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CEFN HENGOED Key Considerations for New Build Q1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5

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Is a welcoming view on arrival of the school important? Yes – clean, tidy, fresh, flowers, shrubs etc, calm, quiet, order, ‘A place for learning’. Easy access for all pupils with mobility and visual difficulties is essential Yes. Gives visitors a good impression of the school and puts pupils in the right frame of mind at the start of the day Definitely. The Green Team shall contribute with the planters! Certainly. Flowers, plants, chairs (not for pupils!). I’m not keen on receptionists behind sliding glass doors though. I think a reception desk should be right by the main entrance Yes – Very important. Yes Most definitely, bright, airy and open. More glass. A statement or the shape of the building should be impressive. Very important – It sets the standard for the school, give a sense of pride! Yes Yes – but other aspects more important, function practicalities etc. Welcoming to parents, staff and pupils – clean and bright Yes – a welcoming view on arrival is important for first impressions Yes it is – but I would spend the most money on what would improve teaching and learning. A fresh coat of paint and fixing up the exterior would be beneficial, but I would rather have a school that was nice on the inside with more learning aids. Yes, it can put both pupils and visitors at their ease. Yes, first impressions are very important. Yes, very important. I feel it sets high expectations before you enter the building. It is not essential, but anything would be an improvement to what is here now. Yes Very. Certainly, the school has a commanding position overlooking much of Swansea. We need to make the most of this particular advantage. Yes, vital Absolutely critical, it’s looked awful for too long. I believe this to be very important. Essential. A large foyer doubles up as a reception area, meeting area for large functions, break off area during INSET. An area of celebration. Please use natural light. A dragon mosaic/school badge on walls ensuring identity.


Natalie Bevan, STF

C Hughes & D Hughes


1.25 Very important and should be a prominent display. 1.26 Yes, first impressions can mean a lot. Q2 Is there a school specialism and should this be reflected in the design? 2.1 To link the past with the future e.g. landscape, trees with 21st Century the Way Forward 2.2 This school is so high up that it can be seen from many areas. I think the design should reflect its prominence in the locality. 2.3 Not that I’m aware of. 2.4 A ‘Community’ approach? 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10

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Natalie Bevan STF C Hughes & D Hughes

Not that I am aware of. Yes Yes, the logo of the tree should possibly be added into a stained glass window. I do like the logo on the floor. Community Focus ‘If you believe it you can achieve it’ No – community school may need to consider community uses/needs. E.g. after school, nursery etc The school’s design should be reflected in terms of the community. There should be some form of separation between the school and communal areas. I don’t believe this school has a specialism, but I feel that the range of departments should be given equal attention No specialism, however, as a community school, the design should be a reflection of the surrounding areas. As a community school, I feel that the design of the school should be reflective of the community Community school – serving the community The specialism is ‘community’. It needs to facilitate the youngsters we teach as well as the different ages that we cater for during our after school hours. No Not that I am aware of at present. The warmth of its welcome and its attempt to include each and JJW every person. ICT should have a presence in every area, we would like the Sue school both look and be high tec I believe that within the enhancement of ICT this should be incorporated. Subject identify in all areas would be distinctive e.g. a colour for the different departments – where possible individual depts. Have their own zone. A symbolic sculpture at the entrance of each zone e.g. science. We pride ourselves in our logo – ‘If you believe it you can achieve it’. That should be displayed One for Sue and management team. If there is a specialist, then reflect it in the design.

Q3 3.1 3.2

Is it important that learning is visible on arrival? Yes, rather than depts. Working in isolation. SEN/STF is not a ‘faculty’ but feeds into all others.


Yes. Science rooms and floor names after scientists. Coloured floors to match dept colours? Only if the school retains a cohesive and all inclusive identify overall Facilities should be distinguished between subject groups – maybe zone colours Yes to an extent but th4e whole school unity needs to be reflected. Yes ICT room separate to the teaching rooms essential for humanities – this should be on the same floor and next to the main teaching rooms. Groping subjects together in faculties a good idea – i.e. Humanity floor/area but not vital Yes, the faculties of the school should have an identify to provide the pupils with recognition of the subject. I think the school should represent its faculties in different ways to highlight each department’s specialities. However, I think that the faculties should have a central theme or design that links them all together. For instance a common set of colours – a similar layout to classrooms. Yes, in order to allow easy recognition, however, as the school is one which prides itself on community, there should also be a sense of ‘whole school’ identify. Yes – Each department deserves to be individualised. Yes this is valuable for both staff and pupils. Yes. Faculties should be together, and those areas need their identifies. Yes and they must be grouped together (classrooms of a faculty/dept; must be close by) Most definitely. This will aid pupil discipline and reinforce dept expectations. Yes. An identify would be very important – even if it is merely a colour. Yes – although I’m unsure how this can be achieved. JJW Yes, with corridors names bilingually e.g. Science Way Sue It is much better if the teachers in a faculty are close together. See 2.21 Display areas could be distinctive for each zone. Signage is important. I think that it is very important for the image of the school It would be nice to readily identify the faculties, so I would say yes.

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Natalie Bevan STF C Hughes & D Hughes

Q4 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

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Is it important that learning is visible n arrival? Yes – it is a school after all! Yes, and also that we are an inclusive school that promotes equity for all pupils Yes – skills and subject displays. Also a prominent green team notice board. Yes, achievements are important e.g. Head Boy/Girl boards, cups. Displays of work I believe are not for the foyer (unless a special exhibition e.g. St David’s Day). I think the foyer should be a formal statement of achievement/learning. Fairly important yes - that is what a school is all about. Display areas would be beneficial e.g. TV and wall spaces, showing different activities Yes. It sets the tone and expectation of the pupils Yes Yes – don’t want it to look like an office block! Plenty of room for pupils to stamp identify 0- display work etc. Have some say in décor Yes, in forms of work displayed on walls, certificates, achievements etc I think it is. I would rather arrive at a school that has students work decorating the walls, and perhaps murals on the walls or in the halls. Also allowing students to paint or tag the inside of the school with approved mages. I would want a school to look like a Christmas tree covered in a variety of colours rather than looking sterile like an office. A good display of previous work in always a plus. Displays can convey the standard of both pupils work and the standards expected by the teachers. I feel that it is very important to have examples of pupils’ work on the walls – this creates a positive working atmosphere and it also exemplifies the standard of work being produced It is nice to see examples of pupils work on display on arrival in school Yes Yes (ie timetables, forms, lists, rewards) Not really Yes, vital Yes Definitely, to set the ethos and raise motivation and achievement It does give a good impression for the school Areas for display. AA/design/stills/pupil timetable. Display pupil’s work – TV, screens advertising after school clubs etc Yes. Should do all we can to advertise that Yes – if you can do this

Natalie Bevan STF C Hughes & D Hughes


Q5 5.1


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Are outdoor spaces for different social activities, interest ranges and group sized required? Yes – younger pupils enjoy different activities to older pupils. e.g. play equipment compared to picnic benches – more mature/grown up facilities and appearance of equipment This is the main area of concern for the pupils. they would like an area sectioned off outside the STF where they could establish a garden. Direct access from the STF to the garden was also requested. Pupils also wanted a safe area for Yr7/8 and also play learning equipment, tennis courts etc Spaces where pupils can spend time at break and lunchtime are important Yes. An ECO/Science area. Cages? Inside could be a variety of activities to analyse to collect data and enjoy. This could even be on the roof. Yes. Yrs 7/8 need separate areas for football at lunchtime. Benches for break and lunchtime are important. Are canopies possible over tables for eating out of doors when it is hot? Bins (?) Yes Yes Yes, especially as we have the space provided. Maybe an upper school area (like a common room but outside) Definitely – pupils need to have opportunities to play/socialise comfortably. Areas for bullying and other anti-social behaviour need to be minimised. Yes – this helps for school site investigations e.g. microclimate in Geography Preferable but hard to design for sometimes. Benches and seating important. Yes, in terms of games areas and also outdoor space so that other subjects can take the teaching outside if required Outdoor spaces for students to congregate are important. Students can have visible areas where they can spend breaks and PE that can be monitored. Yes. Field studies and work regarding ESDGE require the use of the ‘outdoors’ for effective teaching. Socially, pupils need areas to interact that is away from the classroom environment. Yes – outdoor space can be used for ‘classroom based’ subject as well as PE etc. This space opens up opportunities to further the development of tasks/topics Each year group should have an area of their own. The STF would benefit from an outdoor space/garden. Yes Not sure Yes – this would be particularly helpful with our SEN pupils (mainstream and STF)

Natalie Bevan STF

C Hughes & D Hughes



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Very important and to be inclusive. Sensory area, several seating areas, bike parks visible and close to buildings, all very eco friendly and lots of bins!. Please don’t forget the back Yes! It benefits the school Seating for lunch time picnic tables. A quad for lower school, that can be supervised Green team zone for planting/recycling Most definite. We should certainly encourage it. If feasible, and the school thinks so, I’d say yes. Are spaces for imaginative and creative lay required? Yes – probably Yr 7/8 pupils would appreciate this. Definitely. Pupils who come to the STF have requested one room is dedicated to gardening/painting/wet activities. Therefore the flooring of one room needs to be tiled/suitable. Maybe for Yr 7 Yes


Natalie Bevan STF

C Hughes & D Hughes

Not sure about this, however, are lockers possible in a controlled area to avoid vandalism? I know more vulnerable pupils make use of the LSA room at lunchtimes and breaks. A room for these pupils would be useful with maybe games, ego etc. Facilities for a film at lunchtime? Not necessarily Spaces – definitely, for instance an area/or small stage for little recitals. Gallery space. Definitely Less important than at primary schools Dependant on subject the STF department would maybe benefit from this. More open spaces for students would be beneficial. Open spaces are inviting and create a welcoming feeling. Yes, these spaces allow for social interaction between pupils in a non-classroom environment that allows them to unwind during breaks Yes, the more spaces for learning outside of the classroom are important I would like to see an ‘outdoor’ classroom - glass roof/conservatory that people could book out. This would benefit STF pupils/SEN pupils and any pupils for a change of scenery. Yes. 2 proper assembly halls needed, including 1 for evening/plays/etc No Not as far as I can see Yes. This would be particularly helpful with our SEN pupils JJW (mainstream and STF) Yes, near the inclusion area and also in an area of yard we Sue can designate for lower school

6.19 6.20

6.21 6.22 Q7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.10 7.11 7.12 7.13

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It would be helpful. As long as core academic areas of the school have been allocated, then yes, imaginative and creative play should be allowed. Yes it should be added to what we already have. If feasible, I’d say yes. Would external seating and storage be beneficial? Yes – seating and shelter from the sun/wind outside especially. Cycle sheds maybe? Very much so, particularly for pupils with limited mobility who need to sit at regular intervals. Seating definitely. Yes for outdoor learning lessons.

Natalie Bevan STF C Hughes & D Hughes

Benches for break and lunchtime are important. Are canopies possible over tables for eating out of doors when it is hot? A small amount. Yes Yes, especially for pupils. Could be nice to have an outdoor sculpture park. ** brought around the school environment. Yes – seating is important but needs to be as vandal-proof as possible – well thought out etc. Yes, if possible. Yes! Yes during the spring/summer months the pupils would benefit as it will give them a break from indoors. External storage would be useful if it meant that more space inside the school could be used to classrooms. Mainly I would think PE storage would make the most sense because it could be connected to the gym from the outside but not actually take up any gym space. Yes, however, there is a high probability of vandalism. Yes – this would encourage pupils to go outside during the nice weather. Storage is important so all spaces within the classroom can be used for visual aids/displays. Yes, but I would like to see an improvement in the safety of people accessing school when our youngsters are here. In other schools it’s like Fort Knox, but here every Tom, Dick and Harry can parade the corridors. Storage – very much so. Yes. Yes. Yes, it would provide another welcoming aspect and allow JJW equipment to be stores ‘safely’. A definite, we have already invested in these and want to Sue continue. Yes Most definitely. Seating and storage arrangements have been

7.25 7.26 Q8 8.1 8.2

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an ongoing issue for the school, so extra storage and seating would be very beneficial. Most beneficial. People on the outside can attend the school, so there should be areas to sit down and relax. Yes to seating and I would think so for storage, but would this cause extra security risk? In what teaching areas is natural daylight important? All! As much as possible please – ‘feel good’ factor and saves electricity etc. Classrooms, however pupils with VI difficulties need the option of shutting out some light. Corridors need to be well lit but glare must be reduced. Most. Science but also need to be able to block outdoor light quickly for some experiments. All classrooms need natural daylight. Also being able to control the heat in each classroom is essential. Throughout the school – not just teaching areas. Especially in Art of practical subjects – Creative Arts Faculty, should have natural daylight, long glass windows or sky lights. All – Artificial lighting is very unhealthy and gives me headaches so the pupils must also feel the same way. I have first hand experience of both constant artificial light and now daylight – huge improvement for me and pupils. Geography – but then darkness is also extremely important to show pupils photographs, news clips, DVDs etc. Most areas? Preferable to artificial (plus cheaper!). But blinds necessary – projection/TV/interactive whiteboard. No in ICT. Natural daylight can affect the monitors. If natural daylight is incorporated sufficient blinds need to be provided. I feel in all teaching areas natural daylight is important. Natural light heats up a classroom, saving on heating, and if the windows opened then air conditioning would be saved on. As long as the windows have blinds on them to shut out some of the light, natural light is essential. In my own subject area, it is not that important. It is also a possible hindrance when the projector is in use due to light reflection and glare. However, it can produce a more positive atmosphere if used effectively. Most lessons it is important, but blinds needed to be present for using IWB and films etc, so to ensure the pupils can see clearly. Most areas would benefit from natural daylight. All of them. I would like to see and ‘outdoor’ classroom – glass roof/conservatory that people could book out. This would benefit STF pupils/SEN pupils and any pupil for a change of scenery. All of them! All teaching areas.

Natalie Bevan STF

C Hughes & D Hughes

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8.25 Q9

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All. All of them – it would provide a more ‘natural’ learning environment. Creative Studies English and Media Classrooms – but light may need to be shut out for certain reasons (good blinds). Most areas value from natural daylight, so the amount of natural light should be hugely considered. Environmentally and economically, it is also important for those reasons. In every teaching area if possible. As natural light is far more important than artificial light for the t4eaching and learning at the school. All areas. Is there value in using the environmental systems of the building as a teaching aid i.e. rain water harvesting / energy collection etc. Yes. Boards of info around the building would be of benefit. Wind turbines – we could sell electricity to the National Grid.


Natalie Bevan STF

Yes. We are teaching the environment in all subject areas, so not only should we be setting an example but systems such as this could be used as a teaching aid. Yes! Yes! Yes! C Hughes & D Hughes I would say so – yes. Yes. Would introduce our ESDGC. ( Recycle Zone Area). Energy saving light bulbs. Also sensor lights for corridors could be of benefit. (Vegetable Garden) Yes – it’s the way forward – to set an example!! Yes 0- this is of utmost important! Sustainability – sustainable features need to be maximised and emphasised. Hopefully so – 21st Century designs should incorporate these and pupils would probably be interest in – green group etc. Yes, the school already has a positive attitude to the environment in the form of the Green Team, and this should be carried on. Certainly for energy collection, it is practical as both a money saving aid and a teaching tool. If rain water could be used to flush toilets or wash dishes, that would be beneficial. As a teaching aid I am not sure how it could be used. Useful for ESDGC – studies into acid rain etc. I think the school already has a strong focus on the environment which should be continued and developed. Very valuable to the developments within Geography / Welsh Bac / Science. Certainly. This would be a tool for Geography, WBQ as well

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9.24 9.25

Q10 10.1 10.2

10.3 10.4 10.5

10.6 10.7 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 10.12 10.13

10.14 10.15

as whole school development of ESDGC. Yes for rain / recycling etc Yes Certainly important. Yes – as the school seeks to develop its green credentials. Yes as school values ESDGC and has a developing reputation. There is value in using environmental systems. However, it may need looking into regarding the possibility of vandalism. Yes. It is pivotal that this new build should be as environmentally friendly as possible, with implemented resources to ensure maximum results. Additionally, it will be an excellent learning tool to pupils. Yes and all the items above I agree should be practiced. Yes, I would think that with global warming and recycling/reusing etc being major headlines, anything the school can do to promote would be beneficial. Do the WC, Staircase and circulation space areas require visibility so the users feel safe? Yes – wide stair treads for extra safety, better foot grips etc. High visibility but without glare. There also need to be a lift to all floors for pupils with mobility difficulties. Corridors and staircases need to be wide enough to allow classes to pass each other in opposite directions. I guess so. Toilets need grafitti-proof wall surfaces and the provision of toilet paper and soap in vandal-proof containers. Mirrors would be rather nice especially in the girls’ toilets. Being able to monitor pupils in toilet area would also be helpful. Staircases do need to be made visible and wide enough to allow safe passage. Definitely. Yes. WCs should have cameras. Staircases should be wide and bright i.e. – painted white and walls. Yes! Yes. Yes. Yes, this would be a good implementation as pupils and staff alike would feel safe using the facilities. Definitely, these area should be well it and visible to ensure the students feel safe and there are no areas for the potential of dangerous things going on. Yes, isolated areas create a potential space for intimidation and bullying. Yes – very important for the circulation of pupils and transition between classes.


Natalie Bevan STF

C Hughes & D Hughes

10.16 Yes, these areas should be bright and spacious so movement around the school is smooth. 10.17 My main concern is that if every circulation space is used up by lockers – and that it isn’t visible – truancy may become an issue. 10.18 Yes, they do and staircases must be wide enough so that 2 classes with big bags can walk past each other. 10.19 Yes. 10.20 Yes. 10.21 Most definitely – particularly as more pupils enter the STF. It is possible that they will/may have visual impairments so their safety is of paramount importance. 10.22 Yes, use of glass/Perspex and stairs as a feature. There is a great deal of pride in a large foyer area as we have now - we want at least to match that. 10.23 Yes 10.24 Yes, pupils need to feel safe and secure in the school environment and the new build’s first priority should be safety. Cameras should be used where appropriate and railings should be implemented into every day life of the school. 10.25 Yes we do. Safety should be paramount in all areas of the school and should be upgraded. 10.26 Sounds like a good idea, so yes. Q11 Access strategy for the school and leisure centre. Free access/certain times of day? 11.1 No – it is important the 2 are separate to encourage Cefn Hengoed is a school wh4re pupils come to learn. The Leisure Centre is a separate place for leisure activities. Also, limit the ‘free access’ adults/visitors have within the school for security and safety issues. 11.2 As long as pupils with mobility/visual issues are kept in mind. 11.3

11.4 11.5

11.6 11.7


It would help with school security if the Leisure Centre was more ‘separate’ from the school. Adults wandering the corridors unchallenged is not an ideal situation. The school needs to be more secure. Access to the school itself should be limited to pupils and people on school business. Leisure Centre traffic should not have access to school. The entrances and exits of school need to be far more secure so that visitors to school have a means of entry and exit. I have no strong preference with way. Certain times of the day for the public. I do think having public access, you have a lot of people wondering around the buildings. As for pupils, it should be all day access, then for the public after 3pm. Yes – more links needed. Are teachers able to use the facilities between certain times



Natalie Bevan STF

C Hughes & D Hughes

11.9 11.10




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11.20 11.21


11.23 11.24

e.g. 3-5pm? Depends on uses e.g. after school / pre-school. If the leisure facilities are separated from the school then free access would be ok. Otherwise certain times of the day would be better. I think certain amounts of access, perhaps free access to the leisure centre, could be used as reward and/or punishment techniques. If students could earn and loose free access to the leisure centre, then the centre would not be over-run with pupils and teachers / staff would benefit from the leisure centre being a reward and disciplinary tool. Access should be monitored – members of the public have almost unlimited access to the school grounds, especially the areas connected to the leisure centre. This had be potential for mishaps. Depends on the segregation – If the leisure centre is to remain within the main body of the school, there will need to be monitoring system etc. Not ideal having members of the public walking around the school using the leisure centre, nursery, family centre etc. I don’t think we as a school should have the same entrance as the leisure centre. I felt threatened by seeing strangers on the corridors of the leisure centre – how do the pupils feel? But, it would be beneficial for PE. No access between school/leisure centre through the inside building is needed. Only creates problems. The school needs to be more secure. Welcoming but secure. As I’m not a designer and don’t ‘see’ things very well I’m not JJW sure how it could be organised but is it possible to have a separate entry for people using Jackanory and the Leisure Centre. It would certainly reduce the areas in which difficulti4es have arisen in the past. Definitely a strategy with the emphasis on safeguarding. Sue I do have concerns regarding free access as we do need to monitor the site regarding visitors (some who may be unsuitable). Free access should be given to those who wish to use the leisure centre facilities. However, they should sign-in so the school is aware of who is near the school and pupils. Agree. One for Sue?

Key considerations for new build  
Key considerations for new build  

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