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red angus reference sires F

Red 5L Blazin Grand 518-285X

Red 5L Double Blaze 1134-8576 Red 5L Classy 1706-518

Red 5L Blazin Time 982-5044 Red 5L Tess 5166-1134 5L Grand Alliance 101-5226

Red 5L Classy 288-1706

He is a very, very rare find in the Red Angus business. Very few bulls can offer this type of body mass and true natural dimension. No feed needed to make his sons thick. His daughters are pleasing to the eye, moderate and perfect uddered. As his daughters progress to mature cows they are proving their true worth as elite end production cows. The near perfect structure through all his progeny right from feet, body and udders is really impressive. 10 sons on offer. Owned with 5L Red Angus, Montana EPDs: CE +7.1, BW +0.1, WW +60, YW +90, MILK +31


Red H70 Quantock 818C

Red 5L Blazin Grand 518-285X Red H70 Quantock 00 Ms 606S

Red 5L Double Blaze 1134-8576 Red 5L Classy 1706-518 Red Crowfoot Ole’s Oscar 2042M

Red H70 Quantock 175 Miss 512J

His pedigree reads like no other and his calves are some of our best yearlings. We only have a limited amount of sons this year but will have many more in the years to come. 6 sons on offer.


EPDs: CE +8.9, BW -2.9, WW +43, YW +65, MILK +28

Other Sires Represented

Red Flying K Cowboy Logic 108A 7 sons offered

red h70 quantock 780t - 1 son offered EPDs: CE +5.2, BW -1.1, WW +56, YW +92, Milk +22

EPDs: CE +0.8, BW +2.2, WW +57, YW +79, Milk +20

rEd H70 quantock 809C - 4 sons offered EPDs: CE +9.0, BW -3.2, WW +44, YW +67, Milk +28

red YCLC Timberlake 525B - 2 sons offered EPDs: CE +4.4, BW -2.5, WW +44, YW +64, Milk +13

red LSF Forecast 2253Z - 1 son offered EPDs: CE +2.3, BW -1.5, WW +60, YW +104, Milk +24

management of your yearling bulls The Red Angus bulls in this sale are presented in near perfect growing condition. They have been on a silage TMR ration since weaning time. To insure maximum usefulness it is important to keep your young bull growing and maturing normally. He should be fed a balanced ration, at least 10 lbs./day of some type of grain and good free choice hay will work well. If possible feed the bull alone or with a few head his own size. (Often young bulls running with mature bulls receive very little feed in reality.) Because our bulls are sold at a relatively young age and in very modest condition, attention to growing them out to their potential will be well worthwhile. After the first season young bulls, especially yearlings and fall borns should be wintered on their own away from bigger mature bulls, or at least with lots of bunk space. Your attention to this will ensure many years of service with your young bull. We prefer to develop your young bull in our Bull Development Option - real value at $100. Equal importance is to pull your yearling bulls back to the yard and feed them well after breeding season. This will keep them growing and in good shape for winter and next years breeding season. Again this year we have catalogued all the bulls in numerical order for everyone’s convenience. They have all been managed the same since weaning, on a growing ration to average 3 lbs./day gain. We have not marked any bulls as elite as the selection has never been better or more uniform. You be the judge.

– red angus performance profilE –

calving traits maternal traits growth traits aod ce bw adj 205/ww milk/epd ww/epd yw/epd Proj. 365/DW 4 u 78 660 +10 +32 +50 1140 AOD - Age of Dam CE - Calving Ease BW - Birth Weight ADJ 205/WW - Weaning Weight adjusted to 205 days

milk/EPD - Indication of milking ability - across breed comparison WW/EPD - Across breed comparison of weaning weight potential YW/EPD - Across breed comparison of yearling weight potential

PRJ 365/DW - A combination of weaning weight and test ADG to project a yearling weight

Bull development is by far your best bet on all these yearling bulls!! 18

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Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale  

Hill 70 Quantock "Barn Burnin" Bull Sale

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