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Co-Creating Healthy Families: What You Need to Do Before Getting Pregnant


Jessica Wei, MD

Six Innovative Treatments for Lyme Disease Adam Breiner, ND

Safe Hormone Replacement Therapy Henry C. Sobo, MD

What Lyme Disease Does to Our Immune System Tonya Pasternak, ND

Rejuvenate Aging Skin… Safe and Naturally Diane Hayden, PhD

Let Your Body Guide You to the Right Choices Bernie Siegel, MD

Celebrating 11 Years of Publishing


Create Your Best Year Ever with Feng Shui

Reduce Your Risk of Infertility


Simple Meal Planning for the New Year

Karen Elizabeth Rowan, LMT, CST


3 Myths Busted About Type 2 Diabetes


Katherine Layman, ND


Is 2018 Your Year to Finally Find Love? Ronnie Ann Ryan


New Year’s Resolutions That Bring Lasting Change Vitamin Deficiency is More Common Than You Think Can You Lose Weight with Keto?


Cholesterol, Just the Fats! Katy Firisin, ND

The Power of Biomechanical Bodywork: A Different Kind of Massage


What Really Works to Lose Weight?





Becoming a Reiki Master Cheryl Case



Sleep Loss Has Profound Effects on Health

22 The 5 Points of Wellness That Are Essential for Longevity and Optimal Health

J. Erika Dworkin, Certified Lifestyle Educator


Practical Divine Wisdom Robin Clare

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Did You Know Southwest Florida is a Blue Zone?

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March: Detoxification, Autoimmune Disease

May/June: Hormone Replacement for Women and Men, Lyme Disease Natural Treatment

24 Harvest & Wisdom Organic Restaurant at the Shangri-La Springs – A Locavore’s Dream

By Dr. Derrick DeSilva, MD

By Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD

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Did You Know Floating Can Ease Stress and Anxiety? By Lynn Brewer

10 Decrease the Harmful Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress with Biofeedback By Jamie Kliewe

Omni Balanced Life Center Offers Revolutionary Style of Healthcare

12 The Biological Dentist: A Revolutionary Style of Dentistry

Monthly Financial Discussions with Nina Azwoir of Wintrust Wealth Management

14 Age Like a Rotisserie Chicken: Slow, Juicy and Hot



By Dr. Josephine Perez, DMD

By Dr. Carol L. Roberts, MD

16 Are You Suffering from Memory Loss, Depression or Mental Fog? By Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD

18 Can Common Symptoms Be a Sign of Type 2 Diabetes? By Denise A. Pancyrz

Finance 38 Can You Still Retire Soon? By Nina Azwoir, First Vice President of Investments, Wintrust Wealth Management

19 Microneedling: The Natural Alternative for Anti-Aging Skincare By Jacqueline Rochonchou and Ashley Anderson

20 Feel Amazing Spine & Joint Institute By Dr. Richard Hiler, DC

23 Dr. Di’s Corner By Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD

28 Abbington Green Bed & Breakfast Inn and Spa: A Dream Come True By Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD

30 The Sun: Your Most Beautiful Adversary? By Richard Fanelli

32 Our Yoga Place By Nancy Gerald & Tom Palmer

33 Winning the Inner Battle By Megan Moriarty, CH

34 Salt Cave Therapy By Dr. Diane Hayden & Andrea Geresdi

36 The Herbal Treatment for Sleep Apnea By Steven Frank

41 Quarantine 15 - Have You Gained an Extra 15 Lbs? By Katherine Milette

Relationships 39 8 Secrets to Find Lasting Love Online By Ronnie Ann Ryan

Purpose 40 We Must Have This Controversial Conversation By Jo Vaccarino, CCT, LMT, MLD-C

42 The Garden: We’re in It Together By Pat Heavren, MHSA

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The clinic achieves exceptional results by coordinating every aspect of the medical process, all under one roof, including the finding and pre-screening of highly qualified, safe, and immediately available local egg donors. They take great pride in partnering with, guiding and empowering our patients to achieve their unique family building goals. Why Choose CT Fertility? • Extensive experience with egg donor, gay surrogacy, and multiparty reproduction • Locations in U.S. and Europe • State of the art IVF lab • Open 7 days a week • Multilingual team of experts • In-house donor program • Bespoke to each family approach • Gay fertility and lesbian surrogacy specialists For further information, please visit our website or call 203-373-1200 to schedule an appointment. See ad on page 17.


ant to take control of your finances, but not sure where to start? Do you wonder whether you will outlive your money? Curious whether you can sustain the lifestyle you’re living over time? You can address these questions, and more, through financial planning. Financial planning entails a holistic approach to managing your wealth so you can effectively pursue your dreams. It evaluates items that are within your control, like your budget, with those outside of your control, like the costs of health care, so that you can make informed decisions about your finances over time. Think of financial planning as a jigsaw puzzle. What you want to do with your money is the picture that you are putting together. The pieces of the puzzle are the items within and outside of your control. Retaining focus on your big picture goals while continuously monitoring and (re)assembling the different pieces of your financial life so that you can achieve your goals is what financial planning is all about. Use the new year to take a fresh look at your finances. Reflect on your unique jigsaw puzzle picture. Are you satisfied with the picture you are assembling with your pieces? If you’d like a different perspective on the image you’re seeing or a confidential conversation about the pieces within or outside your control, I’d be happy to talk with you. I have used comprehensive financial planning to help many clients obtain greater control of their finances and confidence in their goals. Caroline Wetzel is a Certified Financial PlannerTM ( CFP®) and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®) who has worked in financial services since 2001. She is Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor with Procyon Private Wealth Partners, LLC an independent, employee-owned registered investment advisor and fiduciary located in Shelton, CT. Procyon Private Wealth Partners, LLC helps private clients fulfill their financial dreams and institutions manage their retirement plans, endowments, and foundations. For more information, visit Caroline’s LinkedIn Page: https:// and Procyon’s web site: See ad on page 12.

Living in a State of Super Immunity Using Essential Oils


ow would it feel to live in a state of Super Immunity and never worry about the seasonal ‘stuff’ that can wipe you out for weeks? This is where my family lives and thrives, in what I refer to as our super immunity bubble. Stuff goes around, and we never get wiped out - ever. We travel the world confidently living in a state of super immunity. I'm comforted by my essential tools even when someone is sneezing all over me in the airport. When the kids are swapping their seasonal garbage at school, I do not worry because the kids have these natural tools too. If you've heard the BUZZ about essential oils, it's because they flat out work. I've been using essential oils with my family for 10+ years, and I cannot stop raving about them. The bottom line is: Moms and Dads want TOOLS to keep their kids healthy, and essential oils deliver.



New Year – Fresh Look at your Finances

Essential Oils: • Can replace most of your bathroom cabinet contents • Remarkably support functions of the body such as the brain, liver, muscles, joints, heart, and lungs • Support the immune system • May clear mild acne/skin conditions • May improve sports performance, naturally • Are fully supported by thousands of scientific studies • Have worked their magic into the medical practices of Physicians because the public is demanding natural solutions I’m sure I’ve piqued your interest, so you may be wondering what’s your next step. I’d like to invite you to join one of my in-person classes or full-day workshops to learn more about essential oils and how you can work them into your life. Lisa Wilson, Celebrating ten years as the proud owner of The Raw Food Institute, DoTerra Blue Diamond Leader, Plant Therapy Geek, and natural mom to three teenagers. To register for upcoming events visit: See ad on page 9.




T Fertility was founded in 1991, and has been a leader in fertility creating over 5,000 babies for proud parents from over 30 countries. CT Fertility personalizes the parenting journey for any couple and single men or women. Our fertility specialists also proudly offer LGBT family planning, gay surrogacy, and supports lesbian fertility. Dr. De Pinho and Dr. Melvin Thornton are widely recognized throughout Europe and the U.S. as preeminent fertility doctors in advanced reproductive care of infertile couples, singles and same-sex couples. They offer a wide range of treatment and egg donation options, taking into account your long-term family vision; ethical, legal and financial considerations; personal relationships and priorities.

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Every Path to Parenthood is Unique



Come See What Ozone O3 Therapy Can Do for You!


zone is a triatomic molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It has been successfully used in medicine for its microbiological properties: bacteriocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal for over 100 years. Ozone is a strong oxidant against free radicals as well as its destruction of almost all microorganisms. All this, and it is compatible with human epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and periodontal cells. There are no known side effects of Ozone when used properly and in the correct Certified professional hands.

Did You Know Southwest Florida is a Blue Zone?


lue Zones Project – Southwest Florida (SWFL), a free community well-being program thanks to the generous sponsorship of NCH Healthcare System, works with individuals and organizations to help people live healthier, happier and longer lives. We do this by engaging businesses, schools and youth-organizations, homeowner’s associations, restaurants, grocery stores and faith-based organizations to help make healthy choices easier where we work, play and live. We also partner with community planners and elected officials to help promote policy that supports access to healthy food and air, as well as walkable/ bikeable communities. Blue Zones Project is a “we” project as over 700 organizations and thousands of individuals are collaborating to boost well-being in SWFL. And it is working; since we started in 2015, well-being has skyrocketed in our area. Just nine years ago, per Gallup, we ranked 73rd in the nation for well-being. For the past 4 years, we have achieved the top spot for having the highest well-being in the nation. Now more than ever, we know how important good health is to support resilience to stress, of all kinds, including a global pandemic. Building resilience involves optimizing the five elements of well-being: social, physical, financial, community and purpose. Blue Zones Project has both virtual and hands-on tools to help individuals and organizations maximize these elements.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

• Facilitates wound healing • Reverses sensitivity • Disinfection of pockets • Prevention of cavities (some may be reversed) • Increased tissue regeneration • Infection control • Tissue regeneration

Dr. Josephine Perez, DMD has been practicing dentistry for 29 years. She is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dentistry in Boston and interned at New Orleans Coast Guard/Navy Base. Her holistic approach to dentistry encompasses each person’s unique and entire state of physical and emotional well-being. Dr. Perez focuses on the underlying condition, rather than only treating the symptoms. She tests for biocompatibility to find pathways to reduce inflammation and apply biocompatible and biomimetic materials, supplements, and essential oils to restore and strengthen the oral cavity and ultimately, the whole body. 239.254.4480. See ad on back cover >

To learn more go to our website: or Facebook: You can also call us at 239.624.2312 or email at: See ad on page 47>

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y design, everything our body does has a purpose. So, why would it produce so much cholesterol if it were bad?

What is Cholesterol? While many believe cholesterol to be a bad thing, or the result of too many eggs and bacon, it is actually a pervasive substance busy at work in many systems of our bodies. Cholesterol is a waxy substance largely produced by the liver. The body produces roughly 1000 mg of cholesterol per day, far more than it consumes through food. Cholesterol is ubiquitous. It is found in every cell of our body. But there is much more to cholesterol than high and low. LDL and HDL Cholesterol is transported by lipoproteins, HDL and LDL, which are only two of several that are typically measured. These lipoproteins are not actually cholesterol. They carry cholesterol through the body where it needs to go. The HDL “good cholesterol” is responsible for helping to clean up damage to artery walls. The LDL, dubbed the “bad cholesterol”, is not inherently bad at all and carries nutrients through the blood stream. There are two important categories or sizes of LDL. The large fluffy particle LDL is the healthier size that carries out its everyday transport function. However, in the presence of inflammation, sugars, and triglycerides, these particles become oxidized or “rusty” and small. This smaller particle is believed to be able to attach more readily to the artery walls and contribute to plaque formation.

We have learned that cholesterol is everywhere, that it is made by the body and has an important role in many functions. But the rhetoric surrounding “high” cholesterol is that it clogs arteries and causes heart attacks. For millions of years in human evolution, the body has produced cholesterol and cannot live without this molecule. Yet, not until the 20th century did we see heart disease rise as a leading cause of death in humans. What changed? Diet, agriculture, industrialization, sugar consumption, sedentary lifestyles, and the promotion of low fat diets high in carbohydrates are just a few examples. The number and size of our LDL’s is largely impacted by inflammation and other lifestyle factors. The good news is that with dietary changes, exercise, and nutritional supplementation, these rusty old LDL’s can be replaced with their healthy fluffy counterparts. Improving Your Cholesterol 1. Change your diet. Decrease refined sugar and carbohydrates. These have been shown to damage your arteries. LDL particle size is negatively impacted by inflammation and oxidation from diets high in refined sugar and carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables contain important antioxidants. Plants also contain phytosterols that compete with cholesterol to get into the cells and circulate in the blood stream. 2. Eat healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids have been well researched showing their positive effects on HDL levels and LDL density. 3. Reduce stress. We lead busy, chaotic lives. Exercise, meditation, yoga, spiritual practice and simply slowing ourselves down have been shown to decrease cardiac risk.

Feel Amazing Spine & Joint Institute F

By Dr. Richard Hiler, DC



By Katy Firisin, ND

20 SUMMER 2020

Cholesterol, Just the Fats!

Practitioner Spotlight

Hormone Production Once Cholesterol hitches a ride on the HDL and LDL, where does it go and what happens if we take medication to bring those levels down? One major role of cholesterol is hormone production. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is made from cholesterol. Estrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones, are also derived from cholesterol. The stress response from our adrenal glands relies on cortisol, a hormone that depends on cholesterol for production. Another cholesterol dependent hormone, aldosterone, regulates kidney function and blood pressure. Vitamin D is, in fact, a hormone and not a vitamin at all. The production of cholesterol is part of the conversion of Vitamin D both from the sun and from our foods. You can begin to imagine the possible side effects of taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

“Our goal over the past 22 years is to improve upon what we already have, and to learn and implement the newest and latest methods and technologies to offer the next level in the future of health care and healing.” - DR. RICHARD HILER, DC


eel Amazing Institute in Naples, FL was formed in 2015 by Dr. Richard Hiler, chiropractic neurologist and Dawna Hiler, RN. Formerly known as Hiler Chiropractic and Neurology for 17 years, the clinic integrated into medical services after Dr. Hiler had a life changing outcome using stem cell therapy on his lower back. For the past five years the clinic’s mission is to help others who have lost hope and have suffered with chronic joint pain or peripheral neuropathy. From low backs to knees, shoulders, hips, and nerve issues, the cutting-edge therapies used at Feel Amazing Institute have helped hundreds of people get their life back. The treatment approach is to use an arsenal of modalities and protocols to get the best outcome possible. When a patient tells Dr. Hiler they’ve already tried spinal decompression, or chiropractic, and it didn’t help, he inquires, “Well, did you try spinal decompression combined with stem cell allographs, exosomes, nano particles, ozone, prolotherapy, peptides, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet poor protein concentrate? Did you use horizontal (electrical) therapy, infrared therapy, PEMF therapy, lasers, acoustic waves, and physical reconditioning along with the chiropractic?” The approach may sound complicated but the professionals at Feel Amazing Institute will streamline the process to make it doable, affordable, and effective. Dr. Hiler stresses the importance of treating the condition and the environment surrounding the condition to optimize the healing process and treat the whole person to transform each patient’s overall health status. For instance, the hip has 21 muscles crossing the joint, the knee 11, the shoulder has 14 movers and 7 stabilizers. We must address the length and strength of each muscle and the neurology that integrates with the function of that muscle. It is not optimal to just put stem cells in the joint or PRP and hope for the best. Regarding peripheral neuropathy, Dr. Hiler performs a comprehensive neurological examination of sensory, motor, and autonomic peripheral

nerve function, as well as the central neurological nerve control of the brain and spinal cord. Dr. Hiler developed the first comprehensive therapeutic program for peripheral neuropathy in SW Florida in 2005. He returned for 5 additional years of neurology training and received his board certification in functional neurology in 2013. In 2017, he developed one of the first regenerative cell treatment programs in the country using stem cell allografts. His first case study in 2017 was a 91-year-old patient that could not feel his legs for more than three years. After Dr. Hiler’s treatment he was feeling his legs again in less than a week and he was able to walk safely again without his walker. When regenerative cell treatment is administered to the damaged nerves in combination with other therapies, the improvement in pain, numbness, and sense of balance is often remarkable and long lasting. The push in today’s environment is the enhancement of the immune system, control of inflammation, and increasing the cellular capacity to produce energy to enhance normal function and repair. New products are available for this exact purpose for clinical use for the treatment of moderate to severe cases of Covid-19. It is extremely exciting and will be used at Hiler’s Feel Amazing Institute as a wellness treatment which effectively modulates immune function, reduces inflammation, and enhances cellular function and repair. These are the types of things that excite us as we continue to associate and learn from some of the world leaders in regenerative medicine, physical medicine, and preventative medicine. •

Dr. Richard Hiler and his medical team offer a complimentary telephone consultation. For questions or to schedule an appointment, the office can be reached at 239.330.1000. 3031 Airport-Pulling Rd N., Naples. See ad on page 31 >

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Sleep Loss Has Profound Effects on Health By J. Erika Dworkin, Certified Lifestyle Educator Insomnia is one of the most common complaints seen by physicians... Approximately 12.5% of the adult population uses a prescribed anxiolytic or sedative hypnotic in the course of a year… All of these drugs are associated with significant risks. Most of them are highly addictive and very poor candidates for long-term use.


Sleep Disorders Defined The body’s genetically controlled biological clock regulates its circadian rhythms, physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle in response primarily to light and darkness. Circadian rhythms manage multiple important bodily functions, including natural sleep cycles, hormone release, eating habits and digestion, and body temperature. As detailed below, chronic disruption of regular rhythms resulting from sleep deprivation is cause for great concern. In 2015, the National Sleep Foundation recommended these numbers of daily sleep hours for adults: (1) teenagers/8-10; (2) adults & young adults/ 7-9; (3) older adults/7-8. Most sleep disorders are characterized by at least one of these symptoms: (1) excessive daytime sleepiness; (2) difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep; or (3) sleep-time abnormal movements, behaviors, and/or sensations. The most common 34

The causes of sleep deprivation fall into multiple categories. Physical causes include: systemic overgrowth of yeast (candidiasis), hormonal imbalances, hyperthyroidism, heart, lung and digestive disorders, allergies, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, prostate problems, nocturnal fast-onset hypoglycemia, and the sleep conditions noted above. Underlying psychological issues include stress, depression (including seasonal affective disorder), anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. The drugs that may cause sleep problems include those prescribed for depression, hypertension, birth control, water retention, hypothyroidism (if overprescribed), and asthma, allergies and other upper-respiratory conditions. Recreational substances and stimulants, including alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, and excess caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, colas, energy drinks), can disrupt sleep. Finally, numerous environmental factors can underlie sleep disorders, including toxic overload and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that emanate from wireless/electrical devices (often referred to as radiation). Health Risks of Chronic Sleep Deprivation According to Michael Murray, ND, “adequate sleep is absolutely necessary for long-term health and regeneration.” Sleep influences the function of the immune, hormonal, and nervous systems. A growing

The combination of sleep deprivation with chronic stress sets the stage for disease. The resulting adrenal gland production of excess cortisol can cause functional deterioration of various organ systems as they constantly attempt to rebalance. For example, stress from sleep deprivation may slow down thyroid function. Risks of Prescription Sleep Aids Most sleeping pills (e.g., Xanax®, Librium®, Valium®, Ambien®, Lunesta®, and Halcion®) are actually “sedative hypnotics” that are widely prescribed to treat stress and anxiety. They commonly cause dizziness, drowsiness, and significantly decreased coordination and memory. In October 2015, Daniel F. Kripke, MD, an internationally recognized sleep researcher and professor of psychiatry emeritus at the University of California, San Diego, petitioned the FDA to consider mandating a new black box warning for sleeping pills. His petition was based on an analysis of 50 sleeping pill studies published from 2012 to 2015 and his assertion of a growing United States overdose epidemic. Dr. Kripke maintained that the most important risks of hypnotics include excess mortality, infections, cancer, depression and suicide, automobile crashes, falls and other accidents, and hypnotic-withdrawal insomnia. He emphasized that: (1) they are usually prescribed without approved indication, and most often with specific contraindications; and (2) even when indicated, there is little or no benefit (recommended doses increase sleep little if at all, and daytime

By Megan Moriarty, Certified Hypnotherapist



o you ever feel like you are in a war against yourself to create the change that you desire? Do you want to lose weight but can’t resist the sweets? Do you want to kick a bad habit but have tried countless times with no luck? From a Hypnotherapist’s standpoint, this is not your fault. This inner conflict happens because your conscious desires are fighting against your subconscious programming. What most people don’t know is that your conscious mind, where all of your thinking takes place, makes up only 12% of your mind; the other 88% is made up of your subconscious mind. When I first tell clients this they are baffled. How could their 60,000+ daily thoughts make up only 12% of their brainpower? It all comes back to automatic behaviors and thought patterns. You live the majority of your life on autopilot. You do not have to put a lot of thought into performing daily tasks like driving your car or performing your morning routine. These are automatic; you do them without thinking. All of your automatic behaviors and thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind. This deep part of your mind also stores your knowns. As humans, we are motivated towards what we already know because it is usually an easier option that takes less energy. You are more likely to take your usual route to work rather than taking a new direction every drive. Automatic behavior and having stored knowns do make life easier. If you had to relearn routine tasks or what you liked and disliked daily, you would not be able to function efficiently. However, we often have stored information in our subconscious mind that no longer serves us. This is where the 12% of your mind (conscious mind) fights the more powerful 88% (subconscious mind). If you are fighting someone seven times more powerful than you, do you think you have a high chance of winning? An example of this 12% vs. 88% battle is a woman who grew up with parents who gave her

a chocolate treat whenever she was upset, sad or lonely. Throughout her childhood, she loved these treats because in the moment they gave her joy and a sense of relief. After repeating this pattern for years, it became a part of her subconscious programming without her even knowing it. She now automatically goes for the sweets whenever she is experiencing a negative emotion. Growing up, this behavior didn’t affect her weight, but now that she’s older the chocolate treats seem to be the main culprit for her weight gain. She consciously wants to lose weight, be healthier, and feel more attractive, but she can’t stop eating sweets no matter what she does! This inner battle drives her crazy and she feels like she has no willpower and negatively judges herself. The vicious cycle of losing a few pounds just to put them back on keeps her trapped in a frustrating reality. Can you relate this scenario in any area of your life? Have you ever had a deep desire to create a positive change but felt like you were your own worst enemy? In one way or another, this story relates to all of my Hypnotherapy clients. Most people want to expand and develop themselves but are struggling against deep, subconscious programming that they are not even aware. There is an easy solution to this inner battle. It is natural, pain-free and highly effective. Hypnosis is the ultimate state for creating permanent change at a subconscious level. In this relaxed, peaceful state the subconscious mind easily accepts new, positive suggestions that align with your conscious desires. Once the positive suggestions are accepted, the battle is resolved. 100% of your mind is on board with your goals and deepest desires. This kicks willpower out of the equation and makes positive change easy and automatic. It is time to end the war against yourself and utilize the power of hypnosis to become the happiest, healthiest version of you. •

Megan Moriarty, Certified Hypnotherapist considers herself a professional belief enhancer. Through hypnosis, she guides clients to break through limiting habits and beliefs. After working together, you will embody the belief that you are the powerful creator of your life that can manifest anything you desire. 860.808.4672. info@

33 SUMMER 2020

re you one of the estimated 50-to70 million Americans who suffer from a chronic sleep problem? If you have one of the 90 distinct sleep disorders, including insomnia, it quite possibly has already negatively impacted your health and longevity, or will in the future if ignored or addressed only with high-risk prescription drugs.

Causes of Sleep Loss

number of studies have thus linked inadequate sleep, or even sleeping at odd hours, with increased risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure/heart disease, and cancer. Sleep deprivation has also been linked to neuronal damage and accelerated brain aging, prevalence of emotional and psychological problems, and increased hospitalizations and mortality.

Sets the Standard for Safe Indoor Fitness

Winning the Inner Battle


- Michael Murray, ND, & Joseph Pizzorno, ND, The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine 3rd Edition (2012)

harmful sleep conditions include restless legs syndrome (RLS)/nocturnal cramping, sleep apnea (causes brief breathing interruptions and brain oxygen deprivation; obesity is its biggest risk factor), chronic insomnia (sleeplessness occurs most nights and lasts at least one month), narcolepsy, sleep-related psychiatric, neurological, and medical disorders, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Our Yoga Place

See ad on page 15 >

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Acupuncture of Greater Hartford Stan Baker, LAC 645 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105 860.836.1068 • See ad on page 27.

CHIROPRACTIC Back to Motion Sports Rehab and Fitness 435 Willard Ave #B, Newington, CT 06111 • 860-665-0826 See ad on page 21.

DENTISTRY Livingstone Dental Excellence Dr. Thomas Livingstone 3 Railroad St. North Canaan, CT 860.824.0751 • See ad on page 30. Dr. Steven Hinchey 2249 New London Turnpike South Glastonbury, CT. (860) 633-6518 See ad on page 27.

HEALTH FOOD STORES Parkade Health Shoppe Manchester Parkade, 378 West Middle Tpke, Manchester, CT • 860.646.8178 M-Sat 8am-9pm • Sun 9am-6pm See ad on page 5.

FINANCIAL PLANNING Caroline Wetzel, CFP®, AWMA® Procyon Private Wealth Partners, LLC 1 Corporate Drive Suite 225 Shelton, CT 06484 475.232.2713 • See ad on page 12.

HOLISTIC CENTERS Bridge Healing Arts Center 304 Main Street, Farmington, CT 06032 860.404.2578 • See ad on page 5. Integrative Wellness and Physical Therapy 34 Jerome Ave, Suite 305 Bloomfield, CT 06002 (860) 519-1916 See ad on page 11.

HOLISTIC PSYCHIATRY David London, MD 567 Vauxhall St. Ext. #218, Waterford, CT (860) 443-5822 -

Diane Bahr-Groth, C. Hy., TFT, Dir. 1177 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT. (203)595-0110 • See ad on page 32. Mind Matters Hypnosis Center Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI Board Certified Hypnotist & Instructor 12 Waterside Court, Avon, CT 06001 (860)693-6448 • Michele P. Rousseau, MA, CH 267 William Street, Middletown, CT 06457 860-704-9054 •

INTEGRATED MEDICINE ProNatural Physicians Group 120 Webster Sqr Rd.Berlin, CT 06037 (860) 829-0707 See ad on page 5. Tamara Sachs, MD Functional Medicine & Integrative Care LLC 15 Bennitt Street, New Milford CT 860-354-3304 • See ad on page 15.

INTEGRATIVE APRN’S/ NURSE PRACTITIONERS ProNatural Physicians Group Lara O’Neil, Pediatric APRN Adult/Women’s Health APRN 120 Webster Square Road Berlin, CT 06037 • 860-829-0707 See ad on page 5.

NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE Collaborative Natural Health Partners Dr. Lauren Young, Dr. Ashley Burkman, Dr. Tonya Pasternak and Dr Craig Fasullo 315 E. Center St., Manchester, CT 06040 (860) 533-0179 • See ad on page 21. Naturopathic & Acupuncture Health Center Dr. Marie Mammone, Dr. Renee Mammone, NDs John Mammone, Licensed Acupuncturist 274 Silas Deane Hwy., Wethersfield, CT 06109 (860)529-1200 • Stacey Munro, N.D. Nature’s Helper Medical Clinic 178 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT 06078 860.758.7808 • The Wellness Institute Marvin Schweitzer, ND 1 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT (203) 847-2788 See ad on page 19. West Hartford Naturopathic Medicine Frank Aieta, ND 301 N. Main St., West Hartford, CT (860) 232-9662 • See ad on page 19.


ProNatural Physicians Group Dr. Ann Aresco, Dr. Cait Barbiero, Dr. Jennifer C. Pierre and Lara O’Neil, APRN 120 Webster Sqr Rd.Berlin, CT 06037 P: 860-829-0707 - F: 860-829-0606 E: See ad on page 5.

Local Experts In and Around Naples

NUTRITION Holcare Nutrition Vicki Kobliner MS RD 3 Hollyhock Lane, Suite 2A, Wilton, CT 06897 203-834-9949 • See ads on page 35. Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN Licensed Functional Medicine Clinical Nutritionist Integrative Wellness 34 Jerome Avenue, Suite 305 Bloomfield, CT 06002 • (860) 519-1916 See ads on page 36.

PHYSICIANS, M.D. Connecticut Women's OB/GYN South Windsor/West Hartford/Enfield • 860-648-2748 See ad on page 42. Natural Health & Healing, LLC Deanna M. Cherrone, MD 61 S. Main St, Ste 210, West Hartford, CT (860) 677-4600 • See ad on back cover. Optimal Health Medical, LLC Henry C. Sobo, M.D. 111 High Ridge Rd. ,Stamford, CT 06905 203-348-8805 • Tamara Sachs, MD Functional Medicine & Integrative Care LLC 15 Bennitt Street, New Milford CT 860-354-3304 • See ad on page 15.

SCHOOLS The Graduate Institute 171 Amity Rd, Bethany, CT 06524 (203) 874-4252 • See ads on page 43.

SKINCARE Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center Melissa Martin, 16A Ensign Drive, Avon. (860)284-9730 • See ad on page 19.

THERMOGRAPHY Sophia Natural Health Center 31 Old Route 7, Brookfield, CT 06804. (203) 740-9300 • 41




Naples 239.254.4480

Nina Azwoir, First Vice President Naples 239.697.5204

Megan Moriarty Online 860.808.4672

Nina Azwoir is a licensed Financial Advisor with over 17 years of industry experience. She is astute in the realm of wealth management, financial planning, and retirement solutions. Nina has the accumulated knowledge and perspective to help keep her clients and their financial future on a steady course as they navigate through life and retirement. Her highest priority is her clients and their families. Reach out to her to get your complimentary financial plan.

Megan’s official title is Certified Hypnotherapist, but she considers herself a professional belief enhancer. Through hypnosis, she guides clients to break through limiting habits and beliefs. After working together, you will embody the belief that you are the powerful creator of your life tandt can manifest anything you desire.

Josephine Perez, DMD





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Dr. Josephine Perez, DMD has been practicing dentistry for 29 years. She is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dentistry in Boston and interned at New Orleans Coast Guard/Navy Base. Her holistic approach to dentistry encompasses each person’s unique and entire (or whole, therefore holistic) state of physical and emotional well-being. The ability to maintain health through preventive measures and treatments of oral disease is her priority. Dr. Perez focuses on the underlying condition, rather than only treating the symptoms. She tests for biocompatibility to find pathways to reduce inflammation.


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Saving your Brain is a unique brain training center specializing in non-invasive evaluation tools and non-drug therapies to treat the common symptoms of anxiousness, depression, insomnia, short-term memory loss, balance problems, learning and reading comprehension, and cognitive loss associated with ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


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The conventional approach to managing type 2 diabetes long term is not effective. Holistic lifestyle coaching helps to reverse the effects of diabetes guiding you away from counting carbs and diets. Coaching leads you to recognize many factors that affect your glucose. Lower your A1c, stabilize glucose levels, increase your energy, and lose weight naturally.

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Floating, also known as Flotation Therapy, has been used for years for its mental, spiritual, meditative, and physical benefits and has a vast amount of published research to support its claims.

HOLISTIC FUNCTIONAL HEALTHCARE Omni Balanced Life Center 720 Goodlette Rd. Ste 205 Naples 239.234.1608

Omni Balanced Life Center brings a revolutionary style of healthcare to the marketplace. Our unique team style approach combines the expertise of multiple practitioners offering traditional and holistic treatments and services designed to bridge and transform the mind, body and soul creating lasting healing and harmony within. We work alongside western medical teams collaborating to offer the most advanced information available in research and science from all areas of medicine.

Holistic Hypnotherapy


Skin Deep Naples Jacqueline Rochonchou and Ashley Anderson Naples 239.260.5060

Naples #1 MedSpa! From the moment you walk in our door, until the moment you leave you are treated to luxury and the latest technology. Each consultation and procedure is customized for each patient’s need. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.


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ORGANIC SPA Purely You Spa

Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi, Owner Naples 239.331.8266

Purely You Spa is Naples Premier certified organic spa. We offer facials, anti-aging skincare & body treatments, waxing & temporary facial hair removal, massage therapy, couples’ experiences, energy healing, health coaching, Bemer circulation treatments, and memberships for ladies & gentlemen. Our customized services focus on YOU ensuring a personalized, quality experience every time you visit!

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