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Thank you to everyone who voted! We would not be here without our wonderful retail partners. We appreciate you all! xoxo- Angel Dear

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THANK YOU! for voting Rylee + Cru #1 And a congratulations to Maggie Tucker from Magpies in Nashville TN, retailer of the year! R Y L E E A N D C R U . C O M

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CONTENTS November/December 2023

PAGE 18 Lizette Chin Senior Vice President Noelle Heffernan Vice President & Publisher

3 Editor’s Note The final issue of the year celebrates excellence.

Michele Silver Editor in Chief

4 The Winners Circle Congratulations to the inspiring and creative designers who received a 2023 Earnie Award.

Rosemary O’Connell Art Director

Nancy Campbell Trevett McCandliss Creative Directors

EDITORIAL Mariah Walker Fashion Director Sabrina Shapiro Social Media Manager

14 Retailer of the Year Maggie Tucker’s Magpies of Nashville, Tenn., earned this honor by having one of the best buying teams in the business. 16 Making an Impact How the nonprofit Delivering Good harnesses the apparel industry to fight poverty and keeps excess inventory out of landfills and into welcoming arms. 18 The Year in Style Our favorite fashion of the year deserves a second look.


PRODUCTION Laurie Guptill Production Manager Mike Hoff Webmaster Bruce Sprague Circulation Director CORPORATE Greg Dutter Editorial Director

Vest by Billieblush, pants by Molo, coat by Colmar, snood by Mischa Lampert, shoes by DKNY Kids.

Carroll Dowden Chairman Mark Dowden President & CEO CONTACT INFO Sales/Editorial Offices One Maynard Drive Park Ridge, NJ 07656 Tel: (201) 571-2244

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REACHING EXCELLENCE OUR FINAL ISSUE of the year is a special one. It’s when we hold space to recognize the Earnie Award winners of 2023 and salute the industry’s best in design, as voted by you, our readers. Using our magazine’s real estate to commemorate the creativity, passion and innovation that goes into the winning categories is a time-honored tradition at Earnshaw’s; our 19 Earnie Award winners join a more than 50-year-old legacy. We hope that you enjoy reading these profiles and find inspiration for your own brands, showrooms and stores. The independent store that scored the honor of Retailer of the Year is Magpies of Nashville, Tenn., helmed by Maggie Tucker and her incredible team of buyers. It’s no small feat to continue to thrive during this roller coaster of retail times, but Magpies has had an unwavering commitment to building its brand and being there for the precious moments in life for parents, caregivers and children. Our issue of excellence continues with our first-time Fashion Year in Review. Every edition of Earnshaw’s includes stunning

photography that takes what we think is possible to the next level. Our team of Mariah Walker, Zoe Adlersberg, Stefano Azario, Nancy Campbell, and Trevett McCandliss—who are award winners in their own right—execute an extraordinary volume of tasks from the styling of samples to the final typography. We asked them to select their top 8 fashion photos, taking into consideration a host of criteria such as visual impact, composition and mood. At the heart of these photos are, of course, the children. The children. The smallest customers who are the focal point of everything we do. With childhood poverty in the U.S. doubling in 2022, affecting 9 million kids, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, our most vulnerable populations need our help more than ever. Delivering Good (DG) has been distributing new apparel and merchandise to children and families in need for 36 years and just raised $1.6 million at its annual gala. We interview Merrie Keller, Director of Product Procurement, to understand the logistics of the organization and discover DG’s multi-purpose impact. Please consider an end-of-year donation of product or funds—which go directly to shipping costs—to this wonderful organization. There is always a great deal of need for all charities, but no matter which specific cause to which you choose to give, select a vetted nonprofit through these independent resources: Charity Navigator, GuideStar and the Better Business Bureau. I would like to thank my hard-working Vice President and Publisher, Noelle Heffernan, for her constant optimism and deeply appreciated teamwork. Behind the scenes, Laurie Guptill ensures that our gorgeous pages get to the printer and make our deadlines while Mike Hoff troubleshoots our website and all things digital. Our newer Art Director Rosemary O’Connell has made a seamless transition, and I appreciate her work ethic and attention to detail. Congratulations to Lizette Chin for becoming our Senior Vice President. It certainly takes a village to publish Earnshaw’s, and I love being a part of this magazine and industry. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe, healthy and peaceful New Year. Michele Silver Editor-In-Chief

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2023 Earnie Awards for Design Excellence


circle Congratulations to the 19 makers and creatives who scored the coveted honor of an Earnie Award. This mix of first-time and new companies share their unique design aesthetic and how their passion translates into childrenswear. We at Earnshaw’s tip our hats to all of you!

E A R N S H AW S . C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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Designer: Liz Pham

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Fabric headbands that included specialty textures such as faux fur, embellishments and beaded snowflakes for winter and fluorescent neon bows for summer. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our classic grosgrain, organdy and velvet bows. Our grosgrain have been our tried-and-true style for more than 40 years. Organza is a notoriously difficult fabric to work with, and our craftswomen do a beautiful job making them delicate and fluffy. Our velvet bows are double-layered with our beautiful and shiny satin. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Classic, colorful, youthful What do you love about being a designer? Working with my hands and experimenting with new ways to create our hair accessories. It’s really fun to tinker and fine-tune designs until they’re perfect. I love that our accessories are regularly featured in family photos and holiday cards, and it’s wonderful to know that Bows Arts is part of such special memories for families around the world.

What makes our industry special? The memories that are made for families and children at this stage in life. Children are only little for a short amount of time, so the childrenswear industry has a very special part to play. We contribute to those forever memories and help create whimsy and happiness for kids and families.

Baby/Toddler Apparel


Designer: Lauren Levy

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? RightFit, our new patented fabric allows us to make loose-fitting pajamas that are naturally flame-resistant without the use of toxic chemicals. We also launched toddler and big kids’ playwear, which allows kids to use our magnetic technology to dress themselves in soft and functional daytime apparel. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our magnetic ‘no drama pajamas’ for toddlers and big kids because it eliminates bedtime struggles, and our adult line of magnetic fastening pajamas and loungewear with strategically placed magnets for easy nursing access. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Whimsical, fun, vibrant What do you love about being a designer? Having the unique opportunity to cater to different types of parents and gift givers—from the fashion-forward to the classic traditional or boho chic. We add our whimsical touch to every type of aesthetic. What makes our industry special? It’s a happy and hopeful place no matter what else is happening in the world.

2 0 2 3 N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R • E A R N S H AW S .C O M

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Designer: Mark Jeynes

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? To celebrate our 10th collection, we designed a collection of tees using the graphics from our free bedtime storybooks we give out every season. We did a poll on IG for parents to tell us their top 10 fave illustrations from the books, and those are the ones we used. This past fall, we launched a collection of sherpa fleece jackets and tweed three-piece suits. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our woven shirts and matching baby one-pieces, quick-dry hybrid swim shorts and our huge collection of sweaters and cardigans. What three words to describe your company’s design aesthetic? Classic, super soft, colorful What do you love about being a designer? Playing with fabrics and created unexpected looks. Having a store or parent come back season after season is the biggest compliment ever. What makes the childrenswear industry special? The reps and community who buy and sell are amazing. It’s a very special club that I for one, being a Brit selling to Americans, feel honored to be a part of.

Children’s Footwear


Designer: Vicki Lever

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? This season we added a sporty line, Squad Sneakers. They are more than a sneaker with a two-tone flexible sole, protective toe bumper for long wear and they have standout styling. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our Little Tot for the timeless classic sneaker, the Oldsoles Kix sneaker with the O logo and Squad sneakers for all-day style. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Tastefully stylish, playful, chic What do you love about being a designer? I get to play and have fun with my creativity. Having an idea come to life is exciting and rewarding. There is nothing better for me that seeing kids playing in the shoes that I’ve designed. Kids are quite opinionated when it comes to their shoes, they often won’t wear them if they aren’t comfy and don’t like the styling. What makes our industry special? We can share in the joyous, playful times that children experience, and we get to have full creative license.


E A R N S H AW S . C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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Girls’ Apparel


Designer: Kelli Murray Larson

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Loungewear for both relaxation and play and more coordinated sets of merchandise. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our hand-illustrated sets and dresses, which are loved for their softness, comfort and unique artistry. The playful illustrations and timeless color palettes really capture our customers’ hearts. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Artistic, playful, timeless What do you love the most about being a designer? There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking an idea from conception to reality and watching children enjoy the products that we’ve created. Seeing the joy on their faces is a constant reminder of why we do what we do. What makes our industry special? The fashion industry is made up of passionate individuals who truly enjoy what they do. It’s impossible not to smile when we come together at trade shows and witness the beautiful creations crafted by talented designers. We feel privileged to be a part of this incredible and inspiring industry.

Juvenile Products


What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Our detachable pacifier collection and replaceable silicone pacifier pack. What are the most popular items in your collections? The detachable cow and bear and three-pack pacifiers. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Soothing, functional, comforting What do you love being a designer? Witnessing how babies interact with our products and making a positive difference by soothing them as well as their families. What makes our industry special? The sense of community and the visible commitment to safety and sustainability that impacts our children’s future. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and having these concepts at the core of what we do as an industry sets a positive example.

2 0 2 3 N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R • E A R N S H AW S .C O M

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12/1/23 4:16 PM




Designer: Kim Perrin

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Twirly dresses and tutus What are the most popular items in your collections? Footies, dresses and sunsuits What three words describe your design aesthetic? Fun, happy, sweet What do you love about being a designer? Creating a new collection every season that feels current. What makes our industry special? Our relationships with our stores, of course. The buyers in the kids’ space are the best.

New Brand


Designer: Jay and Chloe Kim

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? TSC Naturals, a sustainable, all-natural collection of everyday clothes for children that leaves less of a mark on the world. What are the most popular items in your collections? The Natural Dye Everyday Zip Up, Fairy Tulle Dress and Organic Friday Pants What three words describe your design aesthetic? Timeless, sustainable, quality What do you love about being a designer? Constantly growing and learning new practices and ways to do things better. Bringing our vision and aesthetic to life in the highest quality and most sustainable ways gives us a sense of accomplishment. What makes our industry special? Making children’s clothes and designs that we would want to wear, too. We think of children as smaller versions of ourselves, and they deserve high quality clothes just like us.


E A R N S H AW S . C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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11/30/23 7:04 AM

Personal Care/Beauty Products

LITTLE LADY PRODUCTS Designer: Arda Tashdjian

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Our ever-so-popular Duos and Collection kits. We completely redesigned the packaging and love the way it turned out. They feature a convenient slide-out tray that keeps all the polishes in place. The bright colors and size make it the perfect go-to gift or stocking stuffer. What are the most popular items in your collections? Unicorn Wishes confetti glitter nail polish, Flamingo Dino Duo and Marshmallow Clouds nail polish. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Playful, cheerful, whimsical What do you love about being a designer? I enjoy making products that bring joy to kids and creating whimsical, memorable experiences. What makes our industry special? It blends creativity with a sense of wonder. This industry embraces vibrant colors, playful details and imaginative themes, which also spark the imaginations of young minds.



Designer: Nick Oldland (Co-Owner and Creative Director) What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? We are most proud of our winter outerwear. The garments are very technical and are designed to withstand the elements but at the same time, really fun with just the right amount of flash to keep the winter blues at bay. What are the most popular items in your collections? We have been known as a sleepwear and rainwear brand, and these categories are still our bestsellers. But we have worked very hard to develop our fashion line and now our No. 1 sellers are girls’ dresses and skirts. Our 2023 sequin dress outsold every item in our line. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Print, fun, well-made What do you love the most about being a designer? It’s practical, never boring and always challenging. Mostly, I love receiving finished samples and watching the collections come to life—it’s so satisfying, especially when it’s a success. What makes our industry special? There are no creative rules and you never have to take your designs too seriously. At Hatley, the more fun the garment, the better.

2 0 2 3 N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R • E A R N S H AW S .C O M

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Designer:Tamara Jarrar

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Our collaboration with Nickelodeon has been huge for us. It was a long-time goal to be able to offer our kids their favorite characters such as PAW Patrol in pajamas that are soft on the skin. What are the most popular items in your collections? Milk & Cookies convertible footie, 7-pack bamboo underwear and our family matching sets for the holidays. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Whimsical, nurturing, clever What do you love the most about being a designer? Creating a beautiful print and watching it come to life. It’s so fun to go from a simple sketch to a child wearing the product while excitedly pointing out all the details in the print. What makes our industry special? I think it’s a very happy industry by nature. We get to be part of so many special moments, celebrating births or milestones such as first steps. It’s truly rewarding to be a part of those.

Special Occasion


Designer: Harald Husum

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Driven by environmental factors and sustainability, earth tones and timeless/seasonless colors dominated our FW 2023 collection.


There may be times in spring that become chilly at night, and you can still wear an item from Fall/Winter. Some items are reversible for multi-use and we used natural fibers in consideration of our planet. What are the most popular items in your collections? Stretchy Mod Suits, Kyla Puffer Coats for girls and our Everyday Stretch Pants for boys that can be easily dressed up or down. What three words describe your design aesthetic? Street-smart, expressive, trendy What do you love about being a designer? Seeing the clothes worn with joy and personality. Kids who love the clothes so much they refuse to take them off, even for bedtime. It’s amazing to see them take charge in their personal style and embrace their individuality. What makes our industry special? Kids aren’t afraid to have fun with their clothes, and in return, we get to have fun designing them! There is a unique opportunity through design to encourage creativity, imagination and self expression—all of which is incredibly important to encourage from a young age. It is our responsibility to design with this in mind.

E A R N S H AW S .C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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11/30/23 7:05 AM



Designer: Laurie Snyder

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Our Long Surf and Shortie Surf swimsuits made from recycled plastic bottles! We added the Kai Adventure Hat with adjustable and breakaway safety chin straps and an adjustable toggle and our baseball-style Cam-Cam Cap. What are the most popular items in your collections? Floppy Hats for babies and kids in our basic solids and seersuckers, the girls’ Delaney Hip Ruffle Swimsuit made from recycled plastic bottles and the boys’ Wesley Swim Trunks also made from recycled plastic bottles. All of these items come with UPF 50+ sun protection. What three words to describe your design aesthetic? Colorful, fun, beachy What do you love the most about being a designer? Seeing kids wearing my designs and my designs making them happy! What makes our industry special? For me, it’s the wonderful relationships I have built with store owners and buyers throughout my 35 years in business. In addition to being great people to work with, they are always excited about the new designs we launch each season.



Designer: Maureen Schmidt (Chief Creative Officer)

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? An abundance of new textures including crochet styles. We also further expanded our popular botanical looks and launched more mermaid styles. What are the most popular items in your collections? Our traditional sun protection swimwear, dress up/costumes and sequin styles What three words describe your design aesthetic? Fashionable, functional, fun What do you love the most about being a designer? Seeing the reaction of our customers. What makes our industry special? We are a part of milestone moments. Our swimsuits are typically worn for birthdays, vacations and summer time fun. There is nothing more special than that.

2 0 2 3 N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R • E A R N S H AW S .C O M

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11/30/23 7:05 AM




Designer: Jil Garcia (President & CEO)

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? Several collections with seamless fashion, sublimation prints and screened and embellished looks; new color palettes for Spring and Fall; and an expansion of our accessory line. What are the most popular items in your collections? The new color palettes of our basics, embellished hacci styles and smiley face accessories What three words to describe your design aesthetic? Fun, colorful, super soft What do you love about being a designer? I love designing clothes and accessories that allow girls to express themselves as well as feel happy and confident. What makes our industry special? For the teen market, it’s based on what is trending in the adult market with a playful and age-appropriate twist. It focuses on individuality and style and allowing children to express themselves.

Denim LEVI’S BY HADDAD BRANDS Since Haddad Brands produces denim from the company behind the world’s first blue jeans, Levi’s, they aim to continue the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation. While they create their denim collections through the lens of the Levi’s DNA, they also integrate new fabrics, techniques and embellishments to keep the brand relevant and on trend. Haddad Brands aims to keep this evergreen brand going strong while ensuring that its manufacturing processes make the least possible impact on the environment.

Gifts BEAUFORT BONNET CO. With its timeless and classic collections of children’s apparel, hair accessories and doll clothes, Beaufort Bonnet Co. has certainly evolved from its beginnings as a manufacturer of baby bonnets. The company’s core mission of embracing motherhood remains at the heart of its business. New for 2023 was the introduction of a collab with The Seaside Style, beach-inspired casual wear, for a Daddy and Me line.

Loungewear KICKEE PANTS Designed with comfort and safety with a delightful touch of whimsy, KicKee Pants garments are made from ultrasoft and lightweight and sustainable bamboo. While the designs aim to be fashion-forward and pleasing to parents, the company is dedicated to the babies and children who wear their clothing and appeals to their needs to play and dream. A gender-neutral gold ribbon print was introduced in 2023 for baby blankets and dresses as well as coordinating T-shirts for adults.


E A R N S H AW S .C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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11/30/23 7:07 AM



Designer: Sara Oh

What new product or collection did you launch in 2023? The addition of many beautiful and fun prints in our classic styles What are the most popular items in your collections? Underwear, long sleeve pjs, dresses What three words to describe your design aesthetic? Color, style, comfort What do you love the most about being a designer? Being able to create prints that children will love to wear and live in. What makes our industry special? The creativity and styling from so many designers all over the world, for every occasion that you can think of, is amazing.

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Maggie Tucker and her top-notch buying squad score the 2023 Earnshaw’s accolade. BY


I Inside the Team members left to right: Bird & Bean Maggie Tucker, Mallory Wilding, store Danielle Molina, Anna Cedarlind, Lauren Wirths, Ashley Kelly, and Tommie Sue Roach


DIDN’T MEAN TO make Maggie Tucker cry. The votes had come in for Retailer of the Year, and I was excited to share the news about her winning. Just a few minutes before the call, Tucker had been dragging out trash and empty boxes and vacuuming up the mess in her store. After all, Magpies is her pride and joy. So at the very moment that she was about to win a huge honor, Tucker was showing up as she always does as a small business owner, handling any and every job needed. I introduced myself and stated the reason for my call. Instantly, she was overcome with emotion, shedding happy tears and calling to her staff: “It’s Earnshaw’s! We won retailer of the year!” It has been an intentional, curated and hardearned journey. As the creator of the Magpies store and brand, which also happens to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, Tucker has accomplished a great deal in a relatively short amount of time. In addition to her main store, she has three franchises and a private label collection. Like any retailer with long-term success, the secret sauce is found in the buying strategy. While Tucker takes the lead for purchasing, she’s supported by her two “pillars” of Danielle Molina, manager and buyer for the Magpies girls’ division, and Mallory Wilding, director of operations. Together, these three women have

E A R N S H AW S .C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

23_11_12_RETAIL_PROFILE_finalR2.indd 14

11/29/23 11:47 AM


Best-selling brand Rylee + Cru

for new and expectant mothers with a gift registry service, every day and special occasion apparel—and everything in between including outerwear and pajamas—for boys and girls from sizes newborn through 6x/7. In 2016, Tucker launched Magpies Girl, clothing and gifts for ages 7 to 16.

taken on running two stores, creating and executing a business plan for a franchise operation and creating their first private label collection, XOXO by Magpies. GETTING TO KNOW THEM Molina brings her background in luxury fashion and keen sense of style to the store. She also has an uncanny ability to finish Tucker’s sentences and thoughts—talk about being on the same wavelength! In addition to Molina’s fashion sense, she’s prudent about financial risks and rewards, Tucker says. “She is always encouraging me to step outside the box without getting too crazy.” Wilding, who has served in various leadership roles, hails from the world of social work so she’s a bit of a Renaissance woman. She handles daily inventory processing and merchandising while also managing restocks, website design, digital updates, and collaborating with key wholesale partners. Wilding ensures that buying, planning and launches “go off without a hitch,” and her social work background comes in handy for the store’s charitable efforts in the community. Tucker got a taste of entrepreneurship as a kid by running a lemonade stand that grossed the most money in her neighborhood. Once she became a young adult, she was drawn to retail and after seven years working for other people, took a leap to start to manifest her own store. Tucker opened Magpies in 2014 as a children’s resale shop, selling an edited offering of “gently loved designer kids’ clothing” with all-new gifts, toys and accessories. Over the years, the store evolved into a destination

PIVOTS & EXPANSIONS The store experienced their first moment of needing to reevaluate their approach, like most businesses, in 2020. “When the pandemic hit, we decided to end our beloved resale offerings,” Tucker says. “Instead, we focused on bringing in the best brands from across the world.” Thus began the curation of labels such as Rylee + Cru (2023 Earnie Award winner), Iscream, Bari Lynn, Jellycat, Lullaby Set, Magnolia Baby, Quincy Mae, Kyte, KicKee Pants (2023 Earnie Award winner), and Lola & the Boys. When it comes to assessing new brands to bring them into the Magpies’ merchandise mix, there are a number of important considerations and the financial aspect is, understandably, one of them. “We have fulltime team members, offer complimentary gift wrap, provide free events to our community and are always looking for ways to serve various charitable organizations,” Tucker says. “We provide a magical experience to our clients, and it comes at a cost. So brands with strong margins are key partners for us.” Tucker and her team’s business plan didn’t end there—they knew they had something special and wanted to expand vertically. This trio moved fast, while still calculating the risks and rewards. They secured a trademark for Magpies and in 2021, opened their first licensed store in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. A second location opened the following year in Paducah, KY. Then they saw opportunities to develop private label. The 2023 holiday season kicked off their first collection, XOXO by Magpies, which is also offered for wholesale. Talk about Magpies touching every part of the childrenswear business!

CURATED WITH LOVE This real-life “Shop Around the Corner,” the fictional children’s bookstore featured in the rom com You’ve Got Mail, is warm, charming and cozy—a welcoming wonderland. “It’s an extension of my heart and my family’s traditions. The entire product curation is done with great intention and love,” Tucker expresses. “We want children to touch and see and explore, and we want parents to easily find things in a well merchandised and shoppable environment. Every little corner is its own department waiting to be discovered.” Longevity in the retail world isn’t something that happens fast. Tucker took one strategic step at a time, worked diligently and made educated business moves. “We live in a day when people have viral overnight ‘success.’ But to me, that’s not real success. You have to gut it out, hustle and grind.” Indeed, when she crawls into bed at night after a long day, she feels a deep sense of accomplishment. “I know we have made birthdays brighter and holidays merrier. I’ve seen wonder and joy in children’s eyes. We’re with families through their most precious seasons.” In addition to serving all her customers, Tucker has made an impact in the small-business community, creating jobs and opportunities for her staff while creating the means to give back locally to those in need, she explains. “We are doing everything and more than I ever hoped and dreamed we would.” One of those dreams included Earnshaw’s. Tucker first picked up our magazine when she was 28 years old, and hoped that someday, she could be in it, “even if just the tiniest picture in the smallest corner.” Well, the Nashville little childrenswear shop around the corner has finally made it here. During our phonecall, Tucker’s enthusiasm is palpable. “It feels amazing to get this award—it’s like a big hug and the best pat on the back. My mom is so proud! Thank you Earnshaw’s. You do so much to support our industry. I am truly so honored.”

2 0 2 3 N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R • E A R N S H AW S .C O M

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How Delivering Good harnesses the apparel industry to help fight poverty while keeping excess new merchandise out of landfills and into welcoming hands.

ER: What does your role entail? LAST MONTH, MORE than 500 guests Keller: I work with brands and compagathered in New York City for the annual nies to secure donated new product and gala for Delivering Good (DG). The event develop larger strategic partnerships with recognized three outstanding women: Mindy some of our product donors. As part of Grossman, partner at Consello Group for the organization’s leadership, I work with the Lifetime Achievement Award; Jennifer the team to make sure we are meeting Foyle, President and Executive Creative our mission and engaging our partners, Director at American Eagle and Aerie, for so they understand the impact of their the Vanguard Award; and Carmen Bauza, generosity. It is rewarding to help people board member of Claire’s Stores, Destination dealing with a wide range of social issues XL Group, Zumiez, and OneWaterMarine like poverty, homelessness, foster care, for the Impact Award. and workforce reentry. It was night of inspiring and emotional speeches, not just from the honorees, but One of the thousands of volunteers who ER: How much product is donated to also from recipients of DG’s donations and help deliver new product to families in need. DG each year? social services programs—who have been Keller: It varies and depends on trends able to lead successful lives and break the including retail sales, production and cycle of poverty. sustainability. Last year we provided more than 15 million units of On a daily basis, without glam or floral centerpieces or a threenew merchandise valued at more than $154 million. course meal, DG’s Director of Procurement Merrie Keller is securing thousands of units of new product that will make their journey Earnshaw’s: What are the needs for children’s products? through DG’s national network of 800 social service agencies to Keller: Socks and underwear are always needed as well as basic children and families in need. After many years in the fashion and tees, hoodies and backpacks. Many children go without during licensing industries along with her seven years at DG, Keller’s quest the holidays and other celebrations, so toys are always needed. for donor partnerships comes naturally and provides her with a Our only rule around donated merchandise is that we only accept deep connection to social responsibility. new product. We spoke with Keller to get a refresher on the organization’s mission, how companies can donate product and the multiple ways ER: How can companies donate their excess product to DG? in which DG positively affects all the individuals and businesses Keller: Simply complete and submit a donation form on our website, involved in this unique model of giving and receiving. and we connect them with the shipping information of the partner who will distribute their donation to individuals and families in Earnshaw’s: What is the mission and impact of Delivering Good? their community. In some instances, we can match a donation to a Merrie Keller: Delivering Good unites retailers, manufacturers, specific geographic or issued-focused distribution partner. foundations, and individuals to provide children and families impacted by poverty and tragedy, such as natural disasters, with new ER: How might companies who donate learn about how their merchandise offering hope, dignity and self-esteem. Our mission product has helped people in need? provides a platform to make a difference both socially and environKeller: We can provide feedback in the form of photos or testimonimentally by ensuring excess new merchandise ends up in the hands als from the partner that distributed the product. Delivering Good of people in need instead of landfills. We are providing companies also posts impact stories to our social media channels and via our with a simple, one-stop solution to meet their environmental, social e-newsletter where donor companies are highlighted. and governance (ESG) investing goals.


E A R N S H AW S .C O M • N OV E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 3

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EARN NOV DEC 2023.indd 17

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The age of innocence in shades of w 20

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Saran is wearing a bodysuit by Gerber Childrenswear, skirt by Shade Critters, jacket by Boboli, sunglasses by WeeFarers, plush rabbit by Tartine et Chocolat. Opposite: Noelle is wearing a dress by Mayoral. Photography by Zoe Adlersberg/See Management; styling by Mariah Walker/ Art Department; hair and makeup by Clelia Bergonzoli/Ray Brown Pro. Special thanks to Generation Model Management and State Management.

of white 21

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Dress by Pomme de Terre, sleeveless jacket by Molo, boots by Western Chief. Opposite: vest by Billieblush, pants by Molo, coat by Colmar, snood by Mischa Lampert, shoes by DKNY Kids. Photography by Stefano Azario/Laird and Good Company; styling by Mariah Walker/Art Department, NY; hair: Brent Lavett. Special thanks to State Mgmt. and Generation Model Mgmt. 22

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Welcome a wild world of pattern play and luxe layering


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Float away in retro ruffles a 24

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es and boho chic 23_12_ER_FASHION 6.indd 25

Ava is wearing a yellow polka-dot two-piece and head band by Andy & Evan. Sophia is wearing a smocked pink two-piece from Flap Happy and a visor by Snapper Rock. Photography by Zoe Adlersberg/See Management; styling by Mariah Walker/Art Department; location courtesy of LEW Productions. Special thanks to model agencies State Management, Zuri Agency and Generation Model Management. 25

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Cozy se


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zy separates for cherubic littles

Bohdi is wearing a cardigan by Hux, T-shirt by Tiny Victories, pants by Turtledove London, shoes by Trimfoot. Opposite: Keana (Kiki) is wearing a hat by Add, cardigan by Tecomoabesos, T shirt by Kapital K, vest by Gingersnaps, shorts by Rylee + Cru, socks are stylist’s own, shoes by Vans, doll by Jayla’s Heirlooms. Photography by Zoe Adlersberg/ See Management; styling and concept by Mariah Walker/Art Department; hair and makeup: Clelia Bergonzoli/Ray Brown. Special thanks to Zuri Model Agency. 27

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Big thank you to our awesome retailers! We can't wait to show you our Back to School and Winter 2024 Collections! angelaa@hatley.com | app.next.nuorder.com

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Accentrics Showroom - Central (214) 748-0404 Ali’s Market - East Coast (212) 695-2300 The Dressing Room - West Coast (213) 623-4773 EARN NOV DEC 2023.indd 4

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