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God did the world in seven days raise,


and amazing "was

man's praise.

God thought man would be so very good,

But then he ate the only forbidden food. God was good and He did forgive,

So then man could outside Eden live.

God thought from this mistake man would learn,

But along with all the good,the bad men did return.

God was angry, so to

destroy all He made a plan . But there was good old Noah- a godly man.

So God told Noah that it would rain.

It would flood the hills and plain.

God said, Noah! Noah! Build a big boat Get each animal in pairs so that they might float.

Noah listened and built a big ark. He and his sons worked when it was both bright and dark.

People around laughed and said, “Noah is crazy.”

Noah knew it wasn’t going

to be easy.

The animals came in sevens and twos Lion, elephants and monkeys too.

Birds both big and small. Insects, reptiles tiny and tall.

One drop

two drop

three drop four.

Soon it began to pour.

It rained for forty days and forty nights.

Not a piece of land was in sight.

Washing away the men who sinned. God finally sent a drying wind.

The ark then landed on Ararat

A sign that soon this was going to stop.

Noah opened the ark window and let the raven fly. To check if the earth was dry.

Next went the dove who returned with an olive leaf. Oh! What a big relief.

God finally sent a colourful rainbow up above. And told Noah this was the sign of his everlasting love.

The animals were set free and the birds could fly.

God let them all multiply.

Noah and his family followed Gods ways.

God gifted them with happy days.

Illustrated by:Tusheeta David Written by: Tabita Abraham

Noah's ark  

The Bible story Noah's ark retold for children. This is a very special project for me as its a collaborative work between my sister and me.