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Sail Away

Noelle Heffernan Publisher Jennifer Cattaui Editor in Chief Nancy Campbell Creative Director ;:?JEH?7B Angela Velasquez Fashion Editor Audrey Goodson Meagan Walker 7iieY_Wj[;Z_jehi Melissa D’Agnese Editorial Intern 9H;7J?L; Trevett McCandliss 7hj:_h[Yjeh Tim Jones I[d_eh:[i_]d[h 9EDJH?8KJEHI Michel Onofrio Ijob[:_h[Yjeh 7:L;HJ?I?D= Caroline Diaco =hekfFkXb_i^[h Sarah Sutphin Broglie 7Zl[hj_i_d]CWdW][h Alex Marinacci 7YYekdj;n[Ykj_l[ Patrick Thomas IWb[iH[fh[i[djWj_l[" Canada Jennifer Craig If[Y_Wb7YYekdji CWdW][h Maureen Johan 9bWii_\_[ZIWb[i

NOVšDEC2011 FEATURES 28 Outerwear Preview M^Wji^ej\ehj^[YebZm[Wj^[h_d<Wbb'($

4 ;Z_jehÊiB[jj[h

30 Top of the Class >Wbbe\<Wc[^edeh[[i@Wd_Y[M[_dcWd"@eoY[>[dho"   Hkj^MWbd_YaWdZHei[WddOWhki_h[Ô[Yjed[Whd_d]   j^[_hY^efi_dj^[Y^_bZh[di_dZkijho$

8 Fresh Finds 10 >ejFhef[hj_[i

34 And the Award Goes To... M^WjcWZ[ekh;Whd_[m_dd[himemj^[h[jW_bYecckd_jo$

18 Ifejb_]^j

6 JWba_d]Fe_dji

12 D_d[J^_d]i

Left: Wheat sleeveless top worn over a Wheat bubble dress. Right: Armor Lux striped black and white sweater; Olivia & Ollie pants. On the cover: Dagmar Daley striped shirt. Photography by Cleo Sullivan.

14 On Trend 22 In Focus


56 Calendar

44 Flying High Ifh_d]ifehjim[WhjWa[iÔ_]^jXoj^[i[W$

60 H[c_n

Correction: In October's "Tween Scene 101," we ran photos of a pair of green !iT Jeans and a Peas and Queues faux fur vest that were the property of Juvie Shop, LA (

7:C?D?IJH7J?ED Laurie Guptill FheZkYj_edCWdW][h Melanie Prescott 9_hYkbWj_edCWdW][h Julie Gibson M[XcWij[h 9EDJ79J?D<E Sales/Editorial Offices ),9eef[hIgkWh[" 4th floor D[mOeha"DO'&&&) Tel: (646) 278-1550 <Wn0,*,(-.#'++) [Z_jeh_Wbh[gk[iji6 /j^h[WZi$Yec Circulation Office ('>_]^bWdZ9_hYb[ D[[Z^Wc"C7&(*/* Tel: (800) 964-5150 <Wn0-.'*+)#/)./ Y_hYkbWj_ed6/j^h[WZi$Yec 9EHFEH7J; 9Threads (,(&(:[jhe_jHeWZ")&& M[ijbWa["E>**'*+ Tel: (440) 871-1300 Xen Zapis"9^W_hcWd Lee Zapis"Fh[i_Z[dj Rich Bongorno"9<E


EARNSHAW’S INFANTS, GIRLS AND BOYS WEAR REVIEW ISSN 0161-2786 (USPS-320-090) Vol. 95 Issue 10. The business and fashion magazine of the children’s wear industry is published monthly by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC, 36 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003. The publishers of this magazine do not assume responsibility for statements made by their advertisers in business competition. Periodicals postage is paid in New York, N.Y. and additional mailing offices. Subscription price for one year: U.S. $48; Rates outside U.S. available upon request. Single price copy, $5. Copyright 2011 by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC. Postmaster: Send address changes to Earnshaw’s Infants, Girls and Boys Wear Review, P.O. Box 8548, Lowell, MA 01853-8548. Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photos. Any photographs, artwork, manuscripts, editorial samples or merchandise sent for editorial consideration are sent at the sole risk of the sender. Symphony Publishing NY, LLC will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. No portion of this issue may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Printed in USA.

D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  ( & ' '  š  ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C   3

Setting Sail

Springtime dreams are stylishly surreal in nautical stripes and vintage accents.


ON A GORGEOUS fall day, the Earnshaw’s team cruised out to Fire Island with a super-sized menagerie in tow. In “Flying High,” photographer Cleo Sullivan captured our models posed in their nautically inspired springtime best—with vintage details, shipshape stripes and a patriotic palette— alongside 8-foot penguins, a taxidermist’s fox and a flock of oversized butterflies. Needless to say, the island fishermen, who normally enjoy quiet fall Fridays casting off from the shore, were bemused at the backdrop borrowed from a surrealist reverie. Fittingly, we dedicate this issue to the dreams and dreamers that make this world, and the childrenswear business, go around. Our Earnie Award winners each dreamed of building goods and brands that people would love, and our Hall of Fame honorees dreamed of building careers that would matter. In “Winning,” we highlight the Earnie Award winners and talk with their retail partners to find out just what distinguished them from the fray. Our Hall of Fame honorees, Ruth Walnick, Joyce Henry, Roseann Yarusi and Janice Weinman, get top billing in “Standing O,” where they discuss their careers in the children’s market, how the industry has changed and what they’ve learned along the way. Always a season ahead, in this issue, we preview Fall 2012 outerwear in “Winter Fresh,” and find that purple is the new pink, trappers should be kept and faux fur is always in

fashion. Also fashionable these days is a stylish take on the traditional diaper bag, and in “Thinking Inside and Outside the Bag,” we check out some standouts for store shelves. As for what’s in fashion this spring, “On Trend” highlights some of the best soft toys for babies, garden themed duds, and camp gear and goods for kids. We also chatted with apparel companies Atsuyo et Akiko and Wonderboy and got the skinny on the latest footwear by Melissa as well as Fiorentini + Baker. Lastly we preview the tradeshow scene for 2012 in “To Market We Go” and highlight the who’s, what’s, where’s and when’s for children’s buyers canvassing the country on a search for amazing merchandise. We know this issue hits you during your busiest month, but we want to remind you to take a moment this season to remember your dreams and make new ones. Think about what you want for the year ahead, and go for it. Happy Holidays,


talking points

The final bow.

Best Infants’ Collection Zutano

Best Hosiery BabyLegs

Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Cattaui, introduces the winners to the crowd.

WELL-EARNED Earnshaw’s presented the 34th Annual Earnie Awards on Oct. 3, at ENK Children’s Club in New York City. Industry professionals toasted this year’s Earnie winners in 17 categories, ranging from Best Hosiery, Footwear and Accessories to Infants’, Boys’ and Girls’ Collections. Nearly 200 guests filled the ENK Café to applaud the chosen companies and watch a fashion show featuring looks from the award winners. Adorable pint-size models from Funny Face Today Models delighted the crowd on the catwalk. Earnshaw’s also debuted the Hall of Fame awards and inducted four seasoned industry professionals, including Roseann Yarusi, owner of The Rose Garden, Joyce Henry, group vice president and divisional merchandising manager at Macy’s, Ruth Walnick, infant buyer at Macy’s and Janice Weinman, president of Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). 6 ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C  š  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  ( & ' '

Company of the Year Pediped

Best Girls’ Collection Twirls and Twigs

Best Customer Service Mud Pie

Sock Happy Best Accessories High IntenCity

Best Licensed Apparel United Legwear

Best New Company Fore!! Axel & Hudson

Best Showroom Thread NY

Best Footwear Pediped

At the close of the Earnie Awards ceremony, Isaac E. Ash, president and CEO of United Legwear Co, announced that the company will donate 100,000 pairs of children’s socks to Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.), to be distributed over the next 18 months. “Every year, K.I.D.S. accomplishes tremendous work in collecting and distributing new products to children in need, but there’s always more to be done,” Ash says. “Charity and giving back are essential to United Legwear’s business philosophy, so I’m grateful that K.I.D.S. can channel the industry’s resources to our littlest friends,” he added.  

Best Dresswear Cupcakes & Pastries

Best European Brand Petit Bateau

Gifted Best Boys’ Collection Charlie Rocket “It” Item of the Year Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies

Best Gifts Melissa & Doug Best Denim Levi’s

Headed to NYIGF in January? Join Earnshaw’s editor in chief, Jennifer Cattaui, for a lunchtime seminar offering an overview of trends influencing product design, retail sales and consumer preferences in the children’s market. The seminar, Trends in the Juvenile Market: What’s Now? What’s Next? will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 31 from noon to 1 p.m. at the Javits Center. An expert panel will address key segments of the kids’ market, as well as design trends, social media use and partnerships important to both manufacturers and retailers. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 onsite. More information can be found at  

( & ' '  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  š  ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C   7

fresh finds With almost 40 percent of parents choosing to keep their baby’s gender a surprise until delivery day, new brand Twotara solves the baby shower gift dilemma with a collection of pink-to-blue reversible rompers, gowns, pajamas and accessories. Made of soft, 100 percent interlock cotton, the collection features classic stripes and modern prints for sizes 0 to 3 months. Perfect for passing on to future brothers and sisters, the collection’s garments wholesale for $12 to $14.50, while the accessories— including reversible hats, booties and mitts—wholesale for $2.50 to $4.50. Visit

8h_j_i^XhWdZGreen KidsXh_d]i _jiXh_]^j"[Ye#\h_[dZboZ[i_]di ijWj[i_Z[$J^[\W_h#jhWZ["Y[hj_\_[Z eh]Wd_YYejjedYebb[Yj_ed\ehXeoi WdZ]_hbi_dYbkZ[ib[]]_d]i"i^_hji" ib[[fik_ji"hecf[hi"^eeZ_[iWdZ `[hi[oZh[ii[i"Wim[bbWi\kd\Wi^# _edf_[Y[ib_a[`kcfik_ji"aWhWj[ fWdji"i^ehj_[Zkd]Wh[[iWdZfebe l[ijjefi$7lW_bWXb[_di_p[i(je+ \eha_Zi"WdZd[mXehdje(\ehj^[ XhWdZÊi=h[[dA_Zi8WXoYebb[Y# j_ed"Xej^hWd][i\[Wjkh[fbWo\kb fh_dji"Wffb_gkƒiWdZ[cXhe_Z[ho _d[o[#YWjY^_d]YehWb"h[Z"dWlo" Xbk[WdZb_c[$M^eb[iWb[fh_Y[i hWd][\hec-$+&je('$L_i_j

8 ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C  š  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  ( & ' '

BabyLegs bows BabyNoBugs, a colorful collection of arm and leg warmers specially treated with an odorless insect repellant safe for the entire family. Featuring bug-inspired designs, the collection’s Insect Shield technology is EPA-registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies and other critters and lasts through 70 washes. The garments retail for $15. Visit

Designed in Venice Beach, CA, produced in downtown Los Angeles and crafted from natural, high-quality Japanese, European and American fabrics, children’s brand Boy+Girl combines easy-to-wear styles with continental sophistication. Available in sizes 2 to 6, the collection includes tanks, tees, leggings, shorts, dresses and rompers with a European flair for girls, while the boys’ comfy tees, shorts and funky ikat hoodies reveal the brand’s West Coast surf- and skate-inspired roots. Wholesale prices range from $15 to $40. Visit

Organic brand The Tangerine Tree shakes up the children’s market with a colorful new collection for boys and girls from size 0 to 6x/7. Manufactured in India in a fairtrade factory, the brand’s oceaninspired spring offerings feature submarines, sharks, mermaids, crabs and other sea creatures splashed across knit and woven tees, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, rompers, leggings and pants. Wholesale prices range from $8 to $20. Visit www. thetangerinetree. com.

For fashion that fuels the imagination, British brand Poppy presents the U.S. market with a collection of whimsical dresses, rompers, petticoats, blouses and sun hats for girls from newborn to 7 years. Inspired by designer Bryony Richardson’s childhood daydreams, the collection is based on the tale of Poppy, an English girl who, together with her little dog Fred, joins a circus and heads up an old-fashioned candy store. Each dress comes with a matching storybook, and both feature the designer’s oneof-a-kind prints. The dresses are made of a sturdy cotton twill and come in a charming candythemed pastel palette. Wholesale prices range from $19.50 to $67.50. Visit www.poppychildren.

Affordable women’s fashion brand DownEast Basics introduces DownEast Girl, a collection of takedowns and new designs for stylish girls and tweens on a budget. Available in sizes 2 to 14, the collection includes a range of basic tops, tanks, tees, cardigans, skirts, leggings and dresses, spiced up with a sophisticated Southwest-flavored palette and loads of girlish layers and ruffles. Wholesale prices range from $4 to $17.50. Visit

Playtime meets pool time with the launch of Teeny Wingkini, a new collection of one-piece swimsuits with matching wings for girls’ sizes 3 to 12. The detachable, waterproof wings come with a zipper-sealed pouch purse in the center and coordinate with the swimwear’s six themes: ballerina, ladybug, bumblebee, sunflower, mermaid and Queen of Hearts. Wholesale prices range from $19 to $29. Visit www.

hot properties

Sugar Plum Nabs Laundry by Shelli Segal

Jim Henson Chooses TOMY for Pajanimals The Jim Henson Company appointed TOMY International, a leading designer, producer and marketer of toys, as the U.S. master licensee for the Pajanimals brand. Under the multi-year agreement, TOMY will develop innovative children’s products for the American market, including plush, monitors, night lights and projectors and dWfWdZfbWocWji"m_j^[nf[Yj[ZZ[b_l[ho\ehIfh_d](&')$<ehceh[ information e-mail msegal@henson.comehYWbb)().&(#'+&&$

The Laundry by Shelli Segal license for girls’ dresses was recently acquired by Sugar Plum NY and the first collection will debut in @WdkWho(&'($J^[b_d[_iibWj[Z to include girls’ dresses in sizes 7 je',"m_j^Wb_c_j[Zi[b[Yj_ed_d i_p[i*je,N$J^[Yebb[Yj_edXeWiji unique embellishments and novelty trims, as well as age appropriate styles featuring similar colors and fabrics found in the women’s BWkdZhob_d[$<ehceh[_d\ehcWtion, contact Carol Meyerson at or ('(.*(#*'(($

Woolrich and Weeplay Team Up Meebh_Y^"W'.'#o[Wh#ebZ outdoor clothing company based in Pennsylvania, has made a licensing agreement with Weeplay Kids, a leader in the childrenswear industry. Together, the two will develop, produce, market and sell boys’ layette and apparel \ehi_p[i&je(&_dj^[K$I$ and Canada. The first collection from the partnership m_bbZ[Xkj<Wbb(&'(WdZm_bb include sportswear, outerwear, sleepwear and accessories. Interested retailers may view the line at Weeplay’s showroom in New York City. To schedule an appointment, e-mail or YWbbj^[i^emheecWj('( +,)#(&(($

10 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

Babar Reaches Octogenarian Status >Wffo.&j^8_hj^ZWojej^[A_d]e\;b[f^WdjiÆ8WXWh@[WdZ[ 8hkd^e\\mhej[j^[l[ho\_hij8WXWhXeea"The Story of Babar, _d'/)'"WdZel[hj^[o[Whiceh[j^Wd'&c_bb_ed8WXWhXeeai ^Wl[X[[diebZ_dj^[Kd_j[ZIjWj[i$8eZoHW]i^WiX[[di_]d[Z as a licensee for a line of junior tees, while a more complete U.S. b_Y[di_d]fhe]hWc_i_dj^[mehai\eh<Wbb(&'($



Trumpette glow-in-the-dark sneakers


Vinca glitter bear ring


Skanz QR code bands



Smash flannel shirt

Sierra Julian trompe l’oeil tee

7 Bunk Junk soda can tab bracelet


Schoolyard standouts from October’s ENK show.

12 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''



Babiators UV-protective shades

Wildfox friendship T-shirts


Peace, Love and World lunchbox


JANUARY 22-24 M A R C H 11 - 13


R E TA I L E R / B U Y E R R E G I S T R AT I O N : W W W. E N K R E G I S T R AT I O N S . C O M WWW.ENKSHOWS.COM/CHILDRENSCLUB T. 2 1 2 . 7 5 9 . 8 0 5 5 F. 2 1 2 . 7 5 8 . 3 4 0 3


1 2






10 8 9

12 11


MISTER SOFTEE 1 Zoobies baby giraffe convertible blankie 2 Swankie Blankie bunny 3 Apple Park lamb 4 Striped dog by Zutano 5 Puppy blankie by Kushies 6 Little Giraffe spotted giraffe 7 Elegant Baby puppy 8 Bunnies by the Bay rabbit 9 Cloud B soothing sound sheep 10 Douglas horse blankie 11 MerryMakers bear and mouse 12 Baby Aspen mouse 13 Rich Frog mini organic bunny 14 Knit monkey by Angel Dear

14 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECÂ&#x161;DEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''




2 5 3 4


6 7

8 9 10








1 San Diego Hat Co. straw hat 2 Stun polka dot dress 3 Boys’ linen pants by Klever Kids 4 Pazitos sandal

5 Bobinette seersucker jacket and shorts 6 Little Rhoda charm bracelet 7 Rabbitmoon cardigan 8 eeBoo paper flower kit 9 Neck tie by ‘Lina Bean 10 Dress by Wovenplay 11 Alex Toys tin tea set 12 Andrea’s Beau purse and headband 13 VBee’s by Vernell’s jacket and shorts 14 Roma e Toska blazer 15 Ses Petites Mains shirt dress








6 8



12 11 10

1 MD Moms sunscreen towelettes 2 Quagmire Kids polo 3 Sneaker sandal by Keen 4 Aegean Apparel terry robe

5 Ambition Activewear capri pants 6 Confetti & Friends autograph pillow 7 Teeny Tiny Optics sunglasses 8 Iscream notecards 9 iPanema flip flops 10 Swim trunks by Stella Cove 11 Tsukihoshi sneakers 12 T-shirt by Crooked Monkey 13 P’Ode tank and shorts

16 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''






Sizing: 0-6 years Wholesale: $5-$220

On a Whim

Atsuyo et Akiko tells tales in tulle and T-shirts. he boundless imaginations of fashion designers Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae come to life with the pair’s eponymous children’s line, Atsuyo et Akiko, designed around the story of Sara, a young 8heeabod]_hb$ÇM[\ekdZWZebb_dWdWdj_gk[ i^ef_d8heeabodj^WjcoZWk]^j[h_cc[Z_Wj[bo dWc[ZIWhW"ÈCkaW[iWoi$ÇM[Xhek]^jIWhWm_j^kije8[b]_kc and France, and while in Paris, we found a toy sheep, who then became Sara’s friend Merry.” The story, which is brought to life on the fabric of their clothing, accessories and home goods, practically wrote itself, the designers say. The very definition of whimsical, the line is brimming with French sayings, Eiffel towers and adorable animals, and offers everything from totes, pillows and tutus to onepieces, cardigans and tees. As both designers are Japanese 18 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

American, the line reflects both cultures. Mukae says it is both straightforward and dynamic—what she sees as American traits—while remaining simple and delicate, showing the Eastern influence. The creators’ design backgrounds in womenswear play heavily into their wide assortment of accessories and screenprint tees. After completing a degree in fashion design, Yang designed shoes in Japan and spent two years in Tokyo and Milan studying pattern making and sketching. Yang moved jej^[IjWj[ij^[bWjj[h^Wb\e\j^[Ê/&i"\ehW`eXZ[i_]d_d] handbags for TOCCA. It was then, as Mukae was working for the renowned Japanese artist, Amano, that the designers’ paths converged. M_j^Ybei[je(&o[Whie\[nf[h_[dY[X[jm[[dj^[c"j^[o launched Atsuyo et Akiko four years ago, and the pair handled every aspect of the business—from designing and sewing to selling and shipping. Since then, the company has grown to a total of nine employees, who work inside a former sewing \WYjehoh[#\Wi^_ed[Z_djeWikddobe\j_d8heeabod$ This past year the brand has taken off, thanks in part to WfWhjd[hi^_fm_j^:_id[ojeYh[Wj[M_dd_[j^[Fee^WdZ C_Ya[oCeki[WdZ<h_[dZiJ#i^_hji$Ç?jmWij^[\_hijj_c[j^Wj :_id[oYebbWXehWj[Zm_j^Wd_dZ[f[dZ[djZ[i_]d[h_dDehj^ America,” Mukae says. She also says that despite working with such a large licensor, the company has been able to keep control of selling and choosing retail partners, so the line cW_djW_di_jiXekj_gk[Wff[Wb$CkaW[WZZi"ÇMeha_d]m_j^ :_id[o_iY^Wbb[d]_d]WdZWbeje\meha"Xkj_j^Wi^[bf[Zkije see our company grow, and we’re learning so much without taking any classes.” —Meagan Walker

To the Rescue!

Wonderboy and Stun alleviate parents’ headaches with mix-and-match basics. ads are envious, moms are h[b_[l[Z$ÈJ^WjÊi MedZ[hXeoÊi cejje"WdZ \ekdZ[h9^h_ij_d[ @e^dijed^Wi\kb\_bb[Zj^Wjfhec_i[ jefWh[djim_j^Yeebfh_dji"m[WhWXb[ i_b^ek[jj[iWdZbeYWbbocWZ[j^h[WZi i_dY[(&&*$7\ehc[hfWf[hfheZkYji Z[i_]d[h"@e^dijed^WiWf[dY^Wdj \ehfh_djiWdZbWkdY^[ZMedZ[hXeo WiWdWhcoe\ed[$I_dY[j^[_d_j_Wb bWkdY^"j^[Xki_d[ii^Wi]hemdje Wj[Wce\\ekh"j^ek]^j^[XhWdZ ij_bbZ[f[dZiedj^[Yh[Wj_l_joWdZ [nf[hj_i[e\ekji_Z[Wii_ijWdY[$ÇM[ hkdWj_]^ji^_fWdZh[bo^[Wl_boed _dZ[f[dZ[djYedjhWYjehi"È@e^dijed [nfbW_di$ÇM[Êl[X[[dki_d]j^[iWc[ YedjhWYjehi\eh\_l[o[WhiWdZmeha l[hoYbei[bom_j^j^[c$Ieh[Wbbo"j^[ j[Wc_i^k][$>em[l[h"dej^Wl_d] Wjede\el[h^[WZWbbemikijeX[ d_cXb[m^[dd[Y[iiWho$È <ehIfh_d](&'("@e^dijediWoi i^[\ekdZ_dif_hWj_ededWh[Y[djjh_f jeB_iXed"Fehjk]Wb$ÇJ^[X[Wkj_\kb i_]^jiWdZiekdZiWdZb_\[ijob[e\j^Wj Y_joh[Wbboifea[jec[$?jÊiX[Wkj_\kb" Xkjdejjeef[h\[Yjehel[hZed["È

i^[iWoi$J^[Yebb[Yj_ed"Yecfh_i[Z ceijboe\dWloWdZWgkWXbk[m_j^ ]hWoWdZh[ZWYY[dji"_dYbkZ[iij_Ya i^_\jWdZiYkXW^[bc[j]hWf^_Yj[[i" Wim[bbWiYbWii_Y^[db[oiWdZfebei$ <ehj^[Xejjec^Wb\"Xhemd"dWloWdZ ij[[bYWh]ei^ehji"^WhXehjheki[hi WdZZWhaZ[d_cc_nWdZcWjY^m[bb$ M_j^XeoiigkWh[ZWmWo"_jmWidÊj bed]X[\eh[MedZ[hXeofWh[dji m_j^b_jjb[]_hbiWj^ec[ijWhj[Zje Wia\ehWb_d[\hec@e^dijed"ie _d(&&/i^[bWkdY^[ZIjkd"WfbWo ed^[hbWijdWc[$J^[Ifh_d](&'( IjkdYebb[Yj_ed\[Wjkh[ij^h[[XebZ" YWikWbfh_dji\Wi^_ed[Z_djeW^Wbj[h Zh[ii"\bkjj[hib[[l[Zh[ii"jkd_Y WdZj_[h[Zia_hj$IjkdI[b[Yj"j^[ YecfWdoÊiif[Y_WbeYYWi_edb_d[" WbiecWa[i_jiZ[Xkj\ehIfh_d](&'(" e\\[h_d]Wib[[l[b[iii_bl[hfebaW#Zej Zh[ii"_dWZZ_j_edjeWheoWbfkhfb[" \bkjj[hib[[l[Zh[ii_d@WfWd[i[i_ba WdZYejjed$8ej^b_d[iWh[XWi[Z_d F^_bWZ[bf^_W"WdZ/&f[hY[dje\j^[ fheZkYj_ed_iZed[m_j^_dW\_l[#c_b[ hWZ_kie\j^[^[WZgkWhj[hi$7ia[Z m^Wja_dZe\a_Zi^ekbZm[Wh^[h Ybej^[i"@e^dijediWoi"ÇJ^[a_dZe\ a_Zm^eY^Wd][ioekhc_dZWXekj a_Zi$È—Meagan Walker

Wonderboy Sizing: 6 months-10 years Wholesale: $15-$26

Stun Sizing: 2T-12 years Wholesale: $10-$44

( & ' '  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  š ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C   1 9


Sizing: 4-12 years Retail: $380-$500

Booting Up Fiorentini + Baker releases a luxe capsule collection for little stars. ASSUMING THE OLD adage is true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, celebrity offspring Nahla, Sunday, Suri and Apple will soon be sporting the effortlessly stylish and classic footwear of <_eh[dj_d_ ! 8Wa[h$ J^WjÊi X[YWki[ XhWdZ beoWb_iji>Wbb[8[hho"D_Yeb[A_ZcWd"Jec9hk_i[WdZ Gwyneth Paltrow have already made it a frequent blip on the fashion radar—and now the high-end ?jWb_Wd#cWZ[ Xeej YecfWdo _i cWha_d] _ji '&j^ anniversary with a capsule collection for children. <_eh[dj_d_!8Wa[hZ[i_]d[h:[XehW^8Wa[hdej[i j^Wj j^[ a_ZiÊ Yebb[Yj_ed mWi _d_j_Wbbo fhecfj[Z Xo requests from regular customers who expressed an _dj[h[ij_dY^_bZh[dÊii^e[i$ÇJ^[\eejm[Whm[cWa[ i^ekbZ X[ [d`eo[Z Xo WZkbji WdZ a_Zi"È 8Wa[h iWoi" noting the line pays tribute to some of the brand’s a[o ijob[i \hec j^[ fWij Z[YWZ[$ ÇM[ Y^ei[ ijob[i from the permanent line that we thought would meha ed b_jjb[ \[[j"È i^[ WZZi$ 7i m_j^ Wbb e\ j^[ XhWdZÊiZ[i_]di"8Wa[hiWoij^[i^e[iWh[a[fji_cple by focusing on supple leathers and suedes with c_d_cWb^WhZmWh[$7a_ZiÊYebb[Yj_edWbiefhel_Z[Z Wdeffehjkd_jo\eh8Wa[hjefbWom_j^oekj^\kbi^eji e\Yebeh$ÇJ^[h[m_bbX[ceh[Xh_]^ji_dj^_ihWd]["È she says, including eye-catching deep red and cool shades of blue. J^[b_d[_ib[ZXoj^h[[kd_i[nXeejijob[iÆj^[ZekXb[XkYab[-')"i^ehj;b_WdZi_]dWjkh[j^h[[#XkYab[ ;j[hd_jo XeejiÆj^Wj Wbbem fWh[dji WdZ a_Zi j^[ Y^WdY[jeYeehZ_dWj[$J^[Yebb[Yj_edWbie_dYbkZ[iW lace-up boot for boys and a tall rounded-toe, pull-on boot for girls—two styles that are attracting a lot of _dj[h[ij\hecXko[hi"8Wa[hh[fehji$ “Children’s collections are very popular at some e\ ekh h[jW_b[hi" ie j^[ j_c_d] _i h_]^j"È 8Wa[h iWoi" adding that she hopes to expand the selection next o[Wh$ÇJ^_ia_dZe\\eejm[Wh\eha_Zi_iWbknkho_j[c that hopefully will be passed down to younger memX[hie\j^[\Wc_bo$È—Angela Velasquez 20 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

Retail: $49-$99 Sizing: 19-40 (European)

Plastic Dream Brazilian brand Melissa sculpts shoes for mother and child with super malleable Melflex. MELISSA SHOES HAS been making jellies in every shape and form since the 80s, when the fashion first hit. Since then, the company has built the brand in line with popular culture, championing eco-friendly production while collaborating with some of fashion’s finest. And as brand CEO Michele Levy notes, with 30,000 employees working together to make, market and represent some 170 million shoes a year, this is no basement operation. For starters, Melissa has worked with designers Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as renowned architect Zaha Hadid. For Spring 2012, Melissa brought one of Michelle Obama’s favorites, Jason Wu on board to produce two exclusive styles—a flat with an owl adornment and a black peep-toe slingback heel. “What artists love about working with Melissa is that plastic has infinite possibilities,” explains Levy. “Designers can create whatever they want so much easier than when working with most other materials. Melissa really is the plastic dream.” And with so many designers on board, it’s no surprise that the celeb clientele has followed suit. While that kind of fanfare pulls press for the brand, Melissa has scent and sustainability on its side, too. Every pair of Melissas smells of sweet bubblegum and is environmentally friendly. “Our factories are 100 percent waste free. Everything not used is recycled, water included,” Levy says. The company’s Mini Melissa line, fitting children sizes 19/20 to 27 (roughly translating to U.S. sizes 5 to 10), is only a year old, and even more recently the shoe company extended its range to tweens and teens after being inundated with requests, completing a full suite of sizes 19 to 40. Made in Brazil using Melflex, a plastic developed by the company, Melissa shoes are completely free of heavy metals and are flexible and soft to the touch. Levy notes that the average shopper picks up almost three pairs at a time. “Consumers aren’t just consumers,” she says, “they’re fans.” —Meagan Walker


Thinking Inside & Outside CHILDREN’S RETAIL STORES welcome new moms with a host of stylish yet versatile diaper bag designs. Featuring functionality on the inside, including pockets with temperature control and easy-to-access wipes cases and pouches to stow away changes of clothing, the latest options consider all of a modern mom’s needs. On the outside, the bags run the gamut from leather ruffles to pretty prints and mod patterns that match mood and personal style. “Parents have different tastes, so we have different types of styles. Our higher end fashionable bags are perfect for moms, but dads also need a bag they feel great with,” says Ellen Diamant owner of Skip Hop, a children’s modern gear company. And appearance is just half the equation Diamant notes. “In cities, a parent’s stroller is like their car, and the diaper bag is like their trunk.” —Jennifer Cattaui

The Bag

Jonathan Adler for Skip Hop diaper bag range is perfect for a design aficionado with a retro flair.

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Petunia Picklebottom bags suit new moms who are feminine yet classic.

This Isoki bag appeals to the rock and roll rebel with an astute sense of fashion.

Fisher-Price diaper bags are fashionable yet practical in prints and solids. Moms with classic and preppy tastes reach for Danzo Baby.


To Market NYIGF

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We Go LA Kids Market

Manufacturers and retailers agree: The best way to offer consumers the finest and most unique product assortment is to get out there and see what’s new and improved. For 2012, that hands-on approach to buying is made easier with coast-to-coast trade shows featuring a host of brands. We’ve outlined nine of the country’s biggest industry shows to help you decide which ones suit your needs. So pack your bags and put your frequent flier miles to good use: It’s market time! By Melissa D’Agnese and Angela Velasquez

NYIGF What: The New York International Gift Fair is the nation’s premier trade show for gift, home WdZb_\[ijob[c[hY^WdZ_i[$J^[\W_h"m^_Y^ is more than 80 years old, is divided into 10 [Wio#je#i^efZ_l_i_edi"_dYbkZ_d]8WXo!9^_bZ$ NYIGF is half-way through its three-year Ç<eYki<ehmWhZÈijhWj[]_Yh[#eh]Wd_pWj_ed$8o summer 2013, the fair will be organized into four broad categories: home, craft, lifestyle and d[m$ÇCWdk\WYjkh[him^eWh[h[WZojemh_j[WdZ ship orders will be very successful at this show,” Wiikh[i9Wj^oIj[[b[i%X9Wj^oIj[[bDO?=<$ Who: More than 2,800 exhibitors present 100,000 product lines in 400 categories at DO?=<$J^[i^emÊijWh][jWkZ_[dY[_ih[jW_b# focused, from independent specialty stores jeX_]#XenXh_Ya#WdZ#cehjWhije[#jW_b[hi$

Retailers will find a plethora of products for children ages 0 to 10 in Baby + Child, as well as thousands of other products in the fair’s other Z_l_i_edi$J^_io[Wh"[nf[YjWcoh_WZe\[ZkYWtional sessions and seminars on trends in the `kl[d_b[cWha[j\ehWbbWjj[dZ[[i$ When:@Wd$(.#<[X$("7k]$'.#() Where: Javits Center and Piers 92 & 94, New York, NY Contact:".&&(-(#-*,/ KIDZ AT STYLEMAX What: Focused on the needs of childrenswear stores and specialty store buyers, Kidz WjIJOB;C7Ni[jikfi^ef\ekhj_c[iW o[Wh_d9^_YW]e$7jj[dZ[[im_bb\_dZWbbe\j^[ resources and brands in one welcoming and Yedl[d_[djcWha[jfbWY[$

Who:A_ZpWjIJOB;C7N_i_Z[Wb\ehj^[ childrenswear buyer who wants to stay ahead e\Ykhh[djjh[dZi$;n^_X_jehiYWd[nf[YjW clean and high-end exhibit space to showcase j^[_hYebb[Yj_edi$8hWdZiWjj^[i^em_dYbkZ[ 7$8_hZ"8[bWXkcXkc"8WXoB[]i"M^[WjKI7" J[W9ebb[Yj_edWdZJkhjb[<kh$ When: @Wd$(.#)&"CWhY^(*#(- Where:C[hY^WdZ_i[CWhj"9^_YW]e"?B Contact:, .&&,--#,(-. LA KIDS MARKET What: Right in the heart of the downtown Bei7d][b[i\Wi^_edZ_ijh_Yj"B7A_ZiCWha[j taps into an eclectic yet hip mix of local talent b_a[BWC_d_WjkhWXo@[\\[hoI[X[b_WWdZjWa[# downs of Europe’s finest, including Baby Dior, (&''DEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;Hš;7HDI>7MI$9EC25

The international trade show dedicated to the universes of children, junior and maternity.

ENK Children’s Club

10 - 12 March, 2012 82 Mercer in Soho, NEW YORK, NY




Roberto Cavalli and Moschino. Who: A key resource for specialty boutiques like Kitson Kids, Red Balloon and Haute Baby, many of the market’s sales representatives are reporting an increase in buyers searching for products beyond apparel and accessories. As a result, the show may appeal to buyers with a steady gift, toy and novelty item business. When: Jan. 16-19, March 12-15, June 11-14, Aug. 6-9, Oct. 15-18 Where: California Market Center, Los Angeles, CA Contact:, (213) 630-3683 ENK CHILDREN’S CLUB What: Held quarterly on New York City’s west side, ENK Children’s Club opened its first show floor at the urging of the childrenswear community in 2000. An all-encompassing children’s apparel event, companies showing at ENK offer clothing for newborns to age 12, as well as accessories and footwear. Who: Retail attendees include children’s specialty stores and boutiques as well as specialty directed department store merchandisers and buyers. “Buyers attending Children’s Club have the opportunity to discover new collections alongside established lines showing their latest for the season,” says Stanley Kaye of ENK. Typically, 700-plus collections are on display. “This certainly helps retailers establish their place in the market as a fashion leader,” he adds. When: Jan. 22-24, March 11-13 Where: Javits Center, New York, NY Contact:, (212) 759-8055 KIDSHOW What: A division of Specialty Trade Shows Inc., KIDShow celebrates its ninth year in Las Vegas in 2012. The biannual show focuses on moderate to high-end apparel, accessories, footwear and room décor. Denise Raeside, show manager, says, “It’s a beautiful boutique show with something for everyone.” Showcasing a mix of tried-and-true brands with new designers, Raeside expects more than 250 booths this year. Who: KIDShow focuses on infant and toddler brands, although newborn through tween are all well represented. “We have vendors that work well with retailers. The bulk of what we do is the small, department and specialty stores. We don’t cater to the mass retailer,” says Raeside. When: Feb. 13-15, Aug. 20-22 Where: Bally’s Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Contact:, (305) 663-6635 PLAYTIME What: This international trade show dedicates itself to the “universe of children, junior and maternity” and makes stops in Paris, Tokyo and New York twice a year. Look for a “fun and games” theme for the show’s 11th edition, and expect more animation, workshops and

artist-produced trend spaces. Who: Approximately 400 brands will show at Playtime, including more than 50 new international brands this year. Some fresh faces for Playtime’s 2012 childcare section include Bugaboo, Bloom Baby, Ergo Baby and Aden & Anais. Great for retailers and exhibitors alike, Playtime expects over 5,500 visitors from 48 countries. When: March 10-12 (New York edition) Where: 82Mercer, New York, NY Contact:, (212) 563-7301 DALLAS MARKET CENTER What: With an entire 250,000-square-foot floor dedicated to children’s products, this show features a bevy of brands from local showrooms, including The Closet, Eureka!, Hope’s Chest and Summer Place II, as well as educational sessions held by digital marketing experts to lure attendees. Who: The market draws all types of children’s buyers with its range of infant, kids, tween and maternity lines, but a steady amount of retailers located west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains account for the show’s most loyal and frequent attendees. When: Jan. 26-29, March 22-25, May 31-June 3, Oct. 25-28 Where: Dallas Market Center Contact:, (800) 325-6587 ABC KIDS EXPO What: Encompassing nearly a million square

feet of exhibition space, in 2012 the ABC Kids Expo will turn 10 with more than 800 exhibitors in attendance. The event, set to return to a retailer-friendly Sunday to Wednesday schedule, also will host an industry reception with networking opportunities and entertainment. Who: Juvenile specialty stores remain the show’s core attendees, but thanks to its wellrounded range of categories (furniture and bedding, baby gear, apparel), the show is also well represented by many national retail chains, e-tail stores, catalogers, regional chain stores and specialty gift stores. When: Oct. 14-17 Where: Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY Contact:, (210) 691-4848 AMERICASMART ATLANTA What: From maternity to childhood, Children’s World at AmericasMart Atlanta is home to more than 700 leading apparel lines that suit the South’s unique taste for trendy and traditional goods. Who: Children’s apparel retailers itching to tap into add-ons and bonus sales will find plenty of tempting shoes, accessories, keepsakes, gifts and even bedding and home furnishing. The market’s close proximity to women’s, men’s and accessories showrooms also make it a prime spot for retailers that cater to the entire family. When: Feb. 2-6, April 12-16, June 7-10, Aug. 16-20 Where: AmericasMart Atlanta, Atlanta, GA Contact:, .&&(.+#,(-.š

Playtime New York

WINTER FRESH The weather outside might be frightful, but Fall ’12 promises to be delightful with chic and imaginative outerwear and winter accessories for boys and girls. By Angela Velasquez ’Tis the season when retailers and consumers clamor for coats that are tough enough to withstand the elements, but fashionable enough for everyday wear. Designers wield their tools of puff, tuft and embellishment, with the goal to make their kiddie clientele fashionably warm. Feel also ranks high for outerwear designers, who know their customers have to be comfy. “Kids don’t like to take off our coats because they’re soft and cuddly,” says Gerri Mack, Mack & Co. designer. Here are the trends that are rising to the top as the temperature drops. 28 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

BIG HAIR Fur adds a cozy and sophisticated vibe to girls’ coats this fall. Karinda Lahens, product manager at Ugg, sees a demand for mini-me fur and shearling silhouettes with a playful and youthful twist. Alpha Industries plans to snap up its share of the demand says Danielle Nestor, director of Alpha Industries’ kids’ division, confirming the company is expanding its fur lines for boys and girls. As in previous years, Nestor says retailers can expect a bounty of colorful fur in their line, but also, new for this season, some classic raccoon-color fur mixed in as well. Mack & Co. designer Gerri Mack says the brand will offer some fur-trimmed coats for the season, too. She notes the importance of sourcing the right fur for childrenswear—it must be age-appropriate, trendy and machine-washable. “Kids live in our coats, and at some point there’s probably going to be peanut butter smeared in that fur,” she jokes. Peace of Cake and Cejon Kids head designer Hollie Watman reports no end in sight for the faux fur trend. For fall, she’s playing with super soft high pile furs in stripes, solids, brights and even embellished with sequins. As she points out, “This is a trend that can go on ‘fur’ ever.”

PARK SLOPE Winter sport-inspired down/ poly-filled outerwear options are also de rigueur for fall. Alpha Industries is delivering a Speed Racer inspired lightweight puffy vest in three different colored shell fabrics. Rugged Bear’s boys’ collection will also feature “bright colors with lots of athletic and snowboarder looks and snow pants to match,” says Chelsea Kunkel, public relations manager for the brand. And in a nod to co-owner Harald Husum’s Norwegian childhood, Appaman is introducing two new ski jacket styles for boys and girls. “The designs are based on 1970s ski patrol coats,” he explains, complete with patches and sporty stripes. The girls’ version has a chic quilting detail. The throwback styles are carried down to the brand’s accessories, including ski gloves and a kitschy ski hat adorned with pompoms.

KNIT WIT Based on Peace of Cake’s success with ponchos, Watman plans to grow the category this fall to include elements of faux fur, novelty knits and yarn fringe ruanas. “I always look at the key trends for women to see what would translate down,” she explains. Another knit accessory for bundling up is the eternity scarf. The designer says the easy-to-wear scarf will replace the standard muffler in the line’s knit and faux fur groups. This season, Appaman is also introducing its first sweater knit poncho in three vibrant colors that tie back to the brand’s sportswear and winter accessories, like earmuffs and long slouchy knit gloves.

DAZZLING EFFECTS Embellishments are still very important to the Peace of Cake line, Watman says. In addition to flashy allover sequin trapper hats, the company is using rhinestones, broaches, lots of oversized pompoms and bows and adding sequin bands to winter accessories. Mack of Mack & Co. says retailers love ruffles, trimmings, tulle and metallic threads. Last year the company had huge success with a tulle and fleece coat and plans to bring it back in Glinda the Good Witch fashion. “It’s a very imaginative coat without being too costumey,” she says of the embellished style. The same goes for the company’s coats that feature a turn of the century bustle. “There will be a lot of action on the back of coats,” she points out.

PROPER ATTIRE Designers forecast an increased number of boys’ retailers will sell more traditional wool pea coats and duffels this coming season. “These styles used to be considered dressier options, but now they’re becoming more mainstream,” explains Harald Husum of Appaman, which is offering a new variation of their wool-based classic pea coat in olive green. Similarly, Alpha Industries is showing pea coats this season in olive, black, navy and a new shade of rust red, says Nestor. She notes that both casual and sporty silhouettes are becoming increasingly streamlined with fewer pockets this season.

TRAPPER KEEPER From a hunter’s necessity to a full-blown fashion item, the trapper hat is back this fall. The outdoorsy chapeaux holds strong for Appaman, which is revamping the boys’ bestseller with new plaids and faux fur lining. Similarly, the brand is rolling out a knitted version for girls with braided neckties. Trappers are at the top of Peace of Cake’s trend list. By using bright faux fur and novelty yarns (infused with lurex and sequins) Watman says these traditional looks feel fresh. “We also see headbands and earmuffs as an emerging trend,” she adds.

IN THE MIDDLE Lynn Husum, co-owner of Appaman along with husband Harald, reports it’s rare to find a family that will buy both an early season jacket and a down-filled coat, which is why the company is adding more transitional styles. Also designing for the best-of-both climates, Ugg’s outerwear for Fall ’12 includes styles that can seamlessly move from fall into winter, and then into spring, with detachable hoods and sleeves. “System jackets are a great value but will go unworn if they’re uncomfortable or too complicated,” notes Parigi Head Designer Lindsey Samuelson, who worked to improve the technical side of their system jackets this season, which are offered throughout the company’s host of licenses. And Rugged Bear answers the South’s call for lightweight options with its fleece and soft shell lines, Kunkel says.

CAPED CRUSADERS A crop of chic capes gives girls a sophisticated alternative to puffers and parkas. Mack & Co. is stepping into the category with a vintageinspired design featuring clean lines, steel blue and men’s fabrics, in sync with the company’s Mad Men and Pan Am-themed collections. “There’s something very sweet and innocent about that era when it’s reinterpreted for girls,” Mack explains. Mack also hints that retailers may see touches of fur on capes for a luxe look. For the contemporary set, Parigi focused on cape designs based on current trends in womenswear. Standout styles include belted and military-inspired capes.

PLUM PICKINGS Designers are feeling a passion for purple this fall. “If you look at women’s fashion, you’ll see a lot of jewel tones,” Nestor of Alpha Industries says, adding plum and shades of purple in particular feel fresh and rich this season. Despite the fact that pink overwhelmingly outsells all other colors for girls, Lynn Husum of Appaman says she purposely didn’t bring the uber-girly hue to the brand’s new three-quarter length toggle coat, but chose eggplant and purple instead. “The jacket is classic, tailored and perfect for special moments. Pink is better suited for more childish styles,” she explains. Also piqued by purple, Marili Jean Accessories owner Laurie Derickson says she is excited to mix deep purple and magenta into her designs. “The fall hues are bold and vibrant,” she notes.



Earnshaw’s Hall of Fame honorees share their stories of making it in the kids’ world. BY JENNIFER CATTAUI

Earnshaw’s launched its Hall of Fame this year, honoring professionals who have made enormous contributions to the children’s industry throughout their careers. For 2011, we celebrate four exceptional women: Roseann Yarusi of The Rose Garden, Joyce Henry and Ruth Walnick of Macy’s and Janice Weinman of Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.). We spoke with each of them to find out how they got where they are, what it took to get there and what their outlook is for the future of the industry at large.

30 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''



>[hikd#Zh[dY^[Z'(j^\beehi^emheecWj)* M$))hZ_iWif[Y_WbeYYWi_ed_dWdZe\_ji[b\$ J^[^_]^Y[_b_d]iWdZiaob_]^j[dikh[j^Wjj^[ fWhjoZh[ii[iifWhab[edj^[hWYai$Hei[Wdd OWhki_ef[d[ZJ^[Hei[=WhZ[dWXekj)& o[WhiW]ejeikffboif[Y_Wbjoi^efiWdZX[jj[h Z[fWhjc[djijeh[im_j^X[Wkj_\kbWdZjh[dZo Ybej^_d]WdZif[Y_WbeYYWi_edm[Wh\ehjm[[di$ ÇJ^[h[Wh[WbmWoifWhj_[i"ÈiWoiOWhki_$ Ç:[cWdZ\ehjm[[dif[Y_WbeYYWi_edd[l[h i[[cije]eZemd$?jÊiWikh[j^_d]$È I^[iWoij^[a[ojemeha_d]m_j^\WXkbeki b_d[i_iXk_bZ_d]ieb_Zh[bWj_edi^_fim_j^j^[ cWdk\WYjkh[hi$El[hj^[o[Whi"OWhki_^Wi h[fh[i[dj[ZcWdoXhWdZim_j^ijWo_d]fem[h" b_a[9WY^9WY^"m^_Y^^WiX[[dm_j^^[h\eh (-o[Whi"Wim[bbWij^ei[j^WjWh[debed][h edj^[cWha[j"b_a[Ceda[oM[Wh"Xkj^Wl[ b[\j_dZ[b_Xb[cWhaied^[hWdZj^[_dZkijho$ ÇH[c[cX[hj^[:ed@e^diedm^_j[ik_je\ j^[.&i5J^WjmWiCeda[oM[Wh"Èi^[bWk]^i$ Ç;l[hoXeZoYWhh_[ZCeda[oM[Wh$È OWhki_ijWhj[Z_dj^[\_[bZX[YWki[i^[mWi _dj^[h_]^jfbWY[Wjj^[h_]^jj_c[Æ^[hYeb# b[][heeccWj[Êi\Wj^[hemd[ZAd_jcWj[i WdZIkpo#G"WdZi^[X[]Wdmeha_d]Wj^_i Xki_d[iih_]^jekje\iY^eeb$J^[di^[jeeaW `eXm_j^Bei7d][b[i#XWi[ZYecfWdoC_a[Êi =_hbi"ef[d[ZWYehfehWj[i^emheec_dD[m OehaWdZX[YWc[j^[_hiWb[icWdW][h$ ;l[djkWbbo"i^[ijhkYaekjed^[hemd"WdZ h[c[cX[hij^[[WhboZWoi\edZboedj^[Yel# [j[Z\ekhj^\beehe\j^[''(Xk_bZ_d]$Ç?mWi_d j^[W_ib[j^WjYedd[Yj[Zjej^[')'Xk_bZ_d]$ J^[h[m[h[WbmWoiXko[hib_d[Zkf_dj^[ ^Wbbi"Èi^[h[YWbbi$7\j[hWo[Wh_dXki_d[ii"^[h i_ij[h`e_d[Z^[hWdZ^[bf[Zje[ijWXb_i^J^[ Hei[=WhZ[d$ <ehWh[fj^WjcWZ[WYWh[[h_dc_Zjejef# j_[hZec[ij_Yb_d[ij^Wjm[h[WbbcWdk\WY# jkh[ZijWj[i_Z["i^[iWoii^[Êii[[dWcWha[Z i^_\j_dfheZkYj_ed$JeZWo"e\^[h'*XhWdZi" edbo\_l[ij_bbfheZkY[_d7c[h_YW$Ç?jh[Wbbo W\\[Yji^em?i[bb"WiehZ[hiYbei[ieckY^[Wh# b_[h"Èi^[iWoi$ 7dZOWhki_^WiWZWfj[Zjej^[[l[h#[lebl# _d]Y^_bZh[dÊibWdZiYWf[$Ç7ij^[_dZkijho Yedj_dk[ijeY^Wd]["_j^Wi\ehY[Zc[WiW Xki_d[iiemd[hjec[[jWbbj^[d[[Zie\co Ykijec[hi"Èi^[iWoi$Ç<eh[nWcfb["WXko[h

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“Being honest, loyal and knowledgeable is what I believe has kept me here for 30 years.”


“I’ve gone through six mergers—so I’ve really seen everything,” says Macy’s infant buyer Ruth MWbd_Ya$ÇM^[d?\_hijijWhj[Z"j^[h[m[h[(/ ijeh[i$Demj^[h[Wh[,,+$ÈM_j^(,e\^[h)& years at Macy’s spent in kids’, she’s garnered an expertise for the business that few rival. After ]hWZkWj_d]WiWXki_d[iicW`eh\hec8_d]^Wcjed Kd_l[hi_jo"i^[X[YWc[WjhW_d[[Wj7I_d'/.'$ Following some early stints in small accessories, she worked in juniors, was promoted to buyer in (#,nWdZmWibWj[hfhecej[Zje_d\WdjXko[hWj 7I"WdZj^[dWjCWYoÊi$8WbWdY_d]\Wc_boWdZ career in the early days, she says on occasion she mekbZjej[^[hjmeZWk]^j[hi"@[dd_\[hdem() WdZWj>e\ijhWBWmIY^eebWdZIWcWdj^W'.WdZ W\h[i^cWdWjj^[Kd_l[hi_joe\:[bWmWh[jemeha and to the markets with her, and she notes they always had their own opinions on the clothing. Her colleagues, she says, are like an extended family, and Walnick feels a maternal pride in watching associates grow and develop. The vendors, too, have become familiar faces. “In the children’s industry, people are here to stay. I’ve known brands that we’ve worked with for many years. For instance, I’ve been buying from some e\j^[i[l[dZehii_dY[?ijWhj[Z_da_ZiÊm[Wh(, o[WhiW]e"ÈMWbd_Yah[\b[Yji$8kj_jÊiWjh_YaoXki_ness she admits, and notes how difficult it is for the small vendors to win, due in part to the limited amount of places they can sell. “You really have to be cutting edge. You have to understand


“I like children’s because it’s an industry in itself. There’s a great complexity to it, almost a store within a store, running the full gamut from accessories and furnishing to boys’ and girls’,” says Joyce Henry, group vice president and general merchandising manager at Macy’s. Over the 38 years she’s been in the Macy’s family, she has seen the business evolve and change. Children’s apparel, she says, moved from a classification business—where clothing fit neatly into buckets like “playwear” and “sleepwear”—to a true fashion business that takes quick cues from men’s and missy’s. In addition, says Henry, the child proves to be the big influencer in today’s market m_j^h[]WhZjefkhY^Wi_d]fem[h$Ç8[\eh[_jmWi mom and dad making the purchase, but now the Y^_bZ_iZh_l_d]Wbeje\j^[Z[Y_i_edi$È8kjed[e\ the biggest differences she sees is that licensing companies are a predominant force in childrenswear, meaning sometimes she does business with five brands stemming from one licensing house. She attributes that to the takedown trend, where men’s and women’s clothing is articulated into children’s, many times through licensing agreements. “Children are growing up quicker these days,” says Henry, “and there is a better synergy between adult brands and kids’ brands and adult 32 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

a department store’s needs and its perspective,” she advises, citing sales, pricing and margin lines as crucial when working with the large scale national stores. She admits that an entrée to a player like Macy’s is a game-changer for a children’s manufacturer, due in part to the internationally branded name. “If someone gives a gift, they’d rather have it in a Macy’s box than not. We really stand behind the merchandise.” Over time, she says they’ve narrowed their assortment and vendors, keying into the brands that consistently work. Walnick says the job at Macy’s has kept her invigorated all of these years, as it’s been constantly changing. “Every time there is a consolidation or merger, I get more responsibility and the job changes. Retail is always evolving and you have to go through those evolutions.” One of the biggest driving forces is being able to gauge performance daily, she says. “It’s a constant challenge to do better than the year before.” The veteran says the key to success for retailers and for manufacturers in the market is elementary. “You really have to understand what the customer wants. In infants, for instance, the [Macy’s] customer wants the nuances—the whimsical and cute. You are seeking the emotional response,” she says. Walnick admits that she’s humbled by her Hall of Fame honor, but she assures that she’s here for the distance. “I have no plan of retiring yet—I hope I keep doing this a long time into the future.”

trends and kids’ trends. If a parent loves a brand and they can relate to it, they are comfortable purchasing it for their kids.” Henry started at the department store in readyje#m[WhXkjcel[Z_djeY^_bZh[dÊiWXekj',o[Whi W]e"W\j[hif[dZ_d]j^[fh_eh((o[Whi_dWbbWh[Wi of ready to wear, from dresses to boots to better sportswear. Longevity aside, Henry says she has never done the same thing two days in a row. “I’m energized by the business and the people I work with. The people in this industry make terrific business partners because it’s mutually rewarding. It keeps me young.” Her outlook on the industry is positive, she says, due in part to the constant growth and inevitable repopulation of her young customers, who will always be in need of a gift, and plow through sizes throughout their formative years. “The challenge,” she says, “is for us to always hit the price-value equation.” She works to hit that perfect balance in Macy’s doors all across the country. She’s stumped when asked what personal attributes one would need to find success in her business, and says she just comes in each day and does it. “I have a desire to succeed,” confides Henry. “I come in every day hungry to learn and excited to be here. I like what I do, the people, the industry and Macy’s. I fell in love with it all.”




“People really believe in K.I.D.S. With one kid at a time, we know we’re making an impact.”

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RECOGNIZING THE BRANDS that bolster their businesses, retailers voted in droves for the 34th Annual Earnie Awards, presented by Earnshaw’s at October’s ENK Children’s Club show. Gift items scored big with retailers, including everything from charm bracelets to funky lunchboxes—proving that even in a recovering economy, friends and family still love bearing gifts, and that savvy store owners continue to find creative ways to boost sales. Meet this year’s winners—brands that fellow retailers rely on to keep customers coming back for more. By Audrey Goodson and Meagan Walker

A LEADER IN comfortable yet fashionable kicks, Pediped grabbed dejed["Xkjjme;Whd_[i\eh(&''$M^_b[7d][bW;Z][mehj^"j^[Yecpany’s president and founder, had some difficulty hiding her surprise in regards to winning Company of the Year, she says treating retailers like partners in tough economic times and taking time to listen to what they’re grappling with makes a marked difference in maintaining those relationships. “We even grew during the recession,” Edgeworth says. “We have a bigger and improved line with updated styling, and as a result, retailers are more willing to invest and carry more inventory.” Edgeworth also notes that the product line has Y^Wd][Z[l[hoo[Whi_dY[j^[XhWdZÊi_dY[fj_ed_d(&&*$ÇI_dY[j^[ start, we’ve tried to give them something fresh every season and take their feedback into consideration,” she explains. “We constantly reinvest in the brand.”

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WITH A HISTORY spanning more than a century, French brand Petit Bateau is certainly not Wd[mYec[hjej^[Y^_bZh[dÊicWha[j$I[hl_d]kf classic, high-quality designs, the company has been ediWlloh[jW_b[hiÊhWZWhi\eho[Whi"XkjB[dden J^ecWi"[n[Ykj_l[l_Y[fh[i_Z[dje\F[j_j8Wj[Wk _dj^[K$I$WdZ9WdWZW"iWoii[l[hWb\WYjehi^Wl[ YecX_d[ZjecWa[_jWYkhh[djckij#^Wl[edcWdo i^[bl[i$ÇF[j_j8Wj[Wk^WicWZ[WYediY_eki[\\ehj je[dikh[_ji\Wi^_ed_djheZkYj_ediWh[h[Wbboed jWh][j"ÈJ^ecWi[nfbW_di"fe_dj_d]jej^[YecfWdoÊi ceh[[nfWdi_l[]beXWbYebehfWb[jj[WdZ\eYkied [ii[dj_Wbi"b_a[YhWmb[hiWdZib[[fm[Wh$7dej^[h X_]\WYjeh_dF[j_j8Wj[WkÊiK$I$h[jW_bh[l_lWb"^[ dej[i"mWij^[Z[Y_i_edjecel[Z_ijh_Xkj_edXWYaje <hWdY["m^_Y^^Wi^[bf[Z[dikh[ed#j_c[Z[b_l[h_[i$ ?dWZZ_j_edjej^[_cfhel[c[dji^ec[WdZ abroad, many retailers report the brand’s rich heritage is what keeps it perennially popular with parents, especially at a time when shoppers are seeking long-lasting items that can be passed down to oekd][hi_Xb_d]i$Ç?ji[[cij^[jh[dZbWj[bo_icel_d]jemWhZWceh[YbWii_Y"Yedi[hlWj_l[beea"ÈiWoi 7ddW8[j^=eeZcWd"emd[he\F_ff[dBWd[_dD[m Ehb[Wdi"B7$ÇFWh[djibel[j^[ie\jd[iiWdZgkWb_jo e\j^_iXhWdZ"Wim[bbWij^[j_c[b[iiijob_d]$È

WHILE IT MAY not always be WffWh[dj"[l[hoed[Æi^eff[h" h[jW_b[h"Xko[hÆademij^Wj[nY[bb[djYkijec[hi[hl_Y[YWdcWa[eh Xh[WaWXhWdZ$<ehj^_io[WhÊi8[ij9kijec[hI[hl_Y[ WmWhZm_dd[h"CkZF_["_dZ_l_ZkWbWjj[dj_ed^Wi WbmWoijWa[dfh[Y[Z[dY["iWoi7Zh_[dd[8eo[h"[n[Ykj_l[l_Y[fh[i_Z[dje\CkZF_[$J^[YecfWdoÊii[l[d Ykijec[hi[hl_Y[WiieY_Wj[i"Wii_]d[ZjeZ_\\[h[dj geographical regions, ensure retailers’ concerns are WZZh[ii[Zfhecfjbo$Ç;WY^Ykijec[hi[hl_Y[WiieY_Wj[ is empowered to make a call on a customer’s problem m_j^ekj^Wl_d]je][jWkj^eh_pWj_ed"È8eo[hWZZi$


CONTINUING ITS STREAK of Yehd[h_d]j^[cWha[jed9Wb_\ehd_W cool, it’s no surprise to Charlie Rocket Z[lej[[ij^Wjj^[XhWdZ_iW^_jm_j^ retailers. “Whether you have a funky clientele or traditional clientele, it c[[jiWbbj^[h[gk_h[c[dji"ÈiWoi IkiWdAh[ia_"emd[he\=_]]b[Ceed" _dDWfb[i"<B$ 9^Whb_[HeYa[jemd[h7ddW B_dZijhecY^Wbaij^[XhWdZÊiikYY[ii up to a variety of factors, including _ji[Z]oo[jh[bWn[ZZ[i_]di"ief^_ij_YWj[ZikdmWi^[ZYebehfWb[jj[WdZ ikf[h#ie\j'&&#f[hY[djYejjed\WXh_Yi j^WjXeoibel[$?dWZZ_j_ed"B_dZijhec iWoiXej^fWh[djiWdZc[hY^WdjiWh[ pleased to learn the brand is produced _dZemdjemdBei7d][b[i$Ç8[_d] j^Wjm[Êh[cWZ[beYWbbo"m[YWdjkhd WhekdZekh]eeZil[hogk_Yabo"m^_Y^ h[Wbbo^[bfi"ÈB_dZijheciWoi$ Ah[ia_"m^e^WiYWhh_[Zj^[XhWdZ \eh'&o[Whi"dej[ij^WjcWdoe\^[h \_hij#j_c[l_i_jehiWh[bkh[Zjej^[ Xekj_gk[Xo^[h9^Whb_[HeYa[jYebb[Yj_edÆWdZ_jiWff[Wbi[[cijeYheiij^[ Z[ce]hWf^_Yif[Yjhkc\hecceci WdZZWZije]hWdZfWh[dji$7dZm^[d j^[o][j_j^ec["_jZe[idÊjZ_iWffe_dj" i^[iWoi$Ç?jmWi^[im[bbWdZm[Whi m[bb"_dWZZ_j_edjeX[_d]h[Wbbo\kd$ Can you tell that I love this brand?”

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OFT IMITATED, NEVER duplicated, TOMS’ success is one-of-a-kind. This o[WhÊi8[ij9ecfWdo\eh=eeZ"j^[ brand lives and dies by its one-for-one philosophy. “At TOMS, giving isn’t a trend or a fad or part of our busid[iiÆ_j_iekhXki_d[ii"ÈiWoi8bWa[ Mycoskie, founder and CEO. “We’re proud that TOMS has inspired a global cel[c[djWdZYedj_dk[ije_d\bk[dY[

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WHEN FOUNDER AND creative director I^WmdW:Wbjed\_hijbWkdY^[Z]_hbiXhWdZ Jm_hbiWdZJm_]i_d(&&-"j^[Z[i_]d[hmekbZ jhWl[bZeeh#je#ZeehjecWdk\WYjkh[hi_d^[h ^ec[jemde\Bei7d][b[ijeYebb[Yjj^[b[\jel[h\WXh_Yj^WjmekbZX[Yec[j^[i_]dWjkh[ e\^[h[Yb[Yj_YYebb[Yj_ed$<hecbWY[jh_cje XebZ"Xh_]^j\bem[hWffb_gkƒi"j^[h[YoYb[Z cWj[h_Wb^[bf[ZYh[Wj[ed[#e\#W#a_dZZ[jW_bi WdZWZZWdWkhWe\m^_cioj^Wj[dY^Wdj[Z j^[XhWdZÊif_dj#i_p[ZYb_[dj[b[$ Dem"m_j^ceh[WdZceh[h[jW_b[hii[[a_d]:WbjedÊiZ[i_]di"Jm_hbiWdZJm_]i^Wi ]hemdX_][dek]^jeiekhY[d[m\WXh_Yi jeYh[Wj[j^[Yebb[Yj_edÊikd_gk[Z[jW_biÆ Xkj:WbjedcWZ[ikh[jea[[ffheZkYj_ed nearby. “I love being able to support the local [Yedeco"Èi^[[nfbW_di$FWh[dji"i^[dej[i" Wbiebel[j^[XhWdZÊicWZ[#_d#j^[#K$I$7$ XedW\_Z[i"dejjec[dj_edj^[\WYjj^[Yeblection is crafted using earth-friendly fabrics b_a[ceZWbWdZeh]Wd_YYejjed$<WYjeh_dj^[ XhWdZÊiW\\ehZWXb[fh_Y[fe_dj"WdZ_jÊiWc_n j^Wja[[fifWh[djiÆWdZh[jW_b[hiÆYec_d]XWYa\ehceh[$ÇM[YWdÊja[[f_jedj^[ i^[bl[i"ÈYed\_hci7cWdZWCWhi^Wbb"cWdW][he\Fei^8WXo9e$_d8[Wkcedj"JN$

WITH A PORTFOLIO of licenses spanning the children’s market—including Puma, Ia[Y^[hi"<_i^[h#Fh_Y["K$I$Febe 7iieY_Wj_ed">[bbeA_jjo"PkjWde WdZ8ed8ƒXƒÆ_jÊi[Wiojei[[ m^oh[jW_b[hiWYheiij^[Yekdjho hekj_d[boh[boedKd_j[ZB[]m[Wh jeijeYaj^[_hi^[bl[i$ÇM^[doek jWa[j^Wja_dZe\XhWdZ[gk_joWdZ cWhho_jm_j^Kd_j[ZB[]m[WhÊi jef#gkWb_jofheZkYjiWdZjhWdibWtion of trends, retailers have a perfect recipe for sell-through WdZYkijec[hbeoWbjo"ÈiWoi?iWWY 7i^"Kd_j[ZB[]m[Whfh[i_Z[dj WdZ9;E$ 7i^_i^Wffojeh[fehjj^Wj i_dY[j^[YecfWdoÊi_dY[fj_ed_d '//."Kd_j[ZB[]m[WhÊiiWb[i^Wl[ iaoheYa[j[Z"_jiijWXb[e\XhWdZi has expanded and its retail partnerships have proliferated—all j^Wdaijej^[YecfWdoÊiijob_i^ WdZfbWo\kb_dj[hfh[jWj_edie\ X[bel[ZXhWdZi$ÇCeije\ki^[h[ WjKd_j[ZB[]m[WhWh[fWh[dji" and we make products that we’re [nY_j[Zjefkjedekhemda_Zi"È 7i^[nfbW_di$ÇM[h[\ki[jej^_da e\ieYaiWiWXeh_d]"ZW_bo[ii[dj_Wb$M[cWa[gkWb_job[]m[Wh j^WjÊi\kdjem[Wh"È^[WZZi$Ç?idÊj j^Wjm^WjY^_bZ^eeZ_iWbbWXekj5È

RETAILERS, PARENTS AND]_hbiWbbbel[>_]^ ?dj[d9_jo\ehWl[hoi_cfb[h[Wied0J^[XhWdZÊii_]dWjkh[ 9>7HC?JXhWY[b[jiWh[W]_\jj^Wja[[fi]_l_d]$M_j^ WY^Whc\ehWbceij[l[hoeYYWi_edÆ\hec\_hijh[Y_jWbije declaring best friends forever—the brand’s bright designs cWa[f[h\[Yjfh[i[djieh[l[hoZWojh[Wji$ <ehAWj_[7Zb[hWdZL_Ya_Cemh[o"emd[hie\C_iiAWj_[Êi 9^WhcIY^eeb_d7l[djkhW"<B"j^[XhWdZÊiY^Whcii[hl[Wi unique keepsakes for the shop’s tourist clientele, who love >_]^?dj[d9_joÊifWbcjh[[iWdZZebf^_di$Ç?jÊiWd_dYh[Z_Xb[fheZkYjX[YWki[_jÊij^[f[h\[Yj]_\j"È7Zb[hW\\_hci"dej_d]j^Wjj^[i^efi[[iWbeje\]hWdZcej^[hiijeff_d]Xo\eh Y^WhciWih[mWhZi\ehj^[_h]hWdZZWk]^j[hi$ 7dZm_j^[l[hoj^_d]\hec]bem#_d#j^[#ZWhacf)fbWoers to shakable gumball machines, there’s a charm to meet [l[hoXekj_gk[Êid[[Zi"dej[i>_]^?dj[d9_joFh[i_Z[dj H[d[[B[lo$ÇH[jW_b[hi^Wl[Yec[je[nf[Yji[l[hWbj^_d]i from the brand—an ever-evolving collection of what girls want now, innovation, attention to detail and most of all \kd"ÈB[loWZZi$


FOR 23 YEARS, :ek]WdZC[b_iiW 8[hdij[_d^Wl[fhel[doekYWd^Wl[Wbej e\\kdXojWa_d]jeoil[hoi[h_ekibo$J^[ ^kiXWdZWdZm_\[fW_hbWkdY^[ZC[b_iiW :ek]m_j^Wd_Z[WjeÇbeeaXWYamWhZWj m^WjmWiWcWp_d]WdZYecf[bb_d]\hec j^[fWijWdZjhoje_d`[Yjf_ppWpp_djej^ei[ jeoi"È[nfbW_diC[b_iiW8[hdij[_d"Y^_[\Yh[# Wj_l[e\\_Y[hWdZYe#9;E$ ?dWZZ_j_edje\_dZ_d]_dif_hWj_ed\hec j^[_hemd[nf[h_[dY[WifWh[djie\i_n" j^[Yekfb[h[gk_h[i[nj[di_l[\eYki]hekf j[ij_d]\ehWbbe\j^[XhWdZÊijeoi"_dYbkZ_d] h[l_[miXoceci$ÇM[X[b_[l[j^[cej^[h _iWi_cfehjWdjWj[ij[hWij^[a_Z"X[YWki[ ][d[hWbboj^[cec_idejedboj^[ed[Xko# _d]j^[fheZkYjiXkjWbiefbWo_d]m_j^j^[c m_j^^[ha_Zi"È8[hdij[_d[nfbW_di$ JeZWo"j^[YecfWdoe\\[hi(&&je*&& d[m_j[ciWo[Wh"_dYbkZ_d][l[hoj^_d] \hecfkppb[iWdZfkff[jijeYhW\ja_jiWdZ YWijb[i$O[jm^_b[j^[XhWdZÊiZ_ppo_d]WhhWo e\fheZkYjifei[iWf[h\[Yjj[cfjWj_edje ]_\j]_l[hiWdZiYeh[iX_]fe_djim_j^ijeh[ emd[hibeea_d]je\h[i^[dkfj^[_hWiiehj# c[dji"_jÊij^[XhWdZÊibed][l_joj^WjfWh# [djiWdZh[jW_b[hih[Ye]d_p[WdZh[if[Yj" iWoi@[dCYI^[hho"Z_h[Yjehe\cWha[j_d]Wj Y^_bZh[dÊi\eejm[WhY^W_dEbboI^e[i"m^_Y^ YWhh_[iWdWhhWoe\j^[XhWdZÊiYhW\ji[ji" ij_Ya[hi"]Wc[iWdZjeoi$ÇFWh[djiadem m^[dj^[oXkoWC[b_iiW:ek]jeoj^Wj_j m_bbbWij"WdZj^Wjj^[om_bbX[WXb[jefWii_j edjeoekd][hi_Xb_d]i"Èi^[dej[i$

PICKING UP ANOTHER win for its licensor United B[]m[Wh"8WXoB[]iiYeh[iX_]m_j^h[jW_b[hij^Wdaije[o[# YWjY^_d]Z[i_]dij^Wj[dj_Y[i^eff[hijeidW]WfW_heh jmejeif_Y[kf[l[hoZWoekj\_jiWdZifhkY[kf]_\jXWia[ji$ ÇJ^[oÊh[Ykj[WdZW\\ehZWXb[i^em[h]_\ji"È[nfbW_di;h_d I[dd[hj"Ykijec[hi[hl_Y[cWdW][hWj=h[[dF[W8WXo_d 7f[n"D9"dej_d]j^Wjj^[oÊh[Wbie[WioWZZ#edijeYbej^_d] sales. 8kjj^[XhWdZÊiX_]][ijX[d[\_j"I[dd[hjiWoi"_ij^Wj 8WXoB[]iÊi_]dWjkh[b[]mWhc[hicWa[Y^Wd]_d]XWXoW Xh[[p[$ÇM[^Wl[Wh[WbboX_]Ybej^Z_Wf[hYecckd_jo"WdZ m^Wjm[bel[WXekj8WXoB[]i_ij^[oÊh[[Wiojeki[WdZ j^[oÊh[Ykj["XkjoekYWdij_bbY^Wd][Z_Wf[hih[Wbbo[Wi_bo"È I[dd[hj[nfbW_di$ ?jÊiWYecX_dWj_ede\gkWb_jo"\kdYj_edWb_joWdZ\kdj^Wj ^Wia[fjiWb[iim_\j"[l[d_dWijhk]]b_d][Yedeco"iWoiFWjj A[bbo#Febb[j"j^[XhWdZÊiZ_h[Yjehe\iWb[iWdZcWha[j_d]$ 7dZWmWhZiWXekdZ\eh8WXoB[]ij^_io[Wh0?dWZZ_j_edje Wd;Whd_["j^[YecfWdoWbiejeea^ec[W9h_Xi_[WmWhZ\eh Ç9kj[ijIeYaije8k_bZWdEkj\_j7hekdZ$È

40 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

BRINGING THE DEMANDING New York City market topdejY^XhWdZib_a[CWoehWb"Ij[bbW9el["9^Wi[hJ[[i"C_i^W Bkbk"CWb_A_Zi";b[f^Wdj_je"7dZh[m7kZh[o"Wim[bbWi j^[_hjmebed][ijijWdZ_d]fWhjd[hi"BkYao@WZ[WdZAWf_jWb A"j^[;Whd_[iYed\_hc[Zm^WjcWdobed]ikif[Yj[ZÆJ^h[WZ DO_iWXko[h\Wleh_j[$J[hhW<Wpp_e"i^emheecZ_h[Yjeh"iWoi j^[bW_ZXWYa"\h_[dZboo[jfhe\[ii_edWbWjceif^[h[cWa[il_i_jehi\[[bWj[Wi[$ÇEkhXko[hie\j[dYecc[djj^Wjj^[obel[ j^[i^emheeci^eff_d][nf[h_[dY[_dWb_l_d]heecl_X[$È 7dZYec[@WdkWho(&'("m^[dJ^h[WZcel[ijeWceh[ifWY_ekiik_j[edj^[j^_hZ\beehe\)*M$))hZIj$"j^[WZZ_j_ed e\WYe\\[[XWhm_bbedbofbWokfj^[Yec\ehjYWhZceh[ie$ J^h[WZh[Y[djboWZZ[ZWdkcX[he\WYY[iiehoXhWdZi"_dYbkZ_d]M[[Ed[i^W_hWYY[iieh_[i"DeeZb[8eeia_dYWh[WdZ HkcXWJ_c[mWjY^[i"m^_Y^<Wpp_eX[b_[l[i^Wief[d[Zbeji e\d[mZeehi$ÇJ^_i^WiYh[Wj[Z\kdeffehjkd_j_[i\ehki_dj^[ cWha[jWim[Êl[X[[dWXb[jemeham_j^Wm^eb[d[mYkijec[h XWi["_dYbkZ_d]^W_hiWbediWdZ]_\j#Zh_l[dWYYekdji$È

SKIP HOP WAS met with discouragement when it originally dreamed up the idea of adding lunch boxes and backfWYaije_jih[f[hje_h["iWoi9;E;bb[d:_WcWdj$ÇF[efb[ told us what a crowded market it was, but we felt we could Xh_d]Z[i_]d"\kdYj_edWdZfh_Y[jej^[jWXb[$È7dZIa_f >efZ[b_l[h[Z$J^[PeeBkdY^_[i^Wl[X[[dW^k][^_j"dej edbo_dj^[K$I$"Xkj_dj^[K$A$WdZ@WfWdWim[bb$ÇEd[e\ the amazing things is they’re items with characters that Wh[dÊjb_Y[di[i"È:_WcWdjdej[i$ÇIec[fWh[djiZ_iYekhW][ Wh[WbboYecc[hY_Wbfhef[hjo$ÈDem"m_j^WY[b[Xh_jo\ebbem_d]j^Wj_dYbkZ[i>Wbb[8[hho"CWjj^[mCY9edWk]^[o WdZCWZeddW"j^[PeeBkdY^_[^Wie\\_Y_WbboWhh_l[Z$E\j^[ 11-plus animal offerings, the owl, monkey and bee lead the fWYa_dj^[K$I$"m^_b[j^[h[Y[djboh[b[Wi[ZbWZoXk]"\en and elephant are expected to grow in popularity throughekjj^[Yec_d]o[Wh$


AS THE LICENSOR for a brand with a century-plus history in denim, it might have been tempting for >WZZWZ8hWdZijeh[ijed B[l_ÊibWkh[bi$8kjWij^_i year’s Earnies voters can attest, that’s certainly not the case. “We’ve tried really hard to stay true to the key competency of the brand, which is denim, while constantly being innovative with new washes and new detailing,” says Jennifer Aramburu, [n[Ykj_l[\eh>WZZWZ8hWdZiWdZB[l_Êi8hWdZCWdW][h$ Aramburu says the company’s soft, stretchy, lightweight fabric has helped make the brand’s girls’ denim leggings a hit, while an elevated sense of style has helped make the boys’ offerings unique. “You have to rely on a wash, a treatment and the hardware to make it stand out from everything else, which is a tricky thing to do,” i^[WZZi$8kjm_j^iWb[ikfWjh[jW_b">WZZWZ^WiYb[Whbo struck upon an ideal formula—a fact that’s also earned the company the global license for Levi’s kids’ wear begind_d]d[njo[Wh$Dejjec[dj_ed".&f[hY[dje\j^[XhWdZÊi assortment is run on replenishment, allowing accounts to order by size several times a week. “We’re in a really great inventory position, and it’s allowed our customers to maximize their sales,” Aramburu says.

THE NAME MAY be decadently sweet, but Cupcakes & Pastries’ frocks strike a perfect balance between girlish charm and sophisticated style, says designer Inshi Khanna, who owns the company with her husband, Sumit Khanna. Mixing classic silhouettes with enchanting patterns, bold colors and intricate hand embroiZ[ho"A^WddW^WiZ[l[bef[ZWXb[dZj^Wj^Wi^[bf[Zj^[( and a K year old brand quickly catapult to the top of the girls’ dresswear market. “The fabrics are a little more sophisticated, but still play\kb[dek]^jefb[Wi[a_Zi"È[nfbW_di7Zh_[d[8eej^"emd[h of LMNOP in Chicago. “They appeal to girls and parents alike.” It’s a formula, Khanna says, that’s influenced by her upbringing in India and travels to Morocco—and not fashion fads. “I don’t follow any trends or stick to a formula,” she notes. :[if_j[j^[XhWdZÊi^_]^#[dZZ[jW_bi"_dYbkZ_d]^WdZ beading and rich fabrics like brocades, jacquards, linens, pure cottons and pure silks, the breezy silhouettes lend themselves to dressing up or down—giving parents added versatility at what Khanna notes is a very affordable price point. “Considering the economy, parents are very happy about the prices because they’re getting so much more from the garments,” she adds.

42 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&''

WHEN TIMES GET tough, the tough get going, and it’s clear Zutano founders (and husband and wife pair) Michael and Uli Belenky live and work Xoj^[WZW][$ÇM[\[[b like everyone has experienced some difficulty the past few years with the roller coaster of the economy, and we really worked hard during that time to focus our attention on our line and do what we do even better,” explains Michael, the brand’s fh[i_Z[dj$<ehKb_"PkjWdeÊijefZ[i_]d[h"j^Wjc[Wdj continuing to release a large collection of bold, bright, fbWo\kbfh_djif[h\[Yj\ehc_n_d]WdZcWjY^_d]$ DWdYo:kfedj"emd[he\H[l[h_[8WXo_dIWdjWHeiW" California, says the versatility of her Zutano collection, which occupies 300 square-feet of retail space in her store, makes it a hit with her shoppers, who appreciate the fact that new prints and patterns often match items j^[oWbh[WZoemd$Dejjec[dj_ed"fW_h_d]j^[XhWdZÊi original offerings to create one-of-a-kind outfits is `kijfbW_d\kd$Ç;WY^Xko[hYWd_dj[hfh[j_j_dib_]^jbo Z_\\[h[djmWo"ÈC_Y^W[bWZZi$Ç?jh[Wbbo_ib_a[^Wl_d]W deluxe box of crayons you can play with in unlimited YecX_dWj_edi$È

FORE!! AXEL AND>kZied launched in 2009 when designer Paul Nguyen wanted to do something more for boys than the stanZWhZiYh[[dfh_dj[Zj[[i$7]eb\ addict, Nguyen decided to base his line on the sport and researched the history of golf, on and off the course, to construct a head to toe Yebb[Yj_ed$7iWoekd]XhWdZ"dem only two years old, he says it’s an honor to be carried in premium h[jW_b[hib_a[D[_cWdCWhYki"<h[Z I[]WbWdZA_jied"Wced]ej^[hi$ M^_b[D]ko[d_ie\Yekhi[j^h_bb[Z with the company’s swift ascension, ^[ÊijWa_d]_jed[ij[fWjWj_c[$ ÇM[Êh[jho_d]jeX[YWkj_ekiWdZ ]hemWjWij[WZofWY["È^[[nfbW_di$ ÇM[Z[\_d_j[bomWdjjeX[W]beXWb brand, but we’re happy where we’re Wjh_]^jdem$È


Chambray pants by Olive Juice; Coco & Z dress worn as a top; colorblock socks by Zutano. 44


 Æ« Ä&#x2018;Æ« Æ« Æ«    Æ«    

Petit Bateau jacket and hat; Pom Pom top; Zutano leggings. Opposite: Wovenplay shirt; Tom & Drew jeans and striped suspenders. 46

Olivia & Ollie vest; Petit Bateau capri pants; Atsuyo et Akiko tutu. 48

Ferd cardigan; Mayoral dress worn as a top; Mali Kids chambray pants. Opposite: Ferd cardigan; Junior Gaultier black and white shorts; Curio + Kind T-shirt. 50


Left: Petit Bateau striped T-shirt and leggings; Wovenplay circle shorts; Etiquette socks. Center: Striped Kit + Lili top; Wovenplay silver bathing suit; Hannah Banana leggings. Right: Coco & Z jumper and T-shirt; Etiquette socks.


Mayoral suit jacket; Wovenplay striped T-shirt; Portolano Kids knit leggings. Opposite: Armor Lux black and white top; Dagmar Daley shorts; Etiquette socks. 54

Style Director: Michel Onofrio Fashion Editor: Angela Velasquez Hair and Makeup: Stephen Ramsey Prop Stylist: Isaiah Weiss 55



Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Jan. 18-24 Dallas, TX


Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000


NW Kids Show DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Seattle, WA


LA Kids Market California Market Center Los Angeles, CA (213) 630-3600


Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center

Dallas, TX (214) 655-6100


California Gift Show Los Angeles Convention Center and L.A. Mart Los Angeles, CA (800) 677-6278


ENK Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club Javits Center, New York, NY (212) 759-8055


Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX (214) 655-6100


Kidz at Stylemax 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza 7th Floor Market Suites



Chicago, IL (800) 677-6278

28-Feb. 2

New York International Gift Fair Piers 92 & 94, Javits Center New York, NY (800) 272-7469


Bubble London Business Design Centre Islington, London + 44 (0)1484 846069


Copenhagen Fashion Week (CIFF Kids) Bella Center Copenhagen, Denmark


KIDShow Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas, NV (908) 232-0867


NY Kids Market 34 West 33rd St. New York, NY

MARCH 10-12

Playtime New York 82 Mercer, New York, NY (212) 563-7301


ENK Children’s Club Javits Center , New York, NY (212) 759-8055


LA Kids Market California Market Center Los Angeles, CA (213) 630-3600


Dallas Apparel & Accessories Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX (214) 655-6100

Net TULLE Tricot Fashion Fabrics




A Small Bundle of Joy...A BIG Bundle of Paperwork! $!ĆŤMultiple Award WinningĆŤ5ĆŤ.%!"/!ĆŤÂŽĆŤĆŤ %/ĆŤ!(!#*0(5ĆŤ !/%#*! ĆŤÄ&#x2019;ĆŤ Ăź((! ĆŤ3%0$ĆŤ35/ĆŤ0+ĆŤ+.#*%6!ĆŤ 0$!ĆŤ )%*%/0.0%2!ĆŤ$+/ĆŤ !10%"1((5Ä&#x2039; Ä&#x2018;ĆŤĆŤ 1/0ÄĄ2!ĆŤ%*ĆŤ2!.5ĆŤ 5!00!ĆŤ ĆŤĆŤĆŤ *"*0ĆŤ!,.0)!*0 Ä&#x2018;ĆŤ$!ĆŤ!."!0ĆŤ$+3!.ĆŤ+.ĆŤĆŤ ĆŤĆŤĆŤ!3ĆŤ5ĆŤ%"0Ä&#x201C;ĆŤ Ä&#x2018;ĆŤ2!.ĆŤÄ Ä&#x20AC;Ä&#x20AC;Ä&#x152;Ä&#x20AC;Ä&#x20AC;Ä&#x20AC;ĆŤ/+( ƍĸÄ&#x201A;Ä&#x160;Ä&#x2039;Ä&#x160;Ä&#x2020; +((ĆŤ.!!ĆŤ. !.Ä?ĆŤÄ&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x2030;ÄĄÄ&#x2021;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x160;ÄĄÄ&#x2021;Ä&#x2021;Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;ĆŤ

Join Earnshawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marketplace Earnshawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marketplace maximizes small budgets for emerging infant and toddler companies. Tout your up-and-coming apparel or juvenile product collections to retailers looking for new resources targeting newborns through pre-schoolers. Call (646) 278-1510


STYLIST: JESSICA AGE: 10 HOMETOWN: EAST ROCKAWAY, NY Call it animal instinct. Our fifth grade stylist zeroed in on an adorable owl top and a furry fox tail while shopping the racks at the Ilene Oren Showroom in midtown Manhattan. Jessica was a natural stylist, but the future veterinarian’s passion lies with animals. As caretaker of pets Coco the dog, cats Lucy and Rosco, Kloudy the rabbit, Harley the gerbil and a fish called Bubble, Jessica is always on the move. After all, she reminds, she has to dress comfortably to chase after Coco. It may seem like a full house, but she thinks there’s room for more creatures. “My dream pets are guinea pigs and ferrets. I pick them up every time I go to the pet store,” she says, despite the fact that ferrets “smell pretty bad.” —Angela Velasquez


1. T-shirt by Kiddo; Tractor Brand denim shorts; Spark of Life by m3 Girl Designs necklace; bracelets and fox tail by Rolf Bleu; stylist’s own sneakers 2. Kiddo blouse; stretch jeans by Tractor Brand; Spark of Life by m3 Girl Designs bracelet 3. T2Love striped sweatshirt, layering tank and lounge pants; Erge burnout scarf; bracelet and slap watch by Rolf Bleu.





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new rules. BITBike by Kid O Products © GLM 2011 ®

November/December 2011  

November/December 2011

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