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elcome to an original comic book straight from the minds of imaginative and brilliant young people from the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery’s Saturday Morning Art Club. This is an imagined history of Richard Glynn Vivian’s life using his journeys as a starting point. The Comic book team have been creative with their interpretation of Richard casting him as part Indiana Jones, part Tintin and part Mr Bean. That is not to forget Richard’s faithful companion ‘Bert’ the pug dog. The Comic book team have created the stories, adverts, covers, activities and cut-out masks. We hope you enjoy reading and colouring the comic to create your own individual art work. Our next project beginning in June will be an animation of the life and travels of Richard Glynn Vivian. Tom & Dan

Once upon a time there was a nit, he was standing on a

single hair on a single head, this head was Glynn Vivian’s and so was the body. Zap! it was gone. Glynn Vivian was walking, walking through an unknown forest, an unknown island in the Bermuda Triangle. He was searching for inspiration for his next art work and it isn’t hard to find in this weird world. From the giant pods of the ping-pod tree to the minute bells of the dinga-ling bush there is loads of motivation!

As he reaches a glade, Glynn Vivian notices another ping-

pod tree but this one has shimmering air all around it. Suddenly ping! A hail of seed pods came flying down! Next Glynn Vivian had a feeling of flying and then he saw his body being dragged away! It took a while for him to realise what had happened - his head was in a seedpod!

Glynn Vivian was startled. He rolled around in circles

until he managed to move in a straight line. Soon he was rolling around the island looking for his boat, this wasn’t easy because he was only a head and couldn’t see very far.

After half an hour of furious searching he found his

boat on a sandy beach. The problem now was how to start the boat. After a few colourful words Glynn Vivian fell in the water. He used his extra stretchy hair to swing around a tree and then grapple onto the boat. Then he used his MAGICAL POWERS!!! And the boat started up nicely. But Glynn Vivian forgot the controls and the boat ran full speed into some rocks, back flipping and sending him flying.

Glynn Vivian was flying! He heard a ting-a-ling bells

ringing and the pop of a ping-pod tree. He was falling... falling down. Then he saw the victim of the ping-pod tree! A beheaded dinosaur wandered meaninglessly, its’ head on the floor!

“Nooooooo” shouted Glynn Vivian as his head landed on

the Tyrannosaurus rex and was dragged towards the ping-pod tree. Glynn Vivian stamped his feet and tried to stop himself with his arms but they were too small so they got dragged inside! As soon as they were swallowed they were spat out!Then Glynn Vivian made an amazing discovery

“The ping-pod tree hates heads!” he shouted“that’s why it removes heads!” and hit his head on a tree, everything went black!

“This is strange” said a voice “A human head on a dinosaur

body!” Glynn Vivian opened his eyes. “Where am I?” he said “Aaaaaaaa!!! It speaks! Abandon lab!!”.


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Oriel Gelf Glynn Vivian Art Gallery | OFFSITE/ODDI AR Y SAFLE Design & conception by the Saturday Family Comic Book Team © 2013 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and the artists Also available in Welsh translation Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Administrative Office, Room 261t, Guildhall, Swansea SA1 4PE Tel 01792 516900 City & County of Swansea. Supported by a grant from the Arts Council of Wales and the Heritage Lottery Fund

The Adventures of Richard Glynn Vivian Comic