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FRONT COVER: Peter Redshaw on the boards, deep down in the Catlins. Image by Rob Suisted. INSIDE FRONT COVER: Davey casts an eye for the high alpine Mountain Goat. Uyak, Kodiak Island, Alaska. Image by Dave Abbott.



2 NEW FOR 201



rafted out of SWAZI’S legendary warm polar fleece with a windproof front torso, back and hand warmer pockets, the Nahanni is the new go-to garment for cold conditions. Not only is the Nahanni extremely comfortable and warm, now it is available in TUSSOCK GREEN! The superb natural tone of TUSSOCK GREEN provides a neutral colour, whether you are using it for hunting, fishing or just being outdoors! Code: ONS Colours: Tussock Green, Olive

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 299.99


SWAZI ® World Headquarters are based in Levin, in the North Island of New Zealand.


some great news - with the NZ dollar being so high we have been able to purchase bulk fabric and will be passing the savings onto you, the valued customer. Never has quality gear like SWAZI® been more affordable! We’ve stuck to our guns, still making every last piece of SWAZI® here in New Zealand. As a consequence we’ve managed to maintain our reputation of being the best and most durable outdoor clothing in the world, that’s no mean achievement and hats off to each and every person working at SWAZI®. A big thank you also to all our SWAZI® customers, we simply could not have sailed through this storm without your continued support.

Welcome! There’s a whisper in the wind that things are beginning to look a little more positive within the global economy. Certainly here at SWAZI® HQ we’re seeing far more robust demand for our products around the world as 2012 kicks off. That’s really exciting.


believe that when times are tough and the old shekels are light in the pocket, many people spend only what they need to, viewing each purchase with an eye to value. There can be no better value than buying quality. Well here’s LEFT: Hats off to the guys who work at Swazi for being the finest craftsmen in the world and making the best gear in the world, all made here in New Zealand. RIGHT: Levin, Swazi World Headquarters, New Zealand.


Got anything new and exciting I hear you ask… Absolutely! You’ll remember last year I spoke of the 2012 launch of our new Wind and Water proof fabrics (we’d provisionally called the fabric membrane Swaziguard). Well, they are hitting the shelves throughout April and May. We decided to call the technology AEGIS®, which as we all know from ancient Greek mythology is the shield of Zeus. Pretty cool name! We’re also releasing a complete range of garments in Tussock green, called, surprise surprise, Tussock by SWAZI®. All your SWAZI® favourites, plus some really cool new items. I know you’ll find something that grabs you in this 2012 Cattledog®, so please, get yourself a brew and sit down to read another classic SWAZI® adventure. Don’t forget to sign up to the SWAZI® Clan at, to read stories, see photos and share adventures from SWAZI® Clansman from around the globe. Catch you in the bush sometime!

DAVEY HUGHES Levin, New Zealand


Belgian Bob putting AEGIS® through its paces. Tongariro National Park.

For many seasons SWAZI® wet weather and wind proof gear has set the benchmark for comfort and protection. It is a mark against which all others are measured. We’re proud to say this year sees the launch of a leap forward in weather protection. The advent of AEGIS® puts SWAZI® further ahead in the field of high performance products for the Outdoorsmen and those who work outside.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The membrane is breathable, as well as being water and windproof. Breathability has nothing to do with air, more it is the manner in which the AEGIS® membrane will allow moisture vapour from your body transfer from your base and midlayers, escaping before it becomes moisture (perspiration). This leaves you safely protected from the elements, as well as being comfortable, allowing you to continue with the task in hand.



It is a microporous membrane which is laminated between a face fabric (outer shell) and an inner lining. This inner lining can be either a trico mesh, as used in our Watershield AEGIS®, or a fleece, the preferred lining for our Windshield AEGIS®.

Choosing the right waterproof garment is not just a matter of performance of the membrane, it is equally as important to choose a garment which has been designed and built for purpose by a company which truly understands what Mother Nature is capable of throwing at you. At SWAZI® we understand weather. We design and craft garments that our customers have come to trust will provide them the very best-comfort in their chosen field.


Wind is deflected from the membrane

Three-layered AEGIS® provides you with absolute protection from rain, snow and the wind, at the same time allowing your moisture vapour to pass through the unique Watershield membrane. This process gives you incredible protection from the elements, allowing you to operate at the highest levels of outdoor performance.

Durable face fabric AEGIS® membrane Rain, sleet and snow can’t pass through the AEGIS® membrane Trico mesh lining

Escaping Moisture vapour (perspiration) Your body perspiration passes through the mesh lining, AEGIS® membrane and outer face fabric




The layer you wear next to your skin. It is important this layer can wick away moisture vapour to ensure your microclimate (the thin layer of air next to your skin) remains at a constant temperature, around 32-33˚C.

Also known as the insulating layer, these garments are worn over your base layer. The key to comfort and warmth is to stay dry, trapping warm air within your clothing system.





Super comfortable, exceptionally high performing, dries very quickly.

Medium weight polar fleece, rugged and warm.



Wool is without doubt best for your feet, keeping them warm and, like the tyres on your vehicle, they’ll keep you on the road.

Heavier microfleece pants with reinforced knees and backside.

Cut for a snug fit on torso, shoulders and lower back – 3 areas requiring more warmth.

Keep your topknot warm! You lose a lot of heat through your extremities, head included.

DRESS WARM! DRESS At SWAZI® we reckon we know what we’re talking about when it comes to outdoor layering systems. Our knowledge and craftsmanship has been tried and tested time and time again for its effective performance and durability, in some of the most extreme conditions and toughest terrain on the planet.










SWAZI® wet weather garments are legendary around the entire world for being, well quite honestly, for being the best there is. We know weather and we know how to build crafted garments. At the end of the day, you are always going to get what you pay for.

3.OUTER LAYER The outer layer, or shell as it is sometimes known, has a big job to do. It is your best form of defence against wind, rain and snow. Choose a garment that will do all of the above, not just by fabric, but by DESIGN!

SWAZI ® RAIN JACKET Totally waterproof, windproof and breathable.

SWAZI ® RAIN PANT 100% waterproof, seam sealed, reinforced legs and excellent movement.


“OK Trevor... don’t mean to harp on buddy... but 2 weeks in Fiordland without a tent...”




Lightweight SWAZI® microfleece fabrics provide the best in comfort, warmth and durability. MICRO TOP V Also available in a V-neck, when you need to wear one under a collared shirt.

If you are concerned about performance, weight and bulk, the SWAZI® Micro Top will fit the bill. It packs down extra small and weighs a mere 160gsm. The long cut means it won’t ride up while you travel, plus it delivers amazing comfort and warmth. A real SWAZI® “Must Have”.

Code: BMV Colours: Black, Snow Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99 3XL $NZ 54.99

Code: BTP Colours: Navy, Olive, Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99 3XL $NZ 54.99

JEWEL BAGS When it’s wet, it’s cold and… well, when certain parts of our anatomy get cold... hang, we’re sure you know the feeling! Enter our amazing Jewel Bags! They are extremely comfortable in all temperatures, dry incredibly quickly and offer great support. Up the creek with a couple of paddles, Phil and Aimee McCaughan cruisin’ on down the Whanganui River.


Code: BJB Colours: Assorted Size: S – 2XL $NZ 24.99 each

The boys with a handful of sushi off the Opotiki coast. Image by Michael Humphrey.

Who said Mike King wasn’t all that bright?

Shown in Olive

The best of both worlds. A thermal top that not only keeps you warm, but doesn’t overheat when worn under another top. The Micro Singlet has an extra long back so when you bend over it won’t ride up. Combine this with an action fit, next-to-the-skin pure soft comfort and the legendary SWAZI® durability.. mate, it’s a must!


Code: Colours: Size:

MICRO SHIRT The Micro Shirt is a terrific winter top. A high polo-type collar with a lightweight zip allows you to control upper body temperature when things start to get steamy. We’ve cut the back extra long, so it won’t ride up under your pack. A thumb loop on the sleeve helps keep hands warm on those extra frosty mornings. Code: BSH Colours: Black, Olive, Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

Thumb loop on sleeve keeps hands warm on frosty mornings.

BMS Black, Snow S – 2XL $NZ 39.99 3XL $NZ 44.99

MICRO PANTS A little bit ‘Men in Tights’ perhaps? Nonetheless, if you’re after a light pair of thermal pants that are great for tramping or wearing around camp, then our Micro Pants can’t be beaten. Of course, there are those who enjoy the feel of bush lawyer and stinging nettle on their bare legs... Code: PMP Colours: Black, Olive Size: S – 2XL $NZ 59.99



Your Mid layers provide you with vital insulation. Our quality fabric ensures your SWAZI® Mid layers will last many seasons. BUSHMAN’S TEE Code: MBT Colours: Navy, Olive, Black, Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99 3 XL $NZ 54.99

“I add 1 part vodka to 10 parts Cydectin® and voila - happy sheep!” Jason Smalley, Retaruke.

MOLEY SHORTS The Bushman’s Tee was one of our very first garments we ever produced at SWAZI®. Its long life is testimony to the fact many great designs are indeed the most simple ones. Tough, warm and now available in TUSSOCK GREEN.

MICRO BUSHMAN’S TEE We took the SWAZI® Original Bushman’s Tee and created it in a mid-weight microfleece – light, warm and durable. Things simply couldn’t get better really. Code: MMT Colours: Black Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99


Made from 100% cotton moleskin, Moleys are the most comfortable, hardwearing shorts you will ever own. Bar none. Double stitched pockets that refuse to hole, bar tacked side seams and vents for extra strength, plus a cut which gives you awesome freedom of movement to climb hills or straddle your 4-wheeler. Code:PMS

Colours:Tundra, Black

Size: S-2XL

MICRO DRIBACK® SHORTS What are you after in a pair of shorts? Comfort, ease of movement, long lasting fabric, good deep pockets... These 200gsm Micro Driback® Shorts are all of the above, plus they dry exceptionally quickly for river crossings or surf casting at the beach. Includes an AEGIS® liner – to keep your backside dry. Code: PDS Colours: Olive

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

$NZ 74.99

Shown in Olive

Available also in

CARIBOU JACKET High collar zips right up Handy internal zip pocket Great SWAZI® fitted-cut

Long back to cover your date


Code: Colours: Size:

How come those Caribou look so damn warm, even when Arctic weather conditions turn so cool? For sure, the SWAZI® Caribou Jacket will keep you just as warm and comfortable as its namesake. Made from a heavy 340gsm polar fleece, with two large hand pockets and a large chest pocket to keep all your money well hidden... The Caribou is a practical no-nonsense jacket that will quickly become your favourite.

MBZ Navy, Olive, Black, Tussock S – 2XL Code: OCJ $NZ 89.99 Colours: Black, 3XL Mocha $NZ 99.99

Definitely one of our customers most favourite tops! Made from a 275gsm polar fleece fabric it is durable, practical and unquestionably one of those tops everyone, including you, should own!

PRO-HUNTER SHIRT An amazingly comfortable and practical shirt. Make sure you get out of the pit early if it’s “first up best dressed” in your camp! 300gsm microfleece with a good long back to keep your kidneys warm. Excellent movement, including a box pleated back for extra shoulder freedom. The Pro-Hunter Shirt is light yet wind resistant. Tough, yet soft to wear. It dries in a moment, plus it can take a hiding in the field and still looks OK to wear to the stock sale. We really wanted to say pub, but we’ve been told we’re not allowed. SWAZI® attention to detail means durability PLUS Made from light, yet super tough 300gsm microfleece

Shown in Mocha.

Shown in Black

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 199.99

BACK-40 SHIRT With its heavy polar fleece fabric the Back-40 is a fantastic mid layer. Large pockets, great length and superb cut mean your Back-40 will give you years of hard-wearing service. Code: OBF Colours: Olive, Black, Mocha, Tussock Size:

S – 2XL $NZ 139.99 3 XL $NZ 154.99

Shown in Olive.

Andrew Rowland shows he’s a man of taste and style.

Handy chest pocket Cut with function and style in mind, so you can move with ease, look good as you please

Available also in

Code: MPH Colours: Black, Olive Size: S – 2XL $NZ 129.99 3XL $NZ 149.99


THE BEST PANTS YOU’LL EVER OWN. When we designed the very first Driback® Pant we knew they would take the market by storm. From their innovative design, to the very best of fabric. From the finest New Zealand made craftsmanship, to the fact we stand behind every pair. That’s what makes SWAZI® different. We understand unflinching quality. We understand your world.


Shown in Olive.


Available also in

If ever there was a garment bound for “Classic Glory”, it would be the Micro Dribacks®. The 200gsm microfleece is just right for all but the coldest winter. The AEGIS® liner is seam sealed to provide a waterproof seat. Plus the in-built webbing belt has loops placed to enable you to attach your knife pouch directly onto the pants - so no need for a separate belt. SWAZI® Micro Dribacks® are made for the outdoorsman who is serious about moving fast, moving light and moving in comfort. Code: PMD Colours: Olive, Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 129.99 3XL $NZ 149.99

BUSH PANTS We call them Bush Pants because that’s where we designed them to be worn, but they are so comfortable we bet you end up living in them! Made from 275gsm fleece, they’re quick to dry, so don’t worry about getting wet in river crossings. Easy to move in, silent to sneak about in, made to take the knocks and scrapes. Code: PBP Colours: Olive, Black

Grant and Edward Close after an exciting day on the hill. “Jeez old man, why do I always get the heavy one?”


DRIBACKS® Righto! We all know the feeling of sitting on wet ground. As a rule, the most comfortable place to stop for a rest is usually the most damp. Soft, spongy moss... mmmm. The AEGIS® fabric sewn to the seat of the Driback® pants is seam sealed, so it stops water completely! Now you can sit down on damp ground, snow, wet motorbike or tractor seats... in fact anywhere that looks comfortable!


Code: Colours: Size:

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

PDP Olive, Black S – 2XL $NZ 129.99 3XL $NZ 149.99

Loops on both sides of waist allow knife to attach on belt Deep comfortable pockets for keeping hands warm and stashing gear Waist belt with lock buckle to ensure pants stay up under load Made from quality, quick drying super comfortable 200gsm micro fleece Attention to every detail in design and manufacture promises you receive the finest pants you have ever worn. Made here in New Zealand.

These pants have been put through the ringer... seriously. We tried to kill them over months of indiscriminate testing on the farm but they just didn’t want to die. Probably something to do with the warm, tough microfleece we use in their construction, or the special reinforced backside, or the straight legs with reinforced knees… Short of hanging them from a tree and using them as shotty practice we reckon these pants will last generations. Check ‘em out. Code: Colours: Size:

PST Black, Olive M – 2XL $NZ 139.99

HIGH VISIBILITY When you need to be seen, for safety’s sake, for peace of mind… SWAZI® High Visibility clothing will do the job. Made from rugged fabric and outstanding workmanship, our range not only performs well, it outperforms the competition in durability and practical design.

BUSHSHIRT HV So you want to be seen in all the right places? Better to get yourself a hold of one of our Bush shirt HV’s then. Made from 275gsm polar fleece, this shirt can be worn on its own on all but the warmest, or all but the coolest of days – which is kind of what you want out of a High-Visibility top don’t you think?



We decided as one of SWAZI’S® top selling garments that having one High-Visibility Tee in the range was just not enough! With the top half Orange and the bottom Navy, it’s perfect for those grubby buggers – giving the appearance of being clean while at the same time being seen! Code: HVT Colours: Blaze Orange/ Navy

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 69.99

3XL $NZ 74.99

Size: S – 2XL $NZ 99.99 3XL $NZ 104.99 Code: HVB Colours: Blaze Orange/Navy

Our Climb-Max® HV Tops protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays while at the same time its unique fibres wick away perspiration, keeping you cool even on the warm days. Plus, we’ve added a full chest zip, so now you can cool down even quicker. Size: S – 2XL Code: HCC $NZ 89.99 Colours: Blaze Orange/ 3XL Midnight $NZ 99.99

All the right tools of the trade

BUSHMAN’S TEE HV How do you stay warm and be seen at the same time? Our High Visibility Bushman’s Tee, made from a 275gsm polar fleece, solves the problem. For outdoor workers, this garment offers freedom of movement, durability, warmth and complies with all current safety regulations.

MICRO TOP HV The performance of SWAZI® microfleece is legendary. Perhaps it is the added silk, or maybe the yarn quality – our competitors would love to know! One thing is for sure, when combined with the cut and function of our SWAZI® designs you can be assured of total satisfaction. Size: S – 2XL Code: HMT $NZ 69.99 Colours: Blaze Orange/Navy 3XL $NZ 74.99

The High Visibility Tee is made to International Standard: AS/NZS 1906.4:1997 for NZFOA (New Zealand Forest Owners Assoc. Inc.)

Size: Code: HBT Colours: Black/Yellow Black/Orange

S – 2XL $NZ 69.99 3XL $NZ 74.99


WINDSHIELD SWAZI® Designed AEGIS® Windshield Garments Give You The Very Best In Protection, Comfort And Style. WINDRIVER JACKET


Using AEGIS® Windshield fleece, we’ve created the most breathable and completely windproof jacket available. What does that mean? Quite a lot. Especially considering under heavy activity, your body can perspire at one litre of water per hour. Features include amazing deep pockets for your stash, plus a domed and touch-taped chest pocket. The hood, based on our original Tahr hood, has a wired peak and excellent peripheral vision. And it’s detachable. When you need that extra leg movement on hills, side vents are zippered to open. The main zip is a big chunky YKK10 Vision two-way. The Windriver is the best garment you will own, whether on the farm, in the bush or downtown.

YKK zip

Handy chest pocket

Water resistant fabric fends off showers and light rain

At last! A SWAZI® garment with a name you can easily pronounce... And like its namesake, the Assegai is very, very sharp. It’s lightweight, yet totally windproof. Water repellant, though extremely breathable. We’ve engineered the Assegai for all-round weather protection provided by the ripstop AEGIS® Windshield fabric. Sum it all up? Totally functional, extremely classy. Code: JAJ Size: M – 2XL Colours: Kaka, Black $NZ 349.99


DAVEY’S NOTE: I travel the world hunting, often in extreme climates. The WindRiver Jacket is the very first garment I pack. Every trip.

There’s a nice touch with the logo embroidery on the sleeve.

Code: Colours: Size:

JWR Black, Olive S – 2XL $NZ 449.99 3XL $NZ 499.99

Hey Jasper, it’s far quicker to paddle em than carry em.

PROTECTION. High collar to keep out cold winds


YKK Zips

3-Layer windproof fleece

Chest pocket

Scalloped tail to keep your backside warm!

Designed while hunting on a day when the wind was creating the most spectacular spindrifts. Glassing for animals became almost unbearable. Very frustrating with so much animal sign everywhere. It’s light, compact and totally windproof – and has become a favourite with Hunting Guides worldwide. Features include a creative bino pocket plus a large kangaroo pocket for holding heaps of gear and keeping hands warm. Made from 320gsm AEGIS® Windshield fleece, the Severn is designed for moving. Code: JST Colours: Olive Size: S – 2XL $NZ 279.99 3 XL $NZ 329.99


MOLESWORTH JACKET We had good, heated discussions (well, argybargy actually) on whether the Molesworth was actually more for leisure than function. All said and done the Molesworth is one very functional jacket. Made from 320gsm AEGIS® Windshield fleece, it has a low cut back, high collar and deep secure pockets. With its modern, stylistic cut, wear it to town and once you’ve got it worn in….well, hang it, you’ll just Code: JMJ Colours: Navy, Black have to wear it on the farm, Size: S – 2XL won’t you? $NZ 349.99

Made from AEGIS® Windshield Fleece, 4WD Pants are built for exceptional comfort. They breathe brilliantly, even in temperate conditions. An attached webbing belt and a zipper fly makes them easy to get on and off, with zippered cuffs to make it easy to get in and out of boots. Plus, we’ve put a taped durable dome at the bottom to hold fast on to your boot top. So, when the wind comes in hard and the snow’s Code: JWD on the ground and push comes Colours: Olive to shove….the 4WD Pant is a Size: S – 2XL $NZ 259.99 pretty sure-fire bet. 3XL $NZ 289.99


EXTRA WARMTH. WARMER THAN STANDARD FLEECES. LIGHTWEIGHT ALL-ROUND WIND PROTECTION Body perspiration escapes through the inner lining, then the AEGIS® membrane and outer face fabric. Escaping moisture vapour

Durable face fabric

Totally windproof. Wind can’t pass through the AEGIS® membrane AEGIS® membrane

Trico Mesh or fleece inner lining


WATER THE NEW SWAZI® HIGH PERFORMA For many years around the world the serious hunter and outdoors people have depended upon SWAZI® to keep them dry, no matter the weather. SWAZI® wet weather gear has set the benchmark for many to aspire to. Now with the launch of our new AEGIS® membrane we’ve set that benchmark even higher. SWAZI® high performance shell garments are, quite simply put, in a class of their own.

TAHR ANORAK® The hood enables excellent peripheral vision and has exceptional water shedding capability New improved zip flap to keep out even the most extreme storm


Large bino pocket with elasticated bullet loops and drainage slip stitching

SWAZIFLEX® cut for superb upper body movement Side vents for extra climbing movement

For the outdoors person wanting a little extra refinement in high-performance rainwear, we’ve produced the Wapiti Coat from a soft, three layered AEGIS® fabric. Features include extra strong full length, two-way YKK® sliders. Bellowed cargo pockets (you can fit a box of shells in each) are backed by toasty handwarmers. There’s an inner map pocket, plus the famous SWAZI® hood. Sleeves and upper body are constructed to allow maximum freedom of movement. The adjustable stretch AEGIS® cuffs provide the most comfortable wrist closures you will ever Code: RWC encounter – bar none! Colours: Tussock Green, The Wapiti is just as at home in the Olive top of the Landsborough as it is Size: S – 2XL $NZ 699.99 watching the footy.


New for 2012! Totally re-designed cuff system, with over sleeve plus stretch inner cuff.

light-weight jackets are designed for recreational use and are not designed for

The hood enables excellent peripheral vision along with exceptional water shedding capability

extended alpine wear (climbing/abseiling) or heavy farm use.

The Tahr Anorak® is made from a three-layer AEGIS® fabric which is soft, light, very quiet and of course, very waterproof. Features include a radical new upper body design that gives an amazing 25% extra freedom of movement, a large bino pocket with elasticated bullet loops plus a modified, two tier, high peripheral vision hood. The inner conforms to the contours of your face, while the outer protrudes into an adjustable peak, stiffened with both a durable liner and hood wire. Another excellent feature is the AEGIS® stretch cuff design, developed especially for folk who hate cold, icy water running down their Code: RTA elbows! Colours: Tussock Green, Olive



S – 2XL $NZ 549.99 3XL $NZ 599.99

Inner wet weather pocket for dry gear

Over sleeve cuff with stretch inner cuff Large cargo wet pocket with handwarmers behind Designed and built for excellent freedom of movement

3XL $NZ 749.99


NCE WET WEATHER GEAR - IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN. OVERPANTS Waist belt with lock buckle to ensure pants stay up under load Articulated knee for great freedom of movement

Glen Chapman at his drop-dead, top-secret piggin’ spot... on the edge of Lake Wanaka.


Inner gusset seam sealed Kevlar® scuff pads to prolong cuff life

Made from a soft quiet AEGIS® fabric, our Overpants have all the features you could want for an awesome lightweight set of wet weather pants. The waist has a webbing belt incorporated to prevent the pants from slipping when under loading from your pack. Cuffs are protected with Kevlar® reinforced pads and Code: ROP the gussets provide an Colours: Tussock Green, awesome waterproof Olive closure for quick hops Sizes: S - 2XL $NZ 349.99 through streams.

Our Matuka Jacket features an ergonomically designed detachable hood. The insulated collar fights off even the most ferocious Tongariro tempest. Super comfort cuffs sport a non-snag stretch finish, while sleeves are anatomically shaped to allow the most amazing amount of freedom when casting. Pockets (self draining of course) are strategically placed, with fleecy handwarmers underneath. Generous, while definitely not cumbersome, the versatile inner pocket under your storm flap has ample room for keys, licences and all the other necessities of life! Sizes: M - 2XL Code: RMC Colours: Tussock Green $579.99

HOW SWAZI® AEGIS® WATERSHIELD KEEPS YOU DRY AND WARM Three-layered AEGIS® provides you with absolute protection from rain, snow and the wind, at the same time allowing your moisture vapour to pass through the unique Watershield membrane. This process gives you incredible protection from the elements, allowing you to operate at the highest levels of outdoor performance.

Low-waisted for friendly use with waders

Wind is deflected from the membrane Durable face fabric AEGIS® membrane Rain, sleet and snow can’t pass through the AEGIS® membrane Trico mesh lining

Escaping Moisture vapour (perspiration) Your body perspiration passes through the mesh lining, AEGIS® membrane and outer face fabric


Legendary SWAZI® hood design for great protection


The Narwhal® Anorak is a real doozey. A lightweight rain jacket, it packs away good and compact, but when you need it most the Narwhal® Anorak will perform amazingly well. Long enough to cover your butt, great pockets for maps, radios or GPS and of course, that legendary SWAZI® hood design. Made from AEGIS® it is totally waterproof, very breathable and blocks out all the wind Mother Nature can throw at you. If you need to travel light and be confident that whatever the weather you’ll be fine, then our Narwhal® Anorak certainly fits the bill.


Dreamed up while Davey was starting his 2nd day of the Coast to Coast on Klondyke Corner, this usually scenic location was pouring down with torrential rain. Davey decided to design a new leisure rain jacket for casual wear, with all the protection and style you’d expect from SWAZI®. Perfect for watching the rugby or kids playing sports, it’s the no-nonsense lightweight jacket with Code: RAP plenty of horsepower to Colours: Sage/Charcoal, Black/Charcoal shed the elements Size: S -2XL should you $NZ 449.99 3XL require.

YKK Wet weather zip to fight off winters worst

Lightweight AEGIS fabric

Two large chest pockets strategically placed

$NZ 499.99

Shown in Black/Charcoal

Code: RNA Colours: Sage/Charcoal Size: S -2XL $NZ 499.99

ONE TOUGH MUTHA®® Great hood with excellent peripheral vision

The One Tough Mutha® is built for a purpose. Made from a highly abrasionWaterproof resistant AEGIS® fabric, inside pocket for cell phones, we designed the OTM for notebooks people who need a rugged no-compromise raincoat. Of course, we added in practical SWAZI® features that enhance the One Tough Mutha’s all-round performance. The hood is based on our all time favourite design – high vision with fantastic water shedding capability. The large hand pockets are wet pockets. Made to carry gear, or keep your hands out of the wind, they drain quickly when it’s wet. The inner dry pocket is there for notebooks, cellphones, baccy…One Tough Mutha®. Made tough. Made to keep you dry. Code: RMJ Colours: Navy/Black Made in New Zealand. Size: M – 2XL $NZ 699.99

Reflective piping on arms

Mike Nepia, Mt Tongariro. Wet pockets for gear or gloves

Side vents for ease of movement


Two old Billy Goats, British Colombia.

WE’RE NOT HIDING ANYTHING. When it comes to camo patterns it’s hard to beat Realtree Hardwoods Green. It has eleven natural colours that blend with an incredible variety of natural settings.

CAMO PRO-HUNTER Made from a 200gsm microfleece, this shirt features a box pleat back for extra movement. Go and try one of these shirts on. Man, are they the most comfortable hunting shirt or what! If you can’t try it on, at least go to your local hunting store and feeeel one. Just watch out when the retailer sees you going all gooey over the shop floor though. Over a camo shirt... Code: Colours: Size:

“No way mate. Absolutely not Bob. Nup, we’d never stick that shot in the Cattledog!”


CPH Camo S – 2XL $NZ 149.99 3XL $NZ 169.99

One of our most simple, yet most popular designs, now in Realtree camo. Plus an added internal chest pocket!

MICRO DRIBACKS® The original SWAZI® Micro Dribacks® in Realtree Hardwoods Green. Made from the same awesome 200gsm microfleece as the Pro-Hunter Shirt, these pants offer good wind resistance, great warmth and amazingly quick drying times. Code: CDB Colours: Camo Size: S – 2XL $NZ 149.99 3XL $NZ 169.99

Jimmy K with a good North Canterbury hog.

Code: CBS Colours: Camo Size: S - 2XL $NZ 99.99 3XL $NZ 109.99

BALACLAVA Lightweight, warm, camo. Rolls up into a beanie. What more could you want? Code: Colours: Size:

CBV Camo One size fits most $NZ 39.99

CAMO HASBEANIE Here’s a little beauty to stop your noggin floggin’ all your body warmth. Code: Colours: Size:

CBE Camo Med, Lge $NZ 24.99



The superb natural tone of TUSSOCK GREEN provides a neutral colour, whether you are using it for hunting, fishing or just plain old being outdoors. From the moment it was first introduced to the market by SWAZI®, TUSSOCK GREEN became our biggest selling colour in our wet weather gear. Now we are creating yet another first, a full range of TUSSOCK by SWAZI® garments in many of your favourite styles – as well as some brand new designs! Hellacious for hunters, fabulous for fishos and orsome for outdoor tyros.


NAHANNI SHIRT Named after the South Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories of Canada, the Nahanni features a windproof front torso and back, along with windproof handwarmer pockets. Its long length gives great warmth and the removable hood is structured to give fantastic peripheral vision. So comfortable and so warm!

The Bushman’s Tee was one of our very first garments we ever produced at SWAZI®. Its long life is testimony to the fact many great designs are indeed the most simple ones. Tough, warm and now available in TUSSOCK GREEN.

Code: ONS Colours: Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 299.99

Size: S – 2XL Code: MBT $NZ 49.99 Colours: Tussock 3XL $NZ 54.99

Steve Couper on location filming in Iran.


Code: BTP Colours: Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 49.99 3XL $NZ 54.99


When Davey first found microfleece on one of his overseas visits to a fabric mill, it was being sold as jacket lining. Davey knew straight away that with a few tweaks this magnificent fabric would make an ideal base layer – and so the very first microfleece was introduced.....


BUSHSHIRT Definitely one of our customers’ most favourite tops! Made from a 275gsm fabric it is durable, practical and unquestionably one of those tops everyone, including you, should own!

Broc and Whit on top of the world.

Code: MBZ Colours: Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 89.99 3XL $NZ 99.99

BACK-40 With its heavy polar fleece fabric the Back-40 is a fantastic mid layer. Large pockets, great length and superb cut mean your Back-40 will give you years of hard-wearing service.

MICRO SHIRT Made from the very best microfleece our Micro Shirt has proved itself time and time again as the favourite choice of those in the outdoors. Long back, body forming for insulation and handy handwarmers make it a must.

Code: OBF Colours: Tussock Size: S – 2XL $NZ 139.99 3XL $NZ 154.99

MICRO DRIBACKS® If camo is not really you, but you’d love a colour that blends superbly into your surroundings, then our Driback® pant in Tussock will be a must. Made with a waterproof backside (this is a SWAZI® garment, so seam sealed of course!) and built in webbing, the Micro Dribacks® in Tussock are an amazing alpine pant.

Code: Colours: Size:

BSH Tussock S – 2XL $NZ 89.99

We’d heard of Black Sheep, but never a Blue Sheep until Neil Brown sent us this pix.

Size: S – 2XL 3XL Code: PMD $NZ 129.99 $NZ 149.99 Colours: Tussock

BALACLAVA The perfect garment to top off your Tussock kit. Lightweight, cosy, warm Code: ABV Colours: Tussock plus rolls up into a beanie!

Size: One size fits all $NZ 29.99



Technologically, Sustainably & Environmentally Superior


SWAZI WOOLOFT® jackets and vests are sensational! These garments will change the way you think about wool. Using a crossbred wool we have created a high loft insulation that gives a traditional fibre a very modern twist.


WOMEN’S SVELTE An offset zipper gives this vest panache, while the outer AEGIS® Windshield protects you from the lightest zephyr to the strongest gale.

“Go ahead and blow ya bastard!” (it’s a blokey thing). That’ll be your reaction to any windy day that dares to come along. The Thorso is a magnificent companion, designed for icy cold days, cutting out all the wind with the use of AEGIS® Windshield outer fabric.

Code: JWV Size: 10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22 Colours: Black, Steel Blue, $NZ 279.99 Mocha

Code: JMV Size: M - 2XL Colours: Black, Steel $NZ 299.99 Blue, Mocha Cozy, warm microfleece lined collar

WOMEN’S DASH Some would say the mad dash! Cut to flatter and built to perform (hey, aren’t we all…) The Dash is a blend of fashion, style and cutting edge technology. Outer shell is AEGIS® Windshield so you know you’ll be warm and cosy. Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault. Dave Abbott.

Size: 10, 12-14, Code: JJW 16-18, 20-22 Colours: Black, Steel Blue, $NZ 399.99 Mocha

WOOLOFT™. FROM SWAZI® COMES NATURALLY After the wool has passed through several innovative processes, it is then finished into “bats”. It is now ready to be cut into garment pieces and crafted into an amazing product. A traditional fibre with a very modern twist!


Snug fitting polar fleece cuffs providing extra warmth and comfort

Totally windproof, incredibly breathable outer fabric

Large micro fleece hand warmer pockets and extra large internal pockets

MEN’S CROFTER Great lines mean an extremely comfortable fit - with a long tail to keep the cold off your backside. Our WOOLOFT® insulation and AEGIS® Windshield fabric combine to make the Crofter not just an awesome looker, but an outstanding performer. Size: M – 2XL Code: JJM $NZ 479.99 Colours: Black, Steel Blue, Mocha

BASE LAYERS FOR WOMEN. There can be no more excuses for being cold... WOMEN’S MICRO TOP Code: BWT Colours: Black, Shaded Jade, Well-Red Size: 8, 10, 12-14, 16-18, 20-22 $NZ 49.99

LEITHEN SKIVVY Code: BLS Colours: Black, Shaded Jade, Well-Red Size: 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 64.99

Shown in Well-Red

YKK zip

SWAZI’s legendary super soft super warm microfleece

Cut to fit women

Perfect length for added warmth

You’re out there. Working hard. Putting in long days no matter the weather. Thank goodness for your Leithen Skivvy. There’s simply no better lightweight gear to wear than our SWAZI® microfleece. It’s light, handles the rough jobs while keeping you warm and comfortable. The Leithen Skivvy also has the added feature of a lined zip for comfort and control... bring it on! Looking for a new best friend? Here’s the secret we’ve been dying to tell you about! The all new SWAZI® Women’s Micro Top. We’re absolutely certain you’ll find everything you love in a garment that fits so well, works so hard and feels like, well, feels like your best friend. Forget about baggy thermals. Think about a top so warm, so snug, so comfortable. A top we’ve made just for you. Sheryl Faulkner reckons SWAZI® base layers for women are just the biz for on the farm.

...SWAZI base layers are ideal for keeping you comfortable and warm!

“Only 3 or 4km to go now!” Taygen Hughes on her second carry for the day.


Debby Simoneau, as keen a hunter as you’ll find.


Annemie Peeters, one of the first fully patched members of the Sistahood gang.


A perfect mix of easy care, lightweight wear and sensible pockets make the Sistahood a gem. Finished in a 200gsm beautifully soft microfleece, the Sistahood will give you the freedom to travel light yet wrap yourself in comfort when you most need it. All these features in a top that won’t break the bank! Code: MWR Colours: Red, French Blue, Dark Grey Size: 8, 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 99.99

MID LA FOR WO A superb range of quality SWAZI® outdoor wear for the outdoors woman. First off, we craft our women’s range for function. MARGOS Maggie, She-Who-MustBe-Obeyed, is responsible for this pant! Made out of a soft yet rugged microfleece they are reinforced in the knees and derrière (is that a flash name for backside or what?) with a polywebbing belt and good deep pockets. The Margos are without a doubt the best working pants you’ll ever find. Code: PWD Colours: Black Size: 8, 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 139.99

HUIA JACKET Simply stunning. The Huia is one very classy jacket, beautifully cut to wrap itself around you. The amazingly silky handle of this specially knitted 260gsm microfleece will keep you snug and warm throughout the long winter months. A full length antique zip subtly sets off the style, while cosy deep pockets are tucked away just out of sight. Super light, super luxurious, super you girl. Code: OHJ Colours: Black


Size: 8, 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 159.99

“C’mon Jase, rattle your daggs!” Cherie and Kaysha Smalley

AYERS WOMEN. Then we craft for great fit along with added performance. It’s practical. It’s tough. With that little extra SWAZI® pizzazz and style of course! STRAIT JACKET OK. So, it’s cold. And the wind is whistling. Somewhat out of tune. All your friends are saying how cold they are. Should you tell them about the marvellous comfort and warmth you get from your Strait Jacket? Well, maybe... The Windshield fabric we use in our Strait Jacket keeps you snug even in the strongest wind, yet because the fabric breathes so well you’ll never feel like you’re too hot. All this and it looks just terrific. Of course you deserve one.

Lou McNutt breaks out over Grizz Pass to view the majestic Weasel River.

TWIN PEAKS TOP Our luxurious Twin Peaks Top is colourful and so cosy! It’s the sort of fabric you want to snuggle into. The side seams are slightly shaped to follow your natural curves and the hemline is just the right length, creating a very flattering silhouette.

Code: MTP Colours: French Blue/ Charcoal, Red/Charcoal, Charcoal/Black Size: 10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 89.99

Shown in French Blue/ Charcoal

Size: 10, 12–14, Code: JSJ 16–18, 20–22 Colours: Black, $NZ 279.99 Navy



Like all SWAZI® gear, the Matiere was based on what our customers really wanted. We took that information and designed a jacket that would be as tough as it is comfortable. Practical and stylish (well, we all think it looks pretty darn HOT for a farm jacket!), it’s functional as it is fitting. With its reinforced shoulders, back and front, the Matiere is superbly built for all the action you care to throw at it.

Life is short. Why be a drone when you can be Queen? Slip into our luxurious Queen Bee microfleece pants and immerse yourself in comfort. Cut to give you freedom. Built to feel great. Queen Bees are made for performance and warmth. Ideal for when you want to throw on something comfortable to dash outside or lounge about on a cold rainy day. Code: PQB Colours: Black Size: 10,12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 69.99

Code: Colours: Size: Shown in Steel

OMJ Steel Blue, Black 8,10, 12–14, 16–18, 20–22 $NZ 199.99



Kids Get Cold Too! Keep Them Warm And Safe With Their Own SWAZI®

KID’S LONG SLEEVE MICRO Wow. If you really care about your child being warm and safe this winter get them one of these really awesome Long Sleeve Micros. They’ll love you for it!


Code: Colours: Size:

KLS Tussock, Shaded Jade 6, 8, 10, 12 $NZ 34.99

Shown in Shaded Jade. Shown in Kaka.

KID’S BUSH PANTS For kids that can’t be seen… just heard! Cosy, comfortable and practical. Plus Now they can look just like Dad in this great long-lasting of course! Our SWAZI® Pants wee camo bush shirt. Made from a quality are made to take the Code: KBP 200gsm weight microfleece, Code: KCS knocks and scrapes. Colours: Black, Kaka Size: 6, 8,10,12 Colours: Camo it’s good and warm for on $NZ 49.99 Size: 6, 8,10,12 the farm or in the hills.

$NZ 34.99


Shown in Tussock.

To top it off, our ‘Famous Even in Cairo’ HasBeanie will keep their heads warm so they’ll remember to be home in time for tea… and take their boots off at the door. Code: KBE Colours: Black, Kaka, Tussock

Size: One size fits most $NZ 19.99

The Dixons and their pup named SWAZI®.


Billie ‘the bush girl’ Comer.

Nathan and Taylor Field, winners of our Movember competition.

Heard of the Waltons? Well here’s the Walters from Gizzy!

KID’S BUSHSHIRT The Bushshirt is an ideal rough and tumble shirt for outdoors, made from a quality midweight polar fleece. Crafted with the same care, attention and skill that all our SWAZI® garments are made with.

Caitlin and the Kina.

Shown in Kaka.

Girls are always better shots than their Dads! Laetitia Telford.

KID’S MICRO TOP These base layers are life savers – literally. Made to wear next to the skin they’ll keep active kids happy, snug and safe. Built to take the knocks, wear them on their own or under a Bush Shirt or rain jacket. Code: KMT Size: 6, 8,10,12 Colours: Tussock Kaka

$NZ 29.99

Code: KBS Size: 6, 8,10,12 Colours: Tussock $NZ 49.99 Kaka



Now we’re talking! Styled on the world famous SWAZI® Bushman’s Tee, these rugged shirts will last and last and last. And last. One for the wash and one on is the best rule. Code: KBT Size: 6, 8,10,12 Colours: Black Kaka

$NZ 29.99


Remember to keep your head toasty warm this winter - get your beanie on before

going outside




Ryan, Gerrit and Erasmus scan the horizon for the nearest pub.

We really do listen to our customers. So when Glen Hartstone came to us with his design for a flexible carry system that will sit snug on your back and out of the way, but then be able to fold out into a massive meat sack we followed his advice. The lightweight canvas liner is perfect for carrying meat and keeping it clean and tidy. This ultra light bag is perfect for throwing in your main pack while travelling and pulling out for those day hunts. Code: ASB Code: CSB Colours: Tussock, Olive Colours: Camo $NZ 139.99 $NZ 129.99

The Stag Bag is shaped so when walking through heavy bush it’s conveniently tucked out of the way to reduce the risk of getting snagged.

Strategically placed back straps give added strength and extra comfort under heavy load.

Side zips unzip to expand the volume of the bag to a massive 30 litre capacity.

If you are going to name a product after a tough customer like the Cape Buffalo – well, you’d better make pretty darned sure that product is tough enough! Our SWAZI® Buffalo Bag is just that. Bonded polyester thread, reinforced shoulders, top grade webbing – every stitch, every feature designed to ensure you get the toughest bag on the market. The bumbag is separated from the main pikau by an ingenious one-piece canvas wall to prevent seepage from meat or capes into The Buffalo bumbag zips out the lower bag. Unfolded, to make the daybag. the Buffalo Bag zips out to Capacity: Upper 25 Litre Lower 8 Litre / Total 33 Litre make a large and comfortable Code: ABB daybag. Belt locks have independent locking systems Colours: Olive and the ergonomic design aids with heavy carries, Size: One size adding balance and control. $NZ 179.99


Heavy polyester polar fleece for silent stalking

Swazi label guarantee of quality Designed for comfort when carrying heavy loads

Carry/hang handle

Ultra strong 10 vision YKK zip

Top folds down into bumbag

All seams sewn in bonded polyester for rot proofing and strength


Shoulder straps reinforced plus pass through ten stitch lines

Chest strap to prevent rolling under heavy loads

Pouch lined with Milar to aid waterproofing Base in Pikau Canvas to prevent blood seepage


Ladder locks and belt locks also supported by Tri glides to prevent slippage

Top pouch for torch etc Back made from extra tough Duradon horsecover canvas to take scrapes & bumps



Yogi Rausch from Sweden gets to hunt the world in his job as a hunting consultant – lucky dog! “I don’t think I’d head anywhere without my Tahr Anorak.”


WHERE ATTENTION T Is it really the little things that count? When you’re stuck up on a mountain or in some godforsaken gully getting beaten up by the weather it really is. That’s why we put so much care and attention into our accessories as our main range. So when you need it to work – it’s gonna work!

SWAZI® FINGERPRINTS There’s gloves and there’s SWAZI® gloves. We invested a lot of time in making sure these microfleece gloves fitted just right, so they keep your mitts warm but also allow you to use your fingers, pull triggers, pick your nose – you get our drift! Code: Colours: Size:

HASBEANIES We assure you that no “live” beans have been hurt in the making of this beanie. Keep your nut warm and feel good in our environmentally friendly SWAZI® HasBeanie. Code: ABE Colours: Black, Blaze, Camo, Olive, Navy, Tussock

AGL Black, Olive, Camo S,M,L. $NZ 39.99

Size: Med, Lge $NZ 19.99 Blaze Hasbeanie $NZ 24.99

BALACLAVA Lightweight and warm sums up this little beauty. Rolls up into a beanie. Code: ABV Colours: Black, Tussock Size: One size fits most $NZ 29.99

HEY DAVEY I cannot thank you enough for the hat and microfleece shirts that you sent me. My Dad and I just got home from a scouting/ snowmobile/ice fishing/wolf hunt in Northern British Columbia. We took two clients with us and we made it mandatory they each order one of your microfleece shirts and a pair of dribacks at the least. We snowmobiled 175km just to get to the main camp and then another 50 km’s to our secondary camp only to have the weather drop to -47C. It would have been quite a sight for somebody to see four grown men sitting around the fire in an uninsulated cabin all wearing the same green shirt and green pants! Broc Simoneau



Stretch gusset for calf comfort

Kevlar® impregnated fabric

Elasticated hook and loop Lace hook prevents snow migration Steel cable gives long life

It always amazed us how the majority of snow gaiters were big, wide and cumbersome – like bulldozers for the snow. The SWAZI® Ali-Gaiters® are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow. At the end of the day that makes a huge difference to your level of fatigue. As your calf muscles expand and contract so too does the Kevlar® impregnated stretch polyester of the gaiter. You won’t even notice you’re wearing gaiters! We’ve made our boot ties from steel cable – so no more broken gaiter ties after one trip! Ali-Gaiters® dry extremely quickly and roll up to a small ball the size of your fist. Gaiter ties come in size Med and Lge.

Code: Colours: Size:

AGB Black Med, Lge $NZ 149.99

Test Pilot Lou McNutt gives the Ali-Gaiters hell!

SCARVES Yeah, it’s so darn simple, but WOW! It’s just so darn amazingly warm too. Code: AST Colours: Black, Charcoal, Red Size: One size fits most $NZ 19.99



Get around on Shanks’ Pony? Showing a little respect and consideration is going to get you a long way then! SWAZI® Merino Socks are made here in New Zealand. With the hard wearing Hunter Sock, the super soft luxury of our Cabin Sock and the grunty little performer in our Adventure Sock, we have your feet covered.

Incredibly warm, incredibly cosy. The SWAZI® Cabin Sock is a luxurious blend of Silk, Possum fur and fine Merino wool. After a hard day even the toughest feet deserve to be pampered!

HUNTER SOCK The SWAZI® Hunter Sock features a full Terry lining for improved comfort and reduced fatigue. Merino wool gives great warmth and moisture absorbtion, with added nylon for durability, while the acrylic adds extra loft. Size: S - XL Code: AHS Colours: Green $NZ 24.99



Without a doubt these are the finest farm socks EVER produced! Made from Merino, SWAZI® Farm Socks are at the very premium end of sock design and craftsmanship. We were so excited by how good these socks performed that we also made them in a Women’s version – but wait, there’s more! The Women’s Farm Sock has a superfine band of possum/ merino for enhanced comfort and luxury. WOMEN’S: Code: AWFS Size: 3-4, 5-7, 8-12 MEN’S: Code: AMFS Size: S - XL $NZ 24.99 Colours: Rust top Colours: Wheat top $NZ 24.99

Code: ACS Colours: Wheat Size: S - XL $NZ 29.99

ADVENTURE SOCK The SWAZI® Adventure Sock is a lightweight hiking sock that provides extra comfort and warmth during winter. Ideal for either women’s or men’s hiking and casual footwear. Code: AAS Colours: Black Size: S - XL $NZ 19.99



suit our clients. In other instances we may have to design SWAZI® Corporate remains one of our from scratch. This can involve researching the particular fastest growing divisions. We supply operational needs of the client, sourcing fabric from a large number of organisations global suppliers, producing prototypes and monitoring with high performance clothing and garment performance in the field. We are able to assist in equipment for their staff. These organisations seek to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of their personnel, as well as to enhance their own corporate image. We understand comfort and perhaps even more, we understand any gain to productivity goes straight to the bottom line. In our experience, gains of 30%, 40% and even more in productivity are often the Looking for a promotional item that really does reflect the quality of your norm. If you invest in great brand? Speak to our Sales Team today for information on custom-made or offstaff you’ll want to unleash the-shelf promotional garments and vouchers. Give your customers something they will truly cherish with pride as they wear your brand for years to come. them in the field. We’d welcome the all aspects of ensuring your garments are engineered to fit opportunity to help you design and create within current legislation and comply with the acceptable garments to inspire, protect and motivate industry and governing standards. the people who make your organisation More and more businesses are seeing the tangible benefits of supplying practical, comfortable and durable productive and profitable. It’s a fact. Well-designed, functional working apparel helps identify staff in the field and creates a positive team spirit amongst team members. Most importantly, while it keeps them warm, dry and safe, it also keeps them operating. In many cases there will be an “off the shelf” solution to

clothing appropriate to the tasks performed by their staff. Whatever the requirements for your staff, whether we have an existing style, or we need to work closely with you to develop specialized products for specific jobs, please feel free to contact us at: or Telephone 06 368 4822.

The Lloyd Construction Team.

The High Visibility LandSAR.




Thousands of SWAZI® customers worldwide have joined the SWAZI® Clan to receive heaps of benefits from being members. Maybe it’s time you too shared in the rewards! It’s easy and you won’t get bombarded with unwanted emails – in fact, we won’t be in touch unless there is something spectacular to tell you about.

Here’s just some of the benefits: You’ll always be first to hear about any special exclusive deals, promotions and events at SWAZI® Davey’s 24Hr Deal - exclusive to Clan Members, with fantastic bargains (some are really crazy!) on limited edition garments Receive a $20 Gift Voucher on your Birthday Become a SWAZI® Test Pilot on new designs (that you get to keep) Read amazing news and inspirational stories by Clan Members from around the globe Join today and you can immediately reap the benefits of membership. Which, of course, is FREE! join us on


Ryan Hughes on the SWAZI® Trip of a Lifetime.

Sponsoring the NZDA junior shooter.

This past year again saw us sponsor many events, worthy individuals and groups. It was also the year a lucky customer travelled to Africa to pick up his SWAZI® prize. During the 2011 Rugby World Cup, SWAZI® customer, Jon Palenski, found himself sitting in Johannesburg airport waiting on a connecting flight to Namibia. Jon had won the SWAZI® Trip of a Lifetime and now here he was, watching as 100’s of South African rugby fans winged their way to New Zealand to watch their team compete. “I had to pinch myself. After all, I’m one of those guys who doesn’t often win prizes. Now here I was heading off on my first African safari with Davey and his son Ryan – all because I had bought an item of SWAZI® gear!” The trio flew into Windhoek, capital of Namibia, then began their 8 hour road journey north to Damaraland. This unfenced wilderness area is home to lion, elephant, leopard, hyena and many species of antelope. “We chose Damaraland because it’s still very much wild Africa. To hear lion roaring at night and bump into rhino in the bush… so very cool!” explained Davey. Jon began his safari by hunting for gemsbok and shot a great trophy. His wildebeest was also a

Jon Palenski winner of the SWAZI® Trip of a Lifetime.

fantastic stalk and Jon once again proved his excellent marksmanship. With Davey snapping away on his camera, Ryan also hunted for gemsbok and zebra, doing exceptionally well on both game, proving he was also a crack shot like Jon.


Sponsoring the Peninsula to Plate competition.


“What a fantastic trip. Both guys did so remarkably well for their first time in Africa,” said an elated Davey.

Dear Swazi, Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards the Grant Redvers Scholarship fund which enabled me, the first Wairarapa recipient, to attend the international Students on Ice Expedition to Antarctica this summer. I had such a brilliant time and learned so much! I really felt privileged and humbled to be selected. Through the regular classes I attended with 68 other students from around the world, I was taught about Antarctica’s unique and special ecosystem, about the science of ice movement and about the complicated issues surrounding climate change and how it is affecting our planet. Mixing with so many other teenagers from all around the world (but mostly from North America) was really exciting! I got to learn that – while we have our different personalities we all share the same interest in protecting our planet from damage for the sake of ourselves and the future. Visiting Antarctica was a very, very special experience – one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you again, Mary Williams

Mary Williams having the time of her life in Antarctica.



“For seven days we had been sneaking around wilderness streams, choked with spawning salmon, deep in the old-growth rainforest of south-east Alaska. Signs of the giant coastal brown bears were in evidence at every turn and twist in the river; their large feet had made deep tracks on the sandbar, wide claw marks left fresh scars down the trees that lay across the bear trails. Suddenly we froze in step. No words were needed as we stared in awe at the carnage. We were at the very end of the stream and all the salmon lay dead, half-eaten, strewn around the gravel bar. Huge tracks marked the sand under the log jam. Our neck hair bristled. He was close, very close! As one we quietly shrank back into the lush green bush to wait…. Years ago, far across the Pacific, Davey Hughes heard a story about hunting bear. Not long after that, he turned up at my remote lodge in Alaska to see for himself. The very next evening we almost got chewed on by a really mad mama grizzly bear protecting her young. Since that moment we have shared a rare and uncommonly strong bond: our mutual love and respect for true humans, wild places, wild things and the thrill of the chase. Davey is truly a remarkable self-made man. Born a Scottish Highlander and kin to the wayward wind, he landed halfway around the world in New Zealand. What better place to grow into a true outdoorsman? Young and hungry, he found himself out in the bush trapping and hunting for a living. The long, cold, wet nights were spent cultivating his ideas for the perfect clothing. Determined to find a better way to stay warm, dry and comfortable, he developed Swazi Outdoors. Since its conception, Swazi gear has swept around the globe, providing hunters, farmers and outdoors-minded people with clothing that works! This is why he came to me, to the deep, dark rainforest of south-east Alaska. First, to ask me if my Swazi gear worked in the harsh, wet climate and second, to walk with the giant coastal brown bears and see if the stories were, in fact, true. For Davey, it’s not about the destination but rather the journey. His determination to seek out and share his passion with others has taken him around the world. In this book you can follow this ‘mad, keen hunter’ on his journey down the trail. My father once told me: ‘In the end, you’ll be able to count your true friends on one hand.’ Davey Hughes would be my thumb!” James M. Boyce Alaska Master Guide US Navy Seal School Sitka, Alaska February 2011

A GREAT READ! AN IDEAL GIFT FOR EVERYONE! The Long awaited Extraordinary Adventures of the SWAZI® man!

We’ve all seen him on Border Patrol, heading home from some wild and far flung part of the planet, complete with furs, spurs and exotic penis bones. Now sit back in the comfort of your own home and read how to fend off charging grizzlies, desperate and devious elephant poachers… or Davey’s philosophy on running his family and business while still enjoying his life to the max. It’s all here in UNTAMED. “My son just does not read books, but when he got hold of UNTAMED he was so inspired he sat down and finished it from cover to cover.” JM, Matamata “My husband bought this book and one wet weekend I picked it up to look at the pictures, as I thought it was just another hunting book. I found myself so absorbed I could not put it down.” Cathy, Auckland. To order UNTAMED visit the SWAZI® website,, click on the link and we’ll deliver a copy personally signed by the author straight to your door. Also available from booksellers nationwide.

ALL SWAZI ® PRODUCTS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN NEW ZEALAND Swazi Apparel Ltd, 94 Oxford St, PO Box 567, Levin 5540, NEW ZEALAND Telephone: +64 6 368 4822, Fax: +64 6 367 9246, Email: Internet: Also available at RD1 Stores Nationwide, Haddads of Otorohanga, Hamills Christchurch, Hamills Hastings, Hunting & Fishing Kaikoura and Whakatane, Wilsons Hunting and Outdoors Whanganui. For telephone orders please ring: 0800 4SWAZI (0800 4 79294)

THANK YOU to all our good mates and friends who appeared in the SWAZI® Cattledog® 2012. A huge thanks to our photographers: Rob Suisted, Dave Abbott, Aaron Armstrong, David Hamilton, Louise McNutt, the Simoneau family, plus all the many people who sent in their amazing photos and stories. Thank you. We never grow tired of reading about your fantastic and inspiring adventures. To all our hunting, farming and outdoors mates around the globe… keep the coffee strong, hot and ready!

Swazi Cattledog 2012