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autumn 2011

2 Inside Swale

The Leader Welcome to Inside Swale, Swale Borough Council’s residents’ magazine. Customers are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why I am delighted that the Council’s Customer Service team has been recognised nationally for providing excellent customer service. We care passionately about providing the best services possible and so achieving excellence demonstrates our commitment to you. But it’s about more than that. Our mission is to deliver, directly and in partnership with others, a variety of services to meet and champion the needs of the local community. You will see later on in the magazine that we want you to come along to Local Engagement Forums to talk about the issues that affect you where you live, so that we can shape our services around specific, local needs. You will also see in this edition that we have placed photos, as well as the names, of all of the borough councillors who serve Swale. We hope this will help you to know who your local councillor is and speak to them about any issues or ideas you have for making your part of Swale a better place in which to live. While councillors are here to provide direction for the borough and to set out the challenges we face and to explain how we can improve our services, we are also here to listen to you. This twoway communication is vital so you can tell us what matters to you so that we can put your needs at the very centre of everything that we do. Andrew Bowles Leader, Swale Borough Council


News ..................................................... 3 Customer Service Excellence ................ 4 Change of bank details .......................... 5 Housing information ....................... 6 & 7 Benefits information .............................. 8 Boundary review ................................... 9 Sheerness Gateway progress .............. 11 Milton Creek Country Park ........ 12 & 13 News from Medway Maritime ... 14 & 15 Local Engagement Forums .................. 17 Southern Water – Water Metering ...... 18 What is Overview and Scutiny ............ 20 Electoral registration ........................... 21 Your Councillors ......................... 22 & 23 Our corporate priorities are:

Regenerating Swale Creating a cleaner and greener Swale A safer and stronger community A high-performing organisation Contact Swale Borough Council Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HT phone: 01795 417 850 email: visit:

Inside Swale is produced by Swale Borough Council’s Communications and Marketing Team Cover: A recent site visit to see the progress at the Sheerness Gateway. Have your say – help shape Swale


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Community projects Are you undertaking a project in Swale that is looking to improve a green space, a play area or restore a monument? Or are you looking to bring your community together for a local event? If so, each of Swale’s 47 Councillors has been given £1,000 to support local regeneration projects and £1,250 for other smallscale projects. For more information email Christopher Blandford or phone 01795 417 165.

Efficient chipping Over 50 dogs in the borough have been microchipped thanks to Swale Borough Council and Jasmil Kennels. Dog microchipping days gave dog owners the opportunity to get their pets microchipped at the reduced price of £10 per dog. The next microchipping day takes place at Sheerness Clock Tower between 10am and 3pm on 27 October.

Playday on Sheppey A family fun day was held in August at Beachfields on the Isle of Sheppey, as part of the national Playday campaign. The popular annual event is the annual celebration of children’s right to play. This year’s event was organised by the Swale Borough Council’s Sports Development Team.

Bike security marking Free bike marking events across Swale are gaining great interest. By marking your bike with your postcode and house number (using a UV pen or engraving tool) it makes it easier to trace the rightful owner - making it less attractive to thieves. To find out when the next event is planned, contact the Community Safety Partnership on 01795 417 193 or email

Green Flag at Oare

It’s Official! Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park has once again been recognised for its contribution to heritage and conservation. For the fifth successive year the works has been awarded a Green Flag, the national standard for parks and green spaces. The park is managed by Swale Borough Council As we head towards winter should in partnership with Groundwork Kent and snow or ice disrupt the service you can find all the up-to date information Medway, with help from a dedicated team of volunteers. on

Refuse collections

4 Inside Swale

A high-performing organisation

It’s Official! Customer Service Excellence! Swale Borough Council’s Customer Service Centre deals with calls, visits, letters and emails from residents about more than 100 services at its offices in Faversham, Sheerness and at Swale House in Sittingbourne. Between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011, the Customer Service Centre handled an average of 9,500 calls per month, of which 81% of calls were answered within 20 seconds.

The dedication and hard work of the Customer Services Team is why Swale Borough Council’s Customer Service Centre has achieved the government standard accreditation in Customer Service Excellence. The Standard is a very challenging one to meet and is increasingly seen as a measure of a quality service, which reflects commitment and acknowledgement of the effort. Councillor Mike Cosgrove, Swale Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Localism, said “This national recognition is seen as a measure of a quality service. We consider that our Customer Services Team are excellent ambassadors for Swale Borough Council and are a tremendous source of information for our residents.” We value your views on our performance and are always glad to hear from you. Please write to the Editor, Inside Swale at Swale House (full address on page 2).

Have your say – help shape Swale

Inside Swale 5

Are you affected by change of bank details? On 27 September Swale Borough Council changed its bank from NatWest to Lloyds TSB, as a result of re-tendering its banking services. Depending upon how you pay us, you ou may need to amend our bank detailss when you make your next payment.  If you pay by Direct Debit you do not need to change anything, your payments will automatically be moved to our new account. t  If you pay by Paypoint, our automated telephone service or by cheque, you do not need to change anything, you should continue as normal and we will ensure that your payments arrive in our new account.  However, if you pay by Standing Order, pay at the bank using a credit slip, or make regular electronic payments over the internet using Faster Payments (like BACS), then you need to take action by providing your bank with our new details below to ensure that your payments continue to reach us. People who make payments by Standing Order or who go into their bank to pay will need to change the payee details to:

Account name: Swale Borough Council Sort code: 30-00-02 Account number: 01683611 Changes to Standing Orders can be made now, but the existing NatWest account will remain open for at least three months during the changeover period. Those who pay by Standing Order, pay at a bank or use electronic payments from their bank account might want to consider switching to Direct Debit. People can find out more about how to do this by contacting the Exchequer and Banking Section team on telephone number 01795 417 283. Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley, Swale Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Performance said: “The award of the contract to Lloyds represents a significant saving for the Council.”

6 Inside Swale

A high-performing organisation

Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness? Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness? The Housing Options Team can give you support and advice when considering the options available to you if you find yourself in this situation. The Housing Options Team is located in the reception area of Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne and provides a drop-in service between Monday – Thursday 8.45am to 5pm and Friday 8.45am to 4.30pm. Alternatively you can call on 01795 417 511, email housingoptions@swale. or find more information on our website at

Need help to make your home more energy efficient?

Find out more by visiting or call 0800 512 012 to find out what offers are currently available. The Warm Front scheme provides heating and insulation improvements to households on certain income-related benefits living in properties that are poorly insulated and/or do not have a working central heating system. Qualifying households can get measures worth up to £3,500 for improvements such as loft insulation, draftproofing, cavity wall insulation and more. Find out more about the Warm Front scheme, including who qualifies and how to apply online at or over the phone, call 0800 316 2805.

Have your say – help shape Swale

Photograph courtesy of The Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is the UK’s leading impartial organisation helping people to save energy by providing advice and information on grants and discounts available for insulation and heating and renewable energy systems.

Inside Swale 7

Find out how much energy you are using in your home! Call into your Sheerness, Sittingbourne or Faversham library to borrow an energy monitor to see how much energy you are using in your home.

“Swale Borough Council is working in partnership with others to provide the best housing services for residents”

No Use Empty Campaign Swale Borough Council, in partnership with Kent County Council, is offering landlords with properties that have been empty for more than six months, interest free loans to carry out major repairs prior to letting their homes. For more information please contact Brian George via email or call 01795 417232.

Kent Landlord Accreditation Scheme Become an accredited landlord today! Swale Borough Council will be running one-day landlord training courses at UK Paper Leisure, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne on 7 October and 18 November 2011 at a cost of £79.90 per person. To book your place please register at (if you contact Sharon Gissing at Swale Borough Council on 01795 417 021 before booking she will provide you with a promotional code which will entitle you to a discount of £10). Councillor Derek Conway, Swale Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Health and Wellbeing said, “There are many benefits to becoming accredited under the UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership. Apart from gaining further knowledge about being a successful landlord, you can get advice on rights and responsibilities under new legislation and the key issues of property and tenancy management. You can also have access to the latest information via the London landlords website.” For further information regarding forthcoming training events or the Kent Landlord Accreditation Scheme please contact Sharon Gissing via email or call 01795 417 021.

8 Inside Swale

Are you struggling to pay your rent or Council Tax? Do you receive Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit? If the answer is yes and the benefit you receive does not meet the rent or Council Tax charges you are due to pay, you can apply to Swale Borough Council for extra help called a ‘Discretionary Housing Payment’. To receive this payment, you have to show that you cannot afford the shortfall in your rent or Council Tax, or if you do so, you or someone in your family will suffer hardship. If you would like to apply for this extra help, please contact the Benefits Team on 01795 417 555 and an application form will be sent to you. If you are struggling to pay your rent or Council Tax and are currently not in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit, you may be entitled to help. Please contact us for advice.

A high-performing organisation

Single and under 35? The government is planning to extend the age group for single young people who can only claim a shared accommodation rate to help with their rent. This means you may only be entitled to the lower rate of Housing Benefit for a room in shared accommodation if all of the following apply:  You are a single person  You are occupying one-bedroom self-contained accommodation in the private rented sector  Your Housing Benefit is due to be reviewed from January 2012 onwards  At the date of the review you will be aged between 25 and 35 years, and  You are not covered by any of the exemptions on sharing accommodation. The change means that from January 2012 onwards, instead of the one-bedroom selfcontained rate you would move onto the shared accommodation rate applying at that date, which may be much lower. The details of the change will not be known until they are agreed in Parliament later this year. However, to give you an indication of the likely rate next year the current shared accommodation rate for property in this area is between £62.50 and £69.27. Further information about these changes and the current shared accommodation rates in different parts of the country is available at under local housing allowances. Alternatively, advice can be obtained from the Benefits Team at Swale Borough Council on 01795 417 555. Have your say – help shape Swale

Electoral review for Swale Tell us what you think The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is carrying out an electoral review of Swale Borough Council. The review aims to make local elections fairer by ensuring that all borough councillors in Swale represent a similar number of people. We also aim to ensure that local ward boundaries reflect the interests and identities of the borough’s communities. The first part of a review is for the Commission to take a view on the right number of councillors to represent your area effectively.

How many councillors should there be? At this first stage of the review, we want to know your views on the right number of councillors needed to represent the borough. Visit our website at and click on ‘about electoral reviews’ to help us answer this question and to download some helpful information. Once we’ve decided how many borough councillors there should be in future, we’ll consult you again on the numbers, names and boundaries of the new wards.

Have your say Your views can make the difference. Have your say on the right number of councillors for Swale by writing to us at the address below, emailing us or using the online form on our website. You have until 24 October 201 to submit your views to: The Review Officer (Swale) The Local Government Boundary Commission for England Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street London EC1M 5LG Email:

10 Inside Swale

The Leadership team invites you to attend

THE IOSA OPEN DAYS East site - Wednesday 5th October 2011 - 6pm-9pm West site - Thursday 6th October 2011 - 6pm-9pm G G G G G

Improving examination results at all levels Academic and vocational pathways Dedicated and caring staff ÂŁ54 million new build funding approved Tuesday transition courses for Year 6

Visit the Academy and see lessons in progress on Open Days and every Tuesday and Thursday 9 - 9.45am. For further information about the Academy visit our website $(,- +)0$(,- +)( 0  


   )!!$ -# $,& )!,# ** / '/)+".%

Have your say – help shape Swale

Regenerating Swale

Swale Mobile Gateway You may have seen the multicoloured Land Rover pulling a trailer in various locations around the borough recently. This is the Mobile Gateway, which takes services to people so that they can have easy and friendly access to different public and voluntary services.

Gateway will give you friendly access to different public and voluntary services.

The Mobile Gateway is a mobile office with different organisations coming together as partners to provide services to the communities. Various organisations will be present at the events, ranging from Council Services (Housing, Benefit etc), Kent Adult Education, Swale and Canterbury Carers support, Kent Police, Citizen Advice Bureau, Jobcentre Plus, Amicus Horizon, and many others. The Mobile Gateway is a good way to sample services from a range of organisations that will be available by autumn at Sheerness, and appreciate the benefits of a one-stop-shop approach.

Inside Swale 11

Good news about Sheerness Gateway The Sheerness Gateway is taking shape. The building works are progressing well towards an autumn opening. Birkby Construction Ltd started work on the site in May. This was part of a 21-week programme to transform the 70-year-old former Woolworths store. The demolition works and structural alterations are almost complete, and mechanical and electrical installations have begun. The old lift has now been removed from the site, and the installation of the new staircases have begun, along with the internal wall linings. Councillor Mike Cosgrove, Swale Borough Council’s Cabinet member for Communities and Localism, said “This is a key project for the borough, and the regeneration of Sheerness. The good news is that all partners are very enthusiatic.”

This is a key project for the borough, and fundamental to the regeneration of Sheerness For more information on Gateway you can visit where we will keep you informed of the progress. Alternatively you can email or phone 01795 417 518.




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Play Area

Miller Close Entrance

Waste Transfer Station

Closed Landfill Site

Due January 2012

Milton Creek Bridge

Churchfield Wharf

The Mud Hole

Pig Trap

Northern Relief Road Entrance

Burley’s Crossing

Fishing Lake

Walsby Drive Entrance

Milton Creek Country Park

Green Porch Close Entrance

d oa yR



Play Area




st hur



S rth

Gro Amphitheatre

Holy Trinity Church

n Way io t ea Newman Drive Entrance


ay Attlee W

Ridham Avenue Roundabout


Newman D rive Fishing Lake


Grovehurst Road Entrance




Recreation Way Play Area


rst Aven

Grovehurst Avenue Entrance Play Area Kemsley Recreation Ground




Kemsley Station

SKLR Kemsley Down Station


Kemsley n er ore

Re c oa

R ief

xon Sh


To Gravesend

Welcome to Milton Creek Country Park Open now!


Regenerating Swale

Have your say – help shape Swale


b ng tti Si

r ou

Milton Regis Halt

Sewage Works


Park postcode ME10 2EX


If you would like to get involved in helping look after

Milton Creek meanders through a fascinating wild, tidal landscape, which is constantly in flux as mudflats are flooded, then exposed. Take care as you walk – keep off the mudflats and marsh and away from the water, which can be deep and dangerous.

The Country Park has areas for children’s adventure play, picnics and events, as well as a network of paths through the surrounding meadows. Areas have been created to support a variety of birds, insects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles!

Milton Creek Country Park and the creekside trail encourage you to explore the landscapes, heritage and wildlife of Milton Creek. The trail follows the Saxon Shore Way and links a sequence of viewpoints, one at each of the historic wharves along the creek.

Adelaide Dock

Murston Wharf

Milton Creek

Wood’s Wharf

We want the park to remain beautiful so please pick up your litter and clean up after your dog. If you see any antisocial behaviour call Kent Police on 01622 690 690

Friends of Milton Creek. You can contact them by emailing or calling Frances Wallace on 01795 417 155.

To R ye the park or would like to find out more please join the

Bourne Creek

Saxo n Sh Way ore W ay

ls Ro ad (A 2



St. M


Retail Park

SKLR Sittingbourne Viaduct Station

Bowaters’ Wharf

Sittingbourne Railway Station



tR gh Li

ay ilw


Eastwood’s Wharf


m Ke

ay W


ll Mi

i Tr

Gas Road Entrance CPM d Gransden’s Wharf P ki Roa E s s Ga EEako Reedbed SWus Ku

View Point

Entrances Bus Stops



C as tle

R oa d




News from Medway Maritime Hospital Some tests and treatments currently undertaken in other places will also be offered locally.

George Harwood Neuroscience Unit opens Neurology patients across north and west Kent are being spared long and uncomfortable journeys to London for diagnostics and treatment, following the opening of a new neuroscience unit at Medway Maritime Hospital.

Lee Basso, deputy general manager, adult medicine, explained: “The new unit is a much more comfortable setting for our patients – not just because of the new environment and facilities but because they are spared long journeys for treatment, such as lumbar puncture, and all the services they need are under one roof. We aim to provide high quality neurosciences locally by collaborating with other centres. “We involved our patients right from the design stage; to ensure we built it around them and that it meets all their needs. It consists of an outpatients’ area with onsite diagnostics and a procedure

Medway NHS Foundation Trust has consolidated all its neuroscience services in one dedicated space after previously being scattered across the hospital site. The streamlined service aims to reduce waiting times for diagnostics and treatments and to prevent patients Infusion Suite from having to travel by offering room. There is also a dedicated medical more treatment options on site. infusion suite within the neuroscience The George Harwood Neuroscience centre to provide infusions for neurology, Unit began receiving its first patients gastroenterology rheumatology, in July and utilises the latest advances dermatology and haematology patients.” in innovation to dramatically cut the The unit has been named after Dr waiting time from test to diagnosis. George Harwood, consultant neurologist, The computer system in the new unit who has worked in Medway for over is linked to King’s College Hospital in London giving patients access to London 20 years and trained many of the neurologists in south east England. consultants without the need to travel.

Have your say – help shape Swale

Inside Swale 15

New home-from-home birth unit set to open Medway Maritime Hospital is due to open a new midwifery-led unit which will offer more choice for mums across north and west Kent about where they give birth. The unit, which will cater for around 800 to 1,000 births a year, will offer a comfortable, home-from-home environment, where the emphasis is on a relaxed birth experience which involves partners at every stage. There will be five birthing Work on the outside of the new Midwifery-Led Unit. rooms; four postnatal beds; two birthing pools; a low risk triage (assessment) area; and an education room where workshops will be held to help prepare mums and dads for life as parents. It can care for ten women at any one time. Karen McIntyre, head of midwifery and gynaecology at Medway Maritime Hospital explained: “The new unit will be very family focussed and partners will be encouraged to stay all the way through the birth. The rooms even have double beds so partners can stay overnight. “The rooms will be ready for an active birth, which means women will be encouraged to move about freely and to find their own comfortable upright positions during contractions. The bed will not be the main focus of the room and will only be used when needed. Active birth is well known for improving the birthing experience as less medical interventions are needed. “The unit is designed to get parents parenting straight away – to start changing nappies and organising feeds from the outset with the support of midwives – so they are more prepared when they go home.” The new unit, which is called The Birth Place, will open in October.

16 Inside Swale


1 0 BER NOVEM CAMPUS MEDWA0Ypm 6.00 -8.3



0 3 N



5.30 -8.00pNE CAMPUS m


Have your say – help shape Swale

Open and accountable

Inside Swale 17

Have your say! Help shape Swale Local Engagement Forums (LEFs) provide an opportunity for the public to raise local issues with their elected County, Borough and Parish Councillors, the Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and other public bodies who deliver services locally. We regularly hold forums in Faversham and the surrounding villages, Sittingbourne and on the Isle of Sheppey. We try to keep the meetings as informal as possible and all residents are encouraged to come along and take part in the discussions. The forums focus on  How residents can ask for relevant topics to be discussed at the meeting.  The services provided by Swale Borough Council and Kent County Council  The services provided by the Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service and NHS  Consultation with the public and between the councils on policies, plans and strategies  The performance of specific services and service providers  How residents can shape the topics discussed The topics are agreed before the meeting takes place. You can email in a question or discussion topic to Please title your email ‘LEF Topic’ and also state if you would like the topic raised at the next Faversham, Sheppey or Sittingbourne LEF. Alternatively, you can post your question or topic to: LEF Topic, Democratic Services, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HT.

Local Engagement Forums are your opportunity to discuss local issues that affect you Your next Local Engagement Forum:


18 October at 7pm Castle Connections Centre, Queenborough


25 October at 7pm Venue to be confirmed


6 December at 7pm Venue to be confirmed

18 Inside Swale

Sittingbourne and Sheppey next for water metering Sittingbourne and Sheppey are part of Southern Water’s five-year programme to install 500,000 water meters for the majorityy of its customers across the South East. A total of just under 26,000 meters will be installed locally. Work will begin in the Sittingbourne area in late 2011 and then move on to Sheppey in the early part of 2012. Southern Water is introducing water meterss for 92 per cent of its customers as people on water meters tend to use up to ten per cent less water. Darren Bentham, Director of Metering at Southern Water, said: “Water metering is an important part of our plans to manage water resources across the South East, alongside tackling leakage and developing new water resources. We also believe that households paying for the water they use is the fairest way to charge and puts people in control of their bills.” Southern Water customer service teams will deliver information packs to households before their new water meters arrive. Installation teams will work on a street-by-street basis to install the meters, with the majority being fitted in the public footpath outside properties, and advisors will be on hand on the day of installation to answer questions and provide advice on water efficiency, energy savings and metered bills. To find out more about Southern Water’s metering programme visit or call the Metering Customer Call Centre on 0333 2003 012.

Have your say – help shape Swale

Water stewardess Emily wishes you a pleasant and water efficient day and suggests:

Spending one minute less in your daily shower to save water and energy

Find out when your meter is coming at


Water resources in the South East are under stress. Southern Water is installing water meters to reduce demand, protect the environment and help our carbon footprint

20 Inside Swale

A high-performing organisation

What is overview and scrutiny? Overview and Scrutiny is a function of all local councils in England and Wales that have adopted a Cabinet system. Swale Borough Council has a Cabinet that makes important decisions on behalf of local residents, and the overview and scrutiny committees are made up of councillors who are not part of the Cabinet. You can go along to any of the meetings. Overview and Scrutiny’s main roles are:  Holding the Cabinet to account  Suggesting improvements to council policies  Examining decisions before they are put into operation  Monitoring performance of the council and its partners. Scrutiny can look into services provided by other public-serving organisations (such as the Police or Health Service) and other matters of importance to Swale residents. In particular, it has legal powers to scrutinise crime reduction and community safety issues.

Overview and Scrutiny committees hold Swale’s decision-makers to account The Policy Overview Committee examines how the policies, plans and strategies and activities of the Council and its partners can be developed in order to improve the experience of its residents and communities in Swale. The Scrutiny Committee holds the Council and, on occasions, its partners to account over issues such as budgets and service performance. Swale Borough Council has published a report detailing the important work performed by these two Committees during 2010/11. This includes reviews on the public’s involvement in Council decision making, regeneration in Swale, the Council’s financial management, Climate Change, Equalities and Anti-Social Behaviour. You can view the report at: Further information about the work of the Committees can be obtained from or contact the Policy Team on 01795 417 187.

Have your say – help shape Swale

Inside Swale 21

Make sure you keep the X factor Never has your vote counted more. The last two years have seen two councillors elected to serve Swale by the narrowest of margins. In 2010 there was only one vote separating the top two candidates when the votes for Sheerness East ward were counted; and in May 2011 the Councillor for Murston was drawn by lots from a ballot box after two candidates polled exactly the same number of votes. Forms have been sent to all households in the borough. You need to respond to ensure you are on the electoral register and able to vote. This is the annual canvass 2011 and you are urged to return your form as soon as possible if there are changes that need to be made. If there are no changes you can you can let us know by using either the freephone or internet details provided on the form.

You can opt to have your details excluded from the edited register, which means your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations. Although no council elections are scheduled in 2012, a by-election can be called at any time. Also, in 2012 it is likely that residents will have the opportunity to elect a police and crime commissioner for Kent as part of the Coalition Government’s plans to have directly elected commissioners to hold Police forces to account and strengthen the bond between the police and the public.

Have you ever wondered how decisions are made? You can come along to most of the Council’s meetings to listen to the debates and see the decision-making process in action. Please contact Democratic Services for more information about speaking at public meetings. You may also wish to submit a petition or e-petition to the Council in accordance with the Council’s petition scheme. A list of councillors is overleaf.To find out who your councillor is phone 01795 417 330 or visit:

Your Councillors

22 Inside Swale

 

Conservative  Labour Independent Group

Abbey Bryan Mulhern 01795 538 498 Anita Walker 01795 531 192 Borden Nicholas Hampshire 01795 477 560 (eve) or 07739 108756 Boughton & Courtenay George Bobbin 01227 751 388 Andrew Bowles 01227 752 840 or 07778 629879 Chalkwell Roger Truelove 01795 425 445 Ghlin Whelan 01795 475 629 Davington Priory Mike Henderson 01795 534 368 or 07900 265337 East Downs Colin Prescott 01795 590 054 Grove Duncan Dewar-Whalley 07889 808871 Gareth Randall 01795 474 802

Hartlip, Newington & Upchurch Gerry Lewin 01634 366 113 John Wright 01795 842 852 Iwade & Lower Halstow Ben Stokes 01795 476 979 Kemsley Sue Gent 01795 553 900 Brenda Simpson 01795 559 603 Leysdown & Warden Patricia Sandle 01795 510 400 Milton Regis Adam Tolhurst 01795 475 888 Tony Winckless 01795 425 987 Minster Cliffs Andy Booth 07912 464213 or 07824 556185 Adrian Crowther 01795 874 418 Kenneth Pugh 01795 871 388 Murston Ed Gent 07835 289190 Have your say – help shape Swale

Inside Swale 23 Nick Williams 01795 479 835 Queenborough & Halfway Jackie Constable 01795 665 238 Mick Constable 01795 665 238 Peter Marchington 01795 661 960 (evenings) Roman Mike Haywood 07960 173264

Teynham & Lynsted Richard Barnicott 01795 536 177

Sheerness East Mark Ellen 01795 667 027 David Sargent 01795 664 914 Sheerness West Angela Harrison 01795 665 029 Stephen Worrall 01795 665 589 Sheppey Central Lesley Ingham 01795 881 123 or 07714 445871

John Coulter 01795 539 046 St Michael’s Derek Conway 01795 424 865 or 07789 072677 Sylvia Bennett 01795 476 979

Martin McCusker 07403 006997

June Garrad 01795 664 330

John Morris 01795 881 102 St Ann’s Mike Cosgrove 01795 591 790

Lloyd Bowen 01795 522 357 Watling David Simmons 01795 532 100 Ted Wilcox 01795 533 004 West Downs Monique Bonney 07973 443527 Woodstock Alan Willicombe 01795 439 680 Jean Willicombe 01795 439 680

Inside Swale Autumn 2011  

Swale's residents' magazine Inside Swale, Autumn 2011

Inside Swale Autumn 2011  

Swale's residents' magazine Inside Swale, Autumn 2011