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We were the first to import Clifton Hercules genetics to Canada and we are now breeding the 3rd generation from this exceptional animal. Advancing quickly by using multiple bulls, AI and ET, well framed and heavily muscled is our foundation.

Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman 325 Trottman Road Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 (905) 376-6570
FARM Cold Creek
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Address Inquiries about...

Galloways, Belted Galloways, White Galloways and Riggit Galloways to CANADIAN GALLOWAY ASSOCIATION

c/o CLRC

2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1V 0M7

Tel: 613-731-7110

Fax: 613-731-0704



Herd Books

The herd book of the Canadian Galloway Association has four sections.

Animals registered in the four sections are treated as four distinct “breeds.”

Tattoo Letters

Each of the four breeds occur in three colours, BLACK, DUN, or RED

Section I: Galloway

Section II: Belted Galloway

Section III: White Galloway

Section IV: Riggit Galloways

The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book contains all registered Canadian Galloways, Belted Galloways and White Galloways up to 2002. To obtain copies, contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association.

For a more detailed explanation please contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book is for sale.


A.I. Collected Sires

Breeders are urged to obtain a copy of the A.I. and E.T. regulations of the Association from the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. A list of the A.I. collected sires is available. Users of Galloway, Belted Galloway, White Galloway or Riggit Galloways semen intending to register progeny may require a semen certificate for registration.

NOTE: The owners may have restrictions on the sale and use of Semen Certificates.

are as follows... HST and Shipping extra Volume 3 thru 8 set: $150.00 Volume 1 P.O.A. Volume 2 P.O.A. Volume 3 $5.00 Volume 4 $5.00 Volume 5 $30.00 Volume 6 $30.00 Volume 7 $30.00 Volume 8 $75.00
2023 - L 2024 - M 2025 - N 2022 - 2023 Board Of Directors .................................................... 6 President’s Message 7 Meet The Directors 8, 9 CGA Junior Members Share 16, 17 Skye Line Farms ............................................................................... 24 Australian Galloway Association Report 25 Galloway Cattle Society UK & Ireland 26 ECGA Junior Report ....................................................................... 27 CGA Top Bulls For Progeny Registered In 2022 29 CGA Registration Activity in 202022 29 CGA 2022 - 2023 Committees and Representatives ................... 30 2022 - 2023 Canadian Membership Directory 31 Galloway Beef Recipe 34 World Galloway Congress In Switzerland.................................... 35 50 Years Of Galloways In Germany 36 Federal Galloway Association Of Germany 37 Advertiser’s Index ............................................................................ 38 Published By: PO Box 2330 Warman, SK S0K 4S0 306-933-4200
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Meet Your Canadian Galloway Association Directors

Brian Robertson, President

Robertson West Livestock

(Term Expires 2023)

Box 1081, Caroline, AB T0M 0M0

Phone: 403-392-2335


Marie Blake, Vice President

Suncrest Farms Galloways, Listowel, Ontario

(Term Expires 2024)

44567 Perth Line 86 RR 1, Listowel, ON N4W 3G6

Phone 519-492-0057


Jules Fabios, Executive - Secretary

Skye Line Farms

(Term Expires 2024)

556389 Mulmur-Melanchton Town Line, Mulmur ON L9V 0A4

Tel: 705-440-3407


Ron Black, Secretary-Treasurer

c/o CLRC

2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON K1V 0M7

Tel: 613-731-7110 Fax: 613-731-0704


Lori Johnson, Director

Harmony Hill Belted Galloways

(Term expires 2025)

325 B Line, Mildmay, ON, N0G 2J0

Tel: 519-367-3661


Trevor O’Meara, Director

Cold Creek Farm

(Term Expires 2023)

325 Trottman Rd., Colborne, ON K0K 1S0

Phone: 905-376-6570


Aaron Tensen, Director

Whistling Heights Galloway

(Term expires 2025)

PO Box 9 RR 1 Site 22

Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 2A1

Tel: 403-845-3760


Vanessa Beach, Past President

Echo Valley Farm

6050 Con 2

Uxbridge, ON, L9P 0H3

Phone 416-997-6378


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President’s Message

Hello to all Galloway enthusiasts. I’m pleased to be addressing you once again as your President. I hope this finds you and your herds well despite the current global uncertainties.

In Canada we still find ourselves as Galloway breeders seeking in-roads into the commercial cow herds. The need for more hardy, feed efficient livestock, such as the Galloway breeds, have never been greater with increased production costs and our changing weather patterns. It is the hope that the cattle industry will soon see the value of using Galloway genetics to address these needs.

The last couple years have seen a decline in annual membership but I do believe we have the right-minded people at the reigns of the association to make a difference going forward. These are: Marie Blake-Vice Pres., Jules FabiosExecutive Sec., Trevor O’Meara, Lori Johnson, Aaron Tensen & Vanessa Beach (Past Pres.) all serving as Directors for 2022-2023.

In 2022 we saw numerous members showcase the breeds across Canada. Suncrest Farms, 2Bridges Galloways, Dedmandale Galloways, Glenfiddich Galloways and SHAK Galloways

in the eastern part of the country exhibited cattle in the fall fairs like Acton and Erin. As well as Robertson West Livestock, Ayla and Peta Kendall-Price in the west exhibited at Farm Fair Intl. There were also many Juniors who exhibited in 4-H or local junior shows. All who exhibited did an outstanding job promoting and representing the Galloway breeds.

As a whole Galloway still have so much to offer the beef industry but it will be up to us as breeders to take action to make that happen. I feel that most of the hurdles we have here are the same ones facing Galloway breeder’s worldwide and we need to find a way to make them work in our favour.


Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 7

Aaron Tensen

Whistling Heights Galloway Livestock

Aaron Tensen grew up near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta on a medium sized, mixed beef farm that his parents expanded from the land his great grand parents originally homesteaded. Aaron left the farm to pursue an Engineering degree from the University of Alberta; after which he, his wife Colleen, and their 3 children lived in various Alberta communities due to his career in the oil patch. In 2012 they were finally able to purchase some land close to the family farm and settle back in Rocky, Aaron commutes to Calgary to work as a Senior Facility Engineering Manager.

After Aaron’s parents retired from farming in 2015, he decided it was time to start his own herd. Colleen and Aaron researched and settled on Black Galloways. They started with only a few cows they purchased from other Alberta

breeders, and have been slowing building a quality registered herd that is true to original breed traits. Their Farm Name is “Whistling Heights Galloway Livestock” due to how windy it is at their farm. They currently market direct to customer grass finished beef by word of mouth, but once the herd is fully established also hope to sell registered heifers and possibly even bulls. They are also considering starting a second small herd of White Galloways next year.

Aaron has been fortunate to gain volunteer experience in different roles on his Church’s Council and also on the School Board. Aaron is currently the Secretary of the Alberta Galloway Association, and a junior Director of the Canadian Galloway Association

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Lori Johnson

My family and I have a herd of registered black belted Galloway cattle on our farm outside Mildmay ON where we raise breeding stock as well as freezer beef. We were drawn to Galloways because of their hardy ability to withstand our Bruce County winters, their stellar calving and mothering, and thriftiness out on pasture. We’ve come to adore the breed and enjoying meeting other enthusiastic breeders.

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Building Better Cattle Year After Year Fort Benton, Montana 406 - 799 - 0276 Caught Ya Looking! Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 10
Pete and Laurie Cocking RR2, Fisherville, ON, Canada Tel: 289-339-9864 Email: Web: Registered Belted Galloways
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Visitors are always welcome!
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& 4 Generations together FARMING SHOWING Suncrest FARMSGALLOWAYS SUNCRESTFARM@CYG.NET 44567PERTHLINE86 LISTOWEL,ON \ N4W3G6 519-492-0057 \ 519-504-8114 SalterBlake THE FAMILIES & Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 13
FUTURE FARMS Ward Marshall | 403-588-5286 | Red Deer County, AB Call or Come for a Pasture Visit CATTLE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING GOOD! Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 15

Lyndon Mcconachie

Hi my name is Lyndon McConachie and I’m from Haldimand County. This was my first year in 4H and I showed a belted Galloway named 2 Bridges Janis. I was very interested in showing since I was little and was very excited to finally be old enough to join 4H and be able to learn new skills and all about my heifer and her breed . I showed a Belted Galloway at Binbrook, Caledonia and Simcoe fair this year and it was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed meeting new friends and helping each other get our cows ready for each show. I learned a lot over the season and can’t wait for next year!

Hello, my name is Katie Cocking. I live in Haldimand, Ontario and have been a member of the Haldimand 4H Beef Calf Club since 2019. I have previously shown dairy calves and sheep at local fairs and the Royal Winter Fair. This year I had the opportunity to work with and show a Belted Galloway heifer from our farm. Her name is 2 Bridges Jett. Together we attended the Spring 4Ward Junior Beef show in Ancaster, the Caledonia Fair and the Norfolk County Fair. Although I have been in 4H for 8 years I find there is always something new to learn and improve upon. I really enjoy working with our calves and can’t wait to show a Belted Galloway heifer again next year.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 16
Katie cocKing

Jessabelle Trelenberg

This year Jessabelle competed in 3 shows that had multiple clubs.

1. Cariboo Classic in Williams Lake with her Galloway influence steer. No championship titles but they made it to the championship ring!

2. Williams Lake and District Show and Sale. Reserve Champion Young Beef with her Belted Calf.

3. BC Agriculture Expo in Barrier BC: 1st Place Open Cow/Calf pair.

I was assistant beef leader and can confirm she did all the work and attended these multi-club shows.

She used the money she got from the association for showing last year to purchase semen (Bud Lightening) and is looking forward to showing that calf next year and further promoting the Galloway Breed

Advance 2023 17
The home of Boughbaron Galloways since 2003, focusing on elite genetics that perform as well as they look. Darcy Goodrich Hardisty, Alberta Canada 780-888-7840
WN Django 401B, Herdsire
Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 18
Boughbaron Camomile 32B, home raised cow
Fol low u s on Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 19
Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 20
Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 21 Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 22
Doug and Sheila Dedman 947639TownshipRoad14 NewDundee,ONN0B2E0 519.748.8848 Findus on & • Providing performance and breed characteristics; suitable for both your grass-fed pasture to plate program & the show ring.
Blacks, Duns, Silvers 2021 and 2022 Bulls available 2022 Heifers available • Visitors and enquiries always welcome Rotational Grazing Genetics Freezer Beef Thank you to all of our 2022 Customers! DedmandaleKelvin Sire:GlenfiddichExpert -Dam:MapleswayStorm Reserve Champion Galloway Bull –2022 Erin Fall Fair Purchased by: NichSeebach Stewardship & Sustainability Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 23


Belted Galloways - Tara, ON

It began with a bull. A seven month old bull calf to be exact. He was well developed for his age, with a solid frame, great stance and a perfect shape. It was love at first sight and whilst not many cattlemen starting a herd would begin with a bull - that’s how our story began. His name was Laurel Spring Rupert and, as a complete outcross bull, his breeder recommended they would have started with him too. It was excellent advice that was listened to! Rupert was bought on the spot - and so our Belted Galloway journey began….

Early on in our quest to build a herd, we realized it was not easy to find registered female Belted Galloways (Belties). We searched far and wide and asked many questions to snag that elusive first cow. Whilst there were lots of commercial Belties available, we recognized that there were few registered cows being sold at that time. We were lucky to land our first, Windchime Destiny, after a twelve hour round trip to Ottawa valley. We were also delighted to have help from some of the more established breeders to give us guidance about the breed along the way. Windchime Farm and Big Curve Acres Farm were particularly helpful, and we appreciated the guidance.

We were drawn to the breed primarily because they were reminiscent of my former Scottish home, but also because of the niche they could fill on some difficult and largely unworkable terrain on the periphery of the farm. The steepness of which could only really be mastered by a breed that was well adapted to the mountainous Southern Uplands of southwestern Dumfries and Galloway. Over many centuries, the breed had developed their low set centre of gravity, surefootedness and fantastic conversion and forage ability in truly harsh conditions. This, together with their well developed two layered hair coats for extreme conditions, set them apart in terms of durability and the ability to withstand whatever inclement weather conditions were thrown at them here in Ontario.

Other sterling attributes include their calving ease, sound mothering instincts, calm nature, great udders and reliable milking ability. To that end, in Scotland, they were historically used as a dual-purpose breed (both beef and dairy). Indeed, some of our herd pedigrees go back to ownership by the Edinburgh Milk Marketing Board, where they were used as milking cattle in their dairy herds.

The experience garnered during establishment of the Skye Line herd set our course and our outlook on the breed here in Canada. It was quickly recognised that a relatively small breeding population is evident, and outcross bull genetics are difficult to find generally. When we began our herd, the breed was classified as Endangered. We decided a two-tiered effort would be required to address these concerns. To that end we primarily focussed on adding to the gene pool in Canada to provide a greater diversity and build on the already excellent genetics in existence. Secondly, we wanted to encourage and enable new breeders to become part of the effort towards increasing the population size in Canada, whilst retaining great quality animals in the gene pool.

Our farm grew organically, and whilst we didn’t have any sophisticated marketing models to fall back on, we ticked along selling mostly heifer calves and improved our herd with larger framed broody female seed stock that could produce great bulls. The impetus was to raise grass fed, grass finished, lean beef that was great tasting “like beef used to taste years ago” as some of our customers reported.

We also imported a Scottish Beltie line, to increase the availability of outcross genetics, with the Scottish Champion Clifton Hercules from Anne Bell at the Clifton herd, Dumfries and Galloway. Through working with the breeder directly, we were able to cut out the “middle-man” and their associated handling costs. We went back to basics and bought our own semen tank for shipping - this soon realized a return with other breed importers using some tank space to assist with import costs. The opportunity was also embraced to assist a 4H breeder in the west with provision of a handful of straws.

The advent of COVID-19 also saw an increase in demand in the grass-fed market as more of the general public began to sit back and question what they were eating, and more importantly – what their beef was eating! At that time, almost all of our commercial Belties were sold to breeders for finishing and raising their own beef too. By having a specialist market and appealing to other quality beef breeders and customers, we avoided the food chain of supply through mass production to supermarkets. Most importantly - customers were happy to be provided with complete transparency of their food source. As small farmers, the ability to achieve this has given us much hope for the survival of traditional family farms.

We have also been extremely happy to assist another traditional family farm getting into the breed in Ontario. Our bull and majority of cows were leased for two years to Harmony Hill Farm. They recently returned in better shape than they left! We are indebted for all the mutual support whilst we were relocating to a larger farm this past year.

Currently we continue to raise great quality Clifton Hercules bull calves that have been picked up from as far afield as Ottawa Valley (huge thanks Arch Lee Farms). We are also sharing from the lessons learnt from our first import with another breeder, who is importing another Scottish Beltie bull line - soon to hit Canadian soil (way to go 2Bridges!).

Very much looking forward to working with the Galloway Committee under the newly elected CGA President, Brian Robertson, and new and pre-existing Directors alike. One of my personal key interests is to try and establish accurate numbers of live head of cattle in the Beltie herd book, largely through identification and removal of inactive animals. This shall involve a “tidy-up” as it were, of animals shipped or passed, and shall require a collective effort to be as accurate and honest as possible. Hopefully, this shall assist in identification of the true status of the breed so measures in line with population size can be developed accordingly. If, for example, there are fewer Belties than originally believed, and the herd is still at Endangered status – it would allow timely intervention to be made to assist, as need be, in removal of barriers to success for the future of the Belted Galloway breed here in Canada.

We are truly indebted to all the breeders who have helped Skye Line Farms during this ongoing, exciting journey and are humbled how supportive and open minded our fellow breeders continue to be.

Farmers helping farmers!

Slainte-va! (to your good health).

Jules, Darren & Harrison

Skye Line Farms, Tara, ON.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 24

022 has seen a slow return to public activities, with Australian Galloway Association members resuming participation in agricultural shows and field days.

Royal Canberra Show was the first large show for the year, with several entrants across the Galloway family presenting their cattle in the ring. This was followed by the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the Royal Toowoomba Show, the Royal Bathurst Show, and the Royal Brisbane Show. It was great to see Galloway cattle represented at each of theses shows and the cattle gaining attention from onlookers.

Tocal Field Days, in New South Wales, the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo and the East Gippsland Field Days, both held in Victoria, attract a diverse range of people, and members of the Galloway family were on display at all three. The Windaroo Stud of Josh Keech, and the Romani Stud of Shane Smeathers and Will Brigham dealt with crowds of just over 23,500 over the three days of the Tocal Field Days. The cattle on display attracted a lot of interest and a bottle fed calf became the main attraction at the display appealing to many admirers and receiving lots of pats and cuddles from children. Alison Hilli, Jalaway Belted Galloway Beef spent two days at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, catching up with past contacts and purchasers of her cattle, as well as meeting many people interested in Belted Galloways. The Pageoway stud of junior member Chelsea Filmer displayed a couple of Belted Galloway females, as well as some Belted Galloway hides, which were admired by many.

The Committee has held four information webinars throughout the year, with topics such as pastures and soils, a cattle Q & A forum, bull breeding and management, and cow breeding and management. These webinars have been well supported by members and it is anticipated they will continue to be held next year.

Two Member’s forums have also been held, via Zoom, and these have proved to be a great way of connecting members and having some meaningful discussions about areas of interest to the members.

The threat of Foot and Mouth Disease entering Australia following an outbreak in the country’s closest neighbour, Indonesia, has created a good reason for members to update their biosecurity plans and become more vigilant about the health of their cattle. It has also provided impetus for a national gene bank, and the Association is proud that Malcolm Cock, the current Association president, is part of a committee looking into the establishment of such a national gene bank.

The Association continues to increase in member numbers, fuelled by the strong interest in all types of the Galloway Family. It is great to see so much support for our diverse range of cattle –Galloway – the breed of choice!

2 Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 25

Galloway Cattle Society UK & Ireland of 2022 Report

As we said good bye to 2021, all signs pointed toward a more normal year in 2022. After the last two years of the pandemic, we were all looking forward to sales and shows and be able to plan and attend events which we had missed in 2020 & 2021.

Our Spring Sales were held on their traditional dates and did not disappoint at Castle Douglas Sale centre, there were 3 animals over 10,000gns and 12 heifers over 5000gns and at Carlisle sale centre, new male and female record prices were set. This just proves Galloways are very much wanted and people are prepared to pay for them. (Please see reports and photos). As we moved into spring, the weather was unsettled, with an unusually sunny March and a wetter May. The summer shows started and I am delighted to report all the small local shows had a great response from the general public and have reported increased attendance, although not as many animal exhibits as in years before the pandemic. We can’t say that about the number and quality of Galloways on show, this has been one of the best exhibits of Galloways seen on the summer show circuit. We would sincerely like to thank all our exhibitors who have taken the time and expense to show their Galloways at both local and national shows. I think everyone will agree it was great to be out and about, meeting with friends, family and customers.

The highlight of the summer is the national shows - Royal Highland Show and Great Yorkshire Show, due to the pandemic, the number of general public were restricted each day and this lead to some disappointed people who were unable to source entry tickets, we hope this will be resolved in 2023.

Once again we had a great show of Galloways forward, particularly the females and if you want to see the best in the country, please consider attending the Royal Highland Show which is held in the third week in June. Congratulations to Jim, Selina Ross and son Doug Romesbeoch, who won the championship at the Royal Highland Show with Beauty 2431 of Romesbeoch and John & Ann Finlay and son Iain, Blackcraig who received the championship at the Great Yorkshire show with Blackcraig Dora May U450, a ten year old cow. Full reports can be found on our website.

All summer we have been blessed with warm, dry weather, in the heart of Galloway we have been lucky, rain has come at all

less than average. Many farmers in the South have been feeding winter crops since July and will no doubt worry if they will have enough rations to see the winter out, let’s hope for an early spring.

As we enter the Autumn, it’s not just the weather that is causing concern, which has been warm and wet, we now have our third Prime Minter since September and the cost of living crisis is making a major impact in all our lives. For farmers, it’s the three “F”s - Fuel, Fertiliser (up 152%) and Feed (wheat up 52%) that is impacting on our bottom line, which in turn makes food more expensive for the British public. In the UK, we are experiencing industrial strikes and the threat of electrical black outs as inflation hits double figures 10.1% - the highest it has been since 1982.

As we enter the winter, show season begins, please keep up to date with the results on our Facebook and web pages – www.

Our Galloway Beef project is still ongoing and Aldi (fourth biggest supermarket in the UK) has once again chosen Galloway Beef for their Christmas beef promotion, a range of roasts are on sale for the Christmas celebrations under their specially selected range, for more details please check our Galloway Beef web page www.

We look forward to catching up with you all at the Galloway World Congress and if you get the chance to visit the UK in 2023, we would be delighted to help organise your tour.

the right times, other parts of the UK have not been so fortunate. England particularly the South East, had hot spells each month, and the summer will be remembered for a new UK record of 40.3 °C at Coningsby (Lincolnshire) on July 19th. The weather was settled for much of the time, with little rain in many areas during most of July and early August. Sunshine was above average with rainfall 50%

Blackcraig Dora May U450 | Great Yorkshire Champion Female Foxglove Blue of Nether Cleugh | Female Champion
| Male
Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 26
Unthank Beowulf

JUNIORS from our

Hailey Dawson

This year was so much fun, we did so many fairs! We did the Paris Fair, West Niagara Fair, Binbrook Fair, Ancaster Fair, Caledonia Fair, Rockton Fair and Erin Fair. My favorite one was the Erin Fair. I won third in my class and Grand Champion Showperson for the Scott Van Kampen Memorial Award. My second favorite one was the Caledonia Fair because even though the judge said he didn’t know very much about our breed, he still did a good job placing our animals. I hope we do well again next year, and I can’t wait to see our new babies in the spring.

Kasey Dawson

This was my first year of 4H. I loved showing this year it was amazing. I got to see all the different types of cows like Herefords, Speckled Parks, and so many other breeds. We woke up around 3am or 4am, it was tiring but we had a lot of fun doing it.

Trisha Stevenson

When I started 4-H this year I had no calf to show and I really didn’t know much about cows either. I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the Dawson family to show one of their Galloway calves. I learned a lot during the time I was working with them. They taught me how to wash and blow dry the cows. I was shown how to position the calf in the show ring and how to try to always look at the judge. We attended the Paris fair for our calves first show to get them used to the busy atmosphere, loud noise and what they could expect for a show. Every-time I entered the show ring and met a new judge, I learned something new. The judges would ask me different questions about the calf- age, breed, who her sire was and what I’d change about her. The fairs were lots of fun and educational. I really loved this experience and I’d love to continue showing in 4-H.

Follow us on social media!

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Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 28

Registration Activity CGA

As of November, there have been a total of 274 animals registered. Consisting of 80 bulls and 194 heifers. This number includes 174 solid colour Galloways, 48 Belted Galloways, 5 White Galloways, 37 Riggit Galloways (plus 15 animals previously registered as White Galloways that were reregistered as Riggit Galloways) and 10 Belted Galloway Appendix animals. Of the solid colour animals, 123 were black, 34 were dun and 17 were red. Of the animals registered, 249 were from natural matings, 19 from A.I. matings and 6 by embryo transplant.

Of the total registrations, 147, comprising 53%, are from Ontario and 106, comprising 38%, are from Alberta, with the remaining 9% coming from the other provinces and the U.S.A. There have been 9 registrations in Quebec, 2 in Saskatchewan, and 2 in the U.S.A.

A total of 153 animals of all types have been transferred in 2022.

The membership in the Association for 2022 totals 77, including 66 senior members, 8 associate members and 3 junior members. Of the senior members, 39 are located in Ontario, 16 in Alberta, 4 in Quebec, 3 in Saskatchewan, 2 in British Columbia, 1 in Manitoba, and 1 in Prince Edward Island. 6 associate members are in the U.S.A. and 1 each in Ontario and Alberta. Two junior members are in British Columbia and 1 in Alberta.

Canadian Galloway Association Top Bulls For Progeny

Bull No. of Progeny Bull No. of Progeny R WAY FIRECRACKER 37F (BLK) –[CAN]25311- 14 SUNCREST DALLAS (BLK) –[CAN]24899- 9 YY FREEDOM 825F (BLK) –[CAN]25334- 14 ALBERTA PLAID YURI 43Y (RED) -[CAN]23265- 8 TRI R WAY GIT-R-DONE 14G (BLK) -[CAN]25540- 10 CRANBERRYH HILL GUINNESS (BLK) -[CAN]25586- 8 GLENFIDDICH EXPERT (DUN) –[CAN]25085- 10 HCS BRAXTON 6D (BELTED) –[CAN]3060B- 8 BRASS RING FINLEY 4F (BLK) -[CAN]25740- 10 LADYWELLS EASTON 47E (RIGGIT) –[CAN]53R- 8 Congratulations to Tony Onufer of Cedarmill Farm for Registering/Raising Galloway cattle for the last 50 years. Thank you for your continued commitment to promote the Galloway breeds. Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 29

Canadian Galloway Association 2022 - 2023 Committees and Representatives


Brian Robertson

Marie Blake

Doug Dedman

Trevor O’Meara

Scott O’Dell

Jules Fabios

Darcy Goodrich


Bob Airth

Dawn Van Kampen

Brad Card

Jules Fabios

Darcy Goodrich


Simon Lagacé

Vanessa Beach

Trevor O’Meara

Mark Shiers


Bob Airth

George Ramsay


Simon Lagacé

Brian Robertson

George Ramsay

Jules Fabios


Tony Onufer 905-689-4123

George Ramsay

Vanessa Beach

Brian Robertson

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Board of Directors



President Brian Robertson is an unofficial member of all the preceding committees to which he was not specifically named.

Walk through On How To Register Galloways

The CLRC offers many services to breeders and associations for your use and convenience. One of these is use of “Manage My Account” on the CLRC website ( ). This online portal has many interesting features including online membership renewal, management of your herd book and the ability to register and transfer animals.

In order to gain access to the “Manage My Account” feature there must be an email on file for your account(s) and you will need to download and fill out an Electronic/Telephone Registration Agreement ( This can be scanned or faxed to the office as we do not need the original document. If you have multiple accounts with the CLRC these can be linked if the primary email is identical for all accounts. Once your agreement has been signed by the CLRC and Canadian Galloway Association you will be granted full access to the online portal.

The best way to access the “Manage My Account” portal is through using a computer with a good internet connection and Google Chrome as the platform has been optimized for this internet browser. The first screen you will come to will be the CLRC Login screen. Press the “Login” button to proceed to the next screen.

To Continue The Walk through go to

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 30

2022-2023 Galloway Membership Directory


Aaron & Colleen Tensen (ACT)

Whistling Heights

Box 9 RR 1 Site 22

Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 2A1, Canada

P: 403-845-3760



2022 || Annual Member

Allan Marshall (JIL)

Future Farms

35266 Range Rd 233

Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0N3, Canada

P: 403-227-2594


2022 || Annual Member

Ayla Kendall-Price (PWA)

PO Box 73

Tomahawk, AB, T0E 2H0, Canada

P: 780-898-5246



2022 || Junior Member

Blake Gaugler (SCR)

Split Creek Ranch

PO Box 63

Hotchkiss, AB, T0H 2B0, Canada

P: 780-836-0927



2022 || Annual Member

Brenda & John Desfosses

PO Box 52

Wanham, AB, T0H 3P0, Canada

P: 780-897-4912


2022 || Associate Annual Member

George Ramsay (GJR)

PO Box 3500

Sherwood Park, AB, T8H 2T3, Canada

P: 780-907-7807



2022 || Annual Member

Joan Ramsay (JDR)

PO Box 3500

Sherwood Park, AB, T8H 2T3, Canada

P: 780-907-7807



2022 || Annual Member

Narrow Road Ranch (NRR)

Narrow Road Ranch

Box 45

Islay, AB, T0B 2J0, Canada

P: 780-205-5504



2022 || Annual Member

Peta Kendall-Price (PWP) Box 73

Tomahawk, AB, T0E 2H0, Canada




2022 || Junior Member

Pure Country Stock Farm (PCS) Pure Country Stock Farm Box 379

Hardisty, AB, T0B 1V0, Canada

P: 780-888-7840



2022 || Annual Member

Robert Menzies (ARM) RR 1 Site 7 Box 8

Leslieville, AB, T0M 1H0, Canada

P: 403-729-2104



2022 || Annual Member

Robertson West Livestock (RWL) PO Box 1081

Caroline, AB, T0M 0M0, Canada

P: 403-392-2535



2022 || Annual Member

Russel Horvey (RHG) Box 339

Delburne, AB, T0M 0V0, Canada

P: 403-749-2780



2023 || Annual Member

Southern Slopes (CLSH) Cindy Sandford-Hoy PO Box 4293

Barrhead, AB, T7N 1A3, Canada

P: 780-305-9217



2022 || Annual Member

Steve & Bonnie Schweer (APS)

36479 Hwy 781

Red Deer County, AB, T4E 0E5, Canada

P: 403-227-3428



2022 || Annual Member

Tyler May Box 569

Manning, AB, T0H 2M0, Canada

P: 250-219-7252


2022 || Annual Member

Walking A Ranches Ltd (AD)

Walking A Ranches Ltd

258047 16 St E

Foothills, AB, T1S 3M1, Canada

P: 403-938-7543



2023 || Annual Member

Ward Marshall (WM)

35266 Range Rd 33

Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0N3, Canada

P: 403-227-2594


2022 || Annual Member

Wesley G Horvey (GE)

c/o Audra Horvey

20-49228 Range Rd 234

Leduc County, AB, T4X 1Y1, Canada

P: 780-910-6118



2022 || Annual Member

British Columbia

Jessabelle Trelenberg

2025 Fox Mountain Rd

Williams Lake, BC, V2G 5B5, Canada

P: 250-392-5375


2022 || Junior Member

Juri N. Agapow (BTA)

Hanceville Cattle Co. Ltd. 6651 Hwy 20 Box 31

Hanceville, BC, V0L 1K0, Canada

P: 250-394-7149



2022 || Annual Member

Robert S. and Barbara L. Favell (RE) Box 471, 3505 Little Horsefly Rd

Horsefly, BC, V0L 1L0, Canada

P: 250-620-3568



2022 || Annual Member


Nicholas Heinrichs PO Box 161

Clandeboye, MB, R0C 0P0, Canada

P: 204-890-3375

E: 2022 || Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 31

2022-2023 Galloway Membership Directory


A. Scot Robertson (ASR, DAR)

3067 Flos Rd 6 W RR 1

Phelpston, ON, L0L 2K0, Canada

P: 705-309-9393



2022 || Annual Member

Anthony Onufer Jr (DFC)

Box 39

Millgrove, ON, L0R 1V0, Canada

P: 905-689-4123


2022 || Annual Member

B L Burtis (PLK)

348 Harley Rd RR 2

Harley, ON, N0E 1E0, Canada

P: 519-424-9043



2022 || Annual Member

Black Walnut Pastures (STO)

c/o Scott & Tammy O’Dell

1122 Regional Rd 97 RR 3

Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0, Canada

P: 519-240-8890



2022 || Annual Member

Brian Bartley (HF)

260 Sugar Bush Rd RR 1

Norland, ON, K0M 2L0, Canada

P: 705-454-8950



2022 || Annual Member

Brian McCabe (BRA)

Bramore Farms

S535 Conc 10

Sunderland, ON, L0C 1H0, Canada

P: 705-437-1550



2022 || Annual Member

Bryan and Lori Johnson (HHF)

325 B Line

Mildmay, ON, N0G 2J0, Canada

P: 519-367-3661



2022 || Annual Member

Chelsea Allan & Arjan Leeuwerke (ALF)

3846 Wilhaven Dr

Cumberland, ON, K4C 1J8, Canada

P: 613-899-0844



2022 || Annual Member

Creamery Hill Farms (CH)

Creamery Hill Farms

122600 Grey Rd 5

Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5N6, Canada

P: 226-343-4763



2022 || Annual Member

Dedmandale Farms (DED)

Dedmandale Farms

947639 Township Rd 14

New Dundee, ON, N0B 2E0, Canada

P: 519-748-8848



2023 || Annual Member

Dr. Bradley & Colleen Card (BC)

Cranberry Hill Galloways

2508 Perth Line 26

Tavistock, ON, N0B 2R0, Canada

P: 519-655-2138



2023 || Annual Member

George & Dawn Van Kampen (DEM)

394276 County Rd 12

Amaranth, ON, L9W 0N2, Canada

P: 519-940-2202



2022 || Annual Member

Glenfiddich Galloways (JBM)

1001 Hwy 97

Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0, Canada

P: 905-979-9227



2022 || Annual Member

Graceland Acres (GLA)

Graceland Acres

77 Baptist Church Rd

Brantford, ON, N3T 5L4, Canada

P: 519-770-7397



2023 || Annual Member

Greenbrook Farms Ltd (GB)

Greenbrook Farms Ltd

356568 Line 35 RR 1

Embro, ON, N0J 1J0, Canada

P: 519-475-0101



2022 || Annual Member

Jon Eckhardt (GAR)

Gardeden Galloways

393620 2 Concession RR 1

Durham, ON, N0G 1R0, Canada

P: 519-369-6041


2022 || Annual Member

Lance Jordan (JFF)

288 Steeles Line

Coldwater, ON, L0K 1E0, Canada

P: 705-737-7091



2022 || Annual Member

Laurel Springs Farms Ltd (DOLL)

Laurel Springs Farms Ltd

14491 Dixie Rd

Caledon, ON, L7C 2M8, Canada

P: 905-867-4473



2022 || Annual Member

Little Wolf Farm (HDL)

c/o Diane Lafave

521 Dennison Rd

Oxford Mills, ON, K0G 1S0, Canada

P: 613-897-7370



2022 || Annual Member

Mark Shiers 6050 Con 2

Uxbridge, ON, L9P 0H3, Canada

P: 416-997-6378


2022 || Annual Member

Maureen Allaston & John Taylor (WCF)

Windchime Farm

12994 Land O’nod Rd

North Augusta, ON, K0G 1R0, Canada

P: 613-269-7973



2022 || Annual Member

Melissa Wettlaufer (WH)

Windy Hill Haven

5830 Perth Line 24

Fullarton, ON, N0K 1H0, Canada

P: 519-276-8843



2022 || Annual Member

Michael & Dawn Keunen (MDK)

Leaping Calf Farm

1880 Concession 10 W

Cambridge, ON, N1R 5S7, Canada




2022 || Annual Member

Michele Vindum & Randy Whitteker (PH) Plainfield Heritage Farm

105 Shannon Rd

Plainfield, ON, K0K 2V0, Canada

P: 613-849-7552


PLAINFIELD 2023 || Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 32

2022-2023 Galloway Membership Directory

Michelle, Emmanuel & Joseph Gasser (MEJ)

982A Musky Bay Rd

St. Charles, ON, P0M 2W0, Canada

P: 705-867-2926



2022 || Annual Member

Mrs Beverley Onufer (FSM)

Box 39

Millgrove, ON, L0R 1V0, Canada

P: 905-689-4123



2022 || Annual Member

Nicholas & Jaclyn Seebach (GGF)

Glengowan Farm

4838 Line 10 RR1

St. Marys, ON, N4X 1C4, Canada

P: 519-301-2676



2022 || Annual Member

Nick Day (OH)

354 Concession 2 West

Warkworth, ON, K0K 3K0, Canada

P: 416-602-9468



2022 || Annual Member

Peter & Laurie Cocking (TBF)

2 Bridges Farm

178 Concession 3 Rd

Fisherville, ON, N0A 1G0, Canada

P: 289-339-9864



2022 || Annual Member

Queensmere Farms (VBG)

Queensmere Farms

15505 Centreville Creek Rd

Caledon, ON, L7C 3C3, Canada

P: 289-231-2180



2023 || Annual Member

Rebecca Hunter

1612 Nelson St

Port Lambton, ON, N0P 2B0, Canada

P: 519-809-2981


2022 || Associate Annual Member

Richard Seip

76 St Vincent St South

Stratford, ON, N5A 2W6, Canada

P: 519-271-2993


2022 || Annual Member

S.H.A.K. Galloway Farm (DAW)

c/o Steve & Alison Dawson 5143 Canborough Rd PO Box 27 Wellandport, ON, L0R 2J0, Canada

P: 905-518-7028



2022 || Annual Member

Scott Wright and Jocelyn Buggie (SUN) 2603 County Rd 8 RR4 Picton, ON, K0K 2T0, Canada

P: 613-476-4357



2022 || Annual Member

Skye Line Farms (SKY)

c/o J Wainwright & D Smith

121094 Sideroad 12 Tara, ON, N0H 2N0, Canada

P: 705-440-3407



2022 || Annual Member

Stone Meadow Farm (SM)

1226 Maryhill Rd Maryhill, ON, N0B 2B0, Canada

P: 519-496-8088



2022 || Annual Member

Suncrest Farms (DFT)

Suncrest Farms

44567 Perth Line 86 RR 1

Listowel, ON, N4W 3G6, Canada

P: 519-492-0057



2022 || Annual Member

Thomas R Morrish (WMF)

Willow-Mor Farms

683 Norris Rd RR 1

Devlin, ON, P0W 1C0, Canada

P: 807-486-3622



2022 || Annual Member

Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman (CCF, HEA)

Cold Creek Farm

325 Trottman Rd

Colborne, ON, K0K 1S0, Canada

P: 905-376-6570



2022 || Annual Member

Vanessa Beach & Mark Shiers (EVF)

Echo Valley Farm

6050 Con 2

Uxbridge, ON, L9P 0H3, Canada

P: 416-997-6378



2022 || Annual Member

Rustaret Farm (RMR)

c/o M McCallum & R Bittermann

PO Box 108 4993 Hwy 225

Kinkora, PEI, C0B 1N0, Canada

P: 902-887-3719



Ontario Continued P.E.I. Quebec

2022 || Annual Member

Ferme Fortin & Farrell (FFFA)

Ferme Fortin & Farrell

3196 Ch des 8e Et 9e Rang

Val Paradis, QC, J0Z 3S0, Canada

P: 819-301-1616



2022 || Annual Member

Ferme Roger Paradis

203 Rue Principale

St-Thomas Didyme, QC, G0W 1P0, Canada

P: 418-274-6270

E: 2022 || Annual Member

Les Élevages M.R. (MR)

a/s Vincent Rivest

420 3e Rang Simpson

St-Cyrille de Wendover, QC, J1Z 1Y4, Canada

P: 819-388-4146


MR 2023 || Annual Member

Michel Grondin & Jacinthe Tremblay (BGT)

Ferme Boisé Grondin Tremblay

2010-1e Rue

Richelieu, QC, J3L 3X4, Canada

P: 514-893-2718



2022 || Annual Member

William Pelletier

Ferme Rochamp Inc

969 4e Rang

St Hugues, QC, J0H 1N0, Canada

P: 450-888-5722


2023 || Associate Annual Member


Barry J. Bradley (TZ)

Box 2019

Swift Current, SK, S9H 4M7, Canada

P: 306-773-7103



2022 || Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 33

2022-2023 Galloway Membership Directory

Sawki Ranch Ltd (CY)

Sawki Ranch Ltd

Box 2019

Swift Current, SK, S9H 4M7, Canada

P: 306-773-7103



2022 || Annual Member

Sharon Koch (SAK)

Box 338

Neilburg, SK, S0M 2C0, Canada

P: 306-823-4482



2022 || Annual Member


Blegen Galloways

Blegen Galloways

311 Alec Roy Rd

Roundup, MT, 59072-6408, U.S.A.

P: 701-219-4815


2022 || Associate Annual Member

Holbrook Hill Farm

Steven Silberberg & Jacob Silberberg

47 Holbrook Hill Rd Bedford, NH, 3110, U.S.A.

P: 603-668-6400


HOLBROOK HILL 2023 || Associate Annual Member

Joyce Jones (JJ)

395 Double J Lane

New Castle, PA, 16101, U.S.A.

P: 724-924-2938



2022 || Associate Annual Member

LeRoy Kindler (LRK)

13291 Hope Rd

Newell, SD, 57760-5783, U.S.A.

P: 605-892-5832

E: K GALLOWAY 2022 || Associate Annual Member

Joseph H McCabe III (XF) 771 Clark Rd

Danville, VT, 5828, U.S.A.

P: 802-748-5107


CALEAMONT 2022 || Associate Annual Member


Created by Steffan Carlino of Forage Canada


» 650g ground Grass-fed Galloway beef

» 300g small button mushrooms, quartered

» 70g / 5 tbsp Unsalted butter (Split into 2 tbsp and 3 tbsp)

» 150g Shelled sweet peas (frozen peas work)

» 1 Large cooking onion (medium dice)


1. Prepare and weigh out all ingredients, medium dice the large cooking onion, quarter the small button mushrooms and fine dice the chives.

2. Fill the small pot ¾ full with water, add 2 pinches of salt and set on a burner to boil

3. In the medium skillet on medium high heat add 2 tbsp of unsalted butter and let melt, coating the bottom of the pan. Let stand on heat for 20 seconds then add in ground Grass-fed Galloway beef. Mix beef around allowing it to fully brown and get slightly crispy, once done set aside in a medium bowl, save pan for sauteing the vegetables.






» Small pot

» Medium skillet

» Cutting board

» Medium bowl

» Spatula

» Kitchen Knife

» 500mL / 2 Cups beef broth

» 2 Tbsp white flour

» 1 tbsp fine dijon mustard

» 150mL / 2/3 cup whole sour cream

» Salt and pepper to taste

» 300g / 2 portions tagliatelle pasta

» 10g Chives (optional for topping)

4. Put the medium skillet back on medium high heat and melt remaining butter. Once melted add diced onion to the pan and saute until onions become slightly translucent, then add in the quartered button mushrooms and peas. Let the vegetable mixture cook down until mushrooms start to shrink.

5. After the vegetables have cooked down, sprinkle 2 tbsp of flour over top and mix into vegetables until fully incorporated.

6. Add half the beef stock and once fully incorporated add the second half. Let the mixture come to a simmer.

7. Turn heat on the pan down to medium low, add in sour cream and dijon mustard, mix until fully incorporated (this should take 3-5 minutes)

8. Mix in the reserved grass-fed galloway ground beef and add salt and pepper to taste. Set pan to low heat and let simmer, mixing occasionally.

9. In the small pot of boiling water add tagliatelle, gently mixing until the tagliatelle isnt sticking to itself. Cook until al dente and strain.

10. To plate add a base layer of cooked tagliatelle, top with beef stroganoff sauce and garnish with chopped chives.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 34

World Galloway Congress in Swizterland

Save the Date

The 2023 World Galloway Conference will take place in Bern Switzerland from Saturday September 16, 2023 to Friday September 23, 2023. The venue is Hotel National in down town historic Bern a few steps from the central railway station.

Bern Welcome is our Partner for reservations, online registrations, payments, questions and answers.

We shall start online Registration by Bern Welcome (Hotels, Conference registration, post Conference excursions) on 1st of September 2022.

• Switzerland is a beautiful but rather small and expensive country, therefore:

• We have a hosting capacity of 300 persons and

• The organizing committee is trying hard to keep the expenses as low as possible.

• We are working on the exact fees and will communicate those later. The trip to Bern must be organized by the participants themselves. Public transportation in Switzerland is excellent and for visitors we suggest to buy a Swiss Pass online in advance (so when travelling by air to Zürich International Airport the railway travel from Zürich to Bern is already taken care of by this Swiss Pass). Public transportation within the city of Bern is taken care of by a congress pass issued by Bern Welcome. Welcome desk 9/16/2023 from 15:00 to 17:00 at Hotel National, by Bern Welcome and the organizing committee.

The individually selected hotels are mostly nearby and the central venue of Hotel National can be reached by public transportation.

We thought that it would be a good idea to have a short get together in the evening every day at Hotel National in Bern to talk about the days experiences, to look at next day’s program and have a short scientific presentation or a talk of delegates from abroad. After this: dinner at Hotel National or individually in one of the countless restaurants in Bern.

Preliminary Program:

Saturday Sept. 16th 2023: Check in: Welcome desk Bern Welcome at Hotel National Bern 15:00 to 17:00. Welcome get together and introduction of our conference staff.

Sunday Sept. 17th 2023:

Excursion by bus, visiting a Dun Galloway farm in the vicinity of Basel. Visit Watch museums of Omega and Swatch in Biel/Bienne.

Monday Sept. 18th 2023:

Galloways in the alpine environment: Excursion by train and bus to Valais (Goms) to see a black Galloway Farm. On the way you will visit an alpine hydroelectric power plant at Grimsel Pass and experience one of the world`s longest railway tunnels.

Tuesday Sept. 19th 2023:

Excursion by bus to visit two belted Galloway farms in eastern Switzerland. On the way you will see the exciting and famous Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen.

Wednesday Sept. 20th 2023:

Excursion by bus to wonderful Gruyère in western Switzerland. You visit the historic town and castle of Gruyere the Cailler Chocolate factory and the production site of the fantastic Gruyère cheese. Evening: Quiz of Switzerland!

Thursday Sept 21st

City Sightseeing in Bern organized by Bern welcome, World Galloway assembly at Hotel National Farewell Dinner at Hotel National.

Friday Sept. 22nd 2023

End of Conference and start of the post conference activities. We will work on, and publish a list of options, where the participants can register individually (visit Galloway farms in small groups, wine tasting, excursions to places like Lucerne and the Jungfrau and many others). Further details will be advised as they come to hand. All the way with Galloway!

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 35

Years of Galloway in Germany 50

international Galloway-family,

With great joy we have recently received the invitation to the World Galloway Conference in Switzerland. A sincere thank you to the hosts and their president Berchthold von Fischer for the interesting programme. In addition, thank you to Jane for forwarding all information and connecting everyone.

The first Galloways came to Hesse (Germany) from Scotland 50 years ago. Helmut Schornstein, a business man in a neighbouring village, had the smart and very innovative idea at the beginning of the 1970s to get this breed of robust cattle to Germany. This happened at a time when a comprehensive restructuring was underway in German agriculture. Many smaller family businesses with appr. 10 - 30 cows stopped producing. This opened up pastures for beef cattle breeds. All across the country there were more and more cow herds of specific continental intensive beef cattle breeds aside the traditional breeds such as Simentaler.

At this time the wonderful success story of Galloways in Germany begins. There is probably no other European country with a bigger Galloway population than Germany today. We want to celebrate this fact in the appropriate fashion with a large anniversary show in Hesse next

September. We are expecting more than 150 high-quality animals of all colours and ages. This will be combined with a great complimentary programme and many possibilities to network and make arrangements for further meetings and farm visits.

The interesting show (Galloway Open) of the Hessian Galloway Breeders Club on Saturday, the 2nd of September in Alsfeld - appr. one hour North of Frankfurt am Main in the middle of Germany - could be the start of a wonderful journey through Europe not only for the international participants from Overseas. The tours special highlight will be the World Galloway Conference in Switzerland two weeks later. It will be our pleasure to help and support all participants in the planning of their journey concerning accommodation and transport as well as organisation of visits and meetings.

We wish all friends of the Galloway breed a happy and healthy time as well as fun and excitement when preparing for the journey. We are looking forward to meeting all of you in Alsfeld (Germany) and especially in Bern (Switzerland).

Contact for the interest group of Galloway Breeders: Horst Kraft, Am Lohe 6, 34633 Ottrau


Mobil: 0049 172 711 611 5

Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 36


BundesvernadDT. GALLOWAY
Arno Molter, 1st Chairman of the Federal Association of German Galloway Breeders e. V Farewell and thanks to Horst Kraft as 1st Chairman of the Federal Association of German Galloway Breeders Group photo of the Galloway General Assembly 2022 in Baden-Württemberg Insights into our low-stress stockmanship seminar Picture 8: Galloway Young Animal Show Lautberach, Hessen
Canadian Galloway Advance 2023 37
Final picture of the Galloway National Show 2022 in Erfurt with Champion Over All "Donnerhall vom Suletal"
have semen stored and available for shipment in Canada! Jacob Silberberg ● 603-668-6400 ● ● ● World Class Genetics ● Imported Semen ● Many bulls available Markov Bo ● Gold Lifetime Male Award Recipient ● First Danish Belted Galloway ever imported to the US ● Heritage traces to the best herds of Scotland
have semen stored and available for shipment in Canada! Jacob Silberberg ● 603-668-6400 ● ● ● World Class Genetics ● Imported Semen ● Many bulls available Markov Bo ● Gold Lifetime Male Award Recipient ● First Danish Belted Galloway ever imported to the US ● Heritage traces to the best herds of Scotland WWW.GALLOWAY.CA
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