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FEB 2013

POWER GIRL Underneath Raine Gavino’s charming demeanor is the will to win!

Want to be a Better Swimmer? EAT RIGHT!

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Acceleration Cool moves

REVVING UP Coaches Lambert Guiriba,

Ahli Frigillana, and James Hipolito prepare for the year ahead

to boost your speed

Plus: A Sneak Peek into the Speedo All-Girls and Batang Pinoy Competitions

E ditor's Not e Preparing this issue has been an inspiring journey for me. Going through the stories of all these young athletes filled with hope, passion, and dreams, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with a sense of joy and promise for our country. The Philippines is experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the international arena. Suddenly, the world has rediscovered once again the many charms of our country—our talented people and our beautiful islands. This seems to have coincided with a rediscovery of Filipinos of the value of leading a healthy lifestyle, resulting in many aspiring athletes to swim, run, and bike their way to fitness and glory. This is the landscape by which SWIM Philippines celebrates another glorious anniversary—and we cannot help but be thrilled by the many opportunities just waiting around the corner for the Filipino swimmer. Godspeed!


02 Top of the Heap

SwimPh Anniversary Special

04 Sports Nutrition Knows No Age

Take the food you need

05 Coaches Get Ready for the Year

Coaches’ game plan for 2013

06 Power Girl

Raine Gavino’s strength to win!

08 Speed Training

Increase your speed outside the pool


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Sneak peak of Speedo All Girls, Batang Pinoy, and 1st SwimPh’s Inter-School competitions Meet these four little swimmers from all over Philippines


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f o p To p a e H e h t

Through the years, SWIM Philippines has had the privilege of meeting young swimmers at the cusp of fame. Some of these champs have gone on to compete in international competitions, doing their families and our country proud. We meet up with some of these champions, and find out how they’ve been doing.



“Keep on training hard, always listen to your coaches, study, and don’t forget to pray. Stay happy!” Jessie Lacuna has been having the time of his life since he graced our cover in 2010. The magnificent freestyler tells us, “2012 for me was a blast!” Last year, Jessie found himself at the Olympics—“the greatest show on earth” as he so fondly calls it. He adds, “I’m happy and proud to represent our country in that prestigious event and the FINA World Short-Course Championship.” At 19, Lacuna has garnered some 51 gold medals from 35 national competitions and 16 from international ones. He’s bound to get another batch of medals as he prepares for the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona on July 2013 and the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar on December 2013. Much to his surprise, a lot of people came up to him to have their SWIM magazine autographed. But aside from those random brushes with fame, Jessie is focused on doing what he loves the most—swimming his heart out!

“Work hard to get your goals and never give up and always have fun in what you are doing.” Jasmine Alkhaldi believes that there are no limits to what a person can achieve for as long as he sets his mind on it—and there certainly seems to be no limits for Jasmine. Learning to swim at three and training at six, Jasmine has moved on to greater heights, competing in one international competition after another, garnering honor for her country along the way. Since appearing on SWIM’s cover last May 2010, Jasmine has moved on to achieve bigger and better things. After being accepted at the University of Hawaii where she is currently working for her degree in Marketing and International Business, she went on to compete in Shanghai for the World Championships and in Vietnam for the SEA Age Competitions. She also participated in several intercollegiate meets. Competing against swimmers from top universities in the United States like USC, UCLA, and Berkley became de rigueur for her in 2012. But of course, nothing beats her experience in London where Jasmine swam with the best of the best at the 2012 Olympics. In 2013, Jasmine’s goals include swimming at the World Championships in Spain and winning a medal for the Philippines in the SEA games. Godspeed, Jasmine!




“Studying must never be forgotten. No matter how tired you are, there must always be time for studies… Trust the Lord and let Him work in your lives. Never forget to pray.” A cursory run-through of Johansen Aguilar’s CV instantly reveals his fondness for breaking records. In 2010, he broke a record in the ASEAN University Games in Thailand and brought home the gold. The same year, he was hailed MVP in the 74th season of the UAAP, breaking both Philippine and UAAP records in the process. In November 2011, he represented the Philippines in the 26th SEA Games in Indonesia and broke yet another Philippine record in the 50m back. Last year proved to be a milestone one for Johansen as he swam his way to success, snagging the UAAP Season 74 Athlete of the Year title and the Cobra Ironman Championship title for the third time, while hauling a couple of medals at the ASEAN University Games in Laos. Swimmers who are thinking of following his footsteps must exhibit the same kind of dedication and passion as Johan does in order to succeed. He advises, “Swimming is a demanding sport and you must find some sort of excitement in what you’re doing. Set goals and dream big and let this be the motivator to train. Know your priorities in life and learn what to sacrifice. You cannot have everything, but you must choose the things that will help you grow and develop as a person and swimmer.”



“Stay humble, work hard, train hard, and study hard.” Season 75 of the UAAP fortified Axel Ngui’s reputation as the swimmer to beat in the competition circuit. Hailed as Rookie of the Year, Axel’s rigorous training program paid off, preparing him for a more exciting set of competitions, both local and international, in the future. He says, “My career highlight for the year is certainly the UAAP season where Ateneo de Manila University won the championship for the very first time. We all worked hard for it and it paid off.” Axel’s success becomes even more remarkable when you factor in the fact that he had just entered college. He had to work hard both in and out of the water, squeezing his training in between meeting the many requirements necessitated out of a freshman in a top university. Fortunately, he seems to have gotten the hang of it, producing magnificent results. So don’t expect Axel to slacken off even for just one tiny bit as he’s deep into preparing for the SEA Games. “In 2013, I’m targeting the SEA Games, so that hopefully I would get in and also place. If not, I still have some more years to improve and prepare for the upcoming international events.”





chips, chocolate, candy, burgers, and fries. Junk foods only give empty calories to children, lowering their immune system due to lack of proper vitamins and minerals. Starting them off with the right food doesn’t deprive them of the supposed “good stuff.” In fact, what you will “deprive” them of is getting sick, overweight, and lethargic as a result of the junk they’re eating. Proper nutrition will help promote overall health and growth: Ask yourself if you are giving your children the chance to maximize their growth potential with what you are feeding them. The right food and diet will help them grow to their maximum height and build especially during the critical pre-teen and teenage years. Imagine a plant that doesn’t receive the right type of nutrients from the soil. Chances are, its growth will be stunted compared to another plant with nutritious soil. The same goes for our children, we need to feed them properly to supplement their growing years.

EAT RIGHT! T Sports Nutrition Knows No Age by harvie de baron

Proper nutrition will maximize your child’s absorption of essential vitamins and minerals: Giving your children the right kind of food will give them the right vitamins and minerals they need as they grow bigger. More often than not, we let our children indulge in junk foods such as


Form habits early: Remember the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well, the same goes with food habits. Whatever habits you form as a child, chances are, you will bring with you as you get older. So why make your children go through the difficult adjustment of eating healthy when they get older when you can start them early and decrease the risk of illnesses as a result of a poor diet. Start them young by teaching them what food to avoid, what to eat in moderation, and what they should always include in their meals. Help your kids achieve their full potential in swimming: If you have decided on swimming as a competitive sport for your children, help them achieve their full potential and speed by feeding them the right

You may reach Har vie De Baron through Email har viedebaron, Facebook / har viesportsnutritionist or Twitter @ baronmethod for more information about his sports nutrition ser vices.



14-16 Palarong NCR 17 Alaska Ironkids Run Race 24 Speedo All-Boys Inter-School

10 24


Tri United Leg 1 Swimtastics Leg 1

Public Pool Venue

Directory (Metro Manila) Marikina Sports Arena Sumulong Highway corner Shoe Ave., Marikina City (632) 682-9573/943-2140 Tuesday-Sunday (8-11AM, 1-4:30PM, 5:30-9:30PM) Pool Detail: 50mx25m, 9 lanes, 4-5ft depth, roofed Pasay City Sports Center Derham St. corner F.B. Harrison, Pasay City (632) 831-4792 Monday-Friday (8-11:30AM, 1-4:30PM) Pool Detail: 25m, roofed Philsports Swimming Pool Complex (Ultra Pool) Meralco Ave., Pasig City Tuesday-Sunday (8-11:30AM, 1-4:30PM) Pool Detail: 50m, 9 lanes, outdoor Amoranto Sports Complex Don A. Roces Ave., Quezon City (632) 568-2137 Tuesday-Sunday (9-12:00PM, 1-4:00 PM) Pool Detail: 50m, 8 lanes, outdoor Rizal Memorial Sports Complex Pablo Ocampo Sr. St., Malate, Manila (632) 525-2171 Tuesday-Sunday (8-11:30AM, 1-4:30PM) Pool Detail: 50mx20m, 4ft-8ft depth, outdoor Makati Aqua Sports Arena J.P. Rizal Ext., West Rembo, Makati City (632) 728-0381 to 83 Tuesday-Sunday (8AM-10PM) Pool Detail: 50m, 8 lanes, outdoor D’Ace Plaza Indoor Heated Pool United Cor. Brixton St. Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 514-7520 Monday-Friday: 8AM-9PM, Saturday: 8AM-5PM Pool Detail: 25m, roofed Ace Water Spa Indoor Heated Pool 399 Del Monte Ave. Cor. Banawe St. San Francisco Del Monte QC. 367-8041 / 367-8062 Monday-Friday: 8AM - 9PM, Saturday: 8AM - 5PM Pool Detail: 25m, roofed

photos courtesy of harVie de baron

here has been some debate as to what age proper nutrition habits should be instilled among athletes. Some say that such habits should be directed towards the older ones who “need” it; the younger ones (generally those below 15 years old) should not be monitored and should just be allowed to eat anything and everything they want since they are still young. We’ve all heard this before, “Bata pa naman, hayaan mo na lang mag-enjoy.” (They are still kids, let them enjoy). However, proper nutrition should begin as soon as possible for several key reasons that would benefit any person at any age.

way. Improper nutrition in any athlete leads to plateaus in best times, and even sometimes costing them their dreams. There have been swimmers whose times have not improved from age 14 until they are 16 to 17 years old. A simple tweak in their nutrition helped get them out of that rut. Also, imagine two swimmers at age 12. Swimmer A eats the proper food at the right time while swimmer B believes that with sports nutrition, anything goes. Swimmer A’s chances of improving is higher than that of Swimmer B because Swimmer A will most likely avoid pitfalls such as missing training because of sickness, not getting enough nutrients to fuel swimming, etc. By the time Swimmer A is 16, his best time has probably improved a lot over a four-year time span. Should Swimmer B decide to finally follow suit and improve food intake, Swimmer B will have to make up for lost time that he did not improve due to lack of proper nutrition. Swimmer B cannot expect a sudden improvement just because a good nutrition program has been started. The effects are cumulative depending on what age the swimmer decides to start. A case in point is a swimmer that I have been working with for the past two years. Jeremy Lim is a 16-year-old swimmer who came to me wanting to improve his times through a solid nutrition program. The results: Jeremy has substantially improved his times. Plus, he is able to train harder, recover better, lose fat, and build more muscle. To sum it all up, nutrition knows no age, especially if you want to perform your best at any sport. Any athlete can benefit from proper food intake at whatever age he may be, and the results and benefits of doing so are astounding.

the high school division in this big league. It is my duty to give a good program to them, part of which is the motivational process. I always tell them: Play with your heart and mind and the rest will follow.


James Paul Hipolito


Coach for the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Arellano University, and Manila Streamliners Swim Club >> How are you preparing your team year for the upcoming competitions? We started this year assessing the team’s performance/ results from meets last year to find out our weaknesses and strengths individually and as a whole. Of course, my priority for the first phase of our program is to build a good and solid foundation emphasizing on our technique. >> What are the major competitions you’ll be joining this year? For Arellano University, we got the 89th NCAA Season coming up this August. For Polytechnic University of the Philippines, we have the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) National Games this February in Dipolog. As for the Manila Streamliners Swim Club, we’ll be joining the Short and Long Course Series. >> What is your goal for these competitions? Last 88th NCAA season, we placed 4th in the overall championship, behind San Beda, College of Saint Benilde, and Emilio Aguinaldo College. So for the 89th season, we are aiming at a spot in the top 3 overall championship. For the SCUAA Nationals, we want to go for a back-to-back championship. For the Short and Long Course Series, we want to bring more swimmers to the Short and Long Course Nationals. >> How do you motivate your team to reach their goals? I always inspire them to give and do the best they can during training sessions. I always tell them to start doing the things we want to do and happen in the race while still in training. For what we do in training, that is what will come out in the race. Also, I make sure that there is positive reinforcement, psychologically, to maximize the results of what we’re doing in practice.

Swimming Ahead of the Competition


Ronald Alejo “Lambert” Maico Guiriba

Coaches reveal their prep strategies >> What preparations are you doing as a coach for your team? As a coach and educator, I make sure that I back up my skills with academic knowledge. As Champion Athlete and Bodybuilder Mike Francois says, “It’s what you know that makes you grow.”

Ahli Frigillana

Head Coach for the University of the East >> How are preparing your team for the upcoming competitions? How do you motivate your team to reach their goals? Mind setting and rigorous training are two principles that I instill in my team. I prepare their mind first on what kind of training that they will undergo in order for them to have focus and direction on each workout. It is important for each swimmer to know the kind of training that he is doing because I believe that a wise swimmer will improve faster. I have a training program for the team that will strengthen each essential component needed for the swimmers to improve faster

and stronger. Endurance building is the vital workout needed by a swimmer. It is the key to strengthen other components. Power training adds strength and water feel. It is an essential skill for every swimmer. Speed training is needed for a fast and better hand and feet coordination. >> What are the major competitions you’ll be joining this year? What is your goal for these competitions? One of the most important leagues that we will be competing at is the UAAP swimming competition. This competition is one of the most prestigious in the field of swimming. Top schools and swimmers are participating in this tournament including national level swimmers. We hold a two-time championship title for the high school girls division. We trained hard and gave our hearts out to achieve this title. For the upcoming competition, we aim to grab our third championship title and we will try to get the championship title for the high school boys. I plan to conquer

Head Coach of Elizabeth Seton Saints >> How do you motivate your swimmers? I share with them the competitive fire. Win or lose, I will be with them cheering, supporting, and taking good care of them. It really is heart-warming on my part if they achieve their goals and even when they don’t, I feel that I too should play a part in it. I take it as a challenge to become a better coach, athlete, and human being. >> What preparations are you doing as a coach for your team? Since I consider myself a newbie in the coaching industry, I make sure that I seek advice and additional knowledge from my mentor and other colleagues when it comes to preparing my workouts. I add any insights I have as a swimmer as well. I try to communicate with my swimmers whenever we formulate our race strategies. >> How do you prepare your team for the upcoming competitions? When preparing for upcoming competitions, we make sure that we are on the same page first. After that, everything else follows: workouts, nutrition, race strategies, etc. >> What is your goal whenever your team competes? For each competition, we always try to improve times, strokes, basic fundamentals (dolphin kick, streamlines, breakouts, etc.). We also try to improve our team rankings. However, I often remind my swimmers that our most important goal is to value to one another by supporting each other and working as a single unit to achieve our goals. >> What are the major competitions you’ll be joining this year? We are joining the important competitions like G-League Series, Palarong Pambansa, SEA Age Group and the inter-school competitions.


e w o P l r i G R

er e water. Togeth ew up loving th er, ng Ra aine Gavino gr d an n, ga gs Raegan, Ro h with her siblin s going on beac er m m su d en ed that lp she would sp he water. It playing in the who rs we vacations and ro at both dragon bo re we s nt ve re pa their nture and a lo a sense of adve em th in ed ill st in for the water. ons under swimming less started taking e in mediately. Ra , im t six or e At ag ve with the sp lo in ll fe e cipate Sh . Lim Archie to parti Coach Archie ked by Coach as ly al d tu ul en wo ev e agreed. Rain When she was ns, she readily io tit n pe fu m a co be g g to in swimmin found competin ed me jitters. She time she manag y er ev have no first-ti s ile sm l al be d ul s’ nt wo she see her pare endeavor, and me, she would a ribbon. At ho of trophies as le up co to bring home at she wants a th t gh ou th d trophies, an l. e f in their mante ging home mor well to show of ng better, brin tti ge d te ar st r e he Rain ly beating In no time, She was actual ceful” awards. ting for her. ra la hi ex than “Most Gra e feeling was th d an s, er Hong Kong. m fellow swim s Swim Meet in ta an M e th ed ing, e join ade a god show In 2009, Rain medals, she m y an n wi ’t dn 0m di at the 10 Although she fly, 5th in heat t heat at the 50m ght home a lo ou br e placing 4th in Sh the 50m free. at at ng tti he ge in h ly 6t al fin back, and g that she was erged ll as the feelin im Meet, she em Sw of ribbons as we s ta an M 10 20 e th . st In t. ea or in the 100m br good at her sp broke a record so ry al ta e en Sh l. em al second over ayer in the el ost Valuable Pl s. M ld e m go ca six be e e m In 2011, sh a, bringing ho rongPambans e la Ag Pa e ia th As t of as n divisio the36th Southe nesia, participated in lembang, Indo Last year, she on pi ship in Pa am Ch g in m Group Swim e 50m breast. e a bronze in th bringing hom


This year, Raine hopes to break more records, qualify in more international competitions, and bring home more medals. Her ultimate goal: To join the 2016 Olympics. She would be 16 years old by then. Yes, Raine may have an easy smile, but underneath her charming demeanor is a resolve to do her best always. Her coaches may have something to do with her highly-motivated behavior. Devoting hours and hours into training is practically second nature to her (On school days, she’s at the pool from 4:30 to 7 p.m. During the summer, she trains mornings and afternoons). She says, “In training, we have to be serious because nothing will happen if you just keep playing when training.” Her coaches—Archie Lim and Candice Esguerra— encourage her to keep doing her best all the time. They also emphasize the importance of regular training as it will make her stronger and faster. It helps that all of her siblings are swimmers as well. Going on swim meets, whether locally or internationally, gives them opportunities to bond as a family, and to share tips and techniques along the way. Because they’re of different ages, they don’t get to compete with each other. Sometimes though, Raine finds herself in the same group as her Ate Raegan, who is 14, which ain’t a problem as they just go on like they usually do during regular competitions. No tension. No sibling rivalry. Just clean fun. As for her mom and dad, they’re not the stage parent types. They don’t watch over her during training, but they give their all-out support at home and during competitions. And so, every time Raine hits the water, she always remembers what her parents told her: Keep trying. Never give up. And she won’t! ON RAINE: Arena Training Goggles AR N-1010W Half Spats Arena White Latex Cap Available in All Planet Spor ts Stores

Photographed by K ai Hua ng • Hair and Mak eup by Liz a Dosano

r o f e k a m h t g n e r t s d n a e c a r g ’s ! o l n i o v a o G p e n i e h Ra t n i a l u m r o f d e k c a p r e w o p jano e a l g n i j y b

er 7


Speed Training



How to increase your speed outside the pool. by coach chappy callanta


peed is a tricky subject. For a sport like swimming, nothing beats superior speed. However, speed training is not as simple as going as fast as you can in the pool. There’s a lot of precision and fine-tuning involved for your stroke to become as efficient as possible without sacrificing power—and though you see it in the pool, training for speed also happens outside of the pool. What most athletes don’t realize is that there’s a pyramid of progression in training, and speed is at the top. This means that you have to develop your balance, stability, endurance, strength, and power, before you can train for speed. Sure you can introduce speed drills early

on, but they should only comprise a small percentage of your workouts— at the start. Once you’ve developed ample strength and coordination in your body, then you can start incorporating speed training. Contrary to what most people think, speed training sessions shouldn’t be long and grueling. That’s because once you get to speed, it’s a given that you have already built up your endurance. Unlike power training where the focus is on low reps and high weight, speed training uses moderate loads to try to sustain high intensity throughout the exercises. To develop speed in a conditioned athlete, I use this routine:

When there’s a lot of power involved, the possibility for injury is high. Start with afive-minute whole body warm up followed by a specific warm up routine for swimmers.


Kettle bell band swings:


Loop an exercise band around a kettle bell’s handle, step on it, and perform the regular 2 kettle bell swing. Do three sets of 20 repetitions, resting for one minute in between.

Rip trainer strokes:

Loop the rip trainer band around an overhead beam, grasp the bar overhead, and stroke it downward. Do three sets of 30seconds to 1minute going as fast as you can, and resting for 1 to 2minutes in between sets.


Battle ropes:

SWIM December

121012.indd 3

2/4/13 9:53 AM

Battle ropes serve as sprints for the arms. Start off at 10 to 15 seconds per interval and try to go as fast as you can, resting for 15 seconds to 1minute depending on the level of conditioning. Do it for 3 to 4 sets. Build this up to around 30seconds to1minute of work.

Coach ChappyCallanta is the Fitness Program Director of 360 Fitness Club. You may get in touch with him through his phone at 0917-7962173 ore-mail him at cscallanta@ or chappy@

IN DEPTH Keane, 12

Featured SWIMMERS: Name: Keane Ting Date of birth: June 28, 2001 School: Xavier School Team: Xavier School Aqua Stallions Coach: Jonathan Villagracia   What are your favorite events and best times: 50 Fly, 35 50 Free, 32 200 Free, 2:26 400 Free, 5:07   >> What is your greatest achievement?  My greatest achievement was getting the IMX award in 2012.   >> What is your typical day like?  Wake up, eat, school, swim, eat, study, sleep   >> What are your future goals?  I want to qualify for all the competitions for elite swimmers.   >> Who do you look up to? I look up to my friend Ryan Santiago. He is the one who helps me when I’m having trouble with my studies or in swimming.   >> How would you describe yourself as a swimmer? I am hardworking and I train every day to get best times.

Featured Coach:

Jonathan Villagracia, 28 Xavier School Aqua Stallions at Xavier School, San Juan >> How long have you been coaching? Two and a half years >> How long have you been in swimming? Since 1995, I was a swimmer before. >> What is your most notable achievement? Second in the G-League Nationals Short Course >> What made you decide to be a coach? I want to share my knowledge in swimming to the younger generation. >> What are you like as a coach? I’m not a strict coach. I want my training sessions to be fun and lively. >> In your opinion, what makes a good student/ athlete? One who can balance swimming, academics, and extra-curricular activities. >> What do you think are the most important attributes an athlete must have? Discipline and having a goal >> How do you motivate your students? I always tell them that whatever their performance, as long as they give their best, they will always be winners.

Featured Team:

Xavier School Aqua Stallions Head Coach: Jonathan Villagracia CoachES:  JA Chan, Lou Abrenica

NUMBER OF SWIMMERS IN THE TEAM: 60 Where is the team based? Xavier School, San Juan MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: 2nd in G-league Nationals Short Course 2012

>> What are your goals as a coach? To produce not just great swimmers but also great people



1st Swim Philippines Inter-School

Montessori De Sagrada Familia Swim Center, Baliuag, Bulacan • December 16, 2012 T eam S cores 1st Place - St. Stephen’s High School 2nd Place - Elizabeth Seton School Imus 3rd Place - De La Salle Zobel

495 Points 355 Points 253 Points

Most Outstanding Swimmers



8 & Under Girls - Bernardo, Jea Beatriz - Sto. Nino Academy Bulacan 8 & Under Boys - Pagsuguiron, Sean - Elizabeth Seton School Imus 9-10 Girls - Coronel, Samantha - Colegio San Agustin 9-10 Boys - Santos, Raphael Henrico - St. Mary’s College of Baliuag 11-12 Girls - Tee, Patricia Micaella V. - St. Stephen’s High School 11-12 Boys - Santos, Romeo Gabriel - Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos 13-14 Girls - Pascua, Ma. Luisa - De La Salle Zobel 13-14 Boys - Tan, Samuel Ryan Christoper D. - St Stephen’s High School 15 & Over Girls - Cheng, Hanielle Anne T. - St. Stephen’s High School 15 & Over Boys - Claveria, Kevin - Colegio San Agustin


Batang Pinoy Nationals (Swimming and Triathlons)

Iloilo City Sports Complex December 5-8, 2012

4th Speedo All-girls Inter-School

Xavier School, San Juan • January 20, 2013 T eam S cores Juniors (13 & Over) Combined Team Scores 1st Place - Saint Jude Catholic School 2nd Place - ICA Swim Team 3rd Place - St. Paul College Pasig

265 Points 264 Points 239 Points

Midgets Combined Team Scores 1st Place - ICA Swim Team 2nd Place - St. Stephen’s High School 3rd Place - Colegio San Agustin

135.50 Points 105 Points 102.50 Points

Most Outstanding Swimmers


8 & Under Girls - Pardo, Sophie - The Learning Tree 9 Year Old Girls - Baccay, Kristina Francheska - The Little Campus Northbend School 10 Year Old Girls - Borlain, Samantha - St. Paul College Pasig 11 Year Old Girls - Chua, Xiandi - ICA Swim Team 12 Year Old Girls - Castrillo, Maria Regina Paz - St. Therese’s College 13 Year Old Girls - Daos, Chloe - ICA Swim Team 14 Year Old Girls - Uy, Shaye Chantal - Mgc New Life Swim Team 15 Year Old Girls - Yu, Roxanne Ashley - ICA Swim Team 16 Year Old Girls - Carandang, Mariel - St. Paul College Pasig 17 Year Old Girls - Chiang, Samantha Y. - Saint Jude Catholic School


kids NCR


Chilo S. Agngarayngay, 10 Manila

Team: St. Stephen’s High School Favorite event: All freestyle events Future goals: To be a great swimmer Hobbies: Studying, reading books, playing basketball Famous person I look up to: My Achi Chiekie What I want to be when I grow up: To be a doctor The thing I love most about swimming: Having fun and having a lot of friends


Jewelle Mae V. Macatangay, 10 Batangas

Team: Batangas City ALPA Seals Swim Club Favorite events: Breaststroke, 200 Individual Medley Future goals: To be an Olympian Hobbies: Ballet Famous person I look up to: Cathy Bondad What I want to be when I grow up: Successful in every endeavor The thing I love most about swimming: Relay, sprinting, earning medals, beating my older sister in some events, and meeting new friends


Sophia Alexandra Y. Sison, 10

Rap Louis C. Regidor, 9 Davao City


Team: NOGCC Bacolod Novice Team Favorite stroke: Breaststroke Future goals: Palarong Pambansa and Philippine National Team Hobbies: Dancing ballet and jazz, playing the piano Famous person I look up to: Taylor Swift What I want to be when I grow up: I want to be a chef The thing I love most about swimming: Swimming makes me fit, healthy, and strong. I also enjoy being with my friends in our swim team.

Team: Coastland Davao Swim Team Favorite event: Breaststroke Future goals: To be able to join the Palarong Pambansa Hobbies: Biking Famous person I look up to: Joboy Gonzalez What I want to be when I grow up: I want to be a pilot The thing I love most about swimming: I love joining swimming competitions, meeting new friends, and having fun with my teammates.

Do you want to see your profile in SWIM Kids? If you’re a swimmer 10 years and under, send us your photo and details to

Swim Philippines February 2013  

Anniversary Special. Underneath Raine Gavino's Charming Demeanor is the will to win!

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