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The Majestic Tanzania “Best of Tanzania successfully promotes and showcases Tanzania as a bountiful land of many opportunities, endless beauty, majestic beasts, rich natural heritage and culture and diverse landscapes. In these pages we exhibit the very best of Tanzanian business, industry and tourism through an impressive display of images”. Designed with the inspiration of the Tanzanite stone, this is a visual celebration of Tanzania’s achievements and successes. Not only does Best of Tanzania capture the history of the land and its growth journey, but it offers a glimpse of the country’s future through its Vision. The bright colours of the landscape seem to be telling of an equally bright future. We hope to capture some of this colour through a showcase of the pride of the nation. The timeless pages of history of ‘Best of Tanzania’ will forever form a tangible reminder and visual celebration of the melting pot of the country and its most premium offerings. Tanzania’s landscape leaves all who witness it spellbound. A small part of this magic is captured here to share with the world – looking beyond the awe of the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. Tanzania’s relative isolation from global markets helped it survive the effects of the global economic downturn, presenting an environment conducive to opportunities. Mercy Tembon, World Bank Acting Country Director for Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi, said that if Tanzania continues to commit to human capital investments and business development facilitation, it can reach its growth target. This stability has seen the World Bank forecast Tanzania’s 2011/12 growth at six percent. This success of Tanzanian companies and individuals is worthy of celebration. Our sincere thanks must go to the participants showcased in our very first edition; representing the “Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals, companies and organisations with much pride and celebrate their success – which in turn helps us to promote Tanzania throughout Africa and the world. This yearly publication is part of the “Global Village Partnerships” publishing model that now extends across 45 countries. To complement the readership of our print model we are also present on www. and the portal where millions of international readers have access to a virtual copy of ‘Best of Tanzania’. The newest addition to this is the VIPedia app where the books can be downloaded for e-Reading. ‘‘Best of Tanzania’’ will document Tanzanian achievements and all that Tanzanians have to be proud of. We will showcase these on the world stage, relying on the fact that Tanzania will see immense growth in the years to come. We thank you and trust that you will enjoy and treasure this gem – ‘‘Best of Tanzania’’.

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Proudly African

Boosting inter-trade & cultural relations across the continent

Best of Tanzania



President Jakaya Kikwete Tanzanian politician and President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, was born on 7 October 1950 in Msoga, Bagamoyo District in mainland Tanzania (then Tanganyika).

President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete is the fourth President of the United Republic of Tanzania, first sworn in to office on 21 December 2005 after winning 61 percent of the vote in the general election. Now in his second term, he also served as the Chairperson of the African Union from 31 January 2008 to 2 February 2009. Kikwete attended Msoga Primary School from 1958 to 1961, followed by Lugoba Middle School from 1962 to 1965. This followed with his O-level education at Kibaha Secondary School from 1966 to 1969. His advanced level education was completed at Tanga Secondary School followed by a degree in Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam from 1972 to 1975. Kikwete’s grandfather Mrisho Kikwete was a local chief and his father became a District Commissioner in colonial Tanganyika, Regional Administrative Secretary, and then an Ombudsman in post-colonial Tanganyika and the United Republic of Tanzania. He learnt much of his leadership skills from



Best of Tanzania

these two hugely influential men in his life. During school, Kikwete was naturally elected for leadership, which effortlessly led to TANU and CCM party youth movements after school. He became active in student politics and was elected Vice President of the Dar es Salaam University Students Organisation and de-facto President of the student government at the Main Campus in 1973/74. In this capacity, he was at the forefront of activism in liberation and anti-apartheid politics. He represented African University students at international conferences, such as the International Youth Population Conference in Bucharest, Romania in 1974. After graduating, Kikwete joined the ruling party. Kikwete served in the Tanzanian military, becoming the Chief Political Instructor of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces in 1984. He also rose through army ranks to become a political instructor in the military academy and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1992. He has been in the cabinet

since 1988 and was previously Minister of Finance and Minister of Energy and Minerals. Kikwete was a foreign minister between 1995 and 2005. His tenure as chairman of the African Union was seen as successful, as in 2007 he played a significant role in finding a solution to the post-election chaos in neighbouring Kenya. In his role as President, Kikwete has continued with the efforts of his predecessor to make Tanzania a free-market economy. He has also been seen to pay delicate respect to the socialist policies of Tanzanian founder Julius Nyerere, whilst still keeping a grip on Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), the ruling party. Kikwete pledged to implement a number of ambitious economic projects, prioritise scientific research and development, augment tourism and actively fight poverty. The recent significant offshore gas findings by Norway’s Statoil, U.S. group ExxonMobil and Britain’s BG Group and its partner Ophir Energy in June, brings Tanzanian reserves

President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete meeting with the World Trade Center, Cape Town

up to 28.9-trillion cubic feet with expected earnings of up to USD3-billion per year, according to the World Bank. In order to protect future earnings, Kikwete announced government’s plans to set up a sovereign wealth fund. He described this as a way of putting excess reserves to better use, while learning from those who already have such funds in place. Kikwete is using these models to show how to better manage revenues of gas findings, and by setting up Tanzania’s own fund, similar benefits for the country can be ensured. Kikwete’s intention is to see that natural gas revenues are used to speed up development. Since 1954, 61 wells have been drilled for oil. Although no oil has been struck out of those, natural gas was found in 22 wells. Gas exploration has escalated since the first gas discovery in 2010 in the southern parts of Tanzania along the Indian Ocean Coastline. Exploration drilling is set to continue into the second half of 2012 through to 2013, so Kikwete believes there may be more gas discoveries to come. Kikwete hopes that cheap access to gas would encourage the construction of fertiliser plants and boost power generation. His target of generating 3,500MW of

electricity by 2015 largely depends on natural gas. As a result, he is working on a new national gas policy, gas utilisation master plan and legislation to regulate the fast-growing industry. This is sure to be one of his most significant impacts for his country during his presidency. President Kikwete is a keen sportsman after having played competitive basketball at school and was a patron of the Tanzania

President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete receives a copy of the Best of South Africa Basketball Federation. He is also a strong supporter of Young Africans, one of the country’s top football clubs. He has eight children with wife Salma Kikwete.

Best of Tanzania





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Best of Tanzania



Tanzania at a glance Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and its vast land surface varies from rolling plains to dramatic mountains, and from immense lakes to a crisp turquoise ocean gently



Best of Tanzania

lapping white sandy beaches. Tanzania’s unique beauty and natural variety make it an exciting wildlife and safari destination – and one of Africa’s premier tourist destinations.

Major attractions include Africa’s highest mountain and the highest freestanding mountain on earth – the snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Lakes and the forested shores of the worlds longest, second-deepest and cleanest freshwater lake – Lake Tanganyika, Ngorongoro crater, the Great Migration at Serengeti National Park, and the picturesque islands of Pemba and Zanzibar. Tanzania is truly a land of astonishing natural beauty, vibrant and ancient culture, and a heritage spanning to the beginning of time. Tanzania is also a beacon of stability in a turbulent world – notably through the tolerance of her people. Full Name:

United Republic of Tanzania



Largest City:

Dar es Salaam


“Uhuru na Umoja” (Swahili) “Freedom and Unity”

National Anthem:

“Mungu ibariki Afrika” (Swahili) “God Bless Africa”


Jakaya Kikwete (2005)

Prime Minister:

Mizengo Pinda (2008)


342,100 sq mi (886,039 sq km), 364,898 sq mi (945,087 sq km)


Tanzania is divided into 26 regions (mkoa), 21 on the mainland and five in Zanzibar (three on Unguja, two on Pemba)


41,892,895 (2% growth rate, 2010)

Main Language spoken:

Swahili and English

Main Religions:

Christianity, Islam, and Indigenous beliefs

Main exports:

Coffee (largest), tea, cotton, cashews, sisal, cloves, pyrethrum, gas

Natural Resources:

Minerals (gold, diamonds, coal, iron, uranium, nickel, chrome, tin, platinum, coltan, niobium, tanzanite (endemic), natural gas, and tourism

Monetary unit:

Tanzanian Shilling

HISTORY Tanzania’s land is known to be one of the oldest inhabited places in the world evidenced by the fossil findings from over two-million years ago unearthed in the Olduvai Gorge. One of the region’s most important Archaeological sites is Engaruka in the Great Rift Valley, with ruins which map out an ancient system of irrigation and cultivation. It was thought to have been populated by hunter-gatherer communities

Best of Tanzania



of the Arab slave-trade and between 65 and 90% of locals were enslaved. One of the most famous traders was Tippu Tip, who amassed substantial wealth and status throughout Eastern Africa in the late 1800s. His nickname came from the sound of his guns rattling wherever he went.

such as the Cushitic and Khoisan people. Bantu-speaking people arrived from West Africa 2000 years ago and up until the 18th century, Nilotic pastoralists immigrated to the area. The region became known for its steel production, beginning with the Haya people 2000 years ago. Since the first century AD, merchants from the Persian Gulf and India visited what was then called Tanganyika – as well as the Zanzibar islands. Islam has been practiced on the “Swahili Coast” since between eighth and ninth century AD. Zanzibar today refers to Zanzibar Island, or “Unguja” and the neighbouring island of Pemba. Zanzibar fell under Portuguese domination in the 16th and early 17th centuries. The coastal strip was then claimed by Oman Sultan Seyyid Said who subsequently moved his capital to Zanzibar City in 1840. As a result, Zanzibar City became the centre



Best of Tanzania

German East Africa and British Mandate Imperial Germany conquered the regions of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi in the late 19th century. During World War One, an invasion attempt by the British was thwarted. After the war, the League of Nations Charter designated Tanganyika as a British Mandate. British rule ended in 1961 with the transition to independence. Formation of Tanzania The Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) was formed by Julius Nyerere in 1954, in pursuit of national sovereignty for Tanganyika. Nyerere subsequently became the first Prime Minister after independence. The Zanzibar Revolution of 1963 overthrew the Arab dynasty. On 26 April 1964, the mainland of Tanganyika merged with the island nation of Zanzibar to become Tanzania – the name being a portmanteau of Tanganyika and Zanzibar. This union still allows the Zanzibar government considerable local autonomy. In 1967, Nyerere turned leftist through the Arusha Declaration’s commitment to socialism, pan-Africanism and nationalisation.

The economy of the 1970s suffered a major slump which saw the introduction of Chinese investment into the region. One of the great projects of this time was the TAZARA railway from Dar es Salaam to Zambia’s copper belt – eliminating Tanzania’s dependence on Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa. Nyerere merged TANU with the Zanzibar ruling party, the Afro-Shirazi Party (ASP) of Zanzibar to form the CCM (Chama cha Mapinduzi-CCM Revolutionary Party), on 5 February 1977. Tanzania declared war on the Soviet-backed Uganda in 1979 after Idi Amin invaded northern Tanzania in an attempt to annex Kagera. Tanzania followed the expulsion of Ugandan forces with an invasion of Uganda – enlisting the help of Ugandan exiles. Idi Amin was forced out of the capital Kampala on 11 April 1979, signalling the end of the Uganda-Tanzania War. In October 1985, Nyerere handed over power to Ali Hassan Mwinyi. The country’s first multi-party election was held on 23 November 1995, which saw Benjamin William Mkapa sworn in as the new president of Tanzania. In December 2005, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was elected the fourth president for a five-year term. Kikwete was re-elected in 2010 with the next elections scheduled for 2015.

Best of Tanzania



TIMELINE t NJMMJPOZFBSTBHPRift Valley inhabited by Australopithecus, Homo and even other hominid genera, as evidenced by fossils at Olduvai Gorge. t #$ East Africa populated by Khoisan hunter-gatherers seen in rock art in central Tanzania. Periodic contact made between Ancient Egypt and the East African coast is established in 2500 BC. t TUNJMMFOOJVN#$Tanzanian interior populated by Iron Age Bantu-speakers. Phoenicians explore the coast in 600 BC, trading with Rhapta port – probably the Pangani or Rufiji estuaries in modern-day Tanzania. t TUNJMMFOOJVN"%Trade between the Swahili Coast and Persian Gulf established by the 9th century AD, when East Africa’s earliest known Islamic buildings were built. t UIDFOUVSZKiswahili (simplified Bantu language with Arabic elements), spreads along most of the coast between Somalia and Mozambique – trade route transporting Zimbabwean gold. t UIDFOUVSZPersian naval technology improvements push maritime trade further south, establishing central Swahili city-state, Kilwa Kisiwani in southern Tanzania – a gold-reading emporium visited regularly by Arabic and Asian merchant ships. t The Portuguese capture Kilwa, Mombasa and several other coastal ports. Gold trade collapses and the economy stagnates. t Sultan Said of Oman makes Zanzibar his East African base, due



Best of Tanzania

to its access to the caravan route to Lake Tanganyika. Several Omani clove plantations established. t Said and Omanis control all local trade, dominated by export of slaves from the interior – some 40,000 were sold from Zanzibar yearly. t TNgoni exiles from Zululand (South Africa) attack resident tribes in southern Tanzania with Zulu military tactics. Local chiefs use similar tactics to forge larger kingdoms – extracting taxes and guns from Arab slave traders. In 1848, German missionary Johan Rebmann is the first European to see Kilimanjaro, and is ridiculed for his report of a snow cap on the Equator. t Scottish missionary David Livingstone stumbles across Lake Nyasa-Malawi and strongly criticised the widespread slave-trade. Richard Burton and John Speke are the first Europeans to see Lake Tanganyika. t Livingstone spends the last six years of his life wandering between the great lakes. Livingstone’s funeral catalyses the anti-slaving lobby, and Sultan Barghash of Zanzibar outlaws the slavetrade in exchange for British protection. A church is built over Zanzibar’s slave market. t TThe Scramble for Africa sees Britain and Germany negotiate a territorial partition identical to the modern border between Kenya and Tanzania. In 1888, the German East Africa Company places agencies at most coastal settlements north of Dar es Salaam. In September, a sugar plantation owner, Abushiri ibn Salim al-Harthi, leads an uprising and German

agents are killed or driven away. In April 1889, German troops capture Abushiri and hang him in Pangani. t TThe German colony population decreases due to a cattle plague epidemic, an outbreak of smallpox, destructive locust plagues, and famine. The Hehe successfully ambush a German battalion in 1891. Hehe chief Mkwawa shoots himself when facing German capture in 1898. t The southeast rises against German rule in the Maji-Maji Rebellion. The rebellion is quashed and Germans induce a famine leading to 250,000 deaths. Public outcry in Germany sees new administration create an incentivebased scheme for African farmers, leading to a threefold increase in exports leading up to World War One. t The Allies capture German East Africa. The League of Nations mandates the Ruanda-Urundi District (now Rwanda and Burundi) to Belgium and the rest of the colony, re-named Tanganyika, to Britain. t Tanganyika has no direct involvement in World War II, but benefits economically as rocketing international food prices lead trade revenue to increase sixfold between 1939 and 1949. t T100,000 indigenous Tanganyikans who fought for European democracy in World War II call for independence after returning to racist and non-democratic policies. In 1954, 34-year-old graduate of Edinburgh University Julius Nyerere becomes president of TANU, advocating peaceful transition to self-government. t TTanganyika is granted full

independence under Nyerere on 9 December 1961 in a bloodless transition. Zanzibar is granted full independence in December 1963. A month later, the Arab government of Zanzibar is toppled in a bloody coup. In April 1964, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merge to become the United Republic of Tanzania. TANU will later merge with the Zanzibari ASP to form the CCM, which still rules Tanzania. t &BSMZTA staunch socialist, Nyerere embarks on a policy of villagisation, encouraging rural formation of Ujamaa villages and collective farms. By the end of 1975, 65% of rural Tanzanians lived in Ujamaa villages. Water or food supplies were mostly inadequate, and the policy was abandoned as a costly experiment. t -BUFTNyerere pulled out of an OAU conference in Idi Amin’s Uganda in 1975. Following Amin’s annexation of part of northwest Tanzania, Nyerere invaded Uganda in 1979 and toppled Amin. t TTanzanian economy suffered after drought, Ujamaa, rising fuel prices, lack of foreign aid, corruption in state-run institutions, and the war with Uganda. Nyerere retired in 1985 and was succeeded by Ali Hassan Mwinyi, who abandoned socialism and adopted a three-year Economic Recovery Plan in alliance with the IMF. Tanzania has since achieved a real-term average annual growth rate of around 4%. t QSFTFOUThe first multi-party election took place in October 1995, with Benjamin Mpaka receiving the majority of around 75%. Mpaka was succeeded by Jakaya Kikwete in 2005.

Best of Tanzania



(07&3/.&/5"/%10-*5*$4 Tanzania is unique in African politics as even though the mainland has undergone a series of political transitions – from colonial dependency to independence, from socialist state to free-market economy, from socialism to democracy – there has never been resultant sustained civil or ethnic unrest. This is something Tanzania takes pride in and uses this stability to continue building a sturdy economy on. The Republic of Tanzania truly is united as it now enjoys the benefits of a democracy and a free-market economy. The CCM (Chama cha Mapinduzi-CCM Revolutionary Party) has been in power since it was formed between the governments of Zanzibar and Tanganyika in 1977. The development of the organisation has been one of mature progression, as it came to terms with its early socialist errors and reformed in the best way possible. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania is a unitary republic consisting of the Union Government and the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government. Since independence in 1961 without fail, Tanzania has held Presidential and Parliamentary Elections every five-year period. H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was first sworn into office after results from the General Elections of 14 December, 2005, becoming the fourth President of Tanzania on 21 December, 2005 for a five-year term of office. Since 1985, Tanzania has followed a two-term limit for the Presidency. President Kikwete’s campaign slogan was “New Vigour, New Zeal, and New Speed: Promoting Better Life for all Tanzanians”, inspiring the majority of Tanzanians. All former Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Prime Ministers live in Tanzania and are accorded respect. On 25 June, 2006 President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was elected Chairman of the ruling political party



Best of Tanzania

(CCM) by its General Congress and reelected as President for his second term on 31 October 2010. Public Administration All state authority in the United Republic is exercised and controlled by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar. Each Central Government has three organs: The Executive; Judiciary; and The Legislature, that have powers over the conduct of public affairs. In addition, Local Government Authorities assist each central government. The Government of Tanzania has authority over all Union Matters in the United Republic and over all other matters concerning mainland Tanzania. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has authority in Zanzibar over all matters excluding Union Matters. The President is the Head of State, the Head of Government, and the Commander-inChief of the Armed Forces. The Executive of the United Republic comprises the President, the Vice-President, President of Zanzibar, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers. Judiciary The Judiciary in Tanzania consists of three organs: the Court of Appeal of the United Republic of Tanzania, the High Courts for Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, the Judicial Service Commission for Tanzania Mainland – Magistrates Courts and Primary Courts. The Tanzania legal system is based on common law. The Tanzania Law Reform Commission is responsible for the review of the country’s laws. $BQJUBMo%PEPNB Dodoma is the national capital of Tanzania as well as the capital of the Dodoma Urban District. Meaning “It has sunk”, Dodoma has a growing population of around 350,000. Plans were made to move the capital

to Dodoma from Dar es Salaam in 1973 as Dodoma was chosen as being more accessibly positioned in the centre of the country. Tanzania’s National Assembly moved there in February 1996, but many government offices remain in Dar es Salaam – which remains the commercial capital. %BSFT4BMBBN Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital and major sea port for the mainland, also serving neighbouring land-locked countries Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Eastern DRC. Dar es Salaam Port’s geographical advantage, presents itself as the gateway into East and Central Africa, significantly adding to Tanzania’s reputation as a logical investment destination. Formerly known as Mzizima, Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest and wealthiest city. It is also an important economic centre in the region. Apart from the city, Dar es Salaam is an administrative province of Tanzania with three local government districts. Dar es Salaam lost its official capital city status in 1974, but it remains the centre of permanent government bureaucracy and serves as the capital for the surrounding region.

Best of Tanzania



ZANZIBAR Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Zanzibar Island, Pemba Islands, and several islets. It is about 25 miles from the Tanzanian coast in the Indian Ocean, and 6° south of the equator. The biggest island, Zanzibar Island or ‘Unguja’ locally, is 60 miles long and 20 miles wide. Most notable on Zanzibar Island, apart from its magnificent beaches and coral reefs, is the historic Stone Town – the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. Attractions in Stone Town include the sultan’s palace, the House of Wonders, the Portuguese fort and gardens, the merchants’ houses, and the Turkish baths. Also known as the ‘spice island’, legends abound on Zanzibar and its legacy is known all over the world. As the highlight of this Indian Ocean coastline which is studded with pristine beaches and intriguing ruined cities, Zanzibar is steeped in centuries of maritime trade with Asia and the Arab kingdom. The abundance of sea-life present around the numerous coral reefs and islands provide an arresting offshore adventure with sightings of whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, giant coconut crabs, and a multitude of brightly coloured reef fish. Economy The main economic activities for locals revolve around fishing and agriculture. A large portion of the world’s cloves once came out of Zanzibar, which are still a main export along with coconut products and spices. Tourism is growing to become the primary foreign exchange earner, with an increasing number of visitors every year.



Best of Tanzania

History Zanzibar’s earliest visitors were Arab traders in the 8th century – trading ivory, slaves and spices for centuries. Zanzibar’s oldest building is a mosque at Kizimkazi built in 1107. The Assyrians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Portuguese, Omani Arabs, Dutch and English all landed in Zanzibar at some stage. The Persians and Omani Arabs settled and ruled, influencing Zanzibar’s Islamic majority of today. The Persians intermarried with the local Africans, giving rise to a distinctive coastal community and the Swahili language formed by a mixture of Arabic. Government Zanzibar is an island state within the United Republic of Tanzania, and has its own semi-autonomous government made up of a Revolutionary Council and House of Representatives. The present government is led by the island’s President, Amani Karume. The government body responsible for tourism promotion is the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism.

Best of Tanzania



5)&-"/% Terrain Tanzania’s spectacular landscape includes three main physiographic regions: the islands and the coastal plains; the inland saucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands in the north and south. The Great Rift Valley runs from north-east of Africa through central Tanzania, creating another notable landmark of scenic splendour. Climate Tanzania’s tropical climate is a result of its location directly south of the equator. Temperatures in the highlands range between 10°C in the cold season and 20°C during the hot seasons. The remainder of Tanzania is rarely cooler than 20°C. The hottest season is between November and February (25–31°C) and the coolest is May to August (15–20°C). Major rainfalls happen from December to April (in southern, western and central Tanzania), October to December, and March to May (in northern Tanzania). The long rains of March to May are known as ‘Masika’, and the short rains of October to December are known as ‘Vuli’. THE PEOPLE $VMUVSF.BBTBJ.BSB The Tanzanian culture is especially significant in Africa, even though there are 120 different distinct tribes, this diversity has



Best of Tanzania

seldom led to modern conflict. Tribes range from the iconic Maasai pastoralists of the Rift Valley, to the Hadza hunter-gatherers of the Lake Eyasi basin, to the industrious Chagga agriculturists of the Kilimanjaro footslopes. The most populous tribes are the Sukuma, Haya, Chagga, Nyamwezi, Makonde, Hehe and Gogo, each comprising less than 10% of the total population. The varieties of tribes offer a myriad of interchanging folklore, traditional postharvest festivals (“ngoma�), dance, and dress. The most well-known dance is that of the Maasai, as they leap simultaneously to the rhythmic chant of their deep voices. Maasai warrior men dress in light draped cloth accompanied by traditional weapons. The cloth used is commonly red, adding an imposing air to their already impressive tall stature. Maasai women are renowned for their jewellery which they layer around their necks, arms, legs, and ears in an arrangement of colourful beads and metal ornaments. -BOHVBHFT As a result of the numerous tribes present in Tanzania, there are 128 different languages spoken. In an attempt to achieve unity after independence, Swahili was made the national language through introduction into Primary schools. English is the other official language and is a stipulation in Secondary and Tertiary, so as to avoid having to translate textbooks.

Most languages in Tanzania unfortunately cannot receive equal linguistic rights which place them in jeopardy of extinction. Notable Swahili writers include Shaaban Robert, Edwin Semzaba, and Euphrase Kezilahabi. 3FMJHJPO Although no official government statistics on religion are available, it is estimated by religious leaders and sociologists that the number of Tanzanians who practice Islam and Christianity is relatively equal in size with a share of 60 to 80% of the population. The remainder consist of other religions, including indigenous beliefs and those without religion. Art The popular Tingatinga style of using enamel paints on canvas is evident in unique African paintings. These paintings usually colourfully depict animals and flowers. Tingatinga was started by Edward Saidi Tingatinga, who was born in south Tanzania and lived in Dar es Salaam. He died in 1972 and since then, the style has been widely adopted across Tanzania and the world. One of Africa’s most famous artists is Tanzanian-born, George Lilanga. Music Numerous reputable musicians create music in varying genres, ranging from the modern R&B, pop, and dance music, to the more traditional Zouk and Taarab.

ECONOMY Under the presidency of Kikwete, the Government of Tanzania is pursuing sound and consistent macro-economic policies, keeping inflation low. These policies are being built on the sturdy foundations left by his predecessor as well as increasing implementation more efficiently. Focus is on the promotion of private sector development and creating new sectors with good economic potential. In turn it is hoped that this will spur investment, create jobs, and expand exports. Key to this is the promotion of sustainable shared economic growth. Government is committed to the pursuit of positive investment and growth policies as well as promoting public-private sector partnerships. This partnership is to be housed under the umbrella of the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC). The Public Expenditure Review (PER) is designed to promote greater participation in policy discussions. Tanzania is an ideal investment destination due to its national unity and social cohesiveness solidified through its national consultative process. As a result, Tanzania enjoys peace, security and stability. Added to this are its vast natural resources, geographical advantage, large domestic market and labour force. This climate is welcoming to Foreign Direct Investment,

tourists, joint ventures, and public-private partnerships. The reforms being undertaken affect economic sectors such as reforms in foreign exchange, investment and trade policy, agriculture, finance, and the public sector. "HSJDVMUVSF Agriculture is the foundation of the Tanzanian economy and accounts for half of the national income. It is a source of food and creates employment for 80% of Tanzanians. Smallholder farmers dominate the agricultural industry in Tanzania, relying on rain-fed agriculture, while the agricultural workforce is largely made up of women. Agriculture is dominated by food crop production with 85% of the annual 5.1million hectares cultivated. Government recognises the role the agricultural sector can play in economic growth and poverty reduction. The key to stabilising this sector is with irrigation. This in turn will increase food security for the country. Higher value crops such as vegetables and flowers could then become a focus for the agricultural economy. The macro-economic reforms will continue impacting significantly on Agriculture, most notably through outside influence from infrastructure, finance, land ownership, and good governance.

Best of Tanzania



Williamson Diamond Mine

.JOJOH The mining sector adds 2.3% to the GDP. Development Vision 2025 projects this to be 10% in the next 13 years. Mining is a leading part of foreign exchange earnings generation – of non-traditional exports. The employment opportunities in the mining sector have great potential. Tanzania’s mineral capacity is largely untapped, with potential to recover large quantities of gold, base metals, diamonds, ferrous minerals and a wide variety of gemstones. Tanzania is known for its unique and alluring gem, the tanzanite – which is found nowhere else in the world. Gold and diamonds have always been at the centre of the country’s mineral production. Tanzania produces coal, uranium, soda, kaolin, tin, gypsum, phosphate, and dimension stones at appealing rates. Gold was discovered in recent years in greenstone belts located in the east and south of Lake Victoria and southern and south-western rock formations. Base metals were found in a large belt running across the country. Gemstones are found largely in eastern and western belts running from the Kenya border in the north, to Mozambique in the south. The Mineral Policy of Tanzania focuses on private sector-led mineral development with government regulation, promotion, and facilitation.



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Trade and Investment Tanzania’s manufacturing sector activities are concentrated on simple consumer products such as foods, beverages, tobacco, textiles, furniture, and wood products. Regardless of its relatively small size, the manufacturing sector is still significant to the country’s economy as it is a reliable source of revenue, making up over half of annual government revenue collection. Manufacturing’s contribution to overall GDP has averaged 8% and is the third most crucial to Tanzania’s economy after agriculture and tourism. Therefore, with this in mind, a number of measures were taken to increase both the competitiveness of the local industries and their ability to penetrate the export markets. In the early 1990s, measures were taken to increase competitiveness of local industries and their entry in export markets. One such measure was a program designed to privatise public-owned enterprises. This resulted in use of capacities rising from 20% to 50%. The industrial development of Tanzania has been explained in the ‘Sustainable Industrial Development Policy – SIDP’. SIDP promotes a market-led economy and that Tanzania’s industry sector can have success with increased private sector participation in the decision making and implementation practices.

Tanzania’s government will continue providing a welcome, attractive, stable, and encouraging environment for investors. &OFSHZ Petroleum, hydropower and coal are the major sources of commercial energy in Tanzania. Biomass energy, comprising of wood and charcoal, accounts for 93% of the total energy consumption. Petroleum is imported and is mostly consumed by the transport sector. Tanzania has its own natural gas reserves, which is likely to replace oil. Tanzania’s electricity is generated mainly from hydropower. As this is vulnerable to the effects of drought, some thermal power stations have been built. In order to boost the electricity supply, the national grid may be connected to Zambia and Uganda. Transport Tanzania’s transport sector contributes effectively to social and economic development. Growth in performance is due to investment in road rehabilitation, telecommunications expansion, modernisation of port services, and marine, rail, and air transport improvement. TOURISM National Parks The abundance of wildlife in Tanzania is the defining factor in its reputation as a compelling safari destination. The world’s largest game reserve is the Selous in the

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south of Tanzania. Also in Tanzania is Africa’s most famous park – the Serengeti, with all its glory of sweeping plains. The Ngorongoro Crater could be considered as Africa’s most dramatic park. Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains in the more remote west are home to chimpanzees. The coastal belt in the east is abundant in its diversity of endemic birds, monkeys, chameleons and flowering plants, most notably in the Eastern Arc Mountains. Tanzania is home to the world famous National Parks and Game Reserves of: Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve, Gombe Stream, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Mikumi, Arusha, Ruaha, Saadani, Udzungwa Mountains, and Mkomazi Game Reserve. Other Game Reserves include: Amani, Kigosi, Lukwika-Lumesule, Maswa, Monduli Mountains, Msangesi and Ugala. 5IF(SFBU.JHSBUJPO Otherwise known as the “Greatest show on earth”, the extraordinary annual Great Migration of herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem of Tanzania and Kenya is truly a magnificent spectacle of wildlife in unprecedented volumes. Over 2-million herbivores make this annual journey in search of grazing pastures and following the rain. This epic journey sees about 200,000 zebra, 500,000 Thomson’s gazelle and over 1.5-million wildebeest or “Gnus” battling elements and predators, and having to cross two major rivers in their trek.



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The Serengeti is the greatest place to view this spectacle of nature. Mount Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. It’s impressive and imposing air is partly due to the spectacular contrast of its snowy peak to the expanse of plains emanating from its base. Kilimanjaro is often shrouded in a wreath of cloud – giving it a mysterious feel. The mystery of Kilimanjaro is also in its name – possible meanings include Mountain of Light, Mountain of Greatness, or Mountain of Caravans. This summit of Africa rises to a height of 5,895 metres from the coastal shrubland. As the most accessible of the world’s high summits, Kilimanjaro – and its year-round cap of snow – is a magnet for tourists and climbers. The crater rim can be reached without excessive climbing equipment and clothing. Reaching the summit – Uhuru Point – or Gillman’s Point on the edge of the crater, earns climbers their official certificates, as well as life-changing memories of their great accomplishment. Ascending the mountain is a unique experience as it takes climbers from the tropics to an arctic-like landscape – and the various climes in between. The footslopes below the national park boundary of the 2,700m contour transform into lush forest which is home to elephant, leopard, buffalo,

Best of Tanzania



and the rare Abbott’s duiker. Further above, is the moorland area of giant heather interspersed with the alien-like giant lobelias. At 4000m before reaching the roof of the continent and its ice and snow, is an alpine desert which is home to only resistant lichen and moss. Lakes and rivers Tanzania has enough water resources, including surface and underground, to meet most of its present needs. About 7% of total land surface is covered by three fresh water lakes bordering Tanzania – Lake Victoria (second largest fresh water lake in the world), Lake Tanganyika (seconddeepest lake in the world), and Lake Nyasa (otherwise known as Lake Malawi). Inland Lakes include Rukwa, Eyasi and Manyara. Tanzania’s major rivers are Pangani, Wami, Ruvu, Rufiji, Mbwemkuru and Ruvuma, with peak outflow occurring from March to May. Underground water is also an important source of water for both urban and rural settlement areas. Tanzania Tourist Board’s Top 10 places 1. Ngorongoro Crater 2. Serengeti National Park 3. Zanzibar and Pemba 4. Tarangire National Park 5. Lake Manyara National Park 6. Mt. Kilimanjaro 7. Selous Game Reserve 8. Ruaha National Park 9. Mafia Island 10. Mt. Meru Facts r 5BO[BOJBJTPOUIFDPBTUPGFBTU"GSJDBKVst south of the equator and is bordered by



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Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south. r &YUFOEJOHPWFS LN2, Tanzania is one of the largest countries in subSaharan Africa, covering an area greater than Kenya and Uganda combined – and more than four times the size of Britain. r 5IFUPUBMQPQVMBUJPOJTFTUJNBUFEBU million. The population of Dar es Salaam is estimated at 2.5 million – more than the next 10 largest towns combined. In descending order, these are Mwanza, Zanzibar Town, Morogoro, Mbeya, Tanga, Moshi, Dodoma, Arusha, Tabora, and Iringa. r 4VCTJTUFODFGBSNJOHJTUIFDFOUSFPGUIF Tanzanian economy but the country is also the third-largest gold producer in Africa (after South Africa and Ghana) – and the only known source of the tanzanite gem. Tourism has increased tenfold since 1990, generating nearly USD1-billion in annual foreign revenue. r /HPSPOHPSPJTUIFXPSMETMBSHFTUJOUBDU collapsed volcano, while Ol Doinyo Lengai in the north is thought to be the most active volcano on mainland Africa. r 3PVHIMZPG5BO[BOJBTMBOEBSFBIBT official conservation status, supporting an estimated 20% of Africa’s large mammal biomass. XXXUBO[BOJBHPU[

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Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade)

Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) was established by Act No. 4 of 2009 with the overall objective of Developing and Promoting Trade both in domestic and foreign markets. Her establishment followed a repeal of the Act of Parliament No. 15 of 1973 that created the Board of Internal Trade (BIT) which was responsible for Domestic Market Development and the Act of Parliament No.5 of 1978 that established the Board of External Trade (BET) that was responsible for Foreign Market Development. The mandates of the two defunct institutions are now vested on TanTrade which builds on the knowledge and vast experiences accumulated from the past. To cope with major changes in the economic spheres, TanTrade has developed a clear and coherent strategic direction to ensure that the development and promotion of trade both in the local and international markets is achieved.

community. Research findings help in addressing challenges and harnessing opportunities domestically, regionally and internationally.   #SBOEJOHPG5BO[BOJB(PPETBOE Services TanTrade aims to introduce brand identify and the slogan of Tanzanian products and services in order to promote Tanzanian produced items locally and internationally. Once the process is launched, TanTrade will encourage the business community to participate in the branding initiatives for proper identification of Tanzanian products and services in the international markets.

Service offered by TanTrade

  $BQBDJUZ#VJMEJOHBOE4.&T %FWFMPQNFOU TanTrade conducts Capacity Building Programmes to the Business Community. Special attention is paid to SMEs to enhance their capacity through training, consultancy, mentoring, and coaching, role modelling and benchmarking services to enhance their ability to produce and trade both locally and internationally.

  3FTFBSDIBOE%FWFMPQNFOU TanTrade undertakes various research studies in order to determine market characteristics, market potentials, customer needs and obtain any other information for use by the business

4) Advisory Services on Business Competitiveness TanTrade offers advisory services to the Business Community on the management of their business with a view to assisting businesses to develop and expand

TanTrade is committed to become a worldclass focal point centrally positioned to support national economic excellence through trade development and promotion.



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profitably. This also goes hand in hand with inculcating and promoting the export culture into a large section of small, medium and large enterprises.   1SPEVDUBOE.BSLFU%FWFMPQNFOU TanTrade collaborates with Sector Associations and other stakeholders in identifying and advising the business community on ways of overcoming bottlenecks in the value chain and promotes value addition. It also works with technical institutions to develop optimal product portfolio, including new product development, product lifecycle management; and creates the new product development roadmap. Emphasis is placed on producing quantities and qualities which will make Tanzanian goods and services become competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.

6) Promotion of Tanzania’s Goods and Services TanTrade endeavours to foster better market penetration for Tanzania’s goods and services at domestic, regional and international markets, through planning, coordination, organisation and management of international Trade Fairs, staging Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), specialised sector exhibitions, expositions and participating in servicing incoming and outgoing business missions.   3FHVMBUJPOPG"MM5SBEF'BJST TanTrade is mandated to ensure quality and standard of exhibition industry by regulating the trade fairs, exhibitions, expositions, solos etc. organised by various companies or Institutions in the country.

8) Trade Policy and Facilitation TanTrade advises the Government on matters relating to the formulation, development, supervision and implementation of trade policies and strategies. It also advises the Government on the integration of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade rules. TanTrade works with other Trade Support Institutions to streamline trade procedures to minimise costs.

5BO5SBEFTTFSWJDFEFMJWFSZJTHVJEFECZ UIFGPMMPXJOHDPSFWBMVFT t $PSQPSBUF4PDJBM3FTQPOTJCJMJUZ TanTrade understands that it is part of the community and therefore values her active participation and contribution to community initiatives. t 1SPGFTTJPOBMJTN TanTrade observes professional ethics and standards in developing and delivering services to her clients. t 5FBNXPSL4QJSJU TanTrade cultivates teamwork spirit where every individual will share expertise and experience. t 5SBOTQBSFODZBOE"DDPVOUBCJMJUZ TanTrade upholds the principle of integrity, good governance and accountability; and does not encourage corruption and discrimination of any kind in her service delivery. 5BO[BOJB5SBEF%FWFMPQNFOU"VUIPSJUZ

9) Trade Information Service TanTrade collects, processes, stores and disseminates trade information such as world market prices, product or service inquiries and other trade statistics to the business community and other stakeholders. TanTrade houses the WTO Reference Centre for the business community.

5IF%JSFDUPS(FOFSBM Plot No. 436, Block A, Kilwa Road Mwl. J. K. Nyerere Trade Fair Ground 10#PY %BSFT4BMBBN 5BO[BOJB 5FM    'BY    &NBJMJOGP!UBOUSBEFPSU[

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Future Visions Tanzania – Vision 2025

The United Republic of Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa between longitude 29° and 41° east, latitude 1° and 12° south. The United Republic of Tanzania was formed out of the union of two sovereign states, namely Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Tanganyika became a sovereign state on 9 December, 1961 and became a Republic the following year. Zanzibar became independent on 10 December, 1963 and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar was established after the revolution of 12 January, 1964. The two sovereign republics formed the United Republic of Tanzania on 26 April, 1964. However, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania is a unitary republic consisting of the Union Government and the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government. Tanzania is the biggest (land area) among the East African countries (i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Tanzania has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions, namely: the Islands and the coastal plains to the east; the inland saucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands. The Great Rift Valley that runs from northeast of Africa through central Tanzania is another landmark that adds to the scenic view of the country. The country has the largest concentration of wild animals. It also has pristine sandy beaches and Africa’s highest mountain, the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro.



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The Tanzania Vision 2025 A vision for development is an articulation of a desirable future condition or situation which a nation envisages to attain, as well as the plausible course of action to be taken for its achievement. A national vision therefore seeks to actively mobilise the people and other resources towards the achievement of shared goals. A shared vision arouses people’s aspirations and creates the spark that lifts the nation out of the mundane. In the process, it instils the courage and determination to rise

to challenges at individual, community and national levels. A vision is a vehicle of hope and an inspiration for motivating the people to search and work harder for the betterment of their livelihood and for posterity. What is envisioned for Tanzania in 2025 is that society then will be substantially developed with a high quality livelihood. Abject poverty will be a thing of the past. In other words, it is envisioned that Tanzanians will have graduated from a little developed country to a middle-income country by the year 2025 with a high level of human development. The economy will have been transformed from a low productivity agricultural economy to a semiindustrialised one led by modernised and highly productive agricultural activities which are effectively integrated and buttressed by supportive industrial and service activities in the rural and urban areas. A solid foundation for a competitive and dynamic economy with high productivity will have been laid. Consistent with this vision, Tanzania of 2025 should be a nation imbued with five main attributes: high quality livelihood; peace, stability and unity; good governance; a well educated and learning society; and a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits. “Tanzania is regarded as one of the countries with the highest growth potential in Africa with enormous potential as an investment destination. It is one of the most promising emerging markets in the region, offering a unique combination of developed economic infrastructure and a vibrant emerging market� (Tanzania Investment Centre).


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Tanzania Icon

Julius Nyerere Julius Kambarage Nyerere was the first President of Tanzania and one of the country’s greatest political icons.

colonial powers or to the West. He saw colonialism and capitalism as responsible for the subjugation of their people. Influenced by Gandhi, Nyerere was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize in 1995. Nyerere was first and foremost an African, and secondly a socialist – an African socialist. Despite the failure of his economic policies, he remained a believer of socialism and he supported this belief by living a modest lifestyle. A devout Catholic, Nyerere often fasted and did not enrich himself at his nation’s expense. He was known for his preferred dress of a simple Mao tunic. Education After school, Nyerere received a scholarship to attend Makerere University (at that time it was the only tertiary education institution in East Africa), where he obtained a teaching diploma. He returned to Tanganyika to teach. In 1949, he won a scholarship to attend the University of Edinburgh (he was the first Tanzanian to study at a British university and only the second to gain a university degree outside Africa) where he obtained his MA in economics and history in 1952. Political career While teaching near Dar es Salaam, Nyerere founded TANU. His political activities attracted the attention of the colonial authorities and he was forced to choose politics over teaching. He achieved his goal to bring a number of different nationalist factions into one grouping in 1954. Nyerere rallied throughout the country to garner support for the independence movement. He also spoke on behalf of TANU to the Trusteeship Council and Fourth Committee of the United Nations, in New York.

The Father of the Nation, or Baba wa Taifa, ruled in office with political party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) from 26 April 1964 until his retirement on 5 November 1985. Prior to that he was President of Tanganyika from 1961 when the country became independent.

His oratory skills and integrity helped Nyerere achieve TANU’s goal for an independent country without war or bloodshed. Nyerere entered the Colonial Legislative council in 1958, and was elected chief minister in 1960. In 1961, Tanganyika was granted selfgovernance and Nyerere became its first Prime Minister on 9 December 1961. In 1962, Nyerere became President of the Republic of Tanganyika. Nyerere orchestrated the union between Zanzibar and mainland Tanganyika to form Tanzania in 1964.

Born on 13 April 1922 in Butiama, Tanganyika to Chief Nyerere Burito of the Zanaki (1860–1942), Nyerere was known by the Swahili name Mwalimu or ‘teacher’ – which was his profession prior to politics. His political career began in 1954 when he helped form the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU).

'PSFJHOQPMJDZ Nyerere was a committed Pan-Africanist during the continental movement of the 1960s. He was a founder of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963 (The African Union) and housed a number of African liberation movements including the African National Congress (ANC) and the Pan African Congress (PAC) of South Africa, FRELIMO of Mozambique, and ZANLA of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

In 1961, Nyerere was elected Tanganyika’s first Prime Minister, and following independence, in 1962, the country’s first President. In 1964, Tanganyika became politically united with Zanzibar and was renamed Tanzania. In 1965, a one-party election returned Nyerere to power.

In 1979, he led Tanzania into war against Uganda, then under the dictatorship of Idi Amin, resulting in the defeat of Uganda and exile of Amin.

Nyerere issued the Arusha Declaration, which outlined his socialist vision of ‘ujamaa’ that came to dominate his policies. Nyerere was the first African head of state to retire voluntarily when he stepped down in 1985 after two decades in power. He relinquished power to his hand-picked successor because he realised that his socialist policies of communal ownership of farms and state ownership of services were not working. He remained the chairman of CCM. Although much progress in services such as health and education had been achieved with Nyerere at the helm, he left Tanzania with very little development. Nyerere remained untainted by scandal or by charges of corruption and few question his sincerity. He had wanted to make Tanzania self-reliant, free from indebtedness to former



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During his retirement, Nyerere widely advocated for poor countries. One of his last high-profile actions was as the chief mediator in the Burundi conflict in 1996. Nyerere was an alma mater of Makerere University and the University Of Edinburgh (MA). He married Maria Magige in 1953 and together they had five sons and two daughters. In addition to political writings, he translated two Shakespearean plays into Swahili. He died on 14 October 1999 at the age of 77 in London, the United Kingdom. His final resting place is Butiama, Tanzania. Nyerere’s example of voluntary retirement from power has set a standard that few African heads of state have met.

Tanzania Icon

Reginald Abraham Mengi Tanzanian industrialist and media tycoon, Reginald Abraham Mengi, is the founder and Executive Chairman of IPP Limited – one of the largest privately owned companies in East Africa – based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Mengi believes strongly in social responsibility and funds numerous projects for social development, youth employment and for people with disabilities. He has funded the Kilimanjaro afforestation campaign since 1988, which has planted over 20-million trees. Because of his belief in social responsibility, he has received numerous awards including: r&OWJSPONFOUBMJTUPGUIF$FOUVSZ"XBSEm,JMJNBOKBSP3FHJPO r5IF0SEFSPGUIF6OJUFE3FQVCMJDPG5BO[BOJBGPSBDUTBOEDPOEVDU earning praise and distinction for the United Republic of Tanzania (1994); r5IF0SEFSPG5IF"SVTIB%FDMBSBUJPOPGUIF'JSTU$MBTT r5IF.BSUJO-VUIFS,JOH+S%SVN.BKPSGPS+VTUJDF"XBSECZ the United States of America; r5XJDFOPNJOBUFEUIFTFDPOENPTUSFTQFDUFE$IJFG&YFDVUJWF Officer in East Africa by PricewaterhouseCoopers (in 2001 and 2002). Most recently, Reginald Mengi began building The Rodney Mutie Mengi Heart Institute in memory of his son who died on October 6, 2005 from heart complications. In the meantime he has begun sponsoring children in Tanzania with heart problems to travel abroad for treatment.

Originally from Machame in the Kilimanjaro Region and a qualified Chartered Accountant (UK) / Certified Accountant (Tanzania) by training, Reginald Mengi created the IPP business conglomerate in the mid-1980s after serving as Chairman and Managing Partner of Coopers & Lybrand in Tanzania. A true rags to riches story, Mengi’s journey to IPP all began with the realisation that Tanzania had a lack of availability of pens, which he then decided to start manufacturing himself.

Mengi was featured as one of 16 business people in a book called “Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs� by Moky Makura, published by Penguin Books South Africa in 2008. He has an entire chapter dedicated to his story of success. Mengi is an unwavering advocate of good governance in Africa and private sector skills development to attract investment. His leading example, achievements and contributions have inspired Tanzanians and spurred national business growth.

IPP Group The IPP Group started as a small-scale hand-operated ball point assembly plant in Dar es Salaam. It is now one of the largest industrial groups in East Africa. Its expansion and diversification has led to the creation of IPP Consulting, Coca-Cola Kwanza, Bonite Bottlers and Kilimanjaro Spring Water, IPP Bodycare Ltd (Tanzania’s leading soap, detergent, and toothpaste manufacturer), as well as IPP Media – made up of eleven newspapers, three radio stations, and two television channels operating in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. These include The Guardian, The Sunday Observer, The Daily Mail, The Financial Times, Nipashe, Nipashe Jumapili, Alasiri, Kasheshe, and Taifa Letu, Independent Television Ltd. (ITV), East Africa Television (EATV), Radio ONE, Sky-FM (in a joint venture with the BBC) and East Africa Radio. Mengi’s various positions have included Chairman of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors Tanzania, Chairman of the National Environment Management Council Tanzania, Board Director of LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development International), Commissioner, and Tanzania HIV/AIDS Commission (TACAIDS). He is currently Board Chairman/Board Member of a number of Institutions and Enterprises, including: r $IBJSNBO .FEJB0XOFST"TTPDJBUJPOPG5BO[BOJB r%JSFDUPS #PBSEPGUIF$PNNPOXFBMUI#VTJOFTT$PVODJM r$IBJSNBO 1FPQMFXJUI%JTBCJMJUJFT5SVTU'VOE 5BO[BOJB r.FNCFSPGUIF*OUFSOBUJPOBM*OWFTUPST3PVOE5BCMF 5BO[BOJB r$IBJSNBO $POGFEFSBUJPOPG5BO[BOJB*OEVTUSJFT $5*  r$IBJSNBO &DPOPNJD&NQPXFSNFOU$PNNJUUFFPGUIF5BO[BOJB National Business Council; and r$IBJSNBO &BTU"GSJDBO#VTJOFTT$PVODJM

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Tanzania Icon

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE Dame Jane Morris Goodall, DBE is a British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, UN Messenger of Peace – and an icon in Tanzania.

In 1956 when Jane was 22, her friend invited her to her family’s new farm in Kenya. After saving her waitressing money for her passage to Africa, she set sail from England in 1957. The ‘Kenya Castle’ docked in Mombasa on 2 April. Jane soon met famed archaeologist and palaeontologist, Louis S. B. Leakey. He was impressed with Jane’s energy, general knowledge and avid interest in animals. He hired her as an assistant and eventually asked Jane to undertake a study of a group of wild chimpanzees living on a lakeshore in Tanzania. Little was known about wild chimpanzees at the time. In July 1960, Jane stepped onto the beach at Gombe in the jungle of Tanzania, then called ‘Tanganyika’. Her observations of the chimps were groundbreaking – she discovered that Chimps were not vegetarians as previously thought, but regularly hunted and ate small mammals. She then observed chimps using long flexible probes to fish termites out of a mound, after stripping leaves off stems to create these tools – one of Jane’s most important discoveries. Before that, anthropologists saw toolmaking as definitive of mankind. Louis Leakey’s response to her discovery was “Now we must redefine ‘tool,’ redefine ‘man’ or accept chimpanzees as humans.” He obtained further funding for Jane’s study and arranged for her to enrol in Cambridge University as a doctoral student in 1962. She earned her Ph.D. in ethology (the study of animal behaviour) in 1966. She began to view chimps as individuals with distinct personalities, giving them names in her research instead of the accepted method of numbering. She began



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to gain a clearer image of chimp society through her time at Gombe, such as them foraging alone or in small groups, unlike the large troops of other primates. Jane’s observations were published in National Geographic, with captivating photos by filmmaker/photographer Hugo van Lawick, who became her first husband in 1964. As the level of support for the Gombe study increased, Jane and Hugo were able to build a permanent camp with chimp-proof buildings and to hire more researchers. The Gombe Stream Research Centre was born in 1965. The Gombe study also revealed the darker side of chimpanzee nature, noted in a cruel and strategic four-year war with a splinter group in the chimp community after a new alpha aggressively took charge. Certain females also developed abnormal tastes for other infant chimps. These flashes of brutality noted in Jane’s study, were also interspersed with moments of compassion and care for each other, such as males taking on the care of orphans. The Centre still trains primatologists to this day. Jane visits Gombe every year and is very involved in the research although field work is done by a skilled team of researchers and assistants, many of them from Tanzania. Her book “The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behaviour� was published in 1986, covering 25 years’ worth of Gombe research. Its publication was celebrated by a conference in Chicago, “Understanding Chimpanzees�, which brought together many chimp biologists. They were fascinated by one another’s findings, but alarmed to realise how widespread and urgent the threats facing wild chimps were, specifically deforestation.

Jane realised her work would be to save the chimpanzees – she had gone into the conference as a scientist and left as an activist. Today she travels over 300 days per year talking to audiences about their power to help other people, animals and the environment. The Jane Goodall Institute, which she founded in 1977, has programs designed to benefit African communities and to spread the word about the importance of conserving forests and animal populations. Roots & Shoots started with a group of Tanzania students in 1991, and is today the Institute’s global environmental and humanitarian youth program with nearly 150,000 members in more than 120 countries. Her other books include “In the Shadow of Man� and “Through a Window�.

In April 2002, during a private ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Secretary-General Kofi Annan named Dr. Goodall, a UN Messenger of Peace. He cited her for her “dedication to what is best in mankind� and presented her with a dove lapel pin. Jane and Hugo had one son, Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick, born on March 4, 1967 and nicknamed, “Grub.� When Grub was seven years old, Jane and Hugo divorced as the demands of their work hurt their marriage. Jane remarried the head of the Tanzanian National Park, Derek Bryceson, in 1975. Derek died from cancer in 1980 after five happy years together.


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Tanzania Icon

Freddie Mercury – from Zanzibar to music legend International rock legend Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar to Parsee parents Bomi and Jer Bulsara, who named him Farrokh at birth on 5 September 1946.

Bomi was a High Court cashier for the British Government, as Zanzibar was a British protectorate at the time. Farrokh’s only sibling, sister Kashmira, was born in 1952. At the age of one, Farrokh’s first taste of fame came when his baby picture won the Local Photo of the year contest in Zanzibar. The tropical spice island off the east coast of Africa was the backdrop to Farrokh’s upbringing. On their father’s civil servant’s salary, the family had servants and enjoyed a relatively high standard of living. The young Farrokh was initiated into the Parsee culture, which is culturally and linguistically Indian, and was told fables and legends. Although very few Parsis remain in Zanzibar, the community was much larger during Farrokh’s youth and they often held gatherings. At these religious functions, Farrokh would also sing and entertain the gathering. Farrokh was accepted into his faith, the ancient Zoroastrianiam, at a



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ceremony at the Fire Temple on Zanzibar. In 1954, at the age of eight, Farrokh was sent by ship to St Peter’s English boarding school in Panchgani, India. His school friends called him Freddie and his family adopted the name. He began taking piano lessons and achieved Grade IV in practical and theory. Freddie was a good sportsman, but his artistic skills were incomparable. He was a member of the school choir and regularly partook in school theatrical productions. He was awarded the school trophy as Junior All-rounder at the age of 12. He loved music and constantly played records on the family’s record player. He formed a school rock and roll band with five friends in 1958, called The Hectics, with Freddie on piano. When Freddie finished school in 1962, he returned home to Zanzibar where he spent time with friends in the markets, parks and beaches. Political unrest in Zanzibar forced the Bulsara’s to make the decision to leave the island in 1964, along with many British and Indian families. They immigrated to Middlesex, England. After joining a blues band called Wreckage as a graphic design student, Freddie was introduced to Roger Taylor and Brian May who were in a band called Smile. In April 1970 after Freddie joined them as their lead vocalist and changed his surname to Mercury, they formed the legendary band, Queen. The band stayed together for the next 20 years and was completed by bassist John Deacon in 1971. Queen was signed to EMI Records and Elektra Records in 1973 and they released their debut self-titled album – hailed to critical acclaim as a catalytic moment for the rock genre. With the release of the unusual Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975, Freddie’s unique skills became widely noticed. His remarkable vocal range and projection, flamboyance, theatricality and colour are forever immortalised in the song, which topped the UK charts for nine weeks. Their popularity quickly spread around the world.

Queen became the pioneers of stadium rock when they began to fill 70,000 seater venues. In 1981, they performed to 231,000 fans in Sao Paulo which was a world record. The highlight of the success of the Queen phenomenon in the 1980s was the memorable performance on the Live Aid stage. At this time, Freddie began exploring his solo career, which saw him record an LP with world renowned opera diva Montserrat CaballĂŠ. The title song, Barcelona has become an anthem for the city and was the theme song for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. Freddie returned to the studios to record ‘Innuendo’ with Queen in 1990. On 24 November 1991, Freddie’s struggle against AIDS ended when he passed away peacefully from bronchial pneumonia at his London home – the day after he had publicly announced he had the disease. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was held at Wembley Stadium on 20 April 1992 where AIDS charity, the Mercury Phoenix Trust, was set up in his memory by Queen’s remaining members. The 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony on 12 August included a musical extravaganza led by the late Freddie Mercury. The Symphony of British Music section opened with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The section ended with a video of the late Freddie Mercury singing to the crowd, followed by his Queen band mates Brian May and Roger Taylor performing We Will Rock You. This little boy from Zanzibar became one of the world’s greatest stars, and through his talents and stage presence, he personified the word ‘showmanship’. Freddie Mercury’s legacy of songs have become immortal classics, still loved by millions over 20 years after his death. Freddie Mercury has rightfully been named the Greatest Rock Legend of All Time. XXXNFSDVSZBOERVFFODPN

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Edward Tingatinga Possibly Tanzania’s most well-known artist, Edward Saidi Tingatinga was born in 1932 in a village called Namochelia, now called Nakapanya, in Tanzania on the border with Mozambique. Born into a peasant family to parents Saidi Tingatinga and Agnes Binti Ntembo, Edward and his mother were Christian and Makua by tribe, while his father was a Muslim from the Ngindo tribe. Edward was the first born in a family of four children. In 1957, Edward Tingatinga left home in search of work in the Tanga region. He worked in the sisal plantations until 1959 before leaving for Dar es Salaam. His cousin Mzee Lumumba had been living in the city since 1943 where he was a cook at Oyster Bay. Lumumba’s employer George Pollack was so impressed with Tingatinga, that he employed him as a gardener. When Pollack left Tanzania, Tingatinga and Lumumba went to live at Msasani Mikoroshoni. Tingatinga became a street-vendor selling fruit and vegetables around Oyster Bay on a bicycle. He began to discover his creative talents when he started embroidering pillow cases, table clothes and bed covers, while also learning to weave mats and baskets. Taking up one of the traditions practiced in his home region, Tingatinga began decorating houses with wall paintings. In early 1968 he decided to experiment with painting by brush and oil colours. He painted animals, scenes and motifs on square hardboards, usually 4ft2 in size. The paintings became in large demand with numbers of tourists and expats. Also around this time, Tingatinga joined a Makonde traditional dance group. He was good at playing the xylophone. Through this

group, he joined the TANU Youth League, a political wing of the ruling political party. In 1970, Tingatinga officially married Agatha Mataka. In 1972 the TANU Youth League secured a job for him at the Muhimbili Medical Centre in Dar es Salaam. Tingatinga was accidentally killed by a traffic policeman shortly after, leaving behind two children – Martina and Daudi. After his death, it was collectively decided by painters in the movement to call this painting style “Tinga Tinga�. Edward Saidi Tingatinga’s legacy now lives on through this popular Tanzanian art form. XXXUJOHBUJOHBPSH

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Filbert Bayi – Tanzania’s most accomplished sportsman Filbert Bayi is Tanzania’s most famous former athlete. His career highlights include winning the 1974 Commonwealth Championship 1,500m with an unbeaten world record (3:32.16), and winning an Olympic silver medal in the 3,000m steeplechase in 1980 (8:12.48). Tanzania record of 1:46.9. He set a new 1,500m Tanzania record with a win of 3:35.6 at the Aarhus Games in Denmark, which he bettered at the World Games in Helsinki with 3:34.6. He went on to establish the Tanzania mile record of 3:52.86 in Stockholm. At the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand, Bayi competed in the 800m followed by the 1,500m. Bayi won the first 800m heat and advanced to the finals after finishing fourth in the semis. He went on to finish fourth in the finals with a new Tanzania record of 1:45.32. His specialisation was the 1,500m and he finished second in his heat to qualify for the finals. The finals, Bayi’s most iconic career race, lingered in the minds of track enthusiasts for a very long time. Bayi took the lead from the start, and beating John Walker of New Zealand and a Kenyan Ben Jipcho in a thrilling 1,500m race, he finished with a new world record of 3:32.16 – just 15 months after his mediocre debut at the Munich Olympics. This World Record is one of the two longest lasting in the Commonwealth Games and remains unbroken. Bayi’s elation was palatable as he jogged in front of the appreciating jubilant crowd after his worldrecord win. On 17 May 1975, Bayi competed in the mile against formidable competition in Kingston, Jamaica, at the Martin Luther King International Freedom Games. He took the lead from the moment the gun went off and completed this “Dream Mile� in a world record breaking time of 3:51. Bayi was born on 23 June 1953 in Karutu, Arusha in Tanzania. Bayi grew up on a farm with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. He left school at 17 and moved to Dar es Salaam. Bayi’s early running interval training in the capital consisted of him sprinting alongside a moving bus and resting when the bus stopped for passengers. In 1971, Bayi achieved an acceptable personal best in the 1,500m of 3:52. In early 1972 as a 19-year-old lightweight, Bayi’s national wins in the 1,500m (3:45) and steeplechase (8:55) qualified him to represent Tanzania at the Olympic Games in Munich – where he got to compete alongside his idol, Kenyan Kip Keino. Bayi came ninth in the steeplechase and set a new Tanzanian national record with a time of 8:41.4, but was however out of the competition. In the 1,500m, Bayi was eliminated when he finished sixth in heat two – commendably establishing another new national record of 3:45.4.



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Bayi next competed in the annual East and Central African Championships, held in Dar es Salaam. Only three months after the Olympics, Bayi became the regional champion in the 1,500m on 3 December 1972 with an impressive win and new national record of 3:38.9. Bayi was fast gaining confidence in the face of formidable competition. The second All-Africa Games in Lagos, Nigeria in January 1973 saw Bayi take the lead from the start of the 1,500m, winning against Keino with a new national record of 3:37.18. This was a tactic which he began to frequently adopt in his races and he became noted worldwide as a Tanzanian phenomenon. A string of wins in international competition followed in 1973. In Paris, Bayi won the 1,000m with an Africa record of 2:19.5, followed by three 1,500m wins in Sweden. He then decided to attempt the 800m in Germany and came second with a new

Sadly Bayi could not compete in the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games due to a Boycott – right at the height of his career. Bayi’s success was epitomised in the 3,000m steeplechase of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, where he won a silver medal. He started the final round ahead of the world record pace and led for a further two laps before the finish line – behind Polish Bronislaw Malinowski. Bayi came in second to clinch the silver with a time of 8.12,5 – becoming Tanzania’s first Olympic medallist. Bayi and Suleiman Nyambui are still the only Tanzanian Olympic medal winners. Now a retired Major, Filbert Bayi and his wife built schools and set up the Filbert Bayi Foundation to develop youth athletics talent. He is also the Secretary-General of the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC). KPOBUIBONVTFSFPWFSCMPHDPN UIFHSFBUEJTUBODFSVOOFSTEF

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Hasheem Thabeet Tanzanian basketball player Hasheem Thabeet was born Hashim Thabit Manka on 16 February 1987 in Dar es Salaam – the son of Thabit Manka and Rukia Manka. His mother lives in Dar es Salaam and he has a sister, Sham, and a brother, Akbar.

on to the University of Connecticut where he played for the Connecticut Huskies from 2006 to 2009. As a freshman at Connecticut in 2006, Thabeet tied the University record of 10 blocks. Thabeet was named to the 2007 All-Big EastRookie Team. On 5 January 2008 as a sophomore, he tied his career high of 10 blocks. Thabeet was named Big East Defensive Player of the Year. Thabeet emerged on the national scene as a junior. He earned his first career tripledouble on 31 January 2009, with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocks. He finished with 152 blocks in the season, and became known for the shots he prevented. Thabeet surpassed the 1,000-point mark on March 26, 2009 and helped lead Connecticut to their first Final Four appearance since 2004. In April 2009, Thabeet decided to declare for the 2009 NBA Draft instead of his senior season. His professional career was ignited when he was the second pick overall by the Memphis Grizzlies, becoming the first Tanzanian-born NBA player. He also played D-League for the Dakota Wizards from 2009 to 2010, the Houston Rockets from 2011 to 2012, the Rio Grande Vipers D-League in 2011, and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2012. On 11 July 2012, he signed as a free agent with the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 2012-13 season. Thabeet has played 135 professional games in his career and had his best season from 2009 to 2010 with Memphis Grizzlies. As the only National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player to have ever come out of Tanzania, Thabeet currently plays at centre position with number 34 at Oklahoma City Thunder. Thabeet hadn’t considered playing basketball until he watched a street basketball practice at the age of 15. One of the players was impressed by his height and gave Thabeet sports shoes to play with them the next day. He then played basketball for the team at his secondary

school in Dar es Salaam, Makongo. He was selected to compete in the East African Games in Nairobi, Kenya. There an agent spotted him and offered him a basketball scholarship to the United States. Thabeet took his middle name for his surname on his father’s death, and left Dar es Salaam for the United States. He attended Cypress Christian High School in Houston, Texas in 2005-06, helping his team win the State 4A championship for the sixth time in seven years. He then went

At a height of over seven feet (2.21 metres) and weighing 119 kilograms, he is the tallest active player in the NBA. His career highlights and awards include winning the NABC Defensive Player of the year twice in 2008 and 2009, Second Team All-America, and the Big East Player of the Year in 2009.

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Sport in Tanzania Like most other African nations, sport in Tanzania is a unifying force with multitudes of fans – particularly in football. Football is widely played all over Tanzania, which has two main clubs – Young African Sports Club (Yanga) and Simba Sports Club (Simba). The country’s Mainland League is closely followed, creating spirited rivalries among cities such as Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. This unwavering support of football is despite seldom success from the national team – showing a true passion for the beautiful game. Prolific footballers include Eddie Anaclet and Said Maulid. Well known football clubs are Simba SC, Prisons FC, Young Africans FC, Kahama United, and Moro United. Tanzania’s well-known football stadiums include Jamhuri Stadium, Kambarage Stadium, Amaan Stadium, Manungu Stadium, Umoja Stadium, CCM Kirumba Stadium, and Lake Tanganyika Stadium. There are a number of sports clubs throughout the country, such as The Heron Recreation Centre in Arusha, the Raskazne Swimming Club in Tanga, the Upanga Sports Club in Dar es Salaam, and the Salander Bridge Cub in Dar es Salaam. The Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is the National Stadium of Tanzania. This multipurpose stadium in Dar es Salaam is named after the third president of Tanzania. It is mostly used for football matches and can seat 60,000 people. Constructed by the Beijing Construction Engineering Company Limited and costing a total of TZS 56.4billion, Benjamin Mkapa Stadium opened in 2007. It is built in accordance with FIFA and Olympic Standards and replaced the William Mkapa Stadium as the national stadium. Basketball is a popular sport in schools and within the Tanzanian army. Hasheem Thabeet is Tanzania’s first NBA player and currently plays for Oklahoma City Thunder. At 2.21 metres tall, Thabeet is the tallest active NBA player. After Tanzania hosted the ICC Cricket League division 4 in 2008 and achieved one win in the tournament, cricket has received a major boost in the country and is growing rapidly. Tanzania also has its own national cricket team. Partly due to the British influence, Rugby union is a growing sport in Tanzania although still minor. Other sports in Tanzania include boxing, cycling, athletics, rugby, scouting, fishing, golf, hockey, hunting, tennis, and volleyball. Sport in Tanzania is evolving and is set to produce eminent sportsmen and women in the near future. Tanzania organised a national Olympic committee in 1968, becoming recognised by the International Olympic Committee.



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Athletes representing Tanganyika participated in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and Tanzania made its debut at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Since then, Tanzania has participated in every Olympics except for 1976. Tanzania’s Olympic medal winners are Filbert Bayi and Suleiman Nyambui – both from the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Tanzania also competes in the Commonwealth Games and the African Championships in Athletics. Prominent names in Tanzanian athletics have included Boay Akonay, Martin Sulle, Lwiza John, Faustin Baha, Fabiano Joseph, Damian Paul Chopa and Francis Naali. Some of the well-known Olympic competitors from Tanzania are Restituta Joseph, Agapius Masong, Ikaji Salam, Juma Ikangaa, Zebedayo Bayo and John Nada Saya.

The government of Tanzania is actively taking steps to improve coaching facilities to foster young talents. Sports committees exist to improve the standards of sport, namely the National Sports Council of Tanzania and the National Sports Association. It is hoped that the improvement in Tanzanian sport will see more of an impact on the world arena. At school level, sports education in Tanzania is highly developed, with an emphasis on physical fitness in the curriculum. For recreation, Tanzanian children competitively play marbles, catchers, and soccer – nurturing a competitive love of sport from early on. The beautiful climate, outdoor culture, and strength in the heritage of the Tanzanian people, all make for a sturdy platform for sports development in Tanzania. The near future may well see Tanzanian sports stars lighting up the world stage.

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Flaviana Matata Born and raised in Tanzania, Flaviana Matata’s stellar rise in the modelling industry sounds like a fairy tale; an inspiration to many African women. Having lost her mother in her childhood to the tragic boat accident of the ferry boat MV Bukoba that capsised on Lake Victoria, Flaviana grew up with her siblings raised by a single parent. She studied Electrical Engineering in Arusha Technical College. Her star started shining when she shot to international fame in 2007 after she won the Miss Universe Tanzania title and became the first woman to represent her country in the pageant history. Flaviana also was the first bald woman to compete in a beauty pageant, defying the notion of beauty. Her natural African look and her charming personality propelled her to 6th place in the finals of Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City. But this was just a first step for this bold African. She served her title with outstanding charity activities, including being Goodwill Ambassador of SOS Children’s Village Tanzania and working with youth on drug addiction. Flaviana also travelled the world as Tanzania’s representative in various events including the glamorous esteemed Budapest Opera Ball in 2008. After finishing her reign as Miss Universe Tanzania, Flaviana continued with her modelling career in South Africa with Ice Models. She is currently signed with Boss Models SA. In a visit to a charity event in New York, Flaviana was discovered by Russell Simmons who helped her secure interviews with modelling agencies in the US. She went on to sign with international agency – Next. She now works with Next Europe (UK, Paris and Milan), Wilhelmina Models US and Boss Models South Africa. Flaviana is currently living and working in New York and has been listed in the top 10 Black Models in Essence Magazine and online magazine, Models and Moguls. Flaviana has worked with some of the most respected professionals in the fashion industry. She has strutted the catwalk for Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu, Rachel Roy, Charlotte Ronson, Tony Burch and Vivienne Westwood, among others. Her photos have been taken by some of the most prominent photographers in the industry like Russell James, her mentor Fadil Berisha, Josh Ollin, Mario Torres, Jenni Hare, Patrick Demarchelier, Klas Strom, Caroline Templeton, Jason Kibler, Alasdair McClellan, Methew Kristal. Flaviana has also been part of photo shoots of major brands by outstanding photographers like i-D denim campaign by Mark Kean, Hockley look book by Haifa Wohlers Olsen, Hunger by Rankin, Grazia main beauty by Paul Scala, Arise Magazine by Claudette Prosper, Laha Magazine by Andrew Hobb, just to mention a few. Flaviana has graced the catwalks of New

York, London and Paris. This African star won the Model of the Year 2011 award at the Arise Magazine Fashion week in Lagos, Nigeria. Flaviana was also part of Top Shop campaign in Europe and USA and the TiGi hair campaign, Selfridges Beauty campaign, Sony worldwide campaign and Face Lace campaign. Flaviana was featured in various prestigious magazines including Essence, Nylon magazine, Glass magazine, Arise Magazine, FA Japan, the high fashion L’Officiel Paris magazine, the Hunger editorial, Vision magazine – China, Grazia Italy and UK, Elle magazine and Schon magazine. This African model has also modelled for the catalogues of Macy and Sheri Hill just to mention a few. Apart from her modelling career, Flaviana is also turning her attention to charity. She is Angel Ambassador of Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) along with Kim Kardashian, Nicola Breytenbach-Steiner and Selita Banks – all are working closely with Russell Simmons, on various charities in Africa. Through her foundation – Flaviana Matata Foundation – she is reaching out and helping women and children of her home country Tanzania, through various charity activities. Flaviana is also the Goodwill Ambassador of Mitindo House – a Tanzanian charity. Flaviana is also working with Life project for Africa, Malaika for Life, Usher New Look, Malaria No More. Hassan Maajar Trust and has worked with various philanthropists in different projects including Carlton Masters and Hope Sullivan, just to mention a few. Flaviana Matata is on her path to achieve her dreams and is available for various engagements through her agency.

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CHAPTER 1 Hotels, Lodges and Resorts



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Hotel Sea Cliff Hotel Sea Cliff is a stunning 5-star hotel located majestically on top of a cliff jutting out over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

restaurants, bar/lounge area, hair and beauty salon, gift shop, jewellers and casino on site. Next door, the Village Shopping Centre provides a wide range of eateries and shops. The two restaurants (Karambezi and Alcove) are two of the most popular venues in Dar es Salaam, offering breathtaking views and a mouth-watering menu of seafood specialities and a wide selection of international cuisine. The breakfast buffet served in the morning at Karambezi, coupled with the view is simply an experience not to be missed!

Hotel Sea Cliff is the perfect Dar es Salaam stop-over base to explore this buzzing city, as well as a luxury getaway for those seeking romance and pampering. All 93 rooms are beautifully furnished and include seven executive rooms, five executive suites, and a magnificent presidential/honeymoon suite with panoramic views out to sea and looking over the beautifully manicured tropical garden. The hotel is conveniently located just 5km from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and nearby all the popular bars, restaurants and shopping areas. It has a fitness centre, large outdoor swimming pool, two



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On entering the hotel, you are guaranteed a warm Tanzanian welcome and huge smiles from everyone you meet. The hotel prides itself on trying harder and going further to deliver the very highest level of service and constant attention to detail. It is also well set up for the business traveller, offering complimentary Internet, an Executive Floor, conference rooms, a business centre, secretarial services, audio visual equipment, flight booking, car hire and airport transfer services… Whatever you’re looking for, Hotel Sea Cliff is the ultimate choice and their team will look forward to greeting you with a big “karibu”! Tel: +255 764 700 600

Sea Cliff Court Hotel & Luxury Apartments The Hotel & Luxury Apartment Complex is conveniently and centrally situated on the Msasani Peninsular.

The Hotel comprises of 68 Luxury Service Suites, consisting of studios, one bedroom suites and two bedroom suites. Sea Cliff Court Hotel & Luxury Apartments offers both serviced and fully equipped suites for self-catering business trips as well as holiday stays. Packages range from a Studio Apartment on daily Bed and Breakfast rates to a two bedroom apartment on a monthly selfcatering rate. All Suites are elegantly decorated in a modern afro-influenced design, with the majority of the furniture and all of the artwork being locally handcrafted in Tanzania. The Hotel & Luxury Apartments offer the following: r )PVS3FDFQUJPO r #VTJOFTT$FOUSF r 3PPN4FSWJDF r 4XJNNJOH1PPM r (ZN r )PVS4FDVSJUZ r 5IF)BWBOB$BGÊ Accommodation: All suites are elegantly decorated in a modern afro-influenced design. Each suite has a kitchen which can be equipped for self catering on request. The Hotel & Apartments are fully airconditioned and offer: r 4BUFMMJUFUFMFWJTJPO r %JSFDUEJBMQIPOF r 4BGFUZEFQPTJUCPY r *OUFSOFUBDDFTT r *SPOBOEJSPOJOHCPBSE r 8BTIJOHNBDIJOF *OPOFBOEUXP bedroom apartments) r %7%QMBZFSTBOEBSJDIDPMMFDUJPOPG movies are available upon request



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STUDIOS – A bedroom with a double bed, bathroom, all room facilities and kitchen. ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT – A separate bedroom with a double bed, a spacious living room with sofa bed, a bathroom, washing machine, kitchen and all room facilities. TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT – Two separate bedrooms (one double and one twin room), a spacious living room with sofa bed, a bathroom, washing machine, kitchen and all room facilities. Contact Details SEA CLIFF COURT LTD. Haile Selassie Road, Msasani Penninsular P.O Box 3030, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: + 255 22 2601968/7 +255 22 260 2528 Fax: +255 22 260 1975


%SJWJOHJOUP4FB$MJGG3FTPSU4QBZPVLOPX ZPVIBWFGPVOETPNFUIJOHTQFDJBM5IFLN road through a coconut plantation that leads to the hotel is a reminder of the Zanzibar of old. Peace and tranquillity, no other hotels or busy roads; just open space and palm trees. With traditional makuti roofs and Arabic towers lit by brass lights, the hotel is built with the location in mind. It is a unique combination of modern facilities and the original exotic architecture of historical Zanzibar. The hotel is situated on a cliff overlooking the Indian ocean and offers panoramic views from the lounge, restaurant, bar and the recreation area, as well as both of the infinity swimming pools and most of the hotel rooms. There is a lovely jetty that offers the perfect place from which to enjoy sundowners whilst watching a beautiful sunset that the west coast of Zanzibar is famous for. The hotel offers a number of activities for the energetic, including a fully equipped gym, a water sports centre offering a wide range of activates including water skiing, sailing etc, two tennis courts, horse riding, light tackle fishing, volleyball court, as well as a squash court and bicycles for rides through the coconut plantation. For guests wanting to relax and be pampered, there is the Shwari Spa. With

five treatment rooms offering a range of treatments including manicures, pedicures, facials and massages by Thai therapists. After your treatment you can take a swim in the spa’s private pool or sit and enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the spa gardens. There is also a full-time children’s centre supervised by professional child minders. 4FB$MJGG3FTPSU4QB;BO[JCBSJTUIF perfect hotel for romance, relaxation and rejuvenation in a luxurious environment in a unique destination filled with history and character, beautiful beaches and wonderful people. Sea Cliff Resort & Spa Zanzibar Tel: + 255 676702241-9 Email:

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Serena Hotels Enjoy East Africa’s Best Kept Secret…

canoe along the shores of the lake or take on Mt. Meru – Africa’s fifth highest mountain – for a rewarding climb, walk or hike. Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge This lodge offers cycling and a breathtaking view of the landscape PGUIFNBHOJà DFOU3JGU7BMMFZFTDBSQNFOU%JTDPWFSBUISJWJOH"GSJDBO Village – Mto wa Mbu – on the lake’s shores, which is a living FYBNQMFPGUIFSJDIFTUMJOHVJTUJDNJYFTJO"GSJDB)PNFUPPWFS different tribes, it is possibly the only place in Africa where Bantu, Nilotic, Khoisan and Cushitic are all spoken. Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge /HPSPOHPSPPGGFSTBEBZUSJQUP0MEVWBJ(PSHFmUIFADSBEMFPG mankind’ and site of one of the most important and controversial Palaeolithic finds in recent history. Indulge in an open-air crater barbecue lunch or just relax with our selected range of beauty and health services. Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge This getaway is a true African experience. This offers either a hot air balloon safari with magnificent views of the plains below or a succulent bush barbecue dinner and breakfast, staged on the bluff overlooking the Mbingwe valley. Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp The ultimate in infinite calm, Mbuzi Mawe offers a timeless blend of classical safari and world-class sophistication. The sundowners, ESJOLTBOEDBOBQÊTUIBUBSFFOKPZFEPOUIFSPDLZUFSSBDFTPGUIF camp’s own kopjes are simply unforgettable. Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp The evocatively set camp is the epitome of a classic safari experience and a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World BOE5SBWFMMFST$IPJDFGPSJOUIF$POEÊ/BTU"XBSET Selous Luxury Camp and Mivumo River Lodge -PDBUFEJOUIFTPVUIJTUIFWBTU4FMPVT(BNF3FTFSWF"6/&4$0 World Heritage Site, it is the largest game reserve in Africa with BEJWFSTFFDPTZTUFNIPNFUPPWFSCJSETQFDJFTQMBOU species; Africa’s largest population of hartebeest, gnu, sable and buffalo; half of Tanzania’s elephant population; and one third of Africa’s population of the endangered wild dog. Zanzibar Serena Inn Zanzibar and the ancient Stone Town are rich in history; noted in the architecture. The legendary Inn is a member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Mangapwani Beach Club culminates in adventure, calm and romance. The freshest seafood can be sampled BUUIFNBHOJàDFOU#BIBSJB3FTUBVSBOU

Serena Hotels has the perfect safari selection for any holiday, with a wide range of getaways to choose from at affordable rates. The Serena properties in Tanzania are jewels in the crown. Serena offers the ultimate adventure getaways in the north. The safari experience with Serena Hotels is not complete without exploring the outdoor activities. Serena Mountain Village in Arusha (VFTUTHFUUPFOKPZFYUFOTJWFOBUVSFUSBJMTMPPQJOHBSPVOEUIFMPEHF and the lake through the shaded groves of coffee plantations; with QJDOJDTUPQTBOEBVOJRVFADPGGFFUBTUJOHTFTTJPO(VFTUTDBOBMTP



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Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel At the heart of Dar es Salaam is this oasis of luxury. Whether for business or a city getaway, the choice of restaurants and bars, the sundeck, live music, the health club and recreations, are on offer for all. Victoria Nyamunga | Serena Hotels 4th Floor, Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue P.O. Box 48690 GPO, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa Tel: +254 20 284 2238 Fax: +254 20 271 8103 Mobile: +254 734 699 868 Email: Web:

Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre Make the Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre hotel your relaxing retreat in the heart of the bustling Tanzanian capital.

+VTUNJOVUFTESJWFGSPN+VMJVT/ZFSFSF International Airport in Dar es Salaam’s major business district, Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre is a peaceful haven away from the city streets. Your sleek guest room is a stylish home away from home with air conditioning to keep you cool. 6OXJOEXJUIáBWPVSFETIJTIBVOEFS the thatched canopy of rooftop Al Dar 3FTUBVSBOU PWFSMPPLJOHUIF*OEJBO0DFBO Host your presentation in one of our five modern meeting rooms with wireless



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Internet, and ask about our good-value package to enjoy refreshments and a threecourse lunch. Holiday Inn Dar es Salaam City Centre’s business district location puts embassies, banks and government offices on your doorstep. Our helpful staff can help plan wildlife safaris or trips to Zanzibar’s aromatic spice plantations. The ferry terminal for exotic ;BO[JCBSJTKVTUBNJOVUFXBMLGSPNUIF hotel. 'PMMPXBXPSLPVUJOPVSIPUFM.JOJ(ZN with an indulgent facial in the spa. The

menu is as colourful as the decor in (BVDIP3FTUBVSBOU XIFSFNPVUIXBUFSJOH Tanzanian dishes like pumpkin and sweet potato curry are served. Features 6QHSBEFUPB4VJUFPS&YFDVUJWFSPPN for luxury extras like bathrobes and a spa bath. You’ll also enjoy access to the QBOPSBNJDUIáPPS&YFDVUJWF-PVOHFGPS complimentary breakfast and snacks and refreshments served throughout the day.

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BEST WESTERN Coral Beach Hotel A Boutique Hotel in paradise.

#&458&45&3/Coral Beach Hotel is a business-minded beachfront resort in exotic Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. One of the only hotels with private beach access in Dar es Salaam, spacious sea view accommodations and impeccable services, we make it easy to enjoy a relaxing business or leisure vacation in the heart of the tropical East African splendour. This exclusive beach hotel offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean in a tranquil setting shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. We offer a full line of services for executive travellers as well as resort facilities for your relaxation and enjoyment. Location Situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the exclusive Msasani Peninsula area amidst beautifully manicured gardens just LNBXBZGSPN+VMJVT/ZFSFSF*OUFSOBUJPOBM Airport, puts our guests within easy reach of the city centre and some of Dar es Salaam’s finest attractions. The #&458&45&3/ Coral Beach Hotel’s facilities coupled with its prime location, makes it the perfect base for both business and leisure travellers. In close vicinity are the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club, Bongoyo Island, Slipway, Sea Cliff Village, Oyster Bay Beach, Tinga Tinga Arts Centre, Village Museum, National Museum, and Mlimani Convention Centre. Lodgings 8JUIHVFTUSPPNTBOETVJUFT BMMHVFTUT enjoy luxurious Posturepedic beds and FMFHBOUUSPQJDBMEÊDPS XJUINPEFSO amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-



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screen LCD televisions, plush bathrobes, and the finest Italian bathware. Amenities 3FTPSUBNFOJUJFTJODMVEFBQSJTUJOF oceanfront swimming pool, onsite fitness centre, sauna, and jacuzzi spa tub. One PGUIFUXPSFTUBVSBOUTJTPQFOIPVSTB day and there is a relaxed bar lounge. The concierge is available to make reservations and schedule tours. With private beach access, a business centre, Wi-Fi, three indoor event facilities, catering services, and audio-visual support, #&458&45&3/Coral Beach Hotel is ideal for relaxation, meetings and functions.

Coral Lane, Masaki, Msasani Peninsula, Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam. Reservations: +255 22 260 1928 Fax: +255 22 260 1547 Email: Website: The World’s Biggest Hotel FamilyŠ, each Best WesternŠ branded hotel is independently owned and operated.

Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort

Our restaurant serves Ă la carte daily from QNUPQN0OXFFLFOETXFPGGFSB vast buffet and a barbeque on the beach. The bars are open till late night, serving all kinds of drinks, cocktails and snacks. +BOHXBOJ4FB#SFF[F3FTPSUJTTJUVBUFEPO the mainland of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, along Mbezi Beach on clear white sands, a NJOVUFESJWFBXBZGSPNUIFDJUZDFOUSF 5IF3FTPSUJTTJUVBUFEPOFJUIFSTJEFPG Africana road, with all facilities and outlets on the beach side and the accommodation on the opposite side. The rooms and the courtyard pool are located in the quiet part

of the complex and are exclusively for hotel residents only. 5IF3FTPSUTJEFPOUIFCFBDIGSPOUIBTUXP bars, a restaurant, a Sheesha Bar, a gym, a swimming pool, a kids pool, beach beds under makutibandas, kids play area, live music and featured DJs, dancing, Spa & Sauna, boating facilities, shops, sundecks and conference halls.

Food and drink service on the beach is available throughout the day. Our resident DJ plays the latest national and international tunes every Saturday and Sunday. Jangwani Sea Breeze Resort Email: Email: Tel: +255 78 680 0870

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New Africa Hotel 3FOPXOFEGPSJUTSJDIIJTUPSZ UIF/FX"GSJDB)PUFMPGGFST all of its guests a truly fulfilling stay in Dar es Salaam.

Ideally located in the heart of Dar es Salaam city, a stone’s throw away from the Zanzibar ferry, New Africa Hotel is the perfect place to stay when visiting Tanzania’s largest city. Stunning views of the harbour and vibrant energy from the surrounding Central Business District makes New Africa Hotel the quintessential place to stay for both business and leisure. With local landmarks such as the Botanical (BSEFOBOE/BUJPOBM.VTFVNJODMPTF proximity to the hotel, as well as being situated in the hub of the financial district of Dar es Salaam, New Africa Hotel definitely offers the best of both worlds. Catering to all of its guests needs, New Africa Hotel boasts excellent meeting and conference facilities, several restaurants, a swimming pool, bar and BIPVSDBTJOP

Standard Pool Facing Room 6OXJOEBGUFSBTUSFTTGVMEBZPOZPVSLJOH size bed, or work out of the comfort of your own room on the spacious work area with high-speed Internet access. Superior Sea Facing Room 3FMBYJOUIJTTQBDJPVT QPPMGBDJOHUXJO room, which includes a work area and high speed Internet access.

is truly a magnificent place to ease your mind and unwind. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, ease your mind and allow the New Africa Hotel to take care of you.

For an unrivalled experience in the “Harbour of Peace�, New Africa Hotel is the perfect setting for your stay in Tanzania. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter the elegant and soothing sanctuary of the New Africa Hotel.

Club Room Contemporary rooms, incorporating all the modern features you need. With the new snoozer mattress and in-house entertainment system, you may never want to venture outside.

Casino *O ,BJ3P*OUFSOBUJPOBMPQFOFEJUTĂ STU African-based casino in New Africa Hotel. With eight gaming tables on the main floor, JODMVEJOHGPVS"NFSJDBO3PVMFUUFBOEGPVS DBSEUBCMFT BOEFYDMVTJWFTBMPOQSJWĂŠ XJUI UXPIJHIBDUJPO"NFSJDBO3PVMFUUFUBCMFT  New Africa Hotel boasts one of the best casinos in Dar es Salaam.

ACCOMMODATION With four different types of rooms to choose from, feel refreshed with the signature style and comfort, reflecting an energising yet relaxed vibe.

Suite Enjoy the truly breathtaking views of Dar es Salaam Harbour and the historic Lutheran Church right outside your window. With a king-size bed and separate living room, this

5IFTMPUTĂĄPPSJTXFMMEFTJHOFEBOEIPTUT gaming machines, including the latest video slots and video poker machines, which are linked to various progressive jackpots to ensure constant activity.



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DINING Sawasdee 4BXBTEFF3FTUBVSBOUJTBUSVFà OFEJOJOH experience. With its elegant yet tranquil EÊDPS TUVOOJOHWJFXTPGUIFIBSCPVSBOE attention to detail, this alone would be enough to come and experience it. Coupled with delicious Thai cuisine, excellent service, fresh ingredients and a truly unique experience, you do not want to miss eating at one of Dar es Salaam’s best Thai restaurants. Bandari Grill 8FMDPNFUP/FX"GSJDB)PUFMT#BOEBSJ(SJMM  where service is sincere and quality is never of question. Sit back, relax and enjoy a EFMJDJPVTNFBM#BOEBSJ(SJMMSFDPHOJTFTUIBU all of its guests have different preferences, hence offering a range of Continental and Indian cuisine for your delight. Famous for JUTGSFTITFBGPPE #BOEBSJ(SJMMJTPQFOTFWFO days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The facility offers online TQPSUTCFUUJOHCPPUITBOEIPVSPOMJOF betting computers. Offering the highest maximums in the city, modern technology and focusing on client satisfaction, this is the place to be if you live life in the fast lane. OUR SERVICES BANQUET Business Centre Take advantage of our Business Centre located within the main lobby. Fully equipped with high-speed Internet access, copier, fax machine, binding machine, laminating machine and scanner. Secretarial services on offer. Outdoor Catering The New Africa Hotel’s catering service is one of the best in Tanzania. With seasoned catering professionals with years of experience under their belts, you cannot go wrong with having your event catered by the /FX"GSJDB)PUFM3BOHJOHGSPNDPDLUBJMT  parties, banquets, barbeques and more, New Africa Hotel will ensure your guests are fully satisfied. Crystal Room From intimate to impressive, New Africa )PUFMDBOBDDPNNPEBUFGSPNQFPQMF VQUPQFPQMFJOJUTNBHOJà DFOU$SZTUBM 3PPN8JUIJUTGVODUJPOBMTFUVQBTXFMMBT

FMFHBOUEÊDPS UIF$SZTUBM3PPNJTUIFJEFBM venue for your special day. Board Room $BOBDDPNNPEBUFVQUPQFPQMF Meeting Rooms These rooms can accommodate from a NJOJNVNPGQFPQMFBOEVQUPQFPQMF  depending on the setup required. New Africa Hotel is able to provide all the technical equipment required, as well as any other necessary items needed to conduct your business. LEISURE Pool If you want to enjoy a relaxing day soaking up the sun and enjoying Dar es Salaam’s tropical weather, New Africa Hotel provides numerous gazebos for you to unwind in. Enjoy the refreshing swimming pool and extensive menu of delicious snacks while you get some well deserved relaxation. Spa New Africa Hotel offers you all the pleasures of an on-site spa. Indulge yourself with our wide array of spa services. Gym We know that travelling can cramp your style. Keep moving, while you’re travelling and enjoy New Africa Hotel’s fully equipped gym. You can catch up on the latest news while working out, so you won’t skip a beat.

Onyx Lounge There’s nothing quite like having a drink in New Africa Hotel’s Onyx Lounge. Your imagination will soar, wondering who has visited this bar in the past, what conversations were had and what movements were started. Of course several modifications have been made to this now modern watering hole; however it is still a hot spot and favourite of both local and expatriate clientele. Buzzing with people during its famous happy hour, with an extensive food and cocktail menu, Onyx Lounge is definitely a place to unwind and have a drink or two. SPECIALS Indian Night Transport yourself to mystical and exotic India, listening to the memorable musical sounds of Vardha every Saturday night from QNBUUIF#BOEBSJ(SJMM Sunday Brunch Enjoy the stunning views of Dar es Salaam Harbour during the Sunday Brunch at 4BXBTEFF3FTUBVSBOUFWFSZ4VOEBZGSPN BNUPQN%FMJDJPVTGPPE FOUFSUBJONFOU for the children and a live band. There is no better way to prepare you for the week to come. New Africa Hotel P.O. Box 9314 Azikiwe Street/Sokoine Drive Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2117050/51 +255 22 2117131/32 +255 658 222 220 Fax: +255 22 2113558

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Hotel Slipway )PUFM4MJQXBZJTJEFBMMZMPDBUFELNGSPN%BSFT4BMBBN *OUFSOBUJPOBM"JSQPSUBOEKVTULNGSPNUIF%BSFT4BMBBNDJUZ centre on the posh Msasani peninsula right on the Indian Ocean overlooking Msasani Bay.

The hotel is popular with both leisure and business travellers and offers best-valuefor-money accommodation in this upmarket neighbourhood. Integrated into the Slipway complex, the hotel provides a wide range of outlets and amenities, such as: r5IF8BUFSGSPOU %BSFT4BMBBNTNPTU popular seafront restaurant r"RVBHSJMMmCFTUGPSTFBGPPE r"[VNB+BQBOFTFSFTUBVSBOU r1BQBSB[[J-PVOHF$MVC r'BJSZ%FMJHIU*DF$SFBN1BSMPVS r"/PWFM*EFBCPPLTIPQ r#BSDMBZT#BOL JODM"5.

r$PBTUBM5SBWFMCPPLJOHPGÃ DF r.6%"GPS"GSJDBONVTJDBOEEBODF classes r7BSJPVTTIPQTJODMVEJOHBTVQFSNBSLFU B hairdresser and beauty parlour, jewellers, a pharmacy, as well as a variety of arts, crafts and souvenir outlets.



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The Slipway is a lively and highly popular destination for residents and tourists alike. It invites for a stroll along the ocean front and is a departure point for day trips to the nearby islands of Bongoyo and Mbudya with their picturesque tropical beaches. Those interested can book sunset and party cruises on traditional dhows, diving and snorkelling trips, transfers to Zanzibar by catamaran and many more activities on and around the sea. Within Slipway’s vicinity are a selection of popular shopping, dining and night life destinations. Accommodation )PUFM4MJQXBZIBTSPPNTJODMVEJOH studio apartments. All rooms are en-suite and offer the following facilities: r4BUFMMJUF57 %457


Contact Tel: +255 22 260 0893 +255 713 888 301 Email: Slipway Road, Msasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The hotel has stunning views overlooking the Indian Ocean and offers exclusive services to its guests. The hotel’s interior is inspired and influenced by a blend of Arabic and Swahili cultures and provides a unique and comfortable experience, starting from the lobby through to the elegantly decorated rooms. About Our Rooms 5IFIPUFMGFBUVSFTSPPNTBOETVJUFT  including the largest Presidential Suite in Dar es Salaam. 5IF(PMEFO5VMJQ%BSFT4BMBBNIBTGVMM sized rooms of 38m each, four executive suites, two diplomatic suites and one presidential suite. All rooms and suites have an ocean view with private balcony and offer all the comforts you would expect. All rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with satellite television, a large writing desk, in-room safe, direct dial international telephone and tea and coffee making facilities. The bathrooms are all



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equipped with hairdryers and the hotel offers IPVSSPPNTFSWJDFBOEMBVOESZTFSWJDFT Room Amenities r 4BGF r .JOJCBS r $BCMFUFMFWJTJPO r #BMDPOZ r $PGGFFBOEUFBNBLFS Restaurants, Bars and Cafes Dining facilities include ‘Sanaa’, an all-day dining restaurant located on the first floor and offers a variety of international cuisines and à la carte menu options. The lobby DPGGFFTIPQ 3FOEF[7PVT$BGÊBOEUIF 0DFBO7JFX#BS(SJMMIBWFCSFBUIUBLJOH views over the Indian Ocean and offer a grilled menu and a variety of shisha flavours. Sanaa Restaurant The Sanaa is an all-day dining restaurant on the hotel’s first floor and offers buffet breakfast and buffet lunch with a full menu, providing international dishes and à la carte menu options.

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Ocean View Grill and Bar Enjoy a relaxing meal or drink in the company of friends and family at the oceanGSPOU0DFBO7JFX(SJMMBOE#BS XIJDIBMTP offers a wide variety of Shisha flavours. Lobby Lounge 'JOEUIF3FOEF[7PVT$BGÊJOUIFMPCCZ lounge offering a range of pastries, sweets and coffee blended with beans from Tanzanian coffee fields. You can also order cakes for celebrations and other special occasions. Golden Tulip Hotel Dar es Salaam Facilities: Leisure facilities at the hotel include an infinity pool directly situated on the Indian Ocean. Meetings and Conferences The hotel offers a comprehensive variety of business and leisure facilities, including spacious banquet and conference rooms which provide a perfect setting for meetings, DPOGFSFODFTBOEXFEEJOHTGPSVQUP guests. These facilities can be tailored to suit your requirements. All rooms are equipped with: r 0WFSIFBEQSPKFDUPS r 'MJQDIBSUT r 4MJEFQSPKFDUPS



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r 1"TZTUFN r 57BOEWJEFP r 1JOCPBSET r -$%EBUBQSPKFDUPS r 5SBOTMBUJPOCPPUIT The largest facility is the spectacular Ngorongoro Hall, which can accommodate VQUP QFPQMF5IF4BBEBOJ .BOZBSB and Selous Halls are ideal for smaller conferences.

splendid venue so close to the Indian Ocean.

Our dedicated and experienced staff are happy to work with you on your programme, choice of food and drinks and any technical details. Our Chef and his team can prepare a wide variety of buffets, lunches and dinners, snacks and breaks for coffee and refreshments. If you cannot make your choice from our readily available menu proposals, we will gladly work out a tailormade solution for you.

Indian Ocean Marquee 5IJTPBTJTPOUIFPDFBOGSPOUPGGFST square metres of perfect all-weather shade in the middle of our tropical gardens, adjoining the spectacular infinity pool. This venue provides the perfect location for a corporate lunch, dinner or cocktail party and can be integrated with the gardens. Intimate wedding ceremonies, theme parties and other occasions become even more magical and unique in this setting.

Oyster Bay Marquee Being located on the ocean front, this marquee benefits from a cool natural sea breeze throughout the day. The Oyster Bay NBSRVFFPGGFSTTRVBSFNFUSFTPG all-weather shade and is a spectacular yet comfortable venue for any event including product launches, concerts, theatre productions, weddings, banquets and cocktail parties. You will not find a more

Address: Golden Tulip, Dar es Salaam, Toure Drive, Msasani Peninsula P.O. Box 6300, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 260 0288 Fax: +255 22 260 1443 Email: Facebook: Twitter: GOLDEN TULIP TZ

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The Arusha Hotel Arusha’s supreme boutique hotel offers first-class accommodation and service, surrounded by the history of bygone eras. The Arusha Hotel boasts the finest location in the heart of Arusha, amongst the tranquil surroundings of its own tropical gardens.

The Arusha Hotel boasts 86 elegantly BQQPJOUFESPPNTJODMVEFEGPVS4VJUFT  &YFDVUJWF%FMVYFSPPNTBOE%FMVYF 3PPNT1SPGFTTJPOBMMZNBOBHFE XFFOTVSF the needs of every guest are carried out with East African charm and warmth. &TUBCMJTIFEJO UIJTIPUFMJTCFMJFWFE to be one of the oldest hotels in East Africa. The hotel signified a pleasant resting place for those travelling from as far as the Cape or Cairo and all corners of Old East Africa. Its status soon became synonymous with travellers, pioneers and adventurers looking for welcoming accommodation or refreshment during long gruelling journeys into the African plains. It has undergone many transformations, to emerge today as one of the leading hotels in the fast growing city of Arusha. It’s most OPUBCMFSFGVSCJTINFOUXBTJOXIFO American banker Kenyon Painter bought it. Its grand opening in the same year saw the Prince of Wales as the guest of honour. Famous returning guests included Baron Von Blixen (Out of Africa) and John Wayne



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EVSJOHUIFĂ MNJOHPG)BUBSJ3FDFOUIJHI profile guests have included Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Jessica Biel, Shaggy, Emile Hirsch and Miriam Makeba. The Arusha Hotel has maintained a status and character that optimises continuity and values, with a touch of nostalgia beautifully balanced with the needs of the NPEFSOXPSME3PPNTBSFXFMMBQQPJOUFE and comfortable; the restaurant, food and general facilities are of a very high standard; and staff are friendly, efficient, professional and attentive. All rooms are fully-fitted with amenities aided CZIPVSSPPNTFSWJDF0VSGBNPVTMZ comfortable Sealy Posturepedic mattresses BSFDPVQMFEXJUIUISFBEDPVOUDPUUPO bedding and a selection of feather and nonfeather pillows. We operate on a Save Water policy in line with our responsible tourism statement. Our Deluxe rooms have wonderful views either out over nearby Mt Meru or across five acres of gardens. All our rooms have

air conditioning units, an electronic safe, iPod docks, flat-screen televisions with a selection of satellite TV channels, a minimum of two telephones with direct international dialling, energy saving electronic card door locks and electricity points. Mosquito nets are provided around the beds in all rooms. Our experienced chefs are connoisseurs of cuisine from across the world. They are happy to arrange picnic lunches for your safari or to enjoy in our beautiful gardens. The Parachichi Restaurant Overlooking the gardens, the Parachichi 3FTUBVSBOU NFBOJOHABWPDBEPJO4XBIJMJ  is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and with the sublime climate, the outdoor terrace offers a tranquil setting. Our extensive Ă la carte menu and wine list is available in the evenings, boasting European, Asian and East African cuisine. Our Indian Specialty Chef can conjure up any Indian dish. The Hatari Bar Open from morning until late, the Hatari Bar XBTOBNFEBGUFSUIFGBNPVTTBGBSJ film epic ‘Hatari’. A relaxing bar, perfect for cocktails at sundown, coffee over lunch or after dinner cognacs, it also offers an all-day menu with light snacks and small meals. The Lounge “The most well-known meeting place in Arushaâ€?. With high-back chairs and leather sofas, the lounge is frequented by residents of Arusha, as well as visitors enjoying coffee and conversation throughout the day and evening. There is a small selection of shops next to the lounge.

Amenities and Services Next to the large swimming pool, is an openair jacuzzi for relaxing in before enjoying a massage in the dedicated room alongside. Other amenities include a fully equipped gym, a business centre and wireless internet available throughout the hotel. Services include same-day laundry and dry-cleaning as well as airport transfers between The Arusha Hotel and Kilimanjaro International Airport or Arusha Domestic Airport.

Bustani Bar Located next to the swimming pool, the Bustani Bar serves drinks, light snacks and meals throughout the day, ensuring our guests do not have to interrupt their leisure UJNF0VSQPPMCBSJTPQFOGSPNBNUP QN

The Arusha Hotel P.O. Box 88, Arusha, Tanzania Tel: +255 27 250 7777 Email:

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Mount Meru Hotel At the foothills of Mount Meru in Northern Tanzania lies a polished treasure; its magnificent shine rising like the morning sun.

The treasure is the pride of Tanzania, Mount .FSV)PUFM XIJDIJTBTUBSIPUFMXJUI breathtaking views boasting modern, chic "GSJDBOEÊDPSJOUIFMPCCZUISPVHIUPUIF SPPNT5IFIPUFMIBTSPPNTDPWFSJOH different categories to fit all budgets – providing guests with a royal feel during their stay.

smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and a range of liquored coffees for an uplifting kick after a long day. All these can be coupled with delicious cakes, cookies, and treats. If you are looking for an alternative food experience to the hotel buffet, you could try out Arabica’s club sandwich, Tanzanian burger, or rib eye steak, among others.

With five various outlets offering different wining, dining and coffee experiences, guests are always spoilt for choice.

Meru Meru offers a dining experience where you will be spoilt for choice with the buffet which has a taste for everyone – and more. This is where you will get to taste some of your favourite dishes and also get to explore new dishes from all across the world.

Arabica As you walk in you can smell the fresh coffee brewing from the Arabica coffee bean. Arabica offers an exploration into your coffee taste buds by trying out our range of DPGGFFTXJUIB.PDIB B$BQQVDDJOP B$BGÊ au Lait, or a traditional espresso. Tea is also brewed in different varieties, offering the taste of Tanzania’s famous coastline brew, Tanga Macchiato, as well as fruit teas and herbal teas – all from Tanzania. The list of drinks is exhaustive with



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Duluti For a more intimate, premium, fine dining experience, Duluti restaurant boasts dishes that have been prepared with finesse that tickle the taste buds from the moment food is seen on the plate. The artful presentations coupled with the bold flavours of the food are sure to send diners straight to food IFBWFO8IFUIFSZPVBSFBGUFSBĂĄBNCĂŠ

French meal or a Tanzanian meal, this is where you will get it. This is not just a restaurant but a dining experience. A walk-in wine cellar with a variety of world-class wines is there for selecting wines that will seal the wonderful dining experience. Tanganyika After a nice dip in our infinity pool while lying on our deckchairs and taking in the African sun, a refreshing cocktail is what you need and this is the place you will get it. Take a sip of Margarita, Cosmopolitan or our tasty in-house cocktails such as Mount Meru Delight, Pink Mpenzi and for a non-alcoholic cocktail, try our Mbuyu, or Mamzelle. You can also try our various pizzas for a quick meal. Mawenzi Our main bar has a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The best place to unwind after a long busy day in the office, or simply a relaxing drink to end the day. Spa and Gymnasium A variety of spa treatments that range from Aromatherapy massages, to manicures and pedicures, are all available to ensure that your stay at the hotel is filled with pure SFMBYBUJPOBOETFSFOJUZ(FUQBNQFSFEBOE spoilt by our greatly experienced masseuse, hairdressers and stylists. Apart from offering a relaxing experience for our guests, the hotel is also equipped with the best conference facilities for the corporate individual, whereby all our guests get to enjoy free Wi-Fi service. Our facilities DBOBDDPNNPEBUFVQUPDPOGFSFODF HVFTUTBOEIPMEVQUPSFDFQUJPOHVFTUT Our gardens, which are manicured to perfection and overlooking the greenery of a golf course, are also popular for hosting wedding receptions and cocktail parties of VQUPHVFTUT The hotel is a great place for tourists, mountain climbers and hunting adventurers who are on their way to/from a safari or mountain climbing the northern part of Tanzania. P.O.Box 2673, Arusha, Tanzania Telephone: +255 27 2545111 Fax: +255 27 2545911 Email: Address: Arusha, Tanzania

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maru maru inspire, excite, enlight

maru maru loves to make a difference, creating experiences guests treasure. Set in the heart of Stone Town, just a few steps from the Old Fort, the House of Wonders and the best shopping on the island, maru NBSVIPUFMTSPPNTPGGFSXBMLJOHBDDFTT to all the sites of Stone Town. All island activities can be easily done as day trips from the hotel. maru maru is a boutique hotel with international standards. Love and care has gone into every detail, providing friendly service, delicious food and refreshing drinks in a stylish, sophisticated environment – all at an affordable price. There is a classic wing from the days of the sultans, a new wing with a touch of the modern interior, a tranquil fountain courtyard with an accompanying restaurant, and a SPPGUPQUFSSBDFXJUIžWJFXTGSPNJUT restaurant and lounge. Rooms Fresh, clean and pure, maru maru offers the perfect mix between Zanzibar style and NPEFSOEFDPS3PPNTBSFà MMFEXJUIOBUVSBM light which complements the sophisticated neutral palette – using local craftsman and natural materials to bring traditional beauty without sacrificing modern comfort and decor. Design is inspired by the distinctive Afro-Arabian style, unique to Zanzibar. 3PPNBNFOJUJFTJODMVEFSFNPUFDPOUSPMMFE air conditioning, personal safe, fridge, mosquito nets, writing desk, wardrobes, tea and coffee facilities, walk-in shower or baths, and flat-screen TVs, among others. Guest Services r GSFF8J'J r GVMMDPODJFSHFTFSWJDF r GBTUDIFDLJOBOEDIFDLPVU r JOTUBOUNFTTBHFEFMJWFSZ r EBJMZSPPNTFSWJDJOH r FWFOJOHUVSOEPXOTFSWJDF r TBNFEBZMBVOESZTFSWJDF r BJSQPSUUSBOTGFSTBWBJMBCMF r CBCZTJUUJOHTFSWJDFT r JOSPPNEJOJOHBOENJOJCBS r MJNPVTJOFTFSWJDF r USBOTGFST TJHIUTFFJOHBOEUPVST r QBDLBHFTBOEDPOGFSFODFT Dining maru maru is passionate about food and uncompromising about the quality of its ingredients. They support the community and ensure freshness by sourcing locally whenever possible by buying seafood straight from local fishermen and fruit and vegetables from the colourful local markets.



Best of Tanzania

The hotel offers four unique environments for relaxation: the terrace restaurant, the terrace lounge, the fountain restaurant and the courtyard – all with spectacular views of Stone Town but each offering something different for the guest to find the venue that best suits their mood. Conferences maru maru offers an elegantly designed and suitable venue for seminars, workshops and conferences which accommodates up UPQFPQMFDPNGPSUBCMZJOWBSJPVTTFBUJOH arrangements. Local Attractions 4UPOF5PXO UIFXPSMETPOMZ6/&4$0 heritage city, is steeped in the history of UIFTQJDFUSBEFBOETMBWFUSBEFPGUIFUI century. Stone Town reflects the diverse influences underlying the Swahili culture, with a unique mixture of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements. Attractions close to maru maru include House of Wonders, Old Fort, Palace Museum, and 'PSPEIBOJ(BSEFOT5IFQSJTUJOF;BO[JCBS beaches offer snorkelling, diving, water sports and dolphin viewing. Unique Elements maru maru is the only hotel in Stone Town with an elevator and the only hotel with a žWJFXNBSVNBSVQSJEFTJUTFMGBTCFJOH the best place in town for sunsets and cocktails and also hosts the best Indian speciality restaurant on the island. maru NBSVJTDPOWFOJFOUMZMPDBUFENJOVUFT from Karume International Airport. maru maru Hotel Ltd. P.O. Box 4053 397- 400 Gizenga Street Shangani, Stone town, Zanzibar, TANZANIA Tel: +255 24 2238516|7|8 Fax: +255 25 2238519

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Akana Lodge "LBOB-PEHFIBTSPPNT*UJTTJUVBUFEJO.JLPDIFOJ BOFBTJMZBDDFTTJCMF upmarket residential area of Dar es Salaam, off Old Bagamoyo road. It has a quiet surround and an evergreen tropical garden. A free beach on the Indian Ocean is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Tanzanian cuisine only, however there are several other restaurants around the hotel. Seasonal vegetables and some fruits are organically grown on our own farm. Our services and facilities, with well-trained and experienced staff, offer good value for your money. We welcome guests with charm, treat them with warmth throughout their stay, and on departure, they always promise to come back.

The old wing has nine rooms which were originally residential, but have since been extensively refurbished to provide for all modern necessities and conveniences. The original characteristics have been retained which creates a homely feeling. The lobby, wall-to-wall wardrobes, the exotic Zanzibar beds, and gardens, all give testimony to the IPUFMTVOJRVFRVBMJUZ"OFXXJOHXJUI rooms has been added. "MMSPPNTBSFDMFBOBOEOPOTNPLJOH  spacious and adequately furnished with air conditioners, satellite TV, wireless internet, exotic Zanzibar beds – some of which are PWFSZFBSTPMEmBMMà UUFEXJUINPTRVJUP nets. After a very comfortable silent night, a healthy inclusive breakfast greets guests in the morning. Akana Lodge is environmentally friendly with solar energy back-up. We offer African and



Best of Tanzania

Hotel Features r0OMJOFSFTFSWBUJPO r$POGFSFODF3PPN r8JSFMFTT*OUFSOFU'BDJMJUZ r-BVOESZ7BMFU4FSWJDF r-PVOHF r.VMUJ-JOHVBM4UBGG r3PPN4FSWJDF r4IPQ#PVUJRVF r5SBOTQPSUUPGSPNBJSQPSUBOEDJUZDFOUSF Conference Facilities We offer complete conference packages including refreshments, set meals and accommodation. Off Old Bagamoyo Road, Kiko Street – Mikocheni P.O. Box 6541, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2700122, +255 22 2701273, +255 754 368677 Fax: +255 22 2775261 Email: Website:

Whirlwind Aviation Lodges and Resorts

Offering the tourist an experience of a lifetime and memories that will last forever, Whirlwind Aviation combines exhilarating helicopter scenic flights with comfort, convenience and flexibility. Helicopter charter offers the wildlife enthusiast uninterrupted views of the great migration on the Serengeti planes – never been seen with such unsurpassed splendour. Whirlwind charters are customised to suit the needs of tourists – from airport charters to any lodge or resort in Tanzania, enabling UIFBEWFOUVSFTFFLFSUPWJTJUUIFUPQ places in Tanzania while on safari:  /HPSPOHPSP$SBUFS  4FSFOHFUJ/BUJPOBM1BSL 3. Zanzibar and Pemba,  5BSBOHJSF/BUJPOBM1BSL 5. Lake Manyara National Park, 6. Mt. Kilimanjaro,  4FMPVT(BNF3FTFSWF  3VBIB/BUJPOBM1BSL 9. Mafia Island, .U.FSV Whirlwind services to lodges and resorts comprise of: t $IBSUFS Tourism, VIP Point to Point Transfers, and 4DFOJD3PVUFT t 1IPUPHSBQIJDBOE'JMNJOH HD Quality Video and Still Photos. t "FSP.FEJDBM Medical Evacuations in a Fully Equipped Dedicated Air Ambulance. t 4FBSDIBOE3FTDVF  .PVOUBJOBOE"RVBUJD3FTDVF t 8JMEMJGF&OUIVTJBTUT  )VOUJOH4BGBSJT BOE(BNF7JFXJOH For exclusive tourist packages, hunting trips and scenic excursions, contact: Whirlwind Aviation Toll free number: +255 (0) 767 900 877 Sales and Marketing Managers: Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 431, Nuhu Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473 530,

Best of Tanzania



CHAPTER 2 Travel, Tours and Leisure



Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania




Values and objectives Flightlink is a scheduled and corporate Air Charter Operator with bases in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. The Company is made up of experienced and talented general aviation professionals providing strong foundations to achieve its values and objectives. Holder of Air Service License (ASL) and Air Operators Certificate (AOC), our primary values and objectives are to operate safe and secured air transport within Tanzania, provide quality service, be customer oriented, have operational efficiency with team spirit, continuous improvement of our fleet and understanding customer requirements, be conscientious and responsible with sincerity. The Company operates a fleet of Piston & Turbo Prop aircrafts. Cessna T206 G1000, Cessna Grand Caravans with a Cargo pod and Dornier 228-202, that seats between five to 18 passengers. r 0VSQPMJDZBOEBNCJUJPOIBTBMXBZTCFFOi-&"7&0/5*.&:063 5*.&uFWFSZUJNF-FUVTรกZZPVUPBMMUIFNBKPSDPNNFSDJBMDJUJFT and national parks in Tanzania. r:PVMMCFBCMFUPUBLFZPVSCVTJOFTTFTOBUJPOBMJOOPUJNF'PSHFU driving on unsafe and unpaved roads. r8FBEPQUUIFiNJOVUFTUBLFPGGuQPMJDZOPOFFEUPXBJUMPOHFS XIFOZPVEPOUOFFEUP



Best of Tanzania





Seronera Lake Manyara Arusha Pemba

Zanzibar DaresSalaam Ruaha

Iringa Selous Mbeya Mtwara

r0VSNVMUJMJOHVBMQJMPUTBSFZPVOH  enthusiastic, friendly, courteous and thoughtful of your needs. r)BOETPOPQFSBUJPOTXJUIUIFPXOFSTPO site from take-off to landing. r1SPGFTTJPOBMEJTQBUDIPGà DFXJUI courteous ground crew. 8JUIPWFSBJSDSBGUTBOEQJMPUT XFBSFJO the most favourable position to get you an aircraft exactly when and where you need it in Tanzania. Only Flightlink offers greater flexibility and better value among other charter operators in Tanzania. This is not a second-hand operation, XFDPOUSPMFWFSZUIJOHXFPXOBOEáZ guaranteeing the quality of the flight and the safety of each passenger. For you, this means consistent service and BWBJMBCJMJUZ8IFOXFTBZUIBUXFHVBSBOUFF BWBJMBCJMJUZ XFNFBOJU8FXJMMNBLFTVSF ZPVHFUUIFSF XIFSFWFSiUIFSFuJT

Our network is unmatched, so our ability to get you a plane when you need it, is second UPOPOF5IBUTXIBUXFDBMMHFUUJOHPVS DVTUPNFSTCBDLT Flights 8FUBLFJNNFOTFTBUJTGBDUJPOXIFOXF can delight a passenger by giving them BQMFBTBOUTFSWJDF5IFSFTOPUIJOHUIF 'MJHIUMJOLDSFXXPOUEPUPNBLFZPVS journey memorable and special. Customer service From carrying your bags on your arrival, to walking you to the plane, to refuelling your plane and ready to fly on time, to tracking down game that you see on the way while descending into the game park. Extra mile Giving a nervous flier extra reassurance, arranging for a forgotten item to be available at your destination, capitalising on perfect weather conditions to offer you an aerial

view of your destination landmarks as you come in to land… Schedule and charters 8FVOEFSTUBOEUIBUUIFMJUUMFUIJOHTDBO make a big difference. *GZPVSFNPWFEFWFSZIBTTMFUIBUDPNFT between you and your flight, what would that leave? 5IF'MJHIUMJOLNJOVUFUBLFPGGmUIF centrepiece of a new service that explores the Flightlink boarding experience. Just BSSJWFNJOVUFTBOEUBLFPGGZPVSUJNFmPO UJNF FWFSZUJNF

Central Reservation Email

Best of Tanzania




Flightlink is a scheduled and corporate Air Charter Operator with bases in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. The Company is made up of experienced and talented general aviation professionals and providing strong foundations to achieve its values and objectives. A holder of Air Service License (ASL) and Air Operators Certificate (AOC), our primary values and objectives are to operate safe and secured air transport within Tanzania, provide quality service, be customer oriented, have operational efficiency with team spirit, continuous improvement of our feet and understanding customer requirements, and be



Best of Tanzania

conscientious and responsible with sincerity. The Company Operates a Fleet of Cessna 208 Grand Caravans, and Cessna 206 all fitted with cargo pods for schedule flights mBOEOPXJOUSPEVDJOH$FTTOB$JUBUJPO 5XJO+FUGPS7*1BOE.FEFWBD$IBSUFST 8JUIUIF*OUSPEVDUJPOPG.FEFWBD'MJHIUT  Flightlink will strive to be the most comprehensive aeromedical company in Tanzania, using Cessna Citation  7 "JSDSBGU1PXFSFECZ5XJO1SBUU 8IJUOFZ +5% 5VSCP'BO+FU&OHJOFT  fitted with a state of the art Life Port Air Ambulance Kit. )PVS&NFSHFODZ.FEFWBDBOE

3FQBUSJBUJPOTFSWJDFTXJMMCFPGGFSFEUPUIPTF who live, work and travel in Tanzania and neighbouring countries. $FTTOB$JUBUJPO$FOUSFJO8JDIJUB ,4  64"XBTUIFQSFGFSSFEDIPJDFUPEFMJWFS and retrofit the jet with the most advanced "WJPOJDT "%7*; (MBTT1BOFM$PDLQJU BOE/BWJHBUJPO4ZTUFN*UJTBMTPàUUFE XJUI5$"4** &(184BOEFOIBODFE.PE S Transponders. The aircraft comes with factory support for a first in Tanzania of its type. $FTTOB$JUBUJPO$FOUSFBOE-JGF1PSU*OD  teamed up to assist Flightlink to prepare and install electrical wiring on the Citation +FUGPS-JGF1PSU"JS"NCVMBODFLJUmBO

FGĂ DJFOUBOEFGGFDUJWF.FEFWBD,JU-JGF1PSU *ODJT&"4"SFDPHOJTFE'""3FQBJSTUBUJPO JUIBT1." 45$BOE540BQQSPWBMTGSPN FAA. 5IF$JUBUJPOTJOUFSJPSBOEUIFLJUBSF engineered to meet requirements of any medical mission (casualty to hospital transfers). .FEFWBDNJTTJPOJODMVEFTNFDIBOJTNTMJLF patient loading utility system, advance life support base unit, manual load system and Aero Sled Stretcher for a smooth loading and ride for the patient. The Citation will also be used for QFSTPOBMJTFE7*1"JS$IBSUFST*UJTBTPMJE 

reliable private jet that can fly anywhere a mid-sized jet can go at the cost of lightKFUUSBWFM*UTDPNGPSUBCMFBOEIBTBIJHI QFSGPSNBODFTQFFEPGLQI3FMJBCJMJUZ PGUIF$JUBUJPOKFUNBUDIFT$FTTOBT IJHIFTUTUBOEBSETJOQSJWBUFKFUUSBWFM*UJT spacious and can accommodate up to eight QBTTFOHFSTXJUIHSFBUFBTFGFBUVSJOHBIPU and cold beverage area, a well-equipped mini bar, flushing toilet and a satellite phone (Aircel) and a baggage compartment larger than other jets in its class. The jet has /.SBOHFBOEĂĄJFTBU'-

For further information, contact: cmd@ďŹ

Best of Tanzania



Green Car Rentals represents 20 years of it’s successful business in Tanzania

Travelling to suburbs of Tanzania or being a part of a country filled with natural treasures and opportunities that are unexplored TPVOETMJLFBOBEWFOUVSF:FUUIFIFBWZ traffic, dusty roads, and muddy off roads BSFOPUUPCFJHOPSFE*OSFBMJUZUIFDPNGPSU and experience of your next trip to Tanzania is highly dependent on the car you will use during your visit. 5IJTJTXIZ(SFFO$BS3FOUBMTCFMJFWFT JOA(SFFOFS$MFBOFS4BGFSm5IFUBHMJOF of an organisation that is one of the most renowned Car rental companies in Tanzania. (SFFO$BS3FOUBMTJTBTVDDFTTGVMGBNJMZSVO business offering a wide variety of services to their clients globally. i5IFTFDSFUPGTVDDFTTMJFTJOUIFMFWFMPG TFSWJDFUIBUZPVPGGFSUPZPVSDVTUPNFSTu .S4BNFFS8BMKJm4BMFT&YFDVUJWF CFMJFWFT that every client is different and should be treated in a unique, personal way. The sufficient knowledge and experience of employees has over the years proved to be an asset to the company making them a desired organisation. This has allowed Green $BS3FOUBMT XIPJOJUJBMMZTUBSUFEXJUIBGFX cars, to gradually expand to a maximum. The fleet includes a wide choice of vehicles



Best of Tanzania

from 4x4s, Toyota Land Cruisers, Prados, /JTTBO1BUSPMT 5PZPUB3BWTUP4BMPPOT and Toyota Pickups, giving every customer a car based on their use and comfort.

MFJTVSF DBNQJOHTBGBSJT PSTJHIUTFFJOHm they are known as one of the best service providers in the country. They specialise in project, field work, and providing pickup ESPQPGGBOEUSBOTGFSTFSWJDFTGPS7*1T

(SFFO$BS3FOUBMT PGGFSTBDIPJDFPG4FMG and Chauffer driven packages, for shortterm and long-term bases. The drivers are well versed with most directions country XJEFBOEVOEFSTUBOE&OHMJTIXFMMJO addition drivers are trained with basics of mechanics and handling of emergency situations should that arise, to ensure that there is proper backup and customers would not have any inconveniences.

*OBEEJUJPOUPQSPWJEJOHTFSWJDFTJO5BO[BOJB  PWFSUIFSFDFOUZFBST(SFFO$BS3FOUBMT IBTWFOUVSFE&BTU"GSJDBXJEF QSPWJEJOH loyal customers rental services in Kenya and 6HBOEB XIJDIUIFZBSFXJMMJOHUPFYUFOE and widen over the years to come. Some of their customers include oil companies, embassies, local companies, various industries, tourists and local private sector.

(SFFO$BS3FOUBMTQSPWJEFTTFSWJDFTUP people and businesses of all sizes, be it for



UIBOXFBSBOEUFBSmUIJTNFBOTJOUIFMPOH run it is better to upgrade vehicles rather then spending a lot on maintenance. This policy allows them to have good conditioned cars that are the latest and trouble free. This in return gives them happier customers and builds customer loyalty. The 20 years experience has allowed Green $BS3FOUBMTUPVOEFSTUBOEUIFDPSFCFOFàUT to customers for using the rental services XIJDIJODMVEFOPSJTLPGPXOFSTIJQOP DPTUPGNBJOUFOBODFUPUBMáFYJCJMJUZUPB XJEFDIPJDFPGWFIJDMFTBOEQBZBTZPVVTF benefits. As a result, allowing the business to build better strategies to build genuine, loyal customers.

#VTJOFTTJOUPEBZTNBSLFUJTBMMBCPVU integration of services and making products NPSFBDDFTTJCMF"U(SFFO$BS3FOUBMT they realise this and know that a lot of their customers inquire about safari and game QBSLQBDLBHFT8JUIUIBUJONJOE(SFFO$BS 3FOUBMTPGGFSTWBSJPVTTBGBSJQBDLBHFTUP customers under one roof, making it a lot easier for the customer to deal with a single company. The safari packages that are offered by (SFFO$BS3FOUBMTLFFQVQEBUJOH LFFQJOH the trends and cycles in mind so that the customer can make the most out of what they are specifically looking for. The customer is a priority to Green Car


ta Ren

3FOUBMT BOEUIBUIBTMFUUIJTDPNQBOZ provide the best level of service and 20 years of successful marketing experience.

Green Car Rentals Nkurumah Street, Along Nyerere Road P.O. Box 20714 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2183718 Mobile: +255 713 227788 Email:

Best of Tanzania



Serengoro Tours & Safaris Ltd

5IFXPSEi4FSFOHPSPuDPNFTGSPNUIFUXP famous national parks in Tanzania, namely 4FSFOHFUJBOE/HPSPOHPSPOBUJPOBMQBSLT Serengoro Tours & Safaris Ltd is a Tanzanian-based safari agency providing car rental for tours and safaris, self drive UPVST DBNQJOHTBGBSJTBOEDVMUVSBMUPVSTB is reliable and reputable local tour company CBTFEJO%BSFT4BMBBNmXIJDIJTUIF gateway to the northern circuit parks. 5BO[BOJB IPNFPG.U,JMJNBOKBSP UIF highest in Africa, and land of magnificent 4FSFOHFUJBOE/HPSPOHPSP JTBMBOEXIFSF wildlife and cultural wonders are boundless. Travel back in time, return to an era of gracious and leisurely living, a time for SFMBYBUJPO BEWFOUVSFBOEFYDJUFNFOU FYQMPSFOFXIPSJ[POTXJUIVT8IFUIFS on safari in our unspoilt game parks and reserves, or just relaxing on the extensive sandy beaches of Dar es Salaam, mafia and ;BO[JCBS XFMMDVTUPNEFTJHOUIF4BGBSJUP suit your need and budget. To get value for money, you can combine BUPVSPG4PVUIFSO$JSDVJUBOE/PSUIFSO $JSDVJUPS;BO[JCBSXJUIFBTF'MZGSPNBOZ destination in the world direct to Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam and realise your dream holiday with us. SEEING IS BELIEVING is our motto. Message from the Managing Director 8FXJMMBTTJTUZPVTFMFDUJOHBTBGBSJ CFTU suit your requirements and even give you an idea of what sights you will see.



Best of Tanzania

8FBSFBCTPMVUFMZDPNNJUUFEUPNBLJOHZPVS Africa safaris fast, reliable and affordable. Our products: r 5BJMPSNBEFTBGBSJT r $BSIJSF r 5PVST0QFSBUPS r )VOUJOHTBGBSJT r )PUFMTBOEDBUFSJOHTFSWJDFT r 3FTUBVSBOUT r "JSUJDLFUJOH r 5SBWFMBHFODZ Vision 4FSFOHPSP5PVST4BGBSJTWJTJPOJTUPCF the leading car rental and tourism service provider in Tanzania. Mission Our mission is to provide high quality car rental and tourism services to target customers at competitive rates. To all our clients of Serengoro Tours & Safaris Ltd, we wish to provide you simple, easy and fast services. 8FDPOTUBOUMZBJNUPMJWFVQUPPVSVTVBM high standard of services. As a travel partner in our care, you will be at home away from home. Serengoro Tours & Safaris Limited Kaunda/Zambia Road – Oysterbay P.O Box 8416, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel/Fax: +255 22 266 4431 Mobile: +255 784 661715 Email: Web:


8FDBUFSGPSBMMUZQFTPGUSBOTQPSUBUJPO needs, be it business or leisure, within PSPVUTJEF%BSFT4BMBBN8FIBWFB fleet of vehicles including saloon cars, small and large 4x4s, and mini and macro buses available for hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Backed by a crew of friendly and efficient TUBGG9QSFTT3FOU"$BSJTDPNNJUUFEUP providing reliable car hire services and authentic African adventure. Choose from our variety of cars, ready-made packages JODMVEJOHDBNQJOH MPEHFTPSMVYVSZTBGBSJT or let us help you prepare a tailor-made itinerary to suit your likes and needs. The package chosen, you can be assured that every journey will be comfortable and memorable. The key to our business is something we monitor very closely and

ensure that we consistently offer our clients the service they have come to expect. .PTUUPVSJTUTWJTJUJOH5BO[BOJBBSFFBHFSUP FYQMPSFUIFDPVOUSZTEJWFSTJUZ"UUIFTBNF time, most popular tours range from guided HBNFESJWFTJOUIFCFBVUJGVM/BUJPOBMQBSLT For the individual that prefers the dazzle of lights, Xpress will make it their personal undertaking to make each experience interactive and insightful. 5IF9QSFTT3FOU"$BSUFBNUBLFTBHSFBU pride in our drivers that are always punctual, courteous and well presented. Our fleet of vehicles caters to every need of our clients on short-term or long-term. As part of our commitment to personal service, we offer a 24/7-hours call service which allows clients to book that last minute transfer, when needed.

4JODFJTJODFQUJPO 9QSFTT3FOU"$BSIBT become a leading supplier of car hire in %BSFT4BMBBN8FBMTPQSJEFPVSTFMWFT in a state of the art booking system that allows appropriate, timeous communication between the clients and us. From the very first day the company has shown a steady growth, year on year. 8FDBUFSBOFYDFMMFOUTFSWJDFBOEGPDVTPO QSPWJEJOHBQFSTPOBMJTFETFSWJDFXFBSF BMXBZTVQGPSBDIBMMFOHF.BLF9QSFTTZPVS preferred transfers operator and car hire and enjoy to discovering the secret of Tanzania.

982 Senegal Street, Upanga P.O. Box 5572, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2152394 Email:

Best of Tanzania



CHAPTER 3 Dining and Nightlife



Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania



Karambezi Café The deep turquoise sea, delicious seafood, fresh air and great team of staff, makes the Karambezi Café an unforgettable place to visit.

Right on the ocean cliff in the 5 star Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam, the restaurant Karambezi Café rests tranquilly. Surrounded by a panoramic 180 degree view of the majestic Indian Ocean, the Karambezi Café restaurant has an exclusive setting for a truly special dining experience. The grandeur of the endless sea combined with the warm, comfortable atmosphere and excellent cooking, makes for a no better way, and nowhere better, to enjoy a meal. In Karambezi Café, everyone from far away tourists to Dar es Salaam residents find their home. Every day the team of staff at Karambezi Café welcomes hundreds of guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With personal service and high quality food as constant components of their visit, guests quickly become regulars. The grand outside deck and Cocktail Bar area combined with the inside Lounge and Coffee Bar areas, has room for everything from romantic dinners to informal business meetings, after work drinks and big dinner parties. Every week Karambezi Café caters for conferences and corporate cocktails and assists their guests in the planning of surprise birthday parties and special anniversary celebrations. The seafood based menu offers a variety of Eurasian and continental influenced dishes as well as local favourite delicacies, suitable for both daytime and evening. The Karambezi Café team continuously strives towards excellence in their kitchen, out of respect for the trade and because they think that their guests deserve nothing less. Every meal, small or large, is prepared solely with carefully selected products, from both local and international suppliers that, like them, believe in the value of high quality and great taste. The open kitchen allows guests to follow the concentrated work of the chefs, and any guest who wants to enjoy a closer look of the machinery at work is always welcome. KC Coffee Bar Freshly made cappuccinos, chocolate



Best of Tanzania

mousse cake, coconut macaroons, ice cream sundaes, freshly baked croissants and poppy seed bread rolls are only a small selection of the delicious coffee drinks, desserts, pastries and breads that the KC Coffee Bar offers their guests. As the owners of Karambezi Café had noticed a void in the market for high quality coffee products and pastries, they decided to increase their restaurant by adding a coffee bar in 2011 and since the opening of their newest addition, the demand for the coffee drinks and tasty condiments has increased rapidly. In the KC Coffee Bar the Karambezi Café guests can enjoy a freshly made cappuccino with warm peanut butter cookies, or a chocolate macaroon with a cooling frappuccino prepared to perfection by the well-trained baristas. Guests can select between the wide variety of delicious desserts and tasty treats to enjoy on the spot, or bring home to the family. Karambezi Café also do custom ordered birthday cakes and wedding cakes to celebrate special occasions. Karambezi Café – Corporate Social Responsibility Since the re-opening of Karambezi Café, along with great reconstruction and refurnishing, the launching of new menus and putting fresh systems in place, breaking old walls and habits and replacing them with new ones, corporate social responsibility has always been a secure point on the agenda. Training programs for local staff members in language, writing and various other skills, as well as promotions from within the team, is something the owners of Karambezi Café put great emphasis on. They are continuously running different incentive and bonus programs, constructed so every staff member can participate. Not only do these programs create a great atmosphere and team spirit, but they also make space for personal growth and advancement and create new opportunities for the staff. Karambezi Café also gives support for proper education of the staff members’ children, as well as healthcare. Even though a lot of efforts are directed towards their own staff members, Karambezi Café also regularly participates in charity events and support different local as well as international organisations. Anything from food sponsorships to cash donations can make an essential difference.

Please contact Karambezi Café on Address: Karambezi Café, Hotel Sea Cliff P.O. Box 3030, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Best of Tanzania



Six Degrees South On the popular Shangani strip between two of Stone Town’s most historic buildings – the renowned Tiputip House and what used to be the old English Club – nestles Six Degrees South, Zanzibar’s newest icon.

The concept was developed from the foundation up, and it didn’t take long for this restaurant to become just the kind of eatery this charming town has been desperately craving. Set on three floors, this contemporary and rather quirky establishment is centred around its status as a Classic Grill & Wine Bar, but don’t be fooled! The place bustles from morning to night, serving breakfasts and fresh pastries, lunch, confectionary, small plates and, of course, dinner. Six Degrees boasts an intimate upstairs tea house for private dining a drois as well as a larger private dining room, with the facilities and technology for special events, functions and conferencing. The breezy deck on the third floor is famed for its panoramic views of the shoreline, sunset cocktails, light fare and an ever changing array of premium wines available by the glass. Combining typical features of Zanzibar architecture with elements of classical Europe, the overall look and feel is fresh and funky. The abundant freshly cut flowers, hanging baskets and state of the art hydra-mist cooling system, combined with a glass dome and glass roofed terrace, are reminiscent of a Victorian greenhouse, while the bright interior creates a relaxed yet vibrant ambiance!



Best of Tanzania

Six Degrees is tranquil and inviting – the place to meet, socialise and simply to enjoy. The easy atmosphere with free Wi-Fi is ideal for unwinding with a glass of your favourite tipple or indulging in the array of nibbles on the menu. With effortless views of the Indian Ocean, one is afforded a number of vantage points from which to enjoy the scenery, both inside and out.

on delivering both culinary grace and gusto, in a highly creative environment, and doing so with a level of service East Africa isn’t entirely familiar with. This, coupled with ultra modern features and amenities, like the automated climate control system and blinds which adjust themselves as the afternoon sun plops into the ocean, makes for a spatial and gastronomic experience like no other.

The menu caters for all appetites and budgets, and our distinguished chef masterfully uses locally-grown organic produce along with import quality lamb, beef, pork and fowl. Naturally too, there is a daily assortment of delights from the fishermen’s morning catch. The selection of wine and spirits is unrivalled in Zanzibar, which is just another reason why it has become the superstar of Stone Town’s social and foodie scene, for both travellers and expats alike. This is a restaurant of integrity. Six Degrees South prides itself

At Six Degrees South you are warmly welcomed to pop in for a quick bite, or linger on way into the night. Waterfront Shangani Street Stone Town Zanzibar Tel: +255 779 666055

Best of Tanzania



CHAPTER 4 Tanzanite and Jewellery



Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania



Tanzania’s Blue Gem

Tanzania is the only place in the world where the extraordinary precious Tanzanite gem is found. Taking its name from the country whose earth created it over many millennia, Tanzanite was given its name by Tiffany & Co. Varying in colour from deep blue to purple, Tanzanite was only first discovered in 1967 in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania, near the city of Arusha and the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro – the only known place in the world where the rare gem is found. Tanzanite’s colour is dependent on the



Best of Tanzania

crystal orientation and is therefore noted for its remarkable light reflection which seemingly changes colour. Once cut and polished, Tanzanite becomes a kaleidoscope of royal blue, violet, indigo, lilac and periwinkle. It is this unique vibrant colour, which gives Tanzanite it’s immediately recognisable identity and contributes to its special positioning in both the gemstone and the fine jewellery markets. History Tanzanite was only discovered in 1967 and when geologists realised it was a ‘never

seen before’ gemstone, it came to the attention of Tiffany & Co who named it Tanzanite (after Tanzania – the country where it comes from, and Zoisite – the gemstone family it belongs to). This identification by the Gemological Institute of America was corroborated by mineralogists at Harvard University, the British Museum, and Heidelberg University; however credit for first correct identification is given to a Tanzanian government geologist in Dodoma, Ian McCloud.

Since Tiffany & Co. first marketed the gem as Tanzanite, it has become one of the most coveted stones in the world. Tanzanite is as hard as garnet, emerald or amethyst and is commonly used in necklaces and earrings. World’s largest Tanzanite The largest faceted Tanzanite in the world is 737.81 carats. The “Queen of Kilimanjaro” is one of the most renowned Tanzanites and is 242 carats and set in a tiara with 803 brilliant cut tsavorite garnets and 913 brilliant cut diamonds – which is owned by Michael Scott, the first CEO of Apple Computers. In August 2005, the biggest known Tanzanite crystal was found in a mine controlled by TanzaniteOne, weighing 16,839 carats (3.4 kg) and measuring 22 cm × 8 cm × 7 cm. Mining After discovery in 1967 through to nationalisation in 1972, it was estimated that two-million carats of Tanzanite were mined in Tanzania. Through the mining of Tanzanite, the Tanzanian government earns approximately USD20-million a year. The US market is the biggest consumer of Tanzanite gems and sales total approximately USD500-million per year. Tanzanite was named the gemstone of the 20th century, but the journey of each stone began millions of years before that. A geological phenomenon, Tanzanite is found in unusual elevations on a vast plain in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite crystals grew here under the ground – hidden from the eye of man until 1967. Through strict regulation and membership of 90 percent of merchants becoming official members of the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), Tanzanite trade has been protected against unethical practices and is passed on along reputable trade routes to established cutting-centres and major jewellers worldwide. Tanzanite stones reflect the person who wears them – often described as immaculate, elegant, and rare. Large good quality Tanzanites are highly sought after; not only because of their exquisite colour, but also the exclusivity that comes with their origin in Tanzania. Rare Tanzanite is a rare and precious gemstone and is 1,000 times rarer than diamond. Tanzanite’s formation is so unusual that it has been described as a ‘geographical phenomenon’. The world’s only known source is a thin strip of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, East Africa. Experts maintain that the chance of Tanzanite occurring elsewhere

is ‘one in a million’. Tanzanite is an unparalleled stone with such rarity, that it has its own category in the triad made up of diamonds, gemstones, and Tanzanite. Birthstone In 2002, the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) selected Tanzanite as the December birthstone, adding it to a list of birthstones unchanged since 1912. However, Tanzanite is generally regarded as the stone of new life and new beginnings; as blue has always been a sacred, spiritual colour to the Maasai. Customarily, only

women who have been blessed with fertility have the honour of wearing blue beads and fabric. Heirloom With a finite supply from a single source, Tanzanite is an heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation. This generation may be the last of its first time owners – ‘the Tanzanite generation’.

With thanks to The Tanzanite Experience and the Tanzanite Foundation.

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Tanzanite; 1,000 times rarer than diamonds The Tanzanite Experience showcases the history of Tanzanite through its unique museums in Arusha and Dar es Salaam, creating a greater awareness of how rare and precious Tanzanite is by revealing its mystery and rarity.

Shahid Ansari/7th element of visual and interactive exhibitions and learn all about its unique characteristics and why this stone is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Discovered recently in 1967, Tanzanite is a ‘one generation’ stone meaning that it is anticipated that within the next 12-15 years there will be no more Tanzanite left in the ground and the chance to be a ‘first owner’ will be gone. Tanzanite will become the quintessential heirloom of our generation. Given its name by Tiffany & Co in 1968 it was declared ‘the most beautiful blue stone to be discovered in 2,000 years’. Being a product of TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd, the largest and most sophisticated Tanzanite mine, ensures that the ‘experience’ provides the most up to date information on this precious stone as well as exhibiting an incredible range of finely cut stones that visitors can purchase knowing they are buying directly from the source.

One small area at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro provides the scene for the world’s only source of this alluring stone, and at The Tanzanite Experience, visitors indulge in Tanzanite’s rich heritage and intriguing stories from its discovery by a local Maasai tribesman and how it received its name, the fascinating geology and



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mining process, how the stones are cut and polished and finally to see first-hand an incredible collection of these sparkling gemstones that have become so sought after the world over. Visitors are taken on a journey that started 585 million years ago through a series

The flagship museum opened in the heart of Arusha in 2008 making it the first of its kind to offer visitors an educational experience on Tanzanite in an informal and upbeat environment. The following year then saw the collaboration with Shanga, a heartwarming community project producing gifts using recycled materials, with an onsite boutique shop where a donation from every sale goes directly back to the project. This was followed with a smaller museum

Shahid Ansari/7th element opening within the grounds of the luxurious Arusha Coffee Lodge. New for 2012 was the opening of a second museum located in the Masaki area of Dar es Salaam, allowing residents and tourists the chance to enjoy The Tanzanite Experience. All the Tanzanite gemstones sold through The Tanzanite Experience are laboratory certified by The Tanzanite Laboratory, and guaranteed to be conflict free and travelled an ethical route from mine to market. The Tanzanite Experience is endorsed by the Tanzanite Foundation, a non-profit, industry supported organisation that is dedicated to protecting and promoting Tanzanite on behalf of all ethically operating and socially responsible partners. Alongside its educational and sustainable development initiatives, the Foundation also has developed an international grading system for Tanzanite along with a ‘Mark of Rarity’™ which is the icon of the Tanzanite Foundation and is synonymous with consumer confidence and an ethical route to market. The Tanzanite Experience Arusha: 3rd Floor, Blue Plaza, India Street Dar es Salaam: Plot 1087, Mererani St, Masaki Tel: +255 767 600900 Email: Facebook/TanzaniteExperience

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RaSifiwa Creations at Benetton Gems Benetton Gems are a highly reputable outlet of RaSifiwa Creations, which has been at Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam since its opening in 1998.

Specialising in Tanzanite, owner and creator R.S. Nandha’s family has been in the trade since the 1980s. The Benetton Gems shop exclusively houses the RaSifiwa Creations brand designed by R.S. Nandha, which intricately makes use of the exquisitely rare Tanzanite stone. As one of the finest jewellers in Tanzania conveniently located within Sea Cliff Hotel, the elegant collection is a showcase for exceptional gold, silver and gemstone jewellery – including the famous and rare Tanzanite gemstone which is unique to Tanzania. Designed locally by the very talented R.S. Nandha, each piece is designed and made with immense passion. His Wrist Art exemplifies the quality and brilliance of RaSifiwa. All timepieces are masterpieces of opulent African design. The Creator Anything and everything about RaSifiwa was created in the mind of R.S. Nandha, a proud African who was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After learning the art of jewellery-making in Florida, USA, he returned home to recreate his family-owned jewellery business, which had been in Sea Cliff Hotel since 1998. This resulted in the birth of Benetton Gems. Nandha doesn’t create jewellery, he creates art from visions that come to him and the details are visualised into what he calls “Out There Class”. He is the exclusive designer for RaSifiwa and the Wrist Art is the product of immense passion and creativity in creating a masterpiece truly unique to Africa. RaSifiwa was a dream that he made come true. RaSifiwa RaSifiwa is an African dream created by an



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inspiring jewellery artist from Tanzania. It all came from the dream of a single watch, which grew to an uncontrollable passion in creating one of a kind jewellery timepieces as well as other legendary jewels from the African continent – to which the label is dedicated. RaSifiwa had been in creation for three years and was finally launched in 2010 – as a lasting brand. The Significance of the name The name RaSifiwa consists of the designers name along with his brothers and the word ‘sifiwa’, which means ‘to be praised upon’ in the language of Kiswahili. Wrist Art The one of a kind RaSifiwa Wrist Art is a rare African Design. Music, colours, and lifechanging experiences all bring the exclusive design and vision to life. All the timepieces are limited editions and have different material combinations, making each Wrist Art unique from one another. The entire pieces are made from 18-karat solid gold or platinum and are wrapped around the wrist with a selection of fine leathers. Time is kept precise with quality Swiss movement. The beautiful features of the watch include the three Carats of various precious and rare gems, as well as the sheer slimness of the design; all making it a true masterpiece. These jewellery timepieces are available at Benetton Gems and online at Fully customisable Wrist Arts are available upon request. The Wrist Art is a patented design. Availability RaSifiwa creations are exclusively available at Benetton Gems, inside Sea Cliff Hotel and online upon inquiry. Tel: +255 777 770888 Email: Website:

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Introducing URU Inspired by ancient African traditions and designs, URU Diamonds offers an exclusive range of meticulously handcrafted jewellery.

Throughout African history gemstones were believed to bring the wearer wisdom, prosperity and strength. Tanzanian artisans combine gold and silver with the same rough gemstones on bracelets; hand woven from threads in an endless array of colours and designs ensuring that each URU piece is a unique creation.

bracelets, pendants, rings, cufflinks and other accessories. The pieces are created using hand cast gold and silver combined with rough precious stones including diamonds, Tanzanite, rubies, spinel and tsavorite. The bracelet straps are made from hand-knotted threads or natural leathers in an endless array of colours and designs.

About URU URU is an ancient Swahili term describing a powerful essence, such as that which comes from a diamond worn and cherished by African kings and queens. Today URU jewellery is handcrafted in our workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 2009, the first URU bracelet was created using locally sourced rough diamonds, gold and fishing line, identical to those used on the dhows sailing the East African coast.

Creating URU Every URU piece is unique. The URU stones are exclusively sourced from Tanzanian small-scale miners throughout the country. In appreciation of the natural beauty inherent in the rough stones, the gems are used as they are found, ensuring that no two pieces are the same.

Since then, URU’s designs have evolved into a sophisticated and stylish range of



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The precious metal used in each URU design is hand carved, cast and polished by an URU artisan using age-old methods. Our unique threaded bracelet strap is hand woven by an URU craftsman in a time

consuming process that takes up to six hours. More than 50 metres of thread in as many as six colours is used to create each piece. Your URU piece The URU bracelets are available in two sizes, each fully adjustable due to our unique closing system. All URU jewellery is unisex in design and available in a wide variety of colours. We welcome you to contact us by email or visit our workshop in Dar es Salaam to work with us to customise your unique URU piece. URU is available at a growing number of outlets around the world. Find your nearest URU shop or retailer on our website. URU’s commitment URU has created a skilled team of Tanzanian artisans and craftsmen in order to present some of the finest jewellery being made

on the African continent today. Years of continuous training of our employees and refinement of our designs is the reason for URU’s success. We are a proud Tanzanian brand with a strong commitment to give back to the country, which has given us so much. URU is committed to creating opportunities for young Tanzanians and through our cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages, we are supporting education for children in the rural areas where our gemstones are sourced. All of our stones are Tanzanian and 100% conflict free.

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Close to three decades of discovering colour Tanzania is situated in one of the most geologically diverse and interesting areas of the African continent. It is in this area of East Africa where the continents of Africa, Asia and Australia were once joined together, leaving us with a print of the uniqueness of all three continents. It is here in East Africa that the ancestor to modern man walked the plains of the Serengeti over a million years ago. The geology of the Tanzanian plateaus and mountains range from the very old to the very young. Compared to other parts of the continent, this land is in a state of active change, as active volcanoes continue to tremor and the shifting movement of our great East African Rift pushes this land inch by inch each year, to eventually split from the rest of Africa. As a result of the dynamic geologic activity found here, beginning with movements from within the depths of the earth’s crust and culminating in the peaks and valleys that characterise Tanzania’s diverse landscape, Tanzania is blessed with myriad occurrences of most of the known types of geological formations of the earth. Under such unique circumstances, we see the continuing discovery of rare and exotic minerals, some unique only to Tanzania. From the abundance of mineral deposits, we are blessed with a collection of exotic colours as rare as anything that has ever been produced by mother earth. Some of these rare Gemstones have risen to the surface from the depths of the Earth, some from as long ago as 400-600 million years ago, when the Earth was unimaginably different from what we see today. For 28 years, we at Lithos Africa have been engaged extensively in the quest to study, discover and collect with the greatest care all that is unique, rare, and beautiful in Tanzania. We are proud to treat each piece of crystal collected as an individual rarity, so that each one of our stones may compliment the distinctive tastes of those who wish to wear something rare and extraordinary from Earth. With every rough gemstone that comes into our collection, be it from one of our own productions or from a small mine in a remote corner of this fascinating country, we use our dedicated second generation expertise combined with almost three decades of field experience to create the final form. Each finished piece aspires to perfection while fully expressing its own unique beauty and rarity, an achievement that we pass to our clients with pleasure and dedication.



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CHAPTER 5 Décor, Design and Interiors



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Orca Deco Orca Deco completes your household and interior.

Orca Deco is a large high-end furniture and accessories store relatively new to Dar es Salaam. We carry a huge selection of highquality imported furniture and accessories for the home and garden. Opened in 2007, Orca Deco is Tanzania’s number one furniture store. Orca Deco brings you high-quality and attractive designs of all kinds of furniture for your house at the most affordable price. No longer should you have to compensate your living style for the fear of price. Orca Deco not only offers furniture, but also decorations, tools, house cosmetics, textiles, and indoor and outdoor household and home products. Orca Deco is an ambassador of elegance and luxury. The Orca Deco Outlet is ideal for finding a fit to your taste of home furnishing

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with soothing interior decoration. We have a comprehensive collection and arrangement of both classic quality as well as modern simplicity for all cosy interior requirements. A platform of the warmest product offerings has been introduced. Orca Deco is the name of exclusive quality and durability; offering the smart, lean look of the modern furnishing and decoration industry. Consultation with Orca Deco’s expertise can result in home pattern adjustment, finding the most suitable furniture and textiles, as well as creating interiors with catchy colour and texture. Interior decoration can not only create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment, it can also enhance social and professional standing – being elegant and well-tuned to highlight the sense of overall contentment.

Orca Deco is not only about furniture, carpets and curtains; but also about treating every nook of the interior with the right tone. It has a wide array to sustain the ornate grandeur of bathrooms as well. The Orca Deco outlets are becoming prominent all over Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, and Senegal. In most of these areas, Orca Deco sustains a leading position in quality in the established furniture market. With strong experience in African elegance and quality support, Orca Deco has arrived in Tanzania to introduce the real value addition in living standards, professionalism, and organisational image presentations. Orca Deco has a wide range of international standard furniture with competitive price packages and services to fit demand and

best equip your daily living or working interior. Customers can choose single items of necessity to complete their living surroundings. Orca Deco treats any household with great attention to detail to ensure that the customer’s individual needs are met. These efforts meet the requirements and tastes of customers with expert guidance so that furnishing tunes directly into the unique environment of their interiors. It is all about partnership with the customer, including sincere devotion to building and sustaining long-term client-relationships.

Jamana House, 1st Floor, Plot 9 Nyerere Rd, Tanzania.

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Furniture Centre DSM Ltd. Furniture Centre DSM Ltd. established in 1956, is part of a group of companies belonging to the Hasham Jamal Group of Companies.

We are one of the largest furniture and appliance retailers in Tanzania. We are dedicated to our mission of selling quality furniture at affordable prices. We guarantee value, service, quality and above all product at competitive prices, which is the key ingredient to our success. Since opening our doors 55 years ago, we have grown from one branch to 17 nationwide.

Furniture Centre is also engaged in manufacturing of home and office furniture. Our office furniture carry fine quality melamine to produce panel based office furniture and solid wood which is used for home furnishings. Our factory and retail outlets employ 400 workers from sales people, office personnel, trade workers to carpenters.

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Vita Foam

In this inaugural edition of ‘Best of Tanzania’, we humbly take this grand opportunity to introduce Vita Foam (T) Ltd as Tanzania’s leading mattress manufacturer and bedding solutions provider. We salute our loyal customers who have supported us through a decade of innovation, persistence and excellence. In establishing a resolute and trusted name in the industry, whilst pioneering the revolutionisation of the foaming industry in Tanzania, we stand tall and above the rest in providing highly professional and customised products in the mattress industry. Over the years, since its inception in 2001, Vita Foam has grown stronger, become smarter and learnt to listen to our customers’ needs in providing consistent healthy sleeping solutions for homes, hotels, hospitals, school and university hostels, defence forces, prisons, various institutions, high-end residential apartments and every individual. With a rich product mix that consists of a variety of foam, spring and orthopaedic mattresses, pillows, cushions, complete bedsets and various ancillary items such as protectors and bedding linen, we are proud to position our brands as affordable, available and durable for a one-stop premium bedding solution for all. We further specialise ourselves in providing complete bedding solutions to hotels. With our strong customer service and quality motto, we pride ourselves with many firsts in the market that have contributed to the success and professionalism of our firm: r 'JSTUGPBNNBOVGBDUVSFSJO5BO[BOJBUPCFPGàDJBMMZDFSUJàFECZUIF Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS); r 'JSTUNBOVGBDUVSFSJO5BO[BOJBUPJOUSPEVDFMPDBMMZ manufactured international quality spring mattresses of pocket and bonnell technology;

104 |

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r 'JSTUNBOVGBDUVSFSUPJOUSPEVDFMPDBMMZNBOVGBDUVSFEPSUIPQBFEJD mattresses; r 'JSTUNBOVGBDUVSFSJO5BO[BOJBUPPGGFSHFOVJOFNBOVGBDUVSFST warranty against defects with zero claims; r 'JSTUGPBNNBOVGBDUVSFSJO5BO[BOJBUPCFBXBSEFEUIF(PME"XBSE of the prestigious Business Initiative Award, Geneva. Our brands Vita Raha: Our flagship and most popular brand of 23 density foam mattress. A tried, tested and approved product.

Vita Supreme: A 28 density foam mattress with high resilience for comfort and durability.

Vita Raha Plus: An orthopaedic (medical) mattress with an inner core of 100 Density re-bonded foam, with optional top layers of high density/high resilience/ visco elastic foam. Most suitable for those who prefer firm support.

Through this widespread distribution network, Vita Foam will always be your most professional, reliable and high quality bedding solutions provider and we will continue to guarantee the best sleeping solutions in line with our motto – ‘For the REST of your Life’, as we continually invest in the latest technology and human resources.

Vita Spring: Our Everflex (pocket springs) and Duraflex (bonnell springs) luxurious spring mattresses are available in all standard and customised sizes. Vita Bed Set: An elegant and sturdy complete bed set (Diwan) available with a mattress of your choice, headboards and optional side cabinets. A perfect solution for hotels. Other bedding ancillary: Variety of pillows, mattress protectors, wide range of bath and bedding linen and customised foam. Our reach With rising market needs, Vita Foam has its manufacturing plants located in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. With an enviable distribution network, the company’s reach further extends to branches and depots at Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Mbeya, Arusha and Tanga.

Head Office 111B, Mwakalinga Road, Chan’gombe, behind Konyagi, P.O Box 5686, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2865957, 2860955 Mob: +255 784 800 610 Fax: +255 22 2865231 Email: Website: Mwanza Factory Plot No. 45/46, Nyakato, Mwanza Mob: +255 784 800 920 Email:

Suraj Chandalia – CEO

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CHAPTER 6 Training and Education

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

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The open door to accessible education in Tanzania UNESCO’s Open Learning Centres are to change the face of higher education in Tanzania through open source technology infrastructure.

The University of Dar es Salaam held a twoday workshop on enhancing the quality and accessibility of higher education in Tanzania in June 2011. Endorsed by UNESCO, the workshop hosted policy makers, leaders, and both local and foreign experts. Discussions surrounded the growing need for open content inside common e-learning models and what the impact would be on higher education. The definition of an ‘open learning centre’, as given by UNESCO, is “an infrastructure providing a range of e-learning facilities and e-content to students, either on site, through remote access, or in mixed mode. The term ‘open’ refers to: the physical access to and use of the centre (for extracurricular student research and possible support for e-learning of other universities or informal courses in the community at large); the learning content (Open Educational Resources – OER); and the use of open technologies and standards for the deployment of services (Free and Open Source Software – FOSS).”

108 |

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Creating knowledge culture The outcomes of this workshop entitled “Open Technologies and Contents in Improving the Quality of Education in Higher Learning Institutions” were to start the e-infrastructure upgrade necessary to generate and maintain a knowledge culture in Tanzanian society. The workshop laid the foundation for the initiative by providing the context. The main points of discussion of the workshop were: r5IFVTFBOEBQQMJDBCJMJUZPG'044BOE OER in teaching and learning in the higher education system in Tanzania; r1PMJDZBOE*$5JOGSBTUSVDUVSFJNQMJDBUJPOT in establishing an open learning centre in Tanzania; r7JTJPOBOEDIBMMFOHFTJOEFWFMPQJOHPQFO e-learning models in Tanzania. The open content technologies of FOSS and OER proved to be major points of interest with representatives of the local communities who are excited to discover their possible effects on their higher education systems. The major effect would be improved access to good quality information and education, not only for a small privileged number, but for the wider population. This is as a result of shared content, software and hardware. Challenges to overcome These concepts can only fully be appreciated once a number of obstacles are overcome. These include the negative attitudes and stigma towards e-learning content from institutions and also the high cost and availability of bandwidth. Experts developed a pre-feasibility study which suggests a possible workplan for the University of Dar es Salaam to begin building the infrastructure for an open learning centre.

UNESCO’s involvement The organisation stands firm on the belief that access to higher education is vital for building knowledge-based societies versed in human rights, peace, and intercultural dialogue universally. Their endorsement of the open learning centre initiative by the University of Dar es Salaam is based on the opportunities this will provide not only for access to quality education, but also in facilitating dialogue, knowledge sharing, and capacity building. ev.php-URL_ID=31452&URL_DO=DO_ TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

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The Open University of Tanzania 20 years of bridging the educational gap in Tanzania and beyond.

Introduction The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) celebrated its 20th Anniversary in October, 2012 since its establishment in 1992. It is an autonomous fully-fledged and accredited public institution of higher learning being mandated to conduct academic programs leading to certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. The mission is to continuously provide quality open and distance education, research and public service for sustainable and equitable social economics, in the development of Tanzania in particular, along the rest of Africa.

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Regional / Coordination Centres Operating from the commercial city of Dar es salaam as its temporary headquarters, OUT provides higher education through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) – closer to people as the day-to-day activities are mainly made through Regional Centres available in all regions both in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. OUT also operates through Coordination Centres in a number of neighbouring countries, such as Kenya, Rwanda and Namibia. Enrolment and Graduates Reflecting on its 20 years of operations,

OUT has provided access to higher education to over 60,000 students, making it a number one University in Tanzania in admitting a larger number of students from within and outside the country in five Faculties and two Institutes. This reflects the Anniversary theme of “20 years of Bridging the Educational Gap in Tanzania and Beyond.” Already over 14,000 students have graduated from OUT between 1999 and 2012, of which 6,056 graduated in Certificates, Diploma and Foundation Course, 6,602 graduated in Undergraduate degrees and 1,367 in Masters and Doctorates.

Faculties: r &EVDBUJPO r -BX r #VTJOFTT.BOBHFNFOU r &OWJSPONFOUBM4DJFODFBOE5FDIOPMPHZ r "SUTBOE4PDJBM4DJFODFT Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment The ODL mode at OUT is enhanced by the use of well maintained Internet connections, application of MOODLE Learning Management System, Students Admission System, Examinations Registration System, On-Demand

Examination System and several other electronic systems. Coupled with the establishment of the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Control, the use and application of electronic systems has contributed towards making OUT one of the leading higher education institutions in issues related to Quality Assurance and Control in Tanzania. Vision Statement To be a leading world-class University in the delivery of affordable quality education through Open Distance Learning, dynamic knowledge generation and application.

Guiding Plan Theme Commitment to quality outputs, integrity and pursuit for the provision of quality education for all. Core functions As provided in the Universities Act No.7 of 2005 and the OUT charter 2007, the functions of the Open University of Tanzania are: t 5FBDIJOHBOE-FBSOJOH The Open University of Tanzania offers affordable, innovative, relevant and quality degrees and non-degree programmes. In addition, the University provides an

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Officer and the Chief Spokesperson of the University and shall be responsible to the Council for implementation of the decisions of the Council as guided by the OUT Rolling 4USBUFHJD1MBO

enabling environment for integrated continuous learning for students and its staff. t 3FTFBSDIBOE1VCMJDBUJPO OUT has created and will maintain an environment conducive to undertake relevant quality research and publications. It also publishes scholarly findings as part of its mandate to generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge in its own, local and international media and journals as well as electronic repositories. t $POTVMUBODZBOE$PNNVOJUZ4FSWJDF The consultancy and community services are integrated within the OUT core functions. In addition, the University participates in various community programmes, activities and services as part of its corporate social responsibility.

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Chancellor The Chancellor is the titular head of the University who confers degrees and other academic awards of the university.

The current corporate organisational structure provides up to three Deputy Vice Chancellors (DVCs) who assist the Vice Chancellor as follows: t %FQVUZ7JDF$IBODFMMPS "DBEFNJD

Responsible for admission, teaching and learning, regulations, examinations, postgraduate studies, research, publication and academic staff development, consultancy and community services. Also coordinates curricula development and academic audits. t %FQVUZ7JDF$IBODFMMPS 3FTPVSDFT .BOBHFNFOU

Responsible for effective management of all types of resources at the University JF)VNBO 1IZTJDBMBOE'JOBODJBM Resources). t %FQVUZ7JDF$IBODFMMPS -FBSOJOH 5FDIOPMPHJFTBOE3FHJPOBM4FSWJDFT

Coordination of all Regional and Coordination Centres and to oversee application of learning technologies in the operations of OUT.

Vice-Chancellor The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive

The Open University of Tanzania is the first university in the whole of the East Africa

Organisation structure Before adoption of the Universities Act No. 7 of 2005, OUT was guided by the Act No.17 of 1992 and its Regulations. The current organisational structure of OUT was approved by the OUT 54th Council Meeting of December, 2006. Since then, OUT has instituted a new organisational structure that conforms to the Universities Act No.7 of 2005 and the OUT Charter and Rules of 2007.

region to offer educational programmes through Open and Distance Learning mode. This makes OUT different from conventional residential universities. Through Open and Distance Learning (ODL), OUT allows a flexible learning environment leading to protracted periods of course completion. Being an ODL institution, OUT operates through a network of 30 Regional Centres and more than 70 Study Centres in Tanzania and abroad. To address the emerging national, regional and global challenges which emanate from the fast changing perceptions and world cultural, social and economic outlooks, OUT has established several collaborations and links with local, regional and international organisations, associations, and institutions of higher learning such as the International Telecommunication Union, United Kingdom Telecommunication Academy, Namibia College of Open Learning, Triumphant College in Namibia, University of Zimbabwe, Egerton University in Kenya, Global Justice Solutions (a subsidiary of Coffey International), Cape Coast University in Ghana, and the National University of Rwanda. Educational delivery is attained through various means of communication such as broadcasting, telecasting, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), correspondence, enhanced face to face, seminars, and contact programmes. OUT is increasingly using e-Learning as a mode of delivery through the Learning Management System Moodle. It has SFDFJWFEGVOEJOHGSPN41*%&3GPSUIF establishment of Tanzania’s first E-Learning Centre, which will be located at the temporary headquarters of OUT in Dar es Salaam. The E-learning Centre will focus initially on building the capacity of the staff and then students from OUT and other universities and colleges. SIDA will also support the capacity-building work of the E-learning Centre. The University has offered and continues to offer both degree and non-degree programmes in diverse fields of study. There are also several non-degree programmes, which include foundation courses provided

to enable individuals to qualify and enrol into different degree programmes as well as several demand driven short courses. The Open University of Tanzania Kawawa Road, Kinondoni Municipality P.O. Box 23409 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Fax: +255 22 266 8759 Tel: +255 22 266 8992/835/445/960 Email: Website:

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The National Institute of Transport (NIT) The National Institute of Transport (NIT) is a public higher learning institution located west of Dar es Salaam City, along Mabibo Road in Ubungo Light Industrial area; just about one kilometre off Morogoro Road.

Background NIT was established in 1975 as a training wing of the then National Transport Corporation (NTC). NIT was charged with the responsibility of strengthening human resource capabilities of transport operatives and middle level managers of subsidiary companies of NTC. These subsidiary companies were: National Bus Services Limited (KAMATA), Usafiri Dar es Salaam Limited (UDA), Regional Transport Companies (RETCOs) etc. In 1982, it was realised that there was a need to have an institute that trains experts in all modes of transport, thus the Institute expanded its area of activities and responsibilities. As a result, NIT was re– established through NIT Act No. 24 of 1982 as an autonomous higher learning institution under the then Ministry of Communications and Works. It came into operation on 1 July, 1983 through the Government Notice No 91. Currently, the Institute is under the Ministry of Transport. The Institute obtained a full registration status with the National Council for

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Best of Tanzania

Technical Education (NACTE). The National Institute of Transport is the only such training institute in sub-Sahara excluding South Africa, mandated by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to offer training in transport and communications and related disciplines. Our Mission To conduct flexible and sustainable highquality Education and Training, Research and Consultancy in Logistics and Transport Technology. Our Vision To be a Regional Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Transport Technology. Our values In pursuit of its mission, NIT is guided by the following values; Team work, Customer PSJFOUFE 1SPGFTTJPOBMJTN /PWFMUZ  Excellence and Good Governance. The courses that are being offered at NIT are: r .BTUFSPG#VTJOFTT"ENJOJTUSBUJPOm Logistics and Transport Management

(MBA-LTM), in collaboration with Open University of Tanzania. r 1PTU(SBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO"JS5SBOTQPSU .BOBHFNFOU 1(%"5.








NIT in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) of United Kingdom, offers international professional programmes: r *OUFSOBUJPOBM*OUSPEVDUPSZ$FSUJàDBUFJO Logistics and Transport r *OUFSOBUJPOBM$FSUJàDBUFJO-PHJTUJDTBOE Transport r *OUFSOBUJPOBM%JQMPNBJO-PHJTUJDTBOE Transport r *OUFSOBUJPOBM"EWBODFE%JQMPNBJO Logistics and Transport The Institute also organises and coordinates short courses on professional ESJWJOH XIJDIJODMVEFT7*1ESJWJOH 147 driving, Industrial driving and Driver Instructors. Other short courses are: Vehicle Inspection and Driver Examination, Transport Management and Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance. Under Research and Consultancy services, NIT has qualified staff who are involved in conducting research projects and consultancy services mainly within the communications, logistics and transport sector. Institute will soon start offering the following courses: r 1PTUHSBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO5SBOTQPSU Economics r 1PTUHSBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO3BJMXBZ Transport Management r 1PTUHSBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO3PBE5SBOTQPSU Safety and Management r 1PTUHSBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO5SBOTQPSUBUJPO Engineering r 1PTUHSBEVBUF%JQMPNBJO)VNBOJUBSJBO Logistics




Contact Information The Rector National Institute of Transport P. O. Box 705 Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2400148 Fax: +255 22 2443149 Email: Website:

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CHAPTER 7 Medical Healthcare

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Best of Tanzania

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Whirlwind Aviation Medical Healthcare

Whirlwind Aviation is a registered Tanzanian company, incorporated under the Companies Act 2002 on 19 November 2010. The pilots and paramedic crew are highly qualified and experienced in helicopter related services (28 years aviation, 18 years Aero Medical and Search and Rescue). Whirlwind has a flawless safety and quality record – as do their well-qualified personnel – and is fully TCAA compliant and up to standard. Whirlwind is licensed to render nonscheduled Air Services, Aero Medical and

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Search and Rescue Services, and is the only registered and licensed Medivac Helicopter Company in East Africa. Whirlwind is in the process of placing Dedicated Intensive Care Air Ambulances – fully equipped and crewed – strategically over Tanzania in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza, and Mtwara. Helicopter Services Whirlwind Aviation offers the only helicopter service in Tanzania, available for utilisation in many diverse fields according to client specifics: t $IBSUFS  5PVSJTN 7*1BOE1PJOUUP1PJOU5SBOTGFST  and Offshore and Onshore.

t 1IPUPHSBQIJDBOE'JMNJOH Approved for External Camera Mounts, )%2VBMJUZ7JEFPBOE4UJMM1IPUPT t "FSP.FEJDBM Medical Evacuations in a fully equipped dedicated Air Ambulance. t 4FBSDIBOE3FTDVF Mountain and Aquatic Rescue. t 4VSWFZ  (FPQIZTJDBM 1JQFMJOF*OTQFDUJPO 1PXFS Line Inspection. t 4VSWFJMMBODFBOE.POJUPSJOH Anti-poaching, Wildlife Monitoring, Transport Security Monitoring, and Fire Fighting. t 1SFDJTJPO-POH-JOF Helicopter equipped with External Cargo Hook.

t 7BMVBCMF"TTFUT*O5SBOTJU Seamless Secure Transit directly from collection to drop-off at airport or destination non-stop. t "JSDSBGU.BOBHFNFOUBOE1MBDJOH  .BOBHF$SFXBOE"JSDSBGU1MBDFNFOUGPS client exclusivity on contract. Medical Evacuation (HEMS) Whirlwind Medical Rescue is a pre-eminent provider of air medical services in the country dedicated to providing rapid and safe aero-medical transportation to injured and critically ill adults, children and infants. Whirlwind utilises helicopters adapted to be air ambulances and are equipped to intensive care unit levels comparable to that found in hospitals. This service is dedicated to the members and is the best and fastest possible solution for emergency evacuation from the accident scene to an appropriate medical facility, especially in the rural areas in Tanzania. The roll-out plan involves placing dedicated Air Ambulances with state of the art equipment and advanced life-support paramedics on board throughout Tanzania in the near future.

Whirlwind evacuates patients to the AMI Trauma Centre in Dar es Salaam or to Nairobi in Kenya if necessary, and can also facilitate further international evacuation to South Africa or Europe if required. The unique Whirlwind Medical Rescue .FNCFSTIJQ1MBODPWFSTFNFSHFODZ evacuations for: r *OEJWJEVBMTPSGBNJMJFT r $PSQPSBUFJOEJWJEVBMTPSDPSQPSBUF families, r $PSQPSBUFXPSLGPSDFTJUFT r 5PVSJTUTBOEQSPGFTTJPOBMIVOUFST

With a response time of 20 minutes, Whirlwind will be able to reach and stabilise patients within the Golden Hour (critical first 60 minutes after an incident) anywhere and anytime within Tanzania.

Where a typical emergency evacuation can cost a person between $12,000.00 and $20,000.00, the membership option is by far the best and cheapest. Rates range from $38.00 – $200.00 per month for tourists to $38.00 – $150.00 per month for individual and corporate members, payable annually.

The Whirlwind Medical Rescue Membership 1MBO OPUJOTVSBODF FMJNJOBUFTUIF challenges of pre-authorisation, payment hassles and critical medical assessments for their members – at a time they need it most when their lives are hanging in the balance.

Client Customised Package Whirlwind Aviation values the business and interests of its clients and will therefore take a business package with best price option into consideration based on the following conditions:


Contacts For any enquiries, service related quotations, or general information, you are welcome to contact: Neels van Eijk (CEO and Chief Pilot) Mobile: +255 (0) 753 822 529 Greg Wilcox (Medical Director) Mobile: +255 (0) 766 956 487 Mark Loretz (Sales & Marketing Manager) Mobile: +255 (0) 767 900 431 Whirlwind Aviation Contact Details Toll free Emergency Number: +255 (0) 767 900 877 Website: Email:

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The Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania Caring for you.

The Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST) is comprised of a leading IPTQJUBMMPDBUFEJO%BSFT4BMBBNBOEĂ WF1SJNBSZ.FEJDBM$FOUSFT 1.$T  located in various regions across the country. The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam (AKH-Dar) is currently a multi-specialty, secondary healthcare facility providing general medical services, specialist clinics, and diagnostic services. Since 1964, the hospital has continued to invest in strategies aimed at growth, positioning it as the premier hospital within the health sector. In June 2000, the 1IBTF*EFWFMPQNFOUPGUIFIPTQJUBMXBTDPNNJTTJPOFEXJUIBOFXCVJMEJOH housing two inpatient floors, consulting rooms, dental facility, laboratory, accident and emergency, and pharmacy. AKH-Dar is also part of the Aga Khan Health Services international referral system, with links to the Aga Khan University Hospitals in Nairobi and Karachi. 5IF1SJNBSZ.FEJDBM$FOUSFT 1.$T MPDBUFEJO%PEPNB *SJOHB .CFZB  Morogoro, and Mwanza have been in existence for almost fifty years. Today, the centres provide a range of services including outpatient care and free maternal and child health services, which are delivered in collaboration with international donors and the Government of Tanzania. Vision To be recognised as the premier, teaching, and tertiary health system in Tanzania. Mission To provide accessible, high quality, cost-effective healthcare services to the people that we serve. Quality *O0DUPCFS UIFIPTQJUBMBOE1.$TXFSFBXBSEFEUIF*40 Certification for their high quality standards in healthcare provision; the first healthcare system in Tanzania to attain this prestigious certification. This is only the beginning of our continued commitment to providing quality healthcare to the people of Tanzania. Capacity AKHST presently employs over 600 staff, including over 40 full-time, highly qualified consultants from around the world as well as over 100 registered

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nurses, who attend to 300,000+ outpatients and 6,000+ inpatients annually. Through a long-standing partnership with the Aga Khan University Advanced Nursing School as well as other public and private institutes of higher learning, AKHST invests in nursing skills enhancement and educational development. AKH-Dar is also a training site GPS",6T1PTU(SBEVBUF.FEJDBM&EVDBUJPO 1SPHSBNNFTJO'BNJMZ.FEJDJOF 3BEJPMPHZ  and Surgery. Each year AKHST also accepts placement of between 10-15 interns from the Ministry of Health. Technology The first institution in Tanzania to install an MRI, AKH-Dar has a strong complement of imaging and laboratory diagnostic equipment, and continues to be on the cutting edge of technological advances in the field of medicine. The hospital also has a fully integrated health management system (HMIS) and laboratory information management system (LIMS), allowing for accurate and timely information storage and retrieval, which is also being integrated between the main hospital and the VQDPVOUSZ1.$T Expansion Currently a significant clinical service and facility expansion is underway for the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam. This 1IBTF**EFWFMPQNFOUXJMMGPDVTPOLFZ clinical areas including a comprehensive cardiology programme, oncology services, and selected aspects of neurosciences, as well as the expansion of orthopaedics and

trauma, diagnostic imaging, critical care, and women and child health programmes. In line with the Aga Khan Development Network’s (AKDN) East African outreach strategy, AKHST has initiated plans to establish 30 outreach health centres across Tanzania over the next few years in order to increase geographical accessibility to quality healthcare. For more than 50 years, AKHST has been investing in excellence and innovation so we can continue caring for you. Ocean Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 211 5151-53 Email:

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SANITAS Medics & Diagnostics SANITAS Medics & Diagnostics is a socially responsible enterprise whose sole occupation is to provide quality healthcare to people in Africa. Our philosophy is to make world class healthcare affordable for the people in Africa.

Cardiac SANITAS cardiac centre has a Siemens Ultrasound with Doppler and Echocardiogram, a Schiller ECG machine and a Schiller Treadmill connected for stress testing. Three renowned cardiologists practice at SANITAS. Surgeries SANITAS’ operation theatre is of cutting edge technology and also perhaps the biggest in Tanzania, allowing flexibility to a team of surgeons. There is a two-bed ICU, and twelve private beds. Our threebed labour room is probably the biggest in Tanzania. Several top surgeons and gynaecologists from Tanzania and overseas perform procedures at SANITAS.

One visit to SANITAS Mikocheni will convince you and your team that we are a one-stop, state of the art medical and diagnostic facility, staffed with qualified, experienced and talented staff and equipped with the latest technology tools and diagnostic machinery. Occupying 9,500 square feet of working area and increasing, we are like no other Hospital in Tanzania. People at SANITAS SANITAS has highly qualified and experienced doctors and specialists in every field – internal medicine, cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, nephrology, urology, endocrinology, orthopaedic, physiotherapy, dentistry, nutrition therapy, counselling and more. Our nurses, pharmacy and lab technicians are all well qualified, experienced and smart. Our prices are competitive and we follow

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strict International protocols. SANITAS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Krishnamurthy Venkateswaran, (aka Murthy) a citizen of New Zealand, Australia and India; and his wife Mary, an IT and Customer Services wizard. They founded SANITAS with the help of local and overseas investors and Murthy heads SANITAS as its CEO. Murthy is an engineer with an MBA from Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. He has led organisations of all sizes and complexity in a variety of industries all over the world to excellence in their fields. Diagnostics SANITAS’ diagnostic centre is decidedly among the best in Tanzania with several pioneering machines that can undertake all investigations in hematology, immunology, serology, biochemistry, urinalysis and microbiology. X-ray and mammogram are supported by Carestream CR System.

We also have tie-ups with the best hospitals in India such that their super specialist surgeons visit SANITAS regularly and perform procedures right here at SANITAS. We have a tele-conferencing facility as well. Complex cases for which the facility does not exist here are sent overseas. Pharmacy SANITAS pharmacies are spacious and very well stocked with all the reputed branded and generic drugs. If you need any specific drug presently not in stock at Sanitas, we will get it within 24 hours and ensure that it is always available from then on. Dialysis At SANITAS we have Fresenius and Gambro dialysis machines with a team of well qualified and experienced support staff and nephrologist. Women’s Health At SANITAS we do Cervical Screening. Cryotherapy treatment is part of this department. We employ three

gynaecologists and offer comprehensive maternity packages – ante-natal, normal and C-section deliveries and other complex deliveries. Dentistry Two modern dental clinics with dental X-ray and a team of skilled dentists equipped with the latest tools provide dental services at SANITAS. HIV and TB Clinics SANITAS is approved by the ministry of health to run HIV and TB treatment clinics. Our team is fully trained in all aspects of diagnosis, testing, infection control, counselling, treatments and long-term care for these conditions. Emergency Services SANITAS has arrangements with providers to offer 24/7 emergency rescue and evacuation services. SANITAS Online Services SANITAS has full online information and services on our website. Online we offer full information on our departments, specialist roster timings, online appointment bookings, information on some conditions and testing procedures and information on how to contact us and reach us. SANITAS is also on a variety of social media JODMVEJOHUXJUUFS 'BDFCPPLBOE(PPHMF1MVT  to allow our patients and clients to interact with us externally to our medical centres.

SANITAS Medics & Diagnostics Ltd Level 2, Baraka Plaza, Plot 168 Msasani Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 222 701 410 Mobile: +255 653/688/756 – 863035

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Anudha Limited Distributor for GE Healthcare in Tanzania.

Anudha Ltd is committed to help improve the healthcare industry in Tanzania and has carved its niche in the healthcare industry in Tanzania. We are among the top suppliers for healthcare products, be it hospital equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostic reagents and surgical accessories. We import quality products from all over the world and are continuously sourcing out and adding new products to our already vast itinerary. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to better ourselves for the advantage of our clients. We at Anudha Ltd back what we sell and provide after-sales service through our welltrained and qualified resident engineers and technicians; as well as organising training for the equipment once installed.

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P.O. Box 5982, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Plot 2169/82 & 8170/82 Morogoro Road Opp. International Commercial Bank Tel: +255 22 212 5746 +255 22 212 1188 +255 22 212 2745 +255 22 212 2746 Mob: +255 76 368 6363 +255 78 352 3777 Fax: +255 22 212 6490 Email:

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African Medical Group Plc Your Health, Your Hospital.

Our Mission 5P1SPWJEF"GSJDBXJUI"GGPSEBCMF 2VBMJUZ Healthcare Although widespread poverty and political instability are still factors in many African countries, the latter part of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first have been a time of consistent growth for the African continent. From 1995 to 2005, Africa’s rate of economic growth increased, BWFSBHJOHJO)PXFWFS EFTQJUFUIJT upward curve, there are still many crucial areas of African society which are sorely lacking, and require further urgent attention. Healthcare is a notable area that requires improvement, including the nascent demand for quality international standard healthcare, particularly for the whole community of Tanzania.

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With wider availability of world-class healthcare in Africa, multinational companies are more willing to expand and invest in the continent; therefore ensuring that African Medical Group (AMG) is seen as a pioneer in attracting direct foreign investment to the continent. Since being founded three years ago, AMG has offered a convenient and much-needed refuge for those seeking medical care while either travelling or living in Africa, and has filled a noticeable gap in the healthcare market. AMG has the expertise in the planning, commissioning, implementing and managing of boutique hospitals in the unique markets it operates and seeks to expand into. The UK-listed entity aims to become a leading supplier of dedicated private

ultrasound services, and a department with CT scanner. Besides offering our patients top-quality healthcare, AMI believes in making sure that our hospitals and clinics remain the best in the field by constantly investing into our hospital infrastructure to ensure that patients receive only the very best on offer. AMI is able to offer patients a hospital and wellness experience that they would be pressed to replicate anywhere else. OUR OTHER FACILITIES AMI Hospital – Maputo and AMI Hospital – Harare. The company also boasts hospitals in Maputo, Mozambique and Harare, Zimbabwe. As with AMI Hospital Dar es Salaam, patients have access to the latest leading-edge equipment, including clinical laboratories and state-of-the-art Operating Theatres. Our Specialities r *OUFSOBM.FEJDJOF r (BTUSPFOUFSPMPHZ r 6SPMPHZ r 1BFEJBUSJDT r 0QIUIBMNPMPHZ r %FOUBM r 1TZDIJBUSZ

boutique hospitals across Africa, offering high-quality in and out patient services with a clear focus on promoting health in host countries. The AMG boutique healthcare model offers patients an experience that cannot be matched in a stock hospital setting. Its high-class rooms are equipped with the latest in medical technology and five-star healthcare, while still maintaining a personal touch. AMI HOSPITAL – DAR ES SALAAM With a primary focus on Africa’s midmarket healthcare sector, AMI Hospital Dar es Salaam has been designed to offer an unrivalled hospital experience, with locals benefiting from a superior level of comfort and medical service. Tanzanians are able to access a level of service and healthcare

that is unavailable anywhere else in the country. Both the hospital and the speciality clinics were designed with the well-being and health of the locals specifically in mind. Our top priority is to nurture patients back to health in the utmost comfort without the inflated overhead costs associated with private healthcare, as you deserve. AMI Hospital Dar es Salaam is designed to offer patients a unique experience, one that cannot be matched in a stock hospital setting. Its boutique healthcare model ensures attention to each one of the 30 high-class beds and medical wards. There are two ICU beds, a neonatal ICU Incubator, full trauma centre and emergency departments, major and minor operating theatres, and a delivery rooms facilities. Further, state-of-the-art technology is available, with digital X-ray and 3D



Plot 589 Msasani Peninsula Yacht Club Road Masaki , Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 2602 50/ 260 251 Email:

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CHAPTER 8 Banking

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Exim Bank (Tanzania) Ltd, launched in August 1997, is in the forefront of providing high quality banking services in the country. The Bank is ranked as the sixth largest bank in the country in terms of total assets (now approaching one trillion Tanzanian Shillings). The Bank has a presence across the entire country and was the first Tanzanian bank to spread its wings and venture overseas. Exim Bank is a proud contributor to economic development in Tanzania, and the countries in which it operates. Mission The Bank is committed to remain an innovative financial institution, offering a full range of services to international standards. The Bank has a strong brand equity. Since inception, Exim Bank has played an important role in Tanzania’s financial sector, providing needs-based banking services to all strata in the economy. The Bank’s

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President of Djibouti, His Excellency Ismail Omar Guelleh inaugurating Exim Bank in Djibouti. On the right is the Chairman of Exim Bank, Mr Yogesh Manek.

Exim Bank in Africa. Tanzania (left), Djibouti (top right) and Comores (bottom right).

relationship with its customers and the service quality it offers has helped to create and retain a robust and loyal customer base. The Kiswahili proverb “Penye nia, pana njia” (where there is a will, there is a way) is the belief that forms the foundation of Exim Bank’s success. Renowned for its strong professionalism and high business ethics, Exim Bank provides one-stop financial services to corporate and retail customers. There are a range of products, customised to the specific needs of clients. For example the Bank’s basic savings account, the Faida Savings Account, comes with an international debit MasterCard, online banking statement, and mobile banking. Exim Bank’s performance is “an edge above the rest”. Exim Bank defined the “edge” by positioning itself as one of the most innovative banks in Tanzania. “Innovation is Life” at Exim Bank is exhibited through

a commitment to provide customised solutions for customer needs along with faster turnaround in service. Success at Exim is because of its people and the spirit of teamwork. A commitment to programs in Training and Development for the Exim family is manifested by the stateof-the-art training facility in Dar es Salaam, designated “The Exim Academy”. This facility is designed with a holistic approach to learning and growth. The mind-body-soul concept extends opportunities for staff to interact and unwind while learning through a multimedia environment. Mentoring, coaching and counselling services are available on a personal level also. The in-house “Empower – Management, Development and Leadership Program” has offered staff the opportunity to acquire and hone their skills. The Academy also helps to percolate the Bank’s vision and values to the team.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Said Mwema (right) stresses a point during an event organised by Exim Bank in Dar es Salaam to reward five outstanding police officers. Looking on is the Exim Bank Board Chairman Yogesh Manek (centre) and the Exim Bank Managing Director Anthony Grant (left).

Directors of the Exim Bank, Mr. Hanif Jaffer (second right) and Mr. Shaffin Jamal cutting the ribbon at the Bugurini Branch. This marks the 10th Branch of Exim in Dar es Salaam. Looking on is Mr. Dinesh Arora, Chief Executive Officer.

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shareholding in NMB Bank, Tanzania’s largest bank, Exim Bank demonstrates its commitment to creating greater wealth in the country. Partnership and relationships are enjoyed with international financial agencies of repute, such as the IFC, PROPARCO and NORFUND who provide Exim Bank with financial and technical assistance – for capacity building, training of local staff and by transferring best practice in SME banking. Exim Bank is also a member of the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA). Exim Bank participated in the GBA 10th Anniversary summit hosted by IFC in New York.

Vision To be the bank of choice. Values r 3FMJBCJMJUZ r *OUFHSJUZ r 1SPGFTTJPOBMJTN r $VTUPNFSTBUJTGBDUJPO “Mkono mmoja, haupigi makofi” the Afrcian proverb which literally means “one hand alone cannot clap” is reflected in the Exim Philosophy that encourages the bank to give back to the society at both the organisational and individual level as an ongoing partnership. Through its

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The support of its partners allows Exim Bank to be even more active in participation in Tanzania’s important agricultural sector, through financing, purchasing, processing and packing of various export crops (such as coffee, cashews and cotton as well as non-traditional crops such as sesame and pulses) and also in financing the procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs. Exim Bank has twice won prestigious awards from the National Board of Accountant and Auditors (NBAA) for Best Presented Financials statement in the banking sector category – and was the overall winner of the category in 2009.

Technology Exim Bank operates with an advanced technological platform, which ensures fast, convenient transactions for its esteemed clients. The fully automated environment in terms of information and communication ensure instant fund transfer facilities to clients. The bank is also on the SWIFT map to ensure fast and safe transfer of funds internationally. Exim Bank offers person-to-person money transfers, such as MoneyGram, allowing a reliable and convenient way to send or receive money in minutes around the world. The best foreign exchange rates are available to its customers in keeping with the international markets for their export and import requirements. Branch, ATM and Cards network The Bank’s growing physical presence and use of technology provides its customers instant access to their money in any part of the world for their personal and business needs. The Bank’s extensive banking network offers presence across Tanzania. This means customers can find the Bank wherever they need it. The Bank is in Mwanza, on Lake Victoria, the key to Tanzania’s trade with Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The Bank has presence in Kigoma, on Lake Tanganyika, a key to Tanzania’s trade with Burundi, DR Congo and Zambia. The Bank’s presence in Arusha supports that city as a centre

Seated from Left, Chairman Exim Bank, Mr. Yogesh Manek; His Excellency Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, former President of Comoros; His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete along with Salma Kikwete, the First Lady of Tanzania at Exim Bank inauguration ceremony in Comoros. of global tourism, and its industries such as coffee and tea. The Bank’s presence in Zanzibar allows connection to the world spice markets, tourism and to linkage with the Gulf States. Exim Bank (T) Ltd. 1404/45 Ghana Avenue P.O. Box 1431 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 93401 Email: Website:

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FNB Tanzania FNB Tanzania recently celebrated its first anniversary and is making excellent inroads into Tanzania’s highly competitive banking industry. The bank has already opened three branches and is about to open a fourth in Dar es Salaam. The bank’s VISA Electron Debit Card enables customers to withdraw cash at any VISA ATM worldwide and make over the counter purchases at any shop, which displays the VISA logo. On opening an account at an FNB branch you will immediately receive your VISA Electron Debit card. In addition, certain ATMs aligned to FNB branches accept deposits. A common concern raised by banking customers has been that statements are not always consistently received. At FNB a customer has the ability to receive statements online and in real time. Not only is this more reliable, but it means customers can store them electronically and print when needed. The bank has brought to Tanzania some of its most tried and tested technology which includes the InContact messaging service. This is a system which monitors activity on Your bank account and advises you via sms when your account has been accessed. For example, if you draw cash from an ATM you will receive an sms advising you of the activity on the account. The real value of this is that, it acts as an effective fraud detection and prevention tool. FNB prides itself on its ability to process foreign exchange payments to third parties in and outside of Tanzania via SWIFT. This is facilitated through a fully-fledged Treasury dealing room which offers very competitive rates for foreign exchange transactions and investments. The International Banking Division facilitates the various trade instruments such as guarantees, letters of credit and forward exchange contracts. The bank initially spent time understanding the market, fine tuning its products and processes and is now well poised for growth. First National Bank Tanzania opened for business on 27 July 2011 and was officially launched on 2 February 2012 by His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the Republic of Tanzania. It has been a challenging, but rewarding year for the bank as it has celebrated many successes in Tanzania. First National Bank Tanzania initially focused on establishing it’s footprint in Dar es Salaam but has the long-term intention of expanding its representation nationally. The bank currently has three branches and eight ATMs and a fourth branch is nearing completion. To increase its reach, the bank is also expanding it’s ATM footprint across Dar es Salaam. In addition to branches and ATMs, the bank

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product offerings cover the Retail, SME, Commercial and Corporate segments. First National Bank Tanzania offers a variety of savings, cheque, investment and transmission accounts. With an FNB account you can enjoy various value-add services. For example, Online Banking enables you to bank from the safety and comfort of your office or home.

Many exciting additional products and services are planned to be launched in the months ahead. FNB is looking to become the bank of choice through offering worldclass products and service. This is clearly a bank to watch. FNB is helping millions of people across Africa with their banking needs. “How can we help you?”

This fantastic tool means that you don’t have to fight the traffic to do your banking. Not only does Online Banking enable you to transfer funds between your own accounts at FNB, real time, but it also enables you to view account balances and make third party payments to any other bank in Tanzania or globally.

Contact Details: Web: Email: Switchboard: +255 768 989 000

Covenant Bank for Women Tanzania Ltd (CBW)

Who We Are Covenant Bank for Women Tanzania Ltd (CBW) is a commercial bank addressing and focusing on SME’s, Women and Junior entrepreneurs with a view to promote change in the financial sector, to ensure that our country economy benefits from untapped resources represented by small and medium entrepreneurs. Our Mission To advocate for innovative financial products and services that will suit Women, junior entrepreneurs and SME’s needs, which will facilitate wealth creation for this sector and take centre stage in economic development of the country. Our Vision Creating wealth at the bottom of the pyramid through SME’s, women and junior entrepreneurs in a sustainable and viable way. Our Values r *OUFHSJUZ r $PNNJUNFOU r *OUFMMFDU r 3FTQFDUUPBMM r 5SBOTQBSFODZ r *OOPWBUJPO r 3FMJBCMF r $PNQFUJUJWF

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Our Products 1. Savings Accounts r "IBEJ r +FSVTBMFN r 5BVTJ8PNFO&OUSFQSFOFVS r &BHMF+VOJPS&OUSFQSFOFVS r 8JOOFS+VOJPS r 4DIPPM'FFT r $MBTTJD $IFRVFCPPLPQUJPO  r (SPVQ r 4BMBSZ r #BKBK 2. Current Accounts r #VTJOFTT r /(0T r $MVCT"TTPDJBUJPOT4PDJFUJFT 3. Fixed deposits 4. Mobile financial services Our Services 1. Covenant Bank is a money transfer agent for the following: r .POFZ(SBN*OUFSOBUJPOBM r 8FTUFSO6OJPO 2. Covenant Bank is an agent of e-commerce for the following: r 7PEBDPN5BO[BOJB-JNJUFE r 4FMDPN8JSFMFTT 3. Covenant Bank is an insurance agent to our customers through: r "GSJDBO-JGF"TTVSBODF 5 -UE r .(FO5BO[BOJB

Our Markets In order to achieve her mission, CBW is focusing on these markets: r .JDSPCVTJOFTTFT r 4NBMMBOE.FEJVNFOUFSQSJTFT r 8PNFOFOUSFQSFOFVST .JDSP 4NBMMBOE Medium) r :PVOHFOUSFQSFOFVST r (SPVQT r 4BWJOHTBOE$SFEJU4PDJFUJFT 4"$$04


Visit our Head OfďŹ ce at LAPF Millenium Towers Ground Floor, Kijitonyama Area Visit our Main Branch at Inter House Building, Ground Floor, Kijitonyama Area P.O. Box 105712, Dar es Salaam. Tanzania Tel (Head OfďŹ ce): +255 222 773982/3 Tel (Main Branch): +255 222 773985 or +255 222 775079 Fax: +255 222 774033 Email:

Sabetha M J Mwambenja, Managing Director.

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CHAPTER 9 Insurance and Investment

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 143

Makgroup Ltd Makgroup is aiming to strengthen local capacity in African territory through investment, supplying and changing the standard of living, while accelerating technology as the way to transform people’s lives in Africa. its presence in different industries with remarkable achievements. Our business portfolio has expanded over the years from Telecommunication, Logistics, Transportation, Hospitality, Agriculture, Import and Export, and Real Estate business. “Together as a group, we deliver the quality you care about”

CEO Statement As a response to the high demand for cost-effective, good quality products from Tanzanians and the community at large, Makgroup have once again come up with products and services to help Tanzanians meet their desired requirements. In the course of the past years, Makgroup has succeeded in offering service oriented solutions within its other companies such as: Escarpment Luxury Lodge & Safari, which offers first-class service hospitality in Northern Tanzania Circuit; Maktech Tel. Ltd and Qscom Ltd, leading Telecom subcontractors who provide cutting edge telecommunication solutions to Telecom operators in the East and Southern part of Africa; and Makholdings Ltd, a transport and logistics service provider in the region. In addition to this, Makgroup have launched HerrySon products which include all ceramic tiles, home appliances, sanitary products and tissue paper. This is response to the needs of the Tanzanian consumer in their day to day living. I am confident that all our activities and strategies that have been put in place will lay the foundation for Makgroup Ltd and HerrySon products to excel in years 2012/2013, making a difference in the region in terms of how we do the business, quality of the products, customer handling and meeting customer satisfaction.

Recently the group has paved the way into importation and export of building materials from different continents, as the way to inspire and build our African territory. All we do is to support local citizens in their building projects by delivering quality products at affordable prices.

HerrySon Tiles Quality & Beyond “A Trusted Partner For Your Building Project “…..If you value the beauty and elegance of natural stones, we provide a one stop shop, for ceramic tiles that replicate the look, texture and pattern of the real thing. We care for and respect the African environment and that’s why we are here to provide the best quality you can imagine. While others are trying, we are doing. While others are targeting certain classes, we are serving all classes; and while others are still aiming for short-term lasting products we are focusing on future generation products, with great attention to upcoming technology as the way to improve our products continuously. We have all together a wide range of products for different personalities... we are here to serve you.

We are a group of companies under one umbrella operating within East, Central and Southern Africa, committed to deliver superior services in all business areas we operate in. The group has marked

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Best of Tanzania

Maktech was established in February 2000 and duly registered as a private company. It has since then distinguished itself as a premier telecommunications contracting company offering a wide range of valueadded and specialised telecommunications services. Maktech was founded to fill in the gap in the telecommunications industry locally, with the sole intent of providing specialised, quality services to operators in Tanzania and Africa as a whole. Maktech’s vision is aimed at providing portable communication to the people of Africa while also offering a platform for talented citizens to obtain training and improve their lives. We derive our competitive strength from skilled and quality-conscious management, expertise and committed human resource. Our Vision: To be the best, most reliable telecommunications contractor in Africa.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your support to all services within the group and we are committed to provide the best to you always. Sincerely, Godwin Makyao

Maktech Telecommunication

MAKGROUP COMPANY LTD Kunduchi Rd, Salasala, Plot 2045 Box 642, Dar es Salaam Email: Tel: +255 22 2650657 Fax: +255 22 2650658

Our Mission: To be the best telecommunications contractor in Africa delivering the highest quality services on time, efficiently and in a cost effective manner. We guarantee professionalism, commitment to customer satisfaction, quality of services, and timely delivery of work that is flexible to the customers’ needs.

Makholdings Makholdings Transportation Company is amongst the most reliable transportation companies in Tanzania.

QSCom Telecommunication Company &TDBSQNFOU-VYVSZ-PEHF

Having established a solid reputation and efficient logistics operation, Makholdings put its pulse on the clients’ needs and has been listed among the Top 100 Middle Sized Companies in Tanzania by KPMG.

Nestling into the edge of the escarpment which towers over Lake Manyara in Northern 5BO[BOJB JT&TDBSQNFOU-VYVSZ-PEHFmUIF key to escaping the world.

The company was established with a vision to fill in the wide gap in the transportation industry in the country and also to contribute to the current fast growing transport sector.

&TDBSQNFOU-VYVSZ-PEHFJTTJUVBUFEPOMZ 20 minutes from the Serena Airstrip from which you can connect to Arusha Airport, various airstrips within the Serengeti and ultimately, to KIA, our International Airport.

Our transportation extends throughout 5BO[BOJBBOE&BTUBOE$FOUSBM"GSJDBBU large. The main services that we provide are: r5SBOTQPSUBUJPO r8BSFIPVTJOH r$MFBSJOHBOEGPSXBSEJOH Makholdings maintains all the vehicles in its premises, keeping transport and road haulage reliable and efficient. We aim at partnering with various co-operate companies, helping them to achieve their logistical needs in this regard.

A beautiful balcony surrounding the main lodge affords you breathtaking views of the lake and the gorge upon which the lodge perches. Watch pelicans sweep the skies as you take sundowners, see the sun slip like a segment of orange into the hills and listen to the sounds of Africa nestle up to you as night slides in. We cater for special occasions: honeymooner bush dinners, birthdays to celebrate or merely the sheer, unadulterated beauty of being present in the unparalleled wilds of Africa. It’s all available at &TDBSQNFOU-VYVSZ-PEHFmBOEJUTBMMQBSU of your dream come true.

Formed to take advantage of the increasing need for telecommunication operators to expand their network coverage while simultaneously lowering capital and operational costs, QSCom offers services that will benefit customers from initial network establishment through network expansion and ongoing operation. Incorporating the international experience of the founders of QSCom International with the knowledge of local conditions and requirements of the Makgroup companies, QSCom Tanzania Ltd is your provider of choice for: r &OHJOFFSJOH r $POTVMUBODZ r *OTUBMMBUJPO r .BJOUFOBODFTFSWJDFT QSCom Tanzania Ltd brings to the telecommunications market a mixture of international experience in microwave, satellite, and radio transmission, arraying voice, data, as well as multimedia services, coupled with knowledge of local conditions and strategies. With access to and a focus on utilising local technicians and labour, QSCom can assemble the human resources for implementing any project, large or small. As a competitive advantage, QSCom, through Makgroup companies, has access to elaborate storage facilities and a transport fleet that can accommodate the logistical needs of any telecommunications project in Tanzania.

Best of Tanzania

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Metropolitan Tanzania – Born To Lead Metropolitan Tanzania is a trusted insurance company focusing on meeting the Healthcare and General insurance needs of individuals and corporate houses in Tanzania by offering a broad spectrum of insurance products to choose from.

Metropolitan Tanzania is a part of Metropolitan International, which is the African footprint for the Group. Metropolitan International is a fully-owned subsidiary of MMI Holdings, which was formed from the merger of Metropolitan and Momentum in 2010, both being sizable insurance-based financial services players in South Africa. With a combined market capitalisation of R26.7-billion and an embedded value of some R31.1-billion, MMI was already the third largest Insurer in South Africa when it got listed on the JSE Stock Exchange on 1 December 2010. The core businesses of MMI are long and short-term insurance, asset management, savings, investment, and healthcare administration and employee benefits. Product solutions are provided to all market segments. The Group’s African footprint comprises Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mocambique, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. Metropolitan’s growth and performance are underpinned by its constant movement and energy, and the organisation prides itself on the fast, fluid and innovative nature of its response to changing market conditions. The company has a proud and rich heritage which bears testimony to a culture of innovation, flexibility, tenacity and growth. The company aims at enhancing the quality of life and well-being of its customers,

146 |

Best of Tanzania

employees and communities in which we operate, through: r $POTJTUFOUEFMJWFSZPGTVQFSJPSQSPEVDUT and services r 6QIPMEJOHUIFEJHOJUZPGJOEJWJEVBMT r .BJOUBJOJOHJOUFHSJUZJOBMMPVSBDUJWJUJFT r 1SPWJEJOHBDIBMMFOHJOHFOWJSPONFOUGPS our employees in which they can realise their full potential r 4FFLJOHTVTUBJOBCMFHSPXUI Metropolitan Tanzania is uniquely positioned to provide affordable healthcare solutions (Off-the-shelf product bouquet and Customised covers) and a wide range of General Insurance products that include: Domestic Package for individuals, Asset All Risk for Corporates, Fire Insurance, Business All Risk, Money Insurance, Burglary, Fidelity Guarantee, Group Personal Accident, Workmen Compensation, Contractors All Risk, Erection All Risk, Machinery Breakdown, Bonds, Public Liability, Product Liability, Professional Indemnity, Marine Hull, Marine Cargo and Aviation. We also hope to get our Life license in the near future and roll out our bundle of innovative Life cover offerings. The competitive advantages of the company (based on its current operations in various African countries) are: r $PNQPTJUF*OTVSFSmPOFTUPQTIPQXJUIB lot of internal synergies and cross-selling opportunities r 7BMVF4ZTUFN IPOFTUZ JOUFHSJUZ m resulting in client/ broker trust

r 4USPOH.BOBHFNFOU NPTURVBMJà FEBOE experienced) r #SBOEJNBHF A.PNFOUVNBOE A.FUSPQPMJUBOCSBOETBSFBMSFBEZB household name across Africa) r 4QSFBEBDSPTT#SPLFSTBOE%JSFDUTBMFT r &YDFMMFOU4FSWJDFTUBOEBSETmDVTUPNFS centred r 1SJDFDPNQFUJUJWFCVUQSVEFOUVOEFSXSJUJOH r 1SPNQUBOEKVEJDJPVTDMBJNTTFUUMFNFOU r 4UBUFPGUIFBSU*51MBUGPSN r (PPE(PWFSOBODF r 3FJOTVSBODFDBQBDJUZ USFBUZBSSBOHFNFOUT with best Reinsurers) r 8JEF(FPHSBQIJDBMTQSFBE r 'BTUBOEJOGPSNFEEFDJTJPONBLJOHm reduced turnover time for processes r 'JOBODJBMTUSFOHUI TUSPOHDBQJUBMJTBUJPO and parental support) r #BODBTTVSBODF UJFVQXJUI#BOLT  r 1SPàUBCJMJUZ DSFBUJOHXJOXJOPQQPSUVOJUJFT for all stakeholders) r 4USPOHDVTUPNFSSFMBUJPOTmQFSDFJWFEBT a caring and concerned Insurer r (PPE)3QPMJDJFTmUSBEJUJPOUPSFDSVJU  SFUBJOBOESFXBSEAHPHFUUFSTBOE encourage/empower local talent We continue to delight all our clients in Tanzania with our innovative product bouquet and exemplary service levels. The very fact that within just over three years of its operations the company has grown to TSH18-billion plus in 2012, in terms of Gross Written Premiums, is ample testimony to the faith and trust reposed in the company

by all its clients. We are now among the top five Short Term Insurance companies in Tanzania. We shall endeavour to continue adding more value both to our Product suite and Service levels. The company remains committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective AIFBMUIDBSFBOEAHFOFSBMJOTVSBODF

products to all segments of insuring the public in Tanzania. Innovation and Improvisation are an integral part of our internal culture and we keep finding new XBZTPGAEFMJHIUJOHPVSEJWFSTFDMJFOUFMF For more details about the company and its products, you are welcome to contact us on

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Aon Tanzania Limited was granted their Certificate of Registration on 15 December 1998 by the Commissioner of Insurance. It operates via two segments: Risk and Insurance Brokerage Services, which acts as an advisor and insurance broker, helping clients manage their risks, as well as negotiating and placing insurance risk covers with insurance carriers through its local and global distribution network; and Consulting, which provides advice and services to our clients. The company is a joint venture between "PO)PMEJOHT#7 /FUIFSMBOET BOE%BWF Brothers. Aon globally, has sustained a reputation of excellence by providing risk management and insurance expertise to corporate clients, governments and industrial players. We continue to lead the way in today’s climate of change, providing innovative solutions and putting our full resources and intellectual capital at the disposal of our clients. The magnitude and diversity of our African network makes us a key player in the continent’s risk and reward arena. Conducting business across geographic, cultural and legal lines compounds the existing pressures companies must face. Our Strategic Account Managers and Global Practice Groups have specialised industry knowledge and experience in Africa and can identify, analyse and respond to a variety of related business risks, such as solvency issues, trade reputation and political risk. Our risk management process gives us the holistic view of your organisation necessary to balance off and relate risks to one another. Aon has a particularly strong presence in Africa mainly through the acquisition of the Bain Hogg and Minet companies and has PGàDFTJO,FOZB 6HBOEB #PUTXBOB .BMBXJ  Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa, Angola and Tanzania. We also have correspondents in Namibia, Mauritius, Ghana and Ethiopia. Client Profile Aon Tanzania is the appointed provider to leading multinational and Tanzanian corporations in diverse industries. Our clients span most industries including power, energy and utilities, telecommunications, industry, small and medium enterprises, personal lines covering the full spectrum of insurance broking and risk management. Aon in Tanzania Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. Through its more than 62,000 colleagues worldwide, Aon unites to empower results for clients in over

148 |

Best of Tanzania




 #% !  #"    ! #  $     ! %   

 # $  #  !          

120 countries via innovative and effective risk and people solutions and through industry-leading global resources and technical expertise. Aon has been named repeatedly as the world’s best broker, best insurance intermediary, reinsurance intermediary, captives manager and best employee benefits consulting firm by multiple industry sources.

Aon Tanzania provides an array of services focusing on solutions matched to clients’ needs. Aon understands the changing local and global economic market. With access to both the local and global insurance markets, and wide-ranging industry expertise, Aon Tanzania provides service differentiation by process, rather than by product alone.

Aon Tanzania Limited Aon House 488, Haile Selassie Road Msasani Peninsula P.O.Box 9232 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 260 2441 or +255 22 219 4600 Email:

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AAR Insurance Tanzania Limited More than health insurance... more like your personal doctor.

Years of Service in Tanzania AAR is a household name in Tanzania. It was the first private health maintenance organisation (HMO) to operate in Tanzania following the liberalisation of the economy in the 1990s. Its beginnings, although humble and marked by the selling of rescue and evacuation cover to tourists only, were the early expression of confidence in Tanzania as an investment destination and the footprints of the formidable business that AAR Tanzania has now become. The greatest investment one can ever make is in ones own health. It is the basis of all AAR Tanzania’s accomplishments, both at the family, corporate and social level. Their strategic commitment is to advance the provision of healthcare to a majority of people within the East African region in a professional and cost-effective manner. This commitment underlies AAR’s vision to be the provider of choice for innovative and quality healthcare solutions in Africa.

150 |

Best of Tanzania

AAR Tanzania covers more than 80,000 lives. AAR in Tanzania has two main companies: AAR Insurance (T) Limited which is responsible for recruitment of new members and providing health-related insurance services; and AAR Health Care (T) Limited which is responsible for health delivery. AAR Insurance (T) Limited: r *OTVSFTUIF)FBMUI*OTVSBODFQMBOT r 3FTQPOTJCMFGPS)FBMUI*OTVSBODF1SPEVDU Development; r 3FTQPOTJCMFGPS4BMFTBOE.BSLFUJOHPG Health Plan; r )FBMUI1SPNPUJPOTBOE&NQMPZFF Wellness Programs; r 3FHVMBUFECZ5BO[BOJB*OTVSBODF Regulatory Authority (TIRA) through the Insurance Act. AAR Insurance offers a wide range of local, regional and international health insurance products meticulously designed to cater for the needs of each market segment.

AAR Health Care (T) Limited: r $MJOJDBM4FSWJDF%FMJWFSZ r 3FTDVFBOE&WBDVBUJPO r 3FHVMBUFECZUIF.JOJTUSZPG)FBMUI through the Health Act. There are synergies that flow from AAR operating as an insurance company and also delivering health services through the operations of AAR Health Care (T) Limited leveraging AAR’s capacity to deliver quality, cost effective and sustainable health services to the market. These synergies flow from: r "POFTUPQTIPQmDPNQMFUFTPMVUJPOT offered in one go; r ""3TBCJMJUZUPQPPMBOECFUUFS understand its risks; r *UTTLJMMTQPPMPGIJHIMZRVBMJà FENBOBHFSJBM and clinical staff; r *UTJOUFHSBUFE*5TZTUFNTUIBUQSPWJEF a powerful platform for managing its business efficiently; r *UTEBUBCBTFTUIBUQSPWJEFWJUBMJOGPSNBUJPO for critical decision-making;

Your Health is Our Priority


r "XFMMFRVJQQFEMBCPSBUPSZXJUIBDBQBDJUZ to carry out 96% of required tests inhouse; r 8FMMBQQPJOUFEIPMEJOHSPPNT r 4VSHJDBM$MJOJD r %FOUBMTFSWJDFT r 0QUJDBMTFSWJDFT r *NNVOJTBUJPOBOEWBDDJOBUJPOGPSDIJMESFO below six years against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, tuberculosis and pertusis; r 1SFTDSJCFENJOPSPVUQBUJFOUTVSHFSZ r "OUFOBUBMBOEQPTUOBUBMBEWJDFBOEDBSF r 7$5GPS)*7BOEHFOFSBMDPVOTFMMJOH Emergency Services Responses AAR Action is a medical emergency arm that provides professional rescue services throughout East Africa, including Kenya, 6HBOEB 5BO[BOJBBOE3XBOEB r $SJUJDBMDBSFSPBEBOEBJSBNCVMBODFT r )JHIMZUSBJOFEFNFSHFODZQFSTPOOFM r IPVSFNFSHFODZIFMQMJOF r &YUFOTJWFOFUXPSLPGJOUFSOBUJPOBM emergency evacuation providers.

DAR ES SALAAM AAR (Insurance (T) Limited BOX 9600 , Plot No 74, Serengeti Road Warioba Street Mikocheni Tel: +255 22 2780020 Fax: +255 22 2781472 Emergency call 24Hrs: +255754760790 Email: Website: MWANZA Ashif Ladhan Building, Nyerere Road BOX 2808 Mwanza, Tanzania Tel: +255 28 2500543 Fax: +255 28 250544 Emergency call 24Hrs: +255784594729 Email: ARUSHA Centre Plaza Sokoine Rd BOX 3112 Arusha, Tanzania Tel: +255 27 2501594 Fax: +255 27 2501593 Emergency call 24Hrs: +255754313170 Email:

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MaxInsure Tanzania Limited The Rising State of the Insurance Industry in Tanzania.

As from 1986, the Government of Tanzania embarked on an adjustment program UPEJTNBOUMFUIFTPDJBMJTU 6KBNBB  economic controls and encourage more active participation of the private sector in the economy. The program included a comprehensive package of policies which reduced the budget deficit and improved monetary control; substantially depreciated the overvalued exchange rate liberalised the trade regime; removed most price controls; eased restrictions on the marketing of food crops; freed interest rates; and initiated a restructuring program of the financial sector. Tanzania also embarked on a major restructuring of state-owned enterprises. The program has so far divested 335 out of TPNFQBSBTUBUBMFOUJUJFT This great economic revival and reform in Tanzania did not leave the insurance industry to continue languishing under the sole government-owned insurer. As part of the restructuring of the financial sector initiative, the industry was opened up to private sector in 1998. Today there are 25 private sector insurance companies in Tanzania, apart from two state-owned companies and a statesponsored re-insurance company. The Tanzanian insurance industry has posted an average annual growth of around JOQSFNJVNEVSJOHUIFMBTUZFBSTPG

MaxInsure – The Trendsetter

private sector participation. In 2010 alone UIFHSPTTQSFNJVNHSFXCZ5IJT growth was higher than the growth of the national nominal GDP and the growth of the nominal financial intermediation sector GDP. The per capita premium rose by 19.5% during the same year. However, the industry is still grappling with numerous challenges, including inadequate paid up capital due to low minimum capital requirement and weakening Tanzania Shillings against stronger currencies. Another major challenge is the delay in implementing a legal framework for introducing distribution channels such as bancassurance (Bank Insurance Model), due to issues yet to be addressed by crosssectoral financial institution regulators. The lack of facilities in the country for professional training in actuarial science and other related risk management studies is yet another challenge. The Tanzanian Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA) continues to carry out broad regulatory measures to create a strong and sustainable insurance industry by implementing an internationally recommended approach to supervision namely, Risk Based Supervision (RBS) monitoring framework in the place of a compliance-based supervision system. It also undertakes campaigns of insurance awareness among general public.

In the last quarter of 2010, MaxInsure came JOUPUIFNBSLFUQMBDFXJUIUIFUBHMJOFA*OTVSFMZ Different’. Max, as the company is widely known, has lived up to this philosophy.

certain classes of risks with the approval of the Commissioner; a move which comes in an effort to stabilise the rates and limit undercutting practices and support underwriting surpluses.

On the market operation front, the Tanzanian market has adopted a “Best Practice Code� on rates being charged under

The market players have looked at this as a positive signal from the Regulator and other such key influences are expected in the

152 |

Best of Tanzania

coming years, to ensure that Tanzania has a profitable Insurance industry. For starters, Max was established with the highest initial paid up capital among all the companies in the market. A one of a kind on the entire continent, Max introduced JOOPWBUJPOJOUIF5BO[BOJBONBSLFUA4&3" 3")*4* USBOTMBUFEUPA&"4:10-*$:  enables clients to purchase their policy on the spot from their Brokers or Agents in the market. The company thus eliminated the entire process of the issuance of covernotes for the private motor vehicle owner. With the success of the above, three similar products were launched within the two years that the company had been in operation: with MAXHOMESAFE, MAXSHOPSAFE and ."953"7&-4"'&"MMUISFFPGUIFTFIBWF the same concept of getting the policy on the spot from the Broker or Agent. Innovation brings success and having issued their first policy on 15 October 2010, by the end of their official first year, in December 2011, MaxInsure had issued over 25,000 policies, opened four offices in the country,

settled over 1,000 claims and ranked 12th out of the 19 private non-life insurance companies. A*OTVSFMZ%JGGFSFOUEJEOPUUBLFBCSFBLUIFSF and in 2012, Max opened another office and had already crossed the 25,000 policy mark by far and was poised to rank themselves as one of the top 10 insurers in the country, as the fastest growing insurer. The company plans to open another two offices in 2013, launch products under the Micro Insurance sector and Takaful (Islamic Shariah Insurance) and over the next three to five years,will look at branching out into neighbouring markets. Like every service sector player, they do confess that employee retention is a major issue. In a growing market such as Tanzania, job-hopping is a common phenomenon. However, Max faces this challenge by running a continuous training program.

Tel: +255 22 2600235

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| 153

Atlas Financial Group Since 1995, the Atlas Group has built a reputation for excellence providing in excess of 10,000 private and professional intermediary clients with a variety of corporate and administration services including specialist offshore structures, professional directorships and trustee solutions.

Jesse D. Hester, Chairman

154 |

Best of Tanzania

Their superior service levels has allowed them to generate a strong track record            and their latest product solutions are set to further enhance their reputation in the market place. Atlas Financial Group, part of the Atlas Group, has been established to          and exceptional levels of customer


    in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.            


            products and offers a comprehensive range of private client wealth           for overseas residents, expatriates and      Their product solutions have been         

         ! "  with their suppliers to provide innovative solutions that offer clients some of the              

Atlas Life – offering ‘Institutional rates to the retail Market’ In addition to AFG, the Group have also established Atlas Life, an offshore life                  and their business assets with life cover   #   $%&'(') Unlike local life insurance products, Atlas *   !   ' !       '   

     Atlas Life works with some of the world’s strongest reinsurers so clients can #        "!      !  !    

   *  !  # !!  !  around the corner. The Atlas Life product can be established to provide protection for mortgages, school fees and inheritance planning as well as    

     +  -   

Lucan Toh, CEO

AFG and IDAD in Africa AFG has also secured an exclusive Africa agreement with innovative structured product supplier, IDAD of London. Investment Design and Distribution (IDAD) was established in 2002 and develops structured investment products in conjunction with leading investment institutions. IDAD works with reputable and well-established providers to ensure access to institutional pricing and funding and has launched over 300 successful investment     56 7  !899 ! -  

           :8999  ; With global interest rates at an all- time !'       secure the returns in the bank or building

 !"   "   returns on offer from the stock market, but  "     disappointed, receiving low returns or even     -            : ;    ! !<  

   7    attractive returns in both rising and falling  "    '   ! the performance of the investment will be  '         at risk are all set out prior to investment. =    -         "!  !             = no ongoing fees, the investments beat most traditional investments in terms of charges The initial sales charge is an implicit part of the structureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design so 100% of the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s capital is invested. AFG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; How we help the professional intermediary     

   '!"!  the needs of their clients are of paramount importance to them. Our relationship team      '     !! "!   best solutions available in the market place. Working with AFG gives the professional 8   

 !  exclusive product opportunities and offers !   !  

 providing unique, innovative solutions that can be presented to their clients. In addition, AFG understand the importance of service and are aware of the issues intermediaries are faced with on a  <<   

Africa â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The new â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Emerging Marketâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; We see Africa as one of the most exciting opportunities in our future business plans  !          continent. We aim to be part of the Africa


     AFG has strong distribution relationships throughout Africa and we will continue to partner with professional intermediaries   #  growing, but more demanding, client base in countries such as Angola, Ghana, Botswana, 9@'+ 'C  'C  'H J' 7 H  'K   K ! With the continent home to the largest  ! "    N6   and the largest accumulated reserves of commodities such as gold, coal, copper,   ' ' H    the economic spotlight will fall even more on Africa and AFG is well positioned to help !     



Mauritius Tel: +230 263 0040 Email:

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CHAPTER 10 Energy, Oil and Gas

156 |

Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 157

NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED is a subsidiary company of NSK Group based out of Arusha, Tanzania; trading in petroleum products, lubricants, and liquified petroleum gas (LPG).

NSK is one of the largest business houses in Northern Tanzania with two other companies, NSK TANZANIA LIMITED, a commodity trading company and sunflower cooking oil manufacturing company, and NSK CARGO LIMITED, a professionally managed logistics company. NSK is proud to showcase its excellent reputation built over the last 30 years of operations on the basis of its ultimate motto, “Believe in Quality, Quantity & Service”. NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has evolved to become a major player in the petroleum industry of Tanzania, and is a significant facilitator of the country’s petroleum requirements both in private and governmental institutions. With its vast experience in the field, its qualified employees and strongly built resources, NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has become not only a major trader in petroleum products, but a facilitator of customised products and services to its clients with continuous advisory regardless of scale.

158 |

Best of Tanzania

Head Office NSK Complex, 3 Themi Industrial Area P.O. Box 3114, Arusha, Tanzania Phone: +255 27 250 6622 Fax: +255 27 250 6600 Email: Dar es Salaam Office 110C Mwakalinga Road, Changombe Industrial Area P.O. Box 42915 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Phone: +255 22 286 5267 Fax: +255 22 286 5268 Email: NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED is a customer oriented company and is committed to provide petroleum products at competitive prices, along with prompt delivery through its integrated logistics arm, NSK Cargo Limited. NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED provides the competitive prices with no compromise in quality and agreed quantity. Further, with our experience, infrastructure and understanding of the industry trends, we work together with our clients to advise on best possible solutions tailoring to their requirements. This is why our motto is “Believe in Quality, Quantity & Service” Our Products NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED deals with white petroleum products (PMS, AGO, IK), a wide range of Lubricants and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED has launched its own new brand of Lubricants, with a big variety of Lubricant products: various grades of Petrol Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Greases, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils and more. With well-trained and professional lubricant experts, NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED not only sells lubricants, but suggests and trains its clients on the correct usage of lubricants. Our Services Products are sold and distributed using various business activities such as through retail outlets, bulk deliveries, door to door supply of lubricants, fuel transportation, supply of petroleum equipment, and fuel hospitality services. Project Based Services NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED specialises in tailoring project based customised solutions for its clients. Depending on the nature of the industry and customer specific needs and requirements, NSK OIL & GAS LIMITED can provide the following solutions: r 4JUF'VFM.BOBHFNFOU r $POTVNQUJPO$POUSPMT"OBMZTJT Reporting r 'VFM*OWFOUPSZ.BOBHFNFOU4VQQPSU r 'VFM&RVJQNFOU-FOEJOHPO1SPKFDU Term Basis

Best of Tanzania

| 159

Total Tanzania Ltd Total Tanzania Ltd is a subsidiary of the Total Group and has been operating in Tanzania since 1969, among over 30 oil marketing companies.

Its business spreads through distribution and marketing in the aviation sector, in general trade, on the lubricants market, and in its network of 23 service stations, as well as with the Total fuel card system. We offer a wide range of products developed with the latest technology to provide the best performance with environmental sensitivity. Our company endeavors to retain its position in a highly competitive and changing environment. Our mission is to provide quality products and services to our customers. We retail high quality petroleum products, heavy fuel oils (HFO), lubricants as well as a range of everyday essentials through our Bonjour shops. Through Eco service communications, we also help advise the customers on how to consume less fuel. We are also the major player in the aviation industry: Total is one of the biggest suppliers of Jet A-1 at the Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro airports. Over the years, customers have come to rely on our Total fuel card, a safe and convenient fleet management tool which can be used to purchase fuel, lubricants, services and relative products in any of our network of service stations nationwide. The fuel card system offers a secured, reliable and convenient way for a Total card holder to purchase petroleum products and services offered by Total Tanzania Ltd. They can monitor the use of their fuel card through a secured website. Total Tanzania Ltd has a team trained to develop communications and trade incentives towards our reseller channels, to

160 |

Best of Tanzania

make sure only the best is offered. We also invest in our stations and depots to ensure safety standards are maintained. In order to extend our shop, food and services offer, we have recently partnered with different banks for implementation of ATMs in our service stations, and developed the Bonjour shop concept and Subway food services. We have also commenced processes to implement â&#x20AC;&#x153;T-airâ&#x20AC;?, the Groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s program designed to improve our service stationsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; network image. This new brand image offers a more modern look and is better integrated to the landscapes where the network is present. Total Tanzania Ltd strives to express its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. We operate on a yearly axis to conduct and implement sustainable corporate social responsibility activities ranging from BOUJNBMBSJBBOEBOUJ)*7"*%TBDUJPOT  education, road safety, sponsorship activities and donations to orphanages.

To name a few, we recently launched a road safety programme for children that centred on giving a road safety awareness programme to over 200 primary schools in Dar es Salaam through the use of the TOTAL Cube â&#x20AC;&#x201C; which includes a set of educational tools â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as a participation to the Group call for action on road safety. As for education, we have recently commenced partnership QSPDFTTXJUIUIF6OJWFSTJUZPG%BSFT4BMBBN and we are in the final stages to implement UIF5PUBM6OJWFSTJUZFEVDBUJPOQSPHSBN that will involve offering graduate trainee programs, internship opportunities and TDIPMBSTIJQTUPTUVEFOUTGSPNUIF6OJWFSTJUZ of Dar es Salaam â&#x20AC;&#x201C; however, currently, internship and graduate trainee programs are already being offered. TOTAL, you know where to turn Nkrumah Street Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2111672/3/4 Fax: +255 22 2113307

Make your engine an athlete of the road.

TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants . More protection and more kilometers With TOTAL QUARTZ and its friction reduction technology, protect your engine and go further.

You know where to turn

TANELEC Built in Africa for Africa â&#x20AC;&#x201C; facilitating power distribution in the region.

Our mission To be a responsive and dynamic company that exceeds customer expectations; and increasing our market footprint and share in Africa through provision of high-quality products and services. Our vision To be the leading and preferred provider of distribution transformers and switchgears. Our core values r &NQMPZFFT DVTUPNFSTBOEQVCMJDTBGFUZ r &OTVSJOHUIBUPVSCVTJOFTTFUIJDTBSF unquestionable r %FNPOTUSBUJOHPVSTPDJBMBOE environmental responsibilities r $VTUPNFSDBSFBOETFSWJDFCFZPOE expectation TANELEC limited manufactures power distribution equipment backed by local knowledge and international standards. TANELEC limited commenced its operations in Arusha, Tanzania in 1981 and is the largest manufacturer of electrical distribution transformers and switchgears in East and Central Africa. We are well equipped to provide full customer support for all our products and at the same time, offer comprehensive repair and service capabilities.

162 |

Best of Tanzania

We combine high quality with practicality. To this end, we have worked with Tanesco in Tanzania to develop products aimed at reducing energy theft, among many other solutions. We aim for the highest standards of quality in all our products and services. We are proud to have been awarded ISO and TBS certification. TRANSFORMERS We manufacture pole mounted and ground

mounted distribution transformers from ,7"VQUP,7"VQUPL7 We have in-house engineering and design capabilities and manufacture transformers using well-proven technology under a technical license with ABB. Our engineers ensure that the best solutions are provided to suit our customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs. Transformers can be supplied from our standard products range, customised to suit customer needs or designed specifically for special applications. TANELEC transformers comply with IEC standards. BeneďŹ ts TANELEC transformers ensure: r .JOJNBMWJCSBUJPOBOEOPJTF r &YDFMMFOUNFDIBOJDBMTUSFOHUIBHBJOTU short circuits r )JHIJNQVMTFXJUITUBOEJOHDBQBCJMJUZ r 5PQRVBMJUZQPXEFSQBJOUTVSGBDFĂ OJTI r .JOJNBMNBJOUFOBODFSFRVJSFNFOUT r -POHMJGFFYQFDUBODZ Optional Extras r $POTFSWBUPSUBOLT r %FIZESBUJOHCSFBUIFST r 1SFTTVSFSFMJFGEFWJDFT r 5FNQFSBUVSFJOEJDBUPST r #VDIPM[SFMBZT r $BCMFCPYFT r 4LJETPSSPMMFST

SWITCHGEARS TANELEC has a proven record for producing high-quality switchgears which meet IEC standards. This we have done by combining both basic local know-how and the latest global technology products to offer defined excellence. We engineer and manufacture a wide WBSJFUZPG-PX7PMUBHF4XJUDIHFBSQSPEVDUT including custom switchgears specific to customer needs. We also manufacture a range of Medium 7PMUBHFQSPEVDUTTVDIBTTXJUDICPBSETVQ UP,W HFOFSBMDPOUSPMQBOFMTBOENFUFSJOH panels. Other Switchgear products include: r 5SBOTGPSNFSBOEHFOFSBUPSDIBOHFPWFS controls r %JTUSJCVUJPOQBOFMT r .FUFSJOHQBOFMT r .FUFSJOHCPYFT r 4PMVUJPOTTQFDJĂ DUPDVTUPNFSOFFET We put all our products through the most stringent tests to ensure optimum performance in accordance with IEC Standards. Only the best quality materials are used to ensure the highest possible quality. Automation TANELEC supplies and supports drives

and motors that help to solve the energy challenge. Our dedicated engineering team backed by world-class drives and motors manufacturers provide solutions and technologies that help lower energy use, either by reducing power consumption and losses, improving productivity, or through better management of equipment. Service and Repairs We provide full service and repair support for all our products. In addition to regular repairs, our transformers service includes upgrades, retrofits, relocation and site erection. Responding to an increasing demand for this service, TANELEC founded an independent transformer service shop to provide the required expertise and facilities for repairing distribution and small power transformers. We aim to engage our clients by providing an effective after-sales service manned by a team of trained expert engineers. Within UIJTUFBN XFIBWFEFEJDBUFE0OMPBE Tapchanger service engineers available to complete site work and maintenance tasks. Other services: r .BJOUFOBODFUSBJOJOH r 3PVUJOFBOEHFOFSBMNBJOUFOBODF r 4JUFWJTJUTUPBTTFTT JOTQFDUBOEQSPWJEFB

comprehensive report on Tapchangers r &NFSHFODZSFQBJSTBOEDPNQMFUFPWFSIBVM r 3FUSPĂ UUJOHPME5BQDIBOHFSTXJUINPEFSO units r 4JUFJOTUBMMBUJPOBOEDPNNJTTJPOJOH r *OTQFDUJPOBOEDPOEJUJPOBTTFTTNFOU r .BJOUFOBODFDPOUSBDUT r 4QBSFQBSUT r 0JMTBNQMJOH r $POTVMUBODZBEWJDF BeneďŹ ts r $PTUFGGFDUJWFOFTTJOSFQBJSJOHSBUIFSUIBO buying new r &DPOPNJDBMVTFPGJOWFOUPSZ r 4IPSUFSEPXOUJNFEVSJOHSFQBJS r 'VMMZSFQBJSFEUSBOTGPSNFSTBSFBTHPPEBT new Our Future Our target is to increase production capacity and efficiency aimed at improving our competitiveness in an international market. Main Factory: Themi Industrial Area P.O. Box 7156, Arusha, Tanzania Tel: +255 27 2507892-4 +255 27 2508027 +255 27 2503950 Email: Branches: Uganda, Kibira Road, Kampala Zambia, Ndola and Kitwe Kenya, Addis Ababa Road, Nairobi

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Whirlwind Aviation Energy, Oil and Gas

At a time when Africa is undergoing an economic transformation, coupled with Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s economic growth of 6.5% within the last year, which is way above the subSahara GDP average of 5.5%, indicators are that Africa is the next frontier for business. With emerging markets, a rising middle class and new investments in infrastructure in Tanzania, the Energy, Oil and Gas Industry is an attractive platform for growth potential and opportunities expected to boost the economic growth of Tanzania. The recent discoveries of natural gas on the mainland

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and around the Tanzanian coastline, which is almost double the estimates given a few months ago, has sparked an energy boom currently taking place in East Africa. Whirlwind Aviation, as a single service provider, is an important partner and roleplayer in a seamless resource extraction process, through a variety of cost-effective and time-saving helicopter related services in many diverse fields, such as: t &YFDVUJWF$IBSUFS Executives to and from Drill and Rig Ships.

t "FSP.FEJDBM Medical Evacuations in a Fully-Equipped Dedicated Air Ambulance with Rescue )PJTUBOEBYJT"VUP1JMPUXJUI"VUP Hover Capabilities. t 0GGTIPSFBOE0OTIPSF Crew Management and Crew Changes. Whirlwind Aviationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s professional approach and offshore support (in accordance with OGP standards within the Energy, Oil and Gas industry), makes them a valuable partner through their experience, fleet of aircraft, flawless safety record, affordable

and reasonable rates, and customer service satisfaction. For exclusive tailor-made packages, quotations or general enquiries, contact: Whirlwind Aviation Toll free no: +255 (0) 767 900 877 Sales and Marketing Managers: Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 431 Nuhu Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473 530

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CHAPTER 11 Mining and Minerals

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Atlas Copco Tanzania Ltd

Background Atlas Copco established its legal entity in Tanzania during 2007 as the local subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group, which is a world-leading provider of industrial productivity solutions in the areas of mining, construction, compressed air and gas equipment, industrial tools, aftermarket services and specialist rental. In close cooperation with customers and business partners, Atlas Copco delivers sustainable solutions for increased productivity through innovative products and services. The Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with

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a global organisation spanning more than 170 markets. At year-end 2011, the Atlas Copco Group had 37,500 employees. Operations Atlas Copco Tanzania is a strong player within the mining and exploration sectors, as a supplier of blast hole drilling rigs, rock drills, exploration drilling rigs and consumables, rock drilling tools, underground drilling rigs and vehicles, ground engineering equipment, Robbins raise boring machinery and cutters, rock reinforcement and bolting equipment, water

The XD-series Pedestal Boom Systems from Atlas Copco are rugged rock breakers that tackle extreme-duty applications. Secondary rock breaking can be a tough and hazardous job, but the strong, sturdy Pedestal Boom Systems from Atlas Copco breaks down huge problems into smaller, more manageable chunks to make the job easier, safer and more efďŹ cient.

well drills as well as road construction equipment. The equipment is manufactured and assembled through Atlas Copcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s global network of manufacturing centres located in 20 countries. Within Tanzania, Atlas Copco is present through branches and dedicated contract organisations in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Kahama, Geita, Tulawaka, Tanga and Mbeya. Most of the company resources are employed in after sales technical support, equipment and consumable tools sales, with a backbone comprising of strong logistics, human resources, finance and IT support functions. Mining The large part of Atlas Copcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activities in Tanzania fall under the Mining and Rock Excavation business area which is headquartered in Sweden, and develops and manufactures rock drilling tools, underground and surface drilling rigs, loading equipment and exploration drilling equipment. The key customer segment for the business area is the gold mining sector. Exploration and Ground Engineering Diamond core drilling and reverse circulation rigs are used in exploration drilling. The Diamec U series core drilling rigs are used to recover core samples from different rock formations in underground applications while the Christensen CS rigs are used for surface exploration drilling. The most advanced rigs are equipped with computerised control panels that make the drilling quicker and safer for the operator. By presetting the drilling parameters, the rig automatically monitors and adjusts the criteria to the prevailing rock conditions. Atlas Copco also provides a range of products within the field of geotechnical engineering. Minimising Environmental Impact Life cycle assessments show energy consumption, oil leakage, noise and dust emissions to be the most significant environmental impacts during the useful life of the products manufactured by Atlas Copco. The ambition is to minimise the negative environmental effects from the

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design of Atlas Copcoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s products, and during their manufacture and use. SWHAP In the beginning of 2012 Atlas Copco Tanzania started implementing the Swedish Workplace HIV/AIDS Programme (SWHAP). SWHAP supports over 100 workplace programmes on HIV in ten countries in subSaharan Africa. The programme contributes to the response to HIV and AIDS in subSaharan Africa. The main aim of SWHAP is supporting companies and employees to prevent further spread of HIV and reduce the effects of the pandemic at Swedish related workplaces. Atlas Copco Tanzania Ltd P.O.Box 39966, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Plot 75B, Julius Nyerere Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2861570/1 Plot 35, Nyakato Industrial Area, Mwanza, Tanzania Tel: +255 28 2570289 Email:

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Unmatched performance          generation of Dynapac CA single drum rollers, the CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500, feature revolutionary cross-mounted engines and optimized compaction parameters.                    ! ! " #$  Bouncing Control eliminates over-compaction, prolonging machine lifetime. $%&' *!         most successful compaction mission ever. Dynapac Mission Compaction/;    !"

MTL Consulting Company Ltd Mining, Oil and Gas, Environmental management and Natural Resources Management.

MTL Consulting Company Ltd (MTL or MTL Consulting) was incorporated in Tanzania in June 1998 and is wholly owned and managed by Tanzanians. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s principal objective is to provide consulting services in the areas of Mining, Oil and Gas, Environmental and Social Management, Natural Resources Management, Geology and Mineral exploration, Mining Cadastre and Mineral Rights Management, GIS, Training and Promotional Services.

Water sampling

The company draws its strength from the knowledge and experience accumulated from over a decade of practical consulting experience in Tanzania and Africa in general, and knowledge and experience from its key personnel who have many years experience in the public and private sectors, both locally and internationally. MTL Consulting is a registered Tanzanian consulting firm with the Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania (ERB) and the National Environmental Management Council of Tanzania (NEMC), for conducting EIA and Environmental Audits. Our key members of staff are registered with several national and international professional bodies. We have good track records of working for Governments, Corporate, International organisations and NGOs. We have offices in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Kampala (Uganda) and representation in Nairobi (Kenya).

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MTL Consulting Company Ltd. Manara Street , Plot # 09 Ada Estate â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kinondoni P.O. Box 77894, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel/Fax: +255 22 2120882 Email:

Underground mining

Community consultations


Fauna studies

Small scale mining

MTL Managing Director Dr. Wilson giving a presentation to the President of Tanzania Hon. J. Kikwete and other delegates on small scale Mining.


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Effco Plant and Crane Hire Effco’s Reliable Plant for Heavy Lifting, Mining and Civil Works Solutions.

Heavy haulage We are a reputable heavy haulage firm. We offer a complete service for the movement of abnormal loads, long, high, wide and heavy throughout East Africa. We have a large heavy haulage truck with a towing capacity of 130 tonnes coupled to a Famonville 3 Axel Hydraulic Suspension & Steering Low Loader, with a payload 60 tonnes capacity. Additionally, we also operate a Plant Body Truck, equipped with a 24-foot flat bed, container locks capable of carrying 20-foot containers and 3 tonne Hiab Crane. Our short-term goal is to expand our heavy haulage capacity to meet our clients’ needs. Logistics We provide Full Operational hire or Lease of Forklifts ranging from 3 to 16 tonnes and Cranes ranging from 25 to 35 tons. Our Cranes are certified by OSHA – Occupational, Safety and Health Authority of UK, USA and Tanzania. Our Operators are well trained and certified by Cranes UK and OSHA. Effco is adequately insured through Alexander Forbes Tanzania. The insurance policy covers lifts, cargo on transit and workmen compensation. Mining We offer Mining Contract Services, cost effectively using quality equipment; well-trained personnel who value high safety and environmental standards.

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Effco will continue to make investments in both equipment and manpower training to able it provide tailored solutions to meet specific requirements of customers in the mining and other sectors. Civil works Our aim is to add value at all stages of the development process. We manage projects involving construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. We manage the entire project process from inception, site selection, feasibility and design, to construction and post. With our highly-experienced staff, backed by our earth-moving equipment, we are well placed to adequately serve our customers.

Mbezi Beach Industrial Area Plot 108, Bagamoyo Road P. O. Box 66627, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 265 0418 Fax: +255 22 265 0418 Cell: +255 767 200 925 +255 767 200 746 +255 767 200 521 +255 754 562 498 +255 764 700 100

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Mantra Tanzania Ltd Final stages of permitting for the development of Mkuju River Project.

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Mantra Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s planned Uranium Mine at the Mkuju River Project, Ruvuma Region is set to position Tanzania as the 3rd largest Uranium producer in Africa. Tanzania emerged successful in the application for the minor boundary modification of the World Heritage status of the Selous Game Reserve at UNESCOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s World Heritage Committee meeting. In order to allow for the development of the Mkuju River Project, Mantra Tanzania Ltd is now pursuing the necessary permits and licenses in-country for commencing the development of Mkuju River Project. Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate, Special Mining License, Mining Development Agreement and Consent to Operate in the Game Reserve are the

necessary licenses for a full permitting of the project. These are at different stages in various Ministries.

to the International standards and best world practice, while fully compliant to the Tanzanian regulations.

Once these are obtained, Mantra Tanzania Ltd and its investors will embark on the development of a mine which will take approximately two years before starting production of Uranium Oxide (U3O8), known as Yellow Cake.


While continuous improvement is the right way forward, Mantra sees that the existing regulators and regulations in place for extraction of radioactive materials are to be similar to other countries where extraction of Uranium Oxide has been ongoing for years. Mantra therefore is confident that Uranium extraction at Mkuju River will be done

Both areas contain secondary Uranium mineralisation. Exploration work is more advanced at Mkuju River Project, which is the main focus for Mantra. Nyota Prospect has been the focus to-date: r DVSSFOUSFTPVSDFPG.MC60 r XJEFTQSFBETVSGBDFNJOFSBMJTBUJPO r NVMUJQMFUIJDL[POFTPGNJOFSBMJTBUJPOBU shallow depths; r FYUFOTJWFUBSHFUBSFBTTUJMMUPCFUFTUFE r TVJUFPGBEEJUJPOBMTBUFMMJUFUBSHFUTXJUIJO license holding areas.

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Whirlwind Aviation Mining and Exploration

Increasing mining activities and increased exploration in the country is proving to be a development catalyst for many sectors including the introduction of an aero medical service. Whirlwind Aviation has taken the lead as the only licensed Helicopter Medivac Company in East Africa to provide a seamless emergency evacuation solution to mining and exploration companies. Whirlwind Aviation offers a health and safety aero medivac solution for the mining industry, covering Exco teams, management and the entire workforce of a mining company on remote sites all over Tanzania. Taking into consideration the hazardous travelling conditions in Tanzania and emergency response timing issues, Whirlwind Aviation is the medivac partner to rely on for rapid emergency response in a critical time when it is most needed. Whirlwind Aviation has extensive experience in the secure transit of valuable assets in a seamless operation from within a secure perimeter to a secure collection point.

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Tanzania offers a favourable investment climate for the exploration industry as many commodities are still under explored, and there are significant potential for new discoveries. Much of the current exploration in Tanzania is concentrated in gold, base metals, platinum group metals, uranium, diamonds and gemstones. Whirlwind Aviation is an important role-player in the exploration process by acquiring valuable data through survey (any type depending on equipment) in new areas, as well as further exploration by existing mines. Valuable time-saving and cost-effective services offered to the mining sector includes: t &YFDVUJWF$IBSUFS Transfer executives to and from mine sites. t 1IPUPHSBQIJDBOE'JMNJOH HD quality video and still photos. t "FSP.FEJDBM Medical evacuations in a fully equipped

and dedicated Air Ambulance. t 4VSWFZ Different types of survey, pipeline inspection, power line inspection, mine site inspection. t 7BMVBCMF"TTFUT*O5SBOTJU Seamless, secure, non-stop transit directly from collection point to drop-off at airport or destination within range. t "JSDSBGU.BOBHFNFOUBOE1MBDJOH Exclusive helicopter and crew placement. For exclusive tailor-made packages, quotations or general enquiries, contact: Whirlwind Aviation Toll free number: +255 (0) 767 900 877 Sales and Marketing Managers: Mark Loretz: +255 (0) 767 900 431 Nuhu Khalfan: +255 (0) 764 473 530

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CHAPTER 12 Industry and Manufacturing

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Best of Tanzania

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Cello Industries Manufacturer of plastic household articles.

7,500 sq. metres. They use 100% production capacity in the plant with two shifts. The production process is 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. They have 30 delivery vehicles. Cello Industries are also one of the largest suppliers of pails for edible oil to Bidco Oils and Soap Limited. Other major customers are Bakhresa Food Products, Goldstar Paints Tanzania Ltd, and Berger Paints Ltd, among others.

Cello Industries was registered and established on 31 January 2001. The project was started in August, 2003 with a factory area of 36,200 sq. feet. Cello Industries started business activities in June, 2004 with five machines and 40 moulds which used to consume 50 tonnes of raw materials per month. They are now one of the leading manufacturers of household plastic, thermo-ware and furniture-ware articles in Tanzania. Despite being a new company and having strong competition in the market, Cello Industries managed to defeat competitors and enter into the local market without any marketing. This was due to the quality of their products and prompt service to their customers. They then slowly captured the foreign market as well. The product range includes industrial products such as: pails for edible oil industries; containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries; household products such as basins, bowls, baskets, food containers, drums, chairs, tables, jugs, flasks, air tight containers, glasses, cups, and plates; as well as various promotional products.

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The company was designed on experience, expertise and commitment towards providing an efficient service to achieve customer satisfaction, which resulted in rapid growth in the local and export environment. Within one year, they expanded their business from the initial investment of USD2.5-million to USD6-million. Cello Industries have now further increased their investment by USD3.5-million, for which they have already received approval from the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC). 7JTJPO Cello Industriesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; vision is to achieve customer delight by providing goods and services of the highest international standard and quality, at an affordable price, to customers in the industrial and domestic sectors. Current views At present, Cello Industries have 34 machines, over 1,000 moulds (altogether worth around USD25-million), 400 local employees, and consume around 800 tonnes of raw material per month with a total factory area of 80,000 sq. feet. Apart from the factory area, Cello Industries has go downs with storage capacity of

Overseas suppliers are Reliance Industries Limited (India), African Polymers (South Africa), NCT Kenya (Kenya) and Dynamic Intertrade (Dubai). Cello Industries also buy packing materials and raw materials from local suppliers like Simba Plastics Co. Ltd, Said Salim Bakhresa Co. Ltd, Raffia Bags, Centaza Plastics, and Jumbo Packaging, among others. In addition, they export their goods to Dubai (U.A.E), U.S.A, Uganda, Kenya, Nampula (Mozambique), Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and others. Awards and appreciations: r TUQSJ[FJO%BSFT4BMBBN5SBEF Fair in 2006; r 3VOOFSTVQJO.FEJVN1MBTUJD*OEVTUSJFT category for PMAYA Awards in 2007; r 3VOOFSTVQJO-BSHF1MBTUJD*OEVTUSJFT Category for PMAYA Awards in 2008; r TUQSJ[FJO-BSHF1MBTUJD*OEVTUSJFT Category for PMAYA Awards in 2009; r "QQSFDJBUJPO4IJFMEGPSCVZJOHTU machine from Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt. Ltd in 2011; r TUQSJ[FJO-BSHF1MBTUJD*OEVTUSJFT categoryfor PMAYA Awards in 2011. P.O. Box 19689 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: + 255 22 2862625/2866477 Fax: +255 22 2866016 Email:

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ALAF Limited

ALAF Limited, a part of the SAFAL group of companies, established in 1960, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing sheets and long products. In more than 50 years of its existence, ALAF has crossed many milestones in production of Aluminium and Zinc Coated Corrugated Iron Sheets, Aluminium and Zinc Coated Steel Coils, Steel Pipes and Sections, and Annealed Steel Coils/Sheets. Various brands of ALAF include SIMBA DUMU (Zinc and Aluminium Based Roofing Sheets for enhanced durability), RESINCOT (Pre-Painted Roofing Sheets with Zincal base), ZINCAL (Aluminium – Zinc Coated Coils) and SIMBA CHUMA (Steel Pipes and Hollow Sections). In addition to the traditional Corrugated Roofing Profile, it also offers various other Coloured Roofing Profiles namely MAXCOVER, COVERMAX, IT-5, IT-4, VERSATILE and SAFLOK-700. STEEL BEND is its latest venture, which offers re-bars bent in various shapes as per the bending schedule provided by the customer. ALAF Limited became the first company to introduce Zincal in Tanzania, by

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acquiring this unique technology from BIEC International Inc (USA) and setting up a Zincal metal coating Line with an annual capacity of 70,000 MT. It is also the third of its kind in Africa joining the SAFAL Group’s facility in Kenya and South Africa. ALAF has been winning the President’s best Manufacturer of the Year Award (in the Large Industries category) instituted by the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI), for the last six years in succession. Alaf Limited is the first and only company in its category in Tanzania to be accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2005 based on its quality standards and commitment towards the environment. To further the cause, ALAF has switched to Natural Gas for Furnace Heating, instead of HFO (very polluting fuel), used earlier. ALAF has also answered the government’s call by planting hundreds of trees in their business compound. ALAF takes Corporate Social Responsibility just beyond words, running and supporting various programs under the corporate philosophy. In collaboration

with International Finance Corporation (IFC), USA, ALAF has launched a health education program not only for its staff but also for communities around its manufacturing facilities. This programme calls for prevention and cure for Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. ALAF believes and practices the philosophy of – “It makes moral sense in giving back something to the community because without them, we would not have been so successful.” The company has even built a dispensary in its compound for its staff and their families. ALAF has also made a substantial donation directly to the schools, as it recognises the importance of education and sports in the path to groom the lives of children, especially in the rural areas. ALAF encourages bright Engineering Students each year, by giving awards and support to meritorious students.

Tel: +255 22 2860010/14, 2860369 Fax: +255 22 2862126, 2863077

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CHAPTER 13 Electrical, Engineering and Construction

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Best of Tanzania

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CROWN TECH-CONSULT LTD Consulting Engineers, Surveyors, Project Managers, Procurement Management Consultants.

CROWN TECH-CONSULT LTD (CTC) is a private company registered in Tanzania and is owned and managed by its directors. Its office is located on the third floor of Central Technologies House located in Mikocheni Light Industrial Area, along Bagamoyo Road in Dar es Salaam, next to TBC. The company was formed in 1991 by a group of experienced engineers (Messrs F.J Shirima, J.M Kavishe, and A.A Nkya) to serve in engineering, surveying, planning and project management by providing a very practical approach to project design and management. CTC was founded to provide technical and management service to government authorities, non-government institutions and private sector companies. Their objective is to provide support at the policy and local project levels in planning, management and financial control. Project design and management strategies are practical, realistic and based upon complete accurate assessment of the natural resources as well as the physical and human environments. Scope of Service The company provides assistance and support throughout the project development cycle, covering: r 1SPKFDUDPODFQU r 1MBOOJOHBOEFWBMVBUJPOBUUIFSFTPVSDF MFWFM

188 |

Best of Tanzania



r 1SFQBSBUJPOPGEFUBJMFEGFBTJCJMJUZTUVEJFT r 6OEFSUBLJOHQSPKFDUEFWFMPQNFOU r 1SPWJOHQSPKFDUTXJUITVQFSWJTJPOBOEUPUBM NBOBHFNFOU r 6OEFSUBLJOHTQFDJÃ DUFDIOJDBMTVQQPSU and training. CTC are engaged in operating commercial business and agricultural management and so its principals are keenly aware of opportunities, constraints, policy, and legislation environments relevant to the region. The advantage of being located in Tanzania is in allowing the company to be intimately acquainted with traditional needs, highlighting roads and the environment in relation to human and production sectors. A complete understanding of the social and economical system is essential for any land use, interpretation and planning at national, regional and local levels. Expertise Specific areas of the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expertise are: t 5FDIOJDBMBOENBOBHFNFOUTVQQPSU long-term management involvement to provide continued support to business and projects, ensuring cost-effective and profitable operation in a changing business environment. t 1SPKFDUT%FTJHOTothe technical and engineering design of roads BOEJOGSBTUSVDUVSFQSPKFDUTJODMVEJOH preparation of specifications, bidding




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Mollel Electrical Contractors Mollel Electrical Contractors is Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest residential and commercial electrical contractors company. The company was established and incorporated in 1981 with a Certificate of Incorporation No. 8552 by shareholders and directors Adam Lebayo Mollel and Lotto Lebayo Mollel.

With a national electrical contracting and electrician network, and multiple locations in Tanzania, we can provide cost-effective solutions for all electrical needs.



Ocean Road, Dar es Salaam



Cowi (Tanzania) Ltd

Main Contractor:

Masasi Construction Company ltd


National Institute for Medical Research (NMIR)

Value of Electrical Works:

USD 63,689.02

Type of Premises:

Training Centre

Total Work Force Involved:

12 Technical Personnel

Completed on:

20 March 2004




Plot No. 2398/202, Sokoine Drive â&#x20AC;&#x201C; DSM



Electriplan (Tanzania) Ltd

Ingplan Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd Pretoria Tel. +27 (0) 18 462 7403/4

Main Contractor:

China Civil Engineering Cooperation Ltd

Main Contractor:

A/S Noremco Construction Ltd.


National Social Security Fund


Mlimani Holdings Ltd.

Value of Electrical Works:

TZS 1,719,178,185.95

Value of Electrical Works:

USD 2,867,879.88

Type of Premises:

Office Premises


January 2006

Completed on:

February 2004

Completed on:

November 2006

190 |

Best of Tanzania


Ubungo â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam


M-Konsult Ltd

Main Contractor:

China Jiangsu International


Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd

Value of Electrical Works:

TZS 236,271,260.52

Type of Premises:

Office Block

Total Work Force Involved:

18 Technical Personnel

Completed on:

June 2002


Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre


Howard Humphreys (T) Ltd Ria Tel. +27 (0) 18 462 7403/4

Main Contractor:

China Railway Jiangchang Eng. Co. Ltd


E.L.C.T. Diocese Of Arusha Region

Value of Electrical Works:

USD 833,611.5


30 April 2007

Completed on:

30 September 2007

Projects also include: Renovation of NSSF Head Office, offices for Healthy Secretariat Reform, new Out Patient Department, Marking Centre for National Examination Council, extensions to BOT Headquarters Building, Bank of Tanzania â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Zanzibar Branch Office, 1PSU$POUSPM5PXFS 5BO[BOJB(MPCBM%FWFMPQNFOU-FBSOJOH$FOUFS  and Tanzania Forestry Headquarters Building. Proposed future projects include the Vice President Residence in Zanzibar, Hotel 1BMBDFBOE4PVUI#FBDI3FTPSU%FWFMPQNFOUm(F[BVMPMF #BSDMBZT)PVTF Location:

Upanga Road, Dar es Salaam


Howard Humphrey (Tanzania) Ltd

Main Contractor:

Murray and Roberts Cont. (T) Ltd


Capital Properties Ltd

Value of Electrical Works:

USD 810,611.62

Type of Premises:

Office Complex

Total Work Force Involved:

24 Technical Personnel

Completed on:

November 2002

Projects in progress include: Electrical Installation Works at National Records Office â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dodoma, Treasury Square â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dodoma, Lady Queen of Peace Complex â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Ihumwa Dodoma, Mvuvi House â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam, Vice Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam, University of Dar es Salaam Business Facility â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam, ELCT Msasani Multipurpose Business Complex â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam, Oysterbay Hotel Redevelopment Project Phase III â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dar es Salaam, MEC House â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Arusha, Palace Hotel Project â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Arusha and Zanzibar Revenue Board Headquarters â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Zanzibar. %FUBJMTPGSFHJTUSBUJPORegistered with the Tanzania Contractors Registration Board as ELECTRICAL WORKS CONTRACTOR Class 0OFXJUI3FHJTUSBUJPO/P&BOE41&$*"-*45)&"5*/(  VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITION (HVAC) CONTRACTOR Class One with Registration No SPM 1/0236/11/08.


Cowi Tanzania Ltd.

Main Contractor:

Varsani Dewji and Ramji Co. Ltd


Oysterbay Hotel

Value of Electrical Works:

USD 572,505.37


18 June 2007

Completed on:

30 May 2008






Best of Tanzania

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Derm Electrics (T) Limited Derm Electrics is the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest and fastest-growing Tanzanianowned electrical contracting company, with a solid reputation GPSQSPGFTTJPOBMJTN SFMJBCJMJUZ BOEUFDIOJDBMFYQFSUJTFEFMJWFSJOH solutions that are economically viable and technically superior.

Dodoma University

A fully registered Class One Tanzanian Electrical Contracting company, Derm Electrics was founded in 1998 by CEO and Managing Director Eng. Ridhuan Mringo. The company provides full-service and specialised construction work relating to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical wiring and electrical systems. The company undertakes work throughout Tanzania for residential, commercial, retail, industrial and government sector organisations. Typical projects range from new infrastructure installations to existing electrical installation modifications and upgrades. Their project teams provide a complete design, installation, commissioning, and handover service. On-site electrical installation teams work closely with clients, completing projects on time and in budget. Their experience, qualifications and certifications ensure that they deliver the best possible work, offering assistance and advice when required in terms of the overall design, fault-finding and installation. ,FZ$VTUPNFST r 1SJWBUF1SPQFSUZ%FWFMPQFST$04.0 (3061 4,:-*/&1301&35*&4 -&5*$*" TOWERS r (PWFSONFOUQSPKFDUT1SFTJEFOUTPGĂ DF

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DSM, Vice Presidentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office Dodoma, Prime Ministerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Office DSM, University of Dodoma, Nelson Mandela institute, Benjamin Mkapa Economic Zone r 1BSBTUBUBMT-"1' /44' 141' 11' /)$ r &NCBTTJFT&NCBTTZPG+BQBO%BSFT Salaam, The UAE Embassy Dar es Salaam r *OEVTUSJFT4#$1FQTJ'BDUPSZm%BSFT Salaam Services The diverse range of quality services offered by Derm Electrics demonstrates their continuously expanding portfolio of skills and experience. From the initial business model focusing on general electrical work, they have broadened the scope of services into more technically advanced areas: r &MFDUSJDBM$POUSBDUJOH *OTUBMMBUJPOTBOE .BJOUFOBODF r )7"$ )FBUJOH 7FOUJMBUJPO BOE"JS $POEJUJPOJOH 4ZTUFNT r *$5*OGSBTUSVDUVSF4ZTUFNT r 4FDVSJUZ4ZTUFNT &MFDUSJDBM$POUSBDUPST Derm Electrics is a fully registered Class One Electrical Contractor providing full-service and specialised construction work relating to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical wiring and electrical systems. The company undertakes work throughout

Tanzania for residential, commercial, retail, industrial and government sector organisations. Typical projects range from new infrastructure installations to existing electrical installation modifications and upgrades. Our project teams provide a complete design, installation, commissioning, and handover service. )7"$4ZTUFNT Derm Electrics specialises in advanced, energy-efficient HVAC systems that provide reliable, comfort-controlled environments â&#x20AC;&#x201C; whilst ensuring maximum operating efficiency. They operate throughout Tanzania, XIFSFDMJNBUJDDPOEJUJPOTWBSZEFTJHOJOH  installing and maintaining the most suitable HVAC systems for residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings. From retail stores to restaurants, offices to hotels, universities to healthcare facilities, their HVAC systems improve comfort levels, reduce total cost and protect indoor air quality. 4FDVSJUZ4ZTUFNT Derm Electrics has engineers who specialise in security and fire alarm systems. They provide expert design, installation and maintenance services of high-end integrated systems that are ideal for both large and small premises. Through close client consultation they install intelligent, comprehensive and highly cost-effective

CRDB disaster recovery centre

PPF Mwanza

Derm Complex

Dodoma University

management structure. Through careful scheduling and planning, they create an integrated installation, saving time and NPOFZGPSDMJFOUTFMJNJOBUJOHUIFEJTSVQUJPO caused by using multiple suppliers. 1SPGFTTJPOBMJTN They believe that excellence is achieved through professionalism. By consistently focusing on good practice, ethical business relationships, and high-quality standards, Derm Electricsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; business will stand out as the leader in the industry. SBC Pepsi factory in Dar es Salaam systems to continually protect staff, property and businesses. They offer ongoing maintenance and consultation on all designs, set-ups, or installations: r Ă SFBMBSNT EFUFDUJPOTZTUFNT HBTĂ SF suppression systems and emergency DPNNVOJDBUJPOT r $$57T r BDDFTTDPOUSPMTZTUFNTBOE r JOUSVEFSBMBSNTZTUFNT *$54FSWJDFT Regardless of how basic or complex business technology requirements are, Derm Electrics is able to plan, design, install and maintain ICT infrastructure to encompass all aspects of businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; now and for the future. 7BMVFT Derm Electrics takes pride in delivering technically precise, cost-effective and creative solutions to best suit clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs. Their core values guide them in all business BDUJWJUJFTUIFDPSOFSTUPOFPGUIFJSTVDDFTT and future. $MJFOU4BUJTGBDUJPO Client satisfaction is of paramount JNQPSUBODFJOFYPSBCMZMJOLFEUPTVDDFTT#Z delivering complete client satisfaction, they ensure their own success and further build their reputation. Derm Electrics has total confidence in the credibility and reliability of their team and

1FPQMF They believe that their key resource is their people and that by nurturing and guiding them in a stimulating environment, they will develop and retain loyalty and respect for both the business and clients. Derm Electrics has over 110 permanent Tanzania staff â&#x20AC;&#x201C; men and women, engaged in all aspects of operations. &OWJSPONFOU In all dealings, Derm Electrics ensures they provide the most environmentally friendly products and solutions which meet the demands of the developing nation. As a dynamic organisation, Derm Electrics continuously keeps abreast of industry and market developments, delivering the very latest in technology solutions that not only fully meet client specifications, but also exceed expectations. Eng. Ridhuan Mringo is a Registered Member of the Institution of Engineers Tanzania and a Registered Engineer with the Engineers Registration Board. %FSN)PVTF UI'MPPS /FX#BHBNPZP3PBE 1MPU#MPDL",JKJUPOZBNB 10#PY %BSFT4BMBBN 5FM  'BY  .PC  &NBJMJOGP!EFSNU[DPN 8FCTJUFXXXEFSNU[DPN

The Founder and CEO of Derm Electrics (T) Ltd Eng. Ridhuan Mringo Note from Ridhuan Mringo, CEO and Managing Director â&#x20AC;&#x153;For over 10 years Derm Electrics has been involved in many major construction and engineering projects â&#x20AC;&#x201C; gaining invaluable experience and expertise, and acquiring a reputation as one of the leading electrical contractors in Tanzania. We have successfully completed many high-proďŹ le contracts, in both the private and the public sectors, where our on-time, in-budget performance and our stringent technical standards have demonstrated our total commitment to every aspect of our operations. I am proud to be at the head of a skilled and dedicated team of engineers, managers and support staff. My aim is to ensure the ongoing success of the company by developing their talents and abilities, and by expanding our activities into ever-more technically challenging ďŹ elds. I relish the prospect of taking the company forward in this increasingly demanding and competitive world by building on our special core values and skills. Above all, I am determined that Derm Electrics will maintain its reputation for quality and reliability.â&#x20AC;?

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Don Consult Ltd Engineering consultants.

063$0.1"/: Our company was established in 1995 as a consulting firm. We focus on our experience of 17 years in the provision of professional services to enhance quality of life through the development of sustainable projects. The company is constituted in accordance with the requirements of the company ordinance, Engineers Registration Board of Tanzania and Association of Consulting Engineers in Tanzania. The firm is registered with the International Association of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) through the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET). 0637*4*0/ The firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vision is to become a big and leading company of high-calibre in the provision of engineering consultancy services in Africa and the rest of the World. 063.*44*0/ The mission of the company is to satisfy its clients through provision of high-quality services and building good relationships with all stakeholders. 08/&34)*1"/%."/"(&.&/5 The day to day activities are managed by the Managing Director Eng. Laurent Mzee

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Sechu. In addition the company has a board of six directors and ten shareholders. The day to day activities are carried out in three key departments namely: r5FDIOJDBM%FQBSUNFOU r"ENJOJTUSBUJPOBOE'JOBODF%FQBSUNFOU r1SPDVSFNFOUBOE.BSLFUJOH%FQBSUNFOU &91&3*&/$&"/%26"-*'*$"5*0/ The company has attained huge potential in providing its services to District Councils, Ministries and Departments XJUIJOUIF$FOUSBMBOE-PDBM(PWFSONFOUT  Municipalities, Water Boards, Multilateral and Bilateral aid programmes, and the Private Sector. Such services range through project QSFQBSBUJPO GFBTJCJMJUZTUVEJFTBOEEFTJHOT  project management (including contract administration, supervision, monitoring BOEFWBMVBUJPO USBJOJOHBOEJOTUJUVUJPOBM EFWFMPQNFOUQSFQBSBUJPOPGUFOEFS EPDVNFOUTQSPKFDUĂ OBODJOHEPDVNFOUT and specific studies in areas of specialisation of the company per customer requirements. Our strong professional background in the water sector industry was built for more than 17 years, and has made us the leading local firm in Tanzania, with over 100 projects implemented. This outstanding performance has provided us with thorough understanding of objectives and requirements of various interrelated projects.

1&340//&The company has a team of 53 professional staff consisting of Hydrologists, Water Supply and Sanitation Engineers, Hydro geologists, Highway Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Economists, Sociologists, Financial Experts, Civil and Structural Engineers, Environmentalists and experts in: â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Rural Development, *OTUJUVUJPOBM%FWFMPQNFOUBOE(FOEFS issues. It also enrols short-term inputs from professionals in specialised fields on a caseto-case basis. In addition, our managerial teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strength is coupled by the fact that we have, at our disposal, stable and efficient organisation structure which provides experienced backstopping personnel through the project. '*&-%0'41&$*"-*4"5*0/ r 8BUFS4VQQMZBOE4BOJUBUJPO r 8BUFS3FTPVSDFT&OHJOFFSJOHBOE .BOBHFNFOU r *SSJHBUJPOBOE%SBJOBHF&OHJOFFSJOH r 4USVDUVSBM&OHJOFFSJOH r )ZESPHFPMPHJDBMBOE(FPUFDIOJDBM 4UVEJFT r &OWJSPONFOUBMBOE4PDJBM4UVEJFT r )JHIXBZ&OHJOFFSJOH r 'JOBODJBMBOE*OTUJUVUJPOBM"OBMZTJT r 2VBOUJUZBOE-BOE4VSWFZJOH r $BQBDJUZ#VJMEJOH4FSWJDFT



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Energy Services Limited

We are Electrical Engineers and Contractors registered in CLASS 1 with the Contractors Registration Board. We have been in the business of electrical engineering for over 22 years and have been involved in many major construction and engineering projects gaining wide experience in the field of electrical installation and power line construction works in Tanzania. We have a team of qualified and registered engineers, technicians, linesmen, electricians and support staff. We have successfully completed many high profile contracts in both the private and public sectors where we have demonstrated our total commitment to every aspect of our operations. We are specialised in: r *OEVTUSJBM $PNNFSDJBMBOE%PNFTUJD Installations r 1PXFS&OHJOFFSJOH 5FTUBOE Commissioning r 1PXFSMJOFDPOTUSVDUJPOBOEDBCMJOHGSPN 400 Volts up to 132,000 Volts r *OTUBMMBUJPOBOE$PNNJTTJPOJOH %JFTFM(FOFSBUPST 5SBOTGPSNFSTBOE Switchgears &MFDUSJDBM%FTJHOBOE*OTUBMMBUJPO For industrial and commercial customers, we are able to design your mains distribution, power supply or lighting installations, together with statutory requirements such as emergency lighting

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and fire alarm systems. We can also advise on energy conservation, â&#x20AC;&#x153;getting the bestâ&#x20AC;? out of your electrical services. We work alongside your builders and other contractors, and ensure any work is carried out with the minimum of disruption. For domestic customers, we can design your total needs in terms of power outlets and lighting requirements. Building Regulations require all domestic alterations to be completed to industry standards. &MFDUSJDBM#SFBLEPXO We understand that loss of electrical services or faulty equipment or plant can be inconvenient, result in loss of productivity or performance and create hardship. This is true for all our clientele. We make our business customers a high priority and aim to respond within the hour to emergency breakdowns. &MFDUSJDBM*OTQFDUJPO We have a dedicated team of qualified test engineers able to thoroughly inspect electrical work and provide a full report on the condition of any existing electrical installation. This can be particularly useful for domestic customers who are considering buying older premises, or where the previous owners TFFNUPIBWFUBLFO%*:BTUFQUPPGBS PSGPS those who need a full survey report for their

mortgage lenders. We can also provide a no obligation quote for any work that needs to be carried out. For industrial and commercial clients, we can inspect premises before you invest in the property, or we can carry out a full inspection on an existing property for your insurance company. 1PXFS-JOF$POTUSVDUJPO Power Line Construction is a vital part to energise your residence. We build your Power Line to accommodate the property area and to consider the traffic flow. We set up a Pre Job Site Visit, to meet with our Customer to review their plans. We advise our Customer on Clearances, Rules, and Standards and provide them with a cost estimate. If we see a way in which we can build Cost-Effectively, we will show you the way on how to save time and money. 1SPKFDU.BOBHFNFOU5FBN A typical team would develop, engineer and install the required building services to your initial design, specifications drawings and total requirements, including: r 1SFDPNNFODFNFOUFOHJOFFSJOH administration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including liaison meetings with the main contractor and other key personnel to establish timings r 1MBOOJOHBOENBOQPXFSBMMPDBUJPO r 1MBOOFEQSPDVSFNFOUBSSBOHFNFOU

site management and supervision, total planning and co-ordination, workmanship, financial and quality control r .BJODPOUSBDUPSBOEDPOTVMUJOHFOHJOFFS co-ordination r 1MBOUBOEFRVJQNFOU r "MMTQFDJBMJTUTFSWJDFT r $PNQMJBODFXJUIBMMTUBOEBSESFHVMBUJPOT and statutory requirements r 4BGFUZNBUUFST r $PNQMFUJPOBOEDPNNJTTJPOJOH documentation r 'JOBODJBMDPOUSPMBOEĂ OBMBDDPVOUJOH agreements The project teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s primary objective is to provide a comprehensive installation service on time and within budget, to the complete satisfaction of the client, his professional advisers and main contractor.

can have a working environment in which the exchange of technical knowledge and expertise can be brought together to deliver the best added value solutions to our clients.

4VDDFTTGVM$IBJO.BOBHFNFOU ESLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s objective is to create and develop opportunities to work closely with suppliers and sub-contractors to mutual advantage, so that together the team can deliver the best value solutions to the benefit of our clients.

4VDDFTTGVM1BSUOFSJOH Building long-lasting relationships is an essential part of our business practice. Through commitment to building effective relationships with our clients, ESL have a proven track record for successfully delivering Mechanical and Electrical services to the industrial, commercial, leisure, healthcare, education and retail sectors.

The cornerstone of our strategy is the careful selection of suppliers and subcontractors from our existing approved lists with whom the company has developed long-standing relationships over many years into even more effective partnerships. These suppliers and sub-contractors join with ESL to produce team solutions that improve productivity and service to our clients and ensure that there is a greater degree of mutual trust and confidence that promotes a positive and pro-active approach to problem solving. ESLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to quality ensures a clear communication of the objectives and benefits to all parties involved in the procurement process. In creating these partnerships all parties

We provide our clients with consistent standards of products and services. We have developed close long-term relationships with both clients and suppliers. Our services are regularly reviewed to ensure that our services always meet the highest standards. 7BMVF&OHJOFFSJOH When proceeding to the design, development and cost analysis of a project ESL consider and recognise the necessity to establish trust and credibility between the company and the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team. We would establish this by developing a value engineering process in line with the following principles: r &4- XJUIUIFDMJFOUTUFBN TFMFDUTLFZ

suppliers and sub-contractors who are critical to the works, they have the capabilities, resources to ensure programme and cost certainty together with value engineering input r %FWFMPQJOHBOEBHSFFJOHBEFTJHONFBOT the specification and clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; requirements utilise ESLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many years of design engineering experience combined with practical installation expertise and project management r &4-XJMMBQQMZBTZTUFNBUJDBQQSPBDIUP value engineering and to achieving the required project functions at minimum cost, without any detriment to quality, performance and reliability r *OFTUBCMJTIJOHUIFSFMBUJPOTIJQCFUXFFO cost and value, due consideration will be given to the whole life-cycle costs of the design solution including the capital costs for installation and replacement, the energy costs, and the operating and maintenance costs during the life of the facility


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Radi Service Ltd Radi Service Ltd is an Electrical Engineering company, established in July 2002.

Service of 2000kVA, 11kV Generator for Bank of Tanzania

Offloading fault slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V for Tanga Cement (USA) for their trajectory and business excellence prestige. The giant Electrical Engineering company – ABB acquired a XPSLTIPQXIJDIXBTFTUBCMJTIFECZ1FNBDDP#FWJ-UEJO then in 2002 ABB Tanzania winded up workshop activities named "##1FNBDDP-UEUPQVSTVFPUIFSCVTJOFTTWFOUVSFTUIFXPSLTIPQ was dealing with repair/rewinding and services of electromechanical machines, field services, installation and commissioning of generators etc. Radi Services Ltd acquired all the fixed assets and inventories of ABB Pemacco Ltd, and also took on the premises of the old Pemacco Bevi workshop building along Bagamoyo Road, Mbezi Beach Industrial Area. This later shifted to new premises on Plot 895 Mbezi Beach, Tangi Bovu, on New Bagamoyo Road. Radi Service Ltd reemployed most of the competitive, committed, dedicated and hardworking staff of ABB Pemacco Ltd. Currently it has more than 30 employees on its payroll. The employees are spread in all the departments i.e. Production, Marketing, Field Services, Quality Control, Finance and Administration, Sales and Projects.

Service of 450kW DC motor for ALAF Radi Service Ltd is an Electrical Engineering legal entity company, established in July 2002. Radi Services Ltd started with a vision of carrying out repair and services of nearly all kinds of electrical motors, generators and transformers, after the former multinational company, ABB Pemaco Ltd, closed down its service industry to pursue other business ventures. Radi Services inherited the core activities as well as the most prominent staff of ABB Pemacco. The company started with a single repair workshop and has grown to include contracting and servicing. Other Services include air conditional service and repairs, mechanical repairs, vibration analysis, and dynamic balancing. They are registered electrical contractors and carry out proactive maintenance and contract services. In early 2008, they won an *OUFSOBUJPOBM(PMEFO$POTUSVDUJPO"XBSEJO.BESJE 4QBJO BOEJO UIFZXPOBO*OUFSOBUJPOBM(PMEFO2VBMJUZ"XBSEJO/FX:PSL

198 |

Best of Tanzania

With a very strong and dedicated team, Radi Services Ltd is hoping to develop and hence improve quality of service offered to different customers spread all over East Africa. Clients of Radi Service Ltd have included Bank of Tanzania, Tanga Cement, Barclays Bank Tanzania, ABB Tanzania, Tanesco, Tanzania Revenue Authority, TPCC-Twiga cement, Aggreko intern. ALAF, Dawasco, Kilombero Sugar-Illovo, Kagera Sugar, TPA, Puma Energy etc. 0VS'PDVT Radi Service Ltd’s focus is putting more emphasis on offering solution-based services. They aim to have online service and online quotation available on the website. 0VS.JTTJPO Radi Service Ltd’s mission is “Exceeding Customers’ expectations in providing Quality, Speed, Efficiency and Cost-effective service/repair of Electromechanical Machineries. 0VS7JTJPO Radi Service Ltd’s vision is “To become the best indigenous

Assembling of slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V at Radi workshop

Complete service of 2000kVA/11kV Generator for Bank of Tanzania Electrical Engineering Company and the best employer in Eastern Africa. Radi Service Ltd is licensed to deal with the following areas of Electrical Engineering: r &MFDUSJDBM$POUSBDUJOH r 3FQBJSBOE4FSWJDFTPGBMMLJOETTJ[FTPG &MFDUSJDBM.PUPST %JFTFM(BT(FOFSBUPST and Transformers. r 4VQQMZ JOTUBMMBUJPOBOEDPNNJTTJPOJOHPG diesel generators, all types of machineries JF-BUIFT .JMMJOHNBDIJOFT (SJOEJOH Machines, etc. r .BJOUFOBODFBOE4FSWJDF$POUSBDUGPS Buildings. r 1SPBDUJWF.BJOUFOBODF $POEJUJPO Monitoring). r 4BMFTPG$BCMFTBOE"DDFTTPSJFT  Motor Starters and all kinds of Electrical Engineering materials. r 4FSWJDFBOESFQBJSPG"JS$POEJUJPOFST 0VS4USFOHUIT Radi service Ltd staff/personnel are all qualified and highly trained with very vast

experience in handling projects of any size, Radi service Ltd is capable of repairing and servicing power transformers, distribution transformers, AC and DC motors and generators of various types and sizes.

Service of generator 70kVA for Barclays Bank Tanzania

0VS$PNNJUNFOUT Radi Service Ltd are committed to deliver Better, Prompt, Quality and Efficient services to their customers, at reasonable and affordable prices. $POUBDU"CEBMMBI)"CEBMMBI 1MPU.CF[J#FBDI 5BOHJ#PWV/FX #BHBNPZP3PBE 10#PY  %BSFT4BMBBN 5BO[BOJB 5FM  'BY  .PC  8FCTJUFXXXSBEJTFSWJDFDPN &NBJMJOGP!SBEJTFSWJDFDPN XXXSBEJTFSWJDFDPN

Rewinding rotor of slipring Motor 3930kW, 6300V for Tanga cement

Eng. Abdallah, A.H , MD of Radi service ltd, present paper after the award in Madrid, Spain

Complete refurbishiment of 15MVA, 33kV/11kV Transfomer for Tanesco

Eng. Abdallah, A.H , MD of Radi service ltd, present paper after the award in New York, USA

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JFM Construction Limited JFM Construction Limited was incorporated in October 1998. JFM is a medium-sized construction firm registered with the Contractors Registration Board (CRB) in Tanzania as Civil and Building Engineering Contractors.

JFM Construction has its headquarters in Arusha on Old Boma Road, a construction yard in Njiro, Arusha and branch/liaison offices in Dar es Salaam and Tanga. The Company is managed by competent Tanzania Registered Engineers, backed by reliable technicians and labour force. The company’s most valuable resource is its human resource. From here we can tap into expertise gained from as far afield as the UK, US, Kenya and in Tanzania on road maintenance, infrastructure, utility and housing projects. The Company also aims to exploit revolutionary construction techniques, for sustainable development in the country. JFM Construction Ltd’s civil works outfit is undertaking the largest of six pilot Performance Based Management and Maintenance of Roads (PMMR) contracts, awarded by Tanzania’s road agency TANROADS. The PMMR – Tanga West contract kicked off in July 2009 and runs for five years. Major works include rehabilitation and maintenance on a 228km road network. The major challenge on the PMMR project is in collecting and processing road data for effective decision-making.

200 |

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Putting infrastructure where there is none

To achieve the major project objectives, JFM selected a Hawkeye System â&#x20AC;&#x201C; developed in Australia that has resulted in achieving high road maintenance efficiency. From its Headquarters, JFM offers construction services in Tanzania in the fields of: r 1SPKFDU.BOBHFNFOU r $JWJM8PSLT r #VJMEJOH8PSLT â&#x20AC;¦QVUUJOHJOGSBTUSVDUVSFXIFSFUIFSFJT OPOFâ&#x20AC;¦ 


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| 201

CHAPTER 14 Security Systems

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 203

G4S The world’s leading security solutions group.

G4S Secure Solutions (TZ) Ltd is a Tanzanian-registered subsidiary of G4S Plc specialising in the protection of assets in the mining, financial, industrial, diplomatic, hospitality, retail and commercial sectors. With over 10 years experience in the Tanzania market, G4S Tanzania has grown to become the brand of choice for security solutions. We offer a complete approach to risk management, drawing on our worldwide experience and global footprint, our proven capabilities in end-to-end project management, personnel management, logistics, security technologies and as the only company with a cash management solution in Tanzania. For our clients, the benefits of this approach are tangible. Businesses that rise to the challenge of securing their environments in a more integrated way are better placed to protect critical assets and reputations, reduce costs and deliver a better experience

204 |

Best of Tanzania

for the people they employ and serve. G4S Security Services (Tanzania) Ltd has branches in the following six regions in Tanzania: Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza, Zanzibar, Mtwara, Arusha and Moshi. Physical security and security systems are becoming increasingly linked. G4S meets customers’ expectations for a comprehensive security solution with a flexible combination of products and services from the following departments: Manned Security G4S manned security solutions are customised to each client’s individual needs, using the most appropriate combination of manned guarding and security technology. Site-specific and tailor-made procedures are agreed with the client at the onset of each contract. Regular consultation between G4S security managers and the client, especially with regard to risk assessment

and customer care, ensures continual adaptation and improvement of performance management and consequent customer satisfaction. This concept of integrated security solutions is based on two simple objectives: the company aims to offer the client the most cost-effective option available in the market and sets clear quantifiable goals in terms of benefits generated. Additional manned guarding services include: r "DDFTT&HSFTT$POUSPM r 1FSJNFUFS1BUSPMT1SPUFDUJPO r "SNFE(VBSET r ,6OJUTmBTQFSDMJFOUTSFRVJSFNFOUT r 7*11SPUFDUJPO r &WFOU4FDVSJUZ r 3FUBJM4FDVSJUZ r )PTQJUBMJUZ4FDVSJUZ r 4FDVSF+PVSOFZ.BOBHFNFOU

Control Room Services Through its national control room in Dar es Salaam, G4S is able to monitor a wide range of individually identifiable signals, including, but not limited to: r 4FDVSJUZ"MBSNNPOJUPSJOHBOE3FTQPOTF Services r 7FIJDMF5SBDLJOHBOE-PDBUJPO r 1BUSPM.POJUPSJOH4ZTUFNT r 3FNPUF4JUF.POJUPSJOHBOE1SPUFDUJPO r $$573FNPUF*NBHFT

specialised expertise from around the world and is able to design the most costeffective options for technical security solutions.

All response crews are highly trained and experienced, and are under constant direct TVQFSWJTJPOPGUIFDPOUSPMSPPNT7FIJDMFT are fitted with vehicle tracking devices, and all events and communications are logged for most effective control and performance standards management.


Systems Through its extensive international connections, G4S Tanzania has access to

Scheduled as well as unscheduled technical support for the above product range is also offered.

Cash Solutions (4$BTI4FSWJDFTJTUIFMFBEJOHQSPWJEFS of integrated cash management solutions in Tanzania. The division specialises in the secure transportation and storage of cash and valuables; cash counting, cash processing as well as ATM replenishment; and maintenance for financial institutions in the country. . ,FZBTQFDUTPGUIFTFTFSWJDFTJODMVEF r $BTI$FOUSF.BOBHFNFOU1SPDFTTJOH r $BTIJO5SBOTJU r .PCJMF5FMMFS4FSWJDFT r *NQMBOU5FMMFS4FSWJDFT r "5.3FQMFOJTINFOUT r 7BMVBCMFTJO5SBOTJU r 'JSTU-JOF"5..BJOUFOBODF For more information on G4S services, please contact Jacqui Bothma on +255 767 222 070

Best of Tanzania

| 205

Engineered Systems Solutions (ESS)

8FBU&44TVQQPSUUIF4PDJBM3FTQPOTJCJMJUZ DPSOFSTUPOFPG5..)PMEJOHTWJTJPOUP live up to our responsibilities, to serve and enhance the communities in which we work and live and the society on which we depend. &OHJOFFSFE4ZTUFNT4PMVUJPOTIBTBTUSPOH commitment to the marketplace and we are confident of our ability to maintain and develop a highly differentiated company. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;ethosâ&#x20AC;? is geared towards finding only the best solutions for our clients.

"DFSUJĂ FE#SPBE#BTF#MBDL&DPOPNJD &NQPXFSFEDPNQBOZ &OHJOFFSFE4ZTUFNT Solutions is committed in accelerating growth through continued value creation for our customers and stakeholders by offering: r &YQFSUFMFDUSPOJDBOE*5JOUFHSBUFE solutions to all stakeholders; r &YQFSUFYQFSJFODFBOELOPXIPXXJUIJO different industries; r 'PTUFSJOHFTUBCMJTIFEMPOHUFSNTUSBUFHJD relationships with key partners; r 4FSWJDFEFMJWFSZUIBUXJMMFOIBODFBOE benefit both our clientele and society.

206 |

Best of Tanzania

&44MFWFSBHFTGSPNBNVMUJQMFQPPMPG expertise and partnerships, relating to: r &MFDUSPOJD4FDVSJUZ*OUFHSBUFE4ZTUFNT and applications; r &MFDUSPOJD.POJUPSJOHBOE5SBDLJOH Systems for monitoring individuals in the law enforcement and correctional services markets; r *54PMVUJPOT r 3FTPVSDF1MBOOJOHBOE.BOBHFNFOU Systems; r *5%FWFMPQNFOUUIBUQSPWJEFTEFDJTJPO support; r 4ZTUFNTGPSSFTPVSDFQMBOOJOHBOE management for transportation companies. About ESS &OHJOFFSFE4ZTUFN4PMVUJPOT &44 XBT FTUBCMJTIFEJOBTBO&MFDUSPOJD 4ZTUFNT*OUFHSBUPSBOEJOOPWBUPSUIBU specialises in Security Systems, Risk .BOBHFNFOU "VUPNBUJPOBOE*OGPSNBUJPO

Technology; to offer complete solutions to the commercial, government and industrial TFDUPST&44TJOEVTUSZGPDVTFETPMVUJPOT are created by using our broad knowledge of different industries and market segments to develop tailor-made and cost-effective JOUFHSBUFE*5BOEFMFDUSPOJDTZTUFNTUIBU meet our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs. 5IF&44UFBNJTEZOBNJD DPNNJUUFEBOE has the drive to ensure dependable and sustainable growth and development to become the service provider of choice, whilst being committed to the enhancement PG#MBDL&DPOPNJD&NQPXFSNFOUJOUIF industry. With branches in South Africa, Ghana, /BNJCJBBOE5BO[BOJB &44IBTBMPOH list of successful projects completed for leading South African and international organisations. Products and Services &44UBLFTQSJEFJOPVSSPMFBTTZTUFN integrators and solution providers by surpassing the role of traditional suppliers of only equipment. We recommend the best brands of equipment to satisfy our customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specific needs and offer value adding services to ensure the effective, customised completion and maintenance of a project. Our products *OUFHSBUFE&MFDUSPOJDBOE*54PMVUJPOT r $$57m%JHJUBM7JEFPBOE3FDPSEJOH

r "DDFTT$POUSPM4ZTUFNTBOE5JNFBOE Attendance Systems; r #VJMEJOH"VUPNBUJPO4ZTUFNT r 'JSF%FUFDUJPOTFSWJDFT r 'JCSF0QUJD4ZTUFNT r *OUSVTJPO%FUFDUJPO4ZTUFN r 1FSJNFUFS%FUFDUJPO4ZTUFNT r 1VCMJD"EESFTTBOE&WBDVBUJPO4ZTUFNT r 1IZTJDBM#BSSJFSTm'FODJOH r 'VMMZ*OUFHSBUFE.PEVMFT UIBUBEESFTTUIF whole resource planning and management DZDMFGPSUIFUSBOTQPSUBUJPO*OEVTUSZ r $PNCJOBUJPOPG"SUJÃ DJBM*OUFMMJHFODF BOE0QFSBUJPOBM3FTFBSDI5FDIOPMPHJFT Software optimisation for the 5SBOTQPSUBUJPO*OEVTUSZ Electronic Monitoring and Tracking Solutions A fully functional Base Station, monitoring offender operations, where administration seeks accurate and reliable real-time tracking along with effective enforcement of curfews; enabling operators to efficiently track offenders anywhere, anytime and at varying levels of intensity. A viable and affordable method of reducing existing PWFSDSPXEJOHJO$PSSFDUJPOBM$FOUSFTBOE alternate sentencing to individuals whom have been assessed as suitable recipients, detainees, individuals whom cannot afford bail or fines, Parolees and Probationers. Monitor offenders in mobile situations, such as, transports or off-site work crews, inmate schedule and zone authorisation control. Tracking Systems, performing real-time monitoring and managing of people and

objects within correctional facilities and the campuses around them.




0GGFSJOHJOUFHSBUFEFMFDUSPOJDTFDVSJUZ business solutions, electronic monitoring and tracking solutions, resource planning and management for the transportation sector and green technology solutions. National Operations 5..)PMEJOHT(SPVQPQFSBUFTXJUIJO4PVUI Africa and abroad, with regional offices TJUVBUFEJO1SFUPSJB$BQF5PXO.PTTFM Bay; Saldanha; Durban; Richards Bay; Port &MJ[BCFUI0VSJOUFSOBUJPOBMPGà DFTJODMVEF Tanzania, Namibia and Ghana. International Operations &OHJOFFSFE4ZTUFNT4PMVUJPOTJTSFHJTUFSFE with the Private Security Regulatory "VUIPSJUZ 14*3" &44IBTWBTUFYQFSJFODF in various market segments. We have developed and installed various systems and applications in the following sectors: 5FMFDPNNVOJDBUJPOT*OEVTUSJBMBOE.JOJOH 4FDUPST1FUSPDIFNJDBM#BOLJOH*OTUJUVUJPOT Pulp and Paper; Food and Beverage; *OGSBTUSVDUVSF5PMM3PBET"JSQPSUT.FUSPT /BUJPOBM1PSUT.FUBM*OEVTUSZ&OFSHZ *OEVTUSZ$BTJOPT)PUFMTBOE#VJMEJOHT 0GàDF1BSLT5FSUJBSZ*OTUJUVUJPOTBOE

&44T#&&WJTJPOJTUPJEFOUJGZ EFWFMPQ BOEQSPNPUFUIFTVTUBJOBCJMJUZPG#&& businesses through procurement with the ultimate purpose of fostering entrepreneurship in black communities and JODSFBTJOHUIFQBSUJDJQBUJPOPG#&&TVQQMJFST JOUIFNBJOTUSFBNPGUIF&MFDUSPOJD4FDVSJUZ industry. 5IF$PNQBOZT4PDJBM4LJMMT%FWFMPQNFOU Policy, encompasses projects that are external to the business; projects undertaken for the purpose of uplifting communities in general and those which have strong development approaches, with a focus on Social, Developmental or $PNNVOJUZBTQFDUT5IFDPNQBOZIBTBO immense emphasis on job creation. Training &44JTBDDSFEJUFEBTB4"44&5" Training provider in order to present skills EFWFMPQNFOUUSBJOJOH 4"2"RVBMJà DBUJPO  GPSUIFDPVSTFPO i'VSUIFS&EVDBUJPO $FSUJàDBUFJO&MFDUSPOJD4FDVSJUZuBTXFMMBT skills programs. The elective component of this qualification will allow a qualifying learner to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specialised electronic security systems.

Contact Details Tanzania Tel: +255 22 260 2034 Fax: +255 22 260 0772 Email: South Africa Tel: +27 12 460 3448 Fax: +27 12 346 5529 Email:

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Technotion Built For Technology.

Technotion, a Tanzanian based company established in 2004, provides sales, support and services in the electronic service industry with high professionalism. 0VSGPDVTJTUPDSFBUFXBZTBOENFBOT of protecting your property against theft, criminal trespass and to generally contribute towards crime prevention in our society. Mission 0VSGPDVTJTUPNFFUPVSDVTUPNFSTOFFET and wants, to provide ways and means of protecting their properties against theft, criminal trespass and generally to contribute towards crime prevention in society by providing and managing electronic security systems. We also provide a solution for other forms of protection, such as barriers to enhance protection of customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; properties. Vision We provide a comprehensive range of products for electronic security systems by designing, supplying, installing and servicing

208 |

Best of Tanzania

the same to comply with the internationally SFDPHOJTFETUBOEBSET$FOUSBMUPPVSGVUVSF success is the commitment to embrace the QIJMPTPQIZPGUPUBMRVBMJUZNBOBHFNFOU*O short, we will make it our paramount duty to meet our customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; needs as promptly as possible, providing high-quality products and offer after-sale service to complete the TBUJTGBDUJPOPGPVSDVTUPNFST0VSTUBGGXJMM be knowledgeable, competent and fullytrained to provide customers service of the highest quality. Professional support The company has well-trained and experienced personnel with all the technical know-how required in this field; providing best support to customers at technical level with the highest quality. Digital Electronic Equipment Technotion provides installation and OFUXPSLJOHPG$$57 TBUFMMJUF57 *OUSBOFU  1"#9 UFMFQIPOFTZTUFNT BOE$"57UP various hotels, apartments and offices.

We also sell and provide services for both professional and customer electronic items TVDIBT57 -$% 5'5 -&%57 IPNFUIFBUSF systems, audio systems, micro ovens, fax NBDIJOFT UFMFQIPOFT BOE1$TZTUFNTm TVDIBTNPOJUPST 614 QSJOUFSTBOE power supplies. We offer all our customers unbeatable technical support with our team of experts to assist in ensuring the highest technical support and best level of service. We provide warranty in all our products and services. Our products: r %JHJUBMDMPTFEDJSDVJUUFMFWJTJPOTZTUFN $$57


r #JPNFUSJDBOE"DDFTTDPOUSPM r &MFDUSJDGFODJOH So if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in need of voice and data, TBUFMMJUF57 TUSVDUVSFDBCMJOHTFSWJDFTBOE to safeguard your home, office, apartment, IPUFMBOEJOEVTUSZmUIFO5FDIOPUJPOJTUIF ideal company for the project. In the heart of the Dar es Salaam City Centre Jamhuri / Mosque Street / Ilala

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CHAPTER 15 Building, Architecture and Real Estate

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 211

Covell Matthews Partnership Ltd Covell Matthews Partnership Limited is a privately-owned Tanzanian practice and is a prominent architectural consulting firm in Tanzania.

PRACTICE PROFILE Covell Matthews Partnership Limited has been practising in the region since 1968. The practice incorporated Jackson and Hill (established 1923) and Bransgrove and Partners in 1970. The practice has completed a wide variety of projects throughout mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar offering a high quality design and professional service on a wide range of building types. APPROACH We have a client-inclusive approach to design in order to achieve a clear understanding of all aspects of a project through working closely with the client. We maintain a coordinated effort between the client, contractors and consultants. We lead an integrated multi-disciplined team of professionals designing all facets of a project. We have an ongoing commitment to continued professional development to maintain the awareness of new techniques and technologies and their applications in a constantly evolving marketplace. We value integrity in all that we do. Therefore we are open, honest and candid in all of our business practices and are committed to a high ethical standard. SUSTAINABLE INNOVATORS At CMPL, maximum sustainability is our goal. We use cost-effective design and completion techniques, to achieve project success. CMPL has demonstrated that sustainable design is achievable at competitive costs and that, it can add savings and value to any project type. DESIGN EXCELLENCE CMPL is commitment to design excellence as illustrated by the number of buildings we have completed and repeat commissions from clients. CLIENT BASE Our client base includes: World Bank; African Development Bank; various Aid Agencies; as well as public and private sector organisations. Education projects completed: Schools and Colleges for Second IDA Education Project; World Bank Vocational and Training residential schools, funded by African Development Bank; International Schools, private funding Girls Secondary Boarding School, multi-donor funding, Nyerere Cultural Centre. Recent projects in Zanzibar: African Development Bank (ADB) Technical Consultant for the Rehabilitation Construction of Community built classrooms in Zanzibar and Pemba;

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Schools for Alternative Learning and Skills Development Zanzibar and Pemba; Design and Supervision of model primary school in Zanzibar; Rehabilitation of school within the historic Stone Town, Zanzibar. SERVICES r1SPKFDU&WBMVBUJPO r4DIFNBUJD%FTJHO r%FTJHO%FWFMPQNFOU r$POTUSVDUJPO%PDVNFOUBUJPO r$POUSBDUPS4FMFDUJPO r5FOEFS/FHPUJBUJPO r$POTUSVDUJPO"ENJOJTUSBUJPO r$"%%.PEFMMJOH r$PODFQUVBM%FTJHO r$PTU.BOBHFNFOU r%FTJHOBOE#VJME r'FBTJCJMJUZ4UVEJFTBOE.BTUFS1MBOOJOH r3FOPWBUJPOT)JTUPSJDBOE$POUFNQPSBSZ r1SPKFDU.BOBHFNFOU Contact Luther House, Sokoine Drive P.O. Box 20867 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Telephones: +255 22 2116 623 +255 22 2121 024 +255 22 2130 359 Mobile: 0748 452 422 Fax: +255 22 2112 019 Emails: J.I. Noronha: G. McClymont:

Joseph Ignatius Noronha

Gordon McClymont

Partner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Managing Director B. Arch. Dip. Arch. J.J. College of Architecture. Registered Architect

Partner â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Director Dip. Arch. Liverpool College Of Building Registered Architect â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Tanzania

r 1BTU1SFTJEFOU Architects Association of Tanzania r 1BTU7JDF1SFTJEFOU Commonwealth Association of Architects Africa r 1BTU7JDF1SFTJEFOU Africa Union of Architects Eastern Region r $PVODJM.FNCFS of the Architectural Association of Tanzania since 1991 r &YQFSJFODFJO5BO[BOJB and India since 1971.

r $PSQPSBUF.FNCFS Architects Association of Tanzania r .FNCFS Royal Institute of British Architects r 3FHJTUFSFE"SDIJUFDU Queensland, Australia r &YQFSJFODFJO5BO[BOJB  Kenya, Zambia, UK and Australia since 1964.

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qD Consult (T) Ltd

constructions, refurbishment and rehabilitation of various buildings to project management. The firm is fully owned by Tanzanian professionals, and currently is working through the office located at the Lindi street 2nd floor, Wafanyakaziwa Posta naSimu (SACCOS) building in Dar es Salaam.

qD Consult (T) Ltd is a Tanzanian privately managed consulting firm, established in 2006 as an Architectural consulting firm. The firm is legally registered with the board of Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board (AQRB), with the aim of providing multidisciplinary consultancy services to the public and private clients internationally. The firm is fully owned by Tanzanian professionals and currently is working through the office located at the Lindi street 2nd floor, Wafanyakaziwa Posta naSimu (SACCOS) building in Dar es Salaam. The entire professional staff of qD Consult (T) Ltd are involved in undertaking a broad range of consulting services in the field ranging from preliminary planning, detailed design, and supervision of new

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Best of Tanzania

Our services qD Consult (T) Limited offers consulting services in the following areas: r "SDIJUFDUVSBM r *OUFSJPSEFTJHO r -BOETDBQFEFTJHOJOHTFSWJDFT r 6SCBOEFTJHO r %FWFMPQNFOU$POTVMUBODZ The firm through its experienced staff has experience of projects carried out in and outside Tanzania, including: Pre-Contract stages r "QQSBJTBMPGFYJTUJOHQSFNJTFT r 1SFQBSBUJPOPGEFTJHOCSJFGSFQPSU r %FTJHOXPSLBOEQSFQBSBUJPOPGUFOEFSEPDVNFOUT r 5FOEFSJOH UFOEFSFWBMVBUJPO OFHPUJBUJPOBOEBXBSE Post-Contract stages r $POTUSVDUJPOTVQFSWJTJPO 4JUFPQFSBUJPO


MANAGMENT StafďŹ ng general qD Consult (T) Ltd has a team of experienced and competent consultants that will ensure that the assignments are carried out efficiently and effectively. The team of consultants consists of experts, who are competent and experienced in such cutting issues as: r "SDIJUFDUVSBM r *OUFSJPSEFTJHO r -BOETDBQFEFTJHOJOHTFSWJDFT r 6SCBOEFTJHO r %FWFMPQNFOU$POTVMUBODZ r 5FOEFS%PDVNFOUBUJPOBOE"ENJOJTUSBUJPO r $POTUSVDUJPO4VQFSWJTJPO

P.O. Box 12184, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Lindi Str. Wafanyakazi wa Posta na Simu Bld. (SACCOS) 1st Floor Tel: +255 732 921 639 +255 754 373 717 +255 222 185 091 Fax: +255 222 185 090

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Best of Tanzania



Best of Tanzania

| 217

The Royale Orchard Inn Limited Welcome to Tanzania: the land of glory and nature ready to explore. We make you feel at home.

The Royale Orchard Inn Limited assists clients and visitors in need of houses, apartments, stand alone houses, and commercial units. Royale Orchard Inn Ltd offers the finest apartments and bungalows to let in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania â&#x20AC;&#x201C; situated in the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most sought after locations. These offer breathtaking sea-views, with peaceful and idyllic landscapes away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre yet within reach of local amenities. All homes ooze comfort and luxury with a choice of three, four or even five furnished bedrooms; fully-fitted kitchens and dining rooms; cosy living rooms and modern bathrooms. Enclosed complexes comprise of community gyms and swimming facilities available for use by residents only. Professionally managed in-house services include security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply in case of power failure and 24-hour support and maintenance. Our facilities include: r -VYVSJPVTSFTJEFOUJBMDPNQMFYFTJOUPXO r 'VMMZTFSWJDFEIPVTJOHDPNQMFYFT r .PEFSOGVSOJUVSF Ă UUJOHTBOEBNFOJUJFT r 'VMMZHVBSEFEBOETFDVSFE r 4XJNNJOHQPPMTBVOB r (ZNGBDJMJUJFT r 4FDVSFEQBSLJOH

218 |

Best of Tanzania

Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. -PDBMBNFOJUJFT'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM  sauna, gym and parking. The Palm Size: 260 square metres per apartment. Type of residence: Apartments. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5. Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. 'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM TBVOB HZNBOE parking. Seaview Complex Size: 250 square metres per apartment. Type of residence: Apartments. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5. Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. 'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM TBVOB HZNBOE parking. Twin Towers Size: 260 square metres per apartment. Type of residence: Apartments. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5. Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. 'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM TBVOB HZNBOE parking.

Dar Villas Size: 400 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 500 square metres per villa. Type of residence: Bungalows. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5. Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. Local amenities: International schools, 5.+IPTQJUBM 4MJQXBZCFBDIBOE.BZGBJS shopping centre.

'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM TBVOB HZNBOE parking. Additional facilities: Private garden and swimming pool. Distance from town: 20 minutes. Royale Orchard Size: 400 square metres per villa. Type of residence: Bungalows. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5.

Slipway Complex Size: 400 square metres per villa. Type of residence: Bungalows. Number of bedrooms: 3, 4 and 5. Inclusive services: Security, electrical repairs, standby generator and stored water supply, 24-hour support and maintenance. 'BDJMJUJFT4XJNNJOHQPPM TBVOB HZNBOE parking. P.O. Box 6100, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2860300/1/2 Cell: +255 784 786 624 / +255 716 308 142 Fax: +255 22 2862940 Email: Please explore our website

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CHAPTER 16 Transport and Logistics

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 221



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Best of Tanzania




Best of Tanzania

| 223


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Best of Tanzania




For further information contact us: Sales Team: Damco Tanzania Limited 115-1 Nelson Mandela Road Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2851257/8 Fax: +255 22 2850154 Email: Web:

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| 225

Shipping Management Services Co. LTD


226 |

Best of Tanzania


Shipping Management Services Sokoine DRV/Ohio Street NIC Life Hse, 3rd Floor, Room 21 P.O. Box 5480, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 2123796 Mobile: +255 741 233993 Fax: +255 22 2123352

Best of Tanzania

| 227



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Best of Tanzania


Mbezi Beach Industrial Area Plot 108, Bagamoyo Road P. O. Box 66627, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 265 0418 Fax: +255 22 265 0418 Cell: +255 767 200 925 +255 767 200 746 +255 767 200 521 +255 754 562 498 +255 764 700 100

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CHAPTER 17 Courier Services

Images Courtesy of DHL South Africa.

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 231

Introducing DHL express easy Simple. Secure. Affordable.

DHL is Part of the World’s Leading Logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, goods and information. DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL. The Group generated revenue of more than 51-billion Euros in 2010 and more than 53-billion Euros in 2011.

232 |

Best of Tanzania

From Humble Beginnings to Global Market Leader Founded in San Francisco more than 40 years ago by three budding entrepreneurs – Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn – DHL has continued to expand at a phenomenal rate. Today, it stands tall as the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry.

Today, DHL’s international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide – including Tanzania as part of the large African footprint. DHL also offers unparalleled expertise in express, air and ocean freight, overland transport, contract logistics solutions as well as international mail services.

DHL: Four Divisions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; One Brand â&#x20AC;&#x201C; One Provider â&#x20AC;&#x201C; All Your Solutions DHL comprises four divisions. These segments operate under the control of their own divisional headquarters. The Group management functions are performed by the Corporate Centre. We have centralised the internal services which support the entire Group, including Finance Operations, IT and Procurement. This consolidation enables us to increase the flexibility of our business, improve service quality and leverage economies of scale and cost benefits. DHL Express Easy gives you the following beneďŹ ts: r 1PTUZPVSQBSDFMUPBOZXIFSFJOUIFXPSME r 2VJDL FBTZBOESFMJBCMF r %FMJWFSZCZUIFFOEPGUIFOFYUCVTJOFTT EBZ r &BTZUPVOEFSTUBOEQSJDJOHTUSVDUVSF r 0OMJOFUSBDLBOEUSBDF

DHLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s success has always been based around delivering excellent service for customers. Never complacent, DHL has become a brand acknowledged for personal commitment, proactive solutions and local strength. At the heart of its success are its employees who focus on the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs and provide individually customised solutions.

Industry Sector Solutions DHLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s focus on selected industry sectors means customers benefit from working with specialists â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not just in logistics, but also in their particular marketplace. With our industry-leading sector solutions, we provide our customers with real competitive advantage. Express Services For anyone who needs next-day delivery or

wants to track shipments or find drop-off locations, DHL Express offers International parcel and document delivery and much more. Logistics Services The worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest logistics specialist: r "JS'SFJHIU r 0DFBO'SFJHIU r 3PBEBOE3BJM'SFJHIU r 8BSFIPVTJOHBOE%JTUSJCVUJPO r 4VQQMZ$IBJO4PMVUJPOT Our Business Divisions DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide, offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education. To cover all of your extensive service needs with the right level of focus and expertise, DHL operates under four specialised divisions: r &YQSFTT r (MPCBM'PSXBSEJOH 'SFJHIU r 4VQQMZ$IBJO r .BJM

Best of Tanzania

| 233

Transit Times and Tracking: Transit times are only guides and are not guaranteed. All UJNFTRVPUFEBSFJOXPSLJOHEBZTXFFLFOET and public holidays are not transit days. Tracking information for any parcel will not be available until the Shipment is collected from the Service Point by a DHL courier. Data Protection: Your personal details are important to us and will be used fairly, in confidence and kept secure for no longer than necessary. By signing the DHL Service Point order, you acknowledge and accept the terms of the personal data statement that can be found on the reverse of the Shipping Information Form located at the DHL Service Point. DHL EXPRESS EASY is an easy-to-use service for the quick delivery of your documents and parcels around the world.

234 |

Best of Tanzania


Corporate Responsibility at DHL Corporate Responsibility is a core element of our corporate strategy. Acting responsibly as a company means we treat our employees, the environment, the interests of society and the capital that has been entrusted to us in a manner that is respectful and sustainable. Only in this way can we be successful in the long term. Our Corporate Responsibility Approach Making a positive impact – globally and locally Deutsche Post DHL is committed to making a lasting and positive change in the world by using its knowledge and global presence in ways that benefit people and the environment. We focus on three strategic areas of involvement – GoGreen, GoHelp and GoTeach – to live up to our responsibility. We always encourage our

employees to volunteer in corporate and local projects. Create the Future of Logistics What does it take to come up with new ideas? It takes vision, strategy and dedicated people. With the new unit DHL Solutions & Innovations (DSI), the company’s innovative activities find their focal point. The mission of DHL Solutions & Innovations is to develop marketable, highly innovative logistics solutions that are both flexible and ecologically sound to meet the challenges of the future. These solutions are based upon a cooperative exchange of knowledge, technologies, services and resources with the customers and within the partner network. DHL Tanzania is the proud carrier of BEST OF TANZANIA.

Dar es Salaam: +255 22 2194900 +255 754781156/4 or +255 777704043 Mwanza +255282500890 Arusha +255 272506749

Best of Tanzania

| 235

CHAPTER 18 Automotive and Motoring

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 237

Auto Sueco Group After almost 80 years, the history of Auto Sueco Group has become part and parcel of Volvo itself.

Volvo Group supplies the entire world with complete transport solutions for professional and business customers. It offers a huge range of trucks and building equipment and has a global network of over 3,000 help points in more than 140 countries. It is, today, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment, transmission systems for maritime and industrial applications, aerospace components and services. Volvo group also provides financial solutions and aftersale assistance.

238 |

Best of Tanzania

Portugal was the starting point for the growth of a group which, step by step, has successfully managed to grow and expand abroad with strong footholds in countries MJLFUIF6OJUFE4UBUFT 4QBJO #SB[JM "OHPMB  Turkey, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana where Auto Sueco operates today.

of products and services, has been at the very foundation of Auto Sueco Tanzania ever since it first opened its doors in 2001 when Auto Sueco Group took up Volvo group’s challenge to actively contribute to the development of that country and its economy.

Tanzania is one of the countries where Auto Sueco and Volvo share the same passion for progress and innovation with brands like Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment. Offering our customers excellent quality and complete solutions in terms

Auto Sueco Tanzania now has a team of professionals who are determined to offer complete transport and construction solutions combining local entrepreneurship with almost 80 years’ know-how and specialisation in this industry, brought in by

more mature professionals from Auto Sueco Group. Having conquered the trust of an interesting group of customers like Bakhresa Group, Kascco, African Barrick Gold,Delina Group and Exceptional, Auto Sueco has continued to invest so as to improve the quality of its services, ensuring it is always close at hand, not just when it sells a piece of equipment. In the future, Auto Sueco and Volvo will continue with their joint efforts to help

Tanzanian carriers and constructors as an on-going effort to improve just as we have seen from day one.

Plot 114, Nyerere Rd Kipawa Industrial Area Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Fax: +255 22 286 6334 Tel: +255 22 286 6333 Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 239


Our range of vehicles cover all angles of individual tastes and requirements. $.$"VUPNPCJMFTFYDFMMFOUSFMBUJPOTIJQT with the local finance and insurance institutions make it possible for vehicle leasing and insurance packages to be arranged to suit all modern corporate and private customer requirements. We provide specialised servicing and genuine parts to cover all your motoring needs. $.$"VUPNPCJMFTBSFEFEJDBUFEUP making your sales experience a pleasant POFPVSRVBMJUZ SFMJBCJMJUZBOEUFDIOJDBM expertise is legendary for being the best in the region. As the official importers of Ford, Land Rover and Range Rover products, we have a large amount of available stock assuring you of immediate delivery of popular models with the best deals.

240 |

Best of Tanzania

Our Customer Service Centres provide you with outstanding service system features. The key to our success is that we offer fixed-price servicing at your request and continuously keep our customers abreast of all progress. We do everything possible to make having your car serviced a pleasure, rather than a need. Our spacious workshops are equipped with the latest technology including the most recent electronic diagnosis systems from Ford, Land Rover and Range Rover, reducing both time and costs involved when servicing a vehicle or detecting a fault. Our service divisions have technicians, measured by the Ford, Land Rover and 3BOHF3PWFS.BOVGBDUVSFST $.$"VUPNPCJMFT-UEIBTUXPMBSHF warehouse facilities in Dar es Salaam with genuine imported parts from both new Ford, Land Rover and Range Rover models,

$.$TQBSUTTUPDLJOHQPMJDJFTQSPWJEFOPU only for the latest vehicle models but also for many of the now classic models that have served Tanzanians so well in years gone by. This vast stockholding ensures that genuine OFXQBSUTBSFBMXBZTBWBJMBCMFUP$.$ Automobiles head office workshop and retail DPVOUFSPO.BLUBCB3PBEJO%BSFT4BMBBN  plus our network of four branches and 13 sub-dealers countrywide. A sophisticated computer system and well trained staff ensure that stocks of frequently used and fast moving parts are regularly replenished. The less common parts that are required from time to time are imported from GBDUPSZTPVSDFTJOUIF6, 4PVUI"GSJDBBOE Thailand as fast as possible. Pricing policies are competitive and aligned with regional and global standards for genuine new parts.

3"/(&307&3&7026& 5)&108&30'13&4&/$&

CMC Automobiles, Tanzania CMC Automobiles Ltd, PO Box 1852, Maktaba Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tel: +255 222 113017 Cell: +255 783 228800 Fax: +255 222 111508

Join us on


Associated Supplies Ltd. In a decade and a half, since it made a modest beginning, Associated Supplies Ltd. has come a long way.

Incorporated in 1997 as an unassuming caterer to the transport sector’s tyre requirement, the company has come, over the years, in the forefront as one of the leading suppliers of tyres and batteries to the automotive segment. Guided by a clear management vision, a sound financial backing and the commitment and conviction of an energetic and experienced workforce, Associated Supplies is today recognised as a major force in the automotive aftermarket of Tanzania. The key has been its unflinching and total commitment to providing the best quality of products and

242 |

Best of Tanzania

services – a philosophy the company and all its employees have lived with, making it a way of life. The strength of the company lies in its long-term association with the suppliers, customers in the general transport sector, as well as the big names in corporate and multinationals. With the backing and support of leading international brands like: KumhoTyres – Korea’s leading manufacturer and among the top 10 tyre manufacturers in the World producing full range of tyres with a IJTUPSZPGPWFSZFBST"QPMMP5ZSFTm*OEJBT

dynamic tyre manufacturers since 1972 currently on a buying spree acquiring plants in Europe (Vredstein), South Africa (Dunlop) BOEBMTPUBMLTBSFPOXJUIBNBKPS64UZSF maker and Exide – with more than 120 years experience in meeting the world’s stored energy needs and holding its No 1 position worldwide for more than 20 years. Associated Supplies has been able to develop an enviable network of dealers and consumers all over Tanzania, most of whom have been associated with it right from the company’s inception. The faith and the trust that the customers have in the company is reflected in its ever-increasing customer base. The company invests heavily in training its workforce, ensuring they remain abreast with the latest developments in the industry. Today, its workforce is acknowledged as one of the most knowledgeable. These skills and expertise are used to educate the customers on proper ‘Tyre & Battery Care’ methods and techniques, thereby helping them get better service from the products. This has paid rich dividends as the company has been able to build and retain a loyal clientele. The year 2004 was a landmark year in the history of Associated Supplies. The company was instrumental in launching

a sister company – Supreme Tyres Ltd. – a retreading outfit, giving the transport segment in Tanzania the much needed solution to reduce the overall expenses on tyres. Driven by the quality of its retreads, Supreme Tyres attained the market leadership status within months of its launch. Simultaneously some more products (Paper, Inverters and Bitumen) were added to the product range, making the activities and reach of the group more diverse. The march continued and in 2011 the company decided to expand its operations by venturing into neighbouring countries with the addition of Agro Chemicals to its bouquet. The growth story continued in 2012 as well with the acquisition of a running Fuel station, in downtown Dar es Salaam along with the distributorship of Relstar Lubricants. Another feather in the cap was the venturing into the retail business through its first retail sales and service outlet in the upcoming area of Namanga in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This state-of-the-art service centre is the first in the series of service centres which are planned for 2013. When the laurels obtained by the company

BSFMJTUFE UIF.%JTTXJGUUPDSFEJUJUBMMUP the Company’s dependable dedicated team of professionals, to its unswerving backing from steadfast suppliers and most of all to the continuous interest and support of its customers. For a company which started off as a ‘Self Employed’ outfit to providing employment to many, from a single product to multiple products, from a single location to multiple locations including overseas, Associated Supplies has come a long way. Yet, within the company, the belief is that this is just the beginning, and there is no finishing line.

P O Box 71308, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Plot no. 252, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road Opp Oysterbay Police Station Namanga, Dar es Salaam Tel: + 255 22 2664782/3 Email: Website:

Best of Tanzania

| 243

Africarriers Limited Automobile Dealers, Autoparts and Garages.

Africarriers Limited buys and sells new, used and reconditioned vehicles. They also handle all accident repairs, panel beating and spray painting. Africarriers Limited is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is a dedicated company working in vehicle services and related business activities. Africarriers Limited is the largest stockist of all kinds of vehicles in Dar es Salaam. They specialise in brand-new or reconditioned vehicles in the following vehicle categories: r -BSHFGPVSXIFFMESJWFT r 4NBMMGPVSXIFFMESJWFT r 1JDLVQT r )FBWZEVUZUSVDLT r 1BTTFOHFSCVTTFT All Africarriersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; vehicles carry full guarantee and warranty. They also carry large stock of spares and accessories. Africarriers Limited has a dedicated in-house workshop to service and repair vehicles supplied by clients as well as for insurance jobs. Contact F. Noorali 17 Pugu Rd, P.O. Box 5998, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2860 300/1/2 Fax: +255 22 2862940 Email: afriďŹ

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 245

CHAPTER 19 Food and Beverages

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 247

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 249



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Best of Tanzania

HISTORY Incorporated in June, 1995, Upper Zonal Trading Limited (“UZT”) opened its doors for business at its Headquarters Office in the Northern Town of Arusha – the gateway to the tourism attractions of Tanzania. A family-owned business since 1995 to date, the founder Mr David. E. Bulengo and his father Dr Anthony. P. Bulengo, developed the business with the vision of modelling a Purely Beverage Focused Company! Since its inception in 1995, the company has grown from strength to strength and has a Branch Office in Dar es Salaam and representative distribution partners countrywide.

OFF-TRADE The Off-Trade is also another strong market segment for us. With Offices in Arusha and Dar es Salaam and up-country distributors nationwide, our market reach in the off-trade is substantial. With a specialised Retail/Wholesale sales team, we have managed to develop a strong network of supermarkets, retail shops/outlets and wholesalers countrywide. Our customers include the likes of Shoprite, Nakumatt, and Game Supermarket. With dedicated Staff in this segment monitoring sales and shelf space and constantly promoting our diverse portfolio of products, UZT has gained strength in this market segment.

OUR VALUES AND VISION Our aim has been to ensure that our consumers have a diversified portfolio of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of high quality and great value. Furthermore, our primary goal is to strive to meet the demands and requirements of our clientele. After 17 years of operating in Tanzania in the Beverage Industry, our foundation has been built and our vision is now to develop and expand our business to greater heights.


MISSION STATEMENT We take pride in being a customer care oriented organisation and delivering quality products and services to our clients. We made our customer’s choice easy in selecting our product portfolio and made it more accessible with an elegant touch of delivery service. ON-TRADE With 17 years of experience in the Tanzanian Market, UZT’s strength lies in the On-Trade. With offices located in the Northern Circuit of Tanzania, the hub of the tourism industry (Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Kilimanjaro), UZT takes pride in its strong market share of the hotels, lodges, camping outfits and hunting safaris, as well as restaurant trade. Our customers include the likes of: Serena Lodges & Hotels, Sopa Lodges, &Beyond, Four Seasons Bilila Lodges and city hotels such as Kilimanjaro Hyatt, Southern Sun and specialised restaurants such as Mchewo. With a dedicated Sales Team that caters only to the On-Trade, we truly offer a unique personal service to this market allowing us to shape the client’s needs with our diversified product portfolio.

OUR SOCIAL INVESTMENT Over the years our commitment has not just been to the growth of our business and profitability, but also to our community. Upper Zonal Trading Limited is actively involved in community service; we believe a healthy society breeds great settings for future generations to evolve, create, lead and contribute to society. Our activities in social investment have been acknowledged over the years through awards and acknowledgements presented to us as listed below: r“Paul Harris Award” for Upper Zonal’s continuous contributions to the Rotary Club of Arusha and Sponsorship on Fighting Polio; r)POPVSBSZ$FSUJàDBUFJO6QQFS;POBMT1BSUJDJQBUJPO in the “Believe, Begin, Become Program”. Mentorship program for Young Entrepreneurs sponsored by Google.Org; r“Junior Youth Tennis Development & Tournament” Gymkhana Club Arusha. UZT will continue to be a part of the social contributors to the development of our society. Should you wish to get in touch with us our website is

Best of Tanzania

| 251

MMI TANZANIA MMI TANZANIA is Tanzania’s premier wine merchant and spirits specialist, serving both the Tanzania on-trade and general public alike.

The MMI TANZANIA team combines local expertise with international drinks trade experience and are always on hand to assist with your retail and trade enquiries. Our temperature and humidity controlled shop houses a portfolio of products for all tastes and pockets. Our store offers an impressive range of over 500 different wines, Champagnes, spirits, liqueurs and beers to enjoy browsing through. Customers are guaranteed to find something special. MMI TANZANIA enjoys working with venues around town to bring a diverse range of experiences from exclusive tastings, launch events and well-tuned club nights. The Largest Wine Portfolio in the Region The portfolio includes wine, Champagne and sparkling wine from every key producing region in the world. From South Africa we represent great estates such as Ken Forrester, Vergelegen, De Wetshof, Bouchard Finlayson, Steenberg, Winery of Good Hope, Leopards Leap, Glen Carlou and Boland Cellar. From around the World, MMI TANZANIA represents some of the leading wineries – Torres from Spain; Antinori and Ruffino from Italy; Pascal Jolivet, Joseph Drouhin, and Dourthe from France; De Bortoli and Peter Lehmann from Australia; Errazuriz and Valdivieso from Chile; Craggy Range and Oyster Bay from New Zealand and many more.

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Best of Tanzania

The Most Comprehensive Selection of Premium Spirits in the Region A fine and varied range of premium and super-premium spirits, including an exclusive portfolio of world-class brands such as: Russian Standard Vodka; Appleton Rums from Jamaica; an impressive selection of Whiskies; Patron Tequila; and many more. We also have an impressive range of house spirits covering all the major categories: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Whisky.

Premium Beer Portfolio With an experienced team focused on creating a one-stop-shop experience, we have an extensive portfolio of premium beer brands. MMI TANZANIA is part of the MMI Group headquartered in Dubai and Le Clos, Dubai’s premier Fine Wine and Luxury Spirits retail offering, situated in the new Emirates terminal.

MMI TANZANIA would like to thank you for enjoying our brands and we urge you to drink responsibly. MMI TANZANIA Shop Monday to Saturday 9.00am – 8.30pm Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm Plot 150 Haile Selassie Road Dar es Salaam, Tanzania +255 777 999 664

Best of Tanzania

| 253

CHAPTER 20 Technology and Communications

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 255


and currently boasts the largest seamless Pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi Mesh network in sub-Saharan Africa. Our position in the market has allowed us to work closely with government, donors, international partners and educational institutions to develop localised access models that will address the digital divide. It is with this resolve that UhuruOne proudly stands by its motto – “The Difference”. UhuruOne’s strength is derived from our diverse partnership and synergistic mélange of professionals, who share an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven by business and intellectual challenges. Our passion has allowed us to create, build, and transform telecommunication centred businesses in unprecedented ways. Our dedication to distinction has excelled the company through the corporate ranks not only in Tanzania and Africa, but worldwide.

In order to further reach the masses, UhuruOne looks to expand through a roll-out of a 4G national virtual wireless broadband network, the first of its kind in Tanzania. UhuruOne aims to be a catalyst in reducing the digital divide by ensuring affordability, accessibility, and availability of end-to-end broadband service in Tanzania.

21st Century Basic Education Programme (TZ21) USAID/Tanzania, in collaboration with Creative Associates International, Inc. (CAII), are implementing the 21st Century Basic Education Programme (TZ21) in support of USAID’s public-private partnership with the Ministries of Education and Vocational Training (MOEVTs) on mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. The partners – Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, UhuruOne and Zantel – aim to improve lower primary education for higher achievement in reading, mathematics, and science. Under the guidance of Steering Committees chaired by the MOEVTs on mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, Creative Associates is introducing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to strengthen professional development at teacher training colleges, teacher resource centres, and teacher centres in the Mtwara Region and Zanzibar. This partnership is aimed at strengthening the Education Management Information System (EMIS) for information.

UhuruOne is the only ISP in Tanzania that offers unlimited downloading, without usage limits. UhuruOne is the first ISP with electronic prepaid vouchers available in over 900 locations in Tanzania and a connectand-go model.

Contact Information Suite 503, 5th Floor Harbour View Towers Samora Avenue P.O. Box 20656, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Email:

UhuruOne provides a holistic approach to connecting the underserved by strategically partnering with: Fusion Universal (a leading award-winning e-learning company based in the UK); various other partners to address the knowledge gap; and Intel, whom we are exploring innovative solutions that would enable the masses with an affordable device in order to be able to access the e-services.

UhuruOne, “Freedom for All”, was conceptualised through UmojaOne’s acquisition of Selcom Broadband limited in 2009 – with the aim of transforming the telecommunications industry by tackling one of the key stumbling blocks to development access. UhuruOne started by focusing on providing affordable internet access to Tanzanians

256 |

Best of Tanzania

Telesis Tanzania Limited

Established in 2011, Telesis Tanzania has experience in operations, sales and marketing management, telecommunications and technology-related industries. The extensive leadership skills are supported by field experience in data network roll-out, marketing, billing and operational management both within Tanzania and internationally. It is the first locally-owned network operator of its kind in Tanzania – owned wholly by a Tanzanian under 40 years of age wanting to make a difference in the homeland. Not shying away from a challenge, the company’s motto is “Connecting the Unconnected”. Telesis Tanzania brings to the masses affordable, widely available, accessible internet services, through the rollout of a 4G LTE network. Affordable nationwide access will act as a catalyst toward the development of a digital-based economy and e-government services, by supporting national education initiatives while catalysing local and international enterprises in their business and entrepreneurial pursuits, both within Tanzania and internationally. The network will act as a backbone to these initiatives by providing service resilience and continuity to those most affected by the digital divide. Telesis Tanzania, through its objective, will roll out an extensive service

throughout the country, addressing the pressing issue of the digital divide whilst simultaneously generating jobs, creating wealth and insuring access to knowledge. The mobile broadband network will be launched on Digital Dividend Spectrum available for Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services. Our diverse partnership comes from a mix of professional and personal backgrounds who share an entrepreneurial spirit driven by business and intellectual challenges. We have created, nurtured and transformed telecommunication centred businesses – excelling through the corporate ranks in organisations overseas and in Africa. Our team has participated in the deployment of leading telecommunication companies resulting in double-digit growth within mobile network operators in Africa. Our goal is to become a core catalyst in the communication industry and related businesses by bringing quality and reliable supporting communication services to national education and state administration within Tanzania. This initiative will simultaneously contribute to the attainment of Millennium Development Goals for Africa through attractive but sustainable consumer solutions. Our vision will be realised through

high-quality, cost-effective and reliable mobile network based broadband access. Telesis Tanzania will support Tanzania’s Internet service customers, Mobile Network Operators (MNO), other Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies, and the local and regional governments in taking full advantage of the Internet by leap-frogging current gaps in service by delivering affordable Internet access to the masses; connecting the unconnected. Our drive is inspired by our call to empower those at the bottom of the digital pyramid by using emerging technology strategies to address key issues of the digital divide. The Telesis initiative is to reduce socio-economic inequalities derived from access levels to ICT, Internet, and the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilise the information gained. Our inspiration, simply, is connecting the unconnected.

Contact Farasi Road , Plot 128E, Mbezi Beach P.O. Box 105625, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 257

National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) Building the Knowledge Based Society through the NICTBB.

Located in the East African region, Tanzania borders with the Indian Ocean in the East and Kenya and Uganda in the North. It borders with Mozambique in the southern part while the landlocked countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo are on the West. The country boasts of its many natural resources including Mount Kilimanjaro (the highest in Africa) which have been the main attraction to tourism. Telecommunication industry in Tanzania has experienced enormous changes in the past decade. According to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) statistics, mobile subscribers have risen drastically to 28-million by June 2012 from merely 110,500 in year 2000. Unfortunately internet penetration has grown to only 14% as at the end of 2011, which is equivalent to 6.4-million internet users. Lack of ICT infrastructure in both the urban and the rural area attributing limitation of access to ICT services, has hence necessitated intervention of the

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Best of Tanzania

Tanzania government to build the National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) infrastructure. This enabling approach wants to ensure that ICT is diffused into masses at all levels, enabling maximisation of benefits and welfare to Tanzanian citizens.

The Minister for Communications, Science and Technology, Prof. Makame Mbarawa (Right) shaking hands with the TTCL Board Chairman Dr. Enos Bukuku. Looking on is the TTCL CEO Mr Said Amir Said.

The Government considers NICTBB as an important strategic vehicle intended to provide the entire Tanzanian population with reliable, efficient and cost-effective accessibility and connectivity to ICTinfrastructures, facilities and services for enhanced socio-economic development as well as creating a knowledge-based society.

Dar es Salaam (currently SEACOM AND EASSY) and thereby making Tanzania a hub of ICT infrastructure and ICT solutions within the region. Service providers in Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Zambia have already connected to NICTBB, while operators in Kenya and Uganda will soon connect to the backbone. NICTBB is managed and operated by the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL) whose main shareholder is the government. The appointment of TTCL took into consideration its facilities, resources and the skilled workforce available countrywide.

With 7400kms of Optic Fibre Cable already constructed, the backbone has been extended to nine border points of Sirari, Namanga and Horohoro (Kenya); Mtukula (Uganda); Rusumo (Rwanda); Kabanga and Manyovu (Burundi); Kasumulu (Malawi); and Tunduma (Zambia); with a view to fulfil the Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to connect the landlocked countries to the International submarine cables landing in

The NICTBB is operated as a wholesale business that is engaged in lease of capacity to Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s licensed operators, i.e. mobile network operators, Internet Service

Providers (ISPs), local television and radio stations, Fixed Network, Fixed Wireless, and Voice and Data Service Providers. In addressing its customer needs, the NICTBB network infrastructure consists of three protected self-healing rings known as Northern, Southern and Western rings covering the entire United Republic of Tanzania (URT). Services offered (on wholesale) include STM-1 (155 Mbps), STM-4 (620 Mbps), STM-16 (2.5 Gbps), STM-64 (10 Gbps), FE (100 Mbps) and GE (1000 Mbps). The government of Tanzania believes that ICTs can be used to directly influence productivity, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness in industries, which is the advantage developing countries can build their economies upon. NICTBB helps to fulfill the increasing demands of information services, strengthen competitive abilities of domestic data and voice operators as well as bridging the digital divide. It is necessary in developing

high-speed broadband and helps to efficiently exploit the benefits from undersea submarine cables landing in Dar es Salaam, by providing high quality capacity fiber optic connectivity from Tanzania to within Africa and the rest of the world. NICTBB is redefining everything that we know in e-government, e-learning, e-health, e-commerce, etc. The government under the Ministry of communications, Science and Technology now moves to the next stage of building backhaul links, regional IP and data centres which will mark significant national coverage, cross-border connectivity to borders, reliable and resilient rings, easy access and affordability. Surely, NICTBB is for continual socio-economic development transformation in Tanzania and beyond. Extelecomms House, Samora Avenue P.O. Box 9070 Dar es Salaam Tanzania Tel: +255 22 212 3838 Fax: +255 22 212 3879 Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 259

Elite Computers (T) Limited


About Us Elite Computers (T) Limited is the largest Authorised Reseller in Tanzania. Our showrooms are at SeaCliff Village and Harbour View Towers and in Mwanza on Nyerere Road, Ladhani Building Adjacent to Furniture Centre and our Corporate Sales/ Support Centre is at Mogore Street Opp Olympio Primary School East Upanga. We have been in the business of providing and supporting Apple Products since 1990. We have expanded our operations to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, all our products come with a minimum of one year warranty backed by a team of qualified engineers in various fields. In particular we specialise in: Apple Stores: If you are looking for an Apple product for the home, school or business, we have the right one just for you. At Elite, we have the best choice, widest regional presence and offer quality support such that you can be assured of elite support at any one of our outlets listed below. Print: Elite is one of the pioneers of the Digital Prepress industry in East Africa. We are the Sole Authorised Distributor and business partner of major Prepress

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Best of Tanzania

equipment, peripheral, storage and software manufacturers / designers like HP Indigo Digital Presses, WoodWing Workflow systems, LaCie, Quark and Adobe. We also represent Digital Photo Albums from Taopix and Digital finishing solutions from CP Bourg and Duplo. Audio and Video: We offer Professional Video Editing and Audio Production solutions such as Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio from Apple for a single user all the way to offering turn-key solutions to implement tapeless workflows and digital workflows for TV and Radio Stations with the assistance of industry gurus like the ex-VP of CNN Ken Tiven, (who is our consultant partner) for Radio and TV stations. CAD: We represent a variety of Architectural, Mechanical and Structural CAD design software to Facilities Management software developers. Among them include Graphisoft developers of ArchiCAD and ArchiFM to 3D rendering software such as Artlantis Render, Piranesi, and 3D Max Studio. At Elite we take pride in being DIGITAL SOLUTION EXPERTS. Come and visit us to get the Digital Lifestyle experience.

iPad Mini

iPod Family

iPhone 5 MacBook Pro with Retina display

Elite Computers (T) Limited

Dar es Salaam Locations SeaCliff Village, Masasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 260 1342 Mobile: +255 784 760600 Email:


Habour View Towers, Ground Floor, Samora Avenue, Dar es Salaam Mobile: +255 685 396 239 Email: Mwanza Location Mwanza Location, Nyerere Road, Ladhani Building Mobile: +255 763 277001 Email: Corporate Sales/Support Centre Magore Street, East Upanga, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 215 3085 /215 0663 Email:

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| 261

BM Telecomms and Networks Company Ltd, is incorporated as a limited company under the company ordinance cap. 212 on 23 Feb 2004.

Introduction BM Telecomms and Networks CO. Ltd is a team that is professionally solid and therefore ready to take up on any challenges of an engineering nature. We, at BM Telecomms and Networks CO. Ltd, have among our ranks, registered engineers by the relevant registration authorities of the land. We also have engineers specifically certified and authorised by reputable companies to carryout designs, installation and maintenance of their systems. This has been achieved through training on product specifics in the manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own training centres on the globe. Specifically we have proficiency and a proven track record in the following areas.

262 |

Best of Tanzania

Import, supply, installation and maintenance of: r 5FMFQIPOZTPMVUJPOT *11#9 $POUBDU Centres, All voice solutions); r .VMUJNFEJB5FBDIJOHTPMVUJPOT )% Projectors, Screens, Touch screens, Smart Boards); r 4USVDUVSFE$BCMJOH4PMVUJPOT $PQQFSBOE Fibre Optics infrastructures); r %BUB$FOUSF4PMVUJPOT 3BJTFEĂĄPPS systems, IP based BMS/EMS, Racks); r 1VCMJD"EESFTTBOEDPOGFSFODFTZTUFNT r -"/8"/BDUJWFFRVJQNFOU 4XJUDIFT  Routers, Servers); r 4FDVSJUZ4VSWFJMMBODFTZTUFNT *1#BTFE CCTV, Analogue CCTV, Access Control systems, library Security systems); r $PNQVUFSTZTUFNT We believe the above sheds some light on our strength and capabilities. Should you at any time require service which falls under the scope of our activities, we request that you contact the undersigned with any queries. We shall be obliged to offer any service and, most importantly, at rates that are affordable to our esteemed clients. Products We are working with world-renowned products around the globe; this includes the folowing:- Avaya, TOA Electronics, Cisco, SprintSc, NEC, Panasonic, Siemens, Arnet, Molex, Excel, Qihan, Polycom, Dell, HP, and so many more.

Clients We have various clients from all sorts of industries: Government, Banking, Colleges, NGOs, Private and many more. To name a few of our corporate customers as follows:- Vodacom, Stanbic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, CRDB Bank, Tanzania Revenue Authority, DUCE, IRDP, SUA, TAA, BOT, to mention a few. Vision statement To improve society development through better ICT and Security Solutions. Mission statement To focus on our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; market needs so as to deliver better Networking, Communication and Security services. Sinza Block B 503 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania P.O. Box 34711 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2460227 Fax: +255 22 2460230 Email: CONTACT PEOPLE Benjamin Safe Cell: +255 7547 87585 Email: RaďŹ i Mohamed Cell: +255 754 280735 Email: raďŹ

Best of Tanzania

| 263

Astrium Services Closer to you, Astrium Services has been connecting customers in Tanzania since 1999.

“QUICK WAY TO GET CONNECTED with Fibre, Leased lines, WLL, and Satellite from ASTRIUM SERVICES, all under one roof”

Our dedicated Dar es Salaam facility was opened in 2007 to meet the growing demand for reliable connectivity for ISPs, businesses and organisations in the city, regions and internationally. Local presence With a fully-owned gateway and iDirect hub, C-band and Ku-band VSATs, cable through Seacom and EASSy, and hybrid solutions with fibre, WiMAX and P2P radio links across Dar es Salaam and other cities, Astrium Services provides high-quality Internet connectivity, data and voice services to meet the communication demands of customers of all sizes and types, even in the most remote parts of Africa. With Astrium Services, secure, always-on, high-speed data, voice, Internet and other connectivity solutions are available. Local expertise With in-house expertise in satellite and data networking on your doorstep, Astrium Services in Tanzania enables customers to utilise high-quality, fully managed or non-managed network services and to communicate reliably or offer reliable communications to anywhere in the world. Core network The core network is formed from an International Gateway in Dar es Salaam and a countrywide network of local Points of Presence (PoPs) securing direct access to Domestic and International networks. The network itself and its components are protected in a secure manner. Astrium Services network topology is divided into three communications layers: r.FUSPQPMJUBOOFUXPSL r3FHJPOBM%PNFTUJDOFUXPSL r(MPCBM*OUFSOBUJPOBMOFUXPSL A-Z connectivity Astrium Services offers complete turnkey solutions, including design, project management, installation, maintenance and support – for professional and rapid deployment anywhere, worldwide. At our Network Operations Centre, experienced engineers monitor customer networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Should any issue require an engineer to visit on-site, with our Global Field Support Programme, all issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Our customers We supply connectivity to many different customers across Tanzania, but our core customers can be broken down into several specific groups:

264 |

Best of Tanzania

International outlook Astrium Services is the number one innovative leader in satellite business. Business Communications, the new division of Astrium Services, combines the power of communications leaders Vizada and its affiliate Marlink, following their acquisition by Astrium in December 2011. Astrium Services is responsible for comprehensive fixed and mobile end-to-end solutions covering secure and commercial satcoms and networks, high security and broadcast satellite communications equipment and systems, and bespoke geo-information services, worldwide.

Service Providers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Astrium Services enables ISPs to offer fast, stable, reliable and redundant connectivity and voice communications through our distinct services. Customers include Zanzibar Connections Co Ltd, Africa Online, Dovetel (Sasatel) Tanzania Limited, Bell Communications Ltd and CATS Net Limited. Enterprise â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Using hybrid network solutions, Astrium Services serves businesses communicating between sites in Tanzania and internationally with internet access, private networks with access to critical applications, and voice. Customers include Noremco AB, ABB, Ericsson AB, Double Tree Hotel and Mediterranean Shipping Company Ltd. Government â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Many government organisations rely on Astrium Services to deliver maximum reliability, security and flexibility for their applications. Customers include Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science, Ministry of Agriculture and Social Security Regulatory Authority.

These services are packaged with value-added solutions designed to enhance satellite connectivity, and delivered through Astriumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s global teleport network â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including many state-of-theart satellite facilities strategically positioned around the world. Astrium Services works with the broadest range of network providers in the industry, including: Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, Eutelsat, Intelsat, Loral, and SES World Skies. Unrivalled infrastructure r 0XO5FMFQPSU*OGSBTUSVDUVSF r0XO4BUFMMJUF$BQBDJUZ $ ,B ,VCBOE

r0XO#BDLCPOF r'JCSF$BQBDJUZ r5BO[BOJBO"DDFTT/FUXPSL r0XO*OUFSOBUJPOBM7PJDF(BUFXBZ r";5FSNJOBUJPOBOE0SJHJOBUJPO Key offerings Internet Access: Multiple options â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cable, satellite, wireless and hybrid. Private Networks: Fast and secure â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Access to all critical data and applications. Voice: Cost-effective â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Premium quality routing and presence in all African countries.

Humanitarian â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Astrium Services provides quick deploy, cost effective VSAT and mobile satellite communication for people on the ground and fixed satcom, fibre and wireless connectivity for offices. Customers include CARE Tanzania, EGPAF Tanzania, WFP, Engender Health, Plan International, UNHCR, Technoserve, SNV, Norwegian Church Aids and The International Organisation for Migration. Support across borders Astrium Serviceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s customers enjoy local support managed from our Dar es Salaam premises and using highly-skilled and experienced engineers, and remote support from our 24/7, 365 days a year European Network Operations Centre, also staffed by high-calibre technical staff. Our customers get high level access to service data with: r"EWBODFEOFUXPSLNPOJUPSJOH r$POUSPMPGBMMXJSFMFTTBOETBUFMMJUFMJOLT r.POJUPSJOHPGOFUXPSLFRVJQNFOUBOEBDDFTTSPVUFST Astrium Servicesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; unique set-up allows for communications in both Vertical and Horizontal dimensions. Astrium Services â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Business Communications Plot No. 25, Alpha House, New Bagamoyo Rd. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255â&#x20AC;&#x201C;22â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2761341 Fax: +255â&#x20AC;&#x201C;22â&#x20AC;&#x201C;2761345 Mobile: +255-782-108998 8am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5pm Monday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friday

Best of Tanzania

| 265

Zanzibar Connections Company Limited Dedicated internet services at affordable prices.

Currently ComNet offers its services in the coastal region covering the isles of Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo in Coastal Region, Tanga, Lindi and Mtwara. “Our future plan is to utilise Tanzania National ICT Fibre Backbone to expand connectivity and use KU Vsat on a local hub to internet gateway as backup to spread our network across Tanzania”, states the Technical Director of ComNet. MISSION To champion for the advancement of internet connectivity and data communication as a leading Internet Service Provider in Tanzania by offering high-quality information and communication technology services affordable to all Tanzanians.

Zanzibar Connections Company Limited is a telecommunication enterprise providing Broadband Internet Services, Data Security, Surveillance Systems and other value-added services. Incorporated in 2009, the company adopted ComNet as a business name. ComNet has undergone rapid transformation and expanded its network in the coastal region of Tanzania. ComNet is currently expanding its operations countrywide as installation of data communication, security and networking infrastructures in strategic areas in Tanzania is in progress; this is to ensure that ComNet offer the widest coverage in terms of service and support at all times. Being among the major Internet Service Providers in Zanzibar; ComNet has played a major role in building Zanzibar telecommunication infrastructure and providing innovative internet solutions to the community.

ComNet believe in looking towards the future with great visions and endless inventions in developing technologies, products and services to suit our customers’ needs both today and in the future, to live up to the company’s motto – “Reliability, Secured and Affordable: Amazing Experience”. VISION Become the preferred choice for the delivery of innovative and integrative ICT solutions in Tanzania. ComNet strongly believes that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is crucial in today’s operating environment. Innovation is an important enabler of new business opportunities and improved customer relationships. By constantly searching for technological innovations that will provide performanceenhancing solutions to our customers and striving for the highest standards of service; ComNet will continue to champion for the advancement of ICT in terms of technology and services in Tanzania.

266 |

Best of Tanzania

INCOMPARABLE VALUE At ComNet we define value as the sum of proven reliability, unchallenged security and unbeatable speed, keeping in mind our clients’ specific needs and capabilities. CARE AND SUPPORT At ComNet we are passionate about communication and making sure your communication and security infrastructure supports your organisation’s mission. We provide multiple level of flexible support using qualified technicians to answer your most detailed technical questions at our customer care department and field engineers ready to travel to remote sites to support ensuring provision of the best service. We pride ourselves with the quality of products and services we offer and the way we support our customers and their business to ensure a reliable connectivity to the world. We have developed and installed customised software that monitors our network, identify faulty devices and provide feedback to our support team, to ensure efficiency in data connectivity and service delivery. OUR MARKET ComNet serves various markets, from home users, non-governmental organisations, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities; vocational training centres, the military, government parastatals and companies of all sizes – from enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. We have managed to penetrate and capture that market because our solutions are flexible, reliable and cost-effective. ComNet give people the confidence to communicate no matter where they are within our network. MANAGEMENT At ComNet we believe that it is the people and not the machines that create value to the service that we provide our customers. We have a team of professionals that are trained and qualified to oversee operations and provide first-class service.


CONTACT US: Zanzibar Connections Company Limited 1st floor Zakaria building, P.O. Box 3819, Vuga Zanzibar Tanzania Tel: +255 (24) 223 3568; +255 775 043 568; +255 774 236 173; +255 737 006 036 Fax: +255 (24) 223 3416 Email:;; URL:; Skype: ZComNet Twitter: @ZComNet Facebook: YouTube:

COVERAGE ComNet initially targeted to provide connectivity to the Isles of Zanzibar; due to business and clients’ requirement, ComNet expanded its services to cover Zanzibar together with the coastal area of Tanzania Mainland. TECHNOLOGY ComNet offers redundancy technology and security with main backbone to fiber optics using Cisco switch layer 3. ComNet utilises Satellite Solution (Vsat) capacity, backbone and voice gateway – all augmented by global partnerships. ComNet uses Wavion Wireless Networks for Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure network stability. AirFibre offering 24GHz Point to Point delivers revolutionary performance of 1.4+ Gbps, aggregate throughput. With this technology ComNet offers a carrierclass backhaul technology. FUTURE TECHNOLOGY 4G Networks using Alvarion Technology. ComNet 4G wireless broadband solutions are founded on our ability to deliver fieldproven technological superiority, coupled with deployment expertise aimed at meeting your needs from today forward. ComNet will help maximise the efficiency of your 4G network and leverage its stability to roll-out new and exciting services that our customers are expecting. ComNets’ ability to deliver powerful and diversified solutions to telecom operators on any scale, is further enhanced by a mature 4G ecosystem enabling pervasive access through a fastgrowing portfolio of end user devices.

Best of Tanzania

| 267

African IT Company creating a difference beyond geographical barriers Inspired by challenges… Techno Brain empowering organisations with the right solutions. Techno Brain made a strategic move and started offering innovative IT solutions and BPO / ITES services to African countries. Additionally, with an aim to deliver worldclass solutions from Africa, Techno Brain is launching a high-end development centre in Kenya. This R&D centre is equipped with the latest ICT infrastructure and will host the most talented pool of software consultants from across Africa. Over a period of time, Techno Brain has been able to make its mark by offering unique IT Solutions across Africa, including India, UAE, UK and USA. Now, in true sense, every day and at every stage, Techno Brain’s solutions are contributing to the endeavours of government or semi-government bodies in several countries to earn more revenue, ensure national security, enhance financial transparency, monitor drug trafficking, provide better citizen centric services and ensure an environment free of child abuse or violence.

State-of-the-Art Research and Development Centre in Africa health, and e-governance, which open up new vistas of application. Fifteen years back, Techno Brain, Africa’s leading IT solutions provider, understood the importance of IT in Africa and started offering IT Training in Tanzania to meet the country’s basic learning needs. Gradually, Techno Brain expanded its reach. This is a first step towards a long-term solution to prepare the continent for its future in a global society. Manoj Shanker, CEO, Techno Brain Group, in conversation with H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania Over the past decade, many sub-Saharan Africa countries have started adopting a proactive rather than a reactive approach with respect to the development of Information Technology (IT) in Africa. This has helped governments of these countries to anticipate problems and design strategies to resolve them before they occur. And to further ensure IT’s growth, African governments have identified priority development sectors namely education,

268 |

Best of Tanzania

Partnered with New Horizons, the world’s largest training provider, Techno Brain now offers IT training and various other softskills training to Educational Institutes, Government Organisations, NGOs and other private organisations across Africa. However, Techno Brain realised that imparting IT training and preparing the workforce for companies to compete in the global market alone, will not be able to get the desired IT growth of Africa. To ensure a steady overall growth in IT, there should be solutions, developed within Africa, to address the challenges that African countries are facing. To address this gap,

Over the years, Techno Brain’s exceptional contribution towards providing effective and high-quality ICT Solutions has not gone unnoticed. The Company has won several international awards such as the Country Partner and ISV Partner of the Year from Microsoft and number one IT Company among KPMG’s survey of top 100 mid-sized firms in Tanzania. Since inception, Techno Brain also has been engaged in various philanthropic endeavours. As a part of corporate social responsibility, Techno Brain contributes to society in various forms – by organising a blood donation camp with Red Cross Society, donating considerable amounts in cash and in kind for various social causes, providing IT training to the under privileged, joining hands with NGOs to develop solutions to provide a safe environment for children and women while creating jobs. The Journey of Techno Brain, Africa’s very own IT Solutions provider, has not been easy. However, armed with determination and a soaring vision, there seemed no aim too lofty that could not be achieved. Today, Techno Brain stands as a true example of enduring success as it continues to take giant strides into a promising future!

MIC Tanzania Limited Tigo started operations in 1994 as the first cellular network in Tanzania. It now covers 26 regions in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Tigo strives to be Tanzania’s most innovative mobile phone operator, offering services ranging from affordable mobile voice communications to high speed Internet access and mobile financial services through Tigo Pesa. We strive to be available everywhere. That is why we continue to expand our network and in 2012 invested USD100-million across the 26 regions of Tanzania. Tigo Tanzania is a fully-owned subsidiary of Millicom International Cellular which is a USD4.5-billion revenues company founded in 1979. Millicom operates mobile, fixed and pay TV services across 15 markets in Latin America and Africa. Offering a whole suit of products and services At Tigo, we value all customers’ profiles and work hard to provide the right communications products and services for them. We offer 3.5G data services and continue to provide customers with great value and good fun with offers, such as ‘Tigo Beatz’, where for every new song downloaded, prizes can be won. Another innovation is our SmartCard SIM and monthly package where customers purchase a monthly SmartPack for their Blackberry, iPhone or Android handsets. The SmartPack includes unlimited internet for 30 days, plus a credit top up of Tsh30,000 for voice calls for the month

270 |

Best of Tanzania

Smallholder farmers benefit from a solution called ‘Tigo Kilimo’ which provides them with information and advice through their mobile phones. Tigo Pesa, our money transfer service is available nationwide and subscribers currently are able to transact for free when sending from Dar es Salaam. To enable SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to communicate easily, ‘Tigo Telco Solutions” provides savings and innovative communication solutions to groups across data, voice and internet. Corporate Responsibility Recently, together with Hassan Maajar Trust, we have donated 680 desks to schools in Njombe District through money raised with our subscribers as part of our ‘Tigo Tuchange’ programme. For social entrepreneurs, we have launched a program with the charity ‘Reach for Change’. Nine social entrepreneurs whose projects will benefit children will receive salary funding of USD25,000 a year for up to three years, as well as benefiting from an incubation process.

Contact Details: Derm Complex, Kijitonyama P.O. Box 2929 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Cell: +255 713 123103

Kamili Technologies Ltd

Founded in 2008, Kamili Technologies provides fit for purpose ICT solutions for Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), and Small to Large Enterprises. The ever-growing gap in the digital divide demands technological innovation to empower local businesses to compete on a global scale. It is fundamental that these innovations fit into the way business works and not vice-versa. Kamili Technologies focuses on innovating, developing and implementing appropriate technologies for business.

Technologies is committed to ICT projects that move businesses. As an integrated technology company, we serve a diverse list of clients and industries.

Our client-oriented approach differentiates us from typical ICT companies as we focus more on client needs and provide solutions that take advantage of current technological advances available from open-source, custom-made to propriety solutions. Kamili

Kamili Technologies Ltd excels at working closely with you to understand your requirements; from design and development to deployment and quality control, to account management and fast, reliable turnaround.

272 |

Best of Tanzania

Committed to your success, quality and support At Kamili we are committed to meeting your needs. It does not matter which industry you are from, the right technology will improve your business processes, efficiency, customer satisfaction and most importantly, your bottom line.

Members of our team possess a broad range of experience and expertise, so every phase of your project is monitored and implemented to ensure the highest-quality result. We are immediately involved in your brainstorming sessions, enabling us to understand your goals and strategies to give you the best possible solution. We work according to industry best practices and use the best tools and procedures in implementing projects. We use a project management process that actively involves our clients during the duration of the project and employ costeffective approaches that are sensitive to budget concerns.

Mission statement Providing fit for purpose ICT solutions to meet Africaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s growing need for technologydriven business processes. What we do We make technology work for you. As an integrated technology company, we solve business problems using advanced, innovative and intelligent techniques guided by the industry best practices. Our expertise ranges from high-level ICT policy reviews and consultancies; to infrastructure design and deployment; to programming and system integration; to web and mobile applications. Tel: +255 78 782 3058 Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 273

Business Machines Tanzania Limited Over 50 years, our service-led approach allowed us for a long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers; and we at BMTL believe service makes the difference.

Our business model is innovative, sustainable and customer centric. Constantly endeavouring to create value for our customers in the Enterprise Infrastructure space, we have become a trusted SOI (Services Oriented Infrastructure) and Managed Services partner for many customers across select industries, which also include Virtualisation solutions, Application Management Services and Bandwidth Management solutions. During this period of accelerated cycle, BMTL has established itself as a preferred partner for IT services to fast growing companies to fortune customers, spanning Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Government organisations. We offer worldclass services propelled by industry experts and a vast pool of professionally qualified workforce operating across East Africa Region.

274 |

Best of Tanzania

Business Machines Tanzania Limited Alliances r $JTDP4ZTUFNTm5JFS(PME1BSUOFS r 0SBDMF$PSQPSBUJPOm4VO)X 0SBDMF4X â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Platinum Partner. r )1m$PNQBR */5&-3*4$ &OUS(PME Partners. r *#.m&$.4PMVUJPOT1BSUOFST r %FMMm */5&-3*4$ 1BSUOFST r .JDSPTPGU$PSQPSBUJPOm4X1BSUOFST (OEM, Clustering Solutions). r "MMPUm0OMZQBSUOFST #BOEXJEUI Management). r 'm1BSUOFST "QQMJDBUJPO%FMJWFSZ -PBE Balancers). r 4ZNBOUFDm&11 #BDLVQBOE"SDIJWBM Partners. r &.$m7FMPDJUZ1BSUOFST Infrastructure Computing Solutions Explore our state of the art technologies and achieve immediate cost reduction on Virtualisation, Backup and Archival,

Our delivery models assure lower cost of operations because we introduce flexibility and bring in highest level of leverage using our state of the art technologies in all the ICT Solutions and Data centre offerings – the best way to build Adaptive Enterprise. Our Vision and Mission. “Working Together to Realise the Aspirations of Our Customers” To provide Business Centric IT Management services that enable customers in select Vertical Industries, take full advantage of IT as a service that is well aligned to their Business Goals with ease across the region/s. Quality BMTL Quality and timely service is the only yardstick for our customer satisfaction across our region and increase customer ROI reducing TCO.

outsourcing Technology, enhanced service levels, and quality of service ensuring smooth business operations. Our professional services are about one or more components of the stack and they are delivered through lifecycle. At BMTL we understand the importance of information that is critical to the success of business as our team provides a full range of Life Cycle of services that include planning, designing, deploying, optimising and managing your DC, storage, N/w which will ensure quick, efficient, reliable access and management of your business data. Our poised services on ICT offerings can help you implement on the scalable storage networks based on your day to day business needs vis-à-vis breed of technologies like SAN, NAS, IP SAN technology; or consolidate and migrate your data to increase operational efficiency and performance, besides offering you data integrity and business continuity. It’s imperative with security risks and incidents

multiplying daily, customers need a partner that offers a holistic approach to security that combines through leadership, helping you develop the culture and the operational capabilities to act with vital knowledge in this domain. A partner that leverages extensive security management and process expertise, indepth knowledge of the vertical markets in which you operate, and infrastructure support capabilities to help continuously protect your organisation. Our Target To be the top-most company in the ICT solutions providers across this region. Our primary focus is to provide business centric IT management using the latest methodologies adopted by the world-class leaders. We have niche models offerings based on the business suitability; they may be onsite or offsite or a mixed model.

Cloud computing We use Cloud computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation; we offer wide solutions to various classes of customers across all verticals, enhancing the ROI optimising their available infrastructure. Enterprise Data Networks Expert Resources of Network professional assists customers in LAN, WAN, Structured cabling, WAN optimisation, Network Audit, Security Auditing, Certified Structure cabling, are the other offerings to the customer. 39A New Bagamoyo Road P.O. Box 1599 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2199727 Fax: +255 22 2761640 Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 275

iStore is the trading name of XtraMicro limited, a member of the PC Solutions Group of companies. Established in 1995, PC Solutions is renowned for its reliability and quality of service within the rapidly developing ICT market in Tanzania. The group now focuses on two key business areas – firstly, support and maintenance services provided by a team of skilled engineers at PC Solutions and secondly, the sales and support of the whole range of products manufactured by Apple Inc. including the amazing Macbook Pro range of laptops and the iconic iPad, which are sold through the iStore. The iStore opened in 2008 as the first and only Apple Premium Reseller in Tanzania. The store is located at the Shoppers Plaza Shopping Centre in Mikocheni in Dar es Salaam and in the four years since it has opened there has been tremendous progress. During 2013, a new store is planned to be opened at Mlimani City that will reflect and further enhance the Apple image and provide customers with the total Apple experience. The vision for iStore is to be the most successful Apple Premium Reseller in the sub-Saharan region by growing the user base of Apple products, making the products widely available throughout Tanzania and providing exemplary customer support by well-trained, knowledgeable and motivated team members. Our core values are: r Value – to sell our products at a price that represents good value for our customers whilst being profitable for us. r Integrity – to serve our customers with honesty, providing good advise and helping them to make the right choices. r Service – putting in place people and processes that will deliver a superior service experience to our customers. r Timely – to respond to our customer requests and to fulfill their orders in a timely manner ensuring clear communication at all times. r Accessible – providing products and service at a time and at a place that is convenient and accessible for our customers. iStore is run by an experienced management team that is focused on long-term sustainable growth whilst maintaining a close eye on the quarterly numbers. Ensuring that the wider stakeholder community is informed and supportive of the development plans, is key to the continued success of the organisation. The support team at PC Solutions are the only locally-based team of cross platform experts who are certified in both Windows and Mac OS. They can support either one or the other platform but are increasingly called upon to integrate the Apple MAC OS and Microsoft Windows environments. This unique set of skills makes them one of the most called upon groups of engineers with support calls from as far afield as Zambia. The greater business focus allows the companies to deliver improved customer service and better value. For companies that are investing in Tanzania and need a reliable and committed ICT partner, then PC Solutions and iStore are the only company they need to talk to. From smart phones, to tablets to laptops, servers, through to Internet access, we can design, develop, deploy and support the right solution for each customer.

276 |

Best of Tanzania

Our customers

Company Information PC Solutions Headquarters 194 Chato Street, Mikocheni Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 22 277 5225 Mobile: 0777 784786 Email:

Retail Operations iStore Shopperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Plaza 1st Floor, Shoppers Plaza, Mikocheni Tel: 0773 478 673 Email: Web: Facebook: Opening Q1 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; iStore Mlimani City

Best of Tanzania

| 277

CHAPTER 21 Print, Media and Marketing

278 |

Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 279

Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle.

Company History Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited was founded in 1994 as a basic commercial and stationary printer to cater to small-scale clientele and simple printing works. After a corporate restructuring process in 2004 the company has evolved from small-scale/ basic printer to an industrial-scale printer catering to clientele from all sectors in the Tanzanian market with particular focus on corporate clients. In 2006 the company branched out into industrial-scale packaging providing inner cartons for various industries such as tea producers, pharmaceuticals, biscuit producers and alcoholic beverage producers. In the first quarter of 2010 the company once again expanded further by entering the promotional printing industry and providing large-format and screen printing services. Today we have become synonymous with high quality printing work and simultaneously giving value for money to our customers. We are proud to say that our

280 |

Best of Tanzania

customer service is second to none in the Tanzanian printing industry. We continue to identify areas of growth and improvement to ensure our place as one of the leading providers of quality printing work in the Tanzanian Market. Our Core Values and Services t &91&35*4& – we have market leading skills in all our fields of operation honed through experience. t 3&-*"#*-*5: – we possess the technical savvy and capability to carry out printing work to the full satisfaction of our clients on a timely basis. t '-&9*#*-*5: – our clients have high demands and we relish this and rise to the challenge. t %&%*$"5*0/ – our working philosophy is to place ourselves in the client’s shoes. We are responsible, dependable and dedicated. Our Facilities Our state-of-the-art facilities consist of an

in-house graphic designing and pre-press department, a commercial printing facility consisting of Heidelberg presses, a fullyfledged bindery facility from saddle stitching to perfect binding, a finishing facility from die-cutting and gold-foiling to UV coating, and a promotional printing facility consisting of large-format printers and screen printers. This allows us to cater to all forms of jobs such as brochures, booklets, folders, magazines/newsletters, calendars, inner cartons, roll-up banners, t-shirts and much more. Corporate Social Responsibility We at Colour Print (Tanzania) Limited) are committed to the philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) thereby ensuring our most important raw material (paper) is procured from mills/paper merchants that consider sustainable management of forests and plantations and who respect biodiversity. Our strong community ethos comes from being a family-owned printing business.

Head Office 50 Nelson Mandela Expressway Tel: +255 22 2450331 / 2450845 / 2450802 Fax: +255 22 2450332 City Centre Office Mezzanine Floor, Zahra Tower Tel: +255 22 2133694 / 2133695 Fax: +255 22 2133696 P.O. Box 76006 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Email: Website:

Best of Tanzania

| 281

Stationers in Tanzania Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd.

Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd, is a family company which was founded in 1985. With the intention to better the availability of all sorts of stationeries throughout Dar es Salaam, we are now the leaders and the largest stationery providers in Tanzania. We have built our success by selling great products at fantastic prices, whilst offering customer service that is regarded as the best in our industry. No one in Tanzania sells more office products to more customers than Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd. Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd, has supplied products to over 150,000 customers from small to medium size businesses, government and educational establishments, along with home users. Whether you are a large corporation or a home user, we believe that our customers always come first and we take pride in being able to offer low prices and the best service every time. In October 2011, we launched the first and largest Stationery Supermarket in all of East and Central Africa at Quality Centre, Nyerere Road, Dar es Salaam; where real choices exist

282 |

Best of Tanzania

in hand as we stock all the leading brands and can supply everything from paperclips to machineries. Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd. are established Manufacturing Representatives of Five Star Ltd products and Canon. We are also partners of HP, PaperMonster, Martin Yale, Epson, Mondi, Sharp, Kyocera, Samsung, Rexel and many, many more. Why buy from us? We are the number one for school and ofďŹ ce supplies: why burn yourself in the heat when our promise to you is â&#x20AC;&#x153;everything under one roofâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;great value with unbeatable serviceâ&#x20AC;?? You can count on us as your number one provider of school and office supplies. Vast range: with thousands of products, Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd can accommodate your every stationery need... from pens, paper, office machines and ink cartridges, through to office furniture supplies. Extensive experience: we have over 27

yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience of supporting businesses at any level all over Tanzania. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always be able to buy your office supplies with smooth and assured efficiency. Fast delivery: with our super-reliable and fast delivery on orders, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive your products quickly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; without the time and effort of visiting a shop. Where can you ďŹ nd us? r )FBE0GĂ DFBU+BNIVSJ4USFFU r 4UBUJPOFSZ4VQFSNBSLFUBU2VBMJUZ$FOUFS r %JHJUBM1SJOUJOHBOETVC8IPMFTBMFBU Msimbazi/Sikuku Street r *5#SBODIBU)BJEFSZ1MB[B r 1SJOUJOHBOE1BQFS$POWFSUJOHBU1VHV (Nyerere) Road

Masumin Printways & Stationers Ltd. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 22 2117090, 2117358, 2136344 Mobile: 0787 333 007, 0754 325 488 Fax: +255 22 2117357 Website: Email:

Best of Tanzania

| 283

Printing solutions in Tanzania Five Star.

Five Star Printers Ltd. is a family-owned DPNQBOZ FTUBCMJTIFEJO+BOVBSZJO%BS es Salaam, Tanzania. Five Star Printers Ltd. was initiated by the directors who have 37 years of experience in offset printing, digital printing, and stationery trading for scholastic and office items; which assure reliance and efficiency. Five Star manufactures and supplies all scholastic ruled writing material, such as: exercise books, hard bound registers, writing pads, spiral note books, and ruled

284 |

Best of Tanzania

paper. They also produce all types of printed material by both digital and litho print from business cards, letterheads, leaflets, and magazines to posters, banners, and showcards. This enables a flexible, efficient and complete offering of printing services at extremely competitive prices. Five Star Printers Ltd also offers stationery products for schools, offices, hospitals and other such institutions. They are known for making customised stationery for clients as well; such as invoice books, receipt books,

petty cash vouchers, gate pass books and all documentation that is needed by any company. Five Star Distribution is a subseries of Five Star Printers Ltd. Five Star Printers Ltd are established and reputable distributors of: r Paper Monster Products (shredders, laminating machines, binding machines etc.). r Martin Yale Products (punch machine, paperlift, coil crimpers, ream cutters,

folding machines, booklet makers etc.). r Intimus Products (shredders, data grinder, disintegrator, suction system etc.). r Avira Software Products (internet security, total security, anti-virus for server, admin console etc.). Vision Our vision is to support and promote local vendors in all of East Africa to be able to sell scholastic items for cheaper rates in comparison to imported goods. With a young and dynamic team, we are always

coming up with new concepts to ensure the people of Tanzania and the East African Community get the best, always. How we shine ahead of the competition Modern technology and the internet have not prevented us from giving our customers what we pride as a personal, friendly and reliable relationship. Let us help you Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate to email, fax or telephone us. We would be delighted to assist you in

sorting out a design and recommending to you the most economical way to produce your printing requirements.

Contact Five Star Printers Ltd. 58 Nyerere (Pugu) Road P.O. Box 662, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Mobile: +255 713 333 000 Tel: +255 2865 681/2 Fax: +255 2865 669 Email: info@ďŹ

Best of Tanzania

| 285

286 |

Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 287

BEST OF THE WORLD Welcome to the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier platform for showcasing and networking governments, leading companies and entrepreneurs in business, tourism and lifestyle. Through our Best of publishing series and we showcase an ever expanding Atlas of Success and Sustainability across multiple continents and industries.

Brand Image

Growth and Opportunity

Branding a Nation, a City and its People

Exchanging knowledge, skills and economies of scale in media

GVP brands and builds the image of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most exciting economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world. This then promotes the region in terms of its investment opportunities, key industries, innovations, people, culture, tourism potential and international objectives.

=     ] '     currently involved in more than 40 territories where the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Best ofâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

    ^-  ]<  !     5]6      '   ;     '     ! multiple World Trade Centers as well as companies and individuals that have the expertise to showcase their city, state or country.

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;An encyclopedia of success stories from the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most interesting places, people and organizations.â&#x20AC;?

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CHAPTER 22 Corporate ProďŹ les and Entrepreneurship

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Best of Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

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Proin Group Proin Group is a Tanzanian group of companies.

InďŹ nity Communications Ltd Proin Ltd Proin Ltd is a well-established progressive firm of professional Real Estate consultants. They provide an effective and comprehensive service in all aspects of Property Management, Investment Consultancy and Estate Agency matters. Proin Ltd is a member of Proin Group dealing in Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Property Development and Management. The team consists of young Tanzanian professionals in the fields of Land and Property Management, Real Estate Investment, Development Appraisal, Estate Agency, Land Development Consultancy, Building maintenance, Architecture and Landscaping, to mention a few. The formation and incorporation of Proin Ltd comes in response to the increasing demand for quality housing in the country, which is brought by many factors, including rapid population growth and urbanisation. Mission Proin Ltd intends to acquire a stake in the Tanzanian Real Estate industry by providing excellent and professional consultancies in a wide range of areas surrounding the Real Estate industry. The aim is to become a leading Real Estate consulting

292 |

Best of Tanzania

company, putting more emphasis on new developments around the Central Business District (CBD), and by creating opportunities for Tanzanians to own property. Strategies: r 1SPWJEFDMJFOUTXJUIQSPGFTTJPOBMBEWJDFUP ensure they receive maximum return on investment. r -JOLJOHJOWFTUPSTBOEQSPQFSUZPXOFST by facilitating the availability of land to investors. r *OUSPEVDFUIFDPODFQUPGQFSGPSNBODF measurement against set targets and advise on the appropriate measures for investors to adopt or implement. r 1SPWJEJOHGFBTJCJMJUZTUVEZTFSWJDFTGPS potential investors in all aspects of landed property. r 1SPWJEFQSPGFTTJPOBMFTUBUFBHFODZ services in ensuring that properties spend less time unoccupied; regulating the housing market by timely delivery of quality houses. r 'BDJMJUBUFNPSUHBHFĂ OBODF CZJOWPMWJOH financial institutions in achieving better housing for all. This will also facilitate property ownership in Tanzania.

Proin Ltd Tel. + 255 22 2700 345 Email Website:

Infinity Communication Ltd is a group of business units which develop innovative mass-market ICT products and services in Tanzania. Infinity Communication Ltd is an ideaenterprise, thriving on innovation and creativity. Services are provided at the highest end of the value chain, creating products and services that fulfil consumer needs. Several companies on Infinityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s portfolio rank amongst the fastest growing businesses in Tanzania in their corresponding industry segments. The various Infinity Businesses include Call Centre Solutions, Prepaid Airtime Distribution Systems, Prepaid Electricity Distribution Systems and Premium SMS Services Platform. Services Infinity provides highly skilled and trained personnel and skill assessment services for existing call centre setups: r $BMM$FOUSF4PMVUJPOT r 4LJMM"TTFTTNFOUBOE4VQQMZPG4LJMMFE Personnel for Call Centres; r 1SFNJVN4.44FSWJDFT1MBUGPSN

InďŹ nity Communications Ltd Tel. +255 22 277 5567 Email: info@inďŹ

Catranic Ltd Catranic Ltd provides a total support package and comprehensive and reliable fire protection service and safety gears to protect lives and properties. The company is formed by a team of young Tanzanian professionals in the field of engineering, finance and administration, and marketing, to name a few. To maintain their edge, they provide the most competent and integrated network of engineers, provisional skills and resources, products and services needed to lead the fight against fire in any environment. Vision To be a leader in providing comprehensive and reliable fire protection solutions, as well as safety gears in east and central Africa. Mission Catranic Ltd intends to provide high-quality fire protection products and services to customers, using environmentally-friendly practice. Company Structures The company has been divided into four departments, under supervision of the General Manager. The departments are finance and administration, sales and marketing, fire fighting maintenance and training, and stores and procurement. All the departments are manned by qualified staff members that are result oriented.


Proin Promotions Ltd 1SPJO1SPNPUJPOT-UEEFBMTJOQSPNPUJOH local artists, movies, music and sports. Proin Promotions Ltd Tel. +255 22 277 5567 Email: Website:

Best of Tanzania

| 293

Tanzania Gatsby Trust Creating the foundation for a thriving and robust private sector in Tanzania.

TGT Tanzania Gatsby Trust

Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) is a leading catalyst for Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) development through innovations that make markets work for the poor. TGT was registered as a charitable trust in Tanzania in 1992 under the Trustees’ Incorporation Ordinance, Cap 375 for poverty alleviation by enabling hundreds of SMEs to carry out productive and profitable enterprises. With its Vision of “working in partnership with others striving towards an enterprising Tanzania in which prosperity is widely distributed”, TGT is one of the stakeholders of SMEs Development in Tanzania. TGT consequently relentlessly pursues its Mission “to harness, channel and unleash IVNBOFOFSHZUPCVJME4PDJBM 'JOBODJBMBOE Physical Capital through Entrepreneurship Development.” In two decades, TGT has fulfilled its Vision and Mission through numerous activities – some of which are ongoing. One such activity is empowering vulnerable groups and SMEs with entrepreneurial skills and opportunities within various value chains and sectors, creating a vibrant and dynamic SME sector that ensures effective utilisation of available resources. Accelerated and sustainable growth is attained through: r #%4TVQQPSUUPHSPXUIPSJFOUFE.4.&T r 4.&TDMVCTBOEBTTPDJBUJPOT r 5BO[BOJB7JSUVBM#VTJOFTT*ODVCBUPS programmes (Mpango wa Kukuza Ujasiriamali na Biashara kwa Wanawake Tanzania – MKUBWA) with World Bank financing from the Italian Government; r 5IF$PMMFHFPG&OHJOFFSJOHBOE Technology at the University of Dar es Salaam; r 5IF7PDBUJPOBM5SBJOJOH$FOUSFT r 5FDIOPMPHZUSBOTGFSBOEQBDLBHJOH GBDJMJUZm'PPE1SPDFTTPST r 'PSNBUJPOPG5FDIOPMPHZBOE*OOPWBUJPO Cluster/incubators, workspaces and low cost housing. Tourism value chains: market-based solutions to SMEs and farmers 8JUI(BUTCZ$IBSJUBCMF'PVOEBUJPOPG6, BOE'PSE'PVOEBUJPOGVOEJOH 5BO[BOJB Gatsby Trust has managed two tourism linkage projects in Zanzibar with the intention of both becoming self-sustaining:

Tanzania Textiles Strategy Workshop chaired by Lord David Sainsbury

294 |

Best of Tanzania

r .CPHB.CPHB The Mboga Mboga project provided training and extension services to over 1000 farmers in groups across Zanzibar, and assisted them with direct linkages to the hotel industry. The project now focuses on the provision of microfinance for irrigation and seed, with additional extension advice to those farmers with access to a water supply.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania with Lord David Sainsbury

Group picture (TGT; GCF; Cotton & Stakeholders) r 'BIBSJ  'BIBSJ QSJEF XBTBNPOUIQSPKFDU training local women to produce quality handicrafts for the tourist market from locally sourced materials, successfully training women across Zanzibar. The 'BIBSJCSBOEOPXIBTBSBOHFPGIJHI quality handbags and jewellery operating as a social enterprise workshop with a retail outlet in the centre of Stone Town, Zanzibar. Rural Financial Deepening 5IFDSFBUJPOPG'BOJLJXB.JDSPĂ OBODF Company Ltd devolved from the TGT Microfinance operations: r 'BDJMJUBUFUIFGPSNBUJPOBOEDBQBDJUZ building of Community Banks; r *OWFTUJOHJO$PNNVOJUZ#BOLT r 'BDJMJUBUJPOBOEĂ OBODJOHFTUBCMJTINFOUPG CBA (Community Banks Association); r 1SPNPUJPOPG$PNNFSDJBM4NBMMIPMEFS 'PSFTUSZ The Cotton and Textile Development Programme Lord David Sainsbury of Turville, the Settlor PGUIF(BUTCZ$IBSJUBCMF'PVOEBUJPOPG6, and former UK Minister of Science, has been funding a number of programmes in Tanzania through TGT. Of these the largest is the Cotton and Textile Development Programme (CTDP), in partnership with the Tanzania Cotton Board (TCB), for which he has already committed approximately ÂŁ8-million over five years and intends to provide additional funding where needed for JUTTVDDFTT5IF%'*%IBTKPJOFEJOXJUIBO extra funding of ÂŁ7-million to support the sector.

Launching the Degree Programme at the University of Dar es Salaam The Programme aims to double the yields of Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 400,000 plus cotton farmers. The interventions are focused on establishing contract farming marketing structure for Tanzaniaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cotton sector, to enable access to inputs. This includes providing technical assistance to the TCB, offering farmers training and introducing weather insurance. The Programme is also helping TCB introduce improved cotton seed and is promoting conservation agriculture to improve farmersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; yields. Gatsby has been working closely with the Minister of Industries and Trade to develop a five-year strategy for the textile sector. An expert international team has presented its proposals, including the recommendation to establish a dedicated Textile Development Unit with the Ministry of Industries and Trade. Gatsby has also been improving the

Meeting with the President of the United Republic of Tanzania

availability of skilled resources through work with VETA and the College of Engineering and Technology. Lord Sainsbury formally launched two new UDSM courses in textile engineering and design, during his visit in May 2012.

Please contact Mrs. Olive Luena (CEO) Tanzania Gatsby Trust PPF House Samora & Morogoro Road Corner 7th Floor P.O. Box 8695, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Mob: +255 75 478 1129 Tel: +255 22 211 2900 Fax: +255 22 211 2899 Email: Web:

TGT Supported SME displaying some of her products

Best of Tanzania

| 295

Hanspaul Group At Hanspaul Group of Companies, quality is not an option, it’s in the package.

MD Satbir Hanspaul welcoming the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Tanzania Hon. Lazaro Nyarandu at 2012 Karibu Tourism Fair Hanspaul’s group-wide success in manufacturing has been achieved through company diversification. Now consisting of three thriving companies, the Tanzanian manufacturing business has many facets allowing customer satisfaction across a wide range. Hanspaul Group is continuously innovating whilst maintaining consistency across its range of quality products. The company was started in 1965 as a small repairs workshop in rented premises. It thrived through mechanical aptitude and has prominently risen in Tanzania in recent years as a result of adaptation. Satbir Singh Hanspaul, now Managing Director after growing up with his grandfather’s and father’s business, has supervised this rise of the three companies over the last five years since graduating XJUIBEFHSFFJO#4D"DDPVOUJOH'JOBODFGSPNUIF6OJWFSTJUZPG Birmingham in the UK in 2008. The company is based on an ethos of producing quality, innovative products at competitive prices, backed up by open customer communication and after sales service. As engineers who are continually improving their product, Hanspaul Group is well versed in its designs after over 30 years of customer service.

The CEO, Mr. Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul at NBCL, Mwanza

296 |

Best of Tanzania

'SPNJUTGPVOEBUJPOJOBNBOVGBDUVSJOHDBQBDJUZ )BOTQBVM(SPVQIBT branched out as a result of the ever-increasing competitive market due to an influx of imports. In the 1980s, Dharam Singh Hanspaul &

MD, Satbir S. Hanspaul Sons Ltd started manufacturing agricultural NBDIJOFTBOEUPPMT'SPNĂ STUQSPEVDJOHĂ WF machines a month, production expanded to 450 machines a month by the late 1980s. The focus now is mainly on agriculture trailers, conveyors and bag stackers, pressed panel tanks, and fuel storage tanks, most notably with steel structure buildings and warehouses. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s development has sophisticated engineering with a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;from-design-to-buildâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; strategy at its core. Hanspaul Industries Limited Hanspaul Industries Limited was established in 2003 by K.S. Hanspaul as a sister company of Dharam Singh Hanspaul & Sons Limited fully diversified company. The board of directors consists of K.S. Hanspaul and Satbir Hanspaul. Their expertise is in export quality corrugated carton boxes manufactured to customer specifications and sizes. This grew from converting 30 to 40 tonnes of paper into corrugated boxes every month in the early 2000s, which continued to grow until in 2009/10 when they purchased a fully automatic plant with 500 tonnes a month capacity. They have two semi-automatic corrugation lines and one fully automatic board-making plant. This modern machinery includes a fully automatic four colour printer, slotter and slitting machine. Hanspaul Industries Limited has a team of technically qualified and experienced personnel guiding production and management. The quality control department checks and tests products during production and before dispatch. These tests include Busting Strength, Box Compression Strength (BCT), Edge Crust Test (ECT) and GSM. The company now enjoys its products approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards â&#x20AC;&#x201C; TBS. Hanspaul Automechs Limited The group decided to further diversity into the automotive industry in 2007 by introducing Hanspaul Automechs Limited specialising in safari vehicle conversions

The CEO, Mr. Kamaljit Singh Hanspaul at NBCL, Mwanza and 4x4 accessories. Now between 18 to 25 vehicles come through the Hanspaul workshop for modification every month â&#x20AC;&#x201C; each to specific customer specifications. While still attentive to the steel structure buildings avenue of Hanspaul, the ever-growing company plans to expand further into new countries and industries. There is also currently a new vehicle conversion venture underway through numerous innovations and improvements in designs which meet the Tanzanian 4x4 and tourism market specifications. 'SPNTJNQMFSPPUTBTBGBNJMZCVTJOFTT founded by the late Mr. Dharam Singh Hanspaul, the current MDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s grandfather and CEO Kamaljit Singh Hanspaulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, the company began to win numerous agricultural machinery awards in Tanzania â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including a gold medal and platinum award in Geneva Switzerland.

New Products and Expansion The Group has now invested into fully automated CNC machines and Powder Coated Plant to ease manufacturing numerous new products such as Heavy Duty Vertical Automotive jacks, Propeller Shafts, Electrical Distribution Boxes, Switch Boards and all other panel boxes. The Group has also launched a new company â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rajson Ltdâ&#x20AC;? in 2011 which specialises in real estate and property management.

Registered Corporate OfďŹ ce: Plot No. 44 Njiro Industrial Area Tel: +255 763 000 555 Tel: +255 754 307 838 Tel: +255 756 888 864 Email: Email: P.O. Box 149 & 613 Arusha Tanzania

Best of Tanzania

| 297

Export Trading Group (ETG)

implements â&#x20AC;&#x201C; moved along the ETG supply chain. ETG increases local employment and adds value to local economies by investing in mid and downstream agriculture processing, cleaning and packaging businesses. ETG currently has 26 such plants operating in Africa and Asia; transforming maize, rice, cashew nuts, wheat, pulses, soybeans, sesame seeds, coffee and fertiliser into marketable products for regional and international distribution. Over the last decade, ETG has invested over USD150-million along the supply chain to enhance and develop the commercial capabilities of the continent. So far, ETG has assembled a prominent infrastructure which includes the following: 'PVOEFEJOBOEQVSDIBTFECZJUT current directors in 1986, Export Trading Group owns and manages the most vertically integrated agriculture supply chain on the African subcontinent with operations spanning in procurement, processing, warehousing, distribution and merchandising. In addition to ETGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s presence in more than 30 African countries, it is actively present in North America, India, China and South East Asia. By owning and managing the supply chain from start to finish, ETG is able to

298 |

Best of Tanzania

move agricultural commodities between regions, strategically matching one areaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s market origination capabilities with market consumption patterns in another. Combined with the capacity to store commodities close to their point of origin for extended periods of time, the Group maximises synergies and efficiencies at every stage of the value chain continuum. *O': BMNPTUNJMMJPONFUSJDUPOOFT of 25 different commodities â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including maize, pulses, wheat, rice, sugar, oilseeds, edible nuts, coffee, tea, fertiliser and farm


ETG and Smallholders Small-scale farmers often lack the technical skills for crop cultivation and knowledge of farm management which contribute greatly to low yields and poor crop quality. Under such conditions they often tend to take a short-term, opportunistic view, rather than developing long-term supply chain relationships and practicing farming seriously as a profitable business. The ETG business model aims to educate, motivate and enable each farmer to become an entrepreneur by the provision of input finance, transport and setting up rural depots and Agri-shops to purchase a range of crops at farm gate level (paid cash on transaction). The farmers are trained, paid for taking on a number of responsibilities and offered substantial incentives to achieve outstanding group governance. In order to achieve maximum impact, a i'BSNJOHBT#VTJOFTTuUSBJOJOHNPEVMFIBT been developed which encourages each member to set goals for the season and are assisted with planning his/her own farming season during the discussion sessions. ETG works closely with village heads, local government officials, ministry of agriculture and farmer unions in remote areas to create market access and job opportunities for those living in rural communities. The

company has also invested heavily in input finance for cash crops as well as food security crops. Through these practices, ETG continues to deepen its direct purchasing relationship with small-scale farmers, bypassing traditional intermediary transaction costs and ensuring the appropriate post-harvest handling (cleaning, drying, sorting and grading) of produce. Future Focus With the benefit of thirty yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in Africa, ETG is expanding its proven knowledge and supply chain model into other fast growing regions. Our focus is to continue growing synergies, entrench presence and deepen the value chain through increasing processing initiatives. With a supply chain linking the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fastest growing emerging markets and a sound understanding of how to succeed in those markets, Export Trading Group is well positioned to meet a future that sees dramatic changes in the nature of global agribusiness.

For more information, please visit our website:

Best of Tanzania

| 299

Exor Attorneys Registration of a Business in Tanzania.

The registration of a business in Tanzania involves various entities and is a process that takes between seven and 14 working EBZT'PSBOFOUSFQSFOFVSPSBOJOWFTUPS it is recommended to use professional services of a Lawyer or a Consultant to register a business since they can advise on the correct description of the scope of a business which can give the business enormous benefits. The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is the organisation that deals with all the Company incorporations in Tanzania. The office is located at the Ushirika Building, Lumumba Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Any person wishing to incorporate a Company can visit to find out all the necessary details required, but it is not as simple as it looks as this can be a tedious and lengthy process if one doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know their way around it. For the purpose of Incorporating a Company one must do the following: r $POEVDUB/BNF4FBSDIUPTFFUIF availability of the company name that will be used; r *GUIFTFBSDIJTDMFBSUIBOFJUIFS reserve the name, if company is to be incorporated at a later stage or fill in form 14a, form 14b and prepare the Memorandum & Articles of Association for filing at BRELA; and r *OSFTQFDUPGGPSFJHOCSBODIFT TVCNJU the certified copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the parent company, Notice of the location of the registered office in the country of domicile,

302 |

Best of Tanzania

List of directors and Names of the representatives in the country. There are four types of Companies in Tanzania: r 1SJWBUF$PNQBOJFT r 1VCMJD$PNQBOJFT r 'PSFJHO#SBODI r 1BSBTUBUBMPS4UBUF0XOFE$PNQBOJFT The process of Incorporating a Company from the time of a Name Search to the issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation is five working days. After the issuance of a CertiďŹ cate of Incorporation you must obtain the following in order to do business in Tanzania: r 5BY*EFOUJĂ DBUJPO/VNCFS 5*/  r #VTJOFTT-JDFOTF r 7BMVF"EEFE5BYJEFOUJĂ DBUJPOOVNCFS (VAT); r 5*/ A TIN CertiďŹ cate is obtained from the Tanzania Revenue Authority and for the purpose of obtaining a TIN one must fulďŹ l the following requirements: r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGUIF.FNPSBOEVN Articles of Association; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB$FSUJĂ DBUFPG Incorporation; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB-FBTF"HSFFNFOU (stamp duty and withholding tax paid) for the office; and r %JSFDUPST4IBSFIPMEFST1BTTQPSUDPQJFT Photos; r 5IFQSPDFTTPGPCUBJOJOHB5*/UBLFTB maximum of three working days.

Business License A Business License is obtained from the Ministry of Trade & Industry and for the purpose of obtaining a Business License one must fulfil the following requirements: r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGUIF.FNPSBOEVN Articles of Association; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB$FSUJĂ DBUFPG Incorporation; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB5*/DFSUJĂ DBUF r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGUIF-FBTF"HSFFNFOU (stamp duty and withholding tax paid) for the office; r %JSFDUPST4IBSFIPMEFST1BTTQPSUDPQJFT r 5IFQSPDFTTPGPCUBJOJOHB#VTJOFTT License takes a maximum of three working days. VAT VAT is obtained from the Tanzania Revenue Authority and for the purpose of obtaining a VAT one must fulfil the following requirements: r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGUIF.FNPSBOEVN Articles of Association; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB$FSUJĂ DBUFPG Incorporation; r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB5*/DFSUJĂ DBUF r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGB#VTJOFTT-JDFOTF r $FSUJĂ FEDPQZPGUIF-FBTF"HSFFNFOU (stamp duty and withholding tax paid) for the office; r %JSFDUPST4IBSFIPMEFST1BTTQPSUDPQJFT r 5IFQSPDFTTPGPCUBJOJOHB7"5UBLFTB maximum of three working days. At the completion of the registration of a business, it is very important to look into the other licenses and permits that are required to be obtained as per the industry in which the business falls, hence the need to engage a Lawyer or a Consultant. It is highly recommended to visit and to explore various incentives provided in Tanzania. Prepared by: Bob Jones (Senior Associate at Exor Attorneys) Contact:

Proudly African Proudly African

Boosting Trade, Development and Cultural Relations across Africa.

Boosting inter-trade & cultural relations across the continent

Proudly African is an initiative of Global Village Africa which is a marketing and business platform geared towards showcasing and harmonising Africa’s development, trade and cultural diversity to a global audience. 5IJTJTXIFSFUIF#&450'"'3*$" in business, government and non-profit organisations unite, promoting their vision and best practice in order to find the right customers, partnerships and joint ventures – in order to grow alongside the continent’s indisputable economic potential. The initiative has an unstoppable magnetic presence with its ever growing country and sectoral window already in over 20 African states. We invite all leaders in business and government across Africa to showcase and integrate their visions and activities so as to promote inter-Africa trade, investment and technology transfer from around the globe. We also invite all Africa’s media, trade exhibitions, conferences and business

chambers to use the platform to gain mutually beneficial exposure.

Thapelo Letsholo, Proudly African

'VMMZVOMPDLJOH"GSJDBTQSPNJTFSFRVJSFT greater continent-wide economic integration and inter-trade; such as in Europe, where integration has enabled the continent to become the world’s single biggest market. Integration and inter-trade is not only urgent, but also indispensable to unlock economies of scale and propel Africa’s competitiveness in the global economy, thus aligning the continent with the global flows of trade and finance as an equal partner. Africa’s massive economic potential still lies largely untapped – but not for much longer. The world is coming and so is the dream of a more united Africa. We need to make sure we maximise on the growth for the benefit of all of Africa and its people.

Best of Tanzania

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Best of Tanzania


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