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The greatest luxury in life is time. Savour every second.

United under a “winged B”, Breitling and Bentley share the same concern for perfection.The same exacting standards of reliability, precision and authenticity.The same fusion of prestige and performance. In the Breitling workshops, just as in the Bentley factories in Crewe, cuttingedge technology works hand in hand with the noblest traditions. For devotees of fine mechanisms, Breitling has created a line of exceptional timepieces named Breitling for Bentley. While conveying the essence of aesthetic refinement, these wrist instruments are all equipped with high-performance “motors”, patiently assembled by watchmakers at the peak of their art... Time is the ultimate luxury.


sm editorial

Dear Readers, Cool. Suave. Alluring. These are just a few of the qualities which the world’s favorite fictional covert operative has come to embody in the public eye. It’s what men want to be and what women want to be with. It’s also the kind of brand image which any number of companies around the world are desperate to get their hands on. For this new season we sought for a mysterious adventure into the world, and feeling of 007, bringing you the latest in time, action and luxurious pieces. James Bond and Switzerland have always shared a strong tie, ever since the very first Dr. NO in 1961, when Swiss bombshell Ursula Andress became the first Bond Girl. The tie continued over the years with several sequences of various episodes being shot in the Alps, St. Moritz or Valle Verzasca.

In this years fall fashion, with watches and jewelry you will see many rich jewel tones, metallics, and precious metals, stepping out with bold vibrant statements, such as Ulysses Nardin’s Royal Blue, the new sporty Tissot touch expert, or the ever so slick and elegant Aston Martin. Also in here you will find that Luxury is for the man as well as for the women. Whatever your personal style, you can find something to desire in the fashions of the season. This fall, designers offer apparel and accessories for every man and woman’s taste, ranging from luxurious to minimalist. We hope you enjoy our journey into the realm of Bond, while giving you a taste mystery, art, and intrigue. Cheers!

Following the greatest success of CASINO ROYALE, the producer of the saga decided to ask Swiss award winning filmmaker Marc Foster to direct the 22nd adventure of the most desired secret agent. James Bond has always been a symbol of elegance, style and refined taste, and in this issue you will be able to discover some of the most refined and prestigious products, from the Aston Martin DBS in England, to an exclusive Jaeger LeCoultre event in Venice, before taking off for a Spa retreat in USA’s best resorts and of course, the most innovating creations from Swiss Master Watchmakers and Jewelry.

M. Pantieri

Fall is here, and leaves have changed into their autumn colors. People start to bustle and holiday is close at bay, the feeling of autumn always reminds us that it is time to get back to work but also enjoy change as well, with a good fire, fine wine, skiing in the Alps, looking for the newest action flick or just renting a video classic.

Staff Editor Massimiliano Pantieri

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sm special 007

SM Magazine Autumn 2008


Omega returns to the silver screen


OF SOLACE Quantum: a unit of measurement so miniscule it cannot be divided nor scarcely fathomed by the human mind. It forms the basis of contemporary scientific research and the very building blocks of the world in which we live and the universe around us. By Noah Joseph

Quantum of Solace 9

To measure such an indiscernible quantity, Bond will need the most precise of instruments. One as complicated as the theorem and classic as the enduring principles it embodies. Fortunately, in Quantum of Solace, due to hit theaters around the world this November, 007 returns to the scene and the silver screen with just such a mechanism: the Omega Seamaster. Since the release of 1995’s Golden Eye, Bond has exclusively worn the classic Omega timepiece. While Bond’s choice of automobile has changed, changed again and changed back once more (see “The Bond between Man and Machine” article on page 17), the relationship between the producers of the James Bond series and the watch crafters at Omega is one of the longest standing partnerships which the franchise has maintained over the course of the

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

past thirteen years. However the James Bond legend has lived far longer than that, a timelessness shared over the past few decades by several other watchmakers. While the Seamaster currently ranks as “James Bond’s Choice”, initial installments in the 007 series had Bond wearing a Rolex. Some of Ian Fleming’s original novels and short stories specify the Rolex, and the earlier films reflected that with Sean Connery’s portrayal specifically wearing a Rolex Submariner, and after a brief hiatus, the Oyster Perpetual retuned in the late 80’s. In between, however, Bond stepped out of time and into the futuristic digital age with electronic watches made by Seiko, along with the occasional Breitling and Hamilton. The Japanese watches, while ostensibly less in keeping with the classic Bond image, better facilitated the incorporation

of those legendary functions which covert tech guru Q would routinely squeeze into the timepieces. Over the course of nineteen different films, 007’s watches have included such fantastic features as a bomb detonator, laser beam, grappling hook, homing device, microphone, video monitor, LED message screen, two-way radio, dart gun, electro magnet, ticker tape printer, buzz saw, radioactive Geiger meter and piano wire, all of which Bond has used to extract himself from all manner of precarious situations and dispatch his enemies. The gadgets began appearing in the second episode, From Russia With Love, and continued through 2002’s Die Another Day. However with the 2006 release of Casino Royale, Bond was reinvented, to the exclusion of the previous whimsical, plot-saving gizmos.

Quantum of Solace Š 2008 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When Daniel Craig reprises his role as James Bond in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, he will be wearing an OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Chronometer with a black dial.

Quantum of Solace 11

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Quantum of Solace Š 2008 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To mark the occasion of the release of Quantum of Solace and Bond’s continued partnership with Omega, the stoic watchmaking atelier is releasing a special edition timepiece for limited public consumption. The more things change, or so the saying goes, the more they stay the same. The inverse could be said of Bond’s choice of timepiece, as the Seamaster makes its return along with its wearer in Quantum of Solace but in a slightly different form. Since the 1950’s, the Omega Seamaster has soldiered on as a mainstay of the watchmaking industry, its enduringly classic design encompassing the company’s Co-Axial Caliber 2500 chronometric movement. However while the past six Bond installments have seen cobalt blue-faced Seamasters on 007’s wrist, in Quantum of Solace, Omega breaks with tradition by furnishing a timepiece with a decidedly darker facade. The new Bond watch features a black bezel and complimentary black dial with a texture inspired by the hand grip on 007’s ever present Walther PPK handgun, with a unique blood red tip to the second hand. The distinctive appearance of Bond’s latest instrument reflects the darkened world into which he descends in order to avenge the death of his murdered lover and the destruction of the international criminal syndicate placed at fault. (We won’t give away any more of the plot before you get to see it for yourself, but don’t be surprised to see us sitting next to you in the theater.)

A highly symbolic 5,007 examples of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m “Quantum of Solace” edition will be made and offered for purchase. Based on Omega’s latest development of the enduring Seamaster line, the special edition, like the example adorning Daniel Craig’s wrist in the new movie, features the same textured black dial, black rotating bezel, red-tipped second hand and red 007 logo on the dial. Additionally, the name of the film is discretely etched on the inside of the sapphire crystal, with the words “Planet Ocean Limited Edition” engraved on the black chrome case back along with that example’s serial number from among the limited production run. The watch is presented in a black box similarly specified. The new special edition may be the latest but is not the first Omega timepiece made to celebrate the company’s partnership with the Bond franchise. The Quantum of Solace edition follows an earlier unique Seamaster produced in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Bond film series upon the release of Die Another Day in 2002. The classic blue face of the original was adorned on the special edition with the 007 gun logo in contrasting tone-on-tone blue pattern.

Nearly twice as many of the first special editions were produced for a total run of 10,007 examples, further anchoring the Seamaster as the iconic James Bond watch of choice. Granted that many of these special editions on which we report here in the pages of SwissMade magazine may seem trivial and pointless to many readers. But the world of James Bond has assuredly attracted more than 5,007 fans who eagerly anticipate each new episode with baited breath, coming to theaters as often as every year or two or with as much as a six-year gap in between. For many no other film will fill the void, but looking at their wrist to measure the time until the next installment’s debut to see James Bond’s own watch may provide some modicum, some trace…some Quantum of Solace.

Quantum of Solace 13

sm special 007

Marc Forster - Director

Photo By: John Russo

Acclaimed Swiss filmmaker Marc Forster jumps into blockbuster action with ‘Quantum Of Solace’.

BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated director, Marc Forster, made his directorial debut in 2000 with a psychological horror movie entitled EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER, which he also co-wrote. The film premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival and Forster went on to direct a string of critically acclaimed blockbuster hits including, most recently, THE KITE RUNNER based on Khaled Hosseini ‘s best seller. Although born in Germany, Forster was raised in Switzerland where he attended the famous Institut Montana Zugerberg. However, his early ambition was to make films and in 1990 he moved to America to study film at New York University. Forster commented, “When you grow up like that and suddenly you decide you intend to make movies, everybody says it’s impossible, but here I am and I’m living my dream.”

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Today, Forster’s impressive filmography includes MONSTERS BALL (2001), which received two Oscar nominations with Halle Berry winning Best Actress, and FINDING NEVERLAND (2004); a film based on the semi-autobiographical story of the friendship between J.M. Barrie and the single mother who lived next door with her four boys. FINDING NEVERLAND, starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, received seven Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and 11 BAFTA nominations all including Best Picture. Forster was also nominated Best Director by his peers at the Directors Guild of America. In 2005 Forster helmed the reality bending thriller STAY starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts and went on to direct hit comedy STRANGER THAN FICTION, with Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah, the following year.

Photo By: John Russo

“I have always been drawn to different kinds of stories and I have also always been a Bond fan. The new direction that the Bond character has taken offers a director a host of fresh possibilities.�

Marc Forster - Director 15

sm special 007

SM Magazine Autumn 2008


between Man and Machine Cool. Suave. Alluring. These are just a few of the qualities which the world’s favorite fictional covert operative has come to embody in the public eye. It’s what men want to be and what women want to be with. It’s also the kind of brand image which any number of companies around the world are desperate to get their hands on. By Noah Joesph

The Bond Between Man and Machine 17

While Omega’s partnership with 007 has lasted for over fifteen years now (see article on page 8), Bond has changed his conveyance over the decades more times than his tuxedo shirt at a high-stakes card game.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

True to his nationality, Bond drove English sportscars in the original films, starting out with a modest Sunbeam Alpine and a more stately Bentley Mark IV in the first two episodes. Arguably the longest lasting relationship Agent 007 ever had, however, was with Aston Martin, whose eminently desirable (and thoroughly British) sportscars Bond drove in many of the subsequent films. Occasional flings would put Bond behind the wheel of different cars – including a Toyota 2000GT in You Only Live Twice and the famous diving Lotus in The Spy Who Loved Me, which Swiss niche automaker Rinspeed reprised with a new submersible Lotus (see Summer issue) – but to automotive and Bond enthusiasts alike, Astons were always Bond’s true love. At least until German automaker BMW acquired the product placement

rights and put 007 in Bavarian automobiles for three films in the late 90’s. Under Ford ownership, however, Aston Martin took back its rightful place with its V12 Vanquish flagship supercar in 2002’s Die Another Day. Since then it’s been Astons exclusively for 007, and he hasn’t looked back. In the highly anticipated upcoming film Quantum of Solace, Bond will be back behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DBS, the newly independent British automaker’s top-of-the-line model that made its worldwide debut in the last installment, Casino Royale. The DBS, arguably more than any Bond car before it, has that indefinable Bond quality in spades. But while it may not be available with all the hightech gadgetry fitted by the fictional Q Branch of the

Secret Service, here in the real world Aston Martin’s official watchmaker has crafted a timepiece that even Bond would covet. Vaud-based watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre has been innovating in the business for nearly two centuries. Its co-founder Antoine LeCoultre was the first to measure the micron with his revolutionary millonometer, invented the crown winding system now commonplace across the industry, and has crafted some of the smallest and most complex watch movements in existence. The watchmaking atelier also became well known to automotive enthusiasts, JLC having crafted speedometers and other instruments for many European automobiles that are now collectors’ items, including classic Aston Martins. The Bond Between Man and Machine 19

Following up on a tourbillon is no mean feat. The latest in the JLC AMVOX collection, however, could be the most unusual, innovative and, well, the most Bond-like of any watch ever created by JaegerLeCoultre - or any other watchmaker, for that matter.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Some 70 years later, the collaboration between Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre was rekindled in a new partnership that has seen the creation of some of the most desirable automotive-themed timepieces on the market. The first fruit of the collaboration, the AMVOX1, featured a design inspired by classic JLC speedometers and an integrated mechanical alarm. The second-generation AMVOX2 Chronograph obviated the necessity for push-button operation by integrating the timing actuation into the watchface’s sapphire crystal. The AMVOX3 incorporated the most highly prized of timekeeping movements, the tourbillon, further complicated by additional GMT, AM/PM and 48-hour power reserve indicators and wrapped in a package even more tantalizing than its predecessors.

Upgrading on the AMVOX2 Chronograph, the JLC Aston Martin DBS Transponder watch incorporates an ingenious mechanism designed to lock and unlock the doors of the sportscar which it is designed to accompany. By simply touching the glass on the watch’s face between the 8 and 9 o’clock positions, the operator can unlock the doors, and lock them again by tapping between the 3 and 4 o’clock positions. The intricate timepiece, which took a further 18 months to develop, retains the function of the push-button-less chronograph movement from the existing AMVOX2 and displays the complicated mechanism through the watchface in a design modeled on the DBS’ exposed brake calipers.

The Bond Between Man and Machine 21

The arsenal of high-tech equipment imagined in the epic Bond saga has, in reality, remained far out of reach for in the real world since Ian Fleming first conceived the legendary character in 1953. It took two of the world’s oldest and most vaunted manufacturers, Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, to make the classic fantasy a modern reality.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The eminent desirability of the timepiece is rivaled only by the car which it is crafted to complement. The supercar revived the nameplate first used on the 1967 Aston Martin DBS, which succeeded the iconic DB6 and served as Bond’s transportation in the 1969 classic On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The new DBS replaces the V12 Vanquish featured in Die Another Day. While the Aston Martin DBS is based on the DB9 grand touring automobile, the flagship model takes things to the next level by applying the magic formula of performance automobiles: more power and less weight. The power department is handled by a handcrafted 6-liter V12 derived from the competition engine in the Le Mans-conquering

DBR9 racing car and producing in excess of 500 horsepower. Curb weight is cut down from the 1760 kilograms of the DB9 to a more sprightly 1690 kg, kept in check by massing 15.7-inch carbon ceramic disc brakes at the cutting edge of automotive industry technology. The DBS is capable of reaching 100 km/h in a scant four seconds en route to a top speed at the magic mark of 200 mph (322 km/h). The blistering performance is commanded from an enveloping two-seat cabin swathed in Alcantara, leather, piano-lacquer veneer and brushed aluminum, making for a highly sought-after package to rival the best from across Europe and around the world.

The Bond Between Man and Machine 23

sm innovations


Watches Little by little dreams become reality. Today David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet have seen their years of research take form in a magnificent timepiece. A horological masterpiece that utilizes all of the fruits of their labor.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Dream Watches 25

To hear them talking about this watch is to understand that they have found the perfect combination, which they have been searching for. There is a perfect symmetry between the case and movement to create the watch’s overall appearance. Every detail of this watch reveals the art of DE BETHUNE and its vision of watch making today. This perhaps is why, they have named this timepiece Dream Watch One. From the very first glance this watch radiates an architectural fusion between space, time and light; a transition of forms and matt, burnished and polished finishes, cut from the solid palladium and white gold case. It provides a continuous play of light and shade that is reminiscent of the principles of the hieroglyphs invented by the Egyptians. Reading the time has replaced sharply contrasting hour markers there are spheres which integrate perfectly into a tonal ensemble surrounding the central part

Dream Watch Two is a unique timepiece. It has a silicon / platinum temperature-compensated balance with flat terminal curve and, as a further step forward in the experimental development and creation of exceptional watches, a magnificent tourbillon made entirely of silicon / titanium with neither a cage nor traditional pillars. This minute repeater striking on a bell with perpetual calendar is presented in a platinum case with a white silvered dial and sapphire hands enclosed by blued steel. All the experience, knowledge and skill of DE BETHUNE has been distilled into a tourbillion weighing less than 0.18 grams. A test-bed for new technologies, this tourbillon with a mass three times less than that of a standard tourbillon is made entirely of silicon and titanium. The quality of these materials and the manufacturing skill of the manufacturer has for the first time made possible the construction

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

of the dial which is cut into an elliptical shape. This allows the wheelwork of the movement to be subtly perceived. The hands are of manually flame-blued steel. The three-dimensional moon phase display is elegantly integrated between the movement and the dial. Within this unique watch case, is enclosed a handwound movement with six days of power reserve and the patented De Bethune spherical moon phase. On the reverse of the case is found power reserve indicator shown through a window as a red and white arc. What sets the movement apart from others created in the past is the ingenious escapement. This innovative escapement seems to be even more revolutionary when the concept of its oscillation is observed. Completely original, the mechanical

of a tourbillon without a cage. The traditional heavy, cumbersome pillars have been dispensed with and replaced by a U and S structure which forms the frame of this tourbillon. Completely unprecedented, it is constructed more on the model of an insect’s exo-skeleton than of a mechanical watch. Supple and smooth, the assembly is more reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge or the Milau Viaduct than it is of a traditional escapement. This “architectural tourbillon” is made of 53 pieces. The lightest weighs less than 0.0001 grams and the heaviest 0.0276 grams, all of them shaped by nanotechnology and high-speed 5-axis machining. By comparison, in a tourbillon of standard construction with identical balance inertia, the heaviest part weights 0.1150 grams and the lightest 0.0170 grams.

movement integrates a regulating escapement without a visible balance spring fitted with an annular balance of unequalled perfection consisting of a central silicon disc surrounded by a thin ring of polished platinum. The platinum ring was added to increase the inertia of the balance. Surrounded by cambered polished palladium bridges, its mirror-like surface radiates a strong transmission potential from its infinite, integral movement. This watch remains a dream because it has not yet been offered for sale and it is carefully guarded within the DE BETHUNE workshops. But soon it will be presented in its definitive version and included in the DE BETHUNE collection; then the dream will become an accessible reality.

This composition of hypertechnological microelements with reduced lubrication incorporates the DE BETHUNE patent of the silicon / platinum temperature-compensated balance fitted with a balance spring with flat terminal curve. It has been created specially to test the performance of this patent introduced in 2006. The silicon/platinum balance was strongly inspired by the titanium / platinum balance developed in the DE BETHUNE workshops since 2002. This balance has four arms fitted with bimetallic links made of invar and brass, this bimetallic combination ensuring that any variations of the spring due to temperature are compensated. Four inertia blocks have been forced onto the extremities of the arms so as to be integral with the balance. The balance spring and the collet are machined as a single piece. The lightness of the finished part is such that it is practically insensitive to the effects of shock.

The DE BETHUNE research and development department has been working for many years on emergent technologies and new materials, with the continuing aim of innovating and creating timepieces using the state-of-the-art technologies of today. So it is not surprising that the Manufacture has naturally turned towards silicon. This material has no particular vices and it makes improved efficiency possible, thus leading towards increased accuracy. The case of the watch has been executed in matt, burnished and polished platinum. The winding crown is positioned at 6 o’clock for perfect aesthetic effect and to allow the movement of the palladium lugs which adapt themselves naturally to wrists of every size. The remarkable hands are set off by the soberness of the silvered white dial. In a constant concern for perfection, these sapphire hands have been enclosed within manually flame-blued steel. They seem to float above the spherical moon emerging

from the dial. A unique moon phase consisting of a half-sphere in platinum and a half-sphere in flameblued steel, this moon rotates on its own axis. It indicates the movement of this celestial body as an exact representation of what one can actually see in the sky. Found within the blued sky surrounding the moon, a little round window indicates the years of the leap-year cycle. A further complication of the watch is a perpetual calendar with windows. For clearness, two flameblued steel pointers pivoted on rubies indicate the day and month in the windows. The final detail is the minute repeater striking on a bell, which is actuated by the bezel.

Dream Watches 27

sm innovations

Ulysse Nardin Royal Bue

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Diamonds are forever

Blue is the color of royalty and mystery. The Royal Blue is a mystery tourbillon of incomparable elegance, combining aesthetics with the high art of mechanical watchmaking.

Diamonds are Forever 29

This hand crafted work of art completes the Royal Blue Tourbillon collection. A highly-skilled precious stone cutter must cut each diamond and sapphire to perfection to fit the elaborate platinum case. The case of a diameter of 43 mm, especially created for this exceptional timepiece, is set with 128 baguette diamonds and 57 blue sapphire baguettes which enhance the rounded shape of the case. The actual setting of the bracelet of 432 baguette diamonds (approx. 27.77 ct) and 176 blue sapphire baguettes ornament the complexity of the bracelet construction. The crown fitted with 8 baguette diamonds and 1 cabochon sapphire further emphasizes the delicacy of this true jewel.

space. The movement parts are skeletonized and aligned in perfect symmetry. The winding system is invisible, further adding to the mystery. Despite the total transparency of this extraordinary movement (constructed along the principles of Le Locle’s most famous watchmaker - James Pellaton) one wonders what holds the flying tourbillon, which is revolving weightlessly in its cage.

A total of 568 baguette diamonds of the highest quality (approx. 33.8 ct, Top Wesselton) and 234 baguette cut royal blue sapphires (approx. 16.79 ct) in combination with the high art of watchmaking represent a delight for connoisseurs of fine timepieces.

Limited Edition to 30 pieces. Platinum case. Waterresistant to 30 m.

Bridges and main plates are crafted in blue sapphire, making the flying Tourbillon itself float in an empty

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The interior of the platinum bezel is set with diamonds and blue sapphires to read the time. When winding the movement a miraculous force is setting cogs and wheels in different places in motion, completing the mystery of the Royal Blue.

This Masterpiece is available as well with an alligator leather strap and a platinum folding buckle elegantly set with baguette diamonds and sapphire.

PA I N T I N G BY K E N M A R S C H A L L © 1 9 9 2



sm events

For Your Eyes Only By Sherry Williams

A jewel studded cinema event under the STARS, with the feeling of Luxury, Elegance and History. It was here at the Venice Film Festival, during an Extraordinary Party that dazzled artists and friends of the Brand that Jaeger Le-Coultre unveiled its beautiful one of a kind Haute Joaillerie masterpiece ”Le Lierre” designed by Gianpiero Bodino. The event was spectacular, a feeling of renaissance and beauty, mixing beautiful people with beautiful places. Jaeger LeCoultre’s exclusive Gala dinner was held at the spectacular historic venue Fondation Cini, on San Giorgio Maggiore Island. Tables, lined in hundreds of white long stem candles, overseen by the beautiful famous painting “Les noces de Cana” by Veronese, is the setting where they unleashed the “Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierre” led down by the lovely models. “There is no better place to understand how the last 175 years have made Jaeger-LeCoultre truly unique than in the heart of Italian culture, known for its celebration of the beauty and perfection of life”, said Jérôme Lambert. At the soirée, Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre welcomed Muse Diane Kruger and actors Huang Yi, Joshua Jackson, Joaquim de Almeida along with hundreds of special guests in their black tie and gowns ready to enjoy the Royal Gala. All eyes were on the new collection with all its Nature, Sparkles and innovative style. A one of a kind 3 million dollars piece… For Your Eyes Only. SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Jaeger-LeCoultre unveils a unique watch and jewellery creation: the Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierre. Following on from the Montres Extraordinaires – La Rose and La Tulipe, each adorned with over 3000 precious stones – Jaeger-LeCoultre presents another exceptional creation at this year’s Venice International Film Festival: the Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierre, a jewellery set composed of a cuff-watch, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a ring. Under the creative leadership of Giampero Bodino – the Richemont Artistic Director – the jewellery artisans have created an exceptional jewellery work of art. A record number of approximately 12,000 precious stones, approximatively 160 carats and two exceptional yellow diamonds – a Fancy Intense Yellow IF (Internally Flawless) 5.19-carat oval diamond on the necklace and a 2.32-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow VIS oval diamond on the ring – play on shades of intense gold and green, expressed through fascinating volumes and exquisite details reflecting the verdant shades of nature in all its unspoilt, timeless wildness. Nature is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s greatest muse. For over 175 years in the Vallée de Joux, the men and women of the Manufacture have been conceiving works of art inspired by the creative genius of nature. In tribute to the fairytale scenery surrounding them, skilled

artisans craft unique and prodigious models such as the Montres Extraordinaires – La Rose and La Tulipe – presented in 2007. Pursing this insatiable quest for perfection, the gem-setters of the Manufacture have created a jewellery set this year embodying the peak of watch and jewellery prestige and refinement: the Parure Extraordinaire Le Lierre. This creation is entirely in harmony with the artistic direction conveyed by La Rose and La Tulipe. Richemont’s Artistic Director Giampero Bodino wished to pursue an epic theme in designing the Parure Extraordinare Le Lierre: “Nature is a masterpiece of perfection that JaegerLeCoultre sublimates with its masterful technique”. Countless precious stones adorn the cuff-watch, necklace, ring and earrings, four unique works of art symbolising the wild, free-spirited and ardent spirit of nature. In all four models, nature expresses both its vastness and its love of subtle details, faithfully replicating reality to stunning effect. Each rib and vein is emphasised, each leaf individually reproduced and each tendril delicately entwined. Thousands of precious stones sparkling with intense green and gold nuances reflect natural details and merge to give rise to four incandescent works of art. The highlight of this unique jewellery creation lies in the presence of two exceptional yellow diamonds – a 5.19-carat Fancy Intense Yellow IF (Internally Flawless) diamond on the necklace and a 2.32-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow VSI diamond on the ring – that are distinguished by the rarity of their naturally yellow colour as well as by their purity and their oval shape. These majestic stones light up the jewellery set with such a glow that they almost seem to endow it with a vibrant life of its own.

For Your Eyes Only 33

sm art

Alberto Giacometti April D. Boland

It was once said of Alberto Giacometti that if he were to sculpt you, he “would make your head look like the blade of a knife.” Truly, while many sculptors of renown aim to portray their subjects as realistically as possible, Giacometti took a unique approach to art. In keeping with both the Surrealist rejection of traditional norms and his own perspective on the human form, many of his creations represented male and female figures so slim and tiny that they have an exaggerated effect.

L’homme qui marche, 1947

Selbstbildnis, 1921

© 2008 ProLitteris, Zürich

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

© 2008 ProLitteris, Zürich

In 1901, Alberto Giacometti was born in Borgonovo, which is part of Stampa, a Swiss municipality along the Italian border. His father, Giovanni, was a PostImpressionist painter, so Alberto was introduced to art early on in life. In fact, his brothers Diego and Bruno would eventually become, respectively, a furniture designer and an architect, evidence of a prevailing creative talent in the family. By the time Alberto was 18 years old, he was studying drawing, painting and sculpture in Geneva. His influences were quite varied, ranging from works he saw at the Venice Biennale to studying sculpture with Antoine Bourdelle in Paris, where he took up residence at the age of 21. In 1927, after moving in with his brother Diego, he exhibited for the very first time at the Salon des Tuileries in Paris. That same year, he

also shared a show with his father, Giovanni, at the Galerie Aktuaryus in Zurich. Alberto Giacometti would go on to exhibit in many major cities throughout his lifetime, including New York, London and Amsterdam. In fact, he was given two retrospectives in 1955 - one at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the other at the Arts Council Gallery in London. Giacometti also kept impressive company. Throughout his life and career, he became friends with such members of the European artistic and literary elite as Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Samuel Beckett. Giacometti even designed the rather sparse set for Becket’s philosophical play, Waiting for Godot, in 1963. These

friendships enriched him in many ways, one of which was by introducing him to Existentialist philosophies that would later shape his work. Despite great merit and achievement, Giacometti’s real legacy is to be found in the art itself. While aligning himself with the Surrealist movement, he created such avant-garde masterpieces as “The Palace at 4 AM,” a construction of wood, glass, wire and string that illustrates his interest in skeletal forms and space. (Giacometti was once quoted as saying that human bodies were, to him, “never [...] a compact mass but like a transparent construction.”) The piece was inspired by an evening he spent with a woman, during which they constructed a “palace” entirely of matchsticks that quite easily fell apart.

Le chien, 1951

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Art - Alberto Giacometti 35

Femme cuillère, 1926/27

Composition (Mains), 1927

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Another of his more controversial pieces is “Woman With Her Throat Cut,” a graphic sculpture that meshes sexuality and violence, two themes that often came together in Surrealism. Many critics have viewed this work in different ways - one might ask, does it portray an episode of gruesome misogyny sanctioned by the artist, or is Giacometti placing us in the uncomfortable position of witnessing the assault in order to make a powerful statement about it? The fact that his works are open to various interpretations give them more depth and lasting power in art history.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Giacometti eventually broke off his connections to the Surrealists in the mid-1930s, which ushered in a new “classic” period during which he focused on the human form even more. “Piazza” is a late 1940s sculpture that serves as a perfect example of Giacometti’s new direction. Made of bronze, it contains miniature thin figures in motion, which Giacometti had based on his experiences watching people in the street. Likewise, “Standing Woman” is a bronze sculpture of a woman made around the same time as “Piazza”; the subject is, characteristically, shorter and much thinner than a real woman would be, giving her a mysterious and ghostly effect.

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Giacometti passed away in Chur in 1966 but his legacy continues to live on. His works of art can still be seen in collections around the globe, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Guggenheim collections in both New York and Venice. Giacometti and his sculptures are even featured on the 100 Swiss Franc note, a perfect example of his legacy in Swiss culture.

sm fashion

URWERK 103 Red Gold $60,000.00 SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The spy who loved me... Art direction: Sherry Williams Photographer: Ken Pivak

The Spy Who Loved Me... 39

Icelink 6Timezone white gold $ 14,900.00 Icelink ceramic bracelet with 4.10ct Diamonds $ 7,900.00

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

URWERK 103 $ 62,000.00

The Spy Who Loved Me... 41

Richard Mille RM016 Medium Set $ 76,000.00

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Van Cleef & Arpels necklace-Pendant MAGIC ALHAMBRA 6 motifs $ 7,050.00

The Spy Who Loved Me... 43

Van Cleef & Arpels ring SOCRATE MM white gold, diamonds $ 26,400.00 Van Cleef & Arpels earclips SOCRATE White Gold $ 15,300.00

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The Spy Who Loved Me... 45

Icelink Ambassador watch with black crocodile band, 18ct Rose Gold and Diamonds ¢54,500,00 Icelink Ambassador watch with black crocodile band, 18ct White Gold and Diamonds ¢37,500,00

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The Spy Who Loved Me... 47

Icelink Ceramic Ring 1.05ct White Diamonds on links $2,000 Icelink Ceramic Bracelet 4.50ct White Diamonds $8,500

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Richard Mille Automatic RM016 Red Gold with diamonds $76,000.00 Hautlence HLs03 White Gold and Titanium $52,000.00 URWERK 103 Red Gold $60,000.00 HD3 Idalgo XT1 $72,000.00

The Spy Who Loved Me... 49

Van Cleef & Arpels watch SECRET ‘Miroir Des Eaux’ Decor $ 54,500.00

SM Magazine Autumn 2008 * CROQUEUSE DE DIAMANTS


Lady RM007

Exclusively at : EUROPE CHRONOPASSION Paris ALDAO Madrid BAROZZI Brescia CASSAFORTE Moscow CRANS PRESTIGE Crans-sur-Sierre CRYSTAL WATCH Donetsk / Kiev DOUX Courchevel DUBAIL Paris FLASH D’RABAT Barcelona GENEVE Almaty GINOTTI Antwerp IMPERADOR Dniepropetrovsk L'HEURE ASCH Geneva LOUVRE Moscow MAGANI Zaragoza MARBELLA TIME CLUB Marbella MARCUS London MONTRES PRESTIGE Geneva PISA Milan RABAT Badalona RESTIVO Catania TARASCIO Rome VERGA Milan ZEGG & CERLATI Monaco MIDDLE EAST ALI BIN ALI Doha CHRONOTIME Tel Aviv GHADAH Safat SARK Istanbul SEDDIQI Dubaï FAR EAST EYE EYE ISUZU Kagawa HIRANO Nagoya HOUR GLASS Singapore KAMINE Kobe MITSUKOSHI Nihonbashi Tokyo M&R Ginza Tokyo PROSHOP Kidaka RICHARD MILLE BOUTIQUE Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur / Singapore SEIBU Shibuya SOGO Yokohama USA BLACK, STARR & FROST Costa Mesa CELLINI New York CHATEL Carmel JENSEN STERN Ketchum MANFREDI Greenwich SWISS FINE TIMING Highland Park / Chicago VENETZIA Las Vegas VICCI Las Vegas WESTIME Beverly Hills / Los Angeles LATIN AMERICA AUTOMATIQUE Panama EVE Buenos Aires FRATTINA Sao Paulo CARAT St Barthélemy BERGER Mexico GERAIS Caracas AFRICA A. CONSTANT Abidjan

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Framing Up Fashion by Susan Robinson

Fall fashion trends run the gamut this year Whatever your personal style, you can find something to like in the fashions of the season. This fall, designers offer apparel and accessories for every woman’s taste, ranging from luxurious to minimalist.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Framing Up Fashion 53

Bally Ionia - Clay (Suede)



SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Bally handbag Jevon - Cardamon

Bally shoes Chandon - Cuba

Bally Edwina - Expresso

Bally Lex - Brick Bally Guniga - Cuba

Rich and lush The colors this season are deep jewel tones, including purple, leaf greens and rusts. For the most impact, these colors should be worn as a monochromatic look. Of course, black, gray and beige are always elegant for fall. This year, vivid floral prints were seen blossoming all over the runways. These aren’t delicate pastels but instead are power flowers in strong hues. If big prints are too much for you, consider sporting your blooms as accessories: earrings, necklaces or decorations on bags and shoes. For the most “punch,” wear these posies with solid-colored pieces from your wardrobe. Metallics continue to be sizzling hot. All metals are in style: gold, silver, bronze, copper, pewter and hematite. Mix them if you like. Fabrics and leathers nowadays get the metallic treatment without stiffness, so clothing is soft, fluid and feminine. For luxury, nothing beats fur - whether real or faux. The Russian Cossack hat makes a statement, and fur vests bring back the spirit of the ’60s. But for

maximum warmth, choose a fur coat. Modern styles are as varied as the women who wear them: dressy, sporty, casual or formal.

Tailored togs Menswear is perfect for the office. Pair wide-leg trousers with a tailored jacket, and add a ruffled or print blouse and heels for contrast. Don’t aim for menswear from head to toe because in this case too much of a good thing really is too much. Don’t aspire to look like a man in a power suit; you want to be a powerful but feminine woman! Another tailored approach is country chic with tweeds, plaids, checks and corduroys in fall tones. These styles are geared for braving the elements in the great outdoors, but you should feel free to enjoy them in the city, too. For the first time in a while, long skirts are a fall staple. Balance a full skirt with a smaller-scale top such as a short cape, and complement your outfit with a low-heeled boot.

shapes and neutral color palettes are exciting and provide a nice counter-balance to the fancier, embellished offerings. If “fussy” isn’t your thing, this is the year to flaunt your preference for streamlined simplicity. And if the minimal look is too stark for you, the style can be adjusted with the right accessories. Which bring us to …

The finishing touches Belts, patterned tights and hose, bold cuffs and bangle bracelets, pendant necklaces and clutch handbags are just a few of the must-have accessories for fall. Items that never seem to go out of fashion include pumps, cashmere shawls, tote bags and diamond stud earrings. Of course, a Swiss luxury watch is the ultimate classic accessory. Whatever the occasion or time of day, you can find a timepiece to complement your apparel and personality. A Swiss watch will speak volumes about you - all of it good.

Minimalism Sometimes less is more, and that certainly is true with minimalist designs. Clean lines, architectural

Framing Up Fashion 55

sm boutiques

Fifteen years, fifteen boutiques Baroque-styled places of tranquillity where de GRISOGONO’s magic world can be quietly discovered. SM Magazine Autumn 2008

New York



Entering a de GRISOGONO boutique is like venturing into a unique and marvellous world. Behind the black façade, a tribute to the black diamonds that have contributed to de GRISOGONO’s success, lays a haven of sumptuously quiet and baroquestyled interiors. With a hint of deliberate anachronism, dark panelling compliments thick Aubusson carpets, and deep silk sofas are matched with marble mosaics. Harmonies of warm red and Italian yellow make up for a voluptuous and entrancing atmosphere. The heavy brass door, ornate with the Company’s coat of arms, opens the way into the heart of a fabulous jewellery showcase, where every single diamond and precious stone lights up the eyes. Here luxury finally makes sense. It is no longer an idea, it is plain reality.

Porto Cervo



The first de GRISOGONO boutique opened in 1993 in Geneva and specialised in designing and selling high jewellery and “objets d’art”. Diamond-set jewellery, prestigious furniture, cigars, candles, silverware and black diamond-set sunglasses – the first boutique perfectly combined luxury, beauty, creativity, and originality. Following great success, more stores were opened on the world’s most famous avenues. After Geneva, London, Gstaad, Hong Kong, Rome, Porto Cervo, Paris, St Moritz, Kuwait, New York, Moscow, Tokyo and St Barthélemy, it is in Hong Kong that de GRISOGONO has chosen to open a second boutique, bringing its worldwide total to fifteen.



In the month of August 2008, de GRISOGONO opened its second boutique in Hong Kong in the Peninsula Hotel - a new space filled with baroque touches that reflects all the magic and creativity of the jewellery and watch making brand created by Fawaz Gruosi. Those who already know the de GRISOGONO “style” will not be surprised upon entering this new boutique. Created by Italian architects, faithful to the brand and closely following Fawaz’s vision, this new treasure trove unites elegant woodwork with Aubusson carpets and deep sofas in perfect harmony. Rich reds and Italian yellows merge with the colour black which so represents the brand, all in a space of 85 square meters which also houses a VIP room in the most luxurious of style.

The anniversary watch

Glamourous as always…

Fashionista’s must-haves

A voluptuous and captivating ambiance.... at the heart of this elegant new location, de GRISOGONO will reveal all the extravagance and sensuality of its jewellery creations, while the watches, for both men and women, are filled with disconcerting originality as they mark the passage of time. On this special occasion de GRISOGONO presented its collections, so greatly in demand across Asia, among which the Instrumento Novantatre, with its strikingly over sized numbers “9” and “3” - to mark the year 1993 in which Fawaz Gruosi first launched the de GRISOGONO brand. This particular watch, with its elegant character and aesthetically striking lines - so typical of the brand - should no doubt seduce all those who value horological complications & the Instrumento Novantatre boasts a perpetual calendar - but also for those who are not afraid to be different and to express themselves.

All elegant women will appreciate the jewellery that de GRISOGONO has created with them in mind: the lines of the Allegra, the Zucchero, the Boule, the Zigana and the Matassa. Not to mention the exceptional High Jewellery pieces - endlessly surprising in beauty and design and ,as with all de GRISOGONO pieces, blessed with the most profound skill and expertise in the setting and the choosing of stones.

The newly launched de GRISOGONO hand bag line will also be a new feature of this boutique. Fresh, colourful, ultra luxurious, for day and night, this collection is made entirely in Italy, by Florentine artisans who have re-invented the brand’s vision with a love of detail close to perfection. As with its jewellery collections, de GRISOGONO bags are not for those who prefer to go unnoticed! Bright colours teamed with rich gold finishes and silk stitching, these bags were inspired by the determined and passionate women that inspire Fawaz Gruosi in all his creations.

To celebrate these 15 years of the brand, Fawaz Gruosi has again shown unrivalled creativity. The jewellery of de GRISOGONO is not only daring in all its inventiveness but remains loyal and true to the traditions of high jewellery craftsmanship.

From New York to Paris, the de GRISOGONO hand bags (that we presented in the Spring Issue of SwissMade Magazine) are now the must-have accessories of the season and will certainly become the most coveted accessory in the Hong Kong fashionistas wardrobe.

Fifteen Years - De Grisogono 57

sm haute joaillerie

License to Kill Breathtakingly unique and mysterious, these hot new items are particularly suited to the patron with an especially refined aesthetic. Striking yet feminine, these pieces are simply - to die for.

Les Magiques by Furrer-Jacot Magnificent, sparkling, and extravagant. This symbiosis of decorative and wedding rings conjures up a certain sumptuousness and opulence to which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Cartier Inde MistĂŠrieuse Pendants, briolette-cut girandoles, clusters of brown diamonds with hints of spices, a murmuring cascade of stones.

Simon HAWK Š Cartier 2007 License to Kill 59

Gianni Versace Couture Versace approaches time in the spirit of a high fashion house, paying scrupulous attention to details both seen and unseen. An item of quality watch making in which the mechanism, created in a skilled craftsman’s workshop in Geneva, is revealed behind a clear case bottom of sapphire crystal. A top quality movement to represent Gianni Versace Couture’s ambitious idea of luxury. A haute couture watch in every way, with its curved dial surrounding the wrist in gold and diamonds. An extra large strap for a spectacular timepiece with two minimal hands parading over a dazzling dial studded with calibrated diamonds. Sewn in gold and studded with diamonds, this made to order limited edition timepiece shows the time in white and gold, from the front and from the side, with a precious, stylised allure: haute couture time.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

HARRY WINSTON Diamond de Neige

La Garçonne de Léon Hatot Jewellery

GOLAY Pearl2

A romantic fairy tale told in diamonds, Diamond de Neige by Harry Winston captures the enchantment of winter’s first snow. At once and iconic and playful, the designs take their cue from nature, dreams and fantasy. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, the Diamond de Neige collection features a wide variety of pendants, rings and earrings and necklaces.

The heady, giddy spirit of the Roaring Twenties with its insolent extravagance still pervades the Maison Hatot. Like the fringed dresses that dipped and swayed in a Charleston dance, the La Garçonne jewellery swings freely and joyfully in tune with women’s changing moods.

With its new innovative Pearl2 collection, Golay is launching a glamorous combination of pearls and gold, a modern and fashionable ring from the international specialists in the world of pearls for 120 years. In a magical marriage of pearls and white gold, this captivating Pearl2 ring is paved with 148 diamonds.

Hand made platinum settings hold each diamond with a minimum of metal, creating the illusion that the diamonds are floating directly on the skin.

The platinum earrings set with 220 diamonds play a delightful game with feminine codes. These exquisite creations are testimonies of love for a resolutely chic and bohemian era.

A jewel that can be worn with both town and evening wear, it will appeal to women looking for harmony.

License to Kill 61

Goldfinger Gold is back - more valuable and romantic than ever. On your finger or around your neck, gold is royally sophisticated and yet decadently modern. Truly a seasoned and timely treasure that’s never out of style.

De Grisogono

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Leon Hatot

Omega Aqua Rings (top) Omega Aqua Rings Seahorse

Goldfinger 63

sm beauty for her

skin care


Lumiere line: Splendid Radiance Revitalizing Care The Cosmetic Research Department of Bulgari, based in Switzerland, brings together experts and dermatologists from renowned European institutes to pursue a single objective: create exceptional cosmetic treatment based on the latest technological discoveries to address the needs of contemporary women.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The energy naturally released by the gems present in BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE® is essential to helping your skin regain an incomparable radiance. Its oligoelement-rich formula has a powerful antioxidant effect and protects the skin environmental agents.

Thie Lumiere line offers ultra-specific revitalising care for women who want to enhance their skin’s radiance.

The association of BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE®, with a hydrating ingredient, Hydraporine®, helps to maintain a constant level of hydration that enables the skin to recover its natural elasticity and softness.

Poor skin circulation, insufficient oxygenation of tissues, genetic factors, and external agents like pollution, free radicals, harmful sunrays, and seasonal changes are the principal causes for loss of radiance, dullness, and softened facial features that have lost their tonicity.

Thanks to the higher concentration of BVLGARI GEM ESSENCE®, Lumière Line products add the optimum level of moisture to the skin. Perfectly nourished and protected, it appears extraordinarily radiant and revitalised. Facial features appear more distinct and compact.

sm beauty for him cologne


Cartier Roadster Confidently, he steers through life with pleasure on the horizon. The Roadster fragrance cleaves a path through the winds of conventionality and makes a deviant art out of refusing to conform. Freedom flies in the face of good conduct and short-circuits the codes of convention, with the subtle detachment that only comes from insider knowledge. As the ultimate dandy of inimitable style, the Roadster fragrance devises its own destiny, gratifying every whim as it orchestrates an enthralling spectacle for the aesthete and connoisseur. Invented by perfumer Mathilde Laurent, creator of made-to-measure scents at Cartier, the Roadster fragrance has the ultra-precious profile of certified gemstones. With its superior clarity, colour, carat and cut, this fragrance is the very distillation of the

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

criteria used to select the best of the best when it comes to treasured forms. Just as a master jeweller facets a rough gemstone to give it elegance and effulgence, so the perfumer has crafted this vigorous fern/mineral accord, successfully capturing the fleeting sensation of cool mint - the central stone in this majestic creation surrounded by precious woods. Outstanding for its dynamic design and all-round excellence, this fragrance bottle displays a number of technical exploits - relative to the weight of the glass, the smooth, brushed-steel cap and the ring made of quality rubber - that rank it among the elite. Daring, high-precision materials for a fragrance that is nothing short of exceptional.

Patricia Schwoerer © Cartier 2008


Roadster Cartier 67

sm haute horlogerie

The man with the

golden watch by Massimiliano Pantieri

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Blancpain Carrousel Volant Une Minute Blancpain once again displays its innovative strength by presenting the first ever movement equipped with a one-minute karussel. A complication all but forgotten for over a century by the great names in the watch industry, the karussel is a viable alternative to the tourbillon. Like the latter, it aims to reduce the effect of gravity on the rate of a movement. By rehabilitating this mechanisms and opening up whole new horizons for this mechanism reduced to wristwatch size for the very first time, Blancpain once again makes its mark on watchmaking history and puts a stylish end to the heated debate between exponents of diverging views on the definition of the karussel. The Blancpain Carrousel Volant Une Minute goes much further than Bonniksen’s initial invention and sets itself apart by being the first watch brand to appropriate this prestigious invention by updating and perfecting it. Until now, the differential gear system regulating the rotation of the karussel carriage had not been the object of any in-depth research. By elaborating - and patenting – a system causing it to rotate in exactly 60 seconds, Blancpain makes yet another decisive contribution to watchmaking history.

The Man with the Golden Watch 69

MB&F Horological Machine No.2 The HM2 is a holistically conceived and engineered three-dimensional timekeeping machine for the wrist. The functions and indications were specifically conceived to tailor to the strengths of HM2’s chief watchmaker, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The bespoke architecture of the highly technical movement was developed to both fit and complement the radical form of the modular case. HM2 is the world’s first mechanical movement offering: Instantaneous Jump Hour, Concentric Retrograde Minutes, Retrograde Date, Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase and Automatic Winding. With over 450 components making up its case and movement HM2 is an incredible sophisticated machine; however, its complexity has been engineered for simple and trouble free functionality. Horological Machine No.2 is full of dynamic tension between apparently incongruous elements. Tension between cutting-edge technology and sculptural art, matte textures and mirror-polishes, high-tech alloys and precious metals and tension between traditional watchmaking and 21st century micro-engineering. This vibrant tension is amplified by the interplay of light and colour off the varied finishes, textures and shapes, and gives the machine its pulsing vitality.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Day-Date and Power-Reserve self-winding Personalized to meet the client’s wishes, this resolutely contemporary watch combines the most advanced technologies with the finest horological savoirfaire. Innovative, original, contemporary and sophisticated, the Quai de l’Ile line meets the demands of tomorrow’s Haute Horlogerie: personalization, security, service, excellent workmanship and savoir-faire. With its new Quai de l’Ile line the Vacheron Constantin Manufacture reveals its pioneering character while drawing on over two and a half centuries of experience. The case is revolutionary, the dial incorporates a whole range of securityprinting technologies, the two self-winding mechanical movements – stamped with the Geneva Hallmark – have been designed and developed at Vacheron Constantin, and the product’s accessories – box, passport, USB key and multimedia elements – break new ground in the world of watchmaking. Characterised by both technology and tradition, this combination of elements constitutes the unique genetic heritage of Vacheron Constantin’s new Quai de l’Ile line, an innovative and resolutely contemporary line that embodies the notions of service and the special relationship with the customer.

The Man with the Golden Watch 71

URWERK 103 Hexagon The traditional presentation of the year’s limited edition series «Black» URWERK is an event awaited with no small amount of impatience by aficionados of the brand. This year the waiting is finally over, because today heralds the unveiling of the new black platinum «Hexagon». The birth of URWERK’s «Black» limited editions goes back to 1999 with the presentation of a special version of URWERK’s very first watch, - the UR102 – which was clothed in black and called « Night Watch ». The model quickly became a collector’s item, and no wonder, its aluminium case and platinum base may be considered run of the mill fusion today, but it was proudly revolutionary for its time. Today the UR103 « Hexagon » – a limited edition of only 10 pieces – takes its turn under the spotlight, with its striking black platinum case making a powerful statement and leaving no doubt that this is no ordinary timepiece. The masculine lines of its angular satellites – in stark contrast to the soft curves of the classical 103 models – reinforces the sensation of an emanating force within. In the dark, the luminescent SuperLumiNova marking the hours and minutes indicates the time in an icy-cool menthol blue.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

EBEL 1911 BTR Perpetual Calendar Chronograph in pink gold For lovers of contemporary architecture and devotees of mechanical watchmaking – including many who are proud to be both – Ebel introduces a stunningly inspired pink gold version of its 1911 BTR Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, issued in an exclusive limited edition of 200. Clearly the most elaborate and prestigious of all Ebel proprietary movements, the Caliber 288 boats no less than 436 parts and a double COSC certification conferred before and after assembly of the perpetual calendar module. Caliber 288 steadily and reliably counts off the day of the week, the date, the month, the years, and the ever-poetic phases of the moon appearing on an exceptionally accurate astronomical display. This exceptional movement can also be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case-back. Despite providing such a vast amount of information, this quintessentially architectural timepiece is exceptionally readable thanks to its four sapphire crystal counters sporting a metallic matt appearance that undeniably enhances their legibility. The gold-plated diamond-polished skeleton hour and minute hands accentuate the sense of transparency prevailing throughout.

The Man with the Golden Watch 73

Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 48 Wind, the power of waves and the genius of men able to harness them. With its twelve-sided case exuding a definite sense of strength and its sophisticated lines, the Admiral’s Cup collection has asserted itself as an icon among sports watches. With this new model named Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 48, CORUM provides an eloquent demonstration of its expertise. For the creative talents who conceived it, this newcomer is a symbol embodying the ultimate horological values that the brand upholds. The elegant and spectacular tourbillon counter-balances the aura of strength exuded by the characteristic shapes of the Admiral’s Cup. From whichever angle you look at it, the movement powering the Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 48 reveals a wealth of refined details. The exclusive CO-372 CORUM movement boasts all the prime assets of a luxury “engine”. Endowed with a 90-hour power reserve supplied by a single barrel, this caliber beats at a speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Symbolizing the collection as a whole, the blackened pink gold flange is engraved with twelve nautical pennants corresponding to numbers 1 to 12 in the maritime International Code of Signals.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Ballon Bleu De Cartier Flying Tourbill On The first watchmaking creation to bear the Geneva Seal hallmark, the Ballon bleu de Cartier Flying Tourbillon watch reflects its time with modernity and strength. It complies with the criteria of excellence demanded for the issuing of the Geneva Seal in terms of the precision, reliability and beauty of its movement. This watch is truly an instrument of High Watchmaking, a large timepiece with a diameter of 46 mm and for which the opening, the outstanding cabochon and profiled refinement make this an unmistakable Cartier creation. A manufacture-crafted mechanical movement with manual winding, the 9452 MC calibre is comprised of 142 parts and 19 jewels. Measuring 4.5 mm in depth, it is driven by a flying tourbillon with its C-shaped index indicating the seconds. With a diameter of 10 and ž lines, it beats at the rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours. Instead of placing the tourbillon carriage in its traditional position, protected between the bridges and the main plate of the movement, the tourbillon has been designed in order to maximise its aesthetic appeal. The tourbillon carriage seems to ‘fly’ over the bridges and appears to float freely above the dial.

The Man with the Golden Watch 75

sm trends

The World is not Enough with the T-Touch Expert A new tactile watch from Tissot for outdoor adventurers

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

The World is not Enough - Tissot 77

The T-Touch Expert, a tactile sports watch that is perfectly equipped for adventures in the great outdoors!

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Tissot, with its signature ‘Innovators by Tradition’, has been pioneering craftsmanship and innovation since its foundation in 1853. The Tissot innovation leadership is enabled by the development of high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. With a broader, more versatile range of high-quality timepieces at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot also expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible. Since its first introduction in the year 2000, the T-Touch has never ceased to innovate, introducing

new materials for its cases, dials and straps, combining the latest materials and colours to create cutting-edge designs. The T-Touch retains the same key precision functions, activated via the tactile crystal. The T-Touch Expert, with an enlarged case diameter to make a bold design statement, comes in different model variations with carbon or white dials and either a leather or rubber strap, or titanium bracelet. A particularly eye-catching version has a white dial and a white rubber strap. Additional innovative features are the altitude difference meter, the relative pressure and the azimuth (heading).

With the T-Touch Expert the wearer has a highprecision instrument offering the ideal combination of high-tech functionality and ease of use. More than just a watch, it offers 15 separate functions, activated by pressing on the crown and then on the touch-sensitive screen. Outdoor adventurers have direct access to absolute & relative pressure with weather forecast, altimeter (in feet and meters), altitude difference meter, chronograph (split and cumulative time), timer, azimuth (heading), compass, two alarms, thermometer (in ยบC and ยบF), date and time (measured on the 12-hour or 24-hour scale), perpetual calendar, two time zones and backlight. T-Touch Expert owners literally have technology at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

This robust XL-size watch, with water resistance to 100 meters, comes with eight new functions, making it the ideal partner for professional mountaineers and extreme skiers. The T-Touch Expert is the next of kin to the T-Touch Original and promises to further grow the appeal of this unique family of timepieces.

The World is not Enough - Tissot 79

sm travel

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Time for retreat By Kathy Hagood

Indulging in a spa retreat is one of the world’s most delightful ways to slow down and savor your time on holiday, even if only for a few days or a weekend.

As luxury spas have proliferated across the United States, so have the spa vacationer’s choices. A recent study by the International Spa Association shows the U.S. spa industry has matured, offering more options than ever before. Currently the country has about 14,000 spa facilities, more than1,300 of those at resorts and hotels. Plenty to keep us all relaxed during our travels! Among spa trends are all-natural products, new holistic health treatments, including nutritional counseling, and packages targeted to men, couples, pregnant women and teens. “Spas in the United States outdo themselves every day to cater to the spa customer. That’s the benefit of the continued growth of the industry,” says Sean Handler, Michigan director of spas for Boyne, including the Solace Spa at the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa on Boyne Mountain. Here’s an inside look at what makes Solace Spa and two other of the nation’s top spas unique. A significant part of the equation is the desirable location where each spa is set. That’s because what you do before you spa and after you spa on a vacation is part of what makes the experience so refreshing.

Spa - Time for Retreat 81

Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upscale Scottsdale is close enough to Phoenix to make accessing the city’s art and culture easy, but far enough away allow for a blissfully uncrowded retreat. Visitors will want to take in the area’s Sonoran Desert, including the Tonto National Forest with its classic-shaped saguaro cactus popularized by Hollywood westerns. The Fairmont Scottsdale is a jewel among the area’s many luxury resorts, offering large “casita” suites, plus exquisite Southwest flora and nature trails

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throughout its grounds. Visitors will be charmed by the resort’s rabbits and birds living in harmony in the natural landscape. At 42,000 square feet, the Willow Stream Spa is among the nation’s largest spas. While most spas try to create a soothing ambience where time stands stills, this cathedral of a spa is a standout. The spa’s rooftop includes a large pool and deck area with breath-taking views of the surrounding McDowell Mountains. On the main floor is the spacious reception area, salon and gym, plus a muffin, fruit, tea and infused-water bar with indoor seating and a serene outdoor courtyard.

Downstairs is are treatment rooms and private women and men’s areas, each with a whirlpool, cold plunge, eucalyptus inhalation room, steam room, sauna and a Swiss shower. Couples can enjoy their own spa suite. For more information on the Willow Stream Spa and the Fairmont Scottsdale, visit Scottsdale


polished stainless steel on natural calf leather strap 56 full cut finest diamonds (0.71 carat) Phone: +41 22 756 95 00

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Solace Spa at the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, Boyne Mountain, Michagan. Now that we’re heading toward snow season, Boyne Mountain’s Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa is a perfect retreat for ski bunnies and other winter sport enthusiasts. But the Swiss-themed resort also provides recreational opportunities throughout the year, including hiking and kayaking in the surrounding woodlands, boating on deep-blue Lake Michigan, and touring the area’s famous winery tours and art galleries. There’s even an indoor water park at the resort that’s open year round. The spa itself is Michigan’s largest, and includes one of the most attractive and functional whirlpools and steam rooms you’ll ever see. The heated spa and resort pool is half inside and half outside. Thoughtfully the concrete deck areas around the outdoor portion of the pool are heated in the winter for those who want to enjoy the brisk air before jumping back into the warm pool. Don’t miss the hot stone massage with Petrosky stones at the spa. The stones are highly polished coral fossils famously local to the surrounding area

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and are said to have healing properties, which you won’t doubt as your having your treatment. As a finishing touch therapists serve a tray of refreshing fruits to spa guests after treatments. For more information on Solace Spa and the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, visit The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation, Amelia Island, Florida. Unlike many over-run Florida beachside destinations, Amelia Island is exclusive and eco-friendly. The upscale 72-hole championship golf resort and vacation home island was designed to keep the lion’s share of its scrub oak forests, sea-grass marshes and Atlantic beaches pristine. The sea island is accessible by causeway from either the Jacksonville or Fernandina Beach areas, so if visitors may combine a trip to the cosmopolitan city or historic town with the secluded lux life of the island. While on the island, walking, biking or taking a golf cart are the preferred means of transportation to take advantage of the fresh air.

Besides some of the best seaside golfing in the world, Amelia Island offers sport fishing, kayaking, canoeing and hiking. One of its most delightful pleasures is riding a horse along the beach and through the scrub oak trails. Amelia Island Plantation resort includes its own village center with a variety of boutiques and restaurants, plus a gourmet market and its signature spa. The spa makes the most of its island location by offering retreats such as sunrise walks and yoga on the beach or in the resort’s tree house. Spa visitors are pampered during their visit by being lead to a soft, cotton-covered S-shaped recliner and offered tea or infused water to relax by the meditation garden before their treatments begin. Following its all-natural-ingredient philosophy the spa incorporates herbal remedies into its treatments with Anakiri BioEnergetic skin care products. Beyond treatments and retreats, the spa offers classes in hypnotherapy, nutrition, weight control and smoking cessation. For more information on The Spa and Amelia Island Plantation, visit

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Time to protect the planet “The conservation of biodiversity is the most important problem of our time.� Harrison Ford

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Hamilton unveils the Khaki Conservation, created in collaboration with Harrison Ford, to support Conservation International. Harrison Ford’s love of action is not limited to daring stunts. It also embraces his commitment to finding innovative solutions to combat the threats posed to the global environment. For more than 17 years the actor has been on the board of directors of Conservation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting life on earth and to demonstrating that human societies will thrive when in balance with nature. Hamilton has been future-oriented throughout its 116-year existence and obviously feels that it is time to help protect the planet. Therefore, it has made a financial commitment to Conservation International to support this organization’s valuable work around the world.

Making a difference The Khaki Conservation timepieces have GMT functionality, with the second time zone selection covering a range of focus locations for Conservation

International projects, from Colombia to Indonesia. Harrison Ford was actively involved in the design of the watches and his signature of stylish adventure is clearly evident. The classical black dial bears bold numbers with inner and outer counter rings adding a touch of edgy dynamism. And just as the success of every heroic stunt depends on meticulous attention to detail, these watches come with crafted finishing touches such as fine cut-out hands and date windows, or studded and stitched leather straps.

Every second counts The preservation of planet earth is extremely timecritical. The high-precision Swiss Automatic GMT movement in the Khaki Conservation watches, visible through the see-through case back, mirrors this fact. Decorating this ’window’ is the engraved signature of Harrison Ford together with the Conservation International logo. Special packaging in corrugated cardboard also supports the message of preserving resources by utilizing recycled materials.

Harrison Ford vividly sums up the urgency of environmental protection in his own words - “Our health relies entirely on the vitality of our fellow species on Earth. When we protect the places where the processes of life can flourish, we strengthen not only the future of medicine, agriculture and industry, but also the essential condition for peace and prosperity.”

Conservation International Conservation International (CI) applies innovations in science, economics, policy and community participation to protect the Earth’s richest regions of plant and animal diversity and demonstrate that human societies can live harmoniously with nature. Founded in 1987, CI works in more than 40 countries on four continents to help people find economic alternatives without harming their natural environments. For more information about CI, visit

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OCTOPUSSY by Billy Bautista

Time does more than just tell us our place in history. It also gives us the ability to record the things that occur. Time allows us to measure more than minutes and seconds, it allows us to prove our accomplishments, by breaking records and accumulating ranks, all done by surpassing records of time. Excellence is a standard that today’s athletes surpass through breaking time and leaving their mark in it. And that is exactly what Michael Phelps has done - become an ultimate icon of proven and measured excellence. Michael Phelps has served his country proud by amassing 14 career Olympic gold medals and the first Olympian to have that many. The 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, China proved to be another platform for Phelps to dominate and demonstrate his fine tuned skills and precise execution. He took home enough weight in gold to forever remind the world too, with a whopping 8 gold medals.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Phelps was an already an active swimmer at the age of 7. He trained at the North Baltimore Athletic Club where his battle with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) took a turn for the better after discovering an outlet for his energy by swimming. With his older sisters being swimmers as well, Michael had no problem adapting a swimmer’s lifestyle. He focused on his training and devoted all of his being into the Olympic dream. Now as a champion, he returns to Baltimore with a degree in Sports Marketing from the University of Michigan to give back to his old training grounds. Now the CEO of the North Baltimore Athletic Club, Michael Phelps can be a prime example of not just athletic excellence but civil excellence as well.

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Switzerland is known around the world as a leader in numerous spheres, from international diplomacy and humanitarian relief to fine craftsmanship and tourism.

by Noah Joseph

Motorsport competition, meanwhile, has not traditionally ranked among those realms for which Switzerland is reputed and in which it excels internationally. However this year, the small alpine country has proven its mettle against the most competitive racing nations, shifting out of neutral and conquering the competition in the A1 Grand Prix racing series, known as the World Cup of Motorsport. SM Magazine Autumn 2008

A1GP was founded in 2005 with a unique approach to motor racing. While most international formulae pit privately-run teams against each other in wheelto-wheel competition, each A1GP team represents its home country. Twenty-seven nations from Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas have campaigned for the championship in three seasons – and Team Switzerland has competed in each race since the series’ founding. But beyond simply making a respectable showing, Team Switzerland has repeatedly defeated every other national team – including many with deeply-seeded racing histories and well-financed motorsport infrastructures – to emerge as the champions of the 2007/2008 A1 Grand Prix season.

The nascent series maintains a level playing field by furnishing each team with identical machinery. Reputed engineering firm Lola – the same outfit that has crafted chassis for Formula One, Champ Cars, Le Mans and Daytona sportscar racing – produces the identical single-seater formula racing cars, motivated by 3.4-liter V8 engines made by Zytek. The cars are equipped with a push-to-pass button which improves the spectacle and level of competition by providing each driver with a limited number of power boosts, enabling an increase in the frequency of overtaking maneuvers in each race. The vehicles are strictly monitored by officials at the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) – the same organization that governs such established racing series as Formula One, the World

Rally Championship and the World Touring Car Championship, to name just a few – to prevent any team from gaining a technical advantage over the competition. The focus is therefore on team strategy and driver skill, two key areas in which Team Switzerland has proven its proficiency. The A1GP approach of scheduling its races in what is ordinarily the off-season for other international racing series positions the series in complement, instead of competition, to the more established racing leagues around the world and brings a wide array of talent to the World Cup of Motorsport. As reigning champion, Switzerland’s own Neel Jani is chief among them. Born in Rorschach, Switzerland, Neel Jani has been with A1GP Team Switzerland

since the first season in 2005, when, together with co-driver Giorgio Mondini, Jani took an impressive second place in the championship, behind Team France and well ahead of Great Britain. Jani came to A1GP in the midst of a promising racing career. Like most aspiring racing drivers, Jani started in karting before graduating to junior racing series like Formula Renault and GP2. After securing a Formula One test seat with Scuderia Toro Rosso, Jani became the only pilot ever to drive in both GP2 and F1 on the same day. Having moved to the United States to compete in the Champ Car World Series, Jani has amassed a diverse portfolio as one of the most widely experienced up-and-comers in international motor racing.

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Meteo - Relative and absolute pressure

Altimeter - Altitude Difference Meter

Chrono - Timer

Compass - Azimuth (Heading)

2 Alarms


Perpetual calendar - 2 Time zones

Red backlight

More than a watch Tissot, Innovators by Tradition.

Titanium, Scratchproof tactile sapphire crystal, Swiss ETA movement, Water resistant to 100m/330ft

A1GP races take place in locations as diverse as the teams participating in the championship. This past season, races were held in Holland, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, China, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Shanghai and Great Britain. To make the most out of each stop while trotting around the globe and to increase the spectacle for the viewing audience, each location hosts two races on the same weekend: a 50-kilometer/19-minute “Spring Race”, followed by a 180-kilometer/69-minute “Feature Race”. Out of twenty races held this season, Jani appeared on the podium an impressive eleven times. Of those 11, Jani took the checkered flag four times, tying Jonny Reid but beating out the New Zealander in overall points. Jani took pole position in qualifying six times and set the fastest lap at half of the tracks on the calendar.

SM Magazine Autumn 2008

Although Jani has clearly emerged as the shining star of Team Switzerland’s effort, he’s far from the only talent who has squeezed into the cockpit of the team’s spec Lola racer. Aigle’s Sebastien Buemi, recently signed as a Formula One test driver for Red Bull Racing, drove alongside Jani in the 2006/2007 season. The aforementioned Giorgio Mondini of Geneva, a former Formula Renault V6 champion and test driver for the Midland and Renault F1 teams, shared driving duties with Jani in A1GP’s inaugural season. Team Switzerland also demonstrated equal opportunity this season by giving the keys to aspiring Swiss female drivers Rahel Frey and Natacha Gachnang. For the upcoming season, the A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport has signed a landmark contract with the biggest name in racing: Ferrari. The celebrated Italian racing team and sportscar-maker is designing a new spec chassis for all of the teams in A1GP – Switzerland included – and will provide identical Ferrari-made V8 engines for each car. The association between A1GP and Ferrari could already be seen this past season with the use of a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – the latest V12 supercar to roll out of the gates at Maranello – as the series’ official safety vehicle. The new cars, modeled on the F2004 race car with which Michael Schumacher dominated the 2004 Formula One season to secure his record seventh world championship, will be ready for next season, opening a new chapter in the A1GP history book. And so as the series moves on to a new era, Team Switzerland has emerged as the dominant force in A1GP’s formative period. We’ll be watching closely to see if Switzerland’s own can defend their title as the pace quickens for the next season.

824 MADI S O N AV EN UE, N EW YO R K 212 439 4 2 2 0 - 1 - 8 6 6 - DEG R I S O GE N EVA - GSTAAD - H ONG KON G - KUWA I T - LO N DO N - M O S C O W - M YKO N O S NEW YORK - PARIS - PORTO C ERV O - R O M E - S T B A RTH - S T M O R I TZ - TO KYO

w w w. d e g r i s o g o n o . c o m

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Romaine Jerome

DN A o f famous Legends

Part objet d’art, part writing implement The universes o f writing and watchmaking join

forces in this astonishing creation that serves as

the per fect addition to the Titanic-DN A

collection from Geneva’s

Romain Jerome.

The object’s design, halfway between a work of art and a writing implement, borrows the material, colours, and signature elements of the timepieces inspired by that maritime masterpiece, the Titanic. In the detailed form of the famous vessel’s ventilator cowls, and topped with a cap whose clip is shaped like a staircase handrail, its opening is covered with a sapphire crystal, revealing an 18-carat-gold fountain pen nib, artfully engraved with the image of the Titanic. The barrel of the object bears a ring of oxidized steel, born of the fusion between rusted steel from the wreck of the Titanic and steel supplied by the Harland & Wolff shipyards, where the great ship was built almost a century ago. Additional unusual features add to the mystique of this unique instrument, including: • A propeller resembling the secondary propeller of the Titanic • An ink reservoir fitted with a piston discernable through a porthole • A miniature replica of the ship’s wheelhouse mechanism at the object’s base • Steel and/or diamond rivets gracing the instrument’s remarkable lines

The ensemble, with its Belle Époque aura, comes with a blown-glass inkpot filled with cuttlefish ink, formulated using a classic recipe of eras past. And the way in which this fountain pen functions is equally astonishing! The wheelhouse steering gear at the object’s base is engaged by a toothed wheel which, in turn, rotates the propeller, which moves the piston upwards, thus letting the ink be drawn into the pen nib. Yvan Arpa, in artistic collaboration with Jean-Pierre Lépine and his son, Benjamin Lépine, brought this most uncommon writing instrument into being, interpreting the fountain pen much more as an objet d’art than a simple tool. The Titanic-DNA writing implement series is available in six styles, combining a variety of materials including brass, PVD, stainless steel, palladium, and gold. Each comes in a limited edition of just 88 units. These works of art are made exclusively for RJ by Benjamin and Jean-Pierre Lépine.

Romaine Jerome 97

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