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Behind every brilliant idea is the process. Behind every brilliant idea is the process.

On Target At Iron Creative Communication, user experience is what counts. Page 10

The Power of TED Technology, entertainment and design come together for the greatest show on earth. Page 16

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vianna Rodriguez “Separación” by Fa is the process. every brilliant idea idea is the process. Behind Behind every brilliant

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At Iron Creative Communication, user experience is what counts

summer 2012

16 The Power of TED


On Target At Iron Creative Communication, user experience is what counts. Page 10

e Visual Media allianc www.ProcessNorCa

The Power of TeD ment Technology, entertain and design come together on for the greatest show earth. Page 16

10 Questions

Favianna Rodriguez, artist

Technology, entertainment and design come together for the greatest show on earth

20 Hybrid Design

When worlds collide at this San Francisco agency, amazing things happen

Iron Creative

30 Remembering the Magic It’s a wrap for Visual Media Alliance’s “can’t-miss” event of the season

how to 6 Network

Networking training makes for the corporate win

8 Print

The truth about your paper merchant


34 AIGA Continuum 35 Veterans of the Printing Industry Luncheon

36 Fire on the Bay:

Responsive Web Design 38 Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Inside Scoop 39 Adobe Creative Suite User Group: All About Color! 40 Earth Day Extravaganza 42 TYPO San Francisco

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summer 2012


publisher’s letter

Putting the “X” in Process

Photo by Jeff Newton

When Bruce Macintosh, my third-year VisCom college professor, introduced me to Richard Saul Wurhman in 1990, everything changed for me. He supplied a simple passage of text from Wuhrman’s book “Information Anxiety,” which was the basis for a semester-long project. Little did I know it would end up being the basis for every project I’d ever do after—including Process NorCal. The passage begins like this: “If you neglect to ask what is the purpose of the project, your choices of how to solve it become arbitrary and you will suffer the nagging feeling of that arbitrariness. You will experience the anxiety of wondering would another solution have been more successful. Many of us move too quickly into the how to do before we fully understand what we want to do. Uncovering the essential purpose of any endeavor requires asking something what it wants to be and discovering how that relates to what you want or need it to be.” Powerful stuff, huh? Wurhman also coined the term “Information Architect” and was the father of TED (Technology +Entertainment+Design). I invite you to see the history of TED (page 16) and get a feeling for what a true phenomenon TEDx, the localized version of TED, is becoming. Oh, and read the rest of Wuhrman’s quote at Now, why does this matter? Well, as I looked into the “what’s the purpose” of publishing Process NorCal, I realized the answer is that with each issue, we try to deliver fresh ideas on marketing technologies, entertaining stories and profiles of leaders in our creative field, all wrapped up in a design that only specialty printing could deliver. In a sense, Process is an analog version of TED. And since this is the NorCal version (there is a Process SW, too), really Process NorCal is like a TEDx. If you agree, disagree or want to read the rest of that seminal passage, email me at and together we can put the “X” in the process.





01 Hank Blank

…runs a marketing services consulting firm based in Laguna Niguel, Calif. His core competencies include advertising, public relations, interactive and personal and social networking, and he conducts agency reviews aligning clients with the correct resources for their needs. Blank also speaks on networking and new business development across the country.

02 Sabine Lenz the founder of PaperSpecs, an online source for paper information, inspiration and insights. A graphic designer with more than 15 years experience in Germany, Australia and the United States, she writes frequently for several industry publications and is also a speaker on paper and related topics. Referred to as the “Paper Queen” by many of her followers, Lenz combines a passion for the irreplaceable medium called paper with a hands-on approach to sharing her knowledge.



summer 2012

our people: publisher Jim Nissen managing editor Michelle Jacoby vma section editor Noel Jeffrey creative direction SW!TCH s t u d i o art director Elizabeth Dam designers Kris Olmon, Marisa Bigler, Felicia Penza advertising sales Shannon Wolford

Magazine is published quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). Magazine is a professional journal published for the communications industry – advertising, design, print, Web, public relations, photography, illustration and paper.

Jim Nissen Publisher

the contributors

Summer 2012 + v.4 + no.2

03 Gerry Bonetto

…is the vice president of government affairs of the Printing Industries of California and the government affairs director for Visual Media Alliance. He has also served as a founding member and first president for the California Small Business Alliance and was recognized with the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation’s William Schaeffer Award.

04 Katiushka Acosta-Smith

…is the human resources specialist for Visual Media Alliance, where she is responsible for growing the organization’s portfolio of publications and classes. She is also responsible for providing assistance to VMA members in all areas of human resources, including hiring, leave, termination, wage and salary administration, and sexual harassment.

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Changing the world may or may not work, but wouldn’t you rather design trying? with support from

Find out how at

how to: network

Networking Training 101 Story | Hank Blank


n the “new normal,” we live in a world where companies are cash rich, but are slow to hire; where banks are more liquid than ever, but don’t lend money. Companies want loyal and motivated employees, but will fire people at the drop of a hat. Employees want security, but will readily leave companies for the next best opportunity because they know that today, there’s no such thing as security. So what’s the one mutual beneficial skill that companies should invest in? Networking training. Networking is simultaneously helpful for both parties. It helps employees become more marketable, while making better marketers of their company—and that’s the corporate win. It leads to improved productivity, efficiency, quicker response times, better solutions and makes people smarter. Smart companies win. I know of many companies that have implemented sales training, but networking training is very rare in my experience. I grew up in the



summer 2012

advertising business. Networking and relationship building were vital to gaining and maintaining clients. I received no formal training on networking and really didn’t know what it was. Standing around a bar at events talking to people you know isn’t networking. Today’s workplace is vastly different than it was a decade ago. Technology is changing at uber speed and most people are challenged with keeping up. Workforces have been diminished, while work demands have increased. Smartphones have made work almost a 24/7 endeavor. Companies that will succeed in this environment will embrace that networking is good for their company and their employees. They will advocate it, teach it and encourage it. The most valuable employees in an organization will be the best networked. The companies that will prosper will be the ones with employees who excel at networking. The smartest companies will invest in training their employees on networking because they know it will pay off. To survive and prosper in today’s quick-paced workplace, you have to be well resourced. Networking is a very efficient way to develop a broad solution base that makes you an added value resource center for your clients and a revenue center for your company. Employees with deep and broad networks will be more valuable than other employees because they can find solutions inside and outside their companies and bring those to the table. If they leave their company, they will be able to find new positions faster because of their networks. Effective networking will increase productivity, make you smarter and save you time because you can reach out to experienced talent with the speed of a text. In today’s workplace, time efficiency is the new currency of success. The new paradigm is completing projects quickly, but to the highest standards. Being well networked is one of the most efficient ways to achieve that. It is the way that companies can keep costs low and performance high. Smart companies will increasingly believe social media is good for the company and the careers of their employees. It can hurt your career if your company doesn’t practice social media. Today, most companies’ social media activities and their employees’ social media activities are largely in different silos. Finding ways to integrate both will have mutual benefits for their employees. Encouraging employees to be LinkedIn with their client counterparts makes great sense. Having 50 touch points within your client is much better than three in today’s transitional world. BIO: Hank Blank …is president of Blank and Associates, a marketing services firm based in Laguna Nigel, Calif. For more information, visit or e-mail


Our Salary Center tools offer in-depth compensation data for more than 100 creative and marketing positions. To review salary trends, calculate local salary ranges and download a FREE 2012 Salary Guide, visit


Š 2012 The Creative Group. A Robert Half Company. An Equal Opportunity Employer. 091 1-7302

how to: print

The Truth About Your Paper Merchant Story | Sabine Lenz


nfortunately, due to the economy, we can no longer support specification sales representatives.” The letter from the paper merchant was friendly enough, but… Sadly, spec reps have been disappearing from the paper landscape. The few that remain usually have multiple roles, with sales taking over the majority of their time. “There are practically no ‘traditional’ spec reps left in the field,” confirmed a merchant friend of mine. “Most of the spec people nowadays wear 10 different hats.” The good news is that we all still have access to the paper merchant. They might not be able to call on every designer and small printer, but we can call on them. And more importantly, we can count on them.

The merchant role

The designer specs the paper. The printer buys it. The merchant delivers the paper, and the mill makes it. Trying to explain the role of the paper merchant in the paper specifying and buying process can get confusing. “I like to use the analogy of a supermarket,” says Mendy Eskew, business development, environmental and program specialist at Mac Papers Atlanta. “You wouldn’t go to a tomato grower to buy a pound of tomatoes, or to a dairy farmer to buy your milk. The place you go to find the most choices is your local supermarket. In our case, it’s the paper store. We carry everything. We stock it locally. We bring you the expertise, the variety of the choices and what your tradeoffs are.” Every paper merchant used to have spec reps that called on designers and printers, but the case of our merchant letter is no single incident. “I actually don’t call on designers as much as I used to at all,” admits Eskew. “The return on investment hasn’t really merited this, so we moved to trying to communicate with them in other ways.” Following the lead of Clampitt Paper in Texas, one of these ways is a beautiful design center Mac Paper has built in Atlanta. It keeps the center stocked with the latest mill promotions, swatchbooks and printed samples. Designers (and printers for that matter) can go here and use it like their own private sample library.



summer 2012

With more and more designers working out of their home offices or in small studios, this gives them access to a multitude of samples and is a feast for the eyes and creative senses.

What your merchant can do for you

Even if you don’t have access to a design center, merchants are still here to help you with a variety of needs. Swatchbooks. “Can you send me a swatch cabinet?” This is still a question Eskew gets on a frequent basis. But, at an average cost of $15 per swatchbook, said swatch cabinet adds up to a hefty price tag. Which brings up the question: Are some of these papers even relevant for your work? So Eskew will dig deeper. “What are you looking for? What are you working on that makes you feel the need for a swatch cabinet?” “Well, I’ve got a letterhead project that I’m working on.” “Great. Let’s talk about letterheads. I don’t need to send you…” Your local paper merchant can’t see you on a frequent basis, but this doesn’t mean you have to work from outdated swatchbooks. Just take a look at the back of the book. “If they’re over three years old, there’s probably something more current,” says Eskew. Mill promotions. Similar rules apply for mill promotions. Your local paper merchant has the latest and greatest from many mills. Just call them if you hear about a new promotion. Sample sheets and dummies. “There are hundreds of drawers of 12.5-by-19 sample sheets in our design center,” Eskew says. “We’re fulfilling orders all day long, helping customers—mainly printers, these days—so they can sell the paper to their customers.” While some printers make their own dummies and mock-ups, many turn to their local paper merchant. Second opinions. “If you ever hear that a paper is not available, that a paper is out of your price range, or an issue that you want a second opinion on, you need to call us. We can vet that information for you,” reminds Eskew. BIO: Sabine Lenz …is the founder of PaperSpecs, the first online paper database for the design and print industries. For information, visit or e-mail

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Tar on

“With apparel, you’re in a constant tug-of-war to keep the shoppers attention.”



summer 2012

rget At Iron Creative Communication, user experience is what counts

Photography | Greg Habiby

Left to right: Stephanie Denes, Joe Chang, Theresa Barocio, Angela Skenandore, Dave Caraker, Emily Berry


summer 2012


John Walsh and Matt Cooke, principals


ron is the element added to other metals to make steel. It’s the catalyst for greater strength. And San Francisco marketing and design firm Iron Creative Communication is living up to its namesake—helping to create stronger brands. In today’s incredibly competitive marketing landscape, that’s no small feat. But according to agency partners Matt Cooke and John Walsh, Iron’s success is fueled by the same simple principle that’s fueled the success of businesses for centuries: “The customer is always right.” But they don’t mean that in the traditional sense. “We’re saying everything starts with what the customer wants and the further you get from that, the less successful you’ll be,” Cooke says. While Iron approaches every project for every client with the same philosophy, Cooke believes it is especially relevant to the interactive space. “On the web, if a shopper doesn’t see what they want immediately, they’re gone— off to find a faster, easier route. With apparel, you’re in a constant tug-of-war to keep the shopper’s attention.” Case in point, Iron has been working with Levi’s on digital initiatives for the retail audience for over three years, with powerful results.



summer 2012

“The nature of the Levi’s work makes user experience incredibly central,” says Cooke. “So it was a very natural fit for us, and we were extremely lucky to get the opportunity. “The challenge of selling online has always been that a customer is hesitant to make a purchase without a real sense of the product. And we have to respect that need. Which means our job is to create a window for online customers to understand how the product will fit their needs.”

UX is about digital

Cooke believes the process of following the customer’s lead online is at the heart of User Experience Design, a subject he teaches at the graduate level at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. UX today generates lots of discussion and an overabundance of definitions. To keep it simple, user experience designers use technology to help people accomplish their goals. But the primary objective is to help people, not to make great technology. UX is not limited to the confines of the computer or the web. It is any interaction with any product or system. In that respect, it’s been around for a long time. For the web, not so much. “Ecommerce on the web is still in its relatively early days,” Cooke says. “As designers continue to focus on end users, we’re going to get better and better online experiences. Things are going to change radically

especially as technology continues to evolve. For example, tablets have become ubiquitous thanks to the iPad. They present a totally different way to interact. You’re swiping and pinching. And these developments will continue to pose new challenges for designers.” He also notes that even though the web itself is new to marketing, experiences now

“The customer is always right, except when they’re wrong.” have to be functional on mobile microsites and other interactive technologies. Designers have to get better at UX in the digital world across the board. “As a profession we’re all learning as we go,” Cooke concludes. “We’re never going to ‘master’ the discipline. We need to keep learning and adapting, based on the customer’s changing needs.”

UX beyond digital

For Iron, “The customer is always right” is bigger than the web. “It’s at the core of your brand essence,” says Cooke’s partner and Iron’s strategy director John Walsh. “What do you have that the customer wants? You start there; you’ll have a sound positioning. Start anywhere else and you’re selling uphill.” Iron’s 2011 re-launch of the Patelco Credit Union brand embodied this approach to the big idea. “While it’s one of California’s biggest credit unions, Patelco was facing the same challenges as any other credit union: a lot of people don’t know what they are,” Walsh says. Iron did extensive internal and external research, aimed at helping the financial institution better position itself against its more familiar competitors: banks. “All things being equal, people choose what’s familiar,” says Walsh. “So we worked with the equation we were given. Obviously, we needed to familiarize people with the

benefits of a credit union, but more importantly, we needed to point out that all things were not equal. In the middle of the financial crisis, what people knew about banks was enough to overcome what they didn’t know about credit unions.” Iron produced a print, radio, TV and web campaign introducing people to the member-owned credit union model, while juxtaposing it with the investorinterest motivated bank model. This insight powered Patelco’s campaign to success.

Is the customer ever wrong?

“The customer is always right, except when they’re wrong,” says Cooke. “And the only time they’re wrong is when they’re at odds with their own customers. Often times, clients will insist on a marketing plan that serves a business plan agenda, rather than their customers’ needs. So we try to help them step back and bring those two things into alignment.” Walsh argues that this issue of overlooking the customer’s priorities goes beyond marketing, to business as a whole—especially in the technology sector. “A lot of tech companies are so wrapped up in creating the next big thing, they’re forgetting to create the next useful thing,” he says. “Gadgets are great, but the only ones that stand the test of time are the ones that are solving a problem for the customer.”

What customer is right for Iron?

Since it’s a full-service design agency, the team at Iron Creative chose the name to signify an unwavering commitment to clients and the fact that they are not beholden to any one medium. “We love every client we’ve ever had and every client we ever will have.” Safe answer out of the way, Cooke adds, “But at this stage, we’re looking to expand our wholesale work for large consumer brands and we’ve been actively developing a core expertise in the gaming industry—focusing specifically on the MMO space.” Why the focus on gaming? Says Walsh, “Because we’re game nerds and we don’t care who knows it.”


A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet and usually feature at least one persistent world. They are, however, not necessarily games played on personal computers. Most of the newer game consoles, including the PSP, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Ps vita and Wii can access the Internet and may therefore run MMO games. Additionally, mobile devices and smartphones based on such operating systems as Android, iOS and Windows Phone are seeing an increase in the number of MMO games available. Source: Wikipedia


summer 2012



For Image & Color Professionals FlexScan SX series is the ideal choice of graphic designers, photographers, motion picture editors and any professionals that consider color reproduction critical. These widescreen monitors, offered in 27, 24, and 22 inches, boast the large screen size and color control needed for DTP, CAD , graphic design and digital photography prosumers. The series delivers abundant features based on EIZO’s cutting-edge color reproduction technologies and advanced ergonomics while providing easy hardware calibration with the optional EIZO EasyPIX color matching tool. This wide color gamut monitor reproduces nearly 100% of the Adobe RGB color space, displaying almost every possible color captured in photos taken in a digital camera’s Adobe RGB mode. Follow us: @EizoUSA Watch us: Like us:


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TED The Power of

Story | Aaron Berman

Ever since Mickey Rooney uttered the words, “Hey kids, let’s put on a show!” in the 1939 movie “Babes in Arms,” the phrase has become shorthand for a type of wideeyed optimism more often ridiculed than embraced. Yet, you could do worse to describe the spirit behind the prestigious TED talks held annually in California since 1990. And the phrase sums up TEDx, the localized versions of these talks, beautifully.



summer 2012

At the beginning

The TED talks, first envisioned by author/ architect/designer Richard Saul Wurman in 1984 as an event that would feature eyeopening presentations about technology, entertainment and design (TED) by passionate experts—his idea of the perfect dinner-party companions—have grown to include lectures by everybody from former president Bill Clinton to graphic designer Chip Kidd. In 2002, TED was taken over by publisher Chris Anderson’s nonprofit group The Sapling Foundation. The talks progressed to become lavishly produced affairs that can now be seen on DVD, streaming on Netflix, and on However, at $6,000 a ticket and an invitation-only attendance policy for each annual conference, the layman’s odds of actually seeing a TED talk in the flesh are fairly slim. To level the playing field a bit, TED created TEDx in 2009. This more localized program allows anyone to organize TED talks in their community using the TEDx branding anywhere in the world. Organizers receive a lengthy licensing agreement covering various dos and don’ts and are left to make of the experience what they will.

TEDx Bay Area is born

In May 2010, longtime TED fan Tatyana Kanzaveli finally managed to snag a license for TEDxBayArea after many months of working with the TED home office. “All the people who were doing TEDx events were doing these big, one-day events with hundreds of people—exactly like TED only on the local level,” she recalls. “What I didn’t like was the lack of communication between the thought-leaders on the stage talking about all those big ideas and the people in the audience. I [wanted] to take the best from TED, make it a little bit smaller, and leave room for discussion with the speakers. We went back and forth and they gave me a license and said just do what you do the way you do it.” The first TEDxBayArea event, one of Kanzaveli’s hard-fought-for “salons,” took place at the Tied House Brewery and Café in Mountain View in May 2010. The event featured Rubicon Consulting founder and CEO, and Santa Clara University board member Nilofer Merchant talking with 50 to 80 attendees about the power of collaboration. From then on, the salons became TEDxBayArea’s monthly mainstay with Kanzaveli organizing about 11 each year. “The nice thing about salons is that they’re done after hours, so people come after work and they know they’ll have a nice dinner and wine, and nice people to talk to,” she says.

Celebrating women entrepreneurs

For the end of each year, Kanzaveli decided to hold a large, “TED-like” annual event that plays off of TED’s December TEDWomen event. “But TEDWomen was too big,” she says. “I decided that I would do an event in conjunction with them, but I’d make it a more meaningful meeting, a little more focused.” That focus: women entrepreneurs. In 2010, the TEDxBayArea December conference featured 24 speakers including California Secretary of State Debra Bowen; Dominique Crenn, Chef de Cuisine Luce at InterContinental SF; and Heather Fleming, product designer and CEO of San Francisco’s Catapult Design, which creates products and technologies to meet the needs of the underdeveloped world. The entrepreneurial theme is particularly meaningful to Kanzaveli, an advisor to several female-entrepreneur organizations and CEO of Getwear (, which enables anybody to design custom jeans online. However, though the salons are open to the public, the annual women-entrepreneur events are by invitation only to address limited seating. Last year, she whittled down 600 applicants to 300 through the use of a detailed questionnaire. “If I see people who are most likely to try to get business for their businesses, it clearly comes out in the way they describe what they do,” Kanzaveli explains. “That’s not what’s intended for these events. We basically try to find people who are really passionate, so that it doesn’t become some kind of marketing event.”

Formula for success

The key to making the TEDxBayArea events successful isn’t much different from what’s necessary to make other ventures succeed. “When you develop a brand, you need to set up a level of where you want to be, what type of people you want to attend,” Kanzaveli says. “TEDx is no different. From the get-go, my thinking was it will be events that focus on people like myself; I don’t want to get crowds of people just to get free pizza, I want to have people who really care.” The pizza is an exaggeration; the events are more likely to serve gourmet dinners and wine. Tickets for salon events are $25 to $50; the annual Women Entrepreneurs events go for about $75. All are marketed through Facebook, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, etc. “If it’s 10 people, I want 10 people who really care about the speaker and the topic,” Kanzaveli says. “There are some people who are really after large numbers. If you have large numbers, it’s easier to get

TED timeline TED was created by Richard Saul Wurman, who recognized the powerful convergence between technology, entertainment and design. The first TED included demos of the Sony compact disc and new 3-D graphics from Lucasfilm, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines with his newly discovered fractals. But despite the stellar lineup, the event lost money.


Wurman and his partner Harry Marks tried again. Held annually in Monterey, Calif., the TED Conference began attracting a growing and influential audience from different disciplines, but united by their curiosity, open-mindedness, and a desire to think outside the box.


At 65, Wurman was ready to pass on the reins. Media entrepreneur and founder of The Sapling Foundation Chris Anderson met with Wurman to discuss the conference’s future.


The Sapling Foundation acquired TED, and Anderson became TED’s curator. He pledged to stand by the principles that made TED great: the same inspired format, the same breadth of content, and the same commitment to seek out interesting people and letting them communicate their passions.


TED launched three signature programs: TEDGlobal: TED’s twin conference is held every summer in Edinburgh, Scotland. TED Prize: An annual program awarding $100,000 grants to an individual with “One Wish to Change the World.” TEDTalks: A groundbreaking audio and video podcast series in which the best TED content is released free online.


TEDTalks proved so popular that TED’s website was relaunched around them, allowing a global audience to enjoy free eyeball-to-eyeball access to some of the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders and teachers.


Source: TED


summer 2012


notablespeakers With a roster of presenters that have included scientists, philosophers, musicians, religious leaders and philanthropists, over the years, TED speakers have included:


From addressing the global HIV/ AIDS epidemic, literacy, agricultural research and disaster relief, the former CEO of Microsoft has established his own style of philanthropy and innovation.


The musician and activist accepted the 2005 TED Prize for his call to action on Africa, a place for which he is fighting to end hunger, poverty and disease.


Through an array of inspirations ranging from ’50s pinups to stylish women on the streets of New York, the fashion designer shares clues on living a creative life.


A multi-TED speaker, former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore has brought the world’s climate crisis to the forefront.


Photo’s by Asa Mathat, Bruno Vincent, Andrew Heavens, James Duncan Davidson

In 1998, the Paralympics sprinter talked about her career as a runner and the carbon-fiber prosthetics legs, which were then a prototype that got her across the finish line.


A former software brand manager, Godin started Yoyodyne, one of the first Internet-based direct-marketing firms in the mid-1980s. With a passion and humor, he has given TED attendees insight into design, creativity and business.


The London-based chef and TED Prize winner continues to make his case for the importance of changing the way we—and our children—eat.



summer 2012

sponsors and everything else, so they do whatever they can to get crowds of people. That’s not the value for me. The value for me is having amazing conversations with people who are compassionate and care about the topic of the speaker.”

All in the name

Of course, there’s a reason Kanzaveli decided to become a TEDx licensee; the TED name is a draw to speakers who would otherwise would be harder to attract. “Speakers hope their talk will make it on,” she admits. “To be on the TEDx YouTube channel is good for PR and marketing. It’s considered to be a top line item for any speaker to say he or she was a speaker at TED or TEDx.” Though TEDx typically covers a speaker’s airfare, lodging and meals, no fee is paid. To cover those costs, organizers seek corporate sponsorships; past TEDxBayArea sponsors have included SAP and Cisco. Kanzaveli handles pretty much everything herself for the salon events, only hiring a videographer and one other person to handle guest check-ins and other administration duties. For the annual women-entrepreneur conferences, she’s helped by a core team of five or six volunteers, and an event hosting company that volunteers its services. In May, Kanzaveli somehow managed to shoe-horn yet another TEDxBayArea presentation into her calendar. It all started the previous month when TED hosted an event for its TEDx licensees in Doha, Qatar, where it played a talk by British chef Jamie Oliver. In 2010, Oliver won the TED Prize—$100,000 and other types of support from the TED community—to help him launch a movement to educate people around the world about eating better: Food Revolution Day. “And everything he was saying I was like, ‘OK, that’s me,’ ” she remembers. “So crazy me decided to support him. I’m doing an event at the Hult International Business School in San Francisco, where I invited real cool chefs who support the notion of healthy cooking and eating. It was a few weeks of finding those chefs and the business school, but I think that’s a cause we all should care about.” This, of course, is in addition to TEDxBayArea’s monthly salon. No sooner does she finish explaining this than she pauses suddenly, giving the impression of a person who’s been so busy for so long, she’s run into herself coming or going. “It’s funny,” she finally says. “I’m watching CNN and they have an interview with Jamie Oliver right now—about the event I’m hosting tomorrow to support him.”




(Top to bottom, left to right): Ed O’Brien, Maria Mraz, Frank Supiot, Josh Herbolsheimer, Cody Meyer, Mike Anderson, Crystal Chou, Matt Maher, Caleb Kozlowski, Lindsey Couchman, Muppet Brian, Jo Tran, Carly Fuller, John Yum, Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn with their fiberglass art piece, “The Ghost of Givings Past” aka Carl

Hybrid 20


summer 2012

interview | michelle jacoby Photography | greg habiby

When worlds collide at this San Francisco agency, amazing things happen Tell us about Hybrid Design. What’s the company culture and philosophy?

Hybrid Design was founded in 2001 by myself, Dora Drimalas, and my husband Brian Flynn. We started as both a 2-D and 3-D design firm, a hybrid of both product design and branding/graphic design, which gave us our name. Over the years, we’ve expanded into digital and motion at the requests of our clients, and have evolved into a full-service agency, but with a design sensibility as opposed to an advertising point of view. Our culture is really driven by the desire to have fun and enjoy coming to work every day. As a design intern in the ’90s, I woke up every day so excited to go to the studio and learn as much as I could. I try to make sure our studio feels like that. We don’t really have a pecking order or hierarchy in the office. We all chip in and work on projects together, and try to help each other out. The studio is very much a group effort, and we make sure not to lose that perspective. I also think it’s really important to push the boundaries and rethink the problem of any given project. A client brief is an outline to a solution to a problem, but the client defines it already. We like to sit with the client and really understand the core problem so that we can help redefine the solution. In most cases, clients have a goal in mind already. But what we can offer is a

better and more exciting solution than the one they had thought of already.

What have been the most memorable, challenging or unique projects?

Some of our most memorable work would be the advertising we’ve done for Nike. We’ve been working with them for 17 years and we finally got the opportunity to do the advertising for the women’s training category. We created the “Make Yourself” evergreen campaign and voice for the category. It was a great moment. When it comes to challenging, I’d have to say Super7 and Hybrid Home because there’s never enough time to work on personal projects. These are the fun posters, toys, shirts and collaborations. They always require after-hours attention, which is few and far between these days now that Brian and I have three kiddos. There have never been enough hours in the day. I’d have to say the most unique project that we’ve done is the Super Shogun Stormtrooper for Lucasfilm and Super7. This was a toy that was completely dreamed up by Brian. As a child, he had Shogun Warriors and, of course, Star Wars toys, but these platforms never crossed paths in the ’70s. Brian saw to it that they did 35 years later and the Jumbo Stormtrooper was born. It’s kind of wild that in a market that is so oversaturated with toys, someone could find a hole.


iPad versions of the TEDGlobal 2011 and TEDWomen conference guides, featuring more in-depth looks at the speakers and their work.


summer 2012



Print by Brian Flynn.


Seasonal campaign for Nike Snowboarding, focusing on the art and craft of the products.

will always be a sum of everything you are exposed to, so we look to everything for inspiration. The best ideas are those that combine things that are familiar to us with smart and unexpected twists that are surprising and exciting.

What most recent technological advancement has drastically changed the way you do business? What do you still do old school?

Magazine published by Super7, focusing on the world of Kaiju, both vintage and new.

If you were to compare a typical day at the firm to a movie, TV show or song, what would it be and why?

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. Why? Because deep down inside, we all wish we could play the fiddle just like that. Wait. Did I really even answer that question?

When it comes to generating great ideas, what fuels the creative process? What or who do you and your team draw your inspiration from?

Excitement, frustration, adulation, insomnia, lunch, gas, bad movies and whatever else springs to mind. Your design and art



summer 2012

I think the latest advancement affecting our industry is easily the ongoing reduction in costs to get motion and film work completed. The democratization of video is a great thing for everyone, which is why we are seeing so much more video everywhere, especially online. We still do most of the concept and initial logo studies by hand. If you jump straight to the computer, there’s a certain subtlety that is lost in logos much of the time. If you can refine your curves organically before you turn them into Bezier curves, they tend to flow less mathematically.

Design is a very subjective thing and clients’ tastes aren’t necessarily your own. How much of the job is giving in? How much of it is standing your ground?

I always hear this sentiment and completely disagree with this argument as a whole. This goes back to my concept of understanding the problem properly: Clients want to make great work, not crappy work. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come to you in the first place. So the premise that a client is a battle, or that you are waiting for a dream client, is a designer attitude problem, not a client problem.

Updated twist on the classic visible man.

If you have to argue the merit of your work, then you’ve failed in your process. It’s not only your job to make design look good, but you have to make it function beforehand. If it doesn’t function, you can’t convince a client it’s good work, no matter how pretty it is. If the idea and communication isn’t sound, it’s a failure. A client may not be able to articulate that concern or reaction properly (because if they could, they wouldn’t need you to execute it for them), but they can see the core problem. There are a million studios out there that can make pretty pictures; your job must be to make those pictures communicate a message and work cohesively. Design is not wallpaper. Secondly, it’s your job to explain and educate your client during the process. You need to explain not only what you’re doing, but also more importantly WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. If during the design process you show them the road map you’re following, allow them to understand the vehicles you’re using to get there. By the time you arrive, they won’t be shocked by the destination. In fact, they almost always are excited and optimistic about the journey and results. You have to engage the client and make them part of the process, not just an onlooker waiting for the great reveal. Great work comes from great partnerships. It is not a one-way street. Then again, every once in a while you have someone that simply doesn’t want to be helped. In that case, it is more important they find a set of production hands to help them out, don’t waste your time with them. That said, in the last 11 years, I’ve had only two of those clients. Most of the time, it’s the designer crying out that a client doesn’t understand their “genius.” I find that attitude ridiculous. Contact: hybrid design +

At Sappi, our greatest ideas always seem to end up on paper. Whether it’s creating the most coveted brands in the industry, or publishing sustainability journals like eQ that make it easier to separate environmental fact from fiction, our best ideas always seem to begin and end on paper. Just thumb through any issue of The Standard—the industry’s leading tool for keeping on top of the latest printing techniques. Or take a closer look at the extraordinary print work created by the winners of our Ideas that Matter and Printers of the Year programs. The bottom line is, we at Sappi have never lost sight of the beauty of a blank sheet of paper and the endless possibilities it offers. As a company, we will never stop pushing ourselves to ensure these possibilities continue to grow.

SAPPI is a trademark of Sappi Limited. ©2012 Sappi Fine Paper North America. All Rights Reserved.

Sappi Fine Paper North America 255 State Street, Boston MA 02109 Visit us at



SF ADDY Awards


n March 7, the San Francisco advertising community came together to honor the top campaigns and projects of 2011. Hosted by the Greater San Francisco Ad Club, the event was held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Among the evening’s winners were Venables Bell & Partners for Best in Show for “The Chase,” a viral ad created for Intel Corp., and Bob Hoffman, who was named Ad Person of the Year. The CEO of Hoffman/Lewis was honored for his work with such clients as McDonald’s, Toyota, Shell, Nestle and Bank of America, as well as his contributions to the ad industry.

Ad Person of the Year Bob Hoffman CEO Hoffman/Lewis

Members of Venables Bell & Partners

Direct Marketing

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners MINI Rocks the Rivals Test Drive Direct Mail

Consumer or Trade Publication

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners MINI Coupe Launch Dwell Print Ad

Best In Show

Mixed/Multiple Media & Interactive Venables Bell & Partners “The Chase”



Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners MINI Best Test Drive Cinema Film



summer 2012

Members of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Butler, Shine, Ster & Partners MINI Coupe Rocket OOH Stunt

Photos by Thomas Minczeski

Venables Bell & Partners “The Chase”



WPA Maggie Banquet


Photos by Joshua Krause

n April 27, the Western Publishing Association (WPA) celebrated 61 years of honoring print and electronic publishing excellence in the western United States. Despite the economic challenges the industry has faced, WPA members took time to pay tribute to the people who have worked so hard to uphold the high level of excellence these professionals strive for in the publishing community.



summer 2012

©2012 Ricoh Americas Corp.

Total Flow. Our Experts take you from Workflow to TotalFlow With TotalFlow you get a customized workflow solution delivered by Ricoh’s TotalFlow Production Pros. They’ll show you exactly how to deliver the marketing services your customers want. Plus, using Ricoh’s proprietary Capture/Manage/Produce/Innovate TotalFlow process, they’ll help you better manage your workflow to help improve your bottom line. Their secret? They’re experts at turning workflow into TotalFlow. Call 1-800-63-RICOH, or visit

Driving the future of digital production workflow



50 Books/ 50 Covers


he 50 best-designed books and book covers of 2011 were showcased at Chronicle Books in March and April. They now become part of the AIGA Design Archives, where images, full credits, project statements and jurors’ comments for all selections are available. The poster, bookmarks and identity were designed by Kelsey Jones and Tina Hardison from the Chronicle Books MarCom design team.

“The Marvelous Museum,” Brooke Johnson

“Tartine Bread,” Vanessa Dina

“Art of McSweeney’s,” McSweeney’s Publishing

“Chicken Big,” art direction by Amelia Anderson

“Design Research: The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes,” Pentagram Design

“This is NPR,” Design Army



summer 2012

Photos by Michael Carabetta

“McSweeney’s Issue 36,” Brian McMullen

Be a Winner We offer the best support




The best full-service trade printer in the Bay Area. At your service.

Moquin Press The Only Reliable Trade Solution 555 Harbor Blvd., Belmont, CA 94002 Tel 650-592-0575 Fax 650-592-0191


Story | Noel Jeffrey Photography | May Suen


he Houdinis in the classrooms revealed the magic of cutting-edge technology and marketing secrets. The show floor offered an up-close and personal look at online, label, packaging, paper and print products and services. In all, Visual Media 012, Unveiled, did indeed reveal what established creative professionals and marketers need to keep their skills current and run their businesses effectively. Held April 26 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, the day was packed with opportunities to learn how to: • Use Adobe’s Creative Cloud; • Construct a website without using code; • Take Photoshop to the next level; • Put together an e-book; • Price creative services; • Be an online influencer Attendees also learned how social signals have met search, how print fits with marketing touch points and publishing online, and the importance of responsive design. Show attendees took home lots of samples from local printers and paper company representatives. The exhibits clearly showed that local sourcing is possible for the most complex printing, labels, displays, packaging, and online services. The Northern California edition of Process magazine made its debut. People caught up with friends and made new ones. No one went hungry.



summer 2012

Magicians David Blatter and Leeman Parker

Raffle prize cards attendees collected by visiting sponsored exhibitors for a chance to win an HP 7” Digital Frame or iPad. Fuzz Illustration created the artwork.

Pam Haessly and Yscenia Ocampo show off their goodies from Sappi.

Presenters were intense. Panelists found a light moment. Participants concentrated, participants laughed. Most popular seminar: Steve Decker’s integrated marketing case study.

Michelle Boccia, MacKenzie Moran, Magician David Blatter, Meagan Benavente, Celeste Freitas and Magician Leeman Parker

Celeste Freitas masks her eyes with goodies from

Jack A. Reis, marketing projects coordinator, and Sandy Tran, marketing director, Intero Real Estate Services

Yscenia Ocampo and Pam Haessly inquire about products/services with Scott Feldman of Progressive Solutions. Jeff Jarvis of Spicers Paper shows off an image of himself attending the AIGA Gala in the previous issue of Process Magazine.

Jasper Yu, Ee Mi Chung and Pui Fun Mo

Kelly McCathran, Adobe Certified Instructor, leads a seminar on “Adobe Muse: Create a Website without Coding.”

Eddie Monge Jr., speaker of “Making Designs Responsive-Responsibly” answers questions after his seminar.

Speaker Mark Lindsay on “Taking Photoshop to the Next Level”

Michelle Trumpler of RG Creations Inc. presents “The Packaging Puzzle.”

Speaker Shel Perkins on “Smart Pricing for Creative Services”

Joan Greenwald, national account executive with ImageX won the 7” HP Digital Picture Frame, donated by HP.

Steve Werner, Adobe Certified Expert, CS Magic, presents “Designing with eBooks with InDesign (EPUB Workflow)” or “PDF’s Interactivity in InDesign.”


summer 2012


Keynote speakers Jason Noto and Doug Cunningham of Morning Breath Inc.

Kristen Stauss, production coordinator at Viking Printing, won the iPad raffle drawing.

Trending Now Live tweets from Visual Media 012, Unveiled Todd Jones Donahue @ SeeHearShare @VisualMediaAll #VM012 Visual Media 012 = AWESOME! Thx: Barbara, Laura, Sue, Julie, Shannon, Trilby, Steve, May, Angie, speakers + sponsors! Pat Soberanis @prscreative After #vm012, will become vma member very soon. @VisualMediaAll Full report:

Jerry Lane and Kathleen Rye from Sappi Paper show off the new “Standard #5: Special Effects” book.

Rone Sarne and Rusty Davis of Océ

The Creative Group @CreativeGroup Double awesome! RT @SeeHearShare: @ VisualMediaAll @CreativeGroup #VM012 = AWESOME! @creativegroup’s Allen Larson is a creative powerhouse! Todd Jones Donahue @SeeHearShare @VisualMediaAll Morning Breath is awesome! Great presentation @ #vm012 :) InDesign User Group @idugsf Podcast or YouTube video? People listen to podcasts when semidistracted & will be your voice. Video requires focus. #VM012 Deirdre Spencer @deirdrespencer Thx to @CreativeGroup’s Allen Larson, @vitamintalent’s @EricMeline, @ PureMatter’s Trilby Parker & @ SeeHearShare 4 their ace #VM012 session. InDesign User Group @idugsf How to become an online influencer is to pay attention to other online influencers, with David Spark @dspark #influencer #VM012 InDesign User Group @idugsf Top 3 reasons to work for a staffing co: Create without office admin headaches, health/401k benefits, & connections. #VM012



summer 2012

Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto with VM012 attendees

Attendees got a good look at the Gold Award winners from VMA’s recently judged Showcase of Design and Print Excellence.

Magicians Leeman Parker and David Blatter were clever; the keynotes sensational—not ordinary fare at all. Magicians David Blatter and Leeman Parker

Kim Urbain collects paper sample kits from VM012 exhibitors.

Thank You! Keynote speaker Gil Penchina discusses “Start-Ups and Their Investors: A Look Behind the Curtain at the Magic of Silicon Valley.”

Chris Martin of Creative Labels

Cori Poletto and Lisa Allard with goodie bags from Neenah Paper

Panelists Eric Meline, Vitamin T; Trilby Parker, PureMatter; and Allen Larson, The Creative Group discuss “The Changing World of Hiring and Getting Hired.” Moderated by Todd Jones Donahue (not pictured)

VMA would especially like to thank our sponsors: • Consolidated Graphics • Creative Edge • Direct Response Imaging • Dome Printing • Neenah Paper • Océ • Patsons Press & Media Group • Ricoh • Sappi Fine Paper • Xerox • Zooka Creative VMA would also like to congratulate Barbara Silverman and Laura Vargas for planning and coordinating a day of extraordinary value for those who attended. The Visual Media 012 Advisory committee has been meeting regularly since last Fall to put together a fabulous event, “Unveiled: Experience the Magic”on April 26. The Committee consists of representatives from all facets of the Visual Media industry, including print, corporate, creative, marketing and suppliers. David Brooks, Wells Fargo Steve Decker, Zooka Creative Todd Jones Donohue, See Hear Share Creative Ian Flynn, Direct Response Imaging Angie Khong, VMA Chris Lambert, Neenah Paper Teeda Locodo, Charles Schwab Trilby Parker, PureMatter Barbara Silverman, VMA May Suen, VMA


summer 2012


Events: the local update

AIGA: Continuum

March 16 marked AIGA’s Continuum event, which honored the legacies and ongoing contributions of AIGA SF’s 2012 Fellows Patrick Coyne, Communication Arts; Maria Giudice, Hot Studio; and Karin Hibma, Cronan. Fellows are honored for their design practice and other contributions in a range of areas, including education, writing and leadership. The event was held at the Green Room of Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.

photos by rob villanueva

Maria Giudice, Karin Hibma, Patrick Coyne

Michael Mabry

David Asari

industry organizations Association of Northern California (BMA) Since 1938, the Northern California chapter of the Business Marketing Association (NorCal BMA) has been the leading B2B marketing organization in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. For more than 70 years, the organization has been dedicated to connecting B2B marketers with the most relevant and impactful knowledge, people and programs to ensure marketers meet their objectives more efficiently and effectively. NorCal BMA offers a programs to members and the marketing



summer 2012

community at large, including regular roundtables on various marketing topics, monthly educational and social events, networking, resources and B2B job listings. 467 Saratoga Ave. #1205, San Jose 650-631-4BMA (4262) AIGA San Francisco The San Francisco chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, is one of the largest and most active in the country, representing more than 1,600 designers in graphics,

Maria Giudice and family

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

interaction, experience, motion and affiliated fields in the greater Bay Area. The board of directors continues to advance the chapter’s vision, mission, values and goals. Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director 130 Sutter St. #600, San Francisco 415-626-6008 Western Publishing Association (WPA) The Western Publishing Association is a non-profit business trade association dedicated to the advancement

of the media publishing industry in the western United States. With nearly 60 years experience, WPA offers a variety of services and benefits to its members. The organization’s primary mission of providing continuing education to the media publishing industry is accomplished through individual seminars, an annual publishing conference, publishers and executive management roundtables, and partnering with other groups and associations to offer online audio and video conferences. Jane Silbering, Executive Director 823 Rim Crest Drive,

Westlake Village 805-495-1863 The Direct Marketing Association of Northern California (DMANC) The DMA of Northern California was formed to educate, inform and provide networking opportunities for direct marketing professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization holds monthly luncheon meetings, periodic half-day seminars and webinars, and provides opportunity for the best in learning and job hunting in the Northern California

Events: the local update

Mike Handlin, Blair Dreyfus and Duane Rustad

Veterans of the Printing Industry Luncheon

Arnold Greenfield, formerly with CaliForms Print Service; Doug MacNeil, Sprial Binding; Neil MacNeil, Spiral Binding; John Godar, formerly with Godar & Hossenlopp Printing

photos by judy godar

The Veterans of the Printing Industry gathered on March 22 to recall their rich history and the “good ol’ days.” Thoughts of strip­ping, paste up and darkrooms congealed with fond memories and good friends.

Patrick Doyle, Mike Handlin, John Godar, John Zidek and Rich Bressem

industry organizations direct marketing community. Laurie Beasley, President 1177 Airport Blvd., Burlingame 408-782-0046, Ext. 21 San Francisco American Marketing Association (SFAMA) The San Francisco chapter of the American Marketing Association is the leading organization for professional and student marketers in the Bay Area. Founded in 1937, our chapter reflects the innovation, standards of excellence, and industry and population diversity for which the Bay Area

is known and celebrated. Our goal is to advance our members’ professional capabilities and career development opportunities, while connecting with the leading edge Bay Area marketing professionals. Teresa LoBue, President 408-266-9658 San Francisco POP Show (POPAI) POPAI is an international trade association for the marketing at retail industry. Founded in 1936, POPAI prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary with more than 1,700 member companies

Judy and John Godar

Bill Alonzo, founder of Alonzo Printing, and Bob Craft Sr., owner of Craft Press.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

representing Fortune 500 brand manufacturers and retailers, as well as marketing at retail producer companies and advertising agencies from six continents and more than 45 countries from around the world. POPAI is the premier source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research for the marketing at retail industry, and provides resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance the power and performance of the marketing at retail professional and community. Our membership draws on leaders from some of the industry’s premier companies,

like: Anheuser-Busch, CocaCola, Energizer, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Pepsi-Cola, Target, Walmart, and Wendy’s to name a few. Joann Brandis, Event Organizer 936-B 7th St. #176, Novato 415-516-6247 Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SVAMA) SVAMA is the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Marketing Association, the premier organization for marketers. The chapter reflects the comprehensive scope

of marketing, creativity and innovation that are synonymous with Silicon Valley. As the local voice of the American Marketing Association, the largest professional marketing organization in North America with more than 40,000 members, SVAMA connects you to the No. 1 source for professional marketing education, networking and resources. Volunteer members manage all aspects of chapter operations. Shannon Ryan, President P.O. Box 6101, San Jose 408-266-9658


summer 2012


Events: the local update

Fire on the Bay: Responsive Web Design

photos by may suen

Addressing one of the most talked about topics in the world of interaction design and development today, Fire on the Bay hosted “Just What Is Responsive Web Design, and How Will It Change My Life?” on April 10. Held at the Adobe offices in San Francisco, the discussion focused on this approach to web design that is compatible with different screen sizes, regardless of the device or OS.

upcoming events July 10

AIGA Studio Tours: Sephora Behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Sephora. Sephora, 525 Market St., San Francisco. 6 p.m. $15 members and student members. 415-626-6008,



summer 2012

July 10-11

VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2012 This fifth annual conference on the future of mobile will bring together the most elite minds in UI/UX community, who will shed light on how to win on the new “design” battleground. Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery St., San Francisco. Contact for price. mobilebeat2012

Places to be. Things to do. People to see. July 23-24

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit 2012 Executives, entrepreneurs and venture capital investors operating in the “Global Silicon Valley” will discuss cutting-edge technology, and business and political trends creating exciting and profitable new opportunities. Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View. Contact for price. 310-7219451,

July 28

VMA Day at AT&T Park Join us for a tailgate party before the San Francisco Giants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Family, friends and associates of VMA members are welcome. AT&T Park, San Francisco. 4 p.m. tailgate; 6:05 p.m. game. 1-800-659-3363,

Aug. 2-5

Use It or Lose It: Preservation and Innovation in Letterpress Printing Presented by the Ladies of Letterpress, this conference includes panel discussions, a trade and printer’s Fair, and print shop tours. Renaissance Hotel Asheville, Asheville, N.C.





































































































888 Tennessee Street San Francisco, CA 94107 415 821-7171 WEST COAST COMMERCIAL PRINT Seattle | Portland | San Francisco | Los Angeles | Orange County

Events: the local update

Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Inside Scoop

photos by may suen

Just in time for Adobe Illustrator’s latest release, the Bay Area Illustrator Group (ILUG) hosted an evening with Kelly McCathran and Brenda Sutherland on April 28. McCathran of, and Sutherland of Adobe, gave an overview of the newest features of Adobe Illustrator CS6. Held at the Adobe offices in San Francisco, the casual and informative event began with a networking hour and ended with a Q&A with McCathran and Sutherland.

upcoming events Aug. 13-17

SES San Francisco With 70+ sessions, workshops and an expo, this conference will cover everything from PPC management and SEO, to social media and site optimization. Moscone Center West, 800 Howard St., San Francisco. Contact for price. 1-800-955-2719, sanfrancisco



summer 2012

Aug. 14

AIGA Studio Tours: 826 Valencia Get an inside look at this nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting young students and their teachers get excited about writing. 826 Valencia, 826 Valencia St., San Francisco. 6 p.m. $15 members and student members. 415-626-6008,

Places to be. Things to do. People to see. Aug. 16

Mix’n Mingle Networking Social Meet up with Cal Poly Graphic Communication Department graduates at this social event, featuring Red Heesch, GrC Associate Professor Emeritus. South Beach Harbor Community Center, The Embarcadero at Pier 40, San Francisco. 6 p.m. 1-800-6593363,

Aug. 19-22

Mobile Insider Summit Thought leaders and leading edge practitioners among brand marketers, agency executive and mobile solutions will participate in candid exchanges and networking. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, 111 Country Club Dr., Incline Village. Contact for price. mobileinsidersummit

Sept. 8

TEDxPresidio 2012: Re-Inventing Capitalism From start-up to institutional reinvention, discover how a business distinguishes itself among the chatter, inspires loyalty amid price wars, and brings shareholder value. Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, 3301 Lyon St., San Francisco. Contact for time and price.

Events: the local update

Adobe Creative Suite User Group: All About Color!

photo by may suen

On April 6, 90 photographers attended the All About Color! Adobe Creative Suite User Group in San Jose. Sally Cox orga­nized and presented a comprehensive meeting on everything to do with color, including RGB vs. CYMK. Attendees also heard presen­tations from color experts John Agcaolli, Mark Sebastian and Tsafrir Melamed.

upcoming events Sept. 11-13

Labelexpo Americas 2012 See hundreds of live demonstrations, while folding carton and flexible packaging machines are put to the test in the Package Printing Zone. Expo also includes laser die-cutting workshops featuring realtime demos of four different machines. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Chicago.

Sept. 20

Digital West Conference 2012 Learn to bridge the gap between the technological innovation of new models and platforms with big brands and media looking to evolve and execute their own visions for progress. Contact for location. San Francisco.

Places to be. Things to do. People to see. Sept. 20

D.Talks – For a Few Dollars More: The Value of Design Learn how articulating the value of design to clients and non-designers elevates any design team from order takers to strategic partners. AIGA SF, 130 Sutter St. 6:30 p.m. $10 members, $20 nonmembers, $7 student members, $10 student non-members. 415-626-6008.

Sept. 20-23

Women in PR Summit & Retreat 2012 Miami PR and media influencers will discuss, debate and shape ideas in the areas of social media, public relations, public affairs and the future of business communications. Eden ROC Renaissance Resort & Spa, 4525 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Contact for price.

Sept. 27

The 3% Conference Launched with a single tweet by Kat Gordon, founder/ creative director of Maternal Instinct, this is a first-ever event for female creative directors. Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison St., San Francisco. 8 a.m. Contact for price.


summer 2012


Events: the local update

Earth Day Extravaganza

photo by monica lemaster

On April 21, people of all ages tried their hand at pulling a print from a giant squid, rolling the ink on, positioning their tentacles, and laying paper atop the inked creature. This special project was just one of many events going on at the Earth Day Extravaganza, held at the San Francisco Center for the Book. Attendees also got to use an antique letterpress to print lists on how to save the earth and bound simple journals from reusable materials to take home. Designer and printmaker Annemaree Rea created the SFCB Earth Day Extravaganza poster printed on a manila folder, while Dr. Danna Staff and the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary brought in the Humboldt squid.

upcoming events Sept. 28

Printing 101 A fun, informative beginners workshop that will explore the business side of printing. South Beach Harbor Community Center, The Embarcadero at Pier 40, San Francisco. 8:30 a.m. 1-800-659-3363,



summer 2012

Oct. 2-4

Search Marketing Expo – SMX East 2012 Discover tactics in increasing traffic to your website. Sessions will cover search engine marketing topics including search engine optimization, paid search advertising and social media marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City.

Places to be. Things to do. People to see. Oct. 7

Premier Print Awards Gala Presented by Printing Industries of America, this event recognizes the best in print and technology featuring The InterTech Technology Awards and web2awards. Marriott Chicago Downtown, Chicago.

Oct. 7-10

Graph Expo 2012 – Print Integrated Preview the latest offset, digital and hybrid technologies; “test drive” the newest marketing software, products and services for print, web and mobile; and explore the newest equipment, applications and services. McCormick Place South, Chicago.

Oct. 9-10

Gain: AIGA Design for Social Value Conference Design, business and social innovation leaders will share their visionary approaches to creating social value. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission St., San Francisco. 415-626-6008,

WOW! at Work

Secrets of Savvy Printers Today’s successful print service providers are not just selling print. They have tapped into a much more lucrative revenue stream that allows them to truly partner with their customers and build long-term loyalty. Learn their secrets and discover WOW at Work! Position your business to be on the cutting edge of the print industry with these hot topics: • Cross-media marketing

• Insourcing

• The power of variable messaging

• Increasing productivity

Download the FREE Secrets of Savvy Printers booklet at and see how these PSPs are creating new revenue streams!

Questions? Call Us: 1-877-OCE-4WOW (1-877-623-4969) or Email Us: © 2012 Océ. The Océ logo and “Océ” are registered trademarks of Océ Technologies B.V. CANON is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be a registered trademark in other countries.

Download a QR code reader app and scan with your smart phone to download the booklet.

Events: the local update

TYPO San Francisco: International Design Conference

Kutlu Çanlıoglu

Erik Spiekermann & Tina Roth Eisenberg

Oct. 10-13

Share.Like.Buy 2012: Marketing + Millennials As “millennials” (ages 16 to 34) enter college, start careers and families, learn how this dynamic generation is having a huge impact on American culture, politics, media, retailing and technology. Hard Rock Café New York, 1501 Broadway @ 43rd St. Contact for price.


Joshua Davis

Mike Monteiro

Khoi Vinh and Erik Spiekermann

Kali Nikitas

upcoming events


Joseph Becker & Jason Munn

photos by amber gregory

FontShop proudly brought one of Europe’s premier design events, TYPO San Francisco, to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, April 5-6. Speakers from American and European design communities came together to discuss how the unique blend of innovative thinking, design, software and technological development in the Bay Area has changed the way the world con­nects.

summer 2012

Oct. 11

D.Talks: Your Design Career and How to Get Where You Want to Be Most designers focus on producing excellent creative work, yet there is little support for developing an equally excellent design career. Learn how to plan and develop your personal design career. AIGA SF, 130 Sutter St. #600, 6:30 p.m. $10 members, $20 nonmembers, $7 student members, $10 student non-members. 415-626-6008.

Places to be. Things to do. People to see. Oct. 11-12

Growth: Mastering Brands & Driving Results At the Masters of Marketing 2012 Annual Conference, learn from and engage with leaders of the marketing community who have built brands, leveraged media, made marketing more accountable, and improved the quality of their marketing organizations. Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando. Contact for price. annual.

Oct. 13-18

DMA2012: The Global Event for Real-Time Marketers Marketing practitioners and experts will discuss solutions and best practices to achieve optimal channel mix and integration that lead to measurable results and increase real-time customer engagement. Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas. Contact for price.

Oct. 15-16

Pivot Conference 2012 – From Social Brands to Social Business Designed for brand managers who want to bridge the gap between their brand and the social consumer. Learn about redirecting marketing dollars, creating authentic interactions and mapping a strategy of successful engagement. Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan Hotel, New York City.

New Tools for New Times Visual Media Alliance is here to help you acquire the tools you need to succeed in our ever changing and growing industry. Our partnerships with some of the best technical educators in the country make it possible for VMA to provide a broad spectrum of learning opportunities in most of today’s visual media applications. From Acrobat to XML Programs now include social media and SEO, mobile programming along with our stable of Microsoft applications; from the basics of Word through the complexities of Access, Sharepoint and beyond. In addition to Adobe’s InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Dreamweaver, we’ve expanded our offerings to include Muse, Edge and Digital Publishing. Choose your learning style Classes are offered as public workshops in San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento; as online webinars; as private customized classes or as one-on-one tutoring focused on your specific needs.

A partial list of the programs we offer » Adobe - Creative Suite, Acrobat, Edge, Muse, Digital Publishing . . . » Web Design - HTML5 and CSS3 Training . . . » Microsoft Desktop - Access, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Office, SharePoint . . . » Microsoft Technical - Visual Studio, SQL, VB6 . . . » Web Programming - Android and iPhone programming, Java and XML . . . » Web Marketing - SEO, PPC and social media . . . » Web Design - Careers on the web, Dreamweaver, Drupal, Flash, WordPress . . . » Business - Crystal Reports, Filemaker, QuickBooks and Salesforce . . . For the complete list of classes, schedules and details, please check out our website, For custom classes, call us at (800) 659-3363.

Visual Media Alliance » 665 Third Street, Suite 500 » San Francisco CA 94107 » (800) 659-3363 »


Large Commercial Printers with Bindery Capability.

See full company descriptions at Use the URL shown or use Search by Name on VM Access.

er int Pr ion g Un intin Pr ly n On tio de fica Tra erti ion C C at FS rtific Ce ign es Des tic ac with nt Pr e ss ing lfillm int ine u r y F P us h ilit t nB wi Fac ee g g n i Gr ilin ing int Pr Ma Print th wi ess ing ing Proc rint P int Pr i-Fi per ng i H pa int Pr ws Ne Web ting et rin ats b P t He t We en e llm ats Fulfi ry he e d nnd No ng a e Bin ili let ing Ma mp int ith Co k Pr g w with oo dery B tin rin ting Bin th n P rin P wi tio ca on ing bli ati int Pu blic Pr Pu

Northern California San Francisco ColorGraphics

San Francisco

(415) 821-7171

Howard Quinn Company

San Francisco

(415) 621-3750

Speedway Digital Printing

San Francisco

(415) 730-1625

Watermark Press, a CGX Company

San Francisco

(415) 282-5100

American Printing & Copy

Menlo Park

(650) 325-2322

Andover Printing Services

So. San Fran

(650) 583-6250

Fong Brothers Printing, Inc.


(415) 467-1050

Giant Horse Printing, Inc.

So. San Fran

(650) 875-7137



(650) 692-6600

Moquin Press


(650) 592-0575

Pacific Printing and Fulfillment

Redwood City

(650) 200-4252

Patsons Press & Media Group


(408) 732-0911

Pyramid Printing & Graphics

So. San Fran

(650) 871-0290

All-American Printing Services, Inc.


(415) 899-1000

Barlow Printing, Inc.


(707) 664-9773


Santa Rosa

(707) 528-2644

The Goode Company

Rohnert Park

(707) 588-8028

Healdsburg Printing, Inc.


(707) 433-1680

O'Dell Printing Company, Inc.

Rohnert Park

(707) 585-2718

Advanced Printing


(925) 462-7055

AMP Printing & Graphics


(925) 556-9000

Autumn Press, Inc.


(510) 654-4545

Bacchus Press


(510) 420-5800

California Lithographers


(925) 682-1111

Consolidated Printers, Inc.


(510) 843-8524

Dakota Press, Inc.

San Leandro

(510) 895-1300


San Leandro

(510) 317-7979

K/P Corporation - San Leandro Division

San Leandro

(510) 351-5400

FolgerGraphics, Inc.


(510) 887-5656

Fricke-Parks Press, Inc.

Union City

(510) 489-6543



(510) 898-0000

Norco Printing

San Leandro

(510) 569-2200

Printing and Marketing, Inc. (PMI)

Union City

(510) 931-7000

San Francisco Peninsula

North Bay

East Bay

This table is supplied by Visual Media Alliance, an association serving 850 member firms in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Additional resources on these firms and its other member firms are available at or in our 300-page “2012 Visual Media Guide.� More creative, marketing, web media and printing firms will be featured in future issues.



summer 2012

Visual Media Access

Lesson #2 Lesson #2

YOU YOU ARE ARE ONLY ONLY AS AS GOOD GOOD AS AS YOUR YOUR SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS Don’thand handyour yourwork workover overtotoaasupplier supplierhoping hopingthat that they they Don’t makeit ithappen happenthe theway wayyou youwant. want.ItItprobably probably won’t. won’t. willwillmake Alignyourself yourselfwith withthe thebest bestand andyour yourjob jobbecomes becomes easier. easier. Align M KE AKEYOUR YOURJO JOB EASIER. WWE E MA B EA S I ER . • printing • mailing • fulfillment • printing • mailing • fulfillment • promotional items • cross media marketing • promotional items • cross media marketing

Scan QR code to save Scan code to save ourQR contact information our contact information

800.576.2562 800.576.2562


Large Commercial Printers with Bindery Capability.

See full company descriptions at Use the URL shown or use Search by Name on VM Access.

er int Pr ion g Un intin Pr ly n On tio de fica Tra erti ion C C at FS rtific Ce ign es Des tic ac with nt Pr e ss ing lfillm int ine u r y F P us h ilit t nB wi Fac ee g g n i Gr ilin ing int Pr Ma Print th wi ess ing ing Proc rint P int Pr i-Fi per ng i H pa int Pr ws Ne Web ting et rin ats b P t He t We en e llm ats Fulfi ry he e d nnd No ng a e Bin ili let ing Ma mp int ith Co k Pr g w with oo dery B tin rin ting Bin th n P rin P wi tio ca on ing bli ati int Pu blic Pr Pu

Northern California East Bay (Continued) Specialty Graphics, Inc.

San Leandro

(510) 351-7705

Spectrum Lithograph, Inc.


(510) 438-9192

Suburban Press, Inc.


(510) 783-3863

Almaden Press

Santa Clara

(408) 450-7910

Community Printers

Santa Cruz

(831) 426-4682



(800) 649-9287

RR Donnelley

Santa Clara

(408) 486-5500

CMYK, Inc.


(209) 229-7230

Commerce Printing Services


(916) 442-8100

Delta Web Printing & Bindery

W. Sacramento

(916) 375-0044



(800) 343-3139

Eagle Press, Inc.


(916) 383-7850

Fruitridge Printing


(800) 835-4846

GSL Fine Lithographers


(916) 231-1410

K/P Corporation - Sacramento Division

W. Sacramento

(916) 371-4600

K/P Corporation - Stockton Division


(209) 466-6761

Metro Print and Mail Solutions


(916) 928-0801



(209) 249-6620

Pacific Standard Print


(916) 441-5392

Parks Printing


(209) 576-2568

Paul Baker Printing, Inc.


(916) 783-8317

River City Printers, LLC

Rancho Cordova

(916) 638-8400

Volume Press

W. Sacramento

(916) 374-8991

Casey Printing and Marketing Services

King City

(831) 385-3222

City Press


(559) 449-1117

Dumont Printing & Mailing


(559) 485-6311

Professional Print & Mail, Inc.


(559) 237-7468

Western Trade Printing, Inc.


(559) 251-8595

Redding Printing Company, Inc.


(530) 243-0525

Western Web


(707) 444-6236


(775) 786-2041

South Bay

Sacramento / Stockton

Fresno / Salinas / South

Redding / Eureka

Reno / North Nevada DynaGraphic Printing

This table is supplied by Visual Media Alliance, an association serving 850 member firms in Northern California and Northern Nevada. Additional resources on these firms and its other member firms are available at or in our 300-page “2012 Visual Media Guide.� More creative, marketing, web media and printing firms will be featured in future issues. Go to and search for additional commercial printing capabilities.



summer 2012

Visual Media Access

Come and see why you’ve never looked better.

Take Visual Media Access out for a spin and see how good you look. We’ve given vmGuide Online a complete makeover and we’ve re-branded it as Visual Media Access ( The new name ties the site to VMA and alerts visitors to the broad make-up of our membership. And with the makeover, VM Access now sports a modern interface, provides extensive information on communications products and is optimized for all major search engines. These improvements are designed to increase web traffic and get your company in front of more of the buyers you want to meet.

Now, the information about your company that is displayed on VM Access is more important than ever. Most companies updated this information last fall for the printed Visual Media Guide, but now you have a chance to see your new products and categories on your new page and can make sure that your company will make the right impression on potential buyers. So visit Visual Media Access ( and see just how good your company looks! Your listing password has been emailed to you or you can get it from

Visual Media Access - a service of Visual Media Alliance 665 Third Street, Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94107 (800) 659-3363 email:



In your professional life, what is the one thing you can’t live without?

A sketching pad and a pen. My creative process comes down to having strong ideas, which is something you can do without machines. Whether it’s drawing a sketch or writing out the concept for my next big project, I find that having pen and paper with me at all times helps me have a dialogue with myself about the things that I want to create.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

10 Questions Favianna Rodriguez, Artist

What’s your philosophy when it comes to design?

My primary aim is to touch the viewer’s heart, which I do through educating or inspiring them to take action, or through exposing a truth that they may not have been aware of. I speak to people’s humanity and I want people to remember that we are all interconnected, and we must all be advocates for social justice.

What do you want your work to say?

Whether we’re talking about the economic devastation inflicted by big banks, immigration or women’s rights, I make work about how these issues affect all of us and how we all need to be a part of the solution. I’m hoping to depict an inspirational story that will allow the viewer to be rapidly impacted and touched by what they see.

If you weren’t designing, you’d be...

Making art. I’m a printmaker and it’s important for me to have a practice that doesn’t involve me just sitting in front of a computer, but has me working with my hands, inks, paints and different kinds of papers. I’m also doing some kind of community service or attending a rally.



summer 2012

What has been your favorite project?

One of my favorite projects was a poster commission I did for PSI International, a European union that organizes workers in the public sector. The piece was titled “International Women’s Day: Women, Unions, Rights, Power.”

Why does this one stand out for you?

I really loved this project because it got my artwork out into places I would have never imagined. It was used in rallies, offices, union halls and classrooms. In my view, that is the most amazing part of being a designer—our work gets incorporated into people’s daily life and becomes part of a public landscape.

When I can take time in the morning to think about what I want to achieve, stretch out my body, have a cup of tea and think about how I can have a low-stress day. It also involves some level of learning and inspiration. I find that when I read a motivational article online, or I read a good comic book and include that as part of my day, I’m able to approach my own work with fresh and authentic eyes.

What’s on your iPod?

A blend of salsa music, new age, rock and roll, hip-hop, Spanish rock, classical and a whole lot of ’80s music. I also have inspirational lectures and podcasts that give me advice about running a business, and radio shows such as “This American Life.” I try to have a variety of content that not just keeps me entertained, but also teaches me something.

The content of a person’s refrigerator says a lot about them. What’s in yours? Kale, bok choy, squash and a variety of organic vegetables, non-hormonal and free-range meats and eggs, sprouted organic bread, non-dairy yogurts and cheeses, some carbonated water and, of course, some good tequila.

Who or what influences your work?

Comic books, Latin American political posters, hip-hop, graffiti, Peruvian and Mexican culture and some printmaking processes, such as wood block, linoleum block, monotyping and screen printing. I was raised in a Peruvian household and grew up in Mexico City, and so my sense of color is very influenced by those cultures—particularly the Inca and the Mayan cultures, which have very much shaped my color palette.

Contact: Favianna Rodriguez +

Visual Media Alliance

Never a Better Time for Start-ups

the contents:








President’s Letter & Board of Directors

Expert Column: Brainwaves

Expert Column: The Essential Leader

Expert Column: Government Affairs Roundup

Member News

New Members

A look at the latest happenings in government affairs

Visual Media Alliance welcomes its new members

VMA’s FindAn-Employee Program

What business leaders should focus on every day

The latest news, announcements and accolades on VMA members

Welcome letter from Dan Nelson, president of Visual Media Alliance

Collaboration and sociality for online learning

Latest listings of VMA job seekers

Visual VisualMedia MediaAlliance Alliance

summer spring 2012


Visual Media Alliance Board of Directors CHAIRMAN

Frank Parks Parks Printing Modesto

FIRST VICE CHAIRMAN John Cramer Best Label Union City

IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN Jack Emerian ValPrint Fresno


Patrick Belding Belding Associates San Francisco Wendy Bogin K/P Corporation San Leandro Chris Cullen Almaden Press Santa Clara Trilby Parker PureMatter Brand Marketing San Jose Tim Poole DOME Printing Sacramento Nicki Riedel Black & White Design Campbell Coleen Schoenheide ColorGraphics San Francisco

Happy Anniversary, Visual Media Alliance! Two eventful years have flown by since PINC re-branded itself as Visual Media Alliance. Members often ask me how the name change is going and I usually say, “It’s been extremely positive…and really challenging!” Who doesn’t like fresh and exciting? A new look, new programs and services, and a new story to tell. Digest, Visual Media Access, our show and annual Resource Guide, and now Process magazine are five examples of re-invention under the VMA brand. We’ve also started such programs as discount opportunities with FedEx, Apple, FSC and Adobe; and “double-alphabet” programs JJ (Java and Jabber), LL (Lunch and Learn) and CC (Constructive Cocktails), which are networking opportunities throughout the San Francisco and Bay Area, always free and always educational. The name change has also allowed us to create relationships that we never would have had in the past. Vendors, partners, and potential employees and members are now considering becoming partners with us in business, including a whole new set of associations like AIGA, BMA, SFAMA and DMA. The pages in this magazine reflect those new relationships and connections, which offer opportunities for all of our members, new and traditional. But a name change also creates tremendous challenge. For an industry that knew us as PINC, VMA feels different. PINC was familiar and established, but times have changed and we didn’t want to risk complacency and stagnation. Or the terrifying prospect of waking up one day with an organization without a market or a mission. With time, these perceptions will flip. VMA will become comfortable and familiar, and, if you ever manage to see the old PINC logo again, it will seem strange and dated. VMA is now the organization that supports your business and your industry. Thank you for your support through our name change and re-invention. As always, take full advantage of your membership and I hope to see you at our next event!

Chris Shadix BelAire Displays Richmond Steve Sprinkel Sprinkel Media Network Emerald Hills Contact: Visual Media alliance

(800) 659 3363

Dan Nelson President Visual Media Alliance

665 Third Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94107


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

Take your business to new heights. Demand for color is up. Way up. To turn this growing demand into profit, you may want to expand your digital capabilities and surpass your customers’ expectations. We’ve already helped countless print service providers do just that—and we can help you, too. How? By offering you the broadest portfolio of digital color presses along with integrated workflow and business development tools and support. Everything you need to soar above the competition. 1-650-857-0422

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For upcoming LMS educational opportunities, check the Education listings at

brainwaves Story | Barbara Silverman

Collaboration and sociality for online learning Barbara silverman As the education director for Visual Media Alliance, Barbara Silverman is dedicated to helping the community keep up with the lightning-fast technology changes that effect our business and personal lives. Barbara’s perspective comes from many years of experience in business development, Internet and conventional strategic marketing and branding within the graphic arts industry.


Visual Media Alliance


t’s no secret that technology is changing the way we do almost everything. Learning is no exception. If you haven’t been in school for a while, you may not be familiar with LMS or learning management systems. They come in a variety of forms and functionalities from web-based administration functions, to virtual learning environments and learning content management repositories. Just recently, we glimpsed at the future as participants in a class produced by Houlton Institute, an innovative education startup that partners with leading institutions to create interactive courses and programs. Houlton took the classroom, webinars, LMS and social networking to a whole new level. The class was called “The Provocative Life of Type” and ran continuously over a four-week period. The attendees were designers from across the country thrilled to be able to hone their skills without the rigid scheduling that most classes demand. Each week, Alexander White—a design consultant in Westport, Conn., and teacher in the graduate graphic design program at Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City—presented new sections

summer 2012

of his syllabus. With each, he provided reading materials and encouraged his students to annotate the reading assignments with their own thoughts and post discussions about the weekly material. There were assignments they created on their own computers on their own time, which, once submitted, were critiqued and graded. Students were encouraged to keep up dialogues amongst each other, commenting on the posts, as is typical in social media communications. One remarkable result was that learners created their own amazing final work via collaboration with a community. And, as in social media, even though they attended from all over the country, they were not entirely strangers. At the start of the course, students were invited to create their own video introductions to each other using Animoto. They shared pictures of themselves, their pets, their passions and the work they had done, offering a little background along with what they were hoping to get from the class. It’s exciting to see how technology is enabling both collaboration and sociality, both important parts of the design and learning process. And, we’re glad to know that the future of education still relies on the time-tested power of community.





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The Essential

Leader Story | Katia Acosta-Smith

What business leaders should focus on every day Katiushka Acosta-Smith Katiushka “Katia” Acosta-Smith is VMA’s human resources specialist. With a wealth of solid HR experience, a BA in psychology and an MA in human resource management, she looks forward to continuing and growing our portfolio of publications and classes. She is also available to provide assistance, including sexual harassment training, to members. Reach her at or 800-659-3363.

Gas Prices Surge!

If you’ve put gas in your car lately, you know about skyrocketing gas prices. Although the surge seems to have leveled off somewhat, there’s no guarantee that we won’t face another run up. In California, gas prices spiked by more than 45 cents in two weeks, and more than 25 cents in one week alone earlier this year. The average price for all grades of gasoline in California has been pushed to $4.338 a gallon (week ending Feb. 27). Prices in California are expected to exceed all-time highs. As employees face rising gas costs, employers may be hit with questions regarding reimbursement of business mileage expenses. Last summer, the IRS gave a mid-year increase to the mileage reimbursement rate from 51 cents per mile to 55.5 cents per mile because of rising gas prices. The IRS has not changed this rate in 2012, and 55.5 cents per mile remains the effective rate. Under California Labor Code section 2802, employers must fully reimburse employees for all expenses actually and necessarily incurred.

Take an Objective Look at the Company An HR audit involves an objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

protect the company, establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. An objective review of the company’s “Current State of Human Resources” can help business owners evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and/or effective. The results can provide decision makers with the information necessary to decide what areas need improvement. An HR audit can be structured to be either comprehensive or specifically focused, within the constraints of time, budgets and staff. There are several types of audits, and each is designed to accomplish different objectives. Some of the more common types are: Compliance. Focuses on how well the company is complying with current federal, state and local laws and regulations. Best Practices. Helps the organization maintain or improve a competitive advantage by comparing its practices with those of companies identified as having exceptional HR practices. Function-Specific. Focuses on a specific area in the HR function (e.g., payroll, performance management, records retention, etc.).

Use of Credit Reports

Prior to AB 22’s enactment last year, California law allowed any employer to request a credit report for employment purposes as long as the employer provided written notice to the person in question and allowed the person to obtain a copy of the report. In addition, if an adverse employment action was taken based on the results of the credit report (i.e., the person was not hired or terminated), then the employer was required to disclose that the adverse employment action was based on the results of the report and divulge the contact information for the consumer credit agency that compiled the report. With exception to certain financial institutions, employers are prohibited from obtaining the credit report of a person unless the job position of the person for whom the report is sought falls under any of the following categories: > A position in the state Department of Justice; > A managerial position; > A sworn officer or other law enforcement position; > A position for which the information contained in the report is required by law to be disclosed or obtained; > A position that involves regular access to specified personal information for any purpose other than the routine solicitation and processing of credit card applications in a retail establishment; > A position in which the person is or would be a named signatory on the employer’s bank or credit account, or authorized to transfer money or enter into financial contracts on the employer’s behalf; > A position that involves access to confidential or proprietary information; or > A position that involves regular access to $10,000 or more of cash. Furthermore, AB 22 requires that the written notice to the person also identify which of the above reasons the employer is relying upon in requesting a credit report.

• • • • • •





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Visual Media Access – a service of Visual Media Alliance 665 Third Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94107 (800) 659-3363 email:

Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012


government affairs roundup Story | Gerry Bonetto

A look at the latest happenings in government affairs NLRB Posting Delayed

gerry bonetto Gerry Bonetto is the government affairs director for Visual Media Alliance. If you have questions about any of these items, call 800-659-3363 or 415-243-8126. You may also email him at

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia granted an injunction blocking the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from forcing millions of U.S. employers to post notice of employee rights by April 30, 2012. The Court of Appeals’ injunction is in response to two contradictory decisions at the U.S. District Court level on whether the NLRB has authority to require such a posting under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). The Board will instruct its regional offices not to enforce the posting requirement pending appeal. On March 2, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia upheld the NLRB’s right to enact regulations requiring covered employers to post notice of employee rights under the NLRA. The Court, however, struck down the provision that provided for an automatic finding of an unfair labor practice for failure to post the notice. One month after the D.C. District Court’s decision, the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina issued a decision that completely contradicts the D.C. Court. The South Carolina District Court ruled that the Board simply does not have the statutory authority to require employers to post the notice. The Court reasoned that the Board had “confuse[d] a necessary rule with one that is simply useful” in carrying out the provisions of the NLRA. The Court further found that “by promulgating a rule that proactively imposes an obligation on employers prior to the filing of a [unfair labor practice] charge or representation petition, in the absence of express statutory authority,” the Board had “contravened the statutory scheme established by Congress.” The Board has stated it will appeal the decision. Employers should not post the notice. If the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. ultimately determines that the NLRB has not exceeded its authority, employers may have to post it at a later date.

Court Rules on Meal and Rest Period

In April, in a unanimous opinion, the California Supreme Court explained that neither state statutes nor the orders of the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) compel an employer to ensure employees


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

cease all work during meal periods. Instead, under state law, an employer must provide its employees an uninterrupted 30-minute, duty-free period during which employees are at liberty to come and go as they please. Absent a statutorily permissible waiver, a meal break must be afforded after no more than five hours of work, and a second meal period provided after no more than 10 hours of work. On the question of rest periods, the court explained that under the IWC’s orders, employees are entitled to 10 minutes of rest on the clock for shifts from three-and-a-half to six hours in length, and to another 10 minutes rest for shifts from six hours to 10 hours in length. Rest periods need not be timed to fall specifically before or after any meal period. Advice to employers: Make sure employees are well informed that they are authorized and permitted to take meal and rest periods every day by maintaining a well-written meal and rest period policy in the employee handbook, and prominently displaying that policy along with all other employment-related posters on the company bulletin board. Require all new employees to sign a document at the time of hire that informs the employee of his or her right to take meal and rest periods. Also require all hourly employees to complete a form any time the employee states that a meal period is missed (e.g., require a written report to document whether the meal was missed voluntarily, or whether the employee was dissuaded or prevented from taking the meal.)

Cal/OSHA Inspections

A recent report for Cal/OSHA presents the results of an evaluation of the Illness Prevention Program’s (IIPP) effects on worker injuries in California and should inform policy both in California and in the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) program, which has made the adoption of a similar national requirement a top priority. The report found that enforcement of the IIPP appears to prevent injuries only when inspectors cite firms for violations of specific subsections of that standard. Among the recommendations are stiffer fines for noncompliance and stepped up inspection of business. The Injury IIPP requirement has been the most frequently cited standard in California workplace health and safety inspections almost every year since it became effective in July 1991.

Lawson Drayage, Inc. Machinery Moving, Rigging & Heavy Transportation for Any Industry

Industry trusted PrIntIng & LabeLIng equIPment mover for over 50 years! > Machinery Moving and Rigging > Facility Relocation > Storage and Warehousing > Pier Pick Up and Delivery > Crating & Special Packaging of Machinery & Equipment san francIsco bay area

sacramento & san JoaquIn vaLLeys

3402 Enterprise Avenue Hayward, CA 94545 Phone: 510-785-5100 Fax: 510-785-8156

We Do Insurance 25 years serving 600 firms in our industry providing specialized coverages for: » Creative » Web Media » Marketing Firms » Printers

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Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012


member news Sacramento ADDY Awards


Runyon Saltzman & Einhorn’s wins at the Sacramento Ad Club’s 2011 ADDY Awards Show included a repeat achievement of the Best of Show Delta Award. The overall prize capped a fireworks display of honors that also acknowledged RS&E’s creativity. A Best of Show Delta and Gold ADDY recognized RS&E’s TV spot for the Asian Community Center’s Meals on Wheels program. The animated ad reaches out to adult children and caretakers of the elderly, who want to learn more about the program’s ability to keep their loved ones independent. Two more ADDYs recognized the company’s online, interactive and multimedia work: The RS&E agency website, Welcome, Friend!, received a Gold ADDY, while their high-profile, region-wide multimedia campaign for GiveLocalNow earned a Silver ADDY for its drive to recharge charitable support.

Liquid Agency creative director Boyd Tveit accepting the Best of Show trophy.

San Jose ADDY Awards

Liquid Agency, San Jose, was “thrilled” at receiving nine awards at this year’s ADDY Awards, including the coveted Best of Show award for Ernest Edge. This video project for Ernest Packaging Solutions also garnered the Best of Category for Interactive. The ADDYs honor creative excellence by recognizing the best work from Silicon Valley agencies. The awards ceremony was hosted by the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Advertising Federation at San Pedro Market Square in downtown San Jose.

FSEA Gold Leaf Awards

Apex Die Corporation, San Carlos—a Northern California post-press finishing company specializing in packaging applications—recently won three awards in the 2011 Gold Leaf Awards competition held by the FSEA (Foil & Specialty Effects Association). Apex took Gold and Bronze honors at an awards banquet during the 2012 FSEA·IADD Joint Conference in Las Vegas. The company has also expanded its diemaking and CAD capabilities. By upgrading its steel rule die processing capabilities, Apex has improved the speed and accuracy of its diemaking services. Apex’s new Gerber MBA rule processor uses “bend Apex Die president Kevin Cullen accepting a Gold Leaf Award. first, cut last” technology and quick change tooling to ensure accurate, efficient die processing. As the third rule processor on Apex’s production floor, the Gerber greatly improves Apex’s overall diemaking capacity and throughput.


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

Need more tools? VMA Education can help. Adobe® Tools for Creative Professionals Learn to do more with Acrobat. Create PDFs that display and print well everywhere. Make PDFs confidential and secure. Use more of the many powerful features of Acrobat. Dreamweaver is the ideal program for learning web design. Create websites without knowing how to code. Experienced coders can expand their design skills. Learn Flash, the tool for creating cutting-edge graphics and animated web content. Create drawings that communicate your message effectively or entertain your users. Illustrator is a must have tool for print and web designers. In this class acquire the knowledge to design innovative graphics for print and the web. InDesign training provides the practical experience required to become proficient in InDesign’s essential typographic, design and publishing features. Learn the powerful Photoshop features; from those that transform photographs to those that you use to create original images from simple logos to full illustrations.

Tools for Web Marketing Professionals Search Engine Marketing is the driver of marketing communications today. It doesn’t exclude our traditional methods but creates an environment so your message reaches the right target and points them to your other marketing information channels. It’s all about building strong relationships between you and your customers. Business owners, marketers and even non-profits should participate in this growing marketing opportunity. Check out the courses below and see how you can learn to reach the right target audience. Pay-Per-Click–Learn to control your display ads on search engines and other websites when searchers use specific keywords. We focus on Google AdWords, the dominant Pay-Per-Click product. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)–This training will teach you how to implement an SEO campaign. Learn how to choose the best keywords and how to increase traffic by getting other websites to link to you. Social Media Intro–This class provides a thorough overview of social media. You will learn to leverage social media to its fullest potential. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter form the core of instruction.

VMA Education offers hands-on workshops // webinars // on-demand subscription access to technical and creative resources // custom classes at your location or ours // VMA members receive discounted prices for education, training and more. Contact Barbara Silverman to discuss your needs. or (800) 659-3363

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member news

Branding Partner

great projects

Design and visual communication studio Manual is the official branding partner for San Francisco Design Week 2012, June 11-14, hosted by AIGA SF. In addition to designing the first official logo for San Francisco Design Week, which will be used for all subsequent annual SF Design Week events, Manual has also designed this year’s event campaign materials.

That’s LIFE!

XYZ LA worked with Saatchi LA to help create the CG content for their multipronged advertising campaign, designed to drive millennial attention to the just-released “city” version of Toyota’s hybrid Prius. It’s all about fun and games—Hasbro’s Game of Life, that is. XYZ was there at the beginning, working closely with the talented Saatchi LA creative team, to help create the 3-D “Game of Life” main logo, as well as all of the 3-D pop-up bubbles and banners that were used in the amazing and visually forward thinking online version of the game. See the TV spot at

new partners, new services

Roland Partners with Keen

To help customers expand their businesses online, Roland DGA has partnered with VMA member Keen to make setting up an online storefront easy and affordable for the Roland inkjet community. The partnership was announced at the ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida last month. A cloud-based, e-commerce solution developed for the printing industry, Keen makes it easy for print service providers of virtually any size or specialty to get online quickly. As part of the partnership, Roland inkjet customers that subscribe to the Keen service receive an extended 60-day, free trial and personalized setup of their account and online stores. Keen also offers a 30 day free trial at

Everett Graphics Invests in New KBA Rapida

Everett Graphics, a designer and manufacturer of quality packaging, is investing in its future with a new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch sheetfed press at its facility in Oakland. The new press will build on the firm’s success as a provider of highquality packaging for the food and beverage, health and beauty, pharmaceutical and medical, and technology markets. Randy Perkins, KBA district sales manager, and George Saba, pressroom manager, at Everett Graphics.

Healthy Dose of Short Runs for Western Web

Founded in 2010, Western Web LLC, Samoa, has its roots in a local newspaper publishing business that was started in 2005. When that business closed in 2008 under the strain of the economic downturn, Steve Jackson took the helm and refocused the company on increasing the number of short runs, which ultimately had a significant impact on its bottom line. KeyColor ink key control system and AutoSet presetting from EPG get credit for helping slash makeready time by 80 percent in comparison with the amount of time that manual adjustment of ink keys takes and cut its paper waste by half. Jack Davis, vice president, and Steve Jackson, president, at Western Web Press.


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

new members Bay Area Graphics

Bay Area Graphics, Foster City, is a certified woman-owned company and FSC certified print resource company. Just think of them as project manager meets print rep meets penny pincher meets therapist. BAG offers full-color printing services. Their BAG of tricks includes all of the extra pieces their clients might need, from inspiration and concept development, to design, printing and fulfillment, promotional items, personalized media kits, shipping and more. They can also assist clients in rebranding their companies. Patrick Paet: 415-640-8554 Marilyn Leoncavallo: 650-341-5350, Ext. 102

Greg Habiby Images

“Creative photographic images that deliver your message.” When you need a photographer who can consistently deliver quality images, you’ve found your man. With 15 years experience in public relations and advertising photography, creating strong and visually-enticing images is my specialty. Simple portraits to complex concepts, if you want someone who can get the shot, give Greg a call. Current and past clients include Siemens, Blue Cross, Time, Inc., KQED, NPR, Goodwill and a variety of small businesses with specific creative needs. Greg Habiby: 415-260-2600

SLM Creative Design and Associates

Great service, quality product and on-time delivery within the agreed upon budget is what SLM Creative Design and Associates, San Rafael, offers each and every client. They “walk the talk” and build their business upon their reputation. The majority of SLM’s new clients are referred by satisfied clients. The firm’s principal, Suzi Lee Musgrove, is a designer and art director with more than 16 years experience providing creative products for her clients. She has served two terms on the National Board for the Graphic Artists Guild. Services include overall project and team management, brochures, corporate identity, packaging and POP displays, tradeshows/ events and much more. Suzi Lee Musgrove: 415-596-2722

r.vH Design

Dynamite Digital

Dynamite Digital is an indoor and outdoor advertising company in San Francisco. Large format digital printing is a specialty, providing visibility and branding solutions for their clients. Designs can be output at incredible widths and unlimited lengths. Their state-of-the-art flatbed, solvent and UV printers output unparalleled detail on a variety of substrates and the images will explode off the surface in vibrant color. Product offerings include banners, posters, POP, tradeshow displays, wall murals, fine art prints, transit, and event signage. From concept to completion, Dynamite Digital is truly a one-stop shop that can handle challenging projects and deliver them on time and on budget. Quick estimates, quality work, and extraordinary customer service are qualities their customers appreciate. Rory O’Neil: 877-977-4680, 415-546-0792


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012

r.vH Design is the eponymous design firm of Robert Van Horne. It is a full-service design and branding studio located in San Francisco. Robert received a bachelor’s degree in English from Middlebury College. He later went back to school at California College of the Arts to study graphic design. Before opening his own firm, he worked at Ingalls Design doing mainly food/wine/ spirits packaging. r.vH uses his visual and literary background as a basis to create work that is compelling, witty and speaks for itself. Specifically, the firm does: identity, print, packaging, interactive, web, campaign, naming and production design. The studio works in a variety of capacities with a broad range of clients including wineries, restaurants, financial institutions, arts communities amongst others. Robert Van Horne: 415-621-6061

Speck Media Inc.

Fresno-based Speck Media Inc. combines old-school print experience with today’s knowledge and success in using technology as a marketing tool. Some of their key strengths include email campaigns, GURLS/PURLS with direct mail, promotional products, list management, print and website design, website management and social media know-how. Clients can furnish their own files or have Speck Media create the design. No print job is too small or too large for their team. They love what they do. Jennifer Speck: 559-355-4107


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On Line Bindery, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1990

Perfect/Saddle Stitch-Loop and Standard High speed bindings Wire-O/Plastic Spiral/Metal Spiral/Comb Gluing brochures & gluefold envelopes

Remoist/Fugitive/Cold/Hot Melt

15 folders

From ¾ inch panels to 40" wide All folds, double gates, maps etc.

Other capabilities and services

Shrink wrapping/Round cornering Kleenstick taping/High speed tipping items to each other/Eyeletting/Drilling Pick up and delivery


510.234.7707 tel 510.235.6606 fax only please

Also own paper shredding company, discounts to bindery customers. Look us up at

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Food & Beverage • Health & Beauty Direct Mail • Marketing Collateral

Flexography - up to 10 colors • Silkscreen • Rotary Letterpress Hot Stamp • Embossing • Custom Inks • Custom Die Cutting Magnets • Instant Redeemable Coupons • Folded Booklet Coupons Expanded Content Labels • Tags/Neck Hangers • Scratch Off HarvestMark Certified Partner • Newsnotes • 510.489.5400 | 510.489.2914 FAX 2900 Faber Street, Union City, CA 94587

Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012


Find-An-Employee Program Print Production – Press Operator

Operate a 5/c 28 Komori w/coater Electronic PCC II Ink Profiling and Heidelberg, fed several types of Komori presses. Experienced sheetfed and web press professional, performed machine maintenance and general shop maintenance, ordering printer supplies and general shop supplies. Exceptional organization and leadership. Bay Area, 3878, Bohn.

Print Production – Electronic Prepress

Strong background in color, prepress production, design offset for lithography, flexography and screen print processes. I have over 15 years experience as a journeyman scanner operator and photo retoucher. Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I work in both Mac and PC platform. Bay Area, 3892, Collette.

Print Production – Digital Printing

Support the growth and profitability of an organization that provides challenge, encourages advancement and rewards achievement with the opportunity to utilize my diverse digital printing skill set and abilities. San Francisco, 3896, Cotner.

Print Production – Digital Printing

38 years of experience in prepress with extensive knowledge in digital prepress. Programs: Quark, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, PageMaker, Photoshop and FileMaker. Experienced with Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Retrospect Archiving, PressWise, TrapWise, Heidelberg Delta, Signastation and Prepress Interface, Preps and Prinergy Evo, DuPont CromaPro and CromaNet. East Bay, 3905, Donovan.

Print Management – Production Management Print Production Management skills include, operations, fulfillment, traffic and scheduling. Worked with direct mail, print collateral, packaging/ kitting, publications, out of home, tradeshow media and much more. I know when and how to use current technologies for the best fit and cost saving analysis. Successfully worked with many different team structures and get the work done on time and on budget. San Francisco, 3889, Gordon.

Print Management – Production Management Experienced printing professional with demonstrated expertise in production management, strong customer relationships, superior organizational skills, prioritizing and responsiveness. Results-oriented leader who thrives in deadline driven environments. Career characterized by mastery of increasingly complex production elements, schedules and business demands. Bay Area, 3882, Jones.

Print Production – Electronic Prepress

Looking for full-time position. For several years, I have been freelancing under the business name of, creating T-shirt designs and color separations for screenprinting shop clients via the Internet. Expert at Photoshop & Illustrator (a killer knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite), a can-do attitude about prepress, a realistic attitude towards design in the real world and a lot of energy and enthusiasm. San Francisco, 3875, Meier.

Print Management – Sales / Account Representative

25+ years in print sales, 21 of those years for a major California printer with sheetfed and heat set web equipment. Reasons to hire me: stable, detail oriented, great communication skills, solid knowledge of the printing industry and a fantastic sense of humor. I am currently employed in an allied field, but now wish to get back into commercial printing. San Francisco, 3874, Weiss.

Web Media – Web Developer

Creative Design: conceptual, custom websites, graphics/logos, marketing collateral, illustration/ technical, corporate branding, Experience: user interface, mock-ups, prototyping, wire frames, user flow, user research. Development: AGILE Mgmt Sys, HTML/XHTML/CSS, JavaScript/ jQuery, CMS/Drupal, Cross Browser,W3C/ADA/ Web2.0/508. Software: Adobe CS Web Premium (Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, Acrobat). North Bay, 3885, Byrd.

Creative Production – Graphic Designer Graphic designer, 12 years experience. Have worked in-house, at an agency in direct marketing. Expert Creative Suite skills, digital illustration, print, design for web and email, copywriting, production, etc. BFA in Graphic Design. Bay Area, 3886, Carter.

Creative Production – Graphic Designer

Technical: Expert proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite 5, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Proven excellence in: photo editing, color correction, estimating, sourcing, print buying, prepress, and on-press accuracy. Software: Acrobat, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint. Design: Over 20 years experience in delivering graphic design solutions to corporate and retail marketing. Broad range of design experience in: corporate print, packaging, branding, advertising and environmental graphics. San Francisco, 3892, Lo.

Creative Production – Graphic Designer

Award-winning designer with strong skills in typography, illustration and photo display. Experienced photo editor with flair for visual storytelling. Veteran editor and writer with extensive knowledge of business, government, law and politics. Deadline-driven production manager with passion

for details. Results-oriented manager with excellent communication skills. Bay Area, 3890, Nobles.

Creative Production – Art/Creative Director

Award-winning art director with unique blend of creativity, entrepreneurial acumen, superior brand strategies that propel achievement of business goals. Lead creative teams and projects from concept through completion while leveraging quality management principles and innovative concepts to motivate consumer action. Areas of expertise: Print and digital media, audio/video, branding, Internet marketing, e-commerce merchandising, social media, photography, team leadership, budgeting, typography, print process, vendor management and packaging. San Francisco, 3900, Pasewark.

Creative Production – Production Layout/ Image Manipulation

10+ years photo retouching experience working on product photography. 7+ years production experience doing page layout for print. Detailed functional knowledge of Photoshop in Mac environment. Strong working knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Bridge, Quark, Excel, Word and pre-flighting. San Francisco, 3853, Roberts.

Creative Production – Graphic Designer

Create and train as a visual design in the multimedia field for companies to increase social networking and values by graphic art using Adobe Suite CS5. Expert in web design and web development by helping clients reach their business into the 21st century with entrance to HTML5. San Francisco, 3894, Sot.

Creative Production – Miscellaneous

I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, exceptional trouble-shooting skills, work extremely well with a team and strive for knowledge, able to quickly learn and retain knowledge. Work well under pressure, both from supervisors and customers. East Bay, 3901, Winborg.

Creative Production – Graphic Designer

I am proficient on PC and Mac in full Adobe Suite with emphasis on Illustrator and Photoshop. I am also well versed in emerging and current social media and SEO trends. I am familiar with web and print graphic design practices including textile printing, offset printing, website development and email newsletters. San Francisco, 3888, Zuazua.

Creative Production – Entry Level Designer

Traditional illustration, vector illustration, Photoshop graphics and photo retouch, web design. Skills and software: Dreamweaver CS5, Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, Flash CS5, Fireworks CS5, InDesign CS5, Cinema 4-D, WordPress, Microsoft Office, CSS, XHTML, Mac & PC. East Bay, 3871, Zuniga.

To see all job applications of individuals seeking employment, log on to On the top navigation bar, click Management Solutions, Human Resources Suite, Find-an-Employee. Members can also post job openings online. An automatic e-mail will be sent to you when a new applicant has applied to the job category of the opening you have posted. Job openings can also be emailed directly to For more information, contact Sue Benavente at 800-659-3363, Ext. 122.


Visual Media Alliance

summer 2012


see foerlf yours

Completely redesigned making it easier to locate the RESOURCES you need, when you need them.

Summer 2012 665 Third Street, Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94107 Change Service Requested

Make It White

Ability to produce white ink

Make It Shine

Metallic material in short run? No problem!

Make It Heavy

Up to 18pt substrates

Make It Personalized

Produce versioned, variable art—without compromising your offset quality

To learn more contact your local representative: Ron Stockman e: c: 650.576.9782 Phillip Groves e: c: 415.309.6869

Make It Matter With HP Indigo

With the power of the HP Indigo technology producing high-end marketing materials in digital quantities does not mean compromising quality, speed or the ability to produce unique products. Call us today to find out more about why HP Indigo Matters! Cover printed on a HP Indigo digital press utilizing white ink technology.


Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.