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such as it was, didn’t actually support that claim,” says Snowden. What are we to believe? Still, it appears the media, academia and the medical establishment have globed onto most any anti-alcohol study and become an ambassador of the new “anti” cause. The antialcohol movement is now between doctor and patient. Every time I go to the doctor I am asked if I drink wine, beer or spirits and how often. Why and when did this start? Relative to the article noted above, author Dr. Alex Berezow writing for “American by steven lay by Cassandra Harrington Council on Science and Health” in 2018, seems to highlight many flaws in the same study. Before an oenophile succumbs to total confusion, simply stated, don’t rely on everything you read on negative facts about wine and health. The wine industry will also need to anticipate changes in trends concerning how wine is perceived by various demographics. The elephant in the room today, that no one in media wants to talk about, are the effects of cannabis – smoking or ingesting. Many of those shouting about negative effects of wine seem to be oblivious to cannabis. So why aren’t media and researchers in a full-blown frontal assault A title of an article appearing in the March 28, 2019 issue of The Spectator by on the health effects of cannabis? The Christopher Snowden, “The Campaign to Make Alcohol ‘The New Tobacco,’” seems general impression many accept is that to be more than a shot across the bow of all thing’s alcohol. Over the last decade cannabis is harmless physiologically, to there has been an increase in dueling research findings purporting the benefits or the point that research to the contrary dangers of alcohol consumption. Now is discounted by people in media and the anti-alcohol contingent seems government. Even some wine and to be increasing their proclamations beer now come infused with chemical through studies, which may be compounds originating from cannabis. more defective than claims Sam Blanchard, writing for Mail in the pro-alcohol research. Online on April 4, 2019, comments Bottom-line, any research can be about a study on alcohol written manipulated; the devil is in the by Professor Kent Hutchison, at the details. There certainly seems University of Colorado Boulder who to be flaws in all research; said, “While marijuana may also what are we to believed? have some negative consequences, The wine industry should it definitely is nowhere near the take the attack on alcohol negative consequences of alcohol.” What are we to believe? seriously; it is gaining “Problem is, the study also raises many acceptance and credibility, no matter how contrived the research and resultant messages. Remember when more questions than portrayed by research once indicted coffee selective facts. One question would was a real health issue? Today be: Why was alcohol studied in research says coffee is an anti-oxidant and is healthful; drink all you want. Just reflect for individuals that experienced very Research changed a moment about all the things once believed to be beneficial and now are considered heavy drinking while participant over time harmful and vice versa. At one time butter was bad and margarine was better, now we marijuana users were mostly are told chemicals in margarine are far worse than natural fats in butter. casual users?” ask Blanchard. In the final analysis: is cannabis Having followed wine studies, since the French Paradox (1980’s), and the protestations on the various effects of wine on health, it now appears there are orchestrated campaigns that is entering the wine industry setting a trap for wine? The to call out all alcohol consumption as being detrimental. “Two widely reported studies in answer probably lies in how the The Lancet claimed that there is no safe level of drinking. The evidence in these studies, industry responds. Snowden makes a further point worth considering. When comparing research concerning alcohol related cancers with those type of cancers indigenous to smokers, there does not seem to be statistical or epidemiological relevance. “Epidemiological studies have shown a strong and consistent association between moderate alcohol consumption and lower mortality, mostly thanks to lower rates of cardiovascular disease. So, on the one hand, we have decades of epidemiological evidence backed up by biological experiments which show that moderate alcohol consumption reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 15-30 percent, and, on the other hand, we have a slimmer body of epidemiological evidence which suggests that moderate alcohol consumption might have a small effect on breast 7402 Owasco Rd See our cancer risk,” Snowden elaborated. Auburn, NY Facebook Page Whatever the reason, portraying any alcohol product as evil has been part of the 315-253-9641 for SPECIALS American landscape since the late 1800’s. Prohibition came about in 1919 and lasted until

Tales from the Vine

Can Wine Research Ever Be Believed

Pros and Cons of Alcohol

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a classic-to-modern twist g n i n e p O d Gran



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Pros and Cons continued from pg 2 1933. It does seem every industry has an “anti” influence driving the impetus of the cause. We find these type forces in politics, religion, and medicine. Now wine is under a renewed attack; positive research is discounted and “anti” is the cause-celeb. (Anti is defined as: people opposed to a party, policy, attitude, etc.) Here is a dated but still welcomed bit of news. “Red wine and the antioxidant in red wine called resveratrol may be heart healthy,” says Mayo Clinic Staff. “Various studies have shown that moderate amounts of all types of alcohol benefit your heart, not just alcohol found in red wine.” Whatever is driving the current research and conversation about wine and alcohol, it is a fact that the conversation has moved from one promoting moderation in alcohol consumption, to one proclaiming alcohol at any level is destructive to the body. But, why would anyone now discount and even disregard positive research on benefits of wine? There are articles on the web that tout wine benefits, such as “80 Amazing Benefits of Wine”, by Tehrene Firman from October 2017. Some of the more prominent benefits of wine relate to heart health and cognitive function. Nonetheless, contradictions in

“The elephant in the room today, that no one in media wants to talk about, are the effects of cannabis – smoking or ingesting.”


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studies are obvious and prevalent and widely believed; absent sound research methods. Conversely, I found an article highlighting 23 negative effects of wine/alcohol when consumed in excess. The key word is “excess.” The key to internalizing all negative studies about wine and alcohol is that most studies denote the issue of excessive consumption. It is also a fact that people have died of excessive water consumption. It was interesting to see how far people will reach to brutalize wine. One negative article, pointing out the negative effects of wine, because of the types of chemicals used in vineyards. But, isn’t that true of most all food produced in soil? Strange sense of logic. Current wisdom about alcohol, especially on health, is subject to change; and probably will change. The alcoholic beverage industry has several genres: beer, spirits, wine, and kombucha; even within these there are variations such as cider and hybrid blends. Kombucha is an interesting beverage because it is positioned as a “healthy” beverage which is fermented product of tea’s and does contain various levels of alcohol; some as high as 7%. So, is there a contradiction in kombucha being positioned as healthful? It is consumed by people proclaiming the health benefits of this beverage, but it still contains alcohol. Maybe any course of action or response by the wine industry could be an overreaction. Consider, maybe inaction brought on Prohibition? Should a refreshed approach by the wine industry deemed to be appropriate, the response should be timely, educated, fact based, ongoing and mindful of a changing market; “anti” causes always live-on and require responses. Also, recognize that millennial consumers of alcohol are concerned about alcohol levels and health concerns. These 2 features are relatively new to the mix. Digressing for a moment. The issue of cannabis is not brought up to confuse the issue that alcohol is purported (by some) to be total detrimental for the body under any circumstance. It is only being pointing out that most any research is occasionally weaponized to make a point based upon an “anti” cause. Research still highlights that most people believe “pot” has many negative cultural effects. Primarily, issues with alcohol consumption seems to be most notable in the wine sector. Craft spirit consumption over the last few years has increased as has craft beers. Wine has been experiencing a slight down-turn. “Wine Intelligence”, reports a 5% drop off in millennials consuming wine and overall there has been a 35% decrease in adults drinking wine at least once per month. No one is recommending a campaign by alcohol producers to promote consumption. That said, wine is a unique beverage with a specific profile of the consumer, as opposed to beer and spirits. The wine industry might consider a tailored message to millennials; a demographic exhibiting a decrease in wine consumption. When a business stops growing it starts dying; a quote that has been around. Nonetheless it has some degree of truth for this discussion. To ensure growth maybe the wine industry can allocate time and resources promoting and reinforcing the message that wine has the longest history of all alcohol drinks. The positive research on benefits of wine is impressive, well documented, and has a heritage across many cultures. Wine in nowhere near the heritage or contribution to society as does tobacco. I doubt the voracity in any effort to make wine the new tobacco. Cheers!

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Now P l ay i n g by BRIAN MILLER






est. 1979 TABLE



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PUBLISHER: Shawn Fresina

Life certainly has a way of sneaking up on you. If I am lucky enough to still have this job next summer, it will serve as the twentieth year that I have been writing reviews for this magazine. I’m not quite sure how I got to a point where I could possibly be doing anything professionally for multiple decades, and yet, here we are. In those years, I’ve seen the evolution of the medium, both in execution and presentation. While it seemed as if home viewing options were constantly changing (VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.) there was only so much progress that could be made in relation to the cinema. The

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Jim Bastian GRAPHIC ARTISTS: Lauren Brown, Jamie Wallace SOCIAL MEDIA: Jennifer Nastasi-Guzelak

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Inside... on the


business of interest by Nancy Roberts NYS Brewers Association


dining out

screens could get bigger, the sound could get sharper, and the picture could become clearer, but beyond that, how much farther could you possibly go? The answer to this question can be found right here in Syracuse at Destiny USA. The 4DX theater at Regal Cinemas is a destination that needs to be sought out by any film fan in your life. Once you decide to check out the 4DX theater, it is important to understand that you aren’t just buying a movie ticket, you are purchasing an experience. Boasting an expansive screen with stunning, crystal-clear clarity and featuring a sound system that allows you to hear every subtle nuance of the score, dialogue, and action, the presentation alone was enough to win me over within the opening seconds of the first trailer that I saw. Then, a few minutes later, the seats started moving.

“For however long the duration of the film will be, you will be immersed in the world on the screen.”

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by Keri Micale The Euclid Restaurant


sports take

by Mike Lindsley Syracuse Men’s Basketball 2021-2022 Preview

november 2021 VOLUME 43 No. 11

tails from the vine by Steven Lay . . . . . . . . . now playing by Brian Miller. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . word on the street by Bill McClellan. . . . . . . golf by Kucaburry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The write stuff by Nancy Roberts. . . . . . . . . brew time by Kristen Merrit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . computers by Nancy Roberts . . . . . . . . . . . . . sounds of syracuse by Chuck Schiele . . . . excercise & Fitness by Jennifer Nastasi. . . . preventative medicine by Dr. Barry . . . . . . . WORD ON THE STREET by Bill McClellan. . . . . . beauty & fashion by Benish Rehman . . . . . .

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my mind to yours

by Debra Merryweather Kitchen Conversations and Personal Power

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Dune continued from pg 5 What unfolded over the next three hours was an experience that was succinctly summed up by my 12-year-old daughter who, with wide-eyed amazement as the end credits for DUNE began to enroll, shouted “I will never forget this for the rest of my life!” She immediately began compiling a list of the future films that we needed to see in this newfound format, while excitedly proclaiming that her brother is “going to absolutely love seeing SPIDER-MAN like this!” As we made our way into the lobby she simply stated, “real-life just seems so boring now.” At that point, it was pretty tough to argue with her. When you walk into the 4DX theater, it is important to understand that you are not just going to sit down and watch a movie; you are going for a ride. For however long the duration of the film will be, you will be immersed in the world on the screen. Not only will your seat move with the action, but there are other effects such as wind, rain, smells, lightning, fog, and bursts of air that will take you by surprise and make you jump each and every time. Heading in, I was mildly concerned that these effects would serve as a distraction, and take away from the movie itself. In an ingenious preemptive move, the motion Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides and effects kick in during the last few trailers in an attempt to give audience members a moment to acclimate themselves to the experience. It was, in a way, a communal event, with everyone reacting with laughter and exclamations of surprise


Thanktingyouus for Vo


Best Restaurant For Sushi




and joy. It was smart to get this out of the way early, and served as a perfect segue into a film that demanded and commanded your attention from start to finish. When Warner Brothers announced that they were going to be releasing their films in theaters and on HBOMax simultaneously, director Denis Villeneuve was one of the most vocal opponents. He decried the decision, insisting that his three-year labor of love, DUNE, was meant to be seen on the big screen. Now that I have watched the movie in both formats, I can certainly see why. DUNE is a spectacle regardless of format but the sheer magnitude of the scope and vision of the production makes it a must-see on the big screen. By now, it is probably safe to assume that most sci-fi fans are familiar with the story of DUNE. Frank Herbert’s sprawling, complex novel is considered one of the essential works of the genre and has been adapted in virtually every medium including film (David Lynch in 1984), television (a mini series produced in 2000), graphic novels, and beyond. Casual movie fans will be most familiar with the Lynch adaptation, which was loved by some, and despised by others (including Lynch himself.) It was a film that boasted tremendous aspirations, but didn’t really live up to any of them. Facing insurmountable financial and running-time limitations, it could never be the film that Lynch hoped it would be, which is plainly apparent in the finished product. Flash forward thirty-seven years, and Villeneuve obviously did not face the same obstacles. Given the sheer volume of names, planets, and factions, not to mention a complex backstory that is essential to understand the Zendaya plays the Fremen warrior Chani main plot of the film, DUNE

PAGE 7 • November 2021


can be difficult at times. To even attempt to summarize it all would take up most of the space I have allocated to me here, and to be honest, whatever I came up with would be far from riveting. Essentially, it is the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). He is the son of Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) and Lady Jessica Atreides (Rebecca Ferguson). Intelligent, strong, and intuitive, he is extremely cunning, but troubled by mysterious visions and dreams. When his family is sent to the planet Arrakis to oversee the production and harvesting of Spice, the most valuable substance in the universe, it sets off a chain of events that will impact every living creature in existence. Though much of DUNE takes place on the stark and sand-covered surface of Arrakis it is a beautiful, hypnotic feast for the eyes. Despite its presentation in stunning 4K clarity, the effects are seamless and realistic. Villeneuve is known for his impeccable ability to dazzle audiences with his wonderous vision (ARRIVAL, BLADE RUNNER 2049) but DUNE goes so far beyond its lofty expectations, that it becomes essential viewing for any serious film fan. From costumes, to makeup (the grotesque Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, played by Steelan Skarsgard is an obvious standout) to the set-pieces, to the sound, there is no technical aspect that fails to excel. DUNE boasts far more dialogue than it does action, but when the action sequences come, they do not disappoint. I think those familiar with the tale will be ecstatic to see the sandworm, which was every bit as gigantic and monstrous as anyone could hope for. This moment is just one of many that amazes. Without divulging too much of the action that


FRIDAY, NOV 5 • 7 -10pm

Phil Petroff and The Natural Fact

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unfolds, there are a number of rousing sequences that will satisfy virtually any action fan, and within the confines of a theater, deliver in a way that’s impossible to recapture at home. While there will surely be some who will find things to criticize with DUNE, I am not going to be one of them. Perhaps it was the 4DX experience, or perhaps I was just happy to be at the movies again, but at the end of the day, I was transfixed for the duration. And, I am certainly not alone in this regard. At one point, I shifted in my seat, and this slight movement startled my daughter to the point where she gave a little jump. She was so immersed in the experience; she had literally forgotten I was there. This not only made me laugh, but also made me realize that Villeneuve’s world (and

“As the end credits for DUNE began to enroll, she shouted “I will never forget this for the rest of my life!”

dune the 4DX experience) was far more engaging than your typical sci-fi adventure. To go one step further, once the final line was spoken, I actually checked the time, because I couldn’t believe it was over already. To my surprise, despite the amount of time that had passed, we were both instantly ready for more. That is when you know you have found something special. DUNE- A


SATURDAY, NOV 20 • 7 -10pm

Mike Farrar and The House Rockers WEDNESDAY, NOV 24 • 6:30 -10pm Mid Life Crisis FRIDAY, NOV 26 • 5:30-8:30pm Mike MacDonald

Mobius Jones

FRIDAY, NOV 19 • 7 -10pm


RATED: PG-13 RUN TIME: 2h 35min GENRE: Action, Adventure, Drama STARRING: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya DIRECTORs: Denis Villeneuve Writers: Jon Spaihts, Denis Villeneuve, Eric Roth



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Business of Interest by Nancy Roberts

New York State Brewers Association When you think of beer, what comes to mind? How about, it’s one of the oldest drinks humans ever produced, dating back to at least 5000 BC, and probably much earlier? That it can be made from just about any grain containing certain sugars? That it has been argued to be responsible for humanity’s ability to develop technology and build civilization? That the use of hops in beer was first noted by a monastery in about 822? That prior to Prohibition, there were thousands of breweries in the US, 386 of them being right here in New York State? That most parties, football or baseball games, hot summer afternoons, pizzas, or after-chores refreshments just wouldn’t be the same without it? Or that you should go to right away and get your tickets for the New York State Craft Brewers Festival to be held November

“That’s when the brewer becomes a chef – they want to experiment with flavors, maybe something seasonal like pumpkin in the fall.”

20th at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse? New York State has a long and storied history with beer, and at one time, the state was the largest producer of hops in the country, hops being one of the ingredients that helps with the magic of brewing, and also, depending upon the brew, gives it a distinctive flavor. The mission of the New York State Brewers Association is to support the craft breweries of New York – and it’s a happy duty to report that the industry is thriving,


and growing, all across the state. I asked Executive Director of the Association, Paul Leone, if ample sources of clean water was one reason New York State had such a robust industry. “That,” he said, “and the fact that the state has been very supportive of craft breweries; the state has very friendly craft beer laws.” Beer was a popular beverage from the early days of New York State, and between the gift of great water, and the hops-growing industry, pre-prohibition, New York was a beer-lover’s heaven. Shortly before and during prohibition Early on, beers brewed in the state, and across the country, tended to be the heavier type brews popular in England and some places in Europe. With the 1919 passing of the Volstead Act, the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages became prohibited – oddly, drinking alcohol was never forbidden under federal law. Most of the small breweries languished and went out of business, though some converted to making and selling sodas or went into other businesses. In 1933, with the repeal of the Volstead Act, breweries resumed operation, but by 1980, only 5 breweries were in operation in the state. And then – magic. More and more craft breweries began to experiment with the art and science of making beer, and the more such small, artisan shops were set up, the more beer became a beverage of choice, and, in fact, small craft breweries became destinations for an afternoon’s outing. “Brewers are like chefs,” Leone said. “There are only four basic ingredients in beer: water, grain, hops, and yeast. That’s when the brewer becomes a chef – they want to experiment with flavors, maybe something seasonal like pumpkin in the fall, that will make a particular brew special; something to make the flavor more fruity or sour or tangy.” And people love it. From that low of 5 breweries in the state, the number has roared back to 485, from Long Island to Buffalo, each with an approach to crafting beer that differs by region and by brewer. 55 of them will be represented at the November 20th event, and with a “dry” year last year due to Covid, craft beer lovers are not going to want to miss this event – a chance to sample craft beers from across the state, meet and chat with the brew masters, and gather with and make new friends. The NYS Brewers Association was originally founded in 1830, with an obvious hiatus

PAGE 9 • November 2021


during Prohibition. It was re-started in 2003 by Empire Brewing’s David Katleski, and today in addition to organizing festivals like this one, the association offers support and marketing to the craft beer industry in the state. It also offers beer aficionados fun tools and merchandise to expand their exploration of craft beers – whether its t-shirts and mugs, or a cool free New York Craft Beer app offering two “passport programs,” an NYS Brewery Passport and the Empire State Trail Brewery Passport. The maps help you find the destination breweries, and you can collect virtual “stamps” as you go, earning “Think New York, Drink New York® beer gear. So, start “thinking New York craft breweries,” and get your festival tickets now so you can plan your beer-venture right away!

Landmark Theatre


New York State Brewers Association PO Box 25353, Rochester, NY 14625 /NYScraftbeer/

New York State Craft Brewers Festival November 20 • 4-8 pm

21+ event Must be Fully Vaccinated for Covid-19

Landmark Theatre 362 S. Salina St. Syracuse, NY 13202

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Golf by kukaburry

Golf the Fore Letter Word Golf, it’s just a four letter word right? There are other four letter words that would also fit in the category with golf, but we prefer not to use them in public. Golf brings us a sense of reality that we’ve never felt before. You would understand what I meant if you were to play a round of golf yourself, or just watch one for that matter. Actually I renig that statement and tell you not to watch golf, unless you’re preparing for a long hibernation. It’s always entertaining what happens to people while they’re playing. That’s why I intend to show you the side of golf that few people understand, a side of golf I call ‘In the zone.’ It’s a portion of the golf game that takes time (10+ years) and effort to achieve. From a pro’s point of view, ‘In the zone’ is having ‘The perfect game.’ You can putt, chip, drive, and keep a great

attitude even while facing disappointment – which, let’s face it, happens often. Here’s the scene: It’s another beautiful day at The Club. Jen and Kim both step up to the third tee box and hit their drives. Kim drives it an amazing 250 yards, while Jen falls short of Kim by a good 30 yards. Even though Kim is 30 yards ahead, she has also found her way into the rough while Jen is sitting perfectly in the middle of the fairway. What can we learn from this scenario? Accuracy is everything. I repeat, EVERYTHING. You may be able to hit your drive 300 yards, but that doesn’t mean diddlysquat if you’re 50 yards in the woods, inside a beaver den. Kim and Jen both step up to hit their next shots. Jen takes out her six iron while Kim proceeds to take out her pitching wedge. Jen lands her shot pin high while Kim ends

up short and slightly right of the green. Now what exactly was Kim thinking? Here’s Kim’s reaction. “Dangit! I swear this is the right club, I just hit it bad.” Now, hitting it ‘bad’ seems to occur very often with Kim. This is because of improper club selection. Would you try to swing harder with the wrong club just to impress people with your distance and end up way off-line? Or would you take a slow swing with the proper club and hit it perfectly straight? Interestingly enough, most people would not choose the latter. Why? It’s all because of pride – you know who you are. You have the joy of saying “I hit my nine iron 150 yards,” and people will be impressed until they see you hit it straight into the sand trap 20 yards left of the green. Here’s Kim once again. She has a 20 yard chip. Most people would hear that and say, “Twenty yards? That’s easy.” Yes, it is easy to hit twenty yards, but stopping dead at the hole is a completely different story. Kim’s chip lands and rolls up to three feet from the hole. Trust me, that is in NOWAY an easy shot. Chipping is a saving method, and Kim just happens to be one of the best chippers in the conference. The only stubborn point is that she refuses to use anything other than a wedge. While wedges can be your best friend in certain situations (lob shots, sand traps), they can also get you into a lot of trouble if you skid one across the green while attempting a fancy (and unncessary ) flop shot. Using low running clubs like nine irons or seven irons can be more


r HolidaY EvEnts no u o Y k w! Boo



1 Village Blvd. • Baldwinsville NY 13027

“Golf brings us a sense of reality that we’ve never felt before. It’s always entertaining what happens to people while they’re playing.”


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8055 Potter Rd, Baldwinsville


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effective for players who aren’t so confident with their chipping skills, and have a lot of green to work with. Both Jen and Kim end up with a par on that hole. I know what you’re asking. How could Jennifer end up with a par from ten feet? She might be able to shoot darts from 150 yards in, but she seriously needs to work on her putting. That’s what’ll win you a match – it’s a statistical fact. Putting is a necessity in golf. You have to practice it at least every


iday the hol r fo u o y us help Let




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other day, and always twice as long as the time you spent on the driving range! When Tiger Woods was winning major after major, the one thing that everyone talked about was his amazing putting. He could sink a putt from forty feet, no sweat. When he got wrapped up in trying to hit his drives longer and longer, he lost focus on what’s really important, and wasn’t playing at his best. Kim and Jen both showed something on this first hole that can make the difference between an even par round and an eighty. Positive attitude! Both girls showed great control of their emotions by turning a bad shot into a ‘grin and bear it’ situation. Even though Kim hit two bad shots in a row, she still came out with a par and that’s the most important thing she could do. One thing that you do not want to do is act like ‘Happy Gilmore.’ Throwing clubs, cursing, and beating up opponents is not proper behavior for golfers – and will most likely end with a disqualification from the round if not banishment from the club altogether. Many people get upset about golf because they can’t seem to learn it in one day. That’s exactly why they shouldn’t play golf! Kim and Jen have spent years practicing their golf games. That’s what sets golf apart from all other sports. You can be decent at soccer and still win a game, you can be decent at short-stop on a softball team and still win a game, but in golf, you can’t be just decent and expect to win by yourself. Practice makes perfect and to be perfect at golf takes? You guessed it, practice.

Make your holiday reservations now! Open for inside seating at the bar and dining room. HOURS: Wed-Sat 4:30-9pm

A positive attitude can make all the difference

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The Write Stuff by Nancy Roberts

Chasing Ghosts

A Tour of our Fascination with Spirits and The Supernatural by Marc Hartzman If you follow this column, you’ll have picked up on a few themes. I love Sci-Fi, the book needn’t be recent to be worthy of reading, and I adore ghost stories. I’m not sure if it was what I read as a kid, or the fact that my sister and I were quite sure we lived in a haunted house in Buffalo during our early years, but stories of ghosts and the supernatural have always fascinated. And that is the… spirit (sorry!) with how writer Marc Hartzman entered his investigation. His curiosity, investigational skill, and sheer story-telling power are evident on every page – many of them beautifully illustrated with original art and period pieces as he traces our interest in the ghostly from earliest history to modern times. The book is broken into chapters that cover an aspect of that which haunts. What is a ghost? Let’s go deep into history, and explore ancient and medieval beliefs about what happens after death, why spirits might linger, how they can be detected, or laid to rest. Shamans, acting as psychopomps, in many cultures led the souls of the dead into the afterlife. Customs, such as laying coins on the closed eyes of the dead, came from the belief of the ancient Greeks that Charon was the ferryman who carried the souls across the River Styx, and the ferryman needed to be paid. Originally the coin was placed in the mouth of the newly dead. Hungry ghosts in the far east might feed upon corpses, and even the Bible serves up a ghost to King Saul when he consults the Witch of Endor. The middle ages was a particularly ghostly period, with the ghost of Hamlet’s father, John Dee and his quest to turn ordinary metal into gold (along with scrying, casting horoscopes, and convincing angels to appear). Emanuel Swedenborg was convinced we

Books End Gently used, rare & out-of-print books, hardcovers, paperbacks and ephemera

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could project our spirits to the “astral plane,” – and this is just Chapter One! The next chapters take us on journeys into the turn of the 20th century’s fascination with communicating with the dead; the Fox Sisters, Lilydale, spiritualism, curious cabinets and levitation. It was in the 1890’s that the Ouija Board took on the job of “spirit writing,” a specialty of many a medium in this period, and not only have mediums attempted to contact famous writers (and add new books to their oeuvre), but even artists have been targets for either clever or credulous seekers, who wanted to create new works from beyond the grave. Ectoplasm, trumpets, table tipping, and of course the famous falling-out between Harry Houdini (who was eager to “out” fakers) and Arthur Conon Doyle (a believer whose wife claimed mediumistic powers) are all covered in delightful

detail. Though I was familiar with many of the stories, it is to Hartzman’s credit that not only are they told with energy and style, but there were details I have never uncovered, so I found myself eagerly turning pages, and rewarded with nuggets or whole new troves.

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Old School Italian Dining

Open 67 years

Same O



“One of Syracuse’s Best Kept Secrets Since 1954”


He devotes another section of the book to sightings and phenomena, beginning with the Winchester Mystery House. I have had the exciting experience of having seen the place, and it feels as odd as its story. The house, reportedly, was dictated to the widow of the manufacturer of the Winchester Rifle by the ghosts of those who lost their lives to the guns. Borley Rectory, Amityville, poltergeists, a haunted asylum, and much more is waiting to be discovered here. Finally, the writer devotes a section of the book to the possibility of technology building a bridge to the otherworld, or simply as a means of communicating with the dead. Photos and recordings have long been manipulated either in hopes of “seeing” or “hearing” the other side. Have you ever taken a photo filled with orbs? Do you, like me, have an “EVP” app on your phone? Perhaps you’ve heard about photographing the “aura” or the experiments conducted to see if the soul weighed anything – serious experiments done at the point of death, weighing the deceased precisely before and after the event? All of this and more is waiting in this delightful book – and what a perfect time of year, as the days grow shorter and the nights longer, to take a peek under the bed, behind the door, into the crystal, down the well, or simply by turning the next page, to see what might be lurking there.

“He traces our interest in the ghostly from earliest history to modern times.”

Italian Specialties Fresh Fish Everyday! Prime Rib Saturday and Hand Cut Ribeye Steaks Takeout and Catering Offers Leave us your office fax number. We’ll send you a weekly lunch menu every Monday.

LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK | CLOSED MONDAYS Tues-Thurs 11am-8:30pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-8:30pm • Dining Room OPEN 3pm-close

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—Building and Business FOR SALE—

• Successful Oneida Lake Waterfront Bar and Restaurant with Strong Local Business Base • 187 ft. of Waterfront with Docks on the C4 Snowmobile Trail • Large Outdoor Deck, Tiki Bar with Great Views • Living Quarters Winchester Mystery House

For information contact:

James David LeBlanc

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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

Euclid Restaurant The Euclid restaurant is a place you can turn to when you want a home cooked meal but you don’t feel like cooking or doing the dishes. Walking in to the Euclid feels sort of like a warm hug, and let’s face it we could all use a hug these days. From their kiddie corner menu for kids 10 and under, to their senior menu, their low carb menu and their fantastic daily specials the Euclid has something for everyone. For those that don’t know, the Euclid has the best slow roasted prime rib in town and they serve it every day! This tender cut of beef is roasted to perfection every day at the Euclid and you can pick from the 9 oz. house cut, the 12 oz. queen cut, or the 16 oz. king cut. They also have a fantastic selection of fresh fish that you just can’t find anywhere else. The Euclid is located at the corner of Morgan Road and Route 31 at


4285 State Route, ¼ mile from Great Northern Mall and close to all of the shopping on Route 31. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm and on Sunday from noon to 8 pm. Their entire menu is available for dine in or take out. For reservations or to place your take out order give them a call at (315) 622-2750. Have you noticed that some places come and go while others stand the test of time? The Euclid has been a part of Central New York for over 200 years. The Euclid is one of the cool hidden historical gems of our area. Built in 1817 and changing to accommodate the times and customers, the Euclid had been a restaurant and an inn, and they proudly boast that it is the oldest establishment in town that is still being used for its original purpose. How have they been a success while others have not? The

“How have they been a success while others have not? Treat your customers like family, keep your prices fair, and above all else, serve fantastic food! ”

family restaurant




Euclid has found the simple answer: treat your customers like family, keep your prices fair, and above all else, serve fantastic food! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about planning a holiday get together and there is no better than the Euclid. Whether it is a small intimate occasion or a company gathering, the Euclid is the perfect choice for your event needs. They have two separate banquet rooms – one for smaller gatherings that can accommodate up to 35 guests and a larger venue that can accommodate up to 100 guests. They have a fantastic offering of menu items including seated

4000 State Rt.11 Onondaga Nation via Nedrow, NY

We are currently closed, but please see our social media and website for future upcoming events.

4000 State RT. 11, Nedrow NY • 315.498.6813

Best prime rib in town, served everyday

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Walking in feels like a warm hug

Soft Pretzel Sticks with jalapeño cheese

Euclid Fried Combo

Bang Bang Shrimp

meals, buffets, and trays to ensure that your guests leave happy and full! Give them a call to book your upcoming event at (315) 622-2750 or contact them by email at info@ We arrived at the Euclid on a nice fall evening. Although we have been to the Euclid dozens of times this trip was special because it was our first trip as a family of four with the addition of our new son. We walked in knowing that we would be enjoying a great meal and we were quickly seated at our table and greeted by our super friendly server, Hope. We got situated and glanced at the menu even though Kyle already knew what he was going to order. We started our meal with one of my favorites – the soft pretzel sticks served with a warm and slightly spicy jalapeño cheese. I just love this appetizer and could totally order it as a meal. We also ordered the Euclid Fried Combo, a perfectly fried plate of mushrooms, three cheese sticks, three chicken fingers, and six onion rings all served with dipping sauces. Maggie absolutely loves chicken fingers and although she doesn’t say much yet we think if she had the words she would have said how much she loved these chicken tenders! We then received our scrumptious entrees. Kyle of course ordered the King Cut prime rib, cooked to rare perfection. Seriously nothing beats the prime rib at the Euclid! I was super impressed with my selection, a new menu item, the mildly spicy bang bang shrimp. I would totally recommend this new item to anyone who likes a little spice in their life. Once again our meal was nothing short of perfection.


If comfort food is what you are looking for, no one does it better than the Euclid. A meal at the Euclid is just as good (or better) than home cooked and the best part is you won’t even have to do the dishes. The Euclid specializes in comfort foods that have daily specials featuring some of their favorites. At the Euclid you will find delicious food, huge portions, great value and a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Stop in for a full meal

“If comfort food is what you are looking for, no one does it better than the Euclid.”

complete with a wine selection from the fantastic wine menu or just for a cocktail or a snack. You will never be disappointed with a visit to the Euclid. The Euclid, operating under the current owners, has been a favorite of Central New Yorkers since 1981. Stop in today and taste the deliciousness that has stood the test of time.

Enjoy a taste of the private dining experience previously reserved for members only at Owasco Country Club! We open to the public for our off-season beginning Nov. 5

Friday: Seafood

Join us for a variety of culinary creations while enjoying the stunning view of Owasco Lake from our beautiful ballroom

+ Fish Fry

Saturday: Italian Sunday: Brunch

Plus daily specials!

Owasco Country Club 6750 E. Lake Road, Auburn (315) 252-8396 HOURS: Friday and Saturday from 4-9 p.m. Sunday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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If you enjoyed reading October’s article on the history and production of craft hard cider, you’ll hopefully be even more pumped to read this month’s article on actually creating a batch of hard cider; which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago with my home-brewer friend Steve Bishop. We spent an entire Sunday from start to finish creating the perfect homemade beverage for autumn consumption. Steve had picked several 5 gallon buckets of apples from his family property for us to use, and truly just about any variety of apple will do. The first step in creating hard cider is obtaining juice from the apple. We began by rinsing

cider: pasteurization. This involves bringing the cider to a specific heat level in order to kill bacteria and other microscopic organisms in the juice itself. To do this, we used a gas kitchen stovetop and placed a large pot over a burner with a candy thermometer perched on the lip of the pot so that the tip would be directly immersed in the apple juice. When the juice is in the plastic containers, as it sits, sediment from the juice settles to the bottom, and you want to filter out as much sediment as possible when brewing. Therefore, in order to get the apple juice from the plastic containers and into the pot, and avoid the sediment, we had to siphon the juice using a plastic tube (also sanitized). Once the juice is in the pot and on the stove, the heat is turned on – but the goal is not to get to a rolling boil, so the heat has to be controlled. 160-185 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature range for it to reach. Any foam on the top that accumulates is skimmed off during the heating process, and once the juice has reached its optimal temp, the heat is turned off, the juice is left to cool slightly, and it is siphoned once more from the pot back into a cleaned and sanitized container (we reused the 5-gallon plastic containers, but glass can also be used) again, with the goal of leaving out any sediment at the bottom of the pot that may have settled during the pasteurization process and is allowed to cool. At this stage, you officially have cider! You can pour some straight from the pot and into a mug and sip on hot apple cider, which is what we did for a taste and to get warm on that cool, rainy, Sunday afternoon. The flavor was quite lovely! You can also keep the pasteurized cider in the fridge and just continue to drink it cold. Or, you can begin the fermenting process and create hard cider – which is what we did. Our third step is fermentation – the pasteurized cider is then placed into a sanitized fermentation bucket, or a

the apples, and then put them through a stainless-steel grinder that Steve had rigged up to power with a handheld drill in order to crush them up enough for us to press. The crushed apples – flesh, skin, seeds, cores and all – were then placed into a cheesecloth that sat in a small barrel-shaped wooden apple press. The press itself sat on a slightly tilted round metal plate with grooved edges meant to collect the juice from the apples where it gently meanders to the spout located on one side of the plate, where we had a container ready to gather the apple juice. In order to obtain the juice, after the apple bits are placed in the cheesecloth, a wooden top is placed over along with a metal component with a handle and by hand-cranking, the wood presses down evenly over the apples and the juice is expressed as pressure is applied through the force of handcranking and the apples being compressed together. After no further pressure can be applied, the hand-crank is turned in the opposite direction, loosening everything up. What’s left of the compressed apples are removed from the cheesecloth and thrown away (or if you have a farm and can feed them to pigs or the like, they would go to good use!) and we’d start the whole process over again until all the apples were pressed. Also, during this whole process, we wore nitrile gloves because it gets quite sticky! All the juice expressed from the apples, a light mahogany brown color, was collected into 5-gallon plastic containers that had been sanitized (Star San is popular in the brewing industry) prior to starting our pressing, bringing us to the next step involved in making hard

glass carboy (a 5-gallon glass jug) with a fitted airlock. (An airlock is a one way valve, letting gas escape but not letting any outside air in.) If the cider is not cool at this point, it should be allowed to cool to below 90 degrees. Anything above this temp and any yeast added will be killed, so it’s a good rule of thumb to let the cider cool to room temperature for safety’s sake. There are many different varieties of yeast to utilize in order to make hard cider, but many cider-brewers use champagne yeasts. Some brewers opt to add more sugar to the apple cider for the yeast to eat before sealing the bucket with a lid and airlock. Once the concoction is sealed, the bucket should be placed in a temperature-controlled room between 65-75 degrees where it will ferment for the next two weeks or so. In this case, it was Steve’s basement. Over the next few days, the airlock will start to bubble, this is a visual representation of the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast as it eats the sugars in the cider – a byproduct – while the cider is turned into an alcoholic beverage. The fermented cider is then left to sit a bit longer so that the yeast settles

Brew Time by Kristin Merritt

Apples Again!

“We spent an entire Sunday from start to finish creating the perfect homemade beverage for autumn consumption.”


to the bottom. At the end of the fermentation process, many folks will siphon the fermented cider out of the bucket (or original carboy) and into a (new) glass carboy to further separate any sediment and remaining yeast that may contribute to any “cloudiness,” and allow this to sit for another week or so. At this stage, the fermented cider is more like an apple wine – no bubbles, minimal sweetness – I tasted it, so I know! The fourth and final step in the process is to bottle your fermented cider – because it takes weeks to ferment, Steve had a glass carboy that he had previously fermented and ready to go. To increase the sweetness of the hard cider, Steve added erythritol sweetener, a sugar alternative, to the bottom of a sanitized bucket. You don’t want to add sugar to the cider to specifically increase sweetness, because any yeast left will eat it, therefore you want a sweetener that the yeast will leave be. However, you DO still want some sugar (called priming sugar) added to the cider before bottling, so that carbon dioxide gas can be created and therefore give the hard cider it’s carbonation. How much sugar to use is a very delicate process. Too little and the cider will be mostly flat, too much and the bottles will explode. There are many calculators online to give an exact calculation, but essentially for every gallon of cider, you add 1 ounce of sugar to a half-to-full cup of water, bring it to a boil, stir it to completely disintegrate the sugar and let it cool before adding it to the bucket. We added the erythritol and the sugar mixture to the bucket, stirred it into a slurry, and then we siphoned (yes, there is A LOT of siphoning when you make hard cider!) the liquid

“Bottles do need to be sanitized prior to use. There are many contraptions to make this process easier.”

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inches from the top of the bottle. Continuing on until all the bottles were filled (5 gallons = 54 bottles!), the last step was capping each of the bottles to be air-tight. While there are several models, Steve’s choice is a bench bottle capping machine that only uses one hand to operate and cuts down on the amount of effort needed to complete. Easy as (apple) pie! I took 6 bottles home with me that evening and allowed them to sit for at least 2 weeks at room temperature while the remaining yeast ate the controlled amount of sugar we added in order to create carbonation. 2 weeks and 3 days later, I cracked open my first homemade cider – Bubbly, fresh, crisp and just slightly sweet! So good! One final thing to note is, how do we test for the ABV? Or how do I know how much alcohol content is in my hard cider? We do this using a hydrometer. The hydrometer measures the specific gravity, or sugar content, of cider. We complete this measurement before fermentation and then also measure after fermentation, using both sets of data to calculate the estimated ABV or alcohol by volume of the cider that is consumed once you pop open the cap to drink. Again, utilizing an online calculator comes in clutch. It helps to log all these readings and take notes on all your batches to keep track using a small notebook. Steve does this and it comes in very handy, especially when I come along asking lots of questions! All in all, my Sunday spent making hard cider was fun, informative and insightful. I’m always up for a new learning experience and Steve was a great teacher – so a special shout out to him! Thank you! Hopefully this inspires all of you to try something new too!

& y t r a P r u o y l l a For Catering needs! ng us Thank you for voti urant ta es Best Take Out R

out of the glass carboy and into the bucket, stirring the concoction together until fully dissolved. Once dissolved, we hoisted the bucket onto a table and readied our bottles. Bottles do need to be sanitized prior to use. There are many contraptions to make this process easier, all one needs to do is visit a home-brewing store or check out Amazon or other websites online to purchase. We lined up all of our bottles, and using more siphon tubing attached to a spring-tip bottle filler/wand, I inserted the wand into the bottle, gently pressed the tip on the bottom of the bottle and it automatically started filling the bottle, stopping approximately two


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Computers & the Web by Nancy Roberts

Of UAPs, OOParts and The Unknown When we were young, my sister became very fascinated by space travel and astronauts. She collected a scrapbook of stories about the men and the missions. Had she been a child today she’d probably have had a wonderful time with Captain Kirk actually getting to go to space (well, technically I was the Captain Kirk fan!) on a Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) rocket. We both devoured the later discredited Erich Von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods, which speculated on the many clues and objects that suggest Earth was visited many times by extraterrestrials, spawning stories of gods and giants and angels, flying ships and sudden advances in human culture. Though, as noted, he was discredited (partly for misbehavior of a very human kind), his book remains an interesting theoretical dive into how ancient people accomplished certain feats (like building pyramids and hybridizing plants) and described or drew/painted/ sculpted images that certainly appear like technologies we now can identify. Ufology (a study which may have to alter it’s name since the proper term, we are told, is UAP; a UFO is an “unidentified flying object,” whereas a UAP is an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) is the study of unidentified “things” that people spot in the sky, and includes such sightings, but also includes “close encounters,” such as those Von Däniken suggest may have altered the course of human history over many millenia. These close encounters are reckoned based on terminology and a system of classification proposed by astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek. You may have seen the TV series Project Blue Book, which is quite good, if you like that sort of thing, and features Hynek as a character. He listed six levels of encounters, three sightings, and three actual encounters. They include: –n octurnal lights (lights in the night sky – this writer and friends spent one summer stretched out on a nearby golf course every night watching for a bright object that sped into an overhead position, halted suddenly, threw out lights of various colors for a few minutes, then sped away, zero to something amazing in seconds); – daylight discs (UFOs seen in the daytime with generally discoidal or oval shapes); – radar-visual (UFO reports with radar confirmation);

– close encounters of the first kind (visual sightings of a UFO, approximately 500 feet away and observed in great detail); – close encounters of the second kind (a UFO in which the physical effect is noted, such as a scorched earth, chemical traces, physiological effect); – and close encounters of the third kind (UFO encounters that include some “animated entity,” such as a humanoid, robot, or other apparently living occupant). With the recent release of radar and other footage from military and other pilots, reports: “(T)here has been a spike in UFO sightings across the nation. With the recent release of a US intelligence UFO

“His book remains an interesting theoretical dive into how ancient people accomplished certain feats.”

report, are there just more people looking up in the sky or is it something else? 2020 produced 7,200 UFOs, an increase of over 1,000 from 2019. The US government and military confirmed investigations and sightings of UFOs bringing this phenomenon back into mainstream media.” The “close encounters” have two unofficial additional categories, offered by un-official researchers: the fourth kind (a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants – which some investigators should include a possible “transformed sense of reality,” which is to say it’s all in the witnesses’ heads); and the fifth kind (a direct communication between aliens and humans). It’s this fifth kind that has garnered a great deal of speculation lately, given the

Maine Penny

Antikythera Mechanism

Nasca Lines

Abydos Helicopter Out of place artifacts (OOParts)

Baghdad Battery

admission by the military that yes, indeed, they have been tracking unidentified flying encounters, and archaeological and anthropological speculation that perhaps there have been times in the history of earth when neighbors from another planet dropped in to visit. One piece of evidence for this is something called “OOParts” or “out of place artifacts.” This is an object of “historical, archaeological or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, which challenges conventional historical chronology by its presence in that context. Such artifacts may appear too advanced for the technology

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known to have existed at the time, or may suggest human presence at a time before humans were known to exist.” (Wikipedia) Or they may also indicate a “close encounter.” One of the more famous OOPart is the Antikythera mechanism, a mechanical computer from the 2nd century BCE showing a previously unknown level of complexity. As might be expected, some of these objects are simply mis-interpreted, have been buried in strata supposedly too deep for them to have existed by natural phenomenon, or are the object of wishful thinking, such as the “rust-proof” Iron Pillar of Delhi, which actually does have rust near its base, and thus can’t be shown to have properties far beyond its era’s capabilities to create. Still, while researchers genuinely trying to investigate such phenomenon, and maintain their “mainstream” credibility in their science, have assured us that things like the Nasca Lines are simply cultural designs cut into the ground for ceremonial purposes, I can’t help but wonder why, when the pre-Columbian civilization supposedly responsible for them would have no concept of visualization from the air, yet the only way to really see what the designs are is from the air. In general, however, OOParts are dismissed as one of the following: Unusual artifacts (things that even skeptical researchers can’t entirely dismiss, such as the mentioned Antikythera mechanism, or the Maine penny, an 11th c. Norwegian coin found in a Native American midden); Questionable interpretations (like the Baghdad Battery – a ceramic vase, copper tube and iron rod thought to be a galvanic cell but perhaps just a storage vessel for scrolls – or the Dorchest Pot – a metal pot claimed to have been blasted out of solid rock but perhaps nothing more than a candlestick or pipe holder);

“Perhaps there have been times in the history of earth when neighbors from another planet dropped in to visit.”


Alternative interpretations (like the Abydos helicopter – a carving in an ancient Egyptian temple thought to resemble a helicopter – or the Dendera lamps – supposed to show light bulbs as far back as Ptolemaic Egypt); Natural objects mistaken for artifacts (the Aix-en-Provence petrified tools – probably tree remains – or the Baigong Pipes – the origins of which have been questioned) Erroneously dated objects (the Coso artifact – really a 1920s spark plug – and the Malachite Man – thought to be early Cretaceous, but in fact post-Columbian) Modern-day creations, forgeries and hoaxes (one of the more famous locally of course is the Cardiff Giant, a supposedly huge petrified man – and if you’ve seen it you can only wonder how anyone was ever fooled). Given how many times people have both been oblivious to a technology or phenomenon right before their eyes, or have credited science with a truth that later turned out to be mistaken, a willingness to investigate with an open mind seems to be the best approach to the unknown. And I, for one, can’t wait to find out what the “close encounters” of the recent kind really are.

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of guy. Straight-shooter. And all this works for him and his family. 2) He’s the bass player in Sydney Irving’s Mojo – in my opinion, the Syracuse band that has the biggest bullet at this point and time. He also has a thriving business with his guitar shop R/T Customs, which is fast becoming recognized as a quality shop that cares deeply about your ax. While enjoying an ambitious summer schedule which included some big stage shows, he still keeps it together in practical ways. He still plays music as part of the worship team at Lyncourt Wesleyan Church

Sounds Of Syracuse

by Chuck Schiele

Randy Tennant

The Knack for Persistence In the world as we know it, I see people rushing to the goal of validation all day long. Adults, by and large, have mastered the idea of immediate gratification, and I must admit, that oftentimes, I am one of them. Early bird gets the worm and all that... Balancing that which is efficient with that which brings most meaning and joy is a popular trick shared by adults all across the globe. And when you apply all this to a musician it becomes even more so. Then there is Randy Tennant. He’s the opposite of all this. He doesn’t need validation. His life is in order in a way where he’s solid, set and groovin.’ And when I mean groovin’, I mean it two ways: 1) I consider him to be extremely successful in life as he has exactly the things and people he wants and needs. He’s a shirt off his back kind









every Sunday. He’s a great example of what a husband and a Dad should be. If he gives you his word, you know he’s gotcha. And as his modesty remains as one of Randy Tennant’s

“I consider him to be extremely successful in life as he has exactly the things and people he wants and needs.” through junior high, high school and into college. When I was a little bit older, I remember seeing a guy playing a maple-glo Rickenbacker bass. I didn’t even know it was a bass at the time, I just thought it was really cool. That night I told my parents I wanted a guitar. Soon after they took me to the Bebop Shop in Liverpool and I got my first guitar, a Univox. And yes, I still have it!

more admirable hallmarks – that modesty turns a bit fierce when he swings his ax. Chuck Schiele: How’d you get into music? Randy Tennant: One day, about fourth grade, I remember Mr. DeAngelis, the band teacher at Lyncourt School, putting his hand on my shoulder and saying to me, “Why don’t you join the band?” So I did! I ended up playing the saxophone all

Sydney Irving’s Mojo

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CS: You also played semi-pro I am a chaperone for an all star band, but it’s true. All three of them are incredible football – which means you performers, and fun to play with. LOVE football. What do you like CS: You also have your own custom guitar shop. better, football or rock and roll? RT: Yes, I am R/T Customs. I do maintenance, repair, and upgrades for guitar and And yeah, I understand that bass, and I do custom builds. this is a totally unfair question. CS: What are some of the highlights of your days as a musician? Uh, one, two, three, hike! RT: Sharing the stage with my son. Playing Chevy Park stage at the NYS Fair. RT: I would have to say rock Opening for Martina McBride at n roll. Music seems to fit into SpiedieFest in Binghamton and so many more areas of life than having her compliment us. Having sports does. It’s more universal. three of my custom builds being And besides, I’m a lot less played on stage at the same time. sore after a gig, as opposed to Having other musicians respect and playing a football game! Even if compliment what I’m doing, both on I was good enough to make it stage and in my shop. Being able to to the pros, it would only have see a crowd enjoy the music as much been for a few short years. I as I enjoy playing it. plan on doing music the rest of CS: What’s your take on the my life. I do miss playing ball, Central New York Music Scene? though. RT: There is a ton of talent out CS: You’ve played in bands there. I feel privileged to play with before and you’re part of your some of them and work on their

“I still get nervous on stage or being in front of people, but music has helped me conquer that. I’m an introvert, but music has helped me to meet so many people I never would have met without it.”

instruments as well. CS: What’s coming soon for you and your music – and how do we find you? RT: The band and I look forward to writing and recording our next album. We will probably do some more videos too. Lots of shows booked for the end of the year and into next year. You can find me on social media @syrguitar and you can reach me at or stop into my studio.

church worship team. You play guitar and bass. Tell us how that all relates in your development as a musician and your mission as a man. RT: As I look back on how I’ve grown as a person and as a musician, it’s cool to see how the two are related. I still get nervous on stage or being in front of people, but

Musician, Randy Tennant

music has helped me conquer that. I’m an introvert, but music has helped me to meet so many people I never would have met without it. CS: And just like that: You’re in one of the city’s hottest bands... and with a bullet. How’s that going? RT: It’s going great! My son Evan, Luke Hart and I are the Mojo that backs up Sydney Irving. We have played a ton of shows in the last year and a half and we’ve made 4 music videos. (Insert shameless plug for We cover many styles of music and Sydney writes some incredible originals. Only one of us is over 18 but it just works, and we are having a blast! I joke that


for your

Thanksgiving Celebration!

HOURS MON-FRI 8-5pm • SAT 8:30-2pm


104 Myron Road, Syracuse • 315-488-3164

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Sports Take by Mike Lindsley

Syracuse Men’s Basketball 2021-2022 Preview I recently had a chance to catch up with Mike McAllister from Sports Illustrated to preview the upcoming Orange hoops season with a Q and A. Here it is! ML: Greatest strength, greatest weakness for the Orange this year? MM: Syracuse should be one of the better shooting teams in the country this season. With Buddy Boeheim, another year


Pasta’s On The Green. Call 315-638-1362 and ask for Chris.


Luigi’s Restaurant. Call 315-492-9997 or inquire within.

of development for Joe Girard, the addition of Cole Swider and even Jimmy Boeheim, Syracuse should be able to space the floor with multiple shooters. The greatest weakness appears to be on the defensive end of the floor. Syracuse was not a great defensive team last year, and looks to have some vulnerabilities this year in similar areas. If Jesse Edwards can emerge as a consistent rim protector, that would be a big boost on that end. ML: Boeheim, Boeheim, Boeheim. Where does this special time land for you covering the team? MM: I still think it’s pretty cool having the legendary head coach with his two sons on the team. Especially because both are Division One players and are worthy of roster inclusion. It’s just not something you see very often

“Syracuse can really put pressure on opposing teams with the ability to shoot the ball from multiple spots.”

and I’m kind of a sucker for stuff like that. ML: Jim Boeheim recently commented on how good this team can be from a shooting perspective. Buddy Boeheim and Joe Girard and transfer Cole Swider. Your reaction? MM: I think he is right. Syracuse can really put pressure on opposing teams with the ability to shoot the ball from multiple spots. It should allow the lane to have a lot of open space for players to attack the basket. Jimmy Boeheim, Benny Williams and Symir Torrence should benefit from that shooting and floor spacing. ML: I love this out-of-conference schedule. You? MM: I do as well. Completely agree with you. Villanova, Georgetown, Indiana, the


Euclid Family Restaurant. Will train. Apply within.


Part-Time or Full-Time. Email Resume to:


Part-Time or Full-Time. Looking for reliable, motivated, enthusiastic individual to join the Table Hopping Sales Team. College Degree and Outside sales experience a plus! Includes Base + Commission + Bonuses. First Year Earning Potential $50K. Email Resume to:


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The fans will be there and they will be loud

PAGE 23 • November 2021


“I still think it’s pretty cool having the legendary head coach with his two sons on the team.”

Battle 4 Atlantis, some quality mid-majors. This is a very well-rounded non-conference schedule. Syracuse will certainly be tested. ML: Benny Williams. How special is he? MM: He has the potential to be very, very special. He is extremely athletically gifted, can jump out of the gym, is a natural scorer and has tremendous length. If he

can develop a consistent jumper, he will be very difficult to defend. ML: Most underrated player on this roster? MM: I think it’s Symir Torrence. He is being dismissed as an afterthought in terms of the backcourt rotation. But I think he could be an integral part and is probably the best at getting into the lane to make a play. He will have a very nice season. ML: Fans back at the Dome. How much of the real, old atmosphere will return? MM: If football is any indication, the atmosphere will be great. The students have been fantastic for the football games so far, and we know the fans are usually more abundant for basketball. They will be there and they will be loud. It should be fun.


ML: Is this an NCAA Tournament team? MM: Yes. I think this team will be an NCAA Tournament team. How close to the bubble will be dictated by how good the defense is. ML: Thanks Mike, keep doing your thing. You do great work. MM: I appreciate that!

Fine Dining


Holiday Reservation NOW!




The students have been fantastic for the football games so far

2290 W. GENESEE TPK (RT. 5) • CAMILLUS, NY 315.672.3166 •

PAGE 24 • November 2021



Exercise & Fitness by Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak

NOvember Is Your Month to Start Fresh In today’s fast-paced and caffeine-driven world, it seems like the need to say no is absent in most people’s lives. It’s okay to say no! You don’t owe anybody anything. Make choices that are going to be best for you and your well-being. If that means saying no, then say it with conviction. Saying no does not mean you’re being selfish or rude. It means you know your value, and you respect yourself enough to stand up for your beliefs.

“Make choices that are going to be best for you and your well-being.” I think November is a great time to introduce a little “No” into your life. It’s your month to start fresh! You are the person who is going to be most affected by the decisions you make in life. If you’re not sure about something, say no to it. Your happiness depends on it. If you decide to do something and fail to follow through, you’re the one who’s going to be most affected by it. If you don’t say no to extra sugar in your coffee, you’re the one who’s going to be disappointed in yourself for not following through with your diet. If you choose to skip your scheduled workout session, you’re the one who is going to have to commit to extra

NO time at the gym. You have to learn to say no without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy. You need to respect and take care of yourself. Let’s try something. Let’s try saying “No” to one thing every day for the entire month of NOvember. It doesn’t matter how big or small. After a while, you’ll start getting used to saying yes to the right things. Here are a few things to help November be your month for a fresh start:

Say NO to Skipped Workouts

After a long day at work, who doesn’t want to skip a trip to the gym. Let’s be honest though. This time of year, can be tough for us all. That’s why it’s more important than ever to get your workouts in. Having a schedule and making it to the gym regularly will help you stay motivated, focused and on track.

Don’t Be Lame

Working out doesn’t have to be something you dread! Make your next workout something fun and be creative. Invite a friend to join you! If your friends are a bunch of couch potatoes, try something new. A group fitness class is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. There’s also nothing more inspiring than being around like-minded gym patrons with similar fitness goals.

Say NO to Cheat Meals

The holiday madness has begun. Just when you think you’ve made it to the bottom of your Halloween candy stash, Thanksgiving hits you in the face. Food-related gatherings makes it easy to declare cheat days. Before you know it, your cheat days have turned into cheat weeks and you’re well on your way to falling off the weight loss wagon. Just as we must avoid skipping our workouts, we must also avoid slipping into poor eating habits. Holiday leftovers and fast-food order-to-go meals become an easy, convenient solution when we’re too tired or just not in the mood to cook.

Say NO to OverCommitment

You don’t need to bake cookies for your entire office to show your level of commitment. Show your gratitude and love throughout the holidays to those you love in other ways. Overextending yourself will only burn you out and set you up for


Overextending leads to burnout

PAGE 25 • November 2021



In Conclusion:


It’s time to make yourself a priority! It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. You’re one person and you can’t do it all. November is a great time to introduce a little “No” into your life. Learn to just say “No.” No explanation. No excuse. No apology. No regrets. It’s your call. Live the life you want! Make your own destiny! A season of good health is what you really deserve. This November, focus on developing and maintaining healthy habits. There’s no better time to get started than today! Good luck to you. “Saying yes to happiness means learning to say no to things and people that stress you out.” - Thema Davis I have been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association.

failure. Avoid last-minute commitments. Volunteer your time and your energy in accordance with your priorities. Keep commitments reasonable so you can focus on what’s most important. You matter and your health should too! Set aside some time each day to relax, reflect and refocus. Self-care should be a priority.


Say NO to Excess

I understand that eating well and staying healthy can be difficult around the holidays. Don’t make the holiday foods you’ve waited for all year off limits – because the allure of that forbidden fruit will only get stronger. Just

“Having extra food in the house will only tempt you to overeat.”

NO pay attention to how much you’re eating and know when it’s time to push yourself away from the table.

Leave the Doggie Bag Behind

Learn to say No to the doggie bag! Most people I know want to be hospitable and send you home with leftovers. It’s the right thing to do, isn’t it? Having extra food in the house will only tempt you to overeat. Saying no is okay. Just be honest and explain that you are trying to be better at practicing healthy eating habits.

Let It Go

If you don’t say “No,” it’s okay. We all slip up from time to time. Skipped workouts, too many cheat meals and moments of disregard to our health happen to us all. They are not at all indicative of how the future will play out.








5108 Velasko Road • Syracuse, NY • 315-436-FITT(3488)

PAGE 26 • November 2021


Preventive Medicine by Dr. Barry

Next Gen


Right now, most people find their cancers either by routine screening, i.e. mammograms and colonoscopies or by scans that show tumor growth when the tumor is big enough to be seen. By the time you can see a tumor on a scan we are talking about billions and billions of tumor cells. Until now this was the best you could expect. Now, however, there are new kids in town. There are two companies that now offer a chance to have your blood taken and look for cancer cells before it shows up on scans. Although I think it’s very much cancer specific, most experts would say that early detection saves lives. If that’s the case then finding the cancer before it shows up on scans or before it becomes clinically apparent should make a difference. The

Once again I learn more from my patients than I have from the medical literature. Most of the medical stuff I read in the New England Journal of Medicine, The Green Journal, The Lancet, and the Journal of the American Medical Association involves obscure medicines

two companies use different technologies but both say they can detect a variety of cancers from just a sample of your blood. One company is based in America and is called GRAIL and their product is called Phase angle machine Galleri. Up to 70% percent of cancer deaths are caused by cancers we don’t have screens for, i.e. pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. It’s Alpha stim device too new to be covered by insurance and, of for end stage diseases or political editorials. There is very little in the mainstream course, it isn’t perfect medical literature about diet, exercise, sleep and stress. It’s all about chronic disease but if you test negative management, not improving health. The phase angle machine that can measure it’s very reassuring and your fat, muscle, bone etc. as well as provide a measurement of your basic cellular if you test positive you health didn’t come from these journals. The alpha stim device which can help anxiety, can pursue the possible depression and insomnia didn’t come from these journals. Ditto for the vitamin diagnosis. There are scanner and the vascular reactivity test. One of my patients brought me a test that can 50 different types of cancer this test can detect. There is no perfect test and false tell you which metals you are allergic to before you have a joint replacement. Another of positives and negatives occur just as in mammograms and colonoscopies. Of course, my patients keeps challenging me with the energy medicine machines which I thought these tests do not replace were a little too new for me until I discovered that NASA uses these machines in all space the traditional screens at flights. So too, I discovered the services from RGCC from one of my patients. least for now. Right now, most people go to the cancer doctor and get standard therapies which The other company are based on large clinical trials. We usually treat this cancer with 4 cycles of one interests me even more. combination or other of It’s called RGCC and they chemo drugs etc. There are out of Greece. They is a company called too, offer a blood draw test Foundation ONe that will for cancer but they are not use cell free DNA samples just looking for genetic or tissue taken from material that suggests your cancer to guide the cancer – they are actively Oncologist in choosing looking for cancer cells. which chemo or therapy Cutting edge tech that to use depending on the has evolved dramatically bloodwork. in recent years is used to Until now this was the There are 50 types of cancer this test can detect isolate any cancer cells best you could expect.

“There is very little in the mainstream medical literature about diet, exercise, sleep and stress. It’s all about chronic disease management, not improving health.”

PAGE 27 • November 2021


and study them. This has benefit not only to patients that want to be screened for cancer but for patients who have had cancer in the past, and it’s an independent way to study your cancer cells. Let’s say it’s been 5 years since your breast cancer diagnosis and the doctor says you are disease free – maybe they say you are cured. This blood test will check for the presence of any circulating cancer cells...not just your prior breast cancer but any new or different cancers that may have developed. Then, they give you actionable information about your specific cancer cells, how they react to different chemotherapies as well as how they react to a host of natural substances you might use to augment your treatment like green tea extract or turmeric. This is precision medicine at its best! The RGCC group also offers cutting edge, personalized, RNA based therapy, not only therapy for cancer but for chronic viral illness and even lyme disease but that’s going to have to wait for another column. The


RNA message in the Covid vaccines turn on protein production and create an immune response. The RNA message in the RGCC injection turns off protein production in the cancer cells, and only the cancer cells, and causes those cancer cells to die. So, the downside is the cost. Neither test is covered by insurance yet but they are both under a thousand dollars and can buy you a lot of peace of mind. Say your mom and grandmom and sister all had breast cancer...besides just mammos and ultrasounds, would you get this test? Your best friend dies of prostate are not curious about you? For you, if it would help you, the future is now… Until next month...get well and stay well.

“There are two companies that now offer a chance to have your blood taken and look for cancer cells before it shows up on scans.”

Check out the links below and discuss with your healthcare provider. JT BARRY MD

A NIGHT ON THE TOWN! Long h t n o M l l A Listen ame! N r u o Y r a e to H

FREE $100

Restaurant Certificate * SEND IN YOUR: Name, Address, Phone Number & Restaurant Choice TO WIN! (One entry per person per household)

Listen All Month Long to Hear Your Name! WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK


Table Hopping/Sunny 102 Contest, 1129 N. State St. Suite B Syracuse, NY 13208 Go to & enter to win. Entries must be received by November 22, 2021.

*All Prizes Subject To Availability. Restaurant selection must be a November 2021 Table Hopping Newspaper Advertiser. Must Be 21 or Older To Enter. Offer Good For 1 Use Only. Prizes Do Not Include Gratuities. PRIZES MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS.

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Stay safe and healthy from our family at


November 5

November 1

Asil’s Pub, Syracuse

Funk n Waffles, Syracuse


November 2

Stick and Rudder, Fair Haven

Pearly Baker’s Best • 7:30-10:30pm

Born of Osiris • 6pm

November 12

November 13

November 19

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

November 12

November 14 Lucki • 8pm

November 20

Steve Laureti • 8pm Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Dock’s Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

November 12

November 14

November 20

November 6

Dashboard Confessional • 8pm

Open Mic with Mike Farrar • 4-7pm

Del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Docks Grill, Clay

Western Ranch Motor Inn, Syracuse

Cortland Repertory Theatre, Cortland

November 12

November 15

November 20

The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theater, Syracuse

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

November 6

November 12

The Wild Feathers • 8pm

Brett Eldredge • 8pm

The Dropouts • 8pm

Event Center, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

Asil’s Pub, Syracuse

November 12

November 6

Sirsy w/s/g Bea • 8pm

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

November 12

November 7

Destiny USA, Syracuse

The Action!

November 6 November 6

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Fabolous • 8pm

November 3

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Yonder Mountain String Band • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

November 4

Jazz in the Burbs Jimmy Johns Trio • 7:30-9:30pm The Green Gate Inn, Camillus

November 4

Harmonic Dirt & The Bog Brothers • 8-10pm Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

November 4

Jack Honey & The Jameson’s • 10-11:30pm Al’s Wine and Whiskey, Syracuse

A Band Called Honalee • 7:30pm

November 6

The Honey Dewdrops • 7:30pm Oswego Music Hall, Oswego

Kevin Alexander • 8pm

Dinner And A Movie: Phish Tribute • 8pm

Flaming Lips • 8pm

Funk n Waffles, Syracuse

Dueling Pianos

November 5

Open Mic with Mike Farrar • 4-7pm

November 13

Buried Acorn, Syracuse

Docks Grill, Clay

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

Mark Zane • 6-9pm

November 5

Mystyk Groove Machine Band • 7-10pm Western Ranch Motor Inn, Syracuse

November 5

Ryan Montbleau • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

November 5

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

November 5

Mike MacDonald • 6-9pm Western Ranch Motor Inn, Syracuse

November 5

The Simon & Garfunkle Songbook Show • 8pm Catherine Cummings Theater at Cazenovia College, Cazenovia

November 7

Jordan Davis • 8pm

November 13

The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

Crazy Neighbours J.P.’s Tavern, Baldwinsville

November 9

November 13

Noah Kahan with Blake Rose • 8pm

Flatface and the Shemp-Dells • 5-8pm

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Docks Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay

November 10

November 13

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Anyelas Vineyards, Skaneateles

November 11

November 13


Jazz in the Burbs Joe Vanable & Friends • 7:30-9:30pm The Green Gate Inn, Camillus

November 12

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm

November 5

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

Mark Zane • 5-8pm

Travis Rocco • 8pm

Max Scaildone • 8pm

November 12

Shaughnessy’s Irish Pub at Syracuse Downtown Marriott, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 3-6pm


JD’s Tavern, Sandy Creek

November 13

Bless a Brand New Angle The Tribute to Benny Mardones • 7pm The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

November 13

Off With Their Heads • 6:30pm The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Skid Row • 8pm

Lawrence • 8pm

November 16

Kenny Wayne Shephard • 8pm

Mystyk Groove Machine Band

Mike Farrar and The House Rockers • 7-10pm

The Other Guys • 8pm

November 21

November 17

Open Mic with Mike Farrar • 4-7pm

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

November 23

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

The Fall of Troy • 6pm

November 17

After Dark Presents: Mom Jeans Sold Out • 8pm

Docks Grill, Clay

Steely Dan • 8pm Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

November 26

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm

November 18

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

Abbott’s Village Tavern, Marcellus

Keith James • 8pm

November 18

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

110 Grill in Destiny USA, Syracuse

November 27


Mark Zane • 5-8pm

November 18

Blue Star Radiation • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

November 19

Mike & Justin Acoustic Keyboard Show • 7-10pm Chester’s Last Stand, Fulton

November 19

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

November 19

Mike MacDonald • 7-10pm JP’s Tavern, Baldwinsville

November 19

Seeyouspacecowboy • 6:30pm The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

November 19

Gary Johnson • 8pm Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

November 26

Chris Eves • 8pm

Motif Bar & Lounge, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

November 28

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 4-7pm Blue Water Grill, Skaneateles

November 28

Open Mic with Mike Farrar • 4-7pm Docks Grill, Clay

December 1

Steve-O Buckett List Tour • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

December 2

Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith • 7:30pm The Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

December 3

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

PAGE 29 • November 2021


December 4

Sawyer Brown • 8pm The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

December 5

Pentatonix • 7pm The Event Center, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

December 5

Frozen Soul/ Sanguisugabogg • 5:30pm The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

December 7

Sullivan King • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

December 8

The Wild Feathers • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

December 10

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

December 10

Nick Perri w/Very Special Guest Walt Lafty • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

December 11

The Rocket Man Show • 8pm The Showroom, Turning Stone Casino, Verona

December 17

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

December 26

The GREAT Salt City Blues Concert 5 • 7:30pm featuring: Joe Whiting, Ronnie Leigh, Tas Cru, Rob Spagnoletti, Morris Tarbell, Jes Sheldon, Jeff Stockham, Scott Ebner, Dave Liddy, Tom Townsley, Rod Zajak, Bob Purdy, Mark Yonnick, Mary Ann Casale, Dunham Hall, Lenny Milano, Rex Lyons, Irv Lyons, Bob Sherwood, Mike Burns and George Deveny The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

December 31

Mystyk Groove Machine Band Docks Grill at Pirates Cove Marina, Clay


November 6

Syracuse Crunch vs. Laval Rocket • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 9

November 5

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 5

SU Women’s Ice Hockey vs. RIT Syracuse University, Syracuse

Book Sale • 9am

November 10

SU Women’s Basketball vs. Monmouth Hawks • 7pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

November 10

Syracuse Crunch vs. Bridgeport Islanders • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 11

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 3pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 12

SU Volleyball vs. Pittsburgh • 7pm Syracuse University, Syracuse

November 13

Syracuse Crunch vs. Hershey Bears • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 13

Louisville vs. Syracuse Orange Football • TBA @ Louisville

November 17

Syracuse Crunch vs. Cleveland Monsters • 7pm Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Cleveland

November 24

Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 26

Syracuse Crunch vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 27

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm

December 3

Syracuse Crunch vs. Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Penguins • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse Online Job Fair

January 9

Baldwinsville Public Library, Baldwinsville Lights on the Lake: Last Night at

Towne Center at Fayetteville, Fayetteville

Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

Syracuse University, Syracuse

Virtual Event

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

SU Field Hockey vs. ACC Tournament • 7pm

November 5 November 5

December 1

November 4

Thru December 29

SU Men’s Basketball vs. LaFayette Leopards • 7pm

November 1

SU Men’s Basketball vs. LeMoyne • 7pm


Food Truck Pop Up Friday

November 6

Chelsea Handler: Vaccinated & Horny Tour • 7pm The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theatre, Syracuse

November 7

The Burn Run 5K & 10K

The Acme Mystery Co. presents Low Moon • Thursdays • 6:45pm The Spagetti Warehouse, Syracuse

November 11

Trivia Night • 7pm Cortland Repertory Theatre, Cortland

November 12

Warren Miller’s Winter Starts Now Film • 7:30pm Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

November 13

40th Anniversary Celebration of the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology Citronelle, Syracuse

November 15

Lights on the Lake: Charity Drive-Thru

Art November 1-December 17

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

November 20

New York State Craft Brewers Festival • 4-8pm The Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

November 20

WWE Supershow Syracuse • 7:30pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

November 21

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru January 30


November 3

November 5

Artist Talk: Ronni-Leigh Goeman • 12:15pm Syracuse Univ. Art Museum, Syracuse

November 6

The Good Mind Film Screening & Panel Discussion • 2pm

The Simon & Garfunkle Songbook Show: An Evening of Songs & Stories • 8-11pm Catherine Cummings Theater at Cazenovia College, Cazenovia

November 9

November 11

A Staged Reading of “War Words” • 7pm

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

November 19-January 2

Syracususe Univ. Art Museum, Syracuse

Pottery and Pour • 6pm

November 16

Artist Talk: Grant Jonathan • 2:30pm Syracususe Univ. Art Museum, Syracuse

Beyond the Blue

November 18

Prisms and Antiphons – v. 1.1 – AbStranded • 6pm Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru November 19

Each One, Inspired: Haudenosaunee Art Across the Homelands

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse

Matilda The Musical

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse

December 3

Jr. Stars: On Stage Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Auburn

December 3-19 Sister Act

Redhouse, Syracuse

December 4

Syracuse City Ballet presents The Nutcracker • 11am & 3pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

December 4

Vic DiBitetto –”The Italian Hurricane” • 8-11pm

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

Thru November 19 Collection Highlights: 5,500 Years of Art

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical • 3pm

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

Thru November 19

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

Thru December 24

Thru November 19

Wildflowers Armory at The McCarthy Mercantile, Syracuse

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse

Syracuse Crunch vs. Cleveland Monsters • 7pm

AbStranded: Fiber and Abstraction in Contemporary Art

Cayuga Museum of History and Art, Auburn

Lights on the Lake 5K

Crafted Underground • Sat & Sun

Thru January 2

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Flashbulb: Experiencing Memory

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm

December 8

Cortland Repertory Theatre, Cortland

Thru November 3

Ivan Forde: Local_Edge_Margin (Syracuse)

December 4

December 18

Mutual Affection: The Victoria Madison County Historial Society, Oneida Schonfeld Collection

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Lights on the Lake: Salute the Troops Night

December 4-19

A Carpenters Christmas • 2 pm & 7:30pm

November 16

November 18

Clayscapes, Syracuse

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

Lights on the Lake: Charity Nights, Lights on the Lake Giveback

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

The 16th Annual Open House and Raku Day

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru November 1

Lights on the Lake: Doggy Drive-Thru

November 20

January 10-14

A Madison County Holiday Travel Through Time • 10am-3pm November 9 Guided Tours: Nov. 21 & 28 at 1pm FOCL Presents Yaa Gyasi • 7:30pm Dec. 12 & 19 at 1pm

Thru November 11


Lights on the Lake Regular Season Festival of Trees & Light including Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool The Holiday Marketplace

East Syracuse Fire Station, East Syracuse

The Oncenter Crouse Hinds Theatre, Syracuse

Richard Koppe: American Painting and the New Bauhaus

The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

Deadline is november 22nd for the december issue

December 5

The Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

December 5

Syracuse City Ballet presents The Nutcracker • 2pm The Oncenter War Memorial, Syracuse

December 7-12 Waitress

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

PAGE 30 • November 2021



My Mind To Yours

by debra Merryweather

Kitchen Conversations and Personal Power Microorganisms in the gut Organized institutions and systems, and the individual people functioning within those systems have moving parts and institutional memories. It’s easy to see that information printed on a paper is a thing; it’s less obvious that our thoughts are things. Thoughts and feelings exist within our consciousness, sometimes subconsciously. Some thoughts are intrusive, unwanted, and interfere with the thoughts we want to be thinking. Physical dysfunctions can make it hard to think straight or think at all. On some level, all dysfunction is physical. An article, in the October/November 2021 edition of the American Academy of Neurology’s Brain & Life, “Trust Your Gut,” discusses the connections between gut and brain health. “Trust Your Gut” states that while researchers don’t fully understand how microorganisms in the gut affect neurotransmission and the brain, it is clear microorganisms do affect neurological function. Scientists are studying how “leaky gut” and the inflammation caused by an over-permeable gastrointestinal lining, connects to disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. In recent years, researchers, health care professionals,

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and us the people are communicating more about cognitive impairment and brain fog. Brain fog can accompany and follow conditions such as Lyme Disease, COVID 19, concussion, chemotherapy, and sometimes, overconsumption of sugar and grains. Brain fog impairs people’s ability to deal with the needs of a given moment. Seeking new and different information requires curiosity, energy, and time: brain fog robs people of energy and time. Our most primal and primary necessary functions are to breath air and digest food. Our primary and primal power lay in communicating that need to caretakers. Sigmund Freud identified and labeled the first stages of psychosexual development in terms of eating and toilet training. Overly harsh treatment during this time can result in problems later. Infants and children in unrelieved distress learn they are helpless. Learned helplessness, passivity, and depression often lead people to stay in physically and emotionally unhealthy situations. People speak more about depression than about the physical and social conditions that lead to depression. Neurons that fire together wire together; programmed behavior follows. Communicating about gut pain (or other internal problems) might sound more plaintive than talking about knee pain. Offering one’s experience with a broken leg seems less personal than telling another how a dietary change altered your thinking. Moral judgements flow into discussions about eating, drinking, and thinking. We still like to think people control how and what they think; they can and often do; but not always. Peoples’ reactions to our talking often changes how we communicate and how we come to think about what and how we communicate. Completing organizational communications about COVID 19 have created a systemic “tone” of danger in public

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“Brain fog can accompany and follow conditions such as Lyme Disease, COVID 19, concussion, chemotherapy, and sometimes, overconsumption of sugar and grains.”


discourse. Our fight, flight, and freeze tendencies reflect visible manifestations of neurological vagal tone. The vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve, regulates our core functions of digestion, circulation, and respiration. The vagus nerve sends and receives information through myelinated and unmyelinated branches, perhaps, to preserve life, and in extremes, perhaps to shut down sensation when severe injury or death are imminent. In writing the previous sentence, I used the term “perhaps” because I don’t know everything about how the vagus nerve functions, I’ve read enough books to believe that doctors, psychologists, and scientists don’t fully understand the vagus nerve either. My experience and reading suggests that fight, flight, and freeze responses develop in context. Neurons that fire together wire together and personal fight, flight, and freeze responses affect and reflect habituated vagal tone. Bessel van der Kolk’s 2014 NY Times bestselling book “The Body Keeps Score” builds on theories about how the unconscious and subconscious mind stores memories, sensations, and information that the conscious mind can’t handle or identify and label. Freud believed that infants and young children don’t remember things. It seems more likely that infants and preverbal children register imagery and feelings about situations for which they don’t yet have words. Later in life, that subconsciously stored information may Regulates our core functions emerge as identifiable or recovered memory. Of course, many people don’t believe in recovered memory. I didn’t believe in recovered memory until I started remembering events, pleasant and not, of which I’d been previously unaware. My ongoing conscious recovered memory occurs in bits and pieces, but for sure, commenced with changes in my diet, physical activity, and later, post-concussion physical therapy. It’s important to know how our own physiology works. Personal empowerment and selfregulation involve our ability to trust our own guts. We need to know specifically how our guts work. While we might not want to talk about our gut feelings, (or guts) at the kitchen table, our gut feelings connect to what we absorb there. Sigmund Freud

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“This bestselling book builds on theories about how the unconscious and subconscious mind stores memories, sensations, and information that the conscious mind can’t handle or identify and label.”

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One more thing. The Party knows how voters think. They know John Katko represents a more Liberal area. His vote for Trump’s impeachment and Bannon’s Trumpian contempt indictment (deceit without consequence) were to dupe you for your future support. It is political tactic to allow votes against your party that change nothing, to protect representatives where party loyalties are close. This is a vital seat and could easily be the single vote that ends our survival, voting rights and Democracy and other issues that support autocratic pursuit. Don’t be fooled.

Word on the Street by Bill McClellan


It is unbelievable that we have come to this kind of systemic fault in America. This column is about bottom lines. Root causes that if fixed could begin a correction. We are pretty far gone. The danger of complete collapse in many areas is real. The truth really does hurt, a lot. As the root cause is deeply embedded it is not likely we will prevent massive disasters. All too soon. First, I will show you what is wrong, then I will present the eminent dangers of social collapse or massive or complete destruction if we continue proceeding in this environment. PREFACE: Remember when you vote: The Republican party is dead. Those posing as Herewith: The first and foremost bottom line is Republicans have become the main reason why what follows may well end life as we know our leadership system. Foremost because it is not it. Be prepared for real terror as you read. Those posing as Republican leaders are interested designed to protect or regulate for the people or only in perpetuating their own power. They are willing to sacrifice not just Democracy but for the planet. It is a system of cruel selfish bribery. the safety of mankind to keep it. They live in fear of Trump taking their individual power. With money ruling everything from donations Yellow dogs. Kids die for our country. This vermin spits on the reasons for those deaths to algorithms, the people and the good of the for a job. A lot of Central NY likes John Katko. Republican or Democrat, please realize that planet are not even in play. And the cumulative he will perpetuate our demise along with his party. Please do not vote for him. A vote for effect has begun. Earth and humanity are now at John Katko is a vote for the end of Democracy. Even if you are related. Harsh, weird to say, great risk. We are governed by the worst among and disgustingly true. And John, you know better. I implore you. Please follow the truth of us. Our leader’s collective acquiesce has caused a our land and stand up like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger against the desecration of our system that allows dramatic real danger to prevail hallowed dead. Your party is perpetuating the demise of our founding pursuit and you know on many fronts. The answer is simple: Remove it. You have not stood up. Please Central New York see this. No matter what you thought money from politics. Develop carefully designed before all of this. This is the truth today. The John Katko who failed his country must go. rules to attract our best. Completely overhaul the lobby system. Establish a board of inquiry as an intermediary between lobbyists and leaders removing personal contact between a lobbyist and the leadership. Let the 1% know the free ride is over. Only the best that we can be want to lead in this environment. With the best that we can be in place, decisions will be made to try to turn all this around. Going forward it is good to understand fools will deny reality. Yet only the wise, those able to acknowledge reality can determine its’ future course. Life as we know it is on the line. The extent and details will depend on the disaster or disasters that take place. Yes, more than one may well be in play simultaneously. NUCLEAR DEVASTATION: DOOMSDAY – 100 SECONDS TILL MIDNIGHT - This is the most likely event to take place. We have not evolved well enough to properly control this power that can end us. We have shown in America that we are led by those incapable of participating in time, with any reasonable efforts to alter any earth endangering matter. If you research you will find that China has been earnestly researching ways to win, yes win a nuclear war. They are researching “Shock an awe” techniques against American satellites, submarines, aircraft carriers and nuclear facilities. Russia is constantly increasing their nuclear arsenal. And I am sure no one has informed you, they do military exercises together these days. Both are preparing for what they rightfully perceive to be a highly probable nuclear exchange. International systems are a Hitlorite leader away from the destruction of mankind. From China to Russia to North Korea

100 Hundred Seconds Till Midnight


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to Iran etc. to a nut in the desert, or the White House, the reality of a nuclear exchange is almost a certainty. There are 10’s of thousands of Nukes. There is enough destructive force to blow the earth to smithereens. Because we are a stupid squabbling species. CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is real. In a few short decades the entire social structure of our planet will change. If we are lucky there will be just enough time to adjust our systems so that the logistics of matters critical to life are sustained. So long as we can do this, some reasonable social structure may be maintained. In any event, in this era, entire coastlines including cities such as New Orleans, Miami, Houston, Charleston, Atlantic City, Virginia Beach, New York City and many more around the world will be inundated with flooding in current lifetimes. This is not

“We have lost control of providing information with integrity to the people of earth.”

preventable. Migrations will be massive. We will become a planet that no longer uses its energy to recklessly consume for money but a planet trying to figure out how to keep most of it alive. Because we are a stupid squabbling species. OVER POPULATION: The planet is gaining 140,000 people a day. At 7.9 billion we are already far over what the planet can sustain long term. “Earth Overshoot Day was July


29th this year. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year. For the rest of the year, we are maintaining our ecological deficit by drawing down local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are operating in overshoot. Typically, in nature when an invasive species such as us moves into an area and is freed from predation, it expands beyond the carrying capacity of their environment. This diminishes the food and resources needed to sustain itself. Resources become so skewed that a period of fierce competition for limited resources breaks out and only the fittest survive. The Planet is already on this path. Because we are a stupid squabbling species. Mass Communication: We have lost control of providing information with integrity to the people of earth. We have allowed a system that fosters lies, and distortion to be prioritized for money. This inflates unrest and has sown division that stymies progress vital to our existence. Artificial intelligence i.e., algorithms are designed to incite. Social media is a massive contributor to our endangered survival. This nonsense, inexcusably accepted by regulators has allowed the lies and conspiracy theories of the worst of us to change the belief systems of too much of our population. Fox News and Facebook are the major contributors to ensuring the world will end due to faulted information diminishing truth and incentive. The rest of the media is guilty yet Facebook and Fox take the lead due to their massive international exposure. A perfect analogy is Hitler. He improved highways, and animal protection, and began the Volkswagon and more. Nice? Like Facebook and Fox, the good had an underbelly in pursuit wrongs so evil that holocaust and destruction will be their final legacy. Any good was disgraced by the evil. So too will history, if it is written after the results are in, will be the legacy of Fox and Facebook. And the all Mass-Communication that allowed greed and algorithms to excuse lies and evil being sourced to masses creating an integrity confusion that rendered truth useless. Thus destroying the unity necessary to save humanity and earth. Because we are a stupid squabbling species. I know, the truth hurts and hope springs eternal. Yet for some reason humans do not get it, even when they are on not one, but several different earth ending deadly freight trains speeding toward a chasm without a bridge. We realize things when we are in the air. A bit late. The price for being a stupid squabbling species.


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Beauty & Fashion by Benish rehman

How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students? This is an era of fashion and fashion is very influential to our lives. In fact, it adds diversity to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were supposed to dress and act in the same manner. Fashion is an expression of a distinctive style particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories or makeup. It belongs to the style of doing something, looking different and dealing with others. It encircles a wide range of categorization like behavior, speech, actions, manners and lifestyle. There is much intellectual discussion over fashion and clothing and their importance within present day society. Fashion and clothing can be defined as many things that hold our society together. Fashion can be defined as an existing norm or style of dress, manners and way of socializing, whereas clothing is defined as garments collectively. If fashion and clothing were eliminated from our lives there would be no room for individuality and the world’s population would be the same. There also would be a loss of the distinctions between social classes, which was much defined in the 18th century but is still present today. The eradication of fashion and clothing would also change the dynamics of the social world and social relationships. Mod, short form of ‘modern,’ refers to a youth lifestyle that came out from London during 1960s and quickly spread to other parts of the world. Being fashionable is not only desirable but also satisfying. It is very usual that young students get attracted to fashion the most and start following the trends instantly. Fashion continually has an impact on the society. It affects our views and attitude towards social culture. We introduce new ways of lifestyle through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to reinstate a new line of customs. It is a leading social statement for students to make an outside appearance to their social circle. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication,


“Fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication.” Students use fashion to exchange their feelings and beliefs. They use fashion as a way of social contact with reference to scrutiny for all sorts of people. Fashion is a way of communication to convey to the world what their personality really says. The decade of 1920 is called the Age of Flaming Youth because of its wild and jazzy expression. In this period the energy of youth was set free in a new way and no style seemed too ridiculous to become a high fashion. Our world has globalized. Celebrities play a very important role in the lives of youth. Students look up to their favorite icons to keep themselves up to date. While watching television or using the internet, they can easily be attracted by a variety of fashionable concepts. Moreover, the students idealize their favorite celebrities and they always have a desire to look like them so they do their best to imitate the appearance and lifestyle of their idols. They are trying to grasp all the existing fashion from their society to enhance their personality. Whenever they socialize, they talk about new things which could be adapted. They use non-natural way of expression, speech and mannerism in their routine lives which is relatively artificial. In my point of view, there are two categories, positive and negative impact of fashion on students. The fashion in our society has a lot of negative impact on students. They only think about new fashion and this results in spending a large amount of money. Therefore, they are not able to become aware of other important needs of life. It always distracts them from studies. Once a style or fashion gets in a trend, it is instantly chased by the student community regardless of the fact of how much hassle it leads to. On the other hand they are caught in the confusion of fashion due to the impact of society. To follow a certain fashion, one has to adopt some actions and to do so some students go beyond their limits just to attract their surroundings. Eventually they become hopeless instead of being ingenious and suffer from depression for being within fashion. On the other hand, it is also a thought that the money spent on fashion could be spent for various other purposes like charity and helping the poor. Fashion creates an inaccessible standard for students. They all want to be attractive and glamorous like the celebrities on television or in magazines hence they spend a lot of time and money just to build up a good impression on

“We introduce new ways of lifestyle through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to reinstate a new line of customs.”

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people around them. However, they fail to make a statement most of the time, that leads to a low self esteem. It also creates a clash of thoughts between them and their friends that may lead to a jealousy factor and as a result ruin their relationship with friends. Students start judging people by their outlook appearance and those who cannot spend a sufficient amount on their outward look, eventually become persecuted which decreases their confidence level to a certain extent. Students who give more concentration to fashion are generally least conscious about their studies. They think that by adopting certain fashion trends, they will achieve certain distinction among the peers therefore they start giving less importance to their academic careers. There are some positive points of being fashionable as well. For instance, when teenagers feel good because of the way they look, it gives a high sense of worth and confidence in their personalities. Moreover they feel more independent and acceptable in a social context. If students follow a certain trend, it facilitates them to recognize their own personalities by meeting different people from the society with the same interests and sense of style. Wearing trendy clothes shows a person’s status. People assume a person more progressive if he is wearing fashionable clothes. Students eventually come to know that it’s not good for them to follow or imitate others all the time. Instead, they should learn how to be innovative and make their own sense of style. That helps them to be more strong, independent and imaginative. Fashion is the name of expressing oneself. It proves that the people have liberty to feel comfortable about themselves and that results in a more successful and prosperous society. Fashion is a form of art and because art is

“Students always have a desire to look like them so they do their best to imitate the appearance and lifestyle of their idols.”

beneficial to a society, the same goes for fashion as well. Fashion is a big reason for companies to invest more into the expansion of latest clothing, trends, and better living. We cannot disagree with the fact that fashion has a significant place on the life of every student. At times, it can be the source of things that make the life more pleasant. On the other hand, it can be destructive for the lives of certain people. So it’s better to keep yourself modernized with fashion but if it is damaging your academic performance by any means, you should keep yourself away from that. Generally, fashion can be entertaining, exciting and harmless. Fashion is a money making method that can provide employment to thousands of people. There should be stability in the lives of students while pursuing fashion. They should be aware of the fact that fashion within limits is admirable but when the limits are crossed, they have to face many problems. Their prime responsibility is to fill up themselves with the asset of knowledge instead of running after the wildness of a deceptive fashion world. There should be a right balance between being fashionable and getting away from our roots. Students should know the fact that they have maximum time to indulge themselves to the world of lavishness after they have completed their studies. They should give their utmost devotion to education presently for time and tide waits for none.



from allrecipes

Thanksgiving Turkey Brine Ingredients 1 gallon water 4 quarts chicken broth 1 ½ cups kosher salt 2 tbsp. minced garlic 2 tbsp. dried rosemary 2 tbsp. dried minced onion 2 tbsp. dried basil 2 tbsp. dried savory 2 tbsp. dried marjoram

1 tbsp. ground black pepper 2 tbsp. dried thyme 2 tbsp. dried tarragon 1 tbsp. dried oregano 1 tbsp. coriander seeds 2 gallons ice, divided 1 (20 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed

Directions Step 1 • Mix water, chicken broth, and salt together in a 5-gallon bucket with lid until salt dissolves. Add garlic, rosemary, onion, basil, savory, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, oregano, pepper, and coriander and mix well. Stir 2 cups ice into brine. Step 2 • Place turkey into brine, filling cavity with brine. Add enough ice to bucket to cover turkey. Secure lid on bucket. Swish bucket from side-to-side to chill water. Refrigerate turkey and bucket, refilling with ice every 2 hours as needed, 12 to 24 hours. Step 3 • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Step 4 • Remove turkey from brine and pat dry. Discard brine. Place turkey on a rack inside a roasting pan. Step 5 • Bake turkey in the preheated oven, basting every 30 to 40 minutes, until no longer pink at the bone and the juices run clear, 5 to 6 1/2 hours. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh should read 165 degrees F. Remove the turkey from the oven, cover with a doubled sheet of aluminum foil, and allow to rest 5 to 10 minutes before slicing.

Cook Time: 5 hours

Total Time: 17 hours

Servings: 20


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Lunch Fish Sandwich Friday Fish Dinner Walleye • Perch





Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz. Prime Rib Chicken & Biscuits



Southern Fried Chicken Sauerbraten

Spaghetti or Pasta








FISH SANDWICH SPECIAL with French Fries & Coleslaw FISH DINNER with French Fries & Coleslaw ALL DAY



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