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40 Glorious Years For several reasons, there was never a more appropriate time than

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now to publish a fresh edition of BEST OF UAE. Not only is this year the 40th anniversary of the founding of the UAE, but 2012 has also emerged as the year in which the ‘growing pains’ that characterise the incipient socio-economic maturity of the region, are being felt

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far and wide. Tracing this evolution through the prism of the nation’s march towards sustainability and diversification, a collection of innovative

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organisations, brands and entrepreneurs have been showcased to emblemise the development for which the UAE is today renowned. As a pillar of stability and progress in an environment of geopolitical fragility, this seven-emirate confederation that came into being on December 2 1971, thanks to the lucid vision of its founding father late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in many ways reflects the best of what the region aspires to; namely peace, prosperity and progress. Developing global business networks by sharing success stories

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in an informative and visually appealing way is essence of how we have developed our gvpedia brand that now has expanded its annual book series published in over 40 territories worldwide. As one of its founding partners and a firm believer in the power of promoting brands and places in this uniquely creative editorial format, I take this opportunity to wish you happy reading.

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Emerging UAE Celebrating its 40th anniversary on Dec 2, 2011, the UAE has established itself as a bastion of regional prosperity and stability. Based on principles of sustainability that puts to effective use abundant natural resources to build human capabilities and a diversified economy, it is estimated that an annual GDP of USD 358 billion will be reached by the end of 2012. The country has shown remarkable growth since it was first founded by Late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Father of the Nation. Underlining its thirst to gain global recognition, the UAE follows a simple and effective strategy based on creating magnificent landmarks to draw inbound tourism and making bold strategic investments locally and abroad to boost the nation’s profile and foster the contemporary world-class lifestyle that the UAE has become legendary for.



Best of UAE Vol. 1

While investing its vast financial surpluses to positively impact world oil prices and build its infrastructure, diversified opportunities to accelerate the development process are taking root. The UAE has also seen growing roles played by the non-oil sectors in boosting the national economy. By luring international business and investors, an upsurge in inbound investment has kept the business scenario buoyant despite global economic challenges. Reviewing the UAE’s economic and social blossoming, the process of development can be credited to the solidarity among its people, the visionary leadership of its rulers and its confidence in the state and its policies overall. In addition, the multicultural nature of the environment centrally positioned between diverse continents and time zones has helped the UAE to become a symbol of growth, prosperity and globalisation. With a per capita income of USD 48,500 as of 2011, the UAE ranks 11th competing with dynamic economies of the West. A liberal environment prevails ensuring that the over 200 nationalities residing in this seven-emirate federation that borders Oman and Saudi Arabia, live to their fullest potential.

Emiratisation To further enhance opportunities of UAE citizens, which currently comprise a mere 11.5 percent of the overall population of 7.2 million, the government has launched a proactive employment policy called Emiratisation. Applicable in public and private

Political Reform In line with the UAE’s rapid socio-economic developments, major steps have been taken, both at the federal and local levels, to reform the political system in the UAE in order to make it more responsive to the needs of the country’s citizenry and to ensure that it is better equipped to cope with the challenges of development. Elections to the Federal National Council (FNC) are regarded as one of the most important developments in the reform process. To be re-elected every 5 years, this advisory council was formed under the provisional constitution of the UAE in 1971. In 2011, an electoral college of 130,000 voters turned out to vote at all polling centres across the Emirates. The ratio of women voters at most of the centres was higher than men.


sectors, this multi-pronged initiative is the government’s way of tackling unemployment. With aims of reducing its dependency on foreign workers, the policy is helping Emiratis grow their skills and knowledge needed in a diversified economy. In a bid to integrate them successfully into the workforce, the government has established a mandatory quota system in certain sectors, particularly in banking and telecommunications, and is imposing quotas on the private sector for employment of Emirati nationals too.

Health Despite promising figures, the UAE has several issues to address, such as worrisome health trends. High fat, high sugar diet and sedentary lifestyles have increased the incidence of diabetes, obesity and high blood cholesterol in the region. According to the World Health Organisation(WHO), the UAE is ranked 18th in the list of countries that have the most number of obese people with 75 percent of the population being overweight. Diabetes occurrence stands at 18.7 percent but expected to rise to 21.4 percent by 2030. The rapid pace of modernisation may have been positive on many fronts, but in terms of the health of the nation, embracing fast food and sedentary lifestyles has wreaked havoc on the nation’s wellbeing. Now that the awareness of this emergency exists, initiatives are being pursued to improve these statistics.

UAE and the Arab Spring In the light of the Arab Spring, UAE became the saving grace for people in the Middle East looking for peace and stability. While, it took a communist revolution in China to expand Hong Kong into a major global city in the late 40s, similarly, UAE has also seen an on-going improvement with the influx of people and their savings coming into Dubai. In its annual review, Daman Securities reported an 11.5 percent surge in UAE Central Bank deposits as a sign of money flowing back into the country.


Making its mark as a politically stable region amongst its peers, UAE remains the top favourite country among Gulf nations for attracting expatriate talent and provision of employment. In the past year, more than Dh 36.73 billion in foreign investment made the UAE the ultimate hotspot for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in the Middle East and Africa.

UAE and New Media The 140-character trend has caught on to the users in the UAE. Social Media has become popular amongst top officials, academicians, citizens and expatriates. A whooping 200,000 users on Twitter are from the UAE. A survey by Interactive Middle East revealed that most users from the region are guilty of logging on to Facebook before other websites. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has also established himself as a social media disciple by regularly interacting with the world through Twitter and Facebook. The Emirates eGovernment, a part of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) institutes itself at raising the competitiveness of UAE through adopting excellent practices in all fields of eGovernment. The eGovernment strategy is part of a complete and integrated system involving different government entities with the aim of improving government services and making them available through innovative channels 24/7.

International Relations and Human Rights Since its establishment, UAE has approached the realm of International Relations with utmost diplomacy and acumen. The main features of the foreign policy is based on adoption of dialogue, respect of international conventions,commitment to the United Nations Charter and non-interference of other country’s internal affairs, and the settlement of disputes by peaceful means. The main anchor of UAE’s foreign policy has been building cooperation-based relations with all countries of the world. Strong on humanitarian philosophies, UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East. The Human rights are legally protected as per the constitution of the country, which confers equality, liberty, rule of law, presumption of innocence in legal procedures, inviolability of the home, freedom of movement, freedom of opinion and speech, freedom of communication, freedom of religion, freedom of council and association, freedom of occupation, freedom to be elected to office and others onto all citizens, within the limit of the law.


Environmental Protection The UAE outdoes several big economies in levels of prosperity and standards of living. The ambition of providing world-class infrastructure to its residents has often turned off the country’s sensitivity to resources. Not only does the UAE have the highest per capita Ecological Footprint in the world, but also, it ranks third in water consumption after the US and Canada. Despite these abominable figures, free water supply to Emiratis was increased by 20 percent annually with desalination of water in the UAE increasing pressure on supply systems as demand continues to rise. The dichotomy here lies in holding questionable records of poor environment protection while sporting the world’s tallest buildings and grandiose infrastructure. The Federal state is taking on a leadership role in raising awareness and campaigning for change. Laws have to be followed by structural implementation. Though there exists a plethora of governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations working towards the Green cause, coordination and cooperation will help in exploring possibilities of a culture sensitive to environment protection.


Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has embarked on building the first 10 MW solar PV power plant of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the largest solar park in the region, which accords with the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.

Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens Project, worth Dh 200bn launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has received wide acclaim across the globe as it promises to strike between ecological integrity and real estate necessity.



Abu Dhabi Overview Fast paced and electrifyingly dynamic, Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is rapidly underlining its position as the Sheikh among emirates in the UAE and a jewel among the members of the GCC. With every passing hour, the city is taking great strides towards success and finds itself placed rather admirably among the world’s elite cities today.

Shaikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi

With the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and also the President of the United Arab Emirates, H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the helm of the city’s progress, it is no surprise that Abu Dhabi has carved itself a rather conspicuous niche under the spotlight and continues to taste constantly expanding success. Blending contemporary ideals with traditional glory, Abu Dhabi has seen itself transcend all expectations over the years, something that can be attributed to the crown prince, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed

bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who serves as chairman of the Executive Council and has constantly been a major driving force behind the skyrocketing success Abu Dhabi has seen of late. As has been known since time immemorial, the Arab world has been awash with a considerable portion of the world’s oil resources, and since the discovery of oil in Abu Dhabi in 1958, the city has capitalised on the immeasurable value of this resource whilst developing a non oil-centric economy supported by tourism, industry and financial services.


Economy The government of Abu Dhabi has been surging forward with state of the art infrastructure and development activities outlining their long term economic blueprint, with the Department of Economic Development aiming to reach the goals set out by the emirate’s Economic Vision 2030 plan. The plan highlights many a diverse aspect, shrouding the manufacturing and financial sectors as well as throwing light on health and education. With regard to the foreseeable future, Abu Dhabi is set to face challenges with a possible dip in the property market as well as consumer expenditure, which in itself has accounted for more than half the GDP in recent years. But financial crises and monetary issues aside, Abu Dhabi follows a determined tunnel vision approach towards future economic growth.

Finance The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), followed by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) are the largest among banks in the capital, both of which are majorly owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council.Thanks to thoughtful measures taken by the Central Bank and the local government, the Abu Dhabi economy was insulated against damage during the global volatility with the Ministry of Finance setting up a generous liquidity facility at the time. Continuous injection of capital into the Abu Dhabi economy by the government has seen the emirate strengthen itself against all odds over the years. The Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC), a public/private enterprise in operation since 1972, leads the sector. The massive National Health Insurance Company (Daman), established by the government, has also grown in prominence as the UAE’s first specialised healthinsurance company. The Islamic banking segment too is starting to take a larger share in sector activities and gaining regional prominence.

known more popularly as the Masdar Initiative. As a zero-carbon, zero-waste city – Masdar is a USD 22bn mixed-use development that will eventually house 40,000 people, create 70,000 new jobs and bolster the emirate’s GDP by more than 2 percent, is slated to steal the show when proceedings finally take shape. Solar and wind power are also alternatively being viewed as energy sources that can assist in taking the pressure off the oil sector, as is renewable energy in the case of water and electricity. In addition the government aims to have renewable resources account for 7 percent of power production capacity by 2020.

Transport Services

Energy Sources Abu Dhabi is affluent in the UAE’s hydrocarbon reserves, which sum up to approximately 97.8bn barrels of oil and up to 5 percent of the world’s gas reserves. The oil sector has continually been the pinnacle of Abu Dhabi’s economy, accounting for 80 percent of government revenues and pumping in capital to fund industrial and financial services. On another note, independent water and power projects are being installed via the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) to ensure sufficient availability of these resources. Abu Dhabi is also placing heavy emphasis on being a global power in renewable energy and green technology, headed by the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (ADFEC),


The transport sector constantly undergoes improvements and expansions across various segments in order to ensure optimum mobility of infrastructure and resources. Given the spike in population growth, which hit 2.9 million at the end of 2011, Abu Dhabi is eager to aid the next wave of urban development. Air traffic has seen an increase in recent times, as has the capacity of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the government is investing furthermore while the greater portion of the estimated USD 6.8bn worth of expansions have already been completed. Major changes are progressing at Abu Dhabi’s ports as well. Under the patronage of the Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) and the Department of Transport, the emirate is shifting operations from the main port at Mina Zayed to the enormous Khalifa Port in Taweelah. In a pioneering venture for the UAE, the federal government has set the ball rolling for a long-discussed vision, which entails the connection of all seven emirates via railway. The USD 3bn railway project will eventually link up with the larger 1940-km rail development that aims to spider into all six countries of the GCC.

Tourism Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a business hub has been bolstered by its rapid transition into a cultural and eco-tourism destination. The emirate is shedding light on the high-end, low-volume segment through luxurious developments and cultural offerings. The Louvre and the Guggenheim are branching out to the Gulf region with branches in Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island, the USD 27bn cultural district project. The Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) is also going after the escalating eco-tourism segment by carefully developing some of its most naturally beautiful places on offer. Sir Bani Yas Island, situated 170 km west of the capital, stands out as a prime example. TDIC is integrating sustainable development practices within the luxury resort planned on the island, complete with an animal sanctuary and a promise to plant a mangrove seedling for every visitor to the island. Various hotel developments are underway to deal with demand as well as future increase. Most importantly, the introduction of the Yas Marina Circuit and the Ferrari World amusement park have reignited the interest of tourists, whose volume has increased massively into the emirate, which acts as a motorsport colossus in the region playing host to the annual Etihad Airways Formula One Grand

production. Non-oil industry activities accounted for about 50.3 percent of GDP at the end of 2010, and manufacturing in particular has made a significant contribution, increasing by more than 10 percent. The food, tobacco and beverage segment accounted for most of the investment in manufacturing. Petrochemicals and plastic production is expected to grow as the government pours more resources into heavy industry. Currently, heavy industry ventures are focused on the town of Ruwais and the industrial port of Mussafah, site of the Abu Dhabi Industrial City and the planned Abu Dhabi Polymers Park. Upon completion the Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ) will also feature the world’s largest petrochemicals complex. The metals manufacturing sector is also set to grow as the USD 5.7bn Emirates Aluminium smelter, under construction in Taweelah, becomes the world’s largest greenfield aluminum plant. The industrial sector will play an increasingly prominent role in the economy and is a crucial part of the emirate’s diversification scheme.

Media Abu Dhabi is steadily developing as a regional media and cultural supremo as government-sponsored initiatives and foreign investors director the sector to greater heights. The print

Yas Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Prix among various other events. Abu Dhabi has successfully emerged as a tourism and entertainment hotspot in the region, with visits by world-renowned personalities taking centre stage, as have popular annual events like the Mubadala World Tennis Championship and the Formula One Grand Prix.

Industry The emirate, like the most part of the Arabian Gulf, is widely known for its petroleum resources, but as part of economic diversification, measures are being taken towards industrial

segment still dominates the UAE advertising market, accounting for twice the amount spent on television. Promising inclusions such as The National, and expansions planned by Reuters should ensure the industry stays on the move constantly. In the realm of television, locally based channels aim to take on more established pan-Arab stations, like Middle East Broadcasting Company (MBC) and Saudi TV. ADMC is viewed as a point of stability within the region thanks to generous government funding. The government inspired launch of twofour54, an umbrella organisation that provides support for the media sphere across the Arab world, has proven


to be highly fruitful with its continuous involvement spurring a regional media outburst and constant growth in the media sector. Imagenation, the government’s film production firm, is also investing generously in the media sector, which could potentially prove to reshape the Abu Dhabi media landscape.

Telecom The IT and telecommunications sector has rooted itself as one of the strongest in the region, owing to ever growing demand and efficient investment practices by the government. The Telecommunications sector has recorded extremely rapid growth over the past five years. Since Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) hopped onto the telecom bandwagon and consequently ended the monopoly of Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat) in 2006, prices have dipped and market competition has helped instigate considerable growth. Over the past decade, mobile penetration rates have almost tripled. In the fixed-line segment, coverage is largely delineated geographically, with du dominating in Dubai and Etisalat holding the advantage in the rest of the UAE. The telecommunications sector is an integral part of the Abu Dhabi: Economic Vision 2030 and the emirate is seeking to raise Internet penetration to 60 percent by 2030. Primary focus generally lies on increasing the speed and penetration of broadband Internet connections, and the government is implementing stringent measures to increase usage, such as free Internet hotspots throughout the city. Both Etisalat and Du are improving broadband infrastructure and are installing a fibre-optic network that maximises Internet speeds tenfold. This network also provides the foundation for the development of new value-added services and products.

Health Services and Education Abu Dhabi’s health sector is continuously undergoing a metamorphosis as structural changes have seen private


involvement and competition flourish, driving up standards and bringing in greater investment. In Abu Dhabi, over one-fifth of the population is afflicted with diabetes and drastic rates of obesity have also been recorded. The General Authority for Health Services has been reformed into two separate entities to increase efficiency - The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), responsible for public health centre management, while both the public as well as private sectors are regulated by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi. Participation of the private sector has certainly been encouraged and SEHA has already engaged with internationally renowned names such as John Hopkins and Cleveland clinic to manage various public facilities. Meanwhile, mandatory insurance coverage has provided access to services for expatriates. The National Health Insurance Company (DAMAN) provides the base of universal coverage.

Dubai Overview Over recent years, Dubai has enjoyed a diverse flavour in its make up with tourist attractions, people friendly hotspots and record shattering structures like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab highlighting much of what the city stands for. Abuzz with all kinds of activity, the emirate, situated in a geographical location palatable to hordes of travellers from around the world has highlighted the importance of diversifying from oil based wealth and resources. The Prime minister and ruler of Dubai and Vice-President of the UAE, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has, followed liberal principles and spearheaded the transformation of the emirate into a model for fast-track development and successful diversification policies.


Economy Dubai has headlined non-oil sector growth in the UAE over the past couple of years with wealth from hydrocarbons being primarily invested in the service sector, with special emphasis on real estate and tourism. Dubai’s placement on the regional and world map attracts a plethora of developers and tourists from around the globe, with Dubai’s ports, making it an ideal market for the rising powerhouses of India and China. Dubai International Capital (DIC), a section of Dubai Holdings, has acquired stakes in the UK’s HSBC Holdings and Standard Chartered, as well as Munich-based European Aeronautic Defence and Space.

Financial Services The banking sector in Dubai has seen a spike in recent times, due to a banking-smart population. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is however well aware of the inevitable trends in booming competition and has since opened its banking sector to fresh entrants to uphold growth levels. The retail sector sees itself well diversified with strong consumer spending, negative real interest rates and product innovation while corporate loans and project finance deals remain at large. The UAE’s insurance sector is also shooting up at a rate of over 25 percent a year. Dubai leads in terms of insurance market share per emirate. Sharia-compliant insurance, better known as ‘Takaful’ is engulfing the market, with future growth projected rather positively. Life insurance and motor insurance is also on the rise, as is policies for fire and the marine, aviation and transport segments. The Dubai Health Authority has also taken a gigantic leap towards the growth of the health sector, with mandatory insurance for workers becoming a headlining phenomenon in the health sector.

Energy Sources Owing to its geographical placement at the centre of one of the world’s largest energy producing regions and its positioning between Europe and Asia, Dubai is well en route to becoming a financial and corporate hub for the global energy industry. The Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) has set up two new crude oil futures spread contracts while the government has embarked on a massive liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility project. Oil industry heavyweights like Halliburton have relocated their


corporate headquarters to Dubai while companies such as British Petroleum and Shell have a strong presence in the locality. Dubai is also exploring renewable energy options, such as solar and wind power and hydrogen and nuclear-based power stations. Electricity consumption has steadily risen of late and is projected to double by 2015. Consequently, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) increased its production capacity at a cost of about USD 19.9 billion in capital expenditure.

Tourism Contributing an approximate one-fifth of the Dubai’s direct GDP and about one-third indirectly, Dubai’s hospitality sector attracted over 8 million visitors in 2011. Dubai’s tourism sector is surging ahead in retail, sports, and meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions and medical tourism as well. Dubai is home to the world’s only seven-star hotel, the iconic Burj Al Arab amidst a cosmos of other luxury resorts surrounded by opportunity for adventure and world-class recreation. Al Maktoum Airport, scheduled for completion by 2015, will cater to the increasing influx of visitors. It is expected to be the world’s largest airport complex with six runways, a port, attached residential areas and hotels as well as a free trade zone with the capacity to welcome 150 million passengers annually.

Best of UAE Vol. 1

Transport Services Dubai’s position as an aviation hub looks rigid courtesy of the expansion of the existing Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the construction of Al Maktoum International Airport, which has been poised to become the world’s largest aviation facility. Economic development is adding pressure to the Emirate’s road networks and the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has taken consistent efforts to enhance the public transport system and offer new solutions to congestion. Vital to this strategy is the multiple award winning Dubai metro, which opened in 2009, and now holds the record of the longest driverless system in the world, after having revolutionised the transportation system in Dubai while buses, waterbuses and water taxis have been upgraded to serve the people better. The RTA is investing USD 1billion in a state-of-the-art tram network along the Al Sufouh Road. Additionally, the upcoming venture of Dubai’s Logistics City

will enable companies to distribute cargo via land, sea or air from one location to another.

Industry Industry is taking monstrous strides across the UAE as a whole, with the sector contributing to a massive chunk of the economy within the past decade. Dubai has carved a niche for itself as a hotbed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and realises the importance of a flourishing industrial sector. To this end, developers are working on the 52 million square metre Dubai Industrial City (DIC), set to open by 2015 and aiming to become a centre for the region’s industrial and manufacturing sectors, including chemicals, heavy industry and F&B. Dubai Maritime City, part of Dubai World, will be the world’s first industrial centre dedicated to maritime and associated industries. Dubai Aluminium Company (Dubal) is another feather in Dubai’s industrial cap and is the largest single non-oil contributor to Dubai’s economy. Opportunities also exist for local steel producers, the food and beverage industries as well as fertilisers.

Telecommunications and Technology The UAE’s telecommunications market has grown rapidly in recent years. Etisalat has metamorphosed itself from a small local company into a leading global telecommunications giant, while Du, has diversified its network and has grown into a fully operational service provider today, proving to be fierce competition to Etisalat . Providers are looking towards the arrival of mobile television, which is television beamed to a mobile phone handset. Information technology in the UAE has seen major investment over the past decade with Dubai Internet City


attracting some of the world’s top IT companies. The IT sector is still positioned for further growth, with Microsoft set to open an innovation laboratory in Dubai, to develop, in conjunction with Emirates Airlines, information technology solutions for the aviation and travel industries. Dubai has racked up a reputation as a major retail and shopping destination as well. Retail complexes occupy prime space with tourism and shopping being inextricably linked. With a young, growing brand-conscious population contributing to the metropolis that Dubai is, the city’s unique retail sector looks towards a rather promising future.

Real Estate and Construction The well-known fact that one-third of the cranes in the world are in Dubai still holds true despite vicissitudes in real estate and construction market. Dubai Land Department has recently confirmed the rise in increase of purchase of home and office property. This comes as good news changing the otherwise neutral gears of the property market. Despite rising costs and labor and materials shortages, the sector has over USD 1.1trillion worth of projects underway. To begin with, the Business Bay project, being developed by Dubai Properties and conceived as a new central business district along with Dubai World Central, which will be the largest development of its kind, with the infrastructure to support 900,000 residents and 700,000 workers. The emirate also promotes regional environmental issues and with all builders and developers in Dubai having to meet a stringent set of green building regulations. The real estate market in Dubai has witnessed an increase over the past decade; with growth in the residential segment in addition to the commercial segment, Dubai is continuously expanding its business infrastructure to become a major financial services centre. The tourism sector is a primary driving force of the real estate industry in Dubai, and, with millions more tourists expected to flock to Dubai’s shopping and beach attractions over the coming years, demand for luxury hotel rooms is on the rise and several large-scale developments look to fill in the mentioned spot. Similarly, the retail market is integral for the real estate sector, and the government is seeking to impose some order to the mostly unregulated property market by introducing new laws, with a rather broad minded view of improving investment.

Health Services and Education Mushrooming population indicate that the demand for healthcare services in Dubai has increased with the need for hospital beds set to double by 2025. The UAE government has reworked the public health infrastructure at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and nine major hospital projects are underway at a value of USD 596 million. Dubai has also invested generously


in specialist care units and health education is becoming a priority in schools with public health initiatives underway. Funds are also being allocated for research and development at the Dubai HealthCare City (DHCC) with a USD 1.8bn public-private partnership with the Tatweer group. The private sector is also expected to play an increasingly important role, with global health care providers eyeing the Dubai market as a potentially lucrative option. Changing scenarios here, Dubai’s education sector is seeing a promising expansion with focused government investment and increased private sector involvement at every level. The creation of education and research free zones has attracted world famous names in the field of education, which can be emphasised by the likes of Dubai Knowledge Village as well as Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), which is host to a galaxy of educational institutions from countries around the world like Canada, Ireland, the UK and Belgium. The UAE government has also localised education efforts to some extent, with each of the seven emirates encouraged to establish bodies to liaise between local educators and the federal government on the implementation of modernisation programmes.

Sharjah Overview Sharjah is the third largest economy in the UAE, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi, covers 2,600 square kilometres and includes three enclaves on the Gulf of Oman - Khorfakkan, Dibba, Hisn and Kalba, as well as two islands, Abu Musa and Sir Abu Nuair. It is the only emirate with ports on the Gulf and the Indian Ocean, thus occupying a crucial axis at the hub of global trade routes, ensuring its place as a centre of international commerce.

The leadership of H. H. Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi is at the forefront of democratising the political process; bringing women into the political system, for example. Sharjah has achieved the right balance between economic development and preserving its unique cultural heritage, with visitors welcomed by ornate minarets, green parks and Dhows. The construction and real estate sectors are booming, as is the burgeoning tourism industry. This emirate is carving out a distinct tourism niche for itself in the Gulf, focusing on culture and attracting families. Sharjah’s ruler has placed an emphasis on funding cultural projects. A prime example is the Sharjah Heritage and Arts area, located in the heart of Sharjah; the buildings, historical sites, narrow alleyways and souks have been renovated. The emirate has the third largest share of the UAE’s 97.8 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, with an estimated 1.5 billion

barrels. Over the past three decades, the ruler has sought to make the emirate the centre for non-oil industrial manufacturing in the UAE, complementing the focus on real estate and business in neighbouring Dubai. Much of this has been achieved through its 19 industrial areas, which account for more than 40 percent of all industrial activity in the UAE and 48 percent of the country’s industrial gross domestic product. It is also the home to 45 percent of the UAE’s industrial activities and makes up 40 percent of industry-derived contribution to GDP. The emirate’s geographical position means it is in the middle of one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. After setting up the first petrochemicals plant in 2007, more than 52,979 licences were renewed in 2010 with Hamriya Free Zone while the upcoming Sharjah Airport International Free Zone had 5,542 registered licenses in 2011. Sharjah is investing in real estate by building an island life,


as, like other emirates. Sharjah’s Nujoom Islands development will be built on a plot of land more than 5.6 million square metres off the emirate’s northern coast, with the initial phase of construction estimated to cost around 35 percent of a total USD 4.9 billion. The island will include 40 towers containing residential and commercial space, alongside 145 apartment buildings, four hotels and five yacht clubs. Growth is expected to continue in the construction sector, despite the rising costs of building materials, as population growth demands new homes and the infrastructure to service them. HE Sheikh Essam bin Saqer Al Qassimi, Chairman of the Office of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, and Head of the UAE’s Affairs in WHO, and Dr. Said Arnaout, United Arab Emirates Country Desk Officer, signed the agreement that allows for the accession of Sharjah into the Healthy Cities Programmeme by the United Nations. This is another step taken by Sharjah towards the betterment of the emirate’s health as the programmeme focuses on the health related challenges produced by fast-paced urbanisation that leads to poor health among people due to its adverse effect on the environment, and the unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles it creates; a problem which a number of cities around the world now face. Sharjah also possesses a rapidly developing educational system that has recently several advancements at the primary and high school levels. For higher education, the landmark Sharjah Education City, established in 1988, attracts students from the UAE and the Gulf. Reputed colleges like the American University of Sharjah, which is a coeducational university based on American institutions of higher education but thoroughly grounded in Arab culture, the Skyline University of Sharjah and the University of Sharjah itself. The emirate is expanding its educational capacity with its Ruler funding a multi-million dollar project at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada to establish a chair in Global Islam Studies in Sharjah.


The land of Museums For long the Emirate of Sharjah has taken pride in preserving and exhibiting local culture. Sharjah is the land of heritage as museums abound the city. Namely, the Museum of Islamic Civilization; exhibiting the world Islam since the early stages of the faith, Sharjah Science Museum; which is very popular with children and adults alike, the Maritime Museum; that caters to marine enthusiasts, the Sharjah Archaeology Museum; that houses artefacts of the early Bedouins and the Sharjah Art Museum that promotes Emirati talent and art in the region. While the Sharjah Aquarium remains a popular site for family visits, not to be missed are the elegant and Arabesque Souqs that offer a great chance to observe an ethnic Arabian market.

Ajman Overview Ajman, located near Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain, is one of the smallest emirate with an area of just 260 square kilometres. It is a perfect blend of old and new that encompasses three main areas: Ajman City, Masfout and Manama.


Almost 90 percent of its population resides in the city, which has grown considerably due to an influx of people from neighbouring Dubai and Sharjah. The strategic location at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf places the emirate at an advantageous trade junction between the east and west. Through leadership, strong political ties in the region, generous development and efforts to encourage foreign investment, Ajman has garnered positive reputation as the rising star among all the Emirates. Ajman has become a an inexpensive getaway from busier cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai for residents, citizens and even tourists who wish to indulge in the newfound Arabian style hospitality it has to offer. For instance, the Al Zorah project, located on the eastern side of Ajman Creek provides an exclusive, integrated holiday and residential destination. It is a USD 60 billion sustainable development project, established to a clean emirate. Historically, the textiles industry has dominated, but there has been a recent shift to investments in the areas of chemicals and machinery production. The boat-building sector is also expanding beyond traditional Dhow building. Especially with burgeoning demand for luxury yachts, manufacturers are meeting local demand and developing a sustainable export market. With a growing population eager for more retail opportunities, shopping


complexes are also being constructed. The Dana Mall spreading over 150,000 square foot, worth Dh 400 million is one such example. Ajman’s property market was worth about Dh 3.5bn (USD 953.05m). The cheaper and more liberal work permits in the emirate mean fewer problems with labour compared with the rest of the UAE. Although as far as infrastructure is concerned, the emirate remains a key destination for new investment. Focus is directed at further updates and possible relocation of the Ajman Port, better road links to neighbouring emirates and a new sewage and wastewater treatment plant. As air-conditioning drains the electricity supply, district cooling that cools from a central location to various locations has been introduced as an alternative. As for the economy of this emirate, Ajman Bank remains well on track and is strategically positioned for growth. The Bank sustained profitability after just three years of operation, is a testimony to the strength of the weatherproof and sustainable business model, which is firmly anchored in the real economy. Ajman Bank delivered exceptional results in 2011 with a positive net profit of Dh 7m for 2011, a year-on-year increase of 75 percent. In December 2011, the bank recorded one of the highest Emiratisation levels across the banking sector.

Umm Al Quwain Overview Known as the ‘mother of two powers’ due to its powerful seafaring tradition and influence over land and sea, Umm Al-Quwain covers an area of 750 square kilometres. Laden with natural allure, the emirate stretches from the beautiful, lush green coastal mangroves lining the shores of the Arabian Gulf, inland across the rolling sand dunes to the fertile oasis surrounding Falaj Al Moalla (a stretch of huge sand dunes). With an estimated population of 62,000 the emirate offers residents and tourists alike, a tempting mix of extreme sports and historical sites.


Rush of Excitement The scream of people as they jump off their planes can be heard in the air, the smell of burnt rubber looms over the area and the booming sound of shotguns fired into the air awakens people from their dreamy state. Umm Al-Quwain is the fastest growing destination for extreme sports.

1. Umm Al Quwain Aeroclub Sky diving is the primary activity and there is a team of dedicated instructors. The training courses are completed mostly on time, due to the excellent weather conditions that prevail throughout the year and because of the availability of a specially modified aircraft for this purpose. Besides the large numbers of UAE Nationals and Licensees who enjoy this sport, sky divers from the GCC and Europe have made this destination and activity uniquely popular in the UAE.

2. The Emirates Car and Motorcycle Racing club Founded in 1999 by H.H. Sheikh Marwan bin Rashid Al Mu’alla, a motor car enthusiast and champion race driver, the racing club is the only one in the UAE to be recognised by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) and Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). With regular international participants from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India the club has a multitude of facilities for members and non-members with its objectives derived and implemented under the ordinance of the Supreme Organizing Committee.

3. The Umm Al-Quwain Shooting Club Spread over a large area, opposite to the Dreamland Aqua Park and the UAQ Aeroclub, the shooting club is a safe and supervised environment offering comprehensive outdoor and indoor ranges, various ammunitions and exclusivity. Under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors and professionals, amateurs and the more experienced will enjoy the thrill of the shoot.

Rich Heritage The modern history of Umm Al-Quwain dates back some 200 years when the Al Ali tribe moved their capital from Al Sinniyah Island to its present location in the mid 18th century, excites everyone alike. Keeping in stride with the UAE history, the road networks are connected to charming villages where many Bedouin settlements still thrive.

1. Al Dur Island Located along the coast near Umm Al-Quwain is the famous archaeological site with the remains of a once important town of the region dating over 2000 years ago. Several interesting objects including impressive tombs, stone houses, large storage jars, and glassware from Egypt and Syria have been unearthed with successive excavations.

2. Umm Al Quwain Fort The fort has a well displayed jewellery collection, in-depth weapons collection and material from the emirates Al-Dur archaeological site. Most interesting of all, however, is the extraordinary story pinned to a wall of one of the towers relating to the murder of Ruler H. H. Ahmed Bin Ibrahim Al Mu’alla.


Ras Al Khaimah Overview Ras Al-Khaimah (meaning ‘the top of a tent’) covers an area of 2,900 square kilometres along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is heavenly to snorkel and dive into the warm waters and experience an occasional encounter with dolphins, turtles, sea cows or whales while exploring the coral reef. The 300,000-populated emirate also offers an upward glance at the majestic Al Hajjar Mountains.


This dramatic juxtaposition of red-dunned desert and rocky mountain and the blue water of the peninsula, create a stunning background for those wanting to trek into the rustic villages for a closer look at its inhabitants and the traditional way of local life. Or maybe visit the various archeological sites, forts and abandoned villages that reveals a history dating back to 5000 BC. The Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Board ensures the emirate is positioned as a historical destination. Because this emirate has a very old heritage and the Department of Antiquities and Museums have taken the initiative to manage the restoration of monuments of local and visual importance, like the watchtowers of the coastal towns of Jazirat Al-Hamra, Ma’arid and Rams. To accommodate the growing number of tourists, expatriates and businesses, RAK is improving and developing an integrated transport infrastructure. RAK International Airport will seek USD 150m from the government over the next 20 years to improve both cargo and passenger facilities with upgrades set to increase capacity to 1.5m passengers per year. Improvement to roads will also be made with about USD 272m to be spent in the next 10 years. With the oil and gas sector contributing about 3 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), RAK is diversifying its economy to investment, trade, industry and tourism. A major initiative towards this has been the RAK Free Trade Zone Authority, the RAK Investment Authority and the Investment and Development Office. The emirate’s business-friendly policies have seen an influx of foreign investment in and outside of free trade areas. RAK’s young population is creating the need for more residential space. The emirate’s population is expected to rise from around 300,000 to 750,000 by the year 2020. The government has established two property development companies: RAK Properties and Rakeen, to encourage building and investment in both the real estate and tourism sectors. Considerable effort is being directed towards the public sector and social infrastructure, such as new schools, hospitals and research centres.

Fun time in RAK Ras Al Khaimah conducts the annual Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon. Registered with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the race calls for attention from leading athletes and global sports media placing RAK at an international pedestal. One must get a glimpse of the UAE Awafi Festival, an annual desert event celebrating Arab culture. The main attraction here is the dramatic sand dune drives and many other interesting sites like a heritage village with traditional food and dance as well as shops for food and souvenirs. For the children, a petting zoo and plenty games are available. RAK also holds its own Terry Fox Run to raise money for cancer research.


Fujairah Overview Fujairah, known as the ‘Jewel of Arabia’ possesses spectacular views of the Hajjar Mountains, white sandy beaches, and lush green landscapes filled with palm trees. The dramatic mountain scenery delivers a stunning backdrop to the glorious blue Arabian Sea and pristine stretches of beach. It is the only emirate that has a mountainous terrain and has a higher than average yearly rainfall, allowing agriculture to take place amongst the sand. The government of this 130,000-populated emirate is actively promoting the ongoing development of Fujairah as a tourist destination. The Fujairah Tourism & Antiquities Authority (FTB), established since 1997, works at developing and promoting tourism, and to utilise the various natural and cultural attractions.


Apart from a visit to KhorKalba, with its beautiful wide open beaches, bird life and a view of families enjoying a nice picnic, the town of Fujairah is just splendid to gaze at, during the dusk. When the sun sets behind sand dunes, the sky glows with heavenly beauty manifesting a sight that you have always imagined. About 30 kilometres before Fujairah on the road from Dhaid, you’ll drive through Masafi’s famous Souq Al-Juma (Friday Market) which is open everyday from 8am to 10pm and is abound with rugs, fruit, vegetables, household goods and souvenirs. This emirate is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The warm crystal water here makes it a perfect spot for divers, snorkelers and fishers. Apart from that, visitors can laze by the pool or on the beach at the many hotel resorts around KhorFakkan and Badiyah. As far as the local industry is concerned, it consists of cement, stone crushing and mining as well as an increase in construction activity. The federal government employs most of the local workforce with many working in the service sector. The free zones have also flourished as full foreign ownership is allowed. H.H Sheikh Saleh Al Sharqi, younger brother to the ruler, is widely recognised as the driving force behind the commercialisation of the economy.

Freedom of Business Fujairah, the only emirate on the East Coast, has seen growth but traditionally relies on fishing and agriculture. While the emirate has evolved into one of the world’s leading oil-bunkering ports, it also has several important industries including cement, stone and mining. In the recent years, there has also been a

major progress in construction industry and tourism, while the standard of living in the emirate remains high. However, the business potential of Fujairah remains relatively unexploited offering unique investment and business opportunities for both domestic and international investors and entrepreneurs. The Port of Fujairah next to the Free Zone enables investors and entrepreneurs to fully take advantage of the emirate’s unique strategic location as the available shipping services provide access to all Arabian Gulf ports as well as all major ports in the Red Sea, India, Iran and Pakistan, not to mention at least weekly services to Europe, Far East and North America. Fujairah is also home to the Fujairah International Airport, the only airport on the UAE’s East Coast and Northern Oman. The airport’s close proximity to the Port of Fujairah makes it ideal for sea-air cargo and logistics. In addition, both the port and airport are close to the Free Zone of Fujairah offering 100 percent tax exemption, 100 percent capital and profits repatriation, 100 percent foreign ownership and variety of other investment and business friendly policies and facilities. The emirate lacks the oil and gas deposits that benefited Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, and instead has focused on developing tourism and industry. While industry has relied on oil bunkering and other marine services that take advantage of Fujairah’s prime location outside the Strait of Hormuz, the tourist trade is almost entirely reliant on guests arriving by road from other emirates. A new federal motorway between Fujairah and Dubai promises to peel 45 minutes off travel times and boost the tourism, property and air cargo sectors. This will definitely attract more trade with established business communities in Dubai as well as improve real estate.

UAE Education No more is it a privilege. It’s a necessity, a must-have, a must-do and most definitely a must-be. Education encompasses the essence of all the hopes, ambitions, and dreams that we’ve envisioned for the nation in the years to come. To turn this vision into a reality, UAE has embarked on a sweeping journey to imbibe in its citizens a thirst for knowledge and develop leaders for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Zayed University, Abu Dhabi Campus

Local Universities The first step in the sweeping journey to an enlightened future is rooted in the country’s belief that every citizen of the nation is prepped by its educational institutions to compete and thrive in a global environment. Acknowledging the growing emphasis on education, almost 11,532 Emirati students were enrolled at local universities in the fall of 2011-2012. “ This is the largest group of freshmen students in the history of UAE higher education institutions,” said Sheikh Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Close to 5,533 enrolled in the Higher College of Technology (HCT), with 3,737 enrolling in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) and 2,272 set to join Zayed University (ZU). Basing their foundations on the pillars of innovation, inspiration and education, all three government backed institutions strive to provide citizens with the highest standards of education and offer them a future of security and progress. Local universities are currently providing over 200 majors and scientific programmes that cover all knowledge fields to place Emirati’s on a level playing field with students coming from major universities across the globe. Zayed University, founded for UAE National women in 1998, with campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, today educates more than 7,000 male and female students from 19 countries providing them with the opportunity to broaden horizons in various fields including government studies, arts, business, media and IT.

Similarly, the United Arab Emirates University, established in 1976 has expanded from an original four departments to the current nine faculties. As of 2011, 650 faculty members of the UAEU offer over 12,000 students; graduate, postgraduate, PhD and Continuing Education Programmes in a variety of fields including Business and Economics, Engineering, IT, Food and Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Medical and Health Sciences. Last but not the least, the system of the Higher Colleges of Technology, founded in 1988, the largest higher education institution in the UAE is currently educating more than 19,000 students across 17 campuses in the UAE. With almost 2000 faculty members, HCT offers 90 different, English-taught programmes in Applied Communications, Business, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Health Sciences and Education at various levels. The Ministry of Education has adopted strategy “Education 2020,” a series of five-year plans designed to introduce advanced education techniques, improve skills, and focus on the selflearning abilities of students.

International Franchises Home to a wide expatriate population, the UAE is reinforcing its multicultural outlook by opening doors to several reputed universities from across the globe by encouraging them to establish branches in the country, widening horizons in the education sector.


The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is one of the UAE’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Established in 1993 by the University of Wollongong in Australia, currently ranked in the leading universities in the world. Private universities in Dubai and Sharjah have reported an overall increase in their undergraduate student enrolment numbers at the start of the 2011-12 academic year. Various reputed universities from India, Pakistan, America, Europe, Australia, Russia and Philippines have established educational franchises, hoping to provide quality education to citizens and expats residing in country. The Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), education cluster of TECOM Investments has alone reported an approximate increase of 15 percent on total student numbers. To cater to the growing student and industry demand, private universities have also increased the number and type of courses being offered to students. The institution reporting the highest leap in its new undergraduate student intake is one of UK’s leading universities, Heriot-Watt University whose Dubai campus has reported an approximate increase of 40 percent. The institution has recently moved to its own campus and has introduced in total, nine undergraduate and postgraduate courses into its curriculum this year. Next in line for universities with the highest enrolment numbers are India’s Manipal University and London’s Middlesex University. Both institutions have experienced an approximate growth of 30 percent for new students. Keeping with the trend of introducing new courses, Middlesex has introduced an MBA with five specialisations, a postgraduate programmeme in Public Health, another one in Human resources and labour relations, and a coming Master’s law degree next autumn, to add to its present range of courses. Manipal also recently introduced a Doctoral programmeme in biotechnology and has moved to its own 750,000 square foot campus as of September 2011. Outgoing president of the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), Professor Rob Whelan also reported an expected 17 percent


growth. The leading Australian University also announced the introduction of master’s degree courses in international studies and media and communications as well as a Bachelors in Engineering, all accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In addition, the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and the Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (RIT) expect their new enrolment numbers to increase between 15 and 20 percent. RIT is also preparing to move to its own campus. Moreover, AUS has launched an undergraduate programmeme for industrial engineering and is considering the introduction of postgraduate degrees in architecture and fine arts. A newcomer to DIAC, Amity University, tops the list with most new programmemes introduced onto the market as it offers students

undergraduate degrees in the niche fields of nanotechnology, aerospace engineering, nuclear science and technology, solar and alternative energy and forensic science. Recognising the need for localised courses, the Canadian University of Dubai recently launched a MBA in Islamic Banking at the Najah Education and Careers exhibition in Abu Dhabi last October. All the above mentioned universities are eminent institutions and have adapted themselves to meet the needs of UAE’s population. The aim is to allow students to build a global perspective by offering internationally accredited courses that will equip them to survive in a globally competitive environment.

Dubai International Academic City Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) the world’s only Free Zone dedicated to Higher Education has been developing the region’s talent pool and adding to its knowledge base since its establishment in 2007. Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director, Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City, and member of TECOM Investments Education Cluster said, “The formation of Dubai International Academic City was the result of an unprecedented demand for higher education from both regional and expatriate students in Dubai. Incidentally, a greater demand rose out of the tremendous growth of Dubai Knowledge Village, the precursor to DIAC, which facilitated the emirate as a whole to attract renowned educational institutions from around the world.” Spreading knowledge across an 18 million sq ft. campus, the community with state-of-the-art modern facilities hosts renowned academic institutions from Britain, Unites States, Australia, India, Pakistan, Europe, UAE and Menasa. In 2010, DIAC hosted 53 percent of the universities in the UAE and 23.5 percent of the universities in the GCC. Above 20,000 students from 137 nationalities have access to over 300 Higher Education programmemes. Diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate courses allow students to choose from several fields such as Engineering, IT, Mass Communication, Healthcare, Business Management, Fashion and Interior Design opening for them a world of opportunities. Apart from academic offerings, the campus also offers students a wholesome college experience by offering leisure activities, including pool tables, table tennis, foosball, air hockey, and video games. Popularly called the “Recreation room”, the facility also features many indoor events like photography exhibitions, talent shows, fashion shows and gaming competitions. In addition, DIAC students are supported by the Student Hub Team that organises social, cultural and sporting events. DIAC also supports AIESEC, the world’s largest non-political, independent, non-profit organisation run by students who are interested in world issues, leadership and management. It serves as an international platform for the youth to discover and develop their potential and build personal networks for a stronger future. Its motto “We believe in the journey, not the destination” is well reflected in its vision to be a reputed, sought-after and well renowned education hub in the UAE.

programmemes. With over 450 business partners, DKV aims to establish itself as both a trusted business partner and a centre of excellence for proficient development. Some of the most famous universities from Belgium, Canada, Iran, India, Pakistan, Ireland, UK, Russia and Australia have established a separate branch in Dubai Knowledge Village. Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Managing Director, Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City, and member of TECOM Investments Education Cluster said, “In line with the UAE’s vision to create a knowledge-based economy, Dubai Knowledge Village aims to develop the region’s talent pool through setting up training and development institutions that focus on human resource management, consultancy and personal development.” Today, a large number of DKV business partners have set up training centers, institutes and HR agencies to sustain and secure their market share in this booming sector. DKV offers state-ofthe-art campus facilities including a 330 seat auditorium, fully equipped meeting rooms, 24-hour security monitored buildings and campus, ample parking space, a food court, a 24-hour convenience store and wireless Internet services. The growing demand for human capital influenced by Dubai’s economic strategies is one of the key factors that contributes to the zone’s success.

Knowledge Village Spread across a picturesque one km long campus in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Knowledge Village the world’s only Free Zone area dedicated to Human Resource Management aims to develop the region’s talent band and establish UAE as a knowledge-driven economy. Established in 2003, the community serves as a unique hub for the best selection of Human Resource Management, Consultation, Training and Personal Development


School Education The difference between right and wrong, good and bad, selfish and selfless, respect and disrespect is all imbibed in children at an age when they start attending school. The values imparted to them by their teachers are upheld throughout their life, which is why the choice of school is a critical decision in the lives of parents raising young children. As President His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the UAE said, “The greatest use that can be made of wealth is to invest it in creating generations of educated and trained people.” Currently valued at USD 2.8 billion with private sector enrollment growing at 10 percent, the UAE is among the GCC’s largest education sectors. The country offers private and public, primary and secondary education for citizens and expats to choose from. Most of the secondary schools require students to take standardised tests such as Advanced Placement, SAT, IB Diploma, IGCSE, GCE Advanced level or CBSE at the end of which they are awarded either a Secondary School Leaving Certificate or Technical Secondary Diploma. To ensure that educational opportunities and experiences are not limited to those with financial blessings, the country offers free primary and secondary education to all its nationals and makes it compulsory for boys and girls from the age of 5 to 15 to be adequately learned. To cater to the extensive expatriate population, several reputed private schools are also in place to offer a wide range of curriculums including those from America, Britain, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Russia. GEMS education, a forerunner in the private education sector in the UAE, is currently running 35 educational institutions with hopes of expansion in the near future. Curriculums require all students to take Arabic language classes and Muslim students are encouraged to take Islamic studies as well. Although, the medium of instruction in public schools is Arabic, the growing demand for global competence has put special emphasis on English as a second language to ensure that students are fully prepared to attend universities around the world and compete in the global marketplace. In addition, rote instruction is being replaced with more interactive forms of learning with


the hope of turning education into an enjoyable experience. The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), Dubai Education Council (DEC) and UAE Ministry of Education accomplish this and more, by developing reform activities, auditing schools and consistently monitoring and developing professional qualifications of teachers, at the same time making sure that local traditions, principles and the cultural identity of the UAE is sustained.

DID YOU KNOW? 1. 11,532 - Emirati students enrolled at local universities in the fall of 2011-2012 2. 15 percent increase in student numbers for Dubai International Academic City 3. 21,000 students enrolled at Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village (as of September 2011) 4. Dh 200m spent on a new campus recently completed for Heriot-Watt University Dubai 5. Dh 120m spent on a new recently completed for Manipal University Dubai 6. Dh 90m spent on a new School of Business and Management recently opened at AUS 7. USD 2.8 billion – Current value of UAE’s education sector 8. Primary and secondary education - Free for all UAE nationals in public institutions 9. Number of schools in Dubai as of 2011 sums upto 227, with 79 government schools and 48 private institutions 10. Literacy rate of the UAE youth in 2010 - 94 percent males and 97 percent females

UAE Attractions According to statistics from Visa, the world’s leading payment solutions provider, 2010 was the year of recovery for the tourism sector in the UAE. Of the total spend on Visa cards by international visitors, USD 1.9bn came from just 10 markets with the British being the top spenders by far, contributing over USD 441.2 million electronically towards the UAE economy in a year. Followed by American and Russian visitors, that spend USD 302.9 and USD 238.1m respectively, these figures come as no surprise as the country has voted as the favourite summer getaway. Among the many records held by UAE for its extravagant tourism offering, let’s not forget these includes an indoor snow park, a Ferrari theme park, a scenic view from the top of the world and so much more. These top tourist spots cannot be missed and are writing contemporary history parallel to country’s striking past.

Ski Dubai A fan of superlatives, the Emirate of Dubai has set new benchmarks for the global recreation industry after the creation of the world’s largest indoor snow park in November of 2005 at the centrally located Mall of the Emirates. An obvious favourite of the kids, the 22,500 square metres marvel offers even grownups the opportunity to enjoy childlike excitement and transcend behavioural stereotypes associated with adulthood Snowboarding offers you the chance to slide and glide over a 400-metre long run, and keeps the adrenalin high through the ‘Freestyle Zone’ designed specifically with jumps and rails to appease your adventurous side. If you’re not the adventurous type, build a snowman, take a tour of the snow park or simply enjoy the view over the Ski’s main slope. To make possible the seemingly impossible, is something the UAE thoroughly seems to enjoy. Visit

At The Top, Burj Khalifa The view from descending airplanes was hard to match until the world’s tallest tower opened doors for an unprecedented view of matchless scenery. “At the Top”, lets you experience the splendour of the world’s tallest building from your vantage point on level 124. The visit begins in the reception area on the lower ground level of The Dubai Mall and aboard a 65-metre long travelator. As the exciting journey catches speed, in a vertical ascent to the observation deck, the doors open, and floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide a spectacular unobstructed 360-degree view of the city, desert and ocean. By night, sparkling lights and stars add to the splendour and grandeur. Special telescopes provide virtual time-travel visions of the scenes beyond and below. The open-air terrace offers another perspective of the sweeping views below and you can stay as long as you like before making the return journey. Visit


I-Fly, Dubai Dreamt of flying ever since you were young? Live your dreams with the World’s first double skydiving simulator, I-FLY. Located at Mirdiff City Center in Dubai and spread over an enormous 773 square metres, the 10 metres vertical wind tunnel offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to rise to new heights. It makes the experience worthwhile by bringing together state-of-the-art technologies and one-on-one instructions about exciting skydiving techniques. The 35-minute first I-FLY lesson allows you to learn the basics and then gives a two-minute flight with a professional instructor. Complimentary skydive gear is also rented out to enable you to experience actual flight at one-tenth of the cost of a tandem jump but much longer free fall time. Safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens and pragmatic for Skydivers, I-FLY features something for everyone. Endless excitement and peaking anxiety balanced with utmost safety and crowning professionalism offer visitors an unforgettable experience. Visit www.iflyme.


Dubai Autodrome The region’s first fully integrated motorsports facility, Dubai Autodrome, lets you experience the thrill of smouldering rubber, speeding steel and growling engines as you see the fastest drivers in the world in action and feel the adrenalin of the Kartdrome first hand. Located 25 minutes from central Dubai, Dubai Autodrome serves as an exciting destination for large crowds, especially tourists. Officially inaugurated in October 2004 when it hosted the final round of the FIA GT Championship, Dubai Autodrome is designed to accommodate all types of motorsports events including the well-known GP2 Asia, A1GP, and the Dunlop 24H endurance


championship racing series. To ensure that no one is left out, the Autodrome combines behind-the-wheel and classroom instruction at the ‘Race and Driving centre’ for novices and experienced drivers to develop better driving abilities and lets them experience first hand karting at the KartDrome. Visit

Ferarri World, Abu Dhabi The world’s first Ferrari theme park and largest attraction of its kind, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an intense multi-sensory experience and a must-visit adventure destination. Owned solely by the Government of Abu Dhabi, the park offers more than 20 Ferrari-inspired rides, a wide variety of Italian delicacies, the largest Ferrari store in the world and unique shopping experiences in a marvellously designed space. Located at the fork between Europe, Asia and Africa; Abu Dhabi, one of the world’s fastest growing tourist attractions is as an ideal location for ‘Ferrari World’. The park’s iconic sleek red roof, inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body, spans 200,000 square metres, hauling the largest Ferrari logo ever created. Home to the world’s fastest roller coaster has the same force one would feel driving in an F1 car and breaking at maximum speed. Visit


Dubai Dolphinarium Expect the unexpected at Dubai Dolphinarium, a part of Dubai Marine World located at Creek Park where one of the world’s most intelligent sea mammals, entertains visitors from across the world. The 5,000 square metre marine facility is the first and largest, fully air conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East. It is home to five Pacific and Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and four northern fur seals that form part of the spectacular Live Dolphin and Seal show. A real crowd puller, this dolphinarium strikes the perfect balance between education, entertainment and environmental conservation. Interactive lessons enlighten children about the beauty of marine life and importance of marine conservation. Annually, the facility is visited by a record-breaking number of 140,000 children. Dubai Dolphinarium also offers visitors the unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins and have their photos taken to carry home a wonderful snapshot of their experience. Since its opening in 2008, the dolphinarium has been visited by over half a million guests and visitors. Visit www.

Iceland RAK The Iceland Water Park is part of the first offering of WOW RAK, a 120 acres family entertainment destination being developed in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Officially inaugurated in September 2010, the 110,000 square metres facility is extensively themed as Penguin Home Land with a day capacity of up to 15,000 guests. Besides traditional water park attractions, Ice land offers other unique amusements such as the Penguin Falls, World’s Largest Manmade Water fall, Rocky Polar Mountains with the largest collection of water slides, Penguin Bay World’s largest Rain Dance Pool, Aqua Soccer, Coral Isle Snorkelling Pool and other thrilling experiences at the Arctic Wave Pool and Kids cove for little ones. Visit






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Sophistication personified The UAE hospitality industry is expecting a real boom with its target of 100,000 rooms for 15 million visitors by the year 2015. Currently, there are over 33,731 rooms in the region with annual occupancy rate of 85 percent. Among these, a special 160 rooms and suites are designed by celebrated Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Pushing the envelope and setting a new benchmark in luxury hospitality is the renowned Armani Hotel in Dubai.

Prestigious partnership A brainchild of Giorgio Armani in collaboration with Emaar Properties, a one-of-kind hotel experience that is sophisticated with subdued elegance, the Armani Hotel Dubai occupies Concourse Level to Level 8 and Levels 38 and 39 of Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest tower in the world. It is well known that every aspect of the guest experience has been crafted and envisaged by the man himself. The hotel is the manifestation of the designer’s long-held desire to bring his style of life to other people who love to be immersed in an atmosphere that defines luxury and chic. With the highest standards of excellence, the “Stay with Armani” ideology caters to those who wish to indulge in a ‘home-away fromhome’ experience.


Fashionable and classy With unmatched views of the city, the hotel is ideally located near The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall that had 54 million visitors in 2011 alone. The hotel boasts 160 suites and guest rooms with the culture of warm Italian-style hospitality ingrained in the services. The elements of design of each room range from Eramosa stone floors to zebrawood panels, customised furnishings and hotel amenities offering the personal touch of the Armani name. In addition to the luxurious accommodation facilities offered by the Armani Hotel Dubai, the dining section ensures an exquisite and varied choices of cuisine, with seven different restaurants and fine dining areas to choose from. Not only did Armani Hotel Dubai make it on the Condé Nast Traveller’s Hot List 2011 but also other accolades include being judged the ‘Best Business Hotel’ and Armani/Amal, the in-house Indian restaurant, awarded the ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant’ at the Gulf Connoisseur Awards 2010.

Signature Takeaways The retail section of the Armani Hotel Dubai offers a varied selection of high-end products and savouries to suit your personal preferences and you can take home a part of the Armani lifestyle for your loved ones. Handmade chocolates, biscotti and other edible delights can be purchased at Armani/Dolci, the luxury confectionary. A floral boutique called Armani/Fiori offers fresh flower arrangements and centrepieces designed by Giorgio Armani. Haute-couture outlet Armani/Galleria holds a vast collection of watches, handbags, jewellery and perfumes, all from the House of Armani.

Armani to your senses Saving the best for the last, the highlight of the Armani journey is the Armani/SPA, which embodies the foundations of the Armani brand. The three SPA therapies have been designed specifically to accomplish different goals of personal wellness. These include MU, FLUIDITÀ and LIBERTÀ. MU is designed to provide relaxation and stillness, FLUIDITÀ Amidst top-notch architecture and the buzzing Downtown Dubai, serenity within the Armani Hotel is magnetic and luring. Be ready to be spellbound by minimalist elegance and meticulous arrangements, cornerstones of the Armani signature, in addition to palatable world cuisines.

Giorgio Armani, celebrated Italian fashion designer and the mastermind behind the legacy of Armani Hotels and Resorts. Here with a miniature crystal replica of the Burj Khalifa.

enhances vitality and restores internal balance, and LIBERTÀ encourages freedom of movement and release of physical pain. The Armani/SPA offers tailor-made spa treatments to each guest, as well as personal fitness and terme facilities. With its unique combination of stunning architecture, minimalist elegance and distinctive hospitality, the Armani Hotel Dubai has become a venue to host events with panache. The hotel employs a team of committed event professionals to design events, which best suit the needs and demands of the client. An event at the hotel would comprise of state-of-the art audio-visuals, thoughtful floral centrepieces and gastronomic relishes making your time at the Armani unforgettable. Chic colours, smooth textures and bespoke ambience merge together impeccably to transport the body, mind and soul to a sublime world where hospitality takes inspiration from fashion and excellence drives service. Spread across 40,000 square metres, the Armani is a stalwart symbolic of Dubai’s refined guest experience.

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Hotels & Resorts

Sanctuary for the senses Looking out on a striking vista of serene landscapes set across sapphire waters, reclusive at a beachfront villa you can witness a beautiful sunset and experience healing power of nature. This is no Utopian fabrication but the reality at the Banyan Tree Al Wadi RAK, a resort that lets you unwind in the most phenomenal yet eco-friendly ways.

In January 2010, Banyan Tree Al Wadi, opened doors establishing a new category in the hospitality industry by launching the first-of-a-kind desert resort in the UAE. Contrary to the perception of the desert being a habitat of scarce, BT has turned the tables to provide a luxury indulgence paradise unparalleled. Located at Al Hamra in the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, this exquisite retreat is built on 100 hectares of desert plains with the majestic Al Hajjar Mountains as a backdrop. Famous for their spa treatments, Al Wadi features 10 tented treatment pavilions. As a fact among all Banyan Tree Resorts, every therapist is trained at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket to ensure expertise in wellness of refined kind.


Realm of romance

Multi-faceted feast

Just a mere 45-minute drive away from Dubai, it is soon becoming a hotspot for romantic weekends away from the strings of the city. The interface between the desert and the property has been intended to be as seamless as possible, with the motive of providing guests with the experience of staying in the desert. This waterfront property houses about 101 tented villas and 32 private villas and has access to a championship 18-hole golf course.

The prime restaurant of Banyan Tree Al Wadi is situated beside the beach right next to the infinity pool where the menu is inspired from the sea and infuses local flavours with international cuisine. You can enjoy a leisurely meal with a fine selection of Asian and European flavours at two major diners. Al Waha, known for serving Arabic and international food and Saffron, which specialises in Thai cuisine, are two places for your sensational gastronomic experience while your eyes feast on the site Arabian Gazelle and Oryx assembled at a nearby watering hole.

Symbiotic harmony The pool villas are deliberately devised on floors amid sand dunes to let you relish the natural atmosphere and to preserve vegetation of the desert. One distinct feature about the RAK property is that it is the first Banyan Tree property lodging its own nature reserve, horse and camel stables, water home, bird hide and falcon sanctuary which occupies 60 percent of the scenario. Symbolic of the brand philosophies of BT, embracing the natural eccentricities of a place and welcoming local culture is the ideal way to co-exist in symbiotic harmony with your surroundings. One can see tributes to the Arabian heritage of the region, from the tented architecture inspired by Bedouin settlements, to customary mud brick villas where meticulous details in Arabic woodwork, stylised embroidered patterns and obscure carvings in arabesque will reach for the transcendental.

Adventures of Arabia Home to local desert animals such as gazelles, camels and oryxes, providing guests with a priceless opportunity to closely interact with the stupendous Arabian wildlife will for long remain a luxury no other hotel can offer. For the pursuit of adventure, participate in local Arabian sports like falconry, desert safaris, sand boarding, archery sessions and become aware about the flora and fauna. In addition, thrill seekers are encouraged to opt for snorkelling and diving among whale sharks, turtles and occasionally dolphins, for a splendid experience.

FACT CHECK • With humble beginning as a single boutique resort in Phuket, Thailand in 1994, BT has now successfully emerged as prestigious brand on global hospitality-scape. Receiving of over 300 awards for its superb platter of romantic getaways, this conglomerate is spread across China, Thailand, the Indian Ocean, Mexico, Indonesia and the Middle East. • After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE hospitality industry has as many as 14 upscale developments currently in Ras Al Khaimah. The emirate has presented itself as a lucrative opportunity for international hotel chains. The resort provides integrated facilities such as a private pool and sun bathing deck and personal space on the beach, which are linked to your villa. Moreover, the resort has garnered attention for its signature Asian-inspired spa treatments conducting in calming environments.


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Where life happens The hospitality industry in the UAE is expecting a real boom with its target of 100,000 rooms for 15 million annual visitors by 2015. Spearheading this revolution is The Address Hotels + Resorts, the five star premium brand launched by Emaar Hospitality Group. A swanky twist to your otherwise conventional five-star relishes, The Address Downtown Dubai is the premium property of the group that goes beyond just offering a wonderful guest experience. The Address Downtown Dubai overlooking the mesmerizing Dubai Fountain. 

With the brand philosophy of ‘Where Life Happens’, The Address Hotels + Resorts properties are situated in the most vibrant locations and cater to corporate, leisure, and group travellers. This modern brand focuses on a ‘one size fits one’ strategy where excellence is personalised and prioritised. Launched in 2008, The Address Downtown Dubai is the brand’s flagship hotel; a place where cool meets warmth and style meets sophistication, with easy access

to Dubai’s biggest landmarks and tourist spots. Located in Downtown Dubai, billed as ‘The Centre of Now,’ the hotel features 196 rooms and 626 serviced residences offering spectacular views of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, The Old Town and The Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain, this is hospitality in its most opulent avatar. “The hospitality and leisure business of Emaar has established its strong credentials in its primary market of


Downtown Dubai: the centre of now

Dubai with record occupancy levels and by contributing significantly to the Group’s recurring revenue streams,” says Mr Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties. He added: “The Address Hotels + Resorts has redefined the concepts of hotel management and operation through its ‘one size fits one’ approach, which is gaining international acceptance. Our global expansion plans remain testament to the success of a Dubai-based brand, making strong strides internationally.” “The Address Downtown Dubai has set a distinct niche both in the business and leisure hospitality segments. The hotel is now seen as a first-choice for visitors to Dubai and we continue to welcome guests from new territories. We have strengthened our offerings and look forward to adding more to the hotel’s existing portfolio of world-class restaurants and lounges,” says Philippe Georges Zuber, General Manager of The Address Downtown Dubai. UAE abounds with five-star spas that offer varying versions of an escape to the land of bliss and tranquillity. The spa is a focal point of The Address Downtown Dubai experience, offering serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Awarded the ‘1st Runner Up for the Best Signature Facial Treatment’ at the Middle East Spa Awards at The Hotel Show in 2011, it encompasses 11 treatment rooms and relaxation areas. The steam, sauna and ice cave ensure an indulgence that knows no rival. The hotel pampers guests with several food and beverage choices including the upbeat and sophisticated Chinese restaurant, Hukama and Fazaris, an all-day dining restaurant offering a blend of Japanese, Asian, Indian, Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine. Those who like to socialise in trendy and stylish ambiances can select from the vibrant Latin-inspired Calabar lounge or the panoramic sky lounge, Neos, located on the 63rd floor. The hotel recently launched a modern Cigar Lounge with the convenience of al fresco seating. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the total direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP in GCC countries is expected to reach USD 44 billion in the coming years. In the United Arab Emirates, this figure is expected to hit USD 19.9 billion in 2012, compared with


USD 16.6 billion in 2009. The Address Hotels + Resorts is poised to draw on the robust growth in tourism traffic to Dubai. With plenty room for globetrotters, businessmen and families, currently, The Address Hotels + Resorts owns and operates five properties in Dubai - The Address Downtown Dubai, The Address Dubai Mall, The Address Dubai Marina, The Address Montgomerie Dubai, a premium golf retreat, and The Palace - The Old Town. Last year, The Address Hotels + Resorts recorded an average occupancy of 83 percent across its various properties, contributing significantly to Dubai’s hospitality sector’s growth.

ACCOLADES GALORE The Address Downtown Dubai has won several accolades including Best Hotel in The World at Global Traveler Awards US 2011, Condé Nast Reader’s Travel Award for ‘Oversees Business Hotel’ 2011, ‘Best Serviced Residences in Middle East’ at Business Traveller Magazine Awards 2011, and ‘UAE’s Leading Business Hotel’ at World Travel Awards 2011, among others. It also won the Best New Hotel at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference in 2009, Hotel Business Lounge of the Year in Commercial Interior Design Awards in 2008 and was part of the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List in 2009.

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Nestled in the mountains About 115 kilometres south of Dubai, with a picturesque view of the majestic Hajar Mountains, the rural town of Hatta will give you a fascinating glimpse into the UAE’s historical past. Origins of this village can be traced back 2000-3000 years. Now a tourist hotspot with deluxe hospitality venues like the Hatta Fort Hotel, this is a getaway nestled in the mountains for visitors and residents of the UAE

Hatta Fort Hotel is an award winning property, providing chalet – style comfort and hospitality for over three decades. As the nation celebrates 40 years of success, Hatta Fort Hotel has reiterated its hallmark as a refined leisure, relaxation and comfort destination.


Hatta Fort Hotel has the Gazebo Pool and the unique rock pool with a thrilling waterfall. Both pools are temperature controlled and offer fabulous views of the surrounding Hajar Mountains.

Sustainable and vibrant Tourism in the Islamic world has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to multilateral cooperation between private hotels and government authorities as seen increasingly in the UAE Dubai Municipality has invested an estimated USD4.8 million in greening projects in Hatta to create new possibilities of vibrant and sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive industry which, as we see, is raising economies out of the global downturn. Hatta Fort Hotel has left no stone unturned to offer luring business, holiday and tour packages to guests from Arab and Islamic countries. Boasting a collection of 50 deluxe villas, suites and rooms; a varied choice of entertainment options such as tennis, mini golf and archery; and breathtaking mountain scenery views, the hotel’s popularity is unmatched due its advantageous location and closeness to Emirati roots.

influx of occupants only continues to soar. Apart from the varied entertainment options, the hotel also offers temperature-regulated swimming pools, a clubhouse and a beauty centre. One of the hotel’s main assets is, of course, its staff. From the front door on arrival, to room service, food and beverage staff and even the entertainers, all are to be congratulated for providing efficient and courteous service with a genuine interest in providing the perfect ‘Hatta Experience’.

A place that nurtures According to beloved General Manager Sergio Magnaldi, “As a Dubai and UAE getaway destination for so many years, there are many expatriate and UAE national families whose children have enjoyed playing in the hotel grounds. We also have groups of friends stopping over for lunch after camping in the surrounding areas.” After the rave reviews post refurbishing in 2007, the hotel celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011 and the

The little ones will find plenty to do at the Hatta Fort Hotel. From mini golf, seasonal swimming lessons and a host of fun-filled activities such as face painting, crayon drawing and sand painting on holidays and special occasions.

Guaranteed excellence It is no surprise that Hatta Fort Hotel was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in 2011 by TripAdvisor, the world’s most trusted travel advice website. This award, reserved for establishments who constantly excel in customer service, has proven that Hatta Fort Hotel maintains impeccable hospitality standards. David Thomson, Regional General Manager of Jebel Ali International Hotels, added, “Hatta Fort Hotel has always exceeded customer expectations. Our guests’ experiences are of the utmost importance and to receive this honour based on their feedback is a real measure of exceptional loyalty to our brand.”

Deluxe villas, suites and rooms with breathtaking mountain scenery views, the hotel’s award winning service is unmatched due its advantageous location and Emirati influences in hospitality.


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Luxurious journey Ramada Jumeirah is Dubai’s premier deluxe hotel, a perfect destination that has given itself completely to the pleasures of impeccable hospitality. Offering maximum comfort and refinement of a genuine kind, complemented by unique dining and leisure facilities, this four-star hotel caters to business travellers and discerning holidaymakers who are drawn to its strategic location. Ramada Jumeirah has mastered the art of exceeding your expectations from a four-star hotel. With its strategic location, the hotel is now a favourite of businessmen and travellers alike.

A mere 5-minute drive from the Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, two of the city’s premier business hubs, this modish hotel is located in the heart of the city within the residential and corporate hub of Jumeirah on Dubai’s Al Mina Road. The property is near some key access points including Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah Beach and Port Rashid.

Savour the exotic flavours of world famous cuisines and experience authentic dining in a vibrant, energetic and stylish setting.


Complete package Managed by Abjar Hotels International LLC, the hospitality arm of Al Mulla Group, Ramada Jumeirah is committed to excellence exceeding four-star standards. The elegant suites and deluxe rooms are stylishly appointed and come with high speed internet connectivity, access to a state-of-art health club and spa, a roof top swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness centre and sun deck with beautiful views. Spacious underground parking, efficient concierge services and a regular shuttle bus to Jumeirah Beach and shopping Malls offer additional convenience for its guests.

Leisure and Fitness The Spa offers two separate areas for ladies and gents, each having its own sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and massage room. A blend of diverse professional massages, beauty treatments and facials are made available to heal and refresh you to look your best. The Hotel also offers a magnificent health club with a complete range of fitness equipment to meet all your fitness, wellness and relaxation needs. In addition to the hotel’s numerous amenities, you will love the outdoor temperature-controlled swimming pool under the basking sun of Dubai, complemented by the pool bar offering light snacks and refreshing drinks.

Within well facilitated and fully operational boardrooms at Ramada Jumeirah, businessmen are always making presentations and taking decisions. Utilise the well facilitated health club to stress-bust between business and travel.

A certain benefit for the business travellers as they gain assistance from a host of corporate facilities that assure to meet all of their commercial requirements including fully operational boardrooms and meeting rooms, in addition to a large onsite business centre. The hotel also offers a choice of elegant international cuisines, a pub and nightclub.

Dining and Entertainment The variety in dining at this landmark of luxury is beyond ordinary. Discover a world of cuisines and blissful delights whilst being taken on a unique culinary journey. Whether you prefer a casual stellar breakfast, a light leisurely lunch, or an intimate dinner for two beneath a tree, there is something to satisfy every agenda.

Distinctive spectrum of tempting foods, energetic setting and superb service makes this a worthwhile experience. ATRIUM a lobby lounge serving signature homemade pastries and cakes. CUISINES an all-day dining restaurant serving Mediterranean and Internationally influenced cuisines with the view of a live open kitchen featuring a Lava Stone Grill. GINGER an Asian fusion restaurant, serves a new generation of South East Asian Cuisine fused with a western ambience and vibrant yet minimalist setting. THE DOCKS a one-of-a-kind Scottish pub, serving beer, Malt whiskey and Traditional Scottish snacks. MAGNUM a chic trendy boutique lounge bar serves innovative cocktails aiming at setting a new standard for upscale nightlife just after a busy day at work.

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Entertainment & Nightlife

Entertainment & Nightlife

Online powerhouse for entertainment For over 15 years, Viva Entertainment has brought the movies home and also branched into providing a comprehensive online buying platform in 2008 called Adhering to local as well as international standards, their quality and scale of content bear the testimony of their expertise as the largest online retail store in the Middle East. started with a simple scheme of satisfying the demand for older movies classics, bestsellers, sagas, prequels and even the renowned IMDB Top 250 movies.

An abbreviation for ‘All I Do Online’, AIDO is the brainchild of Sanjay Amarnani and CEO Pavan Amarnani. The advent of has shaken up the entertainment retail industry in the Middle Eastern region. Challenging the “mall mentality” that is characteristic to this region, AIDO aims to revolutionize the way consumers buy entertainment products. For the first time, shoppers in the Middle East no longer need to visit a mall to buy movies and games and can order from the comfort of their homes

The idea was triggered when, during the financial crisis, most retail outlets had drastically cut down their range of movie titles to avoid maintaining inventory thus focusing their business on new popular releases. AIDO. com became a one-stop-online-shop to fulfil the demand for classics, bestsellers, sagas, prequels and even the renowned Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Top 250 movies that were nearly impossible to find in retail stores. “AIDO aims to be the destination for customers to get anything related to books, movies, gaming and so on.


"AIDO aims to be the destination for customers to get anything related to books, movies, gaming and so on. We are aggressively expanding our product range"

Pavan Amarnani, CEO,

more than 40 percent of their online shoppers come back for more.

Special priority for UAE customers interacts with its target consumers through social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, ensuring there is complete possibility of critical feedback. Keeping ahead of their game in the region, has also introduced the payment option of cash on delivery for customers in the UAE only; also ensuring the delivery of goods within 24 hours. With immense passion towards the sales of their exclusive products, and an expedient good e- experience is thriving to become the biggest online store for entertainment.

We are aggressively expanding our product range and working in conjunction with consumer electronics companies to provide the largest range at competitive prices and compelling services that include fast delivery and manufacturer warranty�, said CEO Pavan Amarnani.

Consumer fulfilment Offering more than 10,000 products, is not limited to an extensive collection of films alone. Their products are now extending into games, gadgets, books, accessories, gifts and novelties. In order to meet customer expectations of trust and transparency, they list the stock inventory of each of their products on their site. This ensures the delivery to customers all over the world in matter of days. With customers’ interests at the core its brand philosophy, is constantly refining range, pricing, delivery time and support which is apparent as


Comprising of more than 10,000 products, has an extensive collection of films, games, gadgets, books, accessories, gifts and novelties.


Big screen indulgence Despite a plethora of entertainment hotspots, for many residents in the UAE, the best night out still remains going to the movies. The recent past has seen the cinema experience transform with the advent of 3D technology. In addition, the best digital sound, top-notch facilities and delectable food options makes Vox Cinemas the most popular movie entertainment provider.

VOX Cinemas elevates the movie experience to a new level with multiple screen options. One can choose between VIP seating such as the exclusive VOX Gold and VOX Max or traditional seating hall with a capacity of over 500 viewers.

Catering to the country’s multicultural audience, Vox Cinemas is cinematic innovation at its best. Showcasing films from all over the world, this leader in entertainment has 50 screens in five locations across UAE. Strategic placement in retail shopping malls provides the perfect opportunity, to visitors and residents alike, to escape into a world of fantasy and drama. One can head to Deira City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, Mirdif City Centre, Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall and Ajman City Centre to indulge in wonders of the big screen.


Spotting a new opportunity Formerly known as Cine Star Cinemas, Vox is now wholly owned by Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) Ventures. “Majid Al Futtaim Ventures is an incredibly successful brand in the Middle East. At its core, the group aims to bring local ownership and local perspective to international business opportunity,” said Cameron Mitchell, CEO Vox Cinemas. Before the brand makeover, this cinema business was a joint venture between MAF and an Australian shareholder. However, now with 100 percent local ownership, MAF has ventured into a bigger business opportunity to grow and develop the brand throughout the Middle East. 

Innovative and easy Vox Cinemas have given moviegoers an exciting, comfortable and spellbinding experience. Their innovative ideas and convenience in booking tickets, elaborate seating arrangements and varied dining options have created a loyal group of customers. You can have your own Vox loyalty card made in a few seconds and get bonus points every time you see a flick.

No queues Customers can purchase tickets and choose seats online. Being the only cinema with an iPhone app, it’s now easy to find out what’s playing at your nearest screen. The mobile website allows Blackberry and other smart phone users to get a glimpse of movie trailers and reviews. Kiosks at the cinema have been arranged for people who wish to avoid the queue and thunderous promotions on your bank credit card are an icing on the cake.

Comfort and pizzazz Vox has multiple seating and cinematic options for all kinds of movie buffs. Couples, families, bunch of friends can choose between traditional or VIP seating options. The Vox Max concept, which is a big screen experience, provides

guests with bigger chairs, more leg room, personal, larger tables, bigger arm rests and more padding in the seats. And as it is a big screen concept, screens are normally at least 90 metres wide, all with digital sound.  Vox Gold, is the brand’s premium indulgence concept that provides more luxury, bigger reclining chairs, electronic recliners to adjust chairs and table service where you can order food while enjoying an action packed scene. The full-fledged café with scrumptious burgers, wraps, fajitas, fresh juices, gelato ice creams, all packed in combo meals is worth a try.

New Age technology 4k digital projections is the brightest digital projection in the movie entertainment market. This supreme facility is 20 times the resolution of a standard screens and hence more engaging to the viewer. 4K digital projection systems have four times the number of pixels and resolution than any other digital cinema in the region, creating a more immersive and compelling experience. This enhanced resolution created a roar with summer blockbusters such as The Green Lantern, Harry Potter series and action packed films such as the Transformers.

Alternative Viewing Vox cinemas provides guests with variety by offering alternative content options including major sporting events (World Cups, UEFA Champions League matches, Wimbledon and much more), coupled with forthcoming concerts and children’s events, ensuring that UAE residents are given a variety of entertainment alternatives through their local VOX Cinema. When there’s so much of wholesome happy time available at your nearest Vox Cinema look no where else. See your favourite movies the way they are meant to be seen- bigger, better, and only at Vox because there’s nothing like it.

What’s a movie without scrumptious popcorn and some icy cola to go with? VOX has the most impressive food options to enhance your visit to the theatre. For yummy slush to crunchy nachos, flock to VOX for a gala time. The world’s biggest blockbuster premiers happen at your nearest VOX Cinema. Get a glimpse of Potter magic or Tom Cruise’s death defying stunts on the big screen. Log on to VOX’s Facebook page to participate in competitions and win free tickets.


UAE Nightlife The nation is at par with global hotspots like London and New York boasting of a happeningnightlife. With the glitterati descending, world-famous DJ’s spinning international music and award-winning bartenders, clubs and pubs, located in prominent hotels, get the multi-ethnic crowd coming out clad in chic wardrobes to socialise and enjoy stunning life after dark. From dance clubs by the beach to designer pubs with a view, you only have to ask.

360° at Jumeirah Beach Hotel Set at the end of its very own wharf, 360 degreesis an iconic nightlife venue in Dubai. It’s combination of laidback attitude, alfresco venue surrounded by water and pumping music make it a staple on the nightlife calendar. The helipad shaped outdoor setting boasts panoramic views of Dubai’s coastline, Burj Al Arab’s light show, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and vivid sunsets over the Arabian Ocean. The prime location overlooking the city’s ever changing coastline creates a buzzing vibe, where you can chill for hours to the cool house tunes playing until the early morning. With a heady mix of shishas and cocktails it’s where the city folks are lounging from high noon to sundown.A must place for tourists and residents to spend an evening of revelry. Visit


Chi@ The Lodge

Allure byCipriani, Yas Island

Chi @ The Lodge is popular for its four-roomed, multithemed venue catering for a wide variety of clientele. It hosts over 3000 people and offers ‘Miami Style’ outdoor clubbing experience like no other club in town.Once inside, Chi@The Lodge presents varied design and music choices. Chi Garden is a superb R&B and house disco venue which takes you out of Dubai and straight into the ambience of a Balinese themed garden. Opening onto the garden is Chi Club, exquisitely designed with a modish look based around whites and blues. Further, there’s Chi Red, a moody themed space with deep red low-lighting and funky décor,which is home to good old rock and indie tracks. Finally, the Chi Lounge is another all-white alternative where the music transforms yet again to hip-hop, funk and soul. Visit

Indulge in an intriguing experience at Allure by Cipriani located inside the Yas Yacht Club building. Overlooking the spectacular Yas Marina F1 Circuit, the venue is set amid the clear turquoise waters and mangroves of Yas Island. A global hospitality icon, Allure brings the Giuseppe Cipriani legacy to Abu Dhabi in the most elegant and sophisticated way. This is a superb experience combininglavishdécor and vibrant lighting, high ceilings, stimulating visual displays with a state of the art sound system. Visit

Barasti, Le Meridien Mina Al Seyahi Barasti is an award winning beach venue full of excitement. With great music, a palatable menu, delicious cocktails and an exotic atmosphere set by the sea, the lounge has become a must visit joint for social butterflies. Flop out in a comfy chair on the deck and let the breeze blow idly over you for a classic expat experience. Offering a variety of cuisine, it’s the best place to dine with amazing views of the Gulf to a backdrop of live music. With a mellow mood in the early afternoon and a buzzy evening, the real appeal of Barasti is the venue itself.


Cirque Du Soir, Fairmont Hotel London’s most infamous celebrity nightspot, Cirque Du Soir arrived in Dubai in November 2011 at The Fairmont Hotel. The theatrical and circus-inspired club stands out on the club scene with a cast of stilt walkers, contortionists, tattooed dancers, jugglers, drummers, freak shows, burlesque dancers, sword swallowers, magicians and fire eaters, entertaining crowds all night long. Among live performing acrobats, a popcorn machine and a clown, Cirque certainly sets itself apart from its clubbing competitors. Visit

Cavalli Club


Nasimi, Atlantis The Palm Part bar, part restaurant, part club –Nasimi is an ultimate blend of entertainment with fashion and one of the superb social scenes in the region with quality dining. In addition to a unique beachfront location, Nasimi includes fully-serviced beach facilities with sun loungers, cabanas and day beds, plus culinary delights from Sushi and Sashimi, Asian delights to Mediterranean favourites, perfectly paired with a great selection of New World wines, cocktails and beers.As day becomes night Nasimi Beach is also a place to party, especially at the weekends when the city heads to this hotspot to dance on the sand. Visit

Trilogy, Souk Madinat Jumeirah At the splendid Souk Madinat, with three levels of pure entertainment, the Ground Floor, the First Floor and The Rooftop, Trilogy hosts some of the top electronic music acts in the world. With a line-up of popular DJ’s spinning

cutting-edge music, this club is one of Dubai’s finest nightspots.The impressive interiors are a fusion of Moroccan design and warehouse roughness, which definitely makes this a place worth your time. Visit

Cavalli Club Inspired by and launched in collaboration with celebrated designer, Roberto Cavalli, this club is the epitome of all things fabulous. A glittering restaurant, lounge and club put together in the signature style of Roberto Cavalli.Shadowed by a cloud of Swarovski crystals, the club is divided between numerous smaller lounges outfitted in animal-print furnishings and lilyshaped dance floor attended by DJs spinning electronic house and hip-hop. Visit




Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Good to go The only Indian airline meriting a profit as of October 2011, IndiGo, is a recent addition to the aviation-scape in the Middle East. As the emerging leader among private, costefficient carriers, IndiGo is setting new norms for the aviation industry worldwide.

At home grounds in India, with a market share of 21.3 percent as of January 2012, the airline flies around 1.5 million people a month and is projected to grow 7.5 times by 2020. Running successfully since August 2006 the airline has consistently affirmed that customer satisfaction is its topmost priority. Affordable fares coupled with quirky advertising campaigns have backed the airline’s remarkable mindshare, but as almost everyone who flies will vouch, advertising and smartlooking stewardesses count for nothing if flights are late. With its headquarters in Gurgaon, India, IndiGo remains to be the only airline with 80 percent of its pilots who are CAT III compliant, equipping them better to manage delicate situations. It was recently awarded by the Bangalore International Airport for ‘Safety

Excellence’ for outstanding contribution in airside safety and also bagged the Express Travel World Award for Operational Excellence amongst low cost carriers in 2009. Staying true to its mission to provide passengers with a safe and hassle free experience, the airline recently sealed the largest order in the history of aviation by placing an order for Airbus A320Neo, for which it was awarded the “Best performing Airbus A320 Family Operator” in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region in May 2011. At the 2005 edition of the biennial airshow at the Le Bourget Airfield in Paris, the biggest such event in the aviation industry, IndiGo made a dazzling appearance by placing an order for 100 Airbus A320 planes to be delivered by 2015. The baby step expansion


continues even today. Six years later, in January 2011, IndiGo signed a deal to buy 180 aircraft between 2016 and 2025 - effectively, one plane to join the airline every 20 days. In May 2011, the airline bagged the Best Overall Performer at the Assocham Civil Aviation Centenary Awards reiterating that a well-rounded and wholesome experience is what it aims to offer its flyers. Spreading its wings across maps and globes, the airline is currently operating about 319 daily flights through 51 aircrafts connecting 32 destinations in India and abroad including Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Muscat and Kathmandu.

IndiGo in UAE This Indian budget carrier made its debut flight to Dubai in September 2011 and is expected to launch operations in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in coming months, intensifying competition with other Indian and overseas airlines. “We will definitely be launching flights to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in the future, but it would be sometime later. The priority would be to add more frequencies on the Dubai route,” said IndiGo President, Aditya Ghosh. Having launched its maiden flight to Dubai from Delhi with a 90 percent load factor, Ghosh said the airline’s forward bookings for the sector looked “reasonably good”. Starting October 2011, IndiGo also launched daily flights between Mumbai and Dubai in the pursuit to increase its international frequency on such busy and rewarding short-haul routes. “Dubai is a key market for us and launching operations in this market is in line with our growth strategy outlined for the Middle Eastern skies,” he continued. With over 280,000 flight departures since 2006 and 40 million passengers aboard till date, its commitment to provide quality services to its clients stands tall. Listed for three consecutive years, among the ‘Top 50 Best Companies to Work For’, the airline provides a motivating and hospitable environment to an extensive workforce of 5000 employees. Acknowledging its responsibility towards society, the airline also announced the ‘Good Karma’ campaign in November 2011, to help under privileged children and honor the spirit of childhood. The initiative, in

partnership with ‘Save the Children’, a non-government organisationis purely voluntary for IndiGo passengers, and has already garnered up to 20 lakh Rupees The airline is also trying to maintain a balance between the cost effective fare plan designed for passengers and environmental sustainability through the use of green technology. IndiGo is the first airline in the world to get the brand new IAE (joint venture of Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney) engines called Select One, that are designed ensure environmental protection and stability.

Tel +971 4 3557355


Travel & Tourism

Carrier from the capital Having recently announced its first ever profit in 2011, Etihad Airways, our international carrier from Abu Dhabi has defied the global financial crisis, high oil prices and thrived in adversity during the Arab Spring. Revenues have climbed by 36 percent to reach USD 4.1 billion taking the airline beyond its humble hope to just break even.

Ever since Etihad Airways first took to the skies in November 2003, the UAE’s national airline has been making headlines across the world. It has gone on to become the world’s leading airline and grown at a pace unprecedented in the history of commercial aviation. Its intentions to offer quality services to its clients have been indisputable from the very beginning. James Hogan, Etihad’s President and CEO, said: “Despite several challenges, in 2011 we delivered our promise made long ago of a profitable venture.We have successfully met the expectations of our shareholders by creating an airline that is best in class, operates to the highest safety standards, and makes money.” Hoping to increase its passenger traffic to 10 million in 2012 ,it rightfully bagged the Air Transport World’s

“Passenger Service Award” for 2012 acknowledging its genuine service philosophy, streamlined hospitality and the ability to foster multiculturalism through employment from more than 120 different nationalities. The rate at which Etihad has expanded its network of international flights is unparalleled in the global aviation industry. Its fleet of 65 aircrafts operates more than 1000 flights per week, serving an international network of 84 passenger and cargo destinations in 52 countries. It operates over 90 services per week from Abu Dhabi to 12 destinations in Europe.

Fruitful Partnership The airline has also recently collaborated with Airberlin, Europe’s sixth biggest carrier, to become its largest


shareholder and operate four flights a week between Berlin and Abu Dhabi from January 2012 onwards. This deal sees it literally spreading its wings across the globe by adding 157 destinations and access to 35 million new passengers. Not only is each Etihad aircraft state-of-the-art but so too is the in-flight product. Whether in Diamond Zone (first lass), Pearl Zone (Business) or Coral Zone (Economy) each guest enjoys the highest standard of comfort, cuisine and entertainment. Offering some of the largest personal TV screens in the industry, the airline makes each flight worthwhile with over 600 hours of entertainment including as many as 116 TV titles, 78 movies, a CD library with more than 400 albums and 14 radio channels. This enhancement of in-flight travel has caught the eye of the industry and Etihad Airways has been recognised as not just in the Middle East but as the World’s Leading Airline consistently over the years.

In December 2011, it announced a deal valued at more than a billion US dollars with aviation computer technology provider Sabre Airline Solutions to utilise cutting edge software across its reservations, inventory, marketing, planning, e-Commerce, distribution and departure control operations. Hogan said, “This groundbreaking deal will play a pivotal role in providing Etihad Airways with the tools necessary to achieve its next phase of growth and profitability targets in an innovative, sustainable and cost effective manner”. Despite the commercial success it has achieved, Etihad continues to reaffirm people’s faith through selfless initiatives such as the 2009 agreement it signed with “Masdar”, Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted future energy saving city, to reduce the airline’s carbon footprint. As an Arabian carrier, it lies in Etihad’s vision to reflect the best of the region’s hospitality and enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi in the East and West.

Tel +971 2 5110000


Travel & Tourism

Hello tomorrow On 25th October 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircrafts—a leased Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4. 27 years of undeterred commitment to safe and sound travel have placed the airline on a high pedestal. Its preference for quality over quantity has transformed it into a globally influential brand and contributed to the flourishing success it celebrates today.

Over the years, the airline has grown in scale and stature through competition with infinite international carriers that take advantage of Dubai’s open-skies policy. The Government of Dubai, its whole and sole owner believes that treating Emirates as a wholly independent business entity is the secret behind its thriving success. The airline has recorded an annual profit every year since its third year of operation. With a fleet of more than 160 aircrafts flying over 100 destinations in 66 countries around the world, the airline is expanding its network rapidly. Over 1,000 Emirates flights depart from Dubai each week on their way to

destinations in six continents. In fact, Emirates flights account for nearly 40 percent of all flight movements in and out of Dubai International Airport. The airline’s decisions over time have assured fliers that its intention to offer people a pleasant, comfortable and safe journey is more than just a marketing tactic. Highlighting its incredible growth, the airline is currently the world’s largest operator of both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. From a fleet of 60 aircraft in 2004, to its current 161 wide-bodied aircraft, the airline has exhibited dramatic growth. Satisfied clients are no surprise to the airline.


In the financial year 2010/2011, Emirates carried 31.4 million passengers and 1.8 million tonnes of cargo. It also produced a net profit of a whopping Dh 827 million, for the first six months ending 30th September 2011. “Emirates’ latest half-year performance is testament to the airline’s strong business foundations and tenacity to stay on course and continue to grow despite the unsteady marketplace,” said HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline and Group. With over 400 awards for excellence worldwide, the airline has been acknowledged for its contribution to the local and global aviation industry time and again. This includes the Air Transport World’s “Airline of the Year” award in 2011 and the Skytrax World Airline Award for “World’s Best Airline Inflight Entertainment,” for the seventh year in a row. Moreover, the airline hires, trains, supports and hosts highly qualified staff to carry out specialized operations involved in aircraft maintenance and management. Divisional Senior Vice President IT for The Emirates Group and Head of Mercator, Patrick Naef, was recently named Chief Information Officer of the Decade by CIO, Europe’s leading IT magazine for Chief Information Officers and top business executives.

The airline has also announced plans to establish a dedicated flight-training centre called the Emirates Flight Training Academy by the third quarter of 2013, a Dh 400 million project to train up to 400 students at a time. Emirates Group is working towards acquiring stateof-the-art equipment and trainers to meet worldwide aviation standards. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Commercial Pilot License on graduation and will be ready to commence specific aircraft type training. Reasserting its social responsibilities the organisationruns the ‘The Emirates Airline Foundation’, meant to provide humanitarian and philanthropic aid to children in need and eradicate poverty. In December 2011, the airline also flew a demonstration flight carrying the UAE Delegation to the 2011 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It was able to use techniques to reduce flight emissions and save over five tonnes of CO2. Years of good and bad, black and white and right and wrong have enabled the organisationto grow as a credible entity and encouraged it to continue providing impeccable service standards to its loyal customers.

Tel 600 55 5555


Travel & Tourism

The wings of Arabia Air Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest low cost carrier is charting new routes and new trends as it opens the skies by encouraging regional travel to an increasing base of passengers. Air Arabia flies directly over 65 destinations across the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Europe, covering a mass population of over 3 billion.


With an operating fleet of 27 brand-new A320 aircrafts and 44 others in the pipeline, the airline has crossed its twenty million passengers mark. “ We owe our success to our customers who chose to fly with Air Arabia. We look forward to serving many more passengers in the years to come,” said Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman of Air Arabia. Since it started operations in 2003, the airline has succeeded in its vision to be among the world’s leading budget airlines in terms of profit margin, innovation, reputation and operational excellence. With an emphasis on convenience tourism, Air Arabia is the first international budget airline in the region to offer residents short weekend breaks to exciting regional destinations. Modelled after leading American and European lowcost airlines, Air Arabia’s services are tailored to satisfy local preferences and make air travel easier and frequent for all. Through their powerful value proposition, ‘Pay less. Fly more’, Air Arabia encourages residents who have previously been unable to afford air travel to do so more frequently. With over 100 departures per day the flight travels about 60,000,000 miles annually. A workforce of over 1000 employees from 60 different nationalities is proof of the airline’s high standards of multiculturalism. Air Arabia’s flight officers have extensive experience from multiple international airlines with several captains flying for over 20 years each. Its CEO, Adel Ali was named ‘Airline CEO of the Year’ for 4 years. This experience ensures the level of trust that the carrier is rapidly being associated with. The first female pilot to fly for a UAE airline stands as a further testament to the organization’s proactive stance.

With a string of accolades to strengthen its brand position, Air Arabia has also accumulated several achievements in its eight years of operation. For instance, its financial break-even results in the airline’s first year of operation, is a ground-breaking feat for any carrier. In addition, the airline announced net profit for the three months ending September 30, 2011 at a whopping Dh 100 million. It also received MENA Travel Award for the Best Airline for four consecutive years followed by the Airbus Operational Excellence Award for the next five years. Low fares, uncompromised service standards, ease of booking and payment flexibility contribute to the airline’s rapid growth and efficiency that are compelling conventional airlines to slash their costs and fares. A fitting manifestation of expediency, the airline passes savings back to passengers with on-board purchase catering, offering an affordable variety of food and beverages. Additional in-flight services include in-flight entertainment and Duty Free shopping with a beautiful selection of gifts and luxury items. Based at Sharjah International Airport, Air Arabia customers enjoy the benefits of quick access to Dubai and other Emirates, fast check-in processes, low congestion, friendly airport staff, as well as access to other commercial carriers served at the airport. ‘Pay less and Fly more’ indeed.

Tel +971 6 5088888




CafĂŠ and Dining

"Tim Hortons is to Canadians what the falcon is to the UAE; an intrinsic part of the culture and an inescapable symbol of Canadian life."

Cafés & Dining Out

Always brewing. Always baking. One may think of cola as the most popular drink in the world but the truth will surprise you. With more than 400 billion cups consumed every year and coming second to oil in monetary value, coffee is the world’s most popular drink. Being the 15th largest importer of coffee in the world, the UAE has an impressive network of over 4000 coffee shops. A new entrant in the region, Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian café and bakeshop, has besotted coffee shop goers.

For those who love to snack, Tim Hortons offers one of the widest varieties of freshly baked donuts, soft and chewy cookies and Timbits, or donut holes, for a welldeserved mid-day treat.

Previously, annual coffee consumption in the UAE had reached 3.5 kilograms per person, which surpassed the UK’s 3 kilograms per person. Intake of coffee and baked goods is only expected to rise as Tim Hortons stirs the USD 2.2 billion casual dining market estimated to touch an astonishing USD3.24 billion by 2015. When Tim Hortons opened its doors in September 2011 in the UAE; its first cafe and bakeshop outside the North American continent, the brand immediately engulfed a passionate fan base living up to expectations of Apparel Group, the franchise owner and affluent retail business group in the region. Tim Hortons’ brewing gained popularity among those familiar with the brand and got first timers going gaga over baked goodies and Panini sandwiches.

With a grand opening on Sheikh Zayed Road, the café soon expanded to popular hotspots such as Deira City Centre and The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences. With people queuing up at counters, a diverse crowd can be found at every outlet enjoying Timbits, freshly brewed coffee and delicious donuts, muffins and pastries. Now running five café and bakeshops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai together, Apparel Group has massive expansion plans for the brand scheduled for 2012. As the brand’s popularity continues to grow, it comes as no surprise that Tim Horton’s will pose a challenge to other international coffee shop franchises as it sets foot in other countries in the GCC. When asked about the appeal of launching in the UAE,


Comfortable seating, free wireless access, indoor and outdoor seating make Tim Hortons a perfect joint for people from all walks of life. The staff is impeccably trained, the food is made fresh in front of you, service is quick and efficient.

David Roy, Managing Director International Operations, UK, Ireland and the Middle East, said: “Much like Canada, the UAE is a vibrant, outward looking country; it attracts people from across the world, and having Tim Hortons launch successfully here gives us a sense of its acceptance in other markets. At our UAE restaurants, you can see the different nationalities represented. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we all like socialising, we enjoy fresh food and fresh coffee and we like nothing better when that’s combined with good value and quality.” The unique experience at Tim Hortons is a cross between a cafe and a quick service restaurant. A relaxed yet sophisticated and metropolitan feel to it, the restaurant allows you to grab food that is good-to-go or chill out to enjoy a range of sandwiches, burgers and delicious cold beverages. Walk in during lunch hours and you’ll see groups of colleagues or families enjoy hearty soups, freshly made Panini and wraps. Tim Hortons’ signature product is its signature premium roast coffee, made with 100 percent Arabica beans. Every 20 minutes a fresh pot of coffee is brewed as the brand brings this freshness in more than two billion cups served worldwide every year. Those most familiar with Tim Hortons know the most common coffee ordered by customers is the ‘double double.’ It’s a coffee with two creams and two sugars and is unique to Tim Hortons. Among the UAE consumers, the cold coffee menu seems to have struck a cord. With the temperatures never bowing down in the region, cool and creamy Iced Cappuccino and smooth French Vanilla cappuccino are proving to be popular ways to beat the heat. Tim Hortons operates a UAE-centric Facebook page catered specifically to the local community, and is attracting followers on Twitter, where fans talk about their favourites on the menu and which branch they are at. It is sure to generate a bigger following and more online activity as more Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shops open across the UAE. Found at Jumeirah Beach Residences’ The Walk, Dubai Outlet Mall, Deira City Centre, on Sheikh Zayed Road and at Abu Dhabi’s Mushrif Mall, get a taste of the world’s best coffee and baked goodies at this always brewing, always baking Canadian café.

Tel 800-TIMS (8467)


CafĂŠs & Dining Out

Gastronomy driven by passion They say good food and great times bring folks together from all walks of life. The significance of the food and beverage industry cannot be denied as the unifying thread that binds together the different cultures and nationalities that co-exist in the UAE. From the traditional Arabic coffee (also called Qahwa) to your American Espresso, it’s all here. Symbolic of gastronomic fusion and merge of cultures, Mille Miglia Restaurant & Cafe is an outstanding must-visit place from the 2837 cafes in the UAE.


Taking its unique name from the eponymous worldfamous 1000-miles annual Italian race, for 8 years Mille Miglia has enjoyed a growing reputation among locals and visitors alike. Owned and managed by former automobile businesswoman Jocelyne Chidiac, Mille Miglia stays true to its automotive roots with a dash of epicurean adventure and speedy service. The cuisine, a mix of French and European delights and traditional Arab food, has been extremely successful with patrons of cafés. UAE consumers are particularly optimistic regarding their spending on dining and entertainment and prefer unique spots that offer variety. “My emphasis is widely Mediterranean, as it mirrors my own tastes and that of my loyal clientele. We reward them with fresh offerings, daily specials and seasonal treats,” said Jocelyne, who has time and again shown her enthusiasm and passion by brining in talented culinary experts from all over the Mediterranean and inscribed innovation on the menu. The personalised service at Mille Miglia is noteworthy as a trademark of the experience and one of the many reasons for its success. Jocelyne’s aim has been to create an ambience like home away from home, with wonderful service and delicious food. She also commented on the instant popularity any new dish receives at Mille Miglia. Customers can indulge their palate in luscious specialties, such as the signature Mille Miglia salad, Mille Hammour and Red Velvet Cake among many other favourites.

The restaurant’s name does every bit of justice to its decor and ambience. When asked about the unique automotive theme, Jocelyne said her passion for fine food and speedy cars produces a fabulous combination and this beautifully resonates with her customers who dine at the café. The décor includes automobile art, elongated cases full of car miniatures, funky wall colours drawing the race map and spacious seating. New additions have been made to the interiors to create special spaces for sports enthusiasts to watch a game as they munch on scrumptious delights. The café’s popularity soars during the holy month of Ramadan as many people decide to flock to Mille Miglia for Shisha time with friends post Iftar.


Jocelyne Chidiac

One of Mille Miglia USP is the stunning pool terrace that is popular during the winter months, with lounge tunes in the background, bean bags to laze on and garden swings that give everyone the rare opportunity to commune with nature – a true haven in the heart of Dubai. Speaking about her transition from a career in the automobile industry to restaurateur, Jocelyne said “It was challenging at first since I managed both responsibilities simultaneously. Then I decided that I wanted to focus on the service industry and materialise my dream of being a top-notch restaurateur.” Today, she credits her success to her discipline and dedication to the customer and being creative and up-to-date with trends. Jocelyne is the brand ambassador of Mille Miglia and is much appreciated by her clientele for her consistent efforts in offering a wonderful time at the café. Her long working hours surpass midnight, as the café comes to life under the stars, ensuring everything is in place and service is super efficient. Visit Mille Miglia in the daytime or in the evening to experience one of a kind dining and enriched hospitality.

Tel +971 4 3316288

CafĂŠs & Dining Out

Luxurious dining on Dubai Creek According to a recent survey by MasterCard, the world’s most trusted payment facility, the UAE is famous for world-class dining and a diverse array of cuisine offerings, which cater to a wide range of ethnic groups and age brackets. UAE consumers spend an average of USD 229 per month on eating out said the survey, which indicated positively on the hospitality sector. Setting a new benchmark in luxurious dining, transforming a traditional Dhow cruise experience to a contemporary and artistic way to feast is the elegant Bateaux Dubai. Enjoy a beautifully romantic dinner onboard the glass-encased Bateaux Dubai, transforming the traditional Dhow experience into something spectacular.


Dubai’s only glass-encased floating five-star restaurant; Bateaux Dubai has a winning formula of fine dining under the stars. A red carpet leads you up to the Bateaux Dubai, and you are sure to feel like a celebrity as you board the vessel. The smooth sail along Dubai Creek gives you a glimpse of the traditional Bastakiya and modern landmarks of Deira and Bur Dubai. Bateaux Dubai resonates brand values of excellence and personalised hospitality. The 56-metres long cruise is creatively designed with a flat bottom and four independent engines for the waters of the creek to ensure the boat sails seamlessly. The smoothness of this luxurious floating restaurant allows you to freely move around and enjoy your time on deck under the stars. Cruising along the Dubai Creek for more than five years, Bateaux Dubai has gained the privilege of being recognised as a desirable dining destination for local residents and a must-have experience for visitors. With a combination of cutting edge technology and optimal effort, the cruise is a creation of the reputed

A gourmet journey and a feast for the eyes, Bateaux Dubai combines the best flavours with Dubai’s wonderful night scenery.

French company Seine Design. The restaurant deck has floor to ceiling glass windows ensuring unobstructed 360-degree views of the traditional sights. In addition, the hi-tech air-conditioning facility ensures utmost comfort, while a top-end sound system delivers a splendid acoustic experience. Offering its guests a rare fusion of sensory delights, both visual and savoury, chefs at Bateaux Dubai have devised a superb high tea menu consisting of a variety of gourmet sandwiches, warm scones with homemade jam and clotted cream, plus pastries such as chocolate éclairs, lemon meringue, baked pear tart, berry pavlova and coconut marshmallows. The gastronomy is alluring with a wonderful display of local architecture. The aquatic theme of the interiors, shine with glossed wood and dim lighting, is ideal for quixotic dining. The impeccable staff is hands on with the management of Bateaux and warmly welcome the guests aboard. A leisurely cruise along the Creek accompanied by a unique culinary adventure is the only way to describe this splendid getaway. Bateaux Dubai makes itself available for various events such as romantic specials, corporate functions, private parties, fashion shows, press conferences, product launches, wedding receptions and so much more. The cruise houses over 300 standing guests for cocktail receptions or 200 comfortably seated guests with ample


space between tables. For private parties, the gourmet menu can be altered to your liking in advance, while on public cruise nights Bateaux Dubai presents an extensive a la Carte menu. The menu is international with some East-meetsWest inspired dishes. The chef uses unique ingredients and delectable food is prepared on board in a specially designed kitchen. Bateaux Dubai’s prestige and panache as a superb dinner cruise surpassing the traditional expectations promises an unforgettable experience and is definitely should not be missed.

Tel +971 4 3994994



Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

Buzzing world of art Art makes ordinary life just a bit more interesting. Contemporary art deals with issues directly related to its present day world. Founded in 2008, Carbon 12 is a major contemporary art destination in Dubai and a leading symbol of emerging artists as well as internationally recognised names.


Situated in Alserkel Avenue - Al Quoz, here you can find art in its most vibrant form, covering a broad selection of mediums including photography, painting, and sculpture and media art. Modern artists have chosen to highlight the idea or impulse behind their work rather than focusing on the medium or method used. Open to experimentation, art expression in the Middle East has got audience thinking about the subject as the most important aim of the artwork.   The introduction of contemporary art marked the breaking of manacles by artists to move from the conventional inclination towards aesthetic beauty and purity to address subjects such as politics, which affect the layman. This is what brought the common man closer to the artist who didn’t seem ‘high and mighty’ like an untouchable philosopher any more. The gallery is recognised as one of the leading persuaders on the subject of nurturing young emerging talent. Carbon12 represents artists and showcases incredible artwork of numerous artists around the globe providing them with opportunities to

take their place in the international spotlight. Carbon 12 constantly initiates to cross boundaries and set its artists on the international stage every year on various occasions, including Art Dubai or VIP Art Fair making the Dubai hub and home alike. This distinct position encourages Carbon 12 to place artists from the region within a wider context. With a fusion of painting and photography, the renowned Carbon 12 reflects on the present state and redefines the way contemporary art is visualised. The spontaneous and calm, yet curious and audacious nature of Carbon 12 makes its approach towards art varied from conventional galleries. Carbon 12 displays the work of world class artists such as the photographer Erwin Olaf, who recently received the prestigious Dutch State Prize of the Arts, Johannes Vermeer Award 2011, André Butzer, known as “the best abstract painter in the world” and numerous other artisans. One of the well-known emerging artists is Sadjdi, an Iranian painter whose vast apocalyptic landscapes fashioned from household

paint illustrate a dark, deserted world almost devoid of human life. By conducting solo and group exhibitions with structural interests, the gallery’s prime mission is to deeply investigate into the current state of contemporary art and broaden the scope of emerging artists with their agenda. Several interesting solo adventures and collaborative experiments are in planning, so stay tuned for Carbon 12 in and beyond 2012.

Tel +971 50 4644392


Arts & Culture

Spearheading art and expression The arts industry in the UAE ropes in close to 20,000 visitors from 31 different countries annually. Leading art auctions surpass more than Dh 51 million per auction. thejamjar Gallery stands out as one of the few committed to the ideals and values of the art industry.


Commitment to the arts For the last seven years, thejamjar Gallery has become a dedicated zone to promote the arts and culture scene in Dubai. It carves a platform for like-minded individuals to express through dialogue and interaction, and boasts a diverse range of art forms such as film, music, theatre and the visual arts.

A wide range of services The gallery includes an extensive portfolio of services, such as art consulting, organising events for public and private art projects, and the Creative Learning programme, which is an integral component of thejamjar ethos. thejamjar has also dedicated itself to nurturing young and upcoming artists, which is done through the artist residency programme. It promotes cultural exchange through its collaborations with renowned international galleries. The 40,000 square feet DIY studio is quite possibly the unique trademark of thejamjar. Equipped with easels, paint and art supplies, along with a coffee bar and music, the studio aims to bring art alive in a relaxed and friendly environment. In addition, thejamjar also actively advocates the creative arts scene in Dubai, by supporting local theatre productions, hosting ‘Act Up!’, a yearly scriptwriting competition, and conducting ‘mahmovies!’, a bi – annual series of diverse and provocative art house films, curated by renowned director Mahmoud Kaabour.

studios, art centres, alternative art spaces and art fairs. According to Ms. Pawani, “The ArtBus is not merely restricted to art aficionados. Just about anyone - college students, art teachers, visitors or other interested individuals can board the tour, for an initiation and firsthand experience of art in Dubai. Our guides are friendly and trained, and will provide pertinent information to give passengers an appetite before they reach their destination.” ArtintheCity is greatly instrumental in Art Dubai the leading art festival in the UAE, and is instrumental in its proceedings and events. The festival takes place annually in March. Year after year, thejamjar Gallery continues to play a prominent role in the local art scene and is anticipated to bring new innovation, artists and ventures to region in the coming months.

ArtintheCity In the year 2007, thejamjar decided to spearhead an exciting new project, known as ArtintheCity. It is a comprehensive arts and culture guide, designed to provide information about the world of visual arts, literature, film, theatre, music and literature in the UAE This is facilitated by a regularly updated website, a community blog, social media, and even an iPhone application. “We have had two motives in developing this concept - to make a meaningful contribution to Dubai’s vibrant and burgeoning cultural palette, and to offer residents and visitors an unprecedented treat” stated Hetal Pawani, director of thejamjar Gallery. ArtintheCity contains innovative concepts- the ArtMap and the ArtBus. The ArtMap, an initiative supported by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, is a tri-annual publication which features up to date maps of the UAE’s developing landscape and acts as a platform to a global audience by working with local galleries, international art fairs and biennials. The ArtBus, known as the UAE’s shuttle to the arts, provides guided tours of the city’s prominent galleries,


Tel +9714 341 7303

Arts & Culture

Creativity galore Art is inherent to shape the cultural and social structure of any society, as it draws on the rich heritage of people from different nationalities. Launched in 2006 with a vision to create a truly extraordinary educational as well as entertainment flagship, the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre is one such remarkable milestone on the city’s cultural landscape.

DUCTAC, the brainchild of local art-lovers, emerging as a vibrant symbol of the diversity and cultural affluence of Dubai, it is the first modern and versatile performing arts centre in the Gulf providing innumerable opportunities nestled within an enjoyable and artistic atmosphere. The core mission of the centre is to involve the community and encourage a spirit of participation into various activities, further discovering new talents in

the creative field. DUCTAC aspires to confer towards the artistic and cultural expansion of the region by hosting a variety of events and performances for Dubai’s global population and tourists. The centre incorporates something for all art lovers irrespective of their age and background. Set in the heart of the Mall of the Emirates and spanning about 7,424sqm, the venue embraces a 543


seat theatre, a 150 capacity studio theatre, a high specification visual arts gallery, dance and rehearsal spaces, specialised studios for activities like painting, sculpture and photography are fully equipped to meet the needs of every level, ranging from beginners to professionals. In addition to these, the centre is also home to an Arts Materials Shop and The Old Library, the oldest English language library in the city. As a non-profit organisation, DUCTAC became a reality with the support of numerous leading multinational and local corporations. Bringing the best in dance, music, and theatre to the city’s residents and visitors, the centre manages a wide variety of shows, events, exhibitions, workshops and classes, which take place every week and provide edutainment in almost every creative genre.  Apart from showcasing local and international artists, DUCTAC exhibits many annual cultural projects. Every year from November to March, the centre hosts an art festival, which represents adept performers from the region and around the world. The Gallery of Light at the Arts Centre is concerned with exhibiting arts practice that is evolving and experimental and collaborating with under-represented artists both regionally and internationally. A course at DUCTAC’s Manu Chhabria Art Centre is an ideal way for art enthusiasts in the UAE to undertake a new hobby and enhance their ability or ascertain a new skill. With a vast number of classes appropriate for every stage, from a beginner to an advanced learner, it’s all made available within this remarkable venue. In addition to its numerous art divisions, the centre also provides programmes for drama and dance,

which is a perfect medium for children and adults to enhance their communication tacts and level of focus and imagination. Engaging in such activities proves to be vital for future development as it is a great way to boost self-confidence and enable interaction with a wider group of people. Above all, it is an exciting and motivating venue for education, recreation and creativity and is destined to become The Cultural Heartbeat of Dubai with massive opportunities and ample resources equipped at the centre, which are open to the entire community of Dubai.

Tel +971 4 3414777


Arts & Culture

Art from Arabia Established in 1995 by pioneering Syrian Mayla Atassi, the Green Art Gallery symbolises and supports regional art, providing an opportunity for aspiring artists. It is one of the first galleries in the country to be a local foundation and has represented major contemporary Arab and international artists.


Since its launch, the gallery has mainly focused on the artists from the Arab World, such as Lebanese artist Paul Guiragossian, Syrian master artists Fateh Moudarres and Louay Kayyali, and Iraqi artist Ismail Fattah. It has also been a channel for a number of internationally recognised artists. With a white palette and spacious flooring, Green Art provides a perfect stop-off for those who admire serene surrounding and some exquisite culture. With standard temporary exhibitions and an increasing permanent collection directed on the work of artists residing in the UAE, this commercial gallery is dedicated to fostering local talent and developing the art scene. In addition, it helps to edify artists about

international art distribution and endorsement. In 2008, under the supervision of its director Yasmin Atassi, the gallery’s image was recreated with a reformed identity and artist record, only maintaining the brand name. To this day, Green Art Gallery is one of the finest galleries in UAE, showcasing artwork with an alluring mix of abstract, impressionist, traditional realism and modernist styles. After relocating itself to a 3000 square feet warehouse in 2010, the gallery widened the scope for several inventive and outstanding ventures for future development. Most recently, the gallery has been persistent towards the growth of popular and upcoming artists around the globe including Hale Tenger, Kamrooz Aram, and Shadi Habib Allah to the artist roster. Green Art Gallery has become a prominent part of varied local and global art fairs, including Art Dubai, Zoom Art Fair in Miami, Contemporary Istanbul in Turkey, and most recently the Moving Image Fair in London. Currently, the gallery is said to conduct vital projects in collaboration with international curators to the spectators of Dubai. Only a minor number of institutions in Dubai share such history and awareness of regional art as Green Art. The gallery aspires to persistently maintain local trends in contemporary art.

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Mall Destinations

Mall Destinations

Just what you need With an extensive array of ostentatious malls, exclusive outlets and designer boutiques, the region has earned its status as a shopper’s paradise. The launch of the first shopping mall in Dubai thirty years ago effectively opened the gates for the Emirate’s booming retail sector. One such shopper friendly mall situated at a short distance from the heart of Dubai is the Oasis Centre.


Dubai is the most established retail location in the UAE and continues to stay advanced in terms of product. As per research carried out by Cushman & Wakefield, the annual footfall in major regional malls remains strong, with the malls in Dubai attracting a significantly higher volume of visitors rising up to 37 million. A mid-sized shopping mall owned and managed by the Landmark Group, Oasis Centre continues to serve the ever-growing population in the Dubai city. The 1.44 million square feet mall spread across four levels is the Emirate’s exclusive shopping landmark, with a plethora of brands across categories to choose from, making it a one-stop destination. The centre gains reputation for its key strengths such as convenience and choice of valuefor-money stores across diverse brands. “The Oasis Centre in Dubai provides a truly shopper friendly environment. It is offers its customers a completely engaging encounter. With kiosks in the walkways and numerous stores, you’re sure to find something you’re looking for,” says Neelesh Bhatnagar, Neelesh Bhatnagar, Director, Oasis Centre

Director Oasis Centre. “For shopping scoop one can always pick up the very handy Oasis Times, the mall newsletter on what’s hot and what’s not and countless store promotion information,” he adds. The mall boasts its multiple and diverse outlets housing over 84 stores and provides the finest range of retail merchandise including Home Centre, Babyshop, Splash, Shoe Mart, Lifestyle and Beauty Bay, the rapidly booming electronics chain in the UAE called E-max and Q Home Décor, unique world of furnishing luxury. Its well-structured, elegant and spacious ambience offers something for everyone. With a wide variety of dining and entertainment options visitors experience more than just shopping at Oasis Centre.

From fine dining to fun and family dining, Oasis Centre has over 15 restaurants, to suit every taste. It has an enormous food court with specialty eateries, fast food, ice cream parlours and cafés aplenty that will tenaciously tempt your taste buds. As for entertainment, Fun City is the perfect place for children with creative games and fun-filled programmemes designed to engage and excite abound. For adults who wish to indulge in wellness therapies or looking forward to a workout session, Oasis Centre includes one of the largest wellness and fitness hotspots within a dedicated area of 70,000 square feet namely, Fitness First, a prominent chain of world-class gym and health club facilities, as well as the transformational Balance Wellness 360 degree Club and Café. One of the unique concepts at the mall is the Cello Music and Ballet Centre, which provides an opportunity to the adults and children to whet their dancing talents with extensive lessons in music, ballet, belly dance, jazz, tap dance, hip hop and martial arts. Recently, an addition to experiences at Oasis was the Beat Diabetes Walkathon with celebrity partners and over 400 participants walking for a good cause. As a part of Landmark’s initiative to raise awareness about a crucial health problem in the region, Oasis Centre became the epicentre of activity and engagement with the community.

Loyalty Rewards Landmark Group’s loyalty scheme called Shukran extends brownie points to customers on their purchase, making Oasis Centre a shopping haven. For loyal patrons looking to avail further value-for-money, Shukran is a truly rewarding experience and a smart way to earn and redeem rewards ensuring customer satisfaction. As the mall celebrates it’s third anniversary with humungous prizes and awe-inspiring discounts, not to miss the entertainment and treats for little ones, Oasis Centre is just what you need for a day of fun in the city.

Tel +971 4 5154000


Mall Destinations

For the love of shopping UAE is the retail maze of the Middle East. The grandeur of malls lures millions of globetrotters every year making it one of the most celebrated shopping destinations. Not only do these malls house the best brands but provide amusement, dining, entertainment and leisure under one roof. One such world class shopping paradise, located in the heart of Sharjah, is Mega Mall.

The rebranding campaign of Mega Mall has garnered much attention in the media. This commendable creative effort was rewarded for its brilliant marketing by earning Mega Mall a spot in the top three finalists at the 2011 International Council of Shopping Centres MENA Marketing Awards, in the advertising category.

As a generous reward for its customers and retailers, Mega Mall launched the 10-month long promotion raffling off the stunning new 2011 BMW 316i each month. Between March 1 and December 31, 2011, shoppers were entitled to a coupon for every Dh 200 spent at the mall, which got them closer to their dream car.


Rendering an unforgettable experience to adept shoppers, Mega Mall is one of the largest malls situated in the Northern Emirates. It holds the most popular international, regional and local brands in its premises. The Mall boasts a wide diversity of outlets with over 150 retail shops and anchor stores, seven-screen cinema, a family entertainment centre and a food court with over 15 outlets, making it a one-stop spot for all the fun you want to have.

A new beginning

Fantasy and more

After decades of success and recognition, Mega Mall has undergone an image revamp that embodies a new look and feel of the brand of Mega Mall. With the unveiling of a new logo, the management revealed the significance of the two intersecting letter M’s. Not only does it represent the initials of the mall but it also symbolises the mall’s aim to live in harmony with the community, making it a part of their daily lifestyle. Through beautiful colours and timeless designs, Mega Mall embraces the Islamic traditions and keeps alive the heritage and humility of Sharjah.

If parents wish to indulge in retail therapy undisturbed, Mega Mall has one of the largest operating indoor family theme parks in the UAE, based on an oriental theme story built up to provide edutainment with a dash of mystery and magic. Antics Land, as it’s called, is a mysterious land full of surprises for the little ones. It encompasses a rollercoaster, monorail, 3D cinema with latest animated flicks for kids. A haunted house, flying fish, twister, tumbling treasure and mini ferries wheel are just some of the many thrilling experiences enjoyed not only by children but also their guardians.

Shop till you drop

Loyalty Rewards

Mega Mall includes a wide variety of retail outlets providing superior quality consumer goods for men, women and children. From high-end footwear and handbags, jewellery and watches, cosmetics and health products, sportswear, household goods and electronic items, there’s nothing you wouldn’t find here. The spirit of the mall remains in its excellent quality of products while attractive prices and promotions are bringing 20,000 to 30,000 shoppers every day.

Aptly named, the Mega More Loyalty Programmeme provides ongoing discounts in selected outlets while constantly keeping the customers informed of the latest promotions and sale sprees. Throughout 2011 loyal customers have enjoyed a unique promotion where every month a brand new BMW 316i was raffled off. Shoppers were entitled to a coupon for every Dh 200 spent at Mega Mall between March 1 and December 31, 2011.

Food and film Whether you wish to grab a quick bite to eat between shopping sprees or dine in style with your family and friends, Mega Mall lets you do your thing. It has a large food court with Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese and Italian cuisines among the many other multicultural cuisine options. If you’re not the dining kind, then you’ll spot cosy coffee shops and enticing ice cream parlours. On the entertainment front, the seven-screen Grand Cinemas offers visitors the latest films for all age groups with various language options, from English to Arabic and Asian languages.

No compromise Mega Mall provides additional facilities for its visitors with helpful services like ATMs and all-day banking services, currency exchange, public payphones, indoor and outdoor car parking facilities accommodating up to 1000 vehicles and convenient access to public transport. Mega Mall is a must-visit destination for every shopaholic who wants only the best things in life.

Tel +971 6 5746666

As a mark of respect and solidarity, the 40th anniversary celebrations of United Arab Emirates as a nation were as grand as it could get. From folklore, to painting competitions and outdoor and indoor souks, Mega Mall welcomed guests from the public as well as different government departments to join the celebration.


Mall Destinations

Arabian style retail therapy Dubai’s popularity as the world’s premier shopping destination comes as no surprise with more than 54 million visitors in only shopping malls in 2011, surpassing the 39.2 million visitors to the Times Square in New York City.Though there’s a surprising assumption that if you’ve seen one mall, you’ve seen them all. With an overabundance of global brands, each mall provides a different flavour of entertainment. Behold, the majestically Arabian yet contemporary, Mirdif City Centre by Majid Al Futaim Group.


Ecology and community

Ramp it up in style

Being the first shopping mall in the region to follow ecofriendly and sustainable construction techniques, Mirdif City Centre proffers a spectacular architectural backdrop to impressive options of retail and entertainment concepts. With social mottos of community building, MCC has dedicated areas medical clinics, spa, personal grooming facilities and a fitness centre. Entertainment zones for children, over 430 stores for grown-ups to indulge, and gigantic food courts in every direction, this is ‘the place for you’.

With more than 260 stores all dedicated to fashion and beauty, MCC is the only answer to every fashion conundrum. Fetching a new wardrobe is now made easy with an unusual blend of luxury, high street and affordable casual brands at the mall. At MCC, vanity knows no boundaries. Your expectations for products, be it men or women, will surpass and you’ll be transfixed to choose what’s best for you.

Food and fun Many have outgrown the conventional food court because of a lack of personalized experience. At MCC, a new genre of gourmet dining within a mall has caught everyone’s attention. With stunning interiors, impeccable service and food presentation, you don’t feel like your in a mall premises. PLAYNATION, a unique interactive leisure zone for children and adults, is always bustling. Bowling, rides, I-FLY- Dubai’s first indoor skydiving adventure spot and cute trolleys for cotton candy and juicy treats will engage you in a theme park inspired journey. Parents can leave their children busy and happy at AQUAPLAY, an indoor water-based edutainment junction, and watch a flick at VOX Cinemas. If nothing, the Central Galleria at MCC always has stage shows with comic and mime artists, dance performances, flash mobs and live music performances to mesmerize you.

Did You Know? Mirdif City Centre is the first shopping mall in the UAE to be awarded the GOLD LEED certification for sustainability in September 2011. Awarded a Guinness World Record for the most people painting simultaneously during the MCC’s opening week, and as a part of its Community Art Project, 481 students from around Dubai brought their creativity together for a record attempt. In November 2010, the mall was awarded two international marketing awards, a gold and silver, from the International Council of Shopping Centres, for the Asia region. It is the only shopping avenue from the Middle East to win such accolades.

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Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury & Lifestyle

World class confectionary for all ages Regarded as the one of the most vibrant sectors in the Middle East food industry, the confectionery market is worth Dh 300 million, records an annual growth of 10 percent and predicts a rise to 16 percent by 2014. Candelite, a new confectionery and savoury concept by Landmark Group, offers an extensive range of 2000 products and 100 brands, from over 20 countries. Candelite, the exciting confectionery and savoury concept by Landmark Group, offers an extensive range of 2000 products and 100 brands, from over 20 countries.

Sweet success Founded in February 2011, Candelite is the newest feather in the Landmark Group cap, whose retail turnover is estimated at USD 4.7 billion. With the growth of the confectionery market approximated at 94.7 percent over the last six years, Candelite has entered the area at an appropriate time, with a wide variety of products on offer. According to Vipen Sethi, CEO of Landmark Group,

“the decision to develop and invest in the confectionery and savoury concept comes from the need to fill a gap in the market and bring premium global brands that offer exceptional value for money. The Landmark Group is leveraging its solid retail strength to organize and realise the business potential of this dynamic sector in the region. Candelite is our unique treat to the Middle East consumer and we are confident it will evolve as the preferred choice across all age groups.�


You need not compromise on health to experience the wonderful offerings from Candelite as it houses plenty suger-free no guilt options.

A little something for everyone Candelite is divided into eight diverse sections, which ensure a choice of treats for anyone. The sections include Kiddy Delites, Funky Treats, No-Guilt Options, Classic Delites, Gourmet Room, Snackin’ Around, Gifts Galore and Chill Out Zone. With 19.5 percent of the population currently living with diabetes, the store takes health issues of Middle East residents into consideration, which is the motivating factor behind the section ‘NoGuilt Options’. The section contains a wide spectrum of sugar-free, organic, gluten-free, low-calorie and all-natural brands, which are put through a series of stringent laboratory tests by their manufacturers and certified by the respective regulatory authorities for their nutritional value. The range represents almost 12 percent of the collection in the store. Another prominent section of Candelite is the Gourmet Room, which boasts high end chocolate brands such as ‘Rococo’, artisan chocolates from the UK, ‘Divan’, gourmet Turkish delights, and ‘Al Nassma’, the only camel milk chocolate in the UAE Candelite’s Business Head Jani Viswanath stated, “Extensive research of the confectionery and

snack industry has gone into the making of Candelite. We aim to cater to the eclectic choices of the multicultural palate that defines the Middle East region. We have selectively identified brands and products that are healthy, nutritious and offer unmatched taste,”

One can find a variety of organic options in chocolates and savouries at Candelite, it’s what makes them refreshingly different and unmatchable.

A prosperous future The Landmark Group has rolled out four large-format stores covering a total retail space of over 14,500 sq. feet. This includes four large shop formats and seven small format stores making a presence in different shopping malls in the UAE With a starting investment of USD 100 million, Candelite aims to open nearly 50 small and large format outlets in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the near future.

So much chocolate and so little time is exactly what one feels when visiting a Candelite outlet in their nearby mall because there’s something for every family member.


Tel +971 4 809 5633

Chapter Fashion



Secret of chic Styling involves character playing. Conquering a slight coquettish flair by flouting essential style rules is the ultimate poise for any woman with a love for fashion. If you are devoted enthusiast, your heart is expected to skip a beat when you hear the word S*uce. Under the vision of Zayan Ghandour, Fatima Ghobash and Dina Valrani, the store characterizes fashion muses with its extensive couture mix.

S*uce was never the one to follow trends, so when the first store opened at the Village Mall in the February of 2004, its tenacious spirit to be unique spoke through its ambiance and dĂŠcor. Overwhelmed by the response from the local patrons, the expansion progressed towards the capital city and by 2010, S*uce was ready for The Dubai Mall. A store that breeds between Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Vanessa Bruno, Zac Posen and many other contemporary brands, S*uce has locally established itself

as a dominant base for transnational couture. Fashion has a fickle personality; it is nervy and impatient, sometimes, even nostalgic for the past, but mostly leaning towards its fixation for new and improved philosophies. S*uce’s brand mix supports this dictum. New designers breaking into the scene are finding solace in its brand equity. Fleamandonna, Deloris Petunia, Fairground and Maria Lucia Hohan are a few of the regional newcomers scheming under the patronage of S*uce.


Often in Dubai, art and fashion entwine with one another for higher cause. S*uce collaborates with the Art Week, by Art Dubai the leading international art fair in the MENA region held in the month of March every year. Art Week positions this region as an arena for newfangledart production. S*uce has also involved itself with different genre of eccentric artists like Fafi, LemaAlireza, Polly Becker and Sugar Vintage. This foundation of a meaningful association arises from the commitment organisers of Art Week show towards the participation of local art organisations, colleges, commercial galleries and non-commercial spaces. S*uce is where luxury meets panache. Conde Nast, Forbes, Travel and Leasure and US Vogue are only a few top scores in the list of publications S*uce has been featured in. Whilst, awards like Emirates Woman Best Independent Boutique of the Year Award in 2006 and the Best Boutique at the Grazia style awards 2007, 2010 and 2011 are accentuating this tangible style portal’s brand image. Retail may have been where S*uce began, but it is not where it ends. Serving as the distribution arm of S*uce, Two Scoops was launched in 2010. A team that bears 16 years of fashion trade show experience across Paris, Tokyo, London, Milan, New York, LA, and Sydney, along with a growing network of buyer relationships, Two Scoops works closely with young designers to launch and expand their brands both regionally and internationally. S*uce’s constant drive to remain the finest soughtafter-fashion-forward store, leaves one wanting more than they should possess.

Dubai • Abu Dhabi

A concoction of subdued flamboyance, exclusive style sense, and a mysterious yearning makes an impeccably dressed woman even more irresistible. A woman who wears apparels from S*uce lives this dream; she is the quintessence of full stop glamour in life.

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Fashion Fashion

Passionately Pretty - NOOSH


The burgeoning fashion industry of the UAE largely constitutes to the revenue of the nation. According to a new report by consultants AT Kearney, the UAE has the highest fashion clothing sales per capita per year clearly signifying the audience appeal towards luxury apparel. A name that embodies extravagance in fashion is NOOSH; with brand identity of Passionately Pretty, this is established on the philosophy that casual doesn’t mean boring and that formal can be striking without being over the top and high maintenance.

Much like the city of Dubai, Noora Alikhan combines both her western influence and Middle Eastern cultural vision onto the garments for NOOSH Couture.

Inspired by something as simple as coffee, the woman behind NOOSH, Noora Alikhan found herself drawn to sketching dresses over café lattes while acquiring culinary expertise and practicing painting in Florence. “There are almost no dresses in my collections you couldn’t wear to brunch with your friends and keep on through the day till dinner with. That was especially important to me because it is exactly what I felt was missing in my otherwise flourishing wardrobe”. While the ideation may have started with a

cup of coffee, the beautiful colours on the streets of Florence stirred NOOSH’s aesthetic. Built on Noora’s love for style that is effortless and feels true to the person individuality, her description for casual means simply ‘no-fuss wear’. To enhance her natural flamboyance in fashion design, Noora took courses from London School of Fashion and soon after, NOOSH was launched in mid-2011 at a chic art gallery in DIFC where the city’s glitterati got talking at the avant-garde feel of the collection. Growing amidst its up-close and personal fan-base, all their dresses 1 Best of Dubai 114

are devised with meticulous ideas and modern art concepts. These dresses feel just as good on the inside as they look on the outside. The detailing brought home by Noora as beautiful memories from trips to Italy, adds a precious touch with its sparing usage. “Little luxuries, from soft linings to a beautifully unique dress bag, I want someone to feel the love we put in all the details,” says Noora. Much like the city of Dubai, Noora Alikhan combines both her western influence and Middle Eastern cultural vision onto the garments for this special collection. One of her notable collection is ‘Art

on Hanger’ that showed at the lavish Armani Prive Club inside the Burj Khalifa and involved collaboration with regional artists like Nik Nejad, Laila Masri, Tini Meyer. “Sometimes I look at a painting and love it so much that I want to wear it!” Encouraged by this thought, the designer Noora Alikhan has created this collection. Keeping up with four seasons of luscious fashion, this designer has got the technique of getting things right. The concoction of personal favourites with a touch of prevailing design sense, she experiments with fabrics, colours, styles and embellishments expressing a playful side of femininity.

“Little luxuries, from soft linings to a beautifully unique dress bag, I want someone to feel the love we put in all the details.” Noora Alikhan Tel +971 50 8410751

Best of Dubai




Bringing together the fashionable With consumer spending rising by nine percent in 2010, the fashion market in the region is progressing radically. One of the leading contributors to these staggering numbers has been ‘United Designers’, a pioneering retail and fashion concept store conceived by Yahya Stapic, in October 2011.

Yahya Stapic, Founder and CEO, United Designers, inaugurating its very first store at Mirdif City Centre

With a clothing market worth USD 12 billion and the highest per capita sales in the world, the Gulf is emerging as the heart of the global fashion industry. In 2010, the UAE was ranked as the second most attractive market for apparel retailers after South Africa. According to a study conducted by the French Fashion University Esmod - Dubai, the leading fashion institution in the region, the surge in the Arab fashion sector is a combined result of the emerging pervasive ‘mall culture’,

a robust retail fashion business; and a rising regional interest in the world’s top designers and the growing popularity of Arab designers. According to the survey, one-third of the respondents claimed to be buying luxury goods and were identified as one of the most energetic consumers for designer apparel and accessories. With no dearth of choice or brands, the cosmopolitan city of Dubai particularly, has become renowned as a melting pot of fashion brands.


The first of its kind in the region, the United Designers concept store located at Mirdiff City Centre offers accomplished as well as upcoming fashion enthusiasts, the opportunity to showcase their work on a commercial level within the fashion industry. Through specialized business support, a fashion savvy team, multi-platform integrations, and a retail counterpart, it provides the stepping-stone for local and independent designers to realize their dreams and discover new horizons. “United Designers is the ideal platform for designers to shine brighter and is not only about discovering and nurturing new and existing fashion talent in the UAE, but also mentoring so they can build their brand. United Designers is the new generation of the UAE fashion scene and we’re extremely excited about what it means for the local fashion industry as a whole,” says Yahya Stapic CEO and Founder.

The regional fashion scene is still unveiling but statistics reveal that the industry is moving in the right direction. Inspired by the desire to help realize individual potential, and enhance the quality and diversity of Middle East fashion, United Designers is undertaking steps to emerge as a hub where design philosophies are born and nurtured. The boutique aims to showcase between 20-30 designers, each with their own branded retail space, granting customers access to creations designed exclusively for the store. Representing labels like ANAYA, ARAS Jewellery, Black Apple, Dar Maryam Al Shaibani, Dima Ayad, Gaiora, GRIN, Homa Q Abayas, KALA, Le Grana, Maison Rana, Meher & Riddhima, nawá, poca & poca, Queen Abayas, PONSOT prêt- à-porter, Rouge Couture and Shrekahnth, United Designers plans to expose UAE audiences to fresh, trendy, and exclusive creations catering to individuals with diverse personalities, styles and attitudes. Whether its women who walk on the fashion edge or those who adopt a more conservative approach, United Designers manages to strike the perfect balance between modesty and extravagance. Being born out of a CSR initiative itself, United Designers believes in giving something back to society. Working under the banner of UD Engage, the corporate social responsibility initiative, United Designers aims to interface with the creative community and promote projects that help create socially, economically, and environmentally healthy communities. By undertaking initiatives that allow it to collaborate and engage with artists, stylists, photographers, graphic designers, and students on fresh and exciting projects, it is establishing itself as more than just a commercial entity. In the words of Stapic, “As a community inspired enterprise, United Designers was keen to play an integral role in the design field right from the outset. UD Engage promises to give comprehensive support and encouragement to artists, creatives and designers, on all levels.” Raising the bar for the fashion industry worldwide, United Designers is inspiring young fashion aficionados to pursue and realize their dreams and ambitions.

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" Everything we do is guided by our clear core values of ‘Passion for excellence, Integrity in everything we do and Commitment to all stakeholders.’  These values guide us along the path to distinction and help us reinforce our standing as a powerful business house and a beacon for Arab excellence."  Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani, Chairman, A W Rostamani Group


Total commitment There are currently many large business conglomerates in the UAE that started off as small, family enterprises in the 1950s and 1960s. Through intelligent investment and ambitious, strategic expansion, they have ridden the wave of growth in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s into highly successful operations, not just locally but regionally as well. Currently at the pinnacle of success, AW Rostamani Group is one of those special businesses.

From modest beginnings in 1965, Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani has grown his business into one of the largest and most respected commercial entities in the region. By successfully blending Emirati hospitality with international expertise, the AW Rostamani Group now boasts a diverse network of strategically located

businesses, everything from real estate and property development to logistics and lighting, to Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC), the heart of the current AWR Group. “A successful business must be run on family values, and you must treat your employees like they are family,�


says Michel Ayat, CEO AWR Automotive. “If your employees don’t feel like they are respected and valued, why would they want to work for you? This belief is at the core of the AW Rostamani Group.” Michel Ayat began his career at AWR in 1990, and has seen many changes and breakthroughs in the company in the years since. “One of the major milestones for AWR Automotive was in 1994, when Nissan established a regional office here in the UAE. This brought the brand directly to the market, where customers’ requirements could be evaluated firsthand, and it allowed us here at AAC to work directly with them as partners in the region, which benefitted everyone. “It became perfectly clear that to be successful here, an automotive brand needed to have the right combination of quality products, the right pricing, and the best after sales service possible. Nissan and AAC have been able to achieve this, and we owe our success to this strategic partnership.” AWR Automotive now also includes the Infiniti and Renault brands, with the AWR Trading Company division handling storied British brand Morris Garages (MG) and Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile (ZNA), two exciting new Chinese-owned entries into the Middle Eastern auto sector. “When deciding whom to partner with, we always look at quality as the number one determining factor – both quality of product and quality of people,” says Ayat. “After that, you must make sure you have a good IT infrastructure, and finally, you need to grow and maintain excellent customer relationships. If you do all these things, the financials will naturally fall into place.

Michel Ayat, CEO AWR Automotive

“This is an important lesson I’ve learned from two very influential figures for me – Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Mr. Al Rostamani has shown how a family business can thrive with passionate people at


Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani, Chairman, AWR Automotive

the helm, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s focus on quality and excellence in all areas of business is always an inspiration to reach for the highest levels of achievement. This is also one reason why our Emiratisation programmes have been so successful, and AWR currently employs many Emiratis in our HR, CRM (customer relationship management), support, procurement and finance departments.” With such a push for excellence, it’s no surprise that AWR’s goals for the future are ambitious. “Our main focus in the immediate future is to invest in strong opportunities in China and India to tap into the best that is available in these burgeoning markets,” says Michel Ayat. “Our main financial goal is to be a USD 2 billion-a-year revenue business by 2015. But, more than anything else, our overall goal is to be known universally as a ‘world class’ organisation in everything we do, from our systems and processes, to our excellent relationships with customers, to our support for and investment in employees.” For in the end, everything comes back to the people who form the core of the company. “We invest in our employees so they will invest in us,” continues Michel Ayat. “We have programmes in place to ensure the development and enrichment of our people, and we believe that special recognition for excellent work is very important as well. We want all our employees to understand they have been a big part in our success, and that they continue to be our most valued asset as we head into a bright future here at AWR.”


Ruling the automotive landscape “Very often, people will walk into the showroom and say ‘I want to buy a Nissan,’ when what they mean is they want to buy a Patrol,” says James Thomas, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC), Nissan’s exclusive distributor in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. “That’s how embedded both the brand and the Patrol itself are in the local culture and automotive landscape.”

It’s hard to argue that point. The Patrol is an iconic vehicle in the UAE, with a history dating back to the 1950s when traders used to need them to traverse the desert sands between, at the time, far-flung settlements and airports, either transporting their families or bringing goods to market. Now, of course, the UAE is a fully modern country with highways everywhere, yet the remembrance of those early days – and a passion for power, style and comfort – keeps the Patrol in the

enviable position as one of the best-selling Nissan models in the country, and one of the most recognizable vehicles on the roads of the region. Understanding the significance of the Patrol in UAE, Nissan Motor Company’s product planners in Japan took the bold step of actually designing the latest version, internally designated the Patrol ‘Y62’, specifically for the region, and even held the global launch at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace. The importance of that event


was reflected by the attendance of mercurial Nissan President Carlos Ghosn. The Y62 Patrol is now the basis of a limited edition 60th anniversary version, loaded with special features to celebrate a true automotive icon. Happily for Nissan, while the Patrol may be iconic in its own right, it certainly isn’t the only car with deep roots and passionate owners here in the UAE. The ubiquitous Sunny sedan has long been a mainstay for families as it has always offered a winning blend of affordability, spaciousness and comfort. Many Sunny owners are repeat customers, drawn back by the quality and durability they’ve come to expect from Nissan. “Sunny owners are extremely loyal,” continues Thomas. “We often hear from them that it’s almost as if their Sunny is an additional member of the family.” One of Nissan’s strengths is that it produces an array of vehicles across a wide spectrum of the automotive market. So while the Patrol offers rugged luxury, and the Sunny affordable durability, the GT-R delivers pure, unadulterated power with everyday drivability. With its show-stopping design, the sleek GT-R has developed a cult following in the UAE, with some local enthusiasts starting the ‘GTZ Club’ in 2009 to celebrate the GTR, 350Z and 370Z sports cars. The club has grown exponentially since then, and it has become a great way for people of many different nationalities to meet each other and socialize around their love of fast Nissans. The group frequently organises events and road trips around the UAE to spread the word about the driving excitement that GT-R offers, and to share their passion for the smell of high-octane petrol, burnt rubber and the sound of a powerful engine. Also extremely popular in Dubai, and around the world, is the Juke, the game-changing compact crossover launched in Dubai in late 2011. Praised for its unmatchable styling, the Juke’s popularity has made it a bit tricky to get a hold of, with AAC’s initial stock order selling out as soon as it arrived in the showrooms. And then along came ‘Juke-R’, taking Dubai by storm. Juke-R has the styling of a Juke but with the frame

James Thomas, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Arabian Automobiles Company

and engine of the GT-R supercar. It’s a powerful, funky car, and with those attributes, where better to stage its world premiere than in Dubai? Journalists from around the region and the world descended on the city in early 2012 to watch the ultimate crossover take on three supercars in a head-to-head battle for supremacy, beating them all handily – it’s all on YouTube too. The Juke-R proved to be such a huge success that Dubai residents are scrambling to figure out how to get one. So while the present is shining for Nissan in Dubai, the future looks just as bright. “Nissan sees the Middle East, and especially the UAE, as one of the leading regions for growth in the world,” says James Thomas. “With an aggressive product plan featuring new models and a strengthening of the brand’s position here, we expect to be turning a lot more heads in the years to come.”

Tel 800-NISSAN



Inspired performance “Every car Infiniti makes is designed and built around one simple concept: inspired performance,” says James Thomas, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC), Infiniti’s exclusive distributor in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. But Infiniti’s focus on luxury doesn’t end with the vehicle – it extends to all aspects of the customer experience: product, centre and service. State-of-the-art Infiniti Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road

Infiniti is a relative newcomer to the UAE, with the brand launching here in 2004. Since then it has seen itself claim larger and larger pieces of the luxury landscape, with the 2008 debut of the sleek and powerful second generation mid-size crossover FX one of the major turning points. “The market here loves the FX – it really took the market by storm when it launched here and it’s still our bestselling vehicle,” continues James Thomas. “In one sense,

you could say that the FX has become the ‘face of Infiniti’ in the region, and with a recent design enhancement early in 2012 giving it an even more powerful, athletic feel, things are looking better than ever.” Also on the product front, Infiniti is defining itself with more graceful and powerful offerings across all market segments. The G Coupe, G Sedan and G Convertible mix sensual, sporty designs with the high-quality and


individualized look that Infiniti is known for, while the M Sedan offers enough luxurious power and presence to rival even the most established names in the industry. On the crossover front, the EX model comes in as the junior partner to the previously mentioned FX, while rounding out the range is the magnificently appointed QX, a true luxury full-size SUV with an interior that can seat seven comfortably and adapt effortlessly for any need. But it’s not just the vehicles that define the company’s USPs as a luxury automaker. Everything about Infiniti’s ‘Total Ownership Experience’ (TOE®) (a trademarked customer handling process) is designed to deliver the best possible customer service from top to bottom, something James Thomas eagerly embraces and promotes. “It’s really up to us here at AAC to deliver on the promise of the Total Ownership Experience,” he says. “We fully believe that customers are not just customers … they are our guests, and as such, we offer them the highest standard of service possible, and that means treating them as our honoured guests when they come into the Infiniti Centre. Buying a luxury car is about more than just the car – it’s about the entire experience.” One of the most significant ways that AAC and Infiniti are investing in the TOE in Dubai is with the new, stateof-the-art Infiniti Centre plus dedicated service centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, which opened in 2011. As the largest Infiniti Centre of its type in the world, it has quickly become a noticeable point of reference in a city already famous for its many architectural statements. The Centre itself is a wonderful example of elegant, contemporary design, while the lobby, lounge and gallery areas all aim to promote a customer experience far beyond that of the automotive retailing norms. As Thomas aptly puts it, “AW Rostamani and AAC’s company vision is ‘I CAN,’ which stands for Integrity, Commitment, Adding value and never being satisfied. If we’re not offering our customers the best customer service we possibly can, then we’re doing something wrong.” Nissan (Infiniti’s parent company) agrees. AAC has been named a ‘Nissan Champion Distributor’,

James Thomas, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Arabian Automobiles Company

awarded for the highest levels of sales performance and customer satisfaction, for three years straight. “Being named a Champion Distributor three years in a row is a magnificent achievement, and it shows that ‘I CAN’ is not just lip service. We ensure that all our employees are passionate about the company and the products so that they are willing to go that extra mile. Given that we have an extremely high rate of customer retention for the region, we feel that we’re on the right track, but of course, we’re never satisfied.” The future is now all about continuing the Infiniti story, and working hard to put Infiniti firmly on the map not just in the UAE, but in the entire region as well. With the new quality and luxury standards being set now in Dubai, it shouldn’t be long before everyone else in the market starts following Infiniti’s lead.




Sleek and sophisticated “Between 2007 and 2011, we more than tripled our sales,” says Claudio Camera, General Manager, Dubai and Northern Emirates, Renault. Renault’s growth during that period far outpaced the market, and it is now the fastest growing automotive brand in the region.

Renault has become a great success story in the UAE. When AWR Automotive took over the brand in 2005 under the auspices of Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC), there was only a small selection of vehicles available, based mostly on what was then on offer in Western Europe. In the following years, AAC worked hard to expand Renault’s presence, evaluating the available product range to determine the best models

for the local market, and branching out into other channels, such as fleet sales. The result has been the freshest product range on the market, with Renault able to offer some of the best styling and safety standards at extremely affordable prices. “The main differentiators for us are safety and value,” continues Camera. “Twelve of our models have won 5-Star Euro NCAP awards, the highest possible


evaluation for safety in Europe. Many safety features that are extras in other cars, or that will become mandatory in the future, are already standard for Renault. We’ve always been ahead of the curve.” But with Renault, standard safety features do not equate to a sacrifice of style. Cars like the Laguna coupe, and especially the Megane convertible, demonstrate a sleek and sophisticated European look that rival anything else on the market, but at much more affordable prices. Success in the fleet sector has had trickle down effects to personal sales as well, as many people involved with the vehicles at their company will either recommend Renault to their friends, or else buy one themselves. “Fleet customers are extremely knowledgeable, discerning buyers,” says Claudio Camera. “They are always trying to find the best balance between price and value over a two-to-three year period. This is why many companies in the UAE, including the largest rental car company, have chosen Renault to include in their fleets, because of the value our cars provide in that they only need to be serviced once every 10,000 km. Renault also backs up every vehicle we sell with a full three-year, 100,000 km warranty. All this, combined with AAC’s already robust after-sales services, means our customers know they are completely covered no matter what the situation, and it’s why we’re seeing a very high rate of returning fleet customers.” One of Renault’s most popular recent models has been the Safrane. Stemming from the Renault/Samsung alliance in Korea, the Safrane was refreshed and relaunched specifically in the Gulf in 2008, and by 2010 had reinvigorated people’s awareness of Renault. “The new Safrane is now definitely our ‘pillar model,’” says Camera. “It was the main choice of our fleet customers, and the market is finding it highly desirable in terms of its affordability and quality.” All this success has not gone unnoticed by the

industry. In 2010, Dubai and Northern Emirates won the award for Best Sales Performance in the GCC, and just recently was awarded the Renault Dealer of the Year for the GCC for 2011 from Renault headquarters in France, a huge honour for Arabian Automobiles. “Winning the Dealer of the Year award was very special for us,” says Claudio Camera. “The whole team works extremely hard and is passionate about the brand, and so to have our achievements recognised globally meant a lot to everyone here in Dubai.” Buoyed by the positive results of recent years, Renault is planning an aggressive campaign to grow volumes by 67 percent in 2012, and grow the business by opening a new showroom and service centre in Sharjah to compliment the current centres in Deira and Al Quoz, along with rolling out plans to make sure Renault vehicles are serviceable anywhere across Dubai and the Northern Emirates, guaranteeing, as with all AAC offerings, that customers will have unrivalled access to services no matter where they are.

“We want to be in the top three of European brands in the UAE by 2015,” concludes Camera. “By expanding our footprint and launching great new models that fit the region, like the all new Duster, we know that we can achieve all our goals.”




The next big thing For decades, North America dominated the automotive manufacturing industry, but countries like Japan and Korea were able to establish brands strong enough to compete on the global market. China is currently positioned to be the next big player in the automotive industry. Showing great vision, AW Rostamani Trading Company has strategically partnered with China’s two largest automakers to bring the best of this exciting new market to the UAE.

Morris Garages Morris Garages (MG), the iconic British automaker, has been a true pioneer in the auto industry since its inception in 1924. Taking that heritage and melding it with modern technology and flourishes, SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), China’s largest and leading automotive manufacturer with over 5 million vehicles sold in 2011, re-launched the brand

in 2008 with an eclectic line-up guaranteed to make the difference by providing the absolute best value for money available. MG offers everything from the funky MG 3 hatchback to the sporty 350, 550 and 6 sedans, to the ground-breaking, amazingly affordable luxury of the well-appointed 750. AWR Trading is confident that MG will be able to quickly find a place in the UAE market.


“We have a very strong belief in the MG brand,” says M.K. Rajkumar, Director, AWR Trading. “We tested these cars for over two years here in the UAE to ensure that they would be a good fit for the country’s unique climate, geography and consumer, and confirmed them to be of European quality in both material and manufacture. And, since MG is part of the AWR Trading family, customers have access to the best after-sales network available, with fourteen service centres across the UAE. We’re confident that all these things add up to a winning recipe for success.”

ZNA ZNA (Zhengzhou Nissan Automotive Co) is another great Chinese success story. Established in 1993, ZNA is a joint-venture between DongFeng Group and Nissan and builds both Nissan- and ZNA-branded vehicles, making it China’s second largest manufacturer after SAIC. Nissan’s investment ensures a strict approach to quality, with all design and manufacture done in collaboration with Nissan engineers, and most ZNA vehicles include Nissan components. AWR Trading’s main focus for ZNA in the region (they are the distributors in the UAE, KSA, Oman and Iraq) is fleet sales – everything from taxis, to driving schools, to employee transport. ZNA’s main offerings are perfectly suited to this purpose, with a range of vans, minivans, pick up trucks and the unique “MPCV” (Multi-Purpose Commercial Vehicle), a truck-van mix that offers great hauling power and capacity. “ZNA is perfectly poised to make a breakthrough in the regional fleet market,” says M.K. Rajkumar. “We also tested these vehicles here for two years, along with sending our own technicians to China for on-theground training to learn about the vehicles first-hand from the people who design and build them.” While quality is important, the main factor for fleet customers is price. “Our customers are looking for the best possible

M.K. Rajkumar, Director, AWR Trading

economy without sacrificing quality,” continues Rajkumar. “With ZNA, we can offer well-made vehicles 20 – 25 percent less than the competition, and the fact that we have such a high retention rate with our current customers shows that they are very happy with their purchases. We call this ‘sustainable value’, and it is ZNA’s key strength in the market.”

Future Both MG and ZNA, which share an exclusive showroom on Airport Road in Dubai, are poised for expansion in the years ahead. “With MG, our goal is to be a major contender in the UAE within three years,” says Rajkumar. “We really feel that as the word spreads about these cars, people are going to jump at the chance to own such well-made vehicles at such economical prices.” Much the same goes for ZNA in the fleet sector. As Rajkumar puts it, “ZNA’s reputation for quality, safety and durability – backed by Nissan – puts us in a strong and privileged position. Combined with AWR Trading’s leading after-sales network, customers simply can’t get better value for money.”


Chapter Real Estate


"Its tangible, its solid, its beautiful. Its artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate." Donald J Trump

Real Estate

Survival of the fittest In the past, the world witnessed the roller coaster ride of Real Estate in the UAE. Thankfully, there are now better laws implemented to ensure trouble free home ownership in the region. Still, many are trapped by unforeseen challenges when looking to make an investment of such a kind. Behold SPF Realty, a successful collaborative venture by the best minds in market.


Touted as one of the best employers and the coolest people to fetch you ideal properties, SPF Realty is a trendsetter. A joint venture by Mahendra Singh, Kalpesh Sampath and Ranjeet Chavan, who with their combined strength and experience of 21 years in the region have been running the organisationsuccessfully since 2006. With the aim of developing an international brand that facilitates the sale, purchase, investment and management of property, the brand has succeeded in delivering exceptional service and maximum returns on investment to its stakeholders. Besides treading on the path of commercial success and viability, it has also equipped new investors with knowledge about the local and global real estate market which has proved to be a stepping stone to success. Sprawling an area of 7000 square feet on Sheikh Zayed Road, the organisationhas incorporated timetested elements to help arrive at correct investment decisions for its clients. Investing in Real Estate is often like walking on a minefield of uncertainties. SPF Realty helps customers shift through this jargon and make sense of the tricky game by putting together a talented and experienced team of experts who provide foresight and business acumen. Excellent relationships, with UAE’s premier developers including Emaar, Dubai Property Group, and other top firms in the sector enables the organisationto offer the most profitable options to its clients. Consultants maintain up-to-date, in-depth information about properties available for buying and enable clients to buy the best holdings at the best prices. With the demand for housing escalating speedily and supply finding it hard to keep up, the organisationensures that customers are informed about new and upcoming projects at the earliest. Since SPF Realty is well networked with Real Estate agents, developers and mortgage companies, it is also able to make fast dealings on property sales and provide clients with profitable returns on their properties. To keep up with the exploding landscape of the UAE rental market, the organization’s database also provides clients with insider information about the best rental homes, apartments, villas, and modern town houses in prestigious locations across the country. Enabling them to narrow their search down based on price, location, and features, SPF Realty stands to have the most comprehensive site in the UAE and facilitates leasing options for its clients. In 2010, it was awarded the ‘Best Real Estate Agency Website in Dubai and Arabia region’, reinforcing its commitment to offer a stress-free experience. Adding more value to their superlative services, the organisationhas initiated a Property Supervision Services for its property-owners.


The programme provides supervision in maintaining and managing the rented out properties throughout the rental tenure to ensure hassle-free rental yield and add lasting value to the property. SPF’s reputation as a world class realty group has been attested and enhanced by a slew of awards over the years. Standing out at the Arabian Residential Property Awards and being declared as the ‘Highly Commended Real Estate Agency in Dubai and Arabia region’ in 2011, has only reaffirmed clients’ faith in the organization’s continuing efforts. Now recognised as the UAE’s Best Property Portal, SPF realty is a culmination of decade long experience and expertise, on its way to be one of the best real estate companies in the region and make a difference in the property business.

Tel +971 4 3396222

Real Estate

Carving potential imprints With a stable economic growth in the past two years, Dubai’s economic outlook for 2012 is aimed towards a growth of 4.5 percent. In 2011, the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) concluded the receipt of financial statements for 70 percent of all real estate projects registered at RERA.

By constantly analysing the property market for new developments, trends and innovations, Footprint ensures their presence at the forefront. They effectively provide periodic property reports that are distributed through their online mediums to all their customers.

Even though property advancement acknowledged in the previous years is now showing signs of levelling out, demand continues to keep the market spry and investors flocking. Footprint Real Estate’s (FPRE) portfolio is remarkably imposing, creative and assorted, ranging from commercial and residential properties, to those looking forward to investment ventures. A Dubai-based real estate consultancy firm, FPRE was launched in April 2008 with an earlier record of

successful private real estate investments and property development operational in Sharjah since 2005. Attributes that make them distinct in the real estate market are their approach and their business model. Driven by market research that signifies current needs and latest trends, FPRE has never strayed from providing unmatchable options to both small and big investors. FPRE also caters to real estate fund management companies in a bulletproof manner to provide valuable


connect a customer with a property owner. FPRE has been responsible for the selling and leasing of copious properties located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Springs, Meadows, Greens Al Barsha, Tecom, Marina, Mirdiff , Dubai Silicon Oasis, Business Bay, Jumeirah, Umm Suqiem, Dubai Motor City and Dubai Media City. In a market where client faces complacency amidst real estate brokers and consultants, evolving customer adherence and personalised approach at Footprint Real Estate has been a major success facet for the company and its long-term goals of making an impact in finding the dwelling you always wished for while keeping every penny’s worth.

In order to provide reliable services to customers, Muhammad Ather Khawaja, Director of Footprint Real Estate, makes sure that his team of consultants is a blend of nationalities, which helps them to adapt and cater to cultural and language unique to clients.

insight into annual expenses and return on investment. They thorough understanding of the market and farsightedness can provide estimates on property value in the future. They also remain in the loop with community developments and suggest key locations to invest your penny for reaping optimum benefits. With sustainable economic development assured by the discretion of prudent management, Dubai becomes the perfect place to host their consultancy services. The local economy is supported by sundry and open market policies that encourage business confidence and international investments. Geographically, it is just four to six hours from various key regional markets including India and suitably sited between two universal hubs - Singapore and London. With its zero percent taxation regime, significant infrastructure and rising population, it is clear why Dubai is the land of many global investment echelons. FPRE lays its focus on invention and applies evolves consultancy concepts, with the aim of building networks and setting new standards in the market. Understanding the diverse needs of each customer, the company adopts new ways to enhance their work as a mediator to


The company’s team of senior property consultants is divided according to their experience and expertise in each property division covered, which includes commercial, residential and investments.

Tel +971 4 4308205

Real Estate

Connecting buyers and sellers worldwide Although a young company by conventional standards, in its first year of operations, Bridging Continents Real Estate Brokers (BCREB) has acquired a loyal base of local and international clients. Having outshone real estate stalwarts in delivering results, what drives BCREB is a family oriented approach and its ability to go an extra mile to help you find the ‘perfect home’.

Jimmy Bergeron, CEO and Tatyana Holkina, COO with their team at Bridging Continents Real Estate.

At the helm of this family owned, family oriented company are two dynamic personalities – Jimmy Bergeron and Tatyana Holkina. Their commendable leadership and globalised perspective is due to their diverse backgrounds; Tatyana is from Riga, Latvia and has resided in Dubai for over 5 years now whereas Jimmy, who is dual citizen of Canada and the USA, has been in the region for 3 years. Besides her degree in law, Tatyana has worked as a real estate consultant in Europe and the Middle East for

almost two decades. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that the company adheres to all government laws and regulations during any transaction. “I have witnessed the ‘Golden Years’ in Real Estate, as well as its ‘Dark Years’. I was confident that I could weather the storm by being ethical, smart and savvy in my dealings,” said Tatyana Holkina, COO Bridging Continents, on being probed about the impact of the financial downturn on her ambitions in Real Estate.


Jimmy, on the other hand, narrates a different story. He gathered his skills on leadership, management and strong sense of ethics from his 14 years of US Military and International Security work. In 2007, Jimmy established his first company in Canada. Alongside owning several businesses world over, today, as the co-owner of Bridging Continents, he brings his entrepreneurial experience to devise a winning strategy for BCREB. Despite a plethora of real estate brokers in the country, Bridging Continents stands apart in its commitment to never waste a client’s time. The key here is ‘value added’ customer service, which is hard to find in this market. “Clients become family members and going an extra mile for them seems worth it because their positive feedback ensures our strive for excellence is not in vain,” says Jimmy Bergeron, CEO, Bridging Continents. Due to the unique blend of their expertise, Jimmy and Tatyana have been able to troubleshoot at all times and provide the client with immaculate options, be it renting a studio or buying a Signature Villa at Palm Jumeirah. “The moment that I most eagerly await is that warm feeling our customers experience when they say ‘Yes, this is the one’ and it lightens up stars during daytime for us,” adds Tatyana. This emotion, she says, applies equally to renters, homebuyers or investors, as they all need to be convinced that it’s worth every penny.

What makes a family different from another are its members. Here is where BCREB is blessed with hardworking, fun-loving and productive individuals that carry the firm on their shoulders. As inspiring leaders, Jimmy and Tatyana have infused a culture of ‘belonging’ and care about the staff both professionally and personally. Respect trickles down to everyone keeping them content and competitive. At Bridging Continents, going ‘above and beyond’ the client’s expectations is the only sustainable way to do business. A recent international client received all sorts of assistance for visit visas, accommodation, transportation and banking service from the company. After conducting business the client did voice his extreme satisfaction and the recommendation reached his hometown in Kazakhstan. Today, BCREB has frequent international inquiries on property investments and purchase in Dubai and boasts a burgeoning base of international clientele. Jimmy and Tatyana are committed to the company as owners and dedicated to each other as life partners. “Business does challenge our personal relationship at times but we navigate through tough times to emerge as stronger people. We love being together, we love working together and we love growing together,” says Jimmy while Tatyana agrees on the same. With an impressive first quarter in 2012 and master plan to open offices in North America, Europe and Malaysia by year-end, Bridging Continents is unstoppable on the road to becoming the best real estate brokerage firm in the region.

Tel +971 4 4541172


Real Estate

Harbor Real Estate As a holistic real estate service provider, Harbor Real Estate has been setting new benchmarks for the property sector in Dubai since 2001. Based on innovation, experience, and credibility, the organisation has been running operations successfully with the aim that clients in search of property management, leasing, sales and inspection solutions won’t have to look beyond Harbor.

With over 15 years of combined real estate experience in the local and international domain, the Harbor property management and transactional teams are well trained to embrace change and offer quality services to clients with absolute integrity and transparency. With a strong desire to improve the way the industry operates, the organisation is pioneering change throughout the sector. Its result oriented approach that treats clients as partners ensures that both the service and business goals are accomplished fully and fairly. It also offers intellectual, capital and technology

resources that develop and deliver superior analytical, research and client service tools to help clients make informed decisions and seize market opportunities in order to receive a competitive edge. Enabling them to steer through the investment process by offering a complete solution right from inception to execution, Harbor Real Estate has now become the purest form of client representation in the real estate sector, assisting clients in optimising their properties portfolios. Encompassing advisory, marketing, sales, leasing, property management and property inspection, Harbor


the process for clients, Harbor has completed over 2,900 inspections till date and prepared in-depth assessment reports based upon technical expertise and years of experience in the industry. Harbor Real Estate received a letter of appreciation from the Dubai Real Estate Institute, the official training and certification arm of the Dubai Land Department and Real Estate Regulatory Agency for its ongoing contribution to support RERA and DREI in elevating levels of professionalism in the industry through its certified real estate education programmes. In acknowledgement and appreciation of its contribution, it also received commendation from various reputed companies including Harbor was awarded best real estate agency Emirates, National Bondsthe Corporation, ETA Star, Tameer in Dubai and recognized as the best provider of Holdings, TBWA/RAAD, ACI Accounting, The American real estate agency marketing in Dubai & the Arabia University in Dubai and so on. In 2010, Harbor was region. the best real estate agency in Dubai and awarded recognised as the best provider of real estate agency To reiterate its commitment to serve marketing in Dubai and the Arabia region.society, Harbor also sponsorsitsthe Annual Unicef & Liberty To reiterate commitment to serve society,Medical Harbor Center charity that supports children in need also sponsors theevent Annual Unicef and Liberty Medical all overcharity the Middle East.supports In addition, Harbor provides Center event that children in need Feel the Harbor difference by contacting one of our sales or leasing consultants on 04 326 1616 or visit our large selection of property at Trade License: 618031 I RERA Reg. Number 2004 I DCC Number: 1036702

Real Estate undertakes the entire responsibility to deliver Leasing and selling strategies worked in the the maximum value and peace ofthat mind to its clients. past require overhaul in today’s challenging Leasing andan selling strategies that worked in the real estate environment. Harbor helpschallenging you match the past require an overhaul in today’s real right properties with the right & tenants estate environment. Harbor helpsbuyers you match the and formulates a professional, planned, right properties with the rightcarefully buyers and tenantsstressand free and profitable approach thatplanned, goes a long way. formulates a professional, carefully stress-free and profitable approach that goes a long way. Witha aportfolio portfolio of over properties With over 4,000 4,000strata-titled strata-titled properties exclusively managed by Harbor Real Estate, Harbor is by exclusively managed by Harbor Real Estate, Harbor far the largest private property supervision management is by far the largest private property supervision firm in Dubai today. a strong focus on innovative management firmWith in Dubai today. With a strong operating and capital budgeting, cash flow planning, focus on innovative operating and capital budgeting, result-oriented marketing and leasing strategies, cash flow planning, result-oriented marketing preventative maintenance and customer service, the & leasing strategies, preventative maintenance property supervision management takes the headaches & customer service, the property supervision off clients’ plates. Day-to-day maintenance, property management takes the headaches off clients’ plates. marketing and leasing, tenantproperty management, rent & Day-to-day maintenance, marketing collection, dispute resolution, legal representation leasing, tenant management, rent collection, and dispute registration and long-term capital planning are also taken resolution, legal representation & registration and care of. long-term capital planning are also taken care of. Investing in Real Estate is tricky business. To simplify

Investing in Real Estate is tricky business. To simplify the process for clients, Harbor has completed over 2,900 inspections till date and prepared in-depth assessment reports based upon technical expertise and years of experience in the industry. Harbor Real Estate received a letter of appreciation from the Dubai Real Estate Institute, the official training and certification arm of the Dubai Land Department and Real Estate Regulatory Agency for its ongoing contribution to support RERA and DREI in elevating levels of professionalism in the industry through its certified real estate education programs. Fishing In foracknowledgement a Good Deal? and appreciation of its contribution, it ofalso received commendation Contact Harbor Real Estate to talk to one our consultants or visit our webiste to view our large selection of good deals. from+971various reputed companies including 4 325 1616 I Emirates, National Bonds Corporation, ETA Star, Tameer Holdings, TBWA/RAAD, ACI Accounting, The American University in Dubai and so on. In 2010, 139

ongoing support to various charity organizations, including but not limited to, The Shelter, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural and Social Understanding, The Awqaf & Minor Affairs Foundation and the Initiate to Motivate Foundation. With lives becoming busier, and businesses trickier, clients are in search of individuals and companies that can be trusted and deliver tangible results in an efficient and effective manner. With Harbor’s track record, there is no doubt that it is and will continue to be one of the leading companies in that circle of trust. Property Management Services Total Peace of Mind

 Optimizing your property value  Maximizing your rent returns  Owner protection  Ejari Registration & legal representation  Cost control & maintenance supervision  Day to day property & tenant supervision  Financial management & rent collection Experience the best standards of quality and effective real estate solutions with Harbor Real Estate. Contact one of the Harbor property management advisors on 04 325 1616 or 050 916 6543

all over the Middle East. In addition, Harbor provides ongoing support to various Services charity organisations, Property Management including notoflimited Totalbut Peace Mind to, The Shelter, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural and Social Understanding, The Awqaf & Minor Affairs Foundation and the Initiate to Motivate Foundation.  Optimizing your property value With Maximizing lives becoming busier, and businesses trickier, your rent returns Owner protection clientsare in search ofrepresentation individuals and companies that Ejari Registration & legal Cost control & maintenance supervision can be trusted and deliver tangible results in an efficient  Day to day property & tenant supervision  Financial management & rent collection and effective manner. With Harbor’s track record, there is no doubt that it is and will continue to be one of the Experience the best standards of quality and effective real estate solutions with Harbor Real Estate. leading companies in that circle of trust. Contact one of the Harbor property management advisors on 04 325 1616 or 050 916 6543

Tel +971 4 3251616

T: +971 4 325 1616



DĂŠcor, Design & Interiors

Decor & Interiors

Midas touch to your property Confidence is returning to the UAE Real Estate market as Dubai Land Department has observed a steady increase in residential and business property transactions. Investors and homebuyers now indulge in elevating the worth of their investment through the high quality interiors and dĂŠcor. One such supplier of superior quality finishing lines in building materials is Ponti International.


Zeki Farra started in 1974 as the General Manager for Al Falah Building Materials and Trading Co. LLC, which was under the ownership of his uncles. When Al Falah closed in 2011, Zeki decided to renew the business of supplying high-end European ceramics, kitchen furniture and more under the flagship of his newly established company Ponti International. Following are excerpts from the interview: Why the business of finishing lines in building materials? I moved away from the family business of textiles, to join my uncles in their business of supplying building materials like cement, steel, timber, binding wire and so on. In a competitive market, I realised the need to venture into a niche market. I understood very early in my career, that working on the top of the pyramid is more advantageous than scouting for opportunities in lower grounds. What makes your product different from competitors? Be it the Star Gate at Zabeel Park, the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza and even the Emirates Flight Catering Services Unit, all these are testament of our commitment to excellence. They have stood for decades despite very high wear and tear and this highlights the genuine reputable brands we represent. And of course, your products are costlier. On many occasions I have lostbusiness just because people were thinking in terms of price brackets but on the other hand I have undertaken esteemed projects in town from people who knew they were buying at a costlier price but they are getting their money’s worth.I have secured projects despite my competition providing building materials at cheaper rates. The client knows my product is superior and it runs parallel to their vision. What principles have kept you in business? The one motivation I have: I want to thrive and serve the market and my customers. In business you lose and you win, but it’s your reputation that matters. I always keep promises. There are many people in the market who over promise and under deliver and I am lucky to have the opportunity to thrive on their mistakes and keep my promises though they are more realistic.


Zeki Farra, Managing Director, Ponti International

Tell us that one highlight of your career. The day before Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, when many people were struggling to keep their business running, I received a LOC valued at Dh 3 million for Dubai Cargo Village. That was the highlight of my career. How did the financial downturn impact your business? When the recession hit the UAE, there was looming a threat on the operations of Al Falah with a parabolic decline in turnover. The company had overhead costs such as showrooms and stock. From the lessons I learned during tough times, I was able to devise a unique business model for Ponti International to work on a project basis and represent exclusive European brands in the region.

Decor & Interiors

Your success philosophy Honesty, fairness, clarity and a little bit of luck blend to define my success philosophy. We represent the best global brands in the business and are grateful to them for placing their faith in us. Not only have we brought quality products to the Arab world, but have stood by our clients to serve and solve any problems they face. People trust us to add the Midas touch to their property. BRANDS

BRANDS Iris Ceramica Made in Italy, Iris Ceramica products are the best in the world. Successfully sold and cherished in over 80 countries, Iris occupies the leading position thanks to advanced technologies. Your love for ceramics and finishing products will be satiated well with its range of offerings. Different colours and superb quality, they can stand the test of time and weather any storm. All products are resistant to flexion, abrasion, frost, chemical and stain proof.

FMG FabbricaMarmi e Graniti constructs products conceived to free the creativity of architects, designers and planners by offering a large range of man-made natural

granites, stones, travertines and stones suitable for the most widely varying applications, from major projects to small residential contexts. This genuine innovation today enables FMG to offer the international market unique products.

Graniti Fiandre Spearheading the concept of ‘Perfect Freedom’ in architecture, Graniti Fiandre has provided the extraordinary in porcelain stoneware for over 30 years. This ISO certified brand is the trademark of excellence in the chemical industry. The brand highlights are specialised ranges like ‘Marmireali’, ‘Pietre Preziose’ and ‘Granitireali’ that have attained a guarantee that lasts a 100 years.


N & C Nicobond

Domus Linea

The Nicholls and Clarke Group of Companies is a business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of the finest building materials. Founded in 1875 in London, it has grown to become the largest privately owned English manufacturer and distributor of fine quality tiles, bathrooms and related products.

Motivated by changing demands of the market, Domus Linea is committed to research and improvement of its products. It’s slogan, ‘THE FORCE OF NATURE’ highlights the company’s eco-friendly operations. It remains the undisputed leader in the production of furnishings and fittings designed by the fusion of elegance, class and design.

Zeyko If you equate food to happiness and health, the place in your home that needs your most attention is the kitchen. Where work and play blend in perfection, a Zeyko kitchen is the gem of the house. Having meticulously met high standards for decades now, Zeyko is a testament to the possibility of extraordinary performance at not so extravagant prices.

Pedro Beltran A family run brand for generations, Pedro Beltran is an iconic name in the world of ceramics. The firm has grown a great deal since its foundation, constantly evolving to become a point of reference within the current Spanish ceramics sector. It enjoys a fine reputation, and its designs are extensively used, in several countries.

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Decor & Interiors

An abode like no other Not very long ago the UAE witnessed the rise of a mortar empire. With the world’s most spectacular architecture amidst us, it is only fair to have interior furnishings of impeccable design and quality. Overall expenditures in the interior design industry skyrocketed to a USD 22.5 billion in the UAE in 2011. Carpe Diem, housing internationally renowned décor ideas and products, is a hallmark of the art of stylish and inspired living.

The Carpe Diem showroom in Dubai displays an inspired range of designs and fine craftsmanship from Grange– a collection preferred by those with impeccable taste and an enthusiasm for exclusivity.


“What’s impressive is that modern lifestyle has been incorporated into classical furniture. Their new TV units are perfect for flat screens and consoles can house an iPad too. And it only gets better every year,” added Tania. In addition to its unique skill to combine originality and tradition, Grange is recognised for its ability in decoding popular styles to warm, modern interiors. As a designer and merchandiser of furniture, Grange has also taken inspiration from the historic icons such Marie Antoinette, who in her time represented style, elegance, flamboyance and classy living. Dubai now hosts its own ‘Festival of Interior Design’ and has welcomed international brands to offers their collection to the diverse public. Bringing the finest from the European continent, Carpe Diem offers world-class furniture and professional interior design consultancy services. Founded by Tania Willems in 2000, and located in Jumeirah, this 6000 square feet villa showroom, gives you a valuable dose of interior inspiration among its blend of contemporary and classic styles of living.

Bespoke designs As the sole supplier and retailer of bespoke furniture brands like Grange, Carpe Diem is at the helm of driving a new niche of inspired designs in furniture. Not only does it cater to all your needs but brings an influence of culture in your choice of home décor. “In decorating your home spaces, priority should be given to comfort and functionality. Aesthetics is the icing on the cake. Grange does just that,” said Tania, whose passion for interior design since childhood manifested into Carpe Diem.

Grange goes green New collections from Grange are a burst of creativity and boldness with the traditions of French cabinet making, safeguarding century-old expertise and the particular qualities of rare finishes, while also paying respect to the environment through its ‘green’ practices – an integral part of its company culture. Grange relies on a network of suppliers that abide by current social and environmental legislation and are committed to improving their environmental performance targets, use of ‘green certified’ spare parts, and no longer use polystyrene in their packaging; switching to use of recycled materials only. Recently, The Ermitage collection by GRANGE was inspired by the furnishings of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, home to the Tsars. The ornate Louis XVI style furniture is emboldened by vibrant colours and fluted mouldings found in royal chambers.

Hand-made by skilled craftsmen, Grange furniture has always famed itself by the choicest collection of superb furniture in varied colours with each piece sharing the unique legacy of originality and sophistication.

Grange With a zest to create flawless furniture for family homes, Grange provides a wide range of elegant designs in both classic and contemporary style. Established in 1904, the brand continues its French cabinet-making tradition as a creator and distributor of furnishings, endorsing century old rare qualities of finishes leaving it trademark legacy in every collection. Choosing from the best fabrics, finishes, furniture and a variety of fittings that create the personality of an interior space, Grange creates the most beautiful abodes that can transform the way you live and share your space with loved ones. Devised with bold and vibrant colours, Grange’s versatile pieces can give a stylish and pleasant ambience to any living room.


Carpe Diem has established itself as a place to inspire peaceful, happy and stylish living as future collections from Grange will make a deliberately unique statement and perfectly express the brand’s ability to combine creativity and tradition.

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Decor & Interiors

Fashion for the home Vogue USA Editor Anna Wintour once said, “I’ve long believed that the eye runs naturally from the catwalk to the kitchen.” Taking inspiration from fashion to design or accessorise an interior space is Yasemin Richie’s forte; a Dubai based designer and interior stylist and co-founder of Yasemin Richie London. Yasemin Richie London creates exclusive artwork, home accessories and couture furniture fusing fashion trends and the principles of interior design. A striking print on a blank wall turns boring into inspired. An antique couch in a modern room becomes art décor. Originally from London, Yasemin Richie’s work is inspired from what she loves – cultures, cities, fashion and films.

Yasemin Richie, originally from London, has an undying passion for art, fashion and interior design. It is this very passion that inspired her education at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and the London College of Fashion, along with the Interior Design Institute in London, and the reason why she devised a unique career for herself as a

designer and stylist of interiors. Her passion is also seen in her blog, which contains regular articles and posts on fashion, interior design and art. Company values revolve around the idea that it is reassuring and uplifting to be in a well-designed space, especially one that stylishly represents your tastes and personality.


Yasemin Richie London deals mainly with a range of home accessories and furnishings, with designs that tend to be a fusion of classic shapes with nuances of edgy, modern themes and contrasting imagery, with a specific focus on British iconography which Richie just cannot resist. The company started with the successful launch of Yasemin Richie’s first home décor art collection, and has grown ever since. The team offer a wide range of limited edition home décor art, and is regularly commissioned to create original artwork and bespoke furniture for private clientele and corporates. Fashion inspires a great deal of Richie’s work. “I like to think of what I produce as fashion for the home,” she said. “I love the challenge of making an empty space come alive and giving it a personality,” she added while also laying emphasis on being able to understand the client’s need and lifestyle to design the space that is not only beautiful but also practical to them, “There is no point leaving a client with a beautiful interior that they can’t use or that doesn’t suit their lifestyle.” In addition to the artwork, Yasemin Richie London design and produce unique furniture pieces. “We either restore genuine antique or vintage furniture giving it a modern twist or design and produce reproduction pieces that are handmade using our locally based team,” she stated. “As with all our products available in the UAE, in an effort to support and develop the local creative community, each element of a bespoke piece is produced entirely within the UAE – from the carpentry and printing of the unique fabric design to upholstery and hand finishing the piece. We are also careful to ensure that all materials are ethically sourced.” Pop Art, fashion illustration, the art deco movement, iconic architecture, street art, graffiti, and many contemporary artists can be seen as influencers to Richie’s design work. Her experience in the film and music industries has also molded her perceptions, and can be seen in her upcoming collection, entitled ‘Story Lines’. ‘Story Lines’

Yasemin Richie

is an exemplary collection, which uses classic films as a medium to create accessories for the home. The collection embodies the style of the film through colour and recreates its visual impact on a particular accessory or a piece of furniture. Richie has successfully taken inspiration from UAE culture to depict the modern architecture and also weaved Arabic calligraphy in her collection called Letters & Steel, which is a deconstruction of the art of Arabic calligraphy on a background of metals giving it an almost industrial feel. Yasemin Richie London products and collections are available in Singways stores in the Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the Mood store at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall. Full collections can also be found and purchased through the website.

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Beauty & Wellness

Beauty & Wellness

Refined wellness concept Over the years, the simplicity of our traditional lifestyles has been overshadowed by the complexities of modern life. To restore the simplicity of our traditional lifestyles, Landmark Group’s revolutionary wellness concept, Balance Wellbeing 360, is working towards maintaining our internal rhythm through lifestyle guidance and therapies drawn from ancient wisdom and modern science.

Ayurveda, a healing system that originated in India approximately 5000 years ago believes that the entire universe is made of five elements- Air, Space, Water, Fire and Earth. The five elements in the right proportion in our food give us the balance of ‘Energies’ and govern all psycho-physiological processes responsible for creating balance in the body, mind, and soul. Several philosophers from other countries had similar beliefs and eventually laid the founding principles for a healthy lifestyle.

Spanning over 20,000 square feet on the third level of Oasis Centre, Balance Wellness Club; crafts and presents a perfect fusion of traditional Ayurveda concepts and contemporary styles to cater to customised and wholesome lifestyles. It aims to make wellness part of everyday life and offers a 360-degree wellness philosophy that encompasses all aspects of life including exercise, diet, counselling, meditation, therapeutic massage, herbal therapies and a number of life-changing solutions. It is dedicated to those who are in search of peace, harmony and well-being.


Visitors are given the opportunity to meet highly trained Ayurveda consultants who discuss their mind body health, identify underlying imbalances, analyse their body type and make recommendations. A panel of experts comes up with a programme of treatments and therapies and helps fine tune every aspect of their life from overall health to diet, activity, sleep, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing, which is re-evaluated on a monthly basis to match the changing scenario. The Wellness Club also offers daily Yoga and Pilates classes. Yoga is taught as a way of life and the programme is customised to match specific needs. Tailor-made Pilates, fitness recommendations and coaching are also an integral part of the bodywork focus. It also has a boutique with handpicked artifacts and accessories from around the world, including carefully selected natural skin and hair care products, organic cotton clothing and accessories, yoga mats, meditation pillows and incense. The highlight of Balance Welbeing 360 is however, the cuisine offered by the Balance CafĂŠ which reflects traditional styles of cooking, reinterpreted in a contemporary manner by blending ancient Ayurveda concepts, Yogic know-how and macrobiotic foods with modern day wellness-oriented nutrition. Offering a rare combination of health and affordability, the meal plans from Balance CafĂŠ eliminate the need to measure calorie intake and portion sizes. As part of its commitment to offer a unique yet convenient solution, the cafĂŠ has recently launched the delivery of clientspecific meals to homes and offices as part of its aim to help patrons enjoy a customised balanced diet. Another major attraction of the club is its Spa, Balance Wellness Club, which hosts 21 treatment rooms and offers a wide range of therapeutic Ayurveda and Tibetan massages, Hydrotherapy and Middle Eastern treatments and European therapies.

With an experienced panel of experts giving comprehensive recommendation, reputed and well trained therapists, wide range of natural and organic product and service offerings and affordable rates, Balance Wellbeing 360 is indeed, the 21st century approach to better living.

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Beauty & Wellness

A symbol of success Founded in 2004, Bulandi Distributors FZE is a sister company of Tanzania based Buniyad Limited, a leading trader of cosmetic products. Initially the company was functional within a 545sqm warehouse starting with a single agency named Dark and Lovely hair care products, a US brand. The organisation specifically adheres to the requirements of African population in the UAE and MENA region.


Businesswoman Harsha Bagia, a Tanzanian with Indian origin, has been a primary motive behind the establishment and consequent success of Buniyad Ltd in Tanzania in 1993. With their constant marketing strategies and customer focused approach, the company made its mark across the UAE within a short span of time. Bulandi’s remarkable growth can be attributed to its total commitment to provide customers what they need in the most efficient way. “Our location in Jafza (Jebel Ali Free Zone) has enabled us to meet our delivery commitments efficiently allowing us to grow at such a pace,” says Harsha Bagia, Managing Director, Bulandi Distributors FZE. As a part of their development plan, Bulandi initiated its operations through a subordinate Buland 2 Trading LLC situated in Deira, Dubai – the retail and wholesale trading hub of the city. It has proved to be an excellent source for traders coming to Dubai from different parts of Africa and enables Bulandi to resourcefully reach out to its clients. The company has incorporated various brands to its portfolio since its launch and achieved a substantial turnover of Dh 18 million in their first business year. By classifying consumer needs and requirements, the company has integrated the finest brands in various categories to effectively deliver quality products to its clients. Currently, Bulandi houses over 30 brands with more than 2,000 stock keeping units in different product lines. In addition to their industry base of hair care products, Bulandi also deals in skin care and salon equipment. The company lays its focus on a six point development approach inclusive of availability, awareness, quality, reasonable value, service and satisfaction. By classifying consumer needs and requirements, the company has integrated the finest brands in various categories to effectively deliver quality products to its clients. Currently, Bulandi houses over 30 brands with more than 2,000 stock keeping units in different product lines.

Harsha Bagia, Managing Director, Bulandi Distributors FZE

Bulandi has exceeded the market growth by two and half times when recession hit in 2009. The company witnessed over 30 percent rise in its revenue during that year, which comprises of 250 percent above the estimated market growth in the sector at that time. In the last seven years, Bulandi has achieved more than a fivefold growth in its annual revenues increasing from Dh 8 million in 2004 to Dh 60 million in 2010. “We are aiming to achieve Dh 100 million in revenue by 2012. All our efforts are geared towards securing this formidable goal, which includes quadrupling our storage capacity in Jafza, the backbone of our impressive growth so far,” explains Harsha. Buland 2 Trading is one of the leading cosmetics agent and reliable partner to its distributors, wholesalers, retail traders and commercial users in the Middle East and African regions. The company’s key mission is to provide its consumers with excellent quality of products and expert services and caters to the needs of all who care about their beauty. As a future development plan, Bulandi intends to grow their profile with the inclusion of various segments in the cosmetic industry comprising of new brands in the existing categories. “We want to be a single source of all cosmetics for ethnic consumers in the GCC and Africa,” says Harsha.

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Beauty & Wellness

Creating lifestyle changes for life Living in this part of the world may get cushy for some, but for many it’s not good for health and longevity. Forty percent of the country’s healthcare budget is gobbled up in preventing diabetes and obesity. Defying the ‘obesogenic’ environment to inculcate a better way of living is GO Exercise Solutions. Established in 2011, it specialises in offering programmes in fitness, physical training and healthy living.

GO Exercise Solutions is a concept that is run by the delivery of its services. According to Grant Go, who is a fitness trainer by profession and founder of GOES, ‘Fitness is a journey in people’s lives. Every journey must start somewhere, and we are dedicated to being there from start to finish. While we improve the body, we must improve and strengthen the mind. Our support, professional standards, and knowledge provide the strong foundation for creating changes within people.’

Living in the UAE, one is exposed to blatant fast food advertising and thunderous discounts at the nearest sweet shop. Furthermore, the promotion of electronic goods and their rampant consumption has led to a physical inactive generation with adverse health affects that come along. Go Exercise Solutions is determined to help as many people as possible reach beyond their fitness abilities and uncover their full potential, and to create long lasting positive changes that will enable people to get the best out of life. The company’s primary goals are to work closely with


the education system in the UAE and to formulate plans to improve the knowledge of health education and fitness abilities among children and their parents. The company’s programmes are very result-oriented, and are designed and reviewed by higher education professionals, before being launched. These measures have enabled the company to control the services being delivered by the trainers and have earned a great deal of credibility. A formidable part of GO Exercise Solutions’ business is attributed to two key services offered by the company. ‘GO 4 LIFE’, which is a training programme, is a complete four week package that includes training sessions, nutritional diet plans and a guide, weekly educational videos, training focuses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, full body assessments, and world-class functional training tools for faster results. Champions Fitness Challenge, which is a training assessment, is a multi-level assessment grading system that tracks people’s fitness levels and gives everyone a new goal to achieve every singletime. It consists of five divisions: Entry, Competitor, Athlete, Elite and Champions. Each person begins from the Entry level, and has to achieve gold status in each division before moving on to the next one. The Champions division is a routine that will test an athlete in all areas of fitness. In addition, services like fitness retreats, nutrition products, activity groups, in-school physical training and personal training are also offered. The company has received tremendous positive response from parents and individuals. It has taken an initiative to launch a training programme in some of Dubai’s local schools, where the parents can train three times a week immediately after dropping off their children to school. This programme saves a lot of time, and training is accessible

Grant Goes, Founder and Trainer , Go Exercise Solutions

and easy. It also motivates the children to become healthier. When asked about his/her wellness mantra, Grant stated, “No one can define me, no-one can tell me who I can and cannot be,” and that is truly an extension of what the company truly aims for-helping define healthy individuals that lead a balanced life. The core motto of GO Exercise Solutions is ‘fitness is a journey for everyone; fitness is the gateway to a better way of living’.

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Beauty & Wellness

Celebrating spectacular grooming The global beauty and grooming industry has recorded a growth of more than 4 percent annually, with the Middle East beauty market making a turnover of more than Dh 3 billion. Beauty and grooming company NStyle International is one of the key players in this industry, having spent a successful decade in providing premium grooming services to its customers.

As a premium brand in providing beauty, grooming and wellness services, NStyle International is the first choice of those who wish to look good, feel great and stay ahead of the times.


Established by Lama Bazzari in Bahrain in the year 2001, NStyle International is the umbrella company for premium grooming brands NStyle Nail Lounge, NStyle Nail Care, and Urban Male Lounge. The company celebrated a prosperous decade in 2011, with a total of 15 branches in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Jordan that cater to over 40,000 customers, both male and female, per month. The company is defined by a luxurious and hygienic store environment and exceptional customer service. Stringent care of quality standards with a creative and varied menu of services reflects the highest benchmarks of expertise. Due to the growing popularity and prosperity of the company and its brands, franchise requests have been pouring in from companies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and North Africa region. It aims to double its store outreach by 2013 and enter new markets locally and across the globe. The 40 member management team proves to be a valuable asset to the company, who efficiently control the staff of over 500 people who work across the stores. The brands under NStyle International have become some of the most renowned brands in beauty and grooming. NStyle Nail Care, which is a premium nail care product range, was a bronze award winner at the prestigious VIVA Beauty Awards in March 2011. NStyle Nail Lounge, which is the focal point of the company, provides services in luxurious and indulgent pampering at affordable prices. The most recent and unique brand in the NStyle International family is the Urban Male Lounge, which was launched in 2006 as a project to provide premium grooming services to the male population of the UAE. The driving force behind the flourishing success of the company is undoubtedly the founder and CEO, Lama Bazzari. In addition to being a prominent figure and entrepreneur in the industry, Lama was also instrumental in the empowerment of women and served as a mentor to those women who seek to set up businesses of their own. This led to the launch of an official programme in corporate social responsibility, termed as ‘Give N Style’. Over 1000 women participated in this programme, to outstanding results. “We continue to expand our official programme of corporate social responsibility by donating funds to notable charities such as Dubai Cares and PCRF with full proceeds of two NStyle nail polishes, which were introduced and named respectively after these

Want a ‘Me Day’ or a ladies afternoon out, there’s nothing like going for the best manicure, pedicure and spa treatments in town. Head to the nearest NStyle Nail Lounge to pamper yourself and de-stress.

charities, and their great work in offering education to impoverished girls across Africa and Asia and assistance to children with dire medical disorders that live in combat zones,” said Bazzari. “A decade after setting up NStyle International, I look back at my journey as an Arab female entrepreneur and feel blessed to have been able to give back along the way to the underprivileged across the communities we operated from and work closely with a range of honourable causes.”

Leading a burgeoning male grooming industry, the Urban Male Lounge is the haven for men who need to look sharp and refined. The menu is tailor made for businessmen who are on the move and even the reclusive kinds.

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Beauty & Wellness

Wholesome wellness If you wish to take a blissful and relaxed journey through Balinese, Japanese and Thai ways of unwinding, visit SensAsia Urban Spas and indulge your sense in a graceful and elegant, yet refreshingly Asian experience of well-rounded wellness.

“It all started one day in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, when I was in search of a lazy afternoon to indulge myself. The idea was to create my own sanctuary, since I had the perspective of the ideal consumer,” remembers Salina Handa, founder of SensAsia Urban Spas. “SensAsia Urban Spa has become a reflection of myself. I wanted a hideaway; something that could turn the city’s buzz into a purr.” The SensAsia Urban Spas Experience has been carefully designed to inculcate the ideals of privacy, effective treatments and good quality ingredients; in order to make it a calming and harmonious one. With four branches in The Village Mall, The Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club and the SensAsia Express in Mall of the Emirates, this is

a concept that is extremely passionate about pampering and rejuvenation. Treatments have been arranged under different categories, which are tailored to suit specific types of people. SensGolf, exclusive to the SensAsia Urban Spa at Emirates Golf Club, is an array of treatments created to suit an avid golfer; SensMama, which caters specifically to pregnant women; SensConscious, which comprises of anti-cellulite and body toning treatments and SensJourneys, which consists of unique treatments from diverse areas in Asia. Treatments also include a wide variety of massages and facials, with the availability of gift packages and group treatments, which are termed under SensGifts.


Since 2004, SensAsia has made a mark in the business of beauty and wellness in Dubai. They have the distinction of being listed on SpaGenie, a website giving information on some of the best spa deals in Dubai. According to lifestyle portal TimeOut Dubai, SensAsia is ‘a true urban spa that wouldn’t feel out of place in down town New York’. Faye James, wedding planner and founder of ‘The Bridal Makeover’, stated, “When my brides feel the stress is just getting too much, I always suggest the perfect antidote at SensAsia.”

Helen Spearman, Deputy Editor of lifestyle magazine What’s On, said, “A true urban retreat. One of the most sensational spas in Dubai.” It is no surprise the spa bagged the award for the ‘Best Spa Destination’ at the recent Viva Beauty Awards. Being a place that promises the most rejuvenating experience, it is no wonder why SensAsia Urban Spas is one of the best in the business. Remember to ‘love SensAsia, as SensAsia loves you!’

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Medical & Healthcare

"We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely acknowledge the transformations it has experienced to achieve that beauty."

Medical & Healthcare

Proof of a pioneer The burgeoning global skincare and aesthetics industry looks rosy compared to other sectors. According to ‘Skincare: Global Industry Guide’, the industry is expected to grow by 21.4 percent annually till 2014 reaching a USD80,128 million. The Kalium Group of Companies is one key player in the region that is growing from strength to strength as pioneer in medical innovation when it comes to lasers and anti-ageing aesthetics products.

Besides being a rapidly growing distributor of high quality medical equipment, aesthetic devices and skincare products, the company has established a strong sales and distribution network in the region with offices in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. “Kalium strives to be the company of choice tosatisfy the needs of professionals in the aesthetic medical fields namely, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, laser and skin specialists working in the Middle East. We achieve this by tirelessly researching global innovations in the market and ensuring that they have genuine value for

our growing network of clients,” says Nazih Khattar, Managing Director, Kalium Group. Kalium’s products range, which includes reputed names like Nimue, Mesoestetic and Innosearch, is not only world-renowned but also evidence-based and innovative. It understands the importance of promoting science by continuously exchanging information, knowledge and know-how. As such, it maintains open channels of communication between globally valued practitioners and the products it represents through their well-trained sales and marketing teams.


Laser technology The global aesthetics market has witnessed the rapid evolution of laser technology for anti-ageing and hair removal – which contributes to over 40 percent in the field of aesthetics entirely – recent market trends have also indicated that body and facial contouring are also rapidly gaining momentum. “Specifically for hair removal, the gold standard equipment is the Diode laser,” mentions Khattar. Ninety percent of practitioners agree with the same and recommend it as the most successful, reliable and effective laser treatment on the market. Additionally, the Diode is FDA approved and remains the best choice for hair removal with a high penetration depth that does not compromise melanin absorption and yet is safe for all skin types.

Nazih Khattar, Managing Director, Kalium Group of Companies

New progress

sales service to clients and practitioners. Technical emergencies are taken care of within 24 hours by the regional support team on call. However, like any thriving organisation, Kalium does have its share of challenges in a diversely competitive market such as the UAE. Often found playing the role of educating clients, aesthetic practitioners on misconceptions, Kalium has the knowledge to deal with information manipulated for driving sales. “There are unscrupulous agents selling unregistered products here. Not only does this pose a health hazard but tarnishes the scientific credibility of the industry,” Khattar expresses his concern. As the global aesthetic industry thrives, Kalium continues pioneering in medical aesthetics and anti-ageing. Khattar is confident about his set-up, “Our role is not merely to sell laser equipment and cater to demands for anti-ageing treatments, but to equally facilitate a seamless aftersales process and allow sophisticated evidence-based treatments flourish. This enhances the medical landscape, improving the services our clients provide and the value we bring to the market,” he concludes.

With the advent of Soprano XLI Diode Laser System, aesthetic hair removal has achieved what was considered impossible. An innovative product from Alma Lasers Limited, (USA) delivers effective and result-driven treatment for permanent hair reduction, no matter what the skin type. Khattar takes pride as a distributor of the Soprano due to its gold standard 810-nm diode and Alma’s In-Motion TM Technology to deliver uniform energy on the body part to be treated. Through gradual dermal heating, the laser impacts the hair follicle and reduces hair regrowth. “And the icing on the cake is that it is guaranteed to be pain-free,” he adds.

More from Kalium The company’s supplied lasers are CE marked and FDA approved and registered with the Ministry of Health. “We have sourced these premier solutions for variety of treatments including skin/photo rejuvenation, skin tightening, vascular and pigmented lesions and other conditions like spider and varicose veins, psoriasis and so much more,” Khattar explains. Operating for almost a decade with eight offices in the Middle East, Kalium boasts a strong post-


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Medical & Healthcare

Aesthetica: Look forward to yesterday Aesthetic medicine has come a long way since it became recognised as a discipline two decades ago. Far more than a preoccupation centred on obliterating wrinkles; nowadays it is as much about achieving a radiant complexion and maintaining optimal glow overall. As the boundary between cosmetic surgery and non-invasive aesthetic treatment continues to blur, there is one pioneer who champions the cause of evidencebased approaches to create a sense of harmony between the two.

Regionally recognised expert Dr Maria Angelo-Khattar brings a scientist’s touch to this rapidly evolving plethora of methods designed to preserve, enhance and rejuvenate face and body. As the founder and driving force behind Aesthetica; a result-orientated chain of clinics offering gold standard aesthetic treatments designed to achieve visible outcomes with a natural effect. A highly experienced practitioner, Dr Maria and her team of expert practitioners are the first in the region to introduce a plethora of procedures such as Accent Radio Frequency, Ellanse, Organic Peel, Photopneumatic Therapy, Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation to name a few. With a wealth of

innovative technology at their disposal, they have found ways of overlooking the limitations of chronological age by focusing on reducing biological age instead. By advocating that patients should incorporate these minimally invasive techniques into the pattern of a healthy lifestyle based on balanced nutrition and physical activity, the prospect of looking and feeling great at any age becomes attainable. The clinic offers unique solutions within five main categories: skin refining, facial contouring, body reshaping, acne treatments and permanent hair reduction, ultimately attracting a wide range of clientele. “Statistics have shown


that better looking people are at an advantage in the professional arena and this is the main reason why more people are now opting for aesthetic procedures”, she says. Simple, regular facial contouring, in contrast to radical surgery, is able to easily curb the effects of a stressful or unhealthy lifestyle whilst avoiding the invasive and time consuming effects of the scalpel. “As a solution to a problem that used to seem unsolvable - until recently - it is both intelligent and artistic”, she added. However, remaining true to its origins and needs of their clientele, Aesthetica adapts and grows with Dubai’s ever-moving cosmopolitan lifestyle, remarkably by building on the initial concept of a ‘lunchtime peel’ by adding increasingly more sophisticated procedures to its service portfolio. Having had enormous success with non-invasive procedures, Aesthetica’s natural expansion is to reposition itself as a one-stop shop for aesthetics with anti-ageing solutions to include plastic surgery, Dermatology, hair implants, Sclerotherapy, bio identical hormone replacement and other related procedures at the vanguard of science. Take Autologous Cellular Rejuvenation (ACR) for instance. Considered as one of the most innovative emergences in aesthetic medicine, this technique harvests and re-injects the patient’s own platelets (the cells responsible for skin regeneration) back into the skin. Remarkably successful for alleviating dark undereye circles and depressions, this is a revolutionary procedure towards a problem previously unsolvable. Dr Maria also advocates the judicious use of new generation collagen stimulating fillers such as Ellanse’, which ultimately replenishes the skin’s lost lift and strength as “this concept of the body being stimulated to build volume through soft tissue regeneration is a very natural and appealing solution to many.” Although renowned for its dedication towards antiageing medicine, Aesthetica is a leader in treating more serious flaws such as surgical trauma scars, and the clinic’s commitment to a personalised service. “We are always conscious of the distress that even the tiniest facial flaw can potentially create, this is why problems are addressed with confidence, in confidence,” Dr Maria explains, reinforcing the clinic’s philosophy. Not only destined to merely rejuvenate the face,

Dr Maria Angelo-Khattar

Aesthetica offers technologies to transform the entire body with an extensive range of body reshaping and hair removal treatments to create a harmonious silhouette. With the aim of eradicating unwanted lumps and bumps for instance, Dr Maria’s most sought after head to toe treatments include laser and injection lipolysis and the Accent Radiofrequency device that targets fat deposits and cellulite. Aesthetica embraces sustainable expansion and remains a thriving pioneer in the domain. Dr Maria is also the Director for the Aesthetic Anti-Ageing Fellowship by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Recently, the Fellowship Certificate Training course was held at the Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City. Through four days of intensive learning, physicians from all over the world attended the training seminars designed to help them reinforce their Aesthetic Medical practices. Being the only centre sanctioned to offer this Fellowship outside the US, Aesthetica continues to progress with internationallyaccredited solutions to aesthetic and anti-ageing wellness.

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Medical & Healthcare

Innovative beauty enhancement Medical Aesthetics and cosmetic surgery are now considered the premier solution to sustaining ethereal youth, with a multitude of remedies on offer to deliver stunning improvements, achievable to all. Striking the perfect balance between medical excellence and luxury, Dermalase Clinic offers the chance to turn the proverbial ageing clock gracefully and in style.

When time and gravity start to take their toll, this exclusive, result-orientated beauty enhancement clinic is the first port of call. Specialising in minimally invasive treatments including skincare, laser treatments, botox and fillers, clinical dermatology, as well as plastic surgery, Dermalase engages in the best that the industry has to offer - all under one roof. Nestled in the heart of Jumeirah, care and precision is at the heart of the clinic’s philosophy. “All Dermalase’s minimally invasive treatments are carried out from the up-market clinic’s safe and tranquil

Jumeirah villa, which boasts seven treatment rooms and a dedicated and highly-qualified staff of 14 – including experienced doctors, nurses and practitioners,” ensures Operations Manager Natasha Bennett. The well-being and comfort of their patients presides as the clinic’s top priority by “utilising only FDA and or CE marked equipment and scientifically-proven products,” adds Bennett. The finishing touch is that, “all procedures are performed in a highly-personalised and luxurious setting in one of Dubai’s most popular and easy-to-access


locations,” only enhancing the groups’ stellar reputation. The team is credited with an outstanding accumulation of experts in the field, notably Dr Qassim Ahli (M.B.B.Ch) who specialises in plastic surgery, botox and fillers and Dr Ali Singel (LRCSI, LRCPI, M.B.B.Ch, NUI, DDsc, MSc, MD) who specialises in dermatology. Their subtle technique and talented touch have made the vast range of surgical procedures on offer, including rhinoplasty, liposuction and facelifts, highly sought-after by clientele. In addition, Dermalase also branches out to cater to clinical dermatology, with several accomplished aesthetics practitioners on hand to tackle all different signs of ageing and acne conditions. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, the team uses their savoirfaire to reduce lines and wrinkles, redefine contours and tighten tone and texture. Culminating in the perfect facial pick me up, Dermalase pledges their allegiance only to the elite, scientifically proven skincare products of Nimue, Mesoestetic and InnoSearch for instantaneous results to guarantee a youthful fresh complexion and customer satisfaction. Natasha Bennett, Operations Manager, Dermalase Clinic

Always meticulous to the finer details, Dermalase’s intensive hand treatment and combination neck treatment work wonders for targeting these notoriously difficult yet often the first visible signs of ageing. The clinic has the highly effective Soprano laser hair removal machine, to help remove unwanted hair from the underarm and bikini areas and highly efficient skin peeling treatments. However big or small the procedure, this is a clinic with a difference, bearing in mind cultural differences and patient care without losing the essence of luxury. “Dermalase’s multicultural and multilingual staff are trained to re-enhance patients’ beauty, utilising state-ofthe-art equipment and procedures practiced under very high ethical standards,” a perception in succinct harmony with Dubai’s status of prestige and luxury. Dr Qassim Ahli (M.B.B.Ch) who specialises in plastic surgery, botox and fillers at Dermalase Clinic

The clinic’s defining feature is their combination packages. Clientele are often in hot pursuit of the mixing and matching of the various treatments for an individualised programmeme, a concept adhering to the group’s philosophy of conscientious personal attention and dedication to the patient needs. Ever popular is the Body Treatment package, using highly effective CO2 therapy combined with Accent Ultra and LipoDissolve treatments. With Accent Ultra being the most advance body reshaping workstation, it is noninvasive and uses ultrasound energy to treat cellulite and fat reduction. Alongside the CO2 therapy, this treatment is able to target stubborn cellulite, reduce rough skin, stretch marks, fat deposits and loose skin resulting in a smooth, refined silhouette. A radiant, smooth complexion is a worthwhile investment, so look no further than that of the combination eye treatment as a starting point. Synchronised pixel resurfacing, cell therapy and eye rejuvenation, using the most advanced technology and Mesoestetic products; this combination is the key to banishing fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, dark circles and depressions in the hard-to-reach and delicate eye area.


Dr Ali Singel (LRCSI, LRCPI, M.B.B.Ch, NUI, DDsc, MSc, MD) who specialises in dermatology at Dermalase Clinic

Dr. Qassim Ahli (M.B.B.Ch) who specialises in plastic surgery, botox and fillers at Dermalase Clinic

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Medical & Healthcare

Pioneering healthcare A recent edition of the Edelman Health Barometre study elaborates on ways healthcare is taking front seat in the UAE with 32 percent of Emiratis describing their health as excellent, and 27 percent of expats saying the same, compared to only 14 percent globally. With a vision of a healthy UAE, Liberty Medical Group has maintained pioneer status in medical services for over 13 years in the region.

Liberty Medical Group has helped the people of UAE preserve what is the most precious asset – our health. The network focuses on providing quality medical care services, and has now introduced a medical, and research and training centre in addition to the dental clinic that has been running since its inception. In 2005, driven by unsurpassed growth in the number of patients and fueled by a passion for continuous development, the dental clinic was relocated to its new spacious premises in Jumeirah. Today it boasts eight branches and over 14 renowned

dentists covering all dentistry fields.The new medical centre is hoped to boost the credibilityand reputation of the brand as it continues to carry and build its heritage. The founder & managing director of the Liberty Medical Group, Dr. Majd Naji, has earned his position as the most celebrated cosmetic dentist in the Middle East as he continuous to push the bar by delivering exceptional leadership and developing tireless initiatives and innovations. His experience, contacts, passion and reputation plays an integral part in ensuring that this


evolution accomplishes the ultimate vision of LMG being the most renowned private hospital in the Middle East. An organisation that serves both, its patients and employees is sure to tread on the path of success. LMG assures patients of professional, compassionate and empathetic services and employees of a rewarding and encouraging atmosphere that acknowledges and appraises their efforts and commitment. “We have an opportunity in which we can set a new benchmark in health care, in which we can truly reform how medicine is practiced and delivered. And we need to do it right. It is a great responsibility. It is a great opportunity,” said Dr Majd Naji. His philosophy on patient care is twofold. In addition to providing the best available care, he is dedicated to educating his patients and introducing them to the latest developments in the dental cosmetic field and utilizing the safest, least invasive and most advanced treatment methods to produce the best results. With the larger goal of contributing actively to the growth and well being of the community, LMG continues to accomplish more than it set out to do. “We are determined that the community we serve benefits from our success and we translate this determination to practice, by engaging in various initiatives, programmes and charity causes aimed at social welfare, health care and the underprivileged sections of our society namely children”, said Dr Majid. Based on the pillars of leadership and excellence, passion and innovation, exceptional service and nurturing staff, the centre hopes to achieve operational and clinical excellence, pursue learning and innovation, gain advocacy and market share, maintain financial health and emerge as a positive and proactive corporate citizen. Sticking to the highest standards of safety, the centre offers its patients and their families a cozy and comforting experience. The hope is that it will be recognised as a leading medical organisation that delivers and promotes innovation in quality care.

Dr Majd Naji, The Founder and Managing Director of the Liberty Medical Center.

In the drive to constantly improve its services, it aims to develop and deploy structured communication programmes and initiatives that will build awareness, familiarity, comprehension, engagement, loyalty and advocacy. The group, in association with several universities and institutes has also organised high standard academic programmes, courses and conferences to educate people at large. Improving the lives of patients and their families is at the heart of everything LMG does. That was the promise made by Dr Majd Naji when he founded LDC in 1998. It is a promise reconfirmed by the institution every day.

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Medical & Healthcare

Transforming health Healthcare in the UAE continues to enjoy robust growth, despite global vicissitudes. With the rapidly growing health challenges in the region, medical institutes are constantly evolving to meet individual needs. Founded by Dr Graham Simpson, Eternity Medicine Institute (EMI) is one of the first healthcare providers in the world whose standard practice is to execute a practical, concierge-styled age management programme to address and improve over 500 health indicators and bio-markers.

With a vision statement of transforming health through knowledge and wisdom, EMI provides its patients with expert advice on the negative metabolic, functional and anatomical trends, which are overlooked in their bodies. The institute delivers a medical model allowing clients to implement the best of age management diagnostic and therapeutic programmes. Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic screening technology in the world, EMI provides the world’s most comprehensive evidencebased therapeutic treatment programmes for cardio-

metabolic disorders, erectile dysfunction and other age related problems. In addition, the institute also offers nutrition, diet plans and hormone replacement therapy. Eternity Medicine Institute is breaking new ground for patients by introducing Bioidentical Hormones to the region, which are used to treat a host of conditions including menopause, andropause and cardio-metabolic disease. The Institute is the first licensed distributor of Bioidentical Hormones and their production is currently underway in a compounding


The GCC healthcare outlook According to Alpen Capital, the GCC healthcare market is expected to grow 11 percent annually and is on a ‘high growth curve’. Healthcare expenditure is projected to rise to USD 43.9bn by 2015 from an estimated USD 25.6bn in 2010. Outpatient and inpatient markets are expected to account for 82 percent and 18 percent, respectively, of the overall market size. Currently, almost USD 14bn in healthcare-related projects are underway across the GCC, with the UAE alone accounting for 20 percent of those expenditures. The 37th edition of the largest healthcare event in the Middle East, Arab Health Exhibition & Congress held in January 2012, witnessed several groundbreaking key announcements from across the healthcare industry. Featuring more than 3,000 exhibiting companies from 70 countries, the show was attended by 70,000 healthcare trade professionals, aiming to confront rising public health issues across the GCC. Eternity Medicine Institute is among the thriving change makers that will continue to revive the lives of many with innovation in technology and gold standard medical practice.

pharmacy located in Dubai Healthcare City. Dr Graham Simpson M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the Eternity Institute, which is located at Dubai Marina, says “Many women have told me that they had been struggling to acquire Bioidentical Hormones, so to see them safely licensed here is a great step forward. We often think of replenishment of hormones in terms of just treating menopause, but it is also of great value in the fight against cardio-metabolic diseases, which ranks very high in this region. At Eternity, we advocate a proactive role to healthcare. The license of the Bioidentical Hormones together with our state-of-theart health screening and our belief in making sensible lifestyle decisions could well make many lives more fulfilling, and indeed longer.” EMI is also now a landmark of excellence in the USA. Eternity situated in West Los Angeles with a 3,200 sq foot facility, housing advanced diagnostic equipment, it is positioned to lead in vanquishing cardiovascular disease.

Dr Graham Simpson, Founder, Eternity Medicine Institute and Medical Director of Eternity Medicine Institute International.

Graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr Graham Simpson is board certified on Internal and Emergency Medicine. Besides being a licensed homeopath, he is a founding member of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA). Moreover, he is the author of Wellman (live longer by controlling inflammation 2011), co-author of Spa Medicine (Basic Health, 2004) and has taught as an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition, he is also certified in Age Medicine by the Cenegenics Education Research Foundation and remains a consultant for the Cenegenics Medical Institute.

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Childcare & Toys

Childcare & Toys

So much more than a toy shop ‘Play’ is to a child, what ‘work’ is to man. What you expose your toddler up to the age of five is crucial to its brain development. It is during this phase, intelligence is restored and reasoning begins to cultivate. With a mission to ‘help children reach their potential’, Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a global specialist toyshop brand that has accompanied children aged up to six since 1974.

With the market for toys and games in an upbeat mood in the UAE, holidays and festive seasons generate a high volume of sales of traditional toys and games, thanks to the strong custom of gift giving in the country. ELC is the first choice of children and parents alike.


Dedicated to helping children develop and learn through play, The Early Learning Centre (ELC) provides an unmatchable range of toys designed to stimulate holistic growth. The brand has helped children explore the boundaries of their imagination and creativity to make learning fun. While the global market for toys is expected to be worth a whopping USD 122.2 billion in 2012, USD 5.3 billion of that business can be found only in the GCC. Thanks to its high spending power and youthful population with 30 percent of GCC under 15 years old, the region has seen no plunge in the demand of

The brand, through its global existence of almost four decades, carries a lot of heritage along with it and has been in the UAE market now for over 15 years. Internationally, ELC has grown tremendously with over 350 stores globally.

toys despite financial downturn. The UAE’s appetite for toys is particularly exciting for toy retailers and suppliers as local manufacturing is low and parents do not compromise on the happiness of their children. To assist parents further, ELC has identified skills that are crucial to the development of children and incorporated those into product design. In this way, parents can be sure that they are not only buying their child a simple toy, but rather an product that helps their child evolve and grow. This is also where ELC differentiates itself from competitors. Strategic approach to child development at ELC involves understanding that toys act as a medium, if carefully tailored, through which children practice creative thinking, observation and problem-solving skills. While designing toys, ELC works closely with experts, child psychologists and children themselves to ensure all toys are top quality, safe and above all, fun. The future remains bright for ELC with 80 stores currently across the GCC and another 6 stores planned for 2012. With a sound expansion plan and research and expert support in child development, ELC has geared up to tackle any new challenges coming its way. Developing a successful business relies on customer growth and more importantly, on organic growth. Expansion opportunities lie in improving the customer offer by launching new product intervals throughout the year. By developing quality toys that are safe and reliable, ELC has also complied to new rules on child safety by the Gulf Standardisation Organisation (GSO). Contrary to the substandard mass imports from China, ELC toys come with a safety guarantee that puts parents in a worry-free zone. Last but not the least, ELC is constantly on the look out to add value in its offering throughout the year to give customers their money’s worth. Much has been done to retain the excitement of the brand and to maintain a loyal base of customers.

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Childcare & Toys

The place for little ones Granting both parents and children the joy of creating cherishable memories; Babyshop, the region’s leading retail destination for children’s products, has been in operation in the UAE for over 20 years with 30 stores running successfully across the country. To add to the fleeting expanse, it recently announced an investment of Dh 250 million per year, for the next five years across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Established in Bahrain in 1973 the concept currently occupies over 1.88 million square feet of retail space, with 146 stores across the Middle East and North Africa. The expansion plan aims at adding 33 new outlets to its global portfolio including five new stores in the UAE adding 70,000 square feet to the current area.

“As we expand our network we pledge ourselves to provide a consistent value added experience to our patrons”, said Vinod Talreja, CEO Babyshop. The launch of this spectacle laid the foundation of The Landmark Group, which is today the region’s top retail and hospitality conglomerate, operating 1200 outlets and encompassing over 18 million square feet


across the GCC, India, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya and Pakistan. With over 40,000 committed employees, the chain’s spectrum now includes prominent international brands like Lee Cooper, Barbie, Disney, Graco, Ferrari, Maui & Sons, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Maxi Cosi, Cambrass and Babyshop’s own inhouse brands such as Juniors, Charmz and Giggles. Babyshop believes in facilitating a holistic growing experience for children up to sixteen years of age, and offers a comprehensive range of products including fashion clothing, baby basics, safety and hygiene items, nursery furniture and toys at affordable prices. “Babyshop has evolved as a brand over the past 39 years. The brand has garnered the continued patronage of its consumers as it has consistently delivered value to every life it touched. It has been our endeavor to provide a wide product range offering unmatched value and product quality to our patrons,” added Talreja. Besides the commercial success that the brand has achieved, it has also managed to win the trust and confidence of its customers by pioneering several noteworthy causes. In November 2010, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) officials revealed that traffic accidents

were the primary cause of infant mortality in the UAE and account for 63 percent of all child deaths. To fight this shocking number, Babyshop conducts an annual ‘Child Safety Awareness Initiative’, a region-wide drive championed to highlight the importance of child safety. Through this initiative Babyshop has pioneered the dialogue on child safety by creating extensive awareness through conducting road shows in select schools across the UAE. Rahul Saxena, Head of Marketing, Babyshop, said, “The campaign endeavors to partner with parents and support them to proactively provide their children a safe environment. Our team of buyers has studied the touch-points in the life of children, and identified potential high-risk situations that can be averted through precautions - at home, in the car or outdoors.” Going the extra mile, the brand has also tied-up with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority to make


Vinod Talreja, CEO - Babyshop

taxis toddler-friendly. It has donated fifty car seats to RTA Taxis and informed taxi drivers about the significance of the same. RTA commended its efforts and added, “We will promote this new feature through many media platforms and are confident that parents seeking cabs will proactively use the ‘Child Safe Taxis’.” Run by the Landmark Group, one of the region’s most prestigious multinationals on its way to triumphant success, Babyshop is sure to tread on the same path and offer the best of the best to patrons across the globe.

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Childcare & Toys

Keep them amused and happy The UAE’s appetite for toys and games continues unabated growth with recent research confirming consumers in the region give high priority to keeping their children amused and happy. As one of the leading distributors of toys in the region, World Wide Traders (WWT) has contributed to choicest possessions for little ones.

Findings by Euromonitor International indicate that the Middle East market for toys and games was recently valued at USD4,570 million, an 8 percent surge over previous records.The UAE market is particularly exciting for toy manufacturers, retailers and suppliers as the average consumer here spends approximately USD 30 per head more than their counterparts in the region.


The toy industry in the region mirrors the growth trend exhibited worldwide. With humble beginnings in 1999, and a little over a decade’s operations, WWT has grown by leaps and bounds. A head office at SAIF Zone and new additions to a monstrous warehouse with state-of-the-art technology, logistics and warehousing has allowed seamless distribution of toys. “For us, the customer comes first. Our policies ensure that client servicing takes top priority on to-do list. We keep stocks in our warehousing facility in SAIF to meet urgent demands and manage crisis. We cater through prompt deliveries and this has only helped us tap into dynamic markets,” said V. R. Rao Managing Director, WWT. Mr. Rao has two decades of experience in retailing of branded toys. He is able to bring a wealth of knowledge in understanding the customers and forming key strategic alliances with reputed manufactures. His partnership with K. A. Babu, Chairman, WWT and former educationist has helped the company function ethically and launch educational toys in Arabic and English adding

tremendous value to the consumer. Understanding what children want combined with an impressive business acumen has lead to creating distribution centres in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait resulting in annual growth of 40 percent in size, product portfolios and reach. Furthermore, strategic partnerships have allowed its distribution wings to spread to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Backed by a team of highly dedicated professionals and motivated staff, the company caters a wide range of clients in the local market and the international market. A remarkable achievement by the company was embarking on operations in the Indian sub-continent under the name Smart Toys Trade Pvt Ltd, India. With the head office in Hyderabad, the regional centres of distribution can be found in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. Though the market is competitive, and rather different in its behaviour than the Middle East, WWT has been able to affirm a leading position. One of the key objectives for distributors of any kind is to explore the plethora of marketing options and devising a judicious mix to create a media plan to maximise outreach and popularity of its products. On this note, WWT has established its own retail stores ‘Smart Kids Toys’ in Muscat, Oman and Doha, Qatar.


Recently, it has opened a dedicated retail toy showroom under the same name, in India (Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune) with a floor space of 8,000 square feet. “Our emphasis will be on opening of such retail stores in key geographic locations which compliment and increase the market reach for the range of toy products we have. I think the retail sphere is an interesting role for us as distributors because of commercial advantage and the fact we can drive our products out to consumes with more vigour,” said V. R. Rao, Managing Director WWT. Today’s children are flooded with animated movies, cartoon characters, animated video games on consoles and iPads, like never before. However, there’s still something special about having that one toy that’s always there for you. Be it in the embrace of a plush toy, or fascination with superhero merchandise, these are companions that move from one generation to another. They continue to be popular even today as toy industry figures indicate that children’s fascination with these continues to drive the market upward. WWT’s success is a testament to its major shareholding in the game.

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Chapter Banking


" Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and success." H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, UAE


Your partner in progress Having earned the distinction of being the first consortium bank in the GCC, the Bank of Sharjah (BOS) has made tremendous strides since its inception almost four decades ago. Following six core values of performance, ethics, transparency, initiative, commitment and quality; BOS has been on a mission to achieve strong and sustainable performance for its shareholders.

Bank of Sharjah is the winner of accolades such as the ‘Best Board Award’ by Hawkama, the Institute for Corporate Governance in the Middle East, for exercising good disclosure practices in the UAE. And in 2009, winner of the ‘Mergers & Acquisitions Deal of the Year’ in the region by The Banker Magazine, thanks to the successful acquisition of the assets and liabilities of BNPI branches in Lebanon.


Employing expert minds and using innovative financial tools, the paramount aim is to provide financial solutions that deliver results. At Bank of Sharjah, developing and maintaining long-term business relationships are pivotal to its success. The Bank’s belief in proactively assisting customers and clients and focusing on their individual needs, while providing unparalleled service, has ensured customer loyalty.


A rich history

Exemplary achievements

Incorporated in December 1973, Bank of Sharjah was founded by the Government of Sharjah, the Hassawi Group and French banking group Paribas, who held 20 percent stake in the bank. In the wake of the merger between BNP and Paribas, the newly formed BNP Paribas sold its stake in 2002. Bank of Sharjah maintains a strong relationship with its previous stakeholder. Former representatives of BNP Paribas continue to sit on the Board as independent directors.

The Bank is primarily a corporate Bank, catering to UAE-based businesses, SMEs, the government, and government related entities. It offers general banking services, project finance, trade facilities, syndicate loans, and short-to-medium term loans. In addition, the Bank engages in private banking, wealth management, and investment. At Bank of Sharjah, developing and maintaining long-term business relationships is instrumental in its


success. The Bank believes in proactively assisting customers and clients with measures that focus on their individual needs and provide unparalleled service. The records of time have shown profound customer loyalty because of our collective efforts. The bank took its first international step in finance arena with the acquisition of Banque de la Bekaa SAL in Lebanon. In addition to this acquisition, Bank of Sharjah also took over Banque Nationale de Paris Intercontinental, Beirut, a member of BNP Paribas Group based in Lebanon. By combining both purchases to form Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L., this became the first full banking venture by the UAE in Lebanon. This venture permits customers in both countries to leverage the financial network and services of both Bank of Sharjah and Emirates Lebanon Bank S.A.L. for optimum efficiency Going from strength to strength, 2011 was a financially successful year for Bank of Sharjah. Total assets

reached Dh 20,934 million as on 31st of December 2011 with the bank’s equity has reached Dh 3,951 million while total deposits reached Dh 14,940 million in the end of 2011.

Commitment to society Bank of Sharjah has also made a commitment to society by supporting the advancement of educational, cultural and sports initiatives. The Bank of Sharjah has established a “Chair in Finance and Business Administration” at the American University of Sharjah, with a contribution of Dh 15 million. The establishment of this chair contributes to the enrichment of teaching and research at the university as envisioned by H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the American University of Sharjah. The development of local educational initiatives is a fundamental part of Bank of Sharjah’s


Apart from the financial advancements in its lifetime, Bank of Sharjah has also made a commitment to society by being involved in the advancement of educational, cultural and sports initiatives. In July 2011, board members of the American University of Sharjah passed a resolution to establish the Bank of Sharjah Chair in Finance and Business Administration, with a contribution of Dh15 million by BOS.

Corporate Social Responsibility programme of which the Chairman, Ahmad Al Noman, and the other Board Members are passionate about. Enhancing and developing resources in our local educational institutions builds a strong skills base for the future and it is Bank of Sharjah’s belief, that through the development of ‘The Bank of Sharjah Chair in Finance and Business Administration’, knowledge and expertise in these areas will thrive.

Since inception, Bank of Sharjah has been governed by its core values. They shape the bank’s culture; define its character and impact decision-making. Core values are their ladder to success.

BOS CORE VALUES • Performance • Ethics • Transparency • Initiative • Commitment • Quality


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Pioneer in Islamic banking Being the first commercial bank in the world to convert to an Islamic bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank has won several accolades since it was launched 37 years ago. Despite the global economic challenges, Sharjah Islamic Bank stands out as one of the few banks that achieved excellent financial results.


Commendable financial commitment An Amiri decree, issued by HH Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed al Qassimi, led to the formation of Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB), formerly known as National Bank of Sharjah now boasts 23 branches in the UAE In 2002, Sharjah Islamic Bank successfully converted to an Islamic banking organisation. This conversion led a change in the operating systems and procedures of the bank, with employees being trained in traditional Sharia’a banking. Management of investments and wealth of businesses is carried out in compliance with Islamic Sharia’a laws and regulations. The bank also offers a Sharia’a compliant scheme known as ‘Hassalati, a profit earning account for youngsters below the age of eighteen, which teaches them the importance of investing their savings in an Islamic manner. SIB ensure that banking systems and services offered adhere to economic and financial development and are shaped by moral, social and religious beliefs to meet the requirements of a diversified customer base. In the wake of the 2008 global financial downturn, research has shown that Islamic banks were better positioned to withstand adverse market or credit shocks from the outset. With its broad range of retail, commercial, corporate, investment and international banking services open to Islamic customers as well, Mohammed Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank, stated “We have developed a wide range of retail banking products and services which combine the trusted and traditional values of transparency, trust and commitment with innovation and technology to deliver superior modern banking solutions. We are also proud to announce that we have recently launched our ‘Priority Banking’, which offer elite services and a range of exclusive benefits to VIP clients.” Sharjah Islamic Bank also launched ‘Nebrass’, which is an integrated phone banking service that offers breakthrough services and immediate response to requests and queries at anytime and from


anywhere. ‘Nebrass’, which is available 24/7, provides customers with high-level Islamic banking services, as well as easy and secure access to comprehensive information through an expert team of phone bankers and superior technology.


Braving the global economic crisis Since 2008,Sharjah Islamic Bank has taken precautionary measures to prevent negative impacts from recent events. In addition to implementing corporate governance principles, they also restructured their credit policies and updated procedures, control methods and risk management. Because of these steps, SIB managed to maintain the appropriate amount of liquidity in the economic crisis, unlike many other private and retail banks which suffered heavy losses. When asked about the solidity of the banking industry in the GCC region, Mohammed Abdullahcommented, “Very solid - according to UAE Central Bank data, UAE

banks boosted their shareholders’ equity by nearly 8.4 percent in the first two months of 2010 to maintain their position as the largest capitalized banking system in the Arab World. According to the data, this followed a record annual increase of nearly Dh 78 billion in the banks’ combined capital through 2009, one of the most difficult financial periods for banks globally.” He also mentioned that rather than an obstacle, the crisis should be considered as a chance for financial institutions to conduct a thorough review of their operating policies and that GCC banks require governance structure, financial transparency and performance management to achieve speific strategic


goals. He also felt that the economic crisis had a weak impact on the GCC finance industry, as the system remained almost unhurt by the crisis. Even though some financial institutions were affected, they were seen to have a quick recovery due to the central and core fundamentals of the GCC banking sector. The prompt intervention by the governments, central banks and the banks themselves also helped in tackling the crisis with respect to the GCC. The precautionary measures positively reflected the bank’s financial results for 2009, which was a year that proved to be one of the worst periods in global economic and financial history. Net profits amounted to Dh 260.1 million, which was a 12.3 percent from the previous year. With assets increasing by Dh 438.7 million and client deposits totally to Dh 9.9 billion, SIB stood out as a winner in the financial storms that have swept the world.

SIB are treated. “Tailor-made products and services are aimed at meeting our clients’ financial requirements, and Sharjah Islamic Bank is committed to providing flexible banking coupled with outstanding levels of customer service and support,” said Mohammed Abdullah“We take a proactive and responsible approach to our economic and social role in developing society.” Sharjah Islamic Bank’s efforts, to provide premium banking to its customers, have brought them great accolades. This includes the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award, Sharjah Economic Excellence Award and the Dubai Quality Award, which were received in 2009. In addition, SIB also won a Human Resources Award for Banking, and a recognition award for the highest Emiratization ratio among GCC countries. Going from strength to strength, this is one bank that truly exemplifies the honour of Islamic banking and its age-old traditions.

Aiming to be the best What is it that makes Sharjah Islamic Bank emerge as one of the best financial institutions in the country? It is the tradition of respect and care with which customers of

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Outstanding dimensions Given its status as the principal banking group in the region, in 2011 with a net profit of Dh 2.5 billion, up 6 percent compared with the previous year, Emirates NBD (ENBD) certainly stands out as a leader in UAE’s banking sector. ENBD is the outcome of a merger between Emirates Bank International and the National Bank of Dubai, the second and fourth largest banks in the UAE respectively.

The bank is operational in the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Jersey and has representative offices in India and Iran. Throughout its existence, the group has been honoured with 19 prestigious accolades.

According to Rick Pudner, CEO of Emirates NBD, “Despite an extremely challenging and volatile external environment, we have delivered a robust set of financial results with net profits for the year being six percent. This was after adopting a significantly more conservative approach to de-risking the balance sheet. While the economic backdrop remains challenging, our successful execution towards our strategic imperatives and strong levels of capitalisation and liquidity position the Bank strongly to take advantage of selected growth opportunities in the future”


UAE’s banking leader As a leading retail banking franchise in the UAE, the group swiftly developed a reputation for strong brand equity in the dynamic and highly competitive marketplace. Currently, there are over 141 finance houses of ENBD spread across the UAE. One of the bank’s in-house programmes – Network, now offers great value in the market, by providing credit card services to other banks including collection services and point of sales. In order to encourage Emiratisation within the market, ENBD installed a small business finance scheme, Al Tomooh, which grants interest-free loans to entrepreneurs, keeping aside an amount of Dh 50 million to carry out such transactions.

needs of Arabic speakers amid more than one million ENBD customers and can easily be accessed through the bank’s existing English version of website. Both sites portray an array of interactive facilities,successfully making this the bank’s largest division. According to Gary Dugan, Chief Investment Officer of Private Banking at Emirates NBD, “Despite global uncertainties, emerging economies will grow in 2012. Even if the Euro zone is in recession and struggling to make headway, emerging markets should continue to see solid economic growth, underpinned largely by demographics, including a young and vibrant population that is still growing in the Middle East.” In terms of contributing towards the society, the bank is involved in a number of corporate social responsibility activities, which focus on priority causes in the UAE such as charity, education, environment, culture, art and sport. Besides following several initiatives adhered to preserve the UAE’s culture and heritage, ENBD also launched the first pearl museum in the region in 2003, comprising of the massive collection of natural pearls in the GCC.

Emirates NBD affirmed a 6 percent increase in net profit for 2011, amounting to Dh 2.5 billion. The outcome includes the takeover of Islamic financial institution Dubai Bank, which ENBD executed in October 2011.

Future outlook The UAE banking industry is learning from its experiences, in an increasingly competitive market. While the UAE economy has proved to be quite flexible towards global and regional expansion in 2011, the external environment continues to be challenging ensued in a further tentative outlook. Nevertheless, ENBD’s capitalisation, liquidity and operating profitability remain highly strong providing both buoyancy and flexibility for the future. In addition, the bank is equipped with a plan to further improve shareholder returns and benefit from the selected development opportunities.

Emerging markets As a tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the UAE, Emirates NBD launched an Arabic website to serve as a portal to the bank’s complete range of services. The Arabic edition of the website is intended to meet the diverse


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Chapter Insurance


We are committed to contributing towards the realization of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 by leading the insurance sector as Your Reliable Insurer.� Khalifa Al Kindi, Chairman of the Board, ADNIC


Symbol of reliability As more people in the UAE begin to believe in insurance, not just as an economic necessity, but as a small price to pay for peace of mind, the sector has demonstrated vigorous growth over the years. As a pioneer in the field, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) is an insurance provider with an impeccable portfolio of services. As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, coinciding with that of UAE, it’s time to reiterate its instrumental role in building a brighter, safer future.

The success of ADNIC is a testament to its sustainable and wellgrounded approach to growth that is not only profitable, but also innovative. The steady progress can be reviewed in terms of its strong financial position in the marketplace, focus on modernization, expansion of branch and broker distribution network, establishment of the Business Development and Customer Relationship Management division, and efficiency of customer service through its call centre. “ADNIC’s strong financial performance reflects and correlates with the resilience and innovation demonstrated by the United Arab Emirates in its urge to emerge as a more bulletproof economy following the recession. And we at ADNIC want to take every effort possible to maintain the strong leadership and brand reputation,” said Walid Sidani, CEO, ADNIC. Gross written premium increased by 17 percent for the year 2011, in addition, its net underwriting income increased by 24 percent to Dh 275 million compared to Dh 222 million the previous year. Registering a growth of 11 percent with net profit reaching Dh 158 million for the year is a big move up from Dh 142 million in 2010. This is primarily due to the company’s strategy to increase its premium retention levels and cross-selling initiatives on high quality risks. Having total assets valued at Dh 3.670 million, ADNIC’s financial strength has been reaffirmed time and again by the leading global financial rating agencies with A.M. Best’s A (Excellent) and Standard & Poor’s A- with a positive outlook. ADNIC is one of a select few institutions to have their financial rating maintained in the A category across the Middle East and North Africa.


During 2011, ADNIC implemented improvements to its operational systems, made investments in its branch and broker networks and expanded its consumer product lines. The company opened a new branch in Dubai to strengthen its operational base in the Northern Emirates. Two new additions to the ADNIC product portfolio were the SAFE+ (Office Multi-Cover) and 24/7 Auto Life (Motor comprehensive insurance with embedded life insurance). As part of a strategy to connect with consumers, the ADNIC Yas Run—a 10km running event on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit—was a first-ever initiative to promote the company’s brand and values, and to emphasize on how crucial they think healthcare and insurance is to the wellbeing of a nation. Following recent achievements, the company will embark on opening a new regional office in Abu Dhabi which will be dedicated to serve the capital city and the western region.



From the Chairman

Khalifa Al Kindi, Chairman of the Board, ADNIC


“Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) is a company of people who are proud of their past and excited about their future. At ADNIC, we are defined by the character and integrity of our people. We work to serve our customers by providing competitive insurance solutions and creating innovative products, while always seeking to enhance shareholder value. To be the best in what we do, we give importance to our reputation, consistency and values. The leadership of the UAE and its Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 provides us with new and exciting business opportunities for the years to come. We are committed to contributing towards the realization of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 by leading the insurance sector as Your Reliable Insurer.� Khalifa Al Kindi, Chairman of the Board, ADNIC



CEO speaks

Walid Sidani, CEO, ADNIC


“The story of ADNIC is one of accomplishments, challenges, and trust in the future. We have a solid history in the insurance industry, which can be traced back to our humble beginnings in 1972 with an office in Abu Dhabi and few staff members running the business. Today, ADNIC has come a long way to where it proudly stands as the best insurance company in MENA region. Our team comprises 470 insurance professionals from 24 nationalities with a network of full service branches across the UAE. By executing our strategic pillars and abiding by our core values, we have developed a healthy and transparent relationship with our customers, employees, business partners, and the community at large. ADNIC is committed to helping people meet their insurance and risk challenges of today to be able to enjoy a better tomorrow.� Walid Sidani, CEO, ADNIC



Core Values ADNIC takes pride in being at its moral best. The intimate interactions with shareholders, partners, clients, and employees help form a hierarchy of eligible corporate communication. They are built on the groundwork of loyalty, reliability, transparency, teamwork, integrity, and excellence enabling them to trend a delivery of outstanding results. The philosophy behind its business strategy arises from seven self-stated strategic pillars. 1. Customer Service to ensure that each interaction is effective. 2. Ensuring availability of products and services. 3. Employer of Choice within the insurance industry. 4. Expansion of the suite of products and services. 5. Innovation and Technology to ensure solutions are offered efficiently. 6. Modernization of processes, facilities and infrastructure. 7. Product Development to ensure solutions are created to address the evolving business needs.


40 years The company began in 1972 in Abu Dhabi as a composite insurance company offering all lines of insurance. Since its inception, ADNIC has endeavored to be the leading and prominent provider of quality and affordable protection products and services in the United Arab Emirates, as well as a leading provider of risk underwriting solutions across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Burgeoning within the insurance sector of the UAE that esteemed at Dh 22 billion at the last quarter of 2011, ADNIC aims to become the leading insurer of choice in the Middle East and North Africa Region. ADNIC has always invested in fruitful partnerships that would lead to expansion of its impact with thoughtful associations with strong national and international companies where return of these partnerships would inevitably benefit the shareholders and customers. One such joint venture is with Vanbreda International NV to create a unique international medical insurance product called SHIFA, which provides customers seamless medical and healthcare coverage across the globe.

Unprecedented Commitment With the company’s existence for several years in the market, ADNIC has witnessed continuous, unabated growth in all insurance segments with strong financial results and balance sheet that consistently ranks them as the industry’s finest. ADNIC’s strength lies in its financial mainstay and a reinsurance protection that enables a trustworthy short-term and long-term commitment with their clientele and partners alike. They have undertaken the responsibility of serving clients with regional, alternative, and international insurance solutions thereby safeguarding quality of life and becoming the fortitude of


dependable entrepreneurship endeavors. In the spheres of Corporate Governance, ADNIC has grown in leaps and bounds to ensure its shareholders, employees, partners, and customers have faith in its operations. ADNIC maintains high levels of transparency and accountability throughout its management practices. The company consistently implements monitoring of business objectives, strategies, and procedures that comply with legal framework and remain ethical, having established an Audit Committee and other such bodies to guide the Board and assist in maintaining stringent standards of governance throughout ADNIC. The workplace at ADNIC is characterized by continuous change and growing diversity. Business success and employee satisfaction depends on adaptability to change, which the company has mastered in 40 years of smooth sailing. A unique concept in this sphere is ADNICity Life Committee. This is an approach that recognizes that employees need to manage business and other social and personal aspects of life. Having launched social and health awareness programmes, the company continues to maintain its status as a favorable employer across the region. ADNICity Life Committee also organises social engagements like the Annual Family Day, Annual Ramadan Iftar, ADNIC Health Day, Weekly Football Matches and has its own in-house cricket teams beating it out on the pitch while spectators cheer.


Community Role Not only has ADNIC been the first insurance company to ever introduce a 10 km health marathon at the Yas Marina Circuit, but it has also played a community role since the time of its inception. Its corporate philosophy embraces the idea to constantly strive for the betterment of lives. It has played a vital role as a major employer and significant contributor to local charities. Frequent is ADNIC’s participation in Blood Donation Drives where employees come in big numbers as testament to ADNIC’s promise. It has also lent its support to the Terry Fox Run against Cancer.

Product and Services ADNIC sports a strong financial position; dedicated management and skilled professionals, coupled with

its long-term commitment to innovation in quality products and services that has made it a leading and preferred insurer of choice, regionally. With this top-notch position, comes responsibility. ADNIC provides a comprehensive range of pioneering products and services, which can be tailored to meet the evolving insurance requirements of clients from all walks of life. To guarantee that all their products and services are in line with client’s needs and expectations, ADNIC created the “ADNIC Product Innovation Committee” (APIC) that develops new insurance products, taking inspiration from latest practices of the insurance industry worldwide. ADNIC’s services are principally distributed into Personal Insurance and Commercial Insurance.


Personal Insurance This offers a plethora of services that cater personally to individuals and others that gratify properties maintenances and acquisitions. • Life Insurance Securing an individual or a group, ADNIC comprises life insurance with the widest and most flexible coverage in the regional market. The provision for competitive rates for premiums and modest terms and conditions makes ADNIC accessible for all. • Medical Insurance (Individual and Group) Medical insurance offers enough range of policies that ideally support an individual or a group. SHIFA insurance provides global medical coverage on a direct billing basis through a network of international medical service providers. HALA (meaning ‘welcome’ in Arabic) is a medical insurance product tailored exclusively for tourists that visit the UAE. HALA specifically meets all the UAE government’s requirements for travelers. MUSSAFER insurance coverage protects from the damage or loss of baggage, medical expenses and other incidents that one may face travelling from the UAE. • Motor Insurance The Motor insurance provision offers a Comprehensive Third Party Liability and Fire and Theft insurance coverage for individual clients. • Property All Risks Insurance (Home and Contents) The Property (Home and Contents) insurance product covers loss or damage to any dwelling caused by fire,


theft, water damage, earthquake, and other perils that include sabotage and terrorism, consequential loss, and fine arts, jewelry and other precious items. • Yacht Insurance Another broad spectrum of security covers insurance for personal yacht or pleasure crafts owned by individuals.

Commercial Insurance To become an inevitable support system of corporate clients, ADNIC designed an elaborate set of insurance solutions covering diverse sectors including Aviation, Marine, Energy, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, and much more. • Aviation Insurance An all-inclusive suite of aviation insurance solutions, including hull and spares all risks and liabilities, hull deductible insurance, airport owners, operators or hangar keepers liability, repairers, maintenance or overhaul liability, products liability, satellite insurance and Manufacturers Hull and Liability. • Energy Insurance (Onshore and Offshore) Dealing in several types of energy insurances including products tailored for alternative energy, ADNIC’s Onshore and Offshore insurance covers include Construction and Operational Risks. • Engineering and Construction Insurance Protection against any kind of loss or damage that covers contractors all risks, contractors’ plant, equipment and machinery, machinery breakdown and much more. Their financial lines insurance


provides an assured coverage against banker’s blanket bond (bbb), fidelity guarantee, directors’ and officers’ liability, dishonesty, disappearance and destruction (ddd), purchase protection, money (in-transit and in-safe), crime and Stock Brokers Insurance. • Liabilities Insurance This type of insurance has variations from workers’ compensation to public and employer liability and is also inclusive of professional indemnity and medical malpractice.

• Marine Cargo Insurance ADNIC offers cargo insurance products covering the risks in transit for all types of cargo transported by various modes of conveyance (such as sea freight, airfreight, land transit and parcel post) on standard terms and conditions including advanced loss of profit. • Marine Hull Insurance Marine hull insurance includes coverage for all types of vessels including cargo ships, oil tankers, LNG’s, tugs, barges, supply vessels, dredgers, pleasure crafts and commercial yachts.


• Motor Fleet Insurance The Motor Fleet Insurance consists of Comprehensive Third Party Liability and Fire and Theft insurance coverage for fleets and also provides Third Party Liability cover to fleets traveling across Arab countries under the Orange Card policy. • Property Insurance Coverage for the loss or damage of an insured property caused by fire, lightning and explosion is covered under Property Insurance. This policy also includes extensions such as natural disasters and malicious acts. • Specialty Risks Predicting and preparing for such risks makes ADNIC precursors of the insurance industry in the UAE. Specialty risks include political risk coverage, event cancellations, live stock insurance, and Deterioration of Contents of Deep Freezers and Refrigerators.

More from ADNIC ADNIC’s services extend into reinsurance, claim services and loss prevention, solving client’s various properties related conundrums. The reinsurance service is for insurance companies operating in MENA region. The claim services handle claims with the most innovative and effective approach by establishing accurate and timely reserves to assure ability to pay claims, now and in the future, while the loss prevention works with the clients to bring the best potential in a business idea and improves business performance through the implementation of effective risk management strategies and recommendations. They have the technical expertise


and knowledge to understand insurance requirements and develop the right solutions to help any corporate to mitigate their exposures.

The future ahead Operating from the UAE since 1972, ADNIC holds a strong competitive position among the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) listed companies with a market share of 16 percent. Their current capital stands at Dh 375,000,000. With this financial strength and an aptitude for long-term commitments with their clientele, ADNIC leads most of the UAE’s mega development projects, while still being able to offer viable solutions to the Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individual clients. Receiving global awards and recognitions is yet another acknowledgement of ADNIC’s stability, evolution and high standards. Each year, ADNIC proves its financial strength and stability receiving global recognitions from prestigious entities such as Standard & Poor’s (S&P), A.M. Best and the World Finance Magazine. While the UAE insurance market is already showing signs of inflation, finance gurus in the Middle East have predicted sector growth by more than Dh 63 billion by 2015 in total premium income. ADNIC’s promising position in the market already confirms that the company will spearhead this stupendous growth taking the country and its people to greater heights.

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Corporate Profiles & Entrepreneurs

" Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight." Henry R. Luce, American Publisher

Corporate Profiles & Entrepreneurs

Benchmark in business freedom For almost two decades, the Sharjah Airport International Free (SAIF) Zone has served as a unique alternative for conducting business for locally based organisations in the UAE as well as multinationals looking to spread operations in the Middle East. The SAIFZone currently boasts an operation of approximately 5,542 companies, state-of-the-art modern facilities and an access database of more than 2 billion consumers.

Sharjah dominates half of the industrial activities in the UAE with easy access to regional and international business zones through efficient commuting channels through air, land and sea. SAIF-Zone only further boosts this unique quality with state-of-the-art infrastructure and efficient business services.


With minimum procedural hazards, SAIF-Zoneoffers a single window solution to all investor requirements. The Zone ensurescommitment to quality performance. The establishment has created a newbenchmark in providing business freedom and growth opportunities for severalmanufacturing companies.


The essence of Sharjah

Surge in opportunity

‘Sharjah is the undisputed industrial nerve centre of the UAE, accounting for 38 percent of the country’s industrial GDP,’ says H.E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Abdullah Al Qassimi, Chairman of SAIF-Zone. According to him, Sharjah ‘boasts of the latest amenities that any modern city offers but simultaneously retains its rich cultural heritage and traditional values.’ Despite the vast progression in its economy, Sharjah continues to maintain Islamic traditions and implementlaws to ensure public decency and safety. With Port Khorfakkan and Port Khalid serving as the ports for trade in Sharjah, the emirate has continued to prosper in the last 40 years.

The proximity of the SAIF-Zone to the Sharjah International Airport comes as an advantage, as the airport is home to the largest air cargo hub in the MENA region, and connects 230 destinations across the globe. SAIF-Zone ensures a trouble free working environment, advanced technology and has leased land for unrestricted private development. The availability of an international airport and two seaports has increased sea-air traffic by 50 percent in the last four years, taking trade relations with other countries to a whole new level. The fiscal advantage of the SAIF-Zone is immense, with 100 percent exemption from corporate and personal income taxes for every single stakeholder in the concerned organization.

Efficiency at its core The top management at prestigious organisations conducting business at SAIF-Zone have had several positive things to say about its operations over the last two decades. Mr. Lalu Samuel, who is the Managing Director of electrical accessory company Clipsal Middle East, has witnessed the company’s growth since its inception. ‘We established Clipsal Middle East in 1996,’ he states. ‘Over the years, we have found that the response for services received from all the departments at the zone have been very efficient, this has contributed to our growth over the years’. Indian conglomerate Godrej Group set up their MENA operations in the year 1997, and have been conducting their businesses across the GCC ever since. ‘We are among the first few investors to set up an office in SAIFZone and find a large amount of personal involvement in their approach’ stated the General Manager of Godrej Global Middle East FZE in 2006. ‘We have been in the SAIF-Zone for the past nine years and have no chance for any disappointment. We have found that SAIFZone’s approach towards their customers is extremely welcoming.’

There is no magic formula for success in business. As the world transforms into a global village, one needs freedom, opportunity and vision. The rest will unfold beautifully.

Emblematic of the dream of a new Sharjah, SAIF-Zone is the government way of aiding growth in business in the region. Today, it is the ideal business hub for conducting smooth business in a hassle free environment.


With a hundred fold increase in registered licenses and its inception, the SAIF-Zone has completed 16 successful years and has surpassed several milestones of growth in expansion. Licenses issued in 24 hours of submission of official documents and 100 percent exemption from taxes has resulted in 5542 license as of December 2011.

Why SAIF-Zone? In comparison to other business hubs in the region, SAIFZone boasts of quick processing of licenses for trade, industrial and service providers. The Zone is competent in the facilities it provides to manufacturers for assembling and packaging as well as import and export. Sponsorships and visas for staff and on-site accommodations are available at affordable packages for start-ups. Plethora of business administration amenities such as courier agency, customs office, banks and postal services, travel and secretarial assistance is available at the tip of your fingers. The infrastructure has been developed to improve day-to-day functioning and to allow more scope for growth.

Salient Features of SAIF-Zone • License fee issued in 24 hours of submission of official documents • 100 percent exemption from corporate and personal income taxes • 100 percent import and export tax exemption • Highly qualified bilingual administrators • Strategic location with superb global and regional commuting thanks to admirable sea, land and air transport channels • Access to key international ports in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean • Inexpensive energy and stringent conservation policies • Quality local and international banking services and SME loan plans • Sharjah provides the most cost-effective living and leisure amenities for families in the UAE

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Corporate Profiles & Entrepreneurs

Adding value in trade Formed in 2000, Source Rite International FZCO (SRI) is a Dubai-based free zone corporation with a large clientele in East Africa. From its initial business of trading a wide variety of products including industrial chemicals, branded footwear, electronics and construction equipment, the company today has focused its trade activities on industrial chemicals and branded footwear and apparel.


The UAE has effectively facilitated trade operations by conferring effortless licensing procedures, communication, storage and transportation facilities and commercial centers. According to the economic survey conducted among people of the private sector establishments, wholesale and retail trade output tallies close to Dh 103 billion annually, which is almost 27 percent of total output of private establishments. In 2005, new shareholder and visionary, Carl Peaple streamlined the footwear, apparel and accessories business to reaffirm market presence. Peaple’s extensive experience in the Middle East with fashion distribution allowed the company to expand its network of retail clients in the fashion and sportswear business in the region.

Widespread presence Source Rite International has successfully represented well-renowned global brands such as Fitflop (UK) Mojo (USA), Glagla (France), Native Footwear (Canada), Brooks (USA) and Sanuk Surf Footwear (USA). Outside the UAE, Source Rite’s portfolio expands to Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the African continent, Egypt and Kenya remain its two most lucrative markets. Over the years, Source Rite has done exceedingly well in acquiring sponsorship for federation such as the UAE Swimming Federation and even supported the Abu Dhabi Police Academy and the Military among many other initiatives for boosting market presence.

Emerging markets With its distribution centre, showroom and offices based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, Source Rite International’s twofold business strategy to switch from chemical trading to footwear unlocked new potentials for the company. With a substantial portfolio of niche footwear brands, today the company is recognised as an exclusive regional distributor of FitFlop across the Middle East - a brand that had a previously committed global following with its fashion-meets-fitness mantra, in early 2009. Within two years, since FitFlop has arrived in the market, the label’s in-store presence has exceeded to above 200 locations. “In terms of toning footwear, the trend started four years ago among GCC consumers and it is one that’s

After joining in 2005, Carl Peaple gave strategic direction to Source Rite, participating actively in operations and building strong relationship with client base and leading footwear and sports retailers in the region. Under his leadership, the company has moved achieve greater success.

growing substantially,” says Carl Garry Peaple, Director. He added, “Acquiring footwear brands was indeed a calculated step for us. My decade long experience in footwear and apparel distribution prior to starting Source Rite International told me this was the right thing to do.” Source Rite buys chemicals from world over to supply to mining industry in Africa and carries out operations in chemical trading business its Kenya base. While it has leading suppliers of chemicals in the UAE such as Enoc International, Petrochem Middle East and Kemsol Ltd., the local brand controls the footwear, accessories and apparel business line. “We have a reputation of being selective in the brands we choose to represent. Providing efficient service and promoting the brand through advertising and in-store support has been a winning notion for us,” explains Peaple. Today, retailers are convinced to sell our products because it carries the Source Rite International legacy.

Future plans Evidently, Source Rite International has plans to extend its expertise into the world of retail. This progression comes with the company’s vision to grow and better adapt to market demands. The focus will remain apparel and footwear and the retail ventures will be spread across malls in the UAE.

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Corporate Profiles & Entrepreneurs

Close to your heart In the words of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Father of the Nation, “They used to say that agriculture has no future in the UAE, but with God’s blessing and our determination, we have succeeded in transforming this desert into a green land.” With the same passion and vision for a sustainable community, Al Ain Dairy Farms for Livestock Production sowed the seeds of the dairy industry 30 years ago only to reap benefits of healthy and happy UAE.

Al Ain Dairy has overcome a surplus of challenges to establish itself as the leading producer of dairy products in the country. Being one of the few dairy farms to wholly depend on its own herds, whilst aiming to increase milk production, it is moving forward with innovative ideas to garner accreditations and certifications at a global level. Since its inception in 1981, the firm has witnessed exponential growth, from a humble start with 200 milking cows in the early 80s to over 5000 cows and 2,500 camels, producing a record breaking 30 million litres of milk annually. Having consistently invested in technology to guarantee safety standards and production security the brand continues to uphold values of excellence and innovation in the dairy and fruit juices industry.

“With the brand philosophy of ‘Close to your heart, Close to you’, Al Ain Dairy has made consumer research fundamental to its growth plan. To rapidly expand their product portfolio, it is vital to be aware of what the public needs,” said Shashi Menon, COO, Al Ain Dairy, on its anniversary celebrations. Not only has the current range of products including fresh cow and camel milk, long life milks, yoghurts, and both fresh and long life juices met demands but have created new niche markets. In 2004, Al Ain Dairy became the first to present the nation with its own brand of camel milk – Camelait. In addition, it plans to add flavoured milk and a range of exciting camel milk ice creams in 2012. After investing Dh 600,000 in BactoScan machine for bacteria testing, it’s working closely with British technology partners,


Fullwood Ltd, to further develop their camel milk production facilities. As a result of rising concerns about Arab health due to sedentary lifestyle characteristic to the UAE, the company has initiated a partnership with Al Jazira Football Club to educate the Emirati youth on healthy eating habits. Being socially responsible it has partnered with institutions to impart knowledge on health, nutrition, and food sustainability while encouraging an active way of life.

Products Products are produced in full fat and low fat variety, including milk, laban, smoothies, solid and drinking yoghurts, cholesterol reducing yoghurts and camel milk. Juices from Al Ain Dairy are pasteurised and use imported fruit pulp from the USA, India and Thailand. In addition, an efficient and advanced supply and distribution system ensure the product reaches supermarket shelves just in time. According to Abdullah Al Darmaki, CEO, Al Ain Dairy, “We are committed to strive for excellence in all aspects of its operations and believe that the people behind the scene drive the success of the brand.” He also added that the conduct, professionalism and responsible attitude of all employees as well as the inspiring leadership of the management are core to the recognition Al Ain Dairy revels in today.

NEWS FLASH • Al Ain Dairy is a proud recipient of numerous ISO awards in particular the 22000-2005 for its achievement in food safety controls ensuring that the company is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) compliant in international codex. • Al Ain Dairy exceeded its own expectations by winning the prestigious Sheikh Khalifa Excellence award in 2005. • The company has been the esteemed Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). • Al Ain Dairy was the winner of the prestigious SIAL Innovation Award, for its cardamom flavoured vitamin A and D enriched milk, at the SIAL Middle East 2011. • In 2012, Al Ain Dairy invested USD 2.8m on a new camel milking parlour, and further USD 150m will be invested in the new cow farm and Dh 100 million will aid in expansion of the existing plant and factory to double outputs in the future.

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Corporate Profiles & Entrepreneurs

Creating exception value Despite global vicissitudes in consumer spending, the UAE’s retail sector has seen remarkable growth in the past decade. The government’s economic diversification efforts have played key role in allowing expansion and participation of private sector, manifesting an environment, which is most desirable for investment and revenue generation. The Landmark Group is a rare entity that has enthralled the nation with its burgeoning retail ventures.

The Landmark Group was declared ‘Retail Company of the Year’ at the Arabian Business Awards in 2010. Earlier, the Group has received the ‘Business Excellence and Best Performance Re-export category’ distinction at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Awards (2008 and 2010), ‘Retailer of the Year’ at the Retail City Awards (2008) and the ‘Middle East Retailer of the Year’ at the Retail Middle East Awards (2007, 2008 and 2011).

Founded in 1973 in Bahrain, today the Landmark Group has a turnover in excess of USD 4.7 billion having grown into one of the largest and most successful retail conglomerates in the Middle East and India. With diversified offerings ranging from retail, to hospitality and food and beverage it remains the epitome of entrepreneurial success, while to the consumer landscape Landmark Group adds exceptional value for money. With 1,200 outlets encompassing over 18 million square feet across 17 countries, the Group impacts millions of lives everyday.

Retail saga Particularly for Landmark Group, the surge in revenue is because of the value-driven experience approach through unique retail concepts like Centrepoint (a destination bringing together the Group’s core retail brands), Babyshop (one-stop destination for kids between 0-16 years); Shoe Mart (multi-brand footwear and accessories store); Splash (multi-brand fashion retailer); Lifestyle (home décor, fashion accessories, beauty products and gifts); Beautybay (beauty, health and well-being store); Iconic (fashion, art, make up,


salon, café, and gadgets); Home Centre (a complete home experience); Q Home Décor, (premium home ware, furniture and home accessories store), Candelite (snacks and confectionery store) and Emax (large format electronics store). Landmark International and Shoe Mart International Footwear Division are two divisions that hold prestigious franchise with some of the world’s best brands in fashion and footwear. The Group also includes value retail brands such as Max and Shoexpress that have grown in popularity to become the preferred choice of consumers. The company’s concept called Shukran is the biggest and most successful retail loyalty programmeme in the Middle East. Applicable for discounts across 7 territories, over 1000 outlets, more than 2.7 million members are entitled to stupendous discounts and bargains and an efficient customer service. The Group also manages Oasis Centre, a community mall located along Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road. Diversifying into leisure, food and hospitality divisions seemed like the next best thing to do for a corporate brand such as Landmark Group that strives to deliver nothing but the finest. These avant-garde lifestyle hotspots are namely Fun City, an indoor entertainment park for little ones, a salon called Spaces, Fitness First, a world class health club and gym facility, Balance Wellbeing 360, comprising a wellness club and café and Foodmark, the restaurant division under the Group which manages and operates prestigious F&B concepts through franchise arrangements.

Passion for excellence Landmark Group’s passion for excellence is deep rooted in its core values. At the helm of the Group is Chairman Micky Jagtiani whose visionary leadership and impeccable business acumen along with strong ethical component has brought the company to global centre stage. As one of the region’s most successful retailers, Micky has mentored many and continues to drive growth at Landmark Group. He has been honoured with awards such as Retail Personality of the Year 2007 at the Retail ME Awards and Entrepreneur of the Year at the Middle East Business Achievement Awards 2008 held in Dubai, UAE.

Mickey Jagtiani, Chairman, Landmark Group

Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Landmark Group. There are four strong pillars in the Group’s CSR scope Health, Community, Environment and Sustainability and Employees. Under the banner of health, the Group has taken up Diabetes awareness as its cause. In 2009, the Landmark Group adopted diabetes awareness as part of its long term CSR initiative. An initiative that aims to increase awareness amongst people regarding the condition, Beat Diabetes was kicked off in the UAE. Today ‘Beat Diabetes’ has a presence seven countries over Middle East and India. In 2011, over 35,000 people walked with the Group for the cause and free blood glucose tests were conducted for over 40,000 people. On the community front they initiate and support several programmes such as Babyshop’s Child Safety Awareness Initiative, a fund-raising drive to support the underprivileged through Dubai Cares and other activities that support children and communities in need of assistance. On the sustainability front the Group has adopted various eco friendly initiatives and green practices to conserve resources. The Landmark Group has also started several programmes to empower, engage and enable their employees.

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A paradigm of excellence Founded in 1940, Bahman Enterprises is the largest trading company to successfully leverage the consumer market in the GCC, growing its brand with a varied and extensive clientele. Comprising of seven sub-business units proficient in the field of retail, marketing, wholesale and hospitality, the company’s customers are endowed with reliable brand anthology ensuring optimum product visibility in the market, accompanied by strong after sales and service support.

Bahman Enterprises solely focus on providing their consumers with only a selective set of more than 25 internationally popular and dedicated brands, exceeding the ultimate standards of quality.


The company’s in-house marketing team incessantly forms latest and innovative promotion ideas to assure brand equity, identity and awareness, market penetration and ultimately brand success resulting in constant development in sales.

As one of the premier brands in the Gulf, Bahman Enterprises solely focus on providing their consumers with only a selective set of more than 25 internationally popular and dedicated brands, exceeding the ultimate standards of quality. Operating through its head office in Dubai, the company ensures extensive availability of its products, with over 350 venues aiming to enhance their client profile through a variety of valuable products found at any location at any period of time. With products including domestic appliances, white goods, green electrical consumer goods, luxury tabletop products and decor, the company’s enviable reputation for handling a broad range of merchandise has been ensured by its adept team members and superior market intelligence. Bahman Enterprises caters to distribution of various renowned brands, such as Culin’Or, Babyliss, Gaggia, Fabergé and Carl Mertens, to name a few. They also boast a personal warehousing and delivery system that covers the whole of UAE. Bahman Enterprises confirms that every brand encloses its own entity and vitality, guaranteeing A-to-Z management of each entity. The firm leads with the motive to enhance consumer lives by swiftly delivering customer value and maintaining relationships, more effectively than their competitors. The company’s vision is sustained on two key principles – organisational excellence and core values, which are the bases for all actions performed. The organisation’s functions include an in-house marketing agency, called Six Thinking Hats, which grants essential marketing support to plan and execute miscellaneous strategic activities. Some of the expert services that this agency offers involve planning, concept promotion, research; ATL and BTL activities, e-marketing, POS design, exhibitions, product launches, in store and merchandising activities. To provide the best in service and support, BE includes a professionally skilled after-sales service centre situated in the Al Quoz area, an accessible central location in Dubai. Their qualified and attentive


members of staff evaluate, repair or replace items and verify the accessibility, replacement and sales of spare parts. Alternatively, while you wait you are open to shop with their mini margin free retail store concept supplying quality products at discounted prices.

With their broad market research and knowledge conducted over the years, Bahman Enterprises has set up its infrastructure and assets to manage small domestic appliances, kitchenware and electrical consumer goods to fill the gap deprived by market demands for the geographical location of UAE and GCC as part of its new projects.

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Sweet success Starting a new business in a downturn isn’t always the recommended way to go, but when you bring cumulative expertise that spans more than three decades, a strong work ethic, and a conviction that things can be done better; then perhaps you have a recipe for success.

Kraft team celebrates Oreo’s 100th birthday

Since establishing Custard Communications in January 2010, founders Nicola Holmes and Lesley Fair have seen their business grow exponentially, from representing a few key clients through to some of the most respected and influential brands in the world. It was a proud moment when in 2010 Campaign magazine named Custard Communications one of the “top 10 new kids on the block” in terms of agencies in the Middle East.

Their expertise has covered sports events for the Office of the Brand of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club and Hilton, art and cultural events for Tourism Development & Investment Corporation of Abu Dhabi, global product launches for Procter & Gamble, team building and staff engagement for companies like Pfizer and Boston Consulting Group, corporate galas for the likes of Merck Serono and De Brauw and financial forums on behalf of DIFC.


The business grew to such an extent that within two years the duo was able to deliver on a long term personal ambition, to develop an initiative that would provide support to corporations and charities in helping them achieve transparency and costeffectiveness in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns, heralding the arrival of Custard Cares. Co-founder Nicola Holmes said, “We are two socially minded individuals that have always wanted to do more for our communities. When we started Custard, it was always our aim to balance the profitability of the business with giving back. We have been fortunate to work with some great brands on innovative events and activations, which in turn has grown our reputation and now affords us the luxury of being able to put our energies towards a bit of philanthropy.” Custard found that they had been involved with a number of charities and NGOs, and increasingly clients were looking for events that had philanthropic elements. Lesley Fair, Custard’s other slice of the tart, continued, “We wanted to bring something different to the table, to provide not only our CSR acumen, but also to bridge our partners and suppliers with Custard Cares, that way we can ensure quality support, cost effectiveness and that the projects were carried out with transparency and due diligence.” Custard Cares allows the team to provide their event, public relations and marketing skills to causes that need these areas of expertise, but don’t necessarily have the financial resources to support executive expenses normally associated with these activities. “As an integrated communications company with a strong

Philadelphia’s ‘Spread Some Inspiration’ campaign for 2012 recognises the selfless acts of women in the region


Celebrating the founding of Custard Cares, Lesley Fair (left) and Nicola Holmes (right) founders of Custard Communications

events, PR and marketing pedigree, we bring a level of market knowledge, and business partnerships that can really benefit organisations looking to grow the scope of their CSR activities,” Holmes continued. As more companies adopt a corporate conscience approach to business ensuring that money invested in programmemes and events is spent wisely becomes paramount. Fair explained: “Spending budgets on fundraising evenings or activities, with no mechanisms in place to know where the money is going, or if you are getting best value for that money, goes against the CSR principles. To that end, we created Custard Cares to ensure businesses aren’t wasting resources, and that they are able to tap in to our network of trusted partners who are wholly committed to this initiative. Organisations involved in Custard Cares range from creative, design and production suppliers, to lighting, sound, and video providers, along with human resource and manpower providers, as well as ancillary services, such as photography, flowers, furniture, PRO services, branding, printing and entertainment suppliers. Holmes concluded, “Our objectives are to provide consultancy and support in the development of sustainable initiatives, both for public and private entities, as well as supporting them through event, PR and marketing services. We are able to do this with our consortium of partners, which allows us and them to strengthen their ties with client and also with the community through a social responsibility platform, allowing us collectively to be a force for good in the community. We are grateful to those partners who have the foresight to recognise that by working together, we make a stronger contribution to the community as a whole.”

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Gearing up sportsmanship Already a leader in the golf industry; and host of 270,000 rounds played annually only in Dubai; the UAE is an emerging sports destination on the world map. From F1 races to hiring world-renowned coaches to train local teams, sports enthusiasm in the country has skyrocketed. Providing international sports gear brands in golf, rugby and cricket, Prosports International is the leading distributor in the region. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Dubai, the company has expanded its reach to golf clubs in GCC and Egypt.

After consistent efforts, Prosports International has secured a sponsorship with GILBERT for the UAE Rugby National Team as the official kit and ball supplier.


As the leader of an expert team at Prosports, CEO Ara Naknikian has left no stone unturned in providing only the best sports equipment and boosting market share since its launch. It boasts an extensive collection of apparel, equipment and sports gear as well as optical accessories from reputed international brands including TITLEIST, FOOTJOY, PING, GREG NORMAN, ANTIGUA, GLENMUIR, GILBERT, GRAY-NICOLLS, BOLLE and BUSHNELL. Prosports is considered to be a local powerhouse in its area of business and has been the sole official merchandiser for the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens since 2000. Over the years, Prosports has attained iconic status in the world of sports in the Middle East by supporting prestigious events like the Dubai World Championship Golf Tournament where it retailed lifestyle apparel from their famous Greg Norman Collection at the official merchandise store. Also worthy of mention are its exclusive associations with events such as the International Rugby Board World Cup Sevens in Dubai, FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi, Dubai World Cup Horse Racing and the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters’ Golf Tournament.

The vision of CEO Ara Naknikian and the efficiency of his expert team have made the presence of global sports superbrands possible in the Middle East under the umbrella of Prosports International.

Prosports has enormously contributed to the development of Golf and Rugby in the UAE. It supports several Golf and Rugby clubs along with providing complimentary equipment and kit on a regular basis to national and club players to boost performance and growth. One of its many remarkable attributes is the onsite embroidery facility for various goods from polo shirts to golf bags, which enables a quick and reasonable approach to any corporate or club logo requirements. Recently, Prosports have secured a sponsorship with the UAE Rugby Association for GILBERT to be the official kit and ball supplier to the UAE Rugby National Team. The company continues to strive to successfully represent global sports brands in their outreach in the region. As UAE occupies a prominent role in the global Golf scenario, Prosports has enormously contributed to this development. Thanks to eminent brands such as Titleist and Greg Norman, golf experience in the region matches up to world-class standards.

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