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By Derek Eisel, Director at Scope 5.

The Three R’s of a Real Sustainability Program I went to a sustainability dinner a few weeks ago so I could ambush one of the speakers. I was trying to be helpful in a real way and said “your company has a great sustainability reputation. What is that based on?” I’ve worked in this business long enough to have tired of hearing people say and believe that their companies are sustainable, without providing any data or even definition of what 4 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MAGAZINE

it means for them to say they’re sustainable, especially when they have a clear opportunity and ability to lead. This particular industry leader did not have good answers to my questions. I didn’t press it, but he contacted me to have coffee later and discuss what might be done to have better answers next time. I told him the same thing I tell everyone, if you want to have a real sustainability effort, start with

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Issue 04/14