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free delivery – so come in your car!! Within a short time after the sale we will arrange delivery of all cattle safely, to within a short distance of their new homes. This delivery will be provided to central ranch location, convenient to every buyer. No matter where you live we will get very close to you. Due to cost and time please be prepared to meet us when we phone to inform you of deliver dates. We run our delivery routes

in both February and April for all bulls. Delivery will be provided in the Western Provinces. On cattle going longer distances, Hill 70 Quantock will cost share delivery. Ontario and East, Hill 70 Quantock pays delivery to the Manitoba/Ontario border. We make all the arrangements. You may take advantage of our $50/bull “Haul Yer’ Own” discount on all bulls.

60/40 finance...

wanted!!! Repeat Buyers Folks... if you bought bulls in the 2016 or 2017 Hill 70 Quantock Ranch Barn Burnin’ Bull Sales you qualify to discount 3% of your total bull purchase in the 2018 Barn Burnin’ Bull Sale.

If it works for you... it works for us!

We have developed a 60/40 finance program with 0% interest. Pay us 60% down sale day, leave a post-dated cheque for the 40% due July 1, 2018, O.A.C. plus sign a legal lending agreement. It’s simple... it’s easy and it helps us all. Give me a call “Bill the Bull Guy” any time - any day.

Hill 70 quantock bull development program A REAL VALUE AT $100 On Yearlings – $130 On 2 Year Olds We have established a program to develop these young bulls here at Hill 70 Quantock to better serve our customers. We will keep the bulls at home after the sale and feed them until early April on a balanced TMR ration to gain about 2-1/2 lbs./day. We will then independently semen test them and deliver them to central points throughout Western Canada. Delivery will be from early April until early May. The price for this service is $100 for yearlings payable at sale time. It’s a real value as it includes 75 days board, independent semen test, and central point delivery. On two year old bulls we will board bulls until April and deliver. As all two year olds have already been semen tested, we will recheck testicles and retest any that may have changed a significant amount. The charge for this service is $130/bull. So, if possession of a young bull is inconvenient for you, use this program - another customer service from Hill 70 Quantock.


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Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

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