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Ryan Cook Simmental Country Sales Representative


s I sit down to write my final report for 2017, I think of the great support from my fellow producers that advertised in Simmental Country. Thank you! The magazine is owned by you, the members of the Canadian Simmental Association but I would also like to thank the Board of Directors and CSA staff for standing behind the magazine and letting us deliver an amazing magazine to you. The Simmental Country is viewed by many in Canada and around the world as a first class publication and it is an honor for myself to be working with everyone in showcasing your programs and maximizing your exposure. If you have any thoughts you would like to forward on, don’t hesitate to chat with me this fall. As we wrap up 2017, I reflect on the 50th Anniversary celebrations throughout the country. The past and present members that shared the memories were fantastic to relive as we give thanks to the founding members that took a chance

and saw the potential of Simmental 50 years ago. We had many changes over the years but one common comment I heard is “the people made Simmental great.” This is very true, it all started with some great individuals and only got stronger as the breed developed. Another strong suit is that, “we adapted to the needs of the commercial cattlemen.” This in turn has led to some of the strongest bull sales the last decade as well as Simmental influence cattle being sourced and bringing top dollars throughout the beef sector. I have truly enjoyed this year working for the CSA/SC during the 50th Anniversary, looking forward to chatting with all of you down the road this fall.

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