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Red Angus Reference Sires


E Red QLC Quantock 941 2319B


red RSL Junior 28B


Birth Date: February 13, 2014

Birth Date: May 22, 2014

Red QLC Quantock LO 898R Red QLC Quantock 898 941Y Red QLC Quantock LT Miss 611N Red BWB Rob Roy 50P RedQLC Quantock RR Miss 608U Red QLC Quantock Spur Miss 355 Progeny Profile: Avg. BW 67.8 lbs. • Length • Balance • Goodness This is “Buttercup” selected for in herd use on primarily heifers. Where he worked magnificently so well, in fact we may move him to cows and keep some sons. Very light birth weights but very respectable performance. “Strong sons sell.” Like all the bulls we keep and use, his mother is a standout.

Red RMJ Redman 1T Red Lazy MC Redman 12X Red Lazy MC Vanna 82U Red Six Mile Stockman 86N Red RSL Bushman 639S Red Miss RTR 61Z We lost Junior to injury in his first season. These will be his only sons to sell. He came with great credentials but we really never got to see him prove himself. His sons fit right in with the type of bulls we like to raise.

Red Angus Bulls - Red Angus Data Profile CALVING

MATERNAL Adjusted Weaning Weight

Age of Dam

Calving Ease

Birth Weight

documents productivity

U - unassisted E - easy pull M - malpresented

actual wt. taken within 24 hrs. of birth

adj. for age of calf & dam

5 yrs.


89 lbs.

603 lbs.

GROWTH Average of Summer Grass Gain and Test Gain gain on pasture with late season supplement

gain per day while in our bull test


FERTILITY Projected 18 Month Weight

14 Month Scrotal Size

a good reflection of overall performance

in cm

1518 lbs


The data we have presented is as comprehensive as possible and will enable you to select bulls to ideally suit your needs. We have listed each bull’s Age of Dam (A.O.D.), Calving Ease (C.E.), Birth Weight (B.W.), Adjusted Weaning Weight (A.W.W.), Grass Gain (G.G.), Test Average Daily Gain (A.D.G.), Projected 18 Month Weight and Scrotal Size. The bulls have been fed a silage, pellet ration designed to provide a modest gain. The bulls were weighed in late November and a gain calculated from grass turnout till late November. We have provided photos to give you an impression of the excellent quality and performance on offer. They are backed by our unconditional guarantee. All are guaranteed breeders. Your attention is directed to the bull development option which you may wish to consider. All bulls are semen tested.

You will receive a transferred pedigree on all our Red Angus purebred bulls.

One Gain Figure

We were “ambushed” by Mother Nature last spring. Easter brought heavy rain followed by lots of wet snow. Our bull lots were destroyed and the bulls spent the last month of spring in the mud. They came through really well but the turnout weights were not stabilized pen to pen. To help give more accurate gain data, we have presented “ONE GAIN FIGURE” only. It takes into account Summer Gain on Grass plus the first month in our bull test. Gain from grass turnout to late November.

Summer Reds are the answer...

They’re bigger, stouter and tougher than the yearlings you’ll buy other places. They’ll breed more cows (even the big ones), hold their condition, take less management and be less worry and trouble. They’ve been gently and slowly developed on grass, so they last a long time in your herd. They’ll breed circles around a yearling and they’re not the “leftovers” like most 2 year olds you’ll find. They really are the answer. “Perfect Age” bulls - 22-26 months old at breeding time. WHY BUY A YEARLING WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THESE AT NO MORE MONEY?


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MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

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