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Bright Ideas

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AVAILABLE AT SELECT STORES Distributed by Daron Fashions Group

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legwear & accessories to order: 800.762.5748 or EARN_1 1


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Noelle Heffernan Publisher Jennifer Cattaui Editor in Chief Nancy Campbell Creative Director


;:?JEH?7B Angela Velasquez Fashion Editor Lyndsay McGregor 7iieY_Wj[;Z_jeh Maria Bouselli 7ii_ijWdj;Z_jeh Megan Fernandez Editorial Intern

20 Here, Here! 7jeWijjej^[d[m[ijEarnshaw's>Wbbe\<Wc[ _dZkYj[[i0B[ij[hiYe#emd[h8Whho9e^[d1A$?$:$I$ _dj[h_cfh[i_Z[dj:Wl_Z9eb[cWd1WdZcWdk\WYjkh[hih[f8kpp:Wdd[d\[bi[h$

9H;7J?L; Trevett McCandliss 7hj:_h[Yjeh Tim Jones I[d_eh:[i_]d[h

24 Winner's Circle J^_io[Whi;Whd_[7mWhZm_dd[hi]_l[kij^[ iYeefedj^[_hbWj[ijXki_d[iiZ[l[befc[djiWdZ m^WjcWZ[j^[cijWdZekj_d(&'(\ehj^[h[jW_b Yecckd_jo$

9EDJH?8KJEHI Michel Onofrio Ijob[:_h[Yjeh

44 Show Time

7:L;HJ?I?D= Caroline Diaco =hekfFkXb_i^[h Sarah Sutphin Broglie 7Zl[hj_i_d]CWdW][h Alex Marinacci 7YYekdj;n[Ykj_l[ Jennifer Craig If[Y_Wb7YYekdji CWdW][h Steven Hemingway 9bWii_\_[ZIWb[i

JhWZ[i^emeh]Wd_p[hiWYheiij^[]beX[Z_i^WXekj j^[_hfbWdi\eh(&')WdZm^oh[jW_bXko[hii^ekbZ f[dj^[c_djej^[_hYWb[dZ[hi$

FASHION 32 Downtown NYC

7:C?D?IJH7J?ED Laurie Guptill FheZkYj_edCWdW][h Melanie Prescott 9_hYkbWj_edCWdW][h Mike Hoff M[XcWij[h 9EDJ79J?D<E Sales/Editorial Offices ),9eef[hIgkWh[" 4th floor D[mOeha"DO'&&&) Tel: (646) 278-1550 <Wn0,*,(-.#'++) [Z_jeh_Wbh[gk[iji6 /j^h[WZi$Yec Circulation Office ('>_]^bWdZ9_hYb[ D[[Z^Wc"C7&(*/* Tel: (800) 964-5150 <Wn0-.'*+)#/)./ Y_hYkbWj_ed6/j^h[WZi$Yec 9EHFEH7J; 9Threads (,(&(:[jhe_jHeWZ")&& M[ijbWa["E>**'*+ Tel: (440) 871-1300 Xen Zapis"9^W_hcWd Lee Zapis"Fh[i_Z[dj Rich Bongorno"9<E

Fef]e[ij^[d[edWi Ifh_d](&')ifehjim[Whb_]^jikfj^[ Y_joijh[[ji$

32 Top, from left: Puma track jacket, T2Love yellow shorts, Dirtee Hollywood blue long sleeve thermal shirt, Hello Shiso hair clip. Bottom: Nina Kids sneaker. Right: See Kai Run sneaker. Cover: Kicky Pants popcorn shirt, T2Love orange shorts, Catimini plaid headpiece, Chooze shoes, CHARM IT! By High IntenCity necklace, socks by Happy Socks.

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;Z_jehÊiB[jj[h JWba_d]Fe_dji Fresh Finds >ejFhef[hj_[i D_d[J^_d]i On Trend Ifejb_]^j Calendar H[c_n

Photography by Raphael Buchler.

CORRECTION: IN THE ARTICLE TITLED "IN THE BAG" WHICH RAN ON PAGE 26 OF THE OCTOBER 2012 ISSUE A WENDY BELLISSIMO DIAPER BAG WAS LISTED AS $2-15 WHOLESALE. IN FACT, WENDY BELLISSIMO BABY BAGS BEGIN AT $35 WHOLESALE. EARNSHAW’S INFANTS, GIRLS AND BOYS WEAR REVIEW ISSN 0161-2786 (USPS-320-090) Vol. 96 Issue 10. The business and fashion magazine of the children’s wear industry is published monthly by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC, 36 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003. The publishers of this magazine do not assume responsibility for statements made by their advertisers in business competition. Periodicals postage is paid in New York, N.Y. and additional mailing offices. Subscription price for one year: U.S. $48; Rates outside U.S. available upon request. Single price copy, $5. Copyright 2012 by Symphony Publishing NY, LLC. Postmaster: Send address changes to Earnshaw’s Infants, Girls and Boys Wear Review, P.O. Box 8548, Lowell, MA 01853-8548. Publisher is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photos. Any photographs, artwork, manuscripts, editorial samples or merchandise sent for editorial consideration are sent at the sole risk of the sender. Symphony Publishing NY, LLC will assume no responsibility for loss or damage. No portion of this issue may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Printed in USA.

( & ' (  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  š  ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C   3

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11/14/12 3:34 PM

Bright Skies Ahead

Retailers recover from Sandy and look forward to a brighter spring.


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WE CAN DIRECT so much in retail, from our merchandise selection and the layout of our stores to our window displays, but weather is something that’s simply beyond our control. Slightly skeptical after the hurricane media overload from last year, when Irene took a turn and all but missed Manhattan, it was with less gusto that I moved everything from both of my downtown stores to higher ground. A couple hours before Sandy hit everything was in place and I dashed to the bursting-at-the-seams food store to get some extra provisions as well as a couple of goodies to entertain the kids for some long days indoors. Power went out at 8:00 p.m., and we grabbed our flashlights and listened to the eerie whistling of the wind funneling through the skeletal top of One World Trade Center and the endless static of the battery-powered AM/FM radio. I could have never predicted what we woke up to the next morning, and how much the East Coast suffered. Everyone was affected—either directly or through a friend or family member—and I count myself lucky to have only lost power and heat. I thought immediately of our friends at K.I.D.S., whom we had just honored at our Earnie Awards event at ENK Children’s Club in October, and how they must be scrambling to mobilize resources. In the span of a night, there was a new unexpected

wave of need—urgent need—of tens of thousands who had just lost their homes and possessions, and businesses that had been damaged or destroyed. It is with great resilience, determination and compassion that all of us are entering into this holiday season, and in 2013 we will take what we have learned and become better and stronger together. No, we can’t control the weather (and the weather is not daunted by a defiant five borough run), and so we must respect its power and concentrate on things we can control. This season what we really must be thankful for are our families, neighbors, colleagues, suppliers and clients with whom we have weathered the storm. This month’s issue focuses on some remarkable companies and professionals, and our fashion forecasts brighter skies ahead for Spring 2013. Have a safe and happy holiday,


11/12/12 10:40 AM



JANUARY 26-30, 2013




driven by


new rules.

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11/12/12 10:58:20 AM

talking points

YEAR IN REWIND AFTER THE STORM KIDS IN DISTRESSED Situations, Inc. A$?$:$I$_iWia_d]\eh^[bf_dfheZkYjWdZYWi^ ZedWj_edijefhel_Z[Z_iWij[hh[b_[\\ebbem_d] >khh_YWd[IWdZo$<Wc_b_[iWbed]j^[;Wij9eWij ^Wl[ik\\[h[Z\beeZi"\_h[i"ijehcikh][i"fem[h ekjW][iWdZXb_ppWhZiWiWh[ikbje\j^[cWii_l[ ijehc"WdZcWdo\Wc_b_[i^Wl[X[[db[\jm_j^ dej^_d]$7iWh[ikbj"Y^_bZh[dWdZ\Wc_b_[i_d i^[bj[hiWdZ_dW\\[Yj[ZYecckd_j_[iWh[_d Z_h[d[[Ze\WffWh[b"XbWda[ji"i^e[i"jeoi"XWXo fheZkYjiWdZXeeaiWim[bbWiYWi^ZedWj_edi$ ?dD[mOeha9_jo"A$?$:$I$fWhjd[h[Zm_j^ ckbj_fb[W][dY_[ijei[jkfWcW`ehZ_ijh_Xkj_ed i_j[_dGk[[di"WdZ_dD[m@[hi[oj^[eh]Wd_pWj_ed_imeha_d]m_j^fWhjd[hikfWdZZemdj^[ YeWijjeYebb[YjWdZZ_ijh_Xkj[ikffb_[i$ EdboWm[[aW\j[hj^[Z_iWij[h"YecfWd_[i ikY^WiIY^ebWij_Y8eea<W_hi">WZZWZ8hWdZi" Ia[Y^[hi"K]]7kijhWb_W"9Whj[hÊi"Ei^Aei^ 8Ê=ei^"AW^dBkYWiWdZ7c[h_YWd=_hbZedWj[ZjeW_ZA$?$:$I$Êi>khh_YWd[IWdZoH[b_[\ <kdZ$J^[D[mOehaF^_b^Whced_YY^ei[je fWhjd[hm_j^A$?$:$I$WjW=ofio7_hiYedY[hj edDel$'&je]_l[Wjj[dZ[[iWY^WdY[jeZedWj[ Y^_bZh[dÊifheZkYji\ehj^[l_Yj_ci$ Cej^[hiWdZY^_bZh[dWbie\[bjj^[d[[Zje ^[bfekj\Wc_b_[iik\\[h_d]W\j[hj^[^khh_YWd[$ IY^eebiikY^WiIfh_d]\_[bZFbW_di;b[c[djWho _d9bWhaied"C?"[l[d^[bf[Zekjm_j^W+-& ZedWj_ed\hecijkZ[djim^e]Wl['jeifehj iec[^[WZm[Wh\ehj^[iY^eebÊiÇ>Wj:Wo$ÈEd[ [nf[YjWdjcej^[hZedWj[ZWbb^[hd[mXehdÊi XWXo]_\jijeA$?$:$I$je^[bfikY^cej^[him^e ^Wl[Y^_bZh[dWdZWh[m_j^ekj\eeZehW^ec[$ J^hek]^j^[i[jek]^j_c[i"j^[Y^Wh_jo h[cW_diWfei_j_l[iekhY[Wi_jYedj_dk[ije i[dZjhkYaiWhc[Zm_j^d[Y[ii_j_[ijej^[i[ Z_h[Wh[Wi$J^[Y^Wh_joijh[ii[i_jil_jWbd[[Z\eh ZedWj_ediWdZj^Wjj^_i[\\ehjm_bbX[ed]e_d]$ Fb[Wi[\eh_d\ehcWj_ed ed^emje]_l[$

Some things never change—denim rules, pink sells and yellow continues to miss the gender-neutral sweet spot—and yet 2012 was a memorable year that welcomed an eclectic mix of fashion and industry trends. From high stakes designs to nostalgic relics refreshed for a new generation, this year children’s fashion continued to inspire and surprise. Here are some of the year’s finest moments. —Angela Velasquez \[l[hf_jY^_d7fh_bm^[dThe New York Times Yel[h[Zj^[YhWp[_d_ji ijob[i[Yj_ed$ Sporty Spice Edj^[^[[bie\j^[B[jÊiCel[ YWcfW_]dbWkdY^[ZXoj^[<_hij BWZoje\_]^jY^_bZ^eeZeX[i_jo" Yeebd[mWj^b[j_Y]WhX[dYekhW][Z a_Zije][jWYj_l["jee$Mec[dÊiWdZ c[dÊiWYj_l[m[WhXhWdZBkbkb[ced bWkdY^[Z?l_llW"Wb_d[e\ZWdY[m[Wh WdZWYj_l[m[Wh\ehjm[[d]_hbi" m^_b[KdZ[h7hcekh[nfWdZ[Z_ji hWd][\eha_ZiWdZh[fehj[ZW(+ f[hY[djif_a[_dj^_hZ#gkWhj[hiWb[i$

Happy Pinning F_dj[h[ijX[YWc[WfefkbWhWdZ Yh[Wj_l[fbWj\ehc\ehY^_bZh[dÊi \Wi^_ed\Wdijefeijj^[_h\Wleh_j[ beeai$?cW][i\hecl_djW][YWjWbe]i" ijob[Z#ekjcW]Wp_d[i^eejiWdZ f[hiedWbY^_bZ^eeZWbXkcim[h[Z[ h_]k[khedj^[Yedj[dji^Wh_d]i_j[$

Stylist vs. Stylish Cel[el[hHWY^[bPe[$7d[mYhef e\ijob_ijihW_i[Ziec[[o[Xhemij^_i o[WhXoX[_d]^_h[Zjeekj\_jjh[dZi[jj_d]jm[[dM_bbemIc_j^WdZ XWia[jXWbbijWh7cWhÊ[IjekZ[c_h[Êi Y^_bZh[d$C[Wdm^_b["_cf[YYWXbo Zh[ii[Z'(#o[Wh#ebZMad Men WYjh[iiA_[hdWdI^_faW"ikhfh_i[Z cWdom^[dj^[Hollywood Reporter h[fehj[Zi^[fheYkh[i^[hemd \Wi^_ed$

Designer Baby <hecj^[YbWii_Yijob_d]e\EiYWh Z[bWH[djWWdZZ[YWZ[djL[hiWY[ WYY[iieh_[ijej^[be]e#^Wffo j^h[WZiXo<[dZ_WdZBek_iLk_jjed" WdkcX[he\^_]^#[dZbWX[biademd \ehj^[_hfh_Y[omec[dim[Wh`e_d[Z j^[a_ZZ_[feebXobWkdY^_d]Zemdi_p[Zb_d[i\ehY^_bZh[d$J^[Xkpp WhekdZj^[i[\WdYo\Wi^_edi^_j

Earnshaw’s Turned 95 M[cWha[Zekh/+j^Wdd_l[hiWhoXo Z_l_d]_djej^[WhY^_l[iWdZh[l_i_j_d]j^[\Wi^_edjh[dZi"b[WZ[hi"Y^Wbb[d][iWdZY^Wd][ij^Wjh[lebkj_ed_p[Zj^[Y^_bZh[dÊiWffWh[b_dZkijho$ J^[Y[b[XhWjehoceeZYWhh_[ZedWj j^[\[ij_l[EYjeX[h;DA9^_bZh[dÊi 9bkXm^[h[m[Y[b[XhWj[Zj^[c_b[ijed[Wjj^[;Whd_[7mWhZi$

Fall ’12 Oscar de la Renta

6 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

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11/14/12 10:29 AM

Zutano In The House DREAMS ARE LIKELY to be cheery and bright when Zutano bows its first hWd][e\Yh_XWdZdkhi[ho\khd_jkh[_dIfh_d]Ê')$J^[Y^_bZh[dÊiWffWh[bXhWdZ" ademd\ehkd_gk[YebehYecX_dWj_ediWdZgk_haofh_dji_cW]_d[ZXoZ[i_]d[h WdZYe#\ekdZ[hKb_8[b[dao"^Wi_da[ZWb_Y[di_d]W]h[[c[djm_j^b[WZ_d] `kl[d_b[\khd_jkh[cWdk\WYjkh[hIjeha9hW\jjefheZkY[Zh[ii[hi"d_]^jijWdZi" Y^Wd]_d]jWXb[iWdZWYh_Xj^WjYWdYedl[hjWij^[XWXo]hemi$ ÇM[Wh[[nY_j[ZWXekjj^_ieffehjkd_jojemeham_j^Ijeha9hW\jjeYh[Wj[W jhkbokd_gk[Yebb[Yj_ede\dkhi[ho\khd_jkh[j^WjYWfjkh[ij^[Yb[Wd"ceZ[hd WdZm^_ci_YWbif_h_je\PkjWde"ÈiWoiFh[i_Z[dje\PkjWdeC_Y^W[b8[b[dao$ ÇKb_^WiikY^WfWii_ed\ehWhY^_j[Yjkh[WdZ_dj[h_ehZ[i_]d$?j_iWZh[WcYec[ jhk[Q\eh^[hSjeX[WXb[jeYh[Wj[Wd[dj_h[PkjWdedkhi[ho[dl_hedc[djj^Wj [nfWdZi^[hl_i_edX[oedZXWXoYbej^[i"È^[WZZi$ Kb_ÊiYebeh\kbZ[i_]dW[ij^[j_Ym_bbX[Wffb_[Zjej^[[dj_h[Yebb[Yj_ed$?j_iW b_l[boWffheWY^jedkhi[ho\khd_jkh[j^Wj:m_]^j?\bWdZ"l_Y[fh[i_Z[dje\iWb[i WdZcWha[j_d]\ehIjeha9hW\j"iWoiif[Waijeoekd]\Wc_b_[ibeea_d]\ehiec[j^_d]\h[i^WdZief^_ij_YWj[Z$ 8[b[daoYed\_hciPkjWdeÊiYecc_jc[djjeikffehjj^[if[Y_WbjocWha[jXo e\\[h_d]j^[Z_ij_dYj_l[Yebb[Yj_edWjWYecf[j_j_l[fh_Y[$Fbki"^[dej[i"Ijeha 9hW\je\\[hiWZhefi^_fi[hl_Y["m^_Y^YekbZX[W]eeZeffehjkd_jo\ehif[Y_Wbjo Xekj_gk[ijei[bbj^[\kbbPkjWdeYebb[Yj_edm_j^ekj^Wl_d]jeiWYh_\_Y[j^[_h b_c_j[Zh[jW_bWdZmWh[^eki[ifWY[$8[b[daoWZZi"Ç?j^_daj^[PkjWdeYebb[Yj_edm_bbX[[cXhWY[ZXoekhl[hobeoWbPkjWde\ebbem_d]j^WjmWdjijeYh[Wj[W XWXodkhi[hoj^Wj[nfh[ii[ij^[`eoWdZkd_gk[[d[h]oe\j^[_hd[mXWXo$È—A.V.

INTO THE WILD RUGGED BEAR TEAMS UP WITH BEAR TRUST INTERNATIONAL TO EDUCATE CHILDREN. CHILDREN’S OUTERWEAR BRAND, Rugged 8[Wh"_ifWhjd[h_d]m_j^ ded#fhe\_jeh]Wd_pWj_ed 8[WhJhkij?dj[hdWj_edWb in an effort to educate iY^eeb#W][ZY^_bZh[ded [dl_hedc[djWbWdZYedi[hlWj_ed_iik[ih[bWj_d] jeX[Whij^hek]^cWj^ WdZiY_[dY[$8[WhJhkij ?dj[hdWj_edWbÊi\_hij [ZkYWj_edfhe]hWcmWi bWkdY^[Z_dj^[\Wbbe\(&'' WdZdemh[WY^[i-"+&& ijkZ[dji_d'-ijWj[i"WdZ is free for students and j[WY^[hije`e_d$Ç8[YWki[ 8[WhJhkij_iWded#fhe\_j eh]Wd_pWj_edj^Wj_idej c[cX[hi^_f#Zh_l[d"m[ h[boedj^[][d[hei_joe\ \ekdZWj_edi"_dZ_l_ZkWbiWdZYecfWd_[ib_a[ Hk]][Z8[Whje^[bfki cWa[WZ_\\[h[dY[\eh m_bZX[WhiWdZY^_bZh[d

[l[hom^[h["ÈiWoiC[b_iiW H[odebZi#>e]bWdZ"[n[Ykj_l[Z_h[Yjehe\8[WhJhkij ?dj[hdWj_edWb$ ;b_O[Z_Z"fh[i_Z[dje\ Hk]][Z8[WhWdZfWh[dj YecfWdo9kj_[F_[8WXo" iWoij^[j_c_d]mWih_]^j _dfWhjd[h_d]m_j^8[Wh Jhkij?dj[hdWj_edWb$ÇM[ wanted to choose a cause j^WjmekbZX[ckjkWbboX[d[\_Y_WbWdZmekbZ YecX_d[ekhfWii_ed\eh Y^_bZh[dWdZj^[[dl_hedc[dj"È^[dej[i$ÇM[Wbie mWdj[Zj^[eh]Wd_pWj_ed jei^Wh[m_j^kij^[iWc[ b[l[be\[nY_j[c[djWdZ [dj^ki_WicWXekjj^[ ifediehi^_f$È 7f[hY[djW][e\[WY^ Hk]][Z8[WhfkhY^Wi[m_bb X[ZedWj[Zje8[WhJhkij ?dj[hdWj_edWbje^[bf\kdZ _ji[ZkYWj_edWbfhe]hWc$ —Maria Bouselli

Photo by Doug Lindstrand


Models walking in the Rookie USA fashion show.

ROOKIE USA CELEBRATEDj^[ef[d_d]e\_ji\bW]i^_fijeh[_dD[mOeha9_jo _dEYjeX[h"Yecfb[j[m_j^W\Wi^_edi^em ^eij[ZXoBWBW7dj^edoWdZWc[[j#WdZ# ]h[[jm_j^D[mOehaAd_YaifbWo[h9Whc[be 7dj^edo$9^_bZh[de\\WcekiWj^b[j[i" _dYbkZ_d]:[h[a@[j[hÊid[f^[m"@Wb[dWdZ 7cWhÊ[IjekZ[c_h[ÊiY^_bZh[d7cWhÊ["7hƒ WdZ7iiWjW"mWba[Zj^[hkdmWoWjj^[ef[d_d]$7\j[hj^[i^em"]k[ijim[h[WXb[jec[[j m_j^7dj^edoWi^[i_]d[ZfheZkYji\ehWdo Ykijec[him^efkhY^Wi[Z@ehZWd_j[ciWdZ fheZkYji\hec^_iemd@ehZWdC[bea_ZiÊb_d[$


er_11_12_talking_points_02.indd 7

11/14/12 10:29 AM

talking points


J.C. Penney is partnering with baby retailer Giggle to launch specialty shop-in-shops.

er_11_12_pg8-9_REVISE.indd 8

RETAIL EXPERTS’ MIXED reviews continue to haunt Ron Johnson in his bid to turn J.C. Penney into America’s favorite store. Over the past year the CEO, mastermind behind Apple’s retail makeover in 2001 and Target’s cheapchic strategy, has embarked on a grand mission to boost lagging sales and transform the 110-year-old department store’s “old lady” image into something sleek and modern. Under his guidance, the retailer has tried to adjust pricing, merchandise and store design and even changed the store’s moniker, but

efforts have turned off loyal shoppers and failed to draw new ones as hoped. “I think the problem here is the execution,” offers Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates Inc., a national retail consulting and investment banking firm headquartered in New York, about J.C. Penney’s move to do away with coupons and frequent sales in favor of “everyday low pricing” earlier this year. “When Macy’s merged with May Company—they were more promotional and had more coupons because they were a Midwest company—Macy’s took away the coupons and they almost went out of business. So Macy’s put the coupons back.” And, Davidowitz says, instead of testing it in 10 stores, [J.C. Penney] did it everywhere. “It sank the whole company, and I don’t know if it can recover,” he says. Shares fell sharply from a yearlong high of $43.13 in February to $19.25 in July, forcing the company to re-issue $10 coupons, advertise free haircuts and offer promotions on clearance items. In September, the Plano, TX, company unveiled a shop-in-shop prototype that will see the likes of Disney, GiggleBaby and Carter’s setting up branded stores in 700 of its 1,100 J.C. Penney stores by 2015. “[The shops] look great, they sound great, but they’re a work in progress because traffic is an issue,” says Poonam Goyal, senior retail analyst at Bloomberg Industries, who thinks that getting consumers back into the stores will be “painful.” Mini-shops like these already in some J.C. Penney stores are outselling the rest of the merchandise by 20 percent, but comp-store sales sank 28 percent in the quarter ended in July. The company also plans to widen its aisles and add coffee, candy and gelato stands and introduce new self-checkout kiosks—for which customers need to set up a store account and have it pre-linked to a credit card—to improve the shopping experience. “I do think there will be plenty of hiccups,” Goyal says.—Lyndsay McGregor

11/14/12 5:01 PM

Come Together BRIXY, A NEW community of independently owned baby and children’s retailers, was created to help even the playing field for specialty stores. Memberships will be available starting in January 2013. Jill Cartwright, executive director of Brixy, says there are several items on the organization’s agenda: to give retailers more leverage and allow them to reduce operating expenses such as shipping, supplies and health insurance; to provide excellent educational resources about topics such as retail financials and best practices in social media; and to help manufacturers in the children’s furniture and gear industries to achieve greater efficiency, scale and profitability while working with a diverse group of specialty retailers. “We want to create a winwin for retailers and manufacturers,” Cartwright says. Although Brixy is still working out membership qualifications and pricing details, she says there’s no downside to join. “The biggest benefit will be the peer-to-peer support,” she says. More information can be found on

er_11_12_pg8-9_REVISE.indd 9

11/14/12 1:54 PM

fresh finds

Created by Candice Dhakjwa, a former fashion editor and media spokeswoman for Glamour, Cie is a line of limited-edition garments for boys and girls ages newborn to 8 made from natural and vintage textiles. Founded on the belief that clothing should be timeless, versatile and effortlessly stylish—as well as environmentally conscious—each piece is built to last. Wholesale prices range from $32 to $44. Visit

Produced and based in New York, Suoak mixes East and West with contrasting patterns and textures to bow a collection of contemporary clothing for babies and toddlers sizes 3M to 3Y. Using fabrics from Japan and Switzerland, designer Elly Geana-Park has created a line that’s sweetly serious and slightly formal, but comfy enough for playtime. Wholesale prices range from $25 to $100. Visit

Brooklyn, NY-based Kalulu debuts for spring with a textile-driven collection of contemporary silhouettes inspired by the colors and traditions of East Africa. Featuring 17 easy-towear pieces for boys and girls sizes 2T to 10, this made-in-the-USA brand allows kids to stand out and express their individuality in a palette of turquoise, orange, red, pink, green and white. Wholesale prices range from $25 to $36. Go to

Seattle, WA-based BabyLegs is extending its product range with one-piece snapsuits designed to complement the brand’s signature legwarmers. Launching as BL BodyWear, the line is made from 100 percent interlock cotton and is available for boys and girls in newborn sizes. With lap tee shoulder constructions and three easy snaps at the bottom, diaper changes are a breeze. Coordinating sets wholesale for $10. Go to

1 0 ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C  š  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  ( & ' (

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11/12/12 10:28 AM

Take a little bit of fashion, add a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll and top off with a generous helping of playfulness—that’s the recipe behind Swedish clothing line The Brand. Founded in 2005 by husband-wife team Jonatan and Johanna Brandstorm, the label is launching in the U.S. for Spring ’13. French terry cotton anchors the collection, with peplum and ruffles for girls, while boys get graphic tees and sweatshirts. Sizes range from 3M to 14Y and wholesale prices range from $20 to $90. Check out

Ququa Kids offers boutique swimwear for children with an emphasis on stylish designs that protect from UV rays. Styles pay homage to the dainty design of the 1920s with peter pan collars, shoulder ruffles and swim skirts for girls, while boys are beachready in board shorts. Sizes range from 2 to 6 years and wholesale prices range from $18 to $25. Visit

Time Machine is a line of tees, hoodies, pants and sweaters for boys’ sizes 2 to 12. Made in Peru using a special blend of 100 percent pima cotton and polycotton, each super-soft piece is treated in custom dyes and finish washes, and colors span pink and purple to basic white and grey. Wholesale prices range from $17 to $48.60. Check out

Taking its cue from the heritage of textile designer and founder Aashumi Shah, Mirasa Design incorporates the colors of the Indian landscape with traditional kantha and ari style embroidery to offer My Fun, a collection of eco-friendly toys made from 100 percent cotton, stuffed with polyfill and colored using Azo free dyes. Wholesale prices range from $13 to $16. Check out

( & ' (  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  š  ; 7 H D I > 7M I $ 9 E C  11

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11/12/12 10:28 AM

hot properties


Nancy Markert & Amy Hoffman on winning the 2012 Earnie Award for

App Takeover One of the most popular mobile Wffi:eeZb[@kcf_ijWa_d]_ji design to the streets with apparel and accessories for both children WdZoekd]WZkbji$J^[YecfWdo is partnering with Freeze for apfWh[b18[hai^_h[\eh^ei_[ho"YebZ weather wear and rainwear; Fast Forward for backpacks and fashion bags; Gund for plushes; and

The Wonderful T-shirts of Oz Natures Mistake is featuring artist Michael Sieben’s works based on the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on apparel. Publisher HarperCollins recruited Sieben to illustrate the classic piece of literature for a re-release set for CWhY^(&')$J^[\kbbb_d[e\Wfparel will launch during this time, with select pieces previewing this fall. “[Sieben] has a completely different take; no one has a style like him,” says Matt Geiger, CEO and founder of Natures Mistake. ÇJ^[Whjmeha_iieeh_]_dWb"WdZ he’s just like us—super down to earth. We just clicked; it was a

Innovation First as the premier toy licensee. Eric Karp, licensing chief for Lima Sky, owners of :eeZb[@kcf"_iceij[nY_j[Zje i[[\Wdiifehj_d]:eeZb[@kcf designs. He also notes that the company chose local, NY-based partners in order to have handson design access. “We can say with absolute confidence that :eeZb[@kcf^WiYWfWX_b_j_[i that lend themselves to design products,” he says. While the company is looking to strike into the mid-tier and mass market stores first, Karp says they hope to expand into the specialty ijeh[cWha[jWim[bb$Ç8kjm[m_bb be selective and we will make sure to differentiate design and quality by tier of distribution,” he notes. While prices are not Ykhh[djboi[j\eh:eeZb[@kcf products, set to hit the market in Ikcc[hÊ')"h[jW_b[hiYWdYedjWYj Karp for more information at


perfect match.” On the children’s end of the collection, one-pieces, J#i^_hji"WdZfW`WcWi\ehjeZZb[hi and juniors will be offered, as well as belts, wallets, purses and tote XW]i\ehWZkbji$ÇJ^WjÊi`kijm^Wj we’re going to start with and as we get things going we want to [nfWdZ"È^[iWoi$J^[Yebb[Yj_ed will be primarily sold in department stores and the company has yet to release pricing information. For inquiries, contact Evelyn Mendoza at

12 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

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11/12/12 10:31 AM

EARN_13 13

11/13/12 1:00:31 PM

NINE THINGS RumbaTime watch

1 3


Puma socks


Little Imbue jacket


Snapper Rock flap hat


Pediped Mary Jane

Real Kids Shades sunglasses


7 Johnnie-O towels

Baggu backpack


G O O D S PO RT Boon water bottle

From socks to shades, don’t forget these summer camp essentials for Spring/Summer ’13. By Lyndsay McGregor

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er_11_12_Top9_01.indd 14

11/12/12 10:35 AM

EARN_15 15

11/12/12 10:58:29 AM


Hank & Jojo T-shirt

Pluto alligator one-piece

Text Me

Chalking it up to “abnormally fast j^kcXi"ÈW'-#o[Wh#ebZM_iYedi_dXeo mWidWc[Zj^[\Wij[ijj[nj[h_d7c[h# _YW\ehj^[i[YedZo[Wh_dWhemj^_i ikcc[h$?ji^ekbZYec[Wideikhfh_i[ j^Wja_ZiWh[fheiWji[dZ_d]_dijWdj c[iiW][i"j[njiWdZjm[[ji$7\j[hWbb"W h[Y[djL[h_pedM_h[b[iiikhl[o\ekdZ j^Wjj^[Wl[hW][W][\ehWY^_bZje][jW Y[bbf^ed[_i''$J^[m[Wh[hie\j^[i[ c[iiW][j[[iWdZed[#f_[Y[iWh[WXekj WZ[YWZ[WmWo\hec^Wl_d]j^[_hemd Jm_jj[hWYYekdji"Xkjj^[oij_bb^Wl[ fb[djojeWddekdY[jej^[mehbZ$<hec _dif_hWj_edWbmehZiWdZi_bboYWjY^ f^hWi[ijej^[a_dZe\XWdj[hWXekj feej^WjedboWdWZehWXb[_d\WdjYWd ][jWmWom_j^"c[iiW][j[[iWh[W\kd mWojejhWdibWj[Ç]ee]eeiÈWdZÇ]W# ]WiÈÆWjb[Wijkdj_bj^[jejÊi^WdZ#[o[ YeehZ_dWj_ed_ij[nj_d]#h[WZo$ —Angela Velasquez

Wry Baby bodysuit

Psychobaby one-piece and cap

Sourpuss tattoo one-piece

16 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

er_11_12_trends_01.indd 16

11/12/12 10:36 AM


La Miniatura tie-dye jeans

Desigual striped and floral leggings

Luna Leggings skirted knit leggings Flutter by Angela Frost lace print leggings


Fancy Pants

Nothing fades the denim blues away faster—or more fashionably—than a pair of bold printed fWdji$J^_iikcc[hfWdjim_j^f[hiedWb_jo were spotted at all four fashion weeks across the globe, on and off the runway, proving that j^_ijh[dZ^Wij^[b[]ijeYedj_dk[_djeIfh_d] Ê')$7dZm_j^j^[b_a[ie\WYjh[iiAh_ij[dIj[mWhjWdZ^_fcec=m[dIj[\Wd_Xej^m[Wh_d] Balenciaga’s floral trousers, and 14-year-old fashion maverick Elle Fanning daring to sport a pair, it’s no wonder the statement-making threads are on the radar of moms and kids, jee$Ie\jb[]]_d]im_j^Xh_]^jXbeeci"ijh_f[i eh[l[df_hWj[i^_fiWh[fbWo]hekdZ#\h_[dZbo$ J^[gk_haofWjj[hdifW_hm[bbm_j^i_cfb[j[[i and tunics, while tie-dye jeans in blazing hot hues leave kids to channel their inner guitar ^[he[i$—AV

Winter Water Factory pirate ship pants (&'(DEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;Hš;7HDI>7MI$9EC 17

er_11_12_trends_01.indd 17

11/12/12 10:36 AM


Wholesale: $8-$50 Sizing: 7-12 years

In Play Sports brand Under Armour adds new twists to appeal to both mom and kid.

Any way you stack it,

Dallas offers more for kids Dallas KidsWorld Market APPAREL. GIFT. ACCESSORIES. TOY.

January 24-27, 2013 Dallas Market Center 214.744.7444

er_11_12_spotlight_04.indd 18

FIRST AVAILABLE AT retail in 2007, Under Armour’s active wear line for children has become a go-to sports brand for kids, and has been the fastest growing branch of the company, increasing more than 30 percent each year. Adrienne Lofton Shaw, senior marketing director at Under Armour, attributes some of its success to the younger generation wanting to emulate their older siblings, and to the many focus groups they held to learn more about this demographic. “We’re talking to young athletes, seeing what they’re looking for and actually building what they’re asking,” she says. Shaw describes the Spring

’13 collection as “sports centric, original, trend ripe and stylish,” while maintaining the Under Armour voice. The collection includes bright, neon colors that follow the trends of the season, as well as some other innovations. The line features a shirt that displays a pattern when it becomes wet, encouraging kids to get active, and another has a logo that changes color in the sun. “We showed a kid that graphic about 18 months ago and his eyes [lit up]. When you see the elation you know you’re on to something and it’s the validation to go build it,” she says. The clothing is made of charge-cotton fabric, which dries five times faster while still having a soft feel.

Shaw calls their customers the “next generation” of athletes. She says the Under Armour team identifies their target boy consumer as the “future champ” who looks up to his big brother, is involved in various sports and stands out amongst his peers. They call their girl the “rising star,” and describe her as wanting to have fun and look good while playing sports, which fits into their mission—to give children the looks they want while also pleasing parents. “While the kid is choosing the products, the mom is the one using her wallet,” she notes. “It’s critical to make sure we’re talking to both.” Part of this aspect plays into Under Armour’s overarching factor of performance in all of its active wear and footwear, which includes keeping children safe. For the spring collection, Under Armour accomplishes this with UPF50 in each piece to offer children protection from the sun. While moms love the fact that their kids are shielded from the sun’s harmful effects, children love the fun designs and colors. Footwear and accessories, such as headbands made out of wrap tape, round out the spring collection. “The reaction has been amazing,” Shaw notes. While Under Armour is currently focusing on core athletic stores, such as Sport’s Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods, the brand hopes to expand more into specialty boutiques in the coming years as well as develop its e-commerce site, Through the Under Armour children’s line, Shaw hopes that the brand builds loyalty at an early age that continues as kids grow into serious athletes. She says: “We know we’re building the right product for our little boy and girl, and as long as we introduce it to them and get it on their backs, we know we’ll be successful.”—Maria Bouselli

11/14/12 5:00 PM


Wholesale: $3-5 Sizes: 0 to 24 months

Sox Invasion Planet Sox takes over the footwear space with its new baby division. ELIE LEVY FOUNDED Planet Ien_d'//*je\_bbj^[le_Zi^[ iWm_dj^[cWha[j"WdZj^[YecfWdoYedj_dk[ij^_ic_ii_ed jeZWoWi_jWZZiFbWd[jIen8WXo je_jib_d[kf$Ç8o]_l_d]Q_d\Wdj% jeZZb[hS_jiemdZ_l_i_ed"m[m_bb ]_l[_jj^[Wjj[dj_ed_jZ[i[hl[i X[YWki[e\j^[lWijeffehjkd_jo Q_dj^Wji[]c[djS"ÈiWoiIkiWd If_dZ[bb"iWb[icWdW][hWjFbWd[j Ien$7dZje^[WZj^[d[mZ_l_i_ed"FbWd[jIen[db_ij[Z_d\Wdj \eejm[Wh[nf[hjFWjAh[bb[d$ FbWd[jIen8WXo\[Wjkh[ii^e[i WdZieYai_dd[mXehdi_p[i& je(*cedj^i_dWbbijob[i"\hec \Wi^_edWXb[je\kdYj_edWb"_dYWj[]eh_[ihWd]_d]\hecid[Wa[hiWdZ hW_dXeejijeZh[iiWdZYWikWb$ J^[Z_l_i_edWbie_dYbkZ[iB_b Hkdd[hi"m^_Y^^WiWfWj[dj[Z Z[i_]dj^WjYecX_d[iWi^e[#ieb[ Xejjecm_j^WieYajef"WdZ^_]^# [dZXhWdZF[f_8WcX_d_$ ?d_jiZ[i_]dWdZijob["Ah[bb[d iWoij^WjFbWd[jIen8WXoijh_l[i

ÇjeX[Qj^[S _ddelWjehWdZ b[WZ[hÈe\j^[cWha[j$I^[dej[ij^[b_d[ÊiYebeh WdZgkWb_joWijmeijWdZ#ekj Y^WhWYj[h_ij_Yi$<ehifh_d]"i^[ dej[i_jÊiWbbWXekjY^Wdd[b_d] j^[f[h\ehcWdY[Wj^b[j_Ybeea$ Ç8ko[hiWh[h[WYj_d]h[Wbbom[bb jej^[b_d["Èi^[WZZi$Ç?jÊiWYecX_dWj_ede\j^[h_]^jfh_Y[fe_dji m_j^_ddelWj_l[\Wi^_ed"Yebeh WdZfWYaW]_d]$È @eZ_CWdd_d]"Z_h[Yjehe\ Z[i_]dWdZc[hY^WdZ_i_d]" m^edWc[id[edi"fWij[bi"WdZ YeXWbj^k[iWifefkbWhifh_d] Yebehi"dej[ij^WjFbWd[jIen 8WXoYh[Wj[iWed[#ijefi^eff_d][nf[h_[dY[$Ç<eh_d\Wdji" m[YWd]_l[QYkijec[hiSieYai" j_]^jiWdZYh_Xi^e[i"m^_b[_d j^[fWijj^[omekbZ^Wl[^WZje ]ejeZ_\\[h[djl[dZehi\ehj^Wj i[b[Yj_ed"Èi^[iWoi$B_Y[di[i\eh FbWd[jIen8WXo_dYbkZ[<_bW"Fhe FbWo[h"Iekj^Feb[":_id[oWdZ

D_Ya[beZ[ed$ 8[i_Z[ij^[FbWd[jIen8WXo Z_l_i_ed"j^[YecfWdoWbie e\\[hiej^[hY^_bZh[dÊi\eejm[Wh" _dYbkZ_d]9WdZo=_hb"FbWd[jIen A_Zi"FbWd[jIenIfehjWdZIfehj ;ii[dj_Wbi"Wim[bbWib_Y[di[Z bWX[biikY^Wi;ifh_j$ÇM[mWdj jecWa[ikh[j^Wj[l[hoXeZoÊi Yel[h[Z"ÈCWdd_d]iWoi"WZZ_d] j^WjÇdejmea_ZiWh[Wb_a[$È CWdd_d]iWoiifh_d]jh[dZi\eh ]_hbi_dYbkZ[]b_jj[hWdZÇXb_d]È Çj^[ceh[Xb_d]j^[X[jj[hÈ" YebehXbeYa_d]"im[[j[hiakbbi m_j^^[Whji\eh[o[i"WdZifehj Z[jW_bi_dif_h[ZXoZWdY["Y^[[h WdZieYY[h$<ehXeoi"Wd_cWbi h[cW_dfefkbWhWim[bbWilWh_eki ifehji$Ç?j^_dam[Êh[Wb_jjb[ceh[ \eYki[Zj^_io[WhQ\ehifh_d]S$

M[Êh[jho_d]jeYedY[djhWj[ceh[ edj^[jh[dZiWdZ]hWf^_Yi"Èi^[ iWoi$Ç;l[hoed[i[[ci[nY_j[Z WdZm[Êl[^WZdej^_d]Xkjfei_j_l[\[[ZXWYa$È 8[oedZj^_ikfYec_d]ifh_d] i[Wied"CWdd_d]WdZIf_dZ[bb Xej^[nf[YjFbWd[jIenjeYedj_dk[m_j^_jih[fkjWj_ede\gkWb_joWdZ[nfWdi_ed$Ç?j^_daj^Wj m[Êh[]e_d]jeYedj_dk[j^_ijh[c[dZeki]hemj^Ykhl[j^Wjm[Êl[ X[[dedWdZa[[fW^[WZe\j^[ ]Wc["ÈIf_dZ[bbiWoi$ÇM^Wj[l[h j^WjkfYec_d]jh[dZ_i"m^[h[l[h Xki_d[ii_i^[WZ[Z"m[ÊbbX[j^[h[ \ehj^[bed]^Wkbm_j^fheZkYj Z[i_]dWdWboi_iWdZYedj_dk[je fWhjd[hj^[mWom[^Wl[i_dY[ '//*$È—MB

( & ' (  D E L ; C 8 ; H % : ; 9 ; C 8 ; H  š ; 7 H D I > 7 M I $ 9 E C   1 9

er_11_12_spotlight_04.indd 19

11/12/12 10:34 AM


MEET OUR THREE Hall of Fame honorees \eh(&'("h[Ye]d_p[ZXoEarnshaw’s\ehj^[_h Z[Z_YWj_edWdZj^[_cfWYjj^[o^Wl[cWZ[ed j^[Y^_bZh[dim[Wh_dZkijho$


7bj^ek]^B[ij[hAhed\[bZfWii[ZWmWoj^_i fWij7k]kij"^_ib[]WYob_l[iedWdZ_ij^h_l_d]_dW^eije\jh_#ijWj[Wh[Wijeh[iX[Wh_d]^_i dWc["Xk_bjm_j^Wi_cfb[h[jW_bf^_beief^o0 \Wc_bolWbk[i"W]eeZmeha[j^_YWdZjeWbmWoi jh[WjYkijec[hi\W_hbo$ JeZWo"B[ij[hÊicWoX[hkdXoWd[m ][d[hWj_ed"Xkj_jiYeh[h[cW_diZ[Y_Z[Zbo ebZiY^eeb$8Whho9e^[d"d[f^[me\\ekdZ[hiB_bb_WdWdZB[ij[hAhed\[bZ"hkdij^[ \Wc_bo#emd[Z_dZ[f[dZ[djijeh[im_j^^_i Yeki_di"j^[Ahed\[bZiÊY^_bZh[d"F[hhoWdZ I^[h_IY^ehh$ÇB[ij[hWdZB_bb_WdjWk]^jki jeX[^ed[ijWdZje^Wl[j^[ceijYkhh[dj XhWdZiWdZkf#je#j^[#c_dkj[\Wi^_edi$ J^[o\eij[h[ZWed[#ed#ed[h[bWj_edi^_f m_j^j^[_hYb_[dji"È9e^[dh[YWbbi"dej_d] j^Wjikf[h_ehYkijec[hi[hl_Y[ÆZ[b_l[h_d]Wfei_j_l[i^eff_d][nf[h_[dY[ÆmWi WbmWoifWhWcekdjje^_ikdYb[$>Wl_d] Xk_bjj^[ijeh[ijei[hl[j^[beYWb8heeabod

d[_]^Xeh^eeZ"B[ij[hWdZ^_ij[Wc]ejjeadem ][d[hWj_edie\\Wc_b_[iÆYkijec[him[h[iec[j_c[ij^[Y^_bZ"cej^[hWdZ]hWdZcej^[h$ J^[+,#o[Wh#ebZ9e^[dijWhj[Zmeha_d]Wj B[ij[hÊifWhj#j_c[_d^_]^iY^eebkdfWYa_d] c[hY^WdZ_i[WdZ^WdZb_d]ijeYaWdZ[l[djkWbbocel[Z_djeiWb[i$7\j[h^[]hWZkWj[Z\hec 8WhkY^m_j^WZ[]h[[_dXki_d[iiWdZh[jW_b cWdW][c[dj"B[ij[hWia[Z^_cje`e_dj^[Xki_d[iiWdZ^[bf]hemWdZ[nfWdZj^[ijeh[i$ ÇEl[h,+o[Whi"m[Êl[]ed[j^hek]^cWdo

h_j[ie\fWiiW]["È9e^[d[nfbW_di"dej_d]j^Wj j^[9ed[o?ibWdZijeh[a[fj]hem_d]WdZ [nfWdZ_d]kdj_b_jjeeael[hj^[[dj_h[XbeYa m_j^i[l[dijeh[i$DemB[ij[hÊi^Wii_nZ_\\[h[dj beYWj_edi"edj^[@[hi[oI^eh[WdZBed]?ibWdZ WdZ_dM[ijY^[ij[hWdZCWd^WjjWd"Wim[bbWiW d[medb_d[i_j[bWkdY^[ZbWij<[XhkWho$ J^[i[ZWoi"j^[Xki_d[iij^WjmWiÇZed[Xo j^[]kjÈXoB[ij[h"_iW^_]^#j[Y^medZ[hbWdZ$ ÇM[^Wl[ZWjWed[l[hoj^_d]$M[^Wl[Wioij[c _dfbWY[j^WjjhWYai[l[hoj^_d]ÆXoYebeh"ijob[" i_p["l[dZeh"Wim[bbWim^WjÊiX[[d cWha[ZZemd$ÈM_j^j^Wjb[l[be\ _d\ehcWj_edYekfb[Zm_j^WYWb[dZWh Left: Barry Cohen with Sheri and Perry Schorr; Lester’s Zh_l_d]iWb[iWdZfhecej_ediY_hYb[Z founders Lillian and Lester WhekdZ^eb_ZWo"h[iehj"YWcf"XWYa Kronfeld. jeiY^eebWdZceh["j^[Xko[hiadem m^Wjj^[oÊh[beea_d]\ehWdZ[nWYjbo m^Wj]eeZiWh[^_jj_d]j^[_hcWha m_j^j^[B[ij[hÊiYkijec[h$ ÇOek^Wl[jeX[W^[WZe\j^[Ykhl[ m_j^Xko_d]jh[dZi"È9e^[diWoi$ ÇEkhXko[hiWh[Wj[Wce\(&_dYbej^_d]"i^e[iWdZWYY[iieh_[i"\ehWbb W][i$J^[oWh[WbmWoii[WhY^_d]\eh m^WjÊid[m_d\Wi^_edÆm[mWdjje X[j^[\_hijh[jW_b[hje^Wl[j^[c"È^[

20 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

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11/14/12 1:39 PM

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K.I.D.S. Interim President David Coleman.

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Coleman says. Recently, he says he’s been thinking a lot about the relation of poverty to Y^_bZh[dÊi[ZkYWj_ed"j^_io[Wh^[ijWj[iA$?$:$I$^WiZedWj[Zd[Whbo/c_bb_ed_dXeeai$>[ notes that the line is easily drawn from new apparel, to an increased feeling of belonging at school and friendships, to stability and success. Product donations are essential for the organization, but Coleman also points out the '&#je#ed[ckbj_fb_[h[\\[Yjj^WjjWa[i^ebZm_j^YWi^ZedWj_edijej^[Y^Wh_jo$M^[dj^[o][j 'ZedWj_ed"j^[oWh[WXb[je][j'&e\fheZkYjjeY^_bZh[d_dd[[Z$Ç8kj"e\Yekhi["_jÊied[ j^_d]jei[[j^[dkcX[hi"È9eb[cWdWjj[iji$Ç?jÊiWdej^[hjei[[WY^_bZic_b[$È


Having spent 37 years in the childrenswear busi# d[ii"8kpp:Wdd[d\[bi[h^WiZed[Wd_cfh[ii_l[`eX keeping under the radar. It’s surprising, given he built j^[@eb[d[Zh[iiXki_d[ii\hec-&&"&&&je(/c_b# b_edZebbWhi_dj^[Ê/&iWdZheZ[j^[FeaƒcedmWl[ into the new millennium, representing a licensed J#i^_hjb_d[\[Wjkh_d]j^[Y^WhWYj[h\hecm^_Y^^[iebZ millions. Since then he has run a rep firm address# ing inventory needs for every childrenswear channel, Ç\heccWii[ijeYbWii[i$È >[ijWhj[Z^_iYWh[[h_dj^[c_ZÊ-&i$7bj^ek]^^_i plan was to go to FIT, he missed enrollment and got W`eXWjIWai<_\j^7l[dk[Wjj^[X[^[ije\^_idem# \Wj^[h#_d#bWmm^ekh][Z^_cjeZeieX[\eh[feff_d] Buzz Dannenfelser the question. He started out part time at the depart# ment store, supporting their bustling Christmas business in the boys’ department then moved up to department manager and eventually Xko[h$>_iYWh[[hmWi_dcej_ed"WdZ<?J\[bbXoj^[mWoi_Z[$Ç?]h[mkf_dj^[YecfWdo"È iWoi:Wdd[d\[bi[he\IWai"m^eiWmj^[XeoiÊYbej^_d]i[b[Yj_edcel[\hecd[Whbo[dj_h[bo Izod Lacoste to a host of children’s goods managed by eight Z_\\[h[djXko[hi$7\j[hi[l[hWbo[WhiWjIWai":Wdd[d\[bi[h was snapped up by his biggest supplier at the department store, Seibel and Stern, and headed up the Yves Saint Laurent b_Y[di[Z]_hbiÊZh[iiXki_d[ii$8o'/..^[cWZ[j^[Z[Y_i_ed to go on his own and become an independent rep in the chil# dren’s industry. Starting with medium priced dress line Jolene, better dress line Genuine Rose as well as children’s apparel company F[WY^[iD9h[Wc":Wdd[d\[bi[h]h[mj^[Xki_d[iikdj_b^[ ^WZi[l[d[cfbeo[[i"j^h[[i^emheeciWdZWiWb[i\ehY[e\'& f[efb[$Ç7dZj^[d"È:Wdd[d\[bi[hiWoi"Çj^[h[mWiFeaƒced$È A colleague gave him an opportunity to get in on repre# i[dj_d]]eeZikdZ[hj^[cWij[hFeaƒcedb_Y[di[_d'//.$ :Wdd[d\[bi[h^eff[ZedWfbWd[je9Wb_\ehd_Wjei[Wbj^[ Z[WbW\j[hX[_d]f[hikWZ[Zj^Wj_jmWiWckij#ZeXoijkZ[dji Wjj^[iY^eebWjm^_Y^^_im_\[meha[Z$Ç7bbe\coej^[hXki_d[ii[i\[bbXoj^[mWoi_Z["È :Wdd[d\[bi[hh[YWbbi$Ç?jmWiW]h[Wjj^h[[#o[Whh_Z[$È Feij#Feaƒced^[`kcf[ZXWYa_djeh[fh[i[dj_d]WdWhhWoe\Y^_bZh[dÊiWffWh[bb_d[i"WdZ now, with a variety of business experience under his belt, he decided to offer something ceh[$Ç:e_d]m^Wj?Ze_iWb_jjb[Z_\\[h[djj^Wdm^WjWdehcWbh[fZe[i"È^[iWoi$Ç?][j involved with the company and the product and figure out how to get it distributed—glob# ally.” Selling across the United States, as well as Australia, the Caribbean, Scotland, England WdZ9WdWZW":Wdd[d\[bi[he\\[hi^_iXhWdZj^[mehbZe\Z_ijh_Xkj_edefj_edi$Meha_d]m_j^ a smart phone full of contacts and with a host of professionals at trend forecasting firms, h[jW_bijeh[iWdZc[Z_Wekjb[ji"^[Yh[Wj[ij^[ÇXkppÈj^WjÊid[[Z[ZjebWkdY^XhWdZiWdZ YecfWd_[i_djeikYY[ii$ÇM_j^cWdoej^[h\_hci"WXhWdZmekbZ^Wl[jeYedjWYjWh[f_d [WY^h[]_ed"\hec7jbWdjWje:WbbWijeD[mOehajeBei7d][b[i$?^Wl[Wd[jmehae\_dZ[# f[dZ[djiWb[ih[fij^Wjmeham_j^c["Yedd[Yj[Zm_j^[l[hocW`ehZ[fWhjc[djijeh[WhekdZ j^[mehbZ"ÈiWoi:Wdd[d\[bi[h"m^ei^_fid[Whbo'-c_bb_ede\fheZkYj\hec^_i))rd Street office. It’s perhaps his relaxed assurance that has helped him find the success he has nearly \ekhZ[YWZ[i_dj^[Xki_d[ii$ÇOek]_l[c[WfheZkYj"?YWdj[bboekj^[lWbk["m^[h[?YWdi[bb it and if it is going to sell. This is what I’m good at.” •

“Doing what I do is a little different than what a normal rep does.” WHERE



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Contact Carol Meyerson 212.842.4122

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FROM COOL SHADES and 3-D footwear designs to ruffled swimwear and relaxed denim, we’re proud to announce the 2012 Earnie Award winners. The top brands, voted on by their peers, celebrated at the ENK Children’s Club as our fashion models worked the runway wearing their looks. By Angela Velasquez, Maria Bouselli and Lyndsay McGregor Photography by McCandliss and Campbell

COMPANY OF THE YEAR: STRIDE RITE CHILDREN’S GROUP For the past 92 years, moms have protected kids’ feet with Stride Rite, thanks to the brand’s well-fitting, quality shoes. No surprise then that the footwear favorite received this year’s nod for Company of the Year. As Sharon John, president of Stride Rite Children’s Group, puts it, “It proves and supports that changes made to drive the business across a number of facets successfully rejuvenated the Stride Rite brand and Stride Rite Children’s Group business.” Its portfolio of brands, available in more than 30 countries worldwide, has expanded beyond its own bread-and-butter line to include leather slip-on shoes and booties by Robeez; licensing deals with Disney Princess, Marvel, Sesame Street and Star Wars; and takedowns of Saucony, Sperry TopSider and Jessica Simpson. Jenn Kretchmar, senior vice president of product development, attributes the company’s success to its design team: “[It’s] solely focused on designing footwear that parents trust and kids love to wear.” What sets you apart from other brands in this category? The Stride Rite brand has a special place in the hearts of kids and moms

er_11_12_earnie_feature_08.indd 24

across a number of generations; that heritage and the resulting equity are hard to replicate. That, along with our consistent delivery of quality products that fit properly and the fashion looks and licensed partnerships that both moms and kids love, create a combination of competitive advantages that we work hard to maintain. What can we expect from Stride Rite Children’s Group next year? Although we had some success this year, we have to be mindful and continue to be a leader in innovation and insight. There will be elements of this year that we will learn from and re-execute with excellence. We are also dedicated to both mixing up and optimizing our process and products. Was there one decision that contributed to your brand’s success? One of the challenges for a multifaceted business model like [ours] is the understanding of varying dynamics and recognizing that there usually isn’t a “silver bullet” solution to a challenge. Our goal was to re-look at almost every area of our model without losing the core essence of our brand promise. We embraced what was working and optimized process and product in areas where we found opportunity for improvement.

11/13/12 11:11 AM


BEST NEW COMPANY: BABIATORS Inspired by military aviators and the lack of kids’ sunglass options, Molly Fienning founded Babiators with her Marine husband, Ted Fienning, and her two best friends, Carolyn and Matthew Guard. Today, the durable, stylish glasses are distributed in more than 500 stores, including department stores Harrods and Bloomingdale’s, and in 21 different countries. Fienning says Babiators is on an “upward trajectory,” and they plan on expanding the brand in the near future. What do you think makes your brand stand out? We’re the only children’s

BEST FOOTWEAR: ROBEEZ Sandra Wilson founded Robeez in 1994. The soft-sole shoes quickly became a favorite of moms and children alike. Today, the company, which was acquired by Stride Rite Children’s Group, is still going strong. Stride Rite recently announced its multi-year contract with McCubbin, LLC, to license Robeez across the U.S. Kate Cox, director of product development at Stride Rite, and Susan Wojewoda, director of licensed brands at McCubbin, believe this partnership will allow the beloved footwear brand to grow with new and old customers.

er_11_12_earnie_feature_08.indd 25

brand that we know of that guarantees against both loss and breakage. People can go on our website and say, “Little Tommy lost his sunglasses,” and we’ll send him another pair for free. Is there an opportunity that helped launch your brand? We were on the Ellen Show, on her Mother’s Day special, and every mother in the audience got a pair. Nick Cannon was on and showed a picture of his son wearing them, and Ellen was saying how fashionable they are and how they’re safe. It was very cool, and very surreal.

The enchanting finery that makes tweenage girls’ dreams come true are the same imaginative flourishes that distinguish Flowers by Zoe as a go-to brand for girls, parents and retailers. “We hear from our retailers that little girls ask for the brand specifically. They identify with it, especially as more girls get into fashion and pay closer attention to trends and colors,” says sales manager and designer Kim Spellman. “They have fun with it.” Taking cues from the discerning junior and women’s markets, Spellman along with owner Krisana Silverstein and sales and design partner Sarina Cotton welcome a bevy of fashion trends with open arms each season. “It’s the diversity of the brand that makes it interesting. We’re not just one note,” Spellman says of the line. For 2012, that meant shocks of color, sequins galore, dreamy chiffon and more printed woven bottoms, and dabbling in sportswear, dressy party frocks and knitwear—a category that the designer reports did exceptionally well this year. What does winning this award mean to the company? It is always nice to be recognized by peers who have seen you grow, develop and evolve. We’re flattered. What are the best-selling styles of 2012? People reacted to our bright neon group in our cruise collection and to a new chiffon fabrication, as well as some chiffon tops inspired by the junior market that look great with dressy skirts.

What makes Robeez stand out in the footwear category? Robeez product development continues to innovate and bring freshness to the brand. In 2012 we added additional 3D characters to inspire gift-givers and make moms smile. We also want to make sure we’re offering items that are baby focused and novel. In addition to durability, we focus on fit and make shoes that are easy to get on and stay on as part of our promise to mom. What was the most popular style of 2012? Our baby boy athletic, the Braedon in blue/ lime. Moms love the faux sneak-

er look and the wearable colorway that works with their little guy’s wardrobe. What can we expect to see from Robeez next year? The first Robeez collection under the [Stride Rite/McCubbin] agreement will be Spring ’13. The new collection pushes the look of Robeez with fresh, new silhouettes and unique details designed to give the brand a seasonally relevant aesthetic. However, the forthcoming line remains true to Robeez design hallmarks of “spirit and whimsy,” and is continuing to deliver quality materials with the easy on/off construction it’s known for.

11/13/12 11:12 AM

baby could need: classic looks in the Kissy Kissy line, bolder statements from Qt-Qt, Christening WffWh[b_d8[ieiWdZ embroidered and smocked garments from Kissy Kissy Premier. What was your most popular item this year? Our Animal Kingdom playsuit; jungle prints have been extremely popular in both spring and fall seasons, especially with the addition of complementary stripes and dots.

BEST ACCESSORY: HIGH INTENCITY For the second year in a row, NJ-based High IntenCity charmed buyers with the CHARM IT! line of detachable charm jewelry. Marketing Manager Jackie 8bWkl[bjiWoij^[b_d[W_cijej[bbWijehom_j^[WY^ charm. “Moving parts, dimension, sparkle and little surprises give all our charms personality. For us, design is key, love is in the details, quality is a priority and safety is our commitment,” she explains. A creative design team keeps a pulse on tweens’ ever changing interests and items of affection, such as touch phones, glitter sneakers and rainbow roller skates, and finds inventive ways to translate them into charms. That sharp eye for newness has allowed the evergreen brand to evolve from classic themed charms into a full scope of collectables and gift items. “Partners are always thrilled with the phenomenal h[f[WjXki_d[iij^[b_d[][d[hWj[i"È8bWkl[bjdej[i$ “When retailers get the product for the first time, they are always in awe of the incredible amount of retail lWbk[YedjW_d[Z_dkdZ[h'(\[[je\Yekdj[hifWY[$È What does winning this award mean to the company? We are so honored to win this category two years in a row. It is so meaningful to us because it confirms that both retailers and their customers love our incredible CHARM IT! brand as much as we do. As a ')#o[Wh#ebZXhWdZ"m[jWa[]h[Wjfh_Z[_dj^[j_jb[WdZ the support from our retailers. What can we expect to see in 2013? We are excited jebWkdY^Wdej^[h9>7HC?J:[i_]d#7#9^WhcYedtest that will run nationwide. We are looking forward to continuing to connect with our end consumers on social media through creative marketing efforts. We will, as always, continue to take charms to yet another level.

BEST INFANTS’ COLLECTION: KISSY KISSY Kissy Kissy by Tatiana and Company may be a brand of firsts (it was the first-ever American comfWdoje_djheZkY[W'&& percent Peruvian pima cotton line to the U.S. kids market) but it’s no stranger to the Earnies, taking home its fourth nod this year. For found-

er and owner Roxana Castilo, it confirms her brand’s age-appropriate aesthetic is keeping her clients happy, and the brand successful. “Without our buyers we wouldn’t be who we are. They always come first. We’re always attentive to their needs and try to work with them as closely as we possibly can,” she says. The broad collection serves up everything a

BEST COMPANY FOR GOOD: PEDIPED Since Pediped’s beginnings, owner and founder Angela Edgeworth has always found it important to give XWYa$<ekdZ[Z_d(&'&"F[Z_f[ZÊi non-profit organization, the Pediped Foundation, gives to charities that make an immediate difference in children’s lives, such as Make-A-Wish, Operation Shower and Nevada’s Children’s Cancer Center. The Pediped Foundation has donated more than '$+c_bb_edjeW_ZY^_bZh[dWhekdZj^[ world through such promotions as Purchases with Purpose, in which +&f[hY[dje\h[l[dk[_iZedWj[Z$

What specifically resonated with buyers? Our addition of machineembroidered collections and new styles in whimsical colorful prints, while keeping in mind the economic situation, offering only those styles that were within a comfortable price level for all. What was one highlight from this past year? My personal highlight is always the donations we make, to orphanages and different charities, of our samples and leftover clothing and fabric. It’s extremely rewarding.

What do you think makes Pediped Foundation a stand out in this category? We look at every request that comes across our desk very carefully, and there are not a ton of people that we turn away, especially if they need product for a fundraiser or for women who are lower-income and need some assistance. How do you choose the organizations that you partner with? It’s important for us whenever we give to impact the people immediately. We really want to make sure whatever we give, for instance shoes, end up on the kids’ feet right away.

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11/13/12 11:12 AM

BEST LICENSED APPAREL: HELLO KITTY I_dY[^[hÇX_hj^È_d'/-*"IWdh_eÊi>[bbe A_jjo^WiZ[b_]^j[ZYedikc[hi\hec jeZZb[hijeWZkbji"Yedj_dk_d]edj^_i fWj^jeZWom_j^ceh[j^Wd+X_bb_ed _dWddkWbh[jW_biWb[imehbZm_Z[$ÇJ^_i fWijo[WhmWi_dYh[Z_Xb["ÈiWoi@Wd[j >ik"fh[i_Z[djWdZ9EEe\IWdh_e" ?dY$ÇJ^[h[m[h[iecWdo]h[WjYebb[Y# j_ediWdZ[WY^mWiieZ_\\[h[dj"\hec j^[oekd][h]_hbWdZjm[[db_d[ijej^[ `kd_ehWZkbjb_d[$ÈM_j^WffWh[bhWd]_d] \hecb[]]_d]iWdZ\Wi^_edjefijeZh[ii# [i">ikX[b_[l[ij^[feii_X_b_j_[iWh[ [dZb[ii\ehj^_iÇ[l[h]h[[dfhef[hjo$È Where do you find inspiration for the Hello Kitty brand?;l[hom^[h[$ 8[YWki[ekh\WdXWi[_igk_j[m_Z[_jÊi dejWXekjed[fWhj_YkbWhjof[e\_dif_# hWj_edÆ_jYec[i\hecWdoj^_d]oekYWd j^_dae\$M[h[Wbbo\eYkiedh[b[lWdYo1 m[[lebl[YedijWdjbo$ What do you think specifically resonated with buyers this past year? ?j^_daj^[h[Ye]d_j_edj^Wji_dY[>[bbe A_jjo_iWb_\[ijob[b_d["_j_idÊjh[Wbbo WXekjed[_j[c"Yebb[Yj_edehijWj[c[dj$ I^[_iWXb[je]e_djeWbbZ_\\[h[djfWhji e\fefYkbjkh[$F[efb[[cXhWY[^[h Z_l[hi_joWdZm[Êh[WXb[jeZeikY^W m_Z[hWd][e\[n[Ykj_ediehbeeai$

BEST BOYS’ COLLECTION: CHARLIE ROCKET :[i_]d[ZWdZcWZ[_dBei7d][b[i"97" 9^Whb_[HeYa[j^WiX[[dekj\_jj_d]Xeoi_d_ji Ie9Wb#_dif_h[ZZ[i_]dii_dY['//+"WdZemd[h 7ddWB_dZijehc_i^Wffojeh[fehjj^WjXki_# d[ii_iXeec_d]$Ç7bbj^[^WhZmehaj^Wjm[ fkj_djeWbmWoibeea\h[i^WdZd[m[WY^ i[Wied_iij_bb][jj_d]j^[iWc[Wjj[dj_ed"È i^[iWoi"WZZ_d]j^Wj]hWf^_Y^eeZ_[iWdZ f_]c[djZo[Zi^ehjim[h[^ejfheZkYjij^_i o[Wh"WdZj^Wdaijej^[_dYh[Wi_d]Z[cWdZ \ehfhej[Yj_l[im_cm[Wh"hWi^]kWhZiWdZ XeWhZi^ehjiWh[Wbiei[bb_d]m[bb$ÇM[Êl[ i[[dj^WjXki_d[ii_dYh[Wi[hWf_Zbo_dj^[bWij \ekho[Whi"Èi^[h[l[Wbi$

Any major business changes this year? ?dj[hcie\ekh]_hbWdZjm[[d Ykijec[h"m[Êl[jWa[dWckY^ceh[ Wif_hWj_edWbWdZYh[Wj_l[Z_h[Yj_ed _dWffWh[b$

What do you think resonated with buyers this year?M[`kij bWkdY^[ZekhWj^b[j_Yb_d[j^Wj _iZe_d]h[Wbbom[bb"WdZm[Wbie bWkdY^[ZekhXeejYebb[Yj_ed$ M[Êh[WbmWoiXkioWjmehaje ]_l[ekhYkijec[him^Wjj^[o d[[Z$?jÊiX[[dWjek]^o[Wh\eh iec[e\ekhh[jW_b[hiZk[jej^[ [YedecoWdZm[Êh[^ef_d]_j][ji X[jj[h$M[Êh[WXekj]_l_d]j^[c lWbk[\ehj^[_hced[oWdZiec[# j^_d]j^Wjj^[fWh[djiWh[]e_d] jemWdjjeXko$M[Yedj_dk[je ]hemekhYebb[Yj_edWdZijWojhk[ jeekhlWbk[iÆYec\ehj"gkWb_jo WdZijob[$

What sets you apart from other brands in this category?Ed[e\j^[cW_dh[W# iedi"WfWhj\hecj^[\WYjj^Wjm[Êh[cWZ[ _d9Wb_\ehd_W"_ij^Wj9^Whb_[HeYa[j_iYed# i_ij[djWdZd[l[h\W_bi_jiYkijec[hi$M[Êl[ d[l[hh[WbboimWo[Z\hecm^Wjm[X[b_[l[_d$ What was one highlight from the past year?8ki_d[ii^Wi_dYh[Wi[Z$8ko[hiWh[ h[Wbboh[ifedZ_d]jej^[d[[Zie\j^[_hYki# jec[hi$ Where do you find inspiration for your collections each season?M[^Wl[Wbeje\ \kd"WdZb_l_d]_d9Wb_\ehd_WWdZWbmWoiX[_d] ekjedj^[ijh[[jZ[\_d_j[bo^[bfikiWbej$ M[Êl[dej_Y[Zf[efb[Wh[[nf[h_c[dj_d]W b_jjb[X_jceh["b_a[c_n_d]fbW_Zim_j^ijh_f[i$ (&'(DEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;Hš;7HDI>7MI$9EC27

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11/13/12 11:12 AM

BEST EUROPEAN BRAND: PETIT BATEAU Famous for its baby clothes and signajkh[CWh_d_„h[ijh_f[i"F[j_j8Wj[WkÊi simple approach to style makes this boutique brand a one-stop-shop for French staples with a SoCal flair. And j^_io[Whj^[Wbceij#'(&#o[Wh#ebZYkbj \Wleh_j[`e_d[Zj^[@WcWh_?djÊbBjZ family of European childrenswear brands. “One of the major differences X[jm[[dF[j_j8Wj[WkWdZej^[hi_i_ji international brand recognition,” says @Wh[ZB[l_d["l_Y[fh[i_Z[dje\j^[ NY-based showroom, noting that the line is stocked in all major luxury department stores and boutiques worldwide. Offering a complete baby collection, including layettes, clothing, blankets, booties and accessories, the fine quality of its cotton makes it an obvious choice for newborns, and chilZh[dWdZfh[ffoj[[diYWdÊj][j[dek]^ of its super-soft (and eco-friendly) tees. What specifically resonates with buyers? The price for value ratio is one of the strengths of the brand. Customers are

BEST HOSIERY: BABYLEGS <eh8WXoB[]i"WZ_l_i_ede\8WXoKd_j[Z"W i[]c[dje\Kd_j[ZB[]m[Wh9e$"dej^_d]_iekj e\WhcÊiehb[]Êih[WY^$?d(&'(j^[YecfWdo continued to explore the many functions of WhcWdZb[]mWhc[him_j^8WXoDe8k]"Wb_d[ of bright, critter-themed warmers that repel insects with all natural Insect Shield treatc[dj$J^[d[mb_d[hekdZiekjj^[YecfWdoÊi “summer survival kit” comprised of classic mWhc[hi\ehY^_bboW_hYedZ_j_ed[hiWdZKF< +&!fhej[Yj[Zc[i^8WXo9eebijob[i\ehZWoi in the sun—and it is an example of “fashion meets function” to the max. 8hWdZbeoWb_ijiÆcWdom_j^8WXoB[]i collections in the double digits—are expecting something more than just an ordinary leg mWhc[h"dej[iH_jWFeb_Zeh_EÊ8h_[d"l_Y[ fh[i_Z[dje\b_Y[di_d]WdZcWha[j_d]WjKd_j[Z B[]m[Wh$>Wl_d]Yedgk[h[Zd[mXehdi_p[i (and as a result experienced its greatest success in market share) and worked to keep fh_Y[fe_djiWjWij[WZo'(\ehj^h[[o[Whi" Feb_Zeh_EÊ8h_[diWoi"ÇM[mWdjjeX[ceh[ than just a pretty piece of legwear to dress up an outfit. Our retailers recognize the quality WdZkj_b_joe\8WXoB[]iWdZj^WjcWa[iki\[[b

getting top-quality items with a famous brand name for a reasonable price. Our goal is not to be the least expensive brand, or the most; we just want to give good value to the final customer. What can we expect from you next year?<eh(&')"demj^Wj@WcWh_m_bbX[ handling the complete distribution of the brand, one of our main focuses will be to further develop the re-orderable items. We have a large selection of yearround products that are always available for re-order. To develop this segment of the business, we are working closely with the company in France to improve the logistic process to be able to deliver quickly and completely. What was one highlight from this past year? While we have always been l[hoijhed]_di_p[id[mXehdje), months, we have seen wonderful growth _dekh(je'(i[]c[dj$J^_iYWj[]eho"\eh us, is becoming more fashionable and as the final customers are growing up, the parents still want to dress their kids in F[j_j8Wj[WkWij^[oWffh[Y_Wj[j^[ijob[" design and quality.

b_a[m[Êh[Z_\\[h[dj\hecekhYecf[j_jehi$È From a fashion point-of-view, a recently launched Signature collection designed with fWjj[hdikd_gk[je8WXoB[]i^Wia[fjj^[ cec[djkc]e_d]"jee$7iFeb_Zeh_EÊ8h_[d [nfbW_di_j0ÇJ^WjÊim^WjXki_d[ii_iWXekj" offering something new and exciting season after season.” What are the best-selling styles of 2012? For girls, anything with a triple ruffle cuff and specialty treatments like lettuce edging did exceptionally well. Our animal prints were on trend and did very well, too. What kind of feedback do you hear from retailers? We have retailers tell us that they have the greatest success when they can talk to new moms about the product because 8WXoB[]ih[gk_h[iWZ_Wbe]k[$J^[h[Wh[ie many uses besides being an alternative to tights, and when retailers can take time to talk to customers, they tend to sell more. What can we expect to see in 2013? We already have a few new products in develefc[djj^Wjm_bbX[h[b[Wi[Z_d(&')WdZ Earnshaw’s will be the first to hear about them.

28 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

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11/13/12 11:12 AM

blankets and accessories. But as Moreno points out, Little G makes a sweet statement on its own, too. She says, “We chose the luxe dot because our logo is spotted, and because of its luxurious soft hand. What we didn’t realize at the time was that it would really stand out in a sea of solid plush toys, and that decision added to the character and desirability of the toy.” The little doll is exceeding expectations. “We are very fortunate that Little Giraffe is so in demand. We focus everyday on living up to those expectations.”

“IT” ITEM OF THE YEAR: LITTLE G Only in the children’s market could an 11-inch cuddly giraffe with spots cause a stir but that’s what makes this segment of consumers magical. This year Little G, the latest plush toy from Little Giraffe (and a bite size version of its larger friend Big G) captured the adoration of gift-givers and tots with its friendly face and super-soft material. “Our goal was to turn our iconic logo into a plush toy. It was many times requested over the years, and long awaited by our retailers,” Trish Moreno, CEO of Little Giraffe explains. A plush doll was a natural addition to Little Giraffe known for its signature softness, and it merchandises seamlessly with the company’s luxe and chenille

What does winning this award mean to the company? Little G was such a labor of love and has made so many babies happy and provided so much comfort. This win will help the magic reach more babies and kids and spread the love further. Why do you think Little G is a hit with retailers and consumers? Rhonda from Riginals in Los Angeles was the first retailer that saw it in our office. She exclaimed, “Whoever did this is genius!” We all laughed, but we knew that was a good sign. It seems to be love at first sight for everyone. Babies just instantly bond with Little G and they find great comfort in the toy. What can we expect to see in 2013? More friends of Little G, lots of new blanket variations and an expanded apparel line that is already blowing out on pre-order.


BEST GIRLS’ COLLECTION: TEA COLLECTION Tea Collection began its life as three pima cotton baby sweaters in 2002, and has since grown into a full collection of clothing for children ages newborn to 12 carried in more than 300 high-end boutiques, as well as at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. Each season the San Francisco, CA-based brand travels to a different international destination and designs a collection of classic and unique styles for boys and girls inspired by that region. This year, the brand celebrated its 10th anniversary with a capsule collection featuring some of its favorite globally inspired pieces from past seasons. Online Marketing Associate Michelle DuQuette chalks the brand’s success up to a variety of factors, including its goodwill (all proceeds from the sale of the label’s Little Citizens line goes to the Global Fund for Children, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the dignity of children and youth around the world) and attention to detail. “Whether it’s a braided halter top, or a pop color button, Tea is all about the details and making sure we find little ways to make our colors pop,” DuQuette notes. What does winning this category mean to you? The fact that it’s an industry recognition

Twin sisters Nancy Markert and Amy Hoffman have been representing some of the best brands in the business for more than 20 years. Some of their current brands include BabyLegs, TicTacToe and Sofi. Markert says they plan on adding more brands for the 7- to 14-year-old range in the next year.

How important is the brand and showroom relationship? We always give our input and always tell the manufacturers the way it is, whether they like it or not. We’re honest and upfront. And the ones that listen are usually the ones that do well. It’s a partnership. In one of my companies we even pick out, design and color appliqués that go on the clothing. We’re very enthusiastic and are both very hard workers. It’s our passion.

Could you pinpoint a moment that defines your showroom’s success? When Bloch told me that we had the fastest growing territory in the world. I increased the business [more than] 1,000 percent over the year before, and Amy increased business by 865 percent.

What do you think specifically resonated with buyers in your showroom this year? Our brands put a smile on your face. They’re fun—they’re what little kids want to wear. Our brands are focused on fun, comfort, price, quality and style.

er_11_12_earnie_feature_08.indd 29

is exciting. Our girls’ clothes are something that we really pride ourselves on. It’s a reflection of what our customers think. What specifically resonated with buyers? A classic wrap dress—that’s one of our iconic silhouettes. What can we expect from you next year? Even more exciting patterns and prints. We went to South Africa where we found a lot of indigos and savannah prints, and we were really inspired by surfing in Cape Town.

11/13/12 11:12 AM

skinny denim leggin


BEST GIFTS: MUD PIE CkZF_["Wb[WZ[h_dj^[]_\j_dZkijhoi_dY[ '/./"_i^edeh[Zm_j^j^[WmWhZ\eh8[ij=_\ji$ 9;EWdZ<ekdZ[hCWhY_WC_bb[hÊih[WYj_edÆ ÇMemÈ<hecY[hWc_YijeWffWh[bWdZXbWda[ji" CkZF_[_ied[e\j^[jefY^e_Y[i\eh]_\j]_l[hi everywhere specializing in special occasions and baby and women’s accessories. Miller names “texting gloves” for both adults and children as the company’s most popular item from j^_ifWijo[WhWdZdej[ij^WjCkZF_[beeaije \khj^[h[nfWdZ_djejeZZb[hi_p[i(Jje+JWi well as in its offerings of gift sets. What does winning the Best Gift category mean to you? It all starts with the product at CkZF_["iejeX[h[Ye]d_p[ZXoj^[h[jW_bYecmunity in this category is great affirmation of what we do. Our attention is on the details—we create gifts that we would want to give and receive. What do you think sets you apart from other brands? Teamwork drives our culture and we are all pulling together to get the right product to our customers at the right price. Our fhefh_[jWhoZ[i_]diWh[Yh[Wj[ZXoCkZF_[Êi_d# house design staff. We focus on innovative styling, unique finishes and affordable price points. What do you think specifically resonated with buyers this year? Our expansion in toddler sizes has been very well received. We’re also filling a niche for better product at a Qbem[hSfh_Y[Æb_a[8[h]Zeh\ÊiedWXkZ][j$

As always, with a legacy that spans cowboys to rock stars, Levi’s had a deep and enviable archive to cull inspiraj_ed\hec_d(&'("XkjWi Jennifer Aramburu, Levi’s ;LFWdZXhWdZcWdW][h for Haddad, which holds the license for the brand, explains, “We have the quintessential jean. We spend a tremendous amount of time trying to do it right each year and not get too distracted.” That rock-steady approach to design and drive to make the brand’s transition from menswear and womenswear into kids as seamless as possible is recognized by parents seeking durable, youthful but classic styles. The company experienced a notable growth spurt in (&'("jee$<ehj^[\_hijj_c[ Haddad acquired the license \ehj^[i_p[.je(&YWj[]eho$ It was the last children’s category the manufacturer needed to round out their denim catalog. “And it is the one that drives the biggest part of the children’s business,” Aramburu notes. The company, in particular, homed in on

cuts and washes that reflect what is going on in the junior and adult markets. “Styles are consistent throughout the size ranges, helping establish b_jjb[Xhej^[h%X_]Xhej^[hWdZ b_jjb[i_ij[h%X_]i_ij[hbeeai"È she describes. A family mindset is nothing new to the company. As Aramburu explains, “The whole team, from sales to design really strive to bring Levi’s to life and I think it shows in the end result.” What does winning this award mean to the company? It means a ton. I think we’re very proud of the progress we made and we’re proud to be representing a brand like Levi’s. It’s very exciting. We take it seriously and we’re passionate about the work. What makes Levi’s unlike other denim brands? We really make sure that we never lose the heritage and backbone of the brand’s Wkj^[dj_Y_jo$:[d_cYWd]e many different directions but we try to stay grounded to our roots and that is what sets us apart.

BEST OUTERWEAR COLLECTION: MACK & CO. M^[dWde\\X[WjY^WhWYj[hikY^WiF_ff_ Longstocking is your design muse, her goodnatured hijinks and love for adventure translates to one-of-a-kind, feminine coats for girls which co-founder and designer Gerri Mack notes, “must not get in the way of climbing trees.” Mack, who took over the company with F[ddo9h_l[bb__d(&&+"dWc[ij^[b_d[Êiie\jness, “twirlability” and quirky qualities like a Kennedy era-inspired batwing sleeved coat— in an unexpected vibrant shade of preppy Kelly green—reasons that help made Mack & 9e$j^_io[WhÊi8[ijEkj[hm[Wh9ebb[Yj_ed$ “We want our coats to withstand car seats and [cereal],” she adds. A hardworking Oakland, CA-based team makes the impossible happen each season by playing with fabric and creating original patterns. The designer recalls one retailer who stopped by the booth at ENK Children’s Club last March with Mack & Co.’s

30 ;7HDI>7MI$9ECšDEL;C8;H%:;9;C8;H(&'(

er_11_12_earnie_feature_08.indd 30

11/13/12 11:13 AM


BEST DRESSWEAR AND BEST SWIMWEAR: ISOBELLA & CHLOE Known for its coordinating sister dresses and special occasion wear, Isobella & Chloe grabbed not one, but two Earnies for 2012, one of which lauds its newly launched im_cm[Whb_d[$ÇM[Z_ZdÊjmWdj to skimp on style for the sake of function and the collection we presented was versatile enough for ikcc[hXWXobekd][hiWdZ]_hbiÊ playful romps on the beach,” says Emily Fong, owner of Isobella & Chloe, adding that the line offers Ç`kijj^[h_]^jZei[e\im[[jd[ii$È From lace and girly ruffles and bows to bold appliqué details, Fong has Z[l[bef[ZWXb[dZj^WjÊia[fj^[h XhWdZWjj^[jefe\j^[]_hbiÊZh[iiwear market, and she hopes to see j^_iikYY[ii[nj[dZjeim_cm[Wh$ ÇEkhXko[hih[Wbbo]ee\\j^[_h\_hij impression and gut instinct of what will sell well in their stores,” i^[iWoi$ÇEkhb_d[Ze[im[bbm_j^ special orders and reorders and j^WjÊi_cfehjWdjX[YWki[_jh[\b[Yji how well our buyers are doing with the merchandise that they initially ehZ[h[Z$È 9eYe9^Wd[b#[igk[YeWjijeh[ZX[d[Wj^^[hijhebb[h$ Ç?j^WZX[[dXWbb[ZkfWdZmWi^[ZWjede\j_c[iXkj _jij_bbbeea[Zf[h\[Yj"Èi^[Z[iYh_X[i$?jÊij^Wjkd_gk[ combination of whimsy and function that Mack X[b_[l[iWff[Wbijeh[jW_b[hi$ÇJ^[YeWjiWh[XW_j\eh ijeh[iÆ\kdWdZ_cW]_dWj_l[ÆXkjWXel[Wbbj^[oÊh[ [WiojeYWh[\eh$J^[oWh[[\\ehjb[ii$È What does winning this award mean to the company??jÊiWj[hh_\_YlWb_ZWj_ede\^WhZmeha"j[dWY_jo and above all, the creativity that comes out of this cat[]eho$M[b_l[\ehYeWji$ What are the best-selling styles of 2012? Our d[mbo_djheZkY[Zc_Yhe\_X[hYeWjZ_Z]h[Wj$?jÊiie\j and practical and has tons of ruffles built into it down j^[\hedjWdZWhekdZj^[YebbWh$J^WjmWiWijob[j^Wj was born out of playing with shapes with the pattern cWa[hWdZcWa_d]_jmeha$ What can we expect to see in 2013?7l_djW][ inspired line called Magpie, with heavier fabrications b_a[meebWdZ\Wkn\kh$

What does winning these categories mean to you?M[Êh[ie]hWj[\kbj^Wjm[Êl[]hemdij[WZ_boZkh_d] challenging times, but to have our customers rally around the Isobella & Chloe brand really makes this experience so much more personal WdZfe_]dWdj$M[Êl[]hemdje][j^er, and it makes us all the more excited to embark on new developments so that our buyers can bring a fresh spin on classy merchandise _djej^[_hijeh[i$ What sets you apart from other brands in this category?M[ijWhjed with special occasion and have consciously grown into knitwear, swimwear, hair accessories and out[hm[Wh$M[Wh[b[Whd_d]\hecekh [nf[h_[dY[iWdZm[ZedÊjfbWded slowing down anytime soon because

j^[h[Êi`kijieckY^ceh[j^Wjm[ mWdjjee\\[hjeekhXko[hi$ What can we expect from you next year?M[Êh[]e_d]jejhojeXk_bZekh hair accessory and outerwear divii_edi$M[Z_ff[Zekhje[i_djej^[i[ cWha[ji_dj^[fWij"Xkjm[Êh[h[Wbbo going to forge ahead with designing a ceh[[Yb[Yj_YWhhWoe\ijob[i$š


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11/13/12 11:13 AM


er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_01.indd 32

11/13/12 12:34 PM

ELECTROPOP COLORS AND AN EDGY COOL STYLE HIT THE STREET FOR SPRING '13. From left: Supertrash blazer, tee by Paul Smith, Sammi & David shorts, socks by Happy Socks, Bensimon sneakers, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity necklace, Rock This bracelet, Hello Shiso hair clip; Supertrash blazer, T-shirt by Riley worn over Desigual dress, jewelry by Rock This, Hello Shiso hair clip, socks by Happy Socks, Chooze sneakers. 33

er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_02.indd 33

11/14/12 10:53 AM

Paul Smith cardigan, Ode skirt, shoes by Chooze, TicTacToe socks, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity necklace, bracelets by Rock This. Opposite page, from left: Wovenplay bodysuit, Butterflies and Zebras green bandeau, leggings by Luna Leggings, Tannhauser clogs, bracelet by Rock This, stylist's own crown; Ta-eam Collection peplum sweatshirt, Rain 4 Life tee, Wovenplay skirt, leggings by TicTacToe, Feiyue sneakers, Rolf Bleu Zippitz bracelets, neon shoelace by J. Crew worn as headband, socks by Happy Socks; Rain 4 Life T-shirt worn over Catimini dress, Supertrash harem pants, socks by TicTacToe, Chooze shoes, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity bracelet; Hello Shiso hair clips.

er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_02.indd 34

11/14/12 10:53 AM


er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_01.indd 35

11/13/12 11:26 AM

er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_01.indd 36

11/13/12 12:36 PM

Nicole Miller neon striped dress, Puma sports jacket, socks by Happy Socks, Feiyue sneakers, Hello Shiso hair clip, bracelet by Rock This, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity necklace.


er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_02.indd 37

11/14/12 10:53 AM

Baby Phat wind breaker, Puma dress worn over Butterflies and Zebra orange tank, socks by Happy Socks, Rock This bracelets, charm bracelets by CHARM IT! by High IntenCity, shoes by Luv, Hello Shiso hair clip; Puma T-shirt worn over Puma tennis dress, socks by Happy Socks, Feiyue sneakers, Rock This bracelets, charm bracelets by CHARM IT! by High IntenCity, stylists' own headband. Opposite page, from left: Bonnie Young graffiti tank worn over T2Love T-shirt, Riley tie-dye shorts, Rock This and CHARM IT! by High IntenCity bracelets.

er_11_fashion_downtown_hires_02.indd 38

11/14/12 10:54 AM

Style Director: Michel Onofrio Hair and Makeup: Yuko Mizuno @Rona Represents Photographed on location at Hallock Orchard. 39

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11/13/12 11:27 AM

Joah Love tank worn over Sky Imagination floral dress, Tannhauser clog, TicTacToe socks, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity bracelets, Hello Shiso hair clip. Opposite page, from left: Rain 4 Life zebra tee, Flutter by Huggalugs tutu, Kicky Pants leggings, socks by Happy Socks, Feiyue sneakers, headband by Deux Par Deux, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity necklace, Rock This bracelet; T2Love striped sweatshirt and orange shorts, Hawke and Co. wind breaker, sneakers by Bensimon, socks by Happy Socks, Rolf Bleu Zippitz necklace, CHARM IT! by High IntenCity necklace and bracelet, Hello Shiso hair clip; Supertrash sweater, belted jean shorts and bag, Feiyue sneakers, socks by Happy Socks, Hello Shiso hair clip, Rolf Bleu Zippitz bracelets, Rolf Bleu rhinestone bracelets. 40

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11/14/12 10:54 AM

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11/13/12 11:27 AM

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11/13/12 11:27 AM

T2Love sweatshirt worn over Twirly Girl polka dot dress, socks by Happy Socks, Hello Shiso hair clip, Tannhauser necklace, watch and bracelet by Rolf Bleu, sneakers by Feiyue. Opposite page: Joah Love striped tee, Limeapple jacket and shorts, Deux Par Deux headband, Rolf Bleu Zippitz necklace. Style director: Michel Onofrio Hair and make-up: Yuko Mizuno @Rona Represents Manicurist: Hiromi Kameyama using Priti NYC @Rona Represents.


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ENK CHILDREN’S CLUB, PIER 92, NYC, JANUARY 13-15 IjWhj[Z_d@WdkWho(&&&m_j^edbo(&Yebb[Yj_edi"j^[;DA9^_bZh[dÊi9bkXi^em^Wi]hemd jei^emYWi[Wffhen_cWj[bo,&&Yebb[Yj_edi\eh _d\Wdjje'(o[WhiebZ"m^_Y^_dYbkZ[WffWh[b" WYY[iieh_[iWdZ\eejm[Wh$<ehj^[m_dj[h[Z_j_ed";DA[nf[Yji(-+[n^_X_jehi"_dYbkZ_d] -7$C$;d\Wdj"C[b_iiWWdZ:ek]WdZPkjWde$ Ç;n^_X_j_d]Wj9^_bZh[dÊi9bkX_iWdeffehjkd_jojeX[i[[dXoj^[]beXWbc[Z_kcjeX[jj[h if[Y_Wbjoijeh[iWdZXekj_gk[iWim[bbWij^[ X[jj[hZ[fWhjc[djijeh["ÈiWoi@[ii[Ic_b[o" ^[WZe\;DA?dj[hdWj_edWbfh[iih[bWj_edi$ Ic_b[odej[ij^Wjj^[i^em_iYedijWdjbo [lebl_d]m_j^d[mXhWdZi"WdZj^Wj;DA 9^_bZh[dÊi9bkXfkjiW\eYkiedeh]Wd_YWdZ [Ye#\h_[dZbobWX[biikY^WiJ^WjÊiDej<W_h BedZedWdZ8bkFedoL_djW][$>[X[b_[l[ij^[ cW_dh[WiedWjj[dZ[[ih[jkhd[WY^o[Wh_ij^[ WX_b_jojeYedd[Yjm_j^[WY^ej^[h$Ç9^_bZh[dÊi 9bkXXh_d]ij^[i[bb[hiWdZXko[hije][j^[hÆm[ e\\[hh[jW_b[hij^[effehjkd_joje[\\[Yj_l[bo WdZ[\\_Y_[djboi^efd[mWdZ[c[h]_d]b_d[iWi m[bbWi[ijWXb_i^[ZYebb[Yj_edi"È^[iWoi$ J^ek]^\ekdZ[h WdZY^W_hcWde\;DA ?dj[hdWj_edWb;boi[ Ahebbij[ff[ZZemdj^_i o[Wh"Ic_b[oWiikh[i j^Wjj^[i^emm_bb]eed m_j^j^[iWc[_dj[]h_jo WdZeh]Wd_pWj_edWi_d j^[fWij$Ç:kh_d];boi[Êi ceh[j^Wd)&o[Whie\ b[WZ[hi^_f"i^[Z[l[bef[ZWd[nf[h_[dY[Z j[Wcj^Wjm_bbYWhhoed ENK Children’s Club j^[i_]dWjkh[ijWdZWhZi e\Wd;DAi^em"È^[ iWoi"m^_Y^_ijefh[i[djj^[X[ijWdZceij _ddelWj_l[XhWdZi_dY^_bZh[dim[Wh$ NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL GIFT FAIR, JAVITS CENTER, PIERS 92 AND 94, NYC, JANUARY 26-30 :h_l[dXoZ[i_]dWdZ\Wi^_ed#\ehmWhZYecfWd_[i"D[mOeha?dj[hdWj_edWb=_\j<W_hDO?=<

j^[i[j^_d]i"È^[i^Wh[i$ <ehj^[@WdkWho[Z_j_ed"<Wba[dX[h]iWoij^[ i^emm_bbYedj_dk[m_j^_ji\eYkiedZ[i_]dWdZ \Wi^_edfheZkYji"WdZfh[i[djd[mXhWdZij^Wj Wh[Yecfb[c[djWhojej^[i^emÊie\\[h_d]i$

New York International Gift Fair

YWj[]eh_p[iWffhen_cWj[bo(".&&[n^_X_jehi _dje'&fheZkYjZ_l_i_edijecWa[j^[Xko_d] fheY[ii[WioWdZ[\\_Y_[dj$:_l_i_edi_dYbkZ[ 7hj_iWdH[iekhY[">WdZcWZ[:[i_]d[hCWha[j" =[d[hWb=_\j"WdZ8WXoWdZ9^_bZ$ÇDO?=<fhel_Z[i[n^_X_jehiWYY[iijeel[h)+"&&&h[jW_b[hi m^eYec[\hecWYheiij^[Yekdjho"\hec[l[ho ijWj["Wim[bbWi.&#fbkiYekdjh_[imehbZm_Z["È iWoi9^h_ij_Wd<Wba[dX[h]"Z_h[Yjehe\DO?=<" WZZ_d]"ÇJ^[oYWdi^emYWi[j^[_hfheZkYjidej edbojel[hj_YWbYWj[]eh_[iXkjj^[oWbie^Wl[ Yheii#cWha[jeffehjkd_j_[iWim[bb$È DO?=<_djheZkY[Z8WXoWdZ9^_bZ_dj^[ ikcc[he\(&'&$J^[Z_l_i_ede\\[hi_j[ci\eh XWX_[i"jeZZb[hi"Y^_bZh[dWdZj^[_h\Wc_b_[i" WdZ\[Wjkh[iiec[e\j^[ceijYh[Wj_l["m[bb# Z[i_]d[Z"ijob_i^WdZ[\\_Y_[djfheZkYji\hec b[WZ[hi_dj^[Y^_bZh[dÊicWha[j$Iec[i_]d_\_YWdj[n^_X_jehiWjj^[DO?=<_dYbkZ[8WXoB[]i" B_jjb[=_hW\\["CWd^WjjWdJeo"7d][b:[WhWdZ) Ifhekji$>[dej[ij^WjDO?=<]_l[iXhWdZij^[ WX_b_jojefh[i[dj_ddelWj_l[fheZkYji"m^_Y^ _ij^[h[WiedcWdoWjj[dZj^[i^em$Ç8ko[hi h[Wbboh[boedDO?=<je\_dZd[mfheZkYjiWdZ i[[m^Wjd[mXhWdZiWh[ekjj^[h["È<Wba[dX[h] iWoi$>[dej[ij^WjDO?=<_iWbieWd_Z[Wbi^em \ehXko[hijed[jmehaWced]ijj^[ci[bl[i$Ç?jÊi j^[ed[fbWY[m^[h[j^[oYWdWYYecfb_i^Wbb

LA KIDS MARKET, CALIFORNIA MARKET CENTER, LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 14-17, VIEW GIFT SHOW JANUARY 24-27 JWa_d]fbWY[Wjj^[9Wb_\ehd_WCWha[j9[dj[h" B7A_ZiCWha[ji^emYWi[iiec[e\j^[ceij iek]^j#W\j[hXhWdZi_dj^[Y^_bZh[dim[Wh _dZkijho"_dYbkZ_d]:[knFWh:[kn"A_Zi H[fkXb_Y"F[j_j8Wj[WkWdZ)Fecc[i$7boied 8[dZ[h"^[WZe\cWha[j_d]WdZfkXb_Yh[bWj_edi \ehj^[9Wb_\ehd_WCWha[j9[dj[h"Z[iYh_X[ij^[ i^emWiWed[#ijefi^ef\ehXko[hije\_bbWbb j^[_hd[[Zi$ÇM[^Wl[Wb_jjb[X_je\[l[hoj^_d]" YWj[h_d]jeWbbXkZ][ji"Èi^[iWoi"dej_d]j^Wj j^[i^em_dYbkZ[iYWj[]eh_[i\hecWffWh[bWdZ WYY[iieh_[ijecWj[hd_jo$Ç7dZm[Ze^eki[ j^[bWh][ij;khef[WdWdZYedj[cfehWhoa_Zi Z[i_]d[hi_dj^[M[ij[hdK$I$"Èi^[WZZi$ 7dej^[h\[Wjkh[j^Wjm_bbXh_d]Xko[hije j^[M[ij9eWijj^_io[Wh_ij^[\_hijL_[m=_\j WdZ>ec[I^em"m^_Y^YecX_d[ij^[_dZkijh_[ie\\Wi^_ed"Z[i_]d"^ec[WdZ]_\j$ÇM_j^ L_[mm[Êh[]_l_d]_dZ[f[dZ[dj"icWbbl[dZehi WY^WdY[jei^emYWi[j^[_h_j[ciWdZ_djheZkY[j^[cjej^[cWha[j"È8[dZ[hiWoi$J^[ i^emm_bbjWa[fbWY[_dW*("&&&#igkWh[#\eej f[dj^eki[WYheii\hecj^[9Wb_\ehd_WCWha[j 9[dj[h"WdZm_bbX[X_WddkWbm_j^j^[d[njZWj[ i[j\eh@kbo$ PITTI IMMAGINE BIMBO, FLORENCE, ITALY, JANUARY 17-19 ?ddelWj_ed_ij^[cW_dmehZ7]eij_deFeb[jje" Z[fkjo][d[hWbZ_h[YjehWdZcWha[j_d]Z_h[Yjehe\F_jj_?ccW]_d[8_cXe"ki[ijeZ[iYh_X[ j^[kfYec_d]i^em$M_j^Wj^[c[e\F_jj_ NYIGF 8eeaim[Wh"j^[i^emm_bbY[b[XhWj[h[WZ_d] WdZj^[_cfehjWdY[e\Xeeai_d\Wi^_ed"WdZ l_Y[l[hiW$J^[[l[djm_bbi^emYWi[i[l[hWb YWj[]eh_[i0Ifehj=[d[hWj_ed\[Wjkh_d]ifehjim[Wh1khXWd#Y[djh_YWffWh[bWjIkf[hIjh[[j1 Xej^im[[jWdZ[Z]oZ[i_]diWdZWYY[iieh_[iWj 7fWhjc[dj1WdZj^[D[mL_[mWdZ;Ye;j^_Y"

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11/14/12 1:34 PM

W TIME which display independent brands. For January, the New View space, designed by Oliviero Baldini, will offer more opportunities for attendees to communicate with brands. Alternative Set, a part of the New View, “will feature a selection of independent brands, presenting a mini-calendar of temporary events and installations” that take place during the show. With more than 400 collections and approximately 8,000 buyers attending last year’s show in Florence, Poletto describes Pitti Bimbo as a not-tobe missed event for both buyers and exhibitors. “It helps them to maintain their image with existing clients, and at the same time launch products on new emerging markets,” he notes. Attendees can look forward to runway shows, which showcase trends and give valuable hints about styling for the upcoming season, presentations and various events such as “Who is on Next? Bimbo,” where new childrenswear designers compete while displaying their collections.

Bubble London

er_11_12_trade_show_feature_01.indd 45



Pitti Bimbo will also offer its technological innovation,, which allows visitors to experience the fair online for a month after the show. “You can go back to the stands, and discover new brands and trends for the coming season,” Poletto explains.

KIDZ AT STYLEMAX, MERCHANDISE MART, CHICAGO, IL, JANUARY 26-28 Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Senior Vice President Susan McCullough calls Kidz at Stylemax one of the major Midwest shows. Changing from a showroom format to a trade show set-up three years ago has made it easier for buyers, according to McCullough. “It’s all out in the open so buyers can get an overview of what’s happening,” she says. “There’s not the intimidation factor of walking into a showroom. It’s just a very easy, comfortable area to shop.” She notes that this edition is a strong event for Stylemax: “A lot of the European lines are on a different schedule, so January has become important to us,” she says. McCullough says the main customers at the show are independent specialty stores, and the majority of the brands are lines that are easy fits for these boutiques. “I think customers should look forward to seeing new products,” she says. “That’s really what our biggest goal is—to increase the show and bring in new lines to help [buyers] differentiate themselves from everyone else. Our industry is about new.” McCullough notes that this show will be adding an additional category—gift. “We want to echo what’s happening in retail,” she says. “Not only do kids’ stores carry [gifts], but we’re seeing women’s stores that have a corner of more gifty items [as well].” Items will include bath products, toys, and baby products such as bibs and blankets. BUBBLE LONDON, BUSINESS DESIGN CENTER, LONDON, JANUARY 27-28 With more than 250 collections set to be in attendance, event director Lindsay Hoyes expects the upcoming Bubble London kids’ show to be one of the best editions yet. The show is debuting a fresh contemporary look and its theme, “The Cabinet of Curiosity,” is an assembly of eclectic products. “Since Bubble London’s launch in January 2008, the show has grown substantially in size but has maintained its intimacy and integrity with a good selection of small cutting edge labels mixed with more

Pitti Immagine Bimbo, Florence, Italy

11/14/12 1:34 PM

established brand names,” Hoyes says. New brands set to appear in January include La Queue Du Chat, Cuquito Shoes, Falke, Quiksilver and Roxy. Additions to the show this year include a category called Nest, which Hoyes says, “will showcase brands selected for their individuality and freshness.” The section provides buyers with an edited gathering of original and enticing product. Show organizers will also introduce the “Hub,” a place where buyers can find information about brands and product, and give feedback on the show. The show’s seminar series “Look Who’s Talking,” gives buyers insight into the upcoming season’s areas of focus and helps to inspire them and improve their businesses. Hoyes believes, however, that the intimate and friendly atmosphere and the wide selection of brands are the main reasons attendees return each year. “Buyers come [to Bubble] for the brand selection and the variety of product on offer, and brands return because they get orders and exposure to retailers they otherwise wouldn’t get to meet,” Hoyes shares. “It’s an effective way of transferring ideas and information and doing business with as many relevant people in the industry as possible.” MIDWEST CHILDREN’S APPAREL GROUP, EMBASSY SUITES, DEERFIELD, IL, FEBRUARY 9-12 Tony Grimaldi, president of the Midwest Children’s Apparel Group, describes the upcoming show as a very relaxed and rewarding experience for attendees. The 400 to 500 lines expected to exhibit set up hotel suites that mirror showrooms, where windows outside the rooms display brand merchandise. “Buyers can feel and look at the merchandise, and within the rooms there is privacy. They don’t have to work while other customers are on the other side [of the booth],” Grimaldi says. He notes that the show is specifically geared towards childrenswear professionals and features moderate- to high-priced brands, with products from apparel and shoes to accessories. Some of the usual suspects include A. Bird, Trumpette, Royal Couture, Polo Ralph Lauren, Jefferies Socks, and Isobella and Chloe. Grimaldi also says that the show continues to grow each year, drawing more buyers and exhibitors from various areas, including Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. “Customers are learning about us and learning that it’s an easy show,” he says. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the show includes a hospitality room with snacks and beverages, as well as free lunch and parking. The show caters to buyers, with the doors opening at 4 p.m. on the first day and remaining open until at least 8 p.m., with some staying open until around 11 p.m. “No one is going to kick you out—we’re very flexible with our customers, and if they want to work later we can accommodate them,” Grimaldi shares. The show in Deerfield is four times a year, with the other Midwest Children’s Apparel Group shows in Detroit, MI, and Indiana. PLAYTIME NEW YORK, ST. JOHN’S CENTER STUDIOS, NYC, MARCH 9-11 Playtime New York is making a move—11 blocks west and three blocks uptown to be exact. The trade show is leaving its old home at 82 Mercer Street for St. John’s Center Studios at 570 Washington Street. “Our show has grown so tremendously with such gusto that we needed to find a bigger place—that was our number one reason [for moving],” says Clare Posnack, a spokeswoman from Playtime New York. “The number two reason was we had buyers say to us that they wished we were more conveniently located by the Javits Center.” Playtime will operate its free shuttle service to ENK Children’s Club from the new location to make it easy for buyers to attend both shows. Quality and creativity are two words Posnack uses to describe

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11/14/12 11:27 AM

EARN_47 47

11/13/12 1:01:38 PM

Playtime New York

j^[Wffhen_cWj[bo'+&XhWdZi$ÇM[][jjh[dZojejhWZ_j_edWb"WdZWb_jjb[ ceh[j^Wd^Wb\e\ekhXhWdZiWh[Zec[ij_YWdZj^[Qh[ijSWh[_dj[hdWj_edWb"iem[^Wl[Wl[ho]eeZc_njkh[e\Wbba_dZie\b_d[i"Èi^[iWoi$<hec Ybej^_d]WdZWYY[iieh_[ije][Wh"Wjj[dZ[[iYWd\_dZcWdoXhWdZikd_gk[ jeFbWoj_c[j^Wjh[fh[i[djÇh[Wbjh[dZi_dj^[_dZkijho$ÈFeidWYadej[i eh]Wd_YWdZ[Ye#\h_[dZbob_d[iWijmefefkbWhYWj[]eh_[iWjj^[i^em$ FeidWYaiWoiFbWoj_c[Êi]h[WjWjj[dj_edjeZ[jW_bcWa[i_jWckij#^_j \ehXko[hi$ÇJ^_i_iWYh[Wj_l[i^em$M[^Wl[X[Wkj_\kbmWoi\ehWjj[dZ[[i jeZej^[_hXko_d]"Èi^[dej[i$ÇJ^[beeae\ekhi^emi_iX[Wkj_\kb"j^[ b_]^j_d]_i]h[WjWdZj^[WcX_WdY[e\ekhi^emi_i`kijl[hofb[WiWdj$È Eh]Wd_p[hifhel_Z[[n^_X_jehim_j^^WhZmeeZmWbbijeZ[YehWj[^em[l[h j^[oi[[\_jjeki[_dj^[_hXeej^i$Ç;l[ho[n^_X_jeh][jiWX_]XWbbeed m_j^j^[_hdWc[ed_jjee"Èi^[iWoi$Ç?jÊiWbbfWhje\j^[beeae\j^[i^em$È J^[i[WZZ[ZjekY^[i"_dYbkZ_d]Wm[bYec[YeYajW_bh[Y[fj_edm_j^b_l[ cki_Y"YecX_d[Zm_j^Z_ij_dYj_l[XhWdZicWa[\ehWdel[hWbbfei_j_l[ [nf[h_[dY[$Ç?\Xko[hiWh[beea_d]\ehiec[j^_d]if[Y_Wb\ehj^[_hijeh[i" j^[oÊh[]e_d]je\_dZ_jWjFbWoj_c["ÈFeidWYaiWoi$

A unique selection of today’s best collections!

The international trade show dedicated to the universe of children.

New York, USA

Patrick illustration:


March 9 -11, 2013

More info on

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KIDSHOW MIAMI, DOUBLETREE HOTEL, MIAMI, MARCH 17-18 A?:I^em_iXh_d]_d]_jim[bb#ademdY^_bZh[dÊii^em_dBWiL[]Wije Wceh[jhef_YWbbeYWj_ed_dCWhY^"Yh[Wj_d]Wdeffehjkd_jo\ehXko[hi WdZ[n^_X_jehiWb_a[je^_jWd[mcWha[j$:[d_i[HW[i_Z["cWdW][he\ A?:I^em"iWoi^[hÇW^WÈcec[djYWc[WXekj\_l[o[WhiW]em^[ded[ e\j^[iWb[ih[fiWia[Z^[hm^oA?:I^emZ_ZdÊjZeWdoj^_d]_dC_Wc_$ <ehj^[fWijj^h[[o[Whi"HW[i_Z[Yedj[cfbWj[ZYh[Wj_d]Wi^em_dj^[ Ikdi^_d[IjWj[WdZi[djekjWj[Wi[h[#cW_bjeBWiL[]Wi[n^_X_jehij^_i o[WhWia_d]m^Wjj^[omekbZj^_dae\WC_Wc_Y^_bZh[dÊii^em$Ç?`kij]ej WXWhhW][e\[#cW_biWdZf^ed[YWbbim_j^gk[ij_edi"Èi^[h[YWbbi$ J^[X_]WjjhWYj_ed\ehXej^Xko[hiWdZl[dZehijeYec[jeC_Wc__ije ef[dd[mXki_d[iim_j^WdkdjWff[ZcWha[j$ÇF_Ya_d]kfd[mYkijec[hi"j^WjÊij^[]eWb"ÈHW[i_Z[iWoi$I^[[nf[YjiWjj[dZ[[i\hecIekj^WdZ 9[djhWb7c[h_YWWim[bbWij^[9Wh_XX[WdX[YWki[e\j^[i^emÊiYedl[d_[dY["dej_d]j^Wj_jiedboYecf[j_j_ed_iWi^em_d<ehjBWkZ[hZWb[$ ÇH[jW_b[hiWh[Yec_d]\hecWbbel[hX[YWki[_jÊi[Wioje][j_dWdZekj e\C_Wc_"Èi^[iWoi$7\h[[i^kjjb[m_bbX[hkdd_d]\hecj^[W_hfehjje j^[^ej[b(*^ekhiWZWo"WdZWjj[dZ[[im_bbX[]h[[j[Zm_j^Wdef[d_d] h[Y[fj_edWdZYecfb_c[djWhobkdY^Xej^ZWoi$ÇM[Êh[]e_d]jejWa[YWh[ e\j^[c\hecj^[cec[djj^[oij[f_dj^[Zeeh$J^[oÊbb]ejei[[a[o XhWdZiWdZQZ_iYel[hSd[mXhWdZi"Èi^[iWoi$ J^[b_d[im_bbij_bbX[_dj^[ceZ[hWj[jeZ[i_]d[hfh_Y[fe_dj"Wi_d BWiL[]Wi"WdZm_bb_dYbkZ[ikY^bWX[biWiIWhWIWhW"Hk\\b[8kjji"M[[ Ed[i"MWhh_ehFe[jWdZL_jWc_di$ÇM[Êh[ef[d_d]Wd[mcWha[j\ehj^[c WdZ^[bf_d]j^[cc[[jd[mf[efb["WdZm^Wjm[Êh[ademd\eh_ij^[ Ykijec[hi[hl_Y[m[fhel_Z[WdZj^[meham[Ze"Xej^X[\eh[WdZW\j[h j^[i^em"Èi^[iWoi$8oEYjeX[h".&XhWdZi^WZWbh[WZoi_]d[Zkf\eh j^[i^em"WdZHW[i_Z[j^_daiWi[bb#ekjcWoX[feii_Xb[$I^[_dj[dZied [nfWdZ_d]j^[i^em_dj^[\kjkh["iWo_d]j^WjXo(&'*"A?:I^emC_Wc_ ^ef[ijee\\[hWlWh_[joe\[ZkYWj_edWbi[c_dWhi$•

PUBLISHER’S STATEMENT 1. Publication Title: Earnshaws’s Infants, Girls and Boys Wear Review. 2. Publication No.: 0320-090. 3. Filing Date 10/2/12. 4. Issue Frequency:monthly, except for bi-monthly April/ May and Nov/Dec issues. No. of Issues Published Annually: 10. 6. Annual Subscription Price: $48. 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication: Earnshaws, 36 Cooper Sq. 4th floor, New York, NY 10003. 8. Complete Mailing Address of the Headquarters or General Business Office of the Publisher: (Same as #7). 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor: Publisher: Noelle Heffernan, 36 Cooper Sq. 4th floor, New York, NY 10003; Editor: Jennifer Cattaui, 36 Cooper Sq. 4th floor, New York, NY 10003; Managing Editor:none. 10. Owner (If owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediately thereafter the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of stock): Zapis Capital Group, LLC; Leon Zapis, 26202 Detroit Rd. Ste. 300, Westlake, OH 44145; Maria Wymer, 26202 Detroit Rd. Ste. 300, Westlake, OH 44145; Donna Thomas, 26202 Detroit Rd. Ste. 300, Westlake, OH 44145; Renee Seybert, 26202 Detroit Rd. Ste. 300, Westlake, OH 44145, Richard Bongorno, 26202 Detroit Rd. Ste 300, Westlake OH 44145 11. Known Bondholders, Mortgages, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities: None. 12. (For Nonprofit Organizations - Does Not Apply) 13. Publication Name: Earnshaws’s Infants, Girls and Boys Wear Review. 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: October 2012 15. Extent and Nature of Circulation. Average No. Copies Each Issue During Preceding 12 Months/ Actual No. Copies of Single Issue Published Nearest to Filing Date: a. Total No. Copies : 16,198/17,676 b. Legitimate paid and/or requested distribution: (1) Paid/ Requested Outside-County Mail Subscriptions:. 9,605/9,930 (2) Paid/Requested In-County Subscriptions:.0/0 (3) Sales through dealers and carriers, street vendors, and counter sales:.0/0 (4) Requested copies distributed by other USPS mail classes:.0/0 c. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 9,605/9,930 d. Nonrequested distribution: (1). Outside county nonrequested copies:.4,460/3,971 (2) In County nonrequested copies:. 0/0 (3) Nonrequested copies distributed through other USPS mail classes:0/0 (4). Nonrequested copies distributed outside the mail: 1,715/3,450 e. Total nonrequested distribution:. 6,175/7,421 f. Total Distribution:15,780/17,351 g. Copies not distributed:418/325 h. Total: 16,198/17,676 i: Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation: 60%/57% 16. This Statement of Ownership will be printed in the November/December 2012 issue of this publication.17. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions and/or civil sanctions. Noelle Heffernan, Publisher

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For babies only

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Extraordinary garments for young sprouts!

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January 9-16

Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000


ENK Children’s Club Pier 92 New York, NY (212) 759-8055


LA Kids Market California Market Center Los Angeles, CA (213) 630-3683


Dallas Total Gift & Home Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX (214) 655-6100


Pitti Immagine Bimbo Fortezza de Basso Florence, Italy +39 055 3693238


Atlanta Apparel Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000

Sponsored by:


North Branch Children’s Show 1229 N North Branch Chicago, IL (312) 266-0600


Kidz at Stylemax Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL (312) 527-7759


Playtime Paris Route de la Pyramide Paris, France +33 014 3727537


KIDShow Las Vegas Bally’s Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV (305) 663-6635


The Livonia Children’s Show Embassy Suites Livonia, MI (248) 478-1732 www.midwestchildrens

March 9-11


Playtime New York St. John’s Center Studios 570 Washington Street New York, NY (212) 563-7301


ENK Children’s Club Javits Center New York, NY (212) 759-8055

February 4-8

Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings and Holiday Market AmericasMart Atlanta, GA (404) 220-3000

NYIGF Javits Center, Piers 92 & 94 New York, NY (212) 204-1060

Bubble London Business Design Center Islington, England

Kids Market NYC 34 W. 33rd Street New York, NY


The Children’s Show at Deerfield Embassy Suites Deerfield, IL (248) 478-1732 www.midwestchildrens




KIDShow Miami DoubleTree Hotel 711 Northwest 72d Ave Miami, FL (305) 663-6635

Editor’s Note: Show details are subject to change. Please call the phone numbers or visit the show websites for up-to-date schedules. Show sponsors may send updates to

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Join Earnshawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Marketplace Earnshaw's Marketplace maximizes small budgets for emerging infant and toddler companies. Tout your up-and-coming apparel or juvenile product collections to retailers looking for new resources targeting newborns through pre-schoolers. Call (646) 278-1510

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Our stylist’s princess fantasies came true with Earnshaw’s closet of bright dresses with pretty springtime prints. Inspired by her favorite Disney Princess, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Emma chose frocks with superior twirl-ability. (She knows all about twirling. Her favorite ride at the

Jelly the Pug mixed print dress

Magic Kingdom is the teacups.) “Dresses make me feel pretty,” she noted, but a sparkly skirt in her favorite color and a cute tank caught her eye, too—the perfect casual look for an offduty princess. Instead of a tiara, Emma opted for more down to earth accessories like floral necklaces and a dainty purse to house her lip gloss. Once the shoot was over, the tired toddler was ready to hop in her glass carriage and head home, but a New York City taxi made do. —Angela Velasquez

Grass & Clovers tank top, sparkly skirt and headband by Isobella & Chloe

Eliane et Lena tank dress


Daisy print dress by Claesen’s, felt necklace by Everbloom Studio

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gifting made simple

novelty gifts




burp cloths

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Earnshaw's | November/December 2012  

Earnie Award Winners; Showtime: Trade Show Preview 2012; Earnshaw's Hall of Fame 2012 - Earnshaws Magazine: Infants' and Childrens' Fashion...

Earnshaw's | November/December 2012  

Earnie Award Winners; Showtime: Trade Show Preview 2012; Earnshaw's Hall of Fame 2012 - Earnshaws Magazine: Infants' and Childrens' Fashion...