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STRUCTURE Pelicolor Design

Facade Panels


Uniquely attractive facade panels For high quality and durability In all kinds of buildings


STRUCTURE Special benefits Strength Structure is a unique homogeneous panel material made by combining cement with inert additives and both synthetic and natural organic fibres. The material has been specially developed to provide outstanding strength and dimensional stability.

Less maintenance Another key feature of Structure is its granite-like surface, making it “selfcleansing� as well as long-lasting. Water flows evenly down the facade surface, without leaving any unsightly tracks.

Unique coating technology Structure’s durability is based on a unique coating technology that ensures great stability and makes the surface particularly resistant to scratches. This special coating process is used for all of the 15 colours in the range.

Installation adaptability Structure is available in standard-sized panels and in customised dimensions cut in the factory. This permits great flexibility both in planning the facade and in using wood, galvanised steel or aluminium structures as installation frames. Panels can be fixed in place by hidden or visible means, whichever the facade designer prefers.

Structure Panel Red P305

Structure Panel Blue P405

STRUCTURE Anti-graffiti option: For really clean facades LTM Company Anti-Graffiti* permanently protects Structure panels by preventing other colour pigments from penetrating their coatings. It ensures good protection against the aerosol paints used in graffiti. The colourless Anti-Graffiti film also withstands ultraviolet light and chemicals and has good dirt-repellent properties.

* Coating available as a factory-applied option

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Range of 15 colours

Indoor uses Ease of maintenance and the wide range of available colours make Structure a natural choice for indoor walls as well, for example in areas where walls are subject to wear and scuffing from large numbers of passers-by, and in the entrances and staircases of apartment blocks.

Red P305

Red P304

Orange P701

Used in combination with other interior materials, the modern nature of Structure panelling adds value to indoor spaces.

Yellow P602

Yellow P601

Beige P803

Blue P404

Blue P403

Green P504

Grey P206

Grey P205


White P102

Key features

Blue P405 • ●



Not susceptible to rust


Withstands frost


Does not rot

Economical to buy and to use


Good colour stability

Grey P207

Black P001

We can also supply other colours: please contact our sales department for further information.

Structure, for facades that everyone admires ‌ and keeps on admiring Structure’s superiority, particularly in urban surroundings, lies in its wide range of colours, sizes and fixing methods, offering builders and architects a host of new possibilities. Thanks to the self-cleansing properties of coloured Structure surfaces, the colours of your facades will stay even and stylish from each year to the next.

Office courtyard in Munich

Innovative building in Wolfsburg

Office building in Sonneberg

Giro transfer office in Stuttgart

STRUCTURE Technical information Properties* Composition • Homogeneous structure containing cement, inert additives and both synthetic and natural organic fibres • The outside surface is acrylic-based hard Structure coating Appearance • Outer surface structural coating • Background smooth acrylic coating

Physical properties

• Density (dry and in air) ≥1,650 kg/m • Dimension changes: 1 mm/m (from dry air to 100 % humidity) 3

Mechanical properties (in dry air)

• Flexural strength: 20.5 N/mm • Flexural modulus of elasticity: 15,000 N/mm 2


* Average values for physical and mechanical properties

Standard dimensions (trimmed sizes) Thickness mm

Width mm

Length mm

Weight kg/m²

8 mm

1194 1250

2440 - 2780 - 3050 2500 - 2800 - 3100

14,6 15,4

Uses Structure is used in facade panelling and balcony walls. • Fixing by screws to wood structures: ETERBOIS system • Fixing by rivets to galvanised steel structures: DOUBLEX system

Working with the material Structure should handled and worked according to the installation instructions.

Production, sales and technical service

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LTM Company is a member of Finland’s Facade Association, Julkisivuyhdistys ry.


STRUCTURE Uniquely attractive facade panels For high quality and durability In all kinds of buildings Structure Pelicolor Design STRUCTURE S...