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Solid Waste Association of North America’s

Young Professionals Group Connecting you with the future of the solid waste industry.

The Young Professionals (YP) Group is comprised of dynamic, incisive individuals who represent the future of the solid waste industry.

What is the YP Group? 2

We are passionate about the environment, the solid waste management industry and our careers.

Our Passion. 3

We are eager to offer advice, brainstorm ideas, develop solutions and share in the struggles and triumphs of working in this industry.

How we help each other. 4

We are energetic, motivated and want YOU to join us. Interested in learning more? Let’s explore‌

Sound interesting? 5

You qualify as a young professional (YP), if: 1.

AGE: You are 35 years or younger,


INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: EXPERIENCE Have less than 5 years of experience in the solid waste industry, and/or


LIFE EVENT: EVENT Have less than 2 years in a new position or just joined a company within the solid waste industry.

Let’s define a YP. 6

The YP Group is a resource to help you advance professionally in the solid waste industry. There’s more‌

Benefits of joining. 7

By joining the YP Group, you will receive: 

Valuable networking opportunities at events, conferences and online;

E-sessions to help you navigate the challenges of this industry;

Useful information and tools to help you succeed in your career;

Opportunities to voice your opinion about the future of SWANA.

What you get. 8

The YP Group is lead by a volunteer steering committee: 

Kyle Clampitt, Clampitt Alliance Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Dennis Guy, Guy City of Hamilton

Sara Kurovski, Kurovski Metro Waste Authority

Hanna K. RodriguezRodriguez-Morales, Morales CHES Services Corp.

Kathryn Sandoe, Sandoe LCSWMA

John Welch, Welch Dane County Public Works

Olivia Williams, Williams HDR

Meet the leadership team. 9

Ready to join? We are excited to have you! Visit to sign up or contact Shelby Truxon at (240) 494-2223 or

Join us. 10

Know of any young professionals in your organization? Share this presentation and encourage them to join.

Spread the word. 11

SWANA Young Professionals Presentation  

SWANA Young Professionals Presentation