really not great at it. But having Isreal significant musician that hails and wails from the area. and Bill to align with vocally allows me to slip into a three-part groove that makes our band When we chatted for this interview, I find that I like and appreciate his playing even more. come off the ground about four feet. I get a fair amount of solo time in a show and I love the Soul, R&B material. Also, in case anyone has forgotten, Isreal has nine Sammys. I’m pretty sure that’s a record. I also do an acoustic duo with my buddy Chad Platz from Rome. We do a pretty cool variety of great covers.

Sounds Of Syracuse

John Kelsey is in the Grooves of the Woodwork

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Its a broad range. And that’s what I love about acoustic renditions of band songs. I get to be the drummer, bass player, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist and backup singer. There’s always so much to do and it doesn’t get boring. I also do a longtime fingerstyle, instrumental guitar shtick where I play a dinner hour-style show. It’s strictly background music while people are eating. That whole thing translates to cocktail parties, receptions, wedding ceremonies, subtle events and even funerals. In that performance I’m playing solo arrangements of songs I love where I’m holding down the bottom end with my thumb and playing the melody with my fingers. I recently started a children’s musical act with singer/ songwriter Cassandra Harris-Lockwood from Utica and longtime CNY bassist, Johnny Handzel on stand up bass. We did our first show in Utica last week where we entertained area kids and their parents. I do that show on a nylon strung classical guitar (like I do with my solo). It has a nice vibe with the acoustic bass and the other acoustic played by Cassandra. Our intention is to be able to do this act moving forward. We already have another show booked at the Utica Zoo next month. CS: What do you think of the music scene in Central NY? JK: You probably get this same answer from a lot of artists here, but I’ll stack Central NY players and singers up against anywhere else. The sheer scope of talent from every genre of music is incredible. Playing with Stroke these last ten years has introduced me to quite a large number of these folks, yourself included. I’ve also done a few multi-bill shows or performed with bands like Los Blancos, The CNY Songbirds, Ron Spencer Band, Barn Dogs, Hard Promises, Ronnie Leigh, your band, Irv Lyons and the Light, Mark Macri, Mike Saraphim, Dave Hanlon, the Ripchords, Freney and Linnin, Mark Homan, Groupo Pagan, Todd Hoban and the late great Doug Moncrief, the late great Mark Gibson, Tom Townsley, Sammy award winning jazz artists ESP (with my friend Evan DuChene on drums), The Billionaires, Loren Barrigar, Little Georgie, Jukin’ Bone, and many others. Just from this list of players anyone who’s even half awake can tell that the caliber of talent here is stellar. And that’s just from the Syracuse pool of musicians. Utica has a proportional array of great players going back a couple of generations including Joe Bonamassa, Carmen Caramanica who toured with Lou Rawls as his guitarist and arranger, Gene Rice (my guitar teacher as a kid) who went on to work for Chet Atkins in Nashville as an engineer, picker and won a producer Grammy with the band, Alabama. There was also the great Bluenote artist, saxophonist JR Montrose who worked with some of the greatest players who ever lived, and others who went on to successful careers as sidemen along the way. If you were to include Camden, Rome, Auburn, The Mohawk Valley, and the North Country you would never fail to find artists who could hold their own anywhere. CS: Please share a highlight or two from your career. JK: My highlights would include several performances with Stroke on a big stage. We do the Taste of Syracuse every year along with some others and it’s always a rush for me to see that big audience and let it rip with my musical brothers. We also had a show with Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes at the Landmark. It turned into a bit of a debacle because the name act actually bailed on the performance. But Isreal, Buke, Bill and I got to do a rippin’ set on that stage and we got a standing ovation from the audience. I was about four feet off the ground at being able to perform on that stage. A couple of others were small musical events where Irv Lyons asked me to act as one of the judges at a local song-writing competition. At one, I got to play a couple songs with the great Dave Porter. That was a lot of fun for me. At another, Irv and I were judges with the stellar Loren Barrigar. I got to play one of Irv’s cool originals alongside Loren. Loren said some very nice things about my playing. I found that to be high praise from an artist of his caliber and one I hold in such high esteem. It was quite a moment for me to trade fours with that guy.


CS: Interesting. I was a judge one of those, too...along with Joe Whting. And yes, Loren...I understand...even though I’ve had the privilege of jamming with Loren, it is still and always a bucket-list item for me to play with Loren, again. As it is for most everybody. JK: And honestly, there have been scores of times when all the musical stars align and the band or duo sound great and I settle into that place where I know I belong – in the midst of a killer groove in front of an appreciative audience. CS: How about a funny story from the stage? JK: Honestly, the funniest stuff have been things I can‘t talk about here. But suffice it to say, with the players I’ve known over a 45 year career was a local player included moments where I laughed so hard that I almost fell off the stage. CS: What is your number one tip for anyone getting into music? JK: I think I would say, to always do the work first. Even if you’re a natural and have an aptitude for your instrument or voice. Remember there’s always more to learn no matter how accomplished you think you are. Take care of your instruments, gear, your hands and your voice. (I gave up doing stagehand’s work after 20 years to protect my mitts and I knew I wanted to be a working player rather than a guy who fractured his hand loading out a rock show or a Broadway touring act.) The other thing is, have fun with it once you’ve done that work. The brotherhood I’ve felt with my fellow players is akin to my family life. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a great Irish-Italian family where we’re all friends and fans of one another. I find the same thing with my bandmates. Once you’ve gone into battle with them (to win over an audience with all your might) the bonds can be lifelong. I would also say, always remember to listen to the rest of the band. CS: How do we all stay in touch with you and your music? JK: I had a career for 40 years as a designer/illustrator/art director/photographer so I’m used to doing graphics and promotions for every solo, duo, or band show. I post them on Facebook. I’ll find out in the next couple of months where I’ll be and with whom I’ll be performing. Anyone I know on FB will be the first to know! CS: This has been a great converstion, John, Thank you, so much for chatting with us. JK: Thanks for this, Chuck. Keep up your own great work. Hope to see you soon! Chuck Schiele 858 663 9612


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Word on the Street by Bill McClellan

The Mayor

and the Leaders of Each City Department My columns of this past Nov, Jan and Feb (word on the street outlined a workable plan, so efficient and simple it makes one weep that it is not taken seriously, “to fix this City.” The ultimate tragedy is even in view of clear prevention of massive human suffering, in view of life saving justice, compassion and right, even clear economic feasibility, it is a certainty in my mind you will not do this. I just need to bring this to your attention. A City is a massive operation. It should not be

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systemically designed and intellectually accepted, and worse, emotionally accepted for a City’s leaders to witness generational City decline and decline in one administration after another. Please think about this. I sent copies of Table Hopping outlining the plan to the Mayor (this would make the Mayor a national figure in a very short period of time) and the leaders of 53 different city departments. It is about teamwork, esprit-de-corps, efficiency, and workably addressing incredibly neglected human need and comfort. What sets it apart is that it will work. If the City took me seriously this City would come back. Opportunity, attractiveness to business, and quality of life would become the way. Crime would be down at least two thirds. That includes murder. I am aware how unlikely it is that this will happen. The problem is, it is for all the wrong reasons. The things that hold you back are the very matters that caused the problem. Led by systemic gridlock. Zoning, unable to agree on who and what is first, and a myriad of time-consuming bureaucracy. I urge you to spend more time looking at the benefits of results. Reward is everywhere. Cities are lacking functional desire and esprit-de-corps that engender Patriotism. These are the tools that make for the force for right and

good. We have evolved into a state of accepting great suffering that can be addressed. Far too much in our systemic design does not embrace deserved equality which must return as the heart of who we are or we will continue this insane pursuit that needlessly ignores mass human pain. In the Army, as a Green Beret I was trained in villages. At the time I marveled at how a team of soldiers could have such a powerful and positive impact on an entire village. Quick decisive effective movement is an awesome memorable motivator. So much so that the hearts and minds of the entire village felt the results. I learned hopelessness was powerful but when sincerity and deed became clear and observable it changed not just to hope but hope with es-prit-corps. This kind of hope inspired by deed motivated each that lived in the village to become part of the solution. This sense of being part of something bigger than themselves caused repairs and cleaning of the village and participation in the village well-being. Measures demanding conduct in keeping with village safety were immediately put in place. A hot line was established and it was no longer wrong to report dangerous people. The Soldiers (i.e. Police and Dept. Professionals in “The Plan”) became friends and treated villagers with respect. It was no longer an acceptable practice for villagers to look the other way. They knew if they participated, the new ideas that worked their way thru the village would cause a better life. They saw and felt hope being turned into reality. In my plan I divide Syracuse into villages that should be fixed one at a time. Each success would cause great pride in the planners, and the doers, and the residents and provide the justification and enthusiasm to each single individual, to do the next village. By doing it a village at a time, each department is able to carefully review the results of each step. You can fine-tune. You will be able to identify the entire structure of crime in one village. This allows you to put in place responding measures. You will be able to

“I took a walk thru the village last month. I walked by a store and heard a shot. Someone was killed.”

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address each tentacle (of all sizes) that perpetuate crime and excise it from the village. A village size effort allows the professionals in over 50 departments to view and study in detail every measure that takes place. It enables remediation as inadequacies are easily identified and manageable. You stay with the first village until each professional understands why this village is fixed and only then do you move on. With an Army of workable solutions. A major factor in village improvement is showing landlords and owners the value and benefit of becoming part of a great effort. We show them it is designed to improve quality of life. On day one this will become very clear to everyone. Spirit will be born overnight. “Read the Plan.” (Dec 2020, Jan and Feb 2021 – three parts – at “word on the street

THIS MONTH’S If you do, you will understand what a true response to hopeless hope can do. You show landlords how this automatically raises property values. They will join in on this effort as willing and enthusiastic participants. Many will leave the realm of slumlord and become willing and happy contributors to a great village and City. Any absentee must find a representative to address their property needs. (The City will adjust regulation, ie. sidewalk costs etc. to accommodate the effort’s unalterable cry being that “No failure is acceptable on any step.”) Except for a few small pockets of middle-class, the City is populated by impoverished Americans. Like most Cities, hopelessness reigns. City leaders, for decades have not shown our most needy, which is by far most of the city, any deed that really matters and improves their individual lives in a way they can see. They have lost faith. This created a City drenched in despair, sadness, drugs, depression, poverty, crime, and hopelessness. There is a lot of money available in these trying times. Much can be properly included in this plan. Covid relief is for villages. Highway construction affects much of the city. This is all extra. In addition, my plan outlines how to raise money to support the plan without these once in a generation funds. I do not have the space to identify all the ways there are to raise money. With one success, State, Federal and private doors will open that are endless. After your first success it would be wise to develop a fundraising A-Team. Future investment opportunities in a city revitalized by innovative leadership full of compassion and spirit are endless. Just show a Corporation what this is about and show them a Crime scene photos in the village

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Kickin’ Turkey Burger with Caramelized Onions and Spicy Sweet Mayo Ingredients

from allrecipes

Spicy Sweet Mayo 1 cup light mayonnaise ¼ cup coarse-grain mustard ¼ cup honey 1 tbsp. prepared horseradish hot pepper sauce (e.g. Tabasco™), to taste 1 tsp. ground cayenne pepper Directions

Burgers 1 ¼ lbs. ground turkey breast ½ large onion, grated 1 jalapeno pepper, minced 2 tbsp. barbeque sauce 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce ¼ tsp. liquid smoke flavoring 1 tbsp. steak seasoning 1 tsp. dry mesquite seasoning mix 1 tbsp. olive oil ½ large onion, sliced 5 hamburger buns, split

Step 1 • Combine mayonnaise, mustard, honey, horseradish, hot pepper sauce, and cayenne pepper in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate. Step 2 • Mix ground turkey, grated onion, jalapeno, barbeque sauce, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, steak seasoning, and mesquite seasoning in a large bowl. Form into 5 patties. Step 3 • Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Stir in the onion; cook and stir until the onion has softened and turned translucent, about 5 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low, and continue cooking and stirring until the onion is very tender and dark brown, 15 to 20 minutes more. Step 4 • Cook the patties in a medium skillet over medium heat, turning once, to an internal temperature of 180 degrees F, about 6 minutes per side. Serve on buns topped with spicy sweet mayo and caramelized onions.

Prep Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 35 mins

Servings: 5

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The Mayor continued from pg 33 success. They will watch your city return and noting sincerity and success many will quickly jump on board. This is what every American of good heart wants. None of us want to stay the course where our cities are turning into sewers for crime, drugs and ultimate human suffering and degradation on so many levels. Yet we do. You need an initial small team of a few multi-talented caring individuals to manage and oversee operations. This should not be difficult. The plan is sound. The team leader will need the authority (as needed to move this project forward) to meet with every City government employee including Councilors, department heads, the DA and the Chief of Police. They must be enabled to bypass or expedite Red Tape. You may need special Council meetings to adjust impairments in current law and regulation. Another D-Day will be established (please refer to the plan) and all will move forward together. You are seeking absolute “Awe of Massive Improvement ” taking place within a “day” (note the Police setting the stage which is vital in the plan) followed by glaring positive ongoing success in the following days. (This causes immediate interest to determine sincerity which will quickly be clear. Neighborhood esprit de corps will be exciting and will move everything toward success) This will be followed by a maintenance plan designed by each department. The Team you choose also will need access to City and Police records that show the history of, and current realties within the villages. There are many things that would be needed.

“None of us want to stay the course where our cities are turning into sewers for crime, drugs and ultimate human suffering.”

Especially neighborhood status, history and crime records and a mailing list of all landlords with contact information. Councilors especially must be shown how and why we start with a single village and that each will become an equal beneficiary of this plan. I have laid out much detail in “The Plan” articles of December 2020, and January and February of 2021. “word on the street” (Correct preparate for D-Day is essential and explained in the plan.) You can make this happen. By utilizing a team leader with special authorities, you are bypassing systemic roadblocks that would otherwise impede, delay and lower efficiency potentials. Also fixing the Village would be their only responsibility. This includes keeping The Mayor and City Counselors, City Leaders and every City Department fully informed. All Counselor’s will be kept fully informed. It is my hope that with quick successes they all will see the full value of what is happening and become enthusiastic and happy to advise and support. After success in the first village a standard “perpetually standing” Operating Procedure outlining process and how to “maintain” success should be begun and added to as the City improves. This will be updated after each village is complete adding new thoughts and innovations that add to efficiency. The end result will be a blueprint for other Cities. And a blueprint to “insure” that villages “never degrade” and that quality of life remains. A program to review and maintain village success must become part of the City charter. I urge you to drive thru the village I have designated in the plan (word on the street This is a small manageable city. Look at the crime records for each block. You will see and find destitution and human abuse. The status quo has maintained a course of degradation. Only thinking and leadership of this nature can restore what we are supposed to be. Our finest, the Police, Firemen, Emergency Personnel and Soldiers take great pride in leaving no individual behind. Why is it that the citizens they fight for, risk their lives for, die for, save and protect, are left behind? Why is the spirit of this land, our hopes, our dreams and our love for each other falling apart? What is wrong with us? Why won’t you do this? When you answer that you know why to the other questions. PS: I took a walk thru the village last month. I walked by a store and heard a shot. Someone was killed. These are crime scene photos I took myself. There is so much crime, I could just take a walk and run across murder in the first village. Let’s fix this City.


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-2021DINING & DRINKING 1. Best Diner ................................................................ Stella's Diner 2. Best Chef ............................ Chris Cesta, Inn Between Restaurant 3. Best Restaurant for Seafood ......................................... Clam Bar 4. Best Deli/Sandwich Shop ..................................... Brooklyn Pickle 5. Best Italian Restaurant ............................ Santangelo's Restaurant 6. Best Asian Restaurant .............................................. Lemon Grass 7. Best Middle Eastern Restaurant ..................................... Munjed's 8. Best Mexican Restaurant ................................................... Azteca 9. Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant ......................... Strong Hearts 10. Best Food Truck .......................................... Lady Bug Lunch Box 11. Best Fresh Bread .............................................. Di Lauro's Bakery 12. Best Dinner Cruise ...................................... Mid-Lakes Navigation 13. Best Place for Wings .......................................... Change of Pace 14. Best Place for Ribs ........................................ Dinosaur Bar-B Que 15. Best Place for Pizza ................................................... Twin Trees 16. Best Restaurant for Steak ................................. Scotch -N- Sirloin 17. Best Restaurant for Sushi ............................................... Yamasho 18. Best Place for Ice Cream ........................ Gannon's Isle Ice Cream 19. Best Place for Lunch .................................................. Francesca's 20. Best Outdoor Patio .................................................... The Retreat 21. Best Place for Breakfast ............................................. Gem Diner 22. Best Place For Burger ............................................ Ale 'N' Angus 23. Best Place For a Fish Fry ............................................... Fish Cove 24. Best Place for a Hot Dog ................................ Heid's of Liverpool 25. Best Place For a Burrito ................................. Ponchito's Taqueria 26. Best Bakery/Pastry Shop ...................... Biscotti Cafe & Gelateria 27. Best Place for Coffee ................................................. Café Kubal 28. Best Place for Soup ......................................... Salt City Soup Co. 29. Best Family Restaurant ................................... Tully's Good Times 30. Best Buffet Restaurant ........................................... New Ling Ling 31. Best Take-Out Restaurant ................ Avicolli's Pizzaria Restaurant 32. Best Caterer ................................ Carnegie's Cafe & Catering Co. 33. Best Winery ................ Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars 34. Best Neighborhood Bar .......................................... Blarney Stone 35. Best Biker Bar .............................................................. Dinosaur 36. Best Place for Happy Hour ........................................ The Retreat 37. Best Sports Bar ................................................ Tully's Good Times 38. Best Irish Pub ................................ Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub



READER'S CHOICE AWARDS 39. Best Place for Draft Beer ...................................... The Blue Tusk 40. Best Craft Brewery ............................... Middle Ages Brewing Co. 41. Best Place for a Margarita .............................................. Azteca 42. Best Place for Glass of Wine ............................. The Brewster Inn 43. Best Polish Restaurant ............................... Eva's European Sweets 44. Best Indian Restaurant ................................................ Dosa Grill

LOVE & ROMANCE 45. Best Jewelry Store .............................................. Egon Erhlinspiel 46. Best Bridal Shop/Boutique ................................. New York Bride 47. Best Place to Have a Wedding Reception... Lake Shore Country Club 48. Best Romantic Getaway .................................. Mirbeau Inn & Spa 49. Best Romantic Restaurant ........................................ Inn Between 50. Best Limo Service ................................................ North East Limo 51. Best Pickup Joint ................................................................ Trexx 52. Best Adult Sex Toy Shop ............................................ Adult World 53. Best Gay/Lesbian Bar .......................................................... Trexx 54. Best Adult Entertainment Club .......................................... Alpine

GOODS & SERVICES 55. Best Place For Chocolate................. Speach Family Candy Shoppe 56. Best Book Store .......................................................... Books End 57. Best Health Food Store ............................................... Natur-Tyme 58. Best Body Art Shop ........................................ Carmelo's Ink City 59. Best Hair Salon ............................................................... Industry 60. Best Nail Salon ................................... Cosmopolitan Salon & Spa 61. Best Tanning Salon ......................... Hakuna Matata Tanning Salon 62. Best Day Spa .................................................. Mirbeau Inn & Spa 63. Best Inn .......................................................... Mirbeau Inn & Spa 64. Best Florist ......................................................... Sam RAO Florist 65. Best Place for Martial Arts ............................. Impact Martial Arts 66. Best Place for Massage ............................... Body Works Massage 67. Best Dance Studio ................................. Syracuse School of Dance 68. Best Music Store ................................................... Sound Garden 69. Best Smoke Shop ......................................... Rocky's Smoke Shop 70. Best Liquor Store .......................................................... Pascale's 71. Best New Car Dealership ...................... Jack McNerney Chevrolet 72. Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership ...... Burdick Used Car Warehouse

EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT 73. Best Local Band .................................................... Hard Promises 74. Best Live Music Venue ................................. Turning Stone Casino 75. Best Dance Club ................................................. Lava Night Club 76. Best Place for Karaoke .............................. Singer's Karaoke Club 77. Best Museum ........... The MOST, Museum of Science & Technology 78. Best DJ Service ....................................... Black Tie Entertainment 79. Best Wedding Band ................................................... Prime Time 80. Best Festival .......................................................... Festa Italiana 81. Best Car Show ................................................ Syracuse Nationals 82. Best Haunted House ................................................ Fright Nights

SPORTS & LEISURE 83. Best Local Sports Team ..................... Syracuse Orange Basketball 84. Best Raceway ......................................................... Watkins Glen 85. Best Local Gym ............................................. Aspen Athletic Club 86. Best Local Place to Ski/Snowboard ................. Labrador Mountain 87. Best Public Golf Course ............................... Turning Stone Resort 88. Best Miniature Golf ...................... Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf 89. Best Country Club ..................................... Bellevue Country Club 90. Best Place for Horseback Riding ......... Tanglewood Riding Center 91. Best Place For Zumba .............................................. Pulse Fitness 92. Best Place For Yoga .............................................. Syracuse Yoga

MEDIA 93. Best Local TV News ................................... WSYR News Channel 9 94. Best Weathercaster ................................................ Wayne Mahar 95. Best Local Radio Station .................................................. B 104.7 96. Best Local Radio Personality/ies ........................ Ted & Amy, 93Q NOTE: This Reader's choice is a prestigious award for LOCAL VENUES native to Central New York. Nationally-franchised did not qualify.



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Lunch Fish Sandwich ......... $7.99 Friday Fish Dinner ............ $13.99 Walleye .............................. $18.99 Perch................................... $18.99





Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz . Prime Rib $33 .99 Chicken & Biscuits $10 .99



Southern Fried Chicken $16 .99 Sauerbraten $13 .99

Spaghetti or Pasta ONLY $9 .99








FISH SANDWICH SPECIAL with French Fries & Coleslaw . . . . $7 .99 FISH DINNER with French Fries & Coleslaw ALL DAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $13 .99



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Table Hopping September 2021  

Welcome to the September 2021 Issue of Table Hopping Night Life! Join Table Hopping as we continue to celebrate and support local businesses...

Table Hopping September 2021  

Welcome to the September 2021 Issue of Table Hopping Night Life! Join Table Hopping as we continue to celebrate and support local businesses...


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