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ecember 12th will be another historic day in the Simmental breed, as we offer the final chapter of Stoughton Farms great herd of seed stock. Although there is always a hint of sadness when we lose a fellow breeder, we have the opportunity to select from a herd that has spent four decades building a powerful, predictable program... well the opportunity quickly over shadows the sadness. A great herd... not by chance but built by customers. Over the last forty years, Keith and Bryan have selected and owned walking bulls with traits that would fulfill the requirements of the many repeat customers that they have amassed through their commercial trade. The bonus feature is that each year, one-half of the calves are females and since the replacement pasture is always untouched, the cow herd strengthens yearly as the top cow families expand and become more and more predictable. As you read through this catalogue, observe the strength of performance without fuss in this herd... whether you believe in numbers or not, they don’t lie and we will become more reliant on numbers in the years to follow. Only in a dispersal of a cow herd with this stature, can one select from the heart of leading cow families... the opportunities are unlimited whether you want red or black. Stoughton Farms is offering all their breeding age 2016 bull calves, complete with a payment and a wintering plan. Stop by Stoughton’s any time prior the sale or sale day; select your bull, see his mother, the boys will winter him and you can pick up your semen checked bull next spring... get ahead of the game and beat the taxman all in one day! Times are exciting in the Simmental breed... endorsed from conception to consumer, the breed has proven its leading stature in every pasture and feedlot throughout the nation. In many cases, the calf inside the female you purchase will have as much or greater value than what you paid for the mother. Although this is the final chapter for Stoughton Farms, it’s the start of a new book for many, as females from this herd will be heard from for years to come... just make sure that their story is in your book! We must be grateful to Keith and Bryan and their families for the years of dedication to the Simmental breed... they are founders and pioneers committed to agriculture... true builders of the breed! If we may be of any assistance prior to or sale day, do not hesitate to contact any of the T Bar Team or myself... we will be pleased to assist in a professional manner. Plan to be a part of history, Chris Poley

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Stoughton Farms Complete Dispersal  

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