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It’s time for Botswana “Best of Botswana will promote and showcase Botswana as a beacon of liberal democracy and social justice, where individuals have the space and inspiration to create that which makes our world a better place”. This is the time to celebrate Botswana’s achievements, and we have many reasons to be exceptionally proud of our country’s astonishing past and optimistic about our future. In celebrating the crème that our country has to offer, on timeless pages of history, ‘Best of Botswana’ will forever be a tangible reminder and visual celebration of a country that people truly fall in love with - locals and international visitors alike, a country with great people, rich biodiversity and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Thapelo Letsholo - Publisher

Botswana has enjoyed incredible growth which has been managed very well and we see this trend continuing. In spite of the world economic downturn, Botswana remains resilient showing continued growth. Consistent economic growth and the associated prudent management have created an environment where Botswana companies and individuals are achieving much success worthy of celebration.

Our sincere thanks must go to the participants showcased in our very first edition; representing the “Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals, companies and organisations with much pride and celebrate their success which in turn helps us to promote Botswana throughout Africa and the world. This yearly publication is part of the “Global Village Partnerships” publishing model that now extends across 45 countries with more than 100 countries on the anvil. To complement the readership of our print model we are also present on where millions of international readers have access to a virtual copy of ‘Best of Botswana’. We express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Sven Boermeester, Group Chairman of Global Village Partnerships, for his assistance in producing ‘Best of Botswana’. He has fallen in love with Botswana and as a result has and will continue to invest much of his time promoting Botswana to the world. Sven says “Botswana is the best of Africa”. In the years ahead, ‘‘Best of Botswana’’ will continue to document Botswana achievements and all that Batswana have a lot to be proud. We will showcase these on the world stage, relying on the fact that Botswana is representative of great innovation, dynamism and a beacon of liberal democracy and social justice, where individuals have the space and inspiration to create that which makes our world a better place, be it in the realm of business, art or ideas. We thank you and trust that you will enjoy and treasure ‘Best of Botswana’. Thapelo Letsholo International Group Publisher Botswana Publishing Partner Publisher Sales and Marketing Project Manager Production Editor Creative Direction Images

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in The ‘Best of Botswana’ Vol. 1. Neither ‘Best of Botswana’, Red Pepper PR & Communication Consultancy nor GVPedia Communications cc assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. All rights reserved: No part of this publication shall be reproduced, copied, transmitted, adapted or modified in any form or by any means. This publication shall not be stored in whole or in part in any form in any retrieval system. Contact details: Red Pepper PR & Communication Consultancy PO Box 26382 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 3951363 Fax: +267 3951368 Email:

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Foreword by the Minister of Trade and Industry

Ready for Business Botswana Presents a World of Opportunities

“Best of Botswana will definitely help us all to promote and showcase Botswana to our dedicated partners, clients and investors across the world and at home” As Minister of Trade and Industry, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the best that our beautiful and thriving country has to offer in this inaugural edition of “‘Best of Botswana’”. Botswana is strategically located in the centre of the 10 countries that comprise the southern African region. Our total market size is estimated at close to 200 million people. Botswana is well-placed to do business with Africa and the world. Closer to home, the Southern African Development


Best of Botswana

Community (SADC) Protocol on Trade is designed to ensure reciprocal market access among member countries, whilst further afield Botswana has preferential access to the European union through the Cotonou partnership Agreement and to the United States through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). Botswana is also a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), which also includes South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. SACU has entered

into Preferential Trade Agreements with the European Free Trade Area countries of Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland and the Southern American states of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and is negotiating a Trade and Investment Development Cooperation agreement with the US as well as a Preferential Trade Area arrangements with India, which should create further market opportunities for investors wishing to set up in Botswana with the aim of exporting.

The publication of ‘Best of Botswana’ comes at a very appropriate and opportune time for Botswana and its people as we accelerate our efforts to realise our vision of being a significant global player across all sectors of business, travel and lifestyle. In following this quest we are guided by the 5D’s - Democracy, Development, Dignity, Discipline and Delivery. These guiding principles create the most favourable conditions to ensure that our aspirations can be fulfilled by focusing on our abilities, effective delivery, wealth creation and capacity building. ‘Best of Botswana’ showcases the best

that our country has to offer by providing a colourful and highly-visual description of what makes Botswana great. It celebrates Botswana as a country of the people, for the people, by the people – to locals and international visitors alike. I have no doubt that ‘Best of Botswana’ will greatly assist us in promoting and showcasing Botswana to its dedicated partners, clients and investors across the world and at home. Botswana can achieve greater success only if we show a collective will and all of us participate fully in her affairs. Whatever we do and whatever we say must serve the best interests of this country and ‘Best of

Botswana’ is an excellent example of this. Congratulations to Red Pepper PR & Communication Consultancy and the Global Village Partnership for initiating the publishing of this inaugural edition of ‘Best of Botswana’. They must be commended for their vision and efforts towards creating a fantastic manner in which to tell others about the ‘Best of Botswana’. I hope you enjoy the book.

Yours Sincerely Ms Dorcas Makgato-Malesu Minister of Trade and Industry

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BEST OF THE WORLD Welcome to the world’s premier platform for showcasing and networking governments, leading companies and entrepreneurs in business, tourism and lifestyle. Through our Best of publishing series and we showcase an ever expanding Atlas of Success and Sustainability across multiple continents and industries.

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Growth and Opportunity Exchanging knowledge, skills and economies of scale in media With regional head offices in 5 continents, the organisation is currently involved in more than 40 territories where the ‘Best of’ series is published. GVP has a 5-year growth plan to develop a further 150 economic territories organically, through each continent’s regional head office, and through partnerships with companies and individuals that have the expertise to showcase their city, state or country.

Branding a Nation, a City and its People GVP brands and builds the image of the world’s most exciting economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world. This then promotes the region in terms of its investment opportunities, key industries, innovations, people, culture, tourism potential and international objectives.

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The ‘Best of…’ publishing series produces annual maxi format book publications in over 40 territories, from Bangalore to Belgium. These detail success stories of people and companies making positive inroads into the commercial fibre of both mature and emerging markets. The books showcase entrepreneurial spirit; establishing powerful global networks and the creation of individual brand awareness by bridging cultures. The result is the ultimate interactive corporate gift and P.R. marketing tool for governments, companies, hotels and business people providing leading products and services for their region.


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Botswana – Africa’s Jewel Botswana has topped the list of the world’s fastest growing economies since 1965, with an average growth rate of 9,2%

Botswana is strategically positioned at the centre of the Southern African region. A well developed network of roads links the country with South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe, making it the ideal industrial hub of the Southern African/SADC region. The capital city, Gaborone is 380 km from


Best of Botswana

Johannesburg; 1510 km from Cape Town; 990 km from Harare; 600 km from Bulawayo and 1365km from Lusaka. Botswana is similar in size to France - 581 730 km2 - and has a population of approximately 2 million people, 500 000 in the capital Gaborone. The official language is

English and the National language is Setswana. Botswana’s climate is semiarid. Though it is hot and dry for much of the year there is a summer rainy season. The Northern parts of Botswana are warmer, whilst the Western side, mainly covered by the Kalahari Desert, can have

extremely cold nights in winter. The country is very rich in natural resources, which includes diamonds, copper, nickel, coal, salt, soda ash, gold, granite and sand. Botswana’s Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is used by numerous regional airlines including Air Botswana,

South African Airways and Kenya Airways with flights to and from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Lusaka, among others. There are smaller airports in Gaborone, Francistown, Kasane, Selebi-Phikwe, Maun and others. The 2010 Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks Botswana as one of the world’s most peaceful countries, as well as the most peaceful country in Africa. The country ranked 33rd out of the 149 countries measured in the survey, placing it just behind Singapore, France and the United Kingdom. The crime rate in Botswana is one of the lowest in the world.

Major Towns Dating back to the colonial era, Francistown is the oldest town in Botswana and is a mining area of gold, copper and nickel. Selebi Phikwe is a copper and nickel mining town, which shares a border with Zimbabwe and South Africa. Tourist town Kasane is home to the renowned Chobe National Park, which has the highest elephant population in the world. Home to the famed Okavango Delta and its wide variety of fauna and flora, Maun is another popular tourist destination. Lobatse shares a border with South Africa and houses Botswana Meat Commission (BMC), the country’s largest beef exporter.

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Best of Botswana

Economy Botswana has topped the list of the world’s fastest growing economies since 1965, with an average growth rate of 9,2%. The country is a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU), an economic grouping free of tariffs that also includes South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. It is also a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and serves as the headquarters of the regional organisation that has a market of 200 million people. The country has a thriving domestic financial sector, which includes banks, insurance companies and a growing stock market. Botswana also enjoys one of sub-Saharan Africa’s highest per capita GDP. Botswana has a low country risk perception and an investment grade credit rating.

accepted widely in Botswana. International and regional banks found in Botswana include Barclays Bank of Botswana, Standard Chartered Bank, First National Bank of Botswana, Stanbic Bank Botswana, Capital Bank and Bank of Baroda, whilst local banks include The National Development Bank (NDB) and Bank Gaborone. Botswana has a highly developed banking and ATM network spanning all towns and major villages.

Banking All major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club, are

Political Botswana is a multi-party democracy and has consistently held free & fair elections every 5

Health Botswana has an extensive public health system comprising referral hospitals district hospitals, primary hospitals, clinics, health posts, and mobile clinics. Botswana is a relatively safe place to visit from a health perspective and requires no inoculations except for visitors from yellow fever zones.

years since 1965. The current President is Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Most countries, including European countries and the USA, have embassies in Gaborone. Religion Botswana is tolerant towards all religions and/or beliefs. Whilst the dominant faith is Christianity, various religions such as Sikh, Hindu, Islam, Bahai, Freemasonry and Rastafarianism are freely practiced in the country. Currency Botswana’s unit of currency is the Pula (P), which is divided into 100 Thebe (t). Bank notes come in denominations of P10, 20, 50,100 and 200, whilst coins are in denominations of 5t, 10t, 25t, 50t, P1, P2 and P5. The word ‘Pula’ means rain and ‘Thebe’ means shield. Time Zone +2 GMT International dialling code +267

Best of Botswana 15

Infrastructure Botswana is by no means a large country, but in boxing terms it definitely punches above its weight – a situation brought about by the maximum utilization of natural resources, the embracing of technology, thorough planning and a collective attitude by its people to make Botswana the best it can be. When analysing Botswana’s infrastructure it would not be out of place to say that this gem of a country has a lot going for it. Diamonds are Forever For starters, Botswana is the world’s leading producer of gem quality diamonds in the world. The country’s thriving diamond industry - dominated by Debswana, a joint venture company owned by De Beers Investments (50%) and the Government of Botswana (50%) - accounts for 70% of export earnings within the country and 30% of Botswana’s GDP. Debswana has 3 operational mines - Letlhakane, Orapa and Jwaneng, which is the richest of the three and also the largest diamond mine in the world. More recently Debswana has joined forces with the Government to develop the Damtshaa mine that


Best of Botswana

is located between Orapa and Lethlakane. The industry has spawned a world class diamond centre, opened in 2008, that has placed Botswana as the world leader in the sorting and valuation of rough diamonds, facilitated international investment, promoted skills and technology and is ensuring that a portion of Botswana’s most important natural resource stays in the country longer. The growth of the diamond industry is set to create around 3000 new jobs, 30% of these within the industry, primarily in diamond cutting, polishing, sales and marketing as well as in secondary business sectors such as Banking, Security and Information Technology. Medical Excellence For many years Botswana was without a world class hospital and many people had to travel to neighboring South Africa for specialized medical services. This is all set to change with the opening of Bokamoso, which has been described by many as the best hospital in Southern Africa. The health facility was built at a cost of approximately P700 million and boasts cutting-edge health, telecommunications and

building technology. The hospital is an internationally recognised centre of medical excellence, providing state-of-the-art health care services and an advanced nursing practice model for global implementation. Telecommunication Services Telecommunications is undergoing a renaissance in Botswana. This has been sparked by a new Telecommunications Act as well as the establishment of an independent regulatory body to oversee the diversification of the industry. Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC) has one of the best digital networks in Africa having

achieved nearly 100% per cent digitalisation. Satellite supported international access allows for direct dialling to at least 180 countries. Cellular Growth The cellular telephone industry has shown spectacular growth over the past few years and is on par with most countries on the Continent. Three networks operate in Botswana with all of them reporting substantial profits. Mascom, which is owned by Zimbabwean and Portugal investors among others, has over 1 million subscribers whilst the newest of the three, Be Mobile, boasts over 300 000 subscribers.

Best of Botswana 17

Connecting with the World Botswana aims to ease communications problems by linking with Europe through terrestrial and undersea cables via the East and West African coasts. Botswana is a key investor in the $230m East Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSY), which came into operation during 2010. The Government has invested US$100 million in Africa’s second biggest undersea optical cable project as part of its plans to improve telecommunications links with Europe via the East and West coasts of Africa. The cable runs under the Indian Ocean from Mtunzini in South Africa to Port Sudan in Sudan. The Botswana government is also negotiating with Namibia and Angola with the aim of


Best of Botswana

accessing the undersea cable that will provide the country’s link to Europe via West Africa. Emerging Media Environment The pan-African satellite TV network from South Africa DSTV is currently the only pay television available in Botswana whilst the government’s well established free-to-air station Btv has an expansive footprint across Africa. South African company, e-tv has invested in a local television station to establish e-Botswana, which is expected to go National and compete with Btv. The country’s fast growing economy has provided a big boost for radio in recent years. From just one radio station, Radio Botswana at independence, the country today boasts three independent

stations, as well as another youth oriented station, which was established by the Government in the late 1990’s. The next level of development will be community radio, with the government set to open up licenses that will attract potential investors. Meanwhile, Voice of America’s radio relay station in Africa is located in Botswana, from where it transmits VOA news and programs across Africa. Botswana has a thriving print media industry. The most widely read is the urban daily paper Mmegi. The country’s first and only broadsheet newspaper the Sunday Standard has thrived since its launch in 2004 despite concerns of congestion in the market. There are two weeklies that appear on a Friday, the

Best of Botswana 19

sometimes controversial tabloid the Voice and the Guardian that has a strong mix of business and general news. There are also several midweek newspapers – the Economic Express specializes in business news, the Echo, Gazette, the Sun, the Monitor and the Mirror, which have all been in existence for more than a decade. The Government runs the monthly Kutlwano magazine. Transport Infrastructure Because Botswana is at the centre of the Southern African region it is easily accessible via roads from all major regional centres. The 595 km TransKalahari Highway links the capital Gaborone with the Namibian capital Windhoek and serves as a strategic link in the


Best of Botswana

Maputo-Walvis Bay Economic Corridor. This also provides lower cost access routes to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe as well as making game reserves and other tourist attractions more accessible. Botswana also has a formidable rail transport network that provides a connection to Namibia and Swaziland as well as a continuous link to Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi. This is made possible by Botswana Railways (BR) with support from Spoornet of South Africa in the south, and National Railways of Zimbabwe in the north. BR also operates containerised Dry Port facilities in the capital Gaborone, in North Eastern Botswana in Francistown and Selibe-Phikwe

in the country’s centre. These serve as dry port facilities for locally based importers and exporters, offering containerised door-to-door delivery. Meanwhile, the Governments of Botswana and Mozambique have commenced the development of a deep water port at Techobanine point in Mozambique’s southernmost district of Matutuine. Besides building a port that can receive bulk mineral ships, oil tankers and passenger vessels, the project also involves a new 1,100 kilometre railway linking Techobanine to Botswana and passing through Zimbabwe. Pioneering Oil Industry The Botswana Government plans to launch the country’s first National Oil Company before

the end of 2010. Benchmarking has been done against a similar institution in Mozambique with the purpose of determining operations protocols and gaining an understanding of issues such as legislation and citizen participation in the oil industry. The Government hopes citizen companies will initially be used to transport the fuel by road from Harare, until the completion of the railway line from Botswana to Mozambique. Booming agriculture sector Robust and revolutionary measures have been adopted by the Botswana Government to develop infrastructure for both arable farming and pastoral agriculture. There are several agricultural initiatives that are capable of attracting investors.

The third phase of the National Agricultural Master Plan for Arable Agriculture and Dairy Development (NAMPAADD) aims is to locally produce 50% of the country’s Sorghum and Maize requirements, 80% of fresh fruits and vegetables and 45% of liquid milk. The Zambezi AgroCommercial Integrated Development Project at Pandamatenga, which plans to develop agricultural production on a large commercial scale, will include 20,000 hectares of irrigated land, aquaculture, poultry and dairy farming, oil production and fruit, with the present National beef herd numbers being around 2.5 million, with the Government determined to increase this to 5 million.

Harnessing Human Potential A high proportion of Botswana’s budget is invested in education and skills training. Botswana’s Vision 2016 initiative aims to produce an educated and informed Nation with the ability to transform Botswana into a knowledge society. This will be achieved through cultivating and celebrating innovation, talent and creativity. Botswana boasts several institutions of higher learning, including the University of Botswana (UB), which has positioned itself as one of the best Universities in Africa, Botswana Accountancy College (BAC) and Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST). Botswana also has ICT colleges from Malaysia and India as well as tens of Government- owned technical colleges offering courses in Information Technology, crafts, business, and many other industries. The country’s burgeoning IT industry continues to flourish with about 200 registered IT companies offering a wide scope of services, including: training, database development, in-house software development, networking, hardware maintenance, website development, multimedia as well as distribution of computers and their accessories. The country is at the forefront of transforming the IT landscape of the African continent via the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH), which is destined to be the leading African destination for innovative businesses. When fully developed, the BIH will consist of world class facilities including state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with high capacity international connectivity and secured power, professional business services, and business development services. Foreign investment will be encouraged with employees of companies, organisations and institutes registered to operate in the BIH being exempt from having to apply for work and residence permits. Sources: BEDIA, Botswana Tourism, Ministry of Trade, Mmegi Newspaper, IFSC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CSO, BIH

Best of Botswana 21

The Jewel of the Kalahari Botswana’s Wildlife Oasis - The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most sought after wilderness destinations in the world. Situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, it is often referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Kalahari. Shaped like a fan, the Delta is fed by the Okavango River, and the third largest in southern Africa. It has been steadily developed, over the millennia by millions of tons of sand carried down the river during seasonal flooding from the highlands of Angola where it originates from. As an extension of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, the Okavango is set within a geographically unstable area of faults, and regularly experiences land


Best of Botswana

movements, tremors and minor quakes. Landlocked, far from the coast and surrounded by higher altitudes, the Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta. This proposed World Heritage Site covers an area of 15000km2 and provides both a permanent and seasonal home to a wide variety of wildlife. Over 40 species of large mammals, approximately 400 bird species and over 1000 plant and tree species. Unspoiled, the Okavango Delta offers visitors one of the purest ecosystems on earth with a rainbow of wildlife species, including African Elephant, Buffalo, Hippopotamus,

Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe, Nile crocodile, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Brown Hyena, Spotted Hyena, Greater Kudu, Sable Antelope, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, Zebra, Warthog and Baboon. The endangered African Wild Dog still survives within the Okavango Delta, exhibiting one of the richest pack densities in Africa. The delta also includes over 400 species of birds, including African Fish Eagle, Crested Crane, Lilac-breasted Roller, Hammerkop, Ostrich, and Sacred Ibis. The Pearl’s Fishing owl is a common sight as it flies over the Okavango waters to snatch a fish. Over the years, the Okavango Delta has become a popular destination for fishermen looking for one of the rarest species in the world - the Tiger Fish, which is found in the Okavango’s fresh flowing water. Tiger fish hunters at the Okavango practice the catch and release method whereby, once caught, the fish is photographed, and released back into the water. Major tourist attractions in the Okavango Delta and the dryland areas are superb game viewing, birding and

boating, often in the traditional mokoro. The diversity and numbers of animals and birds is staggering. Accommodation in the Okavango region is very diverse, offering even 5 star accommodations, to give the traveller the best comfort and style they prefer in this wilderness paradise. The magnificent Okavango Delta is the winner of the World Travel Tourism for Tomorrow (WTTC) Award 2010, which is a testament to it being ever so unique and most extraordinary.

Best of Botswana 23

Top 20 reasons to visit, live, invest and do business in Botswana

1. Transparency According to Transparency International, Botswana is the most transparent country in Africa. In 2009, the same organisation rated Botswana as the least corrupt country in Africa. The country has a proven record of good economic governance and has an official policy of zero tolerance for corruption. 2. Economic Stability Botswana is one of the fasted growing economies in the world. The country has a stable macro-economic environment and economic growth. Botswana has retained its favourable investment grade sovereign credit ratings by both Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor’s Credibility and Creditworthiness rating at grade ‘A’, placing the country among the most stable in Africa. 3. Competitiveness The World Economic Forum, producers of the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) in


Best of Botswana

2009/10 ranks Botswana as the third most competitive country in Africa following South Africa and Tunisia.

of recovered diamonds while the Orapa Mine is the richest by quantity of diamonds recovered. Diamond mining accounts for approximately one-third of Botswana’s GDP and 70% of export earnings.

4. Peace and Security Botswana is rated the most peaceful nation in Africa (Global Peace Index - 2010). The 12. Socioeconomic development index placed the country 33rd out of the 149 The Diamond industry is the mainstay of countries. The country has a zero tolerance Botswana’s economy and has enabled for crime and corruption. significant socioeconomic development. Residents of the country have access to educational facilities, healthcare (within 15 5. Tourism kilometres) and safe drinking water (81%). Botswana operates a vibrant tourism The countries literacy rate (81%) and total industry which is the second largest school enrolment is high. contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The country was this year (2010) granted the Tourism for Tomorrow 13. Quality of Life Award with Botswana Tourism Organisation, Overall satisfaction of the lives of Batswana and crowned the winners of the Destination places the country in the top three Stewardship Award for their successful happiest countries in Africa. Botswana work in advancing sustainable tourism best is a cosmopolitan country where people practices. of diverse ethnicity and traditions live in harmony. 6. Foreign Investment Botswana’s laws encourage Foreign 14. Market Access Direct Investment (FDI), particularly in the Through its membership to the Southern non-mining sector. This is with the aim to African Development Community (SADC) diversify the economy. The government and Southern African Customs Union has implemented reforms expediting the (SACU), Botswana has market access to application process for business ventures a population of 250 million. Botswana also and continues to make positive changes to enjoys duty and quota free access to the encourage the ease of doing business in the US market through the African Growth and country. Opportunity Act (AGOA). 7. Ease of doing business Botswana is in 45th place out of 183 countries in the World Bank’s 2010 Ease of Doing Business Report. 8. Banking System The country’s financial sector is well developed and is one of Africa’s most advanced, housing an independent central bank. Monetary and banking policies contribute to macroeconomic and financial sector stability.

15. Tolerance Batswana are tolerant and take pride in their way of life which is based on respect for traditional and cultural values of mutual respect (botho), consultation (therisanyo) and the promotion of social harmony (kagisano). Setswana tradition also encourages dialogue.

16. Political Stability Since gaining independence in 1966, Botswana has at 5 year intervals, successfully held free and fair elections to elect government. Botswana’s constitution 9. Leadership and Governance limits presidency to two 5-year terms and In 2009, former President of Botswana, Mr. voting age is 18 years. Botswana is rated Festus G. Mogae was awarded the Mo as one of Africa’s most politically stable Ibrahim Award which was established to countries and is the continent’s longest recognise and celebrate excellence in African continuous multi-party democracy. leadership. The country ranks in the top three countries with the best governance in Africa. 17. Corporate Tax The country Corporate tax is only 15% 10. Economic Freedom for manufacturing enterprises and In 2009, the Index of Economic Freedom International Financial Services Centre compiled by Heritage Foundation (covering (IFSC) companies. The highest rate for 183 countries) stated that Botswana is 69.7% personal income tax is 25%. Botswana has free and is the world’s 34th freest economy. no foreign exchange control. 11. Botswana - home to the richest diamond 18. Infrastructure mines in the world Botswana boasts a spectrum of well Botswana is home to some of the world’s developed infrastructure ranging from road, richest diamond mines. Jwaneng Mine is the rail and air networks as well as Information richest diamond mine in the world by value

and Communication Technologies (ICT). Residents have access to products and services including educational facilities, healthcare, electricity and safe drinking water. 19. Inflation One of the major pillars of Botswana’s macroeconomic policy is to maintain a stable inflation rate. According to The Bank of Botswana, the current medium term objective is to maintain inflation at 3-6 % (August 2010). 20. Warm spirit of Batswana Batswana are warm and friendly people who are open, respectful, humble and welcoming of guests at all times.

Best of Botswana 25

The Southern African Development Community (SADC)

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has been in existence since 1980, when it was formed as a loose alliance of nine majority-ruled States in Southern Africa known as the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), with the main aim


Best of Botswana

of coordinating development projects in order to lessen economic dependence on the then apartheid South Africa. The founding Member States are: Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

SADCC was formed in Lusaka, Zambia on April 1, 1980, following the adoption of the Lusaka Declaration - Southern Africa: Towards Economic Liberation. The transformation of the organisation from a Coordination Conference into a Development Community

(SADC) took place on 17 August, 1992 in Windhoek, Namibia when the Declaration and Treaty was signed at the Summit of Heads of State and Government thereby giving the organisation a legal character. The Member States are Angola, Botswana,

THE SADC VISION The SADC vision is one of a common future, a future within a regional community that will ensure economic well-being, improvement of the standards of living and quality of life, freedom and social justice and peace and security for the peoples of Southern Africa. This shared vision is anchored on the common values and principles and the historical and cultural affinities that exist between the people of Southern Africa. the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. SADC headquarters are in Gaborone, Botswana.

SADC Headquarters Plot No. 54385 Central Business District Private Bag 0095 Gaborone Botswana Tel: +267 395 1863 Fax: +267 397 2848 Email:

Executive Secretary Dr. Tomaz Augusto SalomĂŁo

Best of Botswana 27

First Amongst Equals Celebrating the “Father of the Nation”

“Sir Seretse Khama is recognised for uniting Batswana under one language - Setswana, which has become a National language” Botswana’s founding President, the late Sir Seretse Khama, is amongst the most widely-known and influential political figures in recent African history. Seretse Khama, who was a


Best of Botswana

founding Chairman of SADC, was instrumental in the liberation of Botswana and its neighbours from apartheid rule. Born in 1921 into the Royal family of the then British

protectorate of Bechuanaland, Seretse Khama was educated in South Africa and the United Kingdom. He returned home to lead Botswana’s independence movement, founding the

Botswana Democratic Party in 1962 and becoming Prime Minister in 1965. When Botswana gained independence in 1966, Khama became its first President. Seretse Khama, who passed away in 1980, is widely-regarded as the “father of the nation” by most Batswana. Inheriting one of the poorest economies in the world at independence, Seretse Khama in 1976 declared that in just ten years they had achieved for Botswana what the colonial government had failed to do in more than 100 years! Seretse is famous among the Batswana for introducing Botswana’s own currency at a time when the country’s economy relied so much on apartheid South Africa. He is also recognised for uniting the Batswana under one language Setswana, which has become a National language. Seretse was instrumental in the creation of the country’s first university, using his charismatic leadership to mobilise the cattlerich Batswana communities to contribute their cattle-wealth towards the construction of the University of Botswana. Botswana’s infrastructure owes much to Seretse’s inspirational leadership as he rallied the Batswana to participate in voluntary community projects, including the construction of dams, roads and schools at a time when the country’s economy could not fund such projects. Seretse revived and boosted local culture, utilising the country’s National Radio Station to record and broadcast the country’s talent in folklore, traditional choir singing, poetry, and all forms of music and dance. His well-known words - “a Nation without culture is a Nation without a soul” – are borne out by his many initiatives that have shaped Botswana into the thriving country it is today.

A True Champion Leading the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa

Former Botswana President Festus Mogae continues to make a significant impact on the African continent since his resignation from the Presidency and the peaceful transfer of power to Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama in April 2008. A champion of worthy causes, Mr Mogae, who became independent Botswana’s third President in April 1998 and served two five-year terms, has been recognised as a powerful force in the fight against AIDS and HIV in Africa in recent years. In February 2009, during his “Champions for an HIV-free Generation” tour of Southern Africa, Mr Mogae called on all Africans to keep up the fight

against the HIV and AIDS epidemic, and not to give up in the struggle towards creating an AIDS-free society. Mr Mogae’s sterling work in the fight against the disease has earned him many accolades, including the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership in October, 2008. Commenting on the achievement, the chairperson of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan said the panel had selected Mr Mogae because of his “outstanding leadership that has ensured Botswana’s continued stability and prosperity in the face of an HIV/AIDS pandemic, which threatened

the future of his country and people”. Mr Mogae was also named “Africa’s Man-of-the Year in 2008” by Africa Today Magazine. Born on August 21, 1939, Mr Mogae received his higher education abroad, attending North West London Polytechnic in England, and later earning an Honours degree at Oxford; he later received a graduate degree in developmental economics from Sussex University. Under Mr Mogae’s leadership, Botswana enjoyed a long history of political stability. Today the country earns high praise for the stable example it sets for its neighbours and it is often referred to as the continent’s

“showcase democracy.” More recently, Mr Mogae has turned his attention to corruption on the African continent. Delivering the keynote address at the launch of the Anti-Corruption Revolution Campaign (ANCOR) in Nigeria in February 2010, Mr Mogae described corruption as a threat to democracy in Africa. He said corruption was the number one enemy to law and order as well as good governance, adding that governments could not fight corruption alone but needed the active participation of ordinary citizens, the public sector, the private sector, and civil society.

Best of Botswana 29

Botswana’s Beauty Our country’s first Supermodel

“Despite her international success, Kaone remains true to her roots and her face can still be seen in leading fashion stores in Gaborone, advertising the latest fashion trends”.


Best of Botswana

Botswana’s first-ever international supermodel, Kaone Kario, has become an inspirational icon to hundreds of young Botswana women who dream of following in her footsteps. Kaone got her big break in 2005 when, on her 19th birthday, she was crowned winner of the “Face of Africa” modelling competition. Five years on, the vivacious young model from Maun has appeared on magazine covers, catwalks (Cape Town fashion week and London fashion week) and billboards across Africa and in Europe. She is also studying Television and Film Production Techniques and presented the 2010 Face of Africa TV series, with a grand finale in Lagos Nigeria, which she co-hosted.

Since winning the title, Kaone has based herself in Cape Town, which is home to many of the country’s leading model agencies and also a Mecca for modelling assignments. She is currently signed to Zero models. (www. Kaone does a fair amount of print and runway modelling work in her adopted home town, but she also spends a fair amount of time travelling, mostly to Africa where she often takes part in leading fashion shows. She intends to travel and work across Europe upon completion of her studies. Kaone has appeared in the pages of the South African editions of the popular Elle, Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines, just to name a few. She has also featured in modelling campaigns for leading brands, including Mr

Price, Edgars, Foschini, American Swiss, Levi jeans, and the wellknown cosmetics line Nivea, which, not surprisingly, increased in popularity in Botswana after Kaone’s appearance in their advertisements. Despite her international success, Kaone remains true to her roots and her face can still be seen in leading fashion stores in Gaborone, advertising the latest fashion trends. Kaone is blessed with a natural, slim figure and she exudes a quiet self confidence. She has a unique, beautiful face and an almost bald

head, which is one of her unique selling points. She carries it off well, however, prompting a leading fashion magazine to observe in 2008: “Very few women can rock an almost bald look and still look drop dead gorgeous. Kaone Kario is one of those few... since her crowning; the fierce model has soared and keeps soaring to higher heights”. Kaone is a proud product of Botswana and if she is anything like her country she will continue rocking and inspiring others for years to come.

Best of Botswana 31

Miss Botswana In 1999 Miss Botswana beauty pageant winner, Mpule Kwelagobe made history when she was crowned Miss Universe, putting Botswana on the map as one of the rare places where true beauties are found!

Mpule won the Miss Botswana title and went on to be Miss Universe in Trinidad & Tobago. She became the first black African Miss Universe. In 2010, 21-year-old Emma Wareus, daughter of a former


Best of Botswana

beauty queen, beat thirteen finalists to be crowned Miss Botswana, at a glamorous event held at the Gaborone International Convention Centre. Wearing a green dress, Emma broke into tears as she waved

her hand to greet the crowd. Bonny Serole was announced second princess and Naledi Moshoeshoe first princess. The Miss Botswana Pageant remains a charitable cause driven by the Botswana council of Women. The NGO has innovated around the pageant so much that at some point the USA rap mogul, Russell Simmons donated diamond bracelets as part of the prizes for the winning queen and her princesses. The 2010 Miss Botswana queen won a house in the capital of Gaborone. The winners of the Miss Botswana pageants then go on to represent Botswana at the Miss World stage. Various corporates sponsor Miss Botswana as well as the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture.

Going For Gold Botswana’s first woman Olympian

“Montsho put in an outstanding performance at the African Athletics Championships in Addis Ababa in 2008, clocking the first sub50 second 400m run in the history of the event” Botswana’s first-ever female Olympic athlete, Amantle Montsho, is amongst the country’s new generation of young role models. The 400m track star made her Olympic debut in Athens in 2004 where she was entered as a wild card for countries that

did not have qualified athletes. It was a dream-come-true for the young athlete, who has steadily improved over the past few years to become one of the African continent’s brightest talents. Montsho scored her first significant international success when taking the All Africa Games 400m title in Algeria in 2007. In the process she became the first-ever Botswana woman to win gold at that level in athletics. She went on to win another gold medal in the 200m at the same event, crowning an historic moment for Botswana. At the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Montsho finished fourth in her semi-final in 50.90 seconds, her fourth National record of the year. At the 2008 Valencia World Indoors Championships she won her heat in 52.96, but could not advance to the final, finishing fifth in her semi-final in a time of 53.21. A week later in Dakar she set a new National record in the 200m (23.31) and delivered a magnificent display in the 400m to confirm her supremacy on the continent. She clocked a stunning 49.83, which ranked her as the fourth fastest ever in Africa and a joint leader in the 2008 world top lists. In May 2008, Montsho put in an outstanding performance at the African Athletics Championships in Ethiopia, clocking the first sub-50 second 400m run in the history of the event. In the process she replaced American star Sanya Richards as the fastest woman in the world that year. At the Olympic Games in Beijing later that year she qualified for the 400m final but finished out of the medals in a star-studded field. Nevertheless it was a fine showing by a young athlete who is destined for greatness and will no doubt go on to achieve many more successes in the years ahead.

Best of Botswana 33

BNSC-Botswana’s supreme authority on sports Established in 1965, the Botswana National Sports Council is the umbrella body of sport in the country From just two affiliates at the beginning, namely football and tennis, the BNSC now has thirty four (34) national sports governing bodies affiliated to it. They include the following: judo, darts, rugby, athletics, football, softball, badminton, golf, special Olympics, basketball, gymnastics, squash, BISA (secondary schools sport body), hockey, swimming, BODANSA (dance), horse society, table tennis, bowling, karate, tennis, boxing, motor sport, tertiary student sport, brigades, Paralympics, volleyball, bridge, netball, chess, cricket, weightlifting, primary school sport and cycling. Through the Government of Botswana, the Council is affiliated to the Supreme Council for Sport (SCSA) both at continental and at regional (Zone VI) level. In an effort to decentralise its structures to be able to reach out to grass-roots, the BNSC has now opened offices in Francistown, Gaborone, Lobatse, Masunga, Maun and Serowe, with more offices due for opening country wide in 2011 and 2012. In fact the BNSC is also urging all their affiliates to follow suit and decentralize their activities. Highlights of Botswana sporting achievements: • 1999 All Africa games - 5 medals • 2003 All Africa games (Botswana finishes position 11) with 11 medals including 4 gold medals • 2007 All Africa games (Botswana finishes position 9) with 13 medals, including 6 Gold medals Olympics highlights • 2000 Sydney Olympics: Botswana’s 800m runner Glody Dube qualifies for the finals, the men’s 4x4 team reaches the semi-finals • 2004 Olympics: The men’s 4x4 team reached the finals • Botswana finished 25th in men’s


Best of Botswana

marathon (Bashingile Ndabile) • 2008 Olympics: Botswana reached the finals (400m-Amantle Montsho) • Quarter final finish by Botswana boxing (Khumiso Ikgopoleng, bantam weight) Commonwealth Games • 2002: 3 medals by boxing Lechedzane Luza (silver), Alfred Khunwane (bronze), Gable Garenamotse (long jump-silver) • 2006: 2 medals: silver in the long jump (Gable Garenamotse) & bronze in boxing (Mmoloki Nogeng, bantam weight) Government support to sport Government funding of local sport through the BNSC has been considerably rising over the last decade. This year alone, government disbursed P62 million to the BNSC and the funds are then distributed to the various sports codes, including the national Olympic committee. Private sector support to sport BNSC’s Sponsors Night The BNSC hosts an annual event for sports sponsors in an effort to show the sponsors appreciation. At this event sponsors are appreciated with certificates, while their names are read out along with the sports a certain sponsor is supporting. This year the BNSC treated sponsors of sport to a weekend of golf prior to the sponsor’s night. The sponsors night offers sponsors and sport leaders an opportunity to interact under an informal setting, that allow for free exchange of thoughts about how their collaborative ventures and pursuits could be strengthened and possibly scaled up to ensure greater support to Botswana sport. The BNSC recognises that no country in the world has achieved high performance and excellence in sport without the active engagement and participation of the corporate sector. Since independence, private clubs in major towns in Botswana have allowed members of the community access in to their sport facilities. These include the availability of Bowling greens in all the private clubs across the country. Other facilities belong to the Bank of

Botswana, Duma FM, the University of Botswana stadium, Debswana diamond mine stadiums, BCL mines tennis and volleyball courts, the Botswana National Productivity Centers volleyball courts, among others. As part of their strategy’s high level targets, the Botswana National Sports Council have set themselves a target to generate third stream income equivalent to 25% of the grant that they receive from government annually. The target also extends to the affiliates of BNSC and the latest financial support figures indicate that, most of the BNSC affiliates are getting closer to the set target. National sports awards BNSC AWARDS The Botswana National Sports Council has been hosting the Annual Sports Awards since 1981, in some occasions in partnership with some members of the corporate sector. The Sports Awards Ceremony is normally held in April of every year. This scheme rewards overall annual performance. It exists parallel to the Affiliates Performance Incentives Scheme which rewards performance for official international competitions on a case by case basis and other instruments designed by either the Council or its affiliates to recognise and/or reward performance. BNSC AWARDS CATEGORIES Awards are given for the following categories:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Junior Female Sportsperson Junior Male Sportsperson Sports Administrator Non-Citizens Team Sports Code Sports Woman Sports Man Best Executed Development Programme Umpire/Referee Coach Sportsperson Media Electronic Media Electronic Sports Journalist/ Reporter Print Media Print Sports Journalist/Reporter Camera Person Group Code Chairperson’s Special Award

Botswana Sport & international relations The BNSC is in an active dialogue with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to progress discussions on the opportunities available for sport internationally. Focus is currently on Europe and the United States, particularly the State of North Carolina, where Botswana is exploring sport development partnerships and scholarships tenable at the University of North Carolina. The BNSC also benefit from the Botswana-Cuba Technical Cooperation through which they have been able to acquire technical experts for boxing, volleyball, as well as physiotherapists. Boxing and volleyball athletes over the last

Best of Botswana 35

decade would be sent to Cuba for intensive training, in both sport and academic fields. The BNSC also continues to coordinate the Australian Government sponsored Active Community Clubs (ACC) project in Masunga and Molepolole towns. Masunga hosts Football, Netball, Tennis, Volleyball and Junior Sports while Molepolole hosts Football, Hockey, Tennis and Junior Sports. The two centres’ recently hosted open days and were in November 2010 scheduled to host sports festivals. BNSC programs Centre for sport excellence The BNSC is working with the Ministry of Sport on the establishment of Centre’s of Excellence project, a new concept unveiled this year by the Minister. The concept of Centre’s of Sport Excellence entails the designation of certain institutions and schools


Best of Botswana

for sport and the provision of the necessary support services in the form of sport equipment and human resources. Through this project, the affiliates involved have been asked to identify athletes to be placed at the centres for the January 2011 intake. The affected affiliates are: Athletics, Boxing, Football, Karate, Netball, Softball and Volleyball. These affiliates would submit lists of primary and junior secondary school leaving students who excel in sport for placement consideration at the Centre’s of Excellence. Although the project came from the Ministries office the centre of excellence concept has always been part of the BNSC strategy. The Ministry has only fasttracked the project and widened its scope. The BNSC views Centre’s of Sport Excellence as an integral part of sport development strategy. The Centre’s of Sport

Excellence are very important to the continuous talent identification and development. Training camps in preparation for regional, continental and international competitions now can be run concurrently with educational programmes within the school environment. The envisaged Centre’s of Sport Excellence will provide talented students in sport with opportunities for selection to the development programmes run by the National Sports Associations. The current practice in which students who participate in sporting activities are often removed from their schools to attend sport training camps in places where appropriate sporting facilities are available negatively affects students in their academic pursuits. It will only make sense that such students should all attend school at one place and continue with the sport training programmes throughout the year while pursuing their studies at the same time. Schools that have been identified are Lotsane Senior, Shoshong Senior, Radisele Junior, Molalatau Junior, Motsumi Junior and Ramokgonami Junior in the Central District; Gantsi Senior Secondary School in Gantsi,

Motaung Junior Secondary School in Kgalagadi, Artesia in Kgatleng, Mogoditshane Senior Secondary School and Mphuthe Junior Secondary in Kweneng, Okavango Junior Secondary School and Maun Senior Secondary School in the North West and Nthwalang Junior Secondary School and Goodhope Senior Secondary School in the Southern District. Sport Volunteer Movement (SVM) The Movement was formed in 2000 to compliment the efforts of the Botswana National Sports Council to achieve the objectives of vision 2012 and 2016 by fostering the spirit of volunteerism in the different national sport codes. This was borne out of the realisation that the pathway to promote sport development, especially in cases where there is inadequate financial resources to engage fulltime personnel, is to build a pool of skilled volunteer coaches, referees/umpires, judges, and administrators. This is done through training/up skilling volunteers on an ongoing basis. The Movement encourages individuals and the community at large to participate in sport, and also seeks to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those

involved. There are currently over 500 volunteers on the SVM database. Most of the SVM members are engaged in a football grass-root programme known as Re Ba Bona Ha as coaches, First Aiders, and referees/umpires. They assist all sporting codes when need arises. Training Since the beginning of the Movement, volunteers have been trained in the following courses: • Coaching • Event management • Sport leadership • Administration • First Aid To date the Movement has eight regions throughout the country, which are: • Gaborone • Molepolole • Selebi-Phikwe • Francistown • Serowe • Maun • Tsabong • Lobatse The grass-root development program - Re Ba Bona Ha Is a skill development programme that seeks to introduce sport to children throughout the country. It was first piloted as a project in four identified centres in Gaborone in 2002, running into 2003, only in the sport of football. It was then rolled out to Francistown, Selebi-Phikwe, Molepolole and Lobatse in 2003 and Maun in 2004, still restricted to Football, at which point the management of the programme was transferred to the BFA. The programme intensified in 2004, leading to an investigation into rolling it out to other centre’s, and other codes.

Softball recently came into the loop, joining Athletics, Boxing, Football and Volleyball. Rugby is coming on board in September this year. The Secretariat is in the process of initiating a strategy for the Re Ba Bona Ha programme, aligned to the Council’s overarching strategy, for implementation at the beginning of 2011. The envisaged strategy will be preceded by a review of the programme in its current form. Programme objectives • To introduce sport to children in the age categories of 5 to 17 years • To augment efforts of the affiliates of the Botswana National Sports Council in establishing youth teams • To help in the transformation of the under-achieving image of Botswana sport by 2012 • To keep young people meaningfully occupied Special funds The BNSC also operates special funds such as Elite fund-where promising and academically gifted athletes are sponsored in the country, in Europe or America, to attain sporting and academic excellence. Past beneficiaries include top footballer, Dipsy Selolwane who was sent to USA where he also played for MLS side, Chicago fire. Gable Garenamotseone of the best long jumpers in the world and gold medalist, all Africa games, silver medalist, commonwealth Games, Tshotlego Morama double gold winner, Paralympics, 2004, and the 2004 All Africa Games high jump gold winner, Kabelo Mmono, are the other beneficiaries. Others include top local tennis players, golfers, squash players, rugby players, and

cricket players, among others. Zebra athlete’s fund - this fund is set aside for elite athlete’s development, training and sponsoring them for high level competitions in Africa and overseas. Previous beneficiaries include former world no.1 in the 800m, Glody Dube, former world no.10 in Long Jump, and Gable Garenamotse, the current world no.5 in the women’s 400m top list - Amantle Montsho (as of August 24, 2010). She is also the reigning African champion. Other beneficiaries are the current top 50(400m-Obakeng Ngwigwa), and the reigning African championgold medalist, high jump-Kabelo Kgosiemang. BNSC services: The BNSC have some facilities that can be rented or hired at competitive rates. The facilities are located in the town centre and have state of the art equipment. The following are the facilities: • Gym Facilities • Stadium Facilities • Conferencing Facilities Gym Facilities It is the most affordable Gym in town with state o f the art equipment. The Gym enjoys the Cardiovascular, Strength Training, Spinning sections as well as the aerobics studio. All the sections are fully equipped. Not only does the Gym have state of the art equipment, it also boasts free personal training from very competent instructors. The BNSC Gym is situated within the City Centre. Although it was initially established for athletes to train at

no cost, the Gym is also open to the public and it also offers reduced rates for students. National-stadium The National Stadium and its accessories and facilities are available for lease for different kinds of activities. The National Stadium may be used for sporting activities, music concerts, religious gatherings, political rallies, family days, as well as other forms of festivities and events. Conference Centre The National Stadium Conference Rooms are also available for leasing. Conference equipment and services available include: overhead projector, flipchart, VCR/TV, slide projector, whiteboard, conference stationery, podium and the public address system.

Tel: +267 395 3449 Fax: +267 390 1607

Best of Botswana 37

Winning Culture The passion and pride of Football

Football creates unity and defines communities. It is played on street corners in rural and urban areas alike and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The Botswana FA, which was founded in 1970, runs three successful league competitions and has no less than 16 regional associations that administer football across the length and breadth of the country. This ensures that no-one is denied an opportunity to play or support the game. The Botswana FA is affiliated to FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Whilst the game is well structured and managed at its upper levels, it is at the informal level where the game truly lives and breathes. In rural villages football is the embodiment of a tribe’s pride. When a team from another village comes to play they are thrown into a cauldron of song and theatrics as the “home” fans urge their warriors to slay their opponents. So powerful is its influence that football often determines which the mightiest clan within a tribe is. In urban areas, there is a growing trend amongst businesses to establish their own football teams and to challenge other companies to show off their footballing prowess. Whilst football in Botswana only turned professional in 2005, for many years the passion for the game was embodied by the thousands who thronged to stadiums to support their local teams. The pride of Botswana football is “Township Rollers”. Affectionately dubbed “The Blues”, the club has won more league titles than any of its rivals and boasts a support base of over 100 000 fans. Another popular local team is “Mochudi Centre Chiefs”. A feature of their support is the vociferous choir – dressed in black and white – which sings throughout the game. The Chiefs’ best performance was in 2008 when


Best of Botswana

they won both the league and the cup and finished the season unbeaten. Professionalism in Botswana football has brought about an increase in sponsorship income that has enabled local clubs to bolster their ranks with top players from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The major commercial investors in professional football are cellular companies, Mascom and Be Mobile, both of whom have invested extensively in the league in recent seasons. Despite having amateur status for many seasons, Botswana’s footballers have continually attracted the attention of scouts from leading professional clubs in South Africa. Amongst them were Terrence Mophuting of Gaberone United who played for Kaizer Chiefs in the 1980’s, deadly Township Rollers striker Joseph Chikoti, who went on to join Mamelodi Sundowns in the 90s and Tumie Duicker who played for Dynamos in the early 2000’s after previously rejecting offers from both Chiefs and Sundowns. Presently, Botswana has several of its footballers plying their trade with teams from other parts of Africa, amongst them Diphetogo “Dipsey” Selolwane, who has played professionally in Denmark and the United States and wears the colours of champion South African team SuperSport United and talented goalkeeper Modiri Marumo who spent three seasons at the Haras El Hadoud club in Cairo, Egypt. The participation of the country’s top players in the big

leagues in other countries has boosted the performance of the Botswana national team, taking them from an Independence Day attraction to realistic contenders in continental competitions. The “Zebras” or “Ezimbizi” as they are known, were unfortunate not to qualify for the African Cup of Nations finals in Angola in 2010, but gave a good account of themselves in the qualifying tournament, holding eventual winners Egypt to a goalless draw at home before going down by a single goal in the return fixture in Cairo. One of the most memorable moments in recent Ezimbizi history was their semi-final appearance at the 2006 Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA) Castle Cup. After

playing to a goalless draw with favourites South Africa, Ezimbizi advanced with a 6-5 advantage in a penalty shootout to reach the last four in the event for the first time in the 10-year history of the tournament. Unfortunately they went down 1-0 to Zambia, denying then a place in the final. Despite only entering formal Confederation of African Football (CAF) competitions in the 1980’s, the Zebras hold a special place in the hearts of the Batswana people. Since Botswana’s independence, the Zebras have been one of the main attractions at Independence Day celebrations, staging home games against other Nations to celebrate National pride and unity.

Best of Botswana 39

A Timeless Maestro Praising a Musical Pioneer - Ratsie Setlhako

“His music is unique to Botswana and differentiates the country’s musical heritage from the rest of the world, and indeed Africa” For many Batswana looking to trace their musical and poetic roots, the name Ratsie Setlhako symbolizes a rich cultural heritage. With a powerful, booming voice and the gift of Tswana poetry, Ratsie’s music has cemented itself in the hearts of generations of cultural music enthusiasts for decades. A son of the vibrant town


Best of Botswana

of Palapye, situated halfway between the capital Gaborone and Francistown, Setlhako was arguably the most revered Tswana folklore artist who lived during the early years of the country’s independence. His music is unique to Botswana and differentiates the country’s musical heritage from the rest of the world, and indeed Africa. Tswana folklore music is mostly vocal and performed without drums. It makes heavy use of string instruments, such as the indigenous Setinkane or Segaba. For several decades the guitar was celebrated as a versatile music instrument for Tswana music. The guitar was originally played in a manner

similar to Segaba but with a better rhythm due to plucking, almost completely replacing the violin-like Segaba. Ratsie Setlhako, however, was a prodigy of Segaba and he re-popularised the instrument in the 80’s with the help of radio. Ratsie was a cattle herder and had not been to school, but like most cattle herders he mastered the art of playing Segaba in a manner that few could match. With rich poetic melodies, Ratsie Setlhako composed one of Botswana’s most famous songs, “A Re Chencheng” dedicated, it seems, to the founding President of Botswana, Sir Seretse Khama.

Today, many years after Ratsie’s death, the song can still be heard on the popular social networking website, “YouTube”. Ratsie Setlhako was a musical pioneer who has left a rich heritage of song for future generations of Batswana. A library of his music can be explored at the National radio station, Radio Botswana, which recorded his works before his untimely death in a road accident in 1975. In 2003 a Palapye primary school was renamed after the legend of song and poetry. A year later, the same school paid the ultimate honour to Ratsie when it erected a tombstone at his grave in Palapye.

Rare and Precious Diamond Spreading Folklore Music’s gospel - Stampore

“The album’s title track has earned Stampore international recognition through its inclusion on the soundtrack of the popular Hollywood TV Series “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” Folk singer Malefo Mokha, better known as Stampore, is a rare and precious gem on the Botswana musical landscape. Born and raised in the diamond manufacturing village of Molepole in the Kweneng district, north-west of the capital Gaborone, Stampore, can be easily recognised by his authentic and unusual style of playing guitar. With his left hand held above, instead of below the neck of the guitar, Stampore still hits the right chords to produce a unique brand of Botswana Folklore music. From his humble beginnings, Stampore was destined to make

music. He took an interest in playing the guitar in his early childhood, with his elder brother Kwata-e-shele, a guitar guru in his own right, acting as his mentor. Back then he used to “steal” his brother’s guitar when he had gone out and teach himself how to strum until he had it down perfectly. Stampore first came to prominence in the early 1980’s when he received airplay on Radio Botswana. He was also in demand as a live “cultural” performer, particularly at official government functions such as independence anniversary celebrations.

In 1989 he travelled to the United States as part of a traditional group based in Botswana called Ditholwana. In 2007, after many years of hard work and sacrifice, Stampore secured a recording contract with Small House Records and released a highly acclaimed album titled “Re Batswana”. The album’s title track has earned Stampore international recognition through its inclusion on the soundtrack of the popular Hollywood TV Series “No 1 Ladies Detective Agency”. Stampore’s folklore music style is based on the traditional three-stringed guitar popularised by traditional Tswana cattle herders, who would make instruments from a curved tree branch, a hollow metal container – maybe an oil tin - and three makeshift strings. Artists like Stampore have ensured the survival - and indeed revival – of Tswana folklore music, which it was feared was on the brink of extinction just a few years ago. In addition to a successful album, Stampore has in recent years been a regular performer at the popular Gaborone West nightclub, Satchmo’s, where he spreads the folklore music gospel. To make his music more accessible, Stampore has also begun performing with a threepiece band, one of the highlights being at the annual Maun Festival in the Okavango Delta.

Best of Botswana 41

Sharp, Sharp!! Spearheading a Musical Revolution - Culture Spears

Culture Spears caught the attention of Botswana President, Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama during the holiday celebrations in Kasane and were invited to perform at the 2005 Independence celebrations The five-piece traditional music and dance group, Culture Spears, continues to climb higher in Botswana and farther afield since breaking onto the scene in 2005. Such has been their impact that they have twice been invited by Presidents – Botswana’s President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama and South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki (in 2008) to perform at special events. The group’s debut album “Korone” was released in 2005 and became an instant hit after Culture Spears’ first appearance on National television. Later that year, they caught the attention of


Best of Botswana

President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama during the holiday celebrations in Kasane and were invited to perform at the 2005 Independence celebrations. In September 2007, Culture Spears released their eagerlyawaited follow-up album, “Kulenyane”. The album extended their popularity beyond Botswana’s borders with the group winning over new fans in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The album did particularly well in South Africa with Multi-Platinum sales achieved for the ‘Kulenyane’ DVD in Johannesburg.

2007 was to be a fantastic year of achievements for Culture Spears at the annual Botswana Music Awards. “Kulenyane” was named Album of the Year, with its title track winning the Song of the Year category. The group was also voted Best Group of 2007. The Kulenyane DVD was also recognised at the Botswana Musicians’ Union (BOMU) awards later in the year. The group has also gained recognition abroad and has visited France, Germany and Switzerland in recent years. In October 2007, whilst in France, the group was invited by the

South African Embassy to celebrate South Africa’s victory in the Rugby World Cup. They have also performed at the United Nations National Assembly in Geneva. Culture Spears’ third musical work, “Khudu” was released in 2008 with immediate impact, winning the Song of the Year and Best DVD at the BOMU Awards. Culture Spears have been at the forefront of developing Botswana’s musical culture and heritage by financially assisting budding artists in gaining exposure. One such artist is kwaito-kwasa performer, Slizer, whose debut album was funded by the group and has gone on to become the biggest selling record in the country for the past two years.

Permanent “Scar” Botswana’s Hip-Hop Success Story - Scar

Scar is one of Southern Africa’s most popular and versatile hip-hop MC’s. Born Thato Bryan Matlhabaphiri on 23 October 1984 in Molepolole, Scar is a graduate of the University of Botswana. He launched his successful musical career in 2001 and has since been a dominant figure on the Botswana hip hop scene. Aside from producing his own very successful music, Scar has written material for a host of other artists from other music genres. Scar started rapping from early childhood and by the time he reached his teens he was making an impact at rap competitions in Gaborone. He took his first formal musical steps at Botswana’s hip-hop

‘academy’ P-side, a forum of young rappers in which MC’s, DJ’s and poets would get together to share ideas and learn from each other. Scar’s first studio recordings were two of his own songs that were included on a P-side compilation CD in 2001. This was followed by his debut album ‘Illegal Act’ in 2002. The release of his debut album followed Scar’s second placing in the Yarona FM “Rap Activity Jam” in 2001, which ultimately saw him land a recording deal. Scar received critical acclaim for ‘Illegal Act’, which saw him scoop two awards at the annual BHIPMA (Botswana Hip Hop Music Awards) in 2004 for “Lyricist of the Year” and “Track of the Year” - for the popular number “My People”

Scar’s follow-up album “Happy Hour” was a great success. Released in 2006 it has become one the most talked about hiphop albums released by an artist from Botswana in recent years. The album dominated both local and international airwaves and established Scar as a musical force to be reckoned with at home and on the global stage. The success of the album, and the impact of his music, was reinforced when Scar was awarded top honours in the Best Hip-Hop video category at the Channel O “Spirit of Africa” Music Video Awards in 2006. The extent of the album’s popularity was measured by the fact that Scar had been nominated in two other categories at the Awards -

Best African (Southern) and Best newcomer. In 2008, Scar, who is also a presenter at Botswana youth radio station Yarona FM, was chosen as one of the judges for the “Idols Africa” talent search that was broadcast by TV channel M-Net. His third album “Open Bar”, released in 2009, was greeted by rave reviews espousing his flexibility and maturity in the very demanding and competitive rap genre. Not content to simply focus on his musical and radio careers, Scar is also the brains behind a popular clothing label called P.O.D.I - an acronym for People of Different Identities and inspired by the numerous tribes that populate Botswana.

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Chapter 1 Botswana Lifestyles


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 45

Gaborone City Life Enjoying Work and Play!

Modern day Botswana has a very contemporary and relaxed lifestyle and although many people live and work in cities and towns they remain true to the rural roots that are so much part of their personalities. The bright lights of the city are aplenty and the country has a bustling and varied nightlife where there is entertainment to suit everyone’s taste. With many people having busy lifestyles, retail therapy is on the rise with a plethora of shopping centres providing hours of enjoyment. The country’s many nature reserves also offer locals an opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The country’s many suburbs abound with modern homes and there has been a marked increase in the emergence of upmarket residential developments such as


Best of Botswana

Phakalane Golf Estate, Mokolodi Resort, Notwane Farm Resort and Louisville. Despite their busy and varied lifestyles in cities and towns, many residents of Botswana have village homes, known in Setswana as Ko Gae, where they were born and raised and to which they return, mostly at Christmas time, to relax with their extended families. Village life is simple, yet interesting, with many activities, including growing crops such as maize, sweet reed and sorghum and rearing cattle and goats. The country has a wide variety of entertainment options, most of it based in the capital city Gaborone, Francistown and larger towns. Nightlife includes restaurants and pubs, nightclubs, theatre and live music shows where Jazz is highly popular.

Satchmos Jazz Café and Millennium Jazz Café are two of the best-known jazz venues. Satchmos, which is located in the west of the capital city Gaborone, specializes in Afro-jazz with top local acts performing daily. Millenium Jazz Café in Mogoditshane is a popular destination on Sundays where revelers enjoy jazz under the trees in summer or beside the fire in winter. Fashion Lounge on the northern side of Gaborone, hosts top performers and urban music DJs from all over the world, with music the main attraction. The venue is frequented by younger socialites who prefer the finer things in life. Once an elite venue and possibly the city’s oldest surviving entertainment spot, Bull & Bush Pub & Restaurant

is today a multi-cultural venue offering entertainment to patrons of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Lizard Lounge, a music club in the Eastern side of Gaborone, is frequented mostly by tertiary students and has been popularised by Gaborone’s urban music DJs. Linga-Longa, a restaurant and music venue situated at the Riverwalk Mall, is another venue that is popular amongst the young adults. Well-known global franchise News Café also has a presence in Botswana with its Gaborone outlet catering for the taste of the city’s high fliers, with the busiest periods between Thursday and Sunday. Botswana’s shopping culture is on the rise with a host of malls being developed over the

Best of Botswana 47

past eight years. Malls, including Game City, Riverwalk Mall, Molapo Crossing, Westgate Mall and The Square, cater for shoppers’ all tastes whilst Capitol Cinemas – at Game City and Riverwalk - offer the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Botswana’s natural beauty and abundant fauna and flora are showcased in nature reserves that are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. The Gaborone Game Reserve, established in 1988 is amongst the busiest and has a good network of game viewing roads, a visitors’ education center, picnic sites, a game hide and a remote bird hide alongside a wetland. The Reserve has an enclosed rhino conservation area whilst visitors can also see impala, kudu, ostrich, wildebeest, zebra, gemsbok, bushbuck, springbok, duiker and Africa’s largest antelope, the eland. The Reserve is very popular amongst bird watchers with a wide variety of birds commonly seen, including raptors like the snake eagle, the brightly coloured crimson


Best of Botswana

boubou and the luminescent purple gallinule which inhabits the wetlands. The Mokolodi Nature Reserve is also very popular with its night time game drives a unique feature. The Reserves professional guides stop frequently to allow visitors a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife by spotlight. The Reserve also has an enclosure where visitors can see and touch Mokolodi’s two cheetahs Duma and Letotse. Popular attractions at Mokolodi are the rhino and giraffe tracking excursions conducted by experienced rangers. Visitors are given the opportunity to scour the bush on foot in search of a close encounter with the magnificent white rhino or to track and walk amongst the Reserve’s giraffe. Mokolodi also offers wildlife viewing on horseback. Basotho mountain ponies, which are especially bred for the bush, provide an exhilarating way of viewing the wildlife at dawn or dusk.

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Calendar of Events

FEBRUARY World Wetlands Day Botswana In mid-February, World Wetlands Day is celebrated with a variety of activities, including a wetlands march, tree-planting ceremonies and an environmental exhibition all in aid of nature conservation MARCH Ditshwanelo Human Rights Film Festival Over several days, a series of themed screenings are held at the AV Centre, at Maru a Pula School Autumn Music Festival Held in Gaborone, with various concerts for everyone to enjoy


Best of Botswana

APRIL Maitisong Festival The Maitisong Festival is Botswana’s biggest annual festival of performing arts. Events take place in several venues around Gaborone and there are no holds barred - so expect the unusual! Major performing arts festival staged in and around Gaborone. Events include traditional theatre and music, as well as street dancing. The festival lasts for nine days, during which time a carnival atmosphere takes over the city Maun Festival In late April, a two-day celebration featuring live entertainment, from music and parades, to poetry, dance and theatre, as well as the visual arts. This event is aimed at

raising funds for local schools and to celebrate the rich culture of north-western Botswana Domboshaba Y Care Walk Y Care Charitable Trust aims to raise funds for community projects and organisations in Botswana. The experience provides participants with the opportunity to face challenges and endurance promoting team work, team building and achievement for a higher sense of self awareness MAY Tjilenje (Ngwao Boswa) Cultural Festival Held in Nlapkhwane in northeastern Botswana, where

traditional games, dancing and tasty local dishes are enjoyed Letlhafula Festival Letlhafula festival is not only about having fun, feasting and dancing; it is about appreciating Botswana culture and tradition. It is about displaying Botswana’s heritage and culture featuring music, dance, traditional and indigenous and local cuisine Tsodilo Hills Walk Y Care Charitable Trust aims to raise funds for community projects and organisations in Botswana. These walks broaden opportunities to raise funds and give yet another exciting experience to enthusiastic walkers

Best of Botswana 51

JUNE Heritage Month Festival Botswana celebrates its rich cultural heritage this month with Gaborone hosting chorale poetry, comedy & drama, traditional song & dance, art exhibition, traditional instruments, art & basket and craft festivals

JULY Presidents Day Held on the third weekend of July every year, this four-day holiday is a time when people tend to return to their home villages. This holiday usually features dancing, singing and speeches in honor of our President

Toyota 1000 Desert Race In mid-June, this tough offroad motor racing event is held in Southern Africa for cars, bikes and quads. The course takes different routes around Botswana each year. Some 25 spectator points allow visitors and locals to catch up with all the action

Fobex The Food and Beverage Exhibition has become a platform for local, regional and international hospitality businesses to interact and promote the necessary linkages for the growth of the industry. Closing the Fobex Exhibition, Fobex Cultural Night brings together Botswana’s multicultural community in a vibrant celebration of music, food and culture

NandoĂ­s Adventure Challenge The Gaborone Cycling Club is dedicated to the promotion of all forms of bicycling in and around Gaborone and Botswana, and encouragement of the development of Batswana talent through staging challenging and exciting events based on cycling


Best of Botswana

ITEX Organised by Fairground Holdings and held at the Botswana Conference & Exhibition Centre; Boipusio Hall, the ITEX Exhibition showcases the latest products

and solutions in information, communication and technologies National Music Eisteddfod Held at Selebi-Phikwe, national choirs travel from all over Botswana to perform and compete in this national event Makgadikgadi Pans Walk This vast and desolate region is the spectacular location for the Y Care Makgadikgadi Pans Walk. These walks have proven to be a fantastic way to explore the beauty of Botswana’s nature and culture on foot, whilst raising funds for charity. This walk will cover approx. 150 km during the 3 walking days Subaru Kalahari Challenge Bicycle events are the best way to encourage growth in cycling as they demonstrate the fun, the challenge and the friendship to be gained from participation in the sport AUGUST Botswana Consumer Fair This Fair is an all inclusive fair, with its main objective being to create an interactive forum for exhibitors and their clients. To offer opportunities to diversify the economy and promote service sectors and direct trade between local and international exhibitors Kuru San Dance Festival In mid-August, this colourful event is held on the Dqae Qare Game Farm, near D’kar in the Kalahari Desert. The farm is the only Bushman-owned farm of its kind in Botswana. In addition to featuring traditional dancing, this three-daylong festival also features local music Batswapong Cultural Festival This festival offers Batswapong a chance to showcase their culture, tradition, norms and beliefs. Presenting the cultural aspects that do not apply to other tribes, the festival is necessary to revive Setswapong culture, promote the language of the tribe and to explore opportunities of generating income from the cultural tourism abundant in the region Tour de Tuli The Tour de Tuli is a 4 day, 5 night mountain bike ride in the

Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa bush in order to raise funds for Children in the Wilderness (CITW) - runs camps for local children to promote conservation of natural resources - the land, water and wildlife SEPTEMBER Independence Day - Botswana Day Celebrations This day is celebrated in remembering the independence of Botswana from British colonialism each year on the 30th September International World Tourism Celebrations In late September a series of events and festivities including shows and displays of local African arts and crafts in promoting Botswana as a top tourism destination OCTOBER Global Expo Global Expo Botswana is the countries premier international multi-sectoral business to business exhibition. The aim of this Expo is to offer exhibitors and visitors a platform to explore new markets, secure new business, build new partnerships and grow business Domboshaba Cultural Festival This cultural festival is were one can experience traditional Kalanga music, dance and local cuisine Jwaneng Spring Cycle Race This is a very popular event in the countries sporting calendar being a long distance road race which starts from Bonwelo Rugby Club. Other activities include a shorter distance off-road race, as well as a children’s race NOVEMBER Orange Youth Cup A tournament featuring some of the country’s top youth football teams, taking place every year over three days DECEMBER Christmas celebrations Traditionally, a major holiday in Botswana, with many seasonal festivities being held throughout the country throughout December

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Arts and Culture

The Bushman or San culture is a dominant feature of the arts and crafts produced in Botswana with a concerted drive amongst the San people to preserve their very precious and unique culture through their arts and crafts Arts and Crafts in Botswana are honoured annually during the Heritage Month Festival and Awards, initiated by State President Ian Khama in 2008. The Festival, held during June


Best of Botswana

and July, recognises and celebrates the arts. Across the country, activities such as poetry, traditional dance, comedy, contemporary music and folklore are celebrated with various groups and artistes competing for places in the National finals in July, where monetary prizes are eventually awarded to the winners. Botswana has a rich cultural heritage comprising crafts such as basketry and pottery, animal skins and beads, as well as the fine arts, music, poetry and dance. The Bushman or San

culture is a dominant feature of the arts and crafts produced in Botswana with a concerted drive amongst the San people to preserve their very precious and unique culture through their arts and crafts. At the same time, Botswana’s contemporary arts scene is thriving via a diverse array of talented local artists, musicians and other performers. Botswana’s leather works, basketry, pottery and wood craft are world-class and are often praised as unique and eye-catching both at home and across the world. These items have been part of Batswana civilization for centuries and were used in households long before modernisation. Baskets were used to store grain, while pottery held water or beer. Today, they are used more for decorative rather than practical purposes but continue to preserve Batswana culture and give it an identity internationally. With Botswana joining the global village, traditional

utensils, tools and other useful items have become a major part of Botswana’s art and craft legacy and bought as memorabilia by tourists and locals alike. Basketry is concentrated in the Ngamiland District in the North of the country. The area is situated along the Okavango Delta, where women of the Etsha region weave their famous baskets. The baskets, which are mostly sold through Botswana Crafts, an organisation specialising in the marketing and sales of arts and crafts locally and overseas, eventually finding their way to Europe and America. The southern part of Botswana including the capital Gaborone has the largest concentration of pottery, whilst the National museum and art gallery in Gaborone annually hosts the National Basket and Craft Exhibition, which showcases Batswana women’s ability to produce baskets, leather works and craft.

Best of Botswana 55

The Bushmen, or San are also famous for their unique crafts and basketry. Much of their art is produced with the support of a local NGO – the Kuru Family of Organisations – that trains and motivates the San to keep their art and craft legacy alive. San crafts are mostly made from animal skins. It includes bows and arrows for hunting, hand bags, which were traditionally used to collect wild berries and medicines, gourd which was used in the past to collect water, and decorated ostrich egg shells, traditionally used for water storage. Animal skin crafts may also include skirts, bras, and bangles. Beads of all kinds are a prominent feature of the San craft. Beads are used to produce wrists bands, neckbangles, headbands, finger rings, and earrings, which are made with painstaking care and patience. The performing arts are widely showcased in


Best of Botswana

Botswana with something for every taste. Increased support for of the many forms of performing arts in the country has been assisted by the growth of electronic media in Botswana, with two television stations, BTV, and E-Botswana, as well as five radio stations, Yarona FM, Gabz FM, RB2, RB1, and Duma FM. Music is a very popular pastime in Botswana. The annual Fete de la Musique festival, hosted by the Alliance Francaise in Gaborone, showcases homegrown talent with local musicians performing in a celebration of Botswana’s musical prowess. The Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) hosts an annual awards ceremony to reward excellence in music. Categories include local jazz, rumba, afro-pop, hip-hop, R&B, rock, reggae, traditional music, and gospel, reflecting the diversity of music in Botswana. Modern or “spoken

word” poetry is catching on, especially in Gaborone where monthly poetry sessions feature local poets as well as their counterparts from South Africa. An annual San dance festival showcases the rich dance and musical culture of the bushmen. The Kuru San Dance Festival, held at the end of the winter on a farm outside D’Kar has become a truly international event with international San dance lovers flocking to the Kalahari Desert to celebrate the San culture. Lovers of traditional foods and drinks are catered for with the annual Letlhafula Festival in Gaborone. Organised by Botswana Craft, this celebration of Botswana’s rich diversity of cultural foods and drinks, is enhanced by performances by an array of Botswana’s folklore musicians. The annual Domboshaba Festival, which celebrates the Kalanga tribe’s culture,

including foods and drinks, takes place at Domboshaba hills outside Francistown. The Fine Arts continues to thrive in Botswana. This has been boosted by a Presidential order to government enterprises, departments and private companies to support local artists by buying local art works to decorate their offices. Art exhibitions are held regularly at the National Museum and Art Gallery, the Thapong Centre for the Arts, which hosts annual awards for artists, Alliance Francaise de Gaborone, and Botswana Craft. The annual Maitisong Festival, held in April, celebrates the performing arts, including theatre, classical music, folklore, comedy, films and fine arts. Whilst it showcases Botswana’s artists there are performances by artists from other countries, including South Africa and the United States.

Best of Botswana 57

Chapter 2 Travel & Tourism

Wings for Development


Best of Botswana

Few airlines in the world can have been established so quickly and have contributed so centrally to the development of their home countries as has Air Botswana. Best of Botswana 59

Botswana Tourism Organization: A brand Botswana Success Story

Botswana Tourism Organization (BTO), formerly known as Botswana Tourism Board was established by an act of parliament in 2003, to market and promote Botswana as a tourist destination of choice, grade and classify tourist accommodation facilities, as well as to promote Botswana as a tourism investment destination. Botswana Tourism Organization, which trades as Botswana Tourism started its operations in January 2006. BTO’s mission is to “develop Botswana into a unique preferred tourism destination of choice in order to increase the sector’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth, through active participation of the local and


Best of Botswana

international communities for the sustainable utilisation of tourism resources.” The Organization also operates under a number of values which direct and dictate how employees of the Organization should approach their work. BTO also operates under a set of values which are: Botho/Hospitality: To serve our customers and stakeholders in a courteous, pleasant and professional manner to project a positive image about Botswana Tourism Organization; Result Oriented: To work together as a team, harness and deploy available resources for optimal output. Creativity, innovation & Entrepreneurship: To apply

initiative and business and ingenuity to ensure that the Organization continues to be competitive; Customer Focus: To provide high standards deliverables that exceed customer expectation, effectively and efficiently to build customer confidence; Strategy: To effectively rationalise human and material resources at our disposal, to maximise industry growth and competitiveness and; Professionalism: To apply high standards of service delivery at all times. Botswana Tourism Organization is still growing to reach its fullest capacity, and currently employs a total of 87 individuals in the various departments of the Organization, namely: Business development, projects administration, legal & estate services, marketing, quality assurance, finance and human resources. In addition, a personal assistant and internal auditor all report to the Chief Executive Officer, Myra Sekgororoane. In the endeavor to promote the tourism sector and have a presence all over the country, BTO has set up offices in Gaborone, Kasane, Palapye, Selebi Phikwe, Maun, Ghanzi, Tsabong and Francistown. The Organization has information offices in Gaborone (Main Mall), Letlhakane and Kang strategically located to serve Botswana Tourism’s diverse clientele. Moreover, we have information booths located in Maun, Kasane & Gaborone airports. In order to maintain our presence even overseas, Botswana Tourism Organization has representatives strategically located in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and in Germany. These representatives are responsible for carrying out BTO mandate in the respective countries. Botswana Tourism Organization is unique in that it is the sole organization in Botswana whose mandate is not only to market and promote Botswana as a tourist

destination, but also classifies tourist accommodation facilities and promote Botswana as a investment destination of choice. The successful implementation of marketing plans to achieve the above mentioned help to position Botswana as a destination of choice for leisure and for business. Botswana Tourism Organization plays a very important role in selling Botswana to the international world and takes pride in doing so. Botswana is home to some of the most diverse nature and wilderness in Africa and has a lot to offer tourists by way of variety in the four regions: Southern, Northern, Eastern and Kgalagadi/ Central. The travel destinations found in these regions leave any tourist spoilt for choice. Botswana’s bustling capital city, which is also one of Africa’s fastest growing cities offers a wide range of activities to participate in including visits to the National Museum and Art Gallery, the Botanical Gardens, Gaborone Dam or the majestic Kgale hill.

Best of Botswana 61

Day trips can be taken outside of Gaborone to places like Mokolodi Nature Reserve, the village of Kanye, Otse to view or climb the Otse Mountains, or even a trip to Kanye which has one of the most scenic routes in Southern Botswana. On a trip to Eastern Botswana, the array of destinations beauty of the Northern Tuli Game reserve where the ancient Mapungubwe Hill rich in wildlife, and boasts a very intriguing history. In Old Palapye, very important multicultural history can be found with artifacts from the Middle Stone Age, Late Stone Age and the Early Iron Age. It is also the site where of the 19th century capital of the Bamangwato (led by Khama III). Still in Eastern Botswana, Moremi Gorge - situated deep within the Tswapong Hills, is the source of three permanent waterfalls. Both Northern and Kgalagadi/ central regions in Botswana are arguably some of the most


Best of Botswana

popular regions of tourist interest in Botswana. The Kgalagadiamazing in that it defines stereotypical opinions of what deserts look like, is rich in natural resources and wildlife population. Covering 84 percent of Botswana’s land area, the Kgalagadi covers most of Botswana. One can visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Khutse Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve, Nxai Pan National Park and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Northern Botswana is home to the great Okavango Delta - a travel destination so appreciated Botswana Tourism Organization was awarded the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) 2010 Tourism for Tomorrow Award for the Okavango Delta. The Organization has since dedicated this award to the Batawana Tribe, who are described as the custodians of the Okavango Delta. The Okavango, shaped like a fan, is fed by the Okavango River and

is the third largest in southern Africa. This Okavango Delta is situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, and is often referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Kalahari. This proposed World Heritage site is home to species such as elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, hippo, crocodile, red lechwe, waterbuck, reedbuck and so, so many more. As a way of ensuring Botswana remains a tourism destination of choice, BTO is working effortlessly to diversify tourism products in Botswana away from just wildlife. BTO is looking into promoting cities, the kgalagadi, dams across the country and culture based tourism

as locations of choice. To set Botswana apart from other tourism locations, BTO is engaged in the practice of ecofriendly tourism to encourage sustainable tourism in Botswana. Botswana Tourism Organization is proud to be involved in the marketing and promoting of Botswana, after all, it is a country with so much to offer.

Plot 50676 Fairgrounds Office Park Block B, Ground Floor Gaborone Tel: +267 391 3111 Fax: +267 395 9220

Best of Botswana 63

Wings for Development The success story called Botswana – and Air Botswana has been part of it all

WHEN THE REPUBLIC OF BOTSWANA, formerly the British Protectorate of Bechuanaland, emerged as an independent nation in 1966, few could have imagined that one of the poorest countries in the world would develop so quickly into the African jewel that it is today. Botswana is rated highly for its democratic traditions, its robust economy, its sound and transparent administration, and its outstanding natural attractions. And Air Botswana has been part of it all. The national carrier has contributed fully to the phenomenal growth of the country that it serves well, and in so doing has built a wide reputation for quality air services that is quite disproportionate to its modest size. Civil aviation is a key barometer of national development. A country’s ability to provide reliable air services and to handle air travellers safely and efficiently is essential for its full membership of the international community. Air Botswana is based at Sir Seretse Khama Airport, Gaborone. It is a domestic and regional carrier, operating and maintaining a modern fleet of turbopropeller aircraft from the noted FrenchItalian manufacturer ATR. The airline operates two new 68-seat ATR 72-500 aircraft and three smaller 47-seat ATR42-500s. Responsibilities at home and away

Coming in to land at Kasane, tourism gateway to Chobe National Park, one of the most prolific wildlife areas in Africa. Across the Chobe River is Namibia.


Best of Botswana

Mindful of its responsibilities at home, the airline takes the convenience of air transport as widely as possible within Botswana, while also serving vital markets outside the country. The domestic route network links Gaborone with Francistown, Botswana’s second city, and with Maun, on the edge of the great Okavango Delta, and Kasane, gateway to Chobe River and National Park on the northern border with Namibia.

DUMELA! Welcome. Deep leather seats, immaculate trim, and personal Air Botswana service on board.

Regional destinations are Johannesburg, Harare and Lusaka. Air Botswana also operates between Gaborone and Nairobi in code-share joint services with Kenya Airways, and is developing initiatives with other carriers to extend the route network to more African destinations. The timetable is closely attentive to the needs of the business and leisure traveller, and is also designed in full support of the important and growing tourism industry. Botswana is an outstanding destination, with unique natural attractions that draw visitors from all over the world. Tourism is the country’s second largest revenue earner after mining. Tourists arriving in Johannesburg on long-haul flights transfer readily to Air Botswana services for their onward flight direct to the Okavango, the largest inland delta on earth, or direct to Kasane if they are bound for Chobe National Park – two of the premier tourism destinations in Africa. Book and buy on line In another major development – and a first in the country – the airline successfully implemented electronic commerce technology, giving passengers the convenience of booking and paying for their

tickets over the Internet. This highly significant move linked Air Botswana into the very heart of the global travel industry, where e-commerce is widely used and is a key way of doing business. The national airline’s operations and initiatives are fully in step with Vision 2016, the aspirational blueprint for Botswana after half a century of sovereign nationhood. With an eye to the future, Botswana is energetically upgrading its aviation capacity, under the wing of the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana and with the full backing of Government. Construction of the first phase of the spacious new terminal, and major runway extension, at Sir Seretse Khama Airport is complete, enhancing Gaborone as an attractive regional aviation hub. Airport terminal building and runway projects are also taking place in Francistown, Maun and Kasane, so that these important centres can receive larger aircraft and handle more passengers. For its part, Air Botswana is committed to continuing to provide world-class services to domestic travellers and to visitors who come to do business in a vibrant economy, and as tourists to experience the unique natural attractions with which Botswana is so richly blessed.

The striking new terminal at Sir Seretse Khama Airport, Gaborone, Air Botswana’s home base.

The 47-seat ATR42-500, three of which are in service with Air Botswana. Powerful engines and curved six-blade propellers give it outstanding performance.

Air Botswana operates two new ATR72-500 advanced turbopropeller aircraft, seating 68

passengers in jet-like comfort.

Best of Botswana 65

Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana

CAAB is responsible for regulating air transport, providing air navigation services, managing airports and advising the government on all aspects of civil aviation. The reason for CAAB’s existence is essentially to develop and regulate civil aviation in Botswana through the provision of safety measures that ensure the airworthiness of aircrafts. The authority also formulates safety requirements in line with international standards and recommended practices, as well as controlling and managing the Botswana air-space and provides aviation infrastructure, as airport facilities and air navigational aids/ equipments such as Radars, Very High Omni Direction Range (VOR), Distance Measuring


Best of Botswana

Equipment (DME) Instrument Landing System (ILS) and various other state of the art air navigational systems. Strategic objectives : Safety To enhance safety in the Botswana Civil Aviation system Security To enhance the Civil Aviation security system in Botswana Efficiency To enhance the efficiency of the Civil Aviation system in Botswana Sustainability To maintain sustainable development and operational continuity of aviation operations in Botswana

Environmental Protection To minimise any adverse impact on the environment for aviation activities Rule of Law To enact and/or promulgate legal instruments as they become necessary Projects AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT In a bid to modernise civil aviation infrastructure the government of Botswana has made investments into the Airports mega projects. Major infrastructure developments are being carried out at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, Maun, Francistown and Kasane International Airports. These developments will enable Botswana’s Airports to handle wide bodied aircrafts and the expected increase in air travel for both passenger and cargo. AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES Under the CAA Act 2004 the Directorate of Air Navigation Services is responsible for the provision of the following functions in Botswana airspace and other airspaces outside Botswana where bilateral agreements exist. Air Traffic Management (ATM), Air Navigation Services

(ANS), Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) & Search and Rescue (SAR) To provide a high standard of air navigation services the following projects were carried out during NDP 9. Most of the Navigational Aids in the major airports have been renewed and upgraded. These include; • DVOR/DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), Non Directional Beacon (NDB) and Instrument Landing System (ILS) for SSKIA and Francistown, • VHF Equipment for SSKIA, Maun, Kasane and Francistown, • Automatic AFTN Message Switching Systems, Voice Communication Control Systems at Maun, Francistown and SSKIA, • Legal voice Recording systems and Radar Surveillance Systems at SSKIA and Maun Airports. AIR TRANSPORT LIBERALISATION The Government of Botswana has embarked on air transport liberalisation to improve the delivery of air services and to improve services in the tourism sector. The domestic air transport

Francistown Airport artists impression

has been liberalised allowing private carriers to be established and operate services to various domestic points. This liberalisation of the local market is seen as an important step towards the implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision, which Botswana is party to. As it is, the Government would later on license domestic operators to operate domestic routes and depending on the competence of these operators, local carriers could be designated to serve on international routes. BILATERAL AIR SERVICES AGREEMENTS (BASAs) Botswana has BASAs with the

following countries; Namibia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Zambia, Malawi, France, Germany, Parkistan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, UAE, Kenya, Qatar, Ethiopia and the Republic of South Africa.

Plot 61920 Letsema Office Park P.O.Box 250 Gaborone Botswana Tel: +267 368 8200 Fax: +267 391 3121/2222 E-mail :

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Wilderness Safaris Exploration Safaris and Sefofane

Wilderness Safaris’ Explorations are an innovative range of fully serviced cross-country safaris that recreate the sense of Africa of old. More than a century ago, the only way to experience this extraordinary continent was on safari. Today, Explorations mirror that exhilarating age of discovery. Our specially designed tents with pure cotton linen, stylish old metal finishes and refreshing amenities add to the overall atmosphere and guest comfort. Explorations are unrivalled by mostly utilising private concessions and wildlife areas


Best of Botswana

exclusive to Wilderness Safaris guests. Explorations guides are noted for their passion and knowledge of their particular countries and lead each journey from start to finish, creating a seamless interpretive experience. A variety of travel modes, such as game drives, walking, mokoros, canoeing, boating and air charters, maximise every opportunity to view the diversity of Africa’s flora and fauna. Each itinerary has been carefully created with the changing seasons, game movements and guest experience in mind.

Explorations are divided into three categories, with some subtle differences between them. Discoverer explorations Discoverer Explorations consist of pre-erected luxury trails camps. The specially designed en-suite tents are an innovative hexagonal Meru style, with all comforts and amenities

provided, such as pure cotton linen and ‘old brass’ finishes – all aimed at creating a sense of stepping back in time to the age of the early explorers. Adventurer explorations These simple camps feature spacious walk-in dome tents that are pre-erected in carefully selected areas. Authentic canvas bedrolls

with crisp cotton sheets and duvets are set out on GI stretchers, and facilities include metal bucket showers and chemical toilets that are shared with other guests. Meals are generally cooked on an open fire and enjoyed in the open air. Trails explorations Trails are not accommodation

specific – both Adventurer dome tents and Discoverer Meru tents are used – and are defined rather by the self-propelled nature of the experience, whether this be on foot, canoe or bicycle. These Explorations are about reconnecting with nature and embracing the elements away from the luxury of vehicles, on foot or on mountain bikes.

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Sefofane “Connecting you to the wilderness” is the value proposition of Sefofane Air, the charter company operated by Wilderness Safaris and whose Setswana name means ‘aeroplane’. The service is more than a simple connection however; rather the aerial transfers between camps allow a totally different impression and appreciation of the country

below. From the densely matted papyrus flanked waterways of the Okavango Delta and their secretive sitatunga inhabitants, to the bizarre, unexplained fairy circles of the Namib Desert and the dambos and closed canopy miombo woodlands of Zambia, all yield a new perspective when viewed from above.

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Seabelo’s Express Seabelo Express is the largest public transport enterprise in Botswana, widely regarded as the most established firm in the Botswana transport sector.

The Organisation was incorporated in 1987 and has over 20 years experience. Seabelo Group, the holding company comprises Seabelo’s Express, Carriers and newly integrated Travel and Tours division. The company named after the proprietors middle name, Seabelo, has become synonymous with success in Botswana. The company is 100% citizen owned. The company started business with passenger buses that transport the public to various destinations in Botswana for example from the capital city Gaborone, to the second city Francistown, tourist attraction areas Maun, mining towns Selebi Phikwe and home villages such as Ramotswa and Serowe.


Best of Botswana

The company boasts a fleet of 38 buses varying in carrying capacity, standard or luxury features so as to cater for different market segments. Our luxury coaches are fitted with DVD player, radio, air conditioning, reclining seats, toilet and kitchenette. To date Seabelo Group has 180 permanent employees who are qualified and experienced in their respective discipline. Seabelo Carriers exploits the heavy duty freighting industry locally and regionally, thus in Southern Africa. Seabelo Carriers hauls inventory and supplies for different wholesalers to all the cardinals of Botswana. This business unit has a fleet of 14 heavy duty trucks, with a loading capacity of 32 tonnes. A new entity came in May 2007, specifically targeting the tourism and leisure segment. Seabelo Travel and Tours was formed to meet the rising demand for personalized traveling needs, offering tailormade packages to suit the

customer’s desire. Packages offered include airport-hotel shuttle, corporate business travel, church travel, social welfare travel, educational travel, vacations and cross border travel. Travel and Tours guarantees the best, comfortable and hassle free traveling experience irrespective of the occasion or destination. Companies that outsource their transportation requirements are serviced by this division. We are proud to be associated with commercial brands; our client portfolio includes Debswana, Bank of Botswana, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC), Barclays Bank, Botswana Life Insurance and different Government ministries. Churches also utilize Travel and Tours division for their travelling needs - to their regional meetings, festivals and special occasions etc. Travel packages are available for various groups and institutions

to vacate and holiday. We strive to be the best customer service provider in the transport industry as stated in the mission statement consistently seeking to improve the quality of our service by applying the latest innovations and technologies in the market. Therefore providing excellent and friendly customer service

is an entrenched culture in the employee’s of Seabelo Group as a whole.

For more information and reservations Tel: +267 395 7078 Fax: +267 395 7077 Email:

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Chapter 3 Hotels, Lodges & Resorts

74 11

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Cresta Hotels Where one smile starts another

Cresta President Hotel Botswana Road, Gaborone Tel: +267 395 3631 Fax: +267 395 1840 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 Fax: +27 11 881 1222 Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 24˚39’31”S, 25˚54’59”E

making facilities, and mini-bar on request. Guests can relax in the Terrace Restaurant, which seats up to 140 guests, or the trendy Pula le Thebe Lounge, which is open until late. The hotel has state-of-the-art conference equipment, Wi-Fi internet and gym. Special conference packages can be arranged. The Half Brigadier Boardroom accommodates 80 delegates, Conveniently located in and the Brigadier Room has a Gaborone’s thriving CBD, the cinema-style seating capacity for Cresta President Hotel is well 150 delegates. positioned for the businessman and the tourist. The recent, Cresta Lodge multi-million-pula, extensive Samora Machel Drive, renovations will re-establish Gaborone the President Hotel as one of the capital’s premier hotels. Tel: +267 397 5375 Accommodation comprises airFax: +267 390 0635 conditioned rooms with en-suite Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 bath and shower, radio, satellite Fax: +27 11 881 1222 TV, video channel, direct-dial Res South Africa: telephone, tea- and coffee-


Best of Botswana

Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 24˚40’ 56”S, 25˚54’33”E Situated 2km from the CBD and 7km from Mokolodi Nature Reserve, Cresta Lodge Gaborone is well positioned to cater for both tourists and businessmen. The hotel is set in spacious gardens and has a swimming-pool and kid’s splashpool. The 160 comfortable en-suite air-conditioned rooms are all equipped to international four-star standard. All rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, radio, satellite TV, telephone, shaver outlet, teaand coffee-making facilities and hair-dryer. The Chatters Restaurant offers à la carte and buffet menus for lunch and dinner. The Chatters Bar and the Terrace Café serve drinks and light snacks. Facilities include

a gym, Wi-Fi internet, stateof-the-art conference facilities for up to 400 delegates and a business centre. Also on offer is an outside Sports Bar with live games on the big screen. Nearby facilities include an 18hole golf-course, squash-courts and shopping centres. Cresta Botsalo Hotel Palapye Tel: +267 492 0245 Fax: +267 492 0587 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 Fax: +27 11 881 1222 Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 22˚30’50”S, 27˚8’30”E

In the hot dry expanse between Gaborone and Francistown lies the town of Palapye, where visitors will find the cool, welcoming Cresta Botsalo Hotel. Palapye, a major commercial centre, has several towns nearby and has rich historical roots. The hotel, which is the social centre of Palapye, has 51 air-conditioned rooms and is the ideal stop-over for tourists. All rooms have satellite TV, teaand coffee-making facilities and direct-dial telephone. The Savuti Grill seats up to 50 guests. The Pool Bar can accommodate up to 50 while the Cocktail Bar has a capacity for 30 and is open till late. The hotel has a casino and swimming pool. The hotel has state-of-the-art conference facilities. The Morula Room seats 120 delegates, Nsunge room seats 100 delegates, the Mokala Room seats 30 delegates and Khama room seats 20 delegated. Also situated within the hotel is Letsatsi casino, which opens from 10am until late. Nearby places of interest include The Khama Rhino Sanctuary, located 15km outside of neighbouring Serowe, The Tswapong Hills which is a historical site and an area of beauty with permanent water source, Moremi Gorge and The remains of Phalatswe also called old Palapye Cresta Bosele Hotel Tshekedi Road, Selebi-Phikwe Tel: +267 261 0675

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Fax: +267 261 1083 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 Fax: +27 11 881 1222 Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 21˚58’40”S, 27˚50’40”E Gateway to the Tuli Block in eastern Botswana, Cresta Bosele is an intimate, convenient stop-over for both business and touring travellers. This remote but scenic area is famous for its vast herds of wildlife. In addition to the casino, Bosele has 52 air-conditioned ensuite rooms with radio, satellite TV, video channels, tea- and coffee-making facilities, directdial telephone and mini-bar on request. The Bosele Grill, seating up to 60 guests, offers continental or full English breakfasts as well as an à la carte and buffet menu. The Palm Terrace offers a light meal and snack menu throughout the day. The Pool Bar is located in the swimming-pool area. The hotel has state-of-the-art, airconditioned conference facilities, catering for up to 150 delegates in four separate conference rooms. Cresta Thapama Hotel Blue Jacket Street, Francistown Tel: +267 241 3872 Fax: +267 241 3766 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234


Best of Botswana

Fax: +27 11 881 1222 Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 21˚10’20”S, 27˚30’45”E The Cresta Thapama Hotel is a licensed three-star hotel located in Botswana’s second-largest commercial centre, Francistown. There is an airport 8km from the hotel that is serviced on regular flights from Gaborone and Johannesburg. Francistown is 485 km from Maun and 494km from Kasane. Maun is a gateway to the Okavango Delta while Kasane is very close to the magnificent Chobe National Park. Cresta Thapama has 93 en-suite air-conditioned rooms, five of which are executive suites. Each room has satellite TV, direct-dial telephone and teaand coffee-making facilities. The 110-seater Ivory Grill offers à la carte and buffet menus for lunch and dinner, and guests can relax in the Lenaka Bar or the Pool Bar located in the garden. The hotel has three state-ofthe-art conference rooms, Wi-Fi internet, squash-court and gym. Cresta Marang Gardens Old Gaborone Road, Francistown Tel: +267 241 3991/2 Fax: +267 241 2130 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 Fax: +27 11 881 1222

Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 21˚11’10”S, 27˚31’55”E Situated just 5km outside Francistown, the three-star Cresta Marang Gardens has an exquisite garden setting on the banks of the Tati River. The Cresta Marang is the ideal setting for relaxation or business and offers friendly service, comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms and sumptuous à la carte and buffet menus. Accommodation comprises 105 standard and executive rooms and chalets, all of which are air-conditioned and are equipped with satellite TV, directdial telephone and tea- and coffee-making facilities. Facilities include an à la carte restaurant, a casino, the Fox and Hound Cocktail Bar, the Tati River Pool Bar, a campsite, conference room, wi-fi internet, gym and swimming-pool. The hotel has state-of-the-art conference facilities, consisting of three airconditioned rooms, catering for up to 145 delegates in total. Cresta Riley’s Hotel Riverside, Maun Tel: +267 686 0320 Fax: +267 686 0580 Res Tel: +27 11 881 1234 Fax: +27 11 881 1222 Res South Africa: Toll Free 0861 27 3782 GPS: 19˚59’20”S, 23˚25’35”E Located on the banks of the slow-drifting Thamalakane River, Riley’s is surrounded by its own sprawling landscaped gardens and is an excellent venue for both the tourist and the businessman. Accommodation comprises 51 air-conditioned bedrooms, all of which are ensuite with satellite TV, directdial telephone and tea- and coffee-making facilities. The Riley’s Grill, which seats up to 50 guests, offers continental and full English buffet breakfasts and an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner. The conference room accommodates up to 120 delegates seated in cinema style, and audiovisual equipment is available. Maun is the gateway to the Okavango, and tours and safaris can be arranged to the

Okavango Delta, Moremi, Savuti or the Chobe National Parks. Cresta Mowana Safari Lodge On the banks of the Chobe River Tel: +267 625 0300 Fax: +267 625 0301 GPS: 17˚47’1”S, 25˚9’51”E The four-star double-storey Mowana Safari Lodge was built around a baobab tree said to be over 800 years old. In this tranquil bush setting guests will experience true comfort, superb accommodation, fine cuisine and personalised service. The 112 en-suite air-conditioned luxury rooms and four suites have been tastefully decorated in an

ethnic style to compliment the natural ambience and all face the mighty Chobe River and the game-rich bushveld. Mowana, 80 km from the world-famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, is a popular destination from which to experience in great comfort the unspoilt African wilderness. Serondela Restaurant offers a choice of world cuisine inspired by the flavours of Africa. Facilities include the Savuti Bar and conference facilities. Activities include a nine hole golf course, wellness centre, tennis, swimming, tiger-fishing, bird-watching, game-drives as well as game-viewing on a river cruiser.

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Gaborone Sun Botswana is where the white-hot Kalahari Desert meets the wild Okavango River delta in an explosion of green. And hidden in the searing sand is one of the world’s richest sources of diamonds

Sun International’s luxury Hotel, Casino and Conference Centre in Botswana is another glittering diamond. The Gaborone Sun located in the capital City of Gaborone, offers travelers and business people sophisticated rooms and Conference Centre with the added advantage of a premium casino. The Gaborone Sun’s hotel rooms provide a home-from-home feel where you can relax or catch up quietly on some after hours work. Accommodation includes a total of 196 rooms including


Best of Botswana

1 Standard paraplegic room, 1 luxury paraplegic room, a palatial Presidential Suite, 3 suites, 38 luxury rooms and 152 Executive Rooms. Take a tour of our property and see what we can offer you. We would love to welcome you home.

with a reception and lobby area and pre-assembly that includes a bar. All rooms are equipped with wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning, PA Systems, black-out facilities, telephone jacks and conference aids.

Conferencing & Meetings The Gaborone Sun Conference centre consists of a main conference room, which may be divided into three separate rooms. In addition there are five seminar rooms for use as meeting rooms. The centre is totally self-contained

Dependant on style required, this venue can host up to 500 delegates. Mahogany’s Sophisticated ambiance coupled with intimate elegance • Monday – Saturday:19h00 -

22h30 (Closed on Sundays) • Dress: Smart casual (regret no shorts). The restaurant is bathed in rich Mahogany wood giving the room a cozy intimate atmosphere. Guests will feel completely cozy and comfortable while still enjoying the rich fragrant natural wood. Mahogany’s boasts a menu which will satisfy the appetite of any a dining connoisseur whilst being entertained by our resident pianist. A true dining experience not to be missed during your stay at Gaborone Sun.

Savuti Grill • Monday - Saturday • Breakfast: 06h30 - 10h30 • Sunday Breakfast: 07h30 11h00 • Lunch: 12h30 - 14h30 (Excluding Saturday) • Dinner: 19h00 - 22h00 • Dress: Casual This is a quick service restaurant offering an extensive buffet carvery including some traditional cuisine and some spicy Indian curry. Then end it off with a selection of deserts or a smorgasbord of cheese and biscuits. This is also the venue for an extravagant English Breakfast or if you prefer, a Continental Breakfast. Conservatory and Pool Terrace • Monday to Sunday 10h00 till 22h00 Guests can enjoy a light snack and refreshments at this delightful terrace venue. Slots Cocktail Lounge • 17h00 until close: Live Entertainment: 19h00 until 23h00 Pool Bar • 10h00 until 23h00 Set in the tranquil gardens, the pool bar serves a full bar and cocktails.

Casino Walkup Bar • Exclusive to Tables and Slots players. • Open 24 hours. • Closed on Good Friday. We offer both the Slots and Tables gambler the opportunity to enjoy a gaming experience in a modern up market Casino environment. For non-stop Slots action (open 24-hours) and for Table play from 12h00 till late, our qualified Gaming staff are available to tend to your every need. We provide smoking and non smoking areas, which accommodate all your favourite machines. All Progressive jackpots are linked in both areas for your convenience. Slots are open 24 hours (with the exception of Good Friday). Blackjack and Roulette are available daily from 12h00 until close. We regret we are unable to give credit or accept cheques; however Travellers’ Cheques and Credit Cards are welcome. (Suitable identification is needed for all Travellers Cheques and Credit Card transactions). The Casino is closed on Good Friday. For Casino Cash Desk, call +267 361 6082.

Slots Catering for all your needs, slot machines vary in denomination from 2t (Thebe) to P5 (Pula). Tables We have Blackjack (minimum P20 Pula) and Roulette (minimum P5 pula) games, a Privé with higher stakes and privacy. There are Casino tables in both smoking and nonsmoking areas. Most Valued Guest (MVG) State of the art Smart Card technology allows you to enjoy a hassle free coinless Gaming experience. For more information please feel free to contact our MVG desk, where our friendly staff will gladly assist you. Contact Us Telephone: +267 361 6000 Facsimile: +267 390 2555 Email: mb_bw_Reservations@

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Wilderness Safaris

About Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris is a conservation organisation and ecotourism company dedicated to responsible tourism throughout the areas in which it operates in southern Africa. Our goal is to share these wild areas with guests from all over the world, while at the same time helping to ensure the future protection of Africa’s spectacular wildlife heritage and sharing the benefits of tourism with local communities. We operate camps and safaris in Botswana, Namibia, Malawi,


Best of Botswana

South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Seychelles and are run by a group of likeminded wildlife enthusiasts who came together to build a successful safari business, delivering a unique experience for guests, fair returns for shareholders and stakeholders, while ensuring that southern Africa’s pristine wilderness areas remain sustainably protected. Our wildlife, marine and cultural safaris in remote and pristine wilderness destinations are specialised, educational, explorative, and fun. Camps and

services are safe, authentic and insightful of guests’ needs. The private concessions that we manage offer some of Africa’s most impressive and untouched wildlife experiences. We are privileged to operate on nearly three million hectares (seven million acres) of southern Africa’s best wildlife and wilderness reserves. The idea of space to breathe – the wilderness experience – becomes clear when we consider that Wilderness provides almost 4 000 hectares (9 800 acres) of private land per

bed – or 7 500 hectares (18 500 acres) per room. This privacy and space is what makes our operation unique and special. Recognising that conservation is as much about people as about the environment, we have pursued important goals through our Children in the Wilderness programme, as well as through the Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust, which have helped change the face of nature-based tourism in southern Africa. Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organisation that

aims to restore a sense of hope, ambition and the possibility of a bright and productive future to southern African youth. This is achieved by hosting disadvantaged children for a week at a time in a safe and natural environment where nature becomes the teacher and healer. Wilderness Safaris Wildlife Trust supports a wide variety of projects in southern Africa, within the categories of wildlife management, research and education. These projects

address the needs of existing wildlife populations, seek solutions to save endangered species and provide education and training for local people and their communities. Wilderness Safaris firmly believes that its single most important achievement to date is to have built a sustainable business model that does not compromise environmental principles and which provides jobs, training, skills, careers, adjusted horizons, hope and a realistic alternative to less

sustainable development. Our Community and Conservation Efforts As a conservation organisation and a nature tourism operator, we believe that responsible ecotourism is the most effective and practical means to ensure the viability and sustainability of African conservation in the modern era. We are serious about what we do and believe in our vision of contributing meaningfully to conservation. We view our role in conservation in Africa as:

• Ensuring sustainable conservation of carbon sinks and biodiversity through the creation of viable ecotourism businesses either within formally protected areas or on community- or privatelyowned land without formal protection. • Ensuring that ecotourism remains the chosen alternative in an economic sense to less sustainable industries such as mining, agriculture, farming, hydroelectric schemes and others that irrevocably damage

Best of Botswana 83

biodiversity, wilderness and ecosystem processes. • Creating a profitable, ethical and responsible business that others can imitate and implement in regions where we are not active or cannot make a difference ourselves. We understand this role as that of building sustainable conservation economies. In order to most effectively coordinate our conservation activities, we have separated out three key elements of our environmental and conservation strategy. These three elements together are a cohesive and coordinated approach to achieving a meaningful and sustainable conservation model twinned with the financial viability provided by a responsible ecotourism business: Operational Sustainability The management of our frontand back-of-house operations in the most sustainable and environmentally sensitive way possible, through the use of minimum standards, measurement, efficiencies, renewable energy technologies and education of our staff and guests to ensure the lowest possible carbon footprint.


Best of Botswana

Caring for, educating and empowering people People are at the heart of our business. Looking back we are thankful that the people who have joined us on this journey truly believe in what we are doing. We understand that our people are in every aspect the vital link between our guests, our partners and the wilderness. By engaging with our rural community partners in an honest, mutually beneficial and dignified way, this ensures sustainability beyond the lifespan and aegis of our organisation, and delivers a meaningful and life-changing share of the proceeds of responsible ecotourism to all stakeholders. Our commitment to our people is to invest in their health and development. Our HIV programme is unique in the tourism industry. We also offer extensive training and have influential social outreach projects such as the Children in the Wilderness programme. Biological Diversity The measurement and understanding of our biodiversity footprint and its management, and where relevant the enhancement of indigenous species richness through

reintroductions, research projects – in short, the fulfilling of our obligations as custodians of 3 million hectares of wild areas in southern Africa. It is with these three strategic pillars that the Wilderness business model of generating profits through the development of sustainable conservation economies aims to take the business to new heights. Wilderness in Botswana Botswana’s wild areas – the Okavango Delta, Linyanti and Selinda Reserves and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve – are considered the spiritual ‘soul’ of Wilderness Safaris, representing as it does our history, our roots and much of our inspiration. The importance of visitors and tourism to the sustainability of Botswana’s magnificent wildlife and conservation areas cannot be overstated. Approximately 60% of all the people who live in northern Botswana are employed in some aspect of the wildlife and tourism industry, an industry which is now the second largest contributor to the GDP of the country. The presence of camps such as our own and the protection afforded by the concessions in which we operate, has had a spectacular

impact on the sustainable conservation of all the animals and plants that live here. A case in point: white and black rhino, poached to extinction in Botswana some time ago have, thanks to a joint project between the Botswana government and Wilderness Safaris, been returned to their integral place in the hierarchy of wild Botswana. By far the most important facet of our conservation-based activities is the sustainable protection and security of the land we operate on, but there are also other initiatives on which we focus our attention: research, monitoring and re-establishment of priority species being a few. To this end, five permanent staff members fulfil the function of Conservation and Environment Officers for Wilderness Safaris in Botswana. As a result and in recognition of the fact that in the Selinda and Linyanti Concessions Wilderness Safaris is responsible for one of the two highest-density elephant concentrations in the country, we have facilitated and partially funded two MSc studies examining vegetation impact and are currently hosting a PhD and further MSc researcher examining additional elements of this puzzle.

Best of Botswana 85

Without the cooperation, support and understanding of local communities that adjoin concession areas, national parks and reserves, conservation would have a far more limited chance of success. Since 1983 Wilderness Safaris has led the field in terms of recognising that the involvement of communities in conservation and tourism is not only ethically right, but also presents its own set of opportunities, both for the sustainability of conservation and also its expansion into areas previously not available or considered for the purpose. In Botswana we are particularly proud of our partnership with the Okavango


Best of Botswana

Community Trust (OCT) in the Kwedi Concession where we operate Vumbura Plains and Little Vumbura camps. The 90 000ha concession is leased from the OCT which represents approximately 5 000 people in five key villages on the border of this conservation area; members of this community make up the bulk of the staff employed by Wilderness Safaris. Benefits to the community are not limited to employment, a lease fee and a share of revenue, but in fact extend to a variety of social services such as HIV/ AIDS counselling and a number of projects around local crafts which have been put in place to mutually benefit the community and the camps. Ecotourism needs welltrained staff to ensure that the environment comes first. Our Kaparota training camp deals with management training, guide training and general staff training; mediums range from dedicated courses for previously unemployed members of the community with no tourism experience, to specialised departmental workshops for existing staff, to the two-year management training programme which includes placement in Wilderness Safaris camps. A total of 800 people are employed in Wilderness Safaris camps in Botswana, more than 90% of which are from local communities. Finally our successful Children in the Wilderness programme has youngsters from all over Botswana, particularly from communities neighbouring conservation areas, hosted in functioning guest camps (which are closed to paying guests for this period) where they stay for a week at a time and receive both social and environmental education. More than 100 children are hosted in these camps each year with follow-up visits in the communities and villages on the Delta’s edge during the course of the year. A member of staff dedicated to Children in the Wilderness is permanently employed at the Wilderness Safaris office in Maun, while the entire staff

compliment gets involved every year as volunteers in the CITW program. Wilderness Camps Wilderness Safaris operates several private concessions in Botswana where our guests are able to have exclusive experiences and safaris. The many varied activities on offer include game drives and night drives by vehicle as well as wildlife viewing by boat and dugout canoe (mokoro) which are ideal ways to see the water areas. Walks (at the discretion of the camp manager) are unsurpassed for being in touch with nature. Hides offer a great way to enjoy wildlife viewing and birding, especially during those midday siesta hours. In order to host our guests, and therefore ensure the sustainable protection of the wilderness areas in which we operate, we have built a selection of small intimate safari camps across southern Africa. Of paramount importance to us is that our camps cause as little impact on the environment as possible. This is relevant not only during the building process, but also during dayto-day operating and takes into account all elements of environmental impact, from the visual and aural implications, to effects on soil, the water table, vegetation, game movement, and so on. Wilderness Safaris camps are divided into three types guiding your safari experience: Premier, Classic and Safari Adventure Company, a company within the Wilderness Group that came about as the result of partnerships between Wilderness Safaris and various local communities in southern Africa’s prime wildlife and wilderness areas. Premier Wilderness Camps This is the highest level of camps in our portfolio and comprises our most elegant and stylised accommodation. These camps combine luxury, superbly designed architecture with the warm comforts of home and personal service. Each Premier Camp has its

own individual style, as well as additional features such as salas for a soothing midday siesta. Each unit has an ensuite bathroom, with an outdoor shower ‘under the stars.’ For those who want to keep active, some have gyms, and all offer in-room massage therapy. Classic Wilderness Camps Many of the Classic Wilderness camps’ tents are raised off the ground with interconnecting walkways. All tents have ensuite bathrooms and most have outdoor showers to complement the experience. Safari Adventure Company Camps The Safari Adventure Company brand was born out of a need for an authentic backto-basics experience that is aimed at everyone from nature enthusiasts to young-at-heart travellers and families. The camps are slightly larger than those of Wilderness Safaris, consisting of smaller yet comfortable en-suite canvas and thatch tents with rustic finishes. The emphasis in each camp though is on its communal area, a convivial place to relax and enjoy good food and excellent company, the outcome being an active, involved and vibrant safari experience.

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Chapter 4 Diamonds


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 89


Diamond Trading Company Botswana Shining Light Awards Diamond Design Collection

Launched in 2008, the DTC Botswana Shining Light Awards for Excellence in Diamond Jewellery Design showcases the creativity and talent of designers from Botswana. The objective of these diamond studded awards is to provide support for the future of the Botswana jewellery industry, and also to help develop both technical and design skills of designers as well as an ethos for jewellery design. A bi-ennial competition, the DTC Botswana Shining Light Awards collection is a statement


Best of Botswana

of bold design expression – each piece captivates the imagination and beauty intrinsic to this prized gemstone. The overall winning piece of the first DTC Botswana Shining Light Diamond Design Awards Competition was chosen for its contemporary minimalism and unique execution in design. Overall winner, designer Katja Nilsson, created her neckpiece set using 18ct white and red gold with 674 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 24.95 carats - sponsored by the Steinmetz Diamond Group.

Custodian of the competition, Thoko Modisakeng, Head of Marketing for Southern Africa says,” For the 2010 DTC Botswana Shining Light Awards, we successfully doubled and grew the competition by doubling the number of entrants. Further we were able to grow the collection from our inaugural 5 piece collection to a 10 piece collection – something we are extremely proud of and most grateful to the vision of our Sponsoring Sightholders. The 2010 collection is currently touring Asia and will return home for its official launch in February 2011. Of the 2008 collection, 3 of the 5 pieces contained Forevermark diamonds and with the 2010 collection, of the 10 pieces, 7 contain Forevermark diamonds”.

There is no doubt that Botswana’s cultural and natural landscape has forever been the inspiration of artists and poets alike, but it is the country’s Shining Light, the Diamond that continues to illuminate, captivate and arouse. It is through endeavours such as the Shining Light Awards, that we are all able to demonstrate to the rest of the world that working together towards a shared set of values enables us to go forward, united and stronger. The Shining Light competition is indeed positioning diamonds as the country’s strategic resource. For more information on the DTC Botswana Shining Light Awards and Forevermark please visit and

Best of Botswana 91


Shrenuj Botswana Shrenuj Botswana is a part of the Shrenuj Group worldwide

all activities, and extends to active participation in trade bodies. Shrenuj has a long history of corporate citizenship, including social, educational and cultural programmes. It established operations in Botswana, with a vision to drive a lasting positive social impact in the country, as well as providing local employment and skills transfer. Shrenuj supports disadvantaged individuals through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme with the employment of hearing impaired persons. VALUE CHAIN INTEGRATION Shrenuj has vertically integrated successfully. Its step-by-step approach to growth reduces risk and enables the business to extend in a way that is fully aligned with its core competencies. This enables Shrenuj to capture a greater share of the total pipeline value. It also minimises costs through efficient supply chain management. By the end of 2010, Shrenuj will commission Botswana’s first jewellery production unit, laying the foundation of jewellery manufacturing industry in the country. This will not only add more value to the diamonds within Botswana but also create additional set of skills for Batswana. Internationally acclaimed Shrenuj Group is vertically integrated across the diamond value chain, with sizeable jewellery manufacturing operations, branding programmes and, its own retailing activities. Its core business is the manufacture of rough diamonds into premium polished diamonds from 10 pts to specials of 20 cts or more and subsequent distribution through downstream channels. The group is also engaged in production and retailing to high quality jewellery products. SHRENUJ BOTSWANA Shrenuj Botswana was inaugurated by H.E. Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama on May 7th 2010 following 9 months of operations, during which the company experienced exceptional growth. Diamonds manufactured in the unit are integrated in Shrenuj’s global sales programmes, notably achieving the high standards expected by clients of the Shrenuj brand. Shrenuj has fulfilled its employment criteria in Botswana two years ahead of schedule. Over 30% of the local staff are hearing impaired but by utilising the latest technology and the use of interpreters, these workers are fully integrated within the diversified workforce. Drawing from


Best of Botswana

the global infrastructure, Shrenuj Botswana employs workers from the long established Indian manufacturing operations to assist with employee development. Reflecting the group’s strengths in jewellery manufacturing, Shrenuj Botswana continues to support DTC Botswana’s Shining Lights Awards through sponsorship of local designers. Their involvement in the programme brings their designs to reality and Shrenuj has taken these designers to India to understand fully production related issues and observe first hand the manufacturing process of their pieces.

TECHNOLOGY AND PROCESSES Shrenuj Botswana continues to grow scale in polished manufacturing. It creates a sustainable environment through a commitment to lean processes and continuous improvement. This includes structured R&D efforts and the support of expert technical consultants. Agile process management systems enable Shrenuj to adapt rapidly to shifts in supply or demand. Shrenuj Botswana is fully compliant with the Best Practices Principles of the DTC and is an accredited ForeverMark™ diamondmanufacturing unit.

DISTINGUISHING STRENGTHS Three key areas of excellence have driven Shrenuj’s impressive track record of growth and expansion.

GROUP OPERATIONS With 21 offices in 14 different countries, Shrenuj has global operations, integrated throughout the diamond pipeline.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Shrenuj has exceptional management capability because of its talented individuals and clearly defined systems. This includes fully auditable reporting, detailed and robust planning, and consistent financial performance. Transparency and accountability also underpin Shrenuj’s steadfast commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. This permeates

Strategically located global infrastructure Shrenuj applies a ‘hub and satellite’ model to its polished distribution. It has five hubs located in each of the major trading centres. Satellite offices in consumption centres provide prompt local service support to these hubs. Jewellery distribution caters to two distinct segments. Shrenuj supplies major retail chains, offering central warehousing and a tailored

consolidated service package. It also serves a wide network of independents, offering local support through its extensive sales force. Recent retail expansion focuses on the emerging markets of India, the Middle East and China, which offer the greatest return on investment and growth potential. DIAMOND MANUFACTURING Shrenuj Group has five factories: three in Mumbai, one in Tel Aviv, specialised in fancy cuts, and the facility in Botswana. It employs over 1,500 workers in its diamond manufacturing operations. Stable, diversified rough diamond input requirements Shrenuj manufactures across a full range of qualities. It receives supply from all the leading diamond producers and has been a DTC Sight holder since 1987. It recently received a direct supply from DTC Botswana and has trading / sourcing operations in Antwerp and South Africa. A stable, diversified supply is crucial to Shrenuj’s business model, to meet downstream commitments, provide stability for manufacturing and justify long-term marketing investment. Commitment to continuous improvement Shrenuj identifies areas for improvement and learns from best practice by benchmarking across its factories and against competitors. By adopting an efficient and flexible production strategy, Shrenuj maximises utilisation and can adapt efficiently to shifts in supply or demand. Supporting customers with targeted services Shrenuj’s distribution focuses on building longterm supply relationships with retailers and jewellery manufacturers. The group often works in joint ventures with customers to develop proprietary brands or jewellery collections. Local market knowledge, marketing expertise and first-hand understanding of retail make Shrenuj an ideal partner for these customers. JEWELLERY MANUFACTURING Growing, integrated infrastructure Shrenuj has large-scale jewellery manufacturing operations, equipped to world-class standards. It has six factories in India, including a new 3,000m2 unit opened in Mumbai in 2008. This brought the group’s total manufacturing workforce to over 1,700. Together with the group’s in-house and outsourcing operations provide the capacity to produce over one million pieces per year. Technical proficiency drives quality production The same principles of continuous improvement and flexible production techniques apply to jewellery manufacturing. As a result, Shrenuj

can bring new designs to market rapidly, minimise stock and achieve superior quality more efficiently than its competitors. Award-winning design capability Shrenuj has product development teams in India, the US, Hong Kong and Germany, supported by front-end local design teams in each of its consumer markets. This enables it to create exciting and innovative designs with local market appeal. Shrenuj’s design capabilities have won numerous international industry awards. The new jewellery factory in Botswana will enjoy the benefits of the rich experience that the group has gained in its global operations over the many decades. JEWELLERY DISTRIBUTION Locally appealing branding programmes Shrenuj distributes its jewellery products to independent retailers and chains around the world. An increasing proportion of its production is distributed through branding programmes that are specific to local markets. These brands enable retailers to move away from price promotion by offering engaging and emotionally appealing marketing. This drives price premiums throughout the value chain. Shrenuj operates 14 programmes in 10 countries, including Caro74 and Valina in US, Fiana in France, Arisia, Sveni and Bhavya in India, Amante88 in Hong Kong, MasterCut and Syntilla in Australia. Shrenuj also plans to create a unique collection using Botswana diamonds that will be set in jewellery within Botswana. RETAIL ACTIVITIES Strategic downstream business evolution In 2003, Shrenuj entered diamond jewellery retailing. This was a natural progression from its branding programmes, and provided complete control over every step of the pipeline through to the consumer. Shrenuj has focussed its retail expansion plans on regions with the greatest strategic potential. India, the Middle East and China offer the opportunities greatest growth potential, maximising return on investment. They enable Shrenuj to build on existing operational presence and market knowledge.

which will enable it to effectively catalyse growth in China. Diti is fast-gaining wide retail coverage across India Shrenuj’s second retail operation, ‘Diti’, is a chain of shop-in-shop retail outlets in India. It was launched in 2007. Shrenuj plans to increase the penetration of Diti to top 29 cities across India with 130 points of sales by March 2011. The products of Diti are positioned as affordable luxury products. The product range comprises mid-priced exclusive studded gold and platinum jewellery. This approach appeals to upwardly mobile middle-class Indian consumer purchasing habits and enables it to rapidly build scale. FUTURE PLANS Shrenuj has decided to make Botswana, its second corporate home. It is committed to be a profitable, innovative and responsible corporate citizen of Botswana, becoming a role model for others in the industry. Expansion plans to fully integrate operations in Botswana have already been approved and it is expected that local participation in ownership will become a reality in the longer term. Supporting these projects Shrenuj Botswana incorporate a set of values aligned to Vision 2016. These will form the framework around which the business will be managed and at the heart will be its Corporate Social Responsibility programme which serves as a reminder that all Botswana citizens have a role to play in society and all are capable of undertaking new skills some of which will add value to the countries highly valued raw product.

Plot 20653, Savute Road Block 3 Industrial Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 3610/6 Fax: +267 395 3613

Joliesse is strategically positioned for Chinese growth Shrenuj acquired Hong Kong retailer Daily Jewellery (now ‘Joliesse’) in 2003. Shrenuj transformed the operations into a high-quality fashion brand through a complete re-branding and store refurbishment programme. It increased the average ticket price by over 50% and shifted its clientele to a less price-conscious and more fashion-conscious consumer. Joliesse currently has ten stores in Hong Kong, with plans for a further two in the next year. Shrenuj is also planning to open its first Joliesse store in mainland China. The brand has achieved wide recognition and credibility in Hong Kong, the regional trend-setting market,

Best of Botswana 93


Elara ™


Best of Botswana

Botswana is a major world source of rough diamonds. MOTIGANZ is a Diamond Trading Company (DTC) Sightholder, receiving direct supply of rough diamonds from the source and a leading player in the world diamond industry. When the company established a state or the art manufacturing operation in Botswana, it received its second DTC Sightholder status from DTC Botswana , and initiated the natural culmination of a longterm partnership.

The MOTIGANZ motto: Staying one step ahead The Group’s vision is a shared belief expressing the commitment of each of its employees. “We at MOTIGANZ believe in staying one step ahead. We believe in working together with our business partners with passion and imagination to create high quality products. We believe that these products provide people the world over with the opportunities to cherish their special moments of love.”

MOTIGANZ – A diamond industry trend-setter The MOTIGANZ Diamond Group is a major player in every aspect of the world diamond industry. More than that, MOTIGANZ is a diamond industry trend-setter. Committed to maintaining a cutting edge position, the Group has several firsts to its credit and continues to lead the way in design and marketing, quality and best practice standards, and anticipating and meeting the latest needs of its retailers and consumers. MOTIGANZ produced one of the first branded diamonds in the industry, the uniquely square and elegant Elara™ diamond. A leading brand today, the Elara™ is the first diamond to ever hold a US copyright for gemstone design. Moreover, Motiganz was one of the first companies that aligned its future with Botswana and established a manufacturing operation there and was the first one to launch a Botswana Diamond brand in the US. Specialising in excellence Willing to settle for nothing less than total client satisfaction, MOTIGANZ gives top priority to personal relations with its business partners, and ensuring an optimal match with their needs. To this end, MOTIGANZ conducts regular market research and development programs. Specialising in the manufacturing of round diamonds from 0.1ct up to +10ct, as well as the manufacturing and marketing of branded products such as its Elara™ brand, MOTIGANZ prides itself on the wide assortment of products offered, including customized programs specially formulated to meet specific customer requirements. The Group’s vertical integration, giving it control over the entire diamond pipeline from production through marketing, distribution and its own retail in China , further ensures the highest standards of quality in every phase of operations.

A strong global presence MOTIGANZ maintains state-ofthe-art manufacturing facilities in Botswana, Israel and China, as well as sales and distribution branches in every major diamond center which includes Israel, USA, China, and Hong Kong. It produces and markets products known for their excellence, and designs that meet the tastes and styles of each of its markets worldwide. MOTIGANZ has developed from its early beginnings as a diamond polishing factory in Israel, into a one-stopshop active in every stage of the pipeline and enjoying a strong global presence. Mr. Moti Ganz – Owner and Chairman Company chairman, Mr. Moti Ganz, is himself an international leader in the industry. Being the youngest person to have ever received a DTC Sightholder, Mr. Ganz believes in giving back to the diamond industry and helping it cope with local and international challenges. Mr. Ganz is the Chairman of the Israeli Diamond Institute, He is also serving for the second time as both president of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA), as well as World President of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA). As such, Mr. Ganz helps shape both the future of the Israeli Industry and the world diamond Industry. Four guiding principles – Personal, Professional, Pioneering, Passionate First and foremost, the MOTIGANZ Group believes in keeping things Personal. Personal care, attention and service to both partners and clients is a given. It is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism in all of its activities. Its pioneering spirit generates innovative activity in all spheres, from design to marketing. Finally, maintaining passion in all that it does means that every individual in the Group works with the highest commitment to excellence.

Best of Botswana 95

Motiganz Botswana Diamonds factory

Botswana – The natural choice Since MOTIGANZ specializes and is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Cube type rough, uniquely indigenous to and mined in Botswana, the logical step for MOTIGANZ was to establish operations there. The decision was further reinforced by the helpful, welcoming approach of the Botswana government and DTC Botswana. Therefore, with a firm commitment to developing Botswana’s polishing industry and introducing sustainable local beneficiation, while committed to DTC Best Practice Principles regarding business, social and environmental responsibilities, MOTIGANZ embarked on its Botswana operations. Enjoying the full cooperation and support of the local authorities as well as with DTC Botswana, MOTIGANZ Botswana (pty) LTD established in 2006 with a 1,500sq.m. diamond polishing plant in Gaborone. It began


Best of Botswana

manufacturing diamonds in 2007 with a workforce of 120 and with the latest innovative industry standards equipment enabling advanced, automated and computerized operations. Within a year the workforce more than doubled and today the factory employs close to 300 workers. Developing a skilled workforce When establishing the factory in 2006, MOTIGANZ drew its workforce from the local population, providing six-month training courses to ensure employees’ acquisition of the required skills. Motiganz sees its workforce as an important and integral part of the company and constantly invests in their skills and well being.. Advanced training courses are offered for excellent workers-, who can then progress to monitor, supervisor and manage the manufacturing process. Already in the second year of operations, MOTIGANZ local employees have become supervisors and managers.

This is in line with company policy according to MOTIGANZ Botswana manager, Moti Dayan, who describes their goal, “We want to enable local Botswana personnel to acquire the appropriate skills to manage the factory. We look forward to their taking a central role in managing all factory activities and producing the high quality of products Motiganz produces all over the world.”

In addition to job advancement, employees enjoy the daily hot meal provided at the factory cafeteria, and an on-site nurse who is always available for treatment as well as advice and consultation. With the aim of improving the general health of the population, informative posters at the MOTIGANZ facility educate the workers as to safe practices for protection against the HIV/AIDS virus.

Hon. Ponatshego Kedikilwe, Botswana Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and Ms. Susan Matlolela, Diamond Hub Liaison Officer, during a visit in the factory.

Promoting Botswana by establishing the first “Botswana Brand” True to its motto to stay onestep ahead, in November 2008 MOTIGANZ launched Diamonds of Botswana in the US market. This marked the first time that diamonds not only sourced, but also cut and polished in Botswana, were sold in the US. Today this is the most important project of the MOTIGANZ Group and is considered the flagship brand of the company. Featured among the Diamonds of Botswana collection is the Hope Pendant. Specially designed in cooperation with US jewelry chain Day’s to exclusively display Botswana diamonds, this pendant symbolizes “the light at the end of tunnel” for those living in impoverished African countries. Diamonds of Botswana is an expression of the MOTIGANZ commitment to beneficiate Botswana society, promoting its diamonds, its workforce and its talents. All diamonds manufactured at MOTIGANZ Botswana comply with eco-friendly and fair employment practices.

Special projects and sponsorships Taking its commitment to the beneficiation of its host country seriously, MOTIGANZ Botswana has been involved in a number of special projects and sponsorships. • Acting as main sponsor of the Miss Botswana Pageant in 2008, MOTIGANZ Botswana provided the jewelry worn by the contestants and donated the diamond necklace prize awarded to the winner. • In the sports arena, MOTIGANZ Botswana sponsored the Mochudi Center Chiefs football

team, Botswana’s national championship team holding the Premier League title. • With a view to promoting local talent in the area of art and design, MOTIGANZ is sponsoring for the second year running, the 2010 DTC Shining Light Diamond Design Competition aimed at showcasing the design talents of creative artists of southern Africa. • The next project in the planning is the delivery of container-loads of clothing from China for Botswana’s orphans and other needy populations.

A win-win partnership “We are very happy with our operations in Botswana, with their growth and development and with the friendly welcome and support we have received,” says chairman, Mr. Moti Ganz. “Given the long-term political stability, its record of good governance and its outstanding growth record, Botswana has proved to be an excellent venue and we look forward to long term mutual growth.” The joint endeavors of MOTIGANZ Diamonds and DTC Botswana continue to be a win-win partnership.

Hope Pendant

Best of Botswana 97

A Global Diamond Leader Adds Sparkle to the Life of Botswana Orphans

The Dalumi Group – one of Israel’s three largest diamond exporting companies and a market leader in the global diamond industry – is legendary for its ability to balance business with a deep sense of social responsibility. Its dual role in Botswana’s commerce and community exemplifies this capability. Established by Asher Dalumi in 1960, this giant of


Best of Botswana

a company with 11 offices in 9 countries on 4 continents is a top quality brand in the diamond industry. With diamond polishing factories and jewelry manufacturing facilities, it offers turnkey solutions as well as a full array of products ranging from polished diamonds to fine diamond jewelry. A family run enterprise grounded in a heritage of

excellence, fresh ideas, and understanding consumer trends, Dalumi is equally rooted to a deep sense of social justice. Which is why this DTC Sightholder with a double Sight in Botswana and London, and a term contract with BHP, set its sights on helping Botswana’s well being. It all began in 2007, when the Dalumi Group opened a 100m2 state-of-the-art

diamond polishing factory in Mogoditshane, Gaborone. While today it employs a staff of 200 local workers and boasts an average factory input of 5,000cts per month, it became clear to the company’s directorate that making this significant financial investment to help grow Botswana’s economy was not enough. They felt that beyond employment opportunities,

the company must show a deeper commitment to the local community. Enter the SOS Children’s Village in Tlokweng, Gaberone – a well known and respected non-profit organization that is home to 245 orphaned children and young adults. The Village is dedicated to nurturing and helping them mature into responsible, independent adults. The home is divided into family

houses, each accommodating 12 children, supervised by a dedicated team that includes a Mama – housemother – and her assistants. To attain its goal, the village relies on outside financial assistance. Dalumi took one house under its wing, subsidizing food, clothing, medication, school materials and other essentials. More importantly, it has fostered a personal connection between its factory manager and employees, and the children. When the circus comes to town, or any other fun-filled event, you can be sure who’s ensuring the tickets are paid for so that the children can attend. Being a global business enterprise, Dalumi has successfully turned its SOS Village commitment into a fund-raising drive going beyond borders by involving its international retail customers. Because its business includes selling loose diamonds to

independent jewelers, it created an African Donation Initiative whereby consumers purchasing jewelry item containing a Dalumi diamond receive a certificate for a donation to the SOS Children’s Village. It’s a win-win situation for customers and store owners. With no effort at all, customers feel a sense of pride in doing their share. Dalumi’s unassuming role has paid off, with the number of partnering stores continually increasing. For Dalumi, all of this is a modest accomplishment. It has set new sights of expanded involvement in the Gaborone SOS Children’s Village by adopting a second family house in the near future. For Gaberone residents, Dalumi is a source of employment and much more. It’s a diamond manufacturer with a sparkling social vision.

Best of Botswana 99

Private Collection

Treasured Moments Some moments are so extraordinary and infinitely memorable that it’s only fitting that they are celebrated in something as everlasting, precious and exquisite as a diamond. Private Collection was created to offer a place where treasured moments – from births to birthdays, engagements to anniversaries, could be captured in something beautiful. Private Collection Ethos In appreciating the significance of, and benefits that diamonds have granted Botswana as a nation, Private Collections biggest endeavour is bringing these precious stones closer to the people of Botswana, and carrying through the nations pride and association with these gems, through the establishment of retail stores across the country. Private Collection is one of the players that support Botswana’s 30% labour force that is linked to diamonds through solely dealing in nonconflict diamonds that are cut and polished in Serowe (the home of Botswana’s founding President). All diamonds are “Kimberly Process” certified. Collections Signature Jewels Inspired by the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of Botswana’s natural surrounds, flora and fauna these fine pieces were intricately crafted with only the best of materials ... flawless diamonds, platinum and premium gold. *All visitors who reside outside Botswana, are entitled to a 12% VAT return on any purchase over P5,000.00 (approximately USD750.00). Private Collection staff will help with completing the VAT forms, making it a stress free process.

100 Best of Botswana

Private Collection Shop 17, Riverwalk Mall Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 370 0213 Fax: +267 370 0212

Private Collection Shop 7, Natlee Centre Opposite Airport, Maun, Botswana Tel: +267 686 2988 Fax: +267 686 2988

Private Collection Shop 45, Gallo Centre Francistown Botswana Tel: +267 241 7520 Fax: (+267 241 7520

Best of Botswana 101

Chapter 5 Fashion


Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 103

Mpho Laing! “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” - Carl Sagan

Public Relations, Media & Fashion Mpho Laing has an extensive and successful career in lifestyle and entertainment in Botswana and her specific expertise is in fashion and fashion styling; and has been able to make a name for herself in Gaborone as a ‘Fashionista.’ From 2006 until 2007, Mpho was the Fashion Stylist, Copy Editor and Event Coordinator of TruBlu Magazine. She then went on to animate the fashion pages of Lapologa Magazine when working there as the Fashion Editor, Stylist and Deputy Editor for the magazine. Laing’s career in fashion lifestyle developed even further when in 2008 she was the Wardrobe and Props Master for a Soul City Film: an endeavor which became the platform for her embarking on an Image and Props Consultancy. Some of Mpho

104 Best of Botswana

Laing’s work to date is that of her as Fashion Stylist and Consultant for Miss Botswana 2009 and Fashion Columnist and stylist for The Voice Newspaper and Voice Woman; where she has proven to be the first and only local Fashion Journalist, that also travels the world to cover various events, which include Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, Miss World 2010 in Sun City, and various Fashion Weeks. She was also the Fashion Events Coordinator for Orange Botswana, specifically the 3G Mannequins Activation, which involved model casting, styling and choreography. An on-going project which is very close to Mpho’s heart is that of her as the Mosadi Inc Partner - a duty which entails mentoring, empowering and educating women and the girl-child in Botswana through giving her the platform to

showcase her skills in the Arts. In addition to this, Mpho coordinated a Tribunal on Climate Change and how it affects Batswana women in poverty stricken situations in August 2009, which saw her being invited to make a presentation on her findings at the United Nations’ 54th Commission on the Status of Women in New York, in March 2010. To add to this impressive list of projects Mpho has worked on, she was also responsible for coordinating and casting models for Botswana’s first ever Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) Jewellery Design Fashion Show and also groomed the finalists and coordinated the Mascom Gemstone Model Search Grand Finale. Mpho’s wideranging skills include: coordinating fashion shows, fashion shoots;

styling models and celebrities for fashion shows, album covers and revamping individual styles. Laing is also experienced in coordinating the aesthetics for television adverts (including two of Botswana’s mobile networks Orange & Mascom adverts), music videos and films. Mpho Laing has recently joined radio, as a talk show host of a show called ‘Hot Trends with Mpho Laing,’ every Thursday 6pm-7pm, on a local Family Radio Station, Duma FM. This she is currently juggling with Managing RedPepper PR and Communication Consultancy, and the rest of the above mentioned activities, as she keeps travelling the world too.

Best of Botswana 105

Issues Fashion Studio Design philosophy My work is art and I cannot separate it from art - because I believe that a good design should have art elements and art principles Mpho Kuaho 2001 • DURBAN DESIGNER COLLECTION – (Young Designers) South Africa 2002 • DURBAN DESIGNER COLLECTION – (New Generation) South Africa • VODACOM DURBAN JULY South Africa • FRANCIOUS VENDEMME (Student Designer Assistant) Durban, South Africa • GRADUATED (BA Honours Degree in Fashion Design) South African Durban Linea Academy 2003 • SUPPLIED Y-CLOTHING Riverwalk, Gaborone 2004 • DESIGNED MISS BOTSWANA CONTESTANTS GOWNS 2005 • DESIGNED MISS BOTSWANA FINAL GOWN – As Miss World Contestant 2006 • REDDS AFRICAN DESIGN AWARD WINNER • MISS BOTSWANA Semi Finalist Judge • NO 1 LADIES DETECTIVE Wardrobes Assistant 2007 • MOZAMBIQUE FASHION WEEK (Pan African) • REDDS AFRICAN DESIGNER AWARDS JUDGE Botswana 2008 • DESIGNED MISS BOTSWANA CONTESTANT FINALISTS GOWNS • REDDS AFRICAN DESIGNER AWARD (Finals Judge) 2009 • DESIGNED MISS BOTSWANA CONTESTANTS GOWNS • INDIA (NEW DELHI) FASHION WEEK (Fashion Buyer) 2010 • AFRICAN FASHION EXCHANGE / VUKANI DESIGNER AWARDS (International Designer) Soweto, South Africa • CHINA (Shanghai Global Expo) • BOTSWANA ARTS AND CULTURE DAY – Fashion Show

Brand: Jophes 09267 Studio: Issues Fashion Studio Designer: Mpho Kuaho Star sign: Scorpio Tel: +267 7259 5372 +267 318 7792 Email:

106 Best of Botswana

Seddy Wear Lesedi Matlapeng, a talented Fashion Designer, is the proprietor of the reputable fashion house; Kefseddy Designs (Pty) Ltd, the label being known as ‘SEDDY WEAR’

Having studied Fashion Design at the Pretoria Technikon in South Africa, the company is on record for successfully designing and dressing models of international stature. Kefseddy Designs was born in 2003 after being asked to design the wardrobe for Miss Botswana to wear at the Miss World stage. “The label is here to provide people with suitable garments, designing all kinds, types and size of clothes” says Lesedi. Specialising in evening dresses, ethnic and leather outfits, wedding gowns and collaborations, we are inspired by our clients; who hold all different kinds of challenges and inspiration. This inspires us to stay grounded and focused, our rewards being our happy and satisfied clients. The company Kefseddy Designs has undertaken a number of projects to date, amongst them being: - The wardrobe for Miss Botswana 2003, 2009 & 2010 - showcasing company designs 2004 (at the BITF & Redds 2005) - dressing Miss Malaika 2005 - dressing Miss Universe (Botswana) 2010 to Miss Universe in Las Vegas The company has also been the recipient of many awards acknowledging our successful and inspired approach to fashion!

‘Seddy Wear’ Kefseddy Designs Pty (Ltd) Cell: +267 722 88900 Tel: +267 390 7434 E-mail:

Best of Botswana 107

Chapter 6 DĂŠcor, Design & Interiors

108 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 109

Loads of Living What started off as a franchise store is now privately owned by Batswana Directors

Loads of Living Botswana is located at the Fairground Mall. This store was an absolute hit and became synonymous with the term variety and top quality home ware. Products supply includes linen, towels, furniture, curtains, kitchenware, tablecloths and designer products. Our Products are of the highest quality, style and comfort at extremely competitive prices. As a result, the demand for our products is growing fast and we are now the country’s leading contemporary lifestyle store, our vision at Loads of Living is to enrich people’s lives with home ware that is both beautiful, affordable; products that give maximum pleasure while meeting practical everyday needs. We believe that good design;

110 Best of Botswana

fabulous function and lasting quality should not be out of reach. We are the leaders in bringing loads of up to date products into your life. Our Chrysalis linen and towels are the most luxurious in the country and is exclusive only to us. The Loads of Living creative team travel extensively, both inside South Africa and abroad, to seek out the best we have to offer in terms of style and trends, all at a fantastic price. You’ll love our coffee mugs in Maxwell and William, Fortis and fine bone china brands and our luxurious 100% silk scatter cushions. We also stock our own custom made signature design furniture as well as Sprada (coffee machines and coffee

concepts), Sanders (German machine washable duvets inners) and MBM Africa (indoor and outdoor furniture). Though price is important to us, design and quality are never compromised. At Loads of Living we make sure that even our most basic items are extraordinary from elegant embroidered border

on a simple duvet cover tot he generous proportions of a plain white dinner plate. Our expert teams of buyers, designers and merchandisers are also dedicated to serving your dĂŠcor needs. That means finding solutions to your decorating problems, as well as offering inspiration and advice to help you shop with confidence.

Loads Of Living Shop G27, Fairground Mall Plot 28562 Samora Machel Drive Gaborone, Botswana Tel : +267 395 1735 Fax: +267 395 1745

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Imagine the difference

Pabaap is a young, vibrant citizen owned company incorporated in 2008, taking the founder’s desire to establish more than just another landscaping company. Pabaap’s goal was to bridge the gap existing in the gardening market, by designing and implementing functional landscapes, helping the client to find a solution that works for them, but delivering a truly exceptional product, setting the standards in the industry. We “pledge” to offer our customers a unique garden experience of exceptional quality and diversity. In our short history, we have developed an enviable reputation for quality and style and we have built upon this by creating a range of complementary

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services to deliver even more value to our customers. Contact us for garden landscaping and maintenance services. The bulk of Pabaap’s business remains landscaping and day-to-day maintenance of gardens. In two and half years of operation, Pabaap successfully executed over 20 landscaping projects to the value of over a million pulas. We have delivered to residential properties and commercial premises (including LEA and KBL) and we are currently maintaining a significant number of residential properties together with commercial work for BDC, LEA, and FNB The Botswana gardening industry is a buoyant and

growing market having started strongly around the late 90s. Over the years, the industry has enjoyed good growth, from organisational pressures, changes in lifestyle and greater disposable incomes. Economic conditions have also led to an increased focus on garden landscaping from favourable interest rates and inflation which resulted in high demand for home ownership and modernization. In the corporate environment, gardening is one of the services most commonly outsourced by organisations. Competition in the gardening sector is driving up quality and service and innovation in the design and implementation of landscaping projects and Pabaap guarantees customer satisfaction in its determination to remain one of Botswana’s leading companies. Our Services The following service offerings are currently available from Pabaap; Garden Design and Landscaping Pabaap recognises landscaping as an element that combines art and science to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing extension of indoor living to the outdoors. We will meet with our customer to discuss their needs and expectations and use our creative experience to propose a solution inline with their vision and budget. Our garden design offerings range from a brand new garden to improving an already established garden. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement landscape designs that will add beauty and value to their property, as well as increase enjoyment of their properties for many years to come. From garden design stage, Pabaap will install the

plan as designed and approved by the client. Installation of the design will be “project managed” to ensure successful and timely delivery. Garden Maintenance Pabaap offers a complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance and garden care service, which includes tasks as diverse as lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilising, hedge cutting and trimming, sweeping and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best. Our garden maintenance offerings range from one-off visit to simply get

the garden into shape, to regular visits to ensure the garden stays in shape. Our friendly gardening teams will be pleased to help you turn your garden into an asset by keeping it in good shape. The Pabaap Operations Manager periodically makes courtesy visits to all our corporate customers to check on their garden’s progress and also to evaluate their level of satisfaction. On a quarterly basis, reports are prepared for our corporate customers who are on contracts with us.

For further details please visit the Pabaap website

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Chapter 7 Health Care, Beauty & Wellness

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Bokamoso Private Hospital Official opening of Bokamsoso Private Hospital on 11 May 2010

The official opening ceremony of Bokamoso Private Hospital took place on the 11th May 2010 in Mmopane. The guest of honour was the President of the Republic of Namibia His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba with The President of the Republic of Botswana His Excellency Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama in attendance. Present at the ceremony as well were, members of the Diplomatic Corps, senior government officials and representatives from the private sector. Management Committees and Trustees of Botswana Public Officers’

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Medical Aid Scheme, Pula Medical Fund & Bokamoso Private Hospital Trust were also in attendance. In his keynote address His Excellency Pohamba applauded Botswana for Public Private Partnership in healthcare, which had resulted in Bokamoso Private Hospital. He expressed confidence that Bokamoso Hospital will provide and contribute to the health of the people of Botswana and visitors to the country. He further said that Bokamoso Private Hospital presented an opportunity to reverse the migration of skilled professionals to developed

countries, and repatriate skills to Botswana to provide medical care and to impart the technological knowledge. In conclusion, his Excellency Pohamba blessed the Hospital, its employees and its patients. Welcoming the dignitaries, the Chairman of the Bokamoso Private Hospital Board Mrs. Batatu Tafa stated that Bokamoso Private Hospital was designed primarily as a referral/ specialist facility. On that basis she emphasized that, referrals to the hospital were expected to come from local doctors, public health facilities around the country, as well from the

Southern African Development Community region. The Chairman further expressed her optimism that Hospital would help ease congestion by supporting the public health facilities. She informed the gathering that the Hospital, with its new services, will reduce patient traffic outside the country to South Africa especially. On behalf of the Board and medical aid scheme promoters of the Hospital, the Chairman expressed contentment over the project’s record completion time. Giving a vote of thanks the Honorable Rev. Dr John Seakgosing, the Minister of

Health, stated that private developments that offer services to this country thereby complementing Government’s efforts, were commendable and welcome. He also added that Bokamoso will complement what other health providers have been doing for the country. He also thanked the President of Namibia and his delegation for being a part of the momentous event. He reiterated the government and the Ministry of Health’s commitment and supporting initiatives such as Bokamoso Private Hospital His Excellency Pohamba

unveiled the Hospital opening commemorative plague, and with his delegation, was taken on guided tour of the facility. Entertainment for the day was provided by the enthralling Dikakapa Traditional Dance Troupe and the captivating Cultural Spears. Botswana Defence Force Brass Band added colour and pomp to the festivities. The Director of Ceremonies was Ogone Gaboutloeloe ---- his eloquence and wit captivated and amused the guests and dignitaries. Additional reporting by Babitha Manoj.

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Bokamoso Private Hospital Bokamoso Private Hospital is a specialised service private Hospital located in Mmopane village, about 15 kilometres west of Gaborone.

The Hospital is owned by Bokamoso Private Hospital Trust, a not-for-profit Trust which is a joint venture between Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Aid Scheme (BPOMAS) a government employee closed medical scheme and Pula Medical Aid Fund (PULA) which is a private sector oriented medical aid scheme. The Hospital opened its doors for patient care on 11 January 2010. Bokamoso Private Hospital opened with a minimal capacity, which has been increasing month by month as volumes and demand dictate. At peak operation the Hospital will have 330 beds – 30 of which will be a rehabilitation unit. Across these service lines Bokamoso features operating theatres, radiology and pathology laboratories equipped with state–of-the-art technology. Our advanced Information Technology Department supports Electronic Medical records and Telemedicine capability with satellite connectivity. Our Mission To provide quality health care services that meets best international standards by delivering safe, effective and timely care and treatment to our patients. Our Philosophy and Values At Bokamoso Private Hospital, we believe in maintaining the best level of service through focusing on our patients and continuously strive to understand and exceed their expectations. This focus is enabled through effective communication structures, staff training, team building, process improvement, work redesign, empowered work force and safe working environment. In collaboration with our partners, Bokamoso Private Hospital will provide patient

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focused care and service through: • Developing long term strategic plan that will balance the needs of the Government of Botswana and Bokamoso Hospitals Mission. • Focusing on patient satisfaction by meeting their interests, needs and expectations. • Establishing core values which guide employees’ behaviour. Bokamoso Private Hospital will support personnel relations that foster growth, encourage innovation and support teamwork. • Providing services that are appropriate to the scope and level required by the patient population to be served. • Ongoing evaluation of services provided through performance improvement activities. • Integrating of services through a variety of mechanisms, i.e. continuous quality improvement teams,

informational meetings, staff meetings, employee consultative forums and employee education. • Recognizing the need to be a responsible member of the community through contributing toward the quality of life and involvement in the community services. Services Bokamoso Private Hospital provides comprehensive emergency care including trauma cases, women’s and children’s health services, orthopaedics, cardiac, neurosciences, and oncology specialties. Patient care Units: • Women and Children’s Health • Hospital Services • Surgical Services • Medical Services Supported by highly equipped Intensive Care/Critical Care Units, ORI Suit/Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Labor and delivery in LDRP rooms and Newborn Nursery e.t.c.

Presently the following services are available: MEDICINE • Neurology • Cardiology • Endocrinology • Gastroenterology • Gynecology • Pediatrics • Infectious diseases • Nephrology • Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologic Surgery • Pathology • Obstetrics • Sports & Exercise Medicine • Internal Medicine SURGERY • Anesthesiology and Nurse anesthetist • General Surgery • Orthopedic Surgery • Colorectal Surgery • Plastic Surgery • Urology • Emergency Medicine • Laboratory • Radiology • Pharmaceutical Services. Staffing Bokamoso Private Hospital recruited qualified doctors (among them repatriated Batswana doctors trained in the United States of America, Europe), nurses and support staff. Currently the hospital has more than 80 doctors who were recruited from 22 countries. Facilities The hospital has a capacity of 200 beds with planned expansion to 300 beds, a rehabilitation facility with 30

beds and an in-town outpatient centre to be opened 1st September 2010. The Hospital has a state-of-the-art Health Information System that will enable the hospital to operate in a paperless environment, providing electronic medical records and a telemedicine capability with satellite connectivity to the United States and other countries. The facility has been designed to meet international accreditation standards. Currently the hospital has: • 1 Cardiac Catheterization Suite • 1 Endoscopy Suite • Accident and emergency facility fully equipped – helipad for country wide service • Eight (8) operating threatres • Extensive state of the art imaging and laboratory diagnostics capability, including Clinical Chemistry, Endocrinology, Immunology, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Haematology, Coagulation, Histology, Cytology, Microbiology and HIV Therapeutic Monitoring.

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Cardiology Bokamoso Cardiac Unit offers these services. • • • • • • • •

and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Diagnostic images are interpreted by qualified radiologists 24 hours a day. The Emergency Department is also able to call upon a veteran group of international consultant specialists from a variety of medical disciplines to assist in the diagnosis and management of its patients. An emergency medicine specialist can be reached 24/7 in the ED at 369 4280.

Specialities Anaesthesia The Department of Anaesthesia provides a full range of anaesthetic services including: general anaesthesia, sedation, regional anaesthesia, spinal and epidural anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks. Emergency Medicine Bokamoso Emergency Department sees approximately 50% of the patients who register at BPH. The Emergency Department is comprised of a 12 beds Accident and Emergency section and 10 beds Urgent Care section, each with its own staff, supplies and waiting areas. Board

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certified emergency medicine specialists, complemented by medical officers, provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week care. The Emergency Department is committed to providing best practice standards in the evaluation and treatment of most emergency and urgent medical conditions, and will facilitate work-ups for those patients referred by community physicians. Patient evaluations are prioritized using an internationally recognized triage system to ensure that the sickest patients are seen first. Patients are afforded 90% same day lab results. Radiological evaluations include plain x-rays, ultrasound, computerized tomography scanning (CT), echocardiography

Cathlab Coronary Angiogram Pacemaker Insertion “Left and Right” Heart Catheterization Two Dimensional Echo Cardiography with Doppler Angioplasty with Stenting Inferior Vena Caba filter Insertion Threadmill Stress Test

Endocrinology Clinical endocrinology, diabetes services, and * Radioactive Iodine Therapy for benign thyroid disease. Diabetes specialist nursing and dietetic services, retinopathy screening, and medical antenatal care including preconception counseling. Neurology Clinical neurology including, EEG, *EMG and NCS – Nerve Conduction Studies Nephrology Clinical nephrology, peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis Infectious Disease Diagnosis and care of all infectious diseases.

Medicine Listed are the services currently available or planned in the short to medium term subject to the arrival of equipment and necessary personnel. In addition we offer acute medicine inpatient services with physicians taking part in the acute medicine “on call” rotations. Patients admitted are looked after in the first instance by the admitting physician and transferred to the care of the relevant specialist as appropriate.

Sports, Exercise and Orthopaedic Medicine General Clinical Care, manipulations and intra-articular injections

Gastroenterology General Clinical Gastroenterology, upper and lower diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, ERCP: diagnostic and interventional, *oesophageal physiology, *nuclear medicine (UBT and breath tests), acute after hours endoscopy services are provided in association with general surgical colleagues.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Our Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post partum unit (LDRP) is staffed by a team of a consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologists, medical officer and consultant midwives all with a physical presence in the hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may reach the consultant OB/ Gyn on call for emergencies

Oncology Clinical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy (in cooperation with local units) Respiratory Medicine Clinical pulmonology, bronchoscopy and pulmonology function testing

by using their direct line at 369 4856. It is possible, of course, that they will be busy and unable to immediately answer. In such times, please call the main LDRP hospital number at 369 4630 and ask to speak to the OB/Gyn consultant or leave a message. Obstetrics Antenatal care for low risk and high risk women, obstetric ultrasound, prenatal diagnosis including amniocentesis and serum screening, delivery and post partum care. Gynaecology Routine women’s care, including preconception health, contraception, cervical dysplasia with colposcopy and health screening. Operative gynecology including laparoscopic surgery, vaginal surgery and abdominal surgery. Consultant Midwives Paediatrics The Paediatric Department provides comprehensive outpatient care, well-baby/ vaccination clinics and Hospitalbased paediatric care. Surgery • Plastic Surgery Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery including liposuction • Neurosurgery Neurosurgery of the brain and spinal cord • Urology • Orthopaedic Surgery General orthopaedic surgery plus surgery of the vertebral canal, hip and knee replacement.

In addition the Hospital has the following service lines:

almost all diagnostic services around the clock, including:

CSF processing, blood cultures and infection control.

The Village Clinic will be opening soon in Gaborone City Centre. The Village Clinic will provide outpatient services for the Departments of OB/Gyn and Paediatrics. The Hospital will continue to offer outpatient services, but the Village Clinic will facilitate access for those finding it difficult to travel to Bokamoso Private Hospital.

Histopathology/ Cytopathology Routine pap smears, fine needle aspiration cytology, fluid cytology, imprint cytology, routine histopathology, special stains and immunohistochemistry (in conjunction with a reference lab)

Virology HIV viral load, chlamydia and gonococcus PCR (in conjunction with a reference lab).

Pathology and Laboratory The Bokamoso Private Hospital Laboratory is a multidisciplinary centre with state of the art laboratory equipment and an excellent team of professionals comprised of two pathologists, a laboratory manager and eleven laboratory scientists. We offer

Clinical Chemistry U/E, creatinine, liver function tests, bone metabolism, glucose and HBA1C, cardiac enzymes, troponin, cardiovascular risk markers (Homocysteine, Pro BNP and HS CRP), therapeutic drug monitoring, drug abuse, cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides Immunology/Endocrinology Cancer markers, hormones (including female and male reproductive hormones), thyroid function tests, vitamin B12 and folate, hepatitis panel, TORCH screen, HIV testing, CD4 count and VDRL. Hematology/Coagulation Peripheral smear examination, bone marrow aspiration study, full blood count (including Hb, WBC differential and reticulocyte count), PT (INR), APTT and D-dimer. Microbiology Routine microscopy/culture and sensitivity (various specimens),

Blood Bank Blood products are stored for use within the hospital. This section co-ordinates blood grouping, cross matching and issue of blood products. Radiology • General Radiology services including plain x-ray and ultrasound • Specialised radiology services including CT scan, MRI scan and nuclear medicine Other services include: • General and Colorectal Surgery, Endoscopy and Laparoscopy • General and Colorectal Surgery and Endoscopy • General Surgery, Endoscopy and Laparoscopy • Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Surgery • General Internal (adult) Medicine • Primary Care Medicine/ General Practice

Tel:+267 369 4000 Fax: +267 369 4141

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Dumelang and welcome to Itekanele Health!

We are a medical aid that is geared at providing affordable health cover for all, through partnerships with Health Professionals across Botswana. We view quality healthcare as a

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fundamental right that must be enjoyed by all people regardless of their socio-economic status. That is why at Itekanele we are driving down the cost of medical care to cover families all over Botswana.

About Us Itekanele started operations in November 2005 with only one office in Gaborone and a network of Health Professionals across the country. The company has

grown tremendously and today boasts of 6 offices located strategically across the country. We have offices in Gaborone, Francistown, Maun, SelebiPhikwe, Palapye and Tsabong.

We also have our Head Office in Gaborone International Finance Park. Itekanele Health Scheme is a medical aid for low-income earners and it covers all members of the society including the unemployed, pensioners and students. We believe that if attention is given to out of hospital patient care, by wellness programmes largely through lifestyle modification and primary preventive care, will drive health care costs down. The scheme employs a preventative rather than curative approach to health cover. For an affordable monthly premium members will have access to Medical Professionals anytime of the day at a preferred clinic by the scheme. The scheme works with a wide network of private practitioners, hospitals and government structures for quality service provision.

Itekanele Health Scheme founder and Managing Director, Solly Reikeletseng

Mission Itekanele Health Scheme is a medical aid that is geared at providing affordable health cover for all through partnership with health professionals. Vision “Wellness for all” Values • People First • Equitable Health • Integrity

deserve to be well and Itekanele is the only scheme that gives you a chance to provide your loved ones with medical cover, at very low premiums.

Family Health Cover Regardless of how low your salary is, your health can be secured. With premiums as low as P115. 00 per month, everyone can afford to be well. A spouse and all dependants less than 21 years of age are covered for as low as P60.00 per month. We have no limitations whatsoever. Extended family members can also be covered if you so wish because they too,

Corporate Social Responsibility As a company, it is our responsibility to execute our social corporate responsibility to the community we live in. Our main issue is to change people’s lives for the better. Going on sponsorships with different bodies, was to be of assistance to them, to develop and grow them, and eventually see them progressing in each endeavour they undertake.

Tel: +267 390 5548 Fax: +267 390 6741

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Urban Space Located in the heart of Gaborone in its up market Extension 9, it is a place where people can experience relaxation, beauty and massage treatments at their best

Urban Space is unique in that it does not only offer beauty treatments, massages and make up, but it offers is customer a relaxation experience which delights all of the samples. Going to Urban Space is similar to going on a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Upon etering the Urban Space grounds, one is welcomes by a beautiful garden which boasts a swimming pool. As you walk down the path going into the building, the calming smell of burning incesnse and soft music is most alluring. The interior design is themed to offer patrons (both men and women) the opportunity to escape from their busy reality, and take a moment to unwind and be pampered. The three different Spa Rooms at Urban Space, namely Delta Lily Roomwhich pays homage to the world famous Okavango Delta- Sunset Room and Island Retreat Room, are aptly named and decorated to suit their names. Urban Space offers a variety of beauty treatments using top of the range Nimue

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Dermacosmeceuticals for skin treatmens, Bio Sculpture nails and Ahava Dead Sea products. Al treatments and massages are performed by very experience and friendly staff. For those in search of unique ideas to entertain friends and family, Urban Space is a charming location which hosts Hen Parties, Fashion Sales, Networking Parties and even Kiddie Spa afternoons where both children and parents can spend a day being pampered. Urban Space also offers clients a healthy food snack bar from which light meals and refreshments can be ordered. After a visit to Urban Space, one feels rejuvenated and refreshed-there really is no other place like in Botswana as it rivals as one of the best for its unique and diverse offerings.

Plot 2658 Kgori Close Extension 9 Tel: +267 318 7434 Cell: +267 725 26944 +267 717 99279

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The Wellness Parlour At The Wellness Parlour, our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and informal ambience that will provide a haven away from the stress and pressures of life


ellness Parlour

Business Owner - Rachel Nekati

Whether it is pampering or more practical alternative therapies we would encourage you to visit us to discuss how we can tailor the treatments to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated team provides pampering Head to Toe “Me Time”. We offer our services to women, men and children. We also have various custom made packages available, as well as Wedding Planning Services, Home & Office Make over’s, Customer Care and Relationships Skills training. Hair Treatments We offer a variety of Hair Treatments such as: • Retouch, Set, Cut, Treatments, Artistic Cutting, • Color and Foil Work, Twisting, • Plaiting, Weave On, Hair Extensions, Dreadlocks, • Ceramic Iron, Spirals, Highlights, • Bridal and Special Occasion Work. Facials All our facials include exfoliation,

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facial steam, cleanse, shoulder, neck, face & scalp massage, mask and moisturize. Eyebrows Tweezing your eyebrows is one of the most dramatic ways to change your face without makeup or surgery. Using the right techniques on your eyebrows, you can make your eyes look fresher, larger and give your face a clean, polished look. Waxing Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair. Hand Treatments Our Hand Treatments include: • Nail Enhancements with Bio Sculpture Gel, • Manicure with hand exfoliation, • Manicure with paraffin wax, • Artificial nails, • Gel overlay, Natural / French tips with Gel or Acrylic, • French painting, Nail Repair, Nail Polishing as well as Nail Art. Foot Treatments You can enjoy a Free Head, Neck and Back Massage on our state of the art pedicure chair while having any of these treatments: • Pedicure with feet exfoliation, • Pedicure with paraffin wax, • Pedicure with gel overlay, • Pedicure with gel or acrylic overlay, • Foot massage,

Massage We offer a wide variety of body rejuvenating massages including: • Swedish, • Hot Stone, • Aromatherapy, • Hawaiian, • Head and Neck Massage, • Chair Massage, • Group Massage treatments, Computerized Weight Loss & Cellulite Treatment Lose 10 Kg after 20, thirty minutes sessions, and get a Free Cellulite Treatment. No Fad Diets!! No Slimming Pills!! The Dr Hawkin’s machine uses Quantum current. Quantum current is a unique, digitally created biomedical current, designed specifically for the treatment of obesity by electro medically induced voluntary muscular exercise. This current form is generated exclusively by the Hawkins medical devices. The Hawkins medical devices are selectively operable to generate Quantum currents of varying compositions and frequencies, in accordance with the particular slimming procedure which has been selected. Classified as a medical device, the Hawkins Digital CompuSlim 75 PRO has been Laboratory Safety Tested and conforms with EEC and FDA requirements of Safety Standards for medical devices. ME - DAY Me-Day is an annual event hosted by The Wellness Parlour.

This event gives women the opportunity to network and be pampered in a conducive environment. In most cases women hardly find time to relax and be pampered, hence this is their opportunity to take it easy, relax, be informed and network. Women are informed on issues that affect their day to day lives in an inspiring environment. Ladies are treated to a lavish meal and many gifts, including goodie bags. Gift Vouchers A Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for ANY OCCASION. It can be purchased either to the value of or for a specified service.

The Wellness Parlour. Shop 53 Riverwalk Shopping Mall Gaborone, Botswana Southern Africa Tel: +267 392 4297 Email:

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Chapter 8 Investment



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Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) Chief Executive Officer’s Statement

Mr Jacob Dickie Nkate, Chief Executive Officer of BEDIA

As CEO of BEDIA I am determined to meaningfully contribute to the economic diversification of Batswana and thereby fulfill BEDIA’s mandate of attracting Foreign Direct Investment and creating job opportunities for Batswana. I see this as very possible to achieve because I am fortunate to have a team that is disciplined and very committed. During 2008/09 financial year, BEDIA set targets in line with the then global economic outlook and the various trends on investment. BEDIA also faced challenges due to the economic meltdown that particularly affected the western countries

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and made it difficult to attract investors into the country. Foreign investors therefore became cautious and developed measures to reduce their exposure and decided to either invest in their own countries or other developed countries. This year however, highlights the beginning of the end of the recession and BEDIA will continue to encourage, promote and facilitate the establishment of export-oriented enterprises and selected services. We will come out of the impact of the global recession with plans that will enable us to achieve rapid economic growth, economic diversification as well as creating

sustainable employment opportunities. BEDIA has therefore devised strategies that will see Botswana attracting investors and branding the country on a global scale. Our biggest initiative this year includes the “Invest in Botswana” and focus on Domestic Investment. Our country has a lot to offer and it is important for us to ensure that the rest of the world is informed and that investors know that they are welcome to come and explore the opportunities our country has to offer. In turn, it is also important for us to inform and educate our local business community

on the investment opportunities available for them to take advantage of. Our local business community is given the opportunity to benchmark, engage and partner with foreign businesses through organised seminars and investment promotion missions (inward and outward). In addition to that, our local business community is educated on various business opportunities during Botswana’s only business to business exhibition, Global Expo. Invest in Botswana will highlight to potential investors the opportunities that make Botswana an ideal investment destination. These include, amongst others, our stable economy, democratic government, low corruption, educated workforce and our quality of life. The annual Global Expo is always a highlight for the year. This year Global Expo will be hosted under the theme “Building Strategic Partnerships beyond the Economic Crisis”. The theme encourages all businesses to participate at the Global Expo, and rise above the recent harsh economic environment by getting together and forming strategic alliances to regain, and even advance, their foothold in their respective markets. Extended focus will be towards overcoming the challenges that seem to face us. Botswana is in competition with other economies in the region for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). We therefore hope to lure potential investors into Botswana through tax incentives as we have the lowest personal tax in the region and other investment incentives. Through sound partnerships and support by Batswana, our stakeholders and the international business community, BEDIA will certainly work hard to bear fruits that are most necessary for the development of our country.

Our Mandate BEDIA was formed in 1998 as a parastatal reporting to the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI) and is the lead Investment Promotion Agency in Botswana. Among other things, BEDIA is charged with promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Botswana, promoting locally manufactured goods to regional and international markets, improving investment climate through policy advocacy, increasing citizen participation in the economy and creating sustainable job opportunities for Batswana. Over the years, BEDIA has played a critical role in marketing Botswana, selling investment opportunities in the country and assisting local entrepreneurs in identifying market outlets outside Botswana. Our Vision We will be globally recognised as a leading trade and investment agency in Southern Africa. Our Mission To promote investment in export orientated activities which will result in economic diversification, rapid economic growth and sustained employment

opportunities in accordance with Botswana’s social and economic policies and objectives. Our Values Accountability We work to clear purposes and defined outcomes with identified parameters using transparent, quality and consistent processes and reporting as necessary stakeholders.

Manufacturing This sector has the most growth potential due to Botswana’s access to larger markets through regional integration and international trade agreements. Over the years major manufacturing exports included textiles and polishing of diamonds and semi precious stones. Now there is a wide range of goods the country manufactures for both the domestic and export markets.

Ethical Behaviour Tourism We are open, honest and consistent in all business dealings. We conduct business in a professional and ethical way. Responsiveness We work with stakeholders in a way that is consultative, timely and innovative to best meet their changing needs. Information Communications Technology (ICT) Since its aggressive embarkation on ICT development, Botswana has since rapidly progressed, developing world leaders in the application of ICT who ranked third in Africa, in the Global Information Technology Report 2008-09.

Travel and tourism have a strong future potential and are regarded as an engine for economic growth. Diversification into ecotourism is the tool that has been identified as a key contributor to a rapid growth niche in the travel industry. Education Botswana has invested a lot of effort and resources in the development and growth of the education system. The result; a literacy rate of over 80% - which is more than most SADC countries. The system is constantly improved and developed through a number of education initiatives.

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investors. Through its One Stop Shop, all investors are assisted in securing necessary permits and approvals including land and property. The process of acquiring work and residence permits, visas, licences and other approvals is fast tracked through this system. Our Objectives The main objectives of BEDIA are: To promote inward investment into the country by encouraging; - The establishment of manufacturing enterprises with special emphasis on export orientated manufacture and in the import replacement sector; - Investment in selected services, for example information technology, Mining Mining accounts for a large portion of Botswana’s national foreign exchange earnings and the largest single source of GDP propelling the high economic growth. Botswana was ranked 18th in the world at the 2009 Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies and foremost preferred destination for mining and mineral investment in Africa. The Cargo and Logistics Sector Cargo and logistics comprises three main areas, namely the Air Cargo Hub, Gabcon Freight Village and the Mining Supplies and Logistics Hub. As a whole, the sector is responsible for exporting perishables, the import and export of pharmaceuticals and vaccines (Air Cargo Hub); local and regional consolidation and movement of general cargo (Gabcon Freight Village); as well as providing warehouses for rent, the consolidation and distribution of consumables, capital equipment and spares (Mining Supplies and Logistics Hub). The sector is expected to create up to 237 jobs by the year 2022. BEDIA One Stop Service BEDIA promotes a customercentric approach in dealing with

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- To organise and participate in trade exhibitions and contact promotion missions to other countries, in order to expose manufacturers to the international market and identify market outlets for goods manufactured in Botswana. - To promote the establishment of joint ventures between local citizens and foreign investors. - To encourage the transfer of technology and the building up of skills of citizens working in the manufacturing sector. - To construct factory buildings and deal with the property market for investors to utilise. - To provide a one-stop service facility to ensure that all clearances, residence permits, work permits, factory space, land, etc, are obtained with minimal delays by existing and new enterprises. Investment Opportunities Some of the priority sectors that BEDIA is actively selling are; glass manufacturing; beef and beef byproducts, leather manufacturing and Information Communication Technology. Through the research analysis, investment opportunities are profiled and packaged in a

qualitative and quantitative manner to assist investors in making sound investment decisions. Beef Botswana is the exporter of lean quality beef which features prominently in markets throughout the world particularly the European Union. Health The health sector remains a prime area for investment as the country is committed to providing quality health professionals and pharmaceuticals nationwide. Botswana imports both raw materials and pharmaceutical medicaments thereby increasing the investment opportunities. Leather and leather products A large number of finished leather products are imported from the region and overseas markets, although there are manufacturers who produce for both the local and export market. Energy Currently, Botswana has relatively limited primary energy resources and largely relies on imports. There is substantial potential in renewable energy sources like solar, which is the most abundant in the country. Investment opportunities lie in the energy sector through the supply of related products, solar panels, energy generating equipment and applicators. Agribusiness Agriculture continues to be a main sector sustaining the lives of most Batswana and is considered as the touchstone of the society. Export Enterprise Development BEDIA identifies market outlets for locally manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on seeking and promoting products that are suitable to enter the export market. This is done through identifying and researching new markets to facilitate targeted export promotion aimed at

selected buyers, including investigation of opportunities in markets that have trade agreements with Botswana, so as to maximise benefits. Export Development Programme The Export Development Programme (EDP) is a project by BEDIA designed to assist in developing international market entry strategies that identify the objectives, resources and or policies that will in turn assist participating companies develop their sustainable international business focus. This is a phased programme designed to help companies in the evaluation and development of a profitable export strategy. Hence the programme assumes a ‘baby step’ approach through the development process from initial market evaluation to a fully functioning export operation. Global Expo Botswana Global Expo Botswana, the only premiere international business to business exhibition in Botswana is organised and managed by BEDIA. The Expo aims to promote access to the Botswana market, provide foreign direct investment, improve the investment climate and create a culture of entrepreneurship.

Tel : + 267 318 1931 E-mail:

Best of Botswana 133

Big Business Growing Botswana’s Business Base

The BDC portfolio includes investment in manufacturing, tourism, agri-business and services as well as property development and management. The Botswana Development Corporation Limited (BDC) was founded in 1970 and is today one of the biggest investors in the country with investment in excess of P1billion. 40 years ago, mining was the main driver of the country’s economy and the BDC was established with a firm mandate to develop the country’s commercial and industrial landscape with the primary aim being to reduce the dependency on mining. This would be a massive task for the fledgling BDC

134 Best of Botswana

especially against the backdrop of Botswana’s then third world status and an infrastructure that was largely undeveloped. Existing trade imbalances and the fact that Botswana was a virtually unknown country at the time made the challenges even greater. In addition, Government expectations were high. As the sponsor of the BDC, the Government expected the Corporation to create jobs and enhance the skills of Batswana in different trades across all sectors of the economy.

Over the years, the BDC’s cause has been aided by Botswana’s flexible fiscal regime, which makes it easy for local and foreign investors to set up sustainable operations in the country. The BDC portfolio includes investment in manufacturing, tourism, agribusiness and services as well as property development and management. The Corporation offers flexible financial solutions to entrepreneurs that have identified viable business opportunities in Botswana. The BDC provides loan financing, equity participation, commercial, industrial and residential premises, as well as invoice discounting services to clients that meet its investment criteria. The BDC’s dedication to

the economic empowerment of the country’s citizens is furthered by its divestment strategy that involves either offering shares to the public once a company has returned its investment to the Corporation and shows sustainable growth, or by inviting a technical partner who brings financial or managerial resources into the company to take it forward. In addition, the BDC always seeks to ensure the prosperity of the communities in which it operates. This is achieved through donations and the sponsorship of charitable causes through the BDC’s corporate social responsibility program. During 2009 and 2010, the corporation donated over P1 million to various

charities and built houses for the underprivileged in the village of Ramotlabaki in the Kgatleng District. BDC employees were actively involved in the construction of the houses. The BDC has grown from strength to strength over the past 40 years and remains determined in its quest to nurture businesses that contribute to a strong and diversified economy and a prosperous society.

Moedi, Plot 50380 Gaborone International Showgrounds, Private Bag 160, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 365 1300 Fax: +267 390 3114 390 4193 Email:

Best of Botswana 135

Botswana International Financial Services Centre Established in 2003, the Botswana International Financial Services Centre (Botswana IFSC) is establishing and developing Botswana as a world class hub for International financial and business services into Africa

The Botswana IFSC is one of the key strategies that the government of Botswana has put in place to reduce the country’s reliance on mineral revenues, especially diamonds. The establishment of the Botswana IFSC is further aimed at: • the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for suitably qualified citizens • the enhancement of the skills base of the Botswana workforce • fostering of innovation and sophistication in financial and business services • the enhancement of Botswana’s already excellent reputation in the international financial and business community.

136 Best of Botswana

Target Sectors 1. International Business Companies, 2. International Insurance, 3. International Investments Funds, 4. International Banking, 5. Business Process Outsourcing and Call Centers. Why Botswana IFSC Positioned in a solid and democratic, growing and liberalized economy, the Botswana IFSC provides a transparent, open business environment with optimised business facilitation services, rigorous screening and efficient company approval processes. Uniquely and highly competitive characteristics that position Botswana as

an economically sound and attractive investment and offshore destination: • Central geographic position in Southern Africa provides proximity to key SADC markets including South Africa. • Easy access facilitated by frequent daily flights to and from Johannesburg • An educated English speaking and competitive labour pool • Botswana is investing in upgrading its telecommunications infrastructure – with the landing of the SEACOM, EASSy and WACS fiber optic cables, bandwidth costs are expected to be significantly reduced.

• No foreign exchange controls

nor restrictions on the repatriation of funds and profit

Accredited companies enjoy a low tax environment inclusive of readily accessible incentives and Botswana has no foreign exchange controls nor restrictions on the repatriation of funds and profit. The Botswana IFSC is “your competitive advantage” that will propel your business into the rest of Africa. Contacts Email: Tel: +267 360 5000 Fax: +267 391 3075 Mobile: +267 713 19249/50

Best of Botswana 137

Chapter 9 Finance & Insurance

138 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 139

140 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 141

Standard Chartered Standard Chartered Bank Botswana first opened for business in 1897, making it the country’s oldest bank

In 1956, the office was given a full branch status and this was followed by the opening of branches in Lobatse (1958), Mahalapye (1963) and Gaborone (1964.) The Bank was locally incorporated in 1975 with a full board. 25% of its shares are listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange. Today, the Bank operates a network of 17 branches and agencies supported by a Loan Centre and Customer Call Centre. With a wide branch network and large force of Direct Sales Representatives (DSRs), the Bank is able to provide excellent service both to both its retail and wholesale customers across the country.

142 Best of Botswana

The Bank’s consumer banking business offers a wide range of products and services and is regarded as a market leader in this segment. Comprising of four business portfolios Shared Distribution, Wealth Management, SME Banking, and Secured/Unsecured Lending, these portfolios are supported by robust credit risk management, sales and marketing teams. The Wholesale Bank offers a wide range of products and services for local corporates and multi-national corporations (MNCs). Product portfolios comprise Cash Management, Trade Services, Syndications and Lending as well as Treasury Services, Foreign

Exchange, Currency Options, Government Bonds, High Yield Deposits and other liquidity management products. It also offers a wide range of Corporate Finance advisory, hedging and transactional services. Supported by the Bank’s global network, it is able to provide financial expertise in cross-border structured transactions, Fixed Income, Currency Market and Research. Standard Chartered Bank Botswana is highly respected in the country for its adherence to corporate governance standards, enthusiasm for excellent service and dedication to talent development, as well as to diversity and inclusion. It has a

highly active community program and is committed towards building a sustainable business in Botswana in support of the country’s Vision 2016 aspiration. The Bank won The Banker magazine’s esteemed ‘Best Bank in Botswana’ Award in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. The Bank also won the ‘Best Bank in Botswana Award’ in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 from Global Finance magazine, and ‘Best Bank in Botswana 2006 Award’ from Euromoney magazine and other southern African awards, for example, PMR Magazine Silver and Bronze Arrow Awards.

Best of Botswana 143

Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency

Introduction Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) was established by the Government of the Republic of Botswana in 2001 to provide financial and technical support for business development with a view to promote viable and sustainable citizen owned business enterprises. The Agency was established to address the need for coherent and holistic support for the development of small, medium and large scale enterprises through the soft window package. CEDA offers funding for start-ups, expansions, stock or working capital in

144 Best of Botswana

new and existing business ventures. The Agency also offers business advisory services to entrepreneurs in various skills as identified through the needs assessment that is conducted during the monitoring of funded businesses. The underlying objectives of CEDA are: • Forster citizen entrepreneurship and empowerment • Promote economic diversification • Encourage the development of competitive and sustainable citizen enterprises

• Create sustainable employment opportunities • Promote the development of vertical and horizontal linkages between citizen enterprises and primary industries in Agriculture, mining and tourism Our Products and Services comprise of; • • • •

Loans Equity Credit Guarantee Scheme Citizen Entrepreneur Mortgage Assistance Equity • Invoice discounting/factoring • Training and Mentoring The Equity Component CEDA provides finance or a combination of both loans and equity, depending on the financial viability as well as the funding requirements of the project. However, the loan shall be extended on commercial terms with interest rates charged at prime commercial linked rates depending on the risk associated with the project up to a maximum of P30 million for a period not exceeding 15 years. This offering

is offered under the Structured Finance Department. Previously the management of the Agency’s pioneer equity fund, branded the CEDA Venture Capital Fund, was outsourced to a privately owned fund management company which was given a 10 year autonomous mandate to manage the fund on CEDA’s behalf. This fund was a closedended, general fund capitalized with seed capital to the tune of P200 million. Types of transactions • • • • • •

Start-ups Early stage investing Expansion capital Mergers and acquisitions Restructuring and turnarounds Management buy outs and buy ins

Criteria for Assistance CEDA assistance will be in the form of financial assistance to citizen entrepreneurs and joint ventures wishing to start, expand or acquire business operations in all sectors. To qualify for assistance the following shall be considered:

Best of Botswana 145

• Citizens of 18 years or above • Viable citizen businesses and joint venture businesses between citizens and foreigners • Citizen owned businesses facing foreclosure and seeking to re-finance mortgage loans for land, commercial and industrial property in exchange for share of equity in their businesses • Direct involvement of the shareholder in the project Economic Development CEDA plays a critical role in supporting Government to address the issue of poverty eradication, unemployment, youth empowerment and economic diversification. Since inception, CEDA has funded start-up businesses and expansions to the value of about P2 billion in various sectors of the economy, thus creating an estimated 28 000 jobs for Batswana. CEDA has actively engaged policy makers over the years on the need to improve access to Government procurement for SMMEs. This has resulted in

146 Best of Botswana

Government issuing a directive to Central Government, local authorities and parastatals to procure goods and services from local companies, provided pricing is competitive, in order to grow local manufacturing base and support local businesses. In 2009, Government identified the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) as an initiative meant to eradicate poverty and create wealth for Batswana. CEDA is an integral part of the Economic Diversification Drive as a provider of funding and business advisory services to local businesses.

P/Bag 00504 Gaborone, Botswana Leseding House, Plot 204 Independence Ave Gaborone Tel: +267 317 0895 Fax: +267 317 0896 Mobile: +267 72329018

Bifm CEO’s Message Tiny M. Kgatlwane Increasing the yield!

A time of harvest is always a period of reflection. As the farmer looks over his land he thinks and plans about the next season. Whether the harvest has been bountiful or otherwise strategies have to be in place

to ensure that coming seasons are even more rewarding. Asset management is not any different. In every aspect of this business the idea is to realise the best returns for every investment. When this has been realised,

it has to be maintained for the interests of shareholders. As Botswana’s largest asset manager the challenge is to maintain our market position and develop innovative products at affordable costs. As expected, if you are at the top everyone wants a piece of your pie. You either maintain the market share or lose ground to competition. Paying attention to detail and being more client-centric will pay more dividends in protecting our years of investments. Our products and service development scheme is catering for our entire client needs in line with current trends. Despite our size, all of our clients get due attention in a partnership which will see them get superior value for their money. Our strategy is to enhance the current offerings to another level. Our competent team of investments officers on the other hand will continue to review our investment strategy to ensure that it is aligned to strategic needs as well as ensuring that we further strengthen our investment portfolios. The business will continue to develop its capacity through training and developments of its people to meet the dynamic needs of the market. Bifm will take advantage of its

relationship with Sanlam, one of the leading investment groups in Africa, which is also a majority shareholder in the holding company Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) and send its staff members for attachments as part of our development plans. Interactions amongst our related businesses in Botswana and beyond will make Bifm a hub of talent and competence. This is necessary because our greatest asset is our people who have worked hard to ensure we are where we are today. Staff members are our greatest assets and we are committed to their development as well as their welfare. In the coming years Bifm will continue to build on the current strategy to ensure we continue growing the business. And as per this business strategy we are always looking for business opportunities that will allow us to deliver value and growth to the shareholders. With the right products, outstanding client management skills, the best investment team in the country and an excellent workforce, which understands the market, 35 years of investments are safe in the hands of Bifm. To all coming seasons we say, ‘we will thrive to enhance the yield.’

Best of Botswana 147

Botswana Insurance Fund Management, Protecting Botswana’s Wealth

• Over P16billion (US$2.7 billion) worth of assets under management • 35 years of investments in Botswana Botswana Insurance Fund Management (Bifm) is the country’s largest and oldest asset manager boasting a rich heritage of protecting the country’s wealth for over 35 years. More than 60 percent of Botswana’s assets are under its management, of which 65 percent is held offshore. Through the company’s subsidiaries Khumo Property Asset Management, Bifm Capital and Aflife Zambia, which is to the North of Botswana, it has managed to transform Botswana’s development fortunes for decades. Before glass buildings and tarred roads fashioned Botswana, most parts of the country were rural villages. After gaining independence in 1966, Botswana was one of the poorest countries in the world. With

148 Best of Botswana

the discovery of diamonds however, it was an advent of a new era of economic emancipation. Liberation wars in what was then Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa did not stop the Botswana economic engines from firing on. It was around this time that Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL), the parent company to Bifm and Botswana Life Insurance Limited (BLIL), the largest life insurance company in Botswana was established. In 1991 BIHL listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) and has grown to become the fourth largest listed company on the BSE. Against this backdrop, Bifm has contributed immensely towards the development of Botswana and its people. A firm principle – ‘Development of Botswana for Batswana’ has made Bifm a custodian of the country’s wealth, so becoming a key contributor to economic growth for decades. Double digits in economic growth, the historic shift of Botswana from being one of the poorest to the fastest growing economies in the world in the 80s cannot be attributed to minerals alone. Companies such as Bifm were making lifetime investments in property and infrastructure, which were to benefit Batswana in the future. A closer look at Botswana and Bifm’s stories and history indicates that they are intertwined. Today, from the panoramic views of Gaborone at Fairgrounds Office Park – Bifm’s flagship property that is of world-class standards. With access to gym facilities and a coffee shop, the office parks set up is designed to make the offices a one-stop shop, to Main Mall’s major landmark Plot 21, and the confounding seven storey SADC Head Offices in the Central Business District consolidates Bifm’s position as one of the pioneers of property development in Botswana. Bifm has been part of the ground breaking consortium

that has funded the first ever Public Private Partnership which saw the asset management company handover Plot 21 to its tenants and the SADC Headquarters, to Shopping Malls around the country, the asset management company has left an indelible mark. Bifm’s Chief Executive Officer Tiny Matilda Kgatlwane notes that although Bifm is a company that has a wide aray of products and subsidiaries asset management remains the pillar of the organization. Over the years the investment philosophy has seen the business grow and forge strategic alliances with the likes of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm with assets under management of over $3 trillion. Bifm is always looking to diversify the asset portfolio by constantly looking at the potential of asset classes other than equities, so non-traditional assets with which to reduce reliance on and hence risk exposure to traditional investment vehicles are always being sort. Bifm’s non-traditional assets such as in the healthcare sector through Gaborone Private Hospital and tourism through its shareholding in

KYS Investments have contributed to the bottom line. As part of creating its footprint in Africa, Bifm joined forces with Zambian nationals to create Aflife Zambia, a pension administration and asset management organization. In addition, Bifm’s property development activities, which have been part of the diversification strategy and adding value to the business, have been one of its cornerstones, making a valuable contribution to the company and providing an investment option for its clients. As part of this diversification strategy, Bifm and Iris Capital formed a joint venture to create Khumo Property Asset Management, which is one of the leading property management companies in Botswana. Amongst its clients are several of the country’s largest property portfolios including those of Turnstar Holdings and Debswana Pension Fund. By going beyond only managing client funds within set benchmarks and mandates Bifm has entrenched its position as a market leader. Deploying significant resources and experience to

actively seek out, develop and manage viable investments which has complemented its asset management ventures. With its roots firmly planted in Africa, and its experience in providing innovative solutions for dynamic wealth management in emerging markets, Bifm is committed to sharing its expertise and experience with stakeholders in other African countries whose economies are undergoing similar transformation to that being experienced in Botswana. Botswana is now one of the most successful countries in Africa despite its small population. It is a key player in the SADC region and an influential trade partner for many countries. Bifm has achieved major milestones in asset management in Botswana. From humble beginnings today, it is a market leader.

3rd Floor, Block A Plot 50676 Fairgrounds Office Park Private Bag BR 185 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 395 1564 Fax: +267 390 0358

Best of Botswana 149

Botswana Insurance Company Welcome to Botswana Insurance Company Limited (BIC), the insurer of first choice since 1975 in Botswana - for all your personal insurance and corporate insurance needs

The Botswana Insurance Company’s story is one rooted in local ownership and investment since its incorporation on the 12th August 1975. It was formed for the purpose of transacting general and life assurance business. The original shareholders were Botswana Development Corporation holding 51% and J.H. Minet & Company Limited of London, holding 49%. We offer a wide range of Insurance options : Personal Insurance Travel, personal accident, all risks, householders, houseowners & motor

150 Best of Botswana

Botswana Insurance Company Limited

Commercial Insurance Goods in transit, fire, professional negligence, workman compensation, business interruption & other policies Specialised Insurance Directors & officers liability, pension fund & trustees liability, constructors all risks, material damage, third party liability & agricultural products While there has been a rapid growth in the number of small or medium-sized businesses in Botswana over the last few years, some of these will go out of business due to unforeseen circumstances that can be avoided. A significant amount of new business owners are

unaware or fail to take seriously all the unexpected risks that owning their own business presents. There is a growing trend towards entrepreneurship as people in large companies face a slower career path and opportunities of funding are presented by Government & Financial institutions. It is therefore imperative for the health of the Botswana economy that these businesses succeed. Unfortunately, while many of these people have great business ideas, they often come unstuck due to poor financial and risk management practices. One of the keys to running a successful enterprise is ensuring you have the necessary business insurances in place. When starting a new business, cash flow is always an issue. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep costs down, many small business owners choose to forego insurance cover, believing that they will just be extra cautious about providing customers with a safe environment, or in the way they treat their equipment and property. BIC strongly discourages any new business owners from taking this approach as it is simply impossible to avoid all pitfalls all the time. Corporate Social Responsibilities Good governance and a competent pool of company volunteers can help companies and the community to prosper.

At Botswana Insurance Company (BIC) we make sure that what we do in our communities is relevant and, more importantly, makes a real difference where it’s needed most. Our commitment to transformation, reconstruction and development is therefore integrated into a cohesive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) model that focuses on five main areas: • Education • Health and Welfare • Road Traffic Safety • Crime Prevention • Conservation & the Environment

will allow. To ensure these objectives are met, each request is thoroughly assessed and investigated before financial assistance is granted.

It also calls for input from our own people, because we’ve always believed that CSI is not only about handing out money. It’s about sharing our time and knowledge too. Our aim is to team with communities which we are part of, adding value by sharing our managerial, financial and strategic skills with them in order to help them achieve measurable progress, realise their vision of excellence and achieve positive significant change. Employee involvement is a crucial part of our strategy; therefore we continuously encourage all BIC staff to participate in our CSI projects by sharing their skills and time with the community. We have guidelines to ensure that CSI initiatives remain focused and benefit as many people as the budget

Respect: To show respect amongst ourselves and to everyone we deal with

Our Vision To be the insurer of first choice in the market we operate in Our Mission To continuously provide our valued clients with services that surpass expectation Our Values Integrity: To conduct our business in an honest, transparent and ethical manner

Communication: To have clear communication channels Value Creation: To make it worth for each stakeholder, providing value through flexible and innovative products and services Empowerment and Development: Continuously develop, empower and recognise our staff through delegating authority with responsibility Team work: To work together for the common purpose to a standard of excellence, demonstrating reliability and loyalty to the brand

Gaborone Office BIC House Plot 50372 Gaborone Business Park Gaborone Show Grounds P.O. Box 715 Gaborone Tel: +267 360 0500 Fax: +267 397 2867

Best of Botswana 151

Botswana Life Insurance Limited BLIL is the leading life insurer in Botswana with a market share estimated at over 80% Strength and Security

• Botswana Life Insurance Limited (BLIL) is the oldest and the largest Life Insurance Company in Botswana with a market share estimated at over 80%. • It underwrites all classes of Life insurance product offerings • Established in 1975, BLIL is wholly owned Botswana Insurance Holding Limited (Limited) • BIHL is a member of the Sanlam Group Limited, an international company with its main base in South Africa.

152 Best of Botswana

Mission We offer quality client-centric financial solutions and services to grow and protect the wealth of all our stakeholders. Vision To be the personalised solutions provider of choice It was established in 1975 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL). BIHL is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange and is a member of the Sanlam Group Limited with a 54% shareholding and the remaining 46% of BIHL equity is in the hands

of Batswana and institutional investors. In recognition of its market leadership position, BLIL has made concerted efforts to ensure that it is aware of the changes taking place within the industry and beyond, establishing factors that may impact on the company and/ or the industry as a whole such that it is ahead of the game and able to respond accordingly. HISTORY When the company was founded in 1975, it was a 51 percent subsidiary of the Botswana Development Corporation. At inception the company was known as Botswana Insurance Company (BIC). It transacted in all classes of general insurance and long term insurance, also underwriting deposit administration schemes as well as managing investments of Life and Pension Funds. With effect from 1 January 1991 BIC restructured its activities in order to comply with the Insurance Industry Act of 1987. In terms of the restructure the assets and liabilities of the general insurance business of BIC were transferred to Botswana General Insurance Limited (BGIL), the business of which was the underwriting of all classes of general insurance. BIC was converted from a private to a public company and its name was changed to Botswana Life Insurance Limited (BLIL), and its business was solely underwriting life insurance and deposit administration and other administered pension schemes. The entire issued share capital of BGIL and BLIL were transferred to Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL). There were further changes in the group in 1994, where the general insurance business, BGIL was sold out of the BIHL group. BIHL was listed on the Botswana Share Market (now the Botswana Stock Exchange) on the 9 August 1991. CURRENT SITUATION Within the past Five (5) years two (2) robust strategies have been introduced; the 2005 - 2008 Tsoseletso and the recently launched 2009 -2013. The latter is a robust five year strategy that has influenced the operationalisation of BIHL. The 2009 -2013 strategy’s

over-riding intention of continuing the evolution of becoming a customer-centric and broad-based financial services organization. The company is in the process of implementing an IT structure that will improve internal efficiencies with the ultimate result of better client service delivery. In the past few years Botswana Life has consistently posted good results even with the recent challenges brought about by the economic recession. The company administers more than 251 000 policies and underwrites over P680m in recurring premium income (Financial Year 2009). We are confident that the company will continue to grow and improve on those results. Botswana life believes that one of its most prized possessions is its staff. As such we are continually upgrading our staff by sending them on courses that enhance the qualifications they have and the roles they play within the organization. We have a dedicated learning and development section within the Human resources department that is responsible for ensuring that members of staff are assisted to continually improve themselves. Products and Services BLIL provides a wide choice of insurance products for individuals and corporates’ various and changing needs. These offerings are tailor to suit the insured. The products are broadly classified to cover major life events such as death, accidents sickness, and retirement or cater for long-term savings. In-house actuarial capacity is utilized to monitor, review, modify and adapt the different offerings such as Life Cover, Funeral Schemes, Credit Life, Retirement Annuities and many more, some of which are specifically aligned with the country’s Vision 2016. Service delivery is of utmost importance hence the constant refining of service delivery systems/ technology and the growth of the company’s distribution channels. Customer centricity and product innovation The business has continued to achieve very good results in the face of a financial crisis. It has succeeded in maintaining its

dominant position as a market leader for both individual and corporate businesses. The net insurance premium income stands at an impressive P1.3 billion at 31 December 2009. The good results are largely attributable to our client centric approach, in particular listening and responding to our client needs. Corporate Social Investment Corporate Social Responsibility at BIHL subsidiary level is influenced by the Group policy which promotes worthy causes such as community projects that ALLEVIATE POVERTY and suffering in local communities. BLIL proactively promotes community growth and developments that empower people and protect environment. Since BLIL contributes to the one percent (1%) of post-tax profit to the BIHL Trust fund which provides it with a source of income for the aforementioned community activities on a sustainable basis, by implication the subsidiary, through the board of Trustees, contributes to how the fund benefits the community. Relationships with Distribution Channels We continue to expand our distribution capabilities through strong broker relationships, dedicated sales agents and our collaboration with our banking partners. Additional focus was applied to the relationship with the Post Office for further distribution of retail products and this resulted in impressive growth in new business volumes. Going forward, this distribution channel will become

more relevant for people at the entry level and more products will be distributed through it. Diversification We experienced very rapid growth of the bancassurance business that we have launched in partnership with several financial institutions (Barclays Bank and Standard Chartered). The partnerships have created an exciting opportunity for bank customers to access insurance products thereby addressing their need for protection and investment solutions Major plans going forward • Investment in technology The business is in the process of investing in technology with the view of making customer experience a pleasurable one and bringing about process efficiencies. • Growth into a wider financial services provider BLIL in conjunction with BIHL has a vision of being a wider financial services provider. The additional businesses to the group, in addition to the existing Life Insurance and Asset Management businesses will be Short term insurance, Unit Trusts and the introduction of Micro loans with our partners.

Fairgrounds Office Park Plot 50676, Gaborone Botswana Private Bag 00296 Gaborone, Botswana. Switchboard: +267 364 5100 Call Centre: +267 362 3700 Fax: +267 390 5884

Best of Botswana 153

Chapter 10 Technology & Communications


Connectivity email:

beyond connectivity


Connectivity 154 Best of Botswana


beyond connectivity

beyond connectivity

beyond connectivity

beyond connectivity

beyond connectivity Best of Botswana 155

STRONG TODAY. STRONGER TOMORROW. Forward looking growth strategies - Right business strategies Growing product base and revenue - Continued leadership in solutions provision Good cost awareness and control - Increased demand for services from customers Solid technology base - Solid capital base and financial strategy Knowledge based organisation - Passion for success Providing invovative advanced technologies for a myriad of applications The telecommunications industry is a key component for the acceleration of the socio economic development. As a result the Government of Botswana further liberalised the telecommunication industry in 2007 facilitate growth . Since then, the changes in the Telecommunication industry have been phenomenal, dramatically changing the dynamics and the way people communicate and transforming everyday life along the way. This rapid growth has created a dynamic and competitive industry climate with continually evolving technology and staggering financial stakes. The shift of revenue from fixed to mobile and from voice to data is accelerating as evidenced by the massive rollout of IP induced platforms such as MAN, 3G, ADSL etc. Powerful new devices deliver a combination of functions previously available only from multiple tools thereby facilitating rollout of converged solutions. Due to recent advances in technology the share of data has been increasing rapidly High speed internet is rapidly making a way into households and is poised to become the leading revenue earner in the industry Next Generation Network (NGN) Modernization of the BTC network is well underway through the (NGN) project. The network consists of a number of different platforms (such as Voice platform, IP platform, Data platform etc). It aims to facilitate the convergence of voice and data networks into a single unified packet based multiservice network. It enables the development of advanced IP based multimedia services quickly and independently of the transport layer. Broadband

156 Best of Botswana

services and IP voice are key features of the NGN network. BTC will soon be in a position to evolve the network into the next stage of development where the fixed and mobile networks and internet are offered over a single unified platform termed IP-Multimedia subsystem (IMS). Once that is implemented the customer will have a seamless communications platform where there is no consciousness of the underlying network. Transport Network The National Backbone network, passes through Gaborone, Jwaneng, Ghanzi, Maun, Orapa, Francistown, Palapye, Mahalapye and back to Gaborone. There are regional fibre Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) rings around the country that connect to the national backbone at different areas. The rings differ in capacity from area to area depending on customer demands. The BTC network also comprises spur transmission links that connect to the SDH core network. These are minor low capacity links providing transmission capacity to areas outside the backbone coverage. Cross border connectivity Botswana is strategically situated among the Southern African subcontinent and shares borders with a number of nations and is ideal for providing links with each other through Botswana. BTC is also involved in the Global Connectivity initiatives to provide connectivity to the submarine cables in the neighboring coastal countries. The current backhaul options available are as follows; IP Network The global trend is to migrate all telecomms and computer networks to IP platforms. BTC is moving away from non-IP based

networks and has adopted IP based technology. The IP Network is made up of the Main backbone network as well as the Metro Ethernet rings. It is meant to provide the main IP transport around the country. The Metro Ethernet networks are to link up to each other through this IP backbone. Wireless Technology - GSM BTC currently uses both 2G and 3G technologies for voice communications. External Networks These are cable networks which include copper and fibre. The fibre cable network in BTC is used in the backbone network and to connect customers to the Metro network, which is already in operation in Gaborone. There is a plan to build the metro network in Francistown. BTC is to offer network convergence and enable the revolution of customer media device interaction. Switching systems International switches are located in Gaborone and in Francistown. They provide the international gateway for voice traffic. The International switches are being replaced as part of the NGN project for greater efficiency. At BTC, we’re building a company for tomorrow. From our humble beginning thirty year ago with rudimentary and outdated networks, we have grown into a company with modern technologies and strong finances. We provide services throughout Botswana at affordable prices. We have contributed to the growth of Botswana immensely and we are proud of that. We have also built up our brands in Botswana and in the region. We create passionate consumer connections with our customers; big and small, urban

and rural, individual and corporate. We are strong today because of our conviction to serve the customers and the nation. We are better positioned for a stronger tomorrow because our growth strategies are well tested and beginning to yield results. We also know the customers we serve today will remain with us tomorrow

because we have a passionate and deep relationship with them. Simply, we care about them. Above all, we are proud of what we do.

Box 700, Gaborone, Botswana Tel.: +267 395 8000 Fax: +267 391 3355

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Africa’s largest systems integrator Delivering powerful solutions to the Public and Private sector

It’s an exciting time for the ICT sector. The age of any place, anytime, any device connection to any information is here. With the virtualisation and cloud computing revolution underway, the way companies will be able to work and compete in the global marketplace is changing. But how do you manage? Dimension Data has a 28-year history of helping companies meet their changing ICT needs. Recognising that cloud computing is the way of the future, the company has invested a great deal of time and effort in preparing for the next wave. Its partners

and solutions are primed to help businesses evolve their computing infrastructures to meet the new demands that will be made on them. A global organisation, with its Global and Middle East & Africa headquarters in Johannesburg, Dimension Data has been operational in Botswana since 1993. In 2006, Dimension Data Botswana signed a Citizenship Empowerment Partnership with Principal Investments who acquired a 49% stake in the local operations. Keith Marais, Managing Director for Dimension Data Botswana

Dimension Data Group Headquarters in Johannesburg

160 Best of Botswana

says: “Over the years, the operation which began as a data cabling business has evolved into a turnkey technology specialist company. Currently, the Dimension Data Botswana team counts 63 dedicated staff members delivering solutions and services across four lines of businesses: Network Solutions, Data Centre Solutions, Advanced Infrastructure and Microsoft Solutions to a client base spanning all sectors.” “Dimension Data Botswana has earned the trust of leading, blue chip local and global corporations. We integrate technology products into powerful solutions in ways that

enable the growth of businesses. Besides, as Africa’s largest systems integrator, the company follows global technology trends very closely, adopting only those that deliver tangible and sustainable business value to our clients,” he adds. Contact us to find out how to get the most out of IT.

Dimension Data Botswana Unit 2, Plot 39, International Commerce Park, Kgale View Gaborone Tel: +267 390 9001

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Drupal Africa Don’t be left behind. A simple and effective solution to all your online marketing needs

Drupal Web Development Botswana

What exactly is Drupal and why should you be using it to build your website? Drupal is the ultimate opensource Content Management System suitable for virtually any kind of website. It allows you to edit your content without any


Best of Botswana

special web developer super powers. It’s as easy as editing a Word document. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal <http://drupal. org/cases> to power an

endless variety of web sites, including: • Community web portals • Discussion sites • Corporate web sites • Intranet applications • Personal web sites or blogs • Aficionado sites

• E-commerce applications • Resource directories • Social Networking sites The built-in functionality, combined with thousands of freely available add-on modules, enables features such as:

The White House uses Drupal

business. Engage with your customers and see: • Increased site traffic • Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty • Increased revenue • Crucial understanding and feedback from your customers • Crucial understanding of your product or service positioning • Electronic commerce • Blogs • Collaborative authoring environments • Forums • Peer-to-peer networking • Newsletters • Podcasting

• Picture galleries • File uploads and downloads • and much more. Don’t be left behind You’re behind if you haven’t implemented online social publishing and media applications for your

International examples of websites based on the Drupal CMS • • • • •

• • Our services include, Website Design, Hosting, Domain Registration, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Applications and Drupal Support and Training. Businesses around the world are turning to Drupal and we are ready to help you. To learn more on how we can help you achieve online success please contact us.

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Chapter 11 Training & Education

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University of Botswana The University of Botswana was established on 1st July 1982 by an Act of Parliament

The University campus consists of that part of the two former universities (UBLS) which was situated in Botswana and was sometimes referred to as the Gaborone Campus. The University is closely involved in the national development process of Botswana. In this regard the special functions of the University are to engage in improving the quality and in expanding the quantity of the human resources needed for development, and to act as the repository of the collective knowledge and experience of the nation and the world. These functions are fulfilled through the teaching programmes offered by the University and its affiliated

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institutions, leading to the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates, furthermore are carried out individually and collectively by the staff of the University and its affiliated institutions, through the research and development, consultancies and information services which they undertake. The University currently has eight faculties; Business, Education, Engineering and Technology, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, new Faculty of Health Sciences comprising the newly established School of Medicine, and the School of Graduate Studies. The University of Botswana envisages to be a leading centre of academic excellence in Africa and the world and strives to improve economic and social conditions for the Nation while advancing itself as distinctively African university with a regional and international outlook.

Tel: +267 355 204/2285

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Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Location Palapye, 270 km north Gaborone, Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s capital city, and 163 km south of the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second largest city of Francistown. The BIUST Campus Site: The university is located inside an elevated 2500 hectares(7500 acres) plot. Summary of BIUST Mandate Set up as a national strategic initiative to expand and diversify science, engineering and technology education and to champion relevant industry research which is necessary to facilitate the required economic diversification and sustainable socio-economic development and growth in Botswana, the region and globally. The university is fully funded by the Government of Botswana for its founding

168 Best of Botswana

developments. The second phase of development will be done through the Public Private Partnership (PPP). Academic Focus BIUST is a highly specialised and research-oriented university that focuses on science, engineering and technology. The university will deliver these study programmes at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. As the name suggests, BIUST will enrol students from Botswana, the SADC region and globally. The university is intended to be a state-of-the-art centre of excellence comparable to the best in the world. As home to a global community of students, BIUST seeks to provide a learning and teaching environment equal to none for both students and professors. BIUST Development Strategy The university is being developed in two main phases. The first phase is the Founding Development that will host about 250 to 300 students as indicated below: START-UP PHASE: • UP TO 1,000 Students (2011 intake targeted at 250 plus) GROWTH PHASE: • UP TO 4,000 Students MATURITY PHASE: • 6,000 Students and beyond(at the end of the Public Private Partnership PPP development) Senior Staff Recruitment The BIUST has already recruited its Founding Vice Chancellor and Founding Directors and in the process of recruiting Provosts, Deans and Deputy Vice Chancellors and Professors. BIUST intends to recruit highly reputed research savvy Deans and Professors from around the world who can drive its mandate forward. The BIUST Environment The University exists in an environment characterised by both economic and political tranquillity. Botswana, commonly regarded as the grandfathers of

multiparty democracy in Africa gained independence in 1966 and has had uninterrupted parliamentary general elections every five years since then. The country, categorised among the ten poorest countries in the world at independence with the lowest per capita income, has exhibited one of the most prudent economic management approaches which has seen it transform into a middle income country with phenomenal growth rates that paralleled even the Asian Tigers. Botswana has continued to enjoy excellent ratings by both the Bretton Woods institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the international Credit Rating Firms. THE BIUST PHILOSOPHY DRIVING CHANGE THROUGH…DISCOVERY, INNOVATION, SERVICE AND INDUSTRY LINKAGES!

Tel: +267 392 6915 Fax: +267 392 6904

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Botswana Accountancy College (BAC)

Executive Director: Mike Lesolle

170 Best of Botswana

The Botswana Accountancy College story is a unique but profound one which has since developed into a “colorful journey”. From its inception thirteen years ago in 1996, no one would have imagined the college to have reached the greater heights it currently enjoys in the corporate and academic context. Under the watchful eye of “Agnes”, the college has remained focused in its ‘promise’. It has grown from strength to strength and has ‘pushed the envelope’ in its mission to meet and exceed expectations of all of its stakeholders. In the process, the college has built a formidable brand which is currently a household name at home and internationally. It has also created for itself, an enviable position and a niche in what it does best – tertiary education. All of this is made possible by the commitment of its professional staff who are experts in their various fields of business disciplines. They have the best interest of the student at heart and have made a lifetime commitment to make a difference in the lives of young people and their future careers. Students are promised, and do become beneficiaries to a modern setting of a learning environment, benchmarked against the best in the international tertiary education space. In this regard, the ‘student experience’ is a reality for most of our students. The BAC operates from two main centers – the main campus in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, and Francistown in the north of the country. Its learning environment exudes confidence everywhere you look. It holds in

high esteem, young people who know what they want out of it. The corporate culture of BAC, and its strong leadership style, has all the hallmarks of an organization which most people would want to be a part of between students, academics and other partner organizations. The college is driven by talent and belief in self. The virtue of teamwork could not thrive better! When all is said and done, out of BAC emerges rounded business leaders who subsequently make their mark as captains of industry and ambassadors to the good name of BAC. Arguably, the only tertiary institution of its kind in the Southern Africa region, differentiated business model underpinned by its blended suite of courseware in its portfolio of offerings. Embedded in its organizational structures is the culture of quality which in many ways enables the college to gain the respect it currently does. Although it is a quasi public sector organization, BAC ‘behaves and thinks’ like a privately owned business. In other words, its private sector ethos accounts for its success. The college was conceived out of an urgent need by the Government of Botswana to address the acute shortage of citizen professional accountants; it then became the brainchild of the Botswana Government, DeBeers Botswana the mining group and the Botswana Institute of Accountants who brought it into existence with a clear mandate. Today, the college prides itself in a number of international awards conferred by global organizations ranging from the “Premier +” Tuition Provider” status, and now the “Gold

Status”. awarded by ACCA Global (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the “CIMA Global (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Learning Quality Partner” the “NCC Regional Centre of Excellence,”and more recently the PMR Africa Diamond Arrow award for leaders and achievers. These awards in many respects define the college and they reinforce its brand as an institution which is determined to keep a tight rope on its pedigree by ‘acting locally and thinking globally. BAC‘s raison d’être and therefore its core purpose is encased in its underlying mission” To become the centre of excellence for accountancy and business training in Botswana and Southern Africa”. The BAC offering of programmes range from internationally recognized accountancy qualifications, undergraduate honors degree programmes delivered in partnership with two U.K. universities in business and business related disciplines, including computing, entrepreneurship and tourism management. In addition, there is an MBA programme on offer as a ‘top-up’ programme for members of recognized accountancy bodies. Graduate programmes are also offered at MSc level in strategy and related subjects. The college role in the tertiary education landscape is best explained by pinpointing the five strategic areas of focus. National Tertiary Education Policy – capacity building& transition into a “Business School” BAC seamlessly links its business to the National Vision 2016 and pivots its strategy around the national priorities of skills development and capacity building in line with the “new order” of ‘the knowledge based economy’. Within the transformation process, the BAC positions itself as a college transitioning into a business school and the ‘centre of excellence’ Positioning as a regional player in the tertiary education landscape The Southern Africa region is a key region for the college to focus upon at two levels: • International agencies and donor countries are keen to support the economies of the region through, in some cases an economic reconstruction platform and by building the level of confidence that will inspire potential foreign investors in the areas of corporate governance and stable financial systems. • Capacity building in the area of skills development and the creation of competency frameworks to support the curriculum are the key areas of focus upon which BAC is well positioned to tap into the opportunities that present themselves. Capacity to appeal to the discerning local and international student- Customer Focus BAC adopts the approach of the “single view of the customer” and embraces the total

quality customer focus culture. The college learning environment, its academic profile and its pristine facilities are the envy of many. It is for this reason that the college is described as “The centre of excellence” for it provides to the key stakeholder, an unforgettable ‘student experience”. With a string of awards behind its name, including among others the ACCA “Premier + Tuition Provider” status, and now a “Gold Status” with the same global professional body, an award for the “CIMA Learning Quality Partner” and more recently, the “NCC Regional Centre of Excellence, the college can lay claim to significant hallmarks and emblems of a truly local and regional provider with the pedigree to ‘act locally and think globally”. • Developing and growing strong links with key Strategic Partners The cultivation of strong links with its strategic partners is pivotal to the success of the college. BAC selects its partners very carefully consistent with their reputation and standing in the professional domain and in academia. In this regard, the college aims to achieve convergence of values and culture compatibility. Its partners are the global professional bodies and UK universities including ACCA, CA (England & Wales), Botswana Institute of Accountants, CIMA, AAT, The University of Derby, (UK), The University of Sunderland, (UK) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) among others. Investing in people to offer industryrelevant programmes The college invests significantly in ensuring that it procures from the best pool of human capital; a professional lecturing team of the highest calibre. This is necessary as the college positions itself to become “the centre of excellence for accountancy and business training in Botswana and Southern Africa”. The BAC’s outlook is to develop people not only to be employment ready, but also to create wealth, hence its emphasis on entrepreneurship development in its academic programming.

BAC, MARKING OUR TERRITORY ! Gaborone Plot 50661, Fairgrounds International Office Park Gaborone Tel: +267 3953062 Fax: +267 3904103 Francistown Barclays Plaza, Level8, Suite 81 & 83 Blue Jacket Street Tel: +267 2410 558 Fax: +267 2410 534


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Chapter 12 Private Colleges

Get... a global qualification on top of the world


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Growing with Quality


BA ISAGO University College is a citizen owned private University College with branches in Gaborone and Francistown in Botswana.


BA ISAGO University College has embraced and subscribes to the ideals of strategic partnership in education and training through its collaboration with internationally renowned institutions such as the University of South Africa (UNISA) and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe. BA ISAGO also continues to develop strong collaborative institutional partnerships with other highly reputable universities in the region and around the world. The University College is pursuing programmes that promote South-South cooperation, and at the same time maximising prospects and opportunities for further and higher education in Botswana. The institution has positioned itself to play a critical role in the SADC region and more widely in Africa and the rest of the world. The University College is vigorously exploring prospects, possibilities, opportunities and strategies designed to provide study opportunities to students from outside the borders of Botswana. These efforts further give concrete meaning to the realisation of the  principles and ideals of the African Union’s New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). List of Academic Programmes The following degrees, diploma and certificate programmes are offered on a full or part time basis: The University College has identified itself with the Government of Botswana’s Commission on the Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE), which supported the establishment of a partnership between the Government and the private sector, in the provision of tertiary education with the


Best of Botswana

considered aim to create greater access to higher education for its citizens. BA ISAGO’s programmes are accredited by two quality assurance bodies regulating tertiary education in Botswana. Both the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) and Tertiary Education Council (TEC) have

recognized BA ISAGO as an institution offering quality and relevant programmes in support of the country’s human resources needs. The University College strives to offer excellent facilities with dedicated academic and administrative staff who are ready to facilitate learning, training and research.  

Degree Programmes Bachelor of Commerce specializing in:• Entrepreneurship • Strategy Supply Management • Risk Management • Human Resources Management • Marketing Management

• • • •

Financial Management Management Accounting Logistics Management Safety Management

Diploma Programmes • National Diploma in Safety Management, leading to a BTech Degree • National Diploma in Real Estate, leading to a BTech Degree • National Professional Diploma in Education • Diploma in Court Administration Professional Programmes • ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) • CAT ( Certified Accounting Technician) • ICDL (International Computer Driving licence) Certificate Programmes BA ISAGO has developed nine programmes at Certificate level which have been validated and accredited by the Botswana Training Authority (BOTA). These include Certificates in:• Human Resources Management • Business Management • Entrepreneurship • Certificate in Real Estate • Certificate in Law • Certificate in Customary Law • Court Administration • Foundation and Intermediate Certificate for Deputy Sheriffs and Court Bailiffs Collaboration with the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) As a primarily business focused tertiary education institution, BA ISAGO has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with NUST, which enables the University College to diversify

its curriculum, by offering the following programmes in collaboration with NUST:

• Bachelor of Commerce in Risk Management and Insurance • Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Sciences • Bachelor of Commerce in Fiscal Studies • Diploma in Development and Disaster Management Centre for Research Entreprise and Project Management (CREPM) In October 2008 BA ISAGO established CREPM for the purpose of enhancing professional development of various organizations in the public and private sectors, as well as promoting academic research and expanding the business of BA ISAGO University College through consultancies, short term training, seminars and workshops.

Gaborone Campus: Plot 168, Gaborone International Commerce Park, Gaborone Tel: +267 365 7744 Fax: 267 395 7706 /09 Francistown Campus: Haskins Building (near Materspei College) Off Sam Nujoma Road Light Industrial Site, Francistown Tel: +267 241 8780 Fax: +267 241 8778

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Chapter 13 Transport & Logistics


Best of Botswana

GABCON Gaborone Container Terminal

Best of Botswana 177

GABCON Gaborone Container Terminal (PTY) LTD known as GABCON is an internationally recognised Dry port / Container terminal operating in Gaborone

GABCON was established in 1995 as a department within Botswana Railways. In 1998 Botswana Railways and Transnet formed a joint venture to develop and support GABCON as an independent entity, with a Shareholding split of 64% and 36% respectively. As a dry port, GABCON is an extension of the Sea port and therefore receives/handles all containerised cargo destined to Botswana via Sea and Rail which is the most economic/cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to transport goods. GABCON uses the services of both Botswana Railways and Transnet to facilitate the

178 Best of Botswana

GABCON Gaborone Container Terminal

movement of containers via rail to and from South African Sea and Dry Ports linking the rest of the world’s international ports (which means Containerised cargo can be shipped on a Through Bill of Landing to Gaborone, Francistown and Palapye. Services We operate Dry Port/Container Terminals in the following Cities/ Town in Botswana: • Gaborone: as GABCON • Francistown: as FRANCON • Palapye: as PALCON Services provided by the Dry ports includes but not limited to the following;

• Delivery of containers from the Terminal to the client’s premises • Storage of containers • Relocate/move containers using a specialised container Side Lifter • Placing containers of the ground to facilitate easy loading or offloading • Facilitate tracking and tracing of container Rail Wagons (between Seaport and Botswana Dry ports). GABCON has invested heavily on Container Handling equipment, which are used for the provision of such services. We have specialized Container Handling Equipment such as Reach Stackers, Container Side Lifters, Truck Tractors and Trailers.

efficiency of the terminal • To meet and exceed customer expectations • To facilitate trade for Botswana and the Region • To create a Container Terminal Hub for the Region • To develop a multi skilled Human Capital • To ensure profitability and sustainability GABCON Footprints This shows how GABCON in Botswana, is strategically placed to service the rest of Southern Africa from the various Seaports.

What are the future plans for GABCON?

• In line with the government of Botswana’s plans; • GABCON’s strategic intent is to develop Dry Ports in Botswana into Multimodal operations to be able to service the rest of the countries north of Botswana, therefore creating Botswana as a the Regional Hub • Alternative Import route: GABCON intends to service customers through Namibian Sea port, via the

• Mission GABCON sole purpose is to establish an efficient, well managed, safe and profitable Container Hub in the Region. Vision • To be a key node in the Regional Logistics • To be the leading Container Hub in the Region Strategic Objectives • To optimise the operational

proposed Walvis Bay Dry Port • Development of a Dry Port and a Multimodal Operation in Mosetse, to consolidate cargo for the Mines in the North of Botswana, DRC, Zambia, etc. Development of a Bonded Car terminal for all import Cars and Trucks Expansion of the Dry Port in Gaborone to accommodate the growing Container volume, and Develop Intermodal Warehouse facilities for Customers, Clearing Agents, etc. With the increase in Container volume, GABCON will continue to invest in Container Handling equipment Launch of an Overnight service of full container Loads between our Dry ports (Gaborone, Palapye and Francistown).

GABCON Gaborone Container Terminal Plot 14415, Maakgadigau Road Gaborone West Post Office Box 494 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 316 4323

Best of Botswana 179

Reaching Africa and the World Best Service, Best Cost

Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - was established to consolidate and manage logistics services for local and cross border companies within the SADC region and ultimately worldwide. Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - is a proudly Batswana company that offers a wide range of customized global transportation logistics and supply chain management solutions. Established to consolidate and manage logistics services for local and cross border companies within the SADC region and ultimately worldwide, Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - offers the very best in third-party logistics and consulting services. This includes reliable domestic door to door delivery services and a daily express road service between Botswana and South Africa

180 Best of Botswana

carrying ordinary, high value, critical and urgent documents, parcels and freight. Collection and delivery is offered on a same day and or overnight basis. Other services include international document and parcel service, warehousing and freight. Multi-modal options are available to offer road, air and ocean transportation and/ or a combination of these three options. Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics has formed strong strategic partnerships that enable it to meet the specific requirements of its clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; business needs. The company aims to provide professional consulting services to help companies reduce costs and increase efficiencies. This is achieved through the existence of strong local and international networks, key alliances and strategic partnerships. Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - has a broad understanding of its industry operations as a result of having worked with a number of carriers across the region. It is familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the respective courier companies operating

in the region and is geared to provide clients with a service that most meets their requirements at the lowest possible cost. The Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - team boasts many years of hands on experience in logistics services, customer service and management. With clients being the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most valuable asset, emphasis is placed on treating them with respect, dignity and

confidentiality regardless of the size and nature of the project. Fast + Furious International Global Village Logistics - people will work very closely with the client to better understand the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specific needs. Highly trained and experienced Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics - professionals

maximise strategic partnerships and alliances to guarantee the provision of the best worldwide express and logistics solutions in Botswana. Fast + Furious International - Global Village Logistics strength lies in its ability to provide effective solutions that equip clients with the best service at the best cost.

Tel: +267 393 4893 Fax: +267 393 4897 Email:

Best of Botswana 181

CA Group of Companies Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest sales, merchandising, warehousing and distributor of fast moving goods and commodities

Today the CA Group of Companies comprises of CA & Dafin Sales - which are the two Sales and Distribution arms of the Group. As well as warehousing services, Kalahari sales and Winchester properties. The story of the Group indeed reflects the ideal business environment that Botswana has been able to create for investors coming to do business in the country. From humble beginnings in 1988, the company started off as CA Enterprises, acting purely as sales agents at the time. The transformation began in 1995 when CA Enterprises merged with Indian Ocean and Capricorn Agencies. At that time the company consisted of three divisions, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), White Goods & Appliances, Bakery & Liquor. CA Sales & Distribution started off providing warehousing, distribution, sales and merchandising services, as well as the debtors function for their principals, all based in South Africa. On 1st April 2004, the company acquired Dafin Sales &

182 Best of Botswana

Distribution. This was a similar business to CA Sales & Distribution. In January 2006 Kalahari Sales – a sales agency company representing Levers HPC and Warehousing Services – a logistic company handling goods from South Africa to Botswana from various Principals were also acquired. May 2007 saw the company acquiring new premises which were now consolidated with the adjoining property of which we purchased from Volvo Trucks. Impressive fleet - CA Sales Group owns a fleet of 120 trucks, which range from 4 ton to 30 ton rigs. In addition the company has in-house petrol & diesel pumps in both the south and north Depots, thanks to their wide reach and strategic positioning, CA Sales Group are today able to service main centers within 24 hours and outlying areas in 48 hours. Warehousing – Furthermore, the CA Group owns warehouses in Gaborone and Francistown through their company, Winchester Properties.

The Francistown Warehouse resides on Plots 9790/9792 and 9784, totaling an area of 18,000 sq.m and the Gaborone Warehouse is on Plots 14400/01, covering an area of 15,000 sq.m . Additionally the company owns more then 2200 sq.m of offices today. The companies’ warehouses offer the following services: • Racking • Bulk storage • Receiving • Picking • Delivery Cages All the warehouses are equipped with CCTV. New Proposed Gaborone Office & Warehouse Currently CA Sales Group is busy with the construction of a state of the art head quarters in Gaborone. The facility being constructed at Kgale will cost over P150 million. Company Sales Force The group today employs a 1200

strong workforce, making it one of the highest employers in Botswana (outside government). The workforce amongst others include, 2 National Sales Managers, 4 Divisional Sales Managers, 26 Sales Representatives, 2 Merchandising Managers, 15 Area Supervisors in merchandising, as well as 350 Merchandisers countrywide. All stores have at least 1 Merchandiser with sales teams based in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun. CA group’s IT infrastructure The CA Sales group prides itself with a highly developed and sophisticated, up to date own wireless network access. The group also boasts its own in-house IT department to cater for both hardware & network needs. An entire floor of 70+ network users use Accpac for Windows, for the order entry and order dispatching. We are currently in the process of moving to SAP Business 1 package.

Private Bag 00146, Gaborone Tel: +267 392 2815 Fax: +267 392 2816

Best of Botswana 183

Botswana Couriers Botswana Couriers is Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading courier and logistics company with a vast distribution network

Established in 2001, it is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Botswana Post and the premiere courier in the local market. We offer domestic and international courier & freight services to about 164 countries worldwide with adequate track and trace facilities. We also offer services such as warehousing, inventory management, supply chain management, removal services, messenger services, embassy collections/deliveries and the usual courier services. With our Head Office based in Gaborone, we cover over 120 locations in Botswana and offer unparalleled reach than any courier company in the country. We pride ourselves in being a customer centric company for which we have been recognized

184 Best of Botswana

and cited for two consecutive years by PMR (Professional Management Review) Africa for exceptional service. As an automated company we offer exceptional proof of delivery management for both our local and international clients with web based track and trace facilities. As a growing company we are continuously innovating and producing customized solutions for our clients, as such we expect to launch a range of new and enhanced services towards the end of the year. For more information on our new and existing services, or enquires in general we are available at or, contact us on: +267 393 0629

Best of Botswana 185

Efficiently Delivered A wholly citizen owned company; PIGEON EXPRESS commits to enhance organisationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s efficiency in the movement of goods

PIGEON EXPRESS has positioned itself in facilitating and enabling speedy and effective transportation of goods. PIGEON EXPRESS have a highly effective and knowledgeable team, which will contribute to business productivity and by assisting the society, private and public sectors to conduct business in a timely and efficient manner. The company understands and appreciates that communication is critical to every organization where there is always need for continuous exchange of goods, documents as well as services locally, regionally and internationally. PIGEON EXPRESS is a company with a vision to be the best locally, regionally and

186 Best of Botswana

internationally through provision of timely, cost effective and customer-focused services. It is committed to establishing a long-term partnership with its clients through providing high quality services. Safety is the most important aspect of their operations. They recognize their duty and responsibilities in ensuring that clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goods are delivered in the safest possible means. Therefore the company places safety as a priority to ensure clientele satisfaction. PIGEON EXPRESS values their clients and regards them as their business partners thus striving to provide a timely and cost effective service at all time. It appreciates the importance of timely deliveries and the service

required to meet their clientele expectations. Appreciating and understanding that clients place enormous trust in the way they conduct business motivates them to perform activities with integrity by adhering to business norms of moral ethics. The services provided by PIGEON EXPRESS are courier services, deliveries and collections. PIGEON EXPRESS performs same day deliveries, weekend deliveries, and pigeon hour in and around Gaborone, visa/ tender deliveries, purchase and submission of tenders as well as rental of motorbike and driver. The company delivers to any destination within Botswana,

on request it will provide an overnight courier service to any destination within a radius of 400km from Gaborone. As for international deliveries, they are in service to South Africa within a 100km radius around Johannesburg. Other services provided are vehicle tracking, asset tracking systems, communications, freight forwarding, customs clearance and logistics consultancy. These are targeted to clients from the public sector, private sector, parastatals, individuals, societies and clubs.

PLOT 22041, Unit 12 Gaborone West Industrial Tel: +267 310 5825/6 Fax: +267 310 5827

Best of Botswana 187

Chapter 14 Media

188 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 189

Yarona FM Yarona FM, live the music became the first urban youth broadcaster in Botswana on the 22nd August 1999. Eleven years on, Yarona FM is still the country’s best privately owned commercial radio station

This was recently proven by two independent surveys conducted by the National Broadcasting Board and a local public relations company, Hotwire PRC, which revealed that Yarona FM is the most listened to radio station in the economic hub of the country, the capital city Gaborone. Broadcasting in Gaborone and surrounding areas at first, The Station went national in May 2008. Yarona FM programming is tailor made to suit the previously ignored urban and peri-urban youth audience. The core broadcast audience is 16 - 24 years with a spillover of up to 35 years. Our Brand Since inception, Yarona FM has identified itself with the “freshest” and newest songs, targeted towards Botswana’s urban youth audience. The station’s brand

190 Best of Botswana

position has evolved from “Re Tshwere Vibe”: Setswana for “We’ve Got The Vibe” to “Blazing GC’s Most Rocking Tunes” and now “Live The Music”. Our Mission To provide the best entertainment and information whilst maximizing shareholder value. Our Vision To be the station of choice for the urban youth. To be the station of choice for advertisers targeting the urban youth. Becoming a multi-faceted media house with interests in print, audiovisual (TV) and digital based entertainment. Our Format High Energy, Urban, Dance, Positive, Black.

Frequencies (South to North) Lobatse: 102.1FM Gaborone: 106.6FM Mahalapye: 99.9FM Serowe: 102.9FM Palapye: 105.1FM Selibe Phikwe: 97.5FM Francistown: 100.1FM Maun: 97.5FM Our recently launched website,, is another portal through which everyone the world over can access our programmes through streaming live audio and interactive blogs with the presenters. Management Yarona FM is led by three dynamic young men. Dumi Lopang, the Station Manager, has been with the radio station since inception. Having moved up the ranks from Sales and Marketing, On Air and finally

Station Manager, Dumi has eleven years of radio experience and an all round understanding of the business of radio. Owen Rampha, Yarona FM Programmes Manager has over a decade of experience as a broadcaster and a sharp ear for On Air talent, he oversees the programming and technical aspect of the radio station. Tiego Obuseng, Yarona FM Sales Manager has been in the radio sales business for a decade as well. Yarona FM’s management experience and knowledge of the broadcast landscape as a whole has helped Yarona FM remain number one in the Botswana market. On-air personalities Yarona FM is staffed by a talented team of driven, passionate, highly skilled, award winning presenters that are at the forefront of The Station’s delivery on its mandate to the public. Notable Events The Fat Boy Challenge: An annual weight loss initiative for charity, featuring on air personalities, management and the Yarona FM audience

The Hotness In The Cold: A winter campaign for charity where donations of warm clothing are given to the public by the public. This campaign is the brain child of Tshepang “T-Izzy” Motsisi. The Yarona FM Cash Money Hookup: An annual on air contest for The Station’s birthday celebrations. Over One Hundred Thousand Pula is given away on air. The largest on air contest of its kind on Botswana Radio. Yarona FM “In Your Area”: A monthly remote broadcast at a lucky listener’s home. This promotion is completely free and is text based, with the winner spending a Saturday afternoon with Yarona FM personalities, local artists, friends and family at home. This includes a live broadcast of the event on air from the winner’s home. The Yarona FM Smart Student Campaign: A national school tour with Yarona FM on air personalities giving pep talks to students about matters closest to their hearts.

Best of Botswana 191

GABZ FM Gabz-FM is a commercial radio station broadcasting on the FM frequency throughout Botswana and worldwide on

Who Are We? It is owned by Your Friend (PTY) Ltd and has been in operation since 1999. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. English is the station’s principal medium of broadcast, however, Setswana is also incorporated in the content to ensure extended reach. Gabz FM is an adult contemporary radio station format with 80% music and 20% talk. The programming is driven by compelling, thought provoking talk shows and music that live up to the station’s slogan which is ‘Today’s Hits, Yesterday’s Classics’. . Listenership Profile Gabz FM’s core target audience is males and females aged 25 years and older. The targeted audience ranges within the Living Standard Measures (LSM) 5+. The Gabz

192 Best of Botswana

FM listener may be described as comprising the following characteristics: aspirational, go-getter, working professional, decision maker ranging from middle management through to CEOs. Gabz FM listeners form part of the sector that drives Botswana’s economy. Coverage Gabz-FM broadcasts from the capital city Gaborone. It has extended its coverage and its reach is now nationwide. The broadcast catchment area represents the most densely populated, the most developed and the most economically active areas of Botswana. The areas in which Gabz FM has presence are outlined below alongside estimated listenership for each area:

Gaborone Francistown Maun Selibe Phikwe Mahalapye Palapye Serowe Lobatse Molepolole Mochudi Mogoditshane Ramotswa Thamaga Tlokweng Tonota

282 150 113 315 43 776 49 849 49 849 26 293 42 444 29 689 54 561 36 962 32 843 20 680 18 117 21 133 15 617

Gabz FM Nationwide Frequencies Listed below are the different FM frequencies for reaching Gabz FM in Botswana: Town Lobatse Gaborone Mahalapye Palapye Serowe Selibe Phikwe Francistown Maun

Key Clients Outlined below are some key accounts. Please note that the list is not exhaustive. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

EDCON Retail Group Barclays Game Discount Stores Mascom Kgalagadi Breweries Limited Orange University of Botswana South African Tourism – North West Motor Vehicle Authority (MVA) Damelin Blue Financial PEEPA Botswana Government Standard Chartered Bank

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Stanbic Bank Botswana Telecommunications First National Bank Botswana Botswana Building Society Population Services International Powergate Coca Cola Capital Bank Pula Medical Aid Debonairs Water Utilities Corporation Phakalane Golf Estates Independent Electoral Commission

Frequency 94.1 FM 96.2 FM 93.4 FM 94.7 FM 96.1 FM 91.0 FM 96.8 FM 91.0 FM

These frequencies cover the towns and areas within at least a 70 kilometer radius.

Best of Botswana 193

Gabz Fm is also reachable worldwide via internet at Products and Services on offer Gabz-FM presents an opportunity for clients to market their products and services to their target market in a direct, interactive and effective way. Packages on offer include the following: • Spot advertising • Promotional mentions during programmes • Promotions • Sponsorship of programmes and tailor made features • Value added spots which are tiered according to volume of expenditure by client. • Live reads

194 Best of Botswana

• • • •

Informercials Discussion shows Outside Broadcasts SMS Advertising and or Database Collection of Cellphones • Website Advertising on GABZ- FM Team Gabz-FM has a professional team in place that is ready to attend to all clients’ requirements and to ensure that all action points are executed effectively so that clients’ get value for money.

The Gabz Fm team is reachable on: Tel: +267 317 0905 Fax: +267 318 1443

News Company Botswana We are News Company Botswana, the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only media house that provides the broadest range of media services under one roof From publishing to production, our company has a wealth of experience and talent garnered from years of experience and borne from an ideal encompassed by our flagship brand, The Botswana Gazette. With twenty five years behind us we have grown to become a media house with a global record of quality, ethics and excellence. Over and above the services we offer; there are basic values that underpin our progressive approach to Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s media industry that is still in its infancy. Integrity: We operate with the highest standard of honesty, trustworthiness, objectivity and ethics Professionalism: We demonstrate commitment to quality work and the achievement of exceptional performance standards Independence: We promote and exercise freedom of expression and contribute to the economic, political and social development in Botswana Efficiency: We constantly strive to deliver fast, efficient and effective service Teamwork: We reflect a culture of team spirit, mutual respect and support Creativity and Innovation: We constantly strive to develop and maintain original, inventive and cutting edge solutions A BRIEF HISTORY News Company Botswana (Pty) Ltd was established in 1984 with its flagship publication, The Botswana Gazette, an independent weekly newspaper that is published every Wednesday and covers general news. Since then the company has forayed into other avenues within the media industry; in

Best of Botswana 195

week. Actual readership, however, is closer to 250000, taking into account that one copy of the newspaper circulates many times, especially within households and business offices. Our marketing department periodically conducts surveys to determine the impact of our news service and information on our readers, and on their expectations. We can safely claim to be the leading midweek paper. The newspaper is read by people from all walks of life, young and old; ordinary people who seek to be fully informed about Botswana, national and community leaders, business people, public servants, academics, the diplomatic community, decision makers and opinion makers.

2003 Botswana was introduced to Lapologa, a monthly lifestyle magazine leaning to the youth between the ages of 18 to 39. News Company Botswana recently added a new and exciting division to its portfolio of services, under the banner Special Projects. This unit offers a diverse range of media production services that include television production, photographic services and graphic design facilities. We are therefore well placed to offer top flight and diverse media

GAZETTE e Botswana

“Kitso ke maatla”

196 Best of Botswana

services to fit any media solution that you may require. News Company Botswana (Pty) Ltd is committed to providing value for money to clients in terms of cost and quality. THE BOTSWANA GAZETTE Over the years The Botswana Gazette has established itself as a leading midweek newspaper that enjoys wide coverage nationally due to its extensive distribution network in the major centres of Botswana.

Editorial policy The newspaper’s goal is to inform, educate and entertain the public while providing them with a forum to debate issues that concern their lives. The Botswana Gazette’s editorial policy embraces support for a democratic, multi-party system of government, open, and accountable government, human rights for all and a free market economy, tempered with social responsibility. The Botswana Gazette is not politically aligned, nor is it under the influence of any power or interest group. Its coverage of issues is broad, factual and objective and spans areas such as politics, business, economics, finance, education, culture, entertainment and social issues. We publish supplements and special publications at clients’ requests to give in-depth coverage of the issues that they wish to educate or inform the public on. Readership The Botswana Gazette is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations of South Africa, its circulation averaging 28,000 a

Distribution The Botswana Gazette, with over 400 outlets in all the major centres of Botswana, is available nationally. Own vehicles, operated by a centrally located team that has vast experience, do most of the distribution while couriers with a credible record deliver to the few areas that our vehicles do not reach. The Botswana Gazette also has a broad-based subscription service that includes all the foreign missions of Botswana abroad. LAPOLOGA MAGAZINE Lapologa is an exciting glossy magazine that was established five years ago to provide an alternative print medium to the current daily and weekly newspapers that are published in Botswana. It is popular with people from all walks of life and of all ages, but especially with young, upwardly mobile Batswana. Editorial Policy Lapologa represents the voice of Botswana youth. It is one great conversation discussing a wide range of topics in a true reflection of the spirit of Botswana’s next generation. Lapologa publishes features on a variety of topics in one serving - from leisure and lifestyle to hot social topics that concern our target readership. Lifestyle articles include Beauty, Film Reviews, Home and Decor,

Motoring, Music and Travel, amongst others. We also showcase Botswana’s rising personalities through our monthly profiles . On the serious side, Lapologa has dealt with issues such as HIV/ AIDS; violence against women, hard drugs, participation in politics, etc. Lapologa is an interactive media that challenges, shares, imparts, inspires and most importantly, sets the pace in our youth’s journey of self discovery. Distribution Lapologa is distributed nationwide through our established efficient networks. With its growing popularity plans are in the works to begin distribution outside Botswana’s borders. Advertising Services Though it’s Advertising Units News Company Botswana offers a facility to clients to advertise their products in The Botswana Gazette and Lapologa at competitive rates. News Company Botswana’s Advertising Units are staffed by committed, hard working personnel that maintain close contact with clients and ensure that all their media requirements are attended to. The Gazette has its own team, while Lapologa has it own dedicated staff. Our major advertisers include Mascom, Orange, Barclays Bank, and the University of Botswana, among others. The Advertising Units work

closely with all advertising agencies - Media Communications, Optimum MaCann, Horizon Ogilvy-Mather, Marketing Communications, and others. SPECIAL PROJECTS Is a video production, and photographic services department that provides creative production of television commercials, magazine programmes, educational productions, corporate productions, print publications and photographic services for the local media market. The Special Projects unit has become the preferred supplier for a wide range of corporate, governmental and parastatal clients. In our continued growth we are constantly adding newer and more diverse components to satisfy the changing media needs of our market MARKETING DEPARTMENT Our newly established marketing unit helps our sales teams to add value to the services that we offer. The in-house department, led by a young and dynamic team constantly researches our readers and clients needs, and educates themselves on the diverse products that they offer to the public, so as to inform our advertising, design and production teams on the best way to serve them. They also maintain a channel for interaction with our readers and clients so as to obtain feedback on the services that we offer, and also inform the company on innovations

and the latest developments, to enable us to respond in an expeditious and efficient manner. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY News Company Botswana makes donations in cash and kind to many charities, mostly in publicising the activities and events of charitable organisations free of charge. Organisations such as the Kabelano Charity Cup and The Botswana Retired Nurses Association have benefited from this service. BOTSWANA GAZETTE ONLINE Botswana Gazette Online, currently freely available to our readers, adds value to our products, espe­cially The Botswana Gazette, which it largely reproduces. Gazette Online has the potential to also add value to our clients’ advertisements, who could take advantage of the website’s interna­ tional readership to showcase their products at prices that are very competitive.

Sedimosa House 125 Gaborone International Finance Park Kgale View, Gaborone Tel: +267 391 2833/391 2774 Fax: +267 397 2283 Francistown Office Office No.5, Cine 2000 Blue Jacket street Francistown Tel/Fax: +267 241 0690

Best of Botswana 197

MultiChoice Botswana Founded in December 1992 as a joint venture between RSM (Pty) Ltd and MultiChoice Africa, Botswana is the second oldest of MultiChoice Africa’s joint ventures and has been a pioneer territory for the business

Botswana has always been a key market in MultiChoice’s expansion across the African continent. Following its launch with just 370 subscribers, Botswana’s subscriber base has grown substantially and subscribers enjoy world-class service from the national call centre in Gaborone, offices in Maun and Francistown and agencies in Selebi Phikwe, Ghanzi, Mahalapye, Letlhakane and Palapye. As the business expands so will the number of agencies and installer network, to service subscribers. MultiChoice Botswana supports a network of installers who provide subscribers with access to leading technology. Our broadcast technology includes the IS 7 satellite,

198 Best of Botswana

providing Botswana with access to the DStv Premium bouquet, DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Family, DStv Access and DStv FreeView bouquets, as well as a number of specialist market bouquets such as the Indian bouquet. MultiChoice Botswana has grown its involvement as an investor and supporter of a number of socially deserving causes in the country. Under the provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding entered into between MultiChoice Botswana and the Botswana Ministry of Education, 30 MultiChoice Resource Centres comprising digital satellite television facilities have been established. The company has also lended it’s support to charitable causes such as the SOS

children’s villages in Gaborone and Francistown, Cheshire Foundation and a special needs class at Ithuteng Primary School. The support provided ranges from material or monetary donations, provision of free DStv services or participation in their fund raising activities. MultiChoice Resource Centres (MRC) Programme Introduction At MultiChoice Africa we believe that as an African business, we have an obligation to support the development of human capital on the continent. In making our contribution, we continue to leverage our core assets and expertise to nurture talent, harness skills and

expand opportunity across Africa by providing access to digital satellite technology and premium educational content. The strategic driver of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme is that our business exists within a broader social, environmental and economic context. In the interest of sustainability, we have chosen to focus on a key government priority in all countries, namely education to maximize benefits for communities, country governments, the business and our partners. Our CSI initiative on education is therefore primarily, although not exclusively, activated through the MultiChoice Resource Centre (MRC) initiative. Now in its fifth

year, MultiChoice Resource centres are now found in over 800 schools in 24 countries across the continent. About the MRCs The MRC programme employes our digital satellite technology platform to support and enhance the learning and teaching experience in selected schools in 24 African countries. Through the project, participating schools are provided with resources such as television sets, VCRs, digital satellite decoders, and the DStv Education bouquet. The programme plays an important role in providing access to information to schools, in particular rural schools, thereby helping to bridge the digital divide between schools with access to information and those without. Through our partnerships with a range of channel providers, the DStv Education bouquet is delivered at no cost to participating schools. Comprising of eight premium channels, the bouquet combines the sensory experience of television with premium global content to support the teaching and learning process. Teacher support is provided in training sessions, which focus on integrating these resources into lessons, to enhance learning in a practical way for teacher and student alike. Training and support is delivered by external consultants and service providers. The MRCs are not intended to substitute a teacher’s role in the classroom. On the contrary, it is a teaching resource like any other, and the teacher is then trained to bring these resources to life in the learning process. The use of technology as a vehicle for improving education by providing worldclass content to students in under-resourced areas is at the heart of the MRC model. To achieve this we partner with a range of stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, communities, and channel providers to establish resource centres in these areas.

How did it all start? In 2004, MCA evaluated its CSI programmes and took the decision to consolidate its CSI strategy in line with both our core business and our decision to focus on human capital development. In 1999 MultiChoice Africa implemented the first of the MRCs, in Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Since then the programme has grown substantially over 800 MRC’s have been established across Africa, in countries where we have existing business operations. Keeping in mind that there are different constraints in different countries and regions, we have rolled out the MRCs according to the individual needs and infrastructure of each country, in partnership with the Ministry of Education in these countries. MRC Technology Platform • 74cm Television • VCR or DVD recorder • Digital Satellite • Decoder and installation • DStv Educational Bouquet • Animal Planet • BBC World • Discovery Channel • History Channel • Mindset Learn • National Geographic • National Geo Wild • BBC Knowledge • Summit TV (IS 7 countries only) Partnerships Considering the scope of Africa’s challenges today, it is impossible for one organisation to effect change without on-theground support. Partnerships are crucial in sharing the burden of development, and identifying and sharing the responsibilities. It is crucial that organisations create focused and coordinated partnerships to avoid duplication of projects and the inefficient use of limited resources. Partnerships are as central to all our CSI initiatives as to our core business. We depend on strong ties with governments, service providers, channel providers and school communities for growth and success of the project.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding, we partner with the respective government towards the establishment, monitoring and growth of each MultiChoice Resource Centre. A successful in-country roll out of the MRCs requires the dedication of a number of stakeholders. The local stakeholders – schools, teachers and learners – are the beneficiaries of the programme, with teachers being the active drivers. Their success largely hinges on their personal engagement with the content, and the training and support they receive. Training is done by our incountry teams, training partners or government representatives. The local country government representatives are crucial in identifying and coordinating relationships with schools, and often become involved at a logistical level. CSI Schools • LEHUTSELO CJSS • TSABONG CJSS • MMATHETHE CJSS • MOOKANE CJSS • GOBOJANGO CJSS • MOLALATAU CJSS • MOSES MENGWE CJSS • MADAWU CJSS • NKANGE CJSS • MAENJANI CJSS • GOSHWE CJSS • MAHUPU CJSS • THOBEGA CJSS • ITHUTENG CJSS • MARANG CJSS • BAITLOTLI • KODIBELENG PRIMARY • TSHIMOLOGO CJSS • LESWAANE CJSS • SEKGOMA CJSS • MMASHORO CJSS

MultiChoice Botswana Ltd Unit 111, Riverwalk Mall Tlokweng Road, Gaborone Postal address: P/Bag 450 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 360 5600 Fax: +267 370 0122 enquiries@botswana.

Best of Botswana 199


Diplomat Magazine Sharing knowledge, future vision and inspiration in the pursuit of best practice in governance and leadership


southern africa



Promoting economic growth and sustainability through leadership and diplomacy


t a m l p i D




frica East a owth mic gr

ing ec onom

n afr ic

ic grow th

h lead

ug thro bility




plo and di ership


and su stai


staina and su


y thro

ugh le ader



ship an d dipl o

no g eco

in Promot

mat macy

Trade – Investment – Tourism – Energy – Environment – Health – Education – Security – Culture – Lifestyle


ent Resurg

ndoua R wa ntry e-back C The Com

vestment Trade – In

– – Energy – Tourism

President ul Kagame


ation h – Educ nt – Healt Environme

e – Lifestyl – Culture – Security

Diplomat is a quarterly print and online magazine about government and Industry and their role in promoting economic growth and the social well being of Africa. The magazine launched in East Africa first with now more than 5 issues under their belt. has just launched as the wheels are now in motion for Southern Africa and West Africa to join our East Africa colleagues in reporting the whole story of Africa. The first Diplomat magazine for SADC will be launched in February 2011. The Role of the Magazine The magazine is about government and their role in promoting economic growth and the social well being of Africa. African leaders need to promote and showcase their vision, national interests, missions, foreign policies and diplomacy successes. We focus on foreign affairs, trade, investment, business, energy, health, education, environment, security and culture.

200 Best of Botswana


Kofi An n

Seventh Se cr



of the Unit -General ed Nation s Trade – In vestment

Why? The diplomatic community needs to promote and showcase their national interests, missions, foreign policies and diplomacy successes. Our Challenges SADC countries face various social, development, economic, trade, education, health, diplomatic, defence, security and political challenges. Most of these challenges cannot be tackled effectively by individual members as we are all interlinked, we provide a platform whereby we can all be more effective in our approach in combating these challenges. For example, the sustainable development that trade brings could be threatened by the existence of different product standards and tariff regimes, weak customs infrastructure and bad roads. As would political instability, education and health. The Member States recognise that achieving regional economic integration in

– Tourism – Energy – Environ ment

– Health – Education

– Security – Culture – Lifestyl e

Southern Africa requires them to put their full support behind SADC to act on behalf of all Southern Africans for their common prosperity, peace and unity. SADC Vision The SADC vision is one of a common future, within a regional community that will ensure economic well-being, improvement of the standards of living and quality of life, freedom and social justice; peace and security for the peoples of Southern Africa. This shared vision is anchored on the common values and principles and the historical and cultural affinities that exist amongst the peoples of Southern Africa. To submit an article or report to be included in the launch edition of Diplomat Southern Africa and future editions please contact our editors.

Flame Power Multimedia Flame Power Multimedia was created to fill a need in the Botswana market with regards to production of high quality television, video, film and multimedia content

being shot. Since 2003 we have been taking intern from Sweden through the IASTE exchange program, now we are recruiting from Limkokwing University. At the end of the program we want to present the country with a new team, eager, inspired and trained to embark on their own dreams of making magic for television and the cinema.

All it needs to succeed is for a seed to be sowedâ&#x20AC;Ś CEO and Head of Creative, MrThuso Oitsile

Our positioning and differentiation strategy lies in our commitment to professionalism, innovation and adherence to international standards at all levels of our operations. Our 10 years in the industry has granted this company and its creative Team, lead by founder, Thuso Oitsile the opportunity to sow the seeds for a productive, professional indigenous Film & Television Industry to take root and grow within the borders of Botswana and the region. For

years local talent left Botswana to find work where their passion lies, in the Film & Television Industry. We want to change that.

Bring the talent back home we say! Find, train and inspire fresh talent and open the horizons to the talent yet to be born! It is with this quest in mind that this specific Creative Team was put together. All of the key personnel are at top of their game,

all willing and more than able to impart their years of experience to teach, train and produce quality products. Nothing can be built if we do not bring the energy, knowledge and flavour to grow the industry. Our aim is taking on as many trainees in the key departments year after year, put them under the guidance of an expert for the duration of the production where they will assist the Head of each key department, learning as they work on an actual production

It is with this in mind that the CEO, Mr Oitsile and Head of Creative, Kudakwashe Ndanga throws their weight behind productions. Mr Oitsile schooled in Film Schools in England and interned at Sky and BBC in England. Having a staff compliment of 15 and a fully fledged production studio, we have been serving Botswana Television, government bodies and the private sector for many years.

Tel: +267 393 9741 Fax: +267 393 9742 Email:

Best of Botswana 201

Chapter 15 Marketing & Events

202 Best of Botswana

redpepper P R a n d C o m m u n i c at i o n s C o n s u lta n c y

Best of Botswana 203

Red Hot Branding, Events and Public Relations

redpepper P R a n d C o m m u n i c at i o n s C o n s u lta n c y

The company manufactures its own high quality branding material, paying particular attention to detail with in-house graphic designers and branding specialists to ensure it is done right the first time.


Best of Botswana

RedPepper PR & Communications is an integrated full-service public relations, communications and marketing agency, with expertise to provide a full range of consultancy services as well as branding expertise and publishing services. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim is to build and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations for its many clients. This is achieved by offering sophisticated communications campaigns that are designed to communicate effectively

with their most critical audiences and stakeholders based on knowledge, research and key industry insights. Red Pepperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ultimate objective is to influence direction and progress through insightful strategy and targeted communication. Public Relations Red Pepperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s broad range of consultancy services include; Strategic PR, Media and Marketing solutions, Reputation Management,

Best of Botswana 205

Branding Corporate Gifts


Public Relations

Event Logistics

Public Affairs and Government Relations, Corporate Positioning and Investor Relations, Crisis and Issues Management , Corporate Social Responsibility, Market, Reputation and Opinion Research, and Organizational Communications In addition to its consultancy services, Branding Products Red Pepper has a full range of Branding and Events product range.


Best of Botswana

Branding items produced by the division include; banner walls, branded carpets, signage and billboards, fence wraps, fags, light boxes, mega inflatable’s, pop-up banners, retractable tunnels, sandwich boards, exhibition stands and vehicle wraps. Event Logistics and Management To protect clients’ branding investment Red Pepper’s logistics division provides storage at its warehouse at a minimum

monthly fee. Products are maintained to brand expectation and are kept clean and up to date with brand changes. The Division also creates and manages corporate or private events from activation to communication or experiential marketing. Strong interactive relationships with clients ensure a solid understanding of requirements from a creative, brand and measurement perspective. Dedicated branding specialists

and logistics teams are employed to do a reconnaissance of venues to ensure optimum placing and visibility of branding. These teams take care of all branding requirements at events – from setting up to de-branding and storage – allowing clients to focus on other aspects important to the success and impact of their events. Branding is checked regularly by the logistics team and is updated, repaired or replaced as and when necessary.

Corporate and Promotional Gifts We supply a wide range of corporate and promotional gifts amongst these clothing items such as golf shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and jackets, as well as other items from pens, bags, and water bottles to notebooks, watches and umbrellas. Please see our website to view the catalogues with 1000â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of products to choose from.

In Association with

redpepper branding and event logistics

Tel: +267 395 1363 Fax: +267 395 1368

Best of Botswana 207

Corporate Interaction Communication Consultancy



“Why walk alone? Talk to us and together we can unleash the power of communication”

Corporate Interaction Communication Consultancy is based in Gaborone, Botswana. It provides a range of services, from building outreach campaigns that are grounded on compelling and consistent messages to identifying and developing strategic alliances. Our entire business is based on deep belief and support for the corporate communicator. We take pride in knowing the value of corporate communication and finding communication solutions for the corporate world. We are perfectly suited to add value to your organisation and have what it takes to deliver to your needs. We offer a range of services: Communication Strategies “A good reputation is like a strong immune system. If you have that, then your company can weather any crisis.”

208 Best of Botswana

The bottom line and reputation of a business depend on its ability to operate within a positive public policy environment. Through effective and sustainable communication strategies we facilitate high level engagements with various government departments to discuss our client’s high priority issues and communicate their positions on timely developments and events. We are able to draft backgrounders, letters and speeches. We develop coalitions through maintaining strong relationships with a number of opinion leaders in government and NGO’s and auditing our inventory of contacts to determine which parties share common interests on issues. Crisis Communication Media knows no boundaries and its impact is huge, hence

the need to have first rate crises management systems and networks in place. We work with clients to react to unexpected events that threaten their reputation or bottom line, developing compelling written materials that gain the ear of decision makers and help our clients meet with targeted officials to minimise damage and position our client in the best possible light. Issues Monitoring As the client’s “eyes and ears” on important issues in the media, the public and government enclave and provide analysis of those events. Media Relations We introduce clients to the media in Botswana, in the region and overseas We build foundations for long term

relationships and establishing effective communication. We provide clients with media measurement and benchmarking, evaluation and analysis. Corporate Communications & Brand PR We work with clients to develop and implement internal public relations structures or services and help them evaluate the benefits of having such a service in house or outsourced. We believe in creating ownership and pride of our client’s employees through the development, implementation and evaluation of a robust internal communication strategy. We work with our clients to develop compelling messages directed towards targeted audiences, producing and packaging strong

communication material for general use. We employ a hands-on approach to build a network of allies willing to speak out for our client to the media, government and the general public. We create an environment where decision makers and opinion leaders will act with our client’s position in mind. Spokesperson Training We facilitate high level training for our clients, empowering them with effective presentation and communication skills. Products First Issues is our flagship business and financial affairs television programme that airs weekly. It highlights the Botswana business and financial environment and places them in a global context.

Corporate Interaction was established by Jacob Sesinyi in 2008 after working for Botswana’s blue chip company Debswana Diamond Mining Company for more than a decade. Our team is passionate about what we do and how we do it. The prospect of forging strong alliances with organisations excites us. We work with organisations to unleash their power of communication.

Plot 20613, Unit 1 Western Business Park P.O. Box 81939 Molapo Crossing Botswana Tel: +267 316 5407 Fax: +267 316 5408

Best of Botswana 209

For The Brands That Love Attention Growing Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Business Base

Established in 1999 as a website and electronic media house, Leapfrog has evolved to be one of the leading advertising agencies in Botswana. Leapfrog is a company whose vision is to be an expert agency and become a leading communications and advertising agency in the region and this is to be achieved by being innovationdriven, quick and keen to produce advertising work that yields best results for the clients. It offers services in branding and identity, advertising, public relations, marketing, event management, etc. The company does work for clients in the telecommunications, banking, insurance, retail, Diamond industries, as well government, Parastatals, NGOâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, charity organisations, events planning and management, etc, making our clientele vast and broad. The company brings a FRESH approach to the advertising industry in Botswana by coming up with ideas that will sustain

210 Best of Botswana

growth for their clients. This is all based on the dedicated and committed team of young professionals who have technical and creative experience in the business. The company’s incredible reputation is attained by virtue of; • Integrity - trust and corporate governance • Professionalism – best practice and always on time

• Sustainability – customer relations management • Social investment training and development

Plot 131 Unit 12 Gaborone International Finance Park Nkwe Square Tel: +267 392 3381 Fax: +267 392 3378

Best of Botswana 211

Native Impressions Last A decade ago ‘Think Global, Act local’ was the ultimate business buzzword wherever you went. From Expo’s to board meetings to staff meetings, everyone jostled for a spot in the limelight of the new philosophy

Rhythm All except for the Advertising industry. Adverts simply plonked a local looking model in a canned western concept and… abra cadabra! One man saw the gap and surged into it. In 2004, Mpho Balopi walked out of his plush accounting job and into an office the size of a ping pong table. The vision was to position the agency as an agent of bona fide “tswananess”. So clearly, the agency’s

212 Best of Botswana

name had to play a mammoth role. Mpho stumbled upon William Bernabech’s quote “Nobody counts the number of ads you ran; they just remember the impression you made”. The word ‘impression’ switched a light. Now to look for a word that unashamedly and defiantly stood for all things African and Original. How about the cheeky ‘Native?’ (Eureka). Native Impressions was born.

Native Impressions got a shot at lasting first impressions pitching for the nation’s Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA). Against the tirade of bigger internationally aligned agencies, Mpho stood alone with the help of an old research friend and won. The ‘natives’ had landed. Shortly after, Native detected another trend – all advertising pictures had to have people in them by default. So the agency cherry

picked the much known but less publicized Botswana Building Society and brainstormed. The result was Botswana’s first major homegrown abstract advertising campaign. One outstanding visual depicted a mother duck with her little ducklings in a row captioned ‘Follow the leader’. Many Batswana were instantly taken back to their good old kindergarten and nursery years and the high pitched singing of

+267 315 9587 +267 319 1752

the popular ‘Follow the leader’ nursery hymn. In a country with no advertising awards, the campaign received unabashed praise from BBS’ CEO in the annual report. Several radio phone-in sessions buttressed the glowing feedback. The Natives then turned their attention to turn around times. The jokes about ‘African Time’ and the all too familiar ‘there is no hurry in Africa’, were as would be expected, true about

the local advertising industry. It was at this time that one of the commercial banks SOS’d with just twenty four hours to deadline. They needed t-shirts, golf shirts, caps, bags and many more branded goodies. Their agency had dropped the ball just before kick-off. Native gladly obliged. Printing houses and embroiderers were queued in as far as Jo’burg. The printing presses huffed and puffed all night. Drivers drove

Rescourceful Best of Botswana 213

Respect through the night, past the border and into Gaborone. The client’s order was delivered at 0730hrs the next morning thirty minutes before tee off time. The client beamed. With every passing year big brands took notice. Some took a swig of the Native brew. The calls came in. The pitches poured in. The agency won the country’s largest investment promotion agency, Botswana Export and Development Investment Agency (BEDIA) account. Shortly after Native landed the nation’s premier business-to-business expo, Global Expo Botswana as testimony to its increasing reputation amongst the hard nosed corporates. It has successfully held both accounts for the past three years.

214 Best of Botswana

Most agencies will hire only after winning accounts but, self-believing Native did the reverse. Mpho Balopi, always on the search for talent that would catapult the agency beyond their peers, hired talent and shored up the numbers. Within a few months later, Native pitched for the largest life insurer, Botswana Life Insurance and triumphed. Work for the client began right away due to the agency’s added capacity. Mpho Balopi then turned his enterprising eye to the outdoor advertising sector. None of the outdoor companies were locally owned. Resultantly, tailor made outdoor solutions were lacking. In what had become his signature style, Mpho launched headlong and spawned Native Outdoor.

Riding on the ample coat tails of the popular national parliamentary and council elections, Native Outdoor built and flighted over eighty billboards in all fifty seven constituencies. Today the group owns a photo studio, an interior décor firm and has vested interests in the property market all under one roof. The roof houses a fortyplus strong staff. In a country whose total population is only 1, 8 million, these numbers stand tall. Dear reader you will attest that all things indigenous are stereotypically viewed as sub standard (‘This is Africa my friend, don’t raise your hopes too high’ kind of talk). Native intends to buck the skeptics. Native Impressions is therefore launching an upgraded, premium brand look that is miles apart from shabby chic. Its premium. The new face is the harbinger of a distilled and skilled team intent on effective and measurable advertising that contributes meaningfully to the clients bottom-line, while garnering enough international brand clout.

Video Production and Recording Event Broadcasting | 3D Animation and Graphics TV and Radio Commercials | Digital Marketing Business Television | Multimedia Broadcasting

Communication Networks One of our specialities is Satellite Broadcasting and I.P Network Platforms to facilitate communication and training networks - These solutions are targeted at the Retail, Corporate, Mining and Government Departmental sectors as an effective communication and training tool, which in the past decade has proven to have streamlined and increased success rates of the organisations that use our platforms. Audio Production From recording to production to mastering and



sound design, this division offers a wide range of services for all productions created by the Camhouse, as well as being involved in various projects specific to the music and events industry. Video Production This is the video pre and post production department. This division provides a full spectrum of Video and Multimedia offerings from small in-house productions to large mainstream projects in all formats from IP to broadcast.



CGI Animation The state of the art CGI graphics department is capable of creating a full spectrum of animated graphics, both still and animated, 2D and 3D. Advertising This area of the business is purely driven at holistic advertising campaigns for the client who has the requirement for a start to finish media solution, including all aspects such as print, radio, TV and PR strategies to drive brand or product awareness.



Best of Botswana 215

Native Outdoor Echoing from a mere desire to understand the lingual, 48, 96 sheets, flexiface, front, back lit, as it landed on his accounting desk, Mpho Balopi grew a passion

Reminiscing on the words of a world renowned property investment mogul “without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing – Donald Trump”, Mpho drew a conclusion. If he, Donald Trump, could make it with rentals from land and buildings, I Can become a landlord of my own right. After all Botswana hosts a vast virgin land, wait a minute, was he thinking a hotel in a desert? Hint hint, the UAE did it, better yet the man was responding to a native voice whispering to a predominantly foreign invested industry. With an unwavering passion for the advertising industry, bursts of entrepreneurial spirit was channeled to give an all rounded brand communication solution to its clientele. The dawn of 2009 gave birth to Native Outdoor, an affiliate of a giant in its indigenous right, Native Impressions, after realizing an opportunity to built over 80 billboard sites in all 57 constituencies. True to the wisdom of Trump’s gist, Mpho was poised to be a landlord in his own native right, “great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small

216 Best of Botswana

things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh”, he harkened to the wise words. Using his keen eye for detail, identifying advertising space was second nature so, day and night, week in week out, site were being built. The remnant of the good old days at that small accounting desk brought meaning to the then lingual he sought clarity, trivisions, rooftops, metropanels, wall wraps, three faces, overheads/bridges, bus shelters, hour glasses are now the pride of Native Outdoor vocabulary.

Under its belt are about 200 built structures and over 100 un-built sites consisting of: • 3m x 12m landscape billboards • 6m x 6m square billboards • 9m x 6m portrait billboards • 4.5m 18m three faced billboards • 8m x 8m wall sites • 3m x 12m gantries • 10m x 40m giant wall boards • 6m x 12m double landscape billboards • 9m x 12m giant billboards • 4.5m x 35m wall wrap

• 3m x 6m trailer billboards • etc. Cementing indigenous pole position in the market Native Outdoor also engaged in mobile trailer advertising that has taken Botswana by storm. Since this advertising innovation no other outdoor medium more effectively combines size, repetition, proximity and position to deliver the highest impact brand exposure 24 hours a day. With such creativity at hand one can only watch the space in anticipation for what could be the next out maneuvering dare. Native Outdoor employs an efficient and effective workforce

of 12, consisting of a good mix of experienced and fresh, enthusiastic professionals. Led by passion, going beyond job scope to ensure on-time delivery and total satisfaction is the blood that runs through its outdoor veins. There is no doubt that nothing limits this team just as outdoor is impossible to ignore they have become a force to reckon. Benchmarking from the research that showed advertising works with ‘recency’, meaning the closer the advertising hits the consumer the more he/she whips out the wallet, this philosophy has formed the Native Outdoor preposition. ‘Outdoor cannot be turned off’, it is the last universal

advertising medium that is not affected by media fragmentation as it is free to the users. Our sites have and continue to flight the glory of some of the most stunning creatives from National Election Campaigns, BPOMAS, BEDIA, GEB, BBS, LEA, MASCOM, Bridgetown, Botswana Life, Orange and the Khupe Group to mention a few. So to you the reader, I say what are you waiting for, calling us might just give you the exposure you are looking for.

+267 315 9587 +267 319 1752

Best of Botswana 217

Impression House Quality printing, efficient service, real-time orders tracking through their website and automated sms service has Impression House occupy a unique position in Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s print industry

Impression House has had a market presence since 1978. Centrally located off Kudumatse Drive in Gaborone West Industrial, they operate in spacious premises with ample parking area. Well-resourced and wellequipped departments with 24 hours production enable them to live up to their commitment of providing their customers with good print quality at the shortest time at competitive prices, while maintaining high levels of service. With a fully integrated custom-made ERP system, they offer free system-triggered SMS service to keep customers notified of jobs both when opened and when they are ready for collection. Customers with an account have the privilege of logging onto their website to track their orders with real-

218 Best of Botswana

Website: Tel: +267 392 2984 / 316 3808 Fax: +267 392 4777 / 316 3811 E-mail:

time status 24/7. Records of finished orders will continue to be available for 3 weeks after completion. With a staff compliment of over 140 of which 95% are citizens, they are no doubt on the right track of empowering citizens with the necessary skills required in the various aspects of printing. Impression House is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sprinting Aheadâ&#x20AC;? in equipment, technology, personnel and service level. They have departments that ensure the streamlining of jobs end to end resulting in efficiency and cost savings for their customers. Their departments are fully resourced with quality equipment and personnel that meet high standards. Below is a brief description of the departments in their organisation.

Pre-Press: With state-of-the-art computers and software, they are equally comfortable handling files in both PC and Mac platforms in a number of software. All files are digitally imposed and plates for printing are made direct from computer to thermal plate for unmatched print quality. Their pre-press personnel have the expertise in the technical aspects of file-preparation for printing. In addition to accurate preparation, they can also make any required corrections to files submitted for print and render them outputworthy. Press: Well-equipped with worldrenowned Heidelberg range of presses they use 1, 2, 4 and 5 colour presses to cater for all

types of printing applications from business cards to A1 size posters. Accurate colour matching is achieved by using computerised mixing and quantity calculations. Well trained and skilled operators ensure adherence to strict quality standards. Post-press: All finishing is done in-house with machinery for cutting, collating, saddle-stitching, wiro-binding, perfect binding, die-cutting, foiling, laminating, drilling etc. Trained and skilled personnel ensure jobs are finished to highest standards. Sales & Estimation: A well resourced Sales department provides quotes with a turn around time from while-u-wait to a maximum of 24 hours. Quotes can be emailed as

pdf files or faxed as per clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s request. The sales personnel are trained not only to gather all necessary information regarding the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specifications for a print job but also to offer customers suggestions and alternatives to meet their requirements.

them to confidently handle jobs with very demanding deadlines. Bottle-neck situations are avoided by having back-up equipment and personnel in almost all departments. A wide variety of spare parts are kept handy at all times to combat most breakdown situations.

Business Continuity: A powerful stand-by generator capable of running their entire plant and office makes them immune to power-cuts. All computer and electronic equipment run on robust online UPS systems with adequate power back-up. Fully computerised operations ensure total control on job tracking, production planning, automated SMS-triggering and real-time web-updates of jobs in production. Delivery personnel and delivery vehicles with radio communication ensure there is no delay in reaching the jobs to the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premises. There is adequate parking area and you will experience friendly staff in all departments. They are flexible to accommodate priority orders and have mechanisms to make quick production re-planning procedures with round-the-clock managerial presence.

Store: A well-stocked store caters for nearly all jobs lined for print without having to wait for supplies. This ensures optimal production efficiency as they are less dependant on their suppliers afterhours and week-end. Maintenance: All machinery and computer equipment undergo regular maintenance routines to be kept in top condition, enabling

Best of Botswana 219

Chapter 16 Conferencing & Exhibitions

220 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 221

Global Expo Botswana Botswana Conference & Exhibition Centre at Fairgrounds, Gaborone

Global Expo Botswana (GEB) is the country’s premier international multi-sectoral business to business exhibition. This exhibition is managed and organised by BEDIA on behalf of the Government of Botswana, through the Ministry of Trade & Industry. The inaugural Global Expo Botswana was held in 2006. The exhibition has grown in leaps and bounds since then. Objectives The aim of Global Expo Botswana is to offer exhibitors

222 Best of Botswana

and visitors a platform to explore new markets, secure new business, build new partnerships and grow their business. GEB is therefore an ideal platform for local and international entrepreneurs to actively promote their businesses and prospects to new markets. Why Global Expo Botswana? • Attract foreign direct investment • Promote joint venture opportunities between

• • • •

Batswana and foreign investors Stimulate profitable business partnerships Enhance exports of locally produced goods Give international exhibitors access to the Botswana market Inculcate a culture of entrepreneurship locally

Global Expo Botswana Value-add Services Concurrent to the exhibition,

Global Expo Botswana runs: • Investment Forums • Workshops • One-on-one buyer-seller meetings Exhibitor Profile • Agri business and Agricultural products • Textiles and garments • Manufactured products • Construction materials • Automobiles • Electrical Goods and appliances

Timber & furniture Engineering products Chemicals and cosmetics Machinery Information technology Consultancy services Leather and associated technologies • Mining • Tourism • Power and renewable energy

• • • • • • •

Visitor Profile • Importers

• • • • • • • •

Wholesalers and traders Agents Business Executives Mining supply chain management programme Distributors Government procurement agencies International buyers Retailers

Why Invest in Botswana? • No foreign exchange controls • Preferential market access to SACU, SADC, EU,

MERCUSOR and US markets

• Duty free importation of •

• •

machinery to be used in production One of the lowest corporate tax rates in the region at 15% fro Manufacturing entities and for International financial service companies Free market enterprise Most transparent country in Africa and amongst the least corrupt in the world (Transparency International) A per GDP per capita of

US$ 7 598.25 (BWP45 589.50; at an exchange rate of US$1 = BWP6) – One of the highest in the continent

Organisers and Managers Botswana Export Development & Investment Authority Plot 28, Matsitama Road Po Box 3122, Gaborone Tel: +267 318 1931

Best of Botswana 223

Fairground Holdings Fairground Holdings (Pty) Limited, was established on the 21st March, 1986

A subsidiary of the Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) with 51% shareholding and the other shareholder being the Government of Botswana with 49% shares. Located in Gaboroneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s city centre, our 50 hectares venue houses the Botswana Conference and Exhibition Centre, a versatile venue for conferences, fairs and exhibitions. Our Conference centre has a 10 000 seater chamber and another chamber accommodating 2 000 people cinema style. Both rooms are not only for conferences, gala dinners and weddings but can and have been used for various exhibitions. In addition to the main chambers we boast three multipurpose conference rooms which accommodate between 250-500 people. Our breakaway rooms are 13 in number and can be utilized for boardrooms and conferences. The Botswana Conference and Exhibition Centre is fully serviced with security and media facilities, ample parking and an excellent a-la-carte restaurant. Our experienced Chefs at The

224 Best of Botswana

Pavilion Pub and Restaurant can satisfy just about every taste or craving, preparing exquisite meals to remember for years to come. The bar area has both a casual and private setting and located just outside the restaurant, is a spacious terrace for those who prefer to experience the subtle sound of wind blowing trees and experience Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sunset. Fairground Holdings (Pty) Ltd organises key annual events including the Botswana Consumer Fair, the ITEX Information Technology Exhibition and FOBEX the Food and Beverages exhibition. Our experience in organising these events has equipped our team with the expertise to assist our clientele with their events. Furthermore, we offer rental of shell scheme exhibition stands, assist in outsourcing of specialised event suppliers and can also manage the event for you!

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263

ITEX Organised by Fairground Holdings and held at the Botswana Conference & Exhibition Centre; Boipusio Hall

The ITEX Exhibition showcases the latest products and solutions in information, communication and technologies - such as telecommunications, multimedia, the internet, digital entertainment, computer and peripherals. ITEX is Botswana’s premier ICT exhibition that brings together ICT service providers, buyers, users, stakeholders,

government agencies and the public to promote networking, information and knowledge sharing in the ICT industry. With ITEX you will ensure that your business is equipped with the latest technology, knowledge and for optimum performance, ready to maximize the opportunities coming your way. The ITEX Exhibition always runs

in conjuncture with a conference which is also in line with the theme for that year’s exhibition. The conference avails an opportunity to link up with experts and decision makers in the industry. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for professional and stakeholders to benchmark, learn, share and network, thus strengthening

Botswana’s ICT policy implementation drive. The event brings together experts, industry captains and government agencies to engage in progressive deliberation.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263

Best of Botswana 225

FOBEX The Food and Beverage Exhibition (FOBEX) has become a platform for local, regional and international hospitality businesses to interact and promote the necessary linkages for the growth of the industry

The exhibition is growing from strength to strength and is becoming the forum for buyers, retailers, food services and manufacturing sectors. The key output of this exhibition is innovation, human and technological development, through seminars and product demonstrations. FOBEX exhibitors are always looking for innovative ways to

226 Best of Botswana

improve efficiency and service levels, and it is from platforms like FOBEX that expertise and innovative solutions can be sourced. Whatever you are looking for? Food specialists, food markets, food service equipment, food processing techniques, expanding your food & beverage customers base, the latest in cookware,

silverware, cutlery and glassware or future trends and technology in the food & beverage industry - FOBEX is the one and only place to be for expanding your business or acquiring all the information needed to start up a business within this industry in Botswana. The Fobex Cultural Night has also turned into a calendar

event for the residents of Botswana. Closing the Fobex Exhibition, Fobex Cultural Night brings together Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s multicultural community in a vibrant celebration of music, food and culture.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263

Botswana Consumer Fair The Botswana Consumer Fair is an all inclusive fair, with its main objective being to create an interactive forum for exhibitors and their clients.

Botswana Consumer Fair offers opportunities to diversify the economy and promote the service sector and direct trade between local and international exhibitors. Being the biggest Fair in Botswana, it has recorded the highest attendance of 60 000 people and is a perfect platform for exhibitors to display and sell their products right off their stand shelves from day one. Product Launches are common at the Fair, as businesses are able to disseminate information about commodities and services.

They can generate leads, clinch short term contracts, have maximum exposure for diverse clientele and see return on their investments. The fair has for the past five years been running under the slogan “Your spring shopping oasis”. As organisers of the fair we believe we have lived up to the objective of our tagline which is, “Something for everyone to do”.

Fairground Holdings Tel: +267 397 5555 Fax: +267 390 4263

Best of Botswana 227

The Gaborone International Convention Centre The Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) at The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort

Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier business address Hailed as the gem of the African continent, Botswana is a fascinating country of extraordinary natural beauty. Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gaborone and 12 kilometres from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport lies The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Centre, which, in the grand tradition of Botswana hospitality, offers luxury accommodation and dazzling entertainment. The Grand Palm offers a versatile conference centre comprising of five conference

228 Best of Botswana

venues. The world-class Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC), adjacent to the Peermont Walmont hotel, is a state-of-theart, multi-faceted convention facility suited to the needs of both international and local meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and other events. The Grand Palm offers the Okavango Suite that can accommodate up to 250 people seated theatre-style and can be divided into two smaller rooms. The Moremi Suite comprises three separate meeting rooms and the cinema, that can seat 100 people, is ideal for seminars or lectures.

The GICC offers the Tsodilo Suite, covering 1 550 m² in area and can be used as a single venue housing 1 040 people is a banquet set-up, 1 807 people in cinema style and 1 550 for a cocktail reception. This suite offers six varying configurations catering to a variety of needs from banquets and conferences to music concerts and major sporting events. The GICC also has four Serondela Rooms which can be used separately or in combination. As individual rooms they host 20 people in banquet style, 30 in cinema style and 18 in boardroom style.

The San-Ta-Wani Suite comprises an exquisitely decorated lounge area with a 20-seater boardroom table and fireplace, separate toilet facilities, a service area for bar and catering services and balcony overlooking The Grand Palm Resort. Other facilities at The Grand Palm include the newly refurbished casino with its modern, glitzy interiors and 150 ultra modern slot machines in various denominations. The restaurants offer an unmatched experience to the connoisseurs of fine food and include the Beef Baron and Rib Room specialising in prime Botswana Beef cuts and

Mokolwane Bistro, a modern, African chic restaurant serving a delectable international buffet. The Fig Tree is an open thatched pool bar and the Kalahari Bar is the favoured rendezvous for guests to unwind and catch up on the day’s activities. The 4-star Peermont Walmont is a hotel of elegance, offering Botswana’s highest standards of hospitality. The rooms are equipped with all the facilities and modern conveniences that discerning travellers have come to expect and the newly refurbished Executive 5th floor, with the exclusive Executive Club Lounge, offers the travelling executive

unsurpassed business services. The Grand Palm Resort also features the Peermont Metcourt Inn, a modern, chic and affordable 3-star hotel offering guests cosy, and comfortable accommodation and delightful service. The Grand Palm’s wide range of other recreational and sporting facilities include a health club with full gym, squash court and saunas, 2 floodlit tennis courts, a volleyball court, a sparkling swimming pool, children’s playground, birding, nature walks and a picturesque lake surrounded by manicured lawns and the beautiful African bushveld.

Peermont Group Sales Tel: +27 (0) 11 557 0557 Fax: +27 (0) 11 463 6185 Email: The Grand Palm Tel: +267 363 7777 Fax: +267 391 2989 Email:

Best of Botswana 229

Chapter 17 Food, Beverage & Hospitality

230 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 231

Distell Botswana Distell Botswana is a subsidiary of the Distell Group Limited which is South Africa’s premier producer and marketer of fine wines, spirits and ready to drinks (RTDs)

The company was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Distell Group Limited is a subsidiary of Remgro-KWV Investments Limited. The Group is listed on JSE Limited. Distell employs over 4 000 people and has an annual turnover in excess of US$800 million. We have a shared vision to create and maximise shareholder wealth through commitment to innovation and leadership in the markets where we operate. Our combined resources and expertise provide the ideal platform for us to take the leap to global competitiveness. Our key strengths are local market leadership, high brand awareness levels, an extensive distribution network, local market knowledge, strong trade relationships and the structural capacity to rapidly introduce new products across categories and channels.

232 Best of Botswana

Distell Group Limited offers spirits, including brandies, white spirits, gins, whiskies, and liqueurs under various brands, such as Amarula Cream, Van Ryn’s Collection, Klipdrift, Oude Meester, and Mainstay. The company’s wine portfolio comprises ultra/super premium wines, premium wines, wine aperitifs, basic wines, perle wines, sparkling wines, and Methode Cap Classique wines. It offers its wine under various brands, including Tassenberg, Chateau Libertas, Durbanville Hills, Nederburg, Zonnebloem, Drostdy-Hof, Grünberger, and Fleur du Cap. Distell Group also provides ciders under the Burchell, Hunter’s, and Savanna Dry brand names; and ready-todrinks under the Bacardi Breezer, Bernini, Esprit, Hunters Extreme, Klippies & Cola, and Vawter brands. Mission By unleashing our combined energy and resources, maintaining

a market orientation and commitment to transformation, we strive to: • Delight customers and consumers everywhere • Develop rewarding careers for our employees • Deliver excellent returns for our shareholders • Become meaningfully involved in our communities • Be innovative in all that we do Values • A sense of ownership in the company • An entrepreneurial spirit • A performance-driven culture • A customer-service orientation • Respect for the individual

Plot 49 Unit 7, Gaborone International Commerce Park Gaborone Private Bag 351/393 Kgale view, Gaborone Tel: +267 397 4806 Fax: +267 397 4807

Best of Botswana 233

Can Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd Can manufacturers is Botswana based and the only company with the mandate of making food cans

About Us It was established in 2006 but started operating in 2007. Our factory is located in Lobatse, one of Botswanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oldest towns, 70 kilometers south of the capital city Gaborone. Can manufacturers boasts as one of the latest can making technology plant in the world, with support of the best qualified and technical staff in the factory. Can manufacturers is a multi million pula investment financed and owned by Botswana development corporation. Mission Statement To efficiently manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly food cans of the highest quality to meet and exceed customer expectations through the use of the most advanced technology, skilled workforce

234 Best of Botswana

and the implementation of sound management systems. Vision Statement To be the leading producers of world class food and beverage cans. CORE VALUES Integrity We subscribe to transparency, consistency and openness in dealing with all our stakeholders. We insist on integrity and honesty in all our activities. Professionalism We are professional in our dealings and act with impartiality, integrity and honesty. Teamwork We work in unity and collaborate with all our colleagues, stakeholders and partners.

Botho We subscribe to the national aspirations of Botho, embracing trust and respect for one another. Effective Communication We educate, learn and disseminate information. Corporate Social Responsibility We strive to act responsibly and always look for ways of being environmentally friendly and empowering the people around us. Innovativeness and Quality Oriented We insist on innovativeness, creativity, quality and delivery.

Product We make cans which are used for packaging food items such as vegetables, fruits, pets food, meat and fish. A can is produced in various sizes and features. The product is mainly used by the canners of the different food stuffs who in turn supply to the wholesalers or distributors. Product Description ( size) 52x89 73x97 65x65 73x109 65x69 65x79 65x102   99x102 73x62  99x105 73x72 99x115 73x80 99x119 Our state of art equipment can produce up to 600 cans per

minute. We have since expanded our lines to increase our product range to produce round cans of different sizes. We are planning to expand our range to rectangular and catering cans in the not so distant future. Product features • Stackability • 2 x Gold lacquer ( universal lacquer) Markets We currently supply our cans in the SADC region and have customers in: South Africa Zimbabwe Zambia Botswana Namibia( Potential)

Can Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd P O Box 1290, Lobatse Botswana Can manufacturers Plot No: 6394 Ponatshego Mokane Street Pitikwe industrial area Tel:+267 530 0338 Fax: +267 530 0339 Email:

Best of Botswana 235

Chapter 18 Property, Building & Architecture

236 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 237

eLAN Property Group Established in 1997 by property development entrepreneur, Mark Taylor

The eLan Group is a dynamic company committed to developing strategically located and economically viable developments that will generate substantial returns for their investors and shareholders. This is achieved through clear vision, innovation, creative thinking, progressive business practice and a highly committed team. Led by this vision, eLan employees break new ground in their progressive thinking and successful business practices, and it is with this dedication that exceptional results are achieved. However, within this performance based environment, the eLan Group is relaxed and friendly with a young and dynamic set of individuals who make the Group the success that it is! Undeniably the leading developer of lifestyle Eco-Estates

238 Best of Botswana

in South Africa, the eLan Group boasts over R14 billion (€1.4 billion) worth of developments and has no less than seven pristine new developments in the pipeline representing over 8000 units. Having managed to acquire some of Southern Africa’s most sought after landscapes the eLan Group is creating an affordable paradise for all discerning investors. Flagship developments and properties within the eLan stable include; Simbithi Eco-Estate, Blythedale Coastal Resort, The Riverside Hotel, The Spirit of eLan Catamaran, The Worx Zone, The Centenary, Somkhanda, Greenaway Woods and Alpine Heath. eLan has thus identified Botswana as a key area in which to make a sustainable impact through strong lifestyle, leisure,

family and eco-friendly elements. This would include property development as well as providing a professional consultancy service on aspects such as project management, conservation management, tourism and sales & marketing. Environmental Responsibility eLan’s developments consist of eco-estates, resorts and game reserves, and within all these developments sound conservation practices and environmental sustainability are the focus. Wildlife Management is of paramount importance and eLan’s appointed Land and Conservation Manager ensures sound environmental alternatives are considered and implemented wherever and whenever possible. The Environmental Plan not only

focuses on the rehabilitation and management of natural areas ensuring biodiversity values are increased, but also ensures top structures are environmentally friendly. Residents are encouraged to practice sound conservation principles in everyday life within the estate which include waste, water, power and plant management. Community Sustainability Critical Mass Developments have the ability to change the economic landscape of an area. The eLan Group’s vision extends beyond the borders of the Estate to include neighbouring communities. It is the intention of the Group to harness the economic potential that a development brings. With a larger footprint, outside of the development itself, the

eLan Foundation aims to boost the multiplier effect, minimising leakages and improve linkages for an area. The eLan Foundation is a Section 21 Non Profit Organisation. Operating in the private sector, the eLan Group will encourage cooperation and private public partnerships, using the eLan Foundation as a vehicle to kick-start such initiatives. As more companies are looking to the triple bottom line (profit, environmental responsibility and social awareness), business is now operating with a conscience. With companies coordinating their social efforts, together we can achieve more. Nine distinct areas of influence have been identified. These form the pillars to the eLan Foundation and have been categorised in order to focus on achieving more than one objective, when a particular community project is implemented. They are: • Research • Integrated Human Settlement • Wellbeing • Farming • Environment • Education • Skills Development • Economic Empowerment • Sports Our Development Offering Project Management - An in-house Project Management division representative of professionals within the industry who can accurately assess the best needs for an area, conduct research into that area and follow necessary due diligence processes. Conservation Management - A wildlife management consultancy service aimed at providing owners of private land with wildlife and ecological management advice. Suitable for land to be managed as a reserve, large natural areas, conservancies, or ordinary farms with natural areas, together with the development of eco-tourism opportunities. Tourism - With a long track record and ownership in a number of hospitality ventures, the identification of potential tourism initiatives, the development thereof

and the roll out including correct management, hotel operations and expected projections is a service the Group offers. Sales and Marketing - A fully integrated and internally managed sales and marketing team sees development product sold worldwide. With all marketing elements managed in-house from strategy conceptualisation through to marketing plans, marketing budgets and final implementation, the team takes the project from the initial idea, to a finished product, ready to be launched to the Investor Club, and thereafter to the public. A world-wide sales team linked to a centralised platform which manages leads, sales and tracks referrals while delivering the best product on offer using the eLan Investor Club as an integral part of this sales strategy. The Club, with over 300 000 members, offers prelaunch invitation and preferential pricing, with stock offered direct from the developer. The eLan Property Group is launching an office and consultancy service in Botswana in 2010.

Best of Botswana 12 239

OLSA DESIGNS OLSA DESIGNS is a forward thinking and dynamic architectural design firm based in Gaborone, Botswana, founded in 2003 OLSA plays an integral and indispensable part in the collective creative process in Gaborone and beyond, not only in the built environment but also the un-built. One of the firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stronghold is in its unique and dynamic approach to design, play of shapes, imaginative forms and colors both in interiors and architectural works aimed at giving its clients unique solutions and identity. With a primary focus on architectural design, projects have also been undertaken which deal with planning, interiors, and design aspects related to the architectural process. Inherent in aspirations at OLSA is the strong believe in bringing forth creativity at every forum of life regardless of constraints. As is evident in the portfolio of both built and proposed work, design is primary to the office. OLSA truly believes that lives can be positively affected by design, and that the task of architecture is to have this effect upon people. We believe that where creativity lacks, life stalls. Spaces must inspire, engage, and motivate its users as well as the greater community.

OLSA questions dogmatic strictures and conventional assumptions, favoring a careful consideration of light, material, and detail specific to the nature of each project. At the onset of every project, the process begins with understanding our clientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; goals and objectives. Familiarity with your vision is priceless. Our design team has the talent to transform a single idea into the type of environment that makes a lasting impression. In fact, each environment we design is completely unique. For those who are unsure where to start, our designers are also able to provide valuable inspiration to set your project into motion. Nature plays an integral role in our design philosophy. The principal architect and designer Mr Mulema Aggrey

240 Best of Botswana

(B.Arch) has vast and extensive experience having worked in several leading architectural and interior design firms in Botswana and Kenya. He firmly believes that creativity at its best brings forth sustainable solutions to every aspect of life. Life is to be celebrated, and with great and liberating spaces and built forms. The firmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s client base, past and present encompasses corporate world, institutions, industrial and individuals.

OLSA Designs (Pty) Ltd Private Bag 00311 Gabarone, Botswana Tel: +267 317 0371 Cell:+267 72561011 Tel/Fax: +267 391 1204

Best of Botswana 241

Dilli Matenge Architects Architects rely largely on their own individual experiences for understanding and interpreting situations for which they design

If Architecture is to contribute to the advancement of mankind, a close relationship between social and political expectations of nations should be carefully considered. Dilli Matenge Architects was formed in November 1994 by Dilli Matenge with among others, the above notions in mind. The practice also believes that “Design is not a product of the intelligentsia ..... it is everybody’s business and when it loses contact with the public, it is on the losing end.” It is for this reason that each one of our Clients is as important as the other. Their views, their aspirations and their goals will always play an important role in the designs that we carry out. As the late Hassan Fathy (the famous Egyptian Architect) once said: “Every people that has produced Architecture has evolved from its

242 Best of Botswana

own favourite forms as perculiar to that people as its language, its dress, its folklore.... There were all over the world distinctive local shapes and details in Architecture and the buildings of any locality were the happy children of a marriage between the imagination of the people and the demands of the countryside”. Dilli Matenge Architects does not follow any particular style of Architecture but rather uses the resources available to respond to the Clients’ demands taking into consideration the demands of the environment.

Tel: +267 318 1205 Fax: +267 318 1207 email:

Kumi & Kekana Carpentry & Construction Works Kumi & Kekana Carpentry & Construction Works is a name synonymous with prestigious facilities

Since our inception in 2007, we have been providing our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges. Today, we are recognised as an industry competitor and benchmark for our strength in traditional construction methods, as well as for our creative, fresh approach to cutting edge technologies and delivery systems. Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from smaller renovations to multimillion projects. Our success is driven by more than building some of the most advanced facilities for our commercial, corporate, institutional and residential clients. More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as a reliable provider of

knowledge-driven solutions for their complex construction projects. Our team of construction professionals offers a single source solution for all your construction related needs. Whether its restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction on schedule and within budget. Sustainability At KKCCW, the protection of our environment is an integral element of our corporate culture and as such no process is more important that we cannot find a safe, healthy and environmentally gentle way of implementing it. Safety At KKCCW we are committed to safety as a priority with this

commitment central to all our systems, processes and practices. Our approach creates value for our clients by reducing stoppages and safeguards our employees against risk. Our entire team is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business; our safety culture is promoted by each member of our team through planning, implementing and evaluating safety practices on a daily basis.

Mission To operate as a partnership with all our clients; to deliver on their objectives through resourcefulness and high sensitivity to quality and dependability.

Tel: +267 3930757 Fax: +267 3956965

Vision To create a profitable and empowering organisation imbibed with an ethos of quality, integrity and innovation and the creation of a sustainable economic sector through the transfer of knowledge based skills to women, youth and the disabled.

Best of Botswana 243

Building Botswana Brick by Brick The brick – basic building block of the home and the nation – is produced by the tens of millions every year at Lobatse Clay Works, 70km south of Gaborone.

Birth of the brick – mining the rich Woodhall clay beds in Lobatse.


Best of Botswana

High quality clay bricks and pavers from the company’s kilns have been helping to build Botswana since 1992. Drawn from fine local clays, they are moulded and fired around the clock, then trucked and railed to construction sites all over the country. Burnt clay bricks have been used for centuries and remain a natural and popular construction choice. Their earthy good looks, rich variety of colours and textures, strength, durability, versatility and resistance to fire make them an economical maintenance-free building option.

Temperatures in the kiln are precisely controlled.

Lobatse Clay Works, Botswana’s leading manufacturer, produces a wide range of face bricks, standard and special shaped bricks and pavers, to meet any building requirement. The company’s products are built into homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals and public buildings across the country. Skilled hands, trained eyes and experience are moulded into every brick. The up-to-date manufacturing process is closely monitored and quality controlled to ensure first-rate products that conform fully to the demanding specifications of the Botswana

Bureau of Standards (BOBS 28) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS 227). Each batch of bricks emerging from the kiln is subjected to quality sampling in the company’s laboratory, including testing for porosity and strength. Wholly citizen owned through the Botswana Development Corporation, Lobatse Clay Works is a vibrant, profitable enterprise that is making its full contribution to the economy, and remains firmly committed to its mission of ‘Building Botswana - Brick by Brick’.

Extrusion under pressure of the crushed clay mixed with water, before being cut into individual bricks ready for firing.

Best of Botswana 245

The company is very much part of the Lobatse community and is committed to continuing to be a progressive employer and a supportive and generous neighbour in the area in which it operates. New ways, new products The installation in the kilns of sophisticated new burner equipment from Italy made possible the development of new brick types with a pleasing pale â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;creamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; look that have been very well received in the market. The advanced burner technology enables precise heat management and even firing as the bricks pass through the kiln, resulting in a better finished product. Increased productivity, consistent quality, concerted


Best of Botswana

marketing and attention to customer service have combined to significantly increase sales and revenues. The company is also energetically exploring export opportunities. With the pace of construction likely to continue in the future, Lobatse Clay Works is planning to step up its output considerably by installing a second production line in the Lobatse plant. Also in prospect is the building of a smaller plant at Mmamabula, north of Gaborone, where the clays are rich in silica and aluminium oxide, which when fired under high and steady heat produce the pale colours that add such attractive variety to the rich terracottas and browns of the Woodhall clay beds in Lobatse.

Tel: +267 533 2447 +267 72 301 477 +267 72 114 219 +267 72 114 218 Fax : +267 533 2512 Email :

Best of Botswana 247

Chapter 19 Mining & Engineering

248 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 249

All That Glitters Optimising Botswana’s Mineral Wealth Diamonds are the backbone of Botswana’s economy and have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world at independence to a thriving middle class economy. In addition to its thriving diamond, gold, copper, nickel, cobalt and coal mining industries, Botswana boasts a wealth of under-explored minerals, good infrastructure and a miningfriendly government. The country retained its top 10 position in the influential Fraser Institute’s 2010 Midyear Survey of Mining Companies. Botswana’s was ranked eighth in the world and first in the developing world as an attractive investment location among major mining jurisdictions. The scores for major African mining jurisdictions were: Botswana (79.3), Ghana (54.4), Tanzania (52.9), Namibia (50.4), Zambia (47.1), South Africa (39.6), DRC (29.6) and Zimbabwe (14.2). Meanwhile, a recent risk survey rated Botswana the world’s third best place for mining, behind Australia and Canada and ahead of the United States. Exploration continues with the aim of unearthing the country’s uranium, silver and platinum mining potential. This process is being driven by the Government of Botswana’s Department of Geological Survey (DGS), which makes use of Japanese satellites in mineral exploration in Botswana. Diamonds are the backbone of Botswana’s economy and have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world at independence to a thriving middle class economy. Jwaneng, which produces 9.3 million tons of kimberlite ore per year at a ratio of 1.25 carats of diamond per ton, is the richest diamond mine in the world when measured by value of recovered diamonds. Known reserves at Jwaneng will produce at current levels for at least the next 20 years. Jwaneng is one of four major diamond mines in the country that are jointly owned by the Botswana Government and De Beers. The oldest of the four, Orapa, is located along the ‘Orapa Kimberlite Track,’ near the boarder with Zimbabwe. The others are the Lethakane mine, which is the second oldest, and the Damtshaa Mine. The country’s first independent diamond mine – the Lucara Diamonds and African Diamonds joint venture AK6 mine – will start production in 2011. Botswana’s diamond mining potential is also attracting attention globally. After successful prospecting at four sites, UK mining company

250 Best of Botswana

Firestone plans to develop four new diamond mines two of them near diamond rich Jwaneng and Orapa. Along with Zimbabwe and South Africa, Botswana is one of Africa’s major nickel producers. The Selibwi Phikwe mine is the focal point of the copper-nickel-cobalt mining industry producing 40 000t of copper-nickel matte per year for refining in Zimbabwe and Norway. The Tati Nickel Mining company near Francistown, which is owned by Anglo American (43%), Canadian Lionore Mining International (41%) and the Botswana government (15%), has two operating mines, Selkirk and Phoenix with production estimated around 320 000 t of nickel concentrate per year grading at about 5.5%. African Copper’s flagship Mowana mine produced 6,4 million tons of copper concentrate in the fifteen months ended March 31, 2010. Hana Mining’s Ghanzi Copper-Silver Project in northwestern Botswana covers approximately 2,200 square kilometers with at least six exploration targets identified to date. Discovery Metals is also exploring for nickel in the Dikoloti area and for copper and silver in Maun. Botswana’s gold mining operations are concentrated around Francistown where gold is hosted within structurally controlled greenstone belts, which extend across from Zimbabwe. The Tati and Vumba greenstone belts are considered to have excellent potential with production amounting to approximately 400 000 oz of gold. Australia’s Gallery Gold has placed its entire exploration focus on gold in Botswana. Exploration spans an area of 2 300 square kilometres that covers some 90% of both the Tati and Vumba greenstone belts. The most promising prospect appears to be the company’s wholly owned Mupane Gold Mine which produces an estimated 100,000 ounces of gold a year. Whilst Botswana has vast coal resources estimated at over 200 000 megatonnes these resources are grossly under-exploited with production of less than one million tonnes a year. The Australian listed energy company Aviva Corporation has identified huge potential at its Mmamantswe coal mining project, some 100 km from Gaborone with reserves in the region of 895 million tones. Uranium exploration is taking place across the length and breadth of Botswana with over 100 prospecting licenses having been issued. Australian company, A-Cap Resources Ltd is

so far the only company with advanced plans to start the first Uranium mining in Botswana. The company expects to have started mining the resources in 2011. State-affiliated Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) has become the first company to explore for platinum in Botswana.JOGMEC has partnered with Australian firm Discovery Metals to jointly explore for platinum and nickel in Dikoloti in north-eastern Botswana.

Best of Botswana 251

Delivering a World of Difference We have a commitment to the integrity of our service, and utilizing our utmost important asset - our people, we deliver ingenuity and responsible leadership in our project execution

Bothakga Burrow Botswana is a diversified multi-disciplinary engineering and contracting firm that has since 1972, provided contracting services covering a broad spectrum of Engineering works to improve the quality and standard of living in the urban and rural environment in Botswana. Founded in Botswana under the name of John Burrow & Partners in 1972, Bothakga Burrow Botswana is a 100% Botswana citizen-owned engineering contracting firm which is headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana. The Firm prides itself in merging international best practice with local Botswana expertise to deliver appropriate solutions. In so doing, we are able to offer our clients in both the private and

252 Best of Botswana

public sectors - superior quality and value. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.â&#x20AC;? With a strength of over 300 technical personnel in our portfolio of operations, the firm is well positioned and capable to provide the multi disciplinary expertise required for successful planning and implementation of a diverse range of multidisciplinary programmes and projects. Throughout all our market sectors we offer a comprehensive range of core services, spanning the full range of activities for promoting project development from concept to completion and delivery.

Consultancy Services Offered We provide consultancy services in the following disciplines: INFRASTRUCTURE • Buildings • Municipal infrastructure • Land servicing TRANSPORT • Roads • Bridges • Airports • Railways MINING SERVICES • Contractor mining services • Development / execution of mineral process plants • Civil works

WATER/WASTEWATER • Dams and major water pipelines • Water treatment works • Rural and urban water schemes • Wastewater treatment • Solid waste management & planning • Irrigation PROJECT MANAGEMENT • Civil engineering projects • Mining contracts • Multi-disciplinary projects MISSION STATEMENT To provide for Botswana’s immediate and future vital engineering needs, founded on a locally-based and controlled integrated and sustainable approach, thereby improving the

quality of life for all in this dynamic and evolving society. OUR VISION To build a company, owned and controlled by Batswana, which is a regional leader in providing sustainable development solutions pursuant to our goals, which are founded on our mission statement. These empathise with our clients and community, and are based on more than engineering considerations alone. OUR CORE VALUES • Understanding • Knowledge • Service • Integrity and • Innovation

These values form the basis of our mission statement and vision. They are all inclusive, non-negotiable and represent the following: • The hallmark of our commitment, • The corner-stone of engineering excellence, and • A focal point of stability for both our clients and staff in an everchanging environment.

Unit No. 24, Kgale Mews Plot 115 Millennium Office Park Gaborone Tel: +267 395 1891 Fax: +267 391 2554 E-mail:

Best of Botswana 253

Chapter 20 Professional Services

254 Best of Botswana

Best of Botswana 255

PressPhoto PressPhoto is the leading photo agency in Botswana with its imagery, services and technology

We are an essential source of real time editorial and creative pictures. We cover Botswana and beyond for media and other secondary users and have a strong photographic network to reach all over Botswana where news happen. We cover most of the international events where Botswana might have interest in. PressPhoto is a very young and focused photo agency with a

256 Best of Botswana

global standard in practice. Every day we add lots of new pictures for our clients. Pressphoto not only takes pictures for today, it also preserves the present for the future as we believe that photography is a powerful tool to contribute in the process of development and echo the voice of less powered voices. PressPhoto provides a variety of photographic services starting

from hard-core photojournalism to feature photography, documentary photography, corporate photography, and PR photography. Our photography team provides clients demand based services, training and photography consultation. Besides our won assignment we also take care of special and exclusive assignments for our clients. Our photo archive is also a very good

source of news and creative pictures. To meet the deadline of our clients we provide on time services to them. Our experienced photographic team will make sure your assignment from concept to final creation meets the standard. Whether for sport or entertainment, portrait or lifestyle, corporate or advertising, we can coordinate your commission â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from start to final creative.

Private Bag: 351/219 Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267 738 00901 +267 717 76751 Fax: +267 318 6519

Best of Botswana 257

Cleaning Wizards (Pty) Ltd 100% citizen owned company incorporated in the year 2000

Through our management systems we have identified key aspects of our environmental performance. We are proud members of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA), Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC) and certified with the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS). Our commitment to incorporate responsibility is fundamental to delivery of our strategy. We have designed strong systems to ensure

258 Best of Botswana

that we fulfill our duty of care towards the environment and comply with the various environmental and quality performance standards issued by government and regulatory bodies. The Cleaning Wizards group has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary; with over 57 employees country-wide, we provide household waste removals, service two-wheeled bins and four-wheeled bins, service of dust bins and drums, supply of black refuse bags for waste collection needs, supply and service of skips, supply and service of sanitary bins, collection of

clinical waste for incineration and cleaning of offices. Services and products we provide: • Supply of black refuse bags: plain or printed with our logo • Supply of skip containers • Service of skip containers • Household waste removals, service of dustbins • Supply of plastic refuse bins • Contract office cleaning What we offer: Equipment / Machinery • Monthly skip rentals • Single lifts for building or clearing purposes • Service of your own skip containers • Contract daily office cleaning services Our skips can either be hired on contract for long periods of time or single lifts in which the customer keeps the skip for 7days, they can hold building rubble as well as garden refuse. The company has 5 rear end loading refuse compactor trucks, 2 which also empty up to 15 refuse skip containers before going to the landfill. The other two trucks are single skip loaders.

Assurance Our staff is highly disciplined, motivated, and reliable. They are also fully supplied with the appropriate work safety gear, and equipment. We believe utilizing our equipment, labour and expertise will be of great benefit to you, and will allow you to focus on your core functions. We strive to deliver an efficient and professional service, based on the needs of our clients.

Tel: +267 316 2833 Fax: +267 318 0133

Best of Botswana 259

Running Repairs Leading the way in vehicle repairs

The Company prides itself on its ability to provide the newest, technologically advanced machinery, tools and equipment to repair damaged vehicles and restore them to the specifications of the manufacturer. A fertile business environment and a visionary approach have been the main catalysts for the continued growth of well-known vehicle body repair company â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Car World. The forerunners in this industry in Botswana, Car World, specializes in large scale repairs to all major motor

260 Best of Botswana

vehicle brands and continues to thrive in an ever-growing and fast-developing economic environment that is conducive to foreign investment. The company had modest beginnings in a workshop in Mogoditshane in 1994 and today employs over 175 people. Car World, which has two successful branches in Gaborone, has evolved into a world-class body repair and rebuilding concern. In 2008, Car World was awarded the International Star Award for World Quality Commitment presented by Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D), a Spain-based quality assurance company.

It was the first Botswana Company to earn the award, which was based on customer satisfaction, communication strategies, leadership, continuing education and training, as well as total quality management. Car World specializes in major body repair for a host of exclusive brands, including Daimler Chrysler, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Peugeot, Jaguar, Volvo, Chevrolet and VW. The company prides itself on its ability to provide the newest, technologically advanced machinery, tools and equipment to repair damaged vehicles and restore them

to the specifications of the manufacturer. Its Broadhurst branch has a state-of-the-art workshop that is fully equipped to effect repairs from any type of collision.

Tel: +267 318 2999 Fax: +267 395 7615 Toll Free: 0800 800 555 24Hrs Breakdown Service +267 71400999 / 71323700

Recovery Vehicles Always there to rescue you

This latest entry in the car-towing industry in Botswana was born when it was realized a number of customers were complaining about high level of damage to their vehicles occasioned by towing trucks.

That was because as recently as 2008, towing companies here continued to use archaic method of towing the damaged vehicles, which also left car owners fuming every time, of the damage caused by this method of towing.

The vehicle towing industry desperately needed a towing company with better solutions that would ensure the safety of the vehicle being towed, first and for most. Located in Gaborone but with presence all over the country, Recovery Vehicles entered the scene in 2008 with the latest vehicle towing technology that enables the towing truck to carry the damaged vehicle on its flat bed as opposed to the traditional method of towing the vehicles. Thanks to the newly introduced towing technology, today owners of luxury cars do not have to fear any damage to their vehicles, especially with Recovery Vehicles involved. Indeed the new towing company was established out of the realisation that luxury car owners,

more especially owners of sports cars with very low ground clearance, were complaining of serious damages to their cars during towing. It was not surprising that shortly after Recovery Vehicles came into being, they signed contracts with car dealers to be the no.1 tow company for some of these top of the range vehicles. With footprint all over the country, and 24-7 availability thanks to their 71400999 hotline, Recovery vehicles are also available to relief any car owner seeking safe transportation of their damaged vehicle to the nearest service point.

Cell: +267 714 00999

Best of Botswana 261

Speed Shop No job too small

Auto Track has high tech automotive equipment to ensure that it is able to provide state-of-theart finishing and ensure customer satisfaction. In the swiftly expanding vehicle repair industry in Botswana, Auto Track has identified a need and established its niche in the provision of minor repairs to all major makes and models. Auto Track was established when its co-founder, who has vast experience in the automotive industry, identified a gap in the market for a company that could provide an alternative to companies specializing in the repair of major damages to vehicle. Auto Track specializes in repairing vehicles with light and medium accident damage and where there is no major structural damage. Auto Track’s “speed shop” concept involves realignment of body panels and other cosmetic items with the primary aim of repairing vehicles in the shortest time possible, without compromising quality. All repairs are carried our in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards. Auto Track has high tech automotive equipment to ensure that it is able to provide state-of-theart finishing and ensure customer satisfaction.

Tel: +267 318 8123 Fax: +267 390 7933

262 Best of Botswana

Tshimologo Business Services (Pty) Ltd Since its founding in 2000, Tshimologo Business Services (Pty) Ltd (TBS) has evolved to offer renowned Professional Services by providing the most effective and efficient growth fostering solutions that give companies a reason to exist

Its reputation is built upon a comprehensive benchmark of dynamic methodologies and systems emanating from research conducted locally and internationally. The company philosophy is to provide the most professional, coherent integrated consultancy services, recognising and meeting the needs of every client exclusively to fulfill their requirements. We believe that needs are different and ever changing; therefore One-size fits all tactics are indeed history. Background Founded by Ms Neo Tina Masu, TBS is a proud 100% Motswana owned company that focuses on business solutions; from company registration to day-today operations. The company comprises of young and veteran personnel from different fields of study; Accounting, Marketing,

Business Administration, Information Systems and Management. TBS is a locally recognised institute. We are registered and associated with the following organizations: CEDA, BOTA, BEDIA, BOCCIM, LEA, British Council, Debswana, WIBA, Women in Finance, Woman’s Finance House and many others. The national market, now more than ever, presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for all businesses and investors. TBS (Pty) Ltd is now placed to proactively help guide those businesses who are ready to rise to those challenges, and meet the demands of today’s changing economy. Trends in globalisation, shorter response times and increased business complexity have again brought the importance of risk to the forefront, placing an additional burden on the already busy

finance agenda and on senior risk management executives of which TBS has solutions to. Services • Corporate (company secretaries and support services) • Audit • Tax • Accounting • Business advisory • Training • Monitoring &mentoring • Financing • Investments ABOUT US Vision Statement To be the leader in the provision of business consultancy services locally and internationally. Mission Statement To offer service excellence and affordable business consultancy services to public and private

enterprise resulting in sustainable business enterprises. Value Proposition Statement SMMEs and the corporate clientele are gradually challenged in many areas that without immediate attention a slump in productivity and profitability can be affected. TBS aims to redefine businesses by adding time-to-time value & performance, development of best-proven practices and reducing project risk, which in turn will transform the business into an innovative market leader in respective market segments. Unlike other companies, TBS have all their services under one roof which makes it a one-stop for immaculate business solutions.

Tel : +267 393 0757 +267 395 6965

Best of Botswana 263

Chapter 21 Future Botswana

264 Best of Botswana

“It’s time for Africa”

Best of Botswana 265

Centre for Development and Growth African cross-road centers for trade, skills transfer and sustainable economic development. (Vision article)

These are the drawings and plans for the vision of building International Trade and Development Cities across Africa. These centers will become miniature commercial cities hosting local and international organizations that seek to play a significant role in the future economic growth and development for Africa. The aim is to promote sustainable trade and development by harnessing international best practice and innovations while maximizing available local resources in manufacturing, employment and entrepreneurship. The centre will assist in attracting and deploying the necessary future investments, international business relations and skills transfer required for long term economic growth within the country and the surrounding

266 Best of Botswana

region. The constant drain on our planet’s resources, high levels of greenhouse gases, toxins and nonbiodegradable waste make future sustainable development imperative and companies that invest in local and regional production will be leading our future economy. These new proposed developments will play an important role in achieving Governmental vision’s of rapid growth for knowledge and production based economies. The centre will put the best companies and agencies at one location, creating synergy, welcoming international trade, investment, skills and training.

Ideally located near the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport, with a variety of public and private facilities, hotels, restaurants, shops, and services on offer the centre will be a fantastic draw card for both business and entertainment. Visitors will enjoy the vibrant character of the complex, which blends business, government, learning, networking, hospitality and the bridging of cultures. Quality restaurants, cafés, hotels and other conveniences will adjoin a spacious, lively central public piazza.

Contemporary art and fixtures, natural greenery and abundant open space will contribute to the centre’s unique appeal. Access to plenty of on-site facilities and services as well as an international mix of people and skills will ensure that a working day in the centre is both inspiring and productive. The centre will ultimately include 5 industry specific office and training parks, exhibition and conferencing facilities, 2 hotels, multiple low rise office towers and a host of restaurants, cafés and business services. The conference and hospitality areas would be a hub of activity

for trade exhibitions, summits, diplomatic and cultural events. Facilities will include a central reception hall manned by professional staff, on-site information and communication (ICT) facilities, banking, legal, translation, recruitment and postal services and multiple African governmental branches. Amongst the array of other services offered within the centre will be: childcare, physiotherapist, dentist, optometrist, gym, banking, travel agencies, employment agencies and hairstylists. The primary goal of the International Trade and Development City is to bring businesses, governments, NGO’s, agencies, technologies and skills together and provide them with the environment and services they need to be successful. The initial drawings, plans and feasibility studies for these future developments have been made possible with the following leading organizations within the industry.

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Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH)


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SHoP Architects PC

Vision To be the leading African destination for innovative businesses. Mission To provide an attractive location for technology-driven and knowledge-intensive businesses to develop, and to compete in the global market.   Values Our organisation is guided by a set of values based on professionalism, integrity, efficiency, with the customer at the centre of all that we do.   The BIH Concept When fully developed, the BIH will consist of world class facilities including state-ofthe-art telecommunications infrastructure with high capacity international connectivity and secured power, professional business services, and business development services. The business services will allow companies to concentrate on their core business and outsource the rest. The development programmes, together with the support for R&D and the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, will make BIH an ideal place for business development. The image and the branding of the Botswana Innovation Hub is also an essential part of the concept.   BIH Focus Sectors and Tenant Criteria Botswana Innovation Hub welcomes local and foreign businesses, research and advanced training institutes with activities in the following sectors: • Information and Communications Technology; • Mining Technologies; • Energy and environment; • Biotechnology;

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tailor-made solutions, with high standards of security and data connections. Smaller companies can enjoy high quality flexible premises that will match their development needs.

Our Offer Strategic location BIH will be established in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana and centre of the country’s business activity. Over 50 % of the country’s population live in and around Gaborone. The BIH is located strategically near the international airport and close to the highway that connects Botswana to South-Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. About 57 hectares of land, adjacent to the Diamond Hub has been secured for the first phase of the project from this developing area. Special Incentives • 15% corporate Tax

• Flexibility in importing labour • A Competitive Telecommunications Package • Training Grant - 50% reimbursement on training costs • The Innovation Fund • Graduate Internship Scheme • Access to Venture Capital and Local Equity Partners High quality and effective office solutions The premises of BIH will be designed based on four main principles: orientation to high-tech customers, flexibility, ample commonuse premises/shared facilities and use of environmentallyfriendly technologies. For large companies, BIH will offer

Wide range of business services BIH services are being designed to support tenants’ competitiveness by allowing them to concentrate on their core business. All services will be offered through the BIH Management and will include advanced telecommunications infrastructure and services, HR services and business development services, to mention but a few. BIH will regularly develop a range of services based on companies’ needs and feedback. A place for innovation and technology transfer BIH is being established as the place where research, education, private businesses and the public sector meet and work together to foster innovation and new business. Jointly with the Universities, BIH is also planning for training programs based on the needs of private sector. A platform for networking and interaction BIH premises will be designed in a way that is conducive to

networking and collaboration (through shared use of meeting rooms, conference services, test beds, recreational facilities and restaurants). Being part of the BIH community and actively participating in our networking events, companies will have access to up-to-date information and will have the opportunity to build quality business connections. Timelines The BIH infrastructure works have started. The first buildings are expected to be ready for occupancy in early 2012. Companies have two options: either rent the office space or lease plot. Plots are available for lease. However, foreign and local companies interested in bringing their business to BIH may register immediately, operate from temporary premises and enjoy the incentives. BIH has also started the networking, clustering and business development activities.

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Meeting the demands of aemail: modern society

beyond connectivity

Innovation in the technology front alone is not sufficient to ensure that customers ultimately get solutions that meet their needs. Product packaging, pricing and relevance are other key ingredients

Our capital investments in next-generation networks are premised on this understanding to enable the organisation to develop products and services that are strategically geared toward customer satisfaction. BTC has introduced a number of innovative products over the

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past year, some of which we are featured below: BTC hosted solutions Hosted Messaging and Collaboration BTC is implementing a Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) platform designed to

deliver a hosted enterprise class messaging and collaboration tools for small and medium business customers. Such services will include Messaging â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Hosted Exchange providing a rich messaging service, Collaboration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; SharePoint services where users within an organization can work

together more efficiently via the web, E-FAX which allows users the ability to send and receive faxes as an email attachment from any mail client etc. BTC Managed Solutions BTC Metro Network The Metro Ethernet network

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provides a diversified range of business services, including Internet and Virtual Private Networks, using the Multi Protocol Labelling switching technology (MPLS) over a converged Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure. This enables BTC to cater for the data communication requirements of a wide spectrum of

enterprises, service providers and all businesses in general. Our value proposition for the MetroE service are: • Secured Network • Enhanced Quality of Service • Higher reliability • Reduced operational costs

BTC IP VPN A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private communications network that allows a customer to communicate confidentially and securely over a public network, without the need for dedicated leased line connections between multiple offices. BTC

IP VPN provides a cost effective way for enterprises to expand geographically as it provides full mesh capabilities and more bandwidth in the WAN. BTC IP VPN supports all the data network requirements of enterprises and is backed by world-class managed network expertise. This offering is the foundation for the migration to converged networks, supporting various forms of voice, video and data, including carrier grade VoIP. IP PBX As An Enterprise Solution BTC provides to its customers IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) a business telephone system designed to deliver voice or video over a data network and interoperate with the normal Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). BTC IP PBX’s enable businesses to use their managed intranet to help reduce long distance expenses, enjoy the benefits of a single network for voice and data and advanced CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) features. VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) provides voice, data and Internet connectivity to many geographically dispersed areas of Botswana. Our VSAT offers rapid deployment of sites and most comprehensive, costeffective, end-to-end solutions for residential, Small to Medium Enterprises, large corporations and Government. BTC VSAT service comes with a flat monthly service rate for each installed site, irrespective of where the VSAT unit is installed. email:

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