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Dear Friends, I wish you all greetings of peace. Thank you so kindly for your generous donations that allowed us to recover from our second quarter decrease in endowments and helped us reach new goals in our medical aid initiatives. We are confident that with your support and dedication we can continue to expand projects and adopt new initiatives that help save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain the dignity of the Syrian people in these difficult times. Although on the surface the idea of delivering relief aid to impoverished families in Syria may seem simple, it is in truth a massive undertaking. The fact is very few organizations are willing to now work inside Syria which makes our work that much more crucial and your support that much more critical. Please have a look at the following summary report for the months of July-September 2012 to see how your generous donations have been spent. Countless Syrian families depend on the aid they receive in order to survive. Your ongoing support ensures these families are taken care of in the face of such a horrific crisis. Please keep the people of Syria, as well as our staff working hard to deliver aid to those who need it most, in your prayers. Sincerely,

Dr. Jihad Qaddour President and Founder, Syria Relief and Development



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SRD Care Packages Committees

Syrian Refugee Health Trauma Program, Akilah Hospital, Jordan

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Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Care Packages

Care Packages

Care Packages




Medical Aid $64,400

Medical Aid $44,000

Medical Aid $288,000

Total $722,400 Distribution

Total $500,000 Distribution

Total $742,000 Distribution


PROGRAM ACTIVITIES With the support of our generous donors and grants from our partners, Syria Relief and Development (SRD) funds and operates the following humanitarian aid projects:   

Care Packages (Standard and Winter) Syrian Refugee Health and Trauma Program, Akilah Hospital, Jordan Medical Points and Emergency Trauma Kits (ETK)

Care Packages SRD gives care packages to needy families to help them obtain basic necessities they may not otherwise have access to. Both our standard and winter care packages contain items purchased by our procurement committees and then packaged and handed out by our distribution committees. Standard care packages are distributed year-round in two batches each month to SRD-registered beneficiaries who reside in cities and suburbs throughout Syria. Winter care packages are distributed prior to and during the winter months to provide families with warmth in the winter months. All care package recipient families are determined based upon need. The following table lists items included in the Standard Care Packages and the total cost of each package: Standard Care Package Contents* Food Items: Rice, Sugar, Bulgur Wheat, Cooking Oil, Ghee, Lentils, Crushes Lentils, Jam, Tea, Halawa, Tomato Paste, Zatar, Mortadella, Vermicelli, Pasta, Dates, Cheese, Baby Formula, Milk, and Eggs Non-food Items: Clothes, Medicine, Blankets, Cooking Gas Container, Candles, and Fuel Total Cost Per Package (USD): $250 * Please note this is what an average Care Package includes. Depending on family size and age distribution some care packages may include more or less of the items listed. Not all items listed are readily available in Syria.


The following table lists SRD’s third quarter spending on Care Packages for the months of July, August, and September 2012: Care Packages Distribution Costs in 3rd Quarter 2012 Governorate

Cost (USD)

Cities and suburbs


،‫ الملعب‬،‫ الغوطة‬،‫ االنشاءات‬،‫حمص القديمة‬ ،‫ تير معلة‬،‫ تلبيسة‬،‫ الحولة‬،‫ الرستن‬،‫الوعر‬ ‫ وقرى اخرى‬،‫ قزحل‬،‫سنسيل‬



،‫ الميدان‬،‫ التل‬،‫ الضمير‬،‫ الزبداني‬،‫ مضايا‬،‫المزة‬ ،‫ الهامة عربين‬،‫ المعضمية‬،‫ قدسيا‬،‫ داريا‬،‫القدم‬ ،‫ اشرفية الوادي‬،‫ جوبر‬،‫مخيم الحجر االسود‬ ‫ ميدان ابو حبل ومناطق اخرى‬،‫العسالي‬



،‫ طفس‬،‫ الصنميين‬،‫ الحراك‬،‫ المحطة‬،‫درعا البلد‬ ‫كفر سمش ومناطق اخرى‬



‫ ادلب‬،‫ اريحا‬،‫ كفرنبل‬،‫حاس‬ )‫(رحماء بينهم‬

Deir Alzoor






Total Distribution (USD)



‫ الريف‬،‫حماة المدينة‬ )‫(كفر زيتا وغيرها‬

The following table lists items included in the Winter Care Packages and their associated costs: Winter Care Package Contents and Itemized Costs Item Description

Cost (USD)

Foam Mattresses


Winter Clothes


Winter Blankets




Electric Heaters


Heating Fuel


Fuel Burning Space Heaters


Total Amount (USD)



Refugee Health and Trauma Program, Akilah Hospital, Jordan The Akilah Hospital program was launched on July 1, 2012 to provide Syrian refugees with medical assistance and/or treatment. SRD is leasing two floors inside Akilah Hospital and the current operational capacity is 28 beds, three operating rooms, one testing lab and an outpatient facility. Through this program we are able to treat patients in need of orthopedic surgery, abdominal and chest injuries, surgical diseases, pregnancy, labor and women’s health issues, outpatient care, and other medical needs. The following table lists the number of patients served in the 3rd quarter through the program and the total treatment costs: Refugee Health and Trauma Program, Akilah Hospital, Jordan Month

# of Operations

Cost (USD)

# of Outpatient Visits

Cost (USD)

Total Cost (USD)



















Total Cost for Third Quarter (USD)



Medical Points & Emergency Trauma Kits (ETK) Project: Through the Medical Point and Emergency Trauma Kit project, SRD is establishing more than 140 mobile medical points in four cities inside Syria (Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Daraa) and their suburbs and mobilizing a network of medical professionals and trained health volunteers equipped with Emergency Trauma Kits (ETK) to directly respond to front line medical emergencies during or immediately after a crisis. ETKs include essential medical supplies, medicine and mobile equipment that can be easily transported. The medical points will:  

Provide emergency first-response aid to injured persons Save more lives by decreasing the time needed to receive first aid treatment and rapid transfer to field hospitals when more advanced treatment is required

Immediate first aid/medical treatments include first-aid wound treatment through stopping bleeding, cleaning and bandaging wounds; suturing lacerations; placement of airways; mild burn care; tracheotomy placement; superficial bullet removal; and other minor surgeries. Mobile medical staff live in the program’s target urban and suburban areas. They respond once an incident occurs to assist the injured during and immediately after trauma or violence has occurred. SRD spent more than $80,000 to establish more than 40 medical points in the 3rd quarter alone. We are pleased to say we have accomplished more than 40 percent of our goal for this project and the project is anticipated to be completed before the end of the year.


Reuters, Yazen Homsy

Syria Relief and Development (SRD) is devoted to providing humanitarian aid to the people of Syria regardless of race, religion and/or political affiliations. Despite the continuous attempts by the Syrian Government to hinder local humanitarian work efforts, the SRD in-country team continues to work tirelessly to deliver the necessary relief aid to those in need in a safe and legitimate manner.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT On behalf of all of our beneficiaries—from orphaned families to those who have fled their homes to those who have been injured in conflict—we would like to thank you sincerely for your support and generosity. You will forever remain in the hearts and prayers of our beneficiaries. (913) 438-9990 | PO Box 25446, Overland Park, KS 66225


Syria Relief and Development -- 2012 Third Quarter Report  
Syria Relief and Development -- 2012 Third Quarter Report