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A fresh approach to legal research By cutting out the search results you don’t require, Index of Legal Terms puts the information you’re looking for, in front of you. Fast. And with access to three of the finest Legal Dictionaries, Westlaw UK’s Index of Legal Terms gives you the power to search content you never knew existed.

FAST, PRECISE & CONCISE Offering concise, expert explanations of legal concepts and terms, as well as links to the supporting cases and legislation, this service allows you to cut straight to the heart of the matter.


Dictionaries include: > Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law


> Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases

Index of Legal Terms offers additional functionality, including a list of suggested terms, which appear in a dropdown box as you type your word or phrase as well as related search suggestions, which offer links to other avenues of research which might be useful to you.

> Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary As well as the option to search the dictionaries, Index of Legal Terms can bring back definitions from cases, legislation or journals, so you’ll always have citeable authority.

It also allows you to search for Latin phrases, providing both translations and definitions. Simplices.

Index of Legal Terms is available as an add-on to a Westlaw UK subscription.

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 Call 0800 028 2200 (UK) or +44 (0) 207 449 1110 (Int’l)  email  or visit

Clear. Clever. Concise. SEARCHING


Looking for the Index of Legal Terms? Just head to the right-hand side of the Westlaw UK homepage.

Your search results will be automatically split accordingly to which definition source they have been retrieved from. Statutory definitions will be arranged alphabetically. You also have the ability to re-sort your results by date, so as to appear in reverse chronological order.

TERMS IN CONTEXT To save time browsing through documents, you can see your search terms in the context they appear within the results by clicking Show Terms in Context.

RELATED SEARCHES At the bottom of the results list, you will find a selection of links to related searches, which suggest other avenues of research which might be useful for you.

You will find options on sources to search across, including Dictionaries (Jowitt, Stroud, and Osborn), Legislation, Cases or Journals. We’ve also included suggested terms and phrases in the search bar as you type, which will make it easier to know whether your terms are already familiar to Westlaw UK. By scrolling down to the end of your results list, you’ll be able to find links to related searches which suggest other research avenues you might like to investigate.

LINKS TO SUPPORTING CASES AND LEGISLATION Result documents are fully cross-referenced with links to supporting and explanatory cases and legislation, ensuring that your research is joined up and as seamless as can be.

Westlaw UK Index of Legal Terms Factsheet  

Westlaw UK Index of Legal Terms Factsheet