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You can’t touch this.

Premiere issue, Fall 1990

Desktop publishing era begins

Converse stands by its endorsee, Magic Johnson, after he announces he has A.I.D.S.

Retro craze“First it was the ’60s and then the ’50s and now it’s the ’30s and ’40s.”

Sneaker violence “The car industry is not blamed

—Chris Cherry, fashion director,

for car thefts. You can’t blame the sneaker industry for these kinds of thefts.”—Greg Hartley,

Nine West

“Retail is about to get sideswiped by electronic, interactive television shopping. I think it will wipe out half of all retail today.”

executive director, Athletic Footwear Association

—R. Fulton Macdonald, retail analyst



“They are both incredible dancers and athletes and have a strong fashion sense.”


—Sandy Saemann, L.A. Gear

Air Jordan

Say, WHAT? “Much like aerobics


style makers Green is good

walking can be the story of the ’90s.” —Will Kussell, marketing

Greed is not good

director, Reebok



“We didn’t do much to publicize our green initiatives because we didn’t want people to think we were just cashing in on the environmental issue.”—Elise Klysa, spokesperson, Timberland

was a big success for Reebok in the ’80s,

Michael Jordan


Reebok Pump



“Consumers have begun to shift from their consumption phase to the value phase— the less willing to dress up phase.”

Jan. 1991: Retro Chic

endorsement deals Bo Jackson

Larry ”Grandmama“ Johnson Anfernee “Lil’ Penny” Hardaway

—Kent Wall, president, Johnston & Murphy

Remember backward pants?

“The amount of kids who told me that Kurt Cobain was wearing Converse One Stars as his feet stuck out from the white sheet was amazing.” —Anonymous



crack epidemic Forrest Gump wears Nike Cortez...

Clinton reelected


“It seems the country is more positive today than it has been in years. I think things will continue going up as long as something bad

...while Jerry sports his white kicks.

doesn’t happen.” ...it —Jan Friedman, buyer, Jildor’s



Our research showed that Rush Limbaugh had the best combination of reach, affordability and persuasivness.”

gun violence

—Brian Smith, president, Ugg Australia

We are convinced “that we got much

more for our dollar with Howard Stern than we would have gotten anywhere else.”

—Michael Muskat, president, Deer Stags

pimped laces

introducing the

world wide web

“By providing gift certificates to eliminate guns from the streets, we hope we can make a difference.” —Tim Finn, general manager, Foot Locker

First appearance of advertiser’s URL, January 1996.

Good luck with THAT...

“It’s the stigma

of the Al Bundys of the world. People think that selling shoes is beneath them.”

—Ron Scott, owner, Scott Shoes

“Basketball is slowing because other shoes like hikers are becoming street shoes.” —Frank Kinney, president, F+M Sports

“[O.J.] will certainly give Bruno Magli


some recognition.”

Puma Clydes

—Fiore Guglielmi, salesperson, Tanino Crisci

“When Mike D. donned a pair of Puma Clydes on the cover of the Beastie Boys album Check Your Head, it was

the match

that lit the fire.”

—Tony Bertone, Intl. Business Manager, Puma



Internet sales estimated at $850 million— up from essentially zero two years prior.


We’re gonna party like it’s...


“into We’re about one minute the first 100 years of online commerce.” —Matt Hyde, VP of online sales, R.E.I.

. uts The n le bloo eop p m is iving Say, WHAT? Paris Hilton orff t Reebok’s No. 1 rule: eedn r a h —J s d e im No showing product online. “People today Dav ors Perez Hilton lete is, C EO, em are interested in “We didn’t think anyone The ath New e s Bala nt “ celebrities nce .” everything would want to see it.” are doing and

social conscience “There are direct commercial payoffs


to cause-related efforts. People respect you, trust you and believe you care about the things they care about.”—Richard Polk, owner, Pedestrian Shops

wearing. They want to be—and dress— like them.” —Max Azria, designer

disputed e And the

“Gor like lic d Chad.

...Dubya! trendshoe

“Steve Madden stores are like nightclubs—tying together music and the product.”

—Jaques Lavertue, GM, Merrell


“Guys somehow think boat shoes work with everything. And they don’t.” —Bob Infantino,

—Gary Weiner, president, Saxon Shoes


Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting

That was then,


this is now: Tiger Woods is a class act.” —Tom Doyle, National Sporting Goods Association

“If you don’t have a front door, you shouldn’t be able to have a cyber door.”

Say, WHAT?

“You can cut the lawn in Jungle Mocs, travel to Europe in them and go through airport security with ease. Everybody wins.”

“The word urban is so overdone. You don’t say ‘suburban footwear.’” —Jeffrey Bernstein, sales manager, Avirex Footwear


“The fans really take note of what their favorite driver is wearing or endorsing... That’s what helps sell products.” —Chuck Gordan, owner, Gordan’s Shoes

Hollywood h “for what’s co

The Wedding is an ’80s mo ahead of the —Mark Haskins, senior designer, Vans

Rock Star

Michael Jordan announces his retirement from the NBA. (only to un-retire 2 years later)

Joe Dirt

Ya think?



winner is...

’s preppy. He’s Banana Repubude. Bush has a little more of the cowboy thing. He likes his jeans tight.”


Dolomite launches Uptown USA boot featuring a U.S. flag embroidered on the tongue. Ten percent of sales were donated to FDNY and NYPD Disaster Relief Fund.

Ya Think? “The e-tailer stock

prices were too high to begin with.

It was speculative.”

ad o r e le th u r s SUV “To be quite honest, Nike is paying the ultimate compliment to Converse by buying it.”

—Ruthie Davis, Simple

Manolo Blahnik




—Tom Luck, president, Lucky Shoes



utilitarian trendshoe

Jimmy Choo

Metrosexuals “Men are growing



wAnteD to help.” —Rosco Rolnick, owner,

Guaranteed Shoe Center

Sneaker boutiques

10th Anniversary issue

“It’s a shop for people who really know sneakers... They can talk to someone who is not dressed like a referee.”

s a good feel ming. Look at Singer. That vie that was curve.” “We had a store in the World Trade Center concourse. We found out that everyone got out safely, which was great news.”

—Stash, co-owner, Nort 235

Alife Rivington 9/11 tribute page, Oct. 2001

—Anneli Shearer, spokesperson, Cole Haan

The Wedding Singer

“Malls and department stores are clearly suffering, especially as a result of the government’s advice to avoid large public places.”—Amanda Cabot, CEO, Dansko

freedoms that we didn’t have before... we’re coming out of our ‘closets.’” —Donald J. Pliner, designer


“Flip-flops...easy to wear, easy to buy and pretty much goes with everything. It’s having a real resurgence.” Homer Simpson endorses Reebok Classic.

Homer Simpson High Dunk by Nike

2004 Donut burger.


Hip-hop hawkers

“Everybody— I think even my mother— knows who Snoop is.”



bird flu

“You sold your soul the day you put on those Jimmy Choos.”

“It’s really humbling to see how much of a difference Soles4Souls has made in the lives of others—just with a gift of shoes.” —Wayne Elsey, founder, Soles4Souls


—Killick Datta, CEO, GBMI

Soles4Souls 5th anniversary issue


50 Cent for Reebok

Snoop Dog for Pony

“We’ve proven that Ugg is here to stay. It’s part of a much larger trend related to comfort and luxury.” Missy Elliot for Adidas

Jay-Z for Reebok


“Our motto is fashion, function and fun… once in a while we

—Angel Martinez, CEO, Deckers Outdoor

also hear we’re


“Unseen, untold,



We live and die by that model.”

—Michael Greenberg, president, Skechers

Sex sells

When Carrie Bradsaw wore ruby red Uggs on an episode: “Our phone was ringing off the hook... Every woman in town was looking for those ruby Uggs.”


—Mike Margolis, national sales manager, Crocs

“The kids’ busiParody of classic movie posters for 2005 fashion feature

Desperately Sexy

“Married women between 25 and 45 can relate to Desperate Housewives better than a magazine writer who

ness has a better chance to perform well because children grow out of sizes and parents take care of their children first.” —Robert Campbell, CEO, BBC Intl.


lives in a $5,500-a-month

apartment and wears Manolos every day.”

—Jeff Yeh, creative director, NYLA

—Tarek Hassan, co-owner, The Tannery

King James

Lebron Our kids’ footwear supplement.




Prez race

iPad era begins?

California wildfires “The store’s been here for 48 years, but this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.”


—Harry Bosley, Bob Jones Shoes

“Wellies are a dramatic, bold statement...There has been an explosion of interest.”

—Rob Moehring, CEO Washington Shoe Co.


viral marketing

Our sneaker botique supplement.


“Anybody that is dismissing the sustainability movement has got their head in a particular orifice.”

“[2009] was a year where the best retailers designer would did OK if they want to get lucky, their hands on.” were and anybody —Gina La Morte, celebrity stylist who wasn’t good just got hammered or disappeared.”

“Michelle is someone any


“YouTube [offers] a huge opportunity for retailers to market their businesses in an organic way.” —Jennifer Nielsen, spokesperson, YouTube



—Gary Weiner, president, Saxon Shoes

“Health and wellness [footwear] is truly going to make an impact on our industry unlike anything in a lot of years.” —Charlie Liberge, president, Klas Shoes

—Angel Martinez, CEO, Deckers Outdoor

The industry’s only magazine devoted to green practices.

“[Cause-related marketing] really “[Social networking] has been the ballooned in the last 12 months. All of savior of my business. I don’t a sudden it was bam—everywhere.” —Blake Mycoskie, know where I’d be without it.” chief shoe giver, TOMS

—Tony Zelaya, owner, Zelaya Shoes

“Metrosexuality is dead.”

—Darin Hager, designer, Heyday Footwear


But I just got my mandals!

Cheers! Footwear Plus

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Footwear Plus | Flash Back | 2010 • April - May  

20 Years of Fashion, Fame and Footwear Plus

Footwear Plus | Flash Back | 2010 • April - May  

20 Years of Fashion, Fame and Footwear Plus

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