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February 2013

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Tex-O Key December 2012


District Governor’s Report


ello Texas-Oklahoma!

With only months left in our terms, we have a lot to do to leave our mark and to make the transition to a new year ahead. Whether it is holding officer elections, participating in the Governor’s Project or District Project, or celebrating it all at District Convention, we have a busy next two months ahead of us. If your club is planning to attend our end-ofthe-year celebration at the luxurious Sheraton hotel in Dallas, Texas, Convention Registration is now up! Be sure to check out and get your club’s log-in information today so that you can get signed up in time to celebrate service and show us that you’re not afraid to serve. If you club is still not convinced that DCON is the event for you, I can only give you personal testimony. My club, Manor New Tech, went to DCON the first year they were chartered about 4 years ago. Since going, my club and the officers have done such an amazing job. DCON energizes the newly elected officers and gives the outgoing officers something to look forward to at the end of the year.

Members get the chance to learn more about Key Club, develop leadership skills and have fun with over 1,000 other high schoolers from across Texas and Oklahoma. DCON is certainly not the only thing to focus on at this time of the year, there are many other things that your club needs to be focused on (dues submission, fundraising, service, officer elections, etc.) but I hope to see your club at DCON. As our terms come to an end, and others begin, remember that service and caring are not tied to a title or a position – they are what make you a Key Clubber. Continue to serve past your position and take the things you’ve learned throughout your term and use them to shape the world. It has been an honor to serve with you all and I will see you all in April.

If you have questions, just call or email me at

512-705-1707 4 Tex-O Key December 2012

A Word from your District Editor


ey there Key Clubbers!

I hope you all are enjoying the second semester of school so far. If you’ve noticed, there are some article topics I’ve asked for that have not been put in the Tex-O Key. Don’t worry! I didn’t forget them. They’ll be in future issues. Now I have some things to discuss. First off, for future references, club article topics and due dates will always be in the District Website, under my blog! Please check when you have time so that you don’t forget! Next, I have been getting articles through PDF format. If you are just sending them to me for points, you’re good. On the other hand, if you’re wanting that article to have the chance to be in the Tex-O Key, you’ll need to have it converted to a word document or attachment otherwise I can’t edit it. For the pictures, I would really really like them to be sent as a JPEG format through email attachment. You could send them as a word document, but I might not be able to open got any questions? call here!

it because of certain problems. Sorry about all of this! DCON is almost here!! Are you guys excited? I am! Does your club have great quality pictures from previous DCONs? If so, send them to me for the chance to be in the DCON Tex-O Key. Everyone that attends will read it, and even better...It’ll be printed! Your club can treasure it forever, knowing that your picture’s inside! Keep up the good work! I hope you enjoy the February Tex-O Key! From your District Editor, Grace Liu

send your articles here!


Tex-O Key December 2012




to making a good Tex-O Key is YOU.

The Tex-O Key itself is consisted of precious Key Club memories constructed inside for the purpose of spreading ideas, lessons, and tips on how to benefit the community no matter where you are. These memories come from clubs spread out in the T-O District. Your help is needed to make the Tex-O Key successful!

Ready to get started? 1. Recognize your club and write articles! 2. Have great ideas on what events to go to that will help benefit the community? Write about it! 3. Are you a good leader? Write advice and tips that can help others be one as well. 4. Did you attend an event that changed your/someone’s life for the better? Write about it. 5. Read the article assignments that I send out every month or look at the back of every Tex-O Key that I publish (like this one!) and think about what to write for them.

Pictures 6

are a beautiful thing. They brighten up your words. They illustrate your story. They contribute to your memories. Unlike articles, there are no limits to pictures. Send as many as you want. If you choose to take pictures for the Tex-O Key, please keep in mind that they should be taken in a positive atmosphere, shown with diversity, and overfilled with Key Club spirit. Pictures with excellent quality and large sizes are preferred.

Tex-O Key December 2012

District Convention 2013

The advent of the new year means that District Convention is right around the corner! As a quick refresher, DCON is a 4 day retreat in Dallas, Texas on April 4足7. The purpose of DCON is to celebrate the past year and share ideas for the upcoming year. Be on the lookout for tons of Convention material including the Convention CD which will be published online this year, the club forum application, and registration material. The Convention CD will include material such as contest information, the Convention Bulletin, and dress code information! Also, since DCON is during STAR testing, make sure you talk to your principal NOW so that you guys can leave at your normal time. If you have any questions, email your Lieutenant Governor or me! 足Roshni Chandwani T足O Convention Liaison

Tex-O Key December 2012


Completion Form Links Have you completed any projects in your club? If so, recognize it by completing the project form and clicking on the links below.

District Project uploads/2012/12/District-ProjectCompletion-Form-2012-2013.pdf

Governor’s Project uploads/2013/01/2012-2013-Governors-Project-Completion-Form.pdf


Tex-O Key December 2012

contribution page Cover Picture Rebekah E. Drennon Table of Contents Picture Rebekah E. Drennon Isaiah ValleQuinones Jennifer Li Move Your Feet Help a Heart Beat Ad Jennifer Kay Tuggle Hinze DCON Flyer Roshni Chandwani Dues Maci Slater Articles

Macy Pollard Isaiah ValleQuinones Luke Broussard Miranda Mishan Jennifer Li Nathaly Aparicio Carley Exiga Thuy Bui Raj. Ranganathan Clayton Marshall Thomas Franco Tashrima Hossain Rebekah E. Drennon Tex-O Key December 2012


dues dues duesdues


dues dues duesdues

Well Hello T-O! I know it is a busy time of the year, but it is VERY important that you and your club pay dues. Did you know that if your club does NOT submit their dues to international, you will not be able to: • Attend DCON • Have a vote in your Division Election Conference (DEC) where you vote for your Lt. Governor • Run for Lt. Governor of your division and your club will be deemed as suspended So as you can see, paying your dues should be at the top of your list! Now, I know some of you have been having trouble with the new Membership Update Center (MUC). Just understand that you aren’t the only one! For step-by-step instructions on how to get a new password, contact your LT. Governor or me today! There is also a step-bystep video that I would be glad to send to you! The cost per member is $12.50. The $12.50 per member is what you must submit to international. So please, please PAY YOUR DUES! I am always here if you need me, just a text or email away! Yours in service, Maci Slater District Treasurer


Tex-O Key December 2012


Before you start

The club will not receive a password from Kiwanis this year. The new Membership Update Center (MUC) system generates the individual’s password directly to the individual. Remember only the Faculty Advisor and Club Secretary will be able to access the system. It is also critical that you follow the steps to get into the system. You can not use last year’s Advisor’s name(if different from this year’s) or password, or any other member of the club. It is best if you start with the Faculty Advisor because we know the secretary information is probably out of date. Here are the steps to follow to get started.

ow to update your membership For Club Advisors & Secretaries


in 7 steps:

Log on to Key Club International at:


Select the “Lead” tab along the list of tap just above the blue pencil. A drop down menu will appear on the left.


Select “Membership Update Center” form the drop down menu. You can also get into the center by selecting “Dues and Reports” tab just above the red search box in the upper right hand part of the screen and then select the Membership Update Center links in the center of the page.


On the Membership Update Center page select “register/reset password. This is a critical step that you must take on your first attempted log in. Do not just try and enter your email address and password on the form. This will take you to a page to input your email address.


Input your email address. If it is the email address that Kiwanis has in their records, after a short delay (1 minute or so) you will get a hyper-link to a site to generate your own password. Once you have logged in then the secretary can take over and fill in the club’s membership information. Please pass the training video link to your secretary so he/she can see how to update the system. It is very easy but reviewing the training video will make it even easier. Here is the video link: comwatch?v=0tfAvudii-w&feature=youtube


If the email address that Kiwanis has on file for your club’s Faculty Advisor is incorrect you will get a message that the login attempt has failed. Then you will need to contact Kiwanis Member Services at or 1-800 Kiwanis (549-2647) ext 1 and they will assist you in getting on line. You will need your club number which you can find at in the attachment. Club are listed in alphabetical order. Here is a sample message to Member Services:

“Dear Member Services, My name is (insert FA full name) (email is XXXXXXXXXXXX) and I am the faculty advisor for the (insert school name) High School Key Club. My club ID number is (insert Club number). I would like to request an update in your contact information to reflect this change. I am in Division (XX) and the campus resides in the Texas-Oklahoma District. Please let me know when this change is made. Thank you so very much,”

Member Services will send you a email stating your email has been updated and at that point you can reenter the system using step 5. They may also send you a temp password, if they do then you can log in on the first page and proceed with the membership update.


Once the Secretary has the member information loaded he/she can go on line and do the same steps 1-5 and then the Secretary will have direct access. The Faculty Advisor and Secretary will be the only people allow direct access to the system to update membership, so if either of you change job/ graduate make sure to update the new information before you leave the position.

Tex-O Key December 2012



KeyLeader information Date: April 19th-21st Location: Huntsville, Carolina Creek, Texas

Date: April 26th-28th Location: Glen Rose Date: May 17th-19th Location: Kingston, Oklahoma

COST $145 for Key Clubbers $170 for non-Key Clubbers $85 for student facilitators Tex-O Key December 2012


email: rriley

March 15th 7pm-1am

13 for more info, go to: Tex-O Key December 2012

INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT UPDATE email: Hello, Texas-Oklahoma Key Clubbers! It may be chilly outside, but I hope that your Januaries and Februaries have been filled with the warmth of a servant’s heart this winter! As District Convention season quickly approaches, I love to use this time to reflect back on all the fantastic people, great memories, and phenomenal life experiences that I have encountered through Key Club--starting from my very first DCON back in 2010. The Lieutenant Governor-Elect for Division 5 of the Great Alabama Key Club District, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and I was more than a little apprehensive about what convention might hold. However, from the minute I arrived, I was surrounded by the enthusiastic, joyful welcome that only a group of Key Clubbers can provide; I instantly felt important, valued, and included. And thus began the Key Club journey that has changed me profoundly ever since.

Rebecca Riley

As T-O’s District Convention quickly approaches, I would encourage each and every one of you to find a way to be there. You never know who you’ll meet, how you’ll be impacted, or what journey you’ll start at a District Convention. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be at the best weekend of the year this April 4-7 in Dallas, Texas. You won’t regret it! Thanks again, and happy 2013!


Kayla Lash


Tex-O Key December 2012

While your district is preparing for District Convention, the International Board is putting the finishing touches on our work for the International Board meeting that will be February 7th-10th in Washington DC. We could not be more excited to be staying at the site for International Convention 2013. Some of the things that we will be working on at our board meeting are planning potential webinars for after District Convention season, working on the promotional video for membership recruitment, turning the service fair at International Convention into an online event as well, and evaluating the YOF grant process. For more information about what we will be accomplishing at our meeting, you can find our minutes on the Key Club International Website on the homepage! As for other International News, January 16th was the Eliminate Wordwide Report Day, which was a day where all the Kiwanis Districts and Kiwanis SLP representatives provided updates on their fundraising totals. The reports received reflect the amazing progress already achieved as a result of Kiwanis International and Kiwanis International Foundation’s efforts for The Eliminate Project, as well as show the tremendous potential for growth. For information on the totals, check out the Eliminate website! Key Club has raised a total of $667,639.28 with a per member average of $2.55. All of the Kiwanis SLPs combined have donated over $1 million dollars, meaning 555,555 lives have been saved. The goal for each SLP member over the next three years is $5.40, meaning three lives per member. International thanks you for all of the amazing work that you have been doing for the organization. Keep up the great service!

Your bill will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network, so get out there and dine at the IHOP near you. 15 Tex-O Key December 2012

one day... all babies will be born healthy.

16 Tex-O Key December 2012

Paid Clubs Report




185 paid clubs 12,272 members

A&M Consolidated 26 Cross Plains 39 AC Jones 39 Crowley 64 Academy High 54 Cy-Fair 378 Allen 160 Cy-Falls 230 Arlington 378 Cypress Lakes 158 Atascocita 37 Cypress Springs 95 Atlanta 15 Cy-Ridge 144 Ball 129 Cy-Ranch 658 Bandera 16 Cyrus Wood 302 Baytown Christian 38 Davis 55 Bellaire 41 Dekalb 30 Bishop Kelly 24 Devalle 22 Booker T. Washington Denton 20 Senior 10 Dewey 14 Booker T. Washington Dobie 15 137 Dunbar 12 Broken Arrow N. Duncan 71 27 Durant 18 Broken Bow 21 Early 90 Brownwood 48 Edmound N. 139 Bullard 51 Eisenhower 81 Byron P. Steele I I 72 Eisenhower Sr. 33 Canyon 70 Elgin 113 Carl Albert 123 Elk City 58 Cascia Hall 150 Elkins 16 Cedar Park 42 Empire 27 Center Point 20 Garland 108 Charles Akins 27 Gateway 38 Chisum 76 Goose Creek 93 Christian Education Granbury 125 Alliance 32 Guthrie 40 Cinco Ranch 152 Harding Charter Prep Cleburne 41 36 Clements 23 Harlingen 25 Clyde 26 Harrah 43 Coleyville Hertiage Hebron 243 68 Henderson 66 Coventant Christian Hereford 9 49 Holdenville 12 Creekview 81 Hunstville 58

Hudson 45 32 Idabel 25 Marble Falls 20 Ingram Tom 25 Marine Military 85 James Bowie 207 McCallum 70 James Bowie 256 McKinney Boyd 50 Jarrell 33 McKinney N. 62 Jenks 198 Midwest City 27 John Foster Dulles 52 McLoud 18 Jones 32 Mineral Wells 18 Jordan 25 Mineola 61 Judson Early College N. Crowley 44 Academy 142 N. Garland 93 Kempner 39 Nacogdoches 100 Kennedale 75 New Braunfels 25 Kingwood 83 North Lamar 12 Kingwood Prk. 76 NYOS Charter 24 Kliens Collins 66 Our Lady of the Hills16 LC Anderderson 155 Palo Duro 20 Lake Ridge 15 Paramus 31 Lake Travis 21 Pathways Middle ColLamar 134 lege 20 Lampasas 25 Pflugerville 57 Lee 33 Plano West Sr. 99 Lawton 17 Polythecnic 26 Leander 38 Ponca City 54 Lindale 75 Prague 18 Legacy Christian 13 Port Aransas 32 Libery Eylau 38 R.L. Turner 34 Little Cypress M. 61 R.L. Paschal 37 Lonegrove 25 Red water Senior 26 Lockhart 52 Rice 56 Los Fresnos 10 Richarte 13 Lumberton 116 Robert E. Lee (Tyler) MB Lamar 83 25 MacArthur 82 Ronald Reagan 77 Manor New Tech. 53 Ross S. Sterling 97 Mansfield Frontier 39 Rouse 12 Mansfield High 177 Sachse 30 Mansfield Legacy 46 Saginaw 43 Mansfield Timberview Sam Houston 44

Sam Rayburn 40 Samuel Clemens 32 San Angelo Central 56 San Benito 18 San Augistine 11 San Marcos 23 Second Baptist 101 Shepton 51 Sperry 34 St. Agnes 143 Stillwell 57 Strake Jesuit Prep. 186 Stratford 48 Street 16 Sulphur 29 Summer Creek 108 Sunset 49 Texas City 39 Terrell 36 Texas Senior 58 The Woodlands 45 Tulsa School or Arts and Science 24 Union 53 Union Intermediate 23 Vandergrift 98 Venus 35 WB Ray 34 WE Boswell 44 Whetherford 33 West 37 West Brook 89 West Moore 68 Westfield 48 Wetumpka 17 Whitcita Falls 22

Tex-O Key December 2012


l by Macy Pollard, LTG 26

Sharing love can start many different things: like friendships, relationships, and emotions. What do we strive for when we share love? Happiness in another’s facial expression? When I show someone love, it is usually through a compliment, or building that person up in encouragement! It can be something simple like “Hey Suzy! I love that scarf you’re wearing today!” You just made Suzy’s day! Then Suzy will compliment some other person, and so on. It’s like a train effect. The littlest things can make an impact on someone even if you’re not sure you made one or not. Compliments, conversations, helping others, etc. Every little thing can affect someone who needs it most. Aim for happiness in someone’s eyes.


Tex-O Key December 2012

Sharing the


Help is not a generic term. We all need help in different ways. Some of us need help on math homework, while others need a place to live or food to eat. Looking around your community to find a prominent issue that can be easily solved will guarantee an upbringing of service and community effort close to home.

For example, can food drives are easy to host, but can change many lives in your home town or county. What is more loving than feeding a family that may not have enough money to buy all that they need? Love is shown by finding these specific instances and changing them for the better.

l by Luke B

l by Isaiah ValleQuinones, LTG 18

Brings: Happiness Joy Strength Light Encouragement Delight Gratification

Broussard, LTG 12 & 22

It is difficult to show love, especially to people who need it most. However, Key Club handles this difficult task easily, by doing it every day in everything they do; they just do not know it. Key Club shows love by serving. Through the simple action of volunteer service, Key Clubbers touch the lives of many every day. While most Key Clubbers join Key Club just because it is fun or they need it to look good on a college scholar-

ship, little do these Key Clubbers know that they are spreading love throughout their community, especially to those who need it. For instance, each and every year, the Salvation Army has an “Angel Tree” donation that gives gifts to children who cannot afford gifts themselves. By buying a gift and donated it to that child, you are simply showing them that they are loved and though about. Coming together for a

simple service project, like a talking to old people at a retirement home is an easy way to not only gain service hours, but show those old folks that you are willing to listen to them, you care about them, and you love them. Key Club is all about doing greatness to the community and spreading love around, and we do that every day by simply serving our community. So, get out, start serving, and spread the love .

l by Miranda Mishan, LTG 2

Showing love to others is always something that I’ve valued. However there are some that need our love more than others. As Key Clubbers, we have the power to make these people feel loved in great ways. I‘ve always loved children, and thought that they need as much love as we could possibly give them. So, when I heard about the B.R.O. Project, I realized that terminally ill children need our love the most. In my opinion, the best thing we can do for these sick children is to give them strength, and most importantly, hope. One way that I’ve been a part of this is through very simple but effective direct service projects. At the Region 8 Fall Training Conference back in September, I got a small taste of what it’s like to share some love with those who

so badly need it. During our service project, Key Club members from my region came together to make paper flowers to donate to terminally ill children. While the flowers couldn’t cure their diseases, or treat their symptoms, I hoped that the bright, colorful flowers could bring some light and love into their lives. When my division and I made cards for the B.R.O. project it was done simply with the hope of spreading love and strength to those children who need it so much. The B.R.O. project has shown me where my love is needed most, and I’m proud that Key Club enables me to share love in such a way. Hopefully this year we can all give a little love to those in need.

Tex-O Key December 2012


Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising THE l by Jennifer Li, Bellaire Key Club With amazing events like DCON, ICON, and Dance Marathon just around the corner, it’s more imperative than ever that clubs really hone in on raising funds. It’s the only way you can ensure your Key Club ends the year with the bang that we all know you deserve. Planning a fundraiser doesn’t have to be a stressful, dreaded task. Through following these sound tips, you’re sure to have a successful event that will leave you wanting to plan more.


Be creative. The idea is always half of the battle. It’s important that your club members are just as engaged as the officers. The added man power is what’s going to turn a decent fundraiser into an epic one. Trust me. Bake sales, lemonade stands, and car washes are all sound ideas. It might, however, be helpful to take a risk and think outside of the box.


Stay organized: While this might sound rudimentary at the start, it’s absolutely essential. Make sure your secretary is keeping track of all the assignments and tasks. Keeping a spreadsheet and sending out minutes is essential. Board meetings to plan are invaluable. They will make or break your event.

SOCIAL NETWORK l by Nathaly Aparicio, Kempner Key Club Like in all successful relationships, communication is the key to keep everything in order between the officers and its members. Social networking sites are one of the most important ways in keeping communication among you and your members going. Facebook and Twitter are the top sites in enforcing this contact. Keep note that there are members out there who don’t have access to social networks, so send e-mails to all your members, too. Reminders are imperative in reinforcing infor-

Facebook helps keep all club information such as documents, photos, and events in good order.

lunch? Talk to your club members, friends, and peers and find out what they want to see happen. If you meet their desires, they’re much more likely to support your idea.


Think seasonal. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, play it up. Sell roses, candy-grams or any other creative idea. This not only sparks interest, but Evaluate need: Does it spreads your name across your school have 2 movie campus. nights each week but no one selling popcorn during



Tex-O Key December 2012

mation within your club. For meetings and events, send a notification not only on the day before of the event, but also three days before, too. Encourage your members to ask questions. Let them know that there is no harm in doing so. Communication is important among officers, too. If you’re unable to complete a task or if you disagree with something, it is vital that you tell your fellow officers. Lack of communication among officers can make the club unstable and go awry.

Twitter makes it simple to send out short messages to your members instantly.


KISS: Keep It Sim ple Stupid- Make sure that your event has the ability to be executed. Don’t plan something outrageous and set yourself up for failure. Vision and goals are good, just run them by your entire officer board and make sure they’re realistic.


Feast of Sharing l by Carley Exiga, West Brook Key Club During these beautiful holiday days, West Brook Key club has given a hand to those in need. H-EB’s commitment and participation in the community has been recognized as an important part of the way the company does business. The twentytwo-years of Feast of Sharing Dinner tradition started in Laredo and Corpus Christi, Texas in 1988. Established to celebrate the holiday season, H-E-B has hosted the annual Feast of Sharing dinner, an H-E-B tradition for community residents to enjoy a delicious, free meal. This year held on, Friday, December 7, 2012, from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Ford Park Event Center in Beaumont. The HEB Feast of Sharing is an enormous effort to serve the community and share the holiday spirit. HEB appreciates their customers and prepares the Feast of Sharing as gratitude. HEB does this event in 21 communities and provides holiday meals and good cheer to about 250,000 residents in Texas. H-E-B feast of Sharing expects to serve and entertain more than 5,000 people in Southeast Texan. The Feast of sharing is not the only event HEB does to fight hunger, but this event is the peak of their support. In just one Feast of Sharing HEB helps with 3,000 pounds of sliced ham, 380 gallons of mashed potatoes, 140 gallons of gravy 750 apple pies, 1,100 lbs. of vegetable medley, 5,000 dinner rolls and soft drinks will be served. Hundreds of students help to serve food at the event. More than 1,300 volunteers’ adults and students from different Southeast Texas organizations and schools sign up to help H-E-B serve as many as 5,500 meals. As volunteers go from table to

Mustang Key Club Volunteers for the Benefit of Animals l by Thuy Bui, Mustang Key Club On the warm, sunny Saturday of January 19, 2013, Mustang Key Club went to the Pets and People Humane Society Animal Shelter to volunteer. The majority of us arrived at noon. We were each given a dog to take on long walks down the street, brush/groom, and play with. We also had the option of playing with and taking care of the cats. Later, more members showed up, and we had to group up in triplets or pairs to walk the dogs since our group of volunteers had

table handing out meals; family and friends enjoy the performances of different schools performing Christmas carols on a beautifully decorated stage. If the audience cannot see the stage form their seat this is not a problem because a huge screen is displaced so all views can enjoy the performance. Along with the food and entertainment, bounce houses, an arts and crafts section and The Strikers indoor soccer team were all available to the kids. Dance Dance revolution was also available for the kids to encourage kids to get up and move. Children who attended the Feast of Sharing were also able to reserve an autograph for the Strikers soccer team. One of the most popular entertainment activates was taking pictures with Santa. HEB encourages

so many people. We walked dogs for two hours. By 2 pm, they no longer needed us to walk the dogs. We were given clean up duties. We were split up into groups to clean up the animal shelter. We cleaned up dog poop around the area, in the dog park and down the street. We also raked up leaves and picked up other trash to be thrown away. After two excruciating hours of cleaning, we finished our volunteer hours for the day and headed home. We had a total of 16 members volunteer at Pets and People.

parents to read to their children at least three times a week to build a strong foundation for early literacy. H-E-B has given away more than 1 million books through donations and distributes the book to the children who attend HEB feast of sharing. This is a big project which involves so many people and is enjoyable for everyone who attends.

Tex-O Key December 2012


Cypress Ranch Key Club Aids Urban Harvest Annual Fruit Tree Fundraiser l by Clayton Marshall, Cypress Ranch Key Club How to Keep your Meetings


l by Raj. Ranganathan , Cy-Fair Key Club No president or presenter wants to see the back of some member’s head, the top of some member’s head, or the bottoms of some member’s shoes while he/ she sleeps. Members shouldn’t feel as though going to meetings is a burden: instead they should look forward to the exciting activities that are planned during the meeting. Here are some ways that keep our meetings interesting:

1.Throw candy out

during meetings: This was recommended by our Lieutenant Governor Carolina Hernandez, and it works like a charm. We randomly toss candy to people while presenting upcoming events and reminders.

2.Give out gift Cards:

We hide sticky notes under seats and give out gift cards to the people that find them!



Play Music: Before and after the meeting, we blast music to set

the mood.

4.Videos: Instead of

explaining important projects like The Eliminate Project or Trick or Treat for UNICEF, we’ve use videos to convey the message and directly show who we’re helping.

5.Ice Breakers: Wheth-

er we find our Perfect Match, play Never Have I Ever (PG style), 3truths and 1 lie, or Key Club Jeopardy, Ice Breakers are a great way to have an interactive meeting.

6.Food: When all else

fails, food never does. If we’re having a morning meeting, we get members to bring donuts: if we’re having an afternoon meeting, we bring cookies, chips, or other snacks. These activities have greatly increased member participation during our meetings, also making them fun and exciting.

Tex-O Key December 2012

On Saturday, January18, ten Cypress Ranch Key Club members and faculty advisor Katie Lauver volunteered at the Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale. The event took place at the Houston Community College where hundreds of Houstonians gathered to partake in the largest annual fruit tree sale in Houston. The volunteers from Cypress Ranch Key Club were spread out throughout the market and were assigned jobs that ranged from cart distribution to line management. The group started in the morning by uncovering the trees from their frost covers. Later in the day, they helped customers who had bought more trees than they had hands for move through the checkout line. After the event ended, the volunteers helped strike the setup of tents, fences, and wagons. One volunteer described it as, “well organized and well managed.” Urban Harvest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting “healthy communities, sound nutrition and respect for the environment by educating children and adults and facilitating harvest and habitat gardens.” Every year, they invite dozens of suppliers to sell their trees at this event. The sale takes place on the third Saturday in January each year. They can be contacted through www.urban With the help of the Cypress Ranch Key Club, Urban Harvest was able to nearly sell out of trees, swiftly move customers through to checkout, and effectively manage crowds. Debbie Leflar, Urban Harvest’s Volunteer Assignment Coordinator reported that “the sale was a huge success, less than ten trees were returned un-sold and the parking lot was completely clean when we left.” The Cypress Ranch Key Club looks forward to working with them again and urges you to support Urban Harvest.

Key Club: a local school, was given the opportuUnited to ELIMINATE ,nity to lend its hand. Students partici-

l by Thomas Franco, San Angelo Central Key Club San Angelo Central Key Club, in unison with Key Club International, has been subject to a common goal: to rid the world of maternal and neonatal tetanus. After the release of this year’s Eliminate promotional video, thousands of hearts were touched. As one Key-Clubber put it, “We are here to make a difference in the world and we can’t ignore that. These lives must be saved.” According to the Kiwanis Eliminate Project website, the deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. As servant leaders dedicated to change the world, Central’s Key Club decided they would take a stance for Eliminate. In a Fall kick off for service, Central’s Key Club brought forth a great service project that further involved the community in the effort to support the Eliminate cause. Ft. Concho Elementary

pated in a “penny war,” and the rules were simple: each class was to compete in a race to raise the most money that they possibly could. The class with the most money collected would win a pizza party. This project is one that has been offered on a yearly basis to Ft. Concho Elementary, and is one that has had much success in the past. This year, however, students decided they would leave an even bigger mark on maternal and neonatal tetanus. Altogether, the school raised a total of $449.00. Each vaccine shot only costs $1.80 and saves the lives of a mother, her baby, and all of her future children. With the grand total that was collected this year, Ft. Concho virtually saved 250 lives! To recognize the school for their significant contribution to the Eliminate Project, Central Key Club’s President, Rebecca Bingham, and Key Club International Service Ambassador, Thomas Franco, and Rudy Barron, Region 5 Advisor TxOk Key Club District, took part in the school’s morning show. A large ‘check’ was presented and certificates of appreciation were distributed—a small token for the immense impact that the school made. What greatly intrigued Key Club officers and advisors was not only the difference that Ft. Concho made in regards to fundraising, but the significance that their efforts held in further linking the community with Key Club. All year long, the club puts forth thousands of service hours dedicated to giving to the community and providing for its needs. Here, however, the community seemed to be giving back the much appreciated service. As a result, lives were being

saved; It was almost as if a blessing was being recycled. In October, Central Key Club once again pushed forth for the Eliminate cause—They surely did not want to leave raising funds solely to the community. After all, every dollar truly does make a difference. For that reason, the club decided to raise funds from individual member donations. Each member was given a ‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ box to make collections. As a part of the festive spirit of Halloween, members presented their creatively decorated boxes and asked for donations rather than candy when trick-or-treating. The results were outstanding! The club managed to raise $169.00. What would Key Club be without Kiwanis? That question is one that can easily be answered: nothing. Kiwanis International is built on the foundation of ‘Serving the Children of the World®,” and it is very evident. San Angelo Downtown Kiwanis Club, Central’s sponsoring Kiwanis, also took part in supporting the Eliminate Project. The Kiwanis donated a total of $169.00. With this donation, the club had raised enough money to receive the Eliminate patch that now proudly hangs on their banner. For Central Key Club, the year has been full of much service both to the community and to the world. The contributions that have been made to support the Eliminate Project have been exceptional in every aspect. Perhaps with the combined efforts of Key Club International and Kiwanis International, maternal and neonatal tetanus can be something permanently of the past. We are Key Club: United to Eliminate.

Tex-O Key December 2012


It’s a cold winter morning. A small girl s under a brightly decorated tree and eagerly tear the red-and-green paper from a large box. Excit ment fills her eyes as the contents of her gift ar unveiled before her—coloring books, art sets, an other trinkets. Her hospital gown drags across the ground as she runs to present her treasures the nearby nurse. She and other grateful childr spread light in the dimly lit room of the Texas Children’s Hospital as they see what Santa has store for them.

Christmas Gifts for the Texas Children’s Hospital l by Tashrima Hossain, Cypress Falls Key Club


Tex-O Key December 2012

On Friday, December 21, the Cypress Falls Key Club visited the Texas Children’s Hospital to d liver gifts to the young patients. Throughout th month of December, volunteers from the organ zation decorated gift bags, pillowcases, and holi day cards to present to the children who would staying at the hospital during the festive season

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“As a result of our hard work,” Stephanie Doan10 said, “we were able to wrap a lot of gifts, and the bags turned out to be really adorable. Just thinking about all of the kids who would receive the presents brought me pure joy.”

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When the Key Club volunteers visited the hospital, the staff was enthusiastic to learn of the Christmas surprises in store for their patients. The children were quite grateful upon receiving their presents as well.


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“Making the gifts and delivering was an uplifting experience,” Clayton Brasher12 said, “and it helped me appreciate what I have been blessed to have. This experience truly got me into the giving spirit.” Not only were the children thankful someone had them in mind this Christmas, but also the volunteers were enlightened by the experience. “It was amazing taking the Christmas gifts down to Texas Children’s Hospital,” President Gabi Bradshaw11 said, “Knowing that sick children will be able to receive our gifts and put

a smile on their face is really rewarding.” Without the generous donations from the Meadow’s Foundation, the project wouldn’t have been possible. The Cypress Falls Key Club was thankful for the funds to purchase the gifts for the hospital patients. “I would like to thank the Meadow’s Foundation,” club sponsor Kathie Kiklas said, “Members had fun decorating and filling the bags, and the trip with the bags to the children’s hospital was very rewarding.” This year, Santa took on a new name: the Cypress Falls Key Club. Every year, children throughout the world spend December mornings scurrying excitedly to their family’s tree to open gifts. At the Texas Children’s Hospital, however, the children are away from their home, their family, and their traditions. Though many of them were tired from hours of chemotherapy or yet another surgery, they spent this winter smiling because Santa always cares. Key Club volunteers always care.

Do your part to protect the connection. Do your part to keep families together. Do your part to change the world.

Tex-O Key December 2012


Jacket Muscles Under l by Rebekah E. Drennon, LTG 34


Tex-O Key December 2012

“Work hard! Get fit! Whoop whoop! Gooo Jackets!” are the words that echoed in a standing room only gym Friday, January 18 in Mineola, Texas. In an effort to “Connect the K’s” or get Kiwanis family organizations to work together on major projects, Key Club Lt. Governor for Division 34, Rebekah Drennon, created a jacket Fitness Club program for High School Key Club members to work with the elementary K-Kid students in Mineola Elementary Gym each morning Monday through Thursday from 7:15-7:45. The program includes a marathon club each Monday morning. K-Kids come out and run. When

Construction students complete 26.2 miles they receive a medal for running a marathon and a t-shirt from Daniel Mosher and Motivated Consulting. Students arrive early on Tuesday morning for jump rope and aerobics club. In this club students on the jump rope team teach K-Kids new rope tricks. On Wednesday mornings students begin with stretches and pacers to prepare for the Fitness team and continue into a K-Kids favorite- aerobics club. Basketball club meets on Thursday mornings, in this club students practice fundamental basketball skills. Parents, grandparents, Kiwanians, and Key Clubbers are encouraged to participate in the clubs each morning.

In an effort to combine some of the clubs Rebekah, Lorrie Drennon, and K-Kids members created a work-out routine using cuts from the favorite music of elementary students. Students practiced their routine at morning clubs and during P.E. to prepare to perform as the half time entertainment at the varsity basketball games on January 18 and February 1st. We encourage everyone to take on our K-Kids Lt. Governor’s Challenge to “Work Hard and Get Fit!�

Tex-O Key December 2012


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