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Dear Readers, Spring is a time of excitement! The time has come to wash away the drab of winter and enjoy the blossom of the season, the smell of fresh buds and sunny days. For your discerning eyes and taste, we have prepared a special issue dedicated to time, passion, tradition and innovation, which represent Swiss excellence in every shape or form. The aura and success of Swiss watchmaking is not purely about keeping or measuring time, but a matter of traditions, passion, devotion and craftsmanship. Swiss watchmakers definitely understand that TIME is the real luxury in life. Timepieces have evolved from timekeeping instruments to personal statement and expression of one’s own personality. Baselworld, the leading international watch and jewelry show, is a real feast for the most discerning collectors and watch aficionados. It showcases the best creations by the most renowned and independent watchmakers driven by a passion for quality and excellence. From luxurious to technical, brilliant to colourful, sporty to casual, the choice is yours. We invite you in these pages to meet the people who make them come to life.

We continue our journey into craftsmanship and bespoke luxury with the iconic made-to-measure Bally Scribe shoes and the new HMC Hidalgo, a sparkling new jewel in the automotive world. For fun and relaxation, always in the spirit of enjoying luxury time in style, we take to the shores of Ascona to savour the waves on a Riva boat before letting our senses find Zen after an exclusive spa and beauty treatment in Geneva. Stay on board and let us take off for an adventurous journey through the secret treasures of Malaysia, a colourful, diverse country and home to the oldest rainforest in the world. Whether you love cars, watches, jewelry, art, travel or all of the above, you always want to make sound choices, and what could be more sound than a pedigree of excellence? That’s exactly what we bring you with this edition. Time is luxury. Savour every moment in style! Massimiliano Pantieri

For this special issue we teamed up with celebrity photographer Jack Guy for an exclusive photo shoot produced on the shores of Malibu, Santa Monica and El Mirage desert.

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A World of Complications Life is already complicated enough; why would anyone want to complicate their lives further? Well, in the watch world, complications are a good thing. In fact, there is a certifiable trend in watches towards more complication. Watch brands are constantly coming out with new complications, including very useful ones that make life easier and complications never seen before as well. by Keith W. Strandberg

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Complications Uncomplicated A complication is anything that is above and beyond simply telling time. A basic watch is a three-hand timepiece – hour, minute and seconds. Anything more, even a day or date display, is a complication. Complications are modules placed on top of or elements integrated into the watch’s base movement. Here are some complications and simple explanations.

DE BETHUNE Tourbillon Regulator The laws of physics are implacable: in order to compensate for the disorganised violence of wrist movements, the carriage must be as light as possible with as high a frequency as possible and a maximum rotation speed for a minimum mass and inertia. Thanks to new technologies, De Bethune has therefore created a silicontitanium tourbillon in a 0.18 g carriage spinning once every thirty seconds at its axis, and a balance oscillating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. This carriage is the lightest on the market (classic counterparts weigh four times as much) and comprises 50 parts, of which the lightest weighs less than 0.0001 grams and the “heaviest� 0.0276 grams! This masterpiece is revealed only on the back of the watch, to genuine connoisseurs capable of comprehending its passionately subtle features. COMPICATIONS 13

BREGUET CLASSIQUE 7337 ~ Date, Moon Phase and smal seconds Elegance, refinement, timelessness and technical innovations. The brand’s distinctive off-centred chapter ring and small seconds at 5 o’clock lend the customary asymmetrical touch. Exactly like on the historical watch N° 3833, the day and date indication appear on either side of the phases and age of the moon indications, at the top of the off-centred chapter ring. Movement: Ultra-thin automatic, Calibre 502.3 QSE1, 12 lignes, 35 jewels, 45-hour power reserve; silicon balance-spring, hand-guilloché 18K gold oscillating weight.

Dual Time/GMT: This timepiece displays two times simultaneously, either through a GMT hand that points to the second time zone or a separate subdial for the second time zone. There are some three time zone watches and some brands offer world time watches, which provide a way to read the time in 24 time zones around the world (by virtue of cities on the dial or the bezel). Some companies vary these cities based on stock markets around the world, racetracks and more.

Chronograph: This is a watch that allows for the independent timing of an event. Usually, a chronograph has two pushers on the side of the case to activate, stop and return the chronograph hands. Most chronographs have subdials that measure the minutes and hours. There are chronographs that have only one pusher, which controls all the chronograph functions, called monopush chronographs.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Split Second Chronograph: This chronograph has two chronograph hands instead of one, allowing the user to time different things. Let’s say you are timing a race – to start the race, you push the chronograph pusher and both hands start together, on top of each other. When the first runner reaches the first mile marker, for example, you push the button again, stopping the first hand, but the second hand “splits” apart and continues timing. After you record that first time, you push the pusher again, and it catches up to the second hand, allowing you to then stop it again whenever you want another time measurement. You can repeat this operation any number of times.

Flyback Chronograph: A favorite chronograph complication, the flyback chrono allows you to restart the chronograph at any time. The French term for this complication is rattrapante, which means “recovering” or “catching again.”

Annual Calendar: This watch will run for a full year (starting on March 1) without having to be reset. It will have to be reset at the end of February, the only month that varies in the number of days from year to year.

Power Reserve/Réserve de Marche: This complication is an indicator somewhere on the watch (usually on the dial) that shows the state of wind for the watch. Like a fuel gauge in your car, it shows how much power is left in your mechanical timepiece.

Perpetual Calendar: The ultimate calendar because it knows how long each year is, no matter if it is a leap year. Keep a perpetual calendar running and you won’t have to reset it until the year 2100.

Moon Phase: These watches have a rotating disk that shows the phase of the moon (full, half, crescent, etc.).

Retrograde Display: This kind of display counts up (whether it is seconds, minutes, the date, the day of the week, etc.) then snaps back to zero. Jumping Hour: Instead of regular hands, a single digit shows the hour and it jumps directly to the next hour, from three to four, for example.

Minute Repeater: This is a watch that sounds the time (hours and minutes) with hammers and gongs when a slide or lever is activated. The Minute Repeater is considered one of the most complicated watches to manufacture.

CORUM Golden Bridge Automatic Thirty years since first presented in 1980, this exceptional linear movement still exerts its magic and once more finds itself at centre stage with, for the first time, an automatic version in a larger red or white gold case. And in the spotlight is the new CO 313 calibre, a linear movement demanding an exceptionally high level of horological savoir-faire. A limited edition, not surprisingly, with 130 watches available in red gold and 70 in white gold. Movement: Automatic baguette with linear winding, CO 313 calibre, mechanism with slip-spring and variable-inertia balance, 194 components, 26 jewels, 28,800 vib/h, 40-hour power reserve. Platinum rotor, 18K gold handengraved plate and bridges, vertical guilloché decoration COMPLICATIONS 15

Grande Sonnerie: This watch chimes out the time (hours and quarter hours) automatically or when a lever is activated.

Tourbillon: A device that is designed to counteract the effect of gravity on the movement’s balance, thereby increasing the movement’s accuracy. A tourbillon features a small cage that holds the balance and the escapement, and the cage turns independently of the watch, usually at a constant rate of once per minute. The tourbillon, which means “whirlwind” in French, is one of the watchmaking art’s most involved and elegant complications.

Grande Complication: This rare watch combines at least three high complications – usually one from each of the following groups: chronograph, calendar/moon phase (annual, perpetual, phases of the moon, equation of time) and chiming (minute repeater, alarm, etc.)

AUDEMARS PIGUET Millenary hand-wound Minute Repeater Endowed with hours, minutes, seconds and minute repeater functions and equipped with a winding system specially developed for its hand-wound Calibre 2910, this timepiece is a concentrated blend of expertise, technical sophistication and innovative materials. Its titanium oval case provides an atypical stage-setting for a truly magnificent sight featuring offset gold subdials inviting the observer to plunge into the mechanism’s deepest secrets.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Producing a watch with any complication, or combination of complications takes a great deal of expertise, amazing attention to detail and know-how. In general, when more is added to a movement, it means that more can potentially go wrong, so it’s a good idea to make sure you are buying from a quality company. Also, the more complicated a watch is, the more expensive it will be. Thank goodness wearing a complicated watch is really quite simple – slip it over your hand and onto your wrist, secure it and enjoy! Now, when you hear someone say, “It’s complicated,” you can just smile and

HYSEK Tourbillon Furtif Hysek presents an extrapolation of its tourbillon through a masterful creation in which transparency is the very core of an ultra-contemporary design. Conceived, developed and produced in its own Manufacture, this exclusive and intensely square hand-wound calibre beats to the cadence of a 60-second flying tourbillon fitted with a titanium balance. And because magic only takes on its true meaning through poetic evocation, its beating heart visible from all sides has been entirely handcrafted to create an exquisite filigreework effect. This timepiece issued in a 30-piece limited edition is intended for art connoisseurs who will see it as a kinetic sculpture to be worn on the wrist. Movement: Hand-wound, HYSEK HW10 openworked flying tourbillon calibre, 260 parts, 28,800 vib/h, 26 jewels, 70-hour power reserve.

How the engine of a watch, the movement, works Every timepiece has four requirements: 1. A power source 2. A way of transmitting the power 3. A way of regulating that power 4. A way of indicating the power so you can tell the time. For mechanical watches, the power source is the mainspring. The mainspring’s power is transmitted through a series of gears called the “gear train.” The balance wheel, which is the part of the watch that turns back and forth at a changeable rate, is where the power is regulated. The indication is done by the hands: hours, minutes, seconds. All these things combine to make the watch what it is and determine how well, or how poorly, it keeps time. In its simplest terms, a watch is very similar to a wind-up toy. Look at a windup car – you turn the key to give it power, it has gears and the number of teeth in the gears determines how fast it will go across the floor. In a watch, you wind up a mainspring, supplying power to the gears. Instead of going across the floor, a watch applies that power in a different way, to turn the hands of the watch.


sm close-up

Driven by passion

The men behind your watch

Everyone knows the names of Swiss watchmakers Rolex, Patek Philippe and Omega. As the high watchmaking center of the world, however, Switzerland has a wide variety of boutique brands that make very limited numbers of timepieces, all with a special character and design. Here are some of Swiss Made’s favorite small, independent brands: Antoine Preziuso Master watchmaker and brand owner Antoine Preziuso is a student of the history of watchmaking and he’ll be the first to concede that he’s not trying to repeat history, he’s trying to use it to advance today’s watchmaking. Responsible for his own brand, Preziuso does a little bit of everything : regular line watches, limited editions, piece unique and restorations. Unlike many other manufacturers, who wait for orders before starting production, Preziuso makes the watches then begins to talk to buyers. “I make the piece unique before the orders -- it’s like an artist making a painting – it’s his creation and he hopes that people like it and buy it,” he says. “The watches depend on the moment of creation, then I wait for the people who appreciate my art.”

Artya Run by Yvan Arpa, who conceived the Titanic DNA watch and the Black Belt watch, Artya is bringing piece unique to the masses by offering one-of-a-kind timepieces for prices that are equal to most established brands’ entry level. The first series of egalitarian unique pieces were all struck by lightning, which deformed the cases, making each one different. “Created by artists, crafted by the watchmakers, our one-of-a-kind artistic creations are each distinctly made, none can be duplicated or replaced,” says Arpa. “Difference, not conformity, is the hallmark of this maverick collection. Imagination running wild leads the artist and the watchmaker has no choice but to follow.”

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

by Keith W. Strandberg

Cabestan Cabestan focuses on emotions, knowing that at the level of watchmaking at which they are operating, it is less about telling time than about “satisfying the human need for bold originality,” according to master watchmaker Jean-Francois Ruchonnet. Cabestan features a sensational vertical movement made in their own manufacture in the Vallee de Joux where Switzerland’s top watchmakers carefully produce each piece by hand. “The Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical is best known for its amazing design centered around the vertical movement,” says Cabestan’s Timothy Bovard. “But what is less well known is that this timepiece is one of the most accurate in the world. That is why many collectors consider it an extraordinary piece of fine mechanical art.”

Christophe Claret The hills surrounding Le Locle, Switzerland, in the heart of the Jura Mountains, has been home to some of the most famous watchmakers the world has ever seen. One of the most prolific and successful has to be the Christophe Claret workshops. It is here, in this state of the art facility, that some of watchmaking’s most beautiful and complicated movements have been created – all from the mind of Christophe Claret. Claret labored for years in the relative shadows, making incredible complications for well-known brands. With his own Dual Tow and the just introduced Adagio, Claret is now showcasing his company’s phenomenal abilities and making something new and interesting for the industry.

Driven by Passion 19

Hautlence Company COO and co-founder Guillaume Tetu conceived Hautlence as an alternative to mainstream brands. The name Hautlence is an anagram of Neuchatel, one of the centers of watchmaking in Switzerland. Hautlence focuses on the highest quality in watchmaking and materials, while using interesting movements with levers and locomotive-like connections, redefining how time is read on a watch. “Hautlence is associated with various images and concepts,” Tetu explains. “We are a partnership between the brand and the exclusive Swiss builders in charge of manufacturing each and every timepiece. As an independent brand owned and operated by its founders and partners, we work extra hard to distinguish ourselves from the rest.”

Osirec Osirec was founded the brothers Pascal and Thierry Peter Savineau, who shared a love of Egypt and watchmaking with their father. When their father passed away, the brothers decided to start a watch company that combined these two passions as a way to honor their father. The result is a Swiss mechanical watch with unique Egyptian designs. Osirec has a regular collection of reasonably priced watches but also plans to do limited editions featuring complicated movements and noble materials.

Jean Dunand Jean Dunand is the brainchild of Thierry Oulevay and Christophe Claret. Combining the Art Deco style of artist Jean Dunand and the incredible complications of Claret, the brand captures a unique mix of art and high watchmaking. The Tourbillon Orbital of Jean Dunand is one of the industry’s great watches – simply round with a movement that rotates the dial, so it is constantly changing. Jean Dunand also offers the Grand Complication, the Shabaka and the Palace – each watch is powered by a brand new movement, so there is typically several years between introductions.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Frederic Jouvenot Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Frederic Jouvenot is a young watchmaker that has made a name for himself with interesting movements and cool designs. One of the coolest is the Helios, which, instead of using hands or disks, during the day, uses golden “sunbeams” to tell the time on the dial. These sunbeams are revealed by the movement and go to black at nighttime.

Thomas Prescher Thomas Prescher is a throwback to the days when Swiss watchmakers did everything under one roof. From his small workshop in Twann, Switzerland, Prescher does just about every step involved with the production of his handmade, very complicated watches, then he sells to people all around the world. “We have worked to bring craftsmanship to the highest level,” Prescher says. “Our watches are handcrafted timekeepers, but they have also reached the higher spheres of composed art.”

Urwerk Urwerk is a fascinating company and a true-to-life example of a dream coming true. Founded by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, Urwerk stood watchmaking on its ear with unique time displays and complications that include telescoping hands, owner time regulation and more. “We combine new mechanisms, new complications, new indications of time, with a concept which has never been seen before in an expensive watch,” Baumgartner details. “When we presented the 103 watch in 2003, it looked totally different from a traditional watch, in terms of the design, the mechanics and even the name of the brand. It was a total provocation. “Our watches give a new feeling of conceiving time,” he continues. “When we create a new product, it always has to have the concept, the design of the watch and there has to be a challenge for us. We don’t want to repeat something that has already been done, ever.” Urwerk started like a garage band starts – in the spare time of the founders, doing new watches on a shoestring budget, barely making ends meet. Now, however, Baumgartner and his partner, Martin Frei, are making it work. “Our watches are unique because each has been conceived as an original work,” Baumgartner details. “This is what makes them valuable and rare. Above all, we want to explore beyond the traditional horizons of watchmaking.” Driven by Passion 21

sm watch novelties

Baselworld 2011 by Massimiliano Pantieri

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

A.B.ART Chronograph OC151

AEROWATCH Hommage 1910 Chrono Automatic

ALPINA Startimer Pilot Collection timepieces perfectly embody the brand spirit of art pared down to essentials and far removed from ostentatious luxury. The Chronograph OC 151 is no exception to the rule. The white hands and the minute-circle enliven the matt black dial, resulting in an understated and discreetly graphic design. This monochrome principle is reflected in the pushpieces and the strap of an eminently masculine timepiece entirely in harmony with the brand values and inspired by the Bauhaus philosophy.

Aerowatch returns to its roots and takes a new step in presenting the Hommage 1910 collection composed of timepieces dedicated to the world of aviation. The use of titanium for its case makes the Chrono Automatic a real featherweight at just 70 grams. Inspired by aircraft cockpit instrument panels, the dial is nonetheless extremely contemporary with its luminescent hands and hour-markers accentuated by the red-accented white counters. This resolutely aeronautical edition is available in a 200-piece limited edition.

Alpina, former supplier of army pilot watches, has returned to its century-old heritage with the Startimer Pilot Collection. Comprised of four models, two with three hands and a date, an inhouse regulator and a chronograph, these reinterpretations meet the same requirements as in the past: precision, reliability, resistance and instant legibility. The 44 mm polished steel case, the matt black dial with its oversized white luminescent hourmarkers, and the red triangle at the base of the direct-drive seconds hand are hallmarks of every Alpina timepiece, now as in the past. For the launching of this latest model, limited to 8,888 watches, the brand has joined forces with two choice partners, Cessna Aviation and PrivatAir.

BEDAT & CO. Ref 882.550.989

BULOVA Kirkwood Collection Skeleton

CARL F. BUCHERER Patravi EvoTec BigDate

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1930’s and by the ancestral savoir-faire it shares with the leading craftsmen of the Jura, Bedat & Co proudly presents Model 882, a jewellery watch guaranteed to appeal instantly to women. A perfect marriage of watchmaking and jewellery, this timepiece is set with no fewer than 365 diamonds for a total of 3.53 carats. The white mother-of-pearl dial, with its exquisite diamond-set centre, and the interlaced corolla of diamonds exemplifies goldsmithery at its very finest. The creator’s final touch, the figure 8, will remind women of the logo of the brand behind this refined watch, and of the symbol of happiness it represents.

This model from Bulova Accutron’s Kirkwood collection has been revamped to meet the very latest design trends. The supremely beautiful architecture that encircles and protects the mechanical movement has exchanged its steel finery for a more flamboyant pink gold. Its skeleton dial is adorned with three Roman numerals, eight hourmarkers and a diapason, which reflect the rich, shimmering effects of this precious material. Thanks to the openworked dial and the watch’s transparent back, the automatic movement can be admired at leisure from both above and below. A highly contemporary piece displaying perfect mastery of technique and design.

Women are showing an ever greater interest in fine mechanical watchmaking! And if there is one watchmaker who has realised this, it is Carl F. Bucherer. For the second year running, the Lucerne brand is offering a ladies’ watch equipped with its very own in-house movement. Along with a high degree of mechanical and technical refinement, the Patravi EvoTec BigDate has a unique and ultra-feminine look.

Watch novelties 23


CUERVO Y SOBRINOS Historiador Retrogrado

DAMIANI Belle Epoque

A fabulous demonstration of the expertise of the Christophe Claret movement manufacturer, the DualTow watch introduced in 2009 set the crowning touch to 20 years of passion and innovations in the service of the most prestigious brands. Since then, recognised as a creator of complete watches and no longer just movements, Christophe Claret has definitively earned a place among Haute Horlogerie brands. Witness the 21 Blackjack, a timepiece combining the world of gaming with extreme horological complexity, a field in which it has forged its reputation. Limited series of 21 watches per version.

The Historiador Retrogrado from Cuervo y Sobrinos showcases the brand’s know-how and passion for craftsmanship in a timepiece that embodies the sensitivity and sophistication of 1940’s Havana. The elegant and traditional case recalls one of the brand’s original models, produced between 1940 and 1950. Classic and timeless, the shape and design of this neoclassical watch make it immediately recognizable. Its Clous de Paris guilloché dial is set off by embossed cobalt blue hands, epitomizing the meticulous care that goes into every Cuervo y Sobrinos timepiece.

As its name suggests, Damiani’s latest masterpiece is inspired by the early years of the 20th century, when joie de vivre, change and good taste were the leitmotifs of the day. The Belle Epoque was synonymous with timeless elegance and clean, refined design. Both are captured in this Damiani jewellery watch, which draws on the worlds of Haute Couture and cinema that emerged during this glorious era. The 14 sapphires on this unique timepiece delicately accentuate a perfectly mastered design, with the white mother-of- pearl dial setting off the diamonds on the hands and bezel, all on a meticulously constructed white gold case. A watch with evocative memories of the past, but one that will surely find favour with the woman of today.

de Grisogono Meccanico dG

GUCCI G-Timeless

HAMILTON Hamilton Pan Europ

A veritable technical masterpiece designed by Fawaz Gruosi and a treasure-house of virtuosity, this exceptional piece displays the time for two time zones on a double analogue and mechanical digital display. For the first time, these are in white rather than green or gold. The timepiece, which won the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie in 2009, is a veritable interplay of contrasts with hourmarkers and micro-segments decked out in white to offset the watch’s dominant matt black appearance to greater effect. The dark alligator strap sets off a design that is both understated and impulsive.

Building on the success of its G-Timeless for men, Gucci now offers this model in two ladies’ variations: a chronograph and a three-hand watch. Designed by Frida Giannini, Artistic Director and a genuine creative asset for the brand, these two new timepieces feature a striking black look enlivened by a sprinkling of emblematic Gucci green and red accents on the strap and dial. The severity of the black is further softened by the diamond-style guilloché motif on the dial and the embossed pattern on the strap. Connoisseurs will appreciate the signature of all Gucci watches, the filigree G discreetly adorning the dial and the green-redgreen stripe. The result is a perfect reinterpretation of the youthful and contemporary sense of luxury embodied by the brand.

Building on a rich heritage of watchmaking know-how, Hamilton is offering a revisited and gently nostalgic interpretation of the Pan Europ, the brand’s first automatic chronograph launched in 1971 and equipped with the famous Calibre 11. With its sturdy, slightly square case, its red hands making a striking contrast with the deep blue dial and bezel, the new Pan Europ radiates tradition viewed from a resolutely contemporary perspective. The 1,971-piece limited edition is equipped with a Swiss high-grade automatic chronograph movement, the H31 calibre.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine


chosen by Tony Parker – Professional Basketball Player Touch the screen to get the ultimate sports watch experience with 15 functions including meteo, altitude difference meter and compass.


Experience more at

JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde SW Red Gold

LONGINES Twenty-Four Hours

MARVIN Loeb Summer Collection

In unveiling the new Grande Seconde SW Red Gold, Jaquet Droz adds a noble touch of distinction to its Urban London sports line in a model combining technical performance and ultimate elegance in a fascinating dialogue between red and black. Red gold is featured first and foremost on the case, as well as on the three-dimensional ring surrounding the two counters of this model with its superbly masculine lines. It also enhances the fluted bezel with its resolutely distinctive design, together with the applied plaques, the openworked horns, the hands and the folding clasp. Its glowing radiance makes a powerful contrast with the dark matt shade of the rubber strap, dial and crown.

In the 1950’s, Longines supplied watches to Switzerland’s national airline, Swissair. The company is now re-issuing its aviator watch, the Longines Twenty-Four Hours, with its distinctive 24-hour dial. This feature met the needs of navigators who, at the time, had to determine the position of the aircraft and set up a flight plan. Both historical and functional, it has preserved the original’s strong aesthetic character.

With the Loeb Summer Collection, Marvin underlines the long tradition that links the brand to the passion for car racing. In 1930, it launched the “tyre watch”, a timepiece protected by a rubber tyre. Since 2010, it has worked with Sébastien Loeb, seven-time world rally champion, on a project which reflects his image. Dynamic, vibrantly coloured and high-performing, the chronograph, which is accurate to 1/10th of a second, has a 44 mm case with shaped sides meticulously designed in conjunction with the champion. The dial proudly bears his signature, while the caseback is engraved with his title, “World Rally Champion”.

ORA #1

PORSCHE DESIGN P’6930 Chronograph


The Ora #1 is a concentrated blend of dreams set inside a titanium showcase! This distinctive watch epitomising the brand is distinguished by the fact that its case and its square dial form a single entity machined from a single block of titanium. The dial fashioned by sparkerosion reveals a subtle grain hovering on the borderline between art and technology. The brand’s first mechanical chronograph is a high-quality product featuring architectural lines “designed in the sun and sculpted by the stars”.

It’s not trying to hide it. In fact, it’s very proud of it! The P’6930 chronograph draws its inspiration from the legendary P’6910 and offers a variant with a consciously technical appeal. Its precision is enhanced by the use of titanium, the brand’s signature. An intersect between the automobile industry and watchmaking, it boasts many elements that evoke the Carrera GT: the pedal-shaped pushpieces, the grooved strap with its tyre-tread design, and the 7750 calibre “steering-wheel” rotor. A powerful, discreet and functional timekeeper, with well-oiled engineering.

Reliability, understated design, functionality and Swiss quality are the unchanging core of timepieces from Victorinox Swiss Army. The latest Alliance model with its flowing and dynamic lines is a perfect embodiment of these standards. The lyre-shaped horns, round case and brushed steel form a complementary and harmonious whole. In fact, the entire layout reflects a modest approach, from the matt lacquered charcoal-grey dial echoed by the counters to the hour-markers, which include only three Arabic numerals. This extremely pared-down approach, combined with meticulous attention to detail and undeniable know-how, combine to make this a truly classic model with a subtly modern touch.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

sm cover story

JACOB & Co. the creative spirit that transcends into unique and intricately set jewelry and groundbreaking timepiece collections

by Keith W. Strandberg


rom the very beginning of his career, Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., has done things differently. After four months attending a jewelry design class at the age of 16, his instructors urged him to go out into the industry and work.

As a result, Jacob started his own company and proceeded to do different, interesting and audacious jewelry and timepieces, building an amazing group of clients that include celebrities, sports stars and trendsetters of all kinds. “Always an innovator, Jacob & Co embodies the creative spirit that transcends into unique and intricately set jewelry and groundbreaking timepiece collections,” Arabo says. “Jacob & Co. is about ingenuity, craftsmanship, high-quality and internationally recognized products. Our watches, meticulously manufactured in Switzerland, and our jewelry collections meet the highest quality standards and surpass the expectations of our very discerning clientele. “Designing has been my passion since I was a child; I started designing jewelry at 17 and never steered away from that course. My designs and vision have evolved, but I don’t believe there is enough time to design all I have in my mind. “The production aspect is always the most challenging, however, it’s during this process that the designs and inspiration come to life,” he continues. “Manufacturing in our industry requires precise skills, delicate handling and acknowledgement of historical practices in order to create masterpieces. I am fortunate to be a designer and have the privilege to

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

create pieces that are timeless. My hope is that one day my pieces are considered works of art, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but from a legacy of skilled detail and craftsmanship.” Now, Yvan Arpa has joined Jacob & Co. as COO with the goal to continue Jacob & Co.’s history of amazing timepieces. “The name and image of Jacob & Co. is very strong,” says Arpa. “We have new concepts, new designs, which we are very excited about. There is space in the industry for a high-jewelry brand with a new, American Spirit.” According to Arpa, the new product Jacob & Co. debuted at BaselWorld is an evolution. “It is very different from what Jacob has had in the past, and it is different from what is on the market now,” he says. “It is very recognizable, and very modern. The birth of the brand, the Five Time Zone, was introduced in 2001 and has become an icon. The product will be changing along with the times.” Watchmaking Legitimacy From the start, Jacob & Co. pushed the limits of design and watchmaking with the instantly recognizable Five Time Zone timepiece. “Jacob & Co has always challenged the Swiss watchmaking frontier,” Arabo says. “We are constantly in pursuit of the next timepiece including complicated movements. After introducing our first model it was only natural to move into high complications. “Our timepieces are a fundamental part of the company, and we are fully committed to an investment in Swiss mechanical innovations,” he continues. “Our brand is currently represented in every continent in the world and growing. We have prestigious retail partners and clientele that are supportive of our efforts, and believe in our unconditional dedication to offer the finest jewelry creations and Swiss Made timepieces worldwide.”

Jacob & Co. 29

Jacob & Co. did it the right way, working with the leaders in the complicated watches business, says Arpa. “Jacob has the credibility and we are introducing one revolutionary product in the very high end -- a tourbillon mounted on the rotor. The rotor is turning very fast, so it’s the ultimate tourbillon, you cannot get crazier than this. The tourbillon turns one time a minute and the rotor turns very fast, so we had to develop a differential like in a car. It’s the ultimate tourbillon.” A Worldwide Brand Jacob was born in Russia but emigrated to the USA when he was 14. Even though the brand is certainly American, it is very strong all around the world. “Awareness is very high everywhere,” Arpa says. This year, Jacob & Co. is expanding even more. “The brand is continuing its global expansion with new store openings, the appointment of brand ambassadors, and the debut of new timepiece collections in 2011,” Arabo says. “It is an exciting time for Jacob & Co as we expand our retail presence in locations such as Moscow, Macau, and the Bahamas. Jacob & Co will continue its commitment to creativity, dedication to excellence, innovative customization and unparalleled craftsmanship.” With all the new collections, meeting the demand will be one of the biggest challenges for the brand. “We are limited by production this year,” Arpa admits. “But by 2012, we should be making 50,000 watches in a year.” The price range for Jacob & Co. watches goes from 8,000 swiss francs to over a million.

Embraced by celebrities: Tom Cruise; Jamie Foxx (pictured with star friend Eva Longoria); U2 leader Bono with Jacob Arabo; David Beckham with wife Victoria; Madonna.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Jewels and Watches At his heart, Jacob Arabo is a jeweler and it was the beauty of these natural stones that brought him into the business. “At an early age I was in awe of the mystic presence in precious stones, from their brilliance which captures a young eye, to the composition and empowerment contained in these gifts from the earth,” he details. “There is a feeling of confidence that is conveyed when you wear a beautiful piece of jewelry; it changes the way you carry yourself. “Jewelry and watches are two different entities, yet they can be the best complement to one another, and there are times when they become one,” he continues. “A timepiece is an engine that has evolved over the centuries. In historic as well as modern times, it can be appreciated as a complex mechanical masterpiece or even a skillful piece of jewelry.” You can expect Jacob & Co. to continue to push the limits of jewelry and watchmaking – there’s no reason to expect Arabo and Arpa to get timid now. “Our future is shining as brightly as our jewels, we have a solid team, and my long term-vision is now a reality,” Arabo says. The brand is very visible due to the amount of celebrities wearing the jewelry and timepieces. “Since the inception of the company 25 years ago, Jacob & Co. has become an international phenomenon,” Arabo

says. “The celebrity relationships have grown organically due to their admiration for the beauty, design and quality of the product. I feel fortunate that people appreciate what I have to offer. Over the years, I certainly have developed friendships, and with friendships come referrals, support, appreciation and loyalty. “We live in a global community that keeps getting smaller, hence my inspiration for multiple time zones,” he adds. “Distance and communication barriers are becoming obsolete, and we have all these wonderful devices to keep us connected...and on time!” Arpa is having a great time working with Arabo on developing the new Jacob & Co. “I am working on the product, developing new collections,” he says. “Jacob is very involved in the product development. We talk every day and we meet once every couple of weeks. We both have a strong personality and the more we know each other, the better we work together. Jacob & Co. is a combination of the American way of life: these are colorful, very recognizable, high-end luxury watches. We are both committed to keeping the Jacob & Co. legacy strong.” Keep watching to see what comes next from Jacob & Co.

For more information, visit www.Jacob&

Jacob & Co 31

sm exclusive

RICHARD MILLE RM 021 Aerodyne Tourbillon watch Vest, shirt and jeans by Ralph Lauren Black Label Boots by Rock & Republic Sunglasses by Carrera

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

It’s a MAN’s World Deluxe Swiss Made teams up with a celebrity photographer for an exclusive photoshoot editorial. It is our pleasure to proudly introduce you to Jack Guy.

JACK GUY Photography Assisted by Joshua Shelton Man: Jack Guy Woman: Ashley Cotner Hair & Make-up: Kauila Barber Asst. Make-up: Bobby Khamvongsa Stylist: Toni Pickett Model: Ashley NEXT LA Producer: Sherry Williams Locations: Santa Monica & Malibu, California Special Thanks to: WESTIME Bevery Hills Oscar designer Oday Shakar Kapa Aviation, Santa Monica

JACK GUY exclusive 33

AUDEMARS PIGUET Rubber Clad Royal Oak Offshore Dress by Jasmine De Milo Jacket by Zara Shirt & jeans by Ralph Lauren Black Label Boots by Rock & Republic Sunglasses by Carrera DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

HANHART Primus Diver watch Jeans and belt by Ralph Lauren Black Label T shirt by 2Xist

JACK GUY exclusive 35

IWC Portuguese watch Leather Jacket by Giorgio Armani Jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied Boots by TCX Carbon Fiber Sunglasses by Italia Independent Gloves by Icon

GRAFF Collier collection « Butterfly », platinum, 195 diamonds, 19.30 cts; Marquise cut white diamond ring, 10.18 cts DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

CHOPARD Collier composed of 83 diamonds size « fancy » for 68,52 cts JACK GUY exclusive 37

Breitling Chronomat limited edition watch Jacket by Ralph Lauren Black Label Jeans by Ernest Sewn Shirt by Ralph Lauren RLX Shoes by Puma Ducati Gloves by Icon Leather goggles by Red Moon

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

HANHART Primus Racer watch Vest by Ralph Lauren Black Label Waffle hoodie by Ralph Lauren RLX Sunglasses by Gucci

JACK GUY exclusive 39

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Longines Legend Diver watch Sweatpants by Hardtail T shirt by 2Xist Sunglasses by Carrera

JACK GUY exclusive 41

de Grisogono Novantatre N06 watch and “Boule” necklace Jack wearing Hugo Boss Ashley wearing Oday Shakar

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

PIAGET Limelight Party Glitter Rudy necklace Limelight Tonneau XL Shape diamonds paved watch

de Grisogono Doppio Tre watch and drop rose gold earrings Jack wearing Hugo Boss Ashley wearing Oday Shakar JACK GUY exclusive 43

sm exclusive


jack of Spades

ack discovered his passion for photography while working on the other side of the lens as a model in New York City, traveling the world to be photographed for names such as Men’s Health, Burberry, Marlboro, Nautica, and many others, he quickly developed an interest in photography and transitioned his passion from the front of the lens to behind the camera. At the end of 2001 Jack gave up living in the city for living on the beach where he now resides in Malibu, California. He currently commutes between both coasts to photograph some of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Throughout his career, his work has appeared in numerous magazines across the world from American Photo to Vanity Fair. His celebrity shoots include a long list of stars such as Julianne Moore, Rene Zellweger, Hilary Swank, Salma Hayek, Pierce Brosnan, Kiefer Sutherland as well as many more. In 2006 Jack received the prestigious award DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

of HASSELBLAD Master for his achievements in photography. In 2007 and 2008 Jack exhibited his photographs from Africa, where he spent a month living in tents while photographing the Maasai natives, the wildlife of Amboseli and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Jack has been able to use his photography to help out with various charitable causes. He has participated in group exhibitions to benefit wounded soldiers injured in Iraq as well as for the Union Rescue Mission to benefit the homeless. He photographed the PINKITUDE campaign for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer as well as two current campaigns for PETA. Jack is an avid adventurist, certified scuba diver, master licensed skydiver, motorcycle rider and as a fitness fanatic he enjoys working out, hiking and yoga. So only fitting to ask the Jack of Spades to once again get in front of the camera for this exclusive photoshoot.

sm profile

Measuring Time with

by Keith W. Strandberg


he Hanhart watch brand is poised for a breakthrough year in 2011, filled with plenty of changes. Founded in Switzerland in 1882, Hanhart has been content to be a leader in mechanical and electronic stopwatches, while also producing a highend range of chronographs. Now that watch industry veteran Thomas Morf is heading up the company, you can expect great things from Hanhart. “The most surprising thing is that Hanhart never stopped making timepieces since it was founded in 1882: unlike companies that were reborn, Hanhart was always in business,” Morf points out. “I truly believe that Hanhart has the potential to be an icon. When I was considering joining the company, I went to the archives to see what made Hanhart Hanhart. Hanhart really mastered timekeeping, so that’s what we are going to focus on. “Personally, I really match the brand – it’s about car racing, motorcycles (they made motorcycle

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

clocks), airplanes, action and more,” he continues. “I like the Hanhart brand -- it’s grounded, it’s not chic. It’s man stuff.” A clear and unmistakeable statement for Hanhart links to the brand’s legitimacy as a stopwatch and chronograph manufacture: “Others are telling time, Hanhart is measuring it.” The administrative office of Hanhart is located in Diessenhofen, Switzerland, a quiet, small village near the German border, while manufacturing takes place just across that border. Hanhart was actually founded in Diessenhofen and in 2008, the Hanhart AG was established in this village again. Due to its Swiss-German roots, Hanhart is a no-nonsense watch brand. “Hanhart watches are purpose built – the watches are easy to read, easy to operate, precise, rugged an cool looking – all these elements go into a Hanhart watch,” Morf details. “Hanhart has supplied various military outfits for decades, and they are using the watches as instruments, so they have to perform.” Hanhart’s traditional chronographs, featured currently

in the Pioneer line, are very distinctive, with asymmetrical pushers (for pilot use) and the signature red reset pusher. Morf explains that this traces back to a pilot in the early 20th century who was leaving his lover. At that time, flying was dangerous business and you never knew if you’d come back. His lover took a bottle of red nail polish and painted the reset button of his Hanhart pilot’s chronograph red so he would always remember her. From that point on, all the Hanhart aviation watches had a single push button painted red. “It also had a utilitarian purpose – the red pusher helped prevent pilots from unintentionally zeroing the elapsed time,” Morf adds. “At events for Hanhart, since we don’t make women’s watches, we give away bottles of red nail polish.”

From the top: The Primus Pilot chronograph; Hanhart timekeeper at Nuerburgring 1938; Replica of the first pilot’s chronographs. Right: the legendary Hanhart movement “Calibre 40”.

Changes on the Way Morf is in the midst of making key changes to Hanhart to put it on the right track, beefing up the collection, changing specs, tinkering with designs and sizes. One of the first changes Morf has made was to move the red push button to the correct one – in the recent past it was on the start/ stop pusher, which was wrong. “The red should be on the reset pusher, so pilots don’t reset by mistake,” Morf says. “We want to become the benchmark of instrument watches, again. We don’t want to be a lifestyle brand. For me, it’s about the heritage, the achievement and being purpose built. The brand values are uncompromising, passionate and courageous. Purpose built is a strong statement – customers know and expect that the watches are built to do a job.” Morf is also applying the signature asymmetrical pusher configuration to every collection. Hanhart watches are broken into collections of Air, Land and Sea, and “Mastering the Elements” is Hanhart’s new brand claim which is being used in all communications globally. “Our customer is not a first buyer of a fine timepiece,” Morf admits. “Our client is someone who is looking for something new, something different, with a strong and uninterrupted history, but is also passionate for cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and more.” The price structure for Hanhart starts at around CHF 2500.and goes up to CHF 20,000.-, with the core range between CHF 3000.- and CHF 7’000.- . Not to mention that all Hanhart watches carry mechanical movements. The collections are as follows: Pioneer: based on original, archival designs, monopusher and pilot’s chronographs with bi-compax layouts, sized at 40mm (going up to 45mm). Primus: these sport chronographs come in Air ( Pilot) Land (Racer) and Sea (Diver) versions. Hanhart also offers a range of mechanical desk and dashboard clocks and

Hanart - Measuring Time 47

Clockwise: Original Hanhart stopwatches, Hanhart factory in the 1950’s; Primus Diver 2011 in Rose Gold 18ct; Thomas Morf, CEO of Hanhart.

stopwatches, using Hanhart’s own in-house mechanical movements. Popular with doctors, lawyers, race car enthusiasts and others, these are really beautiful, classic timekeepers. The novelties for 2011 include the Primus Pilot, the Primus Racer, and the Primus Diver in black ADLC-coated cases (all sized at 44mm). In addition, Morf is introducing new Pioneer models at the larger 42mm size, including the Pioneer MonoControl with a single pusher and the Pioneer TwinControl, which has the traditional asymmetrical pushers and red reset button, also sized at 42mm. Another new introduction is the top of the line 45mm Pioneer TwinDicator, a larger watch that does something interesting to the traditional chronograph layout. “When we moved up to this larger size, we decided to move the chronograph subdials to the outside of the dial, to make it the look perfectly balanced,” Morf explains. “We combined the sweep second and the hour counter in the same (left) subdial, so it’s basically a tri-compax function in a bi-compax, compax layout .” The Future Morf is committed to staying true to the company’s heritage, focusing on measuring time with chronographs. Morf can see Hanhart going into more complicated chronographs, like flybacks, split seconds and more. “Before all, the functions we already use in our stopwatches will be introduced in our chronographs. It’s all about instrument watches plus useful functions,” he says. “There are three pillars in Hanhart product portfolio: the Pioneer chronographs, the Primus chronographs and the dashboard stopwatches. A strong brand needs to have a strong and unmistakable product. Hanhart has it all. Hanhart will remain a stopwatch comDELUXE Swiss Made magazine

pany and a chronograph is a stopwatch.” Morf, who previously built the Carl F. Bucherer brand into a worldwide success, is enjoying working on Hanhart. “There are a lot of changes to be made, but I have a lot of appreciation for brand history and I didn’t want to do a new brand.” he says with a smile. “I am not someone who wants to just maintain, I am really good at building a foundation, rather than just polishing the roof. I am looking for challenges and this is a challenge for me.” The challenge for watch lovers will be choosing which Hanhart to buy.

“The most surprising thing is that Hanhart never stopped making timepieces since it was founded in 1882”




sm profile

The story of entrepreneurial men and women driven by the joy of self-expression.

by Susan Robinson


or Guess CEO and Gc watch brand founder Paul Marciano, luxury is not about possessions. “Luxury to me is not materialistic anymore,” he says. Instead, his top priority is spending time with family and friends. Also vital for him is time alone, which inspires dreams for the future. “When you are in an executive position, it is so important to make room and time for creativity. Otherwise, work is just not fun anymore.” And Marciano certainly knows how to make work fun. Not content to rest on his accomplishments as CEO of global fashion and lifestyle empire Guess Inc., in 1997 he launched prestige watch brand Gc. Combining fashion and luxury in the use of materials and design, Gc offers value and substance with a smart price-conscious approach: a brand that provides “Smart Luxury” to a fashion-savvy and quality-seeking clientele. Marciano has his feet planted firmly on the ground when it comes to knowing how his consumer is reacting to the current worldwide economic climate. “We will see the return of common sense in consumer behavior. In fact, common sense is rule number two in our company right after attitude,” he says. “Common sense drives our company. We always take it into consideration in every decision: our take on product, pricing policies, international expansion, store development … everything!”

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Paul Marciano

Gc Sport Class XXL Blackout

The Gc-Swiss Made connection Marciano founded Gc with the ambition to make his dream a reality: to create a brand for people like himself who aspire to a sophisticated standard of living. Gc is the story of entrepreneurial men and women driven by the joy of self-expression. It is about people who feel good about themselves when they look at their accomplishments. They are confident and ambitious, dynamic and passionate about what they do. In 2002, Marciano’s latest aspiration was realized when the Gc brand became Swiss Made. Distributed since 1997 by Sequel AG in Switzerland, and embodying Swiss quality combined with European design, Gc has become one of the top 10 Swiss Made watches in the world in volume. Marciano, who is the official spokesperson for Gc, continues to be the brand’s inspiration and is active in every aspect of its development and in the design of every timepiece. “Watches are one of my great passions, and I wanted to create a statement of luxury that would be an extension of who I am,” he says. “As such, the creation of Gc was one of my moments of Smart Luxury. Gc timepieces embody the Smart Luxury concept — fabulous design, excellent quality, attention to detail and all at a remarkable price point — that makes me feel good when I wear them. Gc expresses a part of me and makes a statement of my passion.” “Moments of Smart Luxury” This artistic photography project, premiered in the United Kingdom in November 2010 and officially launched at Basel 2011, aims to celebrate moments of Smart Luxury around the world and infuse emotion into the Gc brand. In each country, selected photographers — rising stars with a distinct photographic style of their own — are invited to develop their personal artistic concept to interpret and capture moments of Smart Luxury in their photography. These moments reflect individual expressions of joy, emotional moments of achievement or personal success, freely chosen with the artistic eye and personal experience of the photographer. “Moments of Smart Luxury” is a two-year worldwide campaign that will result in an international exhibition with the most creative and best artwork collected from around the globe. Gc Watches - Paul Marciano 51

Captured by photographer Pino Gomes on behalf of Gc, the project focuses on six emerging creative personalities from across Switzerland whose personal luxury is the fact of being able to live their passion through their diverse art forms. The artists chosen embody in their own way the personality and characteristics of the Gc brand: dynamic, self-assured and proud of their success. All of the individuals featured have the common thread of being self made and ambitious, and fast-rising stars in their respective artistic fields: CÊdric Adrover, actor and stage director; Rolf Fuchs, gastronomic chef; Dorothee Rothbrust, sculptor and painter; Eliana Burki, singer and Swiss Alphorn player; Silvia Werder, mural painter; and Gyzide, bespoke dress designer. The Gc watches The heartbeat of each Gc watch is a Swiss precision movement — in special and limited mechanical editions. Gc timepieces are manufactured with the finest materials, ranging from durable stainless steel and hightech ceramic to fine-cut diamonds and other precious stones. These timepieces grace the wearer with an elegant presence, nd the inherent confidence of quality and style. For the young woman on the go, Gc offers the Sport Class XL-S Glam. This watch is the first all-ceramic model launched by Gc, with both bracelet and case in high-tech ceramic. Available in white and in black versions, it has been created as a Swiss Made timepiece to suit all the needs of a fashionable woman.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Gc Sport Class XL-S Glam

The unique bezel design with crystal inserts perfects the glam chic appearance of this contemporary watch. Features of the Sport Class XL-S Glam include a mother-of-pearl dial with hand-applied Roman numerals and indices (or combination of seven diamonds and Roman numerals for the diamond dial version). And for the man who likes to stand out in the crowd, the Gc Sport Class XXL Blackout is sure to garner attention. The imposing 45mm case makes this new addition to the Gc high-tech ceramic range a real eye-catcher. Setting a trend with its sophisticated matte finish for both the case and bracelet, the Sport Class XXL Blackout allies Swiss Made precision with cutting-edge design. This is an expressive and enigmatic timepiece that makes a strong masculine statement. Inspired by the luxury car industry, where matte black became the byword in upscale refinement, the Sport Class XXL Blackout adopts this elegant black sheen, a musthave for lovers of avant-garde design. With its oversize case, minute-engraved bezel and link bracelet all in black ceramic, this timepiece is a force to be reckoned with.

Moments of Smart Luxury Swiss artists portrayed in these pages are photographs by Pino Gomes: Gyzide, bespoke dress designer; Silvia Werder, mural painter; Eliane Burki, singer and Swiss Alphorn player; CĂŠdric Adrover, actor and stage director; Rolf Fuchs, gastronomic chef; photographer Pino Gomes (right).

Gc Watches - Paul Marciano 53

sm art


For art aficionados or anyone who likes to have a good time Basel, Art Basel is the place to be. One of the top Swiss events and the world’s premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works, Art Basel features nearly 300 leading galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine


he “Olympics of the art world,” Art Basel is the premier international art show for Modern and contemporary works. The fair will feature some 300 galleries from Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Represented in the show’s multiple sections are the creations of more than 2,500 artists, ranging from the masters of Modern art such as Picasso, Miró, Klee, Warhol and Beuys to the current crop of emerging stars. Last year, a record 62,500 people attended Art 41 Basel, the latest edition of this favorite rendezvous for the global art world, including collectors, dealers, artists, curators and other art enthusiasts. Speaking of art enthusiasts, celebrities are no strangers to Art Basel. The discreet setting ensures they can come and go without attracting too much attention. Shhhh — don’t tell the paparazzi! Truly, there’s something for everyone at Art Basel, which takes place June 15-19. The fair includes sculptures, drawings, paintings, installations, photographs, video, editioned works and even live performances. Parents can mingle with the crowds at the exhibition halls while their children learn about art. Guided tours are available every day, as well as Art Salon, where visitors can interact with art personalities in more informal venues. With its world-class museums, outdoor sculptures, theaters, concert halls, idyllic medieval old town and new buildings by leading architects, Basel ranks as a culture capital, and that cultural richness helps make Art Basel a favorite destination for art lovers from around the globe. During Art Basel, a fascinating atmosphere fills this traditional city, as the international art show is reinforced with exhibitions and events all over the region. After the art show closes in the evening, you’ll find a wide range of restaurants ART BASEL 55

and bars in Basel that will suit any preference. Thanks to the city’s unique location, its cuisine is both excellent and eclectic. For night owls, Basel offers cozy bars, wild parties or clubbing until dawn. And in the daytime, you can go sightseeing, shop till you drop or enjoy nearly unlimited recreational and leisure activities. On the banks of the Rhine, Basel is accessible from all directions and easily navigated by foot and trams. But because of the throngs of visitors expected, be sure to make your hotel reservations well in advance. If you can’t make it to Switzerland in June, head to the United States on Dec. 1-4 for Art Basel’s sister event: Art Basel Miami Beach. Located in the city’s hip Art Deco district, within walking distance of the beach and many hotels, the younger and perhaps more glamorous Miami sister is known as “the most important art show in the United States.” Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of 250 top galleries and works from more than 2,000 artists with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. As in Basel, you can expect to spot a celebrity or two among the partiers at the hot spots in South Beach. Two shows, two cities, two continents: With these top fairs wrapped up in irresistible packages, Art Basel has the entire art world entranced and eager for more. For more information, visit and

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Gc is a registered trademark of GUESS?, Inc. Art Dir. Paul Marciano

Sport Class XL-S Glam 43 Diamonds White ceramic Mother-of-pearl dial Sapphire crystal Swiss Made

Salvatore Licitra 57


DELUXE Swiss Made magazine


and its treasures By sherry Pantieri & Sally Jaggin

We’re always seeking to discover new and adventurous places that help diversify us as well as bring us together in some way. With the world shifting so quickly in the past few years, we realize how small it really is, but also how much we do have in common with other countries and how much we still can learn from each other. We found our treasure in the East, in beautiful Malaysia, which has so much to offer: indigenous tribes, rainforests, diverse cuisine and culture, adventure, sport, and lessons from the ecosystem. We feel a sense of equality and spirituality of the people and, at the same time, enjoy a world of luxury and what Mother Nature has to offer. Special thanks to Malaysia Tourism Malaysia and its treasures 59


he word Malayu is derived from the Sanskrit term Malaiur or Malayadvipa, which can be translated as “land of mountains.” Mountains are something Switzerland knows only too well, so it’s fitting to see the polar opposite in the tropical landscape. Like eco-friendly Switzerland in Europe, our friends in Malaysia have one of the best economic records in Asia. The nation’s economy traditionally has been fueled by its natural resources, but is now expanding into the sectors of science, tourism, commerce and medical tourism. And with the growing economy in Asia, more and more people are heading to the East as a tourist destination for both leisure and business. It has a broad diversity of languages and cultures, so it’s easy to get around and manage. There are two distinct parts of Malaysia, separated by the South China Sea. Both parts, West (Peninsula) and East Malaysia, feature a similar landscape of coastal plains rising to hills and mountains. Malaysia is truly a treasure trove, from the highland townships of French colonial luxury life to the towering trees of the jungle, where you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of tribal life and native wildlife. Standing on one of its towering skyscrapers, I was enchanted by a view of old wooden houses built on stilts. Looking out from a window in a five-star hotel, I was greeted by the sight of ancient reefs. This is Malaysia, truly Asia at its best. A beautiful country, wrapped in a much more interesting history and rich cultures . What we love about Malaysia is its rich blend of ethnic cultures — Malay, Chinese and Indian — from Asia’s oldest civilization living together in peace and harmony. Malaysia also has been heavily influenced by Persian, Arabic and British cultures. Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise, but also home to hundreds of colorful festivals. Just as diverse as its culture are its two regions, Peninsular Malaysia on the west and Malaysian Borneo in the east. Cool hideaways found in the highlands that roll down to warm, sandy beaches and rich, humid mangroves make Malaysia a perfect getaway from the bustling city life. With a total landmass of 329,447 square kilometers, Malaysia indeed has a lot to offer: island life, city excitement, adventure and a cultural heritage experience. It is amazing to see how developed this country is, yet enriched with tradition. Kuala Lumpur, the official capital and the largest metropolis in Malaysia, is a modern cosmopolitan city boasting the world’s tallest twin towers, 452 meters tall. With an interesting past of the international spice route combined with the British and Moorish colonial influences, Kuala Lumpur has one of Asia’s most dynamic cityscapes. The best location to get a 360-degree aerial view of the city is the landmark tower Menara Kuala Lumpur. It’s no surprise Malaysia is a natural wonder. Long coastlines and many coral-fringed islands such as Langkawi, Tioman and Pangkor are all world-renowned resort destinations. Nominated as a UNESCO World Geopark, Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. Known as “the Jewel of Kedah” and surrounded by picturesque beaches contoured by tall coconuts and casuarinas, Langkawi is my little jewel island. The biggest charm is its natural, undisturbed state. Cruising around the island on a rented scooter, you can pass by rice fields with grazing buffaloes as friendly villagers wave and call out “Selamat datang” (welcome). DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Langkawi has a host of nature-based activities to satisfy any visitor, from rainforest canopy walk to snorkeling at the marine park. I recommend a yacht charter or sunset cruise from the park, where you are transported to the perfect secluded spot for a private snorkel or kayak at your leisure. Lastly, take the cable car to the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang, where the Sky Bridge is located, and soak in a spectacular view of the islands. There is a little island south of Langkawi, Dayang Bunting Marble (“Pregnant Maiden Lake”), Langkawi’s largest freshwater lake. Here lies a legend about the magical lake that has the mystical power to heal barren women.

Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia, lies at the northwestern extremity of Malay Peninsula. Although small, Perlis boasts a wealth of natural, cultural and historical splendors that rival those of the bigger states. Its quaint, unspoiled beauty, expansive green paddy plains — punctuated occasionally by limestone outcroppings — and a bucolic setting give Perlis a rustic charm. The largest contributor toward the economy of Perlis (known as the Rice Bowl State) is agriculture, with forestry and fishing also playing vital roles. Manufacturing has been a major contributor to the state GDP following a push to attract small- and medium-scale manufacturing industries and services in the past 20 years. Natural and historical attractions ensure that tourism is a boost to the economy of the Perlis, which truly is a rich environment for business as well as pleasure.

Malaysia and its treasures 61

Old colonial charm meets the finest traditions of comfort and service at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, which opened in 1885. Famous guests include Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Noel Coward, Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham and Hermann Hesse. All suites are magnificently furnished and extravagantly spacious. Suites come with a choice of city or sea view, and offer modern amenities and personalized, attentive service. The E&O Hotel is just 20 kilometers away from Penang International Airport and within walking distance of restaurants, shopping complexes and entertainment outlets of downtown Georgetown.

Niah’s Great Cave and Painted Cave

Penang is another island famous for its old-world charm, relaxing beaches and cultural mix. Often known as “the Pearl of the Orient” because of its concentrated Chinese heritage, Penang features distinctive architecture and tasty cuisine. The island was recognized as having the Best Street Food in Asia by Time magazine. A walk in the UNESCO World heritage site in Georgetown will take you back in time with unforgettable sights and sounds. Georgetown was founded in 1786 by British trader Fancis Light. Georgetown was one of the three Straits Settlements along with Malacca and Singapore. Today, the town is known for its well preserved colonial core, with original shophouses dating from the 19th century to the 1930’s still surviving together with their trades of old. To really soak in the aura and be reminded of the era when it was a popular venue for the city’s elite, we recommend a stay at the famous Eastern and Oriental Hotel.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Dubbed as the cradle of human civilisation in the region, the oldest modern human remains discovered in Southeast Asia were found at Niah, making the park one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The Great Cave (here) was inhabited by prehistoric men nearly 40’000 years-ago.

Ecotourism With a warm and humid climate, Malaysia is blessed with the rainforests of Taman Negara. Scientists believe that at 130 million years old, these rainforests are the oldest in the world. Malaysia is also home to the world’s richest marine environment, which includes coral atolls, fringing reefs and barrier reefs. Malaysia enjoys the best of both worlds and is truly the ideal destination for nature lovers. Its flora and wildlife are some of the most diverse on Earth, and it boasts some 15,500 species of higher plants, 746 birds, 300 mammals, 379 reptiles, 198 amphibians and 368 species of fish. One of the few countries that are home to these extraordinary ecosystems, Malaysia is also among the few that provide wide-ranging protection policies. Conquer South East Asia’s highest peak and capture one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world while standing at 4,095 meters, Mount Kinabalu, in Kinabalu Park in the Malaysian state of Sabah,

is said to be sacred to locals. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Mount Kinabalu and its surroundings are among the most important biological locations in the world with a rich collection of wildlife and famous species such as gigantic Rafflesia plants and orangutan. Mount Kinabalu has easily accessible paths; no specialized mountain climbing skills or equipment is required, although stamina comes in handy and some people may experience altitude sickness. The locals begin climbing this mountain at age 3. They zoomed by me transporting household equipment such as gas tanks and mattress effortlessly, while I tried to catch my breath every so often. The weather change can make the mountain a dangerous place. I had to abandon the last part of the climb on naked granite rock, which is why this mountain peak remains on my to-conquer list. White water rafting is also a popular activity in Kota Kinabalu. There are two rivers for rafting, Padas River at grade 3-4 and Kiulu River at grade 1-2. I would suggest the former for a bigger adrenaline rush. The town of Kota Kinabalu has a lot to offer to tourists and exhausted climbers and rafters. A handicraft market, shopping malls, a Sunday market, a great variety of food and relaxing massages can be found here. Get a soothing massage overlooking the sea, followed by a delectable meal by the waterfront. Many islands are found off Sabah in the Sulu, Celebes and South China Seas. Sipadan Island is known as the jewel in the crown of diving in Malaysia with good reason. The Malaysia and its treasures 63

© Orang Utan Island Foundation

list of attractions is quite staggering and all the more exceptional as it involves plenty of big fish encounters, namely barracuda, reef shark and bumphead parrotfish. This is one of the big fish capitals of the world. Sipadan Island was formed over thousands of years by living corals growing on top of an inactive volcanic cone. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in the ecosystem. It is easy to understand how marine biologist Jacques Cousteau got so excited about diving at Sipadan and declared it an “untouched piece of art.” For environmental reasons, this tiny island has now closed its resorts. This means the best way to dive here is by staying at one of the resorts on the nearby islands of Mabul or Kapalai.

A CALL for THE RAINFOREST Rainforests are home to 67 percent of all living animals and plants on Earth. It is estimated that hundreds of millions of species of flora, insects and microorganisms have yet to be discovered in these great greens, vastly known as the “jewels of the Earth.” Malaysia has the world’s oldest rainforest, perfect habitat for 14 of the world’s most threatened mammals, including the iconic Orangutan. The forest also contains immense amounts of natural “medicines,” making it the world’s largest pharmacy. The palm tree is emblematic of this beautiful natural treasure. Malaysia saw its forest cover reduced by about 4.9 million hectare. We feel the word must also get out to preserve it.

© Pulau Banding Foundation

Well known for its artistry and exclusivity, Swiss watchmaker, and recent recipient of the prestigeous “Red Dot” design award, Louis Moinet has caught our attention with its latest creation, the exclusive “Geograph Rainforest” watch. The two chronograph counters of the Geograph timepiece incorporate a piece of fossilized palm tree, originating from the rainforest and dating back millions of years ago. Louis Moinet is so passionate about this cause, that he is devoting a significant precentage of the product sales to preserve Malaysia’s heritage. The exclusive Swiss watchmaker considers preserving the rainforest and saving the orangutans as a priority, making sure these are part of our future and not just our past. With this goal in mind, Louis Moinet offers this 120 pieces limited edition mechanical watch. Our hats off to the people working to help this beautiful rainforest and all it has to offer remain intact for many years to come. © Pulau Banding Foundation

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

special thanks to Malaysia Tourism for its precious collaboration and providing the pictures presented in these pages. A Special Thanks goes to Datuk Jeffery Sandragesan, Honorary Consul of Malaysia.

fossilized palm tree

Louis Moinet’s Geograph Rainforest Chronograph

Malaysia and its treasures 65

sm wellness


iscover your sense of inner calm in the heart of Geneva at Le Richemond’s Le Spa. Le Spa is a luxurious urban day spa with a focus on whole body wellness. It combines complementary Eastern and Western therapies and mind-body exercise to provide a complete retreat from a hectic lifestyle. Relax in the refined surroundings of Le Spa’s design of natural bamboo and mosaic leading to the relaxation lounge, decorated with natural light wood, clean lines and subtle lighting to keep the focus on complete rejuvenation.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

The comfortable and elegant spa extends over 400 square metres and is composed of a TechnoGym fitness centre, four single treatment rooms and one couples double room with a private hammam. Aroma therapy, chromo therapy, beauty treatments and massages, for both men and women, are delivered by a team of experienced therapists. Using Shiseido or DeclĂŠor products, the treatments are individually tailored, from the Japanese jet lag therapy, which focuses on positive energy flow, to the pampering facials and tailored-made rituals, which are all done on a relaxing, heated bed. Each treatment room is heat controlled, featuring soothing

Finding ZEN

in the heart of Geneva

spa music, with iPod players for personalised music selection. A hammam and sauna create the ideal balance between beauty and relaxation. Essential oils delicately permeate the dry heat or the clouds of vapour. It is a perfect place for the ultimate in serenity and restoring a sense of balance after a luxurious spa treatment or after an energising workout. Freshly brewed energising tea, fruit, and mineral water are available in the relaxation lounge and in the fitness centre.

Surrender to the gentle hands of skilled masseurs and indulge in an eclectic range of therapies and treatments. Discover your sense of inner peace and reawaken your spirit with Le Spa’s “Decléor Spring Escape” offer that includes fruit seeds aromatic exfoliation ritual followed by a 50-minute Aromassage and a 30-minute express detox facial. Offer is valid until 30 April 2011. For Le Spa reservations and information, call +41 22 715 72 61 or email

Finding ZEN at LE RICHEMOND 67

sm photography

Denis Hayoun presents

“Nine Times a Lady”


enis Hayoun, between his little Noa, exhibitions of all kinds at the other end of the world and a few piano notes, photographs with a rare elegance the jewels of the “City of Time”.

Hayoun lives and works in his birthplace of Geneva, where he trained in photography and art. Within his studio, Diode, he enriches every image with his artistry of staging and conducting sophisticated lighting around watches, pearls, jewels and stones. Over 26 years of photos, stories and personal work, Denis Hayoun, 42 years, infuses life into his subjects. Through his talent, the exclusive universe of fine jewelry and timepieces are portrayed with emotion and imagination. The inanimate becomes animate, an image created, a story told. In this exclusive photo shoot for DELUXE Swiss Made, Denis’ inspiration is the woman, her timeless elegance and femininity.

Photographer: Denis Hayoun Photographer assistant/camera: Claudine Garcia Retouching assistant: Estelle Reiland Studio Diode (

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

BLANCPAIN Saint-Valentin 2011 Complete Calendar Ladies Watch Cupid has once again ignited the creative passion of Blancpain. A refined model radiating timeless elegance, the Saint-Valentin 2011, issued in a 99-piece limited series, will undoubtedly appeal to women the world over who will be charmed by the beauty and character of this watch entirely dedicated to love. The watch embodies a perfect compromise between resolute femininity and cutting-edge watchmaking techniques. The in-house self-winding Calibre 6763 visible through the sapphire crystal back of the steel case drives complete calendar and moon-phase displays, along with small seconds at 6 o’clock, and day of the week and month indications at 12 o’clock. This Blancpain movement endowed with a 100-hour power reserve also features an oscillating weight engraved with three hearts. Its incessant movement vividly symbolises the perpetual whirl of human feelings. DENIS HAYOUN 69

Eberhard & Co. Gilda Eberhard & Co. gives a new meaning to its concept of femininity. The soft lines of the elliptical case, the harmony shown by the exclusive details and the floral motif engraved on the caseback express modern and timeless elegance. The extreme refinement of Gilda is enhanced in all models by precious materials, such as mother-ofpearl and diamonds. Sensual, strong-minded, studded with little secrets, just like a woman. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Rado Ceramica White Monochrome and fluid, the timepiece takes advantage of its contours and highlights them by the uniformity of color. Immaculate. White. The Ceramica White is available in three versions, each one purposefully designed to make a different statement. Glamorous, heroic or vivacious, each version has a distinct personality.


MILUS Apiana The name of this collection is derived from the constellation of Apus, also known as Bird of Paradise. With its dynamically curved case and slim profile, the appearance of the Apiana watch is accordingly exquisite. The six-piece case in 18K red gold is hand-screwed and the four lateral elements - two on each of the longer sides of the case - are also mounted with high-precision craftsmanship. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

LONGINES Ladies Diamond Conquest A typical example of the brand’s elegant and more casual beauty thanks to its combination of sparkling diamonds and robust ceramic. The circular stainless steel case has a black ceramic bezel set with 54 diamonds. Fitted with a quartz calibre (L263.2), this model shows the hours, minutes and seconds as well as the date. Its black lacquered dial features eleven diamonds as indices and has a date aperture at 3 o’clock. Mounted on a stainless steel bracelet with black ceramic links along the centre, Ladies Diamond Conquest has a screw-in back cover and is waterresistant to 5 bar (50 meters). DENIS HAYOUN 73

Gc Sport Class XL-S Glam The sensual nature of the ceramic material ,offering a lightness and perfect comfort to the wrist, is heightened by the ergonomic design of the bracelet and case for additional pleasure to the wearer. The innate glamour of the design and the ceramic material used is also highlighted by mineral crystal on the steel bezel. This sophisticated detail gives the timepiece added femininity and sets off to perfection the corresponding mother-of-pearl dials with their iridescent sheen. The first all-ceramic model launched by Gc with both bracelet and case in high-tech ceramic, it has been created to offer the younger woman a dedicated Swiss Made timepiece to suit all her fashion needs. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

TISSOT – T-Evocation The diamond-set T-Evocation by Tissot celebrates contemporary women in radiant style! This sophisticated piece of jewellery is crafted like an elegant bracelet and is extremely pleasing to the senses, combining a provocative air with the precision of a Swiss made movement. The gaze is inexorably drawn to the square polished metal case surrounding the mother-ofpearl white dial enhanced on either side by an elongated “T” shape composed of 11 diamonds. The horizontal bracelet links featuring a width corresponding exactly to that of the case are also shaped like the famous initial and ensure optimal comfort. This set of carefully planned and meticulously executed characteristics makes the T-Evocation a symbol of self-assured femininity.


Jaeger LeCoultre Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin Specially and exclusively intended for women: the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin watch offers a softer figure for an extra touch of femininity. Perfect in keeping with the Reverso’s Art Deco spirit, this watch has been remodelled and resized, with softer lines to make it that much more feminine. A unique reversible watch, with the possibility of customisation by engraving. Decidedly ergonomic and feminine in style. A superb play of light on the dial. Ultra-thin version with a depth of just 7.2 mm. Mechanical version: refined design, emphasised by a double circle of diamonds on the principal face.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

PARMIGIANI Kalparisma collection The essence of femininity. Its lugs, tonneau shape and arched profile are the signature of Parmigiani, which the Kalparisma has adopted, while symbolising the two essential areas of the brand: watchmaking mechanics and refined aesthetics of the lines. The Kalparisma collection, made only from 18 carat rose gold, with or without diamonds, offers elegance and sobriety. The smaller dial numerals have been redesigned to give the whole a new balance; black or white, sunray guilloche worked and then lacquered, its face also elegantly matches the leather strap: Hermes Swift calfskin for white or Hermes lizard skin for black. There is also a red Hermes lizard skin version for those opting for greater originality.


sm craftsmanship

The Iconic Scribe

Already a renowned part of the brand heritage, the craftsmanship of the famous Scribe has been elevated to a new level as Bally offers its customers a bespoke Scribe service. Inspired by Bally’s vast archives, the new Scribe reinvents and refines original Bally styles to create comfort and precise fit.


ally, the luxury brand synonymous with quality and elegance, was founded in Switzerland in 1851. Known for its shoes and accessories as well as ready-to-wear, Bally combines sophisticated style with the highest quality craftsmanship and finest materials. Owned by the Labelux Group, Bally is the longest-running global luxury brand. In the early 1950s, Max Bally, grandson of the company founder C.F. Bally, decided to create a new range of handmade dress shoes. This range was named after the Hotel Scribe at Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, where Max Bally resided during business trips. The elegant lifestyle, luxurious ambience and international clientele Max witnessed at the hotel inspired him to create this line of dress shoes par excellence. Since then, the Scribe has become an iconic part of company history and remains a pivotal part of Bally’s collections. Now, under the DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

direction of Creative Director Brion Atwood, this iconic range has been revamped. Staying true to the Scribe heritage, Atwood has perfectly united traditional craftsmanship, superb comfort and modern, stylish design — the ultimate shoe for those who love detail and long-lasting quality. Made with Goodyear welting construction, the Scribe represents shoemaking at its very finest. The Goodyear technique was invented in the late 19th century and has been applied by Bally since the beginning. To this day it is regarded as the most traditional and premier method of shoemaking. Skilled craftsmen execute this complex construction, involving approximately 200 production steps, and each pair is created with great patience, love and precision. With Goodyear welting, traditional manual dying processes have been reintroduced to enhance the leather’s surface. Each shoe is hand-made in the

original leather, then hand-dyed and polished to create the selected color and achieve a unique antique effect. Full leather lining complements the exquisite uppers and hand-dyed leather soles are fastened with hand-hammered nails. The essence of this construction is that the upper is shaped over the last and secured by sewing a strip of leather or “welt� to the upper and inner sole. The cavity formed by the welt is then filled with resilient memory foam that guarantees comfort, fit and flexibility as it molds to the shape of the foot. The sole is then stitched through the welt to complete the process. This construction allows multiple sole replacements, extending the life of the footwear. Passion for details Beyond construction techniques, the real elegance of the Scribe collection lies in the materials and details. Only the finest quality materials are used. The uppers are made in a choice of old natural French calf, Vendome suede or Louisiana crocodile. The entire shoe is made of natural materials, from the flexible cork of the mid-sole to the finest double cotton yarn in the stitching. Triple and quadruple stitching, where each stitched line is executed separately with extreme precision, and perfectly finished brogueing are the details for which Bally became and remains famous. As the final step, the craftsman who created it handwrites the model name and size on the inside of the shoe. You can identify your Bally Scribe shoe by the stitched Scribe Goodyear emblem.

BALLY Iconic Scribe 79

Made to last It is only after a final and thorough inspection that a Scribe is ready to leave the Bally atelier. To maintain the impeccable condition created by these skilled craftsmen, Scribes require regular care. You can take note of the following tips to help you lengthen the life of your Scribes. When fitting the shoes, always use a shoehorn so as not to deform the heel counter. They should be allowed to dry naturally, and always be wiped clean before polishing. After every wearing they should rest on their original, made-tomeasure cedar wood shoetree. To help you care for your Scribes, Atwood has created an exclusive shoe care box. Hand-made in wengé wood with Vendome suede interiors, it contains everything needed to care for all types of leather and suede. When ordering this beautiful box, you can ask for custom finish details, including personalized initials. Bally’s atelier, in Switzerland of course, also offers full restoration service. Bally’s passion for detail finds its highest expression in the new Scribe Made-to-Order collection. An abundance of styles, colors and luxurious materials provides an exceptional opportunity for individual expression, ensuring the uniqueness and originality of every shoe. Inquire at any Bally store for details on costs and waiting time. The Scribe and Scribe Made-to Order collections are available exclusively in selected Bally stores.

When not performing on stage, Salvatore enjoys riding his Ducati.

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Sustainable Investing

is no Leap

into the Unknown. Renewable energies such as hydropower open up interesting investment possibilities while helping to shape the world in a sustainable way – for you and for future generations. Bank Sarasin leads in the field of sustainable investing and offers services and investment solutions tailored to your personal needs – while contributing to the world of tomorrow. Sustainable Swiss Private Banking since 1841.


sm cars

On the Fastlane

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

On the wrist of Bugatti test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel, travelling at a top speed of 431 km/h, the latest iconic Parmigiani creation – the new Bugatti Super Sport watch – is the perfect model to accompany records to the end of time and become a legend. Bugatti Super Sport - Parmigiani 83


n audacious contender boasting superb technical performance, fresh from the Bugatti automobile workshops in Molsheim, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport made history in June by setting a world land speed record for production sports cars. A representative from the Guinness Book of Records confirmed the result at the Ehra-Lessien track. This feat was matched by an unprecedented watchmaking achievement. Parmigiani Fleurier, the official partner of Bugatti since 2001, unveiled the second generation of its Bugatti models with a special first edition of 30 pieces. An astonishing idea In 2004, Parmigiani revolutionised the world of watchmaking by placing the entire movement of its Bugatti Type 370 watch on a transverse axis, just like a car engine block. A pillar assembly connected the calibre’s five plates and the train wheels cut in the shape of a car wheel. In 2010, Parmigiani flips all the mechanical components of the new calibre Bugatti PF 372 onto a vertical axis, retaining the lateral time display so appreciated by car drivers.* In a world premiere, Parmigiani has successfully developed a 90° time setting system – the dial is positioned perpendicular to the display axis (hours/minutes) – by integrating a system of double pinions with bevel gearing. Like the complete movement, this unique and complex mechanical system, which allows the time to be displayed on the side, has been entirely designed and created in the workshops of the Fleurier manufacture (VMF). Another key feature of the new Bugatti: its dynamometric crown. Perfectly integrated just above the profile, this is one of the essential technical components in terms of the harmony of the model’s aerodynamic lines. To retract the winding stem from its housing and make it accessible for setting, a slight pressure is sufficient. Its movement is the embodiment of Parmigiani Haute Horlogerie The manually wound Calibre Parmigiani 372 (power reserve of 10 days) was designed in two planes in order to match the contours of the new Bugatti watch. On the wrist, the watch movement is displayed at an angle of 30°. On the upside, the balance and

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

escape wheel bridges form an arc reminiscent of the Bugatti oval. The screw balance, produced at atokalpa – the Parmigiani manufacture’s bar turning facility – is perfectly visible, just like the central circular power reserve bridge with a 10-day graduated scale. Striking aesthetic characteristics, the train wheels are once again cut in the form of car wheels, the plate and its 10 bridges, designed and decorated in line with Parmigiani’s exclusive criteria, adopt the pillar system already used on the Calibre 370. A total of six sapphire crystals reveal the 337 impressive components of the new Bugatti Super Sport, which is water resistant to 10 metres. The carbon fibre hour wheel can be seen through the dial’s openworked centre, and is an homage to the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. The hands, applique indexes and counter are picked out in the same shade of orange used on the limited edition “world record” Veyron. The profile, signature of the Parmigiani style The highly tapered profile of the Bugatti Super Sport recalls the body of a wing; however, the inspiration for the design lies in the iconic shape of the case lugs on a Parmigiani watch. Boasting the brand’s characteristic curves, the new Bugatti represents the decisive signature of the Parmigiani style. Highly ergonomic on the wrist, the Bugatti Super Sport offers even greater comfort thanks to the two removable lugs incorporated at the front of the watch. Of a complexity rare in watchmaking, the design of the new Bugatti’s 18 ct white gold case – created by Les Artisans Boîtiers, the Parmigiani manufacture’s case production facility – reproduces the taut lines of the Bugatti Veyron’s wings. Brushed or polished, inclined planes and bevels are brought to life by contrasting light effects to reveal its generous volumes. The watch’s aerodynamic curves, which are reminiscent of those on the 1200 bhp Bugatti Veyron, are matched with an integral Hermès strap specially created for the occasion. Bugatti Super Sport - Parmigiani 85

sm luxury

a sparkling new jewel in the automobile world

Highest exclusivity, based on the latest technology of one of the world’s leading car-manufacturers, fully hand built at the HMC ateliers in Switzerland. Discover a fascinating step forward... into the past!

H.M.C. Helvetic Motor Company was founded on the initiative of a knowledgeable Swiss car enthusiast with the aim to create exceptional masterpieces for the discerning car aficionado and collector. A small team of experts, from Formula 1 and other specialised sectors, design and build a unique blend of modern high-performance technique, timeless design and high-level craftsmanship. A highly qualified staff and manual production techniques offer all the requirements for the realisation of the most individualistic wishes. This process guarantees that every Hidalgo is a tailor-made one-off, which reflects the owner’s personal style and taste. Enjoyment of luxury and the desire for individuality already coined the style of the 20’ and 30’s. The prevailing elegance did not only influence the worlds of fashion, architecture and furniture, but also the fascinating world of automobiles. This spirit of time strongly influenced the most creative coachbuilders of those years, too. They were the couturiers of automotive dreams. At the time it was customary to buy complete rolling chassis’ from major manufacturers, and to have them individually clothed in extravagant body styles following the wishes of the discerning international clientele. The finest craftmanship and artistry of famous masters produced a great variety of extremely elegant creations, blending delicious curves, gleaming chrome into smooth, breathtaking shapes. This philosophy led to some of the most beautiful cars of all time, like the Bugatti Atlantic, designed by Ettore’s son, Jean Bugatti, or the Talbot Lago by Figoni et Falaschi, Paris. This extravagant combination of style and class, combined with the trusted, reliable and top-class technology of the Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, is now brought back to the famous avenues and boulevards by H.M.C. A trip along the Grande Corniche from Monte Carlo to Nice, or along the Costa Amalfitana become a truly dreamlike experience! DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

The Hidalgo is not about sheer performance - always more powerful and faster - but about relaxation and pure enjoyment of driving experiences on the highest and most exclusive levels. It is impossible to describe H.M.C.’s Hidalgo in just one word, but maybe “style” really says it all. Every view from a new angle opens another perspective and stirs emotions a new. The Hidalgo is an exceptional automobile. It’s almost as if it was created in the 30’s by the leading coachbuilders using the latest technology and modern materials. The distinctive proportions of the unique fastback body is a reference to the tradition of the great automobile couturiers, and reflect the essential design elements of pure flowing lines, sportiness and extravaganza. The subtle combination of the long engine bonnet, the setback yet comfortable cockpit and the characterful wings, produce a fascinating blend of power and elegance. The

“H.M.C. has stepped back in time – back to that amazing era when cars were designed by artists and handbuilt by craftsmen.”

flowing and harmonious lines endow the car with a singular airiness and presence. The same applies for the custom-built interior, masterfully hand-crafted and finished with the finest leathers and wood. Here, too, the hardware is based on well-proven Mercedes components. Already during the planning-phase every detail and component was conceived and adopted with today’s stringent safety- and comfort-requirements in mind, in order to ensure this unique blend of extravagant styling with top-notch user-friendliness and the highest levels of convenience and comfort. The Hidalgo is based on the powerful and thousandfold proven Mercedes SLK55 AMG, with extended wheelbase. This secures that all safety- and comfort-related original components are being used, thus allowing the same wide choice of options. A further important convenience is the fact that the Hidalgo can be serviced by any Mercedes dealership worldwide.

The entire body is made of high-tensile carbon-hybridcomposite, and consists of 22 single parts, carefully put together manually. Highest exclusivity! Aimed at gentlemen and ladies alike, who appreciate exceptional, individual style, and fine craftsmanship, but still want to rely on complete userfriendliness and reliability, only five to six cars per year will be built in H.M.C.’s atelier at a price of CHF 428’000.(before taxes).


sm luxury treat

Savouring waves Glide across the sparkling lake in luxury


espoke luxury – perfect for immersing yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle and discovering the real meaning of joie de vivre: a raft of national and international awards confirm that few places on Earth are as close to paradise as the Hotel EDEN ROC. Already praised by an accolade of prizes, the 5-star hotel was awarded the GaultMillau’s Hotel of the Year 2010, one of the most prestigious titles in the Swiss hotel industry. According to the illustrious restaurant guide, the location on Lake Maggiore is “enchanting”. With its own private beach and yachting marina, it benefits from a delightful location on the shores of Lake Maggiore and enjoys matchless views of the stunning mountainscape – yet it is only a stone’s throw from bustling Ascona. Often called the St. Tropez of Switzerland, Ascona is a pleasant trafficfree former Ticino fishing village with a dash of worldly sophistication. Thanks to short spurts of abundant rainfall, the town is home to luxuriant vegetation. The average duration of sunshine is very high and the town owes much of its charm and attraction to its mild climate. Ascona is a center for cultural events, and its music weeks are of world renown. Romantic alleyways invite the shopper to dawdle where Italian designer fashions rub shoulders with antique dealers and art galleries. The typical Ticino architecture with its arches and granite piazzas appears in its best light everywhere and is lovingly maintained. The magnificent hotel garden ends directly on the shore of Lake Maggiore!

Be your own skipper Hire a luxury yacht for a mini-cruise and be your own skipper! Take over the helm under the expert guidance of the captain! Or Glide across the sparkling lake in luxury on the new Riva Tropicana 43 you can rent for up to 11 people with a skipper. A private marina and waterski school are also available to the hotel’s guests for exclusive activities and excursions. Setting off from the hotel’s own yachting marina, and choosing from one of four different luxury yachts able to accommodate up to eight passengers, feel free to explore the beautiful Lago Maggiore with an experienced multilingual captain. An experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Relax and go with the wind: A range of sailing boats invite you to cruise to the Brissago Islands and feel the power of nature in the sails above your head. Sail like a pro on a real racing yacht: Balance on the gunwale and hang out on the trapeze – experience sailing at its finest with the Joker racing yacht, which you can hire with a skipper. Command your own vessel: With or without a skipper, explore the most beautiful bays and most picturesque villages alongside Lake Maggiore. And for those of you on a boat, the restaurant marina offers it’s own boatparking place so that people can join for dinner by boat.

This summer, the hotel’s own waterskiing school, first established 30 years ago, will again be offering guests a variety of watersports activities in association with Scuola Vela Ascona, such as wakeboarding and waterskiing for the whole family - plus banana rides for the kids including special training. For those of you looking to indulge into heavenly relaxation, the new wellness and spa area, designed by Ticino interior designer Carlo Rampazzi, offers indoor/outdoor swimming pools, a whirlpool, a Turkish bath and a fitness room. Wether at lunch or dinner, do not miss the opportunity to delight your palate with Fourfold culinary diversity from modern to classic. Take your culinary pick each day from the four Eden Roc’s outstanding restaurants boasting a grand total of 44 points in the GaultMillau gourmet guide 2010: Mediterranean gourmet dreams in the La Brezza led by chef Rolf Krapf (16 points), Classic or light spa cuisine in the Restaurant Eden Roc (15 points), fish and sea food specialities in the lakeside villa La Casetta or modern grill and pasta dishes in a more relaxed atmosphere in the new Eden Roc Marina restaurant, awarded with remarkable 13 GaultMillau points when opening in 2010.

Savouring waves at EDEN ROC 89

sm charity

Saving Sight Worldwide MISSION: Preventing and treating blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives

by Massimiliano Pantieri

OMEGA and Daniel Craig team up to support ORBIS’ mission: Preventing and treating blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives

ORBIS International is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and treating blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives. ORBIS provides the tools, training and technology necessary for local partners to assess their needs and develop workable and lasting solutions to the tragedy of unnecessary blindness. By building their long-term capabilities, ORBIS helps its partner institutions take action to reach a state where they can provide, on their own, quality eye care services that are affordable, accessible and sustainable. Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has announced that it will work in cooperation with actor and brand ambassador Daniel Craig to support ORBIS International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness. OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart said of his brand’s commitment saying, “OMEGA is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to ORBIS’ remarkable mission. It’s particularly gratifying to be working with Daniel in support of an organization whose work we all believe in.” Daniel Craig is arranging a visit to ORBIS’ Flying Eye Hospital with OMEGA this year. “I think that it’s important to do all that we can to draw attention to the invaluable work that ORBIS is doing. By visiting them in the field and seeing their team at work, I hope we will be able to make more people aware of the issue of preventable blindness and to let them know how much of a difference they can make. I’m delighted that OMEGA feels as strongly about this initiative as I do.” Since it was founded in 1982, ORBIS has carried out programs in 88 countries to provide medical training, tools and technology for local partners to address the tragedy of avoidable blindness in their communities. As a result of ORBIS’ support, more than 12 million individuals have received medical care and more than a quarter of a million eye care professionals have been trained. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

“I think that it’s important to do all that we can to draw attention to the invaluable work that ORBIS is doing. By visiting them in the field and seeing their team at work, I hope we will be able to make more people aware of the issue of preventable blindness and to let them know how much of a difference they can make. I’m delighted that OMEGA feels as strongly about this initiative as I do.”

“We are tremendously excited about our new partnership with OMEGA”, stated Dr. Robert Walters, Chairman of ORBIS, “and are looking forward to working closely with OMEGA and Daniel to heighten the awareness of preventable blindness in the developing world. With OMEGA and Daniel’s support, ORBIS will reach and treat even more people, reducing the global burden of blindness and ensuring productive lives for many”. A special watch – the Hour Vision Blue – has been created to celebrate the partnership, and OMEGA has guaranteed that at least one million U.S. dollars from its sale will be donated to ORBIS, an organization which delivers eye care to some of the world’s most remote and developing regions. The Hour Vision Blue wristwatch is a special edition of the elegant Hour Vision. It has a classic 41 mm stainless steel case and is equipped with OMEGA’s Co-Axial caliber 8500, the movement that signaled a revolution in series-produced mechanical watchmaking. The movement can be viewed through the sapphire crystal on the caseback.

Adding distinction to the timepiece is its specially designed sunbrushed blue dial. It has 18 Ct white gold facetted hour, minute and seconds hands coated with white Super-LumiNova and features a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Photo: Raul Vasquez

To learn more about ORBIS, visit

Photo: Geoff Oliver Bugbee Omega & Daniel Craig join ORBIS 91

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The scent of Beverly Hills


everly Hills, home of palm trees, mansions, movie stars and millionaires, is universally synonymous with wealth, luxury and exclusivity. The small city of around 34’000 residents, independent from Los Angeles, has a surface of only 5.7 square miles and boasts an average per capita income of $81’000, versus $25’000 in the rest of Los Angeles County and the United States. The Beverly Hills mystique has been amplified over the years by countless movies and TV shows, from Beverly Hills 90210 to Pretty Woman, which anointed Rodeo Drive as the ultimate high-end shopping destination. And now the city itself has decided to cash in on its reputation, by launching a fragrance and beauty collection that carries the Beverly Hills name, with the intent of turning the city’s trademark shield logo into a lifestyle brand. The first products for sale are Must Have, Rodeo Drive, and Iconic, three signature scents which aim to portray the various moods and activities of the archetypical Beverly Hills woman. The fragrances have been developed by Swiss company Firmenich, the world leader in the perfume and flavor business. Firmenich perfumeurs Gil Clavien, Pierre Negrin and Richard Herpin collaborated with the California Native Plants Society and the city of Beverly Hills’ arborist to develop scents incorporating plants and flowers native to the area. Must Have has fruity and uplifting top notes such as lemon zest, bergamot, and lychee blossoms; a heart including California wild sweet pea, pink peony and lotus flower; and back featuring touches of Malibu driftwood, Pacific musks and amber. “I was inspired by the vibrancy of southern California sunshine”, says perfumeur Gil Clavien. “For me this kind of climate translates into a floral scent that can inspire a woman to feel more confident, energetic and spontaneous”. DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

by Claudia Laffranchi

These are not the first fragrances marketed using the Beverly Hills name. In the 1980s visionary SwissAmerican retailer and entrepreneur Fred Hayman, the “father” of Rodeo Drive, successfully launched the now world famous Giorgio Beverly Hills, followed by Fred Hayman Beverly Hills. But Must Have, Rodeo Drive, and Iconic are the first fragrances endorsed by the city itself, which hopes that these aspirational scents are going to be the perfect souvenir for people visiting Beverly Hills and the ideal international ambassadors of its glamour and allure, thus allowing customers to feel like the star of their own movie, basking in money and success.

Rodeo Drive is a blend of florals with sensual musks and woods, perfect for the elegant and sophisticated woman. “My inspiration was the color red”, confesses Pierre Negrin, ”a red dress, red lipstick, red flowers, red wine, and of course the glamour of the red carpet. Rodeo Drive is a sensual and rich fragrance which opens with bergamot blossoms and climaxes with mandarin, scarlet hibiscus, star gardenia, California peony, and jasmine petals. The background features oak and giant redwood, wrapped in musks and patchouli”. Iconic is perfumeur Richard Herpin’s love letter to Southern California. “I love the climate, the beauty of the landscape, the quality of the light and the laid back lifestyle”, says Herpin, “and of course the sexy and casual elegance of California women. I captured this impression with a blend of rasperries and blackberries leading into a heart of California roses and peach orchids, ending with patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, and a wink of vanilla. It’s perfect for a mysterious woman”. The fragrances are sold at and at selected retailers, such as David Orgell Beverly Hills and Neiman Marcus in the US, Bloomingdale’s in the UAE, Selfridges in the UK and, starting in May, Globus in Switzerland. A men’s cologne and a skincare collection will be launched later this year.

Firmenich is the largest privately-owned company in the fragrance and flavor business. Swiss and family owned, it has created many of the world’s favorite perfumes and several of the better known flavors in the home, body care, and food & beverage industry. Firmenich was founded in 1895 in Geneva by chemist Philippe Chuit and businessman Martin Naef. They rented premises from Charles Firmenich and created groundbreaking molecules still present on the market today, thus attracting their first client, French perfumeur Francois Coty. The daughter of Charles Firmenich, Therèse, married Philippe Chuit, while her older brother Frédéric joined the company, then known as Chuit, Naef & Co, as a salesman. Upon the retirement of Chuit and Naef, the Firmenich family became the majority partner, and in 1934 the company changed its name to Firmenich & Co. Today Firmenich has over 6000 employees in 64 countries, with three research and development centers in Geneva, Princeton and Shanghai.

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L.A. NOIR - Hans Signer LAST Galerie, Zurich

until May 28, 2011 Los Angeles has long been a city of contrasts, from unbelievable wealth, glamour and fame to desperate poverty, anonymity and crime. Many of the most impressive Film Noir movies of the 1940s and 1950s were produced there, inspired and defined by its contradictions and spectacular architecture. Zurich photographer Hans Signer, a regular visitor to the West Coast and an authority on noir, pays homage to these timeless, extraordinary movies and to the city itself in his latest exhibition, “L.A. NOIR”. His aim, as ever, is not to document but rather to explore atmosphere, light and the boundary between real and surreal. Composition and contrast are key. L.A. NOIR is Signer’s sixth exhibition at the Zurich gallery LAST and runs from 10 March 2011 to 28 May 2011. In keeping with the movies it celebrates, L.A. NOIR has been shot entirely in black & white with a traditional film camera. Each print has been made by the photographer himself using fibre-based paper (baryt). Galerie LAST Zähringerstrasse 26 8001 Zürich

© Hans Signer, Courtesy Galerie Last

Segantini Fondation Beyeler, Riehen until April 15, 2011

The reputation of Giovanni Segantini (1858–99) rests on his depictions of the mountains and the lives of farmers who eked out an existence there. With Divisionism, he found a modern form of visual expression that made the Alps appear in a new, brilliant light and range of color. His oeuvre awakens a desire to experience unsullied nature. The exhibition celebrates Segantini as a pioneer of modern painting, which he rejuvenated in parallel with Monet, van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and Klimt. Caption: Midday in the Alps, © foto flury, Inh., Alfred Lochau, Pontresina

Konrad Witz Kunstmuseum, Basel until July 3rd, 2011

Painter Konrad Witz is considered to be one of the most radical innovators of art in the first half of the 15th century. He arrived in Basel in 1434, perhaps attracted by the international atmosphere of the major church council convening there at that time. Witz died in 1447 already, but during a brief period, spanning not much more than a decade, he created a number of large altarpieces. Although only parts of these have survived, they have sparked a new interest in the immediately perceivable outside world. The significance of light and shadow, reflections, spatial depth and the intensity of landscapes bear witness to Witz’s knowledge of contemporary Dutch painting. Caption: Heilige Magdalena und Heilige Katharina in einer Kirche, um 1440 Strasbourg, Musée de l’oeuvre Notre Dame, Foto: M. Bertola

Man Ray Museo d’Arte, Lugano March 26 - June 19, 2011

The Lugano Art Museum is dedicating a major retrospective exhibition to photographer, painter and creator of objects Man Ray (1890-1976). As the darling of the Paris art scene, this American artist enjoyed considerable licence. He encrypted portraits with glass tears and portrayed elegant society ladies as dolled-up crones. Man Ray is one of the leading artists of the Surrealist and Dada movements and brought new ideas to photography. More than two hundred of his works will be on show In Lugano. Man Ray, Le violon d’Ingres, 1924 Copyright: Man Ray Trust, Courtesy Fondazione Marconi, Milano

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

El Modernismo From Sorolla to Picasso, 1880-1918 until 29 May 2011

The Fondation de l’Hermitage in Lausanne has organized a major exhibition devoted to Spanish art at the dawn of the 20th century. Focusing on painters of “The Generation of 1898” who emerged from the severe upheavals endured by Spain throughout the 19th century, the exhibition highlights how these artists evolved. Oscillating between respect for Hispanic traditions and modernity, their works were part of the contemporary surge to broaden horizons that arose among the Spanish avant-garde. Although it is extraordinarily rich and varied, Spanish art at the dawning of the 20th century is still relatively little known outside Spain. And yet the years between Goya’s death and Picasso’s Cubist period span several fascinating decades which bore the first fruits of Spanish modern art. With this exhibition, the Fondation de l’Hermitage is offering its visitors the opportunity of discovering some of Spain’s hidden treasures, many of which will be seen in Switzerland for the first time.

With some one hundred paintings, the event will bring together the most significant artists of the time (Anglada, Beruete, Casas, Mir, Picasso, Pinazo, Regoyos, Rusiñol, Sorolla, Zuloaga). The vast majority of works are from public Spanish museums (the Prado, the Sorolla Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the Valencia Fine Arts Museum), as well as from private Spanish collections. Some major paintings from the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée Rodin will complete this rigorous selection of exceptional works.

 Project Director: Juliane Cosandier, director of the Fondation de l’Hermitage

 Curator: William Hauptman, art historian and author of the catalogue raisonné on Charles Gleyre, who has curated several important exhibitions at the Fondation de l’Hermitage, such as L’âge d’or de l’aquarelle anglaise (1999), L’impressionnisme américain (2003), Impressions du Nord, La peinture scandinave (2005) and La Belgique dévoilée (2007).

 Fondation de l’Hermitage
 2, Route du signal
 1000 Lausanne

© photo Gonzalo de la Serna Arenillas/Charlie Peel, Archives BPS, Madrid Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida María en costume de paysanne valencienne, 1906 huile sur toile, 189 x 95 cm collection privée

Art exhibitions 95

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April 14-16, 2011 Theater 11 in Zürich From unassuming beginnings in the mid-1990′s, to a platinum record-selling and international touring act today, the history of The Ten Tenors has been anything but standard. Formed by a group of college friends constrained by the seriousness of their elite music school training, The Ten Tenors found infinitely greater pleasure in the art of entertainment than the art of opera. For years they honed their craft touring throughout the vast Australian outback – where the audiences are tough, but appreciate quality and know it when they see it. The Ten Tenors big break came in 2002 when they were invited to perform at the German television event, connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Within hours, their tour was sold out and they were well on their way to becoming one of the most successful touring acts in Germany. Further European and Asian countries followed and in 2003 they made their US debut. Nowadays, The

SKY DANCE May 6-7 in Geneva, May 12-14 in Zürich

Experience world-class stars and the unique SkyDance show up close and personal. The greatest music and dance show on earth in Zurich and for the first time in Geneva! Four times completely sold out Hallenstadion, an unequaled program, an atmosphere that gives goosebumps – SkyDance was a smashing hit in 2010 once again. With the occasion of the decennial in 2011, SkyDance rolls up its sleeves and will present, from May 6 to 7 in Geneva and from May 12 to 14 in Zurich a multipack of top-notch artists and a totally intoxicating dance spectacle. 220 stars from the music, dance, entertainment, and comedy businesses, and an additional and incredible world record will grant an unforgettable decennial show to tell your grand-children about. Allow yourself, together with your loved ones, an unforgettable evening!

DELUXE Swiss Made magazine

Ten Tenors circle the globe ten months of the year, performing around 250 shows on five different continents around the world. In 2006, The Ten Tenors embarked on their most ambitious album project to date. Recorded in studios in Australia, the US and London’s famed Abbey Road Studios, “Here’s To The Heroes” is now available in 27 countries around the world. In 2008, The Ten Tenors followed up with “Nostalgica” an album of the songs most requested by their fans and released to commemorate the group’s ten years as a professional ensemble. With an unparalleled palette of repertoire, The Ten Tenors have taken their passion for quality music and powerful singing to such venues as London’s Royal Albert Hall, the Sydney Opera House, The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles – their high-octane vocal power and warriorlike approach to live concert touring puts them in a class of their own.

Jazz by Off Beat


Fumetto, international comic festival

Basel April 30 - May 13, 2011

Bern March 11 - May 21, 2011

Luzern April 9 - 17, 2011

Fumetto is the most important comic event in Switzerland and a trendsetter in Europe. It encourages young comic art and gives the impulse for modern comic works. Every spring, the Fumetto Comix Festival presents the art of comics from the avant-garde and independent scene. With its competitions and interdisciplinary projects this event has become a European trendsetter. The Festival is a forum on the fine line of all comic related forms of expression, but also a meeting place to discover and experience both national & international comic trends.

Once a year, Jazz by Off Beat thrusts Basel into the focus of worldwide jazz interest. Numerous hopeful young talents, famous stars and top-class old masters find their way to the city on the Rhine. Year by year, the list of participating musicians from the international jazz scene promises a music festival at the highest international level.

The festival kicks off with the traditional Gospel concert at the French Church in Bern. Top international blues, jazz and latin stars will delight their audiences at the Jazz Festival. The final event comprises 2 gala nights at the Hotel Allegro Kursaal Bern.

Snow & Symphony - Graubünden Festival St. Moritz March 17 - April 2, 2011

The 13th Graubünden Festival in March 2010 promises to be a spectacular highlight and a fitting finale for the Engadin’s season of first-class events. The Snow & Symphony classical music festival is a symbiosis of music, sport and cultivated lifestyle. It is particularly renowned for its unusual venues: not only are the elegant banqueting halls of grand hotels transformed overnight into auditoriums, but also, for example, cable car and transformer stations.

4th Zermatt Unplugged Zermatt April 12 - 16, 2011

Zermatt Unplugged, Europe’s only festival featuring exclusively acoustic instruments, presents a varied and exciting programme. Its 4th edition takes place in April 2011.

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The Tschuggen Hotel Group has a culture all of its own. With an understanding of comfort, quality, sports and spa facilities that literally explores dimensions hitherto unsounded. Situated in Switzerland’s most delightful locations, from 200 to 1800 m above sea level, our four hotels in the mountain panorama of Arosa, on the shores of Lake Maggiore and the sun-soaked plateau above the lake of St. Moritz invite guests to rest, relax, and indulge in life’s true pleasures. Each of these individually managed hotels boasts its own distinctive style, offering that little extra that has garnered a multitude of awards. With their understated and unostentatious luxury they create a familiar and intimate atmosphere. And it is not just the design with its new mix of styles that catches the eye: your hosts at each hotel always have surprises in store for you, with new services and a particularly enjoyable experience. So welcome to magical moments with the Tschuggen Hotel Group.


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