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EXHIBITOR INSIDER – Vol. 1 | June 2014 TIPS & TRICKS Did you know that the way you ship your booth materials could actually cost you more money than you budgeted for? Freeman is the exclusive provider of freight services. With that being said Material Handling includes unloading your exhibit material, storing up to 30 days in advance at the warehouse address, delivering to the booth, the handling of empty containers to and from storage, and removing of material from the booth for reloading onto outbound carriers. What is Special Handling?  Special handling applies to shipments that are loaded by cubic space and/or packed in such a manner as to require additional labor/handling, such as ground unloading, constricted space unloading, designated piece unloading, carpet/pad only shipments or stacked shipments. Also included are shipment integrity, alternate delivery locations, mixed shipments, and shipments without individual bills of ladding. Shipments loaded in this manner require additional time, labor, or equipment, to unload, sort and deliver. What is Ground loading/unloading?  Vehicles that are not dock height, preventing the use of loading docks, such as U-hauls, flat bed trailers, double drop trailers, company vehicles with trailers that are not dock level, etc. What is Constricted Space Loading/Unloading?  Trailer loaded “high and tight” shipments that are not easily accessible. Freight is loaded to full capacity of trailer – top to bottom, side to side. One example of this is freight that is loaded down one side of trailer that must be bypassed to reach targeted freight. ◦ An example of this is freight that is loaded down one side of a trailer that must be bypassed to reach target freight. What are Stacked Shipments?  Shipments loaded in such a manner requiring multiple items to be removed to ground level for delivery to booth. Stacked or “cubed out” shipments, loose items placed on top of crates and/or pallets constitute special handling. What is Shipment Integrity?  Shipment integrity involves shipments on a carrier that are intermingled, or delivered in such a manner that additional labor is needed to sort through and separate the various shipments on a truck for delivery to our customers.

EXHIBITOR INSIDER – Vol. 1 | June 2014 What is Alternate Delivery Location?  Alternate delivery location refers to shipments that are delivered by a carrier that requires us to deliver some shipments to different levels in the same building, or to other buildings in the same facility. What are Mixed Shipments?  Mixed shipments are defined as shipments of mixed crated and uncrated goods, where the percentage of uncarted is minimal and does not warrant the full uncrated rate for the shipment, but does not require special handling. Freeman defines special handling for mixed loads as having less than 50% of the volume as uncrated. ◦ An example of this would be if you shipped your carpet rolls with your booth materials. By doing this you are going to be charged special handling for all items. Where if you ship your carpet by itself you will be only charged special handling for those carpet rolls not the entire truck load. What is the difference between Crated & Uncrated Shipments?  Crated shipments are those that are packed in any type of shipping container that can be unloaded at the dock with no additional handling required. Such containers include crates, fiber cases, cartons, and properly packed skids. An uncrated shipment is material that is shipped loose or pad-wrapped, and/or unskidded without proper lifting bars and hooks. Shipping to the Warehouse: • • • •

Freight must arrive during the allotted times. If your freight arrives before Monday, September 15, 2014 or after Thursday, October 9, 2014 you will be charged extra fees. The warehouse only accepts freight that is crated, cartons, skids, trunks/cases and carpets. Loose or pad-wrapped material must be sent directly to show-site. All shipments must have a bill of lading and weight tickets indicating number of pieces and type of product All warehouse freight will be delivered directly to your booth prior to your targeted move-in time.

Shipping directly to Show Site: • •

Freight will only be accepted during your scheduled target move-in time. All shipments must have a bill of lading and weight tickets indicating number of pieces and type of product

EXHIBITOR INSIDER – Vol. 1 | June 2014 TIPS & TRICKS – PART 2: EAC & FAQ Exhibitor Appointed Contractor An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is a company other than the “general or official” service provider on the show. EACs may only provide services in the venue, which are not designated by the venue or show organizer as “exclusive.” If an exhibitor wishes to use an EAC, Show Management requires exhibitors to designate each EAC. Once an exhibitor has designated an EAC, the EAC will receive an email notification containing an eCode and steps on how to accept the designation and pay any EAC fees. See below for commonly asked questions regarding an EAC. Frequently Asked Questions: I am an EAC. How do I know if I’ve been designated by an exhibitor? Each exhibiting company will begin the EAC designation process by signing into their MyEvent dashboard to assign an EAC. Once that designation has been made, you will receive an email with further directions allowing you to accept or deny the designation. I received my eCode email, but deleted it and don’t know where to go to sign-in? You can access the EAC log-in page for the International Surface Event East 2014 by the Sign-In button in the top right hand corner of this page. I have been designated, but do not remember by eCode? Contact Michelle Rohmer at 972.536.6305. What is the process for EACs once I have been designated by an exhibitor? After entering your eCode into the ESM sign-in page, you will be able to: 1) Accept the EAC designation 2) Pay the $250 EAC fee 3) Submit a copy of your insurance Please sign-in to the Exhibitor Service Manual for steps on accepting the designation, paying fees and providing insurance. If you have questions regarding the EAC process or the Exhibitor Service Manual, please email Michelle Rohmer or call her at 972-536-6305.

EXHIBITOR INSIDER – Vol. 1 | June 2014 Updating your Exhibitor Online Profile Update your online profile to raise product and brand awareness. We encourage you to take advantage of this complimentary listing in order to fully maximize your exposure at the show. To update your Online Profile simply click on the “Sign In” link located in the upper right hand corner of The International Surface Event East website. Enter you eCode and click on Booth Profile. Click on “Add/Edit My Booth Profile” and simply update your information. This is a complimentary, value add offered to each exhibitor and we encourage you to complete this information as early as possible.


The International Surface Event East 2014 October 19-22, 2014 Miami Beach Convention Center