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Bulls of


Bull & Select Female Sale March 12, 2018 - 1:00 PM At the Farm






Be sure to stop by the ranch and view the prospects for next year's sale!

L E R BA Angus

Selling: 80 Black Angus Yearling Bulls 10 Two Year Old Black Angus Bulls 35 Registered Black Angus Open Heifers

Next Bull Sale - March 8, 2018 Sale at the Ranch with Guests Allison Farms Red Angus

Dave & Lynne Longshore Family Stettler, AB H. 403.579.2394 C. 403.740.6788 Website: Email:

Scott Anderson - 587.282.9683


Calving Ease with High Growth and Performance Carcass and Performance Data Large Sire Groups, 1/2 and 3/4 Brothers Sound, Athletic, Attractive Semen Tested & Full Guarantee Affordable Richard Latimer 403.507.1122

Gary Latimer 403.507.1123 Box 3833, Olds, AB T4H 1P5 Office 403.556.2742 - Fax: 403.556.2761

Directions: 4 Miles South Of Olds on HWY 2A, 1 Mile West on Amerada Road

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Certified Beef - On Target - Beef Lessons from Dairy Conceptions 30 Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup


Certified Beef - North American Needs More of the Best Beef 36

As In Every Issue The Real World 20 Not Taken for Granted


Canadian Angus Association Honors 50 Years of Membership


Vet’s Advise 42 Under The Gavel 52 Advertising & Subscription Rates


Schedule of Events 60

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SUCCE S S a journey, not a dest inat ion S H E S E LL S AT R E D R O U N D - U P


BW -1.9 WW+61 YW+95 M+22 TM+52 MCE+6.4 SIRED BY: RED SSS STAUNCH 6 4Y


Kenray K

Quality Red Angus Genetics

Sheldon Kyle 306.452.7545 • Ray & Donelda Kyle 306.452.7447 [e] • visit our website: • twitter@kenrayranch Today’s Angus Advantage  8

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- MEG 169Z -

Champion Female and full sister to Magic Mike awesome opportunity to acquire her influence.


Newest Sire at Six Mile, offering his exclusive service


Offering service and Progeny of this outstanding sire


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250 COMMERCIAL BRED HEIFERS available by private treaty this fall


Crescent Creek Joan 7E

Crescent Creek Pride 8E


Watch For Our 20 th Annual Bull Sale ~ April 7, 2018


Vist Us At The Show Barn And “Yards”!

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Selling Choice of These Show Heifers in the Power & Perfection Sale at Agribition November 24, 2017 ~ Regina, SK

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Randy & Christina McGowan Box 628 Killam, AB T0B 2L0 (780) 385-4418

Red McGowan Excalibur 61E Sire: Cockburn Heavy Duty 518C Dam: Red C.D. Loretta Lynn 701A

Watch For Females Consigned To: ~ Canadian Red Roundup ~ Form & Function Female Sale ~ Power & Perfection Sale ~ Select Females Sold Privately Off The Farm.

Watch For This Feature Calf This Fall!

Red McGowan Sweet Dynuba 22E

Red McGowan Suntanna 46E

Sire: Red BAR-E-L AB Crossfire 160Z Dam: Red McGowan Sweet Dynuba 39S Consigned to Canadian Red Roundup in Red Deer, AB Today’s Angus Advantage  16

Sire: Red BAR-E-L AB Crossfire 160Z Dam: Red McGowan Suntanna 17X Consigned to Power & Perfection at Agribition

Oct ober


19 TO 21, 2017

Schedule of Events

Friday October 20 Junior Member Heifer Extravaganza • Bull Futurity • Frozen Genetics Auction • C.R.A.P.S Fundraising Auction Saturday October 21 45th Annual Red Roundup Sale • C.R.A.P.S Donation Heifer Raffle

2017 Canadian Red Round-up 45TH ANNUAL SHOW & SALE

W e s t e r n e r pa r k , r e d d e e r , a l b e r ta

Bouchard Livestock International OFFICE 403.946.4999 FAX 403.946.4919

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Bryan MacKenzie 403.627.8266

Chad Lorenz 403.896.9585

Darnell Fornwald 403.795.8030

Doug Domolewski Wacey McCaw 403.635.1840 306.471.0093

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Ken & Sheila Bell 306-591-7792

Sandra Jeffery 306-693-2215

EDWARDS ANGUS Laird Edwards 306-734-2624

GLEN GABEL ANGUS Glen Gabel 306-536-1927

GOLD-BAR LIVESTOCK Brad & Sarah Buchanan 519-546-3352


Barry, Patty & Justin Hall 306-533-8416


Dan, Erin & Cassidy Howell 306-731-2940

HOLLINGER LAND & CATTLE Chad Hollinger 306-331-0302

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Chance Jackson 306-537-4690

Jean Paul & Marlene Monvoisin 306-648-3634


Wade Shrimpton 306-221-4715

NIELSON LAND & CATTLE Larry & Laurie Nielson 306-567-7493

RAVENWORTH CATTLE Garry & Donna Berting 306-231-7567

WARD'S RED ANGUS Clarke & Denise Ward 306-931-3824

WILLOWVIEW ANGUS Ken Harle 306-539-8185

It is harvest time across the country and most farmers have been pleasantly surprised with yields, considering the amount of moisture they have received this summer. The livestock market has been steady and solid throughout the year and there is profit in the beef cattle industry! Currently the feeder market is as much as two bits higher than it was last fall. Seven to nine weight cattle might even be more than that, earlier this summer the forecast was even higher than where we are now. The fats and futures have slid back from where they were early in July, but don’t let those who like to focus on the negative, give you the impression that the beef business is not good.

“really” blessed, therefore there are operations with excessive feed, some of which may be too far away from people who need it, but there are people looking to custom feed cows. As I have already mentioned the feeder market is good, but the purebred female market is really good! Early sales that have taken place have been extremely strong across the country, we just returned from two sales in Ontario, both were very well attended with strong prices. Cattle traded right across the country which was great to see, people from all provinces were excited about the industry.

As purebred breeders you always need to be There is definite cash flow in beef operations, looking for genetic packages that can advance keeping the attitude among beef producers and improve your program. Staying current and positive. Even producers who are facing feed active is extremely important, you always need shortages are not looking for an exit strategy, to add genetics and prolific cow families to your because cattle have good value, in many cases a program. Commercial bull buyers demand both few extra cull cows (going to town) are covering fresh and reliable genetics. Ever wonder why the the purchase of extra feed. The areas that have most active programs seem to have the best bull been blessed with moisture, seem to have been sales?

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The NEW Q-Catch 86 Series is recognized around the world as the best manual squeeze chute on the market. Featuring maintenance-free, molded rubber floors that reduce animal stress, the Q-Catch 86 has redefined the meaning of quiet in cattle handling operations. SILENCE IS A GOOD THING.

1-866-383-7827 | ARROWQUIP.COM Today’s Angus Advantage  23

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On offer 100 Virgin coming 2 year old Black Angus and Horned Hereford Bulls Select Group of Purebred and Commercial Bred Heifers from Pahl’s and some from Medicine Hat’s Top Ranchers THERE ARE NO BULLS SOLD FROM THIS GROUP BEFORE THE SALE



A sample of some powerhouse feature bulls from last year’s sale

Dan Pahl C: 403.548.1614 H: 403.548.8112 E:

LeRay Pahl C: 403.580.9906 H: 403.548.6626 Box 245 Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7E9

Scott Pahl C: 403.580.9908 H: 403.548.2356 E:

To receive a catalogue go to the link on Today’s Angus Advantage  25

Horse Politics Shorty wheeled the ranch truck out of the parking lot and onto the main street. He and his wife had enjoyed the steak dinner that his boss had promised, but now he had to “pay” for it. As payment, Shorty was headed for a meeting in one of the city’s subdivisions, a subdivision that bordered rangeland on the west side of town. Now, Shorty was not a meeting kind of guy, in fact he was on his way to his first meeting since his old 4-H days, but his boss wasn’t available and Shorty had been bribed to attend. Shorty was amazed by the number of vehicles around the hall in the Lakeview subdivision. He wasn’t really sure how many there should have been, but the streets were packed with parked cars. He wheeled the truck into a vacant spot near the hall.

The hall was nearly full, there were people seated in chairs carefully arranged in rows on the wooden floor with an aisle splitting the room down the middle. At the front of the hall there were four tables and a microphone on a stand in front of the tables. Shorty and Cathy found seats in the middle of the hall and sat down. “Shorty….who are all those people?” Cathy was nodding towards the tables. “Well….. the one on the left looks like it must be the guys from the city, the next one are the guys from Fish and Wildlife and Forestry, I think. I would say the two guys at the little table are the Regional Government and the ones at the last table are…” “The Natives.” Cathy finished. “Who is that with Barney?”

“You can’t park here.” Shorty looked at his wife, who was pointing at a couple of No Parking signs, one on each end of the ranch truck. “It’s after hours.” “Isn’t that what ‘Anytime’ covers?” “Oh alright,” Shorty headed down the block to the next available space, parked and he and Cathy walked back towards the hall. There, parked in the spot that Shorty had just abandoned was a silver BMW. “Are you going to correct him?” Shorty was talking to his wife, but gesturing towards the BMW’ s driver. Cathy just smiled as they walked past the BMW and into the hall.

Shorty’s eyes shifted to the last table. There were three Native fellas seated at the table, one of which was the Chief and Shorty recognized two of them as staff at the Band Office. The third person was a stranger to Shorty, a well dressed man who was staring at a lap top while carrying on a conversation with Barney, the Chief. “Dunno,” said Shorty, ”but I think he drives a BMW.” The chairman, one of the two people at the small table called the meeting to order and waited while everyone got seated. “Ladies and Gentleman, we are here to see if we can resolve some of the issues that arise between the homeowners of this subdivision and the neighboring

Today’s Angus Advantage  26

areas both inside the city boundaries and out. We have members of the provincial departments that are involved, the city and the local First Nations here tonight… so hopefully we can come to some sort of a resolution.”

defiantly. The room fell silent. Barney, the local band Chief appeared to be somewhat embarrassed by the outburst. The silence was broken by the sound of a chair scraping across the floor near the back of the room.

Shorty listened while each of the table dwellers stood up and passed the blame onto the next table. “Why in hell am I here?” He thought.

“‘Cause der my horses… and I… am an Indian.” Shorty turned towards the voice. There stood Amos Louis, a native man that raised rodeo stock on his place back in the hills.

“I understand we have some issues from the floor?” A nicely dressed lady stood up and approached the mic. She spoke softly and Shorty figured she was pretty sensible sounding. “Thank you Mr. Chair. My name is Ruby White and I live three doors south of this hall. I am speaking on behalf of the homeowner Association. We would like to know what can be done to protect our property.” Ruby paused and motioned to a second lady seated at a table with a laptop. The second lady pushed a few buttons and there, on the wall was a photo of a house. “As these photos will show, we have sustained a lot of damage to our yards over the years from wildlife, cattle and Indian horses.” The photo on the wall displayed three horses, one of which was eating flowers from a flowerbed, while the other two stood in the middle of what Shorty figured was Ruby’s lawn. “Wait a second!” Shorty glanced at the voice. It was BMW boy, he was standing at the table, glaring at the room indignantly. “Mr. Chair, I am representing the First Nation and I am appalled. I object to the term Indian horses.” He directed his glare directly at Ruby. “ What Madam, makes you think these horses are ‘Indian ‘ horses?” BMW boy stood there, glaring at the room with a smug look on his face and his arms folded across his chest

“I am very sorry that my horses got on your place lady. Me and the boys will get them out of here in the morning.” Shorty looked around at the big city lawyer. He was slumped forward in his chair, Shorty thought he looked like he had been kicked in the gut….by an Indian horse. “Thank you sir,” Ruby replied. The applause started as a smattering and ended with the entire room, save the occupants of the tables, standing and applauding as Amos walked towards the exit. The meeting was over. Shorty looked at Barney. He was seated at the table beside the big city lawyer. Barney smiled and nodded at Shorty as he and Cathy filed out the door. As they walked towards the truck, they noticed the BMW was gone. “Maybe I was wrong,” thought Shorty. “I could of swore the lawyer dude was driving the BMW.” His thoughts were interrupted by his wife grabbing his arm. “Shorty, pay attention!” Shorty stopped, just in time to avoid a tow truck leaving the area with a silver coloured BMW attached to it. “Ah…it is a good day to be a big city lawyer.” Shorty smiled. “This meeting thing could grow on a guy.”

Grant Rolston was born and raised in ranching country near Penticton, British Columbia. After graduating school, he worked on a purebred Hereford ranch, then assumed a position at Western Breeders Artificial Insemination Unit. In 1980, he left the livestock scene and joined the Edmonton Police Department, where he received his formal training in photography, working for the IDENT unit (crime scene investigation). After a decade, he returned to the industry, purchasing a herd of purebred Angus cattle but both Grant and his wife, Lauralee, worked off the ranch to make a living. He chose livestock photography and is now Canada’s premier livestock photographer of beef cattle. Grant and Lauralee travel throughout nine provinces in Canada for on farm photography, in addition to all major livestock shows, including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the Canadian Western Agribition, and all major National Junior shows in the summer months. Grant and Lauralee Rolston reside in Vulcan, Alberta. With four decades of experience, Grant shares things that are “Not Taken for Granted.”

Today’s Angus Advantage  27

Canadian Angus Association Honours Dyce Bolduc of Cudlobe Angus for 50 Years of Membership August 14, 2017: for immediate release Rocky View County, AB--During the Bolduc family’s annual field day near Stavely, Alberta, Dyce Bolduc was honoured for 50 consecutive years of membership in the Association. Dyce Bolduc began breeding Angus cattle when he was a teenager. He is part of the third generation in the Bolduc family to raise purebred cattle in southern Alberta. The first purebred Black Angus females were purchased from the 1967 Dispersal Sale of the Apache Angus herd at Nanton, Alberta. Bolduc served as president of the Canadian Angus Association in 2005. Today, he and his wife Adrianna, along with their children Steven, Kevin and Kaitlynn, all play active roles in the smooth operation of the Cudlobe herd which exceeds 600 mother cows. Their breeding program emphasizes carcass traits so that their customers, and more specifically the commercial cattlemen who frequent their sales, can produce premium beef that brings in higher performance, yield, and profits. The Bolduc family works hard to maintain connections with the industry and with their customers, using the cattle show circuit as a method to promote their genetics to producers across Canada and internationally. The Canadian Angus Association offers sincere congratulations to Dyce Bolduc of Cudlobe Angus. It is because of the dedication of individuals and families like him that the agriculture industry continues to be an important sector in our nation today. The Canadian Angus Association instituted a long-term recognition award program in 1998 to honour individuals and families that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the Angus breed in Canada by maintaining a continuous membership in the Association for at least 50 years. In 2011, the award program expanded to recognize families with 75 and 100 continuous years of membership. The Canadian Angus Association ( is Canada’s largest purebred beef breed organization. The Association represents more than 2,000 members across Canada for the purposes of registering and recording the pedigrees of purebred Angus cattle in the closed HerdBook and promoting the breed across Canada. The member-approved mandate is to maintain breed registry, breed purity and provide services that enhance the growth and position of the Angus breed. For more information, please contact: Tina Zakowsky, Director of Communications Canadian Angus Association 1-888-571-3580 ext 3584

Left to right: Ady & Mat Bolduc with Karis and Merrit; David Bolduc; Dyce, Adrianna, Kevin, Kaitlynn & Steven Bolduc -30Today’s Angus Advantage  28

our exc lusive e ve n ts Eastern Extravaganza Angus Sale, Lindsay, ON

September 30, 2017

Gilchrist Farms & Friends “In It To Win It” Sale, Lucknow, ON

October 7, 2017

Hereford Harvest Sale, Vibank, SK

October 20, 2017

ANL & Guests Production Sale, Steelman, SK

October 21, 2017

C&T Cattle Co. “Take the Next Step” Sale, Kisbey, SK

October 21, 2017

Blair Athol/Haroldson’s and Friends Female Sale, Arcola, SK

October 22, 2017

Royal Elite All Breeds Sale, Toronto, ON

November 4, 2017

National Limousin Sale, Edmonton, AB

November 9, 2017

Angus Harvest Classic Sale, Moose Jaw, SK

November 12, 2017

Jewels & Diamonds Simmental Production Sale, Ponoka, AB

November 17, 2017

Canadian Western Agribition Speckle Park Sale, Regina, SK

November 22, 2017

Canadian Western Agribition Charolais Sale, Regina, SK

November 23, 2017

Canadian Western Agribition Hereford Sale, Regina, SK

November 23, 2017

Acadia Colony Bull Sale, Oyen, AB

November 29, 2017

Manitoba Hereford Good As Gold Sale, Brandon, MB

December 1, 2017

Manitoba Angus Keystone Klassic Sale, Brandon, MB

December 2, 2017

Right Cross Ranch Commercial Bred Heifer & Long Yearling Bull Sale, Kisbey, SK

December 4, 2017

Double Bar D “Sharing the Herd”Production Sale, Grenfell, SK

December 6, 2017

Blairs.Ag & Six Mile Ranch “Genetic Focus” 2017 Sale, Regina, SK

December 7, 2017

Alberta Charolais Select Sale, Red Deer, AB

December 8, 2017

Johnson Livestock Angus Female Sale, Peebles, SK

December 12, 2017

Double R Farms Dispersal & High Country Cattle Production Sale, Innisfail, AB

December 14, 2017

Royal Angus Farms Complete Dispersal Sale, Saskatoon, SK

December 16, 2017

Today’s Angus Advantage  29

You’ve heard that the key to beef quality could lie in making sure a calf never has a bad day. A paper in the Journal of Dairy Science adds validity—and before you quit reading because the work didn’t come from the beef side, think for a minute about the dairy cow. She’s a model of uniform genetics and focused selection with little nutritional limit to gene expression. She can serve as a great model to evaluate environment for all cows, independent of genetics and nutritional resources. Contrast that to the beef cow with variable genetics selected for multiple traits and often limited by her nutritional environment. These diverse conditions are why the debate rages on about ideal cow size and milk production level. The dairy researchers in Florida and Colorado set out to see how the season of a heifer’s conception influences her later productive life. As you look at a pen of replacement beef heifers and judge their genetics, individual performance and disposition, this dairy study adds another variable. We often evaluate the expression of traits without considering the cause of the expression, but this work highlights the environment’s role. This fall, many of you will look at that heifer pen and try to decide whether to keep or cull some lateborn female. We know the early-born heifer is more productive over a lifetime, but now we see that could be partly because she was conceived during a time of less environmental stress. Dairy Herd Improvement Association records across 12 years on more than 667,000 lactations were used to evaluate the influence of season of conception on subsequent productivity. This could make you think about “fetal programming” or gestational nutrition and the importance of maternal diet on quality— but laying that aside, this research demonstrates that the season and environmental conditions at conception will influence milk production, reproductive efficiency and herd longevity. These dairy scientists concluded that cows conceived during the summer heat (July to September) were less productive than those conceived in the winter (December to February). Heifers conceived during the winters were younger at first calving by 9 days. In a beef production system,

shortening days to first calving may not be possible due to group management, but this data suggests the dairy heifers conceived during cooler temperatures were either earlier to puberty or more reproductively efficient. The “cool heifers” not only calved sooner but also returned to estrus after their first calf earlier than those conceived during summer. Interval to first re-breeding were 6 and 4 days shorter after the first and second calf, respectively, but season of conception didn’t affect reproductive performance of older cows. Quicker returns to estrus following calving translated into a comparable reduction in days to conception for first- and second-calf heifers. These reproductive benefits were realized despite a 3.5% increase in first-lactation milk production by heifers conceived in winter. That increase moderated as heifers aged, but the second- and third-parity cows conceived in the winter produced about 1% more milk throughout lactation. Heifers conceived in winter were 1.15 times more likely to make it to the second calving and not be culled for reproductive failure. Remember, that’s in addition to greater milk production. How can we incorporate this into a beef production system where local environment and the goal of a set calving season drive decisions? Gone now is the chance to modify the 2017 breeding plan to avoid the worst summer heat, but the decision on whether to retain a heifer conceived during last summer’s heat is imminent. To review, beef cattle research showed many years ago that heifers born early in the calving season are more productive. Years later and thanks to our colleagues in dairy science, we discover productivity may be related to the timing of weather not only at birth but at conception. We continue to learn more each day about how the environment influences the genetic framework we develop. While we may not understand how it can influence each gene, we do know that overcoming a genetic deficit is a challenge. Now that you have something else to think about when building your herd, keep in mind that simple approach to beating average quality: do all you can to ensure each calf never has a bad day.

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Today’s Angus Advantage  31


Jared Glasman and Levi Jackson



PEE WEE Chase Airey

PEE WEE Chase Airey

JUNIOR Ty Nykoliation

JUNIOR Lane Nykoliation



SENIOR Samantha Rimke

SENIOR Orianna Hyndman


SENIOR Levi Rimke and Cindy Jack


Samantha Rimke, Gavin Reid, Kaitlyn Harrison, Sierra Inglis and Tyler Falconer


Nolan Glover, Sam DeRocquigny, Tanner Harms and Aklen Abey

HERDSMAN Falconer Family

PEE WEE Hannon Vandersluis


PEE WEE Bree Rusell

JUNIOR Teegan Hyndman


JUNIOR Teegan Hyndman




SENIOR Orianna Hyndman

SENIOR Naomi Best




PEE WEE Jackson Best

PEE WEE Bree Russell

JUNIOR Emma Harms

JUNIOR Harleigh Carlson



SENIOR Samantha Rimke

SENIOR Kaitlyn Davey



PEE WEE Bree Russell and Aklen Abey

PEE WEE Hannon Vandersluis

JUNIOR Jacyi-Jo Best and Grace Glover

JUNIOR Carson Baker

INTERMEDIATE Cody Carson and Bobbi-Jo Foster Today’s Angus Advantage  32

Samantha Rimke Naomi Best

Levi Rimke and Kaitlyn Davey






Cindy Jack, Emily Speers, Brooklyn Hedley, Chase Zulyniak and Fisher Cavers







INTERMEDIATE Nolan Glover SENIOR Samantha Rimke

Today’s Angus Advantage  33

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

John & Gloria Turner Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

BoxBruce, 234,Ione Souris, MB & Breanna R0KAusten 2C0& Katie Email Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0

204 734 2073 (204)483-3234 John (Cell) (204) 483-0764 Gloria (Cell) (204)-741-0648

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Bruce, Ione & Breanna Austen & Katie Comp2 RR2 Swan River, Mb R0L 1Z0 204 734 2073

Today’s Angus Advantage  34

Quality Purebred Red & Black Angus Genetics Annual Bull Sale - 3rd Saturday In March Albert, Glen, Larissa, Ian Dr. David & Shelly Hamilton Hamilton (204) 872-2358 (204) 822-3054 (204) 526-0705 (204) 325-3635 •

Doug & Jason McLaren Box 373, Neepawa, Manitoba R0J 1H0 Doug: 204-476-6248 Jason: 204-476-6723

Today’s Angus Advantage  35

Canadian consumers—and a good number of importers around the world—are hungry for highquality beef. That hunger shows most during the summer grilling season, as if driven by the breeze that carries an enticing aroma. However, it appears Canadian cattlemen have been unable to fully capitalize on that demand. A recent CANFAX report (see Figure 1) shows the demand for quality is high, but the number of cattle making the grade is below average. The difference in value between that below-average marbling, or AA grade and high-quality AAA

grade is typically reported as the AAA/AA spread. This past summer saw historically huge spreads, as high as $42 per hundred weight during one week that anticipated charcoal burning everywhere. The premium value for AAA beef in 2017 is even more evident compared the three-year average of an $11/cwt. spread for the same week. “Canadian carcass weights are significantly below a year ago,”says Brian Perillat, CANFAX market analyst. “And although we have a larger fed slaughter compared to 2016, the number of cattle grading AAA is down. That brings us back to cattle genetics.” The spread pattern of a summer spike exemplifies a critical shortage of high-marbling cattle during those key months. By contrast, the supply of such premium beef more closely aligns with demand in the cooler seasons, when the spread narrows. The Certified Angus Beef®(CAB®) brand and

Prime beef command even higher and more stable premiums over both AA and AAA grade throughout the year (see Figures 2-4). Research in the U.S. demonstrates rising demand for both CAB and Prime

while that for USDA Choice, roughly equivalent to AAA, is steady at best. That’s especially important as beef supplies grow across North America, says Paul Dykstra, beef cattle specialist for CAB. The share of Select (AA)

Today’s Angus Advantage  36

beef in the U.S. has been declining along with fading demand. “The proportion of Choice/AAA and CAB carcasses in the fed-cattle mix are evolving to an ever larger share,” he says. “Yet the premiums for beef with higher degrees of marbling and thus consumer satisfaction often outperform demandcurve projections with such growth in availability.” The key to producing cattle that make the grade and capture these premiums? Genetics. Through focused selection of high-marbling black Angus sires, the American beef cattle herd has improved to record quality grade levels. This summer in the U.S., just after its own spike in the Choice/Select spread and a sustained higher level for CAB, more than 30% of fed cattle in July met CAB specifications. That lifted one week to generating more than 100,000 CAB carcasses and up to 71% of all cattle qualified as

Angus type while near 80% graded Choice or higher. “Packers need cattle that qualify for the AAA grade and higher quality brands, and the recently wide spreads in value show how sensitive the market can be when supplies run short,” Dykstra says. “The use of above-average Angus genetics can help satisfy that demand. Canadians taste for great beef is no secret, and that includes a craving for some 40 million pounds of the CAB brand annually. The brand has been produced in Canada since 2000, but the country’s Angus ranchers have not yet risen to the challenge to produce all of that supply, so that a portion must be imported from the States. CAB partners at retail and food service across Canada all say they and their customers want to buy CAB produced in Canada, so that aspect only adds to local demand.

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Today’s Angus Advantage  38

Fleming Stock Farms Box 1 Granum, Alberta T0L 1A0 Phone: 403-687-2288 Cell: 403-625-0427 (Duncan) Cell: 403-625-1124 (Cecilie) Cell: 403-625-1060 (Cooper) Email:

Duncan, Cecilie & Cooper Fleming "Quality goes in before the name goes on"

performance RED & BLACK angus

Bob Hahn cell. 780.991.1355 home. 780.464.0296 fax. 780.423.4836

22525 Twp Rd 514 Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8C 1H5

Today’s Angus Advantage  39

Mick & Debbie Trefiak

14 miles east of Wainright and 11 miles north on range road 4-3

RR 1 Edgerton, Alberta T0B 1K0 P :: 780-755-2224 F :: 780-755-2223 C :: 780-842-8835

Lee & Laura Brown

Box 217, Erskine, AB T0C 1G0 403-742-4226 Lee cell 403-740-9429

Annual Bull and Female Sale second Saturday in March


Angus Ranch

Craig & Jody Spady hm: 780.583.2420 cell: 403.740.4978

Box 1017 Castor, AB T0C 0X0

Today’s Angus Advantage  40

Sean McGrath

Box 3528 Vermilion, AB T9X 2B5 (780)853‐9673

The Best Beef in a Better World

Sean McGrath


Samtia Angus REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS CATTLE Lee & Layne Gleim & Family Box 4467, Taber, AB Home: (403) 223-8442 Cell: (403) 795-0004 or (403) 634-8226 “Our Vision is Based on Quality Not Quantity”

Today’s Angus Advantage  41


aving practiced veterinary medicine in Western Canada for the last 30 years, I have yet to diagnose a known case of algae poisoning. In Eastern Canada, with the growing human and livestock population surrounding water bodies, there have been increasing problems with this. It may only be a matter of time before algae poisoning increases in the West. With recent flooding and excessive moisture, phosphorus and nitrogen increases in dugouts and lakes have increased algal blooms. There are some permanent and temporary preventative measures we can do to decrease the incidence. Generally, if seen it is very acute causing sudden death in an outbreak form where several head are involved. Blue–green algae, also known as pond scum will cause the water to look like blue-green soup in a dense bloom, with solid looking chunks in it. Fresh blooms smell like grass clippings, whereas old blooms smell like rotting garbage. Winds can concentrate the blooms on one side of a water body, but the toxins produced by the algae can dissipate within several days in the water making diagnosis difficult. The death of the algae by cold weather, winds or rainfall is what releases the toxins into the water. We get most algal blooms in late summer and early fall. Clinical signs most commonly involve several animals with sudden death being the common denominator. If seen alive, nervous symptoms predominate since the toxin affects nerve transmission. Death is caused from respiratory failure. If the animal survives liver damage and photosensitization (sunburn) predominate. Most often clinical signs would start within fifteen minutes of consuming water so affected animals are often found down or dead not far from the water source. What causes these blooms are ever increasing amounts of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen derived from animal and human wastes. So manure and urine from animals or human septic systems as well as crop or lawn sprays lead to these increasing nutrients in our water level. Wildlife are not immune to this poisoning, and are often the sentinel animals. Any time dead deer or moose are seen close to a water supply, suspicions should be raised. Even human skin contact with the affected algae or water will lead to rashes, eye irritation and abdominal cramps. In some jurisdictions mandatory vegetation buffer strips around lakes minimizes runoff and sediment which lead to the algal blooms and potential poisonings by wildlife, domestic livestock, birds or humans. The toxin can even be passed up the food chain when predatory birds eat small birds poisoned by the algae. By minimizing the manure, urine and sprays getting into our water sources should keep these algae in check. The government is controlling the amounts of phosphorus in washing detergents another identified contaminant of our water supply. The wash water goes down the sewer and eventually ends up in our water supply. Several things are now commonly done at the farm level and greatly minimize this contamination. Spreading manure at the right times, and not on top of snow minimizes the likelihood of

contamination at spring runoff. Not feeding cattle close to waterways or drainage areas also minimizes this risk. These same practices help minimize the likelihood of contamination with E.coli O157:H7 another potentially deadly human bacteria if consumed in the water supply. The controlled exposure of cattle to open water by using solar powered pumps, nose pumps, wells or a myriad of other method to supply water does two things. It decreases contamination from defecation in the water and the cattle along with wildlife have access to cleaner healthier water. It has been proven they also have better performance when drinking the cleaner water a win- win scenario. Movement of animals in the water or boats in shallow lakes stirs up the bottom bringing up the phosphorus and nitrogen and aggravating the problem. If you can’t completely fence off the water areas the second best alternative is to have fresh water in a tank. Animals will choose the easiest route. The water intakes for these systems are placed way below the water surface away from the algal toxins thus making the water much safer to drink. If you do get algal blooms where any livestock have access they can be controlled by using copper sulfate in the water. Amounts of as little as ¼-1/2 pound of copper sulfate per 100,000 gallons will do the trick. The toxins may dissipate in as little as five days but the recommended time frame is three weeks after treatment before access is allowed. A simple way to calculate the copper sulfate necessary is to pace off the dugout length and width. If you know or can estimate the average depth figure out the total cubic feet. One cubic foot is 6.24 gallons so multiplying the total cubic feet by the 6.24 will give you how many gallons you are dealing with. Most large sized dugouts only need one or two pounds so is a very inexpensive way to get the job done. I have the producers dissolve the copper sulfate in a stock solution so it can be spread around and equally distributed. By monitoring and protecting your water supply, cattle diseases such as algae poisoning, coccidiosis or human diseases such as e coli will be greatly reduced. We have heard in the news several cases of water deprivation so checking the water supply will identify situations such as lines plugging, solar pumps failing or a myriad of problems where the end result is no water. You may need wireless alarms feeding into your cell phone or having the ability to check water bowls or tanks with a drone. Have water tests done periodically especially on new water sources as high levels of things like total dissolved solids or sulfates can lead to problems all on their own. Your cattle purebred and commercial will perform better and environmentally riparian areas are preserved with wildlife being better off when remote watering devices are employed. Visually and by the smell most times you should be able to spot algal blooms. Keeping check will make us all better stewards of the land for future generations and have our cattle perform better. Quality and easily accessible water supply leads to healthy cattle.

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In an effort to bring the most value to our advertisers, the next two issues will be the Canadian Angus Association Special Issues. The Late Fall issue will be the Canadian Angus Association Member & Sale Directory and the Winter Issue will continue to be the Canadian Angus Association Bull Buyer’s Guide. We are moving the timing of the directory, so it will work as a tool through the late fall and winter to capture more of the Angus sales that take place starting in November. Both issues are mailed to the entire membership, as well as the complete Canadian Angus Association commercial mailing list.

Canadian Angus Association Special Issue Advertising Booking Deadlines... Canadian Angus Association Member & Sale Directory Booking Deadline: October 10, 2017 Material Deadline: October 13, 2017 Camera Ready: October 20, 2017 Distributed To The Canadian Angus Members And Commercial Mailing List Canadian Angus Association Winter Bull Buyers Guide Booking Deadline: January 1, 2018 Material Deadline: January 8, 2017 Camera Ready: January 15, 2017 Distributed To The Canadian Angus Members And Commercial Mailing List

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20/20 Angus

Owen • Bernadette • Chantz Legaarden Box 93 • Paynton, SK • S0M 2J0 306-895-2024 •

Clint, Suzanne, Eric, Luc & Alexi Smith Box 284, Mankota, SK H: 306.478.2470 C: 306.478-7470 F: 306.478.2480 Today’s Angus Advantage  44

Halcyon Angus Farm

Red & Black Angus Box 23 Gladmar, SK S0C 1A0

Dwayne & Karen Fettes 306-969-4506


Scott, Tina Brandy & Eric 306-815-7023


Box 126 • Borden, SK • S0K 0N0 306.997.4802 •

Pure Bred Black Angus Cattle

Today’s Angus Advantage  45

Glenn & Mel Sisson

(306) 873-4890 Cell: (306) 852-9047 RR 1, Ridgedale, SK S0E 1L0 “The Final Legacy of the Black Pearl” Sale ~ December 16, 2017 Saskatoon, SK

Today’s Angus Advantage  46

Sunderland Ranch Ltd. Registered Black Angus Cattle

Terry & Rachelle Sunderland Box 2139 Maple Creek, SK S0N 1N0 306-662-3021

Home of SAV Ten Trillion 3112A Son of AAR Ten X 7008 5A X SAV Blackcap May 5530

Tom & Vicki Flanagan

Box 176 Dundurn, SK S0K 1K0 306.492.2161 b r ya n a n d t r a c e y w i l l m s w w w . w i l b a r fa r m s . co m

Willowview Angus Farm

Maple Creek, SK P: 306.662.2272 C: 306.662.8120

Ken & Sandy Harle

Box 512, Regina, SK S4P 3A3 306-359-6100 306-539-8185

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C. BAR D. RANCH Punchaw Red Angus

Mike & Brenda Wheeler 4694 Blackwater Rd. Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A1

Purebred Red Angus Cattle Albert & Jackie Tosoff 28450 Punchaw Road, Prince George, B.C. (75 KM S.W. of Prince George) P: 250-483-1283 E:

Tel: 250-567-4020


Bulls Sell At The Vanderhoof Bull Sale on April 14, 2018

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18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


Markdale, ON NOC 1HO P: 519-477-3431 #: (905) 898-4463 E: Office Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315

Gerald Kellington Manager


18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Manager

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9



Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

18010 Bathurst St. Newmarket, ON L3Y 4V9

Gerald Kellington Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:


Office #: (905) 898-4463 Gerald's #: (905) 252-6315 Email:

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Rob & Sandy Foubert IAN & JOY RUDKIN

3320 BRADBURN ROAD BLACKSTOCK, ON, L0B 1B0 905.718.5331

4373 Rideau River Rd Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 613-258-1062 or 613-791-8151

(a partnership)

4023 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 108, London, Ontario N6L 1E6 Kevin Brooks 519-878-1183

Rick Stull 12249 8th Line, Georgetown, ON L7G 4S4 Ph: (905) 877-8145 • Cell: (905) 703-0503

Breeders of quality Angus Cattle

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John Weaver 519-318-6302

Jim Weaver 519-868-0328

Autumn Angus Classic Sale

North Perth Inaugural Female Sale

September 2, 2017 Hanover, ON Auctioneer: Chris Poley Sale Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd.

September 3, 2017 Wingham, ON Auctioneer: Chris Poley Sale Management: T Bar C Cattle Co. Ltd.

Sale Results 2 Cow/Bull Calf Pairs 9 Cows 12 Cow/Heifer Calf Pairs 67 Bred Heifers 3 Heifer Calves 1 Bull Calf

Sale Results Averaged $10,125.00 Averaged $8,917.00 Averaged $6,638.00 Averaged $4,070.00 Averaged $3,417.00 Averaged $2,500.00

94 Live Lots Grossed $465,600.00 and Averaged $4,953.19 Total Sale Grossed: $468,725.00 High Selling Cows Lot 21 - Rehorst Evening Tinge 414B sired by S A V Class Act 2042 was purchased by Glencross Cattle Co., Mono, ON for $37,000.00 Lot 19 - JL Evening Tinge 3617 sired by S A V Potential 0205 was purchased by Atkinson International, New Lowell, ON for $15,500.00 High Selling Cow/Bull Calf Pair Lot 10 & 10A - HBH Lucy 88C sired by PA Fortitude 2500 was purchased by AS Galten Farms, Newmarket, ON for $5,750.00 and her calf First Line Johnny Cash 7E sired by Vin-Mar Johnny Cash 3513 was purchased by JPD Angus, Oro-Medonte, ON for $6,000.00 High Selling Cow/Heifer Calf Pair Lot 1 & 1A - Leela Barb 24B sired by Bruin Uproar 0070 was purchased by AS Galten Farms, Newmarket, ON for $10,500.00 and her calf Leela Barbara 13E sired by Young Dale Believe 46B was purchased by Artisan Farms, Mississauga, ON for $3,750.00 High Selling Bred Heifers Lot 23 - Rehorst Evening Tinge 617D sired by S A V Property 3121 was purchased by Johnson Livestock, Peebles, SK for $14,000.00 Lot 22 - Rehorst Evening Tinge Dak 620D sired by Mohnen South Dakota 402 was purchased by Leela Farms, Perth, ON for $7,500.00

16 Cows 1 Cow/Bull Calf Pair 4 Cow/Heifer Calf Pairs 6 Bred Heifers 3 Heifer Calves

Averaged $7,234.00 Averaged $24,500.00 Averaged $10,187.00 Averaged $8,041.00 Averaged $5,750.00

30 Live Lots Grossed $246,500.00 and Averaged $8,216.00 High Selling Cows Lot 14 - North Perth Barbara 300 sired by S A V 004 Density 4336 was purchased by Miller Livestock, Kerwood, ON for $17,500.00 Lot 24 - North Perth Blackcap May 500 sired by Connealy Final Product was purchased by Meadow Bridge Angus, St. Mary’s, ON for $14,000.00 High Selling Cow/Bull Calf Pair Lot 1 & 1A - North Perth Emblynette 210 sired by S A V 8180 Traveler 004 and her calf North Perth Regard 700 sired by S A V Regard 4863 was purchased by Bandura Ranches, Duchess, AB for $24,500.00 High Selling Cow/Heifer Calf Pair Lot 6 & 6A - North Perth Emblynette 112 sired by S A V 8180 Traveler 004 was purchased by Maple Line Farm, Blackstock, ON for $6,500.00 and her calf North Perth Emblynette 716 sired by S A V Regard 4863 was purchased by Norfolk Cattle, Tillsonburg, ON for $7,000.00 High Selling Bred Heifers Lot 15 - North Perth Barbara 614 sired by S A V Resource 1441 was purchased by Dudgeon Cattle Co., Dobbinton, ON for $14,500.00 Lot 11 - North Perth Emblynette 612 sired by S A V Resource 1441 was purchased by Bar-E-L Livestock, Stettler, AB for $10,000.00 High Selling Heifer Calf Lot 21 - North Perth Barbara 714 sired by B C Lookout 7024 was purchased by Premier Livestock, Milverton, ON for $8,000.00

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20/20 Angus

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First Time Offering Females For Sale! The top of the replacement pen offered backed by some of the notable cow families; Cher, Blockanna and Raven

Red Twin Heritage Cher 293S

Offering Daughters From These Two Herd Leading Dams And Others.

For Sale By Private Treaty, Call For Details Red SSS Blockanna 671X

twin heritage

Sheho, SK Mitch: 306.272.7501 Michael: 306.220.1976

"Add a Touch of Heritage to Your Herd" Today’s Angus Advantage  58

Country Lane Angus 39 Crescent Creek Angus 14, 44 Cudlobe Angus 22 D & K Black Angus 50 Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. 56 Deer Range Red Angus 44 Deer River Ranching 39 Delorme Livestock 44 Diamond L Ranch 39 Diamond T Cattle Co. 39 DJ Cattle Co. 34 DKF Angus 45 Dolittle Angus 45 Dorran, Steve 56 Double Bar D Farms 45 Double C Red Angus 45 Double ‘F’ Cattle Co. 45 Dragonview Angus 48 Drumhaggart Ltd. 34 DSMR Stock Farms 6 Dwajo Angus 39 Early Sunset Ranch 1 Eastondale Angus 45 Edwards Angus 19 EKW Red angus 45 Emmatt Creek Ranch 45 Eton Six Cattle 34 Everblack Angus 39 F Bar & Associates 34 Fair Haven Farms Ltd. 34 FarmFair International 18 Fleming Stock Farm 22, 39 Flewelling Cattle Co. 56 Fraser Farms 34 GBS Angus Farm 45 GBT Angus 45 Gerlei Angus 45 Get-A-Long Stock Farm 39 Gilchrist Farms 6, 7, 50 Glasman Farms 34 Glen Gabel Angus 18, 19, 45 Glen Isley Angus 50 Goad Family Angus 39 Gold-Bar Livestock 19 Graham Red Angus 50 Grant Rolston Photography Ltd. 56 Greenbush angus 34 GTA Ranch Inc. 39 H.S. Knill Transport 22 Hahn Cattle Co. 39 Halcyon Angus Farm 45 Hall’s Cattle Company 19 Hamco Cattle Co. 34 Hamilton Farms 39 Harprey Farms 6, 50 Hartford Bros. 50 Harvest Angus 15, 48 Hasson Livestock 6 Hawthorne Farm 6 Hazel Bluff Angus 39 HBH Farms Inc. 9 Heart Of The Valley Angus 15 Hi Low Angus 19, 45 High Tree Cattle 45

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Dennis Johnston ~ David Johnston 306.227.2344 ~ 306.867.7959 PH/Fax: 306.856.4726 Conquest, Saskatchewan

Bulls For Sale By Private Treaty

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Bulls of


Bull & Select Female Sale March 12, 2018 - 1:00 PM At the Farm






Be sure to stop by the ranch and view the prospects for next year's sale!

L E R BA Angus

Selling: 80 Black Angus Yearling Bulls 10 Two Year Old Black Angus Bulls 35 Registered Black Angus Open Heifers

Next Bull Sale - March 8, 2018 Sale at the Ranch with Guests Allison Farms Red Angus

Dave & Lynne Longshore Family

Stettler, AB H. 403.579.2394 C. 403.740.6788 Website: Email:

Scott Anderson - 587.282.9683


Calving Ease with High Growth and Performance Carcass and Performance Data Large Sire Groups, 1/2 and 3/4 Brothers Sound, Athletic, Attractive Semen Tested & Full Guarantee Affordable Richard Latimer 403.507.1122

Gary Latimer 403.507.1123 Box 3833, Olds, AB T4H 1P5 Office 403.556.2742 - Fax: 403.556.2761

Directions: 4 Miles South Of Olds on HWY 2A, 1 Mile West on Amerada Road

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