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The Coyote Chronicles MAY 2018

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Message from our

P r e s i d e n t !

Hey Coyotes! I'm HannaMae Imperial, Southwest CTA's Key Club president for the 2018-2019 term. I am super excited for this new term and even more excited to work alongside my new board members! Each board member has been adjusting to their position and will learn even more at Officer Training Conference. In addition, our school will be hosting a banquet to say a farewell to our immediate past Lieutenant Governor, Noah Lopez. All hours were due last month and I hope to see everyone who got all of their hours at the induction ceremony! Enjoy this months newsletter!                                                                         Love,                               HannaMae Imperial 

Message from our

E d i t o r !

Hi Coyotes! I am Nicollette Tolentino, Southwest CTA's Key Club bulletin Editor for the 2018-2019 term. I cannot express into words for excited and honored to work with my board members and to help lead all key clubbers to success. We had three major events this months that I have included in this month's newsletter. This is my first newsletter so I am still trying out a new things for my edits. Overall, it has been such a fun and eventful month and I hope you catch a glimpse of it inside this newsletter. Enjoy and have a great day (:                                                                      Love, 

Nicollette Joy Tolentino

Mountain Edge's Spring Spectacular

I volunteered for the Mountain’s Edge Spring Spectacular. where I had the duty of helping out in the photo booth with the easter bunny! My experience with volunteering for Mountain’s Edge is always fun because they’re family events, and I enjoy volunteering at events where I can help families make the most of their day. My favorite part was seeing how much fun the kids were having when taking pictures with easter bunny! Caitleen Navarro, CO 2020

 My favorite part was when Regine, Megen, and I carried our former LTG to stage so he can dance the cupid shuffle. Relay is a great place to spend with friends all night and a great way to raise money for cancer. - Jailissa Jacala CO 2018

R e l a y f o r L i ef

I didn't sleep at all and I hope no one else did  because it kind of defeats the purpose of the event since cancer never sleeps. - Abel Berhe CO 2020


Southwest CTA's  ( Water Tribe )

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May 4-5: Relay 4 Life ! May 5 : Cinco de mayo May 13:Mother's day Shower your mom or motherly figure with love and kisses


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C o n t a c t P r e s i d e n t

HannaMae Imperial

VP of Community Service

Caitleen Navarro

VP of Fundraising

Izabella Guiao

VP of Spirit

Mhyraquel Quinto

I n f o r m a t i o n


Jackie wu


Angel Nguyen

Bulletin Editor

Nicollette Tolentino

SWCTA Key Club | April - May Newsletter  

Hope you enjoy this month's newsletter ! (-:

SWCTA Key Club | April - May Newsletter  

Hope you enjoy this month's newsletter ! (-: