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Sounds Of Syracuse

by Chuck Schiele

Acoustic Truths & Electric Lies Mark Zane talks about his new release. Chuck Schiele: Tell us about your new release. Mark Zane: My new album is titled Acoustic Truths & Electric Lies. It was recorded and mixed by John T. Brown at The Dungeon Studio in Syracuse, and mastered (with additional mixing) by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio in Syracuse. It contains 11 songs with Part I containing the first five tracks that are generally acoustic and Part II contains the last five tracks, which are generally electric. I say generally because there is also electric guitar on two of the first five tracks and some acoustic guitar on two of the last five tracks. The middle song, “Choppy’s Food Restaurant,” is a commercial break between the two parts. This song is special to me because it’s the first song I co-wrote with my daughter, Janiya. We wrote the song when she was five years old in summer 2018 and it was the first song I wrote in five years, so she helped break my writer’s block. She created a fictional restaurant when she was 2 years old called Choppy’s Food Restaurant. I guess when you’re two you think the word “food” needs to be in a restaurant’s title so people know what’s served. Among other dishes, Choppy’s serves Chicken Parm Soup and Egg Pasquashio. I was able to work the first of these dishes into the song. This is one of two songs on the album my daughter sings with me. CS: Is there a general concept or theme behind the album? Or, is it a collection of gathered songs? MZ: The record balances truths and lies and generally the truths part is acoustic and the lies part is electric. Four of the five songs on the Acoustic Truths section are true songs about my family. My mother died after a long cancer battle in 2013 and my brother, Bob, died suddenly less than 17 months later. It took me several years to address their deaths in song. Finally, I wrote “One More Day,” a song about wishing I could see Mom and Bob for one more day. I know that’s a common sentiment, but it’s really how I feel. “Walks with Mom” is the slowest song on the album and the only track without drums. Mom and I often took long walks and the song addresses how I miss these walks. “Uncle Bob” is a song I sing to my daughter about my brother. She was almost two when Bob died, so, of course, she can’t remember him and the song gives some insight into her Uncle Bob. “Paradise” is a duet with my daughter. She often sings with me when I

perform early gigs, and the song is about how singing together (whether at gigs or at home) is paradise. The only other song on Part I is “Enough,” a song that deals with many issues we’ve experienced in recent years, including the pandemic, racism, and economic inequality. I teach Sociology at Onondaga Community College, so social issues sometimes find their way into my songs. The second, electric, part of the album is not as personal as the first part. Some of the tracks contain lies that I, or the song’s protagonist, tell ourselves, but with some of the songs it’s up to the listener to determine whether lies are being told. “Same Old Rhymes” is a song about being sick of hearing so many love and heartbreak songs. This was truly how I felt when I wrote the song, but I usually don’t feel that way about such songs, so when I perform this song live it often feels like a lie. The protagonist in “Cover Band” insisted his band would only perform original songs live, but eventually became a cover band to get gigs because the audience wanted to hear familiar songs. I certainly relate to the protagonist. In “Too Old to Care” I try to convince myself that, among other things, I’m too old to care about keeping up with the Joneses, going gray, or what other people think about me. I still don’t know if I’m lying to myself in this song. The protagonist in “Stranger in My Bed” is back from war and can’t get the war images out of his head. He can’t adjust to civilian life and feels out of place, including next to his wife in bed. “Annalee” is the only song on the Electric Lies part that relates to my personal life, but it is still a fictitious song. The protagonist tried to make a career out of music, but was unsuccessful so he returned home and felt depressed and alone. Eventually he married and he and his wife had their daughter, Annalee. Their daughter is now four and she sometimes goes to her father’s gigs and in her eyes he’s a rock star, which makes him feel wonderful, so he made it in music after all. CS: How long have you been on the scene here in Syracuse? MZ: I moved to Syracuse in 2003 and started performing at open mics in 2005. In 2007 I got a regular gig at Laci’s Café at the Palace Theater (it’s no longer there), and I’ve been performing in the Syracuse-area ever since. CS: When did you start writing songs? MZ: I wrote a little in the mid to late ‘80s when I was in hard rock bands in high school, but nothing I wanted to keep. It wasn’t until late 2003, when I was 31 that I started seriously and consistently writing songs. This was soon after I moved to Syracuse to work at Onondaga Community College (I’m originally from Utica). I’m not sure whether it’s just a coincidence or if Syracuse inspired me to write. I wish I started seriously writing sooner, but I’m glad I eventually got going. I’ve consistently written songs since 2003 except for a five year hiatus between 2013 and the summer of 2018 when my daughter and I wrote “Choppy’s.” She was one when I unintentionally stopped writing. When our daughter was young my wife and I often fell asleep in the living room soon after putting Janiya to bed. I used to write at night, but now I was too tired and eventually stopped altogether. I’ve been writing slowly but consistently for the past three and a half years.

“She often sings with me when I perform early gigs, and the song is about how singing together (whether at gigs or at home) is paradise.”

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CS: What other writers do you resonate with? MZ: I love James McMurtry (I’ve been listening to his new album a lot lately), Jason Isbell, Drive-By Truckers, The Bottle Rockets, Todd Snider, Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen, John Prine, and Loudon Wainwright. I’m especially influenced by direct lyricists like Newman and Wainwright because that’s often the way I write. I wish I were a more poetic lyricist, but anytime I tried writing in such a style I haven’t been happy with the outcome. CS: What do you like best about being a writer, and

“Writing, recording, and performing these songs have helped me deal with their deaths and I sort of temporarily bring them back to life when I perform these songs.”

being a performing songwriter? MZ: I tried writing fiction (mainly short stories) many years ago and I found the process painful. However, I truly love the songwriting process. I love when I get a melody and/or a chord progression I like and I love the process of trying to add lyrics to the song. I love the challenge because as songwriters we’re restricted by meter and rhyme and I’m always amazed when I complete a song that I was able to stay within those parameters. Although I’ve used my share of partial rhymes. It’s great performing originals live, especially when I receive a compliment about an original, and, of course, when I sell a CD!


CS: Tell us what you think is most special about Acoustic Truths & Electric Lies. MZ: Having my daughter sing on two tracks. She was five when I recorded my last CD. She had a spoken word part on one song, but she didn’t sing. She was eight this summer when we recorded the new album and was ready to sing. It’s wonderful hearing her on these two songs. It’s also wonderful having three songs about my mother and brother. Writing, recording, and performing these songs have helped me deal with their deaths and I sort of temporarily bring them back to life when I perform these songs. CS: What are your thoughts on the original music scene here in the Central NY area? MZ: I’m amazed each year when I see the large number of entrants at the SAMMYS. I’ve been fortunate to hear many of these artists perform live and the songwriting talent in the Syracuse – and Utica-areas is humbling. I love that venues like 443 Social Club, Funk N Waffles, Al’s Wine & Whiskey, and Shifty’s showcase original music. Fortunately, most Syracuse-area performing songwriters include their originals along with cover songs wherever they perform. There were a number of cafes where I used to perform that encouraged original performers and were essentially listening rooms, such as The Buzz Café, Café @ 407, and Creekside Books & Coffee, but they’ve all since closed. Hopefully more such venues will open in the future. CS: What’s in your near future for your music? MZ: January is often a quiet performing month for me, but I have three gigs coming up. On January 7th I’ll be at Buried Acorn Brewery in Syracuse, January 14th I debut at The Fiddlehead in Chittenango, and on January 20th I’m at 110 Grill in Destiny USA in Syracuse. I generally perform at 110 Grill one Thursday a month, which is an excellent restaurant and bar right by the carousel. CS: How do we all stay in touch with you? MZ: I can be found (along with my upcoming shows at MarkZane,, and at Bands in Town. People can also e-mail me at: My four CDs can be found in physical form at CD Baby,, Off-Center Records in downtown Utica, and at all my gigs. My music can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, on YouTube, and many other streaming sites. Chuck Schiele, 858 663 9612

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Streaming Flicks by MILLER byBRIAN debra Merryweather

Dexter: New Blood During its initial run, DEXTER was revolutionary in its macabre embrace of the evil Dexter Morgan. Michael C. Hall, who at that point was best known for his stellar run on the equally disturbing SIX FEET UNDER, played the titular character with such a twisted sense of deadpan amiability that audiences soon fell in love with the serial killer who hunted serial killers. The original series ran for eight seasons, culminating in what is widely regarded as one of the most disappointing finales in the history of television. It was generally accepted that DEXTER had failed to give fans, and more importantly, the character, the send off he deserved. Whereas the first few seasons were clever, innovative, and sharp, the last couple ventured into the realm of absurdity, and borderline parody.


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“...those involved, including Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips, essentially promised fans that the sequel would attempt to recapture the magic that originally made DEXTER so memorable.” passing episode. Resurrecting the DEXTER franchise was a bit of gamble. Nostalgia is in right now, but with the amount of streaming content available, the show would need to stand out if it weren’t going to simply fade away. The landscape of television has changed dramatically since 2006. Whereas DEXTER was once cutting edge, now, there are countless series in which anti-heroes and villains are the main attraction. Heck, shows like SUCCESSION have now obliterated the line between hero and villain, crafting characters who are utterly magnetic despite their complete lack of redeeming qualities. Like Tony Soprano, part of the fun of Dexter was loving a character that should be despised. At one time, that was refreshing. Now, it’s sort of business as usual. NEW BLOOD wastes very little time exploring what Mr. Morgan has been up to since we last left him. He is now known as Jim, and resides in a (fictional) town in Upstate New York. He works at a local sporting goods store and is even dating the police chief, Angela (Julia Jones.) Aside from constant conversations with his dead

Time heals all, and when Showtime announced that Dexter would be back for a limited run, fans (including myself) were ecstatic by the possibilities. There was a general acknowledgement of the shortcomings of the finale, and those involved, including Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips, essentially promised fans that the sequel would attempt to recapture the magic that originally made DEXTER so memorable. DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, now airing on Showtime, is certainly far better than the last two seasons of the original series, and grew increasingly intriguing and engaging with each

dexter: new blood

RATED: TV-MA RUN TIME: TV Mini Series GENRE: Crime, Drama, Mystery STARRING: Michael C. Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones creator: Clyde Phillips


Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

PAGE 5 • January 2022


sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), he has done an excellent job keeping his dark passenger at bay. Unfortunately, things are about to get a lot more complicated. Not only is his non-murdering streak about to meet an untimely end, but he is also going to be reunited with his long-lost son Harrison (Jack Alcott) and cross paths with yet another serial killer. This iteration of DEXTER has its Julia Jones as Angela, Dexter’s girlfriend moments of extreme violence, yet doesn’t barrage you throughout each and every episode like the original series tended to do. As mentioned, television has evolved in the ensuing years, and the deluge of constant gratuity would feel misguided at this point. Yes, there are still moments of shocking brutality and discomforting depravity, but it certainly feels different this time around. There is more of a focus on storytelling as the complex relationship between Dexter and Harrison twists and turns, and there are a number of fun cameos and throwbacks that fans Dexter reunites with son, Harrison were undoubtedly longing for. Though he may not necessarily deliver the same transformative ingenuity that he used to, it is oddly comforting seeing our old pal Dexter getting back to work. DEXTER: NEW BLOOD- B (Now airing and available to stream on Showtime)



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preventative medicine

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by Dr. Barry Don’t Shoot the Messenger




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• Successful Oneida Lake Waterfront Bar and Restaurant with Strong Local Business Base • 187 ft. of Waterfront with Docks on the C4 Snowmobile Trail • Large Outdoor Deck, Tiki Bar with Great Views • Living Quarters

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Exercise & Fitness by Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak

New Year, New You? It’s that time of year again! It’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions! A few of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight and eat better. For many, these goals never get met. Unfortunately, they get pushed to the bottom of the priority list in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the New Year. Every January, people flood into the gym with good intentions. Some people find success, but many lose sight of their well-intended goals and fall back into unhealthy habits. Do you feel like staying committed to an exercise program is an uphill battle? That going to the gym, eating healthy and losing weight all







HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR! 105 Grant Ave, Auburn, NY • 315-253-7711 MON - THURS 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM • FRI - SUN 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

at the same time is just too much? You can do this and I’m here to tell you that you are not alone! Lots of people struggle, especially this time of year! If a healthier New Year is truly what you want, you need to keep that desire strong throughout the year! Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight; you have to keep working at it. Let’s Formulate achievable goals wipe the slate clean, shall we? Let’s start the New Year off with our best foot forward and see if we can conquer our fitness goals! Here are a few tips to help you get off to a healthy New Year.

Find a Gym

Finding a gym, you really like (such as Champions Fitness Center) is a great start, but simply signing up won’t help you reach your goals. You have to show up and do the work! Stay on a schedule like you would with anything that is of the utmost importance in your life and don’t allow yourself to get distracted along the way. Designate an hour, at least three to four days a week for your workout. If you miss a day, be sure to make it up.

Do What You Like

If you look forward to a particular physical activity, do it. If you like dancing, look into dance-based workouts like Zumba. If you like to exercise in the water, see if your gym offers aqua classes. When you like what you are doing, you are more likely to stick with it.

Formulate Achievable Goals

Start small with your ultimate goal in sight. If you break your goals down into smaller achievable goals you will be less likely to get discouraged along the way. If you want to run a 5K, try intervals of walking and jogging. Slowly decrease your intervals of walking and increase your intervals of jogging. Before you know it, you will be running the entire way.

Share Your Goals

Share your goals with the people in your life. Having the support from those who matter will help you stay motivated. They can also help hold you accountable. You never know who will encourage you to keep going when you need it the most and who knows, you may even inspire someone to join you on your journey.

“You have to show up and do the work! Stay on a schedule like you would with anything that is of the utmost importance in your life and don’t allow yourself to get distracted along the way.”

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Take it One Day at a Time

Dropping twenty pounds is a great long-term goal, but don’t bite off more than you can chew! Dieters tend to fall off the weight loss wagon when they have such a lofty resolution. Make some basic alterations to your lifestyle. Focus on losing one or two pounds a week by setting small diet and exercise goals. Changes in what you eat, when you eat


Don’t Let Nerves Get in The Way

People are often afraid to try something new. This is completely normal. Just remember that everyone was the new kid at one time. Don’t let your nerves stop you!

In Conclusion

Take the time to acknowledge all the things you’ve accomplished this year. Give yourself a pat on the back for any and all signs of progress, no matter how small. Stay committed to doing the best you can, find things that keep you motivated and don’t forget to remind yourself “Why” this is so important to you. You matter and your health should too. Happy New Year and good luck to you!

Progress Personified

I have been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association.

and even where you eat it are a good place to start.

Aim To Be Better


It’s not about being perfect, it’s about gradual and continuous progress. It’s not the end of the world if you have a day where you don’t follow your diet or a week where you’ve missed a few workouts. Focus on doing better each day so you can see your progress along the way and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

If you can only get to the gym for half an hour, is it worth it? You bet it is. You can get a lot done in a half hour and it helps keep you in the habit of staying active. Spending some time at the gym is better than spending no time at all.

Have a Cheat Day

Whether it’s a cheeseburger, chocolate ice cream or French fries, banning your favorite cheat meal, is bound to backfire at some point. You will eventually buckle, binge, feel bad about it and revert back to your unhealthy eating habits. You don’t need to have tempting treats lying around your kitchen, but allowing yourself to have a few cheat meals a few times a week won’t kill you.

Treat Yourself

If you got to the gym three times this week or ran your first mile without stopping, make sure you treat yourself! Choose a “non-food” reward such as a weekend getaway, a mani-pedi, a massage or some new fitness gear. Your hard work should never go unnoticed!



Have a Safe & Happy New Year!







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Business of Interest by Nancy Roberts

The Clinton Street Pub is located on the corner of Clinton and Fayette Street in Downtown Syracuse – right as you enter Armory Square. Check out our events page to see what’s coming up on our schedule, or give us a ring at (315) 424-1187. “Nobody else has this!” Be honest – isn’t that what you love a restaurant/pub for providing? I enjoy cooking as much as anyone, but there are times when what I want is that something “special” that I know I’m only going to get by going out, and not just going out, but going out to one particular restaurant. And that’s what Robb Bidwell and his partner, Doug Balle, aim to provide at The Clinton Street Pub. When I think of “pub,” that word conjures up a casual, comfortable place where I can enjoy a drink and a hearty meal or tasty snack with family and friends. If I’m really lucky, and there’s a game on, I’ll be able to get a view from any seat in the house. The menu will have something for everyone, in hearty helpings, and offering those specialties that you go there just to enjoy. And with 22 screens strategically placed throughout, you’re going to get a good view of “the game” wherever you’re sitting. The Clinton Street Pub has all of that, and more. I asked Robb if he and his partner had a “vision” for their enterprise. “No,” he replied, thinking a minute. “No master plan. It’s more like seeing an opportunity, and being ready with an idea when it comes along.” He added that the city has been ready to help willing businesses take advantage of those downtown opportunities, helping Syracuse bustle invitingly once again. When they first opened the space, it was as a club. But as is the nature of the hospitality industry, tastes are constantly changing, and people are always looking for something new. But what never seems to change, explains Robb, “is good food. Our fish, for example, is to die for!” And that’s quite a statement for a city like Syracuse, where fish – especially great fried fish – is such a favorite. “Seasonings make all the difference, and we’re very careful to offer our customers the best.” Clinton Street’s wings – maybe the most popular item on the menu – are the famous Sal’s Birdland wings. They come with delicious homemade bleu cheese


dressing and Sal’s Sassy Sauce. “We always want to compete with the very best,” says Robb. “Like, Tully’s has great Chicken Tenders, but as I tell my kids, ours are better,” he adds with a chuckle. “We have 14 drafts on tap,” Robb continues, “with domestic and craft beers.

“Seasonings make all the difference, and we’re very careful to offer our customers the best.”

And a full bar. But one of our specialties is our ‘Spinning Wheel.’ We have shots on a wheel, we spin, you get the shot that comes up.” Another popular menu option is Spiedie chicken, in a sandwich, on a salad, or in a special nacho plate. The lore of the Spiedie is that the recipe traveled to the Binghamton area with Italian immigrant Augustine Iacovelli, who introduced the “Spiedie,” in his restaurant, Augies, in the 1930’s. Most Italian kitchens at the time had a “spiedo,” or cooking spit, and they would grill meats of all kinds, with lamb being a favorite. The sauce, which Iacovelli called “Zuzu,” was a mix of white wine vinegar, water, lemon juice, garlic and mint. The “Spiedie” caught on in Central New York, and it has become as much a traditional local dish as the salt potato. And The Clinton Street Pub makes it just the way Central New York has come to love it! Would a super CNY restaurant be complete without a super burger? At The Clinton Street pub, “We have awesome burgers,” says Robb. And they are. You know when you’re in the mood for a burger, while you’ll settle for just about any burger you can find, nothing is quite as stomach-and-soul satisfying as biting into a juicy, perfectly prepared nice and thick grilled beef patty, creatively garnished with toppings like melted cheese, bacon, sauteed onions, grilled cheese curds or onion rings, slathered with a variety of specialty sauces – more, some, or just a plain but just-the-way-you-like-it burger. In fact, a glance at the menu and you know you’ve got the very best of the specialties that Central New Yorkers demand, from the wings, to the Spiedies, the fish ‘n’ chips, the mac ‘n’ cheese. “And,” adds Robb, “we have really great onion petals. Breaded, and deep fried. But like with most of our dishes, it’s our seasoning that makes the difference.” He takes a beat, and then, with that chuckle of pride and sense of fun, “Nobody else has them!”

127 W. Fayette Street • Syracuse, NY 13202 • 315-424-1187 |

14 beers on tap and a full bar

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Get your burgers here !

when you spin the

Shot Wheel! check out our

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A few of our menu offerings!

Sal’s Birdland Wings

Blooming Onion Petals

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Spedie Nachos

127 W Fayette St. Syracuse, NY 13202 (315) 424-1187 Mon-Wed 4pm-1am • Thurs & Fri 4pm-2am • Sat 12pm-2am • Sun 12pm-12am

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Preventive Medicine by Dr. Barry

Don’t Shoot the Messenger You’re going to have to blame this article on my sister Brenda because, I’ve been warned previously, to avoid vaccine discussions as no one in the health department at the CDC or the FDA at cetera wants to hear any dissenting views on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. But, when my sister, a boardcertified gynecologist, mentioned that she hoped people like Dr. Mercola would be sanctioned for spreading untruths about the vaccine, I just had to take issue with her. Show me one discrepancy, one untruth the doctor Mercola has said and I will cease bombarding you with article after article about the vaccines and their serious lack of efficacy and even more serious safety. So far the bombardment has continued unabated. First off, it is TRUE that the very definition of vaccine had to be changed to allow these new modalities to be Dr. Mercola called vaccines. It’s very important to someone that they be called vaccines rather than experimental delivery systems, because the bulk of the public believes in the long and safe history of vaccination. Don’t take my word for it. Compare the 2013 definition of vaccine with the 2021 definition in Marriam Webster. Is it nitpicking? Do words matter? Secondly, can we look to the global reality

“It is TRUE that the very definition of vaccine had to be changed to allow these new modalities to be called vaccines.”

for a moment? Sweden did the least in response to COVID and has been affected the least. Very low death rates, very low hospitalization rates, when compared to many many countries with very restrictive rules and very aggressive vaccine mandates. Find out which countries are doing the best in any arena and do what they do. That seems like a reasonable approach, which our health agencies completely ignore. The mantra, the credo, the remonstration from on high is, Get the shot or you are not intelligent. Get the shot or you will kill grandma. Get the shot or you are not patriotic. Get the shot to protect others. If it’s so safe and effective why are they bribing people and shaming people into getting the shot? Although they admit they don’t have accurate data, CDC director Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics

Evaluation and Research all testified before Congress admitting that probably 40% of their staff have not been vaccinated. If these vaccines are saving the world why isn’t there 100% compliance from the people who study them? Isn’t that a fair question? Why didn’t this next story make every headline in every news channel in the world? In response to a request for a complete copy of the all important Pfizer study (upon which our entire government response relies) the FDA has petitioned the courts (we paid for it and have to sue the FDA for access, really??) to allow them until 2076...that’s 55 years from now. If this is the most important vaccine of all time then free and clear and immediate access to the data should be a foregone conclusion. This should all be on a PDF that anyone and everyone can download. We paid for the trials. We paid for the vaccines. There is no rational reason this data needs 55 years to release. As the attorneys for the researchers trying to get access to the data pointed out, they took 108 days for the FDA to carry out a very thorough and complete analysis of the vaccine trial. It shouldn’t take longer than that to release the data. Sorry but it just makes me think they are hiding something. Could it be safety data? Could it be efficacy data? And just as importantly this story of government agency mismanagement and delay is buried. Don’t believe me, type “55 years to release Pfizer data,“ on your search bar. So let’s get to the heart of the matter. Safety and Efficacy. My training has involved using the Number Needed to Treat as a marker of efficacy. This translates into how many people have to receive treatment for one person to benefit. Usually if the NNT is greater than 50 it’s considered a low benefit intervention. According to the Lancet the number needed to vaccinate is 81 for the Moderna–NIH, 78 for the AstraZeneca– Oxford, 84 for the J&J, and 119 for the Pfizer– BioNTech vaccines. Those numbers are to prevent one infection. To prevent one serious complication or one death the number needed to vaccinate is between 16,000 and 100,000. That’s a lot of shots to prevent one death but would be worth it as long as there are no safety concerns.


You hear all the time that vaccines have a greater than 90% efficacy. But that’s relative risk which looks impressive, if you use absolute risk it looks quite differently. From an article published in the NIH National Library of Medicine, “The absence of reported absolute risk reduction in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials can lead to outcome reporting bias that affects the interpretation of vaccine efficacy. Unreported absolute risk reduction measures of 0.7% and 1.1% for the Pfzier/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, respectively, are very much lower than the reported relative risk reduction measures. Reporting absolute risk reduction measures is essential to prevent outcome reporting bias in evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy.” Here is the reference PMID: 33652582. It’s pretty clear from a series of trials that the vaccine can cut down the risk of infection for a few months but it’s also very clear that the protection wanes over just a few months. From a personal standpoint most of the patients I

“In response to a request for a complete copy of the, all important Pfizer study, the FDA has petitioned the courts (we paid for it and have to sue the FDA for access, really??) to allow them until 2076... that’s 55 years from now.”

am treating now have been vaccinated. Our health department has the data about the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated in the hospitals or the number of people who have died from Covid who have been vaccinated or not vaccinated. They chose not to report them. The National Health Service in Great Britain does release this data and it clearly shows no difference in death rates between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Pfizer trial actually had more deaths in the treatment group than the placebo. The extra deaths were primarily due to heart related issues and were not considered related to the vaccine . As commented on the NNT website, “In the end, we feel it is an embarrassing dereliction that vaccine trials performed in the shadow of the worst pandemic in a century have not produced answers to the world’s most pressing questions. That is a product of trial design and data transparency. These two matters were left, inexplicably, to the discretion of drug makers.” The absolute number of deaths in the Pfizer trial attributed to Covid were one in the vaccine group and two in the placebo group so there was one less death out of 20,000 people which hardly seems big enough effect to justify mandating this shot to everyone. Onto safety...the official line is the vaccines are safe but the government controlled and sponsored site that reports on these issues, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Site, VAERS, has listed over 850,000 adverse events and over 18,000 deaths attributed to the vaccine. Now multiple studies have shown that these events are grossly underreported and that the actual numbers are 10 times to 40 times what’s listed in the VAERS. Toby Rogers put together this list of people who have looked at this issue. ”Director David Kessler in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that “only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA.” A report for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services by Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Inc. confirmed that VAERS undercounts actual vaccine injuries by a factor of 100. More recently several scholars have attempted to refine these initial estimates. Kirsch, Rose, and Crawford estimate that VAERS undercounts fatal vaccine reactions by a factor of 41. Dr. Jessica Rose, a statistician in Israel, recently calculated an under-reporting factor of 31 for all severe adverse events following vaccination. So, if 18,000 deaths have been reported, what’s the real number...180,000 or was it 700,000? Either way, these vaccines are not as safe as they have been touted. As I write this Dr. Gundry of the Plant Paradox fame, a cardiac surgeon who now

PAGE 11 • January 2022


focuses on holistic medicine and who has a very vested interest in avoiding controversy has submitted an abstract to Circulation documenting his findings that Covid vaccines DOUBLE the heart attack markers he measures on all patients. He wasn’t looking for this...he was just following the same data on all his patients and noticed this obvious change in the inflammatory markers that affect heart attack risk. Maybe those ‘unrelated’ heart attacks in the Pfizer trial were not unrelated at all. suppl_1.10712 It’s pretty evident that the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission, but they at least prevent hospitalizations and death, so it’s worth it. Unfortunately the most recent data from Europe (where they report vaccinated and unvaccinated data) does not show ANY real reduction in excess mortality in the vaccinated group. Actually in the age group between 16-49 there has been an uptick in excess mortality (not seen at all during the first year of Covid) SINCE the introduction of vaccines for that age group. Hospital admission numbers were not routinely reported in the trials for vaccine efficacy so when they say the vaccine prevents severe disease and death it’s not really based on the trial data. Speaking of deaths and the short, small trial that Pfizer did to get approval of the vaccine in children in the 5-12 age group there was absolutely no difference in the vaccine group or placebo group in terms of serious adverse events. There were ZERO adverse events in either group. So there is no evidence whatsoever that the vaccines prevent serious illness in this group and there is growing evidence that the vaccines can cause serious myocarditis especially in the younger age group. Multiple studies including Dr. Toby Rogers have calculated that since children have a very very low risk of serious injury or death, that the vaccines will do more harm than good. The reference listed is a pretty stunning indictment of the trial, and points out that the FDA wants to vaccinate every child regardless of prior infection. In the study, Pfizer excluded children that already had COVID. The CDC has admitted that 40% of children have already had the infection and they want to give all kids the shot even though they have not studied giving the shot to kids that have already had natural immunity. I have not brought up the infertility issue because we will not have real data here for years. I have not brought up the issue of antibody induced enhancement which was the principal reason prior coronavirus vaccine research had been shut down. The vaccine actually made the animal who received the vaccine much sicker when they were subsequently exposed to the virus again. That’s right...the vaccine made things worse. Here’s a reference from Nature If people who have been vaccinated multiple times start getting sicker...what will they think? Will they clamber for yet another booster, thinking that will help? It will be hard to figure out since we have essentially stopped the control groups on all the trials done so far. Control groups are vital in any study but apparently not important in the biggest and most important vaccine study in the world. So, efficacy, limited as it is, is waning. Safety concerns are mounting by the day. High risk patients should certainly be vaccinated. The rest of us should make our own decisions without the bullying, and mandating that our government seems to be so focused on. You can continue to just follow the sound bites and headlines or you can decide, on this important health issue, to do your own research. Any of the references listed above will start you on your own journey of discovery. Dr Faucci says an attack on him is really an attack on science. I’m saying that science is no monolith and that refusing to acknowledge any problems with the vaccine is not scientific. Until next your own research...get well and stay well. Vaccines for children will do more harm than good JT BARRY MD

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Computers & the Web by Nancy Roberts

Fun with Science and Technology You may remember as a child creating a “volcano.” In a way, it was as much a cooking experiment as a science experience, but it was fun. The ingredients: 6 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt, 4 tablespoons of cooking oil, and 2 cups of water. You will also need red food coloring (optional), vinegar, and baking soda, as well as a bit of liquid detergent. You don’t really “need” the dough (the mix of flour, salt, oil and water), but it’s much more fun to build a “volcano” outside the soda bottle so that it looks like the real thing. Get an empty soda bottle and stand it upright in a baking pan. Sculpt your volcano shape with the dough around the bottle, and then fill the bottle most of the way with warm water. Add about 6 drops of red food coloring, and about six drops of detergent. Now, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the bottle and finally - slowly pour in the vinegar. Eruption! Since those days, science and tech experiments your children (or you) can do at home have become much more complex and sophisticated, from building complex robots to wiring an electric circuit. But another experiment that’s relatively easy and while fascinating and a great learning opportunity requires few expensive materials: grow your own crystals. We did this with simple salt and water, Open 67 but how about obtaining year some alum and making Same O s wner a really great looking finished crystal? Get a clear container, “One of Syracuse’s Best Kept Secrets Since 1954” and think about ways in which you can suspend some nylon fishing wire Italian Specialties into this container so that it’s not touching the sides Fresh Fish Everyday! or bottom. It can be as Prime Rib Saturday simple as tying it around and Hand Cut a ruler and then balancing Ribeye Steaks the ruler over the edges of a glass. Now, get another Takeout & Catering container, and add about Dining Room a half cup of hot tap water to this container, and 2.5 tablespoons of alum to the water. There are many LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY types of alum, and they’ll grow different colors of OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK | CLOSED MONDAYS Tues-Thurs 11am-8:30pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm crystals – but the safest Sun 12pm-8:30pm and easiest to obtain is the one you can buy right 1524 Valley Drive • Syracuse 13207 315-492-9997 • in the grocery store. Add

Old School Italian Dining


Volcano science experiment

the alum slowly to the water, stirring it constantly so it dissolves completely. Cover the jar with the dissolved alum with a paper towel and let the mixture sit overnight. The next day, pour the solution into the second, clear container. You’re going to see some small crystals already forming at the bottom of the container. These are called “seed” crystals. Now, get one of the largest of these crystals, and tie the nylon fishing line to it, and drop it into the second container, so that it’s covered by the liquid, but not touching the bottom or sides of the jar, and suspend it using that ruler. Again, cover the top with a paper towel – the object of this is to keep dust and other debris out. Now wait, and watch, as your crystal takes shape. You can keep doing this, each time taking your larger crystal, and moving it to another jar – each time making sure to only keep growing your suspended crystal. Small seed crystals will continue to form at the bottom of the liquid, which you’ll want to give their own container, or throw away, as they’ll be using the alum suspension to grow themselves. Here’s one I’d love to try – it’s called a Da Vinci Bridge, and it can be made with pencils and rubber bands, and with just 8 pencils, you can support more than 6 pounds on your finished “bridge.” https:// If you want to

“Fascinating and a great learning opportunity that requires few expensive materials: grow your own crystals.” explore the night (or day) sky, an app that’s great for locating planets and learning how to find constellations is SkyView. It installs on a smartphone, and by simply aiming it at any landmark star or planet, or the moon, you’ll get the name of the object, and where it sits relative to


Alum makes a really great looking finished crystal

PAGE 13 • January 2022


the horizon. You’ll even be able to detect man-made satellites in place hovering over the Earth. Maybe your taste is for exploring nature in the woods? I always have my PlantSnap app ready to go when I walk in the woods, or you might choose iNaturalist or Pl@ntNet. They’ll all basically let you focus your camera on a plant (usually a particular feature like a leaf or flower), and then you’ll be presented with probable matches. If you’re pretty sure you have a hit, you can learn more about the plant (or tree) in question, its properties and uses. RockCheck or MineralsGuide will perform a similar function for identifying rocks you come across on your rambles – and you’ll learn a little about Geology in the process. Now, a good idea for anyone wandering in the

Da Vinci Bridge

Skyview app, learning to find constellations

“They’ll all basically let you focus your camera on a plant (usually a particular feature like a leaf or flower), and then you’ll be presented with probable matches.”


woods with a smartphone is a solar battery for a recharge, or constant trickle charge, so that you don’t run out of battery power while you’re out on the trail. I’ve got the Solar Power Bank, which comes with a Qi Portable

Charger, a dual flashlight and compass. But there are any number of solar batteries that can go out on your walks with you, and will give you a little extra time on the trail. Whether you’re going to be spending some time in the “home classroom” with your kids, or you like to spend your play time exploring fun and educational activities, the Internet is a wealth of ideas that can take you far beyond the Home Volcano (though granted, they’re still fun to create!) or Crystal Growing of years ago.

OPEN until Midnight 7 Days a Week! • 10PM - 12AM CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY


PORK $ 595 5 9 STEAK 1 $ 5 2 K A STE


5 9 20





SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PHOENIX & SCHROEPPEL BUSINESSES! • Cam’s Pizzeria • Bombadils Tavern • Basil Thai Restaurant • • CJ’s Deli • Lock 1 Distillery • The Gingersnap Gift Shop & Cake Bakery • • Duskee’s Sports Bar & Grill • R.F.H.’s Hide-A-Way Restaurant • • Li’s Garden • Monirae’s Restaurant • 916 Restaurant • • Tasswood Bakery • Our Family To Yours Café • • MaryAnne’s Countrytime Café •

228 HUNTLEY ROAD Off Route 57A (Off Rt 481) PHOENIX, NY • 315.695.2245

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The Nave Law


New York State Fairgrounds in the Expo Center It’s “All the Fun of the Fair” inside the Expo Center on the New York State Fairgrounds. This is the 3rd edition of this event featuring the food, rides, music and entertainment that people enjoy in the summer. The Nave Law Winter Fair can attract over 25,000 people in attendance! This major event will take place Friday, February 4 through Sunday, February 6, 2022. Advanced sale tickets are available now at www.nyswinterfair. com. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for teens/pre-teens and seniors. Children 10 and under will be admitted free of charge. At the door, admission is $7 for adults and $5 for teens/pre-teens and seniors. Children 10 and under will be admitted free of charge. Parking is free and vehicles will be directed through gate 6 to park on the New York State Fairgrounds. “We could not do this event in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So we are excited to be able bring back this new tradition. Everyone loves the New York State Fair! We want to give families a chance to experience elements of the Fair during the winter. It will be great to have an event to chase away the winter blues. The New York State Fairgrounds have great year around events and we want to have The Nave Law Winter Fair be an annual tradition in “Making Memories”. said Steve Becker of Premier Promotions, the Promoter of The Nave Law Winter Fair. The Naming Sponsor for this upcoming year is the Nave Law Firm. Sean Kelsey, the Chief Operating Officer said, “Nave Law continues to be proud to support the community and local events with its mission to help solve everyday people problems. Needing a lawyer for anything can be stressful and overwhelming, so the best way to overcome that is to show the community we care, we are approachable, and when they need help, we are available to help.” The Nave Law Winter Fair will take place again inside the Expo Center, which is the largest open space venue outside New York City between Boston and Cleveland. The Nave Law Winter Fair will fill the Expo Center with a variety of food vendors, crafters, businesses, and non-profit organizations along with rides, entertainment and special features. “We are thrilled to have Winter Fair back in 2022,” said Troy Waffner, Director of the New York State Fair. “It has become a tradition everyone looks forward to and it serves as our kick off to the countdown to the New York State Fair.” The Nave Law Winter Fair is receiving a tremendous amount of support from our representatives in the Central New York community. Onondaga County will be presenting the Winter Fireworks on Friday February 4 and Saturday February 5, 2022 at 9:30pm by the Expo Center. Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said, “Onondaga County is proud to once again be a partner to make the Winter Fair possible. This event is a family friendly and safe way to celebrate the winter season and I encourage everyone to enjoy all the activities and events being offered.” “Syracuse doesn’t just experience the winter season, we embrace it. Winter Fair is a fun way to enjoy all that we love about The Great New York State Fair in the heart of winter,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “Winter Fair helps shorten a long season by giving families another way to celebrate winter and supports our local economy by creating jobs and drawing visitors to our community.” Both Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse will be exhibiting at this event with different departments for outreach with the attendees. Also for the upcoming Nave Law Winter Fair, Central New York State Senators and Assembly Members will be promoting the event to their constituents, as well as participating in the Nave Law Winter Fair. They see that this event brings the community together and is an attraction to bring people to Syracuse!

New York State Senator Rachel May stated, “I am thrilled to welcome the Winter Fair back to the Fairgrounds in 2022. This event has been a wonderful way to highlight crafters, non-profits, local businesses, and government agencies. I’m looking forward to celebrating a little taste of the State Fair with my CNY neighbors in February.” New York State Senator John W. Mannion said, “The 2022 Winter Fair at the New York State Fairgrounds will highlight the seasonal activities and Winter charm that make Central New York such an attractive place to live, work, and visit year-round. I’m grateful the Winter Fair is returning and encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the food, rides, games, and family fun.” “The Winter Fair is a great opportunity for the Central New York Community to enjoy the food, thrills and excitement of the New York State Fair in an indoor space, while watching the snow fly outside during winter,” said New York State Assemblyman William Magnarelli, whose district includes the New York State Fairgrounds. “The Winter Fair provides both an economic and an entertainment boost half-way to the annual Great New York State Fair.” “Our community excitedly awaits the start of the Great NYS Fair every year. The Nave Law Winter Fair is a great opportunity to feel that excitement during the wintertime. I am looking forward to seeing families and friends enjoy this mid- year event. ” said Pam Hunter, New York State Assemblywoman. “The New York State Fair is one of my favorite events and the Winter Fair is just another bite of the apple! From the food, the vendors and the rides, there is something for everyone and highlights the versatility of our new Expo Center. It is a pleasure to support an event that is serving as a new tradition for all of our families.” – New York State Assemblyman Al Stirpe. The New York State Fair and other events at the Fairgrounds are an attraction to bring people to Syracuse and Onondaga County. We are the heart of New York. The Nave Law Winter Fair is a community event for Central New York and is also an economic boost bringing in people from across New York State and even Canada. For those travelers coming in from out of the town, the Official Nave Law Winter Fair Hotel is the Embassy Suites at Destiny USA. “Visit Syracuse is thrilled to welcome back the Winter Fair for 2022. This annual event has quickly become one of the top family-friendly events in our area during the winter months and we couldn’t be more excited to have it back at the New York State Fairgrounds. Resuming events like this will help continue to drive the increases we’ve seen in tourism and visitor spend over the last several months and further spur a resurgence of our local businesses and economy,” said Danny Liedka, President/CEO, Visit Syracuse. It’s rare during the winter to have a chance to enjoy rides, games and Carnival food indoors. The Nave Law Winter Fair again will feature a Mini-Midway with rides that include: Avengers, Sea Ray, Ferris Wheel, Giant Slide, Scrambler, Swing, Merry Go Round, Kiddie Whale, Kiddie Motorcycles, Train, Kiddie Roller Coaster and more to come! Games include: Fish Toss, Shark Attack Fishing, Duck Pond, Balloon Pop and High Striker. Where can you get pizze fritte in the winter? Of course at The Nave Law Winter Fair! A staple of the Fair, Villa Pizze Fritte will be there along with Fair favorites such as Kiki’s Authentic Greek Food, BBQ with Limp Lizard, Hoffmann Hot Dogs, Coneys, prime ribs sandwiches from Bosco’s at the Fair and definitely there’s State Fair Sausage Sandwiches. Also at the event will be Baked Potato Express, Glazed & Confused Donuts, Pizza from Paradise, Sarita’s Spanish Cuisine, Creole Soul Cajun delights, ice cream and new this year, Blooming Onions from Little Debbie’s Concession. More food selections will be added. Plus there’ll be

beer, wine, lemonade, coffee, hot chocolate, water and wine Slushies from Ashley Lynn. A complete list of food vendors and menus will be online in January at The Nave Law Winter Fair website. There will be wall-to-wall entertainment at The Nave Law Winter Fair. Music performers will include on Friday February 4th: Dunes & the Deltunes, the Barndogs featuring Miss E and the classic rock group Hard Promises; on Saturday February 5th it’s the CNY Jazz Youth Trio, Sammy Awards winner Sydney Irving, The Launch PAD featuring Edgar Pagan, Bill Ali and Joe Driscoll, country rock with the Custom Taylor Band, and the funk, pop and R&B band Atlas. This will be a tribute to George Feltman the leader of Atlas who passed away in August 2020. His last public performance with Atlas was at Winter Fair 2020. Sunday February 4th will feature Ronnie Leigh, a 90-minute Gospel Sunday program under the direction of Dr. Joan Hillsman. Gospel Sunday is presented by the NAACP. Wrapping up The Nave Law Winter Fair will be the legendary R&B/Funk/Soul group, the BlackLites. Additional features will highlight the Six Nations Native American dancers, martial arts demonstrations with Karate John’s, Irish dancers from St. Francis Academy, a fashion show with LS Jones, Latino Dancing with La Familia, Multi-Cultural Entertainment with the New Americans and Immigrants community, You Gotta to Dance performance and a Fair favorite, Hilby, the Skinny German Juggle Boy. Hilby will be at the event on Saturday, February 5th and Sunday, February 6th. A complete schedule of entertainment and special features with times will be available in December at The Nave Law Winter Fair website. Yes, the Ice Sculptures will be back, lining the walkway to the Expo Center The Nave Lave Law Winter Fair will include chances to help give back to the Central New York community. The NAACP will be managing the Coat Check and will receive a portion of the proceeds. $1500 was presented to the NAACP from the first two events. The Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Fund will be exhibiting in the event. Plus Nave Law will be announcing several charities that will participate in the event as well. The Price Chopper/Market 32 Winter Fair Hoops will be back with attendances shooting baskets and winning prizes for a good cause. For the two first Winter Fair Hoops, $8000 was raised to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Syracuse through the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation. “The Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse is excited to return to the Winter Fair and connect with our city’s residents, raising money and awareness for after school programming and youth services. We look forward to shooting hoops with folks of all ages and enjoying the great atmosphere Winter Fair provides,” said Jeff Eysaman - Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Syracuse. The Nave Law Winter Fair has great support from the following sponsors: Nave Law Firm, Onondaga County, Galaxy Media Partners, New York State Fair, City of Syracuse, WCNY, Price Chopper / Market 32, Sportevo, Visit Syracuse, CNY Latino, Eagle Newspapers, Park Outdoor, Table Hopping, Karate Johns, Over the Top Roofing, Embassy Suites – Destiny USA Syracuse, Bud Light Seltzer, Villa Pizze Fritte, Main Event Amusements, Countryside Stove and Chimney of CNY, Ashley Lynn Winery and Charles Signs. More information and a link to ticket sales can be found at The Nave Law Winter Fair’s website at Also updates will be on Facebook at The Nave Law Winter Fair is not affiliated with the Great New York State Fair. Contact: Steve Becker, The Nave Law Winter Fair Promoter, 315.727.9393,

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FEB. 4, 5 & 6, 2022

New York State Fairgrounds Syracuse, NY ENJOY FAMILY FUN featuring:

Food • Music • Mini-Midway • WINTER FIREWORKS Exhibits • Crafters • Vendors • Hilby the Skinny German Juggling Boy • Martial Arts Demonstrations • Native American Dancers Irish Dancers • Gotta Dance • Latino Dancing Fashion Show with LS Jones • Hoops for Boys & Girls Club



The Custom Taylor Band

Ronnie Leigh

Sydney Irving

The Launch PAD Pagan.Ali.Driscoll

Dr. Joan Hillsman Gospel Sunday

CNY Jazz Youth Trio

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Now P l ay i n g by BRIAN MILLER







Spider-Man: No Way Home The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand in every conceivable sense of the word, and has now ventured beyond the big screen. Along with the ever-growing collection of films, we now have series such as WANDAVISION, FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, LOKI, and HAWKEYE. With an endless supply of projects besieging us at every possible turn, it’s growing increasingly difficult to be overly excited about what comes next. Maybe this was the reason that I wasn’t exactly elated about the prospect of another SpiderMan movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Tom Holland’s run as Spidey, and every MCU film he has appeared in has been spectacular. It’s just that the super-hero market has become so saturated, nothing about it feels new or refreshing. At least, that’s what I thought.

Happy NewYear from all of us at


SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME is every bit as thrilling, hilarious, and actionpacked as the MCU has had to offer to this point. It is like a collection of the web-slinger’s greatest hits, unfolding in a way that feels neither tired nor placating. NO WAY HOME begins immediately where the mid-credits scene of FAR FROM HOME left off. Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) has just proclaimed to the world that Peter Parker (Holland) is Spider-Man, and that the once beloved hero is actually a teenage psychopath. Peter instantly becomes the most famous person on the planet, and while MJ (Zendaya), Ned (Jacob Batalon) and his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) already knew the truth, the rest of the world must now come to grips with the revelation. The ramifications of the unmasking ripple well beyond Peter’s life. Based on their association with Spider-Man, MJ and Ned are denied entry into MIT, and though they put on a brave face, Peter knows that his choices will now follow them for the rest of their lives. Desperate to undo the damage he has caused, Parker enlists the help of Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch.) He begs the wizard to perform a spell that would make the world forget who he is, unleashing a cataclysmic set of events that that will impact not only their lives, but the entire multiverse. It’s not often that a superhero adventure delivers the type of fan-serving surprises that NO WAY HOME does for the entire duration of the film. If, by some miracle, you haven’t been privy to these revelations by now, I’m certainly not going to spoil them for you here. For those, like myself, who tried every way possible to avoid trailers and theories, what unfolded on the screen was a sheer delight. The entire cast was remarkable, including a number of performers who certainly deserve to be recognized here, but who I am reluctant to praise based on my aforementioned spoiler-free promise. These turns gave the audience something to cheer about. And, I mean that literally. In the packed screening I attended, there were multiple times in which the entire audience erupted in rapturous applause. Despite the innumerable action sequences we have seen in Marvel films since IRON MAN debuted in 2008, there are moments in the MCU that continue to amaze, and there is more than one sequence in NO WAY HOME that fits this bill. I was lucky enough to watch it unfold in the 4DX theater within Regal Cinemas at Destiny USA, and judging by the reactions of my entire family and the rest of the capacity crowd, everyone was blown away. “More than just a movie” seems like a cliched tagline, yet, as I was gripping my seat as it soared with Spidey, feeling the wind on my face, and the blasts of air behind my ear, I came to a simple and joyous realization; THIS. IS. FUN. For any movie lover in your life, this is something that you need to experience. There’s simply nothing like it. If, as has been rumored, this is the last time we will see Tom Holland as Peter Parker, there is no arguing that he went out on top. While it seems reactionary to proclaim that the most recent installment is the best Spider-Man film to date, it also seems very fair at this point in time. Delivering on all of the aspects that has allowed the MCU to remain the premiere franchise in filmmaking today, NO WAY HOME proves to be one of the best blockbusters of the year. SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME- A (Now showing in theaters.) Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio


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Wedding Plans 2022


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Wedding Plans 15 Things You Are Most Likely to Run Out of During the Wedding When you prepare for the wedding, there is never “too much” of anything. There are a ton of things people tend to forget to bring enough of for the wedding. And we’re not talking about some special, over the top items or about people who just

Serving Syracuse Wedding Cakes for 24 Years!

f eart o◆ H e In th le Italy Litt TASTE THE DIFFERENCE

from the wedding cake people Specializing in Wedding Cakes ◆ Pastries Lunches ◆ Gelato


For Voting Us #1!

plan conservatively – we’re talking about major things that even most detail-oriented couples can’t seem to get enough of.

15. Lipstick

Yes, lipstick. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, you will be kissing all throughout the day – at the ceremony, for the photos, and pretty much continuously during the reception (it’s guests’ favorite torture for the newlyweds – keep making the couple kiss after the first dance, after each toast and at the end of each section of the reception). Even the best lipstick will get smudged quickly – and you will need to reapply actively.

14. Reception Games

Two scenarios here. Scenario one: your guests will not be at all familiar with each other (for example, if

“It feels special to be showered with flowers on the day of your wedding. And all of these wedding flowers are for you!” your college friends are flying over, your family is coming from across the country, and your future spouse’s family is coming over from a totally different part of the country). In this case, they will likely spend a lot of time sitting behind the tables waiting for more and more icebreakers. Reception games and entertainment that are silly and embarrassing will work well here. Alternatively, everybody will know each other or simply will get to know each other very quickly. In that case, everyone will get drunk too quickly, leaving a big void for quality entertainment. Keep in mind that the program will be aimed mostly at entertaining you, the couple, so the guests will need to be kept well engaged throughout the night.

13. Vases for Flowers

Geoffrey & Deborah Camire 741 N. Salina St., Syracuse, NY Ph. 315.478.9583 • Fax 315.478.6152

Order a mini-cake to enjoy the next day

Nothing feels better to a bride than realizing the next morning how many flowers she got. It feels special to be showered with flowers on the day of your wedding. And all of these wedding flowers are for you! Well, in most cases, the guests will either not bring any flowers at all (and all you have to deal with is the bleak decorating

PAGE 19 • January 2022



Wedding Plans flowers that you will see the next morning), or they will bring too many flowers and there will not be enough vases to put the flowers in. Thus, you will have flowers in sinks, serving bowls, and even empty alcohol bottles by the end of the night. To ensure you’re not going to end up without any flowers on your special day (guests are not as mindful as you’d think), here is a tip: ask the groom to kindly give your guests a hint to bring some flowers

“Nobody wants to be a D.D. at the wedding, so rent a limousine for your guests as a separate line item in your plan!”

will be so dehydrated that the next morning won’t be kind to them. As a result, they won’t remember your wedding without remembering the pain of a hangover and the headache the next morning. If you want to leave your guests feeling great, have everyone grab a water bottle or two on their way out, and you’ll be greeted with smiles the next morning, not grimaces of pain.

9. Time for the Entire Wedding Program of the Day!

Too many couples plan too many things for the day. You too, despite thinking of yourself as a great planner will most likely plan much more than you can fit in the day. Let’s take Josh and Amanda as an example. Josh and Amanda recently had a ceremony that was to start around noon (that’s what the guests were told; the actual

for you. While this might sound too “planned,” isn’t this entire process you’re going through right now?

12. Wedding Cake for the Two of You to Enjoy the Next Day

It may seem that by the time the cake is cut, guests might be completely too full to eat a lot of it. Yet by the next morning, the cake always magically disappears. You get up to realize there is no cake really left, but you do want something sweet to remember the previous day by. So do yourself a favor – order your cake baker to create a separate piece of the cake – perhaps not as beautifully decorated – ahead of time, delivered at the same time as the main cake but hidden in the fridge until the next morning, for you and your husband to enjoy.

11. Designated Drivers

Let’s face it – nobody wants to be a D.D. at the wedding. Sure, you have that friend that does not drink, and maybe even two, but hey – one or two designated drivers is just not enough to get everyone home or to the hotels from the wedding. And at weddings, people tend to drink. So rent a limousine for your guests as a separate line item in your plan!

10. Water Bottles

No, not just water (catering can usually provide glassses of drinking water) – water bottles. One golden rule of serving alcohol at a wedding that every state-licensed wedding bartender lives by is: “Give them enough water after the reception, and they’ll definitely remember your wedding fondly.” It’s too common of a scenario: drunken crowds leave the reception, head for the cabs and then straight into beds. At this point, your guests

Great for Rehearsal Dinners! Open for inside seating at the bar and dining room. HOURS: Wed-Sat 4:30-9pm

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Wedding Plans

Toasts to the happy couple

e AW OW for Every Audienc

◆ Prom/Dinner Dance ◆ Bridal Gowns ◆ Bridesmaids ◆ Mother of the Bride and Groom ◆ Flower Girl ◆ Special Occasion ◆ Accessories ◆ Alterations ◆ Shoes & Shoe Dyeing

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time of the reception was scheduled for 1:15pm to allow all the latecomers to arrive since guests and friends were coming from all over the country), then as guests enjoyed the wedding cocktails and wedding entertainment at the cocktail hour, the couple was to spend two hours doing a photo session in the local town with a professional photographer. After that, they wanted to spend 15 minutes on a memorable traditional activity and head to the reception. That plan, of course, did not work out as planned. It was clear the event wouldn’t start at 1:00pm since the hair and make-up for the bride took a bit too long earlier in the morning, and after the ceremony, the crowd wanted to take pictures with the newlyweds, delaying the planned “bride and groom only” photo session. In the end, the traditional family activity was skipped for the sake of finally getting to the reception site and starting the celebration. To avoid rushing your own day, plan to add an extra 30 minutes of transitions between any two activity line items on your schedule.

8. Wedding Toasts

Believe it or not, the only people who would have prepared a toast will be the parents of the bride and groom. Even then, ensure they tell the Master of Ceremonies ahead of time what kind of toast they’ll be making and how long it will take. The MC will schedule them in at the appropriate timeslot – either separately or as a couple. After that, you’ll run out of people willing to go for a toast. People will feel like they’d be competing with prepared toasts, the fear of public speaking will kick in, etc. So you need to assign toasts ahead of time – again, have the MC practice the toasts with the guests ahead of time so that the toasts are concise, interesting and coherent (who doesn’t have an older aunt who can take 10 minutes to convey a thought?). Ensure MC’s schedule contains any and all “key” toasts, and then you can leave space for 2-3 toasts that are “unplanned.” By giving people time to prepare good toasts before the wedding, you will get to be surprised by witty and interesting toasts on your special day.

7. Rewards for Guests Participating in Reception Games

This is simple – even if you end up hiring a professional MC, have something available for them to reward the crowd for participation in the entertainment program during the reception. It does not need to be big or expensive – packs of Skittles or something else small and colorful will serve as tokens that are sufficient to drive the participation and create a competitive spirit, but is not expensive enough to create upset participants who will dispute the judging because they really wanted a certain prize.

“Create a list of 7 cocktails – that the two of you, the engaged couple, like the most – those will make your “signature” cocktails.”

6. Rose Petals for the Ceremony

There could always be more. Rose petals create a great sense of celebration and luxury but could be pricey and hard to maintain freshness. For that reason, get what you need, have that delivered the morning of the wedding (not the night before), and get more than you think you need. The more petals you have, the more luxurious the entire wedding will seem on the photographs.

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Wedding Plans 5. Original Wedding Music

You go to 5 different weddings, and you will hear 5 sets of the same wedding tracks. If you get the band, they’ll be sure to play the same wedding songs that they played at a wedding the day before and will play the day after. If you’re not the first of your friends to get married, count on boring everyone with exactly the same repertoire as all the brides that came before you. Instead, opt for something original and not too cheesy.

4. Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos could – or even should – be your #1 investment in the wedding planning, but even then, your main photographer will most likely be focusing on only the central set of activities at your wedding. You could hire – or even find for free – a secondary, backup photographer, but that photographer will also likely only track the “main characters” (i.e. you) at the wedding. What you won’t have enough of is the photos of behind-thescenes and of your guests. Most guests will take a dozen photos at most throughout the day, and if they are really having fun, they will most likely not even remember that they brought a camera with them even if they did. A great idea is to provide each table with 2-3 disposable cameras for the guests to use (you can get a bunch of cheap Kodak or Fuji Quick Snap Waterproof Disposable Cameras for your wedding – look for something with a good flash since it’ll likely be dark). Any major store with a photoshop in it will usually take a disposable film camera in for processing and can produce digital shots on a CD. You can give these cameras to your wedding caterer, cake baker, wedding music, etc. ahead of time to get unique “behind the scenes” perspective – ask them to take photos when they cook, decorate the cake, wait before the event starts on the day of the wedding, etc. Some vendors will agree, others might choose not to participate, but you’ll surely get more behind-the-scenes candid photos than you would otherwise.

3. Exotic Cocktails

This is applicable to you only if you’re making a self-serve bar and will not be hiring a bartender. What cocktails should you serve? Vodka and rum are easy to predict – but what to mix them with? You can get a The Craft of the Cocktail: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master Bartender at your local library. Create a list of 7 cocktails – that the two of you, the engaged couple, like the most – those will make your “signature” cocktails – HIS and HERS. Another 5 should be the five most common cocktails – just provide your guests with instructions, and let them have a good choice of what to drink.

2. Patience

Relax and go with it. It’s your day after all! Anyone who’s gone through a wedding

Fine Dining




2290 W. GENESEE TPK (RT. 5) • CAMILLUS, NY 315.672.3166 •

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Wedding Plans themselves will tell you this: things will go wrong. People will be late. Electronics won’t cooperate. You’ll run out of time. However, don’t let that make you forget the main purpose of your day. One of the biggest surprises for newly married couples is how quickly the wedding day goes for them – all they remember is waking up and then the day is already over! So spend this day on yourself, and ignore everything that does not go according to the plan.

1. Champagne

Yes, this is the top #1 item that wedding couples report running out of. We were going to put “Patience” (#2 above) as #1 since it causes the most stress, but champagne is

Luxurious Ideas for Bath and Soap Wedding Favors It seems that often despite the very best intentions most wedding favors are tossed and thrown away immediately after the wedding. It’s nothing personal, it just seems that some gifts will only interest a smaller portion of your guests. So

“Champagne is literally the top #1 item that couples report running out of the fastest. Plan for about three times the amount that you think you need.”

what can you do to fight these odds and not waste money in the process? The key is that whatever wedding favors you choose, make sure they are useful in some way or another. A useful wedding gift is something that will find its way into your guest’s everyday life. It has to be something while relatively simple to procure is so important to their daily routine that they will find themselves simply lost without it. One of the most effective favors to meet these criteria are bath and soap wedding favors. What is more necessary to everyday life than the routines of the bathroom? This makes them the perfect gift. To complete your conquest of your

literally what most couples run out of the fastest. Your guests will be drinking champagne as they wait first for the ceremony to begin and then during the cocktail hour as they wait for the reception to start. You and your guests will be drinking champagne as you toast throughout the evening. By the time the cake is served, you will realize you’re completely out of champagne. So plan for about three times the amount of champagne that you’re initially planning to have (it’s okay not to make every bottle Veuve Clicquot). That way you definitely won’t run out. Happy planning your wedding!


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the obvious choice

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Body butter is also a wonderful idea

papaya, or passion fruit. These sweet fragrances will have a soothing and calming effect. The wide selection provided by your local artisan soap company will allow you to find great smelling, all natural bath products without breaking the bank. These will be sure fire hits. Another practical idea that will probably not be tossed in the trash, are beauty tools no person can be without. Get your guests grooming or manicure kits. These are items that are used on a daily basis and there are few guests that would have no use for them. Everyone needs a manicure kit to take care of their fingernails and toenails. Everyone needs a trimmer whether it’s for their beard or eyebrows. Finding grooming sets as gifts gives you an opportunity to meet a need your guests take for granted. Finally skin care products will also be a great favor idea. No woman will say no to great skin care products. A good idea is to find ones with proven ingredients. A good example is Aloe Vera Gel. You can get it at any local store and it does many amazing things for the skin. Contact your local, family-run soap company today and use this common sense approach to choosing great favors.


Consider shaped soaps

guests’ attention, here are 5 scintillating suggestions to help guide in choosing great soap and bath wedding favors. Consider shaped soaps. These soaps are cheap and come in a variety of interesting shapes. The idea is pretty much similar to what hotels do when they offer courtesy soap and shampoo. Have you ever seen a person not use them? It’s often very rare. Also shape is an eye catcher. Your guest will be intrigued by the shape. Find the more interesting ones and your guest will admire them so much they will feel guilty each time they use it! Bubble bath, bath oils or scrubs are a great gift idea. There is nothing more luxurious than a bath except for a bubble bath or bath with bath salts or oils. Combined with warm water in your tub they can give your guests the best hour to hour and a half of their lives. The bath ingredients will help soothe away the days aches and pain and make the tub the prime real estate for relaxation. Scrubs will exfoliate and hydrate in the most natural way. Try scented shampoos, body washes or natural artisan soaps created specifically for your special day. I have to admit this is a personal favorite. A soap, body wash, or shampoo with the right scents can make any shower or bath a joy to experience. Look for sensuous and intriguing scents like cantaloupe,


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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

Avicolli’s Can you believe it is already 2022? This year starts off with a new year’s resolution that will be easy to stick to – resolve to eat great food and start it with a meal from Avicollis! This family owned and operated business has been serving high quality homemade family recipes to Central New Yorkers for decades. Avicolli’s truly has something for everyone; you can sit in their beautiful dining room and enjoy a delicious meal complete with social distancing requirements,

“When it comes to making a selection you absolutely cannot go wrong with any of the mouthwatering options.”

grab a mouthwatering pizza to eat in our take home at their award winning pizzeria or place an order to go and take Avicolli’s home! Avicolli’s Restaurant is conveniently located at 7839

Oswego Rd. in Liverpool and they are open Tuesday through Thursday 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm and Sunday 11am to 9pm. Whether it be lunch or dinner, four course meals or pizza, a glass of wine or an authentic Italian dessert, at Avicolli’s you will always find something delicious! You can enjoy the entire menu in the restaurant, or at home because the entire menu is available for takeout or delivery. Also, they offer a full catering menu for all of your upcoming parties and events. There are just so many yummy choices to choose from at Avicolli’s! The menu changes seasonally to ensure that every dish is made with the finest and freshest ingredients available. They also offer daily specials including appetizers, entrees, and desserts. When it comes to making a selection you absolutely cannot go wrong with any of the mouthwatering options. Avicolli’s regulars swear that the eggplant is the best in town. It should also be noted that the talented Chef and kitchen staff are super accommodating and will try to make a dish just for you with a combination of pastas, sauces, and toppings if you don’t see exactly what you are looking Always beautiful in every season for on the menu.


FEATURING: Amano’s, Avicolli’s, Camillus Country Club, Euclid, Fish Cove, Inn Between, Munjeds, Pasta’s on the Green, plus many more!

GET 50% OFF Gift Certific ate s New deals every Monday!

Supplies are limited. Your gift certificate will be sent to you via USPS mail.



My family and I arrived at Avicolli’s on a slightly snowy winter evening but we were immediately warmed up upon stepping in to the friendly and inviting restaurant. We were quickly seated in a cozy booth and looked over the scrumptious menu. One problem that we always have at Avicolli’s is that we can never decide what to order because everything they make is great! Luckily a friendly and knowledgeable server helped us decide between some of the delicious menu options! We began our meal with an order of the Calamari Fritti, a gigantic portion of tender pieces of calamari, dredged in Avicolli’s very own mixture of seasoned flour, that is then fried to perfection and served with housemade tomato sauce and lemon wedges. We also decided to try the Arancine, also known as rice balls, a delicious combination of risotto, ham, salami, mozzarella cheese, and Romano cheese formed into a ball, which is then breaded fried, and served on a bed of house made tomato sauce. Both appetizers were scrumptious! After that we were served Italian Wedding Soup, a fresh garden salad with the house balsamic and crumbly bleu and homemade (and super tasty) garlic knots. For an entrée Kyle decided on the Lobster Ravioli, a delicious portion of claw and knuckle stuffed lobster ravioli simmered in a garlic cream finished with spinach. As a seafood and pasta lover he said that this dish really hit the spot! I decided on Broiled Scallops, with four beautifully plated broiled jumbo diver scallops in a lemon white wine sauce with sautéed baby spinach and it was served with a side of roasted potatoes. The scallops were perfectly cooked and paired perfectly with the sauce and spinach. Everything was fanstastic and we were totally stuffed so we decided to take dessert to go! Later on we split the creamy pistachio cheesecake and a slice of heavenly lemon mascarpone cake. As always, our meal was nothing short of delicious, the atmosphere was warm and comfortable and the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your meal.

PAGE 25 • January 2022


Make 2022 your year to start living deliciously with Avicolli’s! Whether you are a regular customer or have never been, you are always in for a real treat at Avicolli’s. Don’t forget that you can enjoy an award winning pizza at the restaurant or a full meal at home because the entire menu is available for pick up or delivery! Check out the menu at, call 315-622-5100 to make reservations, place an order for pick up or delivery or to book catering for your event!


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(and that ages well). During the post-wedding reception, you’ll seal this bottle of wine in a box, and you can opt to add notes and other keepsakes from your big day. Then, you agree to open it up years later, most commonly in 10 years. A wine box ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate your love – and your love of wine. The first step is to find a bottle of wine that you’ll want to preserve. Talk to a wine by Cassandra Harrington steward at your local wine store (or winery) about a bottle that will age well. It’s a great by jaimie mackey idea to pick a specific date upon which you’ll open the wine – say, your 10th wedding anniversary – so you can select a bottle that will be even better than it is now. As a rule of thumb, red wines tend to age better than white wines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t age a white wine or that all red wines will age well. Some red wines that couples have chosen to save include Cotes du Rhone, Bordeaux, and Cabs. Whites that age well include select Sauternes, Riesling, and some Champagne. Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé don’t tend to be ones that people hold onto for a decade. But consult an expert before picking a specific bottle.” Finding a unity ritual to include in your wedding Most bottles of wine fare better when stored horizontally, so the cork stays moist, and ceremony can feel like a tall order, especially if you’re in a cool, dark place. Think about where you’ll be displaying the wine box, too. Try to store having a secular ceremony instead of a religious one. your wine somewhere that resembles a wine cellar – think a cool closet or basement. Many rituals, like unity candles, have their roots in There are a plethora of wine box options available online, from ones engraved with your religious traditions and might not feel like the right fit. But wedding date to velvet-lined options that come with two wine glasses for you to save and if you and your spouse-to-be love wine or plan on tying use when the box and bottle are opened. You could also opt to DIY the box in some way, the knot at a vineyard, the wine box ritual may be for you. whether that means building it yourself or adding an inscription on the lid. A wine box ceremony is a non-religious wedding Besides wine, what other mementos can you seal up in a wine box? From well-wishes ritual in which a bottle of wine is enclosed in a box courtesy of close family members to predictions of where you might be 10 years from so that it can be opened by a couple at a later date. now, there’s no shortage of ways to display your love for one another. “A lovely thing to Some couples opt to add an extra layer of meaning by include is a love letter or notes to each other to save for your 10th anniversary. You could including love letters to each other and sealing them in also include other fun relics, such as a local newspaper front page or photos from the the box alongside the wine. beginning of your courtship. While the origins of wine box ceremonies are unknown, wine has been a fixture at Beyond tasting notes, it also comes down to selecting a wine that holds special meaning weddings since the ancient Greeks. Wine box ceremonies have gained popularity in recent – perhaps, a wine to commemorate a romance-filled vacation or your engagement. If you years as more couples seek out ways to commemorate their future together. Essentially, got engaged in France, choose a French wine. If you are getting married in Napa Valley, it comes down to selecting a favorite or special bottle of wine that you both really enjoy choose wines that are from the region where you tied the knot. It’s hard for me to call out a single wine that would make everyone happy, so I’d really recommend that couples lean on a wine educator or expert to help choose the best varietal. This could be a sommelier from your favorite fine dining restaurant, the vintner from a winery you love to visit, or even a knowledgeable staff member from your favorite wine specialty store. When in doubt, there are certain wines that will never fail you. A Petit Verdot is a great 10-year cork that ages well. Black cherry and plum are the primary fruit flavors, but hints of lilac and violet intensify over time. Lastly, incorporate the box into your ceremony. Have the wine and the box on display on a table near the altar, along with anything you wish to include in the box (such as letters to one another). When the time comes, have your officiant explain the significance of the wine box. Make sure he or she mentions the wine you’ve chosen and how long you plan to save the wine (or if you’re going to open it to help you get through a tough time or on Send your entry on company letterhead and another occasion). Then, the two of you will place the wine and any accompanying items include number of employees who will attend. into the box and close the lid. SEND TO: You could also choose a box with a latch and a lock, which you could more quickly close TABLE HOPPING / with a key mid-ceremony. Then, when the time comes, pull out your wedding album, open OFFICE PARTY the box, and pour some wine as you reminisce about your wedding day. If you’re looking for a fun 1129 N STATE ST. twist on the traditional wine box SYRACUSE, NY 13208 ceremony, try purchasing more than one bottle of your wine that you’re saving. Open one on your wedding day and enjoy a sip during your wedding celebration, and then seal the other in your wine box. Alternatively, if you are big wine lovers, buy 10 bottles or a case, and enjoy a bottle every year on your anniversary and notice how the wine develops Go to & Enter to Win • *PRIZES MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS* and ages with time. All entries must be received by January 22, 2022. You must be 21 years of age to enter. Incorporate the box into your ceremony

Tales from the Vine

The Wine Box Ceremony

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The Write Stuff by Nancy Roberts

Written by guest reviewer: John Sposato

Star-Spangled Scandel

by Chris DeRose

Do you ever go to Ollie’s? We go there on occasion. It’s a store with many and varied offerings, but their book section is always worth browsing, full as it is of specialty books, books somewhat out of date, or overstock and therefore less expensive tomes. The prices are excellent! I always gravitate to this section and peruse their inventory. More often than not, I see something I like, that’s intriguing, that I wanted but didn’t get when it first came out, or something I just have to have. I have been a student of American History since I was about 15 (and that was a long time ago!). My concentration has been on the Civil War, its overall history, its battles and the individuals who were involved (I am currently on a Grant binge). When this latest Civil War era book, Star Spangled Scandal, by Chris DeRose, was brought to my attention, and I was asked if I knew anything about the subject matter, embarrassed, I answered, “No.” It seemed like an interesting book from what I could gather from the cover and now challenged to learn about its story, I purchased and read it. The book is basically a detailed account of a murder that happened in the nation’s capitol in 1859. I

“The couple were not very careful with their rendezvous, and he flaunted his actions so openly that everyone in Washington knew about the affair. Except for the husband.”

recognized the defendant’s name but did not know this aspect of his life. (note: if I mention his name some of you will know how the story ends, so I will hold off for now, but I will give you a clue – the victim was the son of the man who wrote the song referenced in the book’s title). Our defendant was an up-and-coming congressman in The House of Representatives. His wife was a much younger socialite, of extreme beauty and charm. The couple would host galas at their home which all the elite and famous people of Washington would attend. Apparently, the wife was not only charming but naive enough to fall into an illicit affair with another man, another famous Washington celebrity – with a notorious reputation – who held a high government position, and who was on friendly terms with the lady’s husband. This rake was also the son of a most famous American patriot. The couple were not very careful with their rendezvous, and he flaunted his actions so openly that everyone in Washington knew about the affair. Except for the husband. When he did find out, he was overcome with grief and despair and felt violated and embarrassed. The moment came when he could no longer control himself or withhold his anger. On a


Sunday morning, he saw the culprit out on an open public square outside his home and went out and shot him dead, screaming out, “He has defiled my bed. Is the damned scoundrel dead?” The murderer turned himself into the authorities, forgave his wife (she did not express much remorse over her lover’s death) and stood trial, understanding that his life hung in the balance. There was no question that he shot and killed the man. It became a question of: was he guilty of murder in the first degree, or was he justified with his action? Was it a spontaneous reaction without true malice – a crime of passion – or was it even a matter of A murder in the nation’s capitol in 1859 temporary insanity? The trial that ensued was closely followed by every important newspaper in the country and even overseas in England and France. It so gripped the nation that it provided a distraction from the ever-growing conflict between the states and in the territories over slavery. It simply captivated the American public as nothing like it before. The interest and sensationalism created from this trial equals that of the O.J. Simpson trial of 1994 with its coverage and fascination. Nothing in the young nation’s history had ever happened like this before. Not even the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton Duel brought about so much discussion. Male honor, female virtue, insanity (temporary or otherwise) and law. All were questioned and hotly debated. It was a 20-day trial. Both sides hired the most famous legal minds of the day. The courtroom was packed every day with overflow crowds outside hoping to catch the latest news of who said what under oath. Witness after witness took the stand to testify what they knew, heard, or saw; each was closely cross-examined by the other side. Many were recalled to the stand. Not much in all the testimony proved to be a clear indication of guilt or innocence. So much evidence was circumstantial and so much testimony was hearsay that it was difficult to make a decision. After a long deliberation came the verdict. Want to guess? Know for sure after reading the book and coming to your own conclusion. While the story is true, it reads like the best of detective or legal tales, so one way or another, you will be entertained and will be kept awake an extra half hour just to finish a chapter!

Books End Gently used, rare & out-of-print books, hardcovers, paperbacks and ephemera Thank You for Voting Us BEST BOOK STORE


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Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

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Enter The Haggis • 8pm

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January 7

Locklin Dodge CD Release Party • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 15

January 28

Dirtroad Ruckus • 9pm-12am Britches Dance Bar, Auburn

January 28

The Wood Brothers • 8pm

February 4

Ronny Chieng • 8pm The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

February 5

Andy Grammer • 8pm

The Music of Paul McCartney • 8pm

The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

The Last of the Duke Street Kings • 8pm

The Crouse Hinds Theatre, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Cheat Codes • 8pm

January 1

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Eric Ruckus • 7-10pm

Turning Stone, Tin Rooster, Verona

The Four Phantoms • 8pm

January 1

Junkyard Heights & Showtime • 10pm Turning Stone, The Gig, Verona

Beadle Brothers • 10pm

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

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Moniraes, Pennellville

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St. Paul’s Syracuse, Syracuse

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NonPoint • 6:30pm

Vernon Downs Casino Hotel, Vernon

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Dunes & The Del-Tunes • 8pm

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

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Mike MacDonald • 6-9pm

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January 14

Skunk City • 8pm

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January 2

Dirtroad Ruckus Trio • 9pm-12am

Shifty’s Bar, Syracuse

January 14

Paul Davie • 8pm

January 6

Eric Scott & Megan Elizabeth from Dirtroad Ruckus • 6-9pm Angry Marks, Hastings

Angry Garlic, Baldwinsville

Donna And The Buffalo • 8pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 14

McArdell & Westers • 6-9pm

January 6

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Osteria Salina, Auburn, NY

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm

Irv Lyons Jr. & Edgar Pagan • 6-9pm

January 14

January 7

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

Western Ranch, Syracuse

TI (21+ Event) • 8pm

Mike MacDonald • 6-9pm

January 14

January 7

The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

Moondance, Marcellus

Midnight Mike Blues Band @ Brother Phil • 7-10pm

Dirtroad Ruckus Trio • 8-11pm

January 7 KennaDee

Richland Hotel, Richland

January 7

Concert Crave Artist Showcase • 5pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 7

The Ponytail James Band • 7pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 15

Western Ranch, Syracuse

January 15

Dirtroad Ruckus • 7-10pm TK Tavern, Camillus

January 15 KennaDee

Olde School Pub, Sandy Creek

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 28 & 29

February 9

January 29

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Dewitt

Anyelas Vineyards, Skaneateles

Singing Strings with Piano • 4pm

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 2-5pm

Symphoria Casual: American Starburst • 3pm

B.A.B.E.S + Maybe • 8pm

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

Shifty’s Bar, Syracuse

January 1

February 6

January 19

January 1

January 9

January 28

Sebastian Maniscalco • 7 & 9:30pm Gems for Wind/ Landmark Theatre, Syracuse Piano Trio • 12:15pm

The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

The Old Main • 2-6pm

The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

Red Wanting Blue • 8pm

Freeway • 6-9pm

January 21

Dirtroad Ruckus • 8:30pm-12am Nothin’ Fancy, Vernon

January 21

Umphrey’s McGee • 7:30pm The Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

January 21

January 29

Time Trax • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

January 30 KennaDee

Buck’s Family Restaurant, Williamstown

January 30

Life of Agony • 6pm The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

February 13

Park Central Presbyterian Church, Syracuse

February 16

Winter Music to Warm the Soul • 12:15pm Park Central Presbyterian Church, Syracuse

February 17 Skout • 8pm

January 30

Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

2022 Dabin Between Broken Tour • 8pm


Official Umphrey’s McGee After Party: Death Kings • 11pm

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 1

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 21

Badfish: Tribute To Sublime 20th Anniversary Tour • 8pm

Bistro Elephant, Syracuse

February 2


Rusty Roof, Williamstown

January 21

February 2

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

January 22

Dirtroad Ruckus • 9pm-12am

Fresh Winds with the Telos Trio • 12:15pm

Tanner Valley Golf Course, Syracuse

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Dewitt

January 22

February 3

Jazzin’ Up the Cuse - Starring Claudette “Blues” King, Daughter of BB King!! • 6:15 & 10:30pm


The Palace Theatre, Syracuse

The Regrettes • 8pm

January 22

Scotty McCreery (21+ Event) • 8pm The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

January 28 Fuel • 8pm

The Vine at Del Lago Casino, Waterloo

January 28

Scotty & The Rules • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

Average Joe’s Beernasium, Baldwinsville

February 3

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

February 4

Mo Lowda & The Humble • 8pm Funk ‘n Waffles, Syracuse

February 4

Off The Reservation • 6-9pm Sharkey’s Event Center, Liverpool

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Virgina • 8pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 2

Syracuse Women’s Basketball vs. Florida State • 2pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 5

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Miami • 8pm

January 5

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

January 7

Syracuse Crunch vs. Hershey Bears • 7pm Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

January 8

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Wake Forest • 2pm

PAGE 29 • January 2022


January 8

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm

January 28

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm

January 7, 8, 9

February 1

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Thru January 9

February 3

Jason Banks • 7:30 & 10pm

Prof’s G League Tour • 8pm


February 17

Conversation with Artist, Arlene Abend

Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

January 11

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Wake Forest • 8pm

The Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 9

February 4 & 5

Carmen Lynch • 7:30 & 7pm Lights on the Lake: Last Night at Lights on the Lake Regular Season Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Syracuse Crunch vs. Charlotte Checkers • 7pm

Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

February 5, 6 & 7

UVP Screening + Q&A, No Emoji for Ennui

Place Bell

Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

New York State Fairgrounds, Syracuse

January 14

February 2

Lights on the Lake: Charity Nights, Lights on the Lake Giveback Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool

Carmen Lynch • 7:30 & 7pm

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Pittsburgh • 7pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 12

Syracuse Crunch vs. Laval Rocket • 7pm

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm Adirondack Bank Center, Utica

January 15

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Florida State • 3pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 15

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

January 15

Top Rank Boxing: Smith Jr. vs Johnson • 6:30pm Turning Stone, The Event Center, Verona

January 17

Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators • 7pm Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

January 18

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Clemson • 9pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

January 19

Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm Blue Cross Arena, Rochester

January 21

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm

January 29

January 29

January 12

February 2

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

January 25

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Pittsburgh • 8pm

January 26

Syracuse Crunch vs. Cleveland Monsters • 7pm Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

February 11 & 12

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Thru February 20

Mutual Affection: The Victoria Schonfeld Collection

Thru February 24 The Everson Museum, Syracuse


February 12

Thru January 6

Sharkey’s Event Center, Liverpool

The Spagetti Warehouse, Syracuse

ACME Mystery Company presents: A Dickens of a Death

January 12

CAA Arena

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

February 18 & 19

January 9

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse

February 4

Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators • 7pm CAA Arena

February 5

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Louisville • 2pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

February 5

Syracuse Crunch vs. Charlotte Checkers • 7pm Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

February 8

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Boston College • 8pm

February 12

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Virginia Tech • 6pm

February 19

Syracuse Men’s Basketball vs. Boston College • 2pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse


Charlie Berens • 7:30pm

January 13

Christopher Titus • 7:30pm

Ryan Hamilton • 7:30 & 7pm

Wild About Theatre • 11am-3pm

February 20

January 24 & 25

Marlon Wayans • 8pm

RENT • 7pm

The Showroom, Turning Stone, Verona

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

January 14 & 15

February 24-27

January 28 & 29

Sebastian Maniscalco: Nobody Does This Tour • 7pm

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

The Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

March 3

January 29 & 30

January 20-April 20

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse Virtual Event

The Everson Museum, Syracuse


February 23-March 13

Thru January 15

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

January 14

Jeff Dunham, Seriously!? • 7pm The OnCenter, Syracuse

Greg Morton • 7:30pm

January 18

Joe Gorga • 7:30pm Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Free Third Thursday Tours

January 20-22

Mark Normand • 7:30pm

Blue Man Group • 7:30pm

Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester • 7:30pm

January 21-30

Robin Holder: The USA UnitedStates of Anxiety/ We’re In It Together

Baldwinsville Theatre Guild, Baldwinsville

ArtRage Gallery, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Always...Patsy Cline • 7:30pm

Citizen James, or The Young Man Without a Country

Somewhere Over The Border

February 25-March 6 Fences

Redhouse, Syracuse

March 1

January 22

Thru January 15

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

The Event Center, Turning Stone, Verona

Sketching Syracuse: The Syracuse Urban Sketchers Exhibit Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse


Dancing With The Stars • 8pm

Blippi: The Musical • 6pm

March 15-27

January 22

Thru January 2

AbStranded: Fiber and Abstraction in Contemporary Art

April 1-10

January 1 & 2

Sharkey’s Event Center, Liverpool

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Redhouse, Syracuse

Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

Sebastian Maniscalco: Nobody Does This Tour • 7pm

First Thursdays Thru June 2

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Adirondack Bank Center

The Nave Law Winter Fair

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Syracuse Crunch vs. Belleville Senators • 7pm

January 22

Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm

Dinosaur World Live • 6pm

Are You Garbage • 7:30pm

Blac Media Presents: Boogie Fever Dance Party • 8pm-12am

January 1

January 22

January 10-14

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ NC State • 9pm

Upstate University Medical Arena, Syracuse

Syracuse Men’s Basketball @ Duke • 12pm

36th Annual Gingerbread Gallery

Matt McClowry • 7pm

Disney On Ice: Mickey and Friends

Taylor Swift Night – A Taylor Swift Inspired Dance Party • 7:30-11pm

January 28 & 29

Thru January 2 From Soup to Nuts

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Thru January 9

January 28

Cheryl Dunn: Licking The Bowl

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

January 20

January 6-9

January 29

The Everson Behind the Artist Film Series

Mike Zuglin’s 2022 Joss Northeast 9-Ball Turning Stone Classic XXXV

Opening Night Reception

Blac Media Presents: Back To The 80s Dance Party • 8pm-12am

Turning Stone, The Event Center, Verona

Sharkey’s Event Center, Liverpool

Thru January 7

Thru January 31

Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse

Ward W. O’Hara Agricultural & Country Living Museum, Auburn

Holiday Show and Sale featuring Alison Fisher

Festival of Trees

The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Pottery and Pour: Coil Pots • 6-8pm The Everson Museum, Syracuse

February 13

Stretching Boundaries: The Life Work of Sculptor Arlene Abend The Everson Museum, Syracuse

Deadline is january 22nd for the february issue

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse


June 8-28

Catch Me If You Can The REV Theatre Co., Auburn

June 10-19

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Redhouse, Syracuse

July 13-August 2

The Hunchback of Notre Dame The REV Theatre Co., Auburn

PAGE 30 • January 2022 •



Sports Take by Mike Lindsley

Top 5 Central New York Sports Highlights for 2022 Happy New Year! Hard to believe it, but it is 2022. The years just rip by, don’t they? There are plenty of great sports things coming up in Central New York for 2022. I have narrowed it down to a Top 5 list. Feel free to email me your feedback to I will read them during my podcast show, the ML Sports Platter. Let’s have a look at what to watch for in CNY sports in 2022. 1. Duke-Syracuse, February 26, 2022 (basketball). I know everyone misses the old Big East, well, the old, old, old Big East, but SUDuke, Duke-SU, has been unbelievable since the Orange started ACC play. This game should be the last meeting between Jim Boeheim and Coach K unless something crazy happens in the ACC Tournament and beyond (Coach K is retiring after the season). This would be a great game to re-set the Dome attendance record. Duke brings in Paolo Banchero, a Top 5 NBA pick. Duke will be well secured for an NCAA Tournament bid, but we know Syracuse will likely be on the bubble. Will this be a game that could swing





things for the Orange into the big bracket? So many fascinating things in this one, but at the top of the list is Coach K and Jimmy B clashing as pals for a likely final time. 2. Sean Tucker. We are told that Tucker will return to Syracuse. Folks, buy tickets to see this guy play. This dude is legit and the best player on the Orange football team by far. Tucker was flat out incredible in 2021. Here are some of those courtesy of Ranks third nationally in yards from scrimmage nationally this season (1,751) ... Broke Joe Morris’ 42-year-old Syracuse singleseason rushing record with 1,496 yards ... First player in program history to rush for more than 1,400 yards in a season ... First player in program history to rush for over 1,000 yards in eight games or less ... Set the program record for most 100-yard games in a season (8) and most consecutive 100 yards games (7). Bring down #44. Let Tucker wear it. He is that special. 3. Former Syracuse Crunch players go for 3-peat with Tampa Bay Lightning. The hardest hardware in sports to win is the Stanley Cup. The Bolts have done it two years in a row and eye a third straight title. Many players on TB are from the Crunch, including Brayden Point, Anthony Cerelli, Ondrej Palat, Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy and others. This team lost a lot in the offseason, most notably that amazing third line, but they still have championship players on the roster and a head coach in John Cooper (yep, once a Crunch head coach), who is building a Hall of Fame career. This team is scary. Don’t sleep on them, NHL. It’s hard to win one title. Three in a row? Nearly impossible in today’s NHL, but if anyone can do it, it’s this group. 4. Notre Dame-Syracuse, October 29, 2022 (football). The Irish are back in town. One of the biggest brands in all of sports. This is a national holiday for CNY and trust me, Notre Dame fans are all over the place, including Syracuse, NY. If SU can pull off an upset, perhaps Dino Babers’ group will go bowling. All of that probably falls on the shoulders of that Sean Tucker guy. No pressure, #34 (should be #44). 5. 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction. July 24, 2022. As of this writing, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Gil Hodges, Minnie Minoso, Bud Fowler and Buck O’Neil have been elected to the Hall of Fame from the Golden Days Era Committee and the Early Baseball Era Committee. Will anyone else join them? Is it time for Curt Schilling after all the social media battles and his request to be taken off the ballot entirely? Do any steroid guys get in? Does David Ortiz make it on the first try (Mitchell Report guy)? Above all, Hodges should have been in years ago, as O’Neil should have been when he was alive. Jim Kaat is one of the best guys in the sport’s history. I chatted with him about a month ago. Listen to that interview here: ML Sports Platter: 2022 Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Kaat. on Apple Podcasts. Mike Lindsley has been in sports media for over 20 years. Download and subscribe to his podcast, the ML Sports Platter, on Google Play-Spotify-Apple Podcasts-anywhere you get podcasts on your smart phone device. Follow him on Twitter @MikeLSports.

“This game should be the last meeting between Jim Boeheim and Coach K unless something crazy happens.”






My Mind To Yours

by debra Merryweather

Memoir: Chapter One National Public Radio’s 2021 list of 369 “Books We Love” includes four memoirs. One, “Pregnant Girl,” describes Nicole Lynn Lewis’s experience as a young mother going to college. Another, Tracy Clark-Flory’s “Want Me: A Sex Writer’s Journey into the Heart of Desire,” details a woman’s/women’s search for love, sex, and power in a freer than ever

culture still defined by a traditional deep-seated masculine perspective. Larissa Pham’s “Pop Song: Adventures in Art and Intimacy” explores her experiences of young love and trauma in connection with popular culture, past and present. Memoir number 4 is Kyle Beachy’s “The Most Fun Thing: Dispatches from a Skateboard Life.” Three of the four memoirs written and recommended by women, address emotional, social, and reproductive challenges girls and women face in education, work, and relationships. The single memoir written by a male and selected by a male is about a sport, although I assume that “Want Me” includes some female perspective about sex as recreational sport. I’ve not read any of these memoirs. NPR’s and major bookseller’s websites offer discussions and detailed descriptions of each book. In 2021, I’ve read several memoirs. Riva Lehrer’s 2020 “Golem Girl” is Ms. Lehrer’s story of living and maturing with spina bifida. Riva Lehrer weaves tradition, culture, and scientific references into a conversational work that sent me to the dictionary more than once. Ms. Lehrer is a painter, an instructor at the Chicago Art Institute, and an instructor in medical humanities at Northwestern University. Her book includes precise harrowing accounts of her hospitalizations, reproductions of her artwork, and timely discussions of her activist work in groups united by physical injuries and challenges, but divided by gender, class, and racial perspectives. Riva Lehrer discusses labels such as “disabled” and “differently abled,” terms originating from subject and object perspectives. “Golem Girl” provides the personal perspective of one medical patient whose body is sometimes viewed as discrete parts and sometimes as a unified whole. Some of the compartmentalized parts issues involve generative physiology and all that follows. Many physical and psychic problems originate with human beings not being allowed to precisely discuss below the waist physiology. Value judgements and “too much information” taboos facilitate confusion, not health. The body, the senses, and consciousness function as one. My memoir in progress addresses such issues. I’ve been writing since I was in seventh and eighth grade sitting on my bed imagining idealized paper doll families with multifaceted dramatic storylines. Neo-Freudians might suggest I was seeking to unify my splintered psyche and make my unconscious conscious. I remember having little else to do. My earliest journals listed daily schedules; I was too embarrassed to write that I still played with paper dolls. My first short stories were “happily

PAGE 31 • January 2022


ever after” rehashes of the “West Side Story” theme. I tried to follow my culture’s blueprints. My religion encouraged long-suffering dogooding. Earlier in elementary school, I lectured playmates about language; condemning the use of racial slurs resulted in my being pointed out as having vocalized a slur in my nagging. Days or weeks later, I tried to explain myself to one of the insulted group members who responded by punching me in the face; I saw stars which I thought meant God blessed me. I still find or put myself in comparable situations, without the punching, so far. I enjoy lively discussions of diverse ideas. Still, I ask myself, have the pandemic’s ideological and social polarization, and the proliferation of denigrating cultural labels and buzzwords rendered broad-reaching interpersonal communication too risky? I’ve not seen the new “West Side Story.” “West Side Story’s” finale song “Somewhere” always brought tears to my eyes when I played it on my piano. Playing the piano and “Somewhere” triggers long forgotten vivid memories of grammar school. Good? Maybe. Throughout my life people have tried to get me to “snap out of it” and/or wake up to memories neural damage had separated from my consciousness. People recommended certain movies and books. My specific condition, TBI based amnesia, provided the comedic fodder for the 1987 film “Overboard,” and, the underlying theme, for Stephen King’s 1983 “The Dead Zone.” Neither fiction triggered my specific memories. A family member suggested I read Trisha Meili’s “I Am the Central Park Jogger.” I didn’t. Then I did. I now sense common ground with Trisha Meili and Riva Lehrer. If I were to read it again, I might relate to the main character in “The Dead Zone.” I no longer laugh at “Overboard,” whose myth/related ending resolves abuse too easily. Popular fictions in books, movies, and myth wrap up painful stories without risking a “wrong” ending. Memoir doesn’t allow the writer that luxury.



ONONDAGA NATION ARENA 4000 State Rt.11 Onondaga Nation via Nedrow, NY

We are currently closed, but please see our social media and website for future upcoming events.

4000 State RT. 11, Nedrow NY • 315.498.6813

PAGE 32 • January 2022 •



Word on the Street by Bill McClellan

To: Mayor Walsh & All City Leaders Dear Mayor Walsh, The District Attorney, Chief of Police and Onondaga County Sheriff and all City Councilors and Department Directors, Administrators and Leaders: You have never been presented with anything like this and you will likely not meet another like me. Enormous windows of opportunity open for very brief periods in this life. The wise take heed, less they waste. — They dragged her down the street by her hair, scraping much of her body raw, kicking her and beating her and blackening her face with swelling blows. Another precious young girl, a very dear friend, overdosed a few months ago. 29 years old, beautiful and sweet and very very dead. I still mourn. The epitome is this is just a sample of the “Village” I have described in my plan. I was very close to them. I knew their Mothers many years ago. Good people with bad breaks. These two girls lit the flame in me. If you listen, this can end. I have one motive. To end the practice of dispassion in our town. In this matter I refer to my experience in the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 7th Special Forces Group (Green Berets). I do this to show you that I am no ordinary man in terms of perception and ability. I want drugs removed and a humane compassionate path restored to this City. I can do this. In Dec 2020, and

Sherilyn Balintfy

was our Lucky WINNER for the

Night on the Town Contest! She chose INN BETWEEN for dinner! WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK

Photo does not represent actual winners.

Jan and Feb 2021 (Google: word on the street I outlined a plan to show how this can be successfully achieved. Follow up articles cement idea and try to show you the way. Phase one of the plan, Dec 2020 was emotionally written in the three days following my first visit to the hospital witnessing her swollen blackened face and scraped body. I was a bit intense, but please realize I was holding back battlefield emotion. In this entire matter I have been restraining that emotion. As the answer is not to let that lose. In real life that breeds too much harm to where severe guilt is often uncertain. This is what the system is for. The answer is the Plan. The unique workability of the plan and the initial phases were still clearly presented. Part II Jan 2021 and part III Feb 2021 put in place a unique set of pursuits that cement the workability of idea that can fix this city. Please grasp the village concept. The plan can easily be googled at “word on the street” I have been extremely concerned about systemic gridlock and its impeding mechanisms that obstruct not just progress, but over time blind us to compassion and injustice. There is preventable, disgraceful, human social conditions and human suffering in our neighborhoods existing today that have become acceptable that 50 years ago would not be tolerated. Even when shown a path the status quo remains the same. Nothing changes including the ravages of decline. Systemic gridlock has no exit. Until you listen. Mindsets are locked. Something else equally as sad has taken place. Men and women that would be heroes (our leaders) have faltered and left that sacred course hallowed by the lives of heroes. The end result is that the common good and value of the poor which is most of Syracuse, is sublimated. Your esprit-de-corp is dormant and failing to guide your heart – and foster a

“They dragged her down the street by her hair, scraping much of her body raw, kicking her and beating her and blackening her face with swelling blows. ”


plan and unity of thought and purpose. All boats can rise in this town if you pay attention to me. The plan is laid out. In the past year 9 articles have been written to support this effort. Hum, yes hum the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Think of the words. You are public servants, work of the very highest order. “His truth is Marching on is you.” Let your American heart lose. Become that soldier willing to do what it takes, to the death, to save the American way. Rate personal interest in comparison to that kid bleeding out on a battlefield. Or a vital young heart slowing to a stop on Highland St. His truth is Marching on.

“I am 75 years old and have 0 interest in accolade. You do need to know the nature of a man making such a request. I have many excellent references.”

If I am allowed to do this, another “D day” will be established. Earlier in the year I sent copies of Table Hopping containing Phase II of the plan to 52 city leaders. Access to the entire plan was also presented. I also informed the County. I will visit every Executive on that list. We will discuss the duties of their department and each will develop an “operating procedure” for phase one in the initial village bordered by James, Highland, Lodi, Butternut and Hartley. This is the test village. If you follow my columns, you will be shocked at the evil that can take place in such a small area. Each department has a critical area of expertise. Many are multi-faceted. Imagine if each designed a plan containing their contribution to the first village. On “D Day” everyone moves at once. Shock and Awe. The diverse value of this is in the plan. Citizen


Pasta’s On The Green. Call 315-638-1362 and ask for Chris.

PAGE 33 • January 2022


esprit-de-corp will take place. Follow up and maintenance are in the plan. Massive spinoff and future benefit to the city is in the plan. How and why financing is in the plan. Police activity is in the plan. It is all there. The first village will serve as a template for all the others to follow. The DPW, logistics, financing, legal, housing, social agencies, police activity, plans from every department and agency as they all are part of the city and the village is a microcosm of the city. They exist for this. It is quality utility that is missing. The vast majority of our city is ignored and suffers in silence. Not simple suffering, but brutality, abuse of our young in the most disturbing ways imaginable, and worst of all with hopelessness. Because they know as I know, that even after all I have done in this column in the past year you still will do nothing meaningful. No one hears them. I am presenting something you will never see again. We can do this. Together, where others have all failed, we will succeed. I get the questions about me. I am going to end this column with the answer. Please realize I am 75 years old and have 0 interest in accolade. You do need to know the nature of a man making such a request. I have many excellent references. I will furnish if any interest is shown. To generate that interest, you need to know what separates me from the rest. Google Captain Roger Donlon, Sgt. Vernon Beeson, and Sgt. Barry Sadler. They were my personal friends in the Green Berets. Non-combat for me. Let me tell you, the three of them fought. Many stories to tell about each. We were in the same outfit at Fort Bragg. Beeson and I did a lot of drinking together. I had their respect. They knew I had their heart. I present this because you need to know that too. I will fight for this city with the same heart that the Captain fought for his country and his men at Nam Dong.

Support Your Local Business!


Luigi’s Restaurant. Call 315-492-9997 or inquire within.


Euclid Family Restaurant. Will train. Apply within.


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Brew Time by Kristin Merritt

A New Year, A New Beer Ring in 2022 with a beer you’ve perhaps never tried – Barley Wine. The name itself may be a bit deceiving because while one might wonder if it is a variation of wine or a hybrid of beer and wine, neither are correct. Barley Wine is a true Strong Ale version of beer that is chock-full of hearty complexity best enjoyed during colder months. Let’s dive a little deeper. The United Kingdom likely has the right to claim ownership of the first Barley Wines ever brewed. In the early 1870s, Bass Brewing Company, out of Staffordshire, England, marketed and sold its No. 1 Ale as a Barley Wine with advertisements portraying an old man with a cane, bundled up in an oversized coat and boots, scarf tucked up to his nose with a hat on, walking through a snowy landscape with the words, “Best Winter Drink!” plastered on the front. Our first mass-produced Barley Wine in the U.S. didn’t happen until the year 1975, when Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, CA created its Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale. It wasn’t until 1983 that a second Barley Wine was introduced to the American public by Sierra Nevada Brewing out of Chico, CA, named Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale. To note, Barley Wine is historically

portrayed as two separate words, however Anchor Brewing decided to combine them into one word for stylistic purposes. In today’s market, you will see “Barley Wine” or “Barleywine” used interchangeably as both versions are readily accepted. Typically, English-style Barley Wines are slightly less bitter and slightly less hoppy than their American counterparts. Both versions are created using a loaded mixture of malted barley, hops, water and yeast. This mash-up of ingredients also creates a deeper complexity and flavor to the beer. The Brewer’s Association depicts both versions with “flavors of bread, caramel, honey, molasses and toffee.” Sometimes the beer has notes of dark fruits – plums, figs, raisins – and typically these are due to the types and varieties of malts used and the flavors become further prevalent as the beer ages. The English-style is usually darker in color than the American version, but both can range from gold to amber to deeper, darker browns. The First mass-produced body of Barley Wines are full and with a velvety mouthfeel Barley Wine in 1975 and carbonation is on the lower side. The ABVs (alcohol by volume) of Barley Wines tend to be in the 8-12% range. In short, the large amount of malts used in the brewing process creates a high original gravity. This leads to a higher amount of sugars that need to be eaten by the yeast in the fermentation process and whereby the sugar is converted by the yeast into alcohol, resulting in high ABVs, and in order to keep the sweetness balanced, extra hops are added in the process as well. The higher the alcohol content, the better a beer holds up in the aging process. In this way, a Barley WINE is similar to a red WINE in that cellaring, or aging, the beer tends to allow the In 1983 the second Barley complexity of the beer to grow. A freshly-created Barley Wine and one of the same batch that has been sitting in Wine was introduced

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a dark, cool basement for 3-years will taste remarkably different, with the aged beer even potentially taking on port- or sherry-like flavors. Regardless of age, Barley Wines can taste a bit on the “boozy” side and feel warming on your palate and in your throat. Middle Ages Brewing, right here in Syracuse, NY has been brewing classic British ales since 1995 and remains one of CNY’s oldest (and best) craft breweries. They brew a Barley Wine called Druid Fluid, and while not always available, it’s worth a trip over to their brewery to sip on a pint and purchase another one to take home to age in your cellar, as it matures nicely too. This Barley Wine, made with 6 different malts, is tried and true. In past years, I have made personal notes of it being sweet, lush and smooth with hidden complexities throughout; it being a dazzlingly warm treat for your entire palate. I attempted to connect Made with with folks at Middle Ages but did not have any luck in 6 different malts obtaining the scoop for when it may “on deck” for brewing or consumption, but hopefully it’ll be available again soon. In addition, Middle Ages has plenty of other types of Strong Ales to tantalize your tastebuds including Wizard, an English Strong Ale, Highlander Scotch Ale, a Wee Heavy/ Scotch Ale, and Wailing Wench, an American Strong Ale. However, just down the street from Middle Ages and directly across the street from the Niagara Mohawk building is Talking Cursive Brewing Company, who boasts their own fresh (and available!) versions of Barley Wine. Spill the Wine Spill the Wine (11.1% ABV) is an American version of Barley Wine that has been conditioned in stainless steel for 6 months. It boasts a complexity of flavors that your palate may pick up on, including raisins, figs, burnt brown sugar, toffee, molasses,

“THIS is an incredibly luxurious Barley Wine! It’s inundated with both maturity and richness. I enjoyed it immensely with each and every sip!”

dates, and honey. While slightly bitter, it has a lovely base where I was able to single out the dark fruits aforementioned. A classically delightful brew! Kisses Sweeter Than Barleywine (12.2% ABV) is the same version as above, aged initially for 6 months in stainless steel, but then transferred over to an Owera Vineyards Ruby-Style Port Wine Barrel, which had also housed Old Home Distillers 5th Anniversary Brother’s Cut Bourbon. THIS is an incredibly luxurious Barley Wine! Boozy, (but not overly-so), it is inundated with both maturity and richness. Molasses, brown sugar, and toffee notes are especially prevalent but with a decadence about the flavors, while the extended aging cuts the slight bitterness present in the original. I enjoyed it immensely with each and every sip! You can find both of Talking Cursive’s Barley Wines currently on tap available in both 4 oz. and 9 oz. pours and also for purchase in 500mL bottles – $11 for Spill the Wine and $14 for Kisses Sweeter Than Barleywine. Run, don’t walk, to Talking Cursive to try these great beers! & Cheers to a craft beer-filled great New Year ahead!







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Ingredients 3 avocados, peeled, pitted, and mashed 1 lime, juiced 1 tsp. salt ½ cup onion, diced 3 tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped

2 roma tomatoes, diced 1 tsp. garlic, minced 1 pinch ground cayenne pepper (optional)

Directions Step 1 • In a medium bowl, mash together the avocados, lime juice, and salt. Mix in onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and garlic. Stir in cayenne pepper. Refrigerate 1 hour for best flavor, or serve immediately.

Prep Time: 10 min.

Total Time: 10 min.

Servings: 4


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Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz. Prime Rib Chicken & Biscuits



Southern Fried Chicken Sauerbraten

Spaghetti or Pasta






FISH SANDWICH SPECIAL with French Fries & Coleslaw FISH DINNER with French Fries & Coleslaw ALL DAY



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