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Today’s Angus Advantage  1

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7/28/2016 10:56:44 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  2

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7/28/2016 10:56:44 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:45 AM

Development Program 22 Canadian Angus Foundation Announces Junior Ambassador & Outstanding Young Angus Breeders 34 New CAA Board Members & Executive 35 CAA Announces New Generation Breeder Canadian Angus Auction Market of the Year Award 40 CAA Launches Business Development Team 41 5th Annual Building the Legacy Sale 46 CAA Presents Western Feedlot of the Year Award 52 Under The Gavel 60 As In Every Issue A Breeder’s…Veterinary Perspective 20 The Real World 27 Not Taken For Granted 36 Vet’s Advice 57 Advertising and Subscription Rates 66 Schedule of Events 68

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7/28/2016 10:56:45 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:46 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:48 AM







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isn’t defined by the dictionary. Nor is it validated with a post or a Like. It is measured by the industry, shared amongst peers in humble voices without intent of going viral.


does not start with a #hashtag. Nor should it be Favourited. It must be present above everything else.

SE RV ICE is a noun.

Not an action that constantly needs a



[office] 306-462-4836 • [cell] 306-577-8970 • [email] moose.creek@sasktel.net

www.moosecreekredangus.com find us on youtube & facebook

2 - Y E A R - O L D B U L L S A L E F E AT U R I N G R E D A N G U S , R E D S I M M A N G U S & C H A R O L A I S / E A R LY F E B R U A R Y 2 017 T W E N T Y - T H I R D A N N U A L M O O S E C R E E K Y E A R L I N G R E D A N G U S B U L L S A L E / M I D - A P R I L 2 017 Today’s Angus Advantage  7

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7/28/2016 2016-07-21 10:56:49 9:32 AM AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:49 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:50 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:51 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:53 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:54 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:55 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:56 AM

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7/28/2016 10:56:56 AM




Richmond Ranch


Black Angus - Red Angus - Limousin

Stop in this summer and visit us! We would love to tour you through the pastures and talk cattle!

Believe 46B

Where the strength in the cow family matters

The Richmond Family Jim & Stephanie (403) 323-8433 Tiffany (403) 740-3748 Samantha & Brandon (403) 741-7262

www.richmondranch.com Locust Grove Annie 21C

Watch for our features at the

Autumn Angus Classic

18B has a splendid udder as does her dam still has at 15 years old. Maternal brothers have worked successfully in the LLB and Nordal herds.



A daughter of Consensus who has an outcross pedigree, powerful stature, strong EPD’s and outstanding phenotype.


A son of S A V Camaro who is an exceptional rarity in his combination of thickness and muscling with a low birth weight.

Locust Grove Blackbird 18B

Locust Grove Tibby 12D

A daughter of the now diseased Net Worth who leaves behind a legacy of superb easy fleshing.

Locust Grove Ace 4D

September 3, 2016 Hanover, ON.

Today’s Angus Advantage  16

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7/28/2016 10:57:10 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  17

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7/28/2016 10:57:11 AM

Pull The Trigger


Red Ter-Ron Trigger 80B SIRE: RED LAZY MC KINGMAN 16W DAM: RED BROWNALTA HI HO 4S BW: 0.0 WW: 58 YW: 90 MM: 12 TM: 41

Exciting sons sell in the 2017 Best of the Breeds Bull Sale

twin heritage "Add a Touch of Heritage to Your Herd" twin.heritage@sasktel.net www.twinheritage.com Mitch: 306.849.2112 Allan & Ann: 306.849.4638 Michael: 306.955.6553 Today’s Angus Advantage  18

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7/28/2016 10:57:13 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  19

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7/28/2016 10:57:15 AM

Revisiting Cow Herd Performance

Biography: Dr. Colin Palmer is an Associate Professor of Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Palmer worked in mixed practices in Ontario and British Columbia and has owned/operated a practice in Saskatchewan. Dr. Palmer along with his wife Kim and children Lauren, Emily and Carter run a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle under the KC Cattle Co. name. One of the joys of summer is checking the cattle herd at pasture; especially, looking at how the calves are growing. Thoughts wander to quality of the pasture; cow performance and health; the bulls you have purchased and how well their progeny are doing; mineral supplementation; fly control and so on. With any luck, your cattle checks are mostly easy not requiring a treatment or a search for missing cattle. Most of us can’t help but wonder what those calves will be worth when it comes time to market them? What will our marketing plan be? Will we hold some or all of the calves back? Will we keep more replacement heifers and expand the herd, or is this a good time to sell off some bred cows to lighten the workload? The pasture season is also a great time to evaluate how your herd is measuring up. Are you satisfied with your herd’s performance or are you looking for change? Maybe you are just a bit curious about what others in the industry are doing? There are a few different ways to see how your herd measures up. Probably the simplest and without a doubt the most common technique is looking over the neighbor’s fence to eyeball his or her calves. It helps if you know roughly how many cows she has, and maybe when he calves and any other genetic or management tools the Jones’ may have at their disposal. This information can help make keeping up a whole lot easier. Getting off the ranch on guided tours, visiting other commercial or purebred operations and attending livestock shows are definitely worthwhile; however, topping my list would be trips to the auction market to assess calf weights; breeding/ feeding programs and of course market price. Next on the list is making use of cow-calf production survey data - a definite step forward for the manager that is not easily wowed by the sale-topping pen of calves that on the surface look superior to anything he has ever marketed. The survey data is used to produce benchmarks for production indicators, management factors and economic numbers that you can use for comparison with your herd’s numbers. Sets of benchmarks may be found in industry magazines or online through the interweb. The ever popular economist, Harlan Hughes, recently utilized data from North Dakota’s Farm Business Management Benchmarks in the July 2016 issue of Beef Magazine, pages 6-8, which is part of the Finpack (farm financial planning and analysis software) set of benchmarks produced by the University of Minnesota. For Western Canadians, an excellent resource is the 2014 Western Canadian Cow-Calf Survey (2014 WCCCS) published in June 2015 by the Western Canadian Beef Development Centre (WCBDC). This survey is easily found on the WCBDC website, provincial ministries of agriculture and on the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) website. The data was gathered from producer surveys submitted from all four western provinces. The authors of this report have a done a good job of

reporting the percentage response to each question and have presented the data in both tables and figures. Weaned calf sales are the bread and butter of the cow-calf industry so it stands to reason that calculations like weaning percentage (live calves born per females exposed during the previous breeding season) and the more telling pounds of weaned calf per female exposed are very useful herd performance indicators. The latter addresses not only pregnancy rate, abortions, and calf loss but also time of calving, calving distribution, cow productivity (milking ability) and overall herd nutrition. In the 2014 WCCCS the weaning percentage was 85% and the average pounds of weaned calf per cow exposed was 534 pounds. Seventy two percent of respondents sold on average almost half of their calves at weaning. Just 9% preconditioned their calves for 30 to 60 days before marketing. Now most of us agree, no single cow-type or breed makeup is going to fit every operation, but regardless of the type of cattle we all get paid based on pounds of calf sold. I recently read an article where it was shown that the most profitable producers fed their calves for a period following weaning to increase the value of those calves. One of the problems with benchmarks are that they are typically reported as averages. If your own herd’s performance exceeds the benchmark in all categories that just means you are better than average of the producers completing the survey. Researchers also use benchmarks to look at industry trends, to see where more research is needed and to see how well producers are utilizing knowledge that has already been produced. You can access that information too. Using the examples above, the weaning percentage should be at least 90% which will definitely help pull the pounds of weaned calf up. Another interesting finding in the 2014 WCCCS was that only 42% of respondents reported having 60% or more of their calves born in the first 3 weeks of the calving. Given that typical natural service conception rates are 60 to 70% per cycle achieving the goal of 60% of the calf crop in the first 3 weeks requires that all of the cows are cycling at the beginning of the breeding season. Clearly that is not happening in the majority of herds which will, in turn, have a substantial negative affect on weaned calf weights. If this decribes your herd then things like better pre-calving and post-calving nutrition; selecting replacements from early-calving cows and managing heifers so that they have more time to recover after their first calf before rebreeding should definitely be addressed. Blind faith just simply leaves too much money on the table instead of your back pocket. Future articles will cover tools to improve reproductive performance.

Today’s Angus Advantage  20

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7/28/2016 10:57:16 AM

The league of

beef producers

Together we are Canada Beef. Your league. Over 68,000 producers united with one voice, one story, one brand. The Promise: Each and every day, Canadian beef is produced and delivered with pride and tradition. As exceptional as the land on which it is raised, Canadian beef is excellence without compromise. We will do what is right. THE CANADIAN BEEF BRAND IS BUILT ON FOUR POWERFUL PILLARS: • You and your good sense and values. • Quality beef that nourishes body and soul. • World-class standards in quality and safety. • Sustainability and stewardship.

YOUR CANADIAN BEEF CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE Helping to bring the brand to life, leveraging about


in business during year one. Producer $s invested into The Centre the first three years cost about the same as a cup of coffee per producer/year.

A BIG TOOLBOX We’ve got all the tools to help build consumer loyalty for your Canadian Beef: a resource-filled website, the Roundup app, YouTube videos, the Make it Beef Club, Twitter, Facebook and even a Marketing Library with artwork and images to help you create your own Canadian beef marketing materials.

STAYING ON THE TABLE Consumer needs, wants and concerns change all the time. We strive to keep Canadian beef on the plates of families around the world, through interaction with consumers and research.

SERIOUS BEEF KNOW-HOW We’re staffed with experts like chefs, butchers, trade specialists and food scientists. Our studies, trials and research ensure people get the best when they buy Canadian beef.

A SOCIAL PLATFORM YOU CAN USE Connect with powerful communities via Canada Beef: thousands of consumers, influencers, dietitians, food writers, bloggers, chefs, health professionals and your peers. Relationships and communities matter!

A MEANINGFUL INVESTMENT In the past 5 years, we’ve undertaken Market Development Programs across 12 countries. Our goal: that we meet or exceed an investment of 6:1 (partner to producer $).


A GLOBAL MARKET REACH We proudly share the Canadian Beef story with the world, from North America, Mexico, to Asia and beyond. Global consumers buy brands they trust, and are more likely to purchase, pay more for, and feel good about the Canadian Beef brand. The power of loyalty.


86% of dads

want a steak instead of a tie for Father’s Day! We knew that. We crunch numbers, watch trends and look for opportuntities for Canadian beef.




We work with over partners world-wide to build relationships and business connections, to capture commercial opportunities for Canadian beef at a fraction of the cost. You’ll see the brand on menus, billboards, video screens, TV, grocery store flyers, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Download The Roundup app on your smart phone. Show it to a shopper buying beef.

Learn more about your National Beef Check-Off $ at work and your Canada Beef. Join us at canadabeef.ca/TheLeague Today’s Angus Advantage  21

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7/28/2016 10:57:16 AM

Canadian Angus Association Announces New Generation Breeder Development Program at National Convention June 11, 2016: for immediate release ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB - At the Canadian Angus Association’s 110th annual general meeting in Quebec City, Quebec, CEO Rob Smith announced the creation of the New Generation Breeder Development program. Nathan Marin of Radville, SK, has been hired in a part-time capacity as the Director of New Generation Breeder Development. “After years of talking, thinking and brainstorming about the need for Angus, the cattle sector and, indeed, all of Canadian agriculture to focus on developing, mentoring and providing tools for production and market access to the next generation of producers, Canadian Angus is making it happen through our New Generation Breeder Development program,” says Smith. Marin will create and enhance member value and satisfaction for new and young Canadian Angus members, defined as those under the age of 40 and/ or within their first five years of CAA membership.” Marin is a lifelong cattleman living in south central Saskatchewan. His varied services throughout his professional career have included custom cattle fitting and complete show preparation, clipping, freeze branding, guiding and outfitting and sales ring service. In addition to his new position with Canadian Angus, Nate will continue to provide these services. As with the newly created Business Development Team, Marin will operate from his home office while engaging his target demographic Canadian Angus members across Canada. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

Nate Marin, Director of New Generation Breeder Development

Today’s Angus Advantage  22

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7/28/2016 10:57:17 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  23

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 23

7/28/2016 10:57:18 AM

We are pleased to announce that the ninth annual T Bar Invitational golf tournament was again, an overwhelming success, surpassing the 2015 tournament and raising over $50,000.00 for youth in the beef industry. Eight national junior breed associations, representing nearly 2,200 members, will reap rewards because of the generosity of sponsors. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Canadian Western Agribition, Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup, Summer Synergy, Stockade Roundup and the Young Ranchman’s All Breeds Livestock Show which all host junior interbreed events. A successful social sponsored by Alta Genetics was held on the night of June 28th at the office of T Bar C Cattle Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The next morning, golfers of all ages and skill levels took to the course for golf, fellowship, and good cheer. The day concluded with an awards banquet and presentation of the T Bar Invitational champions trophy. “We are extremely happy with this year’s event which surpassed our expectations. With the ongoing commitment of the tournament participants and sponsors we have raised over $400,000.00, which has positively impacted a great amount of youth” said Bryan Kostiuk, co-chairman of the tournament. “The tournament encompasses people from all segments of the industry as well as those who supported a great cause.” Plans for the tenth annual T Bar Invitational have begun. Watch for updates at www.tbarinvitational.com for further information on this year’s sponsors and more information on next year’s event. Special thank you to the Canadian Angus Association, Saskatchewan Angus Association, Saskatchewan Angus Edge, Today’s Angus Advantage, Ward’s Red Angus, Spittalburn Farms, Wilbar Cattle Co., Harvest Angus, Richmond Ranch, Early Sunset Ranch, Eye Hill Stock Farm, Lock Farms, Arda Farms and Blairs.Ag Cattle Company for their continued support. Hole Sponsor:

Hole Sponsor:

Hole Sponsor:

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Hole Sponsored By: Wards Red Angus

Early Sunset Ranch

Spittalburn Farms

Blairs.Ag Cattle Co.

Wilbar Cattle Co.

Eye Hill Stock Farm

Harvest Angus

Lock Farms

Richmond Ranch

Arda Farms

Hole Sponsor:

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Steppler Farms

A. Sparrow Farms Ltd.

McAvoy Charolais

Beck Farms

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Erixon Simmentals

Peters Simmentals

McIntosh Livestock

Bar A Cattle Co.

Meadow Acres Simmentals Kuntz Simmental Farm Sunny Valley Simmentals

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Hole Sponsored By: GWG Polled Herefords

NCX Polled Herefords

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Phantom Creek Livestock Lone Pine Cattle Services Holmes Farm

Lock Farms

Double J Polled Herefords HMS Hi-Cliffe Blairs.Ag Cattle Co.

Oakridge Farms

The Cliffs Farm

AM Ranching

Libke Polled Herefords

Big Gully Farm

Today’s Angus Advantage  24

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7/28/2016 11:03:15 AM

Beverage Cart Sponsor:

Hospitality Sponsor:

Canadian Shorthorn Association


O’GRADY Linden Carew O’Grady Marketing Consultant lcogrady@sasktel.net 306-823-7051

Today’s Angus Advantage  25

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7/28/2016 11:03:45 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  26

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 26

7/28/2016 11:08:09 AM

It’s summer time again and for me, that means back on the road touring herds and selecting cattle for fall female sales. This summer is a total opposite to last year when it comes to weather. Ontario East which is normally lush and green is much dryer than normal. Recent rains have helped in many areas, however, more is needed to get pastures growing again. In the west it is much greener than a year ago, many of the hardest hit drought areas last summer are receiving ample moisture this year, restocking grass and feed supplies. Hay is trading at half the price or less of last year at this time. We all know calves are not going to be as high as they were last fall, however, they will still be quite strong. I have talked to producers who have had offers on their calves, six hundred pound steers are fetching bids of $2.00 and higher. If you think back three years, $2.00 calves were the dream, we never saw $2.00 calves, we shot right passed and went to the $3.00 range and higher, which was great but not sustainable long term. If calves settle back to the level we were dreaming of not so long ago and are sustainable it puts the business in a very good position. There is still a great deal to be optimistic about and many factors that could still push these calves a little higher than we think. Feed costs will be much lower than a year ago, not only is roughage more readily available and 50% cheaper than last year, there is potential for a bumper crop in the western grain belt. The government and industry leaders in grain handling and transportation are already concerned about the potential glut of grain in the system which could result in a backlog similar to three years ago, which means producers needing to sell grain to sustain cash flow will look to move it into the feed market. The Canadian dollar continues to struggle against the greenback which has always been positive for the Canadian calf market. A recent report from the USDA also indicates cattle on feed numbers in the US are significantly lower than earlier reported, all these factors can have a very positive effect on the calf market. The other thing I do in the summer while being on the road is attend junior shows. Let me tell you our business will be in good hands in the future. Both purebred and commercially, today’s juniors are extremely talented. They are very well spoken, knowledgeable

about the cattle business and the world and have amazing abilities to present and display livestock to the public. I have actually caught myself standing in awe of some of our Canadian juniors. I believe the junior programs are as strong as they have ever been and we have more kids than ever passionate about the business , planning to not only stay involved in the cattle business but already plan to be leaders in the industry. Hats off to the organizers, the volunteers and the sponsors of our junior programs. Never before have we had so many young people coming up in the business with the honed skills to run, promote the business and the product we produce... Which has also never been more important than it is right now? The beef industry as a whole has not done nearly enough to tell our story and connect with the young consumers of today. Our story is the “Greenest”, most wholesome of all our protein competitors, unfortunately, we know it but most consumers do not. We need to promote what great stewards of the land and environment beef producers are and how our animals are produced “free range” their entire life. Our produce is safe, nutritious and delicious, that is what every young consumer needs to see. I truly feel that our current crop of juniors will be better prepared and able to get the message out than any other. It is hard for us who see cows out calving, grazing and producing our product so wholesomely every day to grasp that not everyone realizes it. However, the disconnect between rural and urban is huge and only getting greater. I recently heard a story that totally shocked me. A girl who grew up on a mixed farm and was involved in every aspect of farm life sent her eight and ten-year-old kids back to the farm for a vacation. The mother who had grown up there had worked in the garden, fed cows, hogs, chickens and drove a tractor when needed, went to university and stayed in the city. When her children, who are only one generation removed from the farm, went to stay with their grandparents for the first time on the farm, were amazed when they found something growing in the yard that looked just like a cucumber...you don’t think we have a disconnect? We all need to tell our story and more importantly, help prepare our youth to communicate with those of their same age to narrow the gap between rural and urban...fact and fiction.

Today’s Angus Advantage  27

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 27

7/28/2016 11:08:12 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage is published five times a year and features two Canadian Angus Assocation Special Issues. The Fall issue is the Canadian Angus Association Member Directory and the January Winter Issue is the Canadian Angus Association Bull Buyer’s Guide. Both issues have 15,000 copies mailed to the entire membership as well as the complete Canadian Angus commercial mailing list that is comprised of all current Angus bull purchasers throughout Canada. Today’s Angus is unique and the only opportunity for producers to access the value created by the commecial mailing list.

Canadian Angus Association Special Issue Advertising Booking Deadlines... Canadian Angus Association Member Directory Booking Deadline: August 10, 2016 Mailing: September 15, 2016 - 15,000 Copies Distributed To The Canadian Angus Members And Commercial Mailing List Canadian Angus Association Bull Buyers Guide Booking Deadline: January 1, 2017 Mailing: February 1, 2017 - 15,000 Copies Distributed To The Canadian Angus Members And Commercial Mailing List

Regular Issue Advertising Deadlines & Editorial Calendar... Spring Issue Summer Issue Late Fall Issue

April 10 July 10 October 10

Female Issue - 2,500 Copies Distributed Early Sale & Prospects - 2,500 Copies Distributed Late Sale & Shows - 2,500 Copies Distributed

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7/28/2016 11:08:16 AM

CAA Special Issue Advertising Rates...

Regular Advertising Rates...

Regular Rate With Contract Regular Rate With Contract

1 Page $1250.00 1/2 Page $700.00 1/4 Page $450.00 5 Issue Annual Card Ad

$1062.50 $595.00 $382.50 $250.00

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$807.50 $467.50 $297.50 $250.00

* 15% Discount on yearly contracts (Card Ads Exempt)

* 15% Discount on yearly contracts (Card Ads Exempt)


Ad Sizes...

Contracts are simple, clear and customizable. Contact us to see how easy it is to maximize your marketing.

Full Page - Trim Size 8.25”w X 10.875”h

Yearly Subscription Rates... Canada $50.00 United States of America $60.00 USD International $60.00 USD

Full Page - Live Size 7.25”w X 9.875”h Full Pages add .25” bleed on all 4 sides 1/2 Horizontal 7.25”w X 4.85”h 1/2 Vertical 3.8”w X 9.875”h 1/4 Horizontal 7.25”w X 2.40”h 1/4 Vertical 3.8”w X 4.85”h No Bleeds on ads smaller than 1 page

For More Information Contact: Bryan Kostiuk - 306-934-9696 bryan@todaysangus.com Chris Poley - 306-220-5006 chris@todaysangus.com Shane Michelson - 403-363-9973 shane@tbarc.com Ben Wright - 519-374-3335 ben@tbarc.com Office: 306.934.9696 F: 306.934.0744 info@todaysangus.com

www .T odays A ngus . com Today’s Angus Advantage  29

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7/28/2016 11:08:23 AM


learwater is an unincorporated community recognized as a local urban district in South Central Manitoba. A stone’s throw to the south lies the village of Sarles, North Dakota while to the north is a body of water called Rock Lake at the bottom of the Pembina Valley. Off the southeastern shores of Rock Lake, you will find a purebred livestock establishment whose heritage dates back one hundred and thirteen years.

In 1903, a sixteen-year-old Brit, John Rothwell Guilford, ran away from his apprenticeship in Tunbridge Wells, England and came to Canada. As most others who came in that era, he worked for

a farmer for a couple of years, then purchased a half section of ground which is owned by his youngest grandson Robert today. In 1925, John Guilford purchased his first purebreds; two registered horned Hereford heifer calves from W. Coldron at Glenora, Manitoba, situated at the northeastern end of Rock Lake. Since the purchase was in early fall and the farm was only eight or nine miles via the lake, John waited until freeze-up, took a team and sleigh box across the frozen lake and returned, proudly, with his beginnings of a herd of purebred cattle - Rosie 56500 and May Wallace 56502. John’s only son, Frank, graduated from the Diploma Course in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba and came back to join the farming operation in 1937. Frank and his wife Kae raised six children - two daughters and four sons. The oldest daughter, Jean, practiced as a nurse and married a Toronto lawyer; the second is David, a purebred livestock breeder operating Guilford Farms at Clearwater; the third was Ken who was employed by Versatile Machine in Winnipeg; then a set of twins, Diane and Don. Diane is an Anglican priest and professional mediator in Morden while Don owns Guilford Hereford Ranch. The youngest,

Today’s Angus Advantage  30

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 30

7/28/2016 11:08:25 AM

Robert, is a grain farmer who operates on the home farm at Clearwater. After graduating high school, Don Guilford went to work in the Alberta Oil patch for five years. In 1969, he met Diane Clemens from Pincher Creek. Her parents had a small ranch in the foothills and she worked as an accountant for a large construction company. They were married in November 1971 and three years later, in 1974, they decided to go back home and join the family partnership. The partnership consisted of Don and Diane, his parents Frank and Kae, his older brother Dave and wife Carol, operating under Guilford Farms. In 1985, Frank and Kae decided to slow down and sold their interest in Guilford Farms to the brothers, Dave and Don. The brothers split the Hereford-based cow herd and in 1986, Don and Diane established Guilford Hereford Ranch using the GHR prefix. Don Guilford purchased his first registered Hereford female fifty-one years ago in 1965 and the herd expanded from there. In 2001, Don and Diane decided to expand the cow herd and purchase most

of the hay thus providing extra grazing land for the added breeding herd (Don loved cows and hated haying). In 2002, the couple expanded into another breed - Angus. Don relates, “We wanted to expand our market, but adding more Hereford females was not the answer, as it would not change our market. We were looking for a breed that would complement our program and management practices. We felt that Angus cows, like our Herefords, would work very well at generating profit.”

"For the past three decades, their goal has been to produce fertile, feed efficient cows that can maintain themselves on grass and hay, produce a calf every year..." A friend working in the oil patch west of Edmonton called and asked Don if he was still looking for cattle. He had been by Ronan Angus, Ralph and Lorree Erdell, Mayerthorpe, Alberta and had seen a good group of cows and heifers there. The Guilfords purchased a package of fifteen bred heifers, sight-unseen, which started the basic herd; in addition, they selected a donor female from Crescent Creek Angus, Goodeve, Saskatchewan who produced several foundation daughters and a couple of sons used in the program. Since 1986, Guilford Hereford Ranch has grown to a land base of nearly thirteen hundred acres; all

Today’s Angus Advantage  31

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 31

7/28/2016 11:08:27 AM

pasture of which one-half is native grass... grazing three hundred and sixty bred females in two breeds of beef cattle. In an effort to pasture that many animals, the Guilfords started rotational grazing using a cell grazing system. The entire pastureland is divided into twenty-acre paddocks. At the present time they have seventy permanent paddocks. Over the past twenty years, they have doubled their stocking rates. Until this year, Guilford Hereford Ranch’s labor force numbered two - Diane and Don. The cow herd is wintered and calved seven miles from the home farm. They are checked once a day while they weigh, tag and tattoo the newborns (they have a 3.5% death loss). They target their worst land for winter and bale grazing, running the cow herd on a one-half section all winter with access to well water. The pasture has wind-breaks for shelter; they bale graze the herd but do not provide straw for bedding, therefore, eliminating manure clean out. A small portion of the herd is calved from January 15 to February 28 (45 days) which they call winter calving and the main herd, are spring calving in May and June (60 days). The Guilford breeding program is very unique and most efficient. They have two breeding seasons. The Hereford cows are run with Hereford bulls for 21 days and the same is done with the Angus cows running Angus on Angus. After 21 days, the Herefords are put into two big pastures and put with Angus bulls while the Angus cows are put into one large pasture with Hereford bulls. This breeding system was applied to suit their rotational grazing methods and it

has increased the fertility of the herd. In a 21-day breeding season over 80% of cows have been settled. Don relates, “What I like about it is that every replacement heifer that we have now is conceived in the first cycle and every bull calf we sell is also conceived in that first cycle. From an economic point of view, fertility is ten times more important than rate of gain and all the rest of the things that we look at when we go to buy cattle.”

"From an economic point of view, fertility is ten times more important than rate of gain and all the rest of the things that we look at when we go to buy cat tle.” The cattle run in a ranch environment quite like many of their commercial customers. They do not tolerate bad feet or prolapse. Don relates, “ The last time we trimmed feet was 1977 and in 2013 during calving season, we convenience pulled one cow and 2 first calf heifers.” Every Hereford cow and Angus in the herd today were born on the ranch. Although Guilford Hereford Ranch did not do a lot of showing, whenever they went to town, they were competitive. In 2005, they were premier breeder and exhibitor at the Manitoba Livestock Expo and never stood below third at Agribition.

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Don and Diane have three girls. Their oldest daughter Stacey is a school teacher and her husband Kevin has a construction company. They have three children - Rhett, Rory, and Ryler. Andrea, the middle daughter works for United Suppliers, and Jody works for Cargill. Together they have two children, Josh and Blair. Jennifer, the youngest daughter works for Syngenta, and Mike, who works for United Suppliers, have two daughters Brooklyn and Kaelyn. In 1987, Guilford Hereford Ranch was recognized as Manitoba’s Premier Purebred Breeder. In 1989, they received the Outstanding Young Farmer Award for Canada and in 2009, they were awarded the Environmental Stewardship Award from the Manitoba Cattle Producers.

But father time catches up to us all. Now that the children have grown up and have children of their own and no boys to take over the ranch, the couple has decided to slow down, do a little traveling and enjoy life... it’s been quite a while since buying that first heifer in 1965. They will disperse on December 17th and 18th at Heartland Livestock, Swift Current, Saskatchewan... the same market which they have sold their baldies. For the past three decades, their goal has been to produce fertile, feed efficient cows that can maintain themselves on grass and hay, produce a calf every year that will develop into replacement females and breeding bulls for their customers with minimum inputs and infrastructure and still excel. They have made their total living with their cows... so they have had to be profitable!

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Canadian Angus Foundation Announces Junior Ambassador & Outstanding Young Angus Breeders June 13, 2016: for immediate release Quebec City, QC - The 2016 Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador is Michaela Chalmers of Oro-Medonte, ON. The Junior Stockman is Maguire Blair of Drake, Saskatchewan. Ryan Currie of Bristol, QC and Shawn Birmingham of Brandon, MB were both selected as 2016 Outstanding Young Angus Breeders. Awards were presented at the Canadian Angus Convention banquet on Saturday night. Michaela Chalmers is enrolled in the University of Guelph Animal Biology program working toward an Honors Bachelor of Science. She has been directly involved in her family operation JPD Angus, exhibiting cattle at shows across Canada. She has been a 4-H member and served as president of the Ontario Junior Angus Association. She currently sits as a director with the Canadian Junior Angus Association and helped organize the 2016 Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders conference. The Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador program selects one Canadian Junior Angus Association member to be an ambassador for the Canadian Angus Association at events across Canada and one international experience. Four other CJAA members competed for the award. Brooke Bablitz of Cherhill, AB; Josee Monvoisin of Gravelbourg, SK; Wade Olynyk of Goodeve, SK and Raina Syrnyk of Ethelbert, MB all deserve recognition for their impressive efforts in the competition. Shawn Birmingham is a director on the Canadian Angus Association board. He got his start showing Angus-cross animals in 4-H and bought his first purebred animal while a member of the Manitoba Junior Angus Association. Birmingham, his wife Teresa and their children Jazlynn and Bella operate TSN Livestock, a purebred Black Angus, commercial cattle and grain operation in Brandon. They calve about 250 females each year, 80 of which are purebreds, and farm 5800 acres of grain land. Birmingham has been in the Angus business for nearly 20 years, holding executive positions in 4-H, the Manitoba Junior Angus Association and Manitoba Angus Association. His peers recognize him as a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic cattleman. He has a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba and in addition to his agricultural business activities, Birmingham enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. Ryan Currie is a director on the Canadian Angus Association board and a purebred Angus and commercial breeder located in Bristol, QC. With his wife Holly and daughter Brynn, he operates Blacklane Farm, a 57-head cow herd comprised of purebred Angus and commercial Angus-influenced cows. Currie exhibits Angus at shows in Canada and the U.S. as well as promoting and selling Angus bulls to commercial cattlemen across Quebec. He also serves as a volunteer firefighter, is a director on the Pontiac Agricultural Society Fair Board and is actively involved in the local 4-H club where he acts a steer leader and helps many local kids with their beef projects, inviting youth in his area the chance to show any heifer they want from his place, even if they don’t have cattle themselves. He represented Quebec on the Canadian Junior Angus Association Board of Directors from 2003-2006 and holds a diploma in Farm Management and Technology from MacDonald College. The Outstanding Young Angus Breeder Award recognizes an Angus breeder between the ages of 22 and 30 who has demonstrated a desire to stay involved in the Angus business for years to come based on their involvement within the breed up to this point in his or her career. The award comes with a $3,500 cash prize. The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association.

For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

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New Canadian Angus Association Board Members and Executive June 11, 2016: for immediate release Quebec City, QC - The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to announce the new board executive selected during the Canadian Angus National Convention in Quebec City, Quebec. David Sibbald of Calgary, AB, was elevated from the position of President Elect to President. Tammi Ribey of Paisley, ON moved into the Past President position and Brett Wildman of Sangudo, AB, was chosen as President Elect. Sibbald, his wife Mary Beth and sons Dylan and Adam operate SSS Red Angus which was established in 1972. Sibbald is a fifth-generation rancher and is also the First Vice President of the Calgary Stampede. He has judged several Canadian national cattle shows along with numerous 4-H shows in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and is a proven noted industry and organizational leader, planner and thinker. Sibbald was elected to the Board in 2013. Wildman, elected in 2014, will be the third member of his family to serve on the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors executive. Brett’s father David was President in 1990 and his brother Kirk was President in 2010. Brett Wildman owns and operates Wildman Livestock with his wife Traci and their daughter Paige in Sangudo, AB. He was raised in a purebred Angus operation and has worked as a herdsman and semen collector. Ribey was elected to the CAA Board of Directors in 2013. In her home province she maintains a 400-acre farm in Bruce County near the village of Paisley. She has a 25-year-old veterinary practice with both large and small animals. Ribey has donated much of her spare time to the Ontario Angus Association over the past six years including serving two years as president. Ribey’s father Gary Harron served as President in 1996. They are the only father and daughter to both serve as President of the Canadian Angus Association. Dale Easton of Wawota, SK replaces retiring director and Past President Corinne Gibson. Bob Hahn of Sherwood Park was elected to a second three-year term in the province of Alberta. Easton operates Eastondale Angus with his wife Shelly and their daughter Erika near Wawota. Eastondale Angus is a purebred cattle operation that has operated for more than 50 years with approximately 180 females calving annually. Easton has recently retired from the Saskatchewan Angus Association Board of Directors after serving an eight-year term. He was president from 2012-2014. Bob Hahn was elected to the Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors in 2013. He has operated HR Hahn Cattle Co. in Sherwood Park, Alberta since 2000. Prior to joining the Canadian Angus Association board, Hahn served on the Alberta Angus Association Board of Directors from 2008 through 2012. Hahn is also a chartered accountant with his own practice, Hahn & Houle Chartered Accountants. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

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Golf... Shorty’s Dad had always looked at the sport of golf with…. well distain. He often described the activity as stupid, a waste of time and boring. “Why” he would ask,” would anyone hit a little, white ball with a stick, in a pasture, go find it again and then hit it again? And if that isn’t dumb enough, you ride in a buggy while you are lookin’ and call it exercise. Jesus!” Shorty and his brothers heard that same description of the sport nearly every time they went golfing as young men, and try as they might his Dad always had work to do, until one summer day some twenty odd years ago. Shorty had stopped off to see his brother and meet the two additions to his brother’s family… screaming, twin girls. Shorty had supper with his brother , his wife and three young kids but after a couple of beers, Shorty’s sister in law suggested that maybe he and Shorty should go golf the following morning, but she warned “only nine holes.” The two of them were nearly out of the house that day, when the phone rang. It was Dad and Mom, they were passing through town and Grandma wanted to “see the girls.” In the ten minutes or so, it took the parents to arrive, Shorty and his brother had firmed up a tee time, for 18 holes, so when Dad arrived he had a choice. Dad loved choices… he could stay with his wife, his daughter in law, two newly minted granddaughters and a two year old grandson, or golf. It was on that day that Shorty’s Dad took up golf. His enthusiasm to get out of the house, quickly gave way to the realization of what he was about to do, for the first time, at the age of nearly sixty. He was about to do something that all of us agreed would be even dumber then Shorty’s Dad’s idea about golf...he was going to walk around in that “pasture” for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It all started innocent enough, with his statement “This is the dumbest game I have ever seen…I will just walk around while you golf. Just don’t get one of those stupid buggies”.

A couple holes in and it was “ Hey! that went pretty far, do you think I could try a shot?” He could, so after a quick lesson on how to hold a golf club, he teed up a ball, swung hard and missed. Shorty reminded him to swing smooth not hard and Shorty stood back and watched his Dad hit his very first golf shot, nearly two hundred yards straight down the middle of the fairway. He was hooked. His second and third shot went nearly two hundred yards as well, the only problem was, the third shot was a putt. From that day on golf became a big part of the family’s social activities at least those taking place in or near summer. He eventually got Shorty’s Mom out as well, and although she golfed a little, she mostly provided eyes for locating wayward balls and a quick wit to provide unsolicited golf tips. Shorty’s Dad never understood the accepted pace of golf. To him golf was a timed event. There was no practise swings, no lining up shots and he nearly sprinted between shots. Over the years Shorty’s Mom slowed the sprints to a very fast walks, but the best of his game was enjoyed at break neck speed. In Shorty’s Dad’s later years, he developed a bit of a reputation amongst the siblings of being a scratch golfer. Not in the true sense of a scratch golfer, but as one of the brothers explained it…”he is a scratch golfer because he manages to scratch off a stroke or two from every hole”. That bothered the brothers, but not Shorty. Shorty would golf with his Dad because it was one thing they could do that wasn’t work, didn’t lead to a fight and was kinda fun. In the later years, his Dad even took up using the “buggies” but mostly because Shorty lied and said his knees were too sore for him to walk. The last time Shorty golfed with his Dad and a couple of brothers was last year. Any visit with Dad by anyone in between April and October was greeted with “Hey you boys want to golf?”, usually before the truck rolled to a stop. If you

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were to phone him and tell him you were coming, he would be standing at the end of the drive like an eager student on his first day on the school bus, golf clubs in hand. So off we went. One of the brothers wanted to keep score, so they did. Shorty’s Dad would hit the odd good shot, followed by some really poor ones, each poor one followed by “Oh for the love of Pete!”, two or three putts and take a four on that hole. The brothers soon realized they were competing primarily amongst themselves and give their Dad a smug, selfrighteous look as they marked down his score.

The round that day took a couple of hours, everyone had a few laughs and Shorty watched his Dad smile at “his boys” while chasing a stupid little ball around a pasture. As they walked back to the truck, Shorty realized just how important the game of golf had become and how absolutely unimportant the score was in their games of golf. David Seymour Rolston passed away on June 12 of this year. The thing that bothered us both was that we didn’t get to golf with each other this year, but the most important thing I remember is that we did get to golf together at all. He was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great grandfather, a cattleman, a rancher and a damn good human being. He was not a golfer in the truest sense of the definition, but he embodied everything that is good about the game…..except scorekeeping.

Tough Times I am changing pace a little this issue. This is a one off, next issue I will have another of Shorty’s stories, but for this issue, I have some personal observations. Over the past year and a bit, I have endured three losses in my life. I will explain, in chronological order, just what those losses have been and things I have learned. Just before Christmas 2014, I received news that my Mom had passed away while I was on the road. The news did not come as a shock, she had been in failing health for a while, however, I was profoundly saddened. My Mom was a physically small, ordinary farm wife, hired hand, parts getter, cook, seamstress, but mostly a mother. She taught me that you don’t have to be big to be tough, you don’t have to be educated to be wise and that you don’t have to have money to be happy. She was my Mom, my mentor and my hero. In April of 2015, I lost a younger brother to cancer. He and I were as close as I have been to any of my many siblings, in age, in work ethic and in personality. We were geographically separated, but were of similar mind and spoke often in what turned out to be our later years. I went to see him the summer before he passed and we spent a few days just hanging out. He showed me around the area he had chosen to call home, showed some of the things that he had achieved as an agricultural consultant, but mostly we just talked. The highlight of that trip was a floor hockey game that we both played the night before I left. He had played floor hockey with the same 17 guys for 30 years every Thursday night, and I had played one game with them about 20 years ago. I was invited back to play and he and I played one last floor hockey game, against each other, but together. My brother was all about competition, and on this last occasion, I won. He took a photo of me holding up a wooden, full sized, replica of the Stanley cup. He didn’t want to…but he did.

He and I shared our sense of humour, we have laughed a lot over the years. On the day he passed, I received a text from his adult daughter that read: “Hey Uncle Grant, it really sucks that Dad passed away on your birthday. I am so sorry.” I responded with a text that read: “Thanks Jode. Your Dad could never remember which day was my birthday and which day was Uncle Kevin.” Her response was a quick text back that read: “Oh yeah, just before he died he said to wish Uncle Kevin a Happy Birthday” She is her father’s daughter. The last and most recent loss is that of my father. My father and I have had a difficult and for the most part a contentious, relationship. I think it started out pretty well, but went downhill as I became older and less respectful. I take ownership of not only that start of the decline but also the duration. I have deduced from my Mom and Dad that there is a maternal instinct. My Mom embodied that very concept and she did it firmly but quietly. I have also realized that men are not born with a paternal instinct… it is a learned behavior. My paternal Grandfather passed away when his only son was 5 years old. My Grandmother raised my Dad and my Aunt as a single mother. While I am sure my Dad picked up his work ethic from his mother, he learned his paternal instinct “on the fly.” That is a difficult task for anyone. He did a great job when you look at the big picture… but as the eldest I endured that learning process. We were able to overcome the ill will in the last few years, but now I long to have some of the lost years back. I am not sure what he really thought of me at the end, maybe it is best I not know, but I learned a lot from him over the years.

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My Dad had an incredible work ethic, something I picked up through osmosis I suspect. He was also generous with his time. If anyone needed help he was there, that was paid back to him in his later years. As he got older there was a steady stream of folks through the house and then hospice wishing him well or just sitting there for a visit. As an adult son, that is all you want to see. Most of you that are reading this know me for what I do as a profession. The satisfaction I get from that profession is not

in the photos that I produce, there is little if any artistic merit in those, but the satisfying part of what I do is any help that I provide to you in the day to day operation of your business. I realize now that is a tribute to my Dad. I am a long way from wise. I certainly am in no position to give any of you any sort advice… but having said that I would urge all of you to be kind to your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. The time we share together is often too short.

Grant Rolston was born and raised in ranching country near Penticton, British Columbia. After graduating school, he worked on a purebred Hereford ranch, then assumed a position at Western Breeders Artificial Insemination Unit. In 1980, he left the livestock scene and joined the Edmonton Police Department, where he received his formal training in photography, working for the IDENT unit (crime scene investigation). After a decade, he returned to the industry, purchasing a herd of purebred Angus cattle but both Grant and his wife, Lauralee, worked off the ranch to make a living. He chose livestock photography and is now Canada’s premier livestock photographer of beef cattle. Grant and Lauralee travel throughout nine provinces in Canada for on farm photography, in addition to all major livestock shows, including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the Canadian Western Agribition, and all major National Junior shows in the summer months. Grant and Lauralee Rolston reside in Vulcan, Alberta. With four decades of experience, Grant shares things that are “Not Taken for Granted.”

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Want to know what it feels like to be a vip?

Let us take your program past the velvet rope It’s all about who you know and we know 15,000 people who are waiting to meet you!

Canadian Angus Association Member Directory Booking Deadline: August 10, 2016

Bryan Kostiuk - Editor 4-3342 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 7G9 Phone: 306-934-9696 Fax; 306-934-0744 info@todayangus.com www.todaysangus.com Today’s Angus Advantage  39

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Canadian Angus Auction Market of the Year Award Presented to Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. May 24, 2016: for immediate release ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB - The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to honour Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, with the 2015 Auction Market of the Year Award. 2016 marks the ninth year this award has been was presented by CAA. CAA Director of Field Services Brian Good and Eastern Canada Manager Cheryl Hazenberg presented the award at the Livestock Markets Association of Canada annual conference in Brussels, Ontario. Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc sells more than 50,000 head per year. Their capacity is 4,000 head of cattle with 50 feed and water pens. The company has been completely locally owned since it launched 35 years ago. Staff try to get to know each customer and his or her individual business needs. Congratulations to Manager/Auctioneer Tyler Cronkhite, Auctioneers Brent Weiss and Jim Wilson, Auctioneer/Fieldman Gordie Cameron, Fieldmen Darvin Mason and Rocky Houff, and all of the other staff of Cowtown Livestock Exchange Inc. Your hard work and dedication to the agriculture industry does not go unnoticed. The Canadian Angus Association proudly awards you for your efforts last year and wishes you continued success in the future. The Auction Market of the Year Award was introduced in 2006 to recognize and honour those auction markets that work hard to promote Angus cattle. Auction markets across Canada have been recognized for their support of the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed program. The Canadian Angus Association (www.cdnangus.ca) is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization, registering more than half of Canada’s purebred beef cattle. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584 Left to right: Brian Good, Cheryl Hazenberg, Tyler Cronkhite

Brian Good (left) and Cheryl Hazenberg (center) present Tyler Cronkhite (right) with the 2015 Auction Market of the Year Award. Today’s Angus Advantage  40

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Canadian Angus Association Launches Business Development Team at National Convention June 11, 2016: for immediate release Rocky View County, AB — During Commercial Cattlemen’s Day at the Canadian Angus Association’sNational Convention in Quebec City, Quebec, CEO Rob Smith launched a new Business DevelopmentTeam which replaces the existing field services structure effective immediately. The Business Development Team consists of Brian Good, Senior Director of Business Development BC & Alberta; Bob Toner, Director of Business Development Saskatchewan & Manitoba; and Cheryl Hazenberg, Director of Business Development, Eastern Canada. Good and Hazenberg are long-time CAA staff members and Toner is a new employee. Each director on the Business Development Team will help maintain the Canadian Angus Association at the forefront of Canada’s national seedstock sector and cattle and beef production industry. “These directors will build relationships with and support Canadian Angus members, partners and industry, hearing and satisfying their needs and discovering opportunities leading to CAA growth. They will ensure provision of quality member and customer service through efficient and cost-effective management of resources,” says Smith. “I can’t wait to see what Brian, Cheryl and Bob will accomplish as individuals and as a team. I look forward to the results of the transformation of our field service program and to the new opportunities that develop for Canadian Angus and our members, coast to coast.” The Business Development Team will focus on member recruitment and retention; efficient member services and superior member satisfaction; increasing member activity and commercial demand; delivery of effective program planning, implementation and evaluation; and industry cooperation. Brian Good is the Canadian Angus Association’s longest-serving employee, having joined the staff in 2000. He was originally hired to market the Angus breed to the commercial sector and to promote the Angus tag program which evolved into a field service role. For many years he was the only Angus fieldman in Canada. Good has travelled across the nation and around the world to promote Canadian Angus. Good has been involved in the Angus business his entire life, raising purebreds for 37 years and having industry-related involvement for another 25 years. Bob Toner is a lifelong Angus producer, born into a family whose involvement began in 1942 when his grandfather, Dan Toner, purchased his first purebred cattle. Toner purchased his first Angus female at Canadian Western Agribition in 1977. He has volunteered for various organizations including the Saskatchewan Angus Association (SAA). He is one of the longest serving SAA directors, from 1994–2003 and again 2006–2014, elected as President in 2000–2001 and currently sits as second vice president of the Saskatchewan Livestock Association. Toner has volunteered at many events and for various organizations, including as a 4-H leader, football and hockey coach in his local community for more than 30 years. Cheryl Hazenberg moved to Calgary from Ontario in 2006 and was hired by CAA as an assistant registrar. Through her CAA career, Hazenberg has managed the Gold Show program, Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Tag Program and Carcass 101 industry training program. She is a 2002 graduate of the Agriculture program at University of Guelph—Kemptville College and a 2004 graduate of the Event Management Certificate at Algonquin College. In 2014, Hazenberg was named a Canadian Nuffield Scholar and studied traceability in beef production. In 2015, she returned to Central Ontario where she and her sister manage the mixed farm where they grew up. Hazenberg has been providing field service and Canadian Angus representation in Eastern Canada for the last year. The Canadian Angus Association (www.cdnangus.ca) is a not-for-profit association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle and promoting the breed across Canada. Its member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584 Today’s Angus Advantage  41

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RED & BLACK angus

Bob Hahn

bhahn@hahnco.com cell. 780.991.1355 home. 780.464.0296 fax. 780.423.4836 www.hahnangus.com

22525 Twp Rd 514 Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8C 1H5

Fleming Stock Farms Box 1 Granum, Alberta T0L 1A0 Phone: 403-687-2288 Cell: 403-625-0427 (Duncan) Cell: 403-625-1124 (Cecilie) Cell: 403-625-1060 (Cooper) Email: flemingangus@xplornet.com

Duncan, Cecilie & Cooper Fleming "Quality goes in before the name goes on"

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Mick & Debbie Trefiak

14 miles east of Wainright and 11 miles north on range road 4-3

RR 1 Edgerton, Alberta T0B 1K0 P :: 780-755-2224 F :: 780-755-2223 C :: 780-842-8835 mick@mjt.ca www.mjt.ca

Lee & Laura Brown

Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 403-742-4226 Lee cell 403-740-9429 llbangus@telus.net www.llbangus.com

Annual Bull and Female Sale second Saturday in March

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Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath

Samtia Angus

REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS CATTLE Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 Lee & Layne Gleim & Family (780)853‐9673 Box 4467, Taber,sean@roundrockranching.com AB Home: (403) 223-8442 www.roundrockranching.com Cell: (403) 795-0004 or (403) 634-8226 The Best Beef in a Better World “Our Vision is Based on Quality Not Quantity” layneg@cciwireless.ca

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

The Best Beef in a Better World

The Best Beef in a Better World

The Best Beef in a Better World

The Best Beef in a Better World

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673 sean@roundrockranching.com www.roundrockranching.com

The Best Beef in a Better World

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Fifth Annual Building the Legacy Sale Sets a Record, Raising $172,075 June 12, 2016: for immediate release ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB - Generous donors bid heartily to raise $172,075 during the fifth annual Canadian Angus Foundation (CAF) Building the Legacy fundraiser auction during the Canadian Angus National Convention in Quebec City, Quebec. It is a record-setting amount. The sale was initiated in 2012 to support the CAF in preserving and expanding the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical restoration. The 2016 sale featured buyers from across Canada, the USA, Mexico and Scotland, both in person and online through TEAM Auctions. Billy Estrada, President, Mexican Angus Association, purchased two genetic lots. James Arnott of Coul Angus in Scotland purchased a needlepoint of the bull Canadian Colossal, handcrafted by former CEO Doug Fee’s wife Kathy. The highest selling item was Johnson Livestock of Peebles, Saskatchewan’s pick of their 2016-born heifer calves, purchased for $13,000 by Allandale Angus of Vermilion, AB. Generous donors contributed more than 30 lots of Angus semen and embryos, four live herd choices, and numerous artwork and experience packages including a handcrafted wooden bench, a custom-made quilt, jewellery, Montreal Canadiens jerseys autographed by Jean Béliveau and Carey Price, a Toronto Maple Leafs game and dinner package, tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays and overnight accommodations in Toronto, and an East/West dinner for four featuring Alberta Angus beef and Maritime lobster/ seafood, as well as registration and accommodations for two at the 2017 World Angus Forum in Scotland. The Canadian Angus Foundation was incorporated in 1993 and is the charitable arm of the Canadian Angus Association. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

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Summer 2016 Insides.indd 47

7/28/2016 11:09:20 AM

Clint, Suzanne, Eric, Luc & Alexi Smith Box 284, Mankota, SK H: 306.478.2470 C: 306.478-7470 F: 306.478.2480 breedcreekranch@sasktel.net

Don & Glenda Bell Box 152 Dubuc, Saskatchewan S0A 0R0 (306) 877-2014 b.jella@sasktel.net

Darrel & Jacqui Bell Mallory, Logan, Cailee & Clay (306) 877-4402 dj.bell@sasktel.net

www.belmoralangus.com Stop by and see our CANADIAN program!

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7/28/2016 11:09:31 AM



Box 126 • Borden, SK • S0K 0N0 306.997.4802 • j.buswell@yourlink.ca

Pure Bred Black Angus Cattle

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7/28/2016 11:09:41 AM

Tom & Vicki Flanagan Maple Creek, SK P: 306.662.2272 C: 306.662.8120 tomvic@sasktel.net sheidaghananghus.com

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Willowview Angus Farm Ken & Sandy Harle

Box 512, Regina, SK S4P 3A3 306-359-6100 306-539-8185


Sunderland Ranch Ltd. Registered Black Angus Cattle

Terry & Rachelle Sunderland www.sunderlandranch.net Box 2139 Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0 terrysunderland@sasktel.net 306-662-3021

Home of SAV Ten Trillion 3112A Son of AAR Ten X 7008 5A X SAV Blackcap May 5530

Box 176 Dundurn, SK S0K 1K0 306.492.2161 wilbarcattle@gmail.com b r ya n a n d t r a c e y w i l l m s w w w . w i l b a r fa r m s . co m

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7/28/2016 11:09:58 AM

Canadian Angus Association Presents Western Feedlot of the Year Award to Korova Feeders, Doug & Helga Price June 27, 2016: for immediate release

ROCKY VIEW COUNTY, AB - The Canadian Angus Association is pleased to honour Korova Feeders, Doug and Helga Price of Acme, Alberta with the Western Feedlot of the Year Award. This award was presented at Carcass 101 held in Olds, AB, June 21-22. Korova Feeders has a 30,000 head capacity at two feedlot locations. The Prices also operate Echo Sand Ranching, a beef cow/calf operation in Alberta and Saskatchewan with 4,000 Angus and Angus influence cows. They currently have 8,000 yearlings on grass in Saskatchewan. The Prices and Korova Feeders are part of the Sunterra Group along with Doug’s brothers Ray, Art, Dave and their families. The Sunterra Group’s business interests include hog, cattle and crop production; lamb processing; a chain of food retail stores and restaurants in Calgary and Edmonton; Sunterra Farms; and Sunterra Meats. The Canadian Angus Association introduced the Feedlot of the Year award in 2010 to recognize feedlots that promote Angus to their customers and that feed Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tagged cattle. The Canadian Angus Association (www.cdnangus.ca) is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization, registering more than half of Canada’s purebred beef cattle. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky Director of Communications tzakowsky@cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584 Left to right: Brian Good, Cheryl Hazenberg, Tyler Cronkhite

Left to right: Brian Good, Senior Director of Business Development, BC & Alberta; Doug and Helga Price; Nate Marin, Director of New Generation Breeder Development; Cheryl Hazenberg, Director of Business Development, Eastern Canada; Doug Reid, Canadian Angus Association Director, Alberta Today’s Angus Advantage  52

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7/28/2016 11:10:01 AM

Today’s Angus Advantage  53

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 53

7/28/2016 11:10:01 AM

John & Gloria Turner Box 234, Souris, MB R0K 2C0 Email giturner@xplornet.ca


Cell (204) 483-0764

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Summer 2016 Insides.indd 54

7/28/2016 11:10:04 AM

Doug & Jason McLaren

Box 373, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J 1H0 Doug: 204-476-6248 jmdfarms@mts.net Jason: 204-476-6723 mclarenj@hotmail.com


Today’s Angus Advantage  55

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 55

7/28/2016 11:10:11 AM


Chris Lane Appointed New CEO of Canadian Western Agribition

egina, Saskatchewan- Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Chris Lane as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective July 4, 2016. Chris previously held the position of Senior Producer at CBC. “On Behalf of the board, we are pleased to welcome Chris to the CWA team,” says CWA President, Stewart Stone. “He brings a great mix of leadership, communications, and community involvement”. Chris Lane grew up with an agricultural background in Northern Alberta and has over a decade experience leading teams and organizations.

“I am excited to join an organization that has such a strong footprint in the community and passion for the industry,” says Chris. CWA looks forward to adding Chris Lane to the CWA team as they prepare for the 2016 show. Canadian Western Agribition (CWA), located in Regina, Saskatchewan, is the best beef show on the continent and the largest livestock show in Canada. The show is anchored by beef cattle and features horses, bison, sheep, goats and an extensive agribusiness trade show. CWA continues to promote the expansion, development and interest in agriculture. The 46th edition of CWA will be held November 21-26, 2016.

Mike & Brenda Wheeler 4694 Blackwater Rd. Vanderhoof BC V0J 3A1 Tel: 250-567-4020

Email: north.40@live.ca

Bulls Sell At The Vanderhoof Bull Sale on April 9, 2016

Today’s Angus Advantage  56

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7/28/2016 11:10:16 AM

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Summer 2016 Insides.indd 57

7/28/2016 11:10:19 AM


Markdale, ON NOC 1HO P: 519-477-3431 E: mattbuschbeck@gmail.com

Today’s Angus Advantage  58

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 58

7/28/2016 11:10:24 AM

VosVegasFarms.indd 1

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 3:35:32 PM

Rob & Sandy Foubert 4373 Rideau River Rd Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 613-258-1062 or 613-791-8151 rfoubert@dct.ca

(a partnership)

Ian & Joy Rudkin

4023 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 108, London, Ontario N6L 1E6 www.weavercroft.com

3320 bradburn Road blackstock, on, L0b 1b0 905.718.5331 maplelinefarm@hotmail.ca

Kevin Brooks 519-878-1183 kb@weavercroft.com

John Weaver 519-318-6302 john@weavercroft.com

Jim Weaver 519-868-0328 jw@weavercroft.com

Rick Stull 12249 8th Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4 Ph: (905) 877-8145 • Cell: (905) 703-0503

Breeders of quality Angus Cattle

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McMillen Ranching 22nd Annual Bull Sale March 5, 2016 Carievale, SK Auctioneer: Ryan Dorran Sale Management: Bohrson Marketing Sale Results 28 Angus Bulls 116 Simmental Bulls

High Selling Heifers Lot 171 - MRLA 407C sired by SAV Resource 1441 was purchased by Prosper Cattle Co, AB for $10,000.00 Lot 168 - MRL 401C sired by SVS Milwaukee 53A was purchased by TSN Livestock, MB for $7,750.00

Averaged $7,143.00 Averaged $9,295.00

144 Lots Grossed $1,278,250.00 and Averaged $8,877.00 11 Open Heifers Averaged $6,227.00

Lot 174 - MRL 328C sired by MRL Blazer 42A was purchased by Flying F Ranch, SK for $7,500.00 Lot 169 - MRL 380C sired by Wheatland Predator 922W was purchased by Percy View Land & Cattle, SK for $6,750.00

High Selling Red Angus Bulls Lot 136 - MRLA 4C sired by Red Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334 was purchased by Fine Line Red Angus, AB for $19,000.00 Lot 138 - MRLA 9C sired by Red MRLA Tilt 80Z was purchased by Sun Berry Valley Ranch, AB for $14,500.00 Lot 160 - MRLA 56C sired by SAV Resource 1441 was purchased by Leewuenburg Red Angus, AB for $10,000.00

Shiloh Cattle Company “Trendsetter” Bull & Select Replacement Heifer Sale March 26, 2016 Hand Hills Lake, AB Auctioneer: Danny Skeels Sale Management: Bohrson Marketing

Lot 148 - MRLA 61C sired by Red Lazy MC Eye Spy 64Y was purchashed by Dwight Flaman, SK for $9,000.00 High Selling Black Simmental Bulls Lot 79 - MRL 138C sired by Come As U R Red Rocket was purchased by Robb Farms/X-T Simmentals/Bouchard Livestock, SK for $100,000.00 Lot 63 - MRL 100C sired by MRL Discovery 21A was purchased by Downhill Simmentals/Curle Farms, MB for $24,000.00 Lot 96 - MRL 113C sired by SVS Milwaukee 53A was purchased by TSN Livestock, MB for $20,000.00 Lot 80 - MRL 157C sired by LFE Bundi 300X was purchased by Dana & Megan Johns, MB for $19,000.00 Lot 62 - MRL 51C sired by MRL Discovery 21A was purchased by Dequier Farms, MB for $16,000.00 High Selling Red Simmental Bulls Lot 32 - MRL 178C sired by MRL Seismic 90Y was purchased by Sonny Berndt, ND for $25,000.00 Lot 27 - MRL 37C sired by MRL 91Y was purchased by Willow Dale Simmental, AB for $18,000.00

Sale Results 35 Red Angus Yearling Bulls Averaged $6,445.00 4 Angus/Simmental Yearling Bulls Averaged $4,175.00 29 PB & Crossbred Angus/Simm Heifers Averaged $1,919.00 68 Lots Grossed $265,700.00 and Averaged $3,907.35 High Selling Red Angus Bulls Lot 1 - Red Shiloh Cannon Fire 8C sired by Red ML Hustler 272Z was purchased by C.D. Land & Cattle, Taber, AB and Anderson Cattle Company, Swan River, MB for $19,000.00 Lot 9 - Red Shiloh Code Red 34C sired by Red Shiloh Actively Loaded 81A was purchased by Lanz Cieckiewicz / Adair Angus, Wolseley, SK for $11,500.00 Lot 8 - Red Minchau Chromed N Loaded 72C sired by Red Vikse Fully Loaded 29Y was purchased by Dave Shand, Delia, AB for $9,500.00

Lot 12 - MRL 64C sired by MRL Integrity 76Y was purchased by Steichen Simmental, ND for $15,000.00 Lot 3 - MRL 140C sired by TNT Bootlegger Z268 was purchased by Storebo, SK for $15,000.00 Lot 4 - MRL 67C sired by TNT Bootlegger Z268 was purchased by Darren Johnson, ND for $14,000.00 Today’s Angus Advantage  60

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August 9 - 11, 2016 Grey Eagle Resor t & Casino in Calgar y, Alber ta HOSTED BY ALBERTA BEEF PRODUCERS

Aug 8 • Pre-conference Tour


Arlene Dickinson


Ain’t No Rodeo


Learn about beef demand and hear perspectives from the VP of Tim Hortons and the President of Sysco Canada Listen to a panel of leading edge producers explain how they are incorporating new systems to improve productivity in their operation THE IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN AGRICULTURE Trish Jordan, Monsanto Canada





For more details and to register, visit CANADIANBEEFINDUSTRYCONFERENCE.COM Today’s Angus Advantage  61

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 61

7/28/2016 11:10:41 AM



Productie on Sal

February 11, 2017

SAV Resource 1441

Kelly & Martie Jo Schaff 6110 Co. Road 81 St. Anthony, ND 58566 (701) 445-7465 www.schaffangusvalley.com kelly@schaffangusvalley.com


Tyler Dietrich

Graphic Artist ~ Owner Pictures, Advertisments, Logos C: 780.385.0030 Email: ty.dietrich.21@gmail.com

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hri Pole Auctioneer 4-3342 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7K 7G9

Cell (306) 220-5006 chris@tbarc.com

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20/20 Angus


Abacus Signs 42 Aberlynn Farms 42 Ag Plus Design 62 Alameda Agencies 62 Alta Genetics 62 Anderson Cattle Co. 54 Andrew Angus 2 Arda Farms 42 Arm River Red Angus 48 Arntzen Angus 42 Arway Angus 58 Atlasta Angus 42 Awesome Angus Farms 42 Baintree Angus 42 Bar 2 J Quarterhorses & Black Angus 42 Bar 5 Farms 12 Bar CR Angus 48 Bar DK 48 Bar-E-L Angus IFC Belmoral Angus 48 BJ Cattle Co. 42 Black Ridge Angus Farm 48 Blairs.Ag Cattle Company BC Blast Angus 56 BMB Brewin Angus 42 Bohrson Marketing 12 Bootis Black Angus 54 Border Butte Angus 42 Bova-Tech Ltd. 62 Bow Valley Genetics 62 Brantnor Angus 8, 18 Breed Creek Angus Ranch 48 Brendale Acres 58 Broken T Ranch 48 Brooklyn Cattle Co. 42 Brookmore Angus 54 Bryce Burnett 48 Buschbeck Cattle Company 58 BuyAgro.com 47 Cadillac Stock Farms 58 Canada Beef 21 Canadian Beef Industry Conference 61 Canadian Farm Insurance Corp. 62 Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society 63 Canadian Western Agribition 56 Casa Branca 12 Castlerock Marketing 19 Cattle Creek Ranching 42 Chapman Cattle Company 42 Circle 7 Angus 48 Clair Lane Stock Farm 2, 58 Clear River Red Angus 42

Advertisers Index Clear View Angus Clegg Angus Country Lane Angus Crescent Creek Angus

2 43 43 13, 48

D & K Black Angus 58 Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. 62 Dayora Farm 58 Deer Range Red Angus 48 Deer River Ranching Black Angus 43 Delar Cattle 43 Delorme Livestock 48 Diamond L Ranch 43 Diamont T Cattle Co. 43 DJ Cattle Co. 54 DKF Red Angus 48 Dolittle Angus 49 Donovandale Farms 12 Double Bar D Farms 49 Double F Cattle Co. 49 Douglas J. Henderson & Associates Ltd. 19 Dream Makers Angus 43 Drumhaggart Ltd. 54 DSMR Stock Farm 2 DWAJO Registered Angus 43 Dwayann Simmentals 12 Early Sunset Ranch 1 Eastondale Angus 49 EKW Red Angus 49 Emmatt Creek Ranch 49 Eton Six Cattle 54 Everblack Angus 43 F Bar & Associates 54 Fair Haven Farms Ltd. 54 Ferme Wilgor Farms 62 Fleming Stock Farm 43 Flewelling, Craig 63 Fraser Farms 54 GBS Angus Farm 49 GBT Angus 49 Gerlei Angus 49 Get-A-Long Stock Farm 43 Gilchrist Farms 2, 58 Glasman Farms 11 Glen Gabel Angus 49 Glen Islay Angus 58 Goad Family Angus 43 Graham Red Angus 58 Grant Rolston Photography 38, 63 Greenbush Angus 54 GTA Ranch Inc. 43 Guilford Hereford Ranch 17

H.S. Knill Co. Ltd. 46 Hahn Cattle Co. 43 Halcyon Angus Farm 49 Hamco Cattle Co. 55 Hamilton Farms 43 Harprey Farms 2, 58 Hartford Bros. 58 Hasson Livestock 2 Hawthorne Farm 2 HBH Farms Inc. 9 Henria Farms 2 Hi Low Angus 49 High Tree Cattle 49 Hollinger Land & Cattle 49 Ivanhoe Angus


J & S Cattle 49 JAS Red Angus 55 Jim Nugent Livestock 63 JJL Livestock 49 Johnston/Fertile Valley 65 JPD Farms 58 Justamere Farms 15, 49 Kala Ranch 43 KBJ Round Farms 43 KC Cattle Co. 49 Kembar Farms 55 Kenray Ranch 49 Kueber Farms 43 Lazy MC Angus 43 Lazy S Ranch 44 Leela Farms 58 Lewis Farms 44 Livestock Hunter 63 LLB Angus 44 Locust Grove Angus 16, 59 Log & Tin Forrest Products Ltd. 63 Lone Stone Farms 44 Lucky 7 Cattle Co. 44 M & J Farms 11, 55 Macks Red Angus 59 Macnab Angus 50 Maple Line Farm 8, 59 Maple Ridge Acres 50 Mar Mac Farms 55 Marin, Nate 63 McGowan Farms 44 McMillen Ranching Ltd. 50 Meadow Ridge Ent. Ltd. 50 Mel Mac Angus 2 Merit Insurance Brokers 63 Midnight Fire Cattle Company 50

Today’s Angus Advantage  64

Summer 2016 Insides.indd 64

7/28/2016 11:11:02 AM

Midnight Oil Land & Livestock 50 Miller-Wilson Angus 44 Minburn Angus 44 MJT Cattle Co. Ltd. 44 Moose Creek Red Angus 7, 50 Movin’ On Farms 44

RNR Flicek Black Angus Rob Roy Angus Round Rock Ranching Royal Angus Farm RSL Red Angus Running Steady Ranch

Nordal Limousin & Angus North 40 Red Angus Northern View Angus Nu-Horizon Angus

Samtia Angus 45 Sandy Bar Ranch 50 Sanmar Simmentals 12 Saskalta Angus 19 Schaff Angus Valley 62 Section 7 Ranch 50 Sheidaghan Anghus 50 Shiloh Cattle Company 45 Six Mile Ranch Ltd. 3 Skinner Farms 50 Skyebrook Angus 51 Somerled Farm 12 Southern Angus Farm 45 Southview Farms 8 Spring Creek Simmentals 51 Spruce Ridge Stock Farms 55 Spruce View Angus Ranch 45 Standard Hill Livestock 51 Steen Agencies 63 Still Meadow Farm 56 Stock, Mark 63 Stockmen’s Insurance 63 Stone Gates Farm 8 Storebo Farm 51 Stromsmoe Black Angus & Herefords 45 Sunderland Ranch Ltd. 51 Sunny Grove Angus 51 Sunset Acres 59 Sunset Ridge Red Angus 55 Symens Land & Cattle Co. 45

5, 50 56 50 50

Ockerman Angus 44 O’Grady Steel 63 Ole Farms 44 Ossaw Angus 55 Paradise Farms 2, 59 Pasquia Red Angus 50 Peak Dot Ranch 50 Pedersen Livestock 44 Poley, Chris 63 Poplar Meadows Angus 56 Premier Livestock 2 Pugh Farms 44

50 59 45 50 50 14

T Bar K Ranch 51 Tambri Farms 2, 59 Ter-Ron Farms 45 Today’s Angus Advantage 39, 55 Today’s Publishing 53 Tri A Angus 45 Triple L Angus 18, 51 TSN Livestock 55 Tullamore Farms 59 Twin Heritage Farms 18, 51 Tyler Harris Photography 63 Upper Glen Angus


Valley Blossom Ranch Vikse Family Farm Vos Vegas Farms

51 45 59

Walkerbrae Farms 2, 59 Ward’s Red Angus 22 Watchapese Farm & Ranch 45 Waveny Angus Farm Ltd. 45 Weavercroft International 59 Westford Farm 12 Westwind Farms 8 Whitney Black Angus 59 Wilbar Cattle Co. 51 Willowside Farm 59 Willowview Angus Farm 51 Windy Willows Farms 51 WRAZ Red Angus 51

Red Rock Red Angus 44 Red Rose Angus 51 Redekop Cattle Company 50 Redrich Farms 44 Rehorst Farms Ltd. 59 Remax Blue Chip Reality 63 Xcel Livestock 2 Remitall Farms IBC Remitall West 44 Y Coulee Land & Cattle 51 Richmond Ranch 16 Ridgewood Farms 8 Z Bar Angus 51 Right Cross Ranch 50 Ring Creek Farms Ltd. 44 T Bar C Cattle Co. 6, 8, 10, 17, Rivercrest Angus Ranch 44 23, 24, 25, RJ Livestock 45 Johnston Fertile Valley FI 12_Layout 1 13-01-02 2:36 PM Page 1 26, 67

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Fall Sale Line up

Autumn Angus Classic Sale, Hanover, ON

Sepetmber 3, 2016

Autumn Alliance Sale, Orilla, ON

Sepetmber 18, 2016

Eastern Extravaganza Angus Sale, Lindsay, ON

October 1, 2016

Autumn Tradition Black Angus Production Sale, Blackstock, ON

October 2, 2016

Gilchrist Farms & Friends “In It To Win It” Sale, Lucknow, ON

October 8, 2016

Hereford Harvest Sale, Vibank, SK

October 14, 2016

ANL & Guests Production Sale, Steelman, SK

October 15, 2016

C&T Cattle Co. “Take the Next Step” Sale, Kisbey, SK

October 15, 2016

Blair Athol/Haroldson’s and Friends Female Sale, Arcola, SK

October 16, 2016

Angus Harvest Classic Sale, Moose Jaw, SK

October 21, 2016

Western National Hereford Sale, Brandon, MB

October 27, 2016

Royal Elite All Breeds Sale, Toronto, ON

November 4, 2016

Jewels & Diamonds Simmental Production Sale, Ponoka, AB

November 18, 2016

Canadian Western Agribition Speckle Park Sale, Regina, SK

November 23, 2016

Canadian Western Agribition Charolais Sale, Regina, SK

November 24, 2016

Canadian Western Agribition Gelbvieh Sale, Regina, SK

November 24, 2016

Canadian Western Agribition Hereford Sale, Regina, SK

November 24, 2016

Champions By Design Club Calf Genetics Sale, Regina, SK

November 25, 2016

Acadia Colony Bull Sale, Oyen, AB

November 30, 2016

Manitoba Hereford Good As Gold Sale, Brandon, MB

December 2, 2016

Manitoba Angus Keystone Klassic Sale, Brandon, MB

December 3, 2016

Stoughton Farms Complete Dispersal, Lloydminster, SK

December 12, 2016

Guilford Hereford Ranch Complete Hereford & Angus Dispersal, Swift Current, SK

December 17-18, 2016

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September December




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