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5-stall Shedrow Barn Standard $25,525 • Well-Appointed $31,000 Price valid through April 30, 2021. Photos may differ from advertised special.

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Built with the Strength of Steel and the Timeless Beauty of Wood April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader



elcome to the April Issue of SouthWest Horse Trader. It’s so nice attending horse shows again! This month we finish up our coverage from the NRCHA Celebration of Champions and begin our BFI coverage with the Charlie 1 All-Girl Team Roping. Watch for our upcoming coverage of The American, BFI, Road To The Horse, Pin Oak, NRCHA Stallion Stakes and NCHA Super Stakes. Yes, we have been busy! I’m already feeling a little road foundered and it’s only the end of March! If you see me at a show, feel free to stop me, and say hello! I’d love meeting our readers and hearing about their horses. Be Safe! w

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Riley Delbecq & Julesraimus De Barisy

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Riley Delbecq Named Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for February Riley Delbecq of Austin, Texas has been selected as Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for February. Delbecq competes in the East Conference, Junior Division of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series. She earned the award by riding Julesraimus De Barisy to first place in two of the four Series classes held at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington in February - during WEF 5 when she topped a field of 21 entries and then one week later in WEF 6 when she topped a field of 14 entries. The Show Jumping Hall of Fame conducts the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series. The Series hosts separate divisions for junior and amateur riders in two Conferences and follows Grand Prix rules and specifications. Each month the Series honors the one rider who earns the most points on one horse in Series competition that month. The Series provides an opportunity for amateur and junior riders to compete at higher levels and serves as a proving ground for many who aspire to ride in international competition. For more information about the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, including the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series, please visit the Show Jumping Hall of Fame website at www.ShowJumpingHallofFame.net. w

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At the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Challenge Team Roping Lari Dee Guy took the win partnered with Annette Stahl.

During the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, William Wall showed the Grand Champion Junior Market Steer with Jett James in Reserve.


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Cutter McLaughlin brought his A-Team with CD Dee Vee Dee to win the World’s Greatest Youth Horseman. Photography by Primo. w


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April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader



World’s Greatest Horseman

Andrea Fappani & All Bettss Are Off

Shane Steffen & Gunna BeA Smartie




SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

The 11 horsemen and horsewomen who competed in the finals of the NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman, presented by DT Horses and Hashtags, treated an enthusiastic audience gathered at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, to an evening of memorable performances on Saturday, February 20. Through the course of the 12-day National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions, 15 World and National Champions have been determined, Tres Osos Performance Horses Derby Champions were crowned (see SouthWest Horse Trader February 2021 Issue), and finally, tonight, chasing down the 2021 World’s Greatest Horseman title. One horse, one bridle, and finally, one newly crowned World’s Greatest Horseman has etched his name in the record books. Coming into the World’s Greatest Horseman Finals Shane Steffen and Gunna Be A Smartie were part of a three-way tie for seventh upon completion of the prelims with a composite score of 875 (219.5 herd/ 218.5 rein/ 220 cow/ 217 steer). In the finals, Steffen and Gunna Be A Smartie entered the herd in John Justin Arena where they marked a 219 to kick things off. The indomitable team continued to build momentum in the steer stopping with a score of 225 that placed them solidly among the top five. Then a 223 in the reined work kept them holding strong and moving up the ranks. The final leg of the sudden-death, fourevent finals is where Steffen and the 2012 black mare Gunna Be A Smartie delivered


Concludes NRCHA Celebration of Champions

a commanding performance on the cow that was rewarded by the judges with a score of 227. While all cow scores were held for the in-arena awards ceremony, Gunna Be A Smartie (Very Smart Remedy x Gunna Be Mine x Gunna Smoke) and Steffen had achieved an 894 composite that was not to be outdone--besting the field by 12 points. The World’s Greatest Horseman champion received a $50,000 paycheck, plus a host of fabulous awards. A Gist custom buckle sponsored by DT Horses and Hashtags was awarded to each of the high scoring pairs for each class. The high score in the cow work (227) and the reined work (223) went to Shane Steffen. The high scoring herd work of the World’s Greatest Horseman finals went to Magicality (Very Smart Remedy x Magical Lena x Little Lenas Legend), owned by Anne Reynolds and ridden by Gusti Buerger, to a score of 221. The high score in the finals steer stopping was a tie with identical scores of 227. CSR Lay Down Sally (Dual Spark x Look At Her Glo x CD O Cody) ridden by Chris Dawson for owner Linda Mars marked a 227. Sharing top honors was Shiney Outlaw (Very Smart Remedy x Gunna Be Mine x Gunna Smoke) ridden by Jay McLaughlin for owner Michelle Cannon. Continued on page 8

World's Greatest Horseman 1. Gunna Be A Smartie: Shane Steffen, McSpyder Ranch, 894.00, $50,000 2. Shiney Outlaw: Jay McLaughlin, Michelle Cannon, 882.00, $35,000 3. MoonShineAndTwoAdvil, Shawn Hays, Angela Massey, 878.50, $21,000 4. Jerry Smoke: Todd Crawford, J Five Horse Ranch Mgmt, 876.00, $17,000 5. CSR Lay Down Sally: Chris Dawson, Meredith Graber, 873.00, $14,500


World Champions Crowned at the NRCHA Celebration of Champions

NRCHA WGH - Cont from page 6 MARS Equestrian' World's Greatest Youth Horseman


Emerging as the champion of a hotly contested World’s Greatest Youth Horseman field was Cutter McLaughlin and his stalwart equine partner, CD Dee Vee Dee (CD Lights x Shiners Missy Jay x Shining Spark). Coming into the fence work only finals, McLaughlin held the Cutter McLaughlin lead with a 594.5 com& CD Dee Vee Dee posite (150 herd / 145.5 rein / 149 cow), which he followed up with a 152 in the finals down the fence to seal the deal. The World’s Greatest Horseman Youth Champion earned $2,445 and a host of other prizes. A Gist custom buckle from Pam and Billy Minick was awarded to the high scoring exhibitors in each class. McLaughlin was the high scoring World’s Greatest Youth Horseman herd and cow work winner. The high scoring World’s Greatest Youth Horseman rein work winner was Tyree Swales riding CD Shiner (CD Olena x Shiners Little Oak x Shining Spark), owned by Colleen Penner, to a 146. The high scoring World’s Greatest Youth Horseman steer stopping winner was Trevor Hale riding Seven S Crazy Horse (Hickorys Indian Pep x Seven S Babe x Seven S Zanaday) owned by Terry S. Forst. Hale was awarded the Robbie Schroeder Memorial Saddle by Jeff Smith’s Custom Saddles sponsored by the Mary F. Atkinson Charitable Lead Trust. National High School Rodeo Invitational

Saturday morning in Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum was reserved for the High School Rodeo Invitational. Emerging as the champion was Tylor Todd riding her 2011 gelding Mr Stylish Cat (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Sally Cat x High Brow Cat) to a 144 in the reined work and 145.5 on the cow for a 289.5. Todd earned $375. Collegiate Challenge North Central Texas College earned the Team Champion title with 44 points thanks to the efforts of team members Addison Coutts, Cailyn Simonis and Emmanuelle Amilhac. Coutts and Sioux Per Boom (A Shiner Named Sioux x Boom N Tari x Boomernic) topped the Fence Division with the high score of the Collegiate Challenge thanks to a 292.5. Lauren Waymire of West Texas A&M University won the Limited Division with a 280.5 riding Kookie Jar (Chocolate Chic Olena x Katie Starlight x Grays Starlight), while Amilhac topped the Novice Division with a 289.5 aboard Mister Navy Diver (Mister Smart Remedy x Quick Like A Cat x High Brow Cat). w 8

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

As action concluded at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions, the final NRCHA World Champions of the event were crowned in the John Justin Arena at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Through the course of the 12-day Celebration of Champions 15 World Champions were determined. The Bridle World Champions The newly-crowned Open Bridle World Champion is Its Time To Smokum (One Time Pepto x Smokum Chicy), ridden by Mark Sigler, of Collegeville, PA, for the Dominic L. Conicelli Estate. Its Time To Smokum and Sigler won the prelims and were awarded scores of 224 in the reined work and a 220.5 on the cow for the winning composite of 444.5, which was worth $9,492. Reserve honors went to Peptos Smart Cookie (Cookin Merada x Uvaldes Cow Smart), ridden by Shane Steffen for Finally Farm Paints, Inc. Peptos Smart Cookie scored 218.5 rein / 223.0 cow for a 441.5 composite worth $7458. Caymus Pepto (Peptoboonsmal x Bet On Merada), ridden by Bob Grant of Camp Verde, AZ, for owner Cynthia Baker, is the Limited Open Bridle World Champion thanks to a composite score of 435 (215 rein / 220 cow). Grant qualified three horses for the Limited Open Bridle Finals and finished an impressive first, second and third. The win was worth $3,824.80. Grant then rode PaddysStarlightChic (Self Shine x RN Starlights Chic) to the reserve spot for owner Jeffrey and Lynne Heyer. The duo marked 431.5 composite (212.5 rein

219 cow) to earn $3,005.20. Winning the Non Pro Bridle World title was Sareece Brown, of Franklin, TN, who advanced to the Finals in the number 1 position and never relinquished her hold on the top spot. Brown rode Nee On Lights (CD Lights x Shine Smartly), owned by Yellow Creek Ranch, to a 442.5 (218 rein / 224.5 cow) to earn a $5,028 payday. Amy Bailey rode her Electra Tuff (Woody Be Tuff x Electras Boots) to a 438.5 composite (218 rein/220.5 cow) to earn $4,022.40 and reserve. Securing their second NRCHA World Championship of the week, Tylor Todd, of Rexford, KS, and her 2011 gelding Mr Stylish Cat (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Sally Cat) followed up their Novice Non Pro Bridle 444.5 composite victory by securing the Intermediate Non Pro Bridle title. Todd’s 222 on her cow combined with a 214 in the reined work for a 436 composite. Todd pocketed $3,270 for her efforts in the Intermediate and another $3,460 in the Novice. Nicole Westfall rode her family’s Peppys Royal Outlaw (Royal Fletch x Peppys Tachita) to a 431.5 composite (214 rein / 217.5 cow) to take the reserve Intermediate Non Pro Bridle spot and a check for $2,616.

Liam Macneill & BehindChicNWire Continued on page 17


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Bits & Spurs

The Queen of Hearts 4-Judge Paint-O Rama, held in Oklahoma City February 26-28 by the Oklahoma and Texas Paint Horse Clubs, resulted in HPs Emma King (WT-5-10/Last of the Candy), Emma Goffard (Nov-Y/Candy Confidential), Peytyn Goodin (13&U/ Platinum Cowgirl), Catherine Goffard (18&U/Gallant Zippo), Christine Kunzweiler (Am-WT/My Daddys The Best), Stephanie Mohindra (Nov-Am & Open/ Even More Sensational), Cammi Giesman (Amateur/Talk About Lazy), Tracy Billing (Masters-Am/A Sultry Playboy), and Jordan Jones (All-Breed/Big Time Fancy). Western OK Ranch Horse Assoc hosted a ranch horse clinic February 27, at Smith Quarter Horses, Colony, OK. Kyle Noyce provided great instruction for ranch riding trail, horsemanship, roping, and more! Stock Horse of Texas hosted the Bryan Kick-Off Classic March 5-7 at Brazos Expo Center, Bryan, drawing 342 horses and over 1,500 entries! On Saturday night, over $80K in 2020 year-end awards were presented at the Campfire Classic at the Expo Center!

Young McKenzie Corvin won the buckle class at Palo Duro Canyon CHA's March 6 event. (lt to rt) Zeb Corvin, Ralph Depew, James Todd.

South Texas Horse Show Series’s first show of this year, held March 6 in Sinton, was a great success! HPs were Cassidy Flores (WT-10&U), Reese Garcia (WT-18&U), Allan Hughes (WT-19&O), Carissa Cantu (18&U), H.P. Zan Koch (Adult-19-39), and Linda Ford (Adult-40&O). Stars and Stripes Ranch Horse Association’s first show, held March 6 in Searcy, AR, flowed smoothly with a good turnout. It was preceded the day before by a ranch riding clinic put on by Jon Barry. The next show is set for May 15, at Foothills Arena in Clarksville. The Heartbreaker, a USTRC event held in McAlester, OK, March 6-7, paid out 3Dots Sorting Series hosted open $117,360! fmi, www.ustrc.com. team sorting March 6 at Good Guys Farm, Samantha The CK Productions Jackpot Folsom, LA. Travis Terrebonne and Charlie SmithUSRichardson won the Ranch Sorting 1D, while TRC event, held March 9 in Glen Rose, Scott Wilson, Bill Mayfield, and Chris Sulli- paid out $12,540. Average winners included van won the Team Penning 1D. Ryleigh Ter- Josie Durbin/Cody Shulz (#9.5/29.11-onrebone and Kinley Campbell won the Youth. 3), Mequade Cole/Clay Paul (#11.5/22.653Dots hosts practices and shows at various on-3), and Peyton Walters/Seth Jones (#12.5-Slide/31.65-on-4). locations. Texas QHA hosted horse judging competition March 12 in Fort Worth. Wise County 4-H was champion team, with members Abigail Newbold, Angelina Newbold, Austin Stephens, and Cassidy Wilson. Bluebonnet Cutting HA presented 2020 year-end awards at its March 12-13 event in Brenham, with winners Winners of the #15 3-Man 2-Gate class at being Spoonfulla Cat (Open/Jonathan SLTSA's March 13 show were Garett Gates, Rogers and NP/Judy Rogers), MC Im Shane Boudreaux, & Travis Terrebonne. Continued on page 12


SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

Bits & Spurs

April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader


Bits & Spurs

Matt Flarida and wife Sarah posed with the prizes he and Xtra Cocktailforchic won at the OKRHA Ride & Slide in Tulsa March 9. Bits & Spurs - Cont from page 10

With The Band ($50K-Am/Mia Collins), CR Metal Fancy Pants ($35K-NP/Bobbie Sue Shore), Shortys Romeo ($15K-Am/Angela Ball), Creyzy Train ($25K-NH/Casey Crouch/ Ron Knutson), Smashing Reys ($5-NH/Casey Crouch/James Todd), Smooth Boo 012 (Y & $25K-N-NP/Lexy Slaughter), Kellys Tomgirl ($2K-LR/Jewel Duval/Chris Duval), Gunnar Jensen (Open-Derby/Craig Thompson/Mark Senn), Smokin Red Hott (NP-Derby/James Todd), SJR Kit D Vine (Open-Classic/Justin White), and Big Short Stuff (NP-Classic/Nancy Martin). The 2G Productions Arkansas Spring Classic USTRC event, held March 12-14 in Berryville, AR, paid out $38,420! CBT Barrel Race 4, held March12-14 in Amarillo, paid out $40,249 and resulted in daily Open 1D winners Kelly Yates (12/13/FiestaNozShesFamous/15.209) and Shali Lord (12/14/Corona Starz/15.117, also Main Race winner). LA Stock Horse Association’s March 13 show was held in New Roads and resulted in HPs Tanner Trahan (Open/Sally), Mark Sunday (Non-Pro/Buggz), Eddie White (Jr-Horse/Judging Cats), Cathryn Dionne (Amateur/Ms Whizzen Rey), Emma Grace Marangos (14-18/Reys Shining Star), and Audrey Moody (13&U/ Cowgirl Sioux). Logan LaBauve and TR Mosquito won the jackpot cutting. South LA Team Sorting Association’s March 13 event in Port Allen was big, with 91 teams in the #6 HC, 33 teams in youth, and 172 12

Josh Murphy won the Novice Horse Open Level 3 with a 73 on CBK Nutrashforcash March 4 at OKRHA Ride & Slide in Tulsa. teams in the #10! Event winners included Youth (Dusty Wilson/Brianna Clack), #6-HC-Ranch (Rhonda Harvell/Bill Harvell), #10-HC-Ranch (Grady Tinker/Theresa Guidry), #15-3-Man2-Gate (Garett Gates/Shane Boudreaux/Travis Terrebonne), #14-HC-Team-Penning (Lori Lindsey/Joseph Zito/Charlotte Blanchard), and One-Man-Fun-Class (Ami Altom). NM Paint Horse Club’s all-breed training show, held March 13 in Albuquerque, drew a good turnout despite the wind and cold. It appeared as if people are ready to show! Next comes the April 24-25 all-breed show at Wright’s Arena in Stanley. AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo will reopen for appointments only for memberships, registrations, and transfers, on Monday, April 5. NMQHA’s Land of Enchantment circuit has been postponed and will not be held in late April. Hopefully, it will be rescheduled for a date this summer. For info, www.nmqha.com. NM State University is hosting an online horse sale preceded by an open house starting at 9am and horse preview starting at 10:30, all May 1, at NMSU’s Horse Farm, 400 West Union, in Las Cruces. The online horse sale, conducted by Integrity Livestock Sales LLC, will run 1-4 pm. fmi, Joby Priest, 575.202.346 or priest@nmsu.edu. The 2021 Santa Fe Summer Series, a 4-week long international show jumping competition that had in the past been free and open to the public, has been cancelled, per Team Hipico (the equestrian facility). Though it had been set for July and August, Team Hipico has already cancelled it to allow all involved to

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

10yo Clay Hindt won his first cutting check March 7 at the ACHA show marking a 72.5 on Dun It My Way. make timely plans with regards to their 2021 show calendars. To see other equestrian and non-equestrian events scheduled at Hipico Santa Fe, www.hipicosantafe.com. Braggin' rights! Ron Ralls, Gainesville, became an NRCHA Million Dollar Rider after winning the Intermediate Open on One Time Edition in the Tres Osos Cow Derby in Fort Worth at the recent NRCHA Celebration of Champions show. Braley Hudnall, Midland, won the $2K-Limited Rider class February 28 at Panhandle CHA’s event in Amarillo, with a 73 on Freckled Kitty, owned by Dawson Burns. Josh Murphy, of JM Reining Horses, Aubrey, rode William and Corliss Kellogg’s CBK Nutrashforcash to win the Novice Horse Open Level 3 with a 73 March 4 at the OKRHA’s Ride & Slide in Tulsa. Anna Marie Schreck, Murphy, and My Tachita Lena won a large $50K Amateur class March 6 at Texas CHA’s event in Whitesboro. McKenzie Corvin, Canyon, won the buckle class at Palo Duro Canyon’s March 6 event in Amarillo. Shelley Grissom, Crossroads, and Dun Been Noticed earned the circuit championship for Non-Pro Color Western Riding and placings in horsemanship, equitation, and trail, at the Arizona Sun Circuit in Scottsdale March 7. Clay Hindt, 10, New Braunfels, won his first Jessica check March 7 at the ACHA event in Blackmon-White Belton, taking second&place in youth on Dual It My Way. Hermès Continued on page 20


Competitive Trail News In The SouthWest


Competitive trail riders hark back to the days of old when they embark upon the well-marked paths of Pole Canyon Ranch in Quitaque, Texas on May 1-2, 2021. The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) returns, working with ranch owners Phil and Lynnette Barefield. “We love to share the beauty of this part of the country with trail riders from all over the United States,” said Barefield. “The ranch is especially attractive to distance organizations like NATRC because we have miles and miles of beautiful trails on 6000 acres to offer their competitors.” NATRC competitions are not races, but they do have a minimum and maximum time window to complete 15-30 miles per day, depending on the division entered. There are also three to five judged natural observations on the trail each day, such as water crossings, gates or riding up and down the steep canyon hills. “NATRC is a great way to explore private ranches like Pole Canyon, but also learn while enjoying time with your horse on the trail,” said Ride Manager Becky Rogers from Alvord, Texas. “Come join us and see what you might be missing.” More information on this ride and other 2021 NATRC rides throughout the Southwest can be found on www.natrc.org. w

Fort Worth Dressage Club The Fort Worth Dressage Club (FWDC) is a club devoted to dressage and dressage activities for its members. We work throughout the year to provide educational opportunities and fun activities for our members. FWDC usually holds monthly meetings at Szechuan Chinese Restaurant off Bryant Irving the 4th Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. Right now we are doing Zoom meetings. Katelyn FWDC is planning Vanhoozer a bit fitting clinic (date TBD). After our Zoom presentation many members expressed interest in FWDC hosting Kim Gentry, an expert on finding the correct and best fitting bit for your horse. More info to come. FWDC hosted our March USDF/USEF Rec-

NATRC SPRING COMPETITIONS UNDERWAY In recovery from a year plagued by COVID-19, the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) sanctioned two competitions in March: the 7IL Scamper CTR in Cat Spring, Texas, and Raising the Bar CTR in Valley Mills, Texas. The events featured more than 70 horse and rider teams all who were delighted to be back on the trail. Earning top honors at the 7IL Scamper were Cindy Mettes and Bantam Z in the Open Division, Cynthis Leatherwood and Big Cat in the Competitive Pleasure Division and Chrissy Knight and Fancy in the Novice Division. Cara Liebman and Flash Black won the Sweepstakes award in Competitive Pleasure at Raising the Bar. “It is so great to be back on the trail,” said Liebman. “The weather was perfect and it was so good to see everyone again. Ride management did an awesome job of recovering from the winter storms in February.” In April, NATRC will be returning to Louisiana for the Louisiana Purchase CTR managed by Jan Stewart Taylor in Natchitoches. This ride is in the Kisatchi National Forest and features incredibly beautiful permanently marked trails. For more information on this event and others, call Elaine Swiss at 830-8253032 or register on-line at www.natrc.org.w ognized show March 21 and 22 at Somervell Expo at Glen Rose. We adhered to COVID regulations set by USEF. This show was a qualifier for Region 9 Championships in October. Our show was full with over 200 rides from Intro level to Grand Prix. Much thanks to all our wonderful volunteers. The show was well run, and we received many compliments from our exhibitors. FWDC is hoping to go back to our regular schedule of activities as soon as it is safe, these include a schooling show, low cost clinic, pool party, video night and other dressage related events. FWDC sends out group e-mails to members to keep them informed of club activities and other dressage events in the community. Let me know if you would like a dressage event you would Gail Abele like to get the word out to on Teodoros Milagro other dressage enthusiast. Our website is www.fortworthdressageclub.com. Please stay safe and well! Join FWDC and learn more about the wonderful sport of dressage. We welcome all levels of riders on all breeds of horses! w April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader



SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

Hermès is trained by Black Star Sport Horses, Rockwall, TX A Dallas horse has been named 2nd Level Morgan Horse of the Year by the United States Equestrian Federation. Morgan gelding Hermès, owned by Cindy Becker of Heath, received the prestigious award after Black Star Sport Horses trainer Jessica Blackmon-White won a world title on him at the Grand National & World Morgan Horse Show last fall. “I’m so proud of Hermès,” Blackmon-White says of the champion. “He absolutely deserves this. Cynthia has an exceptional horse! It’s an honor to ride him.” Black Star Sport Horses head trainer and owner Lisa Blackmon adds, “I am so pleased with everything my daughter Jessica has accomplished with Hermès! Cindy raised this horse and had very high hopes for his success. It was an honor that she trusted Jessica and I with her wonderful horse and it really paid off. Jessica and Hermès have a great relationship; he loves to work for her. And for me, they are a great team to coach. It’s been a lot of fun for both of us exploring the Morgan breed. We look forward to seeing what Hermès will accomplish in the future.” Black Star Sport Horses offers horse boarding, training, and riding lessons for all ages and experience levels. Visit blackstarsporthorses.com for more information or call 940-367-7499 to book a riding lesson. w

Ranch Horse Series 2021



Courtesy TBS

Dallas Horse Named a Horse of the Year by United States Equestrian Federation

Go-Big Show

Tomas Garcilazo, a four-time winner of the PRCA Specialty Act Award, is $100,000 richer. Contributed Courtesy Tracy Renck, PRCA

Garcilazo won the $100,000 top prize on the “Go-Big Show” on TBS. “This was an amazing experience,” said Garcilazo, who won the PRCA Specialty Act Award in 2007, 2013, 2018 and 2019 and is a mainstay at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. “It was a big challenge, and we were focused. We wanted to tell the world about how we support the Hispanic heritage and the values of family. We wanted to share what we feel and what we know with our skills, with our horses, with our passion and put it on the stage. Being on TV, besides the exposure, it was a great way to speak for our industry that I’m very proud of.” Continued on page 28







April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader



DOUBLE-JUDGED HORSE SHOW MAY 1ST & MAY 2ND PERFORMANCE CLASSES & RANCH CLASSES! The annual open all breed classic AND ranch horse show, May 1-2, co-hosted by Bell Co. 4-H and CAQHA @ Bell Coun‫ ﬚‬Expo Center! Great High Point awards in ALL Divisions! $20/class Classic Show $20/class $20/cla Ranch Show. Two sets of High Point & Reserve awards.


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Central Texas Stock Horse is dedicated to improving its memebers horsemanship through education and competition, while preserving the traditions of the American Stock Horse.

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021


Annette McCloskey


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NRCHA World Champions - Cont from page 10 There was a tie for the Reserve spot in the Novice Non Pro Bridle with a 436 composite. Douglas Allan McDaniel, Jr rode CR Tuffs Magic Tonic (Woody Be Tuff x Miss Oak Tonic) to a 220.5 rein and 215.5 cow scores. Elizabeth Clymer rode her Mister Dual Pepinic (Mister Dual Pep x Colonel Pepinic) to a 216 rein and 220 cow scores. The tie netted them $2508.50 each. Pam Myers, Parma, ID, and her 2012 gelding Stylish Cat N Jazz (Tin Top Kat x Cattys Dual Jazz) earned the Non Pro Bridle Select win and $630 thanks to scores of 142.5 in the reined work and 145 on the cow for a combined 287.5. The Hackamore World Champions SJR Smooth Lil Oak (Smooth As A Cat x Shiners Little Oak), ridden by Kyle Noyce, of Blanchard, OK, for owner Jamie Dvorak-Compton, captured the Open Hackamore World Championship with a score of 448. A 221 in the reined work combined with their massive 227 on the cow to clinch the win for the pair. The Open Hackamore Champion banked $10,420. Also scoring a 227 on the cow was reserve SR Sassy Cat (WR This Cats Smart x Travelin With Sass), ridden by Lee Deacon, for owner Sassy Cat Syndicate. With a reining score of 219.5, they earned $8,336. Taking the Limited Open Hackamore World Championship home to Gainesville, TX, was BehindChicNWire (Travelin Jonez x Montanas Enterpriz) owned and ridden by Liam Macneill. The judges rewarded BehindChicNWire a 218.5 on the reined work and a 221 on the cow for a 439.5 composite worth $3,730. The reserve was awarded to Move That Rock (That CD Rocks x Smokums Dual Move) ridden by Cara Hencraft for owner Debbie Proctor. Their 430 composite (218.5 rein / 211.5 cow) earned them $2,984. Taking the title of Non Pro Hackamore World Champion home to Scales Mound, IL, was Addison Fjelstad riding her 2016 gelding Peppy Reyn (Reynshine x Blondies Peppy Grace). Fjelstad and Peppy Reyn teamed up for a composite of 434 (214.5 rein / 219.5 cow) to earn $4,400. Taking the reserve title was Toni Heath for owner Daniel Heath with Smokum Every Time (One Time Pepto x Smokums Dream). The team marked a 429.5 composite (218 rein / 211.5 cow) to earn $3,520. The Two Rein World Champions Scoring a 443.5 (222 rein / 221.5 cow) to top today’s Open Two Rein Finals held in the John Justin Arena was Still Get Jealous (One Time Pepto x ARC Cat Her Please) ridden by Nick Dowers, of Dyer, NV. The 2013 stallion is owned by Trigg Marquis. The win netted $5,964 paycheck. Will Pennebaker rode Mr Fletch Cat (Mr Playinstylish x Lil Fletch Cat) to the reserve position with a composite 437 (219 rein / 218 cow). Owned by Sabrina Thomas, the pair took home $4686. It was Kansas cowgirl Katy Thomison taking the title of Non Pro Two Rein World Champion back to her hometown of Kechi thanks to a 436 (216 rein / 220 cow). Thomison rode her 2014 gelding Betcha Like That (Bet Hesa Cat x Girl Like That) to bank $3,450. Cutter McLaughlin rode his family’s WR This Cats Sporty (WR This Cats Smart x Shiney N Sporty) to a 435 composite (216.5 rein /

218.5 cow) to take the Reserve spot and a check for $2,760. Non Pro Limited World Champions Scoring a 440.5 (217.5 rein / 223 cow) to capture the Non Pro Limited crown, was Chelsea Edsall, of Oakdale, CA. Edsall rode Skeets Oak Peppy (Skeets Peppy x Oak Ill Be) owned by her husband Clayton, who guided the 2007 gelding to an NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman title in 2016. Chelsea banked $4,055. Finishing in the reserve spot with a 433 composite (218 rein / 215 cow) was Kelli Buckley riding One Time Kelsey Delaplaine & Starlight Driver Safari (One Time Royalty x Dualin Safari) to win $3,244. Scoring a 437.5 (218.5 rein / 219 cow) to capture the title of $5,000 Non Pro Limited World Champion was Erin Keys, of Oxford, PA, riding her 2015 mare ShesShootinForGold (PRF Spoonful Of Gold x Gunners Easter Lilly). Keys banked $3,295. Stepping into the reserve position with a 435.5 (217 rein / 218.5 cow) was Starlight Driver (Hydrive Cat x Starlights Lynn) and Kelsey Delaplaine earning $2,636. The Cleburne, TX team then turned around and won the $1,000 Non Pro Limited World Championship and earned an additional $2,190. Taking the reserve was Heather Greeson riding Toys Jerry Maxi (Smart Little Jerry x Maxis Yellow Hair). Marking a 430 composite (213.5 rein / 216.5 cow), they earned $1,642.50. The Youth World Champions Taking the Youth World Championship home to Millarville, Alberta, Canada, was Tyree Swales riding Colleen Penner’s 2006 gelding CD Shiner (CD Olena x Shiners Little Oak). Swales marked a 218 on the reined work, which he followed up with an impressive 221 down the fence for the winning 439 composite. The Youth Champion earned $680. Swales also won the Youth Cow Horse 13 & Under by virtue of his 286 (146 rein/140 cow) in the prelims. Reserve honors went to Martinis Bet 15 (Bet Hesa Cat x Dual Martini) ridden by Benjamin Self. His 438 composite (216 rein / 222 cow) earned him $544. Jubilee Stringfellow, of Calera, OK, earned the Youth Limited World title riding Jills Last Bet (Bet Hesa Cat x Shiners Diamond Jill). Stringfellow marked a 218 on the reined work portion of her run, which she followed up with an outstanding 226 on the cow for a 444 composite. The Youth Limited Champion was awarded $980. Brett Pura rode Bet Hesa Scotti (Bet Hesa Cat x Lenas Scotti) to the reserve spot with a 441.5 composite (219 rein / 222.5 cow) to earn $735. Colorado cowgirl Landri Lisac of Pueblo, won the Youth Limited 13 & Under riding LooksLikeLuckToMe (Smart Boons x Dual Lookin Pep), owned by her sister Lannie-Jo Lisac. Landri marked a 292 (146 rein / 146 cow) in the prelims. Visit www.nrcha.com for results, videos and upcoming events. w April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader


Team Roping

Cowgirl Corner

Guy and Stahl bank $52K at Charlie 1 Horse Team Roping Contributed Courtesy BFI

All Around Cowgirl, Retro Style Sherri Mell, High Valor and Dona Kay Rule at San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo By Sherri Mell, 2X Hall of Fame Cowgirl Raised about 50 miles from where she now resides in Minco, Oklahoma on a few hundred-acre ranch running a small cow/calf operation with her husband and Cowboy Artist, John Rule, Dona Kay Rule and her traveling partners High Valor and Rosie (her barrel horse and doggie) are grateful to be able to spend time in the house that they all built together when they are not on the road. Most rodeo buffs and followers will recognize her as a barrel racer that has qualified in the WPRA Barrel Race for 3 PRCA NFRs. Hold on to your hat, she’s more of a Cowgirl than you thought! I got my WPRA card in 1977 while I was attending College at Cal State University, Fresno. When I graduated, I moved to Texas to pursue my Rodeo Career and in 1983, the Appaloosa Horse Club World Championships were held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My mom, Suzanne Koch was an avid shopper, so we went down to the Stockyards in OKC and went into the Stockyards Saddle Shop/Western Store and met the owners, Dona and John Rule. Over the years, Dona Kay and I competed against each other in the Divisional Tour Barrel Racing, Team Roping, Steer Undecorating and Calf Ropings. Women's Rodeo & Roping You didn’t have to have a Pro Card to compete in the Women’s Rodeos, you could just enter open so Dona Kay would enter a lot of those rodeos back there as she lived nearby. In 1988 at an All-Girl Rodeo in Sand Springs, OK, we roped together in the Team Roping and she used my Appaloosa horse, Fair N Square in the Steer Undecorating. The Rodeo was a 2-day event with buckles to the event winners both days. The buckles were made by Wallace Stevens Silversmiths, buckle maker of my WPRA 1983 World Champion Buckle, so I really wanted to win another one of his buckles! Dona Kay ended up winning the Steer Undecorating the first day and I won it the second day on the same horse! In 1991, Dona Kay bought her first Pro Card to rope calves, steers, steer undecorate and run barrels in the Divisional Tours for the WPRA and to be able to qualify for the WPRA WNFR (Women’s National Finals Rodeo). Back then, the Association had separated the cards. You could buy a Roping Card which was Professional Women’s Rodeo Association (PWRA) or you could continue to buy your WPRA card and Rope and/or run Barrels on that card. We had a lot of All Girl Rodeos back then mostly in Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. Back then, Continued on page 20

At the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Challenge Team Roping on March 17 in Guthrie’s Lazy E Arena, Hall-of-Fame cowgirl Lari Dee Guy won first with Annette Stahl and second with last year’s champ, Whitney DeSalvo, to take home $28,375 to Abilene, TX. The event is part of Wrangler BFI Week presented by Yeti, which kicked off on March 14 with the 44th Bob Feist Invitational (BFI) for the pros. Annually the richest all-female team roping in the country, this year’s Charlie 1 Horse Challenge fielded 229 teams from across the country, up from 184 teams last year. Guy, an eight-time WPRA world champion, roped four steers in 32.24 seconds with Stahl and four in 34.10 with DeSalvo for the same one-two punch she delivered in 2018 in Reno – except that year, she won first with DeSalvo and second with Stahl (and banked $25,500). Guy also placed second last year with DeSalvo; they split $16,000. “I’ll go wherever they have this event,” Guy said. “It’s always fun to win with Annette, she’s such a good person, and so is Whit. I just enjoy doing what I do with good people. Good horses and good heelers make my job easy.” While the Charlie 1 Horse team roping is open to the world, it also offers a #9.5 Incentive. The stand-alone competition is a sidepot with no extra fees for ropers with handicaps totaling 9.5 or less. Glover Coats and Becky Cannizzaro placed sixth in the main roping to split $7,500 and won the Incentive on three steers for another $7,500. The main roping’s format is that one extra partner is drawn for every team entered at fees of $750, which Stahl credits for the large turnout. “I love roping with the draw partners, whether it’s someone I’ve wanted to rope with or anyone who always wanted to rope with me,” said Guy, who also turned all four steers for her drawn partners. “I also have the two best girl heelers in the world. Honestly, great girl headers owe a lot to their horse. At the BFI ropings, you’ve got to hit the barrier, and I think the World Series start is almost harder than reading a traditional scoreline. To hit it perfectly, you have to figure out how to pace the steer and really judge that.” It meant Guy was able to turn every steer in the first half of the arena using her Cactus Mini Thrill head rope-and that’s what Stahl appreciated. “Lari Dee and I talked all day about the cattle and handles,” said Stahl, a two-time WPRA world champion heeler from west Texas. “I knew if I just held my lane and swung my rope hard, she’d set it up for a win. She just had the best horse there and pinged the barrier back all day. She got it on them so fast and turned every one of them the same.” Guy was riding a 6-year-old gelding she trained called Greed that Trevor Brazile has been campaigning at team roping futurities since last fall. Greed is a full brother to Tombstone, the horse that Jill Tanner rode this month to the $100,000 breakaway Continued on page 24 April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader


Cowgirl Corner

Cowgirl Corner Cont from page 19 Dona Kay Rule's Saddle pad honors her horse High Valor

you had to be in the top 15 to compete in the WPRA WNFR. While the Finals were being held at the Lazy E in Guthrie, OK, you could bet that Dona Kay would be competing in the Tie Down Calf Roping. 1993 was the last time she qualified. In the end, she qualified for the WPRA WNFR 9 times. The last time she competed in roping events was in 2005 at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth. WPRA Pioneer Woman of the Year Our paths always crossed with Rodeo being the main common denominator. In 2005, I was named WPRA Pioneer Woman of the Year and was given the Prestigious Award at the WPRA WNFR at the Cowtown Coliseum. I was the 9th recipient of this award and it was given one more time in 2006 at the WPRA Women’s World Finals (new name for WNFR) held in Alvarado, TX. The 10th Recipient of the WPRA Pioneer Woman of the Year was Dona Kay Rule! We have beautiful matching bronze trophies that were made depicting Betty Gayle Cooper, the first recipient of this award, roping a calf on her favorite beautiful palomino horse, Soapy. Focus on Barrel Racing Dona Kay then set her sights on Barrel Racing acquiring her great barrel horse, High Valor when he was 5 years old from her longtime friend and NFR Barrel Racer, Lana Merrick who had decided to sell Valor when her career was keeping her too busy to train him. He was broke but Dona Kay trained him for the barrels. On her way to the 2020 Wrangler Na-


tional Finals Rodeo, God had another plan for the Oklahoma cowgirl. As she went through the check in procedures in Arlington, TX, which were more stringent than the past years due to the COVID, she found out that she had a temperature. She had not felt ill, nor had she had any symptoms at all prior to the testing. To any contestant checking in to the NFR, this was bad news. Not only Dona Kay, but calf roper, Caleb Smidt also tested positive for COVID-19. Dona Kay’s horse, High Valor had just earned his second Purina Barrel Racing Horse of the Year presented by the AQHA. Coincidently, Caleb Smidt’s horse, Pocketful of Light had also earned the Purina Calf Roping Horse of the Year. Neither one of these athletes were able to compete at the 2020 WNFR. Shortly after the WNFR was complete, both Professional Rodeo athletes were given an exemption to RFD-TV’s The American. They both accepted! The exemption took them straight into the Long Go for The American which was held March 6 at AT&T Stadium, right next door to the Globe Life Field which hosted the 2020 WNFR. She would be eligible to win the first-place prize of $1 million if she won the March 7 Finals. Unfortunately, they hit a barrel and were out of the Finals. San Antonio Livestock Exposition A Go In February, before traveling to The American, Dona Kay, Valor and Rosie made a trip to San Antonio to compete in the 2021 Stock Show & Rodeo. The duo busted out in their first run winning Bracket #4, 1st Go with a 15.040. Then, picking up a 3rd place check in the Semi-Finals, one with a 15.030. There was some local shopping and eating that we had to do while she was in my Alamo Town and we enjoyed the River Walk, the Guenther House, Mi Tierra’s and Market Square Shopping. Dona Kay was very appreciative that the S.A.L.E. held the Rodeo this year, as most of the Stock Shows had been shut down due to COVID. She was thrilled to change her Facebook picture to one that shows her running around a Whataburger Barrel during the Retro Rodeo in the Joe & Harry Freeman Coliseum! See you down the road, God Bless Chris Ledoux! w

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

Bits & Spurs - Cont from page 12 Jeff Decker, Lovington, NM, won the $2K Limited Rider class at Palo Duro CHA’s March 7 event in Amarillo, with a 75 on Lil Sugar Long Legs. Chelsa Davidson Crouch, Corsicana, achieved a major milestone at the Eastern National Championship night cuttings in Jackson, MS, March 8. She earned a check on GS Zans Cat with a 73.5 in the Non-Pro, pushing her NCHA lifetime earnings over $200K! Matt Flarida, Purcell, won the Limited Open at the OKRHA Ride & Slide on Xtra Cocktailforchic in Tulsa March 9, and also tied to win the Open and Intermediate Open. They also won all three circuit awards. Mary Jo Camera and Fairlea Lucky Gun’s 17.463 took top Open 1D money at the Wild West Promotions March 10 event at NRS Arena, Decatur. Cailyn Simonis, Pilot Point, won her ranch horse trail class unanimously under 6 judges March 10 at the AQHA March to the Arch show in Fort Worth. The Texas Christian University (TCU) equestrian team defeated Lynchburg 7-1 in the morning session March 11, and then followed with a 12-7 win over Baylor. They won all 6 Most Outstanding Performer (MOP) awards for the day, with those winning riders being Alex Beneson (2-Fences), Ashley Scully (Flat), Isabella Baxter (Flat), Maddie Buchanan (Reining), and Anna Hauter (Horsemanship). The Frogs finished the season undefeated at home for the first time since the 2009-10 season. Babys Metallic, owned by The Over 40 Ranch, won the $5K class with a 75 under Pedro Rojas, Wichita Falls, at the Chisholm Trail CHA’s March 12 show in Waurika, OK. Savanna Petrosky showed 3 horses at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo March 13 and came out 3 times a winner! Her Goldesign was Champion (CH) All-Breed Gelding 3&Over, CH 3-YO AQHA Gelding, CH Solid Bred Gelding 3&Over, overall GCH Solid Paint-Bred Gelding, overall Reserve GCH All-Breed Gelding, and Overall Reserve CH AQHA Gelding. Her SDS Shiner Bock was CH 3&Over Grade Gelding and GCH Grade Gelding. Finally, her Noble Securittee was Reserve CH AQHA Aged Gelding. Tayvn West, Brenham, earned her first check March 13 with a second place in the $2K-Limited-Rider class on Miss Laredo Pie at Bluebonnet CHA’s event in Brenham. Oklahoma State University’s equestrian Continued on page 28

Chiro Corner

Chiro Corner Contributed by Dr. Jennifer Schuckman

Stretching Human & Horse Chiropractic is more than just cracking joints. We can adjust our bodies and places joints in balance, but we will not see them stay in place if we do not balance the muscles around the joints. There are all kinds of carrot stretches and yoga poses we can use to stretch ourselves and our equine athletes. We could spend hours a day in the gym stretching and toning muscles. But with our fast-paced lives, kids, jobs, and riding there leaves little time to spend on ourselves. Here are a few exercises and stretches that won’t take all day while providing maximum benefit. These two stretches for you are paired with a strengthening exercise that will allow your shoulders and pelvis to be stronger. Pec stretch then scap setting exercise To stretch the Pec muscle stand with your shoulder just inside the doorway, raise your arm up to 90 degrees with your elbow bent to 90 degrees. Take ½ a step forward with the leg closest to the door frame. While keeping your shoulders square lean forward until you feel the pec muscle stretch. Hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the opposite side. Do this stretch before you do the scap setting exercise. To perform the Scap Setting exercise sit up tall in a chair. Pull your shoulder blades toward each other and down, like you are trying to put them in your opposite jean pocket. Hold this for 5 seconds repeat 10 times. Piriformis stretch with clamshell exercise To stretch the Piriformis muscle, lie on the back with knees bent and both heels on the floor. Cross one leg over the other, resting the ankle on the bent knee, place your hands behind the bent knee with ankle over it, gently pull the bottom knee toward the chest until a stretch is felt in the buttock. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite side. Stretch before performing the clamshell exercises. To perform the Clamshell exercise, lie on your side with your knees bent to 90 degrees. Raise your top knee upwards while keeping your feet touching the whole time. Hold your knee up for 3 seconds then lower back down. Repeat 10 times. Then perform on the opposite side. Work your way up to holding your top knee up for 30 seconds at one time.

Best Quick Stretches to Open Up Your Horse's Spine Belly Lifts Belly lifts contract your horse’s abdominal muscles and bring their mid back into the flexed position. Place your fingers under their belly and scratch with moderate pressure in a scratching motion until you see their back straighten out. Hold this for 5-7 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Some horses take more pressure than others to flex their mid back. Hip Tuck Hip tucks allow your horse to flex their low back. Place your fingers on top of your horse’s glutes one hand on each side of the tail, then apply moderate pressure in a scratching motion until your horse tucks him butt. Hold this for 2-3 seconds. Repeat twice. Some horses take more pressure than others to flex their low back. Neck Flexion To get your horse to flex their neck use a treat, carrot, or apple. If you don’t want to use treat take your fingers and tickle the spot where you want your horse’s nose to go. Use the treat to bring their nose around to their ribs. Hold this for 3-5 seconds alternating side for a total of 5 reps each side. w

April 2021 SouthWest Horse Trader


HLSR Livestock Show

HLSR Junior Market Livestock Show

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) announced the cancellation of the RODEOHOUSTON® competitions, concerts and entertainment, carnival, and other attractions and activities, which were recently rescheduled for May 4 – 23, 2021, due to the ongoing health situation. The Junior Livestock and Horse Show competitions were still held in March, as private events, upholding the Rodeo’s mission of promoting agriculture and supporting Texas youth. The Junior Market Auctions will also still be held in May (see auction dates with results below), also as private events. These events will follow all state and local health and safety guidelines. JUNIOR MARKET LAMB The HLSR named the 2021 Junior Market Lamb champions on Friday, March 5. Grand Champion Lamb was exhibited by McKinley Clem, 14, from Tahoka, TX. McKinley is a member of Lynn County 4-H. She said it took every bit of hard work throughout the show season to finally clutch the big win. “We went to a lot of jackpot shows,” McKinley said. “I had to put in effort every day with McKinley CLem showed the Grand Champion Lamb

my lamb and go down to the barn to work him, even if I was tired!” Following high school, McKinley said she plans to attend Texas Tech University and pursue a career in the agriculture industry. Reserve Grand Champion Lamb was exhibited by Hudson Franklin, 14, from Shallowater, TX. Hudson is a member of Lubbock County 4-H, and said he credits his Reserve Champion win to the work ethic and patience he has developed throughout the year. “Working my lamb each day and feeding him correctly helped us be prepared for a major stock show like this,” Hudson said. Following high school, Hudson said he plans to attend Texas Tech University and wants to raise show lambs just like his dad. The Junior Market Lamb Show was judged by Dr. Scott Schaake from Manhattan, Kansas. The lambs will sell in a private auction which will be held May 15. JUNIOR MARKET GOAT Junior Livestock Show exhibitors from across Texas showed off their projects during the 2021 Junior Market Goat Show. While the competitions were held as private events this year, the hard work and dedication from exhibitors still was Trey Harbour on display as the showed the Grand Champion Grand Champion Goat and Reserve goats were named during the Champion Selection on Sunday, March 7. Trey Harbour, a member of Jonesboro FFA, exhibited the Grand Champion Goat, Doug. The 15-year old has been showing for seven years and is proud to follow in the family footsteps by competing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. “It’s crossed three generations, my grandfather and my older brother showed here, too” he said. Medina FFA member Cydney Newsom, and her goat Wilson, brought home the prize of Reserve Grand Champion. “I’ve been showing longer than I can remember and have been competing in Houston since the third grade,” she said. These champions, plus other exhibitors who qualify for auctions, will sell their projects at the 2021 Junior Market Lamb and Goat Auction. The auction will be held as a private event Saturday, May 15. JUNIOR MARKET POULTRY Judges sifted through many entries of turkeys and broilers on Thursday, March 11 to select the Grand Champion Junior Market Turkey and Broilers. The Grand Champion Turkey was exhibited by eleven-year-old Amber Ellebracht from La Vernia, TX. Amber is a member of the La


SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021




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HLSR Livestock Show

JR Market Cont from page 22

Women’s Roping - Cont from page 19

Vernia FFA and has been showing turkeys for four years. Reflecting on her win, Amber said she was surprised but excited. Showing animals is more to her than just winning shiny buckles. “You learn a lot raising animals,” Amber said. “Whether you win or you lose, it helps build your character.” In the future, Amber hopes to attend Texas A&M University to pursue a degree in business and marketing. Jace Burkholder, 15, from Boerne, TX, took home the Reserve title. From a young age, Jace has attended the HLSR, showing turkeys alongside his siblings for 7 years. “My family has raised turkeys since I was two years old,” Jace explained. “We enjoyed getting to learn from each other and cheering each other on through the years.” After graduation, Jace plans to utilize the earnings he has gained through showing to pursue a degree in agricultural engineering at Texas A&M University. The Grand Champion in the broiler division was shown by Makensie Till, a senior from El Campo, TX. Makensie has shown at the HLSR for five years and said she was excited to do well on her final year at the Show. “I’m super stoked,” Makensie said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m finishing out my senior year with a good win!”

Lainee Cook showed the Grand Champion Barrow 24

Amber Ellebracht showed the Grand Champion Turkey

Makensie Till showed the Grand Champion Broilers Regan Greer from Spring FFA exhibited the Reserve Champion Broilers. In her five years of attending the HLSR, Reagan said this is the best she has ever done. Much like Amber, Regan was surprised when her pen of broilers was selected. “We hoped we had some good broilers coming into the Show, but we didn’t know they were Reserve Grand Champion worthy,” Regan explained. “You never know because it’s always a tough Show.” This year’s poultry auction will take place May 14, at NRG Center. JUNIOR MARKET BARROW The HLSR 2021 Junior Market Barrow champions were named Wednesday, March 17. The Grand Champion Junior Market Barrow was exhibited by Lainee Cook, 15, of Lynn County 4-H. She attributed her win to a lot of hard work amid an adverse show season. “My pig was actually supposed to show at San Antonio, but he stopped eating at that time, so we brought him here,” Cook said. “We did everything that we could think of to get him prepared for show.” After high school, Cook said she plans on going to college to pursue a career in the agricultural industry. The Reserve was exhibited by Emily Muehlstein, 15, of Jones County 4-H.

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

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win at RFD-TV’s The American (Guy had trained and sold him as a 5yo to Jill’s brother Jake Cooper, who used him at the NFR). The horses have Starlight Gypsy breeding. “Greed’s my good head horse,” Guy said. “I’ve been roping calves so much that Trevor just kept him. I got on him yesterday and he had him feeling great. I’m sending him back so they can get ready for the Oil Can futurity in April.” Stahl, meanwhile, was riding an 8-year-old mare that’s “very forgiving and never, ever cheats you.” She also placed fourth in the roping with Kenna Francis for $6,000, which brought Stahl’s Guthrie haul to $23,875. Previously, Stahl won the roping in 2017 in Reno with Jackie Crawford. “Anytime you win this caliber of an event with a great friend – and I’m great friends with both Jackie and Lari Dee – it’s special,” Stahl said. “This is a phenomenal event. They do a great job running it and have such an even set of cattle that it makes it enjoyable. My hat’s off to the producers. It was such a great roping that I got countless FB messages from people telling me how much they enjoyed watching it.” Stahl, who works on a remote ranch with her husband, C.R. Stahl, lives almost four hours from the nearest jackpot. Because so many girls are roping so well, she said she’s had to work harder at her heeling. “A couple of years ago, I realized the way I used to do it wasn’t going to hack it,” she said. “I changed my approach and my swing. I try to evolve or girls’ roping is evolving so fast that I’ll get left behind.” The Charlie 1 Horse Challenge in Reno eight years ago prompted Guy to coin the catchphrase “Rope Like A Girl.” The tagline is now sold on apparel and roping accessories across the country. Guy plans to use her Guthrie windfall to invest in a new horse walker and other maintenance at her place, where she trains rope horses when she’s not teaching roping. The evolvement of female roping has enhanced Guy’s horse-training and clinician gigs, and she’s enjoying seeing the futurity industry grow and watching female ropers improve. “Girls’ roping is getting big, when you consider they had 250 teams and 150 breakaway ropers here,” Guy said “Producers need to take a look at that and not just put it in an open slot on the schedule. Plus, there were nearly 500 breakaway ropers entered in the American semifinals. People need to wake up and see that. It’s time for female roping to be treated differently now. It’s bringing more money to the industry and making the industry better. Let’s look at that, you know?” FMI, visit www.bfiweek.com. w




info@eqyss.com 800.526.7469

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PREPARING THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR A NEWBORN Contributed by Pet Talk, a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University

Expecting parents are often as busy as they are excited while they’re preparing to welcome a new baby to their family. In this happily hectic time, those who also own pets should consider how their fur babies and their new baby can safely interact when they eventually meet. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate professor in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, says expecting parents can begin preparing their pets for a new arrival as soon as they know they are expecting a new baby. “This is a great time for an obedience refresher for your dog. Make sure your dog knows and obeys commands such as sit, down, stay, come, wait, off, and go to bed,” Teller said. “If your dog likes to jump on people, this is a great reason to teach them to stop this behavior. The relationship between your pet and your child will be so much the better if your dog has good manners.” The arrival of a new baby will interrupt a pet’s schedule almost as much as it alters the parents’ schedule. Teller advises pet owners to adjust their pet to their new schedule and new rules, such as not allowing pets to enter rooms reserved for the baby, before the baby’s arrival. “Bring new baby products and furniture into the house before your baby comes home. These may include diapers, lotion, baby wash, formula, and linens,” Teller said. “Let your pets get accustomed to these smells, so that by the time the baby arrives, those smells will be a normal part of the environment. Don’t allow your pet to sleep in the baby’s crib or any other location where the baby may rest.” Teller also recommends that pet owners acclimate their furry friend to the sound of a baby crying prior to their arrival. This can be done by playing a recording of crying at a low volume and practicing obedience commands. Owners can reward their dog for obeying and remaining calm, then slowly increase the volume, continuing to reward their pet’s positive behaviors. “If you will be walking your dog while pushing the stroller, start

JR Market

Cont from page 24 Muehlstein said she believes that her career in the show ring has taught her valuable lessons that she is able to apply to her life. “I’ve learned responsibility and sportsmanship through showing,” Muehlstein said. “I think anyone who shows can learn that, too.” After high school, Muehlstein said she hopes to attend Texas A&M University or Tarleton State University and pursue a career as a speech pathologist or a teacher. The 2021 Junior Market Barrow Show was judged by Seth Swanson of Newark, Illinois, and Justin Rodibaugh of Rensselaer, Indiana. The barrows will sell in a private auction held May 21. 26

training your dog to walk next to it,” she said. “Initially your dog may find it scary to walk next to the stroller, so it’s better to get your dog comfortable with it now before all of you end up in a tangled mess.” Owners can also help their animals adjust to their diverted attention by holding a doll in the chair where they will feed or rock the baby and by carrying the doll around. Owners should reward their pet for resting calmly while they are occupied with the doll. While practicing these techniques can be greatly helpful in ensuring a smooth transition, pet owners may also wish to consult their veterinarian with any behavioral concerns. “If your pet is anxious by nature, it would be good to discuss this with your veterinarian before the baby’s arrival,” Teller said. “Your pet may benefit from an anti-anxiety supplement or the use of a calming pheromone. Some pets may need medication and a behavioral modification plan to address anxiety issues.” Preparing a pet prior to the arrival of a new baby is instrumental in ensuring that your new, expanded family gets off on the right paw. Not only can these preparations support a safer environment for the new baby, but they can also help reduce stress for new parents in their first joyful weeks of parenthood. w

JUNIOR MARKET STEER The HLSR 2021 Junior Steer Show champions were named on Friday, March 19. The Grand Champion Junior Market Steer was exhibited by William Wall, 16, of Idalou, TX. Despite a year of canceled shows and hardships, he said he never stopped working with his steer and pushing himself to be better. “Even when shows get canceled, I just kept grinding,” William said. “You can’t stop or let anything get you down.” After high school, William said he plans on going to Texas Tech University to pursue a career in the agricultural industry. The Reserve Steer was exhibited by 10-year-old Jett James of Prosper, TX. Although he was one of today’s youngest showmen, he had the biggest smile on his face at the

SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

William Wall showed the Grand Champion Steer with Jett James Reserve

champion drive. “I did a lot of work to get my steer ready,” Jett said. “I washed him, fed him and walked him every day.” Jett said he hopes to attend Oklahoma State University and sell cattle when he gets older. The 2021 Junior Market Steer Show was judged by Shane Bedwell of Holt, MO. The steers will sell in a private auction May 22.w

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SouthWest Horse Trader April 2021

31 10 10 16 3 16 29 11 30 6 23 29 29 2 30 29 29 11 14 15 30 29 22 7 29 25 32 18 30 29 29 30 27 9

team closed out its regular season March 14 with a 11-8 win against Baylor. The Cowgirls claimed MOPs in every discipline! Meghan Nichols, Choudrant, OK, and Confetti won the USHJA National Hunter Derby at the Spring Kick Off II March 14 at Texas Rose Park, Tyer. Brooke Watz and Reeses Gold Pieces earned the HLSR 13&U HP March 17, with class wins in western horsemanship and hunt seat equitation plus the reserve in hunter under saddle. Leddy Hill and Cashs Little Dollie’s 17.819 took the top Open 1D money at the Wild West Promotions March 17 show at NRS Arena, Decatur. C. J. Pease, Kemp, and Phar Out won the Non-Pro Derby (4-YO) with a 73 March 18 at the Southern Oklahoma CHA’s event in Ada. Terryn Harvey and MS Bold Moonlight’s 15.685 won the Open 1D at the Wild West Promotions March 18 event in Cleburne. Gary Barker, Madill, OK, won the Non-Pro Derby (4-YO) with a 75 on Moonshine Talks March 19 at the Jared Lesh NCHA Cutting in Whitesboro. Losses Debbie Wheeler, a long-time Westark Horse Show Association member, died of cancer February 27. For many years, she served on WHSA’s board and was president twice. She was known for her competitiveness in the saddle and support of fellow exhibitors. Larry Joe Cain, 80, Jonesboro, AR, died March 2. He was involved in the horse show world for many years and will be greatly missed. Mary Ellen Pepper, 77, DeQueen, AR, died March 8. She was a founding member of Arkansas Barrel Racing Association. The true horsewoman trained her own horses and they seemed to constantly outrun others effortlessly. w

Tomas Garcilazo Cont from page 15

“When I came from Mexico to the United States, I have been here over 30 years, one of my goals was to do what I’m doing – drive my truck and trailer and horses and perform what I love – and it came true.” The final episode of the season of the “Go-Big Show” aired March 11. Garcilazo competed against three other finalists and one wild-card contestant in the finals. A total of 36 acts competed on the “Go-Big Show.” Judges on the “Go Big Show” were Snoop Dogg, actress Rosario Dawson, country singer Jennifer Nettles and professional wrestler Cody Rhodes. The host was Bert Kreischer. “Those judges were city people, and for example, Snoop Dogg had never been to a rodeo,” Garcilazo said. “Now, he knows the things we do, and all the judges were excited. You have to connect with different worlds to increase the faith and love of our Western heritage.” Filming took place in Macon, GA. During the competition, Garcilazo did an act by himself in the first round, but in the second round he performed with his wife, Justine. The third act included the Garcilazos and their son, Louis, 6. “The key was to connect and touch the judges with your performances,” Garcilazo said. “Snoop Dogg and Cody (Rhodes) were brought to tears with some of our performances. We were able to keep getting better.” Garcilazo wasn’t the only PRCA athlete on the “Go-Big Show.” The specialty act of Rider Kiesner and Bethany Iles did trick riding, trick roping, gun spinning and whip cracking. Fellow PRCA trick rider Ginger Duke and bullfighter Justin Josey also competed. “With the money I won, I’m going to build a better barn for my horses and also invest it in my son’s education and other needs,” said Garcilazo, who lives in Stephenville, TX. “When COVID-19 hit, I only performed at one rodeo last year. We are going to be at the San Angelo (Texas) Rodeo, and we are happy and real excited to get to go there.” The San Angelo Rodeo is scheduled for April 9-23. w


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For Sale: Roping & Riding Mares and Colts. 2 /1 w/Douglas Fir Timber. 3/4” Oak Flooring. Brick For Sale: DISPERSAL of broodmares & stallions. Breeding: APHA Homozygous Stallions & AQHA Some homoygous. Cutting breeding. floor Kitchen. 9” Walls & Ceilings (great insulation). 281.659.5397cell * 281.432.7673 barn Les @ Sterling Farms Outbuildings & Corrals for Livestock. Frost Free alpaints@msn.com * alpaints.com Rockdale, Texas * 512.428.4994 Water Hydrants. Possible 40 acre lease. Elk Permits.

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SouthWest Horse Trader - April 2021 Issue  

Welcome to the April 2021 Issue of SouthWest Horse Trader. This month concludes our NRCHA Celebration of Champions coverage and begins our B...

SouthWest Horse Trader - April 2021 Issue  

Welcome to the April 2021 Issue of SouthWest Horse Trader. This month concludes our NRCHA Celebration of Champions coverage and begins our B...