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Summer Two-Year-Old Red Angus Bulls - Registered Purebreds -




One Bull At A Time

Although we sell 450 bulls in one afternoon we sell only one bull in the ring at a time. I have never been comfortable being forced to bid when two bulls are sold “choice.” We just don’t think it’s fair to our customers. So while we sell more bulls than anyone in the country, we do it “one at a time.”

LET US FEED HIM ‘TIL YOU NEED HIM! $100 BULL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM We have established a widely accepted program to develop all yearling and 2 year old bulls here at the ranch to better serve our customers. We will take the bulls home after the sale and feed them until early April on a silage based ration to gain about 2 1/2 lbs. per day. Delivery will be throughout the month of April, area by area. The price for this service is $100 on yearling - $125 on 2 year olds, payable at sale time. It’s a real value as it includes board, a semen test and central point delivery.

Trent Wirstuk, Rick Knorr, Cody Creech, Mac Creech

We recommend that you insure the bulls on development. Good rates are available from our agents.

Herd Health Program

We maintain a practical, effective herd health and vaccination program for our own and our customers protection. Calves receive a vaccination for blackleg at two months of age (spring turnout). They receive a second blackleg plus vaccinations for hemophilus and pasteurella at weaning time (about 5 months of age). Prior to puberty, before reaching a year, they are vaccinated for IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV with a live virus vaccine and they receive the last booster for blackleg (this should provide life long immunity). The cowherd receives annual prebreeding vaccinations with a live virus vaccine, generally Bovishield Gold for BVD, IBR, PI3 and BRSV. All cattle are treated with an Ivomec product annually, the sale bulls generally twice prior to sale. We do not vaccinate for foot rot because we have not found it to be effective enough, but should you require it we can do it before delivery. We recommend vaccinationg your new bulls with the products you use at your first opportunity. 20

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MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

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