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thePOEtrain It was a cold and gloomy night, the wind was howling like the bangies and old man Akroman~ wait, wait, wait that’s a story from the ”MARTIN” show, (my bad!) It was a cool evening in Oct when the POETRAIN made its first journey across the virtual railways. The engine reeved as SWBanks stood silent atop the train and head conductor Dosh posted himself in the middle isles awaiting the arrival of its first guest. “All aboard!” Dosh’s voice echoed through the grey skies bouncing off the dimly lit moon bellowing back through the train car. ~In walks TainaStacks (3rd conductor, host): Suddenly the doors screeched open and the crowds begin to float in as cool as the breeze, the night was officially under way. “All aboard!” this time muffled by the mass of a full train, the conductor continued to greet the many wonderful guests as they came from all over the world from all walks of like including, magazine companies, famous fashion designers, spiritual Gurus, advisors and some of the world’s greatest poets. “Welcome one and all to a beautiful 23rd night of October aboard the POETRAIN. Tonight’s Destination the lingo poetry club where the language is poetry and the theme is 1940s bebop jazz poetry…. As we begin our hours journey across the imvu countryside, we bring you yesteryears old skool hip-hop younger brother of bebop with a little common, mos def, tribe called quest souls of mischief black moon and more. We will also have you rolling in the isles with the hilarious comedy styling’s of DEON COLE. …


A LL A B O A R R D !

As I mentioned we have an hour to our destination to please JUST LAY BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE as SWERVEmagazine and the house of poetry take you on hiphoppin bebopin jazz filled poetic virtual night to never be forgotten”…… “Ding, Ding!”, 8:30pm rolled around and it was time to get the guest settled in and prepared for the comic styling of the all ways hilarious one and only Deon Cole. Needless to say Deon did not fail, he was “tastefully” funny (Paula Deans cooking rip) and had the audience crying with laughter. “Next stop”, Triva250 featuring all the black sitcoms of the 90s, all set to the sounds of Mos Def, Common, Tribe Called Quest and more (members Jazzz and Taina answered the majority of the questions). The POETRAIN ended its journey to the sounds of the Harlem Renaissance as it pulled up to the Lingo poetry lounge promptly at 9pm. As the train came to a halt, the wheels slowed to a grinding stop and the last steam streamed into the calm of the night. “Please follow me into the club, if you have troubles with tickets, or entry please contact one of our SWERVE staff members”. ~pause. The doors were locked. ~sigh! Thankfully, not long enough to detour or passengers and newly arriving guest. One by one, two by two they filed into the ocean side club “theLINGO poetry club” to the sounds of Dizzie Gillespe, Miles Davis and 1940’s Bebop, all played by club owner MrsTainaStacks.



HOUSE that

POETRY built



HOUSEof 24



Bop..Bam..Pat, Pat, Pat…Boom/ Skidat…dat, dat…bedee..bedee….bop/Bop City/A place where we can go to be free/Jus like when the slaves were freed and changed their last name to Freeman you can be anyone/Free from the white mans values/Nappy hair cuz black is beautiful/f Straight hair isn't ur natural texture then maybe you have a self image problem cuz God made ur hair that way so why change it/Weaves best believe are shackles to the way u think u should view yourself/ Big lips cuz they are better and cool down your food/Oh and don't forget better to kiss with/ Realize y'all that bop city is not a myth/It can be a real place where we don't have to live up to these European standards/ Just because we were born here doesn't nullify the fact that we were stolen to get here/ We gotta stop being so chained by what others want us to be/Man we all kno Jesus was of some type of color/ We all kno that we all came from the same place/ We all kno that we are moving towards all looking the same/ Or do you?/ So why do we continue to be maimed and not understand that we are jus as good as everyone else/ We got so caught up in freedom that we forgot about bop city/Giving the cold shoulder making it really chilly/So please my people come back to bop city/It's happening over here/ Dancing all night/ Libations leading to many sensations/Cultivation of one nation under God...color invisible and justice for all

Minton’s Playhouse, a jazz club in Harlem, New York, became the laboratory for these experimental musicians. By 1941, Parker, Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Christian, and Kenny Clarke were playing regularly at jam sessions there. During this period, there were two main musical paths forged. One was a nostalgic movement that reexamined the hot jazz of New Orleans. It became known as Dixieland. The other was the new, forward looking, experimental music that departed from swing and the music that preceded it. It was known as bebop.

Jazz poetry: is poetry that "demonstrates jazz-like rhythm or the feel of

improvisation".[1] During the 1920s, several poets began to eschew the conventions of rhythm and style; among these were Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, and E. E. Cummings. The significance of the simultaneous evolution of poetry and jazz during the 1920s was apparent to many poets of the era, resulting in the merging of the two art forms into jazz poetry. Jazz poetry has long been something of an "outsider" art form that exists somewhere outside the mainstream, having been conceived in the 1920s by African-Americans, maintained in the 1950s by counterculture poets like those of the Beat generation, and adapted in modern times into hiphop music and live poetry events known as poetry slams.

BOP Poetry night

POETRY Poets in the Jazz tradition include: Amiri Baraka, Marvin Bell, Sterling Brown, Hayden Carruth, Jayne Cortez, Michael S. Harper, 25 Langston Hughes, Jack Kerouac, Yusef Komunyaaka, Mina Loy, Kenneth Rexroth, and Sonia Sanchez.


ILLUSION? Are we real or are we just illusions Participating in internet confusions, Hiding behind our computer screens And in reality much different than we seem. Have we somehow all become addicted As some people have so long predicted, Connecting with virtual and total strangers Disregarding all stalkers, pervs, and all that danger. Are we real or are we just illusionsAnd existing on self-induced delusions And the friends on IMVU & SNL we make Are they real, or are they false and fake? Are they really who they say they are Or are they different personalities by far, Do we know if their picture is for real Or did they someone else's photo steal? We form opinions and often we assume But this can lead to trouble and heartache in them rooms So until the day we actually meetOur trust in people such never eva eva be totally complete...EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA (LOL)




Hip hopped my bebop from a renaissance era dancing on glitter with Josephine baker, sliding across candy lands as my BO jangled where MONKS played in the most Thealonius ways. I see me running down Tin Pan Alley: “jazz is dead, jazz is dead, it’s time to create something new, the jazz is dead. I don't know much about Dixie or big bands I don't waive a wand in my hand, I am not television colored I am smothered under dirty stares and stairs accompanied by fitly sounds, My jazzy bebop bops over broken glass. “My jazz is dead” I often lounge to see that old man sitting on that old stool under the flickering street light singing from Langston’s soul as I bebop my hip hop without direction affection or rudimental connections, but that was a vision of long ago. As I step down off the faded pavement crossing through the symphony of traffic my bop intensifies as my fingers snap by my side, my head bobs and the colors of my melody become clearer. I can taste the jazz as it then leaves a bitter blue flavor on my tongue that turns white, then yellow, then brown, then red and then…….it’s just fades away. ~jazzy melody~ “but I will be back again, o I will be back"....... My jazzy bebop bops in my head as I hip-hop down cracked warped sidewalks right outside my jail like projects gate. My jazzy bebop bops by bangers drowned out by baffled buffoons unable to hear my tune crooning my Callaway’s into Charlie notes like an old jazz musician bellowing from a raspy throat. My bebop continues in a melodic breeze dancing to the city sounds under trees with no trees whispering loudly inside my head outside walking through the cold dead beats, the dead beats, “the beats are dead”. ~jazzy melody~ “but they will be back again, o and I will be back"


Where you there? 0DIAMONDzCarter Re: talk about itBEBOPpoetry night October 23, 2013 08:57PM THE TRAIN RIDE WAS AWESOME, HAD A LOVELY MEAL WITH MY HUSBAND AND A WONDERFUL TIME AT LINGO. I'M SO SAD THAT I COULD'T STAY TO DO MY POEM BUT I HAD A BLASTS. SPECIAL THANKS TO DOSH! CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE TO COME. Jazzzmeana Re: talk about itBEBOPpoetry night October 23, 2013 09:57PM Listening to the Melodic sounds of Jazz dancing in the air .... To all the guest Dressed to the 9's Playing games and just relaxing in on train. Hearing poems ring out thru the room ..... then....... As I watched the Chiseled legs of Neo , touch the floor every so lightly as she graced the dance floor in her poetic , and flawless dance. I had this overwhelming feeling of being where I needed to be. I felt embraced in talent, and showmanship of Style & Grace. To end the night DOSH covered me with a warm blanket of linguistic melody that took my breath away. What a FANTASTIC NIGHT ! ! ! ! MrsSade3757Yorts Re: talk about itBEBOPpoetry night October 24, 2013 05:43AM What an amazing ride...Riding on the Train of deep thoughts and moments...the moment the wheel starts to turn and the toot of the horn is rang, the rhythm of the notes take you to a place unheard..... Dosh and Artist..The Staff of VICCM want to thank you for an amazing evening, filled with the unexpected, as any ride you take your bound to hit a few bumps along the way, but as the people of GOD, we rise above and stand in the Victory..Ememies have no place within our lives, when we have God on our side... BE BLESSED TO ALL!!! Psalm 18:1-3 "I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take regfuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my ememies." Unity in Love, Unity in Power and Unity as One..... DevineDelite Re: talk about itBEBOPpoetry night October 24, 2013 09:25AM ALLLLL ABOARDDDD!! Now that was Class in Action!.. Never experienced an Event that was so well thought out and creative. All of the guests were friendly and loving. No Haterz, No Cat Fights..... TOTALLY DRAMA FREE ON THE TRAIN RIDE. God makes no mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes u have to sweep out the Caboose... Tee-Hee. At the end of the day GOD GETS THE GLORY. And that is all that really matters. People coming together to support one another's virtual dreams. AND TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! The entertainment was off the track.... and it was ONE OF THE FEW BEST EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE TO BE APART OF IN MY IMVU HISTORY THUS FAR. SOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE FROM THE HARD WORK AND DETERMINED DEDICATION OF VERY TALENTED INDIVIDUALS... DOSH... YOU SIMPLY ROCK, MY BROTHER....... KEEP ALLOWING GOD TO BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OF YOU! SWBanks Re: "" talk about itBEBOPpoetry night October 28, 2013 05:28PM ALWAYS craaaaaaazy WONDERFUL

THANKS to all that came out in DONATIONS & SUPPORT including :


THANK YOU to NEO for her great performance and professionalism. We loved every minute of it…



DANCE interpretation: performing” Jazzy Magnet” to the sound of Charlie Parker's .....NIGHT IN TUNISIA VIRTUAL Booking info: inbox NEOSISTAHSOUL

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This is SwerveMagazine's poetry division which allows your creative juices to virtually flow. We also have the CEO and founder of SwerveMagazine DOSHAIMAN hosting our many themed and exciting eventss along with LaZhaDubois (co host,poetry division) JAMAICANDONN(silent security) for HouseOfPoetry. The stylings of our featured artists are displayed upon decadent and luxurious venues hosted by SwerveMagazine's DOSHAIMAN and xxxMrsTainaStacksxxx (HOUSEchief). We support and promote our members, businesses and events for our patrons to become active and join our team of talented artists. We are a serious but creative group, so we encourage new ideas to make our group flourish and prosper. For those who are interested in joining our group, please look at our group page or inbox DOSHAIMAN, SWBANKS, TAINASTACKS,. THANKS XxxMrsTainaStacksxxx & DOSHAIMAN

Swing&Sway BY: TAINASTACKS Making gumbo in my grandma's kitchen/ Smiling through Step and Fetch It teeth/ Piano Keys tickling ivories…playing in a solfeggio harmony/ Do-Re-Mi is a symphony tethered by the old negro spirituals sending melodic calling cards to the ancestors/ Watch them swing and sway…swing and sway/ Abuelita's gamma phone playing Celia…Ahh how sweet!/ Shucking corn and plantanos for Sunday dinner/ Steam rises from the sweltering stove as she sashays with tough soil ridden hands/ Cackles a loud "Aye-Yai-Yai" she swing and sways to the congo drum/ Bumping softly in the horizon/ Their souls call out in a Sankofa…mixed with stifled happiness as they sway their hips/ Swing and Sway…Swing and Sway/ How my veins pumps the blood of the sacrificial lambs of my ancestors as I hear the tum tum of the congo drum/ The anxiousness of the beat gets louder in my ears/ Aye…The Madness!/ It's driving me to complete insanity/ A fever brews in my heart…growing hot with anticipation/ I fling my hips to the drum beat…as my hips swing and sway…swing and sway…./ The music slows down….the trepidation ceases…I'm astrotraveled to another plane…one not explored by human invention/ I was freed by the swing and sway.

DON CHEADLE TALKS ABOUT MILES DAVIS FILM PROJECT SEPTEMBER 22, 2010, 4:54 pm Don Cheadle was recently interviewed by Vibe magazine about his plans to play Miles Davis in a new film. In the interview, Cheadle said, "Biopics are concerned with cradle to the grave depictions of a subject and character. This movie is much more expressive. And in my opinion, we're hopefully making a movie that Miles would want to be in as opposed to it just 'being about Miles.'" A tentative release date is set for 2013 while the movie completes development and secures financing. You can read more about plans for the film at


BEBOP poetry night Back for another night @ the JAZZHOPlounge th NOV. 20 9pm. Est. RSVP NOW. FREE to 20guest.

Miles davis plays serenade

to the wind with 'Never Entered My Mind.' Leaves sway and saunter to the mood life outside starts to unwind birds stop and listen instead of of seeking their food (mmmm) ‌..Jazzzmeana