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Red Angus Reference Sires A

Red LWNBRG Rollin Deep 90B

Birthdate: January 31, 2014

Red Bieber Rollin Deep Y118 Red Ted Kinchen Sagebrush 74R


Red Bieber Roosevelt W384 Red Bieber Tilly 399W Red Kinchen Sagebrush 487 Red Ted Glacier Marias 26L

Rollie’ as we call him was added in the spring of 2015. He was bought to bring the mass and body of a bull I long admired, “Bieber Rollin Deep” to our program. He is long bodied, fleshy (and keeps it year around). These are his first sons to sell, there will be many more. We simply “love them.” His sons were the attraction at the Leewenburgh sale last spring. He’s real “Angusey,” moderate birthed, wide bodied and deep, just like his name. Progeny Profile: Avg. BW 75.7 lbs. • Wide Bodied • Deep Deep • Fleshy • Moderate Frame


Red QLC Quantock 895 2242A

Birthdate: June 30, 2013

Red QLC Quantock Hips 895X Red QLC Quantock FKY Miss 932U


Red Hips High Time 14S Red QLC Quantock DW Miss 638M Red Coteau Crest 290B 5J Red QLC Quantock 13 Miss 540N

2242 or “Hippo” as we know him was selected mostly on the unbeatable look and performance of his mother and to carry on a little “Hips High Time” influence which we found valuable. His first sons are long framed, “meaty” and good. More are coming next year as we continue to use him heavily. Progeny Profile: Avg. BW 77 lbs. • Long Bodied • Correct Structure • Moderate Frame


Red QLC Quantock 829 2191Y

Birthdate: August 26, 2011

Red Koran Lancaster 154L Red QLC Quantock L T 829S Red QLC Quantock DW Miss 596L Red Eggen 272D 20H Red QLC Quantock H M Miss 734S Red QLC Quantock DW Miss 274L


This is “Munchkin;” he was a 70 pound birth weight bull with lots of bulk and body. He is linebred top and bottom to Jurassic 48H, a bull who left more good cows than any sire we have used. This crop of “Munchkins” are from our heifers, are unbelievably uniform and darn awful good. We used this bull heavily in the past few seasons. Progeny Profile: Avg. BW 69 lbs. • Thick • Heavy Weight on a Modest Frame • Real “Angusy”


D 10

Red LFE Lewis 3004Z

Birth Date: April 29, 2012 Tres Marias 7031 CACHAFRAZ Red WAF Cachafraz 351U Red COG 269 2034-4 Red Crowfoot Ole’s Oscar 2042M Red LFE Mildred 629U Red Diamond D Mildred 605M Progeny Profile: Avg. BW 82 lbs. • Deep, Deep, Deep • Payweight •Moderate Frame This is “Cachafraz” or “Catfish” as I sometimes call him. He has a unique pedigree. His sire was “bred in Argentina.” He is rewriting the book on how deep and thick you can make a Red Angus. Even if you don’t need a bull, study his sons, they’ll be easy to find. Last year’s sons were among the high sellers. Admired for their incredible body mass. Some “POWER” sons in this offering.

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MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale  

MC Quantock "Canada's Bulls" 50th Annual Bull Sale

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