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Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


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2021 - 2022 Board Of Directors................................. 6 CGA Junior Members Share....................................... 12 4-H Success................................................................... 20 2021 - 2022 Canadian Membership Directory......... 22 CGA 2021 - 2022 Committees & Representatives... 26 CGA Top Bulls For Progeny Registered In 2021...... 26

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Galloways, Belted Galloways,White Galloways and Riggit Galloways to


c/o CLRC 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1V 0M7 Tel: 613-731-7110 Fax: 613-731-0704 Email: Website:

CGA Registration Activity in 2021............................ 26 Herd Books

A Breeder’s Veterinary Perspective............................ 28

The herd book of the Canadian Galloway Association has four sections –

Advertiser’s Index......................................................... 30

Animals registered in the four sections are treated as four distinct “breeds.” Each of the four breeds occur in three colours, BLACK, DUN, or RED Section I: Galloway Section II: Belted Galloway Section III: White Galloway Section IV: Riggit Galloways

Tattoo Letters

2022 - K 2023 - L 2024 - M

The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book contains all registered Canadian Galloways, Belted Galloways and White Galloways up to 2002. To obtain copies, contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. For a more detailed explanation please contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book is for sale.

A.I. Collected Sires

Breeders are urged to obtain a copy of the A.I. and E.T. regulations of the Association from the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. A list of the A.I. collected sires is available. Users of Galloway, Belted Galloway, White Galloway or Riggit Galloways semen intending to register progeny may require a semen certificate for registration. NOTE: The owners may have restrictions on the sale and use of Semen Certificates.

Prices are as follows... Volume 1 P.O.A. Volume 2 P.O.A. Volume 3 $5.00 Volume 4 $5.00

HST and Shipping extra

Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8

$30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $75.00

Volume 3 thru 8 set: $150.00

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Canadian Galloway Advance 2022

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Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Your Canadian Galloway Association Directors Meet

Vanessa Beach, President

Echo Valley Farm, Uxbridge, Ontario

(Term Expires 2022) 6050 Concession 2, RR 3, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4 Phone 416-997-6378 E-mail:

Marie Blake, Vice President

Suncrest Farms Galloways, Listowel, Ontario

(Term Expires 2024) 44567 Perth Line 86 RR 1, Listowel, ON N4W 3G6 Phone 519-291-5466 E-mail:

Trevor O’Meara, Director

Horsey-Enda, Colborne, Ontario

(Term Expires 2023) 325 Trottman Rd., Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 Phone: 905-376-6570 E-mail:

Cindy Sanford-Hoy Southern Slopes

(Term Expires 2023) Box 4923, Barrhead AB T7N 1A3 Phone 780-305-9217 E-mail:

Brian Robertson, Past President

Robertson West Livestock (Term Expires 2023) Box 1081, Caroline, AB T0M 0M0 Phone: 403-556-0401 Email:

Jules Fabios, Executive - Secretary Skye Line Farms

(Term Expires 2024) 556389 Mulmur-Melanchton Town Line Mulmur ON L9V 0A4 Tel: 705-440-3407 E-mail:

Ron Black, Secretary-Treasurer

c/o CLRC 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, ON K1V 0M7 Tel: 613-731-7110 Fax: 613-731-0704 E-mail:

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


We have made it our mission to produce the best Grass-Fed Belted Galloway.

It began with an Unbelievable cow and a bull called Hercules. Unbelievable at 13, Goliath at 2, heavily muscled and well framed is our foundation.

Horsey-Enda Belted Galloway

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022

Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman 325 Trottman Road Colborne, Ontario K0K 1S0 (905) 376 - 6570 7



Brian Bartley

260 Sugar Bush Road Norland, ON K0M 2L0 705-454-8950 |

Hearty, grass fed cattle for sale by Private Treaty. Please Call for availability.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Burtdale Galloways Breeding Stock Available

BEV AND KAREN BURTIS 348 HARLEY ROAD HARLEY, ON NOE 1ED H: 519-424-9043 C: 519-532-9042 BLBURTIS@EXECULINK.COM Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


The Place in Québec


Bienvenu aux visiteurs Merci à nos acheteurs:

Frédéric Fortin, QC Jean Yves Dion, QC Myriam Messier, QC Ferme Fortin & Farell, QC Roy Hirch, AB

Vanessa Beach, ON Mark & Ian Anderson, NB George Fullerton, NB Margaret McCallum, PEI

Our Two Herdsires



Michel Grondin et Jacinthe Tremblay Herd consultant, Simon Lagacé: durapide

Richelieu, QC J3L 6M4 514-893-2718

Ferme située à Glen Sutton Farm manager Bruce Chubby

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Association JUNIOR MEMBERS SHARE Hailey Rose Dawson

SHAK Galloway Farms

Kasey, Mom, Dad, and I went to Binbrook, Rockton, Simcoe and Lindsay Fall Finale. We brought Georgia, Hazel, Hocus Pocus and Josie Girl. I showed Georgia, Hocus Pocus and Josie Girl, my Dad showed Hazel and sometimes Georgia, Kasey showed Josie Girl and Mom was on poop duty. I went in all of the junior shows with Hocus Pocus, and I had lots of fun. All the fairs were awesome but the one that sticks out to me is the Fall Finale. It had lots of animals but not a lot of people. There was only us there with the Galloways but there were a lot of breeds. The Fall Finale is three days long so you can show but also hangout if you’re not showing. I am really excited and hoping to have all of the fairs back next year.

Katherine Bird 2021 concluded my last year as a 4-H member in the Waterloo County 4-H program. This year I had the pleasure of showing Dedmandale Hurricane from Dedmandale Farms, owned by Doug and Shelia Dedman. In all honesty, Hurricane was the best heifer to end off my 4-H career. She had the sweetest temperament and loved to get pampered for an upcoming show. Showing a Galloway heifer this year encouraged me to improve my clipping and fitting skills, as I have never shown an animal with so much hair! Hurricane was shown at six different fairs this past year, including the Waterloo 4-H achievement day, Tavistock Fair, New Hamburg Fair, Drumbo Fair, Ancaster Fair and Erin Fair. Every show was a success and an opportunity to see how a Galloway heifer could give other breeds a run for their money. I am so grateful for the support of the Eastern Canadian Galloway Association and the Canadian Galloway Association. Many dreams would not be possible without your help! Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Ayla Kendall Price Hi, my name is Ayla Kendall-Price. I have been showing registered Belted Galloways for almost four years now! I adore the uniqueness, personality, and of course all the hair of this lovely breed of cattle. I’m currently in grade 11, although I accelerated half of my courses in order to graduate a semester early next year. I have been a member of the Two Rivers 4-H Beef Club for six years now. Last March I had the opportunity to take an artificial insemination course at Lakeland College. Only a few weeks after the course I was able to AI my females to Clifton Hercules! My family and I are now expecting three Beltie calves in the early months of 2022! I can’t wait to take my coming three year old cow, Daisy and her calf on the show circuit this season! I hope to continue to grow my herd of Belties in the coming years!

Jessabelle Telenberg My name is Jessabelle Trelenberg, I am 14 years old, I have been in 4-H in British Columbia for 5 years. My “herd” currently consists of one three-year-old cow who is 7/8ths Galloway and 1/8th Angus and is currently bred to Northfield Donald for her 2022 calf and her steer calf. He is sired by a speckled park bull. Last year I showed him as my young beef project and this year I will show him as a market steer then sell him in August at my district 4-H auction. Last year I won Grand Champion Young Beef, Best Groomed Calf, Most Outstanding Member and Most Improved Member in my 4-H club. In my 4-H district I won Reserve Champion Young Beef, Reserve Champion Best Groomed Calf and Reserve Grand Champion Senior Showman. I really enjoy showing because after working so hard on your animal for months you get to show off all of the results of that work. It is also a great opportunity to meet and learn from lots of great people with similar interests to you. In my opinion showing gives you a whole new appreciation for the cattle industry and the breeds that you exhibit because you learn how things have changed over the years and why they have. It may give you some insight into how the industry and breeds may change in the future. It is also a really amazing feeling to essentially shape your animal into the best form of itself with just some sticky stuff and a comb. I really hope to continue to exhibit and promote the Galloway breed for a long time to come. Happy farming! Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Promoting Galloway Breeders in Eastern Canada

Secretary • Ciaran Yool • 905-807-8185 • c i a r a n y o o l @ g m a i l . c o m To contact a breeder visit 18 Canadian Galloway Advance 2022

Skye Line Farms

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Jesse-Lee McClanaghan | East-West Woking 4-H Club, AB Ruby McGrath | Fort Saskatchewan 4-H Club, AB Sully Jenkins | Knee Hill 4-H Club, AB Will Rosso | Old Wives 4-H Club, SK Jessabelle Trelenberg | Rose Lake/Miocene 4-H Club, BC Ayla Kendall-Price | Two Rivers 4-H Club, AB Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


: Award Winning Gen ics OFFERING


Eli Berry: 612-390-2249


Berry’s Empire 128E 2019 NWSS Grand Champion Bull | 2022 NWSS Champion Mature Bull

Berry’s Heavenly 6H 2022 NWSS Grand Champion Female

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


2021-2022 Galloway Membership Directory Alberta BJ Ranch c/o Brady & Janelle Marshall RR 1 Bittern Lake, AB, T0C 0L0, Canada P: 780-362-2260 | P: 780-216-1415 Prefix: DUN DEAL (DD) 2021 Annual Member Tricia Fehr Crossalta Farms Limited PO Box 1644 Crossfield, AB, T0M 0S0, Canada P: 587-585-3577 Prefix: (XALT) 2021 Associate Annual Member Blake Gaugler Split Creek Ranch PO Box 63 Hotchkiss, AB, T0H 2B0, Canada P: 780-836-0927 Prefix: G SQUARED, G2 (SCR) 2022 Annual Member Roy Hirch Box 4016 Taber, AB, T1G 1C6, Canada P: 403-894-3224 Prefix: TRINITY MANOR (ERH) 2021 Annual Member Russel Horvey Box 339 Delburne, AB, T0M 0V0, Canada P: | P: 403-749-2780 Prefix: BIG DEAL (RHG) 2021 Annual Member Wesley G Horvey c/o Audra Horvey 20-49228 Range Rd 234 Leduc County, AB, T4X 1Y1, Canada P: 780-910-6118 Prefix: DUN GAL (GE) 2022 Annual Member Sullivan James Jenkins 27512 Twp Rd 360 Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0M5, Canada P: 403-896-9449 Prefix: YY (SJ) 2021 Junior Member Robert Menzies Box 8 Site 7 RR 1 Leslieville, AB, T0M 1H0, Canada P: 403-729-2104 Prefix: RRR, TRIPLE R (ARM) 2022 Annual Member

Ward Marshall 35266 Range Rd 33 Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0N3, Canada P: 403-227-2594 | F: 403-227-6938 Prefix: (WM) 2022 Annual Member

Morgan Robertson Oreo Cattle Company Box 401 Longview, AB, T0L 1H0, Canada P: 403-888-1517 2021 Associate Annual Member

Tyler May Box 569 Manning, AB, T0H 2M0, Canada P: 250-219-7252 2022 Annual Member

Kelly Worthington Box 3538 Carstairs, AB, T0M 0N0, Canada P: 403-701-5506 Prefix: WN (WN) 2021 Annual Member

Narrow Road Ranch Box 45 Islay, AB, T0B 2J0, Canada P: 780-205-5504 Prefix: NARROW ROAD (NRR) 2022 Annual Member

Steve & Bonnie Schweer 36479 Hwy 781 Red Deer County, AB, T4E 0E5, Canada P: 403-227-3428 | F: 403-227-3423 Prefix: ALBERTA PLAID (APS) 2022 Annual Member

Pure Country Stock Farm Box 379 Hardisty, AB, T0B 1V0, Canada P: 780-888-7840 | P: 780-888-3791 Prefix: BOUGHBARON (PCS) 2021 Annual Member

Southern Slopes Cindy Sandford-Hoy PO Box 4293 Barrhead, AB, T7N 1A3, Canada P: 780-305-9217 Prefix: SOUTHERN SLOPES (CLSH) 2021 Annual Member

George Ramsay PO Box 3500 Sherwood Park, AB, T8H 2T3, Canada P: 780-907-7807 Prefix: LADYWELLS (GJR) 2022 Annual Member Joan Ramsay PO Box 3500 Sherwood Park, AB, T8H 2T3, Canada P: 780-907-7807 Prefix: LADYWELLS (JDR) 2022 Annual Member Robertson West Livestock PO Box 1081 Caroline, AB, T0M 0M0, Canada P: 403-392-2535 Prefix: RWL (RWL) 2021 Annual Member Walking A Ranches Ltd 258047 16 St E Foothills, AB, T1S 3M1, Canada P: 403-938-7543 | F: 403-938-7543 Prefix: GALAIR (AD) 2022 Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Allan Marshall Future Farms 35266 Range Rd 233 Red Deer County, AB, T4G 0N3, Canada P: 403-227-2594 Prefix: (JIL) 2022 Annual Member Aaron & Colleen Tensen Whistling Heights Box 9 Site 22 RR 1 Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 2A1, Canada P: 403-845-3760 Prefix: WHISTLING HEIGHTS (ACT) 2022 Annual Member

Manitoba Nicholas Heinrichs PO Box 161 Clandeboye, MB, R0C 0P0, Canada P: 204-890-3375 2022 Annual Member

British Columbia Juri N. Agapow Hanceville Cattle Co. Ltd. 6651 Hwy 20 Box 31 Hanceville, BC, V0L 1K0, Canada P: 250-394-7149 | F: 250-394-7149 Prefix: BAR2A (BTA) 2022 Annual Member Michael Dietrich Greenstone Farm 2428 Yellow Point Rd Nanaimo, BC, V9X 1W5, Canada P: 250-245-5456 Prefix: SEACREST (MY) 2021 Associate Annual Member Harold & Kathy Steves & Family 2871 Steveston Highway Steveston, BC, V7E 2J1, Canada P: 604-277-7759 | F: 604-277-7759 Prefix: STEVESTON (STV) 2021 Annual Member Jessabelle Trelenberg 2025 Fox Mountain Rd Williams Lake, BC, V2G 5B5, Canada P: 250-392-5375 | F: 604-277-7759 2022 Junior Member Maureen Allaston & John Taylor Windchime Farm 12994 Land O’nod Rd North Augusta, ON, K0G 1R0, Canada P: 613-269-7973 | F: 613-269-7973 Prefix: WINDCHIME (WCF) 2022 Annual Member Robert S. and Barbara L. Favell 3505 Little Horsefly Rd Box 471 Horsefly, BC, V0L 1L0, Canada P: 250-620-3568 Prefix: RIVERS EDGE (RE) 2022 Annual Member

Ontario Mrs Beverley Onufer Box 39 Millgrove, ON, L0R 1V0, Canada P: 905-689-4123 Prefix: KILLOWENT (FSM) 2022 Annual Member George & Dawn Van Kampen 394276 County Rd 12 Amaranth, ON, L9W 0N2, Canada P: 519-940-2202 | F: 519-940-2202 Prefix: GEORDAWN (DEM) 2021 Annual Member

Kathy Bell 338162 Concession 11 Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5N8, Canada P: 519-270-3625 Prefix: SANCTUM (SANC) 2021 Annual Member Alistair Allen Shanty Bay Stables 665 Line 4 S Oro Medonte, ON, L0L 2L0, Canada P: 705-241-6984 Prefix: SHANTY BAY (SBS) 2021 Annual Member Brian Bartley 260 Sugar Bush Rd RR 1 Norland, ON, K0M 2L0, Canada P: 705-454-8950 Prefix: HARDSCRABBLE (HF) 2022 Annual Member

Creamery Hill Farms 122600 Grey Rd 5 Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5N6, Canada P: 226-343-4763 Prefix: CREAMERY HILL (CH) 2021 Annual Member

Nick Day 354 Concession 2 West Warkworth, ON, K0K 3K0, Canada P: 416-602-9468 Prefix: OAK HEIGHTS (OH) 2021 Annual Member

Vanessa Beach & Mark Shiers Echo Valley Farm 6050 Con 2 RR 3 Stouffville, ON, L4A 7X4, Canada P: 416-997-6378 Prefix: ECHO VALLEY (EVF) 2021 Annual Member

Dedmandale Farms c/o Doug Dedman 947639 Township Rd 14 New Dundee, ON, N0B 2E0, Canada P: 519-748-8848 Prefix: DEDMANDALE (DED) 2022 Annual Member

Black Walnut Pastures c/o Scott & Tammy O’dell 1122 Regional Rd 97 RR 3 Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0, Canada P: 519-240-8890 Prefix: BLACK WALNUT (STO) 2021 Annual Member

Jon Eckhardt Gardeden Galloways 393620 2 Concession RR 1 Durham, ON, N0G 1R0, Canada P: 519-369-6041 Prefix:(GAR) 2022 Annual Member

B L Burtis 348 Harley Rd RR 2 Harley, ON, N0E 1E0, Canada P: 519-424-9043 Prefix: BURTDALE (PLK) 2022 Annual Member

Michelle, Emmanuel & Joseph Gasser 982A Musky Bay Rd St. Charles, ON, P0M 2W0, Canada P: 705-867-2926 | F: 705-867-2926 Prefix: PINE HILL (MEJ) 2022 Annual Member

Adrian & Sherry Cadden 760 Prospect Rd RR 5 Woodville, ON, K0M 2T0, Canada P: 705-439-1134 Prefix: ARGALLDON (DFM) 2021 Annual Member

Glenfiddich Galloways c/o John A. McIlwraith 1001 Hwy 97 RR 3 Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0, Canada P: 905-979-9227 Prefix: GLENFIDDICH (JBM) 2022 Annual Member

Anthony Onufer Jr Box 39 Millgrove, ON, L0R 1V0, Canada P: 905-689-4123 Prefix: CEDARMILL (DFC) 2022 Annual Member A. Scot Robertson 3067 Flos Rd 6 W RR 1 Phelpston, ON, L0L 2K0, Canada P: 705-309-9393 | F: 705-322-6977 Prefix: BLACK GOLD, GOWRIE, TRI R (ASR, DAR) 2021 Annual Member Canadian Galloway Advance 2022

Peter & Laurie Cocking 2 Bridges Farm 178 Concession 3 Rd Fisherville, ON, N0A 1G0, Canada P: 289-339-9864 Prefix: 2 BRIDGES (TBF) 2022 Annual Member


Graceland Acres c/o Johannes Verdonk 77 Baptist Church Rd Brantford, ON, N3T 5L4, Canada P: 519-770-7397 Prefix: GRACELAND ACRES (GLA) 2022 Annual Member

Greenbrook Farms Ltd Ryan & Jayne Green 356568 Line 35 RR 1 Embro, ON, N0J 1J0, Canada P: 519-475-0101 Prefix: GREENBROOK (GB) 2022 Annual Member

Sean & Brittany Moffat 2827394 Ontario Inc 257 Gleasons Corner Rd Castleton, ON, K0K 1M0, Canada P: 905-269-5721 | F: 905-373-9487 2021 Annual Member

Bryan and Lori Johnson 325 B Line Mildmay, ON, N0G 2J0, Canada P: 519-367-3661 Prefix: HARMONY HILL (HHF) 2022 Annual Member

Thomas R Morrish Willow-Mor Farms 683 Norris Rd RR 1 Devlin, ON, P0W 1C0, Canada P: 807-486-3622 | F: 807-486-3622 Prefix: WILLOW-MOR (WMF) 2022 Annual Member

Lance Jordan 288 Steeles Line Coldwater, ON, L0K 1E0, Canada P: 705-737-7091 Prefix: JFF (JFF) 2021 Annual Member

Stone Meadow Farm 1226 Maryhill Rd Maryhill, ON, N0B 2B0, Canada P: 519-496-8088 Prefix: STONE MEADOW (SM) 2021 Annual Member

Michael & Dawn Keunen Leaping Calf Farm 1880 Concession 10 W Cambridge, ON, N1R 5S7, Canada P: 519-622-9846 Prefix: LEAPING CALF (MDK) 2021 Annual Member

Mark Shiers 6050 Con 2 RR 3 Stouffville, ON, L4A 7X4, Canada P: 416-997-6378 2021 Annual Member

Laurel Springs Farms Ltd 14491 Dixie Rd Caledon, ON, L7C 2M8, Canada P: 905-867-4473 Prefix: LAUREL SPRING (DOLL) 2021 Annual Member Little Wolf Farm c/o Diane Lafave 521 Dennison Rd Oxford Mills, ON, K0G 1S0, Canada P: 613-897-7370 Prefix: LITTLE WOLF (HDL) 2021 Annual Member Brian McCabe Bramore Farms S535 Conc 10 Sunderland, ON, L0C 1H0, Canada P: 705-437-1550 Prefix: BRAMORE (BRA) 2022 Annual Member Wendy & Anthony McGowan Wychwood 10607 Melrose Dr RR 3 Komoka, ON, N0L 1R0, Canada P: 519-657-5197 Prefix: WYCHWOOD (WT) 2021 Annual Member

Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman Horsey-Enda 325 Trottman Rd Colborne, ON, K0K 1S0, Canada P: | P: 905-376-6570 Prefix: HORSEY-ENDA (HEA) 2022 Annual Member Dr. Bradley & Colleen Card Cranberry Hill Galloways 2508 Perth Line 26 Tavistock, ON, N0B 2R0, Canada P: 519-655-2138 Prefix: CH, CRANBERRY HILL (BC) 2022 Annual Member Suncrest Farms 44567 Perth Line 86 RR 1 Listowel, ON, N4W 3G6, Canada P: 519-492-0057 | F: 519-291-6426 Prefix: SUNCREST (DFT) 2022 Annual Member Skye Line Farms c/o J Wainwright & D Smith 556389 Mulmur-Melancthon Twnln Mulmur, ON, L9V 0A4, Canada P: 705-440-3407 Prefix: SKYE LINE (SKY) 2021 Annual Member

Queensmere Farms 15505 Centreville Creek Rd Caledon, ON, L7C 3C3, Canada P: 289-231-2180 | P: 416-984-9928 Prefix: QUEENSMERE (VBG) 2022 Annual Member

John & Amanda Taylor 1771 Shouldice Rd Cambridge, ON, N1R 5S5, Canada P: 226-747-7698 Prefix: PINE GROVE (BNA) 2021 Annual Member

Mary Robertson 3067 Flos Rd 6 W RR 1 Phelpston, ON, L0L 2K0, Canada P: 705-322-6977 Prefix: R WAY, TRI R (WAY) 2021 Annual Member

Michele Vindum & Randy Whitteker Plainfield Heritage Farm 105 Shannon Rd Plainfield, ON, K0K 2V0, Canada P: 613-849-7552 Prefix: PLAINFIELD (PH) 2022 Annual Member

S.H.A.K. Galloway Farm c/o Steve & Alison Dawson 5143 Canborough Rd PO Box 27 Wellandport, ON, L0R 2J0, Canada P: 905-518-7028 | P: 289-821-2485 Prefix: S.H.A.K. (DAW) 2022 Annual Member

Melissa Wettlaufer Windy Hill Haven 5830 Perth Line 24 Fullarton, ON, N0K 1H0, Canada P: 519-276-8843 Prefix: WINDY HILL (WH) 2022 Annual Member

Nicholas & Jaclyn Seebach Glengowan Farm 4838 Line 10 RR1 St. Marys, ON, N4X 1C4, Canada P: 519-301-2676 Prefix: GLENGOWAN (GGF) 2022 Annual Member

Winterose Farm Dennis & Helen Martin 1220 Lundy Rd RR 1 West Montrose, ON, N0B 2V0, Canada P: 519-664-2454 | F: 519-664-1161 Prefix: WINTEROSE (WFL) 2021 Annual Member

Alan Keith Stather 568 Victoria Rd Ameliasburg, ON, K0K 1A0, Canada Prefix:CENTRELINE (AKS) 2021 Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Quebec Ferme du Rapide a/s Simon Lagacé 8420 Rapide Plat Nord St Hyacinthe, QC, J2R 1H6, Canada P: 450-799-5117 Prefix: DU RAPIDE (KLX) 2021 Annual Member Ferme Fortin & Farrell 3196 Ch des 8e Et 9e Rang Val Paradis, QC, J0Z 3S0, Canada P: 819-301-1616 | F: 819-941-6434 Prefix: VALLEE TURGEON (FFFA) 2022 Annual Member Michel Grondin & Jacinthe Tremblay Ferme Boisé Grondin Tremblay 2010-1e Rue Richelieu, QC, J3L 3X4, Canada P: 514-893-2718 Prefix: BROCKVALE, GRONDIN TREMBLAY (BGT) 2022 Annual Member Ferme Roger Paradis 203 Rue Principale St-Thomas Didyme, QC, G0W 1P0, Canada P: 418-274-6270 2022 Annual Member Mélissa Lacasse Ranch Vallée Galloway 1 Rue des Chenes Grenville Sur la Rouge, QC, J0V 1B0, Canada P: 819-593-0563 Prefix: RANCH VALLÉE (RV) 2021 Annual Member Les Élevages M.R. c/o Vincent Rivest 420 3e Rang Simpson St-Cyrille de Wendover, QC, J1Z 1Y4, Canada P: 819-388-4146 Prefix: MR (MR) 2022 Annual Member William Pelletier Ferme Rochamp Inc 969 4e Rang St Hugues, QC, J0H 1N0, Canada P: 450-888-5722 2021 Associate Annual Member

Saskatchewan Barry J. Bradley Box 2019 Swift Current, SK, S9H 4M7, Canada P: 306-773-7103 Prefix: SEWARD (TZ) 2022 Annual Member

Mrs Ruth Bradley c/o Barry Bradley Box 2019 Swift Current, SK, S9H 4M7, Canada P: 306-773-7103 Prefix: SEWARD (CV, HO) 2021 Annual Member

Joseph H McCabe III 771 Clark Rd Danville, VT, 5828, U.S.A. P: 802-748-5107 | F: 802-748-6841 Prefix: CALEAMONT (XF) 2022 Associate Annual Member

Sawki Ranch Ltd Box 2019 Swift Current, SK, S9H 4M7, Canada P: 306-773-7103 Prefix: SAWKI (CY) 2022 Annual Member

Russ & Susan Waples 403 West Small St Box 544 Terry, MT, 59349, U.S.A. 2021 Associate Annual Member Joyce Jones 395 Double J Lane New Castle, PA, 16101, U.S.A. P: 724-924-2938 | F: 724-924-9722 Prefix: DOUBLE JJ (JJ) 2022 Associate Annual Member

Sharon Koch Box 338 Neilburg, SK, S0M 2C0, Canada P: 306-823-4482 Prefix: SHANDO ACRES (SAK) 2022 Annual Member

Prince Edward Island Rustaret Farm c/o M McCallum & R Bittermann PO Box 108 4993 Hwy 225 Kinkora, PEI, C0B 1N0, Canada P: 902-887-3719 Prefix: RUSTARET (RMR) 2022 Annual Member

U.S.A Blegen Galloways Blegen Galloways 311 Alec Roy Rd Roundup, MT, 59072-6408, U.S.A. P: 701-219-4815 2022 Associate Annual Member Dirigo Land & Livestock Limited Liability Co. 1818 Evans Ave Unit 106 Cheyenne, WY, 82001, U.S.A. P: 720-335-8010 | P: 307-638-1314 F: 775-593-4156 Prefix: DIRIGO (DLL) 2021 Associate Annual Member Joan & Dale Hoffman 10225 Oneida Rd Grand Ledge, MI, 48837, U.S.A. P: 517-627-2310 2022 Associate Annual Member Steven Silberberg Holbrook Hill Farm 47 Holbrook Hill Rd Bedford, NH, 3110, U.S.A. P: 603-668-6400 | F: 603-668-6470 Prefix: HOLBROOK HILL 2022 Associate Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


LeRoy Kindler 13291 Hope Rd Newell, SD, 57760-5783, U.S.A. P: 605-892-5832 Prefix: K GALLOWAY (LRK) 2022 Associate Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Association 2021 - 2022 Committees and Representatives Promotion Committee:

Belted Galloway Committee:

Brian Robertson Marie Blake Doug Dedman Trevor O’Meara Scott O’Dell Jules Fabios

Simon Lagacé Vanessa Beach Trevor O’Meara Mark Shiers

Breed Advancement Committee: Bob Airth Dawn Van Kampen Brad Card Darcy Goodrich Jules Fabios

Constitution Committee: Tony Onufer George Ramsay Vanessa Beach Brian Robertson

Phone 905-689-4123

White Galloway Committee: Bob Airth George Ramsay

Nominating Committee: The Board of Directors President Vanessa Beach is an ex-officio member of all the above committees to which she is not specifically named. Canadian Beef Breeds Council Representative: Brian Robertson Canadian Livestock Records Corp. Representative: Darcy Goodrich

A.I. and E.T. Committee: Simon Lagacé Brian Robertson George Ramsay Jules Fabios

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


CGA Registration Activity In 2021

Registration activity in the Canadian Galloway Association in 2021 saw a modest increase of 5 in the number of animals registered compared to 2020. There were 326 animals registered in 2020, consisting of 102 bulls and 224 heifers. This number includes 223 solid colour Galloways, 38 Belted Galloways, 13 White Galloways, 44 Riggit Galloways (including several animals previously registered as White Galloways that were reregistered as Riggit Galloways) and 8 Belted Galloway Appendix animals. Of the solid colour animals, 125 were black, 51 were dun and 47 were red. Of the animals registered, 314 were from natural matings, 9 from A.I. matings and 3 by embryo transplant. Of the total registrations, 183 comprising 56%, were from Alberta and 113, comprising 34%, from Ontario, with the remaining 10% coming from the other provinces and the U.S.A. There were 10 registrations in Quebec, 5 in Saskatchewan, 1 in Manitoba and 14 in the U.S.A. The number of transfers was higher by 2 than in 2020, with a total of 162 animals of all types having been transferred. 2 males and 1 female were transferred for export to the Unites States. The membership in the Association for 2021 totaled 87, including 74 senior members, 11 associate members and 2 junior members. Submitted by Ron Black Secretary-Treasurer

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Bulls For Progeny Registered In 2021


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No. Of Progeny
























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Letter From The Organizer

Hello to all Galloway breeders and enthusiasts! I would like to thank you for your patience as it took a bit longer than we had hoped with getting the 2022 Advance produced but hope you enjoy it. It has been a while since the last Advance due to things going on in the world but we hope that those days are behind us. Since being involved with the Galloway family my whole life I’m starting to see a trend that I don’t much care for. Since the introduction of continental breeds to North America, Galloway have slowly seen their numbers get smaller. Just in the last 20 years it feels like we have lost a lot of Galloway genetics. I feel that if something doesn’t change from within that the Canadian Galloway herd will continue to decrease in size despite the breeds still having value for today’s industry. I hope that the association and its members can find new ways to be more active as a whole moving forward. Helping the advancement and promotion of these breeds for the years to come is critical. I look forward to hearing your feedback so we can improve and expand going forward. Yours truly, Brian A. Robertson Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


Biography: Dr. Colin Palmer is an Associate Professor of Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Nova Scotia, Dr. Palmer worked in mixed practices in Ontario and British Columbia and has owned/operated a practice in Saskatchewan. Dr. Palmer along with his wife Kim and children Lauren, Emily and Carter run a herd of purebred Red Angus cattle under the KC Cattle Co. name.

Vaccines are a priceless tool for modern livestock production. They are as important to the economic viability of a cattle operation as pesticides are for crop production. Rabies, Blackleg, IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis), BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhea), anthrax, bacterial and viral respiratory infections, and numerous other diseases are prevented or lessened in severity because of vaccines. Over the last couple of decades new vaccines have been developed for calf scours, mastitis, and foot rot prevention; however, no less revolutionary has been the improvements with each generation of product targeting the same ol’ cattle diseases that have been with us for decades. Disease causing infectious agents are usually a bacterium or a virus. Germ is a commonly used word for bacteria and viruses; especially ones that cause disease. Molds (fungi) are less commonly involved unless conditions are right to allow their numbers to flourish. Ringworm is a common skin condition in cattle and other livestock caused by select species of ringworm fungi. Parasites are also infectious, but most prefer to quietly steal to survive rather than to cause overt harm. A notable exception might be the coccidia parasite responsible for the bloody diarrhea associated with coccidiosis in cattle. Several types of very small organisms (aka. microorganisms, microbes), mostly bacteria, live within our bodies and are beneficial causing no harm whatsoever. Many of these bacteria assist with digestion, help produce essential nutrients and assist the immune system in the destruction of harmful organisms. The mix of organisms, called a microbiome, residing on our skin, in our noses, in our gut and virtually any where in our bodies is unique to that system and

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022

to the individual. A microbiome is not static. Antibiotics, foods we eat, others we come in contact with, where we live, who are parents were and numerous other factors, many of which we are just now learning about, can all influence a microbiome. Newer technology, such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, have proven to be much more sensitive for identifying organisms in environments that were previously believed to be sterile. Older testing methods relied on culture, which essentially meant that these organisms had to grow in a petri dish under the right conditions, or at the very least had to be detectable by testing methods that required the organism to remain intact. When an infectious agent enters a body, it will move to its preferred site where it will reproduce; provided it has entered through the right system. For example, the gut, respiratory system, or blood. Respiratory pathogens that don’t get inhaled may simply desiccate or dry out on the skin surface. An important concept for understanding disease treatment and prevention is recognizing the difference between viruses and bacteria. Both are tiny, yet viruses are smaller than even the smallest bacterium, only visible with highly specialized microscopes. Bacteria are living, single-celled creatures with an outer protective cell wall and an inner lining protecting the cell’s organ structure. Bacteria can produce their own food and can thrive in a wide variety of environments. Bacteria tend to be opportunistic, feeding on biological debris that is present often from physical damage (cuts, wounds) or damage caused by viruses. Viruses consist of just a thin protein coat covering a small amount of RNA or DNA that represents the genetic code necessary for creating future generations.


To multiply, viruses must attach themselves to living cells taking advantage of their host’s infrastructure. Most viruses are very specific about the types of cells they prefer. For example, blood cells, cells lining the gut, or specific cells within the respiratory tract. Because they can’t reproduce on their own viruses must reprogram the cells they attach to to allow themselves to replicate. Unlike bacteria, viruses invariably behave like pirates exploiting their host cells until the cell dies or bursts. Some viruses may even turn normal cells into cancerous cells. Antibiotics target bacteria, not viruses. Antibiotics have been used to fight disease even when it is known that the cause is a virus with the belief that the antibiotics would help fight a secondary, opportunist bacterial infection, thereby lessening the severity of the disease or even saving the life of the patient. Such use of antibiotics is discouraged in most situations as it contributes to antimicrobial resistance and the development of so-called super bugs. Drugs designed to specifically target viruses seem logical but there are very few antiviral drugs available. Generally, antiviral drugs have a very limited spectrum of use. Our best defense against viruses is prevention of infection and one of our best preventative tools is vaccination.

they are capable of much more targeted attacks then macrophages. T-Lymphocytes may also produce a subclass of themselves called “memory T-cells” which will remain in the body for a period of time ready to defend against that same invader should reinfection occur. T-cells play the predominant role in what is called cell-mediated immunity. B-lymphocytes produce antibodies, also called immunoglubulins, which are large Y-shaped proteins designed to recognize specific antigens (recognizable groups of protein) on the invaders, bind to these antigens, and then interact with other components of the immune system to destroy the invader. Like T-cells, a portion of B-cells will become “memory B-cells” surviving in the body ready to make fresh antibody when the time comes. We all recognize the importance of colostrum to calves, and it is the ready-made antibodies present in colostrum that are absorbed by the calf to help it fight all sorts of infections until it is capable of making its own antibodies. All vaccines are made from taking a piece of the bacteria or virus and modifying it so it will stimulate the production of memory T- and B-lymphocytes that carry forward the ability to fight the invader in the future. Different types of vaccines work in different ways. The diversity of bacteria and viruses dictates that one type of vaccine or vaccine technology is often effective for only select group of organisms. Following vaccination it usually takes a few weeks for the body to produce enough memory cells to offer protection in case infection occurs. Fever and mild sickness are normal – it means the immune system is responding to the vaccine. In most cases, second (booster) vaccinations are required to confer an effective level of immunity with boosters required thereafter at regular intervals. Vaccine manufacturers study the response to vaccines to determine when and for how long an adequate level of protection is sustained. Historically, levels of circulating antibody were measured. Another method involves studying actual disease challenge scenarios. Scientists have recognized that antibody levels may not tell the whole story and a great deal of energy is now being focused on the role of memory cells.

When viruses invade and start to multiply this is called an infection. Left unchecked the virus will proliferate, and symptoms of illness will appear. The earliest symptoms such as fever, headache, tiredness etc. are a direct result of the body’s defense mechanism, the immune system, kicking into action. Fever is not just a sign - a higher body temperature may limit the reproductive capabilities of the invader. The body’s immune system is very complicated and consists of a few modes of defense. The first line is relatively nonspecific; designed to attack anything foreign. Blood consists of oxygen-carrying red blood cells and white blood cells, also called immune cells. There are different types of white cells all designed to fight infection in different ways. Many types of bacterial infection are associated with pus production. The most predominant white blood cell found in pus are neutrophils which can migrate from the blood vessels to site the site of infection where they surround and kill the invaders. Other, Immunology is a very prolific field of scientific larger cells called macrophages swallow up viruses and study that has made some significant gains over the last broken-down cells leaving behind recognizable parts few decades. Many of us owe our lives and livelihoods of the invaders called antigens. B- and T- lymphocytes to the breakthroughs that have been made. are another closely related class of white blood cells. T-lymphocytes attack infected cells in the body; however,

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


A d vert isers Ind e x 2 Bridges Farm.............................................................. 3

Investissements Grondin-Tremblay........................... 10

Berry Ranch Galloways............................................... 21

Ladywells Farm............................................................. 16, 17

Burtdale Galloways...................................................... 9

Legacy Galloways......................................................... 5

Cedarmill Farm............................................................ IBC

Robertson West Livestock........................................... OBC

Cranberry Hill Galloways........................................... 19 Skye Line Farms............................................................ 19 Dedmandale Farms...................................................... 14

Suncrest Farms Galloways........................................... 15

Eastern Canadian Galloway Association.................. 18

Willow-Mor Farms....................................................... 21 Windchime Galloways................................................. 14

Ferme du Rapide.......................................................... 8 Future Farms................................................................. 11 Geordawn Farms.......................................................... 5 Glenfiddich Galloways................................................. IFC Hardscrabble Galloways.............................................. 8

HOLBROOK HILL FARM World Class Genetics Imported Semen

Young Herd Sires Open Heifers available

Harmony Hill Belted Galloway.................................. 30 Holbrook Hill Farm..................................................... 30 Horsey-Enda Belted Galloway.................................... 7

Jacob Silberberg Bedford, NH

Canadian Galloway Advance 2022


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