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Brew Time by kristin merritt

Happy IPA Day! August 4th marks a holiday that most all of us beer-lovers can get behind – IPA Day! Always the first Thursday in August, this global celebration has its origins in the digital age, in the year 2011, where it started on social media with the goal of uniting bloggers, writers, brewers, educators and consumption-enthusiasts everywhere to engage in their love of beer – particularly IPAs. IPA stands for India Pale Ale. It might surprise you that this style of beer did NOT originate in India, but actually England. In the 18th century, India was being colonized by the British and ships making the voyage needed a large-quantity beverage for the sailors on board that would be hold-up for weeks and months on end. The first notated India Pale Ale can be attributed to George Hodgson, a brewer who owned a brewery, Hodgson’s Bow Brewery simply named “Hodgson’s Bow Brewery,” located on the River Lea in London in the year 1751, next to the East India Dock, where ships Indiabound began their long perilous journeys. Because of his excellent positioning by the docks, his business became famous and profitable. By 1809, the brewery then being run by his son Mark, had become so well-known that famous writers, like William Makepeace Thackeray, noted it in their works. In 1833, newspaper advertisements referred to Hodgson’s beer as “East India Pale Ale.” Over the course

of many years, the Hodgson created a beer that would be tasty even after long periods of storage – this being the birthchild of our modern-day IPAs. Just like most of history, depending on who you are, the story might be a little bit different. In some historian circles, George Hodgson did not “invent” or “develop” a new style of beer, as there were plenty of other, different brewers around the docks doing the same thing. Everyone who was selling to the ship captains knew that in order to have successful, stable beer for 4+ months at a time, per journey, and to a warmer climate, the beer had to be strong My favorite IPA, hands down and heavily hopped. As per the anonymous Every Man His Own Brewer manual of 1768, a recipe for October Malt Wine consists of “the first two mashes of 22 bushels of malt, with six and a half pounds of hops per eight bushels of malt to ensure a year’s keeping.” As it seems, Hodgson was likely credited with being the “father” of India Pale Ale mainly because his brewery was successful due to its location and by word of mouth – he also notoriously gave credit lines of up to 18 months – so that could have also influenced his marked place in history! IPAs started out in their early history as “October Beer” which is a form of a British strong ale. A strong ale or old ale is traditionally dark and malty with an ABV usually greater than 5%. The “October Beer,” took on a slightly paler coloration and was more generously hopped. As with the history of the ships and exports/imports to and from India, the “October Beer” began to be called “India Pale Ale.” Eventually, by the late 19th century, demand for this specific style of beer grew in popularity beyond the ports and into the city and further into the countryside and brewers started to drop the “India” altogether, maintaining the “Pale Ale” notation only, but still retaining the original qualities and features of the IPA style; This is especially true when English brewers began to export the IPA-style to other British colonies such as Australia and New Zealand. Here in the United States, our craft-beer and micro-brewery revolution began in the 1990s, and brewers began to seek out unique and different beer styles not being mass-produced in the US, such as IPAs. Brewers found that traditional IPA recipes melded well with the strong and flavorful American-grown hops such as Cascade and Chinook. The resulting brews boomed in popularity across the country, and in truth, haven’t ceased in any capacity.

“Everyone who was selling to the ship captains knew that in order to have successful, stable beer for 4+ months at a time, per journey, the beer had to be strong and heavily hopped.”

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Happy IPA Day! continued from pg 2

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Today we have Black IPAs (dark, bitter, and hoppy with use of roasted malts), Brut IPAs (crisp, dry, with the enzyme amyloglucosidase added to remove sugars), Double IPAs or Imperial IPAs (stronger, greater hop content with ABVs typically over 7.5%), Triple IPAs (with ABVs typically over 10%), New England IPAs/NEIPAs or East Coast IPAs (hazy and juicy with prevalent citrus and floral notes, smoother with less bitterness), Milkshake IPAs (a version of NEIPAs with added lactose giving the brew a creamy mouthfeel), West Coast IPAs (lower in malts, clear, dry, with a focus on hops – typically employing pine, grass or earthy notes), Sour IPAs (hoppy, usually fruited, tart and refreshing), and White IPAs (a combination of American-based IPAs with Belgian-style wheat beers). Now to the good part! Giving you, the reader, my take on some of the best IPAs to sample! The most recent IPA I’ve had is from Pennsylvania – Lightning Bug by New Trail Brewing Co. in Williamsport, PA. (6.5% ABV) This is a classic New England Style IPA – Hazy, hopped with Bru-1, Crystal, and Amarillo, and brewed with a mix of oats and wheats, it is dry and grassy with juiced notes of citrus and tropical fruits. SO FRESH. I owe my cousin Sam a big “thank you” for introducing me to this brewery down where he resides. Yes, you’ll have to travel down to PA, but given what I’ve already been introduced to, this brewery is worth the trip, especially if you’re a big IPA fan. Bonus? I LOVE the artwork of the can label – the foils give the appearance of little glowing lightning bugs when light hits the can – super cute! My favorite Imperial IPA hands-down has to be New Belgium Brewing Company’s

“Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA...with an ABV of 9% but being exceptionally smooth, this brew goes down a little TOO easily if you’re not careful!”

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Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA. With an ABV of 9% but being exceptionally smooth, this brew goes down a little TOO easily if you’re not careful! It’s extremely tasty with a balanced see-saw of fresh pine and citrus notes. I went to the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO this past May and picked my own tall-boy of this brew directly off the line, bringing it all the way back to NY for consumption! (Hint, hint – Colorado and my brewventures there will be in an upcoming issue of Tablehopping!) But you don’t have to travel out west as this brew is widelydistributed and should be relatively easy to get your paws on – look in your local supermarkets and beer-hubs. Best Go-To: Syracuse Pale Ale by Middle Ages Brewing Company – there’s no “India” in the name, but they do brew it in the style of a British Pale Ale. Easy to drink, crisp, clean and refreshing with a combination of malts and hops, you can easily find it on tap pretty much anywhere in the greater Syracuse area and its ALWAYS on tap at the Dome. (Football is coming upon us quickly!!) I’m a huge fan of sours, so I’m always intrigued when I find a Sour IPA to sample. One favorite is, It Was Written – Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple by Rising Storm Brewing Co. in Avon, NY. It is truly LOADED with tropical fruits and perfect for summer – still hoppy, but with all the deliciousness of the fruits in addition. Take a drive out towards Western NY and head to the brewery itself, or head over to Branching Out Bottle Shop in Township 5, where they’re likely to be carrying it in cans. (Also, per Untappd, Board & Bar Charcuterie and Vincino’s Brick & Brew have it available as well! May as well have a locally and freshly prepared meal with your beer too while you’re at it!) From East Coast to West Coast and anything in between, be sure to grab yourself an IPA on August 4th to celebrate IPA Day! Cheers!



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word on the street by Bill McClellan Part II “THE PLAN”


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Word on the Street by Bill McClellan

Part II “The plan”

“Special Forces – Intelligence” This Column and the next are the full essence of “THE PLAN.” PRELUDE: The representative plight of one – Refresher: In December of 2020 I wrote of an experience that stirred my soul. I was at what was very likely to be the deathbed of a young lady I have been looking out for, for years. She is a heroin addict. She had a valve replaced in her heart, a punctured lung and more. The day before her operation she looked at me and tears flowed and she said: “I am going to die Bill.” I held her hand and said: No, you’re not, you are going to be fine. By the grace of God, she made it. She was released too soon and hit the streets using right away, new heart valve and unhealed wounds and all. She upset a few drug dealers over a $10 or $20 sale and they went after her. They beat her unmercifully twice. They blackened her eyes and face. They dragged this petite young girl in the street by her hair leaving skid marks on her body. As I said, it stirred my soul. I want them really bad. And as she is only a fragment of the reality in this city, I hope you do to. The right course is here. That she survived is truly a miracle. That there are so many others is tragedy. That we permit this is beyond shameful. She was on the brink of death, again in the streets, with heartless men with dark vicious hearts. She was arrested in time. The Police saved her life. Jail will provide the healing time she needs to have a future. She was not alone in the streets. Priceless deprived young men and women turn into Zombie like creatures throughout the neighborhood each day. Ruthless scum abuse addicted young women (minors included) at will as their habit needs to be replenished each day. We have looked the other way. Last August another


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that I love overdosed on heroin bought in this village. The time has come for the good to walk tall. PART II “THE PLAN” Special Forces “Intelligence” I will be interjecting Special Forces thinking throughout. Up Front: Please remove the rulebook from your thinking. Conventional thinking is too often a drawback. You may need dispensation from many rules. This is an unconventional approach. There will be a D-Day. Any necessary variance or waiver procedures must be in place. Bureaucracy is far too often a public enemy. It must not impede. For example, this is a test area with dangers that must be removed. No one is playing favorites. Many will say some of these improvements are unfair in one location. To that, I say you must begin, you must have an example, and a place, and a victory, to present for state and much other funding as you move into other dangerous areas in this and other districts. This is the story in most of our city. Nearly every street in Syracuse, an easy 80% of our city has been pervasively invaded by the drug world. Pockets of Middle Class remain surrounded by poverty and the social infections brought about by heroin and other drugs. In most areas the entire neighborhood is submerged in suffering. There are too many, too cruel that will destroy you over ten or twenty dollars. The culture is hideously violent. They rule over our sick like czars in hell. A City our size, that is manageable does not have to tolerate this infection. In designing the plan to go after the drug dealers I realized the peripheral value that could literally revitalize our city. I knew I was on to something. And the plan was enhanced and came into being. To rid the City of Heroin and keep it that way. As we progress and drugs are removed and neighborhoods become safe, a multitude of tenant, owner, government co-operation will come in to being. (If you decide to move forward absentee owners will be addressed) This cooperation will be inspired by the esprit de corps generated when hope sees its’ path toward fruition. Shock and Awe “explained in the plan” will give birth to hope and citizen participation in each village, and from that moment forward “Forward” will be the only motion, thus retaining esprit de corps and awe and appreciation for the American way that has finally come to the rescue. CEO’s are vastly good smart people. When they see a City “on board, seeking healthy communities “participating” in a unique plan, in a way that ends suffering and is good and that works, they will come. If we bring every City employee on board with this plan, the citizenry will join and an unmatched esprit de corps will set in and this City will move forward united, setting the standard for others and reminding them what “America” is all about. A city is very much a collection of villages. I will be referring to the designated area as “the village.” I was trained in villages. They are known today as Village Stability Operations or VSO’s. They are today’s adaption of the highly successful Civilian Irregular


Defense Group in Viet Nam. This strategy has been fine-tuned since Viet Nam and became the premier strategy for success in Afghanistan. I refined that training for this idea and adapted it to fit our infected neighborhoods. The village perimeter is: (Both sides of the street throughout) Lodi from James to Butternut, Butternut to Hartley, Hartley to Highland, Highland to James and James back to Lodi. A map of the village is with this article. This will involve all departments. Infrastructure, village beatification, human need, and residential improvements will be vital to this effort. “Each” department should develop a team and study the village and how their expertise will apply. Please think elite and efficient and walk tall within your area of responsibility, designing your very innovative best. Each department will set the standard for others to follow. The Police will set the initial standard in phase one – D-Day. Shock and Awe. You will be Awesome. I understand you are already uniquely elite. In Syracuse the best in the country. And you have many tools and techniques in place and others available that are very impressive. In this village you do have a goal revision that must be complete mindset. The goal is to “END” Status Quo and END the Drug problem in this village and cause quality of life. And then, the key to success, “Design systems to preserve your success.” The policy of abandonment will be over. All departments prepare. It is a new day. You will no longer maintain and rule over decline. Each City Employee will see what is happening and will walk tall and proud and innovate and be ready for D-Day. Except for planning and intelligence gathering “There will be no movement other than normal until D-Day.” The PLAN requires that “Intelligence” procedures be enhanced, clandestinely learning the entire drug structure and culture in this area. Embed appropriate blending personnel. Identify sellers and users. Join right in – become as unconventional as success requires. This is a preparation period. D-day will not be until the cusp of winter and spring. (Subject to adjustment) Now, design a team of our very finest for D-Day. Set up a post capture interview process. Make current and foremost at every level esp. when capturing dealers, “follow the money.” This will lead you back to where the seed is planted to grow the poppy that is sold on Highland Street. Above all, if you have not done this you need to understand the sources that feed each village and the City. Understanding these processes will be vital to develop techniques that end them. They will test. The elite will be ready. In the end they will know Syracuse is “Off Limits.” One Village at a time. Observe and identify inappropriate activity at every house and business in the 15 square block village. “No one” should engage beyond normal activity until D-Day. Determine current camera locations and best sites for additional cameras that may enhance intelligence gathering. You must know the location of drug houses (a few have a door that is set up almost like a store) in the village and drug dealer residences in or out of the village – this will be the only geographic variable – if they sell in the village perimeter, on D-Day they are done, and it is fine to capture them Village perimeter elsewhere. It is imperative that a plan is in

“Up Front: Please remove the rulebook from your thinking. Conventional thinking is too often a drawback. You may need dispensation from many rules.”

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place for D-Day and esp. post D-day to capture those working out of vehicles. Begin and maintain a list of license plate numbers with occupant info and activity, and location. Engage store owners and small business owners. (First, clandestinely determine their degree of complicity) It is amazing how many good people in these neighborhoods are involuntarily tangled in this web of poverty and drugs and cruelty. Many residents are anxious to help. They have information difficult to find. You will be surprised – I found 4 in 3 days and I was only searching for my friend. Residents want this to end. Respect confidentiality, keep them safe. Comprehensive resident and owner contact methods and timing with full explanation of what is happening will be discussed next month. Identify users and those in eminent danger. Make this information available to the Social Services Team. Please understand that “they can’t be helped until they want it” is false and has become very damaging. Every positive intervention of any nature is an emotional trigger, a series of which leads an addict to the desire to quit. And every user is at a different stage with a different degree of susceptibility. Every participant should be cross trained in Victim Assistance. I urge developing a small information and drug kit (with Narcan “Naloxone”) and a targeting brochure containing updated Special Forces thinking that can be given to addicts. Ease pathways to get into treatment. (If you like the plan we will talk more about this – it is extremely important and not done well). Undercover and unconventional intelligence gathering continued on pg 8

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Part II “The Plan” continued from pg 2 will develop an impressive array of detail for designing the plan for D-Day. When you move, there will be no quarter, no status quo. The drug culture will be excised with “Shock and Awe” in real time. Develop a maintenance observation plan using personnel and cameras. On D-Day +1 users will not be able to buy in this village. In the end, success here will show, we are going to fix this city. Let the crud of humanity find another home. They are done here. Once you comprehend the pain and perceive the cruelty and learn of the human harm, once that sets in, the hearts of our best fall into place and it becomes “just a matter of execution.” As the best do not try, they make it happen. We are interested in the elite of our decent. Not just tough. Tough alone, is a big problem. Compassionate and tough is what we are looking for. That is the best humans can be. If you are both, no doubt you are with me. It does not matter your department, most will be eager to participate. We want the best. We do not want to try. We want to succeed. The elite will get it done. We need professionals of good will to take down those that destroy quality of life in neighborhoods and suck the strength out of our children’s minds. This idea is a perfect example to demonstrate that a City can be cleaned up. The Mayor, the Council and Each City department should choose only those that do not accept failure. You will be engaging in an effort with massive human value and you will be implementing and improving techniques that can be duplicated. This effort is

to set a standard that proves this can be achieved. In this plan the toughest of the tough may help a young woman get diapers or help a senior living in swill. There is nothing the Special Forces will not do to assist a citizen and the community. None have a problem helping an addict or apprehending a dealer. It is called “cross training” which enables every participant to meet any need to ensure the mission succeeds. This effort must have the encompassing quality of the very finest humans can be. Liberating the oppressed is comprehensive. We are not going in just as Law Enforcement. We are going in as Neighborhood Recovery. This will be multifaceted, comprehensive and with improvement at the end of every single step. Sandor Fabian (Ph.D. Security Studies) is a NATO Special Operations Specialist. He along with many others believe that “De Oppresso Liber” (To Liberate the Oppressed – the motto of the Special Forces) should be taken to the Streets of America. This entire project is centered around compassionate, strategic, can do, finish the job, city planning that allows Special Forces thinking to succeed where other avenues fail. “D” day. In WWII this was the coded designation used for the day of an important operation. June 6th 1944, gave D-Day new meaning in terms of getting the job done. Everyone jumped on board and between them with collective pre-planned input, the world was saved and compassion and decency became the order of the future. All City departments will have a specific mission and will participate. Intelligence gatherers and clandestine planners from each department will be active prior to D-Day. On D-Day the City moves in. Hell breaks loose for evil and a neighborhood begins to reshape and take on an identity without fear, without violence, without evil men sucking the life from kids. Citizens are in awe and watching with intensity. Streets, sidewalks, trees, grass, flowers, bushes, street signs etc. Trim, fix, add, plant, and repair. Cause a neighborhood with a sidewalk that can accommodate a young

“To understand the methodology of the mission you must understand the goal. The goal will be to enter this neighborhood devastated by fear, violence, cruelty, drugs and drug dealers, crime, poverty, infrastructure neglect, and severe deplorable abuse of the young. Your mission is to correct these matters.”

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mother pushing her baby carriage. Where streets are smooth and curbs are even and safe. Where Gramma can walk to the store without worrying about breaking her hip. We rebuilt Iraq. Let’s see what Syracuse can do with 15 square blocks of America. A neighborhood where residents can look around and not feel neglected. A neighborhood where kids are influenced by, and see nice things and goodness and wonder rather than disrepair and violence and drug dealers and fear. That is what Flanders Fields is all about. “If ye break faith with those that die” we shall not sleep. To understand the methodology of the mission you must understand the goal. The goal will be to enter this neighborhood devastated by fear, violence, cruelty, drugs and drug dealers, crime, poverty, infrastructure neglect, and severe deplorable abuse of the young. Your mission is to correct these matters. You will win hearts and minds and plant hope. Each resident will think quickly “Wow, somebody cares.” They will feel rescued. No less than American Armies rolling into occupied towns in WWII. Yes, it is that bad. Then, do not leave. Develop and maintain a retention plan in each department. You must not leave them ever again. They must see that. Then pride and spirit sets in. Note there will be many funding options after success in the first village. Think can do. Not, it’s too much to ask for what should be normal. Succeed here. The doors will open for an array of future funding, government and otherwise. Each department should review the unique unconventional nature of this plan. And remember it is a test area. We should recall that conventional thinking can circle you back to the status quo. You are being asked for elite, special, unusual assistance compatible with ridding this village of evil and making it a home, quickly and with stunning efficiency. You will be amazed what will happen when you put fruit bearing hope into the hearts of the disenfranchised and broken. Each City Department, please seek out what you can do to help in this village on D-Day. Remember, think, innovate, create. The first essential City Department that needs to prepare is Police. Social Services should be prepared with a clear Rehab path and child placement pathways as abuse is happening. Cooperative victim efforts need attention in the moment, not after far too long bureaucratic entanglement. Department of Public Works, Major Player, roads, sidewalks and more. Fire, Major Player. Fire should review “each” block for compliance and safety issues and all forms of input within their purview. The Innovation Team, love the name, do what you do. The Law Department to remove monkey wrenches, troublesome variances and much more, Neighborhood and Business Development for participation and recommendations noting daily the potential that is being created, Parks, improvements where Schiller borders the area and beautification assistance – Personnel, Planning, Purchase, Research, Water, Zoning and all others, all have a very vital place and should develop thorough input. Please think of what you can do for this village leading up to a comprehensive path within your area of responsibility. And on D-day be ready to move and achieve. Remember, (SUSTAIN) in all of your planning. With planting the only exception, everyone takes what was clandestinely gathered, and we move all at once on D-Day. Also, American Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, (Addiction and Mental Illness) – Office of the City Auditor, will be a VERY vital player moving forward: economics and funding, (If this takes hold, I have recommendations.) Home Headquarters for home owners seeking improvements. Also, emergency housing. There will be displacements as addicts are being used by pimps, dealers and others. There is also some Then pride and spirit sets in squatting, etc. Leadership


Greater Syracuse, (seek out investment opportunities in the improved village. Project increased value of investment in the city once this effort expands and is successful throughout the city. Done well, with progress, this project will become an economic engine and cause untold economic growth and jobs. There was a Military cadence song many years ago. I am sure it is still in use. It went: “Around the block she pushed a baby carriage, she pushed it in the spring time, in the early month of May, and if you ask her why the heck she pushed it She’d say she pushed it for her soldier who was far far away.” Far too many of these soldiers never came home. They never dreamed their honey would not have a sidewalk to push her baby carriage. Let’s give them at least 15 square blocks of what they fought for. Of what they died for. A healthy neighborhood where a new Mom can safely and smoothly push her baby carriage and where that baby can grow free of demons of the street both chemical and human. “De Oppresso Liber” Next Month – D-Day. PART III – THE PLAN POSTSCRIPT: Special thanks to the Group on the West Side inspired by the plan and thus putting ideas together to reach their neighborhood. One occasion they gathered hundreds of plants and flowers and gave them to residents to show care exists. I attended this event and was very humbled. NOTE: The people, great people in the neighborhoods are waiting for us. Leaders, you have an Army of beauty waiting for rescue, and guidance that will make it all happen. Let’s fix our City. HUGE MENU SELECTION



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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

Eva’s European Sweets One of my favorite summer pastimes is sitting outside and enjoying a delicious meal with my family as we watch the sun sink down and the day fade into evening. If this sounds like your ideal day then you just have to try it at Eva’ s European Sweets, particularly on their patio! In addition to amazing food and drinks, Eva’s creates an atmosphere that is able to cater to all of the guests’ needs including large groups, date night, and families with small children! If you can, absolutely try to sit on the patio – I just love all of the colors and the mural and I especially liked the fire pit that seemed so warm and inviting! There is a reason they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year! Eva’s is located in Syracuse (just a few buildings from Solvay) at 1305 Milton Avenue. They are open Tuesday through Thursday from 11am to 8pm, Friday from 11am to 9pm and Saturday from noon to 9pm for dining in with both the dining room and the patio available and for take out orders. Give them a call at (315) 487–2722 to make your reservations (for parties of seven or more) or to place a to go order. After 25 years, Eva’s has changed and evolved in the best possible way. Eva’s European Sweets began as a bakery and pastry shop where Eva baked and sold amazing cakes,

Hungarian Style Placki

Saurerkraut and Bacon Pierogi

pies, pastries and other delights with a European flare. It is from these beginnings that Eva along with her family and amazing staff have grown into a restaurant that can only be described as a hidden gem, a local favorite and has even been featured on national television! Today, loyal customers, new friends, and hungry patrons feast on homemade meals made with only the best and freshest ingredients using family recipes and served in portions that can only be described as more than generous. Eva’s features many Polish and other European dishes that you absolutely can’t find on any other menu in Central New York and frankly even if you did find them elsewhere they wouldn’t hold a candle to the made from scratch delights that you can find at Eva’s. The menu is uniquely interesting and you can taste the love and care that is mixed into every dish that is served at Eva’s European Sweets. When you walk into Eva’s your eyes should be immediately drawn to Eva’s dessert case that is full of some of the best looking homemade cakes, pies and cheesecakes that you can ever see! Something else you can’t find anywhere in town other than Eva’s is their extensive list of Polish and Eastern European beers and spirits. These beers and cocktails are sure to quench your thirst and pair perfectly with any menu item! Whether you are seated inside the cozy restaurant or outside on the beautiful new patio you can’t help but to get the feeling that you belong there – it may sound crazy but Eva’s just sort of feels like home, even on your very first trip. I believe that this atmosphere is curated by the staff of this family owned and operated restaurant. After speaking with David and Karolina, Eva’s children, I was told that the staff is made up of family members and others that have been with Eva’s for so long that they have become family. The warm and inviting atmosphere is unbeatable, unassuming, and absolutely authentic! Did you know that Eva’s European Sweets is famous? Well, they are! They were featured on an episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives where they served Guy Fieri the Hungarian Style

“When you mix together family traditions and fresh ingredients, add a scoop of creativity, a dash of friendliness and a sprinkle of amazing flavor you end up with the magic that is Eva’s European Sweets!”

Potato and Mushroom Pierogi

Kielbasa Dinner

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Placki, a dish with four potato pancakes topped with a lightly spicy ground beef-tomato sauce made with peppers and onions and topped with sour cream! I am also told that the staff and locals also have dishes named, or even nicknamed, after them! At Eva’s everyone is treated like family, and they love their customers, staff, and their community. Eva and her family wanted me to thank you all for your help making Eva’s a success over the last 25 years! Kyle and I and the kids went to Eva’s on a warm Wednesday evening. Even for a Wednesday Eva’s was pretty busy. One of the nice things I need to point out is that even if they are busy you never feel rushed. To start our meal we decided that we knew that we wanted pierogi (after all, they are homemade and positively scrumptious) but we couldn’t decide so we ordered a variety. From the sweet cheese and blueberry to the classic potato to innovative flavors like potato and mushroom and garlic and cheese they have a little bit of everything! These pierogi are made fresh and are a must have every time you go to Eva’s! Be sure to ask what flavor combinations they offer that day! I literally can’t say enough good things about these flavorful delights! We always have a hard time making a dinner selection because everything is just so good. This evening Kyle decided on the Kiełbasa Dinner with a generous option of fried kiełbasa with onions, seasoned potatoes and your choice of sauerkraut, red cabbage or cabbage with beans and carrots (Kyle went with the sauerkraut). Kyle was stationed in Europe when he was in the service and just

“When you walk into Eva’s your eyes should be immediately drawn to Eva’s dessert case that is full of some of the best looking homemade cakes, pies and cheesecakes that you can ever see!”


raved about how this dish brought him back to those found memories! I couldn’t make a decision so I enlisted the help of our server to choose between two items. Luckily, he advised that I was not the first to have this conundrum so he hooked me up with a combo off the “secret” menu. Now, there is no official secret menu but as I told you above, at Eva’s they really love their customers and sometimes name their favorite meals after them! I ordered the “Paully”- Pork Dinner (two wellseasoned pork cutlets lightly breaded and served with seasoned pan-fried creamer potatoes, apple sauce and a cucumber and tomato salad as well as red cabbage and a half order of the Placki Kapuśniaczki (potato pancakes made with sauerkraut and bacon in the batter and served with sauerkraut and sour cream on the side). 10/10 would recommend this combination! Every single bite of everything we ate was absolutely incredible. I also wanted to try each and every dessert because they all looked mouthwateringly amazing but it was getting late and now I guess I’ll just have to go back! When you mix together family traditions and fresh ingredients, add a scoop of creativity, a dash of friendliness and a sprinkle of amazing flavor you end up with the magic that is Eva’s European Sweets! Like a fine wine, after 25 years Eva’s has just gotten better with age! Be sure to swing by Eva’s if you are in town for the fair and give yourself a break from food that is fried or served on a stick! For a look at their menu and to see some great pictures check out their website at and be sure to like them on facebook or follow on instagram where you can see their specials. Do yourself a favor and stop by Eva’s European Sweets today!

Polish Restaurant



YEARS Now Our Outside Seating is OPEN Extensive list of Polish and Eastern European beers and spirits


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Sports Take by Mike Lindsley

Will Aaron Judge Be a Yankee Next Season? Aaron Judge turned down 7 years/$213 million on top of $21 million in arbitration before the two sides met in the middle for $19 million in arbitration, allowing Judge to become a free agent at the end of the season. Will Judge be a Yankee next year? There are reasons to say yes and reasons to say no. There are pros and cons. This will become the story of baseball if it isn’t already. Here are three reasons why Judge stays in the Bronx and three reasons why he is in a different uniform in 2023 and beyond. 3 for Judge staying a Yank: 1. Both sides need each other. The Yankees’ entire lineup revolves around Judge when healthy. His versatility is enormous, playing DH-CF-RF. He is the face of the franchise. #99 makes the Yankees a lot of money in jersey sales and cap sales and ticket sales and more. At the same time, Judge knows the value of being a Yankee. A chance to win every year, huge endorsements, the uniform, possible future in Monument Park with a retired number. It’s different when you win and have incredible success in pinstripes. He knows that. 2. The Yankees print money. They are currently worth about $6 billion. Next. 3. Clubhouse factor. Some guys feel LOOKING FOR KITCHEN & comfortable in certain situations. NYC fits SERVING STAFF him, sure, but Judge is having a blast with teammates in 2022. You can see it every game. Would his relationships impact his next contract decision? It’s possible. If you don’t think so, see: Freddie Freeman. 3 for Judge leaving the Yanks: 1. Competition. Giants, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox and Cubs all in the mix? There are plenty of deep pocketed teams that could unload for a face of the franchise type player. 2. Age/injury/size. With all due respect to Judge, he has missed 156 games the last four seasons. Granted, he played in 148 games in 2021, has been healthy and an MVP candidate in 2022 and was healthy in 2017 when he should have won MVP (he won Rookie of the Year). At the end of this season, his sixth in the big leagues, he has basically been healthy for half the time and unhealthy half the time. He is also 6’7” and 280 pounds. He is also 30 years of age. Do 6 Time State Champion Burger you really want to shell out 10 years at $400 Winner! million for him? Probably not. 3. Judge wants something new. While money 238 Harrison St. • Syracuse, NY 13202 will be the end all be all, Judge could also 315-426-9672 • want something else. Maybe he wants

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to get away from NYC and Brian Cashman, who “lowballed” him already and took it public. Maybe the two sides just cannot agree to a deal and feel it is time to move on. Worst case scenario: Aaron Judge signs with rival Boston and the Yanks have to face him 19 times a season. Judge’s production wouldn’t fall off that much at Fenway Park. Even with the Green Monster, Judge would hit plenty of homers up and over the GM and his opposite field power speaks for itself in any ballpark. If Boston becomes a player, Hal Steinbrenner will have no choice but to pay #99. If they aren’t a factor, the sting would still be there but not as much if he wore a different uniform than Boston. Prediction: Judge remains a

“Some guys feel comfortable in certain situations. NYC fits him, sure, but Judge is having a blast with teammates in 2022.”

Yankee. 7 years. $325 million. Team options for 2031. Can you imagine him in a different uniform? It’s hard to. The end game is that both sides will realize how much they benefit each other with winning being the ultimate goal. By the same token, this is a business, and Aaron Judge wants to get paid. This will be the #1 story in baseball in the offseason if it isn’t already. For more Yankee coverage and interviews with pinstripe legends from Mike Lindsley, visit Lindsley has been in sports media for 20 years. Download, subscribe, rate and review his podcast, the ML Sports Platter, where you get podcasts on your smart phone device and follow him on Twitter @MikeLSports.



The Write Stuff by Nancy Roberts

2006: The Chautauqua Rising by Jack Cashill, published: 2000

It probably goes without saying that my home is filled with books. Books I’ve read dozens of times, books I’ve started and stopped and started again, and books I’d forgotten I ever had. I wanted to take a little summer break in my reading, and went to a “rarely visited” shelf, and found a pristine book, with no price tag glued on – so odds are I hadn’t found it in a bargain bin somewhere, and, though it was published way back in 2000, had never cracked open. As it happens, my parents had retired down in southwestern New York, and from time to time went to concerts at the Chautauqua Institution, so I was familiar with the town and its history. In the 1870s, the New York Chautauqua Assembly was organized by a Methodist minister and a businessman on the shores of the lake of that name. The idea was to train Sunday school teachers, and also provide general entertainment and culture to the whole community by providing speakers, teachers, musicians, showmen, preachers, and other specialists to entertain and inform in a summery atmosphere of relaxation, picnics, and outdoor gatherings. The Chautauqua Institution grew out of that Assembly and continues to provide entertainment and education, and for a time, to hold a “Chautauqua” was to offer an educational assembly for the public anywhere one could be organized. Part of the purpose was to offer entertainment of a Christian nature, somewhat in competition with the vaudeville so popular in that era. I was curious about not just how and when I’d gotten the book – and why I’d never read it – and what a “rising” in conjunction with Chautauqua could be. I wasn’t prepared for a story that was as eerily prescient as this was, reading it with the advantage of a 22 year lookback. Granted, some of what the author predicts took a bit longer than 6 years to rear its head, but any reader will recognize some of the movements and manipulations of modern American culture that were still the stuff of fiction that long ago. Amish Farmers What’s also fascinating

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about this book is the writer’s proposed political/ social affiliation of such wildly disparate groups: imagine Native Americans, Amish farmers, traditional Catholics, a nationally acclaimed folk singer, and a mysterious mission, and a newspaper, handed Chautauqua County over to the son of a supposed suicide, all coming together to face down the forces at play in the government. It sounds far crazier than it reads. The book is written diary-fashion, and from the pointof-view of the young son of a beloved father who, he discovers in the first pages of the book, has shot himself, and left his small newspaper to his son to run. At first, the heart-broken TJ Conlon simply wants to figure out what to do about the paper, and to understand why his father would choose suicide. And then, as they say, the plot thickens. TJ returns to his roots – Chautauqua County – and through a chance encounter, discovers a clue in a mysterious tape. Now intrigued and determined to figure out what happened, and tasked with writing an editorial column for the small periodical he had inherited, TJ leaves his Boston career and ambitious girlfriend behind, and sets out to understand what happened, and why. What sets this whodunit apart from many others is not just the fun I found in reading about places like Salamanca, Fredonia and even the growing Amish community in southwestern NY that were so familiar to me, but in the more political tidbits Cashill envisioned eventually bringing change and challenge to particularly such stalwart and independent communities as the Seneca people, or the Amish farmers and woodshops. The political catchphrase is “Is It Good for the Children?” when the government wants to enact a demanding rule – such as insisting that workers in a small Amish woodmill wear hard hats, or that children normally schooled in local community-run classrooms be bussed to large “centralized” facilities. The closer TJ gets to the answer to his father’s story, the more involved he becomes in what’s driving the political forces at play behind these and other moves to control the lives of the quiet, private people depicted in the story. This is exactly the type of book I love to stumble across for summer reading. I don’t like the over-worked phrase “page-turner” to describe a story, but I will plead guilty. Once started, I had to find out “what happened,” and couldn’t help but marvel at some of Cashill’s “what-if’s” on the potential horizon.

“Any reader will recognize some of the movements and manipulations of modern American culture that were still the stuff of fiction that long ago.”

Books End Gently used, rare & out-of-print books, hardcovers, paperbacks and ephemera Thank You for Voting Us BEST BOOK STORE


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Business of Interest by Nancy Roberts

Rudy’s Lakeside “It isn’t summer ‘til we stop by Rudy’s and have fish fry by the lake.” That’s a common theme that runs through the comments about Rudy’s on the “Guest Book” of their website. People who have fond memories of summer on Lake Ontario, and their visits to Rudy’s – which dates back to the 40’s – and who still return, no matter how far away they may have strayed, every chance they get, to make summer – summer! Open from lunch to 9pm, Rudy’s is now in its 76th summer and has remained a family business since it opened. The first restaurant was opened by Rudy Gadziala and his wife, Marie, in 1946, the business passed to the current owner’s parents, Brad and Carol Livesey, and is now owned and operated by Jason Livesey. Talking with Livesey recently, we mulled over that very idea of continuity, experiences, changes, and the idea of “local.” All these have become part of people’s everyday concerns and conversations – and none more so than for local small business.

“We want to give our customers, new and regulars, the very best experience possible. To be part of their summer rituals and something they look forward to,” Livesey said. “But for small business, it’s harder and harder to know how to plan.” Rudy’s, like most food service businesses, had to adjust to the pandemic restrictions, and did so with customary concern for customer satisfaction. You now have three options for ordering. Call ahead if you’re close or on-site, select a time slot for pick up, and you’ll get a notice on your phone that your order is ready – you can drive through or pick it up at the window. If you want to ponder your choices – or

“We’ve had wonderful weather, it’s been sunny and bright by the lake, and you can’t beat the view and the breezes off the lake, especially when it’s as warm as it’s been.”

you have a lot of tastes to cater to – you might prefer going to https:// rudyslakeside.revelup. online/store/1 to make your selections. You’ll get a time estimate, and be notified by cell phone when your order is ready, and your pick-up options are the same. Or, if you prefer to walk up

Tender, flaky, cooked-just-right fish

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Now Celebrati

76 YEARSn!g


ORDER ONLINE! 315-343-2671

for your order, you’ll be given a buzzer to notify you when your meal is ready. Meantime, you may want to take in the view of Lake Ontario, or stake out a seat on one of the many picnic tables nearby. Another challenge is, of course, sourcing and pricing the food. Rudy’s has had a “close to home” policy for obtaining fresh, locally-sourced food, cooked with a determination to please. The emphasis, naturally, is on fish; tender, flaky, cooked-just-right fish. The haddock is never frozen, the beef is locally sourced, the hot dogs are Hoffman hots, and their special Texas Hot Sauce is a recipe perfected by Marie Gadziala, and it’s one of those special items that keeps people coming back. But, as Livesey explained, “Just like when we all go to the grocery store these days and come away with a version of sticker shock, we’re experiencing price changes, and that makes it hard to plan.” He observed that it isn’t just the increases that make it difficult for a small operation to obtain, prepare, and serve great meals, it’s the recent unpredictability of the small business climate. Still, Rudy’s is determined to give customers that “Rudy’s experience” that means so much for their summer. “And it’s been a great summer,” says Livesey. “We’ve had wonderful weather, it’s been sunny and bright by the lake, and you can’t beat the view and the breezes off the lake, especially when it’s as warm as it’s been.” As we talked, we couldn’t help but focus on the idea of “normal,” and what that means to a business whose customers return not just for the delicious food (and that is a guarantee) but who have been longing for just that – a touchpoint in their lives that says “summer is here, Rudy’s is open, and yes, there have been changes in the way you order, but the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds are Rudy’s!” While Livesey is as uncertain as the rest of us what normal will be in a post-pandemic world, his focus is on continuing to bring us all the very best Rudy’s experience possible. As he’s noted before, with humor and a nod to his father who taught him the business, “I cook fish. But I’m the best fish cook you know.”

GET HOOKED! ic Scen ! Drive

Biker Welcoms e!

Serving Fresh Seafood, Hamburgers, Hotdogs & ALL Your Summertime Favorites! ICE CREAM TOO!

www.RudysHot .com | ENJOY OUR CURBSIDE TAKEOUT 78 County Route 89 Oswego, NY • 315-343-2671 | Located One Quarter Mile West of SUNY Oswego |

“Rudy’s has had a “close to home” policy for obtaining fresh, locallysourced food, cooked with a determination to please.”

Open daily 11am-9pm CLOSED TUESDAYS Season: Opens Wednesday closest to St. Patrick’s Day in March, Closes Columbus Day Monday in October Summer Season: Memorial Day - Labor Day 78 County Route 89, Oswego, NY 13126 • 315-343-2671

Wed & Thurs 4pm-8pm Fri-Sun 11am-8pm

take out or eat in

Great Greek Food Is Closer Than You Think! Gyros • Spanakopita • Tzatziki Fries • Salads • Grape Leaves and so much more!

? y r g n h1u -4390 0 2 3 5 3

NYS Fair



gyros VALID AT Camillus Location and 2022 NY STATE FAIR Aug. 1 - Sept. 5

64 West Genesee St. Camillus, NY 13031

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Glycogen is the body’s stored source of carbohydrates. So, during a workout, when your glycogen stores are by Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak depleted, your body starts to utilize more of the sugar in your blood for energy. Once all the stored glycogen is depleted, you will feel tired, fatigued and your exercise performance will suffer. As a result, your brain starts getting signals that it’s time to fuel-up. This is when we often What foods do you reach for after a spin crave carbohydrates (the class, an hour of weights or an evening run? unhealthy kind) or sweets to Does a salad sound good to you or do you compensate for the loss in crave fast food, chips and a chocolate bar? blood sugar level. It can be difficult to eat Working out means working up an healthy when calorie-dense, appetite, right? You will definitely notice nutrient-poor foods are that your stomach’s growling more heavily marketed and easily frequently after the first few weeks of a accessible. It’s safe to say new fitness routine. The obvious reason there is no shortage! With limited time to shop, buy and cook healthy meals, every day is for an increase in appetite is due to your an uphill battle for most of us! Consequently, we often buy cheap, heavily processed, and body’s need to replenish what was used overall unhealthy foods out of convenience. Unfortunately, over time this will result in during your workout. negative health consequences. Most workouts contain some When we crave unhealthy or out-of-the-ordinary foods, it’s an indication that something component of glycogen burning. is missing from our diets. It can also be a sign that we are deficient in some of the necessary essential nutrients our body needs to function properly. Though this may explain a lot, there are other factors to consider. For example, how does exercise effect our food choices? Does exercise influence healthy eating habits? Does sedentary behavior and limited physical activity encourage unhealthy eating habits? Recent research suggests there’s a single best place to begin. According to a study published in BOX LACROSSE GAME the International Journal of 1:00 PM Obesity, starting an exercise regimen may inspire you to eat healthier. For the study, researchers recruited more than 2,500 college students who said they did not follow SEMI FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP any kind of diet or exercise for more than 30 minutes a week. The students were put on – TIMES & TEAMS TO BE ANNOUNCED – a 15-week aerobic exercise plan that involved doing guided cardio for 30 to 60 minutes, three times a week. All participants were told not to change their eating habits. Heart rate 4000 State RT. 11, Nedrow NY • 315.498.6813 data was recorded for all workout sessions to gauge aerobic intensity and to ensure that participants reached at least 65% of their maximum heart rate.

Exercise & Fitness

Does Exercise Influence Healthy Eating Habits?

“It can be difficult to eat healthy when calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods are heavily marketed and easily accessible. It’s safe to say there is no shortage!”


salt city



utica collar city


august 14


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To assess dietary choices, researchers gave participants a survey prior to the 15-week exercise program. Participants ranked how often they consumed 102 different food items on a scale of one to nine, where one meant never and nine meant they consumed the food on an everyday basis. This same survey was given again after the study period to evaluate changes in healthy eating habits. Aerobic exercise could establish healthy eating habits Research found that the approximately 2,000 participants who stuck with the exercise plan were more likely than their counterparts to make healthier food choices all on their own. After the 15-week exercise period, many of the participants started eating more nutritious foods, like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and nuts. They also consumed fewer fried foods, soda and snack foods. Researchers found that the more a partaker exercised, the more their diet had a tendency to improve. Longer exercise duration was associated with a decrease in preference for foods characteristic of the standard western diet, such as red meat, fried

foods and snack foods. In addition, high-intensity exercise was associated with an increase in preference for healthy foods. Overall, compliance with the exercise program was associated with a transition towards eating healthier overall. Furthermore, research has shown that positive results fuel adherence and persistence and other changes psychologically. Along with mitigating the negative effects of chronic stress on the mind and body, habitual exercise has been proven to improve mental health. Since exercise releases feel-good endorphins (natural cannabis-like brain chemicals and other natural brain chemicals), many experts believe routine exercise is as powerful in treating anxiety and mood disorders as antidepressants. Plenty of research also suggests that exercise can change brain function, and this rewiring may be behind the urge to make healthier food choices. You may find yourself saying, ‘Wow, my pants feel looser.” This of course will encourage more effort into making healthy food choices and improved eating habits. In Conclusion: Starting a journey to get healthy can be a daunting

endeavor. It can seem impossible to be active, eat better, sleep more, stay hydrated and do all of the things we need to do, all at once. Starting a diet can be the hardest task of it all. Most of us feel deprived from the getgo. Instead of making drastic dietary changes, try adding physical activity to your life, and the consequent changes may create significant changes in the way you eat. Does exercise influence healthy eating habits? Starting an exercise routine certainly can’t hurt! It can be a much easier path than going on a restrictive diet and it’s good for your mind, body and soul. Think of physical activity as adding something with a good health message to your life! This is a gift you’re giving yourself that will result in significant health changes today, tomorrow and for years to come. Good luck to you! I have been a personal trainer for over twenty years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association.








Tracking healthy menu options


Syracuse, NY • 315-436-FITT(3488)


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Streaming Flicks by brian miller

Better Call Saul We live in age of hyperbole where everything isn’t simply good; it’s the “best.” Athletes, movies, and television shows often get this treatment, with so many entities being called “the greatest of all-time” that it tends to dull the meaning of that particular phrase. I’m guilty of it myself, though I have certainly tried to be conscientious about this over the years. Yet as BETTER CALL SAUL comes to a close, I find it impossible not to list Bob Odenkirk’s turn as Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman as one of, if not THE

greatest performance in the history of television. On BREAKING BAD, Odenkirk’s Goodman was the sleezy, over-the-top attorney whose face was on everything from park benches to matchbooks. He provided plenty of comedic relief and emerged as an extremely entertaining character as the series progressed, but he lacked the complexity of the more well-defined principal players surrounding him. When a spin-off was announced that would revolve around the smooth-talking attorney, I certainly had my reservations. BREAKING BAD was a modern classic, and it felt like this was more of an obligatory opportunity to keep the popular (and seemingly lucrative) franchise going. What has played out instead is a series that may very well be even Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman better than its predecessor. A prequel that explores the journey of how a complex man attempts to emerge from his successful brother’s shadow and make a name for himself has been, from the very beginning, an engaging, thrilling, hilarious, ingenious drama/comedy/thriller that is a rarity in today’s streaming world. Each and every week I counted down the days until the next episode, elated with the fact that the story would continue, but lamenting that each installment brought us closer to the conclusion. When Jimmy first began his journey as little more than a bumbling grifter with a



• Catering • Outdoor Deck Overlooking the Golf Course • Open to the Public • Full Service Bar & Restaurant • 18 Hole Course

DAILY LUNCH & DINNER SPECIALS OPEN 11AM-8 5690 Bennetts Corners Rd. • Camillus, NY 13031 • (315) 672-3770

PAGE 19 • August 2022 •


law degree, we saw flashes of the high-powered con-artist who was introduced to audiences in BREAKING BAD. Scruples and morals have never appeared to mean much to him, though early on, his devious actions seemed to have a little more impact on him. Whether he was conning a couple out of the cash they had illegally procured, or bringing about the downfall of his own brother, there was a struggle of conscience that always bubbled beneath the surface. Whenever he faced a difficult decision, he was bound to make the wrong decision. That is, because when it comes down to it, he’s always been the guy from BREAKING BAD, he just wasn’t always so obvious about it. BETTER CALL SAUL is on the precipice of its conclusion, and like BREAKING BAD, will end as a series that never outlasted its welcome. I’ve written about the show in previous articles, praising the performances of Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Michael McKean and Tony Dalton. They are a supporting cast who helped shaped the show into the work of art it ultimately became. They, like Jimmy, are flawed and horrible people who all possess their own oddly endearing qualities. This moral ambiguity was what made characters like Walt and Jesse so great in BREAKING BAD, and show-runner Vince Gilligan explored these notions even further in the slowburn BETTER CALL SAUL. The one name not listed above is Rhea Seehorn. If there is any justice in the entertainment world, it will be that Ms. Seehorn (who recently earned an Emmy nomination for her performance) will emerge from this as a star. Much like Jimmy’s, the evolution of Kim Wexler (Seehorn) has been extraordinary. In season one she was introduced as a side player in Jimmy’s world, but by the time we have reached the conclusion of the series, we realize she has been the key to the entire evolution of Saul. She continuously shocks and surprises. From the very beginning I thought

“What has played out instead is a series that may very well be even better than its predecessor.”


we were heading in one direction, with her emerging as a voice of reason that Jimmy simply couldn’t follow, only to discover that she is something entirely different. This development, and Seehorn’s masterful delivery of the content has helped shape SAUL into an all-time classic. Finally, this brings us to the man himself. For Odenkirk to take the slimy Saul (the guy we saw with a drawer full of cell phones willing to do quite literally anything to make a buck in BREAKING BAD) and mold him into a sympathetic, flawed, brilliant, and tragic hero is nothing short of masterful. With each episode, he subtly slid towards depravity, and even though we ultimately knew where he’d end up, we somehow hoped he wouldn’t. He was hilariously funny while also being heartbreakingly sad, and though we witnessed him make one horrible decision after another, the ingenuity behind his decision making was fascinating. As he found himself drawn deeper into the underbelly world of the cartel, we still somehow believed he might find a happily-ever-after that we simply didn’t see in BREAKING BAD. Maybe Kim was out there waiting for him somewhere after all. Or, maybe, like Walt, he was doomed from the start. We’ll find out in just a few more episodes, and while I’m sad to see it end, I’m elated I got to be there for every step of the journey. Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler

BETTER CALL SAUL- A+ Final season now airing on AMC and streaming on AMC +

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Summer Hits

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The summer blockbuster season has continued to deliver big names from established franchises and powerful directors. The month of July was no different. The mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has returned to the big screen in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER. Though happy to save worlds when needed, his broken heart still pines for his beloved Jane (Natalie Portman). After teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while, he decides to head out on his own once he discovers that a number of gods have been killed throughout the universe. This will eventually lead him to a battle with



Gorr (a delightfully creepy Christian Bale), an evil entity whose own tragic story has lead him to wish death and destruction upon all immortals. Natalie Portman makes her return to the MCU as Jane, and for the first time, dons the Thor gear herself. She has been afflicted with cancer, and while her body breaks down in the real world, when she is holding Thor’s beloved Mjolnir she possesses all of the might and powers Natalie Portman returns as Jane of the gods. The duo rekindle what was once lost, and team up together in an attempt to defeat the pasty Gorr. Writer/director/star Taika Waititi injects his own unique brand of moviemaking in LOVE AND THUNDER. Some have levied criticisms that the film is played as a straight comedy, which somehow is meant to be a knock on the production. I went the other way on this. After the droll DR. STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, I found the humor and stylish filmmaking the exact thing that was missing the last time around. It appears that Hemsworth is still having fun playing Thor, and this permeates throughout the production. Waititi, whose character Korg serves as a sort of quasi-narrator, took a page from the James Gunn playbook, blending music (mostly in the form of Guns N’ Roses), laughs, and bombastic action sequences in equal measure. The result is a flashy, fun, and rollicking good time that may not be the best the MCU has to offer, but definitely a step back in the right direction. Opening a week prior to THOR, MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU brought the pint-sized yellow blobs back to the big screen after nearly a two-year delay. If you are a fan of Steve Carrell and/or gibberish, boy, have I got the movie for you. When pint-sized Gru (Carrell) scores a job interview with his favorite group of super-villains, he couldn’t be more elated. This is the moment he has always waited for. He excitedly tells his adopted minions (who are busy building his lair) that his time has come, and the world will soon know his name. Once he shows up, however, he is laughed at and insulted, with Belle Bottom (Taraji P. Henson) boldly and rudely informing him that no “kid” will ever join their ranks. Initially heartbroken, Gru seizes an opportunity to outsmart the group in hopes of impressing them and steals an artifact from right under their noses. This makes them more enraged than impressed, and he instantly becomes a target of their wrath. MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU is, at the end of the day, a MINIONS movie. It doesn’t break any new ground, it doesn’t deliver powerful insight into the psyche of the supervillain or his posse, and it’s fairly ridiculous to think that it ever would. The plotline described above is more of an attempt to fuse together scenes that will allow the Minions to fly a plane and smack each other around while also displaying an unwavering loyalty to their beloved “mini-boss.” It’s also an excuse to let Carrell and his oddly endearing accent cut loose, delivering plenty of laughs amidst the physical comedy of his crew. This certainly isn’t Pixar, and chances are, you already know if you and your kids are going to like it or not. Emerging as the only stand-alone saga in this summer collection is the UFO story NOPE. The third film by writer/director/producer Jordan Peele is as polarizing as his previous ventures GET OUT and US, though perhaps a bit more straight forward in its narrative and messages than the other two...or, is it?



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Given the love it or hate it nature of Poole’s previous films, I should let you know right from the jump that I easily found myself in the “love it” camp for both productions. With NOPE, I’m on the same side of the fence. Gripping in a way that no other film has been this season (and I’m not taking anything away from the highoctane thrills of MAVERICK here) it delivers visceral terror to anyone who has looked up in the sky and has questioned what they have seen. After his father (Keith David) is killed in a freak accident, O.J. (Daniel Kaluuya) takes over Haywood’s Hollywood Horses, a farm that provides equine talent for movie and television productions. Quiet and solemn, he lacks that charisma of his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) who does all of the talking during production meetings. The farm has fallen on hard times, and O.J. has been forced to sell many of their horses, though he longs to eventually buy them back. When O.J. sees something in the sky and explains this encounter with his sister, the two device a plan to capitalize on the sighting. They instantly realize that something incredible is happening on their farm, and their father’s death may have a more sinister cause than originally expected. They purchase cameras from a local electronic store, and with the assistance of the overzealous technician Angel (Brandon Perea) create a setup that will get them “the Oprah shot.” This is the footage that will help make them millionaires. There will be endless debates about NOPE and the meaning (or lack thereof) of certain scenes and plotlines. That’s what I absolutely love about Poole. He is only three films in, and already, he is a filmmaker that can be analyzed, dissected, and debated. NOPE is visually stunning and delivers multiple sequences of pulsepounding terror and intensity. The performances by his cast are all magnificent (particularly Kaluuya and Palmer) and moments of fear are punctuated by unexpected laughs. It is the type of movie that crafted a spell that not only made me want to immediately watch it again, but made me surprised when I walked out into the lobby, only to discover that there was a world that existed outside of the theater.

“NOPE is visually stunning and delivers multiple sequences of pulse-pounding terror and intensity.”

THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER- B MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU- BNOPE- A All films are currently showing in theaters.

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Celebrating our 88th year in 2022, spanning three generations, Eddie’s has offered up great food, warm hospitality and happy memories to thousands of beach goers. From its humble beginnings as a seasonal hot dog stand to the bustling restaurant it is today, Eddie’s has always provided quick, friendly service, delicious homemade food and an unforgettable experience.

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Sounds Of Syracuse

by Chuck Schiele

The One Man Show of Mark Macri He plays keyboards, guitar and sings. Mark Macri stays busy for good reason. His setlist is varied from retro to current hits, groove bumbers and a lot of songs where you find youreself singing along. I particularly dig the way he handles the New Orleans thing, and when he’s working in funky electric piano-oriented sutuations. Of course, selections from The Meters to the Goo-Goo Dolls, there’s more to his act than that. He’s comfortable and has an air of ease about the way he connects with his audience and this is part of the fun that exudes from his performances. Mark was kind enough to take a few minutes with us here at Sounds of Syracuse to chat about music, his highlights along the way and the music community here in Syracuse. Chuck Schiele: How long have you been playing music? How did you find your way into it. Mark Macri: When I was around 5 or 6, my mom bought me one of those little organs with the buttons that played chords. I was also singing on pitch at an early age. Once in high school, it seemed to really accelerate from there. CS: You’ve had quite a career as a musician.

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MM: My 1st professional/paying gig was with a band called “The Allnighter’s,” doing a few gigs in the tri-state area before we toured military bases in Japan for 5 months, from December of ‘86 to May of ‘87. I was laid up for 9 months when I broke my back (L5) in April of ‘88. Shortly after that, some friends took me to a Danny Holmes show, where I started singing harmonies with him, eventually becoming his side guy in The Danny Holmes duo. Then on May 24th, 1991, I went solo. 31 years later, I’m still at it, full time. CS: What came first: Chicken, piano, egg, guitar? MM: Keyboards for sure. I played acoustic bass in high school for symphonic band, percussion in marching band and it wasn’t until I went solo that I thought to myself how to play acoustic guitar (just strumming chords really, I’m not sure I call myself much of a guitar player). CS: Please share with us about your solo work these days, and those with whom you collaborate. MM: As stated, I went solo in ‘91. In October of 2004, I moved to the Celebration/Orlando area, where I eventually secured a residency at The House Of Blues/Orlando for over 13 years. I also played from Melbourne to Tampa, even the main lobby stage at The Hard Rock in Tampa. I basically played 8 months in Florida and 4 months home yearly. Guitarists Tim Boehlert and Bill Harsma both were in The Mark Macri Duo with me for brief stints. The band TRAINWRECK came to be in 1997 with Tim Boehlert, Lenny Milano and Creamo Liss. This September 9th will be our final show at Shifty’s. I’m also in the band “Mood Swing,” led by Danielle Rausa, I joined 2 years ago. This coming November 25th will be the debut of a new band called “Mark Macri And The Funk Junkies,” featuring Robbie Spagnoletti, Jake Capozzolo and Ed Gorham. I’ve also done studio work mostly with Case and Davidson as well as a few others, and 3 full albums/CD’s of my own. CS: Your CD features an impressive array of Syacuse talent in the liner-notes. Tell us how that came about and the inspiration behind it. MM: That CD, “Still Human,” is almost 6 years old already! 27 musicians/artists on it, with the sole purpose of celebrating the beloved CNY music scene that I love and respect so much. The 1st CD, “A Day At The Human Races,” was released August 25, 1996. The 2nd, “A Better Place,” was released February 29, 2004 and “Still Human,” October 2, 2016. “Still Human,” revisited some songs from the 1st CD, as I grew in a studio setting, and to take my 1st attempt in producing, I wanted to revisit some songs with different visions that came later, again, as I grew, along with newer originals, 2 about the loss of my mom and a couple others. CS: Share with us some of the better highlights along the way. MM: Well, Japan so early in my career for a 22 year old at the time was pretty amazing. When you’re that young, you don’t really care about working/traveling like a dog, for not much money! Lol. Joining the Danny Holmes Duo was a real education that definitely prepared me to go solo. Danny wasn’t afraid of anything and I can say “some” of that rubbed off on me, as

“Don’t ignore the seasoned players. I think some don’t feel as though us older guys have much to offer, but what they don’t realize, is that it takes the rest of your life to get better.”

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well as most of the clubs we played graciously took me on when I went solo. 2004 was a big year, traveling to England for the 1st time for some gigs, then later making the move to Orlando. The residency at The House Of Blues afforded so much exposure obviously, domestic and internationally. Working and recording with Paul Case and Billy Davidson certainly had some highlights. Besides the recording, one of the biggest was doing a show with The Subdudes in Wisconsin, who are a BIG favorite with us, as we played a lot of their music. I’ve opened up for a few great acts, Orleans, Little River Band and notably, REO at The Hard Rock Live in Orlando in April 2018, sold out show. In all that, the biggest highlight to me is having the most loyal, loving and generous supporters that ANY musician could ask for, hands down, in many states. I easily have over a million miles on the road. CS: Every musician has stories. I love the stories. Any cool stories? MM: When you’re a full time, seasonally touring musician, you see a LOT! Especially when traveling with others. Being the sober guy (the majority of the time) you’re painfully aware that you’re a baby sitter for your not so sober friends, basically the driver and perhaps preventing them from getting arrested. Letting “less than sober” celebrities sit in, mostly in Florida, where I was fortunate to work with some higher profile charity events, hanging with other celebrities, performing for many, even getting to break bread and spend time with them. With all this, sometimes you have to share in your supporter’s grief as well. You don’t always get to perform happy occasions. Sometimes you perform at funerals and memorial services, because they’re part of a giant “extended family.” Being flown to The Almafi Coast to be a surprise performer at a wedding reception clearly didn’t suck! Lol. CS: Advice for budding musicians: MM: Don’t ignore the seasoned players. I think some don’t feel as though us older guys have much to offer, but what they don’t realize, is that it takes the rest of your life to get better. Some have freakishly natural talent for sure, but for most of us who don’t, it takes time and experience. Try and leave the egos outside the rehearsal room, etc. Most importantly, try and play with people that are way better than you. That’s great motivation, if again, you can put ego aside to learn from someone else. Don’t be opposed to playing more genres than your favorite. CS: What are your thoughts on the CNY music scene and community? MM: The CNY music scene is sacred to me. Because of our northern climate, our opportunities are significantly more limited than say Florida (as I witnessed for 15 years). The result of that is CNY musicians have to really hone their skills to be able to gig up here, which is the downside, but the upside is, since you have to work so much harder to get a paying gig up here, when you go to a place like Florida, (where again, because of the climate, any guy can get a gig whether they’re good or not), a CNY musician will stand out in a sea of mediocrity. A lot of friends who travel and check out live music in other regions of the country most assuredly report back about the lack of wealth of good musicians while they were there, compared to us up here in CNY. CS: I imagine you have forthcoming plans for your music? MM: Yes! A new recording project is in the planning stages presently. This new project will be all duos with the absolute cream of the crop vocalists from CNY and one from the Orlando area that I had the pleasure to collaborate with. I don’t do deadlines. “Still Human” took 5 years to record, mostly because of me living in Orlando, but wanting to record exclusively at SubCat, with Pat MacDougall at the controls. The new project is tentatively titled “Great Company.” CS: Where do we stay in touch with you and your music? MM: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My website is CS: Thank you Mark, for taking some time with us here at Sounds of Syracuse. Retro to current hits MM: Thank you Chuck, for the chat.




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Beauty & Fashion by newsusa

Top Tips for Healthy Nails When was the last time you thought about the health of your nails? In fact, healthy nails are not only attractive, but they are also important to overall health. Nails can even be a window into underlying serious disease. Proper nail care helps keep your hardworking hands and feet looking and feeling their best by decreasing infection risk and breakage. As temperatures start to rise and RSVP season kicks into high gear, it’s time to show your nails some love. According to Dr. Dana Stern, a board-certified dermatologist and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, the most common mistakes people make when it comes to caring for their nails are choosing the wrong products and using the wrong tools. “We need to think about nail care in the same way we think about skin care and pay more attention to products we’re using and how we focus on not just the look of our nails but the underlying health,” says Dr Dana.

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Dr. Dana, the only dermatologist who devotes her entire practice to nail diagnosis, treatment, and surgery, is a go-to dermatologist for patients seeking advice on how to treat nail conditions and gel damage, as well as the best ways to keep their nails healthy and beautiful. Some common nail complaints she hears from patients are dryness, weakness, ridges, and aging related nail issues. She also hears her patients talk about dry, brittle nails from all the hand washing and use of hand sanitizer. Dr. Dana shares her top three tips to improve the look and health of your nails: First, when you’re choosing products, be mindful of the ingredients and steer clear of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and an ingredient that is in many nail strengthener formulas. Just as you wouldn’t want to use a product with harsh substances on your face or body, the same goes for products you put on your nails. Second, stop using abrasive emery board nail files. These files can be damaging, as they cause microscopic tears at the tips of the nails. Instead, look for glass or crystal files that will give your nails a smooth edge and won’t cause snags or tears. Lastly, always wear gloves when doing wet work around the house or garden, such as washing dishes. Nails are like little sponges, and over-saturation will weaken the nail, making it prone to breakage. To promote nail health and help consumers take care of their nails at home, Dr. Dana developed the Nail Renewal System, which uses plant-based science to combat brittle, ridged, weak and over-processed nails. Hailed by celebrities as a nail miracle, the system produces healthy, lustrous nails within minutes of the first treatment. “Skin care products have progressed in line with scientific advancements, so why haven’t nail care products? It is time for a nail care brand that does more than merely mask the issues – that revolutionizes the way people care for their nails,” says Dr. Dana. “In the same way that exfoliation improves the health of your skin, the Nail Renewal System is designed to remove damaged, superficial nail cells and promote hydration to improve the health of your nails,” she explains. “I like to call it a buff with benefits.” The Nail Renewal system is the first nail treatment with glycolic acid for essential exfoliation, and the product is free of formaldehyde, parabens, artificial fragrance, dyes and other toxic ingredients often found in nail care products. Another key ingredient is in the hydrating formula of the Nail Renewal System. Pistacia Lentiscus is a natural nail strengthener derived from the sap of a unique evergreen tree in the Mediterranean. The biggest myth Dr. Dana hears in her practice? “Nails do not need time to breathe in between color applications – they don’t have lungs.” Actually, nails receive oxygen from increased blood flow resulting from exercise. So cardio is not only good for your heart, but also for your nails. Need more incentive to show your neglected nails some love? A nail trend that’s sweeping the fashion runways and featured in magazines is “#TheNakedManicure.” In the same vein as the “no makeup” makeup look, it features shiny, clear nails you can show off with confidence without the pitfalls associated with polish and time and money spent at the salon.

“Instead, look for glass or crystal files that will give your nails a smooth edge and won’t cause snags or tears.”


Golf by brian Yager

The 3 Types of Golf Handicaps There are 3 types of handicaps out there. They include: (1) honest handicaps; (2) sandbagger handicaps and (3) Hollywood handicaps. Thankfully, the most common type of handicap is the honest handicap. This is a handicap that is determined by using a standard and

accepted formula as defined by the governing golf body in a particular country. The golfer who carries an honest handicap is conscientious about keeping accurate scores, adhering to the accepted rules of golf and of considering all rounds played when applying the handicap formula. The golfer who can be considered to be carrying a sandbagger handicap goes out of his way to make sure that his “official” handicap is somewhat higher than what it should be. The reason for doing this is pretty obvious. When competing in Net Score competitions (often involving money or prizes) he can have a distinct advantage. A proper handicap, as mentioned above, must be based on all rounds played – good or bad. One “not so subtle” way to achieve the status of an elite sandbagger is to conveniently forget to enter good rounds but to be diligent to the extreme when it comes to entering bad rounds. If the golfer is “on a roll” with nothing but good rounds being shot, it may be necessary to make the supreme sacrifice and actually purposely play a bad round. “Gee, I just couldn’t hit a fairway today!” The third type of golfer is the one who carries a Hollywood handicap. This type of player is extremely interesting. This golfer has his heart in the right place – he takes the game seriously and desperately wants to improve and, perhaps more importantly, to be recognized as an accomplished player by his friends and peers. For the typical Hollywood handicap player, the handicap is everything. He would rather carry a low handicap and lose money than carry an inflated handicap and win money. A rare, but interesting breed! To make my point, you should understand that the first step in computing a handicap

“The sandbagger handicap goes out of his way to make sure that his “official” handicap is somewhat higher than what it should be. ”

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using the standard USGA formula is to convert the Gross Score to what is called the Adjusted Gross Score (AGS). The AGS is equal to or lower than the gross score with an adjustment made by reducing unusually high hole scores. For example, in the US a typical bogey golfer (with a handicap between 10 and 19) cannot take more than a 7 on any hole. OK, so you should now understand the difference between the Gross Score and the Adjusted Gross Score. Well, for the Hollywood handicap golfer, there is no difference. In fact, the concept of a gross score becomes obsolete. If the player happens to balloon to a triple bogey or worse on a par 5, he will typically say “just put me down for a double,” knowing that anything higher will not affect his handicap. And of course, the “put me down for a double” statement will have that unmistakable inflection of “surely you would not expect a player of my stature to put down a number higher than that.” Hmm, I have to wonder what would happen if Tiger, participating in a PGA event and after playing a rare bad hole, were to say “just jot down a par for that hole.” It wouldn’t be pretty. The final interesting thing about the Hollywood handicapper is that he will enjoy a cold beverage after a round of golf and discuss nonchalantly his final score. It would never occur to him that his 9 on the eighth hole should have any bearing on the validity of the score he discusses – a result where a 7 appears on the scorecard. Still, when all the dust settles, I would rather play a Hollywood handicapper than a sandbagger in a heads up battle. Hey, who wouldn’t?


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Preventive Medicine by by Dr. Dr. Barry Barry

Eating More Might Save Your Life Dr. Mercola did an article about sodium in the diet months ago but most of you don’t have access to his website so I am reviewing the literature now to give you a different perspective on salt. I don’t have to do any new studies...the research is there for anyone to review. You have been told for years that a low salt diet is better for your health and that salt is the main cause of hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks. Turns out, when you evaluate the latest and best research...your salt shaker has gotten a bad rap. The diuretic medications patients take for edema, heart failure and hypertension work, in part, by causing you to excrete salt (sodium chloride) via your kidneys. Caffeine is also known to be a potent stimulus for salt excretion. Four cups of coffee in a day would cause you to lose an estimated 2,300 mg of sodium...that’s about a teaspoon of salt. If you are restricting your salt intake a gradual imbalance will result in a chronic salt deficiency. In April 2022 the results of the SODIUM-HF trial were reported and there was no statistical difference in any important markers between patients with significant

heart failure and either a restricted salt or regular diet. This was a six country, six year, 26 site trial which suggests the results are likely valid. As the Lancet commented, “in ambulatory patients with heart failure, a dietary intervention to reduce sodium intake did not Reducing sodium intake didn’t reduce clinical events reduce clinical events.” Interestingly enough, all cause mortality was slightly higher in the low sodium group but it didn’t achieve statistical significance. The Mercola review pointed out that historically salt use was much much higher as it was a primary way of preserving food before refrigeration. Both the Japanese and South Koreans have among the longest life expectancies and also consume the highest amounts of salt. James DiNicolantonio Pharm. D. wrote a book called “The Salt Fix; Why the Experts Got It All Wrong - and How Eating More MIght Save Your Life.” He points out that a number of

“The Mercola review pointed out that historically salt use was much much higher as it was a primary way of preserving food before refrigeration.”

medical conditions also can increase sodium loss such as inflammatory bowel diseases, sleep apnea, adrenal insufficiency, kidney diseases, and hypothyroidism. Any of these might suggest you need to increase your sodium intake. The Dr. Mercola article pointed out a metric I have not used before but will pay more attention to now. Apparently the way to normalize your blood pressure is to get the right sodium/potassium rate. Most Americans consuming the standard processed food

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diet get much more sodium than potassium but the ideal ratio is a 5:1 ratio potassium: sodium. Dr. Mercola has a customized version of the free nutrient tracker, that you can use to calculate your sodium to potassium ratio automatically based on the foods you enter. Part of the problem with

Caffeine: potent stimulus for salt excretion


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a low sodium diet is that it causes changes in your hormone system that are not necessarily healthy for you. Your blood pressure will go down more with carbohydrate restriction than with salt restriction but the carbohydrate restriction doesn’t disturb your body’s systems like salt restriction does. Low sodium diets cause elevation in insulin levels and triglyceride levels...both undesirable. Also low sodium causes the body to pull magnesium and calcium from your bones in order to try to normalize your levels and that’s undesirable too. It’s not just lab abnormalities, patients with hyponatremia can experience muscle fatigue, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, lethargy and confusion. I have had to hospitalize patients with low sodium but rarely these days have I had to hospitalize anyone with a high sodium level in their bloodwork. In today’s world it’s much easier to have low sodium in your blood work...with all its attendant problems than it is to have high sodium in your blood work. Below are some links addressing this issue. Of course, don’t make any changes without consulting your health care professional but don’t be so quick to just accept the party line. It’s perfectly okay to challenge your doctor to back up his or her recommendations with real data...not just some statement drawn from the “guidelines.” You are forging a relationship with your provider and it’s okay for you to ask about certain tests and procedures and supplements etc. Until next month….get well and stay well. JT BARRY MD



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“Your blood pressure will go down more with carbohydrate restriction than with salt restriction but the carbohydrate restriction doesn’t disturb your body’s systems like salt restriction does.”

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August 4

August 6

August 8

August 1

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

The Winds of Cold Springs Harbor, Baldwinsville

Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Los Blancos • 7-11pm

August 2

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Let Us Worship • 5pm

Incubus • 7pm

August 5

Clinton Square Ice Rink, Syracuse

St. Josephs Health Amphitheater at Lakeview, Syracuse

Mike MacDonald • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

Mark Nanni Music • 6pm

August 2

August 5

Limp Lizard Lounge Bar & Grill, Syracuse

Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards, Lafayette

Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Brew at the Zoo, Syracuse

The Rods & Crazy Neighbors & Lou Kaplan • 6pm

August 10

Sharkey’s Bar & Grill, Liverpool

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Irv Lyons Jr. • 6-9pm

Andrew Bird and Iron & Wine

August 2

September Morning • 6pm

Hard Promises & Los Blancos

August 5

Mark Zane • 4:30-6pm

August 5

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Pearl Jam 2 • 5pm

August 2

Sharkey’s Event Center, Liverpool

Summer Concert Series, The Cobble Rockers • 6:30pm Baldwinsville

August 5

Dennis Veator • 6pm Sharkey’s Bar & Grill, Liverpool

August 2

August 5

Monirae’s Restaurant, Pennellville

Henley Park, Phoenix

Patrick Young Music • 7pm

August 3

Music in Henley Park • 6pm

August 5

Paul Davie • 2pm

August 6 August 6 August 6

August 6

E.S.P. • 6pm Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

August 6

Tantric • 7pm Fox Fest, Syracuse

August 6

Awaken, A Tribute to the Music of Yes • 7pm

Paper Mill Island Concert Series, Bruce in the USA • 6pm

Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

August 3


Govt Mule • 8pm

Johnson Park, Liverpool

Sunny Side (New Orleans) • 6pm

August 3

Jus Sum Jazz Lounge, Syracuse

Landmark Theatre, Syracuse

Fulton Community Band • 7pm

August 4

Bullhead Point Pavillion, Fulton

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Mystik Fool & Painted Birds • 7pm

August 4

Funk n Waffles, Syracuse

Gary Johnson • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

LITP Summer Concert Series

Happy Together Again

Poor Tim Band • 6-9pm

August 5 August 5 August 5 August 5

August 6

Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard, Layfayette

August 6

Little Big Town • 6pm Event Center, Verona

August 7

Mood Swing • 2-6pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 7

Dead Night with alf Past Dead • 7:30pm

August 9

Dashboard Confessional Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards, Lafayette

August 9

August 12

Freeway • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

August 12

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

August 12

Mark Zane • 5-8pm

Town of Clay Summer Concert Series • 6pm

Shaughnessy’s Irish Pub, Syracuse

Clay Central Park, Liverpool

Music at Henley Park • 6pm

Dave Porter • 6-9pm

August 10

Count Blastula • 6pm Jammers, North Syracuse

August 10

The Rollin Rust • 6pm Dinosaur Bar-B-Q, Syracuse

August 10

LITP Summer Concert Series Johnson Park, Liverpool

August 10

Albert Lee in Concert 443 Lounge & Social Club, Syracuse

August 10-13

Fulton Jazz Festival • 12pm Fulton, NY

August 11

Sydney Irving & The Mojo • 6-10pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 11

Kenny Chesney • 7:30pm

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 5-8pm St. Josephs Health Amphitheater

August 12

Henley Park, Phoenix

August 12

Just Joe • 7pm Maplewood Bar & Grill, Liverpool

August 12

Mark Muscato • 7pm 443 Lounge & Social Club, Syracuse

August 12

Paul Davie • 8pm Fat Bottom Grill, Chittenango

August 12

Ace Frehley • 8pm The Showroom, Verona

August 12

Martina McBride • 8pm Del Laga Casino & Resort, Waterloo

August 12

Solar Circuit • 8pm Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

August 13

Grupo Pagan • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 13

Mobius Jones • 7-10pm

Blue Water Grill, Skaneateles

at Lakeview, Syracuse

Mike Younger & Kay & The Miracle Cure & Penny Jo Pullus • 7:30pm

August 7

August 11

443 Lounge & Social Club, Syracuse

TK Tavern, Camillus

Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

August 4

August 5

August 7

August 11

Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

Middle Ages Brewing Co, Syracuse

Middle Ages Brewing Co, Syracuse

Eleven Waters, Syracuse

August 4

August 6

August 8

August 11

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville

San Miguel Mexican Restaurant, Baldwinsville

August 6

August 8

August 11

August 13

Mr. Monkey • 6pm

Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards, Lafayette

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

Critz Farms Brew & Cider, Cazenovia

The Winds of Cold Springs Harbor, Baldwinsville

August 6

August 8

August 13

August 4

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm LITP Summer Concert Series

August 12

Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

Johnson Park, Liverpool

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Point Place Casino, Bridgeport

Rockzilla Tour with Papa Roach • 6pm St. Josephs Health Amphitheater at Lakeview, Syracuse

13 Curves • 6pm

Hangover Thursdays Music Series • 5pm Maxwells, Syracuse

August 4

The Rollin’ Rust • 6pm Crazy Daisies Flower Farm, Syracuse

WC Edgar American Outlaw • 8pm

Showtime • 7-11pm

Gov’t Mule

Patrick Young Music • 3pm

The Turbulents • 3pm

Matt Migliore • 6-9pm

Incantation & Goatwhore • 6pm

Off The Reservation • 6pm

Mark Zane • 4:30-7pm

Get The Led Out • 7pm

The Skyla Burrell Band • 8pm

Walrus • 7-11pm

Western Ranch, Syracuse

August 13

Alice in Chains with Breaking Benjamin • 5:30pm St. Josephs Health Amphitheater at Lakeview, Syracuse

August 13

Mark Zane • 6-9pm

Mark Nanni Solo • 5pm

Sydney Irving • 7pm

PAGE 29 • August 2022 •



August 13

August 19

September 3

August 13


JP’s Tavern, Baldwinsville

Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Camillus Erie Canal Park, Camillus

August 13

August 20

September 11

August 13

Fridays, Thru-Sept. 16

Brian’s Landing, Jamesville

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 13

August 21

Cecile Community Center, Syracuse

Red Hawk Brewery, Syracuse

Mr. Monkey • 7pm

Ben Wayne Music • 7pm

Lush Honey & Sneezy & Dysfunktone • 8pm

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm

Soul Injection • 7-11pm

Gary Dunes & The Deltunes • 2-6pm

Letizia & The Band • 7-11pm

Music in the Valley Isreal Hagan • 1-3pm

TowPath Day • 11am

Red Hawk Brewing’s Bacon Fest • 3pm

August 13

Craft Beer Fridays

Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

August 6

Regional Truck and Trailer presents Mods/Spts/Hobby/ Novice plus Mod Lites

Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach


August 14

August 21

Thru August 30

Thru October 11

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Auburn Public Theatre, Auburn

Downtown Farmer’s Market • Tuesdays, 8am-2pm

August 14

August 22

8th Annual Cottage Lawn Farmers’ Market • Tuesdays 2-6pm The Madison County Historical Society, Oneida

Clinton Square, Syracuse

NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

Blue Water Grill, Skaneateles

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 2

September 24

Amazing Ballpark Brewfest • 5-9pm Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

Syracuse University Men’s Soccer vs. Marist College, Exhibition • 7pm

Beadle Brothers • 2-6pm

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 5-8pm

August 14

Music in the Valley The Strangers • 2-4pm Cecile Community Center, Syracuse

August 14

Just Joe • 11:30am Brian’s Landing, Jamesville

August 14

Hi-Jivers • 7pm

Sydney Irving • 6-9pm

August 23

Justin Smithson • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 24

Ryan Quinn • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 25

Doug, Dave & Kaylee • 6-10pm

Liverpool’s Elk Lodge 32nd Annual MusicFest • 12pm

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Liverpool Elks Lodge, Baldwinsville

Fabulous Ripcords • 6-10pm

August 15

Irv Lyons Jr. • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 16

Sam Vecchio • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 16

August 26

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 26

Tommy Barr • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

August 26

John Spillett Jazz/Pop Duo • 6-9pm Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

Lafayette Community Band Concert August 27 to Benefit Layfayette • 7:30pm Playin’ Again • 6-10pm

Taste of East Syracuse • 5:30pm East Syracuse Municiple Building, East Syracuse

August 4

Collin Quinn, The Last Best Hope Tour • 8pm The Showroom, Verona

August 4

Beers Bikes and Barges • 6pm Meier’s Creek Inner Harbor, Syracuse

August 5

Brew at the Zoo • 5:30-8pm Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse

August 5

Friday Family Flicks • 1:30pm Liverpool Public Library, Liverpool

Chris Porter • 7pm Funny Bone Comedy, Syracuse

Ferris Mowers presents Mods/Spts/Hobby/Novice plus Pit Stop Compitition

Thru December 30

Proof Positive: Wine, Beer, and Spirits of the Finger Lakes Cayuga Museum of History and Art , Auburn

Art Thru August 12 In Nature

Edgewood Gallery, Syracuse

Friday Night Crusin’ • 4pm

Thru August 2

Central Square American Legion, Central Square

Kite: Fever Dream

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 5

August 17

August 27

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Dave Hawthorne & Tiger • 6pm

Event Center, Verona

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 18

Latizia Duo • 6-10pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 18

Rhythm Method • 7pm Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

August 18

Mark Zane • 5-8pm 110 Grill in Destiny, Syracuse

August 18

Party in the Plaza: Dave Hanlon’s Funky Jazz Band Limestone Plaza, Fayetteville

August 19

Ron Spencer Band • 6-10pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 19

Mike MacDonald • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

August 19

Hawthorne • 6pm Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

August 27

John Spillett Super Trio • 3-6pm

Thru August 9

Fingerlakes Mall, Auburn

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Anyelas Vineyards, Skaneateles

August 6

August 28

Del Lago Resort & Casino, Waterloo

Showtime Blues Trio • 2-6pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 29

Irv Lyons Jr. • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 30

Isaac French • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 31

Steve Quenneville & Dave Liddy • 6-9pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

August 31

Mark Zane • 5:30-7:30pm Epicuse, Syracuse

September 2

Dave Porter • 6-10pm Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Achala Wali

August 5-7

Tommie Walsh Dance Experience

The Lalas Burlesque • 8pm

August 6

Paddle the Canals, On the Erie • 9am Mercer Memorial Park, Baldwinsville

August 6

The Blueberry Jam Festival • 12pm Critz Farms Brew & Cider, Cazenovia

August 7

Middle Ages 27th Anniversary Party • 2-8pm Leavenworth Park, Syracuse

August 8

Crusin’ With Vets Car & Bike Night • 4pm Mattydale Post 3146 VFW, Mattydale

August 13

Scottish Games Celtic Festival • 9am

August 13

Cayuga Museum of History and Art , Auburn

Auburn in Harriet Tubman’s Time

Columbian Presbyterian Church, Lafayette

Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

Syracuse Mets vs. Buffalo Bisons • 6:35pm

Syracuse University, Syracuse

Thru August 7

Mark Macri • 6-9pm

August 9-14

Thru October 1

August 5

Gabrial Iglesias • 8pm

Fulton Speedway, Fulton

The Stand: Photo Bash • 7pm

August 12

Basics of Nature Photography • 1pm Beaver Lake Nature Center, Baldwinsville

Thru October 23

Curious Vessels: The Rosenfield Collection

August 13

Fulton Speedway, Fulton

August 14

Salt City Eels vs. Utica Collar City Kings Box Lacrosse Game • 1pm Onondaga Nation Arena, Nedrow

August 17

Super DIRTcar Series SummerFAST 60 plus DIRTcar Sportsman Central Series Fulton Speedway, Fulton

August 20

Sterling Lubricants/Champion Racing Oil presents Mods/Spts Hobby/Novice Fulton Speedway, Fulton

August 27

North American Box Lacrosse League Playoffs, Semi-Final Onondaga Nation Arena, Nedrow

August 27

Burke’s Home Center presents August Annihilation Demo Derbies/Mods/ Spts/Hobby/Novice Fulton Speedway, Fulton

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

August 28


Onondaga Nation Arena, Nedrow

North American Box Lacrosse League Playoffs, Championship

Thru August 2

August 30

The REV Theatre Co., Auburn

Fulton Speedway, Fulton

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

August 4

My Dead Lady • 7pm Spagetti Warehouse, Syracuse

August 5-14

A Midsummer Night’s Dream SSITP Thornden Park, Syracuse

Long Branch Park, Liverpool

Deadline is august 22nd for the september issue

36th Annual Outlaw 200 Weekend

September 3

Dot Foods presents Lucas Oil ESS Sprints plus Mods Spts/Hobby/Novice Fulton Speedway, Fulton

September 20

Outlaw 200 Test and Tune Fulton Speedway, Fulton

PAGE 30 • August 2022



Computers & the Web by Nancy Roberts

The James Webb Space Telescope By now we’ve all seen the stunning images released July 14 of some of the first photographs taken by the James Webb Space Telescope, designed and sent into space to observe, from nearly a million miles outside of Earth’s orbit around the Sun, other galaxies and objects in space that are beyond the capability of anything as yet designed.


Industry leading technology, local representation. Lower delivery cost program! Payroll/HR, Lending, Customer Engagement and Merchant Services Brett 315-727-2888 |


Pasta’s On The Green. Call 315-638-1362 and ask for Chris.


Luigi’s Restaurant. Call 315-492-9997 or inquire within.


Euclid Family Restaurant. Will train. Apply within.


Part-Time or Full-Time. Email Resume to:


Part-Time or Full-Time. Looking for reliable, motivated, enthusiastic individual to join the Table Hopping Sales Team. College Degree and Outside sales experience a plus! Includes Base + Commission + Bonuses. First Year Earning Potential $50K. Email Resume to:


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I won’t even pretend to understand the mechanics and physics of the whole thing, it’s far beyond my pay grade and scientific education. I will share with you the somewhat understandable idea that the aim of the telescope is to conduct “infrared astronomy,” which is to say its design and sensitivity give it a far greater range than anything yet launched for the purpose – allowing it to “see” objects too old, distant, or faint for the next best space telescope, the Hubble, to see. What also surprised me, when talking with people about their observations of those newly released photos, was their reactions. My first reaction was, I will admit, artistic. I was surprised that the stars scattered across one particularly stunning image looked as if they had been painted by a religious painter of the early Renaissance – they showed the star with a glowing center and a cross of light tapering to the tops and sides of many of the stars. The classic “cross” image of a star in God’s heaven. Yet another person’s reaction was: “How could there possibly not be life on other planets? Look at how many more galaxies there are than we’d ever thought!” And another reminded us that “It’s like time travel – what we’re looking at happened so long ago!” And, in fact, the JWST can detect objects 100 times fainter than the Hubble can, and objects that “were” much earlier in the universe – about 180 million years cosmic time after the Big Bang. Problems that the JWST aims to help with include such obvious groundbased telescope issues as having to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere to gaze out into space; the use of infrared technology to “see through” space dust; the ability of infrared to observe objects that are colder and thus emit more energy in the infrared

PAGE 31 • August 2022 •


range; and the ability to observe “unplanned” targets to within 48 hours of their appearance (which might be a long, long time ago in “our” time). That point of observation noted earlier, by way of contrast, is quite stunning in an of itself. If old telescopes were based on Earth, the Hubble orbits approximately 340 miles above the earth’s surface. The Moon is about 250,000 miles from Earth – and now consider again that the JWST is hovering about 1 million miles beyond the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. That’s way out there, and thus will be “looking at” things we simply could not see before, which of course will bring up for new investigation everything we’ve “known” about outer space until now. A challenge with infrared telescopes includes that they must stay extremely cold – the longer the wavelength of infrared, the colder they must be. The device itself will generate heat, and that heat can interfere with the detectors, rendering it “blind.” Thus far, the design of this new telescope promises to bring back images that may change much of what science has thus far learned about space, time, life, its forms and origins. At this time, there is no way to visit the telescope, repair it, or perform other routine maintenance or retooling. Come to think of it, a little godlike, that – launch your creation and see what happens next.

“My first reaction was, I will admit, artistic. I was surprised that the stars scattered across one particularly stunning image looked as if they had been painted by a religious painter of the early Renaissance.”



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FREE $100

Restaurant Certificate


SEND IN YOUR: Name, Address, Phone Number & Restaurant Choice TO WIN! (One entry per person per household)


Table Hopping/Sunny 102 Contest, 1129 N. State St. Suite B Syracuse, NY 13208

Go to & enter to win. Entries must be received by August 22, 2022. WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK

*All Prizes Subject To Availability. Restaurant selection must be an August 2022 Table Hopping Newspaper Advertiser. Must Be 21 or Older To Enter. Offer Good For 1 Use Only. Prizes Do Not Include Gratuities. PRIZES MUST BE PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS.

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My Mind To Yours by debra Merryweather

Home Grown Ingredients Many people believe that it’s bad manners to discuss politics over dinner. Merriam Webster defines politics as “the art or science of government.” The world’s home grown political (and religious beliefs) sprouted in geographically isolated yet often concurrent efforts to solve local problems. Our shared issues are happening now; our points of view are developing now; and when our ancestors developed and recorded their belief systems for their contemporaries to read, our ancestors were dealing with their own “now.” Many people believe “polite” people keep details of their physical ailments to themselves. In parochial grammar school, we were taught to sit perfectly still and, when uncomfortable, to offer up pre-recess thirst and other discomfort, as penance for our sins. Shaming teachings can cause neurons to fire and wire together in a way that detracts from proper bodily care. In her book, “The Invisible Kingdom – Reimagining Chronic Illness,” Meghan O’Rourke suggests that our health care systems too often blame individuals for conditions rooted in, what Ms. O’Rourke refers to as “the polis.” According to Merriam-Webster online, the polis is “a Greek city-state; or broadly: a state or society especially when characterized by a sense of community.”

Political parties, religious congregations, clubs, and families share a sense of community, communities might protect themselves by talking about their own internal function and dysfunction, but rather projecting: attributing their own negative tendencies to others. Few people feel brave or unguarded Mental distress can result from outside factors enough to challenge groupthink. Still, nature has designed us individuals to be individual. Transposons, jumping genes, drive evolution in bacteria and plants, and biologically trigger human brains to operate uniquely from and within their own points of presence in space and time. Written by former National Institute of Mental Health Director Thomas Insel, MD, “Healing Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health” discusses the need for individualized interventions and treatments for people suffering mentally and emotionally. Until recently, Dr. Insel headed the National Institute of Health’s Human Connectome Project, which sought to map neural connections to establish concrete brain-based approaches to mental illness. Dr. Insel’s work changed his mind; he decided that listening to what individual people say about what they are feeling, or thinking is a better way to help those people suffering from mental distress. Mental distress can result from outside factors. It often does. In “Dirty Work – Essential Jobs and the Hidden Toll of Inequality in America,” journalist Eyal Press, details the trauma and disrespect suffered by the individuals who perform the dangerous and unpleasant jobs that our society wants done, takes for granted, then chooses to ignore. Eyal Press interviewed and followed the stories of people such


FEATURING: Amano’s, Avicolli’s, Camillus Country Club, Euclid, Fish Cove, Inn Between, Munjeds, Pasta’s on the Green, plus many more!

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PAGE 33 • August 2022 •


as mental health counselors working in prisons, meat processing workers, and military drone operators. “Dirty Work” discusses animal suffering, human suffering, and PTSD. PTSD is a mental diagnosis generally rooted in outside injuries. Some people believed mental illness was hereditary. Environmental factors are known to trigger gene function. Today, geneticists focus on heritable diseases such as sickle cell, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s. A good biography and primer on how scientists can alter DNA (and create vaccines such as the COVID vaccine) is Walter Isaacson’s “The Code Breaker – Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the Future of the Human Race.” Jennifer Doudna’s research and collaboration

“Dirty Work, details the trauma and disrespect suffered by the individuals who perform the dangerous and unpleasant jobs that our society wants done, takes for granted, then chooses to ignore.”

with others led to the development of CRSPR gene editing technology. The science in the book challenged me, the reader; the science is good to know. Human genes still transmit themselves naturally; then, some polis gets involved. In her 1994 memoir, “Uncommon Knowledge,” Judy Lewis, 1935 - 2011, describes growing up with unanswered questions about her genetic origins. Adopted at 18 months from a Catholic orphanage by staunchly Catholic movie star Loretta Young, Judy was indeed Loretta’s natural child; Clark Gable was Judy’s father. Loretta answered Judy’s questions about her early life by telling Judy to feel grateful she was the chosen adopted daughter of a famous actress. Raised strictly Catholic, when Judy had painful surgery to make her ears less prominent and less like those of her father, Judy offered up her suffering for her sins. Eventually Judy studied psychology and become a therapist. She writes about early trauma, and, like many therapists addressing trauma, believes our psyches register feelings and imagery even when we’re not consciously capable of labeling them with the proper words. Early confusion, trauma, and lack of consistent respectful communication sets people up to be gaslighted and manipulated. “Uncommon Knowledge” is available in the Onondaga County Library System. Libraries and bookstores provide lots of ingredients for our brains to digest, and much to talk about in mixed groups. Our chosen groups are our poleis. We need to keep talking.


Comparing mozzarella and burrata is slightly unfair, as burrata is significantly richer and creamier. It’s not like comparing apples and oranges; it’s more like apples and supermodels. In fact, burrata means “buttered,” which is all you need to know for this tomato and burrata salad.

from Allrecipes

Stacked Tomato & Burrata Salad Ingredients 1 vine-ripened tomato, cored and cut into 1/2-inch slices flaked sea salt freshly ground black pepper

¼ cup burrata cheese 1 tbsp. fresh basil leaves, torn 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil


Step 1 • Place a tomato slice on a plate; season with sea salt and black pepper. Spread burrata cheese over tomato slice and top with torn basil leaves. Drizzle with olive oil. Top with another tomato slice. Repeat cheese and tomato layering process with remaining slices, finishing with a tomato slice.

Prep Time: 15 min. Dirty work discusses animal suffering, human suffering and PTSD


Total Time: 15 min.

Servings: 1

PAGE 34 • August 2022



Tales from the Vine by Newsusa

by Cassandra Harrington

Old Oak Barrels Find New Life as Furniture

Chris Deffenbaugh first saw the potential in repurposing old oak barrels when he saw pieces of an old one in the corner of a friend’s basement. “Looking at the curve of the old barrel staves, the wooden lids and the rusty rings that once held it all together, I was struck by the shapes and threw it in my pickup truck to

Mary Hewitt

was our Lucky WINNER for the

Night on the Town Contest! She chose INN BETWEEN WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK

Photo does not represent actual winners.

take home and see what I could do with it,” Deffenbaugh recalls. Despite having no barrel-making experience, Deffenbaugh put the barrel back together and decided to take it a step beyond serving as an unusual table in his home. He cut out one side and turned the pieces into a bar cabinet that could store wine and liquor bottles on the deck when he had guests. Then, when the guests started asking him to make something similar for them, he had an inspiration that led him to quit his career in human resources, draw up plans, rent a truck and head for Kentucky, returning with 90 barrels and an idea that would become The Oak Barrel Company. The Oak Barrel Company, based in the heart of Amish country in Berlin, Ohio, takes recycling seriously. In keeping with its motto, “Reclaim, Reuse, Recreate,” the company does its best to use the entire barrel, with little or nothing wasted. Deffenbaugh learned woodworking from members of the local Amish community and contracted with several Amish craftsmen and other local woodworkers to partner with him on various phases of creating art and furniture from the components of the barrels, including the staves, lids and rings. The company has chosen to use wine barrels to create beautiful tables instead of whiskey. While whiskey barrels are very popular, they run the risk of producing a black mold if not properly cleaned, both inside and out, whereas wine barrels are already clean and do not run the risk of any mold, creating a better product in the long run. The company’s product line is always evolving and includes small benches with curved seats and legs from barrel staves as well as stools with barrel-lid seats. Also available are bistro-style, wooden-topped tables made from whole barrels, with matching chairs made from barrel components. Wine enthusiasts may appreciate the wine barrel wine rack and even the wine slate wine rack, designed to hang on the wall or sit on the counter. All Oak Barrel Company products come with a lifetime guarantee, and many of the products can be customized with choices of stain color, type of metal fixture, and indoor or outdoor finish. The Oak Barrel team can create a custom piece in four to six weeks. For more information visit to view some of the company’s unique designs.

“In keeping with its motto, “Reclaim, Reuse, Recreate,” the company does its best to use the entire barrel, with little or nothing wasted.”

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A Night on theTown

1ST $250 in Restaurant Certificates 2ND $100 in Restaurant Certificates 3RD $50 in Restaurant Certificates




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Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Diner ............................................................................................ Chef ............................................................................................ Restaurant for Seafood ............................................... Deli/Sandwich Shop ......................................................... Italian Restaurant ............................................................... Asian Restaurant ................................................................ Middle Eastern Restaurant ........................................ Mexican Restaurant.......................................................... Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant ................................. Food Truck ............................................................................ Fresh Bread .......................................................................... Dinner Cruise ........................................................................ Place for Wings .................................................................. Place for Ribs ...................................................................... Place for Pizza ................................................................... Restaurant for Steak ..................................................... Restaurant for Sushi ...................................................... Place for Ice Cream ....................................................... Place for Lunch.................................................................... Outdoor Patio ...................................................................... Place for Breakfast ......................................................... Place For Burger ................................................................. Place For a Fish Fry ......................................................... Place for a Hot Dog ........................................................ Place For a Burrito ............................................................ Bakery/Pastry Shop ........................................................ Place for Coffee ................................................................. Place for Soup .................................................................... Family Restaurant ............................................................ Buffet Restaurant ............................................................. Take-Out Restaurant ..................................................... Caterer ..................................................................................... Winery......................................................................................... Neighborhood Bar.............................................................. Biker Bar ................................................................................. Place for Happy Hour .................................................... Sports Bar ............................................................................... Irish Pub .................................................................................... Place for Draft Beer ....................................................... Craft Brewery ...................................................................... Place for a Margarita ................................................... Place for Glass of Wine .............................................. Polish Restaurant ............................................................. Indian Restaurant .............................................................

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Jewelry Store ........................................................................ Bridal Shop/Boutique ..................................................... Place to Have a Wedding Reception ................... Romantic Getaway .......................................................... Romantic Restaurant ..................................................... Limo Service ........................................................................ Pickup Joint ............................................................................ Adult Sex Toy Shop .......................................................... Gay/Lesbian Bar ................................................................. Adult Entertainment Club ...........................................

GOODS & SERVICES 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72.

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Place For Chocolate ........................................................ Book Store ............................................................................ Health Food Store.............................................................. Body Art Shop ..................................................................... Hair Salon ................................................................................ Nail Salon ............................................................................... Tanning Salon ....................................................................... Day Spa ................................................................................... Inn .................................................................................................. Florist ......................................................................................... Place for Martial Arts ...................................................... Place for Massage ............................................................ Dance Studio......................................................................... Music Store ........................................................................... Smoke Shop ......................................................................... Liquor Store .......................................................................... New Car Dealership ....................................................... Pre-Owned Car Dealership

EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82.

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Local Band .............................................................................. Live Music Venue .............................................................. Dance Club ........................................................................... Place for Karaoke ............................................................ Museum ..................................................................................... DJ Service ............................................................................... Wedding Band ..................................................................... Festival ..................................................................................... Car Show ................................................................................ Haunted House ...................................................................

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Local Sports Team .......................................................... Raceway.................................................................................... Local Gym ............................................................................... Local Place to Ski/Snowboard ............................... Public Golf Course .......................................................... Miniature Golf ...................................................................... Country Club.......................................................................... Place for Horseback Riding ........................................ Place For Zumba ................................................................ Place For Yoga.....................................................................

MEDIA 93. 94. 95. 96. 96.

Best Best Best Best Best

Local TV News ..................................................................... Weathercaster ...................................................................... Local Radio Station .......................................................... Local Radio Personality/ies ...................................... Local Radio Personality/ies ......................................

MAIL TO: Table Hopping Media 1129 North State St. Syracuse NY 13208



Ballot must include your name, address, phone #, and age to be counted. Vote in as many categories as you wish, but you must vote in at least 20 for your ballot to be counted. Ballots must be received no later than 5pm, August 20, 2022. We will accept ONLY official ballots in separate envelopes. Only one entry per person. Absolutely no photocopies allowed. All ballots must be mailed or dropped off individually.



Address City State Phone Email



PAGE 36 • August 2022











HAPPY HOUR Lunch Fish Sandwich Friday Fish Dinner • Walleye • Perch


• Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz. Prime Rib • Chicken & Biscuits


• Southern Fried Chicken • Sauerbraten



• Spaghetti or Pasta INCLUDES:

• Sauerbraten • Chicken & Biscuits






FRIDAYS ONLY FISH SANDWICH SPECIAL with French Fries & Coleslaw ‘TIL 3PM FISH DINNER with French Fries & Coleslaw ALL DAY