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PGS001 - Granny Square Slouchy Hat

PWC003 - Gele Open Top Wrap Fedora

PWC006 - Double Mobius Wrap Fedora with Top

P0C012 - Open Crown with Mock Buckle

P0C012 - Open Crown with Mock Buckle

PPH001 - Peatland Hat

PAH001 - Original Angular Hat

PAH002 - Angular Hat with long brim

PAH002B Angular Hat -

with less angle

PAH004 - Angular Hat with Hexagon top

PWB004 - Wide-brimmed Hat with 2 Splits

PCl004 - Triangle Cloche with split

PAH003 - Angular Hat with rectangular top

PWB004 - Wide-brimmed Hat with 2 Splits

PF003 - Fedora with mock buckle

PCl001 - Cotton Cloche with feathers

PCl001 - Cotton Cloche with feathers

PWBOO1 - Wavy Wide-brimmed Hat

PWB002 - Straight Wide-brimmed Hat

PWB003 - Folded Widebrimmed Hat

PF002 - Feathered cap

PF005 - Crossover Stitch Fedora w/3 Cowries

PWB001A - Extra Wide Brim

PCl007 - Flat topped Cloche with Ridges

PF006 - Big Ol' Fedora with Feather

PAH005 - Angular Hat with Oval Top and Split in Brim 2 cowries

PF007 - 3 Point Fedora with 2 Cowries

PF008 - Double Brim Fedora with Feathers and 1 Cowry

POC009 - Seed Stitch Open Crown Angular Hat

PF011 Fedora with Pear Shaped Ridged Top and Feather -

PF012 - Square Biz Fedora

PF010 - Point Brim Fedora with Ridges and Triangle Top

PWC003 - Double Mobius Wrap Fedora

PF013 - Buckled Fedora

PF014 - Triangle Crown Cowboy Hat

PWB002 - Floppy Wide-brimmed Hat with Ridges

PF015 - Afghan Cowry Fedora

PWC012 - Single Mobius Open Top Fedora

PWB006 - Floppy Hat with Peatland Top

PCl006 - Cloche of Many Colors

PCl008 - 4 Flap Cloche with Cowry

PF001A - Cowboy hat with Feathers

PWB008 - Wide-brimmed Square Brimmed w/wire Hat with Mushroom Top

POC006 - Open Crown Fedora with Crisscross Laces

PWB009 - Wide-brimmed Hat with Charm/Cowry Center

PWB007 Wide-brimmed Hat with Peek-a-boo Cowries -

PF016 - Crochet Ridged Fedora with Wide Brim

Brimmed Hats  
Brimmed Hats  

Hats knitted or crocheted with brims, Created by Ta Ankh of Ioni's Creations