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Sounds Of Syracuse


Cait Devin:

Just Your Basic 19 Year Old Guitar-Wielding Prodigy with Her Own Successful Charity Drop-dead gorgeous is the first-impression she makes if you see her first. Dropdead gorgeous is your first impression if you hear her first. I first became aware of Cait Devin as she popped into my social media threads. If I see a person with an instrument in action – especially guitar, I click. It only took a few minutes for my mind-blowing lobotomy to occur. I am here to tell you that if you haven’t heard Cait Devin, you’re late. At 19-years old she’s already a triple threat musician, able to play, sing and write with notable proficiency. And it shows by the company she keeps as Devin continues to gain interest and involvement with with some of the industry’s major players. Cait has organized “shred collaborations” with these musicians as a vehicle for her charity, “There With Care,” a charity that addresses the needs of those facing critical illnesses. Cait, herself, deals with particilar conditions. Instead of receding in her own struggles, rather, she steps forward to take charge of the issue and do something about it. How many people do you know who can do this? [Answer: anybody can]. And, it is the young lady who creates artful solutions – from a place of benevolence and generous purpose – that is my hero, this week. Her music is already mature even in the early development of a 19-year old from Westmoreland, NY. She’s one of those folks who makes eloquence look easy in her nonchalance. If you’re a music-listening lover or a seasoned pro, there is something MEAT SLICED in Cait Devin’s music that will reach you. FRESH –PER ORDER!– Ok. Sit down, and learn a thing or two • Yuengling from this special lady. Beer Battered Chuck Schiele: Hi Cait. Thank you for Haddock visiting with us here at Sounds of Syracuse. • Shrimp Po’Boy • London Broil Cait Devin: Thank you, Chuck. I’m happy • Meatball to be here. Parmigiana CS: So. How did you get started in music? • Reuben CD: I’ve been singing and writing all my • Mediterranean Plate life, but, I started taking vocal lessons when • Plus Much More I was 9. My mom found a video I took of myself singing opera in the car and she was shocked. I was very into opera back then. I believe the song that got me into it was “Time to Say Goodbye.” I took lessons to harness my technique and did recitals (which LENTEN PER ORDER SPECIALS! made me very, very nervous.) I was taught Coupon Expires 5/1/21 songs in different languages, stuff like “The Hills are Alive” from The Sound of Music. All 210 West Genesee St. Syracuse things that required a lot of vibrato. Since 315-422-DELI (3354) I started on opera, maybe that’s why my


vibrato is so prominent now. From there I participated in countless talent shows and competitions to get comfortable on stage. I didn’t start exploring instruments until I took piano lessons for a year in my early teens, but when I picked up an acoustic guitar at 14 everything clicked. I went out to open mics performing originals, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, all the poppy things. Lead guitar began around three years ago. It’s been such a wild journey when it comes to styles – I really feel that I’ve had so much time to explore it all. Opera, pop, rock, and even metal. The big melting pot of genres has made me who I am today as an artist. Cait Devin CS: Who are the artists and musicians who’ve influenced or helped to shape your music path. CD: The main influence on my songwriting has been Taylor Swift for a long time. I remember getting hooked on her “Speak Now” album many years back. I’ve always loved how she doesn’t hold back in her songwriting style, something that I’ve adapted very much. I’d say that we have a very similar writing style. So I will always say her. BUT, right now I’m also really into The Weeknd (A LOT) Chase Atlantic, BLACKPINK, Ashnikko, Doja Cat, Rico Nasty, and Dababy. As far as my guitar playing goes, Nita Strauss inspires me so much. That’s where I get a lot of the neoclassical sounding elements. Artists like Polyphia are very melody based but also extremely technical, so them as well. I look up to them! I

“The main influence on my songwriting has been Taylor Swift for a long time.” really am creating hip hoppy / alt pop music. Never felt happier with my sound. CS: You are incredibly active and accessible via social media regarding your musical endeavors. Please tell us about your current involvements?

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CD: I am a solo artist, but I’ve been putting together charity “shred collabs” with 40+ of my favorite players including Jinxx of Black Veil Brides, Jen Majura of Evanescence, Joel Hoekstra of White Snake, Stevie T, Alicia Vigil of Dragon Force, Nikki Stringfield of the Iron Maidens, Michael Angelo Batio, and many more. I do these for “There with Care,” an organization that provides fundamental services to children battling critical illness. I have anywhere between 20-30 ish players on each track and we all have a section to play over with a text to a donate link that viewers can use to contribute if they’d like to. Other than that, I’ve done some reviews for JST (Joey Sturgis tones) and plan to work with STL tones in the future. I’m completely independent with no management. CS: Where would you like to see your music path take you? CD: Now that I’ve taken foot on the alt / hip hoppy path, I’m more excited than ever. My newest single “JOKES ON U” is more so in that lane, which I’m very stoked about. I still try to incorporate guitar in whatever I do no matter the genre because I feel that it’s just such an important part of both my sound and image. I hope to continue helping those in need through my music and events I organize. CS: Tell us about “There with Care.” CD: “There with Care” is a charity that lends a hand to children and family struggling with critical illness. They provide support and services for those in need. I’m so glad to have partnered with them for two online charity events now, and I have a third in the works now! More about them is in the descriptions of my shred collabs on Youtube if you search “Shredding For Hope - Bradley Hall” (they are posted on his channel!)


CS: Do any particular highlights come to mind? CD: Traveling to Nashville twice to play shows, the NYC shows, getting to play alongside Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, performing at CNY Fashion week on New Years Eve, collaborating with the guitarists I look up to, getting featured on Guitar World magazine twice (and all the other wonderful features such as Guitar Girl Mag) Headlining the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, and so much more – too many wholesome moments to count! CS: How much do you practice in a day or week? CD: I tend to go through phases between doing different things – one day I’ll be writing lyrics, one day I’ll spend promoting my music and networking, and the other I’ll be playing all day. In the beginning I’d be playing 5+ hours a day. Sometimes I sit with my guitar and go through scales and melodies while I watch TV, and I consider that my relaxation time. CS: What is your best advice for learning guitar or music in general? CD: There will be periods of boredom in the beginning. The tedious scales, learning the chords. Discipline is key. You don’t need to jump to practicing 5 hours a day, instead build up to it. Start with 30 minutes, then an hour, and so on. But stay consistent. Over time, everything on the guitar gradually gets easier. (same applies for anything else.) CS: How can we stay in touch with you and your music? CD: My facebook is Cait Devin, instagram is thecaitdevin – I’m also on Spotify and YouTube! CS: Thank you for visiting us here at Sounds of Syracuse, Cait! We’ll be following your progress! CD: Thank you for the opportunity, Cait Devin in Westmorland, NY Chuck. Nice chatting with you.



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Syracuse Trailblazers by NANCY ROBERTS

“I came to America because I heard the streets were paved with gold. ... First, the streets were not paved with gold. Second, they weren’t paved at all. Third, I was expected to pave them.” – An Italian Immigrant whose words are posted at the Ellis Island Museum Frank Malfitano cites this quote, inscribed on a mural in the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration, as one of the things that inspired him in his latest project in the public arts. If I were to say, “Frank Malfitano,” to most Syracusans, our first thought would without a doubt be: Syracuse Jazz Fest. A fan of the art form, Frank traveled the country attending jazz fests until he thought: why not Syracuse? And the rest, as they say, is history. For Malfitano, art is a living, breathing, growing opportunity to bring a community together to celebrate not just the art, but the place, the people, their history, and importantly, their future. As each year of the Jazz Fest became a bigger success and a “must see” event, Syracusans were the lucky recipients of an open, free, and stellar moment each summer. “When we were hit with Covid,” Malfitano said, ”one of the real setbacks was not being able to get together freely and enjoy performance, music, and the arts.” Chain Link Fittings In his travels, Malfitano had seen many cities that celebrated their city and some of its stars with huge public art – murals that graced the walls of buildings and reminded people

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Exp. 4/30/21


of the many ways in which their city had contributed to the world. “Just as with the Jazz Fest,” said Malfitano, “I thought, why not Syracuse?” “It actually hit me,” he explained, “when I was visiting Detroit. I saw a giant mural of Stevie Wonder. Not long after that, I read an article about a mural that could brighten up Lemp Park. And finally, when a couple of musician friends passed away, that was the trigger. I called some people on the Common Council and asked them to meet me in the park. And I asked them to envision a mural there. They said we need to assemble a good team – it takes a village to raise a mural,” he added, with the good humor and determination Malfitano is famous for. Nothing happens overnight, but Malfitano is nothing if not tenacious. If he can “see” it, it can be done. And with the virus shutting people away from other people, from meeting to enjoy good times and make memories together, he became all the more determined to find a way to make a mural, perhaps many such murals, happen in Syracuse. After drafting a preliminary proposal for the Mayor, Malfitano met with Public Arts Commission Coordinator Kate Auwaerter, met the Public Arts Commission, and the project began to take shape. He had run the idea by a number of friends in the African American community in town to let them know what he had in mind. His idea was to identify Syracusans who were athletic champions, who broke racial and ethnic barriers, and who spoke for communities too often unheard. The project took on the name, Syracuse Trailblazers.

“For Malfitano, art is a living, breathing, growing opportunity to bring a community together to celebrate not just the art, but the place, the people, their history, and importantly, their future.”

Exp. 4/30/21

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One of many of Jonas Never’s murals

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“Syracusan Breanna Stewart survived childhood sexual abuse and went on to win a state High School championship, four NCAA Championships and MVP awards, and went on to become the reigning 2-time WNBA Champion. Sports Illustrated recently named her Sportsperson of the Year, and she’s recognized as a courageous leader in her stance against racial inequality and gender equity in sports. That’s one story.” He went on to describe Syracusan Manny Breland, who survived Tuberculosis and Jim Crow era segregation to become SU men’s Basketball’s first African American Scholarship player, leading the team to its first ever NCAA Tournament appearance in 1957, and staying on in Syracuse after graduation to become the city’s first African American Science teacher, and later High School principal. Syracuse National and NBA great Dolph Schayes stood up to the anti-semitism that lingered in the post war 1940s, becoming a record-setting world champion and “One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.” And fellow Syracuse National and NBA pioneer Earl Lloyd Jr., the first African American player in the NBA in 1950, and the NBA’s first African American Champion in the league’s 1954-55 season. With his roster of honorees selected and in agreement, Malfitano and team started looking for the right canvas. And they found it. 333 E. Onondaga Street, the Monroe Building, seemed the perfect spot to begin with what he hopes will be a series of murals that help decorate the city, and remind us of how much we have to be proud of. “We had the space, the dimensions, now we needed the right artist. I’d become aware of a great Street Artist in Los Angeles who specializes in photo-realistic murals. He’s done a large number, his work is really impressive, and he has a national profile. So we asked Jonas Never if he’d be interested in painting a mural for our city that spotlighted social justice pioneers in our community. What we needed was something to show people so they could envision what we had in mind. He’s done a great layout proof shown as it would appear on the side of the building. It’s already wonderful but not nearly as beautiful as it will be when he’s added the color and his signature style.” The final step is sponsorship, and that’s the stage the project is in now. He has gotten firm commitments from Price Chopper, National Grid, and the public sector. “I’m convinced that once we get this first mural done, there will be more to come. There are so many great stories in Syracuse. It’s time to tell them.” Finally he added, “The greater the art is, the greater the community is. Art is one of those things that people can enjoy and share. We can learn about one another, and about people who have made a big impact not just in our city, but nationally and even globally. It reminds us of what a special place we’re part of – past, present, and future. We can look at this as a community and say, ‘This is great, this is good, we did this together.’” Malfitano welcomes interest in the project as it reaches out for funding and other forms of support, and can be reached at fmalfitano@syracusejazzfest.com.

“Jonas Never was named “One of the Top Ten Sports Muralists in the World” by the BBC.”



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BUSINESS OF INTEREST by Nancy Roberts Bliss Bridal and Formal Wear



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Business of Interest by NANCY ROBERTS

Bliss Bridal and Formal Wear “A Wow for Every Audience”

There are a couple of signals I get from business owners I know I’d like to do business with, and who are likely to be successful. One is, they know their business, and can talk about it fluidly and with deep understanding. The other is how excited they are when they talk about it. They’re enjoying it. Sure, it’s work, but it’s work they like, and want to be doing. They’ve found their niche. When I asked Gina Bush how she started in her business, she explained that going on nine years ago, she had been working as a paralegal. The HR officer at the company was chatting with her and asked if she enjoyed her work. A little “uh-oh” moment, but as it turns out the woman was just curious. She said if she had just met Bush one day, given how carefully Bush dressed, and how well she presented herself, though her job wasn’t to deal with the clients, she would have expected to find her in another field. “An events planner, even a wedding planner,” she was told.  And a seed was planted. Evidently, the seed was meant to grow. Another

Bliss Bridal owner, Gina Bush woman she knew had a Bridal shop in town, and was thinking of putting the business on the market. One clue. When she mentioned the idea to some friends who had known her from childhood, they were enthusiastic and quick to concur: “That is so you!” She did some investigation and found there were classes that could be taken to help learn the business; her husband was in agreement. And the final signal that the cosmic tumblers were aligned: Bush went to meet with the owner of the shop to discuss the possible purchase. The owner had to finish taking care of a customer, and in the meantime a woman entered, spotted Bush, and, taking her for the owner, said, “Hi, I’m looking for a bridal gown.” Bush went with the flow, and showed the visitor some gowns. She sold one. 


“So, it seemed like a perfect match,” she said, with a happy laugh. “And I have had no regrets, even with the challenges the pandemic has presented.” “I had an aunt,” she reflects, “whose dream it was to own a bridal shop. That wasn’t me, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.” Most of us, if we were to conjure up what skills and temperament it would take to own and operate a bridal and formal wear shop, would think of good fashion sense, liking people, enjoying the glamour and creative aspects of the business. But, as it turns out, Bush’s experience in the paralegal, business, and database management fields have served her almost as well as her gift for color and style. Her work is all about detail, and, as such, she has a great background. For one thing I learned as I heard more about her business is that you need to be working in both sides of the brain at once. Any type of planner or consultant needs to think creatively, but with a strong business sense always in play. Asked what services she offered, another happy chuckle. Obviously, formal wear. Bridal gowns are the lead item, but she considers herself to be a stylist as well. She’ll help the bride not only pick out a perfect gown, but she’ll help with shoes, jewelry, handbags, everything that’s needed to make the look just right - even a lipstick line. In addition, she has carefully chosen a seamstress she works with closely. With particularly bridal gowns, whether specially ordered or off-the-rack, most dresses will require a final fitting. Sometimes, a bride will choose a dress only to realize that she perhaps wants a little change, or addition. “One bride ordered a thin-strapped dress,” she said. “Later she realized she wanted to add sleeves. So we had to choose fabric, see how the pattern on it would wrap for a sleeve, fit it to her - make it everything she wanted it to be. Luckily, I have a wonderful seamstress; I trust her completely.” In addition to bridal wear, she offers formal wear of all kinds: bridesmaid’s gowns, mother of the bride, mother-in-law gowns, first communion, dinner dance or other formal occasions. And of course, prom and ball dresses. “This has been one of the most difficult challenges of the pandemic,” she explained. “Last year’s proms were

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Bridal Gowns ♦ Bridesmaids ♦ Mother of the Bride and Groom Flower Girl ♦ Prom/Dinner Dance ♦ Special Occasion Accessories ♦ Alterations ♦ Shoes & Shoe Dyeing 4 W. Genesee St., Baldwinsville ♦ 638-5200 ♦ SyracuseBlissBridal.com cancelled. This year is still up in the air. We want to have a selection available, but we also need to be careful with the inventory. And there’s the part of me that feels for the girls, it’s such a big moment for them. And it’s fun - one of your first opportunities to get dressed up and enjoy a formal evening out with your friends.” In addition to all the glamorous dresses, Bush has expanded her line to include christening dresses, as well as baby and children’s wear for a “dress-up” occasion. This was another moment when it was clear that she had not only a great business sense, but a real joy in her work. “The clothes are just so wonderful,” she said. “Just so cute to see the infant and children’s fashion.” When she was learning the business, in part from working with the previous owner, she learned that one important part of the business was establishing good, and trusting relationships with her suppliers. They assist in her management of her inventory, but also alert her to the new styles. A bridal shop is working typically a season out - brides are right now planning for fall weddings, so she needs to have an idea of what is new, different, and make sure she has an assortment of selections that will offer just the right dress for each customer. “When I see a bride come in,” she said, “I get a sense of her right away. Her style, her figure. She may be drawn to something I know probably won’t be the perfect dress, but I work with her. And sometimes I’ll say, just try this on for me, I want to see how you’ll look in it. And so many times it’s the dress. The one that makes her feel, and look, beautiful.” Another challenge for the owner of a bridal and formal wear shop is somewhat obvious: you’re dealing with a person who is looking forward to a really big event in her life. She wants it to be perfect. “So she can be excited, nervous, upset. I want to work with my customers to give them the best experience I can. And even if, for some reason, I can’t find the dress that is exactly what she wants, I know that if she has had a pleasant experience, if I’ve been able to do the best I can for her and establish a relationship, she’s often going to send her friends to me when their turn comes.” Did she have any “bridezilla” stories? Interestingly, that wasn’t a word she used. She explained that there have been difficult situations. She has formal policies for handling cancellations or major changes in plans, but that her goal is to work with her customers to the best of her ability. That includes steering them Bridal gowns are the lead item toward the professionals

“She’ll help the bride not only pick out a perfect gown, but she’ll help with shoes, jewelry, handbags, everything that’s needed to make the look just right.”


A Wow for Every Audience Call for your Appointment Today.

who can help her with all the other details of her wedding: photographers, florists, tuxedo shops, and if contracted, she will offer her services as a wedding planner, as well. One thing she cautions against, and not just to protect her own business: ordering a gown as important as this isn’t best done online. “Inevitably we’ll have to make adjustments,” she says. And then, the bride, or girl buying for her prom, will miss out on the fun of shopping, trying on gowns, and especially, the “Aha!” moment, when she knows she found the perfect dress for her.  Hers is a boutique - she wants to have the styles that people know and recognize. She also wants to carry her “private line” she wants to offer things that are unique, items the customer won’t find anywhere else.  But being an intimate operation, she has to balance a range of styles with an inventory she can move in and out at the right pace. In order to carry a line in her store, to have a “relationship” with her designers, she usually has to buy 6-10 dresses per season. She has 6 bride designers, as well as designers for bridesmaids, prom dresses, mother of the bride, and so on. “With the pandemic,” she explained, “everyone has had to be flexible. Events were mostly cancelled for last year, so there were many missed proms, delayed weddings, called-off special events. I’ve had to work closely with my designers to handle inventory, and still be ready with the new fashions for the upcoming season. “This is how we survive - we plan, we’re careful, and we do the best we can for everybody along the line.” It’s clear that her business sense is constantly engaged. But what makes her light up is the clear pleasure she takes in the flair she has for the creative side. “Our phrase is, a wow for every audience. A one stop shop. You can come in, get your dress, have it altered, and I can help choose all the accessories. But one thing I really enjoy is color. I love color. I even discovered I loved dying shoes!” She explains that when she first started, she simply offered gold, silver, and nude shoes. But “I’ve become a mad scientist!” She began experimenting with getting exactly the right shade of blue, or the perfect match for a bridesmaid’s dress, and found that her innate love of, and talent for, color, were a “perfect match” for her business.  “Yes,” she acknowledged, when we discussed the impact of the virus. “It makes things more difficult. But that’s why I ask my customers to call and make an appointment. I will make sure we have a time that works, and that it’s enough time, so that she leaves knowing she got the very best service possible - and that everyone is safe, satisfied, and happy when they leave.” 4 W. Genesee St. • Baldwinsville, NY 13027 • 315-638-5200

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Preventive Medicine by DR. BARRY

To Jab or Not to Jab That is the Question Well, the vaccines have arrived and with it the push to vaccinate everyone. Never had covid? Better get vaccinated. Had a bad covid infection? Better get vaccinated. Tested positive but didn’t get sick? Better get vaccinated. Immunocompromised? Pregnant? Able to get pregnant? Better get vaccinated. New strains are coming...get ready for more vaccinations. All three currently available vaccines have been thoroughly tested and reviewed. They all appear very safe and effective. Of course, there are people who have a strong reaction to the vaccines but that’s true of many previous vaccines. There does not appear to be a relationship between having a reaction and having protection from

of people to have herd immunity to protect against measles. You must vaccinate 80% of people to have herd immunity to polio. We currently don’t know how many people you have to vaccinate to achieve herd immunity to Covid-19 but it will probably be in that range of 80% or above. Again, the vaccines appear very safe and very effective so why am I proposing that it would be nothing less than scientifically disastrous if everyone is vaccinated. That’s right...there is a very very strong rationale to NOT vaccinate everyone. To vaccinate everyone violates very basic tenets of science and scientific experimentation. Absolutely no one familiar with science will deny that any real experiment MUST have a control group. Without a control group you have no basis to understand interventions. This has been true since the beginning of experimentation. Without control groups you have no way of knowing whether any intervention, be it a drug, a procedure or a vaccine is really effective and safe. Even the WHO, the CDC, and the federal government completely agree with this. That’s why every single study of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy had these control groups.

“Say what you want about President Trump but he did indeed facilitate the fastest development of a vaccine in the history of science.” Covid-19. Whether the shot bothers you or not doesn’t seem to make a difference in terms of protection. It’s all good in the hood. So why shouldn’t absolutely everyone get the vaccine and we can get this whole ugly pandemic behind us? The supposition is we must get a high vaccination rate to achieve herd immunity. The WHO website says you must vaccinate 95%

Local expertise you can trust. Ellen Krassowski 315-676-3234

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PAGE 9 • April 2021 • TABLE HOPPING vaccine research was giving up. None of the current available vaccines had trials that extended beyond a year. So we really have no way whatsoever of knowing about long-term side effects of the vaccine. I’m not saying in any way shape or form that the vaccine causes infertility, but we have absolutely no information on this and therefore we have to have controls that are people that aren’t vaccinated. It does not appear right now that the vaccine causes viral potentiation in humans but again we’ve only been at this a few months. Without controls there is no way whatsoever to know whether some side effect or condition down the road is due to prior vaccination or some new virus or Chinese intervention or global warming or some new toxic agent. We have to have short-term controls and we have to have long-term controls and that means that it is, in

“Absolutely no one familiar with science will deny that any real experiment MUST have a control group.” Say what you want about President Trump but he did indeed facilitate the fastest development of a vaccine in the history of science. A term from the great Star Trek series...”warp speed” was used to describe the process. I personally have faith and confidence that the process was thoroughly vetted and all safety concerns were addressed. There were, as mentioned, controls on all the vaccines trials so what’s my beef? Absolutely none of the vaccine trials have LONG TERM controls. And we absolutely have to have long term controls. It remains vital to the scientific process. Without long term controls we have no way whatsoever to assess long term or distant effects of the vaccine. Like it or not, politically correct or not, the need for long term controls is a scientific necessity. It’s an unfortunate fact that prior coronavirus vaccine research was halted not because the viruses didn’t provide a good immune response in the animals tested but because those animals when later exposed to the virus got worse instead of better...so the vaccine instead of protecting the animals actually made their immune systems react overly aggressive when they were next exposed to that virus. It wasn’t for lack of money. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was because of this viral potentiation that prior coronavirus

fact, absolutely vital that we have people that do not receive the vaccine. If the government said we’re going to withhold the vaccine from 10 to 15% of the population in order to achieve this scientific goal, people would be outraged. But when people volunteer not to get the vaccine, they’re considered antiscientific. Not so. Many of my friends think the vaccine will be mandatory for travel or to gain admission to concerts and events. I think they are probably right but who really knows? We will find out together pretty soon. Until then...Get Well and Stay Well.

Bed & Breakfast On the banks of the Erie Canal - Minutes from Syracuse!

Whirlpool Tubs Fireplaces Delicious Breakfasts

1 County Route 10, Pennellville, NY “We really have no way whatsoever of knowing about long-time side effects of the vaccine.”


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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

The sun has been shining and the grass has turned from snow covered to green so I think it is safe to say that spring has finally sprung in Central New York! Now is the perfect time to get out after a long winter and there is no better way to get out then to take a country drive! While on this drive I’d implore you to try something new, something like Telly’s Inn & Restaurant in Cape Vincent! Telly’s, located in

“This warm and inviting atmosphere has been lovingly cultivated by the owners, Fran and Jenny.”

beautiful Cape Vincent at 427 South Market Street. Right now they are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm, but be sure to check in with them on facebook or their website at www. tellysinncapevincent.com/ because as the season picks up so will their hours! At Telly’s you can expect nothing less than being treated like family. Whether it be the greeting at the door with a hello and a smile as you walk in, a cozy seat next to the fireplace, the soft piano music, or the friendly conversation with all of the staff, you will feel at home at Telly’s. At Telly’s they describe themselves as a place “where we learn your name, treat you like family, and aspire to make you want to come back!” I would add that at Telly’s you are only a stranger for a few minutes, after that you are family. This warm and inviting atmosphere has been lovingly cultivated by the owners, Fran and Jenny. While


speaking with them something that really stuck out to me was when Fran told me that he wouldn’t have wanted to take on this adventure with anyone other than Jenny. This attitude combined with their teamwork has really created something special in their little slice of paradise that is Telly’s. There are three things that really set Telly’s apart from other restaurants: their incredible staff, their awesome atmosphere, and their amazing cuisine. At Telly’s it is easy for the staff to treat you like family because they treat each other like a family. Jenny touts the restaurant’s success, even during a pandemic, to their amazing staff. Fran and Jenny wanted me to be sure to thank the staff individually so here goes: Executive Chef, Josh Johnston, Deltra on the piano, Debbie, Celeste, Nichole, Katelyn, Jessica, Debby, Sandy, Austin, Michael, Jayden, Ted, Danielle, Maya, and of course Courtney. (the unofficial mascot of Telly’s, a regal bulldog) Thank you; you have been amazing! I promise, these folks will absolutely take care of you! Next up is the atmosphere. As you may know, Cape Vincent is an adorable town snuggled in to the place where Lake Ontario meets the Saint Lawrence. It is the perfect destination for a quick trip for dinner, short day trip, or even a weekend (or Celeste Ogbum, Manager longer) away! In less than an Josh Johnston, Executive Chef hour and a half you can be in a Nicole Paratore, Manager place that couldn’t feel farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While you are there you will undoubtedly need to stop at Telly’s for a great cocktail, lunch, or even dinner. Telly’s feels like vacation even if you are only there for a meal. Before opening, Telly’s was completely remodeled, redone, and redecorated. When you arrive you will notice the amazing patio with comfy seating and fire pits, perfect for sipping a craft cocktail and watching the sun fade away. (Sneak peek: this patio is about to get even better with Chicken Parmesan awesome improvements in the works to make it feel like an absolute oasis!) When you walk into Telly’s you will be greeted not only by the smiling face at the hostess station but also by the entire atmosphere. It just feels welcoming and nice. This feeling is hard to put in words but I’m going to try: when we arrived at


the restaurant there was a table with a mom and dad and their four young kids, they were noisy and clearly having a good time, there was another table of a couple of guys that were there for the cocktails and pizza, there was a single gentleman sitting at a high top enjoying the piano music, a glass of wine and some snacks, and there was a table behind us celebrating an anniversary; everyone just seemed to fit Meatball Utica Chicken Riggies together and everyone was having a great time. At Telly’s you are never rushed, you are encouraged to enjoy yourself, soak in the atmosphere, and have a great time! Finally, we have to talk about the amazing food. Fran and Jenny will be the first to admit that they aren’t chefs, but they know what good food is and Antipasto that is what they strive to serve every customer. They understand that good food makes people happy and happy people come back for more, and even bring their friends! They have worked with the best venders and talented chefs to curate a menu of fresh and delicious favorites with an Italian flare. I would say that their Utica dishes could run with any of the competition in Utica! A lot of their success comes from pairing with amazing vendors (and good friends that also happen to be venders) so you will find Coke products (thanks to Ronnie), Full throttle (thanks to Eric Soluri) and Thousand Islands wines (thanks to Steven and Erika). When Kyle, Magnolia and I arrived at Telly’s on a sunny spring Saturday evening, we were immediately pleased with the friendly greeting we received. We were seated at a cozy table, socially distanced from others, and we really enjoyed the piano

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music. We looked at the menu and knew we had some hard choices to make because everything looked spectacular. For our appetizers we decided on the crispy Fried Calamari and the beautiful charcuterie board. The calamari was golden and lightly fried and delightful. The charcuterie board was a sight to behold, with generous portions of cheese (gouda, provolone, and cheddar) a selection of meats (prosciutto, pepperoni, and hard salami), and sauces (mustard, house hot temper sauce, and peach chutney) and decorated with strawberries, crasins, and grapes. Next we were presented with what was possibly the most delicious house salad we had ever had. It was clear that it was fresh and crisp! For an entrée Kyle could not help but to order the 20 oz. Angus Choice Owners, Jenny and Fran Cowboy Ribeye, topped with burgundy butter sauce cooked exactly the way he likes it and served with a generous helping of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. I just had to order the Utica Trio: a fantastic combo platter with Chicken Riggies, Utica Greens and Longhots. This dish had the perfect degree of spiciness and I would sincerely recommend it to everyone! We were stuffed but we just couldn’t pass on dessert. I ordered the Lemon Mascarpone Cake and it was an absolute delight and Kyle just had to have a cannoli. This meal was a 15 out of 10! Before we were even through with our appetizers, I was texting my friends and family telling them that they just had to get to Telly’s! Telly’s is a place where all are welcome and everyone is treated like family. When you walk in the door you immediately feel like you belong there and just know that you will be coming back. Treat yourself to an amazing meal at a Telly’s. Be on the lookout for information on their grand opening and for upcoming events and new surprises! Check them out on facebook, on their website, or call for reservations at 315-501-5001. Whatever you do, get yourself to Telly’s soon!

“It is the perfect destination for a quick trip for dinner, short day trip, or even a weekend.”

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The Write Stuff by NANCY ROBERTS

Shadows of the Night I couldn’t quite figure out the person at the heart of this auto-biographical book. He seemed a little arrogant, sometimes angry, sometimes a confused kid and had a little of the self-destructive talent we think of when we imagine someone in the music industry. But. But there was something else, something more. Among other things, his “voice” is deeply intelligent as a writer. The sentences flow like water, and what ever he is going through, from his own hard-partying behavior, to the often manipulative people he encounters in his days

“At some point in our lives, most of us wonder what might have been different if we had been born into another family.”

as a musician and writer, he is honest. Whatever he did in the chapter you just finished, however disreputable or unhappy the story, you keep reading. You want to know who he is. I kept turning to his author’s photo on the back cover, and studying his face: a direct gaze with, yes, a little anger, or defiance in it. But given his story, that’s not surprising. Until the last couple of chapters. I won’t give that away, but I will start you out at the beginning. David  was adopted. He captions the book’s cover “How One Man Survived the Trauma of Adoption, the Snares of the Music Business, and Found His Birthmother and Seven Sisters,” and bills the story

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D.L. Byron to be in large part about being adopted. Yet the actual adoption itself stays far in the background of the narrative. Or does it? As a boy, he is deeply troubled, and for one principle reason: his adoptive mother is self-destructive and very unhappy. At some point in our lives, most of us wonder what might have been different if we had been born into another family; we wonder what of our tendencies, habits, and choices we inherit from our parents. Life can be good – perhaps sometimes challenging to live up to – if we’re born into a happy, nuclear, successful family. But what if you’re not? And then, if you discover as a young child that, in fact, these people, as Byron says, “weren’t my people. They weren’t the mom and dad that smiled proudly through the glass window of the nursery the day I was born...” Byron’s solution is one choice: he escapes as soon as he can, which is upon graduation from high school. He doesn’t, as we might expect, spend all his time searching for his birth family, but rather he goes searching for himself. He’s found music, and it becomes the place where “I could breathe. I never struggled for air. No car had to take me to the hospital, no entity threatened Pat Benatar to cut off my air supply.”  Eventually he qualifies to enter an elite boys’ school, but his dreams lie in his music, his band, and being free of all the weight of his early years. His adoptive mother dies when he is nineteen, but he has already embarked on the life that he’ll lead for the next large handful of years: music, bands, gigs, girls, drugs and drink, and an industry that treats its talents with the simple idea of “what have you done for me lately?” There is that scene in almost every movie depicting a writer, a musician, even a painter. The artist is on the phone with his producer or agent,

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also the energy they get back from a happy, engaged audience. His crowning achievement was the rock anthem “Shadows of the Night,” specifically as performed by Pat Benatar, though his performing and song writing credits are numerous. Syracusans will recognize the name Benny Mardones, another of the many big-name rockers with whom he worked, and the labels like Arista and Crysalis who sought out his talents. Along the way, he discovers his “third eye,” and is willing to enquire into his spiritual side, and he fights for the music he creates and performs – that combative creative genius we identify with those

“I kept turning to his author’s photo on the back cover, and studying his face: a direct gaze with, yes, a little anger, or defiance in it.”

D.L. Byron with his family and is making excuses about why the next chapter isn’t there, the songs aren’t ready to be cut, the sketches for the painting only half finished. Byron’s life during this time is partly that, and it’s also a kaleidoscope of the joy of performing, the bacchanal of lost nights, days, and weekends, and above all the deep satisfaction of writing music. But it’s also about a musician who delivered. You can hear the thrill of performance in his writing as he talks about entertaining a crowd, about the energy the band puts out, but

who must create art versus those who simply do.  As with most stories of endurance and redemption, Byron does find his way forward in the concluding chapters. It’s a satisfying time, like a nice hot bath after a hard day’s work, a refreshing drink of cold water, a peaceful settling of the pieces into place. You finish the book feeling complete, content in the knowledge that he has found “home,” it’s a good place, and even as he continues his work, he will be doing it with a lighter heart, a grateful soul, and certainly more chapters to write.


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Tales from the Vine


Types of Sweet White Wine If you are an expert in drinking and identifying sweet white wines and other types of wines, then you don’t need to read this. This is for those people that are still new in identifying sweet wines and that need some assistance in finding the right wine that they will enjoy. The problem that many people have, is that they don’t know which white wine is really going to be sweet, which one is going to be dry and which one is just right for dinner. This isn’t really something to be ashamed about and this article is for you. With this, you will get to know everything there is to know about the different sweet white wines, and how to identify them.

Frigid wines have a “frozen step” in the production

Sherry. We all know a sherry that is really sweet and with a high alcohol level. Tokaji. A popular Hungarian dessert wine that is really expensive. Delayed Harvest. These wines have a higher than usual sugar content. French After Dinner Wine. Just like the Hungarian dessert wine, quite expensive. Things to consider when you want to choose your sweet white wine. When you want to purchase your first sweet white wine, there are a couple of things that you should consider. Things like do you want to have a semi-sweet or really sweet When will you know if a wine will really be sweet? wine like a sherry. Or, are you looking for something that you can enjoy during your You are standing in the bottle store. Wanting to choose a sweet white wine for your meal, and even after your meal? dinner table or to enjoy it with friends. However, you don’t know which one to purchase. You should also consider what other people might like when you have guests over. They are all looking the same with names that not just anyone can pronounce. This is Maybe purchase a different type of sweet white wine for different preferences. why you need to make sure Now, you have a much better understanding of white wines. You will understand how that you know when a wine to choose your wines, and what wines are really sweet and which ones aren’t as sweet. A will be really sweet and great guide in finding the best white wine for your next visit to friends and family. They when not. will be impressed with your knowledge of the different wines that you took with you so The first sign that the that everyone has something to enjoy. bottle of wine is going The best way to sample fabulous sweet wines and any other wines that take your to be really sweet is the fancy is to sign up to a monthly wine club. high alcohol content. The higher the alcohol content Renowned wine clubs have different wine subscriptions to suit everyone’s taste, including on the bottle, the sweeter red wines, champagnes, premium wines, the wine is going to be. A natural wines and more. great example is a sherry. It is really sweet and has a high alcohol level. You also want to know more about natural sweet, and rose. The natural sweet is the less sweet wine, and the rose is really a sweet wine that you can choose for a great time with friends. Knowing the different types of sweet white wine. If you know the different types of sweet white wines that you can purchase, it will make it a lot easier to choose and to purchase the right wine for you. There are different sweet white wines available, and if you know the popular ones, you will not go wrong when choosing your wine for the evening. These are the different types of sweet white wines you can purchase. Frigid wines. These aren’t wines that are literally frozen. They simply refer to ones that have a ‘frozen step’ in the production of winemaking. Moscato. A semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is also be found in a sweet option.

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4 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic You’ve heard it before. It’s that annoying voice that seems to pop up just in time to throw you off your golf game. Maybe it happens when you stand over the ball on the first tee or when staring at a 3-foot downhill birdie putt. Maybe it happens when you’re going for a par 5 in two over water. We’ve all heard this intruder and we’ve all been influenced by it. It’s very distracting and it causes you to lose energy, focus and confidence. Who is this critic and who invited him or her to the party anyway? The inner critic is a part of all of us and it doesn’t need an invitation, does it? “That wasn’t good enough”, “This won’t work”, “You can’t hit that shot”, “Yes, the ball went where you wanted it to but that swing was lousy”, “John’s using a 7-iron and you’re using a 5-iron…you’re kidding me!” and on and on the critic goes. Self-criticism often turns into a personal attack and when it gets personal it can negatively influence your game big time.

Fine Dining

Here are 4 things to consider so you can quiet the critic inside you: It’s a recording. The critic inside you is nothing more than a recording that’s been played and replayed over time. Imagine your brain as being like a VCR. It’s been recording this “critical voice” for quite some time and it plays automatically. It’s only 1 part. The “inner critic” is only one part of you; it’s not ALL of you! If it’s the loudest part of you, it’s only because you’ve paid more attention to it. Five cloudy days doesn’t mean the sun isn’t in the sky anymore does it?



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Talk Back! Who says your inner critic is the definitive expert on anything? It’s not! Once you see it for what it is you can TALK BACK to it. What about what you ARE doing well? What about what you ARE CAPABLE OF? Focus on these and you won’t have to battle with your inner critic. It’s NOT Personal! Watch your inner dialogue. Be wary of the word “I” as in, “I’m no good”, “I’m an idiot!” These comments are taken personally and when it gets personal; it gets harder to change! Change the word “I” to the word “That”. The statement now becomes “That was a bad shot” or “That was a poor decision”. This removes you from taking it personally.

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My Mind To Yours


The Forest and the Trees I started reading books about memory and brain function following a diagnosis for celiac disease. Eliminating gluten, and the sugar that surrounded that gluten, improved my energy level and ability to focus. I started to recall childhood events. But it wasn’t until I was in my fifties, that I realized I’d suffered severe trauma including a brain injury. I am starting to accept why, in high school, I couldn’t be a candy striper like I wanted to. I’d been labeled. I learned in a college psychology class that authoritarian ideologies, with their strict gender roles, produce higher rates of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and substance abuse. Such groups protect their members from opportunity and truth. I learned this, regurgitated this textbook information into my blue book for final exam, and forgot about it until, later, when my subconscious/unconscious mind, and self-help books, led me to see certain causal connections. Current brain research suggests that everything we feel, learn and experience is stored in our bodies and consciousness. When we’re capable of putting words to experiences, we label those experiences with the words we’ve been taught to use. A child who’s mocked and shamed for their looks, including skin tone, facial features, body size, or gender develops some sort of intrinsic shame. I was around six years old when a stern female relative took me aside to explain to me that when boys look at girls in a certain way, the girls get “fat.” To me, “fat” meant overweight, not pregnant. I knew many nice overweight people and some not so nice thin ones; reproductive mechanics were unimaginable to

“Power dynamics affect everything, including who can laugh at whom in books, in film, at school, and over dinner.”

Massage parlor in Georgia where patrons were murdered me; and the more I asked questions elsewhere about why being “fat” was “bad,” the more I was scolded for asking “not nice” questions. I felt confused and bad about myself. I tried to figure things out and be “nice.” Today, I am grateful that in our home, we had access to science and history picture encyclopedias. Along with being told not to ask hurtful questions about “fat,” I received good guidance about what might seem funny but was not funny. While I sat on the living room floor watching Looney Tunes, one of my parents, or both, told me that Pepe Le Pew was not a nice guy; Penelope the cat didn’t want Pepe on top of her. Pepe Le Pew is currently in the news because his character has been cut from “Space Jam 2,” amid what some describe as “cancel culture.” At the same time, Pepe Le Pew’s lines were cut from the movie, Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that it would cease publishing six Seuss books that featured ethnic, racial, and cultural caricatures. And, during the same week Robert Aaron Long killed eight people in massage parlors in Atlanta Georgia, multiple sources sent me a publicly circulated Facebook post featuring a photo of rapper Cardi B. accompanied by the following text, “Dr. Suess’s books and Pepe Le Pew are too offensive, but Cardi B is rapping about her W.A.P. (sic) while swinging on a stripper pole at the Grammys on prime time television. This nation is totally depraved and on the road to Hell.” Really? Being neither familiar with Cardi B. nor “W.A.P.,” I did some online research. The “P” in “WAP” stands for a slang term for a female reproductive body part that the 45th President bragged he could grab whenever he wanted to because he was a celebrity. The 45th President said, “they” let him do it. Us/them. We/they. Simple and simplistic. Power dynamics affect everything, including who can laugh at whom in books, in film, at school, and over dinner. Sexual entertainment objectifies girls and women. And, amid rigid authoritarian religions, the female body, and femininity in general, is framed early on as a source of sin and temptation. Many religious children learn that their bodily feelings are sins. Robert Aaron Long Girls being framed as

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temptations and occasions of sin leaves them vulnerable to predation, emotional blackmail, and blame. Amid this negative programming in which neurons that fire together wire together, our senses, brains, and neurochemical responses build consciousness. If there is a road to hell, the notion of inherent bodily sinfulness is certainly one of the onramps. Cardi B. stated that her Grammy Awards show performance took place at 10 PM on a show rated PG for “Parental Guidance.” True. Standards for TV content rating started in 1997, long after the boys and girls of my generation grew up absorbing cultural caricatures from children’s books and watching the “romantic” Pepe Le Pew force himself on Penelope.


As for the six Asian women, one non-Asian woman and one non-Asian man shot in massage parlors by self-described Bible believing sex addict Robert Aaron Long, there is much disagreement about the exact nature of Long’s “hate.” Did he hate Asians? Did he hate women? Does it matter? It matters. I suggest Long hated the sexual part of himself; he projected that hate onto the, in this situation, mostly Asian working women who provided him with the services he hated to want. Robert Aaron Long explained why he did what he did. It is time to start looking at the forest and the trees. The forest in which we find ourselves has been a long time growing. Is Pogo still around?

“Amid this negative programming in which neurons that fire together wire together, our senses, brains, and neurochemical responses build consciousness.”


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Word on the Street by BILL MCCLELLAN

REMINDER: This forward is not part of this month’s column: A few days ago, a man was found shot at Seward and Graves Streets in Syracuse, N.Y. A few days ago, a woman was murdered at the Skyline Apartments. The Skyline has had 527 police calls since September 1, 2020. My young female friend’s face was beaten black and then she was dragged in the street by her hair. Three weeks after open heart surgery. Young teens, bodies abused daily for a fix. Vicious drug dealers. The Skyline and all of this is within the border of the 15 square blocks I outline in my series. 15 square blocks of two and three story houses no different than the Skyline. There are no homes in the area. A home cannot exist where children live emotionally tortured lives and where young flesh and young minds are abused daily. And ignored. 126 million dollars from the government for local improvement in Central New York. Please “read” my plan. December 2020, January and February 2021 “word on the street tablehopping.com” It will work and change this city forever.” D-DAY is June 6, 2021.” Let’s Roll.

Money in Politics Remove It – Save America

you are so inclined, send a copy of this to Katie Porter, U.S. Representative for California’s 45th Congressional District. She is one politician who is widely respected and may well be the mustard seed to save us.) To understand why bribery is so successful in America we must understand its origins. Foremost, grave weaknesses in human nature allow “greed,” “dispassion” and “prejudice.” Each of these weaknesses birth cruelty Preface: This column can also be read at “Word on the Street tablehopping.com” There and inequality. And they is a video on You-Tube that should go viral. It is 13.12 minutes. In that much time you can tool and fertilize bribery. learn exactly what went wrong in America and how to restore America. Coincidentally, Subjugation and selfI came across this right after writing this article. This is how to save humanity. It felt interest became the way. almost eerie for it to parallel so closely with what I had just written. It is so good and There is another part of so applicable I decided to offer it to you with my very highest recommendation. It is human nature that by “Second Thought” – The title is “The State: Is Government Bad? Is the State your Enemy?” They answer this and explain with clear insight. I have been writing this column for nearly 40 years. My gift in life has been has compassion and a recognizing “bottom lines.” In other words, “root causes” for what is happening. The sense of fairness and a “root cause” of what is wrong with America has been a driving force for me in this belief that all are equal column. I have written about this hundreds of times. Every wrong in our country is and equally deserving. The rooted in one thing. Then, follow just a few dominos and it all becomes clear as a bell. clash in America is between the The root cause is “bribery.” It became embedded simply because it is allowed. (If any of two. The former, currently powering government, is fueled by money. Bribery has won. They have taken over. The answer is to remove money/bribery (i.e., lobbies esp. which are simply instruments for bribery) from politics. This is the only approach that can disentangle the systemic poison that has crept into political leadership. It is the only path that will pave the way for the best that we can be to lead and guide our land. Learn about the word “systemic.” It is a place that when corrupted right and fairness bow to the system, thus becoming more fuel for the corrupt system. If you don’t bow you are removed. We have established a governmental system of bribery, attractive to and driven by those with great human quality weaknesses. A system fueled by buying votes for self intertest. A system that denies access to our finest. As its very design allows only the corrupt to be retained. Our best will not go down a path that harms our nation to acquire power, in a system that not only requires, but forces them to sacrifice their values, and humanity. Our system is hard wired “against” really good people exercising values for the common good. If good people enter the political world, it is designed to force them to submit or the system shreds them. The eventuality is saturation with those willing to submit, willing to give up principle to stay in power and reap the corrupted benefits of votes designed for wealth and power. At any cost to the citizens Weaknesses fertilize bribery

“Grave weaknesses in human nature allow “greed,” “dispassion” and “prejudice.”


of America. Only upon submission will the system reward them with committee positions with bonuses and money and support for re-election. Thus, strengthening and perpetuating the system. The rich thrive and take, in this playground of bribery. Not your health, not even the health of the planet or the future of mankind matter. Only today’s take — from the people. The strengths, the beauty and the best of human nature is present in our land, but the path to power has been ruined by the systemic demand for submissive acquiescence to the few – I will show how to fix that pathway. Foremost: The good must end their complicit silence. You have the power. You must use it. The absolute root is understanding the weaknesses in human nature as they apply to the common good. And then applying wisdom to adjust to these weaknesses. Powerful greed rules our land. Money and power and favor are the basic ingredients. Remove “MONEY” (and reward) from politics and bribery and favor all but dies. Only then will there be a path for justice. When you comprehend this, then you know that greed, dispassion and prejudice are dominating forces in many intelligent people. We are talking about a massive powerful segment of human nature. These people will fight to the death, as they did in Germany or the Civil war for wrongs so glaring it is blinding. Don’t kid yourself. Today, we are no better. These weaknesses riddle human nature throughout the world. You can offer them truth. And when you do, you are startled by the incomprehensible lack of grasp for “right” and care for others. Truth seldom bears fruit. They are part of what we are. Their rationales and their roadblocks against caring for all require a reach with far more depth than a writer can address. I can tell you this. They must be recognized. We must work around them or we are done as a land with real equality and real freedom. Foremost we “can” work around them. Money and bribery are the cement that secure the weakness and discrepancy in human nature that have been the engine of our decline. This engine is led by dispassion that leads to self-interest. Prejudice is a place to blame. Combined they allow greed to rule. If you remove money, you remove the fuel for dispassion, prejudice and self-interest in systemic process. Greed will no longer rule. Love for one another, love for human equality, and the interests of each citizen will remove the systemic killer “greed for money and power at any cost” from the equation. Now how do we do this? The beauty of all this is that fixing the system requires a simple procedure. The ugliness is that the system has sucked up so much power that to implement this easy common-sense procedure is nearly impossible and may well secure our doom. The answer is so simple. Just as simple as letting your car run out of gas and then not replacing it. The vehicle is done. In the same fashion if you remove money from politics the systemic poison will die.

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“Remove “MONEY” (and reward) from politics and bribery and favor all but dies.”

Systemic poison needs the basic ingredient that feeds it, “bribery.” When you stop feeding systemic poison with money and reward, then the floodgates open for the finest in humanity to become our leaders. Evil has a way of seeking alternative to every rule. When you remove money, evil will immediately utilize: “increase reward and favor to compensate.” That is why in all of this the key word is “bribery”. Realizing bribery’s greatest fuel is money, followed very closely with reward and favor. Removing money is the single greatest need. This must be followed by strict regulation of “favor and reward.” This regulation must embrace everything from committee appointments to gifts and on and on. We must remember that once money is removed, that reward and favor contain enough paralleling evil for systemic corruption to be only changed rather than removed. Money is cement for favor and reward just as Citizens United was cement for policy already in place where wealth could do the same thing. Wealth designed an incredibly smart futile roadblock for opposition. They realized one day Citizens United would be fought. It will be defeated. It would Open 67 likely take years and year then “everything would Same O s wner be the same.” It was an added layer of protection. Without this awareness “One of Syracuse’s Best Kept Secrets Since 1954” when removing money from politics you will be marking time. Italian Specialties If this ever reaches anyone with power please Fresh Fish Everyday! email me at w173@aol. Prime Rib Saturday com. If you approve of and Hand Cut my thinking so far, I can Ribeye Steaks give you an idea for a Takeout and course that can penetrate Catering Offers the roadblocks that Leave us your office prevent change. This fax number. We’ll send you a weekly lunch menu thinking must find its every Monday. way into the mainstream. Please watch the video LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY I mention. Without this comprehension all our OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Sunday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-9pm crimson sacrifice is for Dining Room OPEN 3pm-close naught. Every soldier will have died in vain. We are 1524 Valley Drive • Syracuse 13207 really on the wrong road. 315-492-9997 • www.luigisofsyracuse.com

Old School Italian Dining



Lenten Specia

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League When production of JUSTICE LEAGUE began, director Zack Snyder had a definitive, dark vision of how DC’s answer to the THE AVENGERS should go. Due to the tragic and unexpected passing of his daughter, however, Snyder pulled out of the project to spend time with his family, and (the now embattled) Joss Whedon took the helm. The result was a complete disaster. JUSTICE LEAGUE was reviled by audiences and critics (myself included.) It was a jumbled, incoherent mess. It was if Whedon took everything that Marvel was doing well, and decided to do the exact opposite. The plot was all over the place, the humor missed the mark at every turn, and, most importantly, there was no character development to speak of. From the moment Whedon’s monstrosity debuted, fans were Zack Snyder demanding that Warner Brothers release

what was soon dubbed “The Snyder Cut.” Rumor had it that a large portion of the movie had been filmed, and that Snyder’s vision was much more aligned with what fans had hoped to see. As years passed, calls for “The Snyder Cut” grew louder, and eventually, their persistence paid off. Warner Brothers and HBO agreed that there was enough interest in the project, and after a long editing process and some additional reshoots, ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE was released in March on HBO Max. Admittedly, I had plenty of reservations when I sat down to watch Snyder’s film. I honestly wondered how different it could possibly be, though the fact that the running time had now doubled proved that there were bound to be some major changes. At the same time, the thought of watching a 4 hour (yes, 4 hour) version of a movie that was terrible to begin with was greatly affecting my optimism. Pair that with the fact that I have

Support Your Local Business! By supporting a small business you help support a dream, a family and so much more. Your purchase from our local businesses during this time is truly appreciated! WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK

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been largely unimpressed with DC Expanded Universe as a whole, including Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and I felt as if I was pretty justified in my indifference. I’ve said it before, and I’ll Jared Leto as The Joker say it again. It’s moments like these where I love to be wrong. ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE was clearly a passion project for the director, and that shines through in this sprawling super-hero epic. Sure, it’s chock full of absurd machismo (the reverence for the smell of Aquaman’s sweat immediately jumps to mind) and utilizes slow-motion in so many sequences that it’s impossible to count, but considering what we saw with the JUSTICE LEAGUE the first time around, these are hardly catastrophic. Snyder obviously yearned to tell a story, and that was completely lost in Whedon’s take. Whereas

“Clearly a passion project for the director, and that shines through in this sprawling super-hero epic.”


the baddie the first time around. In Snyder’s film, we learn that Steppenwolf’s motivation behind world domination is to get back into the good graces of classic DC villain Darkseid (Ray Porter.) This, once again, allows the plot to make far more sense, and gives Steppenwolf much more context and complexity. Adding more context and complexity is certainly a theme that permeates throughout Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. At 4 hours, you would certainly hope this would be the case. With this daunting run time, it certainly could have gone horribly wrong. I’d imagine that there will be potential viewers who will avoid giving it a chance for this very reason. It’s no surprise, then, that the film is broken into multiple chapters, giving viewers plenty of time for a break if need be. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the need to take advantage of these moments of respite. I found myself fully engaged from the very beginning, excitedly embracing this new take on some of DC’s most viable entities. The chemistry between everyone on the screen was far more natural and believable, and while a viewer’s tolerance for CGI can only last for so long, as it turns out, I can take about 4 continuous hours worth. The action sequences, though much darker (literally) and more violent (this is an R-rated film, after all) are delightfully absurd and provide plenty of pay-off. These moments, and really, Snyder’s film as a whole, will likely prove to be exactly what the DC fanbase had been begging for, thereby providing a fitting finale to one of the more engaging cinematic stories in recent memory. ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE- B (Now streaming on HBO Max)


Whedon presented a patchwork of halfdeveloped stories and woefully inept character RATED: R development, Snyder goes to great lengths RUN TIME: 4h 2min to give each hero their due. I was ecstatic GENRE: Action, Adventure, Fantasy that Gal Godot’s Diane was once again STA RRING: Henry Cavill, the strong, inspiring hero she was in Patty Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot Jenkin’s WONDER WOMAN, and no longer the DIR inconvenienced babysitter that Whedon had ECTOR: Zack Snyder diminished her to. Perhaps more importantly WRITERS: Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio was the evolution of the character of Cyborg GRADE: B (Ray Fisher.) Fisher was very vocal about the direction his character was taken within the Whedon’s release, essentially reducing him to a toss-away sidekick. Now, we understand his discontent. Without factoring in the barrage of ethical complaints Fisher has made about the entire production, from a pure storytelling stand point, it’s difficult to comprehend why the decision was made to belittle his character in such a drastic manner. Here, in the Snyder cut, Cyborg is essential. His backstory is explored in great length, and he is arguably the most essential character, with perhaps the exception of Henry Cavill’s Superman. His abilities make him uniquely viable in the battle to save the planet, which is now under siege by a force far more powerful than Steppenwolf (Cirian Hines), who was

Open for inside seating at the bar and dining room. HOURS: Wed-Sat 4:30-9pm

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

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How to Feel Confident in the Gym Have you ever walked into a gym and felt so overwhelmed by all of the unfamiliar faces and complicated machinery that you just wanted to turn around and walk right back out? The gym can be an intimidating place! It’s completely normal to feel a mixture of emotions when we try something new and unfamiliar, the gym is no exception to this. However, if you don’t feel all that confident about going to the gym, then you’re unlikely to be getting the most out of your workout. Going to the gym shouldn’t be an intimidating experience for anyone. Especially, if it’s a fitness facility that takes your health and fitness goals seriously. The staff should be friendly, more than willing to answer any questions you may have, and ready to assist you in getting better acquainted with the equipment. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you feel more confident when you hit the gym:

Be Confident with the Equipment You’re Using

In order to work out confidently and effectively, it’s essential you know how to use the equipment. Proper form and technique is everything. Understand that even if a person goes to the gym regularly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know what they’re doing. In fact, more people than you would think don’t. When using machines and dumbbells, start gradually and increase your weight when you are ready. If you’ve never used a piece of cardio equipment, start off slow and increase the resistance and pace when you’re feeling comfortable.

Plan Your Workout

Approach your workout with a plan and stick to it. Think to yourself, “today I’m going to do X, Y and Z.” If you show up without an idea of what you want to get out of your session, you’ll likely wander around wasting time trying to figure it out. Make the most of your time, the exercise equipment that is available to you and reap the benefits of using it.

Stay Focused on You

Don’t compare yourself to other gym patrons. It’s not a competition. Stay focused on your intentions and your goals. Remember that every person was at one time the new kid. I’m sure they had their hang-ups too.

“Don’t compare yourself to other gym patrons. It’s not a competition.”

Shop Around

Know that all gyms vary slightly, and it is important that your gym environment is correctly matched to you. Do a little undercover work and ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers which gyms they belong to and would recommend in your area. It’s always more comfortable to join a gym when there are people there that you already know.

Be Confident in Your Gym Attire

Dress comfortably for the workouts you’re doing. You don’t need the latest trendy gear, but if you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, you will be more focused on your time spent in the gym.

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Find a Workout Buddy

If you take a familiar face with you, whether that’s a friend, family member or partner, you’re certain to be much more relaxed. By having the support of someone you know, you’ll worry less about your surroundings, get more out of your workouts, and have more fun. When you’re enjoying your workouts, you’ll keep coming back, meaning you’re more likely to hit your fitness goals. Your gym partner can also help you stay motivated. We could all use a little help in that department. Especially on the days when going home after work sounds better than going to the gym.

Give Personal Training a Go

When you work with a fitness professional, you’re more likely to reach your goals and hit them more quickly, than if you


with others who have similar goals. Try to remember that everyone gets nervous, embarrassed, intimidated and feels a little insecure from time to time. Yes, even the regulars. What’s most important is to always keep your goals in mind and remind yourself that as daunting as the first day may be, within a few visits you will feel right at home. Remember, when I see you at the gym, I don’t care if you’re big, small, slow, fast, in shape, out of shape, obese or skinny. If you’re at the gym I’m rooting for you! Don’t spend one more minute wondering if joining a gym may right for you. There is never a better time than right now. Get a gym membership, get acquainted with what’s inside, and the rest will be history. Good luck to you. I have been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association.



exercise alone. Working with a personal trainer is also a great tool for boosting your confidence in the gym. He or she will show you the dos and don’ts of working out, create a personalized program for you, ensure that you use proper form and technique, and keep track of your progress. Having an expert on hand to help you use equipment properly and to assist you in getting the most out of each session is everything.

Workout During Off-Peak Hours

‘When’ you hit the gym can really make a difference in your workouts. Peak hours are usually between 5-7 pm. If you prefer a quieter environment, you may be better off going early in the morning or later in the evening. However, if you prefer it busier and want to be in the midst of the workout grind, those peak times are ideal.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t worry if something goes wrong. Falling off the treadmill, dropping a dumbbell on your foot, or splitting your leggings will happen from time to time. Be sensible, follow the instructions, pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll be just fine.

In Conclusion:

The more time you spend at the gym, the more comfortable you will be. The modern gym is a fantastic place to get fit, stay fit, and find things in common




THINK SPRING! Let’s Get Fit in 2021 !

Get Rid of that Extra COVID Weight !



us on facebook 5108 Velasko Road • Syracuse, NY • 315-436-FITT(3488)

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Computers & the Web by NANCY ROBERTS

Nano I can still recall the wonder I felt when atoms were described to us in science class – many, many years ago. The idea that the solid object I could see in front of me, the wood of my desk, was actually, on one level, moving, was just remarkable. Of course, as with most science, it’s not quite that simple, but zoomed in far enough, the particles that make up the wood are, in fact, in motion.  So when we think about nanotechnology, it’s the scale that’s magical. It’s still an observation and application of existing science and technology, to chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering. But it’s all very, very, very small. 


How small? From nano.gov: “It’s hard to imagine just how small nanotechnology is. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter, or 10-9 of a meter. Here are a few illustrative examples:  - There are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch  - A sheet of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometers thick  - On a comparative scale, if a marble were a nanometer, then one meter would be the size of the Earth Though it wasn’t Nikola Tesla who first described the idea of manipulating things on such a minute scale, there’s a parallel to be drawn. Tesla accurately, and with almost too much accuracy, predicted the smart phone. Richard Feynman, in 1959,

25,400,000 nanometers

described a process in which scientists would be able to manipulate and control individual atoms and molecules. Not too long ago, scientists realized that certain crystals actually existed across time and space, which, if you consider the space-time continuum, isn’t that far out there. From princeton.edu news: “Ordinary crystals such as diamonds, quartz or ice are made up of molecules that spontaneously arrange into orderly threedimensional patterns. The sodium and chlorine atoms in a crystal of salt, for example, are spaced at regular intervals. “In time crystals, however, atoms are arranged in patterns not only in space, but also in time. One way this could happen is that the atoms in the crystal move at a certain rate. Were a time crystal of ice to exist, all of the water molecules would vibrate at an identical frequency. What is more the molecules would do this without any input from the outside world.” What’s being explored with these crystals now is the manipulation of them, on a nano-scale, to, quite literally, time travel.  Of particular interest to science as regards nanotechnology is the biological aspect of it. This is because nature itself has perfected the art of performing at the nano-level. Many of the processes going on in your body right now are going on in the “nanosphere.” (I made that word up, I think.) Hemoglobin, the protein the carries oxygen through the body in your blood, is 5.5

“Nanoparticles offer unique physical properties that have associated benefits for drug delivery.”

One nanometer is a billionth of a meter


nanometers in diameter. A great challenge to medical science is the many issues that result from a lack of adequate oxygenation in the human body. While not all of these are a result of a lack or, or a failure of, the hemoglobin to carry enough oxygen, being able to influence its carrying capacity would be one path of therapy for people whose bodies are starved for oxygen.  DNA is about 2 nanometers in diameter  – and DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule (the “double helix”) that carries the genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth and reproduction of all known organisms – including many viruses. So perhaps that will give you an idea of how significant this study can be right now, when a virus is manipulating us and our lives. From https://www. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/: “Nanoparticles offer unique physical properties that have associated benefits for drug delivery. These are predominantly due to the particle size (which affects bioavailability and circulation time), large surface area to volume ratio (enhanced solubility compared to larger particles), tunable surface charge of the particle with the possibility of encapsulation, and large drug payloads that can be accommodated. These properties, which are unlike bulk materials of the same compositions, make nanoparticulate drug delivery systems ideal candidates to explore in order to achieve and/or improve therapeutic effects. This review presents a broad overview of the application of nanosized materials for the treatment of common viral infections.”  In other words, nanoparticles offer the promise of less, more targeted, more virus specific treatment for a variety of the virus-caused plagues human, and animal, and plants are all vulnerable to.  Granted, there is an alarming side to all this – particularly when you consider how powerful such tiny particles can be, and the fact that they can be delivered without being easily detected. But there’s also unlimited potential, in such diverse areas as materials and processes (fabric, coatings, paints, colorings); electronics and IT; energy; environmental remediation; even transportation – and beyond.  And here I thought atoms were amazing!

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“There is an alarming side to all this – particularly when you consider how powerful such tiny particles can be, and the fact that they can be delivered without being easily detected.”



ONONDAGA NATION www.onondagaarena.com ARENA 4000 State Rt.11 Onondaga Nation via Nedrow, NY

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DNA is about 2 nanometers in diameter

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signing the Act, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” On that “first” National Beer Day, April 7th, 1933, 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed across the country. Technically, the very FIRST National Beer Day was first officially celebrated (by today’s standards) in 2009. We can give a hearty “thanks” to a man named Justin Smith in Richmond, VA, as he had created a Facebook page dedicated to the holiday where eventually it went viral on numerous social media pages. The ultimate honor and recognition to the viral Facebook


April 7th: National Beer Day The title of the article speaks for itself – It’s time to celebrate BEER! How did this national holiday come about? It all dates back to the year 1933, where on the date of April 7th, the finality of the Cullen-Harrison Act, signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was enacted, which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) with the enactment of the Twenty-First Amendment to the US Constitution. Even Roosevelt himself was thirsty for a change, as he was quoted upon

page was given by the popular beer app Untappd who created a National Beer Day badge for April 7th, rewarding persons who checked in a beer on that date. In 2017, National Beer Day was officially recognized by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe; and today, the hashtag


#NationalBeerDay trends on social media on April 7th every year. In honor of National Beer Day, I’ll leave you with some fun facts about laws still on the books in states around the country, that you can share with your friends and family while celebrating this year on Wednesday, April 7th. Cheers! In Alaska, it’s actually illegal to be drunk in a bar – no bar-hopping, because it’s illegal to enter a bar while drunk, and you’ll be booted from the premises if you

during these difficult times!


Framed photo of FDR at Coleman’s Bar

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National Beer Day continued from pg 26

X Long h t n o M l l A Listen ame! N r u o Y r a e to H

become drunk at the bar. In addition, it is also illegal to give beer to a Moose… which I suppose one might only be brave enough to attempt once they’ve been kicked out of a bar for being drunk! You cannot display alcohol within 5 feet of a store entrance or a cash register if that store also sells gasoline, in California. The only exception being if it’s stored in a secured cooler. In Colorado, a horse is considered a vehicle, and law enforcement can ticket you for a DUI if you’re found to be riding a horse while intoxicated over the legal limit. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited during hurricanes in Florida… and it doesn’t specify which establishments, so apparently, it’s also illegal to be drinking at home during a hurricane. (It never ends with Florida, does it? Haha) In Indiana, grocery and convenience stores are not allowed to sell cold beer. If you’re looking for a last-minute pickup to bring to a party, you’ll have to visit a liquor store, as that’s the only place you’ll be able to obtain refrigerated beer. There is no such thing as a “happy hour” in Massachusetts, and to boot, public drinking games are illegal. Happy hour also doesn’t exist in North Carolina, and it’s probably not a good idea to upset the governor of said state either… They officially reserve the right to stop all selling, manufacture and transporting of alcohol in the state! In North Dakota, serving beer and pretzels is strictly forbidden. While in Ohio, it’s illegal to give a fish alcohol, and “no [alcohol] advertisement shall represent, portray or make any reference to Santa Claus.” And in Wyoming, don’t go drinking in a mineshaft, or else you could go to jail for a year! Sources: Wikipedia, craftbeerclub.com

“In addition, it is also illegal to give beer to a Moose.”


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Stay Safe and Healthy from our family at April 18-May 9

July 15

Rainbow Shores, Oswego


Downtown Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

Dominick’s Sports Tavern, Scriba

April 19


Music April 1 April 2

Music and Dinner with See Through Faded Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 6-9pm

April 2

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes • 8-10pm Center for the Arts of Homer, Homer

April 5

Pearly Baker’s Trio • 7pm Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse

April 8

KennaDee Average Joe’s Beernasium, Baldwinsville

April 10

Symphoria Masterworks: Mozart’s Fifth Violin Concerto Inspiration Hall, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

April 10

No Parade, No Problem, Scars N’ Stripes – St. Patrick’s Bash Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 4-7pm

April 12

Pearly Baker’s Trio • 7pm Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse

April 13

Sultans of String and Friends Waterman Theatre @ SUNY Oswego, Oswego VIRTUAL EVENT

Virtual CNY Home & Garden Show

August 21

Pearly Baker’s Trio • 7pm Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse

April 23

Symphoria Casual: April In Paris Inspiration Hall, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

Everson Community Plaza

April 26

April 9-11

Studio Schweinfurth: Lines and Shapes

Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 6-9pm

April 25

Pearly Baker’s Trio • 7pm Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse

April 30 Off The Reservation Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 6-9pm

May 1

Allen’s Florence Hotel, Camden

May 1

Symphoria Kids: Peter and The Wolf Inspiration Hall, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

May 4

KennaDee & Brett Falso Angry Mark’s, Hastings

May 4

They Might be Giants • 8pm State Theatre of Ithaca, Ithaca

May 8

Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 6-9pm

Skarkey’s, Liverpool • 6-9pm

April 17

Symphoria Spark: Gospel Meets Symphony Inspiration Hall, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

April 18 Watsky

May 8

Lucy Wainwright Roche, Daughter • 8pm Center for the Arts of Homer, Homer

May 9

Breath In The Music – Miller and The Other Sinners • 6-9pm Sharkey’s, Liverpool

May 14

Agnostic Front • 7pm

The Westcott Theater, Syracuse

The Lost Horizon, Syracuse

April 18

June 4

Festive Music for Trumpet & Organ • 3pm Homer Congregational Church, Homer

Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn

April 10-August 22

Who What When Where Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Dominick’s Sports Tavern, Scriba

Herbs in Colonial Times: Locktender’s Gardening Series Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse

April 6-April 27

Science Adventures in Nature: April Series Baltimore Woods, Marcellus

April 26

Authors in Conversation: Lyssa Kay Adams Skaneateles Library, Skaneateles

April 30

A Stroll in April Baltimore Woods, Marcellus


April 8

Syracuse Orange Lacrosse Men vs. Albany Great Danes Lacrosse Men • 5pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse

April 10

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

April 17

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs. Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

Thru October 1

April 17

The Canteen, Cicero VIRTUAL EVENT

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

Syracuse-Cicero Banff Mountain Film Festival


Syracuse Orange Lacrosse Men vs. North Carolina Tar Heels Lacrosse Men • 3pm

April 19

Thru April 4

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs. Utica Comets • 7pm

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

April 24

Thru April 23

Unique Perspectives Art Gallery at Baltimore Woods Baltimore Woods, Marcellus

Thru May 2

From Domestic to Divine: Andean Ceramics from the Permanent Collection Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru May 9

The Floating Bridge: Postmodern and Contemporary Japanese Ceramics Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru May 14

Steven Specht Solo Exhibition “Emergence” 4 Elements Studio, Utica

Thru June 6

Epic Wood Carving Mexico Point Park, Mexico Epic Wood Carving

Thru August 1

Jaleel Campbell: Homecoming Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse



April 3


Portal: The Window in American Photography

Thru April 18


Asil’s Pub, Fairmount

Frank and Ali


What Happened: Luis Arnias, Simon Liu, and Zhou Tao Exhibition • 7:30 pm-12:00 am

April 16 April 16

Rainbow Shores, Pulaski

Thru April 3

The Shylocks

Breath In The Music – Miller and The Other Sinners



April 1

Celtic Woman • 7:30 pm Crouse Hinds Theatre, Syracuse


April 9-16

Kill Move Paradise Red House Arts Center, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

April/May I and You

Syracuse Stage, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT


“Master Harold”... and the Boys Syracuse Stage, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

May 1

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs. Rochester Americans • 7pm The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

May 1

Rise Of Champions Championship Kickboxing • 6pm

June 4-13

Holiday Inn Syracuse, Liverpool

Troilus and Cressida

May 4

Syracuse ShakespeareIn-The-Park, Syracuse VIRTUAL EVENT

Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders vs. Syracuse Mets • 6:35pm MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse


May 4-9

April 3

Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

AHL: Syracuse Crunch vs Rochester Americans • 7pm

May 19-23

The Oncenter War Memorial Arena, Syracuse

MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

April 3

Syracuse Orange Lacrosse Men vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Lacrosse Men • 12pm Carrier Dome, Syracuse


Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

June 8-13

Worcester Red Sox MBT Bank Stadium, Syacuse

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Sports Take by MIKE LINDSLEY

2021 New York Yankees Season Preview The Yankees head into 2021 the same way they have every year since 2011, having come up short of the World Series. And that, ultimately, is what matters most in the Bronx. You cannot win every year, no matter the payroll and resources, which the Yanks arguably have the most of. New York is due, however, to reach or win the World Series. The last time for both was 2009, which feels like the same amount of time as the Corona Virus. Let’s have a look at the pinstripes for this coming season. Team strength: Hitting. There is no doubt the Yanks should put up a ton of runs again this season. From Aaron Judge to Giancarlo Stanton to Clint Frazier to Aaron Hicks to Gleyber Torres to their best overall player in D.J. LeMahieu to all others, NY should be a top offense again in MLB. Team weakness: Starting pitching. Just re-print this from the last several previews, right? Somehow, the Yanks went out and got Gerrit Cole a year ago, the one missing piece, the ace they needed and then the rest of the staff fell apart due to age or injury or simply terrible performance. After Cole, who knows what 2-5 will look like consistently,

but two guys will be very important as……. Key additions: Corey Kluber and Jameson Taillon. Risk-reward? Hardly. GM Brian Cashman brought these guys in to produce, period. Kluber, a two-time CY Young winner, has had an impressive Spring as of this writing and could be the #2 if he stays healthy and is consistently productive. Taillon, meanwhile, has had past injuries like Kluber, but the stuff is clearly there. If these two can be what J.A. Happ and James Paxton were not, the Yankees’ chances of winning it all increase significantly. Sevy Summer? A late Summer return is likely for Luis Severino, who has had a roller coaster tenure with the Yanks so far. If the Yanks get production out of Sevy for the stretch run, it only adds to the depth of the rotation. Thank you Hiro! Masahiro Tanaka wasn’t brought back and returns Aaron Judge to Japan and Nippon Professional Baseball. Tanaka’s time in pinstripes was overall a success. He was a class act and clutch in the playoffs. He was one guy so many Yankee fans wanted to win a ring. El Fin de El Gary? One more chance for Gary Sanchez, apparently. Many Yankee fans wanted him gone after 2020 thanks to a horrific batting average, weak defense again and average game-calling behind the plate. But Giancarlo Stanton as we have seen with

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many players, the Yanks hold on to them. Sanchez has hit some bombs in Spring Training and manager Aaron Boone loves his confidence and conditioning. We have heard this song and dance before, many times. Will Sanchez finally do what he’s capable of? This has to be the season where a final decision is made. The Yankees cannot continue having mediocrity from the catcher position. Stomping Stanton? Giancarlo Stanton hit 6 home runs last year and collected 13 RBI in the playoffs. We know what he’s capable of when healthy. Will Stanton Jameson Taillon finally produce in both the regular and postseasons now that he has done one of each and been healthy (2018) and unhealthy (2019/2020) as a Yankee? All Rise! Speaking of health, Aaron Judge looks and feels great. Again, we have heard this before. A full season of Judge healthy can always equal an MVP campaign. Those contract talks start really soon, too. Clint’s Corner. Left field. Clint Frazier. Starting. Finally. It’s about time. The guy has battled back from concussion problems and the organization’s continued disrespect. The time is now. Expect Frazier to hit around .270-35-100 and play a much better outfield. Bullpen bullets. The Yanks have most of the regulars back from a season ago, traded Adam Ottavino to Boston for a cup of clam chowder and brought in Darren O’Day. O’Day is a nice veteran piece who can be used everywhere in games, short or long. Underrated Yankee. Backup catcher Kyle Higashioka is rock solid and one of the best backups in the game. When his number is called, he does a remarkable job behind and at the plate.

Corey Gluber

Biggest AL East threat: Rays. It’s always the damn Rays. Tampa Bay traded Blake Snell to San Diego and let Charlie Morton sign in free agency with Atlanta. They still have a dominant bullpen and can neutralize the Yankee bats and win 2-1. Biggest AL threat: Astros. George Springer signed in Toronto and Justin Verlander may or may not be back in 2021, but Houston’s offense is deep


and versatile led by Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman. Young and veteran starting pitching and enough bullpen arms should help as well. The American League is also way down, which opens things up even more for the Yanks, Astros, White Sox and Rays. Projected rotation by late Summer/season’s end: 1-Gerrit Cole 2-Luis Severino 3-Corey Kluber 4-Jordan Montgomery or Domingo German 5-Jameson Taillon or Deivi Garcia Projected lineup by late Summer/season’s end: 1-D.J. LeMahieu, 2B 2-Aaron Judge, RF 3-Gleyber Torres, SS 4-Giancarlo Stanton, DH 5-Luke Voit, 1B 6-Aaron Hicks, CF 7-Gary Sanchez-C 8-Gio Urshela, 3B 9-Clint Frazier, LF

“There is no doubt the Yanks should put up a ton of runs again this season.”

Projected record: 97-65. Projected finish: AL East Division Champions. Lose in the ALDS or ALCS. The good news is the American League overall is way down. The bad news? This team still lacks starting pitching, which means taxing the bullpen is eventually inevitable. The team is still too reliant on righthanded power as well, which doesn’t help in October. The Yanks continue to be built for the regular season and don’t have the necessary strengths to win consistently in the postseason. The season will end in disappointment yet again.


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Now P l ay i n g by BRIAN MILLER







Raya and the Last Dragon When theaters began shutting their doors and patrons began searching for other avenues in which to get their movie fix during the COVID pandemic, studios looked for ways to deliver their big-named blockbusters without taking catastrophic losses. Some films had release dates that were constantly being shifted back (BLACK WIDOW) while others forged ahead, and were released despite the logistical nightmare that they were facing (I’m looking at you, TENET.)

RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON RATED: PG RUN TIME: 1h 47min GENRE: Animation, Action, Adventure STARRING: Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan DIRECTORS: Don Hall, López Estrada WRITERS: Qui Nguyen, Adele Lim

For the release of the much-anticipated live-action remake of MULAN, Disney tried something a little different. The GRADE: A decision was made to the release the $200 million adaptation on their streaming service, Disney Plus, but there was a caveat. Rather than making the film available for all subscribers, viewers had to fork over an additional $29.99 to watch it. While some would argue that the final product did not justify the added cost, the strategy was successful enough that Disney employed the same tactics with the release of RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON. Unlike the polarizing MULAN, there will be few complaining when dropping the extra dough for the thrilling RAYA. Standing alongside MOANA as the very best that Disney animation (excluding Pixar) has released in the past 20 years, the thrilling adventure checks every box when it comes to crafting a modern classic. There was a time when dragons lived in harmony with humans. Co-existing in a beautiful utopia known as Kumandra, where resources were plentiful and the human inhabitants were peacefully spread across all lands, it was nothing short of paradise. When a group of devastating virus-like monsters called Druun invaded, however, everything fell apart. The Druun spread and replicated rapidly, feeding on the life

force of humans, and turning them into statues. In a last ditch effort to stop the invading force, the remaining dragons used their various forms of magic to create an orb that was to be used as a weapon. The dragons were all turned to stone themselves, but the orb worked, and the monsters were seemingly defeated. 500 years later, Kumandra is no more. The factions have split, and only care about themselves. Chief Benja (Daniel Dae Kim) of the Heart tribe trains his daughter Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) to be a protector of the orb, which remains under their care. Each one of the other tribes (Fang, Spine, Talon, and Tail) wants the orb for themselves, and when Raya inadvertently allows others access to the orb, a battle ensues, the magical artifact breaks into several pieces, and each tribe snatches a shard for themselves. As this happens, the Druun return, and once again forge a hostile takeover of the land and its people. They take countless souls in this initial onslaught, including Chief Benja. For the next six years, Raya hunts for Sisu (Awkwafina), who many believe was the dragon who created the orb that saved the world. In one of the last areas left for her

“Tran expertly captures the essence of this ground-breaking warrior. She is strong, independent, intelligent and fearless.”

Kelly Marie Tran as Raya

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to check, Raya miraculously finds the dragon, and brings her back to life. The two share an immediate bond, and set out to collect all of the pieces of the orb in hopes of unlocking the magic that destroyed the Druun to begin with. Along the way, they forge friendships, encounter enemies, and learn the importance of family and friendship. The animation in RAYA is beyond beautiful. While Pixar continues to redefine the way we look at animated films, and the stunning originality of Cartoon Saloon’s WOLFWALKERS was a wonder to behold, every frame of RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON is a rich, textural, dazzling display of art that shimmers and shines. Despite its complexity, it is flawless and awe-inspiring. Bursting with colors and life, I found myself delighted to soak it all in at all times, realizing that for as much as I was appreciating, there was even more that I was not. All elements of classic Disney adventures are here, and yet RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON never feels like “the same old thing.” Raya is the type of princess that parents


have been clamoring for. Tran expertly captures the essence of this ground-breaking warrior. She is strong, independent, intelligent and fearless. She is not perfect, yet not so fundamentally flawed that there is no true hope of redemption. While she faces a number of perilous situations, she is never the damsel in distress, and she certainly doesn’t need to rely on some macho man to save the day. Furthermore, while Sisu provides plenty of comic relief, thanks in large part to the endlessly talented Awkwafina, she too is a complex and powerful character. The chemistry between the two is spot-on, easily instilling within the audience a passion for them to succeed. Triumphant in every aspect, this is the type of family adventure that audiences of been yearning for, and a spectacular addition to the Disney catalog. RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON- A (Now streaming on Disney Plus Premiere)


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Beauty & Fashion by ROBERTO SEDYCIAS

Perfume for Everyone Perfumes are an essential part of our everyday life. They were first used in Egypt, but are now used throughout the world for different reasons. Perfumes come in different varieties, concentrations, fragrances, bottles and rates. Perfumes are usually a solution of fragrant aromatic oils and a solvent like ethanol. They are mixed in different proportions to create different intensities of scents. The commonly used eau de cologne has 2-5% of aromatic oil. These aromatic oils are extracted from various natural and synthetic sources to create several kinds of fragrances. By mixing different oils, scents like floral, oriental, woody, fresh, leather, chypre and fourgere are created. Major brands of designer perfumes are available all over the world, such as YSL, Estee Lauder, Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Hugo

Cary Workman

Boss, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Salvador Dali, Stella McCartney, Victoria Secret and many more. All of them come in exquisite packaging and bottles. There are many types of perfumes: for the body, bath, car, house, office, etc. All have different concentrations of aroma oils. Perfumes have become so common that we use them daily without giving a second thought. Perfumes can lift your mood and make you feel positive. The way you smell also has a marked impact on the people around you and the way they treat you. If your lively personality is complemented by a pleasant fragrance, it can change your life and of those around you drastically. Perfumes have tremendous power to influence emotions. Aroma oils used in perfumes can trigger emotions like love, hatred, passion, activity, hunger, etc. They can even bring back the happy or sad memories of the past. You should wear the perfume that makes you happy and makes you feel good and fresh.

“Perfumes have tremendous power to influence emotions. Aroma oils used in perfumes can trigger emotions like love, hatred, passion, activity, hunger, etc.”

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Major brands of perfume are available all over the world

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To pick the perfume that suits you the best, think about the fragrances that you like. They could range from floral, citrus, woody, musk, leather, etc. You should select different perfumes for casual wear and formal wear. The daily wear perfumes could be more sporty type while the party wear ones can have more sophisticated scents. You can have different perfumes for different occasions.



“Fragrances could range from floral, citrus, woody, musk or leather.”

Remember that the perfumes that you like on others may not suit you as favorably. A single perfume can smell entirely different on different people, so while selecting your scent, try it out on yourself and let it stay for a day to know if you truly like it. Today, everybody can be identified by the kind of perfume they wear. Because perfumes are available in all types of fragrances, suiting all pockets, everybody can afford one and make a statement by wearing it. People judge you by the kind of perfume you wear, so it is important that you select the one that suits your personality. Most celebrities have their signature fragrances. Once you pick your fragrance do not change it often. Sense of smell helps in associating people with their fragrance. If you stick to one, people will know you have arrived and what mood you are in even without looking at you. Perfumes make for a great gift, especially for women. When you run out of ideas for a suitable present for anybody old or young, perfumes are the safest bet. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving or just about any other occasion, you can rely on perfumes to delight the receiver. But selecting the right fragrance for someone else is an ordeal in itself. Think about the scents that he or she likes and wears most of the time and try to stick to other perfumes similar to that fragrance. So, go ahead, take your pick.

from Lauren Brown

Chickpea Curry Ingredients 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 onion, chopped 1” piece of ginger root 2 tsp. curry powder 2 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. turmeric powder 1 tsp. ground coriander 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper 1/8 tsp. red pepper flakes

1 (15 oz.) can chickpeas, drained 1 (14 oz.) can of full fat coconut milk 1 (14.5 oz.) can diced tomatoes 5 oz. baby spinach 2 tbsp. tomato paste 1 tsp. salt or more to taste 1 tbsp. lime juice

Directions Step 1 • Heat oil in a large pot and cook the garlic, onion and ginger over med-high heat for 5 to 10 minutes until golden brown. Step 2 • Add the spices and stir and cook. Add the chickpeas, coconut milk, tomatoes, spinach, tomato paste and salt. Stir and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Step 3 • Remove from stove, add the lime juice and let stand for about 5 minutes before serving. Prep Time: 10 min.

Total Time: 30 min.

Servings: 2-4


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Table Hopping April 2021  

Welcome to the April 2021 Issue of Table Hopping! Our first issue of spring is here and is brought to you by Telly' Inn where they learn you...

Table Hopping April 2021  

Welcome to the April 2021 Issue of Table Hopping! Our first issue of spring is here and is brought to you by Telly' Inn where they learn you...