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hereford sale bulls

ords... Real Heresf to the industry!

Not your usual Herefords. These are Hill 70 Quantock Herefords…

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● Rounder, thicker, deeper, moderate frames, medium birth weights. ● Weaning weights – enough to sell calves. ● Milk – enough to wean 600 lbs.+ calves. No big teats and no feet problems.


“Herefords have a thicker hide than the European breeds. Thicker skinned animals have more insulation, reducing the amount of additional energy that the animal requires.” Alberta Agriculture

Boys – these are the bulls you say you can’t find!

– hill 70 quantock hereford performance profilE – calving traits maternal traits growth traits Fertility aod ce bw ADJ/205 DW ww epd Milk epd Yr. epd Grass gain SS 6 U 95 600 +29 +10 +27 2.7 38 AoD - Age of Dam CE - Calving Ease BW - Actual Birth Weight ADJ/205 DW - Weaning weight adjusted to 205 days for easy comparison

WW EPD - Growth differences up to 205 days. The higher the # the more weaning lbs. Milk & Growth EPD (tm) - Combination of Milk and Weaning Growth Across Breed

YR. EPD - Growth differences thru to 365 days. The higher the # the more yearling lbs. Grass Gain - Pasture gain through 18 months, actual gain limited supplement

hereford reference sires A

H70-Quantock BR 408Y

H70-Quantock Brick 404U H70-Quantock Fancy 329P

KSU Bounty Hunter 611 H70-Quantock Fancy 289P F-R 123G Lad 96K H70-Quantock 4102 Miss 257K

BW Wean Yearling milk TM WT Wt EPD +5.8 ACC ..68

A 7

+57.9 .50

+101.8 .45




With the loss of his sire BRICK, we were very fortunate to have 408Y on the roster. He adds more body mass end to end to his progent than any bull we have ever turned out or AI’ed to. His progeny are incredibly long, hairy and structurally sound, all packed into a very moderate frame. His mama went to town after 10 years of production and still had a sound, level, small teated udder. His daughters are wide bodied, level uddered - small teated producing cows. We hear people talk about not enough middle in cattle, well 408 is the REAL DEAL. 3 sons on offer.

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Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

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