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A Letter from Samtia Angus Welcome to our 3rd Annual Bull Sale

I want to start by thanking all of the support we have had from our customers over the past number of years. It is your support that keeps us pushing on each and every day through the highs and lows. It is also your support and confidence in our herd that keeps us striving to always improve on our offering each and every year. Well last year was a very hard year for most cattle producers as mother nature was hard on both the cattle and cattlemen. The winter was just plain tough with lots of cold, snow and sleepless nights. It’s amazing as I write the welcome letter this year it is windy but the sun is shining and there is no snow on the ground at all. We might be wishing we had some this spring but with calving underway and last year still fresh in my head I’m thankful for the weather we have had thus far. Well as cattlemen look forward to another year ahead and new bloodlines to add to their herd....we are optimistic we have brought to town a great group of bulls to chose from. Over the past few years we have concentrated on calving ease without giving up on performance. We are still on this journey but you will see through our offering that we are making great progress towards our goal. Our bulls are developed with longevity in mind. We do not creep feed in the pasture and our bulls are grown on a bull ration and free choice grass hay. The result is that our bulls will not melt away in the pasture like bulls pushed on silage. You will be shocked at how very little they shrink from the beginning of the breeding season until the end. Our bulls are all quiet as these bulls are fed grain by pail twice a day. All of our bulls are on a full vaccination program and have passed a semen test and vet inspection. Come early to view the offering and enjoy some lunch. Sale time is 1pm followed by some refreshments. If you are unable to make the sale DLMS is available for internet viewing/bidding. We look forward to seeing you at the sale! If you have any questions on the sale offering please call: Samtia Angus Lee Gleim 403-634-8226 Videos and pictures are online Samtia Angus Lee, Layne, Sam, and Tiana Gleim Box 4467 Taber, AB T1G 2C8


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2019 Three Choice Annual Bull Sale  

2019 Three Choice Annual Bull Sale  

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