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ClubCollection Incentive Travel – Gifts, amenities and awards. PLUS:

Eco | Sweet Treats | WorkStyle | Oh Baby! | Personas | Gizmos for Tradeshows

Welcome to SwervePoint. We're serving up style, selection, service and quality – every day. And we really love what we do! We understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a brand partner and we want to thank you for choosing SwervePoint. We promise to continue to provide you with the very best in style, selection, service and quality and to help you tangify your brand every step of the way. Tangify? What’s that you ask? Truth be told, we made up the word Tangify and created a definition and everything, and it stuck so we’re running with it. We’ll probably make t-shirts, and cool bags for people to tote things around in and make balloons and have a party and people will ask our people where they got the cool merchandise and what Tangify means and what SwervePoint does and there you have it… that’s what Tangifying is. Our formal, made up definition is:

Tangify – the act or manner of enhancing the tangibility of a brand.

At SwervePoint, we help our clients connect their brands with people on a personal and tangible level through the creation of branded merchandise and promotional solutions and we have a lot of fun doing it. Before you start turning the pages of the Fresh Book let us take a moment to point out a few things in this issue: we’ve put together a high-quality assortment of Eco-products starting on page 3 that will help you support your corporate sustainability initiatives and environmental efforts. We’re also promoting on page 29, our On-site Retail Experience service that has been wildly popular. Lastly, check out our tradeshow tricks of the trade sidebar on page 40. There are a lot of great ideas inside the pages of the Fresh Book and this is just a starting point, a thought provoker if you will. So take a look and give us a call, we’d love to start tangifying your brand.

PICTURED: We tangify our own brand with fresh, fun, and functional products. Simple and impactful messaging gets our point across. Let us do it for you. Call 877-793-7838 to get started!

Here’s some Fine Print Stuff we need to make you aware of: we have two types of item numbers. The first starts with an FB and the second, an RS. The FB indicates that this product is a core item and is readily available in our supply chain. The RS indicates that this product is a Rock Star and like a real Rock Star they’re sometimes a little temperamental and difficult to work with. RS products are from our specialty retail supply chain where availability is affected by seasonality, so when we sell through these products it’s sometimes very difficult to re-stock them. We hope you’ll understand. Call us if you have any questions. 1 | fresh book


About SwervePoint

About The Fresh Book

SwervePoint is a provider of fresh merchan-

The Fresh Book is our flagship publication.

dise and services for business recognition,

It’s meant to showcase our awesome

promotion, and activation. We help our

design and merchandising talent and help

clients connect their brands with people

you be more creative and awesome too.

on a personal and tangible level. SwervePoint supports the needs of our corporate clients that rely on the WBENC certification as an integral part of their supplier diversity programs.

Fresh Book is a publication of SwervePoint, LLC, Danvers, MA.

TANGIFY YOUR BRAND. The underlying concept of what we do is to foster brand affinity. Through the simple act of giving people nice things that are relevant, useful, and purposeful, a whole host of positive responses are triggered ranging from a heartfelt thank you to increased business activity, partnership, communication, loyalty, etc. These are powerful responses from a simple, uncomplicated and affordable medium and that’s what tangifying your brand is all about!


pops of green Purposeful products for the planet.

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Flowerpot Planting Kit Biodegradeable pot. FB6304 Est. Price: $3.50 3 | fresh book


Eco-Friendly Business Card Sticky-Book Cover made from 85% recycled cardboard. FB6305 Est. Price: $0.99

Recycled Padfolio Made from 51% post-consumer recycled materials. FB6309 Est. Price: $12.50

Bamboo Pen Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6303 Est. Price: $1.10

Picture Perfect Made from renewable and recycled plant fiber. RS6122 Est. Price: $14.00

St o n e P a p e r J o u r n a l FB6307 Est. Price: $2.99

Biodegradable Ballpoint Pen 76% biodegradable. FB6302 Est. Price: $0.80

Stone paper is tree-free and does not require water or toxic agents to produce. Made with natural stone, inorganic mineral powder and trace amounts of non-toxic resins, stone paper is biodegradable. Replacing one ton of pulp-based paper with one ton of stone paper will save: * 167 lbs. of solid waste Boardroom Journal Made from recycled materials. FB6308 Est. Price: $16.00

* 236 lbs. of atmospheric emissions * 7480 gallons of water

Compact Journal Made from recycled materials. FB6306 Est. Price: $7.35

* 20 trees

Eco-Friendly Coaster Set Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6314 Est. Price: $10.95

Bamboo Cheese Set Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6313 Est. Price: $35.95

Deluxe Bamboo BBQ Set Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6312 Est. Price: $59.99


fresh book | 4

Men’s Eco Day Lodge Fleece Jacket FB6279 Est. Price: $65.00

Jute Tote Biodegradable. FB6291 Est. Price: $3.99

E c o D a y L o d g e Fl e e c e J a c k e t Women's Jacket: FB6280 Est. Price: $65.00

This jacket is made from certified fibers of a 50/50 blend of recycled plastics and organically grown cotton E.P.O.C. This environmentally friendly alternative to “virgin” cotton feels like your favorite broken-in sweatshirt and is also breathable, quick drying, resists pilling, shrinkage, and fading.

5 | fresh book


EcoVerse Auto Umbrella Canopy of 100% recycled soda bottles. FB6287 Est. Price: $24.50

The Old School Eco-Heather Crew Made from recycled poly and naturally occurring rayon. FB6283 Est. Price: $13.50

Contrasting Bamboo Cap Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6285 Est. Price: $9.95

P o l y - B a mb o o J a c qu a r d P o l o Women's Polo: FB6282 Est. Price: $29.75

see more colors. find more choices.


This polo is made from the fiber of the bamboo plant, a renewable grass that thrives in abundance without the use of harmful pesticides, and is incinerated to reduce the plant to charcoal matter, after which it is embedded into a man-made yarn following the rayon Men’s Poly-Bamboo Jacquard Polo FB6281 Est. Price: $29.75

manufacturing process.

Organic Tee Made from 100% certified organic cotton. FB6284 Est. Price: $8.75 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 6

Bedol H2O Alarm Clock 100% water powered. RS6120 Est. Price: $21.75

An ECO Primer It is generally accepted that eco products contain or use the following methods and materials: Post-Consumer Recycled Materials: paper, plastics, rubber and other manufactured materials. Renewable Plant Material: from sustainable crops like Soy and Bamboo. Biodegradable: will naturally breakdown in a landfill or compost. Natural Materials: like Organic Cotton, naturally occurring Rayon in plants, etc. Low-Impact Processing: wash & dye methods that make a minimal environmental impact. Natural Power Sources: solar, inertia generation, even water power!

As part of our sustainability initiatives, SwervePoint maintains relationships with quality vendors who make legitimate claims with regard to the environmental responsibility of their products.

7 | fresh book


CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

ReTreads Mousepad Made from 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber. FB6298 Est. Price: $3.05

Dixon Fire 100% recyclable. FB6286 Est. Price: $53.00

Om e g a F i lt r a t i o n B o ttl e FB6300 Est. Price: $15.99

The manufacturing and shipping of bottled water in the US alone uses 50 million barrels of oil and produces 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. After all that, 2 million tons of plastic bottles end up in landfills where they take 700 years to decompose. The average American consumes 167 bottles of water a year. The h2goÂŽ Omega can be refilled 200 times before the filter needs to be replaced. Mighty Wallet 100% recyclable. RS6119 Est. Price: $15.00

That’s 200 fewer plastic bottles that are produced, shipped, and thrown away. Consider also that bottled water can cost

Eco Balm 100% natural. FB6288 Est. Price: $0.99

anywhere from 240 to 10,000 times more than filling a bottle from the tap.

The Italia Tote Lining made from recycled plastic bottles. RS6118 Est. Price: $12.00 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 8

Verve Mug 100% biodegradable. FB6301 Est. Price: $5.75

Catalyst Solar Charger Re-charge naturally. FB6295 Est. Price: $79.98

Bamboo Swivel Drive. Made from sustainable bamboo. FB6297 Est. Price: call for quote

M a r l e y R e v o lut i o n a r y E c o - F r i e n d ly H e a d p h o n e s FB6293 Est. Price: $89.99

The House of Marley mission is to create high-quality products in the most ethical and environmentally positive way. Natural, earth-friendly and renewable Billboard Messenger Bag Made from re-usable billboard signs. FB6289 Est. Price: $29.00

materials such as sustainably sourced, FSC-certified woods, organic cotton, and recyclable aluminum are used in their

LED K3 Lenser Powerful mini light that uses less energy. FB6296 Est. Price: $25.99

products and packaging.

Cardboard About-Face Clock Made from recycled paper. RS6121 Est. Price: $34.00 9 | fresh book


Solar Sound Speaker Solar powered. FB6294 Est. Price: $29.99






Need a little something to get you through that marathon meeting? Does your client or boss need some sweetness? Whatever the occasion, we’ve got abundant gifts to express your sentiments.

Swirl Lollipop RS6100 Est. Price: $3.00

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Geoff & Drew’s Signature Cookie Set RS6105 Est. Price: $34.00

Deluxe Gourmet Tower FB6215 Est. Price: $47.95 11 | fresh book






T The Traditional Lolli FB6208 Est. Price: $0.20

Custom Chocolate Shapes FB6209 Est. Price: call for quote

Brownie Points Trifecta Gift Basket RS6104 Est. Price: $80.00

Brownie Points Sweet Sampling Canister RS6103 Est. Price: $32.00

The Whimsical Cupcake FB6213 Est. Price: $39.95

Brownie Points Deluxe Set RS6102 Est. Price: $68.00

Brownie Points Celebration Box RS6101 Est. Price: $18.00

Gourmet Wooden Chest FB6214 Est. Price: $45.95 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 12





Custom Gum Pack FB6206 Est. Price: $1.05

Billboard Goodie Bags FB6207 Est. Price: $1.90

Mid Day Pick-Me-Up FB6205 Est. Price: $1.75

The Crowd Pleaser FB6212 Est. Price: $66.50

13 | fresh book

Chocolate Squares FB6210 Est. Price: $0.95

Hershey Kisses FB6200 Est. Price: $0.25

Chocolate Coins FB6211 Est. Price: $0.35

Credit Card Mints FB6201 Est. Price: $1.25

Buttermints FB6204 Est. Price: $0.15

Domed Mint Tin FB6203 Est. Price: $2.15


ShopKeeper R E D U C E

C O S T S .


E F F I C I E N C Y.

SwervePoint provides scaleable, total order management solutions for businesses interested in streamlining their merchandise procurement and distribution processes. If you like the fresh style of SwervePoint, you’ll enjoy the simple and flexible on-line applications of ShopKeeper. Visit to learn more.

WorkStyle Swiss Army Chrono Classic Watch FB6354 Est. Price: $435.00 Silk Woven Custom Tie FB6356 Est. Price: $29.99 Men’s Cutter & Buck Pin Stripe Woven FB6353 Est. Price: $49.65

Men’s Ping Leather Belt RS6149 Est. Price: $37.50

Men’s Cutter & Buck Herringbone Pants RS6148 Est. Price: $95.00

Men’s Cutter & Buck Pima Flat Zip FB6352 Est. Price: $63.50

Men’s Marmot Approach Jacket FB6351 Est. Price: $100.00

15 | fresh book


Swiss Army Messenger Brief FB6355 Est. Price: $82.00

work week Pandora Charm Bracelet RS6142 Est. Price: call for pricing

Women’s Brooks Brothers Woven Shirt FB6343 Est. Price: $77.00

Beaded Necklace RS6143 Est. Price: $81.50

Women’s Cutter & Buck Elite Dress Pant RS6141 Est. Price: $138.00

Women’s Fossil Leather Belt RS6144 Est. Price: $34.00

Women’s Vineyard Jacket FB6342 Est. Price: $41.99

Women’s Tommy Hilfiger V-Neck Sweater FB6344 Est. Price: $43.99

Quilted Tote FB6345 Est. Price: $99.99

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 16

WorkStyle Costa Del Mar Peninsula Sunglasses FB6341 Est. Price: $145.00

Women’s Fossil Stella Watch RS6137 Est. Price: $105.00

Women’s Rose Charm Necklace RS6140 Est. Price: $34.00

Women’s Scoop Neck Tank RS6134 Est. Price: $59.99

Women’s Bowtie Belt RS6138 Est. Price: $32.99

Women’s Cutter & Buck City Short RS6135 Est. Price: $82.00

Ame & Lulu Hobo Tote RS6136 Est. Price: $99.99

Women’s Shrug FB6340 Est. Price: $32.99

Women’s Suzie Sandal RS6139 Est. Price: $89.00

17 | fresh book


weekend Costa Del Mar Seadrift FB6350 Est. Price: $145.00 Callaway Magna Golf Cap FB6348 Est. Price: $24.99

Men’s Tommy Bahama Relax Watch FB6349 Est. Price: $115.00 Men’s Lacoste Striped Poplin FB6346 Est. Price: $93.00

Men’s Fossil Fulton Belt RS6146 Est. Price: $38.00

Men’s Ashworth Houndstooth Half Zip FB6347 Est. Price: $61.75

see more colors. find more choices.

Men’s Fossil Leather Boat Shoes RS6147 Est. Price: $88.00

Men’s Cutter & Buck DryTec Shorts RS6145 Est. Price: $60.00



fresh book | 18

Precious Cargo Infant Bib FB6217 Est. Price: $6.75

O H BABY! Finding a truly memorable baby gift, something that Mom and Dad will cherish and want to keep forever, brings warmth not only to the parents, but to your own heart as well.

Celebrate every special delivery with baby gifts and keepsakes that commemorate the new addition. Consider these possibilities to create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Infant Onesie FB6216 Est. Price: $9.75

Babyprint Desk Frame RS6112 Est. Price: $34.95

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Longfellows RS6111 Est. Price: $16.99

19 | fresh book


Reed Barton Sweet Dreams Water Globe FB6221 Est. Price: $55.00 Baby Teething Rattle FB6222 Est. Price: $66.00

Blankie Babies RS6110 Est. Price: $25.00

Wooden Animal Bank RS6106 Est. Price: $24.95

Baby Navies Socks RS6108 Est. Price: $25.00

Cuddle Fleece Blanket FB6218 Est. Price: $22.50

Mom & Baby Soothing Spa Basket FB6219 Est. Price: $74.99

Gingham Lace Socks RS6107 Est. Price: $28.00


fresh book | 20

Every year the bar gets raised and we push ourselves for even greater performance. Like our

We start our work by researching the destination and property that your high achievers will be

clients we have to be at the top of our game to

traveling to so we can gain a familiarity with the local

stay ahead of the competition.

style, culture, and surroundings. Following that, we’ll prepare you for an on-line journey of style, color,

Incentive travel is intended to motivate and reward and to create an experience of a lifetime that’s meaningful to your employees. The right mix of merchandise enhances that experience and further connects your people with your company.

theme, and brand where we’ll guide you through the latest trend-relevant merchandise. The end result is a Club Collection curated exclusively for you and designed to surprise and delight an audience of peak performers.

ClubCollection Incentive Travel – Gifts, amenities and awards.

21 | fresh book


Arrive, Connect, Meet, Play, Relax.


fresh book | 22

Crabtree & Evelyn Travel Kit for Her RS6131 Est. Price: $20.00

Crabtree & Evelyn Travel Kit for Him RS6132 Est. Price: $22.00

Sailcloth Tote Bag RS6125 Est. Price: $65.00

see more colors. find more choices.


Ame & Lulu Wet Bathing Suit Bag RS6126 Est. Price: $28.00

Parasheet RS6133 Est. Price: $39.50

Torino FB6320 Est. Price: $5.99 23 | fresh book


The Festive Room Drop FB6319 Est. Price: $125.00

Sailcloth Duffel RS6124 Est. Price: $65.00

Surfboard Incense Burner RS6127 Est. Price: $19.99

Passport Holder FB6318 Est. Price: $25.00

Eye Catching Beach Tote RS6123 Est. Price: $66.95

Tropical Coasters FB6316 Est. Price: $2.75

You’ve Been Tagged FB6317 Est. Price: call for quote

Seaside Tote FB6315 Est. Price: $19.99 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 24

Women’s Nike Swoosh Pique Polo FB6328 Est. Price: $49.50

Women’s Ping Performance Cover-Up FB6329 Est. Price: $49.99

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Custom Flip Flops FB6333 Est. Price: $14.99

25 | fresh book


Men’s Nike Swoosh Pique Polo FB6327 Est. Price: $49.50

Cotton Twill Cap FB6332 Est. Price: $8.95

Men’s Ping Performance Cover-Up FB6330 Est. Price: $49.99

Men’s Columbia Bonehead Woven FB6331 Est. Price: $51.95 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 26

Titleist Golfer’s Dozen Gift Set FB6326 Est. Price: $84.50

Mariposa Square Palm Tree Platter RS6130 Est. Price: $115.00

Global Miniature FB6337 Est. Price: $37.50

Waterproof Dry Case FB6234 Est. Price: $40.50

Cabana Stripe Beach Towel FB6322 Est. Price: $26.35

Sony Sport HD Bloggie FB6335 Est. Price: $179.99

Smart Box – Fun for All RS6129 Est. Price: $50.00 27 | fresh book


Eton Soulra Solar Powered Sound Dock FB6336 Est. Price: $250.00

Serving In Style FB6339 Est. Price: $54.50

Belize Stingray Picture Frame FB6338 Est. Price: $199.99

Wide Brim Fashion Accessory RS6128 Est. Price: $56.75

Tervis Tumbler, Unlike Any Other FB6325 Est. Price: $12.95

Cabana Bay Luxurious Gift Set FB6334 Est. Price: $106.95

Banana Boat Sun Kit FB6323 Est. Price: $10.50

see more colors. find more choices.

www足足足足 Beach Paddle Set FB6321 Est. Price: $10.00 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 28


The On-site Retail Experience.

We’ve shipped products to the tropics, the desert, the mountains, the city, and ports of call around the globe but now we’re taking our show on the road, on-site, wherever you are. Where’s your next corporate event? Beach resort? Golf course? Ski slope? Spain? Ireland? Canada? We can be there with an on-site retail experience to reward and recognize and provide some serious instant gratification.

Nike Golf Mobile Pro Shop

Tommy Bahama Fitting Event

We will bring best selling styles for your guests to choose from.

Utilize Nike Golf merchandising displays, products and POP to create a pro shop for your VIP guests to shop.

29 | fresh book


Knowledgeable Tommy Bahama fitting specialist will help your guest find that special style based on lifestyle and current trends. Per-participant fee at your price point.

We'll make your life easier by taking care

Selection: we'll bring a wide selection of styles

of the details.

at your price point – something to make

Logistics: with offices and distribution centers around the world, we can move everything you need to your next corporate event on time, without delay. Setup: complete with displays, mirrors, banners

everyone happy. Staffing: with our own experts to fit and facilitate. Post Program Review: our comprehensive review includes: participant satisfaction ratings, budget reconciliation and lessons learned.

and literature.

Oakley Fitting Event

Omaha Steaks Tasting Experience

Oakley will send a field marketing ambassador to your event to custom fit all attendees. Oakley fitting dynamic that ensures event enthusiasm, satisfaction, and ultimately creates long-lasting memories for all attendees. Order commitment of at least 150 units.

The Omaha Steaks Experience is a Gourmet tasting, learning and gifting event. Guests taste and learn from steak experts using four gourmet steak cuts and receive Omaha Steaks gift card, Seasoning and a take-home Grilling Tips reference card.


fresh book | 30


B R I N G T H E E X C I T E M E N T A ND INSTANT GRATIFICATION OF A R E TA I L B R A N D E X P E R I E N C E TO YOUR NEXT CORPORATE EVENT. We’ll make your life easier by taking care of the details.

P e r s o n a s : Y o u r o w n P e r s o n a l St y l e .

The Scholar “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde In this case we believe, “you can never be over-accessorized.” Look smart on the job with these intelligent products.

Bookends FB6237 Est. Price: $38.50

One Day at a Time RS6113 Est. Price: $30.00

Set of 4 Witty Coasters RS6114 Est. Price: $24.00

Fairfield Business Card Case FB6236 Est. Price: $13.95

Lamy Rollerball Safari Pen FB6239 Est. Price: $36.00

Bulova Omni Desk Clock FB6234 Est. Price: $100.00

Stainless Steel Terra Mosaic FB6235 Est. Price: $7.99

Black Book FB6240 Est. Price: $12.95

BOSE Soundlink Wireless Speaker FB6238 Est. Price: $349.95

33 | fresh book


P e r s o n a s : Y o u r o w n P e r s o n a l St y l e .

The Tech Geek Embrace your inner geek with our trend-relevant “geek chic” collection. Did you know that Spain has celebrated “Geek Pride Day” on May 25th since 2006? The holiday promotes the right to be nerdy or geeky, and to express it in public without shame.

Wireless Pocket Mouse FB6229 Est. Price: $39.99

4-in-1 Function Pen FB6226 Est. Price: $2.60

Ful ˉ BackPack Powerbag FB6224 Est. Price: $135.00

Roadster FB6230 Est. Price: $4.75

USB Journal FB6231 Est. Price: $18.00

SpinWork iPad Case FB6225 Est. Price: $39.50

Travel Soft Mousepad FB6228 Est. Price: $2.75

USB Car Charger FB6233 Est. Price: $7.95

Bob Marley Midnite Ravers In-Ear Headphones FB6227 Est. Price: $59.99

Spudz BudKeeper FB6232 Est. Price: $7.50 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 34

P e r s o n a s : Y o u r o w n P e r s o n a l St y l e .

The Business Traveler Fancy yourself as a corporate adventurer, a conqueror of commerce, a badass of business? Regardless of how you describe yourself when you’re on the road, we’ve got all the tools to get you out there in style and make you a model of efficiency. Find your destination...and go.

Utopia Travel Pillow RS6116 Est. Price: $29.95

Travel With Time FB6247 Est. Price: $13.50

BOSE Noise Canceling Headphones FB6244 Est. Price: $349.00

You've Been Spotted FB6248 Est. Price: $5.50

TUMI Just-In-Case Tote FB6242 Est. Price: $95.00

Americano FB6246 Est. Price: $9.99

RuMe Multi-Functional Travel Bag FB6245 Est. Price: $9.95

OGON Aluminum Wallet RS6117 Est. Price: $41.50

Swiss Army Spectra Hardside FB6241 Est. Price: $300.00-$365.00

Shades Sleep Mask RS6115 Est. Price: $19.95

35 | fresh book






The Hybrid Thirst Quencher FB6249 Est. Price: $3.99 The Kid Friendly H2O Canteen FB6250 Est. Price: $2.95

Get a Grip FB6260 Est. Price: $2.75

Felt iPad Sleeve FB6263 Est. Price: $2.98

Easi-Notes Memo Book FB6254 Est. Price: $4.15

iPhone Megaphone Speaker FB6258 Est. Price: $2.59

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838 37 | fresh book



The Tablet Buff FB6261 Est. Price: $3.99

Compact Screen Cleaner FB6262 Est. Price: $0.95 The Modern Blossom Pen FB6252 Est. Price: $0.85

Hard Cover Classic Journal FB6255 Est. Price: $5.25

Sharpie Gel Highlighter FB6253 Est. Price: $1.50

Magic Mobile Stand FB6259 Est. Price: $2.50

see more colors. find more choices.

www足足足足 ISSUE 6

fresh book | 38

Peel N’ Stick Chalkboard FB6256 Est. Price: $1.68 Music Downloads FB6257 Est. Price: $1.60-$3.99

Mini Stylus FB6265 Est. Price: $6.15

Sweet Spot Lunch Tote FB6269 Est. Price: $5.25

Wind Them Up – Watch Them Go! FB6251 Est. Price: $3.50-$3.99 Colorful Conference Tote FB6266 Est. Price: $1.70 39 | fresh book


Gizmos for

Create Your Own Laminated Tote FB6267 Est. Price: $2.99-$3.99 Sport Cinch FB6268 Est. Price: $3.50

Tradeshows We get asked all the time “what do you have that’s cool and unique for under $5?” It’s kind of a loaded question – many times people are looking for a magic bullet to drive engagement at their tradeshow display and mistakenly think a widget is the answer. While we’ve seen a lot of great gizmos in our day, what really makes them effective is how they are tied into your overall brand, product, and service message. There are some tried and true tricks of the trade that we employ for ourselves that can work for you as well. things to consider:

• Get a gimmick. Come up with an angle or schtick that will attract attention. Be careful with this though. You have to be authentic to who you are. Nobody wants a circus sideshow or used car salesman pitch.

• Introduce color. Your brand guidelines may be very strict and boring but lets face it, people prefer color. Go talk to your brand people and ask their permission to step off the path with their guidance.

• Identify moments of truth. What are CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

those you ask? Moments of truth are those points in time when you are equally invested with your customer or prospect as they are with you. You are helping each other. Those points in time need to be recognized and reinforced. They need to be tangified!

• Make it fun and make it social. Nobody needs more blah, blah, blah in their life. Find ways to make people smile and enjoy the experience. Use contests to amp up the competitive element. Use social media outlets to spread your message and connect people with your brand, product, and service.

• Streamline. Make your life easier. Rely

Turn-Lock Valet Key Tag FB6270 Est. Price: $5.99

on us to design, merchandise, and manage your entire tradeshow program from giveaways to literature to uniforms. We have complete e-commerce, warehousing, and fulfillment solutions to take the load off of you.


fresh book | 40

Gizmos for


Expand-A-Sphere FB6274 Est. Price: $3.50

Natural True Color SPF15 Lipbalm FB6277 Est. Price: $0.99

Thinking Putty FB6273 Est. Price: $4.99

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838 Gumball EarBuds FB6264 Est. Price: $4.99

41 | fresh book


A-Roma Ball FB6275 Est. Price: $3.65

Cozy Clip Sanitizer FB6278 Est. Price: $1.15

The Tradeshow Survival Kit FB6276 Est. Price: $4.35

see more colors. find more choices.


Flexible LED Flashlight FB6272 Est. Price: $2.99

LED Mini Barrel FB6271 Est. Price: $3.69


fresh book | 42





S W E R V E P O I N T :

* If you find the same product, quoted at a lower price from one of our competitors, We love a good bargain just as much as the next guy. We want to make sure that all of our customers are getting the very

we’ll gladly beat their price by 10% of the difference.

best value for their dollar. That’s why we created the Best Price Guarantee. Visit

We bring the boutique to you! Whether it’s our quarterly ‘What’s in the Bag?’ presentations or our Mobile Boutiques, we get out to see you and keep it fresh. Call us to set up a date.


P A I D Danvers, MA 01923



US Postage

Call 1-877-793-7838 to reach a knowledgeable SwervePoint representative M – F, 8:30 – 5:30 ET to handle your quote, sample and order requests.

Visit and open your own StyleShop account. You’ll find a destination for cool gear, gizmos, gadgets and gifts for around the office or on the go.


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all of the fresh ways to work with SwervePoint:

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to learn more.

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