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TAKING ACTION Domenic Forcella, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustainability at Central Connecticut State University, talks Sustainable Business Magazine through the steps they’re taking to promote sustainability within the university community and beyond. Written by Thomas Massey. Over the years Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) has attempted to ensure that sustainability is engrained in university policy and is an articulated priority for the institution. Domenic Forcella, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and Sustain62 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

ability, explains how initiatives such as their impressive recycling program, the installation of low flow toilets, and the installation of hydration stations across campus (so that students can refill their own containers and avoid using plastic bottles) allow members

of the university to contribute to the sustainability efforts. On a larger scale the university has made upgrading campus buildings a priority. “Every year we renovate a residence hall by toughening up the windows and putting in more energy efficient lighting,”

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Issue 04/14

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