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Glenfiddich GALLOWAYS

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Glenfiddich Everything 2017

Glenfiddich Edward 2017

Sire: Glenfiddich Xanthus Dam: Glenfiddich Sapphire

Sire: Glenfiddich Xanthus Dam: Glenfiddich YNVME

Registered Purebred Galloways 1001 Regional Road 97

Puslinch, Ontario, N0B 2J0 John, Jen and Shelby McIlwraith

John and Lee McIlwraith 905-659-3010 livestock and semen enquiries

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C: 905-979-9227 Website:

Suncrest Farms GALLOWAYS


Future of Suncrest Farms

Royal Winter Fair 2018

SALTER & BLAKE FAMILIES 44567 Line 86, Listowel, ON Canada N4W 3G6 519-291-5466

    Thanks to our 2018 buyers!

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Grass Finishing Performance with Breed Character and Type Brad & Colleen Card 2508 Perth Line 26, RR 2 Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0 519.655.2138

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


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Galloways, Belted Galloways and White Galloways to

President’s Message


2018-2019 Board Of Directors


American Belted Galloways


CGA Junior Members Share


CGA 2018-2019 Committees and Representatives


CGA Top Bulls For Progeny Registered In 2018


CGA Registration Activity in 2018


2018-19 Canadian Membership Directory


In Memoriam


UK Report


Galloway in the Heart of Europe



c/o CLRC 2417 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1V 0M7 Tel: 613-731-7110 Fax: 613-731-0704 Email: Website:

Herd Books The herd book of the Canadian Galloway Association has three sections –

Animals registered in the three sections are treated as three distinct “breeds.” Each of the three breeds occur in three colours, BLACK, DUN, or RED Section I: Galloway Section II: Belted Galloway Section III: White Galloway The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book contains all registered Canadian Galloways, Belted Galloways and White Galloways up to 2002. To obtain copies, contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association.

Tattoo Letters 2019 - G 2020 - H 2021 - J

For a more detailed explanation please contact the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. The Canadian Galloway Association Herd Book is for sale. Prices are as follows... HST and Shipping extra

Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

P.O.A. P.O.A. $5.00 $5.00

Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8

$30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $75.00

Volume 3 thru 8 set: $150.00

A.I. Collected Sires Breeders are urged to obtain a copy of the A.I. and E.T.

Published By: PO Box 2330 Warman, SK S0K 2T0 306-933-4200

regulations of the Association from the Secretary, Canadian Galloway Association. A list of the A.I. collected sires is available. Users of Galloway, Belted Galloway or White Galloway semen intending to register progeny may require a semen certificate for registration. NOTE: The owners may have restrictions on the sale and use of Semen Certificates.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


President’s Message

2018 has been a fantastic year for Galloway breeders and enthusiasts alike. We have seen a steady increase in demand for our Canadian genetics from abroad as well as an increase in popularity of the breed domestically. Belted registrations this year are higher than the other two breeds. There has been a growing number of new small producers across the country adding Galloways and Galloway genetics to their herds. I have had the pleasure of talking to new as well as established breeders from coast to coast this year about all things Galloway. We are seeing a push towards farm gate sales in live animals as well as beef sales creating a stable niche market. While the general open market cattle prices have been poor, the private sales have remained consistent with sometimes a premium being seen in exceptional breeding stock. Although none of our animals made the trip, a large contingency of Galloway breeders made the journey to the Australian World Congress. Everyone had a fabulous time and it was great to visit with so many breeders. We are all looking forward to the next Congress in the USA, with being a bit closer to home perhaps we will be able to bring some of our animals to show off. The CGA has seen a greater number of Galloways being shown by juniors for different 4H projects. It’s fantastic to see these young people promoting the breed. Our AGM this year was well attended at the home of Brad and Colleen Card of Cranberry Hill Galloways. A big thanks to the Eastern Galloway Association for putting this on. We had an opportunity to visit a certified organic family farm that had dairy, beef and pork divisions. It was extremely educational as to how they maintain everything within the organic model. Both our constitution and our promotional committees have been working hard on a variety of topics. The promotional committee with the help of the regional associations has out done itself again with advertising, displays and education at a variety of events across the country promoting the virtues of Galloway cattle. The constitutional committee has been very busy with several initiatives. First, which was just recently passed by the membership is that the directors for the CGA shall be reduced by three to ensure that the people participating are committed to furthering the breed as opposed to filling a seat. This apparently has been a problem in the past. There will be no elections next year for directors and the three directors whose terms are expiring will be eligible for re-election the following year. Secondly there has been a huge debate within the White Galloway membership as to the separation of the white park and the riggit pattern within the White herd book. The investigation is still ongoing within White Galloway committee, members and geneticists alike. Thirdly, since this is such a large country to maximize participation, we are looking at how to include video and teleconferencing in our annual general meetings. Lastly, there is still a large debate about including DNA verification for females for registration. While fairly easy to implement, it is the potential financial implications that are still being assessed. The weather was certainly challenging for crops but as always thanks to the overall hardiness of our cattle, they are thriving. If you are wanting to keep up to date with Galloways in Canada, please check our website or follow us on Facebook at Canadian Galloway Association. All the best for 2019! Vanessa Beach Echo Valley Farm

Meet Your

Canadian Galloway Association 2018-2019 Directors

Vanessa Beach, President Echo Valley Farm, Uxbridge, Ontario

Chris Shaap, Director Esker Trail Farm, Drumbo, Ontario

Marie Blake, Vice President Suncrest Farms Galloways, Listowel, Ontario

Trevor O’Meara, Director Horsey-Enda, Colborne, Ontario

We raise black, red and dun Galloways with a focus on low maintenance, easy doing cattle that are suitable for grass finishing.

My partner Mark and I wanted to add a solid purebred foundation to my family’s grass finished commercial herd and Belted Galloways were the logical choice. We are looking forward to working with other breeders to continue maintaining and promoting this fantastic breed!

Janice and I chose Belted Galloway for our grass fed beef program for many reasons especially their easy going and hardy nature. When asked, “Why Belted Galloway?” I just say, “They are outstanding in their field... how much time do you have?”

Suncrest Farms Galloways in Listowel is where I call home with my husband Greg. I have been raising Galloways since my early years with my parents on the home farm here. I have three beautiful grown daughters and two very special grandchildren that help me continue in my love of the cattle. We have a small herd of 16 cows with blacks, duns, silver duns and belts.

Val Brooksbank, Executive Secretary Queensmere Farms, Caledon, Ontario

I am a sixth generation farmer and a breeder of purebred registered black belted Galloway cattle on 87 acres in the hills of Caledon. We market new breeding stock and are also working toward a “smart farming” Galloway/Angus commercial freezer beef farm to table program.

Jim King, Director Chickadee Farm, Innisfail, Alberta

Raising red and black registered Galloway cattle.

Ron Black, Secretary-Treasurer

Ward Marshall, Director Future Farms, Innisfail, Alberta

Ron has retired from CLRC but maintains his association with Canadian Galloways.

I have grown up on a farm and just started my first year of University at Lethbridge taking Agricultural Business. I recently have entered into the Galloway business. I have had great guidance and assistance from Jim King and Brian Robertson into the introduction to the growth of the breed. I look forward to meeting numerous breeders and the success within the breed and cattle industry.

Brian Robertson, Past President Robertson West Livestock, Clearwater County, Alberta I grew up near Phelpston, Ontario and my interest and introduction to Galloway cattle was influenced by my parents and grandfather. My wife Trisha and I along with our year and a half old son Wyatt raise purebred Galloway and Angus cattle on our farm in Clearwater County, Alberta. My family has been raising Galloway cattle for over 30 years primarily blacks and some reds.

Sarah Middleton, Director Calgary, Alberta Sarah is new to the board and raises belted and white Galloway cattle south of Calgary. Canadian Galloway Advance 2019



Commercial Recipient Cow with Unbelievable embryo calf Fillomena

Horsey-Enda Belted Galloway Unbelievable and Flicka

Trevor O’Meara  Janice Logeman 325 Trottman Road Colborne, Ontario K0K 1S0 (905) 376 - 6570 Email:

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Dedmandale Eowyn

2018 National Jr. Beef Heifer Show

AOB Overall Champion

Dedmandale Everlea

2017 National Jr. Beef Heifer Show





k ac



AOB Calf Champion


Grass Finished Performance From field to Plate Freelton, Ontario • 519-240-8890

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


It starts with the cows

O u r c o wh erd is b u il t aro u n d f em al es wit h st ru c t u ral so u n d n ess, lo n gev it y, an d t h e ab il it y t o p ro d u c e h igh q u al it y c arc ass e s

Roundup, MT - 701-212-0112 or 406-323-4815 Like and follow us on Facebook

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Back (L to R) Joe Schumacher, Richard Serr‐ Secretary, Eli Berry‐ President, Harley Blegen‐ Vice President, Thomas Wilder Front (L to R) Joyce Jones, Joan Hoffman, Christa Grywusiewicz, Susan Waples Not Pictured: Judy Decker, Jerry Stephens, Jon Brown

Eastern Time Zone

Pacific Time Zone

Joan Hoffman Grand Ledge, MI 517-627-2310 /

Richard Serr –Sec./ Treasurer Springdale, WA 509-258-6776 /

Jerry Stephens Clinton Corners, NY 845-594-9749/

Tom Wilder Elma, WA 360-482-5278/

Central Time Zone Eli Berry - President Mora, MN 612-390-2249 /

At Large Judy Decker Emporia, KS 620-343-6757/

Jon Brown Chickasha, OK 405-785-9115 /

Christa Grywusiewicz Banner, WY 307-751-5665 /

Mountain Time Zone Harley Blegen, Vice President Roundup, MT 701-212-0112/ Susan Waples Terry, MT 406-635-2114/

Joyce Jones New Castle, PA 724-924-2938 /

Joe Schumacher Fort Benton, MT 406-799-0274 / Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


The United States Belted Galloway Society

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Hardscrabble Galloways

Hearty, grass fed cattle for sale by Private Treaty. Please Call for availability.

Brian Bartley

260 Sugar Bush Road Norland, ON K0M 2L0 705-454-8950 | Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


C GA Junior Members Share... Hello! My name is Abbey Cocking and I showed in the Haldimand County Beef Club for the first time this year. I am 15 years old and in grade 10. I had the opportunity to show a belted Galloway from my family farm. I have shown in the dairy club for six years and decided that this year I’d show both beef and dairy and let me tell you that was a challenge. I always enjoy going to as many of the shows as possible. I was at the fair every weekend and was surprised when I came in first in showmanship in my first ever show and third overall at my achievement day at Caledonia Fair. In November I headed to the big city to show at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. Showmanship didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked but then I showed against two other Galloways in conformation and came fifth in that class. Showing beef was a great experience and I am definitely showing again next year! Thank you,

Abbey Cocking For my third year as a Waterloo 4-H member, I chose to exhibit my Galloway heifer, Dedmandale Everlea, as my 2018 project animal. Throughout the season, we prepared for the Royal Winter Fair by attending five fall fairs including Wellesley, New Hamburg, Drumbo, Rockton, and Erin. At New Hamburg Fall Fair (the Waterloo 4-H Beef Club achievement day), I received first in conformation and second in showmanship, then went on to receive Reserve Grand Champion Heifer. At the Galloway Show at Erin Fall Fair, I received second in conformation, and third in showmanship. My favourite part of the season was exhibiting Everlea at the Royal Winter Fair. I was able to see all of my hard work and dedication pay off when I came home with a fourth in the All Other Breeds Yearling Heifer class. Although this show season is over, I am looking forward to the years to come. I am hoping to exhibit Everlea’s 2019 calf and continue the tradition, as Everlea’s dam was my first 4-H heifer. I would like to thank both the Canadian Galloway and Eastern Canadian Galloway Association for your support. Thank you,

Chelsea Weiler This year I exhibited Dedmandale Eowyn as my 4-H project. We competed in four fall fairs prior to the Royal Winter Fair in November: Tavistock, New Hamburg, Rockton, and Erin. It was a good season overall and the highlight was definitely winning Grand Champion Heifer in the All Other Purebred Breeds class at the Royal. The most challenging aspect of this year’s show season was showing a smaller animal in some of the larger shows. Galloways aren’t a huge breed to begin with and my heifer is not a tall animal even for a Galloway. So when it comes to competing in multibreed shows, it can be a challenge to face off against some of the naturally taller and larger-framed animals. That being said, I do love the Galloway breed and how they look and perform, so as I head into my last year of 4-H I’m looking forward to one more show season with one more Galloway heifer. Thank you to both the Eastern Canadian Galloway Association and the Canadian Galloway Association for your continued support. Thank you,

Ruth Dedman Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


1001 Regional Road 97 Puslinch • Ontario • N0B 2J0

Vice President



Brian Bartley


Vanessa Beach & Mark Shiers


Crystal Blake


Vicki Blake


Greg & Marie Blake


Bev Burtis


Dr. Brad & Colleen Card


Peter & Laurie Cocking


Doug Dedman and family


Ryan and Jayne Green


Wendy & Anthony McGowan


John A. McIlwraith


John & Lee McIlwraith


Scott & Tami O'Dell


Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman


Anthony Onufer Jr.


Beverley Onufer


Hans Osthaus


Queensmere Farms


Clay & Kathy Salter


George & Dawn Van Kampen


Melissa Wettlaufer & Paul Menard


Ciaran Yool


Promoting and Supporting Galloways around the World Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Canadian Galloway Association 2018-2019 Committees and Representatives

Promotion Committee: Brian Robertson Kelly Worthington Marie Blake Doug Dedman Trevor O’Meara Brad Card Scott O’Dell

Constitution Committee: Tony Onufer George Ramsay Vanessa Beach Brian Robertson

Phone 905-689-4123

A.I. and E.T. Committee: Simon Lagacé Brian Robertson Jim King George Ramsay

George Ramsay Simon Lagacé Vanessa Beach Trevor O’Meara Sarah Middleton

White Galloway Committee: Bob Airth George Ramsay Sarah Middleton

Breed Advancement Committee:

Bob Airth Dawn Van Kampen Brad Card

Belted Galloway Committee:

Nominating Committee: The Board of Directors President Vanessa Beach is an ex-officio member of all the above committees to which she is not specifically named. Canadian Beef Breeds Council Representative: Brian Robertson Canadian Livestock Records Corp. Representative: Sarah Middleton

CGA Registration Activity In 2018

Canadian Galloway Association Top Bulls For Progeny Registered In 2018 Bull

No. Of Progeny

High Hope LS Walk Off HR (BLK)



Valley Touchdown 24Y




Gowrie Tombstone 37T




Maplesway Red Light




Caleamont Xerxes




Big Deal Billy Bob 30B




Alberta Plaid Duke 10D




RSS Uri Sundog 10U




R Way Atlantis 19A




YY Geordie 444B




Cranberry Hill Yarrow




Ladywells Brando 47B




Registration activity in the Canadian Galloway Association in 2018 as of November 30th saw a 29% decrease in the number of animals registered compared to the same period in 2017.There were a total of 283 animals registered in 2018, consisting of 74 bulls and 209 heifers. This number includes 218 solid colour Galloways, 34 Belted Galloways, 20 White Galloways and 11 Belted Galloway Appendix animals. Of the solid colour animals, 137 were black, 45 were dun and 36 were red. Of the animals registered, 274 were from natural matings, 9 from A.I. matings and 0 by embryo transplant. Of the total registrations, 154, comprising 54%, were from Ontario and 110, comprising 38%, from Alberta, with the remaining 8% coming from the other provinces and the U.S.A. There were 11 registrations in the U.S.A., 4 in Quebec, 3 in Saskatchewan and 1 in Manitoba. The number of transfers as of November 30th was 45% lower than in the same period in 2017, with a total of 132 animals of all types having been transferred. 9 animals were transferred for export to the United States. The membership in the Association for 2018 totaled 94, including 82 senior members and 12 associate members. Submitted by Ron Black Secretary-Treasurer

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


 Canadian Membership Directory

ALBERTA Berggard Livestock RR 1 Rivercourse, AB T0B 3X0 P: 780-872-2377 Prefix: CRYSTAL LYNN 2018 Annual Member Diamond M Horse & Cattle Co. Ltd c/o Sarah Middleton Site 11 Box 22 RR 2 Cochrane, AB T4C 1A2 P: 403-829-4543 Prefix: DIAMOND M 2018 Annual Member Roy Hirch Box 4016 Taber, AB T1G 1C6 P: 403-894-3224 Prefix: TRINITY MANOR 2018 Annual Member Russel Horvey Box 339, Delburne, AB T0M 0V0 P: 403-749-2780 Prefix: BIG DEAL 2018 Head Registered: 39 2019 Annual Member Wesley G Horvey 20-49228 Range Rd 234 Leduc County, AB T4X 1Y1 P: 780-986-1260 Prefix: DUN GAL 2018 Head Registered: 9 2019 Annual Member Wyatt Horvey 20-49228 Range Rd 234 Leduc County, AB T4X 1Y1 P: 780-986-1260 Prefix: DUN GAL 2018 Head Registered: 3 2019 Annual Member Kenny Ventures Inc. 51146 Range Rd 205 Sherwood Park, AB T8G 1E5 P: 780-662-2257 Prefix: KVI 2018 Annual Member

Jim E. King 35510 Range Rd 281 Red Deer County, AB T4G 0E6 P: 403-227-6081 Prefix: YY 2018 Head Registered: 14 2018 Annual Member Lennor Farms Ltd, Aron Lutz 26447 Hwy 590 Red Deer County, AB T4G 0C9 P: 403-227-2260 | F: 403-227-6967 Prefix: LENNOR 2018 Annual Member Dalta Farm, David MacTaggart Box 5755 Lacombe, AB T4L 1X3 P: 403-782-0456 Prefix: DALTA 2018 Annual Member Dalta Farm, Amanda MacTaggart Box 5755 Lacombe, AB T4L 1X3 P: 403-782-0456 Prefix: DALTA 2018 Annual Member Allan Marshall 35266 Range Rd 233 Red Deer County, AB T4G 0N3 P: 403-227-2594 2018 Head Registered: 4 2019 Annual Member Ward Marshall 35266 Range Rd 233 Red Deer County, AB T4G 0N3 P: 403-227-2594 | F: 403-227-6938 2018 Head Registered: 12 2019 Annual Member Tyler May Box 569 Manning, AB T0H 2M0 P: 250-219-7252 2019 Annual Member Robert Menzies RR 1 Site 7 Box 8 Leslieville, AB T0M 1H0 P: 403-729-2104 Prefix: TRIPLE R 2018 Head Registered: 2 2019 Annual Member

Darcy H. & Connie Mueller Box 1913 Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0 P: 403-820-4115 Prefix: WESTVIEW 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member

Aaron & Colleen Tensen Box 9 RR 1 Site 22 Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 2A1 P: 403-845-3760 Prefix: WHISTLING HEIGHTS 2018 Head Registered: 3 2019 Annual Member

Narrow Road Ranch Box 45 Islay, AB T0B 2J0 P: 780-205-5504 Prefix: NARROW ROAD 2019 Annual Member

Walking A Ranches Ltd. 258047 16 St E Foothills, AB T1S 3M1 P: 403-938-7543 | F: 403-938-7543 Prefix: GALAIR 2018 Head Registered: 5 2019 Annual Member

Pure Country Stock Farm Box 163 Hardisty, AB T0B 1V0 P: 780-888-3791 Prefix: BOUGHBARON 2018 Annual Member

Kelly Worthington Box 3538, Carstairs, AB T0M 0N0 P: 403-701-5506 Prefix: WN 2018 Head Registered: 8 2018 Annual Member

George & Joan Ramsay PO Box 3500 Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2T3 P: 780-907-7807 | F: 780-998-2756 Prefix: LADYWELLS 2018 Head Registered: 35 2019 Annual Member

BRITISH COLOMBIA Juri N. Agapow 6651 Hwy 21 Box 31 Hanceville, BC V0L 1K0 P: 250-625-7149 | F: 250-625-7149 Prefix: BAR2A 2018 Annual Member

Robertson West Livestock 362073 Range Rd 5-1 PO Box 1081 Caroline, AB T0M 0M0 P: 403-392-2535 Prefix: RWL 2019 Annual Member Steve & Bonnie Schweer 36479 Hwy 781 Red Deer County, AB T4E 0E5 P: 403-227-3428 | F: 403-227-3423 Prefix: ALBERTA PLAID 2018 Head Registered: 15 2019 Annual Member Southern Slopes Cindy Sandford-Hoy PO Box 4293 Barrhead, AB T7N 1A4 Prefix: SOUTHERN SLOPES 2019 Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Michael Dietrich 642 Wallace Place Ladysmith, BC V9G 1P1 P: 250-245-5456 Prefix: SEACREST 2018 Associate Annual Member Double Mac Farms Ltd c/o John MacDonald 6748 Swanson Rd Prince George, BC V2M 7C8 P: 250-564-9892 2019 Annual Member Harold & Kathy Steves & Family 2871 Steveston Highway Steveston, BC V7E 2J1 P: 604-277-7759 | F: 604-277-7759 Prefix: STEVESTON 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member

MANITOBA Monica & Ken Gratton Box 332 St Laurent, MB R0C 2S0 P: 204-646-2894 Prefix: DIAMOND K 2019 Annual Member

Can Be Dairy 1536 Tye Rd New Hamburg, ON N3A 2Z1 P: 519-301-3038 Prefix: CAN BE 2018 Head Registered: 3 2019 Annual Member

ONTARIO Maureen Allaston & John Taylor 12994 Land O’nod Rd North Augusta, ON K0G 1R0 P: 613-269-7973 | F: 613-269-7973 Prefix: WINDCHIME 2018 Head Registered: 8 2019 Annual Member

Dr. Bradley & Colleen Card 2508 Perth Line 26 Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0 P: 519-655-2138 Prefix: CRANBERRY HILL 2018 Head Registered: 17 2019 Annual Member

Ayrsyde Galloways c/o Chris Knight 759 Brant Waterloo Rd Ayr, ON N0B 1E0 P: 519-589-2666 Prefix: AYRSYDE 2018 Head Registered: 5 2018 Annual Member Brian Bartley 260 Sugar Bush Rd RR 1 Norland, ON K0M 2L0 P: 705-454-8950 Prefix: HARDSCRABBLE 2018 Head Registered: 18 2019 Annual Member Vanessa Beach & Mark Shiers 6050 Con 2 RR 3 Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4 P: 416-997-6378 Prefix: ECHO VALLEY 2018 Head Registered: 2 2018 Annual Member Black Walnut Pastures c/o Scott & Tammy O’dell 1122 Regional Rd 97 RR 3 Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0 P: 519-240-8890 Prefix: BLACK WALNUT 2018 Head Registered: 5 2019 Annual Member Greg & Marie Blake RR 1 Perth Line 86 44567 Listowel, ON N4W 3G6 P: 519-291-5466 | F: 519-291-6426 Prefix: SUN RISE 2019 Annual Member B L Burtis 348 Harley Rd RR 2 Harley, ON N0E 1E0 P: 519-424-9043 | F: 519-424-9043 Prefix: BURTDALE 2018 Head Registered: 6 2018 Annual Member

Peter & Laurie Cocking 178 Con 3, Fisherville, ON N0A 1G0 P: 905-779-0828 Prefix: 2 BRIDGES 2018 Head Registered: 1 2018 Annual Member Creamery Hill Farms 122600 Grey Rd 5 Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6 P: 226-343-4763 2018 Annual Member Nick Day 354 Concession 2 West Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0 P: 416-602-9468 Prefix: OAK HEIGHTS 2018 Head Registered: 2 2019 Annual Member Dedmandale Farms c/o Doug Dedman 947639 Township Rd 14 New Dundee, ON N0B 2E0 P: 519-696-3822 Prefix: DEDMANDALE 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member Jon Eckhardt 393620 2 Concession RR 1 Durham, ON N0G 1R0 P: 519-369-6041 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member Michelle, Emmanuel & Joseph Gasser 982A Musky Bay Rd St. Charles, ON P0M 2W0 P: 705-867-2926 | F: 705-867-2926 Prefix: PINE HILL 2018 Head Registered: 1 2018 Annual Member

Glenfiddich Galloways c/o John A. McIlwraith RR 3 1001 Hwy 97 Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0 P: 905-979-9227 Prefix: GLENFIDDICH 2018 Head Registered: 12 2019 Annual Member Graceland Acres c/o Johannes Verdonk 77 Baptist Church Rd Brantford, ON N3T 5L4 P: 519-770-7397 Prefix: GRACELAND ACRES 2019 Annual Member Greenbrook Farms Ltd Ryan & Jayne Green 356568 Line 35 RR 1 Embro, ON N0J 1J0 P: 519-475-0101 Prefix: GREENBROOK 2018 Head Registered: 16 2019 Annual Member Gullydale Acres c/o Kelly Ferguson/Kate Cleary 1834 Oneil Rd Oxford Mills, ON K0G 1S0 P: 613-258-5745 Prefix: GULLY DALE 2018 Head Registered: 3 2018 Annual Member Laurel Springs Farms Ltd. 14491 Dixie Rd Caledon, ON L7C 2M8 P: 905-584-0636 Prefix: LAUREL SPRING 2018 Head Registered: 4 2019 Annual Member Little Wolf Farm c/o Diane Lafave 521 Dennison Rd Oxford Mills, ON K0G 1S0 P: 613-897-7370 Prefix: LITTLE WOLF 2018 Annual Member Logganlane Farms c/o Bert & Nancy Loggan 985069 Perth Oxford Rd RR 2 Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0 P: 519-655-3380 Prefix: LOGGANLANE 2018 Annual Member Brian McCabe S535 Conc 10 Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 P: 705-437-1550 | F: 416-491-9007 Prefix: BRAMORE 2019 Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Wendy & Anthony McGowan Wychwood 10607 Melrose Dr RR 3 Komoka, ON N0L 1R0 P: 519-657-5197 Prefix: WYCHWOOD 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member Pearl Morissette Estate Winery 3953 Jordan Rd Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0 P: 905-562-4376 | F: 905-562-5291 Prefix: PM VINEYARDS 2018 Associate Annual Member Thomas R Morrish Willow-Mor Farms 683 Norris Rd RR 1 Devlin, ON P0W 1C0 P: 807-486-3622 | F: 807-486-3622 Prefix: WILLOW-MOR 2018 Head Registered: 11 2019 Annual Member National Museum Of Science & Technology Corp. Box 9724 Station T Ottawa, ON K1G 5A3 P: 613-222-8303 | F: 613-230-1814 2019 Annual Member Trevor O’Meara & Janice Logeman 325 Trottman Rd Colborne, ON K0K 1S0 905-376-6570 Prefix: HORSEY-ENDA 2019 Annual Member Anthony Onufer Jr. Box 39, Millgrove, ON L0R 1V0 P: 905-689-4123 Prefix: CEDARMILL 2019 Annual Member Mrs Beverley Onufer Box 39, Millgrove, ON L0R 1V0 P: 905-689-4123 Prefix: KILLOWENT 2019 Annual Member Queensmere Farms 15505 Centreville Creek Rd Caledon, ON L7C 3C3 P: 289-231-2180 | P: 416-984-9928 Prefix: QUEENSMERE 2018 Head Registered: 6 2019 Annual Member Red Brick Farm 177 Warburton Rd Lansdowne, ON K0E 1L0 P: 613-659-3650 2018 Head Registered: 1 2018 Annual Member

Henry Regelink 65 Line 11N RR 1 Oro-Medonte, ON L0L 1T0 P: 705-487-2000 | F: 705-487-1941 2019 Annual Member

George & Dawn Van Kampen 394276 County Rd 12 Amaranth, ON L9W 0N2 P: 519-940-2202 | F: 519-940-2202 Prefix: GEORDAWN 2018 Annual Member

A. Scot Robertson 3067 Flos Rd 6 W RR 1 Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0 P: 705-322-6977 | F: 705-322-6977 Prefix: BLACK GOLD, GOWRIE, TRI R 2018 Head Registered: 41 2019 Annual Member

Michele Vindum & Randy Whitteker Plainfield Heritage Farm 105 Shannon Rd Plainfield, ON K0K 2V0 P: 613-849-7552 Prefix: PLAINFIELD 2018 Head Registered: 3 2018 Annual Member

Jay S. Robertson 3067 Flos Rd 6 West RR 1 Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0 P: 705-322-6977 | F: 705-322-4315 Prefix: HIGH HOPE 2018 Head Registered: 5 2018 Annual Member Mary Robertson 3067 Flos Rd 6 W RR 1 Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0 P: 705-322-6977 Prefix: R WAY 2018 Head Registered: 12 2018 Annual Member Chris & Yvonne Schaap 766526 Township Rd 5 Drumbo, ON N0J 1G0 P: 519-608-0195 Prefix: TUMBLEWEED 2018 Head Registered: 11 2019 Annual Member Nicholas & Jaclyn Seebach 4838 Line 10 RR1 St. Marys, ON N4X 1C4 P: 519-301-2676 Prefix: GLENGOWAN 2019 Annual Member Skye Line Farms c/o J Wainwright & D Smith 556389 Mulmur-Melancthon Twnln Mulmur, ON L9V 0A4 P: 705-440-3407 Prefix: SKYE LINE 2019 Annual Member Kathy Stahn Box 114, Devlin, ON P0W 1C0 Prefix: WILLOW-MOR 2018 Annual Member Suncrest Farms RR 1 Perth Line 86 44567a Listowel, ON N4W 3G6 P: 519-291-5466 | F: 519-291-6426 Prefix: SUNCREST 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member

Melissa Wettlaufer 5830 Perth Line 24 Fullarton, ON N0K 1H0 P: 519-229-8043 Prefix: WINDY HILL 2019 Annual Member Winterose Farm Dennis & Helen Martin 1220 Lundy Rd RR 1 West Montrose, ON N0B 2V0 P: 519-664-2454 | F: 519-664-1161 Prefix: WINTEROSE 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member Ciaran Yool 1001 Hwy 97 RR 3 Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0 P: 905-659-2311 | F: 905-659-2670 2019 Associate Annual Member J.P. Zuccaro 100 Stoney Creek Rd Lindsay, ON K9V 4R4 P: 647-818-3433 Prefix: CROSS CREEKS 2018 Head Registered: 2 2018 Annual Member PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND Rustaret Farm c/o M. McCallum & R. Bittermann PO Box 108 4993 Hwy 225 Kinkora, PE C0B 1N0 P: 902-887-3719 Prefix: RUSTARET 2018 Annual Member QUEBEC 144484 Canada Inc a/s R. Bouladier & R. Séguin 341 Chemin Roy, Mayo, QC J8L 4N4 P: 819-661-1976 | F: 819-986-6558 2018 Head Registered: 7 2019 Annual Member

Ferme du Rapide senc a/s Simon Lagacé 8420 Rapide Plat Nord St. Hyacinthe, QC J2R 1H6 P: 450-799-5117 Prefix: DU RAPIDE 2019 Annual Member Michel Grondin & Jacinthe Tremblay Ferme Boisé Grondin Tremblay Richelieu, QC J3L 3X4 514-893-2718 Prefix: BROCKVALE, GRONDIN TREMBLAY 2018 Annual Member Ferme Oiseau Bleu Senc. 175 Ambroise Fafard Baie St. Paul, QC G3Z 2K1 P: 418-435-2483 Prefix: OISEAU BLEU 2019 Annual Member Lisa M. Swain & Ian McClatchy 124 Shouldice Wakefield, QC J0X 1A0 P: 819-459-8622 Prefix: RUPERT HILL 2018 Head Registered: 2 2018 Annual Member SASKATCHEWAN Barry J. Bradley Box 2019 Swift Current, SK S9H 4M7 P: 306-773-7103 Prefix: SEWARD 2019 Annual Member Mrs Ruth Bradley 203-230 Lister Kaye Cr Swift Current, SK S9H 0A2 P: 306-773-7082 Prefix: SEWARD 2019 Annual Member Coyote Coulee Ranch Ltd. Box 1357 Shaunavon, SK S0N 2M0 P: 306-297-6358 2018 Annual Member Sharon Koch Box 338, Neilburg, SK S0M 2C0 P: 306-823-4482 Prefix: SHANDO ACRES 2018 Head Registered: 2 2019 Annual Member Sawki Ranch Ltd. Box 2019, Swift Current, SK S9H 4M7 P: 306-773-7103 Prefix: SAWKI 2018 Head Registered: 1 2019 Annual Member

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


USA Chuck Cole, Cole Farms 2173 Jade St. Mora, MN 55051-6727 U.S.A. P: 320-679-4395 2019 Associate Annual Member Dirigo Land & Livestock Limited Liability Co. 1818 Evans Ave Unit 106 Cheyenne WY 82001 U.S.A. P: 720-335-8010 | P: 307-638-1314 F: 775-593-4156 Prefix: DIRIGO 2019 Associate Annual Member Joan & Dale Hoffman 10225 Oneida Rd Grand Ledge, MI 48837 U.S.A. P: 517-627-2310 2019 Associate Annual Member Joyce Jones 395 Double J Lane New Castle PA 16101 U.S.A. P: 724-924-2938 | F: 724-924-9722 Prefix: DOUBLE JJ 2019 Associate Annual Member LeRoy Kindler 13291 Hope Rd Newell, SD 57760-5783 U.S.A. P: 605-892-5832 Prefix: K GALLOWAY 2018 Associate Annual Member 2018 Head Registered: 5 Joseph H McCabe III 771 Clark Rd Danville, VT 5828 U.S.A. P: 802-748-5107 | F: 802-748-6841 Prefix: CALEAMONT 2018 Head Registered: 14 2019 Associate Annual Member Steven Silberberg Holbrook Hill Farm 47 Holbrook Hill Rd Bedford, NH 3110 U.S.A. P: 603-472-2205 | F: 603-668-6470 Prefix: HOLBROOK HILL 2018 Associate Annual Member Russ & Susan Waples Box 544 403 West Small St Terry, MT 59349 U.S.A. 2018 Associate Annual Member


Katherine Sara Salter On February 12, 2018 we lost a Galloway breeder from both sides of the border. Kathy was involved with Galloways since the early 80’s alongside her husband Clayton and three children Susan, Marie (Greg) and Michael (Andrea). Kathy could always be seen helping in any way with the feeding, care and showing the Galloways that they loved so much. Suncrest Farms became well known with showing of cattle here in Canada and the United States. Home for Kathy was in Listowel, Ontario for the first 31 years of her married life and then her and Clayton moved the Galloway herd to Mack Creek, Missouri for the next 23 years till her health brought her home to the farm in Listowel. Over her years of farming Kathy had black, duns, silver dun, belties and white Galloway cattle to sell to the world. Alongside of making lifelong friends that became a huge part of our Galloway family in years to come. Kathy was also known for her baking and cooking skills, enjoyed by many at fairs and the kitchen table at home.Travel in her life almost always included her love of the Galloways, with trips to Europe, the United States and Western Canada. Her family was very much involved in her life with Galloways, even with her sister Suzanne Chalmers starting her own herd Silver Sun with us here. Grandma as she became known to us in later years loved spending time with her eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Kathy love to quilt and in better time loved to make wooden creatures for the outdoors. The flower beds around the home were her pride and joy, always working in them.

Robert George Irvine October 26, 1926 - January 1, 2019 Bob was born on the family farm in North Easthope, also the birthplace of his mother, that was to be his home for the next 90 years. A son of the late George and Clara (Weiss) Irvine. His life partner, Marjorie, who he married on June 19, 1954, predeceased him on November 20, 2013. They began their farm career milking pedigree Ayrshire dairy cattle. However, the tight constraints of twice daily milking “being tied to the tail of a dairy cow was not the lifestyle I had in mind.” This and perhaps the often expressed philosophy of “when everyone else is headed west, you go east” led to the exploration of alternate farming options. Always proud of his Scottish heritage it was only natural that another Scottish breed came to his attention, the Galloway. Sourcing a bull from Gusty Ridge Galloways at Sutton West, Ontario in 1962, the Irvines went on to build an internationally recognized herd of award winning Galloway cattle. Bob was a driving force in the establishment of the Eastern Canadian Galloway Association in 1967. Working together with the Canadian Galloway Association he tirelessly promoted the preservation and improvement of his chosen breed. At herd dispersal in 2013, it was noted that Avon Acres (black) and Heatherdale (dark dun and Bob’s favourite silver duns) cattle had been sold across North America, as well as into Scotland, England and Germany. A further testament to his keen stockman’s eye came when selected to judge the Galloway show at Agribition in Regina, Canada’s premier beef cattle show event. Today’s agriculture highlights environmental and soil health regeneration as progressive new ideas. Bob led the way years ago transitioning from row cropping to a perennial pasture system that had his fields productive and unbroken for over 40 years. Community support was demonstrated through involvement with local sports teams and associations, school boards, his Masonic lodge, scouting, 4-H and an active church life. The publication, “ The Dust and the Dew” is a collection of Bob’s poetry that illustrates the thoughts and values of this “Farmer Poet.” Robert G. Irvine, proud of his family, his community and his country, a mentor and friend, a true gentleman farmer. Bob is survived by his family, Dale Weicker, Heather and Preston Gurd, his son Robert J. Irvine, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019



Elizabeth Joan (Carleton) Horvey December 3, 1929 - October 22, 2018 Joan grew up in Cabri, SK, where she went to school and Sunday School. She married Gordon Johan Horvey on November 13, 1948. Her family of six was raised on the family farm, 10 miles East of Cabri; five boys, one girl; Russel, Wesley, Gary, Bertrum, Katherine and Lyndon. Joan moved back into Cabri the fall of 2001, after Gordon passed away earlier that year, January 2, 2001. She was always active in the community. Following Joan’s passing, many commented how much she will be missed in the community. She was very active in the Sask. Galloway Association; acting as President from 1986-1992, Secretary from 1993-2000 and Director from 1985-2005. She also helped publish and distribute the Sask. Galloway Association’s magazine, Galloway Galaxy, from the early 1960’s to 1982 and acted as the magazine coordinator for the Canadian Galloway Association’s Galloway Advance from 1982 to 1987. Joan and her family showed Galloway cattle at the Swift Current Frontier Days, starting in 1959; as well as in North Battleford, Lloydminster, Prince Albert, the Calgary Stampede, the Toronto Royal Winter Fair and the Regina Agribition. Both Joan and Gordon continued to attend the Agribition shows in the years that followed. Gordon until 1999, the year before his passing and Joan until 2010, the last year of a Galloway Show at Agribition. Joan was also very active in her local community. From School boards and the Scandia Lutheran Church, to history book committees and the Cabri & District Museum, she never seemed to slow down. One could always count on her to bring her integrity and strong work ethic to everything she did. She also loved to dress up and she put together many dressup family parades at the farm. Joan loved to play cards, especially with her grandchildren. She particularly enjoyed playing bridge in her senior years. All of Joan’s family and friends are happy that she was able to live an active life, living on her own right to her passing. Her family wants to thank all those that have been so kind, thoughtful and caring.





Equipment: » » » » »

Chef’s Knife Cutting board Frying pan/skillet Roasting pan Hand blender

» » » » »

Medium sauce pot Sieve Small Bowl Tongs Resting plate

» 2 medium carrots, cut into medallions (1 cm thick) » 1 large yellow pepper, diced » 1 medium parsnip, peeled and diced » 4 1l b Grass Fed Galloway Beef Striploin Steaks » 4 cloves Garlic » ¼ cup Parsley » ¼ cup Basil » 1 tbsp Honey » 5 tbsp Olive oil, reserved » 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar » ¼ cup 35% Cream » ¼ cup Milk » 5 tbsp Butter, reserved » Kosher salt and ground black pepper » 2 sprigs Thyme, picked


Canadian Galloway Advance 2019

1. Preheat oven to 400F. Temper steaks. 2. Mince together, 2 cloves of garlic, parsley and basil. Add all in a small bowl with 3 tbsp olive oil, honey, and apple cider vinegar. Salt to taste and let sit in fridge until recipe is complete. 3. On the roasting pan, coat the bottom with 2 tbsp of olive oil. Put the yellow peppers, parsnips and 2 cloves of garlic on, add salt and pepper to taste. Put in the oven for 15 minutes. While roasting, in the small sauce pot heat up the cream, milk and 2 tbsp of butter. 4. Once the vegetables are done roasting, add them to the warming pot. Turn to medium heat and cook until parsnip is soft, avoid boiling. Using the hand blender, blend until smooth. Pass through sieve to reduce lumps. Add salt and pepper to taste. 5. Heat a small frying pan to medium, add 3 tbsp butter and once melted, picked thyme sprigs. Once butter is slightly brown add carrots, season with salt and pepper (a bit lighter than normal). Cook until carrots are soft, stirring every 45 seconds, set aside once done. 6. In the same frying pan add the remaining butter and turn the heat to medium high. Season the tempered steaks with salt and pepper. Once the butter turns a darker brown and is bubbling, add the steaks. Recommended cooked rare to medium rare. Cooking time varies per cut and size. Let rest for at least 1 minute. 7. Serve all together and garnish beef with the gremolata.


Galloway Cattle Society of UK and Ireland 2018 Report Every year has something memorable about the last 12 months that has passed and this year - it was the weather. In the UK, the weather was such a contrast to 2017, as the 2017 summer was cold and wet, 2018 was warm and hot. Overall this summer was provisionally the equal warmest on record for the UK, sunshine totals were 142% of average in June, 138% of average in July, and 90% of average in August and for the majority of the UK only had 48% of average rainfall. For some the rain came at the right time, for some, it was a worrying time and we now know many of our farmers did not get enough fodder or crop to last the winter. We also know from reports from the World Congress, many of you are experiencing the same problems and we hope you have had some rain. Talking about the World Congress, I hear all the delegates had a great time and I know our three young men would like to thank everyone who made them so welcome. Callum, Iain and Fraser had a wonderful time and they learned so much. As a result, Callum enjoyed his time abroad so much he secured a job in New Zealand working with Belties. The Organising Committee must be thanked for putting on a wide and varied programme.

purchased by father and son due, John and Jonjo Pattinson, Hottbank, Bardonmill for their 35 Galloway females. The Male champion was the much admired Troloss Legend, this two year old Blackcraig Dec son is out of Troloss Inka and was purchased by regular show exhibitors, Jason and Sarah Wareham, Little Tottingham Farm, Broadoak, Sussex for 8000gns. Legend is heading south for their herd of 20 Galloway cows and will be exhibited on the summer show circuit. The female champion was Carely 1st of Troloss, this 20 month old stylish heifer is another by Blackcraig Dec, a bull which was purchased at the 2014 Castle Douglas Spring Show and Sale for 3000gns. Now senior stock bull at Troloss, he has grossed £70000 in sales, with 22 heifers retained. This much talked about heifer sold for 3500gns to Horst Kraft, Germany. All fourteen cattle forward for the sale from Troloss which was expertly brought out by Joe Cockburn and his team, averaged £1515 for heifers and £5880 for the two bulls.

Horst also secured the reserve female, which was champion in the unled section - Barlaes Nancy 167th from Mr Robert McTurk, Barlaes, Dalry, Castle Once again the Society has had a busy year, promoting Galloways at shows Douglas, she is by the home bred bull Barlaes JFK, this 20 month old heifer and sale, our sales have been well supported and interest has grown especially sold for 2700gns. Another purchase for Horst was one of the top price bulls from Ireland, below are reports from our spring sale in Castle Douglas and - Strathurr Yogi from Robert and Valerie Marshall, Potts of Rayne, Meikle our Autumn sale at Carlisle. Regards to the shows, numbers have been Wartle he sold for 5000gns, this 17 month old bull is by Blackcraig Vagabond disappointing, but every breed has the same problem especially at local shows. and out of Blackcraig Bertha and was expertly brought out by daughter Ashley. Following the success of the 2016 National show at the UK World Congress, it was decided that we could not emulate this event and the Society will not The reserve unled female champion was from Troloss Farms, Charisma 2nd organise another National Show. For anyone wishing to see the Galloways of Troloss is another Blackcraig Dec daughter, this 20 month old bulling in the show ring we would recommend the Royal Highland Show held in heifer went over the irish sea with I & C Dougherty, 36 Curryfree Road, Edinburgh in June or the many local shows held in July and August. The Londonderry for 1400gns. Royal Highland Show has one of the largest shows of Galloways in the country Messrs Dougherty also purchased one of the champion pair of unled heifers and below is the report from the 2018 show. from Robert McTurk, Barlaes, Dalry, Castle Douglas, Barlaes Robina 39th is We live in interesting times, as 2019 sees the UK leaving EU, we still don’t a Barack Obama of Fingland daughter, this March 2016 born heifer sold for know the deal which will see new rules and regulations for everyone and how 1400gns. The other champion pair BarlaesRobina 40th, was thesame way bred they will affect our lives and livelihood. One thing people need to eat, so let’s as her pair sold to ZG Muetzel & Geiger, Germany for 1600gns. hope they remember the farmers! The reserve male from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgray, Lockerbie - Maximillian If you are planning a visit to the UK for sales, shows or vacation, we would be of Balgray - a Ballavair Black Magic son and out of Barlaes Nancy 80th , sold delighted to welcome you. If you require help to organising your trip, please for 4000gns to the McCornick Team, Michael, William, Mark and Robbie for their 100 head herd at Barquhill, Newton Stewart and will be shown at the do not hesitate to contact the office. local shows. On behalf of all our members and friends, I would like to wish you have very Also selling at 4000gns was Blackcraig Ynot from the Finlay Family, happy and successful 2019. Blackcraign Corsock, this September 2016, Blackcraig Vagabond son sold to CASTLE DOUGLAS SPRING SHOW AND SALE – WALLETS father and son team, Peter for his Nether Cleugh herd and Andrew Hunter MARTS CASTLE DOUGLAS Blair for his newly established herd. Friday 16th February 2018 Duncan and David Maxwell, Blairvockie, Rowardennan, Drymen, Glasgow, Judge - Mr Alistair Cormack, 17 Bourtree Brae, Lower Largo, Fife, KY8 6HR also enjoyed a successful day, selling Ben Lomond Avatar for 6500gns, this 20 Galloways were in demand at the Society sale held in Wallets’ Mart, Castle month old bull is by Carslae Eddie and out of Ben Lomond Real Beauty. He Douglas, a combination of new buyers and overseas purchasers made for was knocked down to Stewart McIntosh, Outer Huntly, Ashkirk. strong, steady trade resulting in one of the best spring show and sales at Castle Selling at 4500gns was Yorkshire of Kilnstown from Kilnstown Farms, Douglas in recent years. Bewcastle, Carlisle, this September 2017 born, is by Buccleuch Adonis and The day belonged to Troloss Farms, Elvanfoot, Biggar, Lanarkshire out of Edna 48th of Kilnstown is also dam of Ruler of Kilnstown who was top and stockman Joe Cockburn, as they received male champion, female priced bull at the 2011 Castle Douglas Spring Show and Sale. Yorkshire found champion, reserve unled single and reserve unled pairs, group of three a new home with John and Andrew Tullie, Bowanhill, Teviothead. heifers and champion pair of bulls. Also Troloss’ breeding was behind the top price of the day - Kirkstead Yeoman from Alan McClymont, Kirkstead, Top price female was from the Finlay Family, Blackcraig, John, Ann and Yarrow, which sold for 10000gns, a son of Troloss Impeccable which was Iain enjoyed a flying trade amongst the females, selling the majority of top purchased for 9200gns in 2015, is one of the first sons to be sold and was priced lots, the first of the four figure lots was Blackcraig Bertha X664, was purchased by new breeders Derek and Kate Cowie, Polston Farm, The Mill, Polston, Invercrynoch for 5500gns. This two year old heifer is one of the first crop of calves by Blackcraig Vagabond, a bull imported as an embryo from Canada, her mother is Blackcraig Bertha S375, is from one of the oldest female bloodlines on the farm. The couple also bought the next two highest priced lots from Blackcraig, at 5000gns and 3500gns, selling at 5000gns was Blackcraig Blondchen X623 is sired by Blackcraig Superman and out of Blondchen 3rd of Auchenhay, she sold having run with Jock of Balgray. The 3500gns was Blackcraig Noreen X652, this September 2015 born heifer is by Blackcraig Sid, the Highland Show champion in 2016 and 2017 and who has been sold privately to Germany. Her mother is Blackcraig Noreen T432. Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Another from the Finlays – Blackcraig Dusty X666, a served heifer made 3000gns selling to Rob Evans, Dale Cottage Farm, Wessington Lane, South Wingield. This two year old which also sold having been with Jock of Balgray is by Blackcraig Superman and out of Blackcraig Dusty M178. Next top forBlackcraig, selling at 2800gns was Blackcraig Noreen X667 an October 2015 born heifer is by Blackcraig Sam and out of Blackcraig Noreen U 456, sold to Mr Martin Boone, 49 Blackrock Road, Cookstown, Northern Ireland. Averages 18 Bulls - £3838.33 ( +£1068) for 3 less sold 28 bulling heifers - £1846.06 (+£358) for 14 more sold 17 ran with bull heifers - £1906.58 (-£416) for 5 more sold CARLISLE PEDIGREE AUTUMN SHOW AND SALE Friday 9th November 2018 Judges; Miss S Priestley, Cracrop Farm, Brampton, Cumbria Mr B Douglas, 15 Ganvaughon Road, Castlederg, Co Tyrone, N Ireland Quality and quantity was on offer at the Society’s Show and Sale held at Harrison and Hetherington’s Carlisle Mart, Galloways were very much in demand for which was reported as one of the best shows in recent times. Purchasers were present from all four corners of the United Kingdom and particular interest from Ireland as 39 Galloways travelled over the Irish Sea. Overall, averages were down on the year due to the lack in confidence from all sectors of the livestock industry . The female champion, Bridget 35th of Kilnstown was from a very impressive consignment from Kilnstown Farms Ltd, Bewcastle, Cumbria, she is sired by a home bred sire Welling of Kilnstown and out Bridget 32nd of Kilnstown, this March 2017 born heifer sold for the sales top price of 2600gns to Willie MacLean and daughter Lynn, Inverglen, Barcaldine, Argyll. The Waugh Family also received 1500gns for Edna 69th of Kilnstown and Marina 89th of Kilnstown, this pair is by the senior stock sire Buccleuch Adonis which was purchased privately from Buccleuch Estates. Edna was purchased by the judge Miss Sarah Priestley, Cracrop Farm, Brampton, Cumbria and Marina is off home with B Dickinson & Co, Brock Stones, Kentmere, Kendal. All at Kilnstown must be congratulated on a tremendous pen of 9 bulling heifers which on the day averaged £1440.83. The Wallace family, Allan, Gib and Mary from Over Barskeoch, Dalry, Castle Douglas received the reserve championship award for Zinnie of Over Barskeoch, this January 2016 born heifer is by Huntly Victor and out of Minnie of Over Barskeoch. She sold in calf to Penninghame Windfall to judge Barry and brother Brendan Douglas, 15 Ganvaughan Road, Castle Derg, Co Tryone for 1100gns. The Over Barskeoch team also received the second top price for Annie of Over Barskeoch, this incalf heifer, is also by Huntly Victor and sold to the Douglas brothers for 1550gns.

2018 ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW – EDINBURGH Judge; Mr Allan McMillan, Over Barskeoch, Dalry, Castle Douglas For the first time in living memory, it was two bulls who clinched the overall championship and reserve awards at Scotland’s premier show – The Royal Highland Show. Receiving the overall championship was Troloss Farms, Elvanfoot, Biggar, Lanarkshire with Blackcraig Dec, this 5 ½ year old bull is by last year’s Royal Highland Show champion Blackcraig Sid, who has been sold to Germany and out of the famous Noreen family. Dec, who was on his first show outing, was purchased at the 2014 Castle Douglas Spring show and sale for 3000gns and with 22 heifers retained at Troloss and over £70000 income from sales, he is certainly producing the goods for the 90 head herd in the scenic countryside of Elvanfoot. He also produces show winners, as his son – Troloss Legend exhibited by Jason and Sarah Wareham, Little Tottingworth Farm, Broadoak, Heathfield, East Sussex received first place in the junior bull class, reserve male and reserve overall champion. This February 2016 bull was purchased at the 2018 Castle Douglas spring show and sale for 8000gns, he is out of Troloss Inka, which goes back to Auchenhay cow, which was one of the original cows purchased when Troloss starting breeding Galloways in 2006. Legend was on his second show outing as he had been male champion at Heathfield Show. In the female section, it was again Finlay Family, Blackcraig who was leading the way, Society Chairman, John, Ann and son Iain won the female championship with Blackcraig Dora May U450, this September 2012 born heifer is by homebred bull Blackcraig Rasputin and out of Dora May 8th of Knarie.

Reserve female champion was from the Ross Team, Romesbeoch, Shawhead, Dumfries – Nerys 1921 of Romesbeoch, this October 2016 born heifer is by Penninghame Windward, who was purchased as a year old calf at the Regular consigners William and Mary McMorran, Miefield, Twynholm, Penninghame dispersal and out of Nerys 1306 of Romesbeoch, the very Kirkcudbrightshire sold Nancy 81st of Miefield, this Ruler of Kilnstown successful show cow. daughter sold with her Blue Grey heifer calf at foot to J & J Sargent, Lincowell, With the show benefiting from perfect weather conditions and 189,000 people Renwick, Penrith for 1450gns. enjoying the sun, the Galloway Cattle Society had much to celebrate, a new The top price bull was Rambler of High Creoch from Gordon and Kathleen display stand showcased the very best of Galloway Cattle, launch of our new Gordon, High Creoch, Gatehouse of Fleet, this 22 month old bull by Norseman quality Assurance scheme by Fergus Ewing, MSP for Inverness and Nairn, and of High Creoch travelled back over the border with Maggie Gordon, Barfil, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity and in the year of the young person, announcing the names of three young people travelling Crocketford for 2000gns. to the Galloway World Congress in Australia, all this was part funded by The other bull sold was Outlander of Softley from TD & M Moore & Son, Dumfries and Galloway Leader, to whom we are most thankful for their Softley, Slaggyford, Brampton, Cumbria, this 18 month old, Gauntlet of Softley support. More information on the Quality Assurance Scheme and the three son, sold to Mr David Scott, 24 Highmoor, Wigton for 1000gns. lucky travellers can be found on our news page. www.gallowaycattlesociety. Also this day saw the dispersal of the Galloway herd from Messrs J A Morphet & Son, High Birkwith, Horton in Ribblesdale, Settle. The majority of the cows Judge Allan McMillan said as we celebrated Galloway Cattle and the very best sold with Aberdeen Angus cross calves at foot and attracted a lot of interest from of British Agricultural “It was a great honour and privilege to Judge the cattle the busy ring side. The top price was for the youngest beast Birkwith Sweet Pea at the Highland Show. Credit must go to all exhibitors who showed there cattle 14 this Demesne Captain daughter sold to J & M Dodd, Low Closegill, Low in first class condition, and excellently presented. It was a pleasure to place Road, Brampton for 1400gns. The next top price was for Birkwith Grace 13, this cattle of this quality with two excellent bulls taking the top two awards, both April, 2013 Kiosk of High Creoch daughter sold to K Kempson, Cowpe Bottom having the edge over the females on the day.” Farm, Cowpe Road, Rossendale, Lancashire for 1220gns. Another Kiosk of High Creoch daughter, Birkwith Gem 14 sold for 1200gns to Jamie Patrick, 39 At the launch of our new Quality Assurance scheme, a delighted Stockman Glenlark Farm, Gortien, Omagh, Co Tyrone for 1200gns. The 42 head averaged Joe Cockburn, received the Dr William Heughan Memorial Trophy from Dr Heughan’s great nephew Malcolm Heughan on the 50th anniversary of this £916.00 impressive trophy being first presented. This solid silver bull on a silver map of AVERAGES the Solway, was very much admired at the show. 2 Bulls sold to average £1575.00 (-£297.50) 15 Heifers in Milk £1158.50 (-£550.75) 20 Senior Bulling Heifers £811.40 (-£168.60) 14 Junior Bulling Heifers £966.70 (-£160.30) Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


Class placings

Female, in Milk, born before 1st September 2015

Female born on or after 1st January 2017

1st Finlay, Messrs J, Blackcraig Dora May U450, UK582801 600450, 18/09/2012, S: 1st Troloss Farms, Troloss, Elvanfoot, Biggar - Future 2nd of Troloss, UK562728 BlackcraigRasputin, D: Dora May 8th of Knarie, Breeder: Exhibitor 100304, 30/04/2017, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Future, Breeder: Exhibitor 2nd Ross, J. & S., Nerys 1306 of Romesbeoch (ET), UK582716 301306, 28/09/2011, 2nd Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Balgray, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire - Natalie of S: Kirkmabreck Nimrod, D: Doon-of-UrrNerys 42nd, Breeder: Exhibitor Balgray, UK581987 605654, 04/04/2017, S: Troloss Impeccable, D: Barlaes Grace 80th, Breeder: Exhibitor Female born on or between 1st September and 31st December 2016

Bull born on or after 1st January 2016

1st J & S Wareham, Troloss Legend, UK562728 200263, 04/02/2016, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Inka, Breeder: Troloss Farms

1st Ross, J. & S., Romesbeoch, Shawhead, Dumfries - Nerys 1921 of Romesbeoch, 2nd Cornthwaite, Messrs D & R, Nucamp of Balgray, UK581987 505751, UK582716 201921, 27/10/2016, S: Penninghame Windward, D: Nerys 1306 of 23/04/2017, S: Troloss Impeccable, D: Sparkie La La of Over Barskeoch, Breeder: Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor Exhibitor 2nd Ross, J. & S., Moira 1926 of Romesbeoch, UK582716 701926, 29/10/2016, S: 3rd Ross, J. & S., Zac of Romesbeoch, UK582716 302041, 15/11/2017, S: Turbo Tam Holsten Oder, D: Moira 408 of Romesbeoch, Breeder: Exhibitor of Nether Cleugh , D: Nerys 1306 of Romesbeoch , Breeder: Exhibitor FEMALE born on or between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016 4th McCornick, Mr Michael, Maximllian of Balgray, UK581987 605318, 14/04/2016, 1st Ross, J. & S., Daisy 1850 of Romesbeoch, UK582716 101850, 15/05/2016, S: S: Ballavair Black Magic, D: Barlaes Grace 80th, Breeder: D&R Cornthwaite Holsten Oder, D: Daisy 1177 of Romesbeoch, Breeder: Exhibitor Bull born on or before 31st December 2015 2nd J & S Wareham, Little Tottingworth Farm, Broadoak, Heathfield, East Sussex 1st Troloss Farms, Blackcraig Dec, UK582801400455, 12/10/2012, S: Blackcraig Sid, - Lady Siverbell 12th of Gall-Way, UK544700 300041, 30/09/2015, S: Lochnagar of D: Blackcraig Noreen, Breeder: J & A Finlay Gall-Way, D: Lady Siverbell 6th of Gall-Way, Breeder: Messrs D & M Gall 2nd Ross, J. & S., Turbo Tam of Nether C 3rd Finlay, Messrs J, Blackcraig, Corsock, Castle Douglas - Blackcraig Bertha X633, UK582801 700633, 19/09/2015, S: Blackcraig Vagrant, D: Blackcraig Bertha S372, Breeder: Exhibitor 4th Troloss Farms, Belle 2nd of Troloss, UK562728 200270, 13/03/2016, S: Troloss Jaguar, D: Troloss Belle, Breeder: Exhibitor 5th McCornick, Mr Michael, Barquhill, Newton Stewart- Barquhill Dusty K804, UK583299 100804, 24/09/2015, S: Barquhill Dominator, D: Blackcraig Dusty S392, Breeder: Exhibitor 6th Harvey Cattle, 100 Buchanan Street, Balfron, Glasgow - HarveysZsaZsa, UK543027 200208, 11/09/2015, S: BlackcraigKopiag, D: Ben Lomond Vimto, Breeder: Exhibitor 7th Troloss Farms, Delilah 2nd of Troloss, UK562728 300285, 01/05/2016, S: Blackcraig Dec, D: Troloss Delilah, Breeder: Exhibitor

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


Galloway in the heart of Europe The Czech Beef Breeders Association ( is the organization, which is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to co-ordinate and organize a selection program for all beef breeds reared in the Czech Republic. Since it was established in 1990, the CSCHMS’ main objectives are especially: performance recording, evaluation of animals, selection of young bulls for breeding at performance test stations (both for insemination and natural services bulls), estimation of breeding values (with assistance of Agricultural Research Institute in Prague), keeping of a Herd-Books, the promotion of beef cattle (shows, seminars), etc. The CSCHMS operates all over the Czech Republic and associates more than 1.000 breeders of all beef breeds (25 in these days) including Galloway. Within the CSCHMS, breeders’ clubs for particular breeds have been established. These breeders’ clubs are independent in coordinating the breeding aims and tools of a particular breed - they assign the selection program, standard of breeds and all other matters regarding their breed. The Galloway club The Galloway club was established in 1991 with the import of the first animals from the Germany and Austria. Gradually the breed was expanded - mostly to the mountain regions of the Czech Republic (South Bohemia and North Moravia). By establishing a HerdBook and the establishment of the Breeders Club Galloway, the breeding work in our country reached a high level. This is documented by the results achieved in the performance recording. The first appreciation of our breeders’ work was an invitation to the Congress of the World Galloway Association in 1998. The Breeds of Galloway The breeds of Galloway are situated in the middle and higher areas throughout the Czech Republic. Breeders use their excellent features such as durability, longevity and excellent meat flavour. Whole black and white park colour dominates. In recent years, breeders have also found the belted, dun and riggit variety. Their numbers are on the rise but most breeds, however, still remain with the original black colour.

The rearing of Galloway is not usually the main source of breeder’s income, but it is a complement to another type of business. Very often it´s kept together with horses or sheep, the animals tolerate each other very well. From an economic point of view, breeders are increasingly thinking about how to monetize this tasteful meat.The result is an increasing number of small farms. The animals are brought from slaughterhouses, processed and offered to end customers directly from the farm.This sales method strengthens the relationship between the farmer and the customer and increases the awareness of this breed and the environmentally friendly way of farming. However, due to the number of animals kept in the Czech Republic, it is not possible to create a network of Galloway meat shops, which is why this meat is sold locally directly by farmers. Vision and Direction of breeding Galloway There are references to the fact that Galloway should go along like other beef breeds, increase harness and height and thereby commercialize this beef breed. These pressures are mostly rejected by breeders and Galloway still holds the role of an extensive breed in the Czech Republic. Minimum limits are set for yearling animals (breeding bull) height114 cm, weight 290 kg and for heifers 110 cm and 242 kg. Data 2017/Published 2018


Members in the GA Club/in Herd-Book


Cows in performance recording (including crossbreds)


Cows in herdbook


Age of first calving (months)


Interval between calving (days)


Birth weight (bulls/heifers)


Born Calves in 2018/still-born

244/1,6 %

Born Twins

0,4 %

Weight at 120 days of age (bulls/heifers)

161/139 kg

Weight at 210 days of age (bulls/heifers)

232/207 kg

Weight at 365 days of age (bulls/heifers)

314/239 kg

Bulls selected for breeding (home/import of ID)

16/1 (30 bulls in 2016)

Purebred animals in the CR (cows + heifers/bulls)

1422/603 → 2 028

-„- with the crossbreds

6231/1896 → 8127

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019


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Advertisers Index 10 3 16 8 9 12 12 IBC 2 OBC 8 17 28 5 2 IFC

Graceland Acres Greenbrook Galloways Hard Scrabble Galloways Horsey-Enda Belted Galloway Ladywells Farm Queensmere Farms Suncrest Farms Galloways Two Bridges Farm

26 16 12 7 14-15 16 1 8

Photo courtesy: Brad Card - Cranberry Hill Galloways

Canadian Galloway Advance 2019 


WN 507C

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TUM 415B

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