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Cefn Hengoed Swansea

Newsletter Issue 2 July 2011

Carillion Building Site Office Cefn Hegnoed Community School Cefn Hengoed Road Swansea

Introduction We are now 24 weeks in to the project at Cefn Hengoed. The demolition work is complete, the new steel frame is standing, new concrete stairs installed and the roof is about to go on to the new extension. Over the next few weeks and months we will see cladding walls go up, concrete slabs laid and window frames installed before the internal walls start being built. Traffic to the site will start getting a little busier as the pace of the work increases. As a team, we are grateful for the co-operation and tolerant attitude we continue to receive from the management, staff and pupils at Cefn Hengoed Community School, the Leisure Centre, Bonymaen Rugby Club and all our other neighbours. We have conducted a couple of short site tours in the last month and look forward to more as the work proceeds. Pupils and Staff at Cefn Hengoed have visited us in the last month and more recently, some soon to be retired members of staff took the opportunity to tour the site to see where their classrooms used to be—it’s all a big open plan layout now that we have knocked all of the internal walls down.

Community Two lucky young people have had the chance to get a taste of their chosen careers thanks to a unique project. Pupils and staff at the school teamed up with Swansea Council and Carillion to enable pupils to get something out of the building project as well as an upgraded school. Year 10 Media Studies students Alisha Smith and Amy Quinn will be leading a group of pupils in developing an ongoing media project about what the new building will mean for both the School and the Community. In order to help them in this task, both pupils have been able to get experience of web design, interview techniques and newsgathering through a week's work experience set up by Swansea Council and Carillion, before they develop their own website, update the local media and finally produce a docusoap which will be produced to mark the opening of the upgraded block.

Carillion Site Contacts Project Director :

Mark Wusthoff - 07803 262550

Commercial Manager :

Leigh Hughes - 07803 262031

Project Manager :

Gary Price - 07803 262355

Senior Project Surveyor :

Paul Jones - 07803 261728

(This newsletter is also available through the medium of Welsh, should you wish to receive a copy please contact: Geraint Flowers on 01792 637163)

July 2011 Newsletter  
July 2011 Newsletter  

Carillion newsletter for Cefn Hengoed School rebuild, July 2011